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Wicked Witch of the West
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The Queen may be evil... but I'm wicked. And wicked always wins.

Zelena, also known as the Wicked Witch of the West, is one of the main characters of Once Upon a Time. A vile woman with a soft spot for flying monkeys, Zelena is the jealous half-sister of Queen Regina, having spent her whole life in Oz wishing she had a taste of the pampered life led by her sibling. Eventually, she went quite literally green with envy and has devoted her magical abilities to bringing Regina down, as well as anyone else who stands in her way. She proves her wicked powers by manipulating a Dark Curse that returns all the citizens of the Enchanted Forest back to the small seaside town from which they came, where she sets her carefully laid plan in motion. She was almost killed by the very man who trained her, Rumplestiltskin, but this merely allowed her to begin an elaborate ruse to once again destroy Regina's happiness, leading her to find unexpected love in the form of a baby.


Before the Curse

I must give you away... to give me my best chance.
Zelena EL 318
Cora abandons her newborn daughter. ("Bleeding Through")

When losing her virginity to what she believed to be a prince, Cora is livid to find out weeks later that Jonathan, the man she slept with, is but a mere palace gardener. She reveals that she is with child - his child - but he escapes before Cora is able to call for help. Prince Leopold does come to her rescue though, and the two form a relationship, which gets in the way of Leopold's current engagement to Princess Eva. Leopold finds himself falling in love with Cora, and wishes to marry her instead, the latter of which is entirely willing. Jonathan returns, however, now blackmailing to go to Leopold about her pregnancy if she doesn't pay him off. Not wanting to risk her ticket to a life of royalty, Cora does as Jonathan told, and steals for Leopold's treasury. She's soon caught though, for Eva had heard everything, and reported back to the Prince. He checks his lover's pockets and realizes what she has done, and so the engagement is broken off, and Cora is sent away. When finally giving birth to her child, a girl, Cora refuses to care for her, and instead takes her out to the woods and leaves her in a basket, wanting to give herself her best chance. Shortly after, a cyclone swoops in, and Cora's baby girl is taken with it. ("It's Not Easy Being Green"/"Bleeding Through")

Zelena EL 316
Zelena is to be the happiest baby in all of Oz. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

The cyclone containing Cora's newborn daughter turns out to be a portal which makes its way to the realm of Oz, where the baby in the basket is promptly left abandoned on the yellow brick road. Hearing the cries of the child, a couple - a woodcutter and his wife - come to its aide. The wife of the woodcutter is immediately taken by the child's beauty, even going on to beg her husband to keep the little girl; however, the woodcutter himself is very hesitant of this. His hesitations only further when he sees the baby display magical abilities, knocking over a hanging tree. The wife of the woodcutter doesn't see this though, believing it to just be the wind, but the woodcutter remains adamant that the newborn girl is nothing but pure wickedness. Despite this, he is convinced by his wife to take the child in as their own, and they name her "Zelena". The couple proceed to set off down the yellow brick road from there, on their way to the Emerald City, with the woodcutter's wife exclaiming that Zelena shall be the happiest baby in all of Oz. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Zelena EL 519
A new bond between two sisters is torn apart. ("Sisters")

Zelena's life goes on to be anything but a happy one, however, for her adoptive mother ends up passing away, so she is left under the care of an unloving father. Forced to work while concealing her powers, Zelena finds herself often at the mercy of the woodcutter's abuse, who makes his hate for his daughter quite clear. One day though, Zelena is visited, unknowingly, by her biological mother, Cora, who wishes to bring her back to the Enchanted Forest to use her magic and heal her second daughter, Regina. Wanting to use her powers for good, Zelena goes, almost immediately healing Regina when doing so. The two girls introduce themselves to one another and quickly go on to becoming the best of friends. At the mansion, Zelena and Regina spend their time playing with one another, acting as evil witches, but when going through Cora's belongings, they find the box that contained the wand that harmed Regina in the first place. Zelena's magic accidentally opens it, leading the two gals to realize they must have a familial connection, given that the box with the wand was protected by blood magic. Cora overhears of this, which is the last thing she had wanted, and when she is confronted about it, she winds up admitting that the two are sisters. Zelena and Regina are confused as to why they don't all live together as a family, and Cora is disappointed to learn that this is what Regina wants. It's explained that if Zelena stays then everything Cora had worked so hard for would be ruined, and so she calls in her guards to take Zelena away. As the two sisters are torn apart from each other, in tears, they promise to not forget about one another; however, they're both powerless to stop Cora as she takes away their memories of ever meeting one another, sending Zelena back to her life in Oz. ("Sisters")

Zelena EL 618 01
Zelena makes a new friend. ("Where Bluebirds Fly")

One day, Zelena walks down the yellow brick road when she comes across a fallen tree. She finds that in front of it is a boy around her age, and she suggests to him that he move his tree before someone gets hurt. As it turns out though, a bird egg has already broken, to both of their dismay. Zelena realizes that it must not have survived the fall, but she proceeds to wave her hand and repair the egg as well as restore the nest in the tree, revealing to the boy that she has magic. He asks if this means she's a witch, but another boy and his friend soon approach, calling out that Zelena's a freak. He refers to her as the monster living in the shack - the freak with magic - but Zelena is starting to realize that the nest didn't really fall out of the tree. The bully confirms this, stating that it made good target practice, and whips out his slingshot to use on Zelena next. She runs behind a tree in fear, but the boy whose bird she had saved comes to her defense, suggesting they practice on his ax, which he holds up in order to strike fear. The bully and his friend run away, and the boy asks if Zelena's alright. She confirms that she is, though admitting that not often do people want to befriend the girl that has magic. She begins to think that perhaps she is a monster, but the boy points out that she used her magic for good which makes her special. The two proceed to introduce themselves, the boy revealing his name to be Stanum. ("Where Bluebirds Fly")

Wicked Witch 316
Zelena turns, quite literally, green with envy. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Zelena continues to age in Oz, being raised by her unloving adoptive father. One day, however, she is finally told that she is not the woodcutter's daughter, but that she was found abandoned in a basket. Having had enough, and coming to terms that the woodcutter only believes her and her powers to be wicked, Zelena flees, heading to the Wizard of Oz in hopes of finding a family who loves her. She is told her of heritage, and soon re-learns of her half-sister, Regina, who she quickly becomes envious of. The Wizard gives Zelena a pair of silver slippers though, and she is able to travel to the Enchanted Forest where she meets Rumplestiltskin. Knowing that it's Cora's daughter who must cast the Dark Curse, the Dark One takes Zelena on as a student, but with her jealousy for her sister and her love for her teacher growing, Rumple is forced to drop her, for one must sacrifice the thing they love most in order to enact the curse. Zelena soon learns that Rumple's entire plan is about traveling realms though, at which point she reveals that the silver slippers give her that ability. The Dark One quickly takes back what he said before, but Zelena wants nothing to do with him at this point, and so she returns home, refusing to help him. Once meeting with the Wizard again, however, she discovers him to be nothing more than a regular man, and to punish him for his lies, she transforms him into a flying monkey. From there, she sets out to find a way to change the past so that she was never given away, but in the process, her jealousy consumes her to the point where she turns quite literally green with envy. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

320 30
Dorothy serves as Zelena's undoing... or does she? ("Kansas")

Zelena watches as Rumplestiltskin tries to teach Regina how to cast a spell. Glinda comes in and points out that Zelena is wasting her power, trying to go back in time, and suggests that Zelena come with her. Glinda takes Zelena to meet her sister witches from the North and East. There is a fourth empty seat at the west and they'd like Zelena to fill it. Then, Glinda explains that the Book of Records foretells that a powerful sorceress will come to Oz in a cyclone and be a powerful protector. Glinda tells Zelena that she's always been meant for more and she can do it if she lets go of her past. Zelena returns to the Emerald Palace and conjures an image of Regina again. After a moment she says that she's over Regina. Glinda appears and offers her a pendant. She tells Zelena to guard it with her life because it is her life, and the pendant will let her harness and protect all of her power. Glinda welcomes her to their Sisterhood and gives her a mirror, and Zelena watches as her green skin fades away. Later, Glinda takes Zelena to the West, her new land. A cyclone appears and a house drops out of it. When the two witches go to investigate, they find the ruins of a farmhouse and a young girl. She introduces herself as Dorothy Gale. Sometime later, Dorothy enjoys a meal with the Sisterhood and they all welcome her. Zelena watches from the shadows and Glinda notices her. She goes to her and Zelena turns, her skin partially green. Zelena accuses them of fawning over their newest protege, and Glinda assures her that no one is taking her place. Despite her denial, Zelena opens the Book of Records. According to the prophecy, the Witch of the West will defeat the great evil that Oz has ever seen. Zelena believes that she is the greatest evil, but Glinda tells her that only she can shape her evil. Later, Zelena - now fully green once more - confronts Dorothy as she is taking water from a well. Zelena attacks her with a fireball. Dorothy throws her bucket of water on her and Zelena melts to nothing. Dorothy decides to come back to Kansas, and Glinda accepts to help her. Behind them, Zelena reforms. Glinda and Dorothy arrive at the Emerald Palace and the Wizard appears to them behind his curtain. He makes the silver slippers appear and Dorothy uses them. Then, Glinda invites Walsh to show himself... and Zelena steps out. She explains that she tricked Dorothy into leaving so that no one could stop her, and Glinda vows to find someone else to stop her. Zelena banishes her to the Enchanted Forest. ("Kansas")

Zelena EL 618 02
Zelena lets Stanum turn to tin, choosing power over friendship. ("Where Bluebirds Fly")

Zelena dines alone one evening in her Emerald City castle when she receives word that someone has arrived seeking her help. It turns out to be none other than her childhood friend Stanum, having been cursed by the Wicked Witch of the North to turn to tin. There is a cure, however, that being the Crimson Heart that's hidden in the woods and guarded by a monster. He wants Zelena to accompany him to get it and despite her initially refusing she eventually gives in just to prove herself as the most powerful witch in all of Oz. On their trek through the woods when Zelena complains about wanting to get this over with, he points out that since they're alone she no longer has to pretend she wants to be doing something else. When she argues her plans of making a time travel spell, he proceeds to point out how she's going through an awful lot of trouble to be with someone who didn't want her in the first place. However, before being able to express to Zelena a better way she can get what she wants, Stanum finds himself mauled by the monster - a lion - and dragged away. Zelena goes after it and eventually saves Stanum, proving the lion a coward, and the eventually find the Crimson Heart. Zelena begins to use it but finds that it's sucking away her magic; she refuses to give up her powers for Stanum, despite him believing what she needs to be happy is some good friends. She chooses to let him turn to tin while being warned that she'll be alone for a very long time, but clearly starts to regret this when she resumes dining all alone. ("Where Bluebirds Fly")

Zelena EL 417
Zelena duplicates herself in an attempt to stop Robin Hood from stealing from her. ("Heart of Gold")

With Glinda gone, Zelena takes over Oz, reigning over the land and its people. Rumplestiltskin, meanwhile, back in the Enchanted Forest makes a deal with former thief Robin of Loxley to pay the Wicked Witch a visit in the Emerald City and steal the elixir of the wounded heart. In exchange, the Dark One agrees to pay off Robin's taxes to the Sheriff of Nottingham. Upon his arrival in Oz, Robin disguises himself as one of Zelena's guards, with the help of Will Scarlet, and he manages to fill a vial of the elixir. Zelena catches him before he is able to fill a second vial, however, and Robin tries to cover for himself by saluting the Wicked Witch. Zelena realizes he's a fraud, as her guards know not to speak to her, and demands to know what it is he is stealing. With his cover blown, Robin tries to shoot the Wicked Witch with an enchanted bow and arrow, but fails. Zelena duplicates two more illusions of herself to confuse the thief; she also figures out he was sent by Rumplestiltskin, and proceeds to throw a fireball at him. Robin dodges, letting his arrow fire as he does, causing the shaft to fly around the room until it hits a steam engine. Robin manages to escape Zelena who is distracted by the fog that clouds her vision. Instead of giving the elixir to Rumple, however, Robin gives it to Will to mend his broken heart over the loss of his sister, and he proceeds to return home with the six leaf clover and takes a new look and identity. ("Heart of Gold")

Zelena EL 516
A brief romance occurs between Zelena and Hades. ("Our Decay")

Whilst celebrating the day she was abandoned (given that she does not know her day of birth), Zelena's preparations for her time traveling spell continue when the Scarecrow is found and brought to her by a flying monkey. However, to her surprise, Dorothy Gale comes to the Scarecrow's rescue, having returned from Kansas, and now once again poses as a threat to the Wicked Witch. She travels to the munchkins' village to find out who tipped off Dorothy, but ends up meeting Hades, the Lord of the Underworld, in the process. Though initially hesitant, Zelena takes up Hades offer to help find the Scarecrow, for he too wishes to go back in time and get everything his brother ever had, as well as make his heart restart, for the only other way is that of true love's kiss. The couple travel to the area in which Dorothy first landed in Oz years before, and Hades persuades Zelena into riding the farmgirl's old bicycle with him. Sparks fly between the two, as Zelena has fun strolling around. She even wishes to ride again when she falls off. Soon though, a locator spell is used to lead them to Dorothy's new hideout with the Scarecrow, and upon using magic to stop the farmgirl, Zelena is able to rip out the Scarecrow's brain for her spell, thus killing him. Once taking pleasure knowing that all of Oz will be let down for Dorothy's failure, Zelena returns home to find Hades has set up a romantic dinner for the two. A romantic moment then ensues, with Hades believing to have fallen in love with the Wicked Witch. He leans in for true love's kiss, but Zelena backs away, thinking this to be a trick. She thinks that Hades will just use her to re-start his heart and then take the time travel spell for himself. She sees him off, but Hades threatens revenge. ("Our Decay")

Zelena EL 620
Zelena sings to her wicked victory against evil. ("The Song in Your Heart")

When Snow White makes a wish upon a star that she and Prince Charming will have what they need to help their unborn daughter - Emma - and give her a chance at a happy ending, the wish is granted, and come morning the entirety of the kingdom starts bursting into song and dance. The spell makes its way to Oz when Zelena is spying on Regina visiting Rumple who admits that perhaps he made the wrong choice in having the Evil Queen be the one to cast the Dark Curse. Zelena begins singing with glee, thrilled that the Dark One is finally realizing Regina is the lesser of the two sisters. She dances throughout her Emerald City palace, proceeding to fly on a broomstick to terrorize munchkins in a local village, all the while reveling in her sister's misery. She expresses through song how if her mother could see her now she'd ache with regret, that it's time people understood that what they call "green with envy" she just calls "looking good", and most importantly that wicked always wins against evil. She plans to fly in tomorrow to watch Regina's suffering up close, but then decides to not just revel in her sister's demise but also use it to her advantage. She returns to her palace and begins working with her cauldron to make a magic gift for Regina which should stop the singing, so as to prove to Rumple that she is the more powerful one. However, when the singing stops, with all the songs being placed into Emma's heart by the Blue Fairy, no one is able to remember the events which transpired while the wish was in effect anyway. ("The Song in Your Heart")

Before the Second Curse

Pay attention, sis. This is how you take away a happy ending.
Zelena 312
"Wicked always wins." ("New York City Serenade")

After the return of the inhabitants of Storybrooke and their departure to the Dark Palace, Aurora warns her husband that they have to tell "her" that they've returned. Phillip says that "she" will be furious if she finds out, but Aurora reminds him that the woman would take it out on their child if she suspected they hid anything from her. Later, Regina and Snow are attacked by a Flying Monkey in the forest. Regina throws a fireball at the creature but it dodges the blast and grabs Regina. It tries to fly off with her but Snow grabs her ally and drags her back to the ground. Finally, the two women are saved by Robin Hood. When the group arrive at the Dark Palace, they are surprised to learn that it's surrounded by a protection spell - one that wasn't cast by Regina - meaning someone else is currently inside. Indeed, the flying monkey that attacked Regina arrives at the queen's castle and gives a drop of Regina's blood to his mistress. After doing so, the Wicked Witch of the West mixes the blood with a potion. Then, she smiles in triumph and says that she will finally get her revenge against Regina. ("New York City Serenade")

Zelena 313 1
A rivalry begins between two sisters. ("Witch Hunt")

In the Queen's palace, the Wicked Witch admires the jewelry that Regina left behind. She dons one of her dresses and tells one of her flying monkeys to let Regina know that she's here. Later, when Regina prepares to curse herself with the Sleeping Curse, the Wicked Witch emerges and teleports the curse into her hand. She realizes that Regina doesn't recognize her and introduces herself as Zelena. Zelena offers the castle back since she didn't really want it, and explains that she was able to break the blood lock because they're half-sisters. Regina insists that it's not possible, and Zelena explains that Cora had her first and then gave her up and sent her away. She's angry that Cora gave Regina everything, and Regina tells her half-sister that she was lucky to escape their mother. Zelena says that she crossed paths with Rumplestiltskin and learned her magic from him, and Regina warns her that the curse Rumplestiltskin taught her wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Zelena is satisfied that she made something of herself despite Cora and Rumplestiltskin, and Regina tells her that they're both dead. Briefly taken aback, Zelena then tells Regina that she's going to take everything away from her. Regina says that she's already lost everything that matters, but Zelena says that she will make her suffer a fate worse than death. She then summons her broom and flies away, promising to see Regina soon. ("Witch Hunt")

Zelena 315 1
The Witch gets the dagger... and Rumple. ("Quiet Minds")

At the Dark Castle, Lumiere explains to Neal and Belle that it is the key to a vault of the Dark One, where the first Dark One was born out of darkness. They must go there if they wish to bring Rumpelstiltskin back, and Lumiere agrees to direct them if their promise is true. Neal says that they'll live in the morning and blows out the candelabra. Once they go, the Wicked Witch comes in and lights the candelabra again, and says that Lumiere fooled them just as they agreed. Lumiere demands his release, but the Witch tells him that there is more to be done. At the Dark One's Vault, Neal opens the vault and screams in pain as Rumplestiltskin forms out of the black liquid. He sees Belle and Neal and goes to them, realizing the cost his son paid. The Witch appears and says that Lumiere helped her trick Neal. Rumplestiltskin tells Belle to go and tries to leave, but his dagger holds him back. Realizing what he must do, Rumplestiltskin tosses the dagger away and the Witch picks it up. Rumplestiltskin and Neal merge, driving Rumplestiltskin insane, and the Witch tells him to kill Belle before they go. However, Lumiere uses his magic to bind the Witch and tells them to run before the Witch frees herself. Belle grabs the candelabra and runs. ("Quiet Minds")

Zelena 319 1
Zelena refuses to be a victim of the Dark Curse. ("A Curious Thing")

At the Queen's palace, Snow and Charming inform Regina, Aurora, and Phillip that they are gathering the entire kingdom to announce that Snow is pregnant. Regina doesn't think much of the idea since Zelena is still at large. Belle comes in and tells them what happened at the Dark One's Vault. Aurora explains that Zelena threatened her unborn child if she and Phillip didn't tell her when the others returned to the Enchanted Forest. Zelena flies in on her broom and transforms Aurora and Phillip into flying monkeys. As they soar off, Zelena freezes Charming, Snow, and Regina. She then touches Snow's stomach, and says that the child will do nicely. Zelena tells Snow to take care of it and she'll be back when the baby is born. After their meeting with Glinda, Regina prepares the curse and tells Snow and Charming that the only way to do it is to give up David's heart. After Charming's death, Zelena flies in and casts a spell on the curse. She tells Snow that Charming's sacrifice was for nothing. Zelena boasts that she's added a forgetting spell to the curse, confident that they will be too busy worrying about what happened to Charming. Zelena mixes the memory potion and tells Rumpelstiltskin that the curse is coming. However, what she needs to do can be done from any land, and she vows to change the past. Rumplestiltskin points out that she will have to remember it, and Zelena drinks the potion and then gives it to Rumplestiltskin to drink as well. He hesitates and she points out that he will be blind and stupid like the others without it. Zelena walks away and Baelfire appears out of his father's body, knocking Rumpelstiltskin out, and says that Emma needs to remember. He summons the dove, gives it the bottle along with a brief note, and tells it to seek out Hook. ("A Curious Thing")

After the Second Curse

Season 3

We are doing it all over again. What I'm casting isn't a curse... it's a second chance.
Zelena 313 2
Zelena has an interesting prisoner. ("Witch Hunt")

After Snow cursed again the Enchanted Forest, Zelena ends up in the reformed town of Storybrooke, Maine, with everyone having lost a year of their lives, except her. One day, the townspeople gather at the town hall and Emma tells them that people are being abducted near the town line. Many of them believe Regina is responsible and they turn to her. Disgusted, Regina casts a spell to shake the building and then teleports away, and Emma and the others vow to capture her. In the crowd, the Wicked Witch without her green skin watches with interest. At the diner, Mary Margaret is reading a book on child-raising when the disguised Wicked Witch approaches Mary Margaret and claims that she missed the last curse. She says that she was no one memorable in the Enchanted Forest - just a midwife named Zelena - and assures Mary Margaret that she will be fine. The Wicked Witch offers her help giving birth and Mary Margaret accepts. Later, Leroy tells everyone at the diner that Regina is creating a memory potion. The Wicked Witch immediately leaves. That night, Emma and Regina wait outside the mayor's office, waiting for someone to take the bait. They see someone in the office and go up. The intruder has broken all the potions. They spot the Wicked Witch in the shadows but she teleports away in a puff of green smoke before they can see her face. Later, Zelena goes to a farmhouse outside of town and feeds a prisoner in the cellar. Rumplestiltskin in Gold's body grabs her hand and says that she shouldn't have brought him back, but she tells him that they have work to do. ("Witch Hunt")

Zelena 314
The noose is tightening. ("The Tower")

At the farm, Zelena enters the cellar. Gold is spinning gold as she opens the cage and invites him to attack her, but holds up his dagger and reminds him that he can't do anything to her while she holds it. Zelena orders him to sit back down, and then asks what she's waiting for. Chuckling, Zelena says that she's not there to kill him and tells him to keep up appearances. She carefully shaves him, and explains that she used to shave her father because his hands shook. Zelena talks about how she and Gold both had to conceal what was rotting inside of them, but now they're in a land of opportunity. Then, she tells him that she wants something that she can't afford to wait long for. Later, Zelena goes to the pawnshop. Zelena asks after Gold and Belle says that he died. The witch then says that she's there to buy a baby gift for Mary Margaret because she's helping her as a midwife. Belle is eager to help and turns away, and Zelena freezes her and then removes a jar with a root from Gold's safe. Then, at her apartment, Mary Margaret is regaling Zelena with tales of her past when David arrives. He's clearly uncomfortable and Zelena goes to the kitchen to make some tea. As she works, David wonders if they can trust her and Mary Margaret says that Zelena was friends with Johanna. Meanwhile, Zelena dissolves the root into David's cup of tea. She assures Mary Margaret and David that the second birth can often go much faster. Zelena brings up how they lost their daughter during the first curse, noting that Mary Margaret had some concerns. She says that they should get their feelings all out in the open, including their fears. David assures them that he has no fears and they share a toast. Zelena says that they've done enough for the day and suggests that David get back to town business. Later, Zelena checks her purse and the hilt of Charming's sword is there. Mary Margaret thanks her for coming by and Zelena says that she feels lucky to have met her and David. She says that there's no reason to be scared and they exchange a hug. ("The Tower")

Zelena 315 2
"They may know who I am now, but it no longer matters, not when I have you." ("Quiet Minds")

On the outskirts of Storybrooke, Zelena attempts to use Rumplestiltskin's dagger to summon him. Nothing happens and she realizes that the Dark One has broken free and knows too much about her. She sends one of her flying monkeys to find him. Later, Mary Margaret calls Zelena when she doesn't feel her baby move for a while. The midwife offers her orange juice and suggests that Mary Margaret may be close to delivering. Zelena points out that everyone in town knows about the Wicked Witch, and Mary Margaret complains that she's cooped up while the others are hunting for her. The midwife assures her that she's working hard to have a baby and gets her to drink the orange juice. As soon as she does, the baby kicks and Zelena assures her that her child could be there any day. Later, as Neal lies dying, Gold tells Emma that Zelena is the Witch, and that she wants what she doesn't have. Emma and David return to the loft and demand to know where Zelena is. They discover that she's fled out the bathroom window and David tells Mary Margaret that Zelena is the Witch... and that Neal is dead. In the woods, Gold sits with his son's body as Zelena arrives. Gold says that Emma knows who Zelena really is, and the others will soon find and kill her. When Gold lunges at her, Zelena takes out the dagger and freezes him in place. He says that she'll never get close to any of them again, but Zelena says that it no longer matters as long as she has him and his brain. Gold has no choice but to go back to the farmhouse and enter his cage... mourning the death of his son. ("Quiet Minds")

Zelena 316
Zelena vows to get her half-sister's heart. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

In his cage, Gold crouches in fear as Zelena looks down on him. She taunts Gold, telling him that his son is dead and asks if Neal was worth the trouble. Gold insists that it was because Neal was family, something she knows nothing about. At Granny's Diner, Zelena comes in, carrying the Dark One's Dagger. She admits that she's responsible and she says that she's there to meet with her little sister, and explains to Regina that they are half-sisters. Once she does, Zelena tells her to meet her on Main Street at sundown so she can destroy her. Later, at her farmhouse, Belle goes into the storm cellar. Gold tells her to leave but Belle refuses. Zelena appears in the shadows. Belle runs out and Zelena sends Gold after her. He emerges from the storm cellar and says that if they try to stop Zelena again, he will kill them. That night, the townspeople gather on Main Street when Zelena and Gold appear and she demands to know where Regina is. Emma tells Zelena to fight her. Zelena refuses to fight an amateur and knocks her back, and Regina steps forward. She demands to know what Zelena thinks she did to her. Zelena says that she was born and Regina slaps her. Regina realizes that Zelena is jealous of her and throws a traffic light at her. Zelena blasts Regina back into a car and blows out her flames when Regina tries to create a fireball. Zelena then chokes her and says that she's always been the better student of Rumple, and throws her into the clock tower. She then teleports up and she says that she plans to destroy her and she needs her heart. She reaches into Regina's chest only to discover that it's not there. Then, Zelena vows to get her heart and flies off on her broom. Later, Zelena locks Gold back up and figures that she will find Regina's heart eventually. Zelena tells him that she plans to cast a second chance. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Zelena 317
Zelena uses Hook's love as weapon against Emma. ("The Jolly Roger")

As night falls, Hook runs after Ariel and confesses that they met during the missing year. He explains how Black Beard captured Eric and he sacrificed Eric to save the Jolly Roger. Ariel slaps him, furious that he let a man die to get a ship, and Hook explains that he's empty inside and would do anything to make things right. She wonders how she can trust a man who no longer believes in love, and Hook insists that he does. Ariel asks him if he still loves the woman who broke his heart. When Hook says that he does and swears on the name of Emma, "Ariel" smiles and casts a spell on his mouth. She transforms into Zelena and disarms Hook when he tries to stab her. Zelena explains that Ariel was never there and she found Eric on Hangman Island, outside the force of the curse. They've been living happily together ever since. Zelena pretended to be Ariel to corrupt Hook's love and cursed his kiss. The next time he kisses Emma, all of her magic will be taken. When Hook vows to tell Emma, Zelena says that she will send the Dark One to kill Emma. Hook realizes that Zelena is bluffing and can't kill Emma for some reason. Zelena says that it will no longer matter because Hook will do what she wants. If he doesn't, Zelena will hurt Emma's family and friends. She leaves the choice up to Hook and teleports away. ("The Jolly Roger")

Zelena 318
The Witch is seduced by her prisoner. ("Bleeding Through")

Regina is at her house preparing for the day when the doorbell rings. She goes to answer it but no one is there. However, there is a basket of green apples on the step. Zelena is already in the dining room and talks about how she strives for things while Regina used a curse to run away from happiness. Zelena explains that she's there to keep Regina distracted while the Dark One takes Regina's heart. Regina throws a knife at Zelena, who teleports away. Once Rumple came back with the heart, Zelena places it with the sword hilt in a chest. She then takes a suit out of a wardrobe. Zelena takes it to the imprisoned Gold and tells him to put it on. When he refuses, Zelena tells him that she can use his dagger to force him, or he can cooperate. She walks off, leaving Gold to consider. Later, Zelena has Gold sit for dinner. Zelena explains that her secret will reunite Gold with Baelfire, and assures him that Neal is alive... in the past. She plans to change history and assures Gold that the problem is that no one has been powerful enough to do it. When Mary Margaret's baby is born, Zelena plans to travel into the past to change her life, and invites Gold to go with her and change his own past. Gold thanks Zelena for giving him the chance to apologize for wronging her and Gold offers to make amends. He kisses her but tries to grab the dagger; Zelena has cast a spell to prevent him from touching it. She says that Gold has lost his only chance to get his son back, then she uses the dagger to force him to go back to his cage. ("Bleeding Through")

Zelena 319 2
Emma's light magic is more powerful than Zelena. ("A Curious Thing")

On the outskirts of town, a car is seen pulling up in the wooded area. All dressed in black, Zelena awaits with a single red rose on her. Gold gets out of the car and comments on the rose, to which the Witch asks him if he's earned it. Gold pops open the trunk of the car and reveals a tied up and gagged Captain Hook inside, so Zelena answers her own question, claiming that it appears he has. Zelena removes his gag, and Hook promptly asks if she's never heard of a telephone, since they're in Storybrooke. Zelena chuckles lightly and caresses Hook's lips with the rose's crown, deeming them to be pretty, but wasted. She asks him why he hasn't used those luscious lips and kissed Emma, and he answers that a fella likes to be courted. Zelena, annoyed, tells him this isn't a joke, she needs to have her magic removed, and if Snow's baby is born before their kiss, she's not going to have another option: she's going to have to start killing people, people that Emma loves, starting with her son. She drops the rose on Hook's chest and orders that he take away the savior's magic, or the next rose will be for her little brat's grave. She closes the trunk. After Henry regains his memories, Zelena appears and teleports Henry to her. She blasts Regina unconscious and tells Emma that Hook failed her and the cost is Henry's life. Emma kneels and there's a blast of white light, burning Zelena's hands. Henry breaks free and runs to Emma, and Zelena warns them that Emma and Henry don't have much time left. She teleports away and Henry runs to the unconscious Regina. ("A Curious Thing")

320 47
Zelena is killed by Rumplestiltskin... or is she? ("Kansas")

At the farmhouse, Zelena transforms Gold's spun gold into a representation of his brain. Zelena says that there's one more ingredient to collect. Zelena has Gold dig a series of trenches in the barn and realizes that he thinks she'll fail. Gold insists that destiny can't be thwarted, but Zelena insists that she can fix the past. She places the three talismans at the cardinal points of the design that Gold is digging. Later, Zelena tells Emma that she can either keep her magic or save the man she keeps trying to run away from. She then has Gold toss Hook into a water trough and hold him under, and Emma is unable to pull him out. Zelena and Gold go to the hospital, and the Witch walks to Mary Margaret's room and teleports away with the baby. She takes the baby to the barn and places her at the western point of the pattern. Zelena begins her spell. Magic surges from the four items and meets in the center, just as David, Regina, Emma, Hook, and Robin arrive. Zelena orders Gold to stop them. Zelena lifts Regina into the air, choking her. She tells Regina that she can't hope to use light magic against her, but Regina says that she's wrong and her hands glow with light magic, and she blasts Zelena away. Zelena loses the dagger and wonders how Regina could have changed, and Regina tells her that she makes her own destiny. She snatches away the pendant and Zelena collapses, and the magic in the pattern fades away. Gold vows to make her pay for everything she's done, but Regina says that good magic doesn't exact vengeance and heroes don't kill. In a jail cell, Zelena asks Regina why she doesn't just kill her. Regina tells her to create a new destiny. If she doesn't then Regina will take her heart and crush it. Regina then leaves with the pendant to put it in her mausoleum. Later, Zelena hears someone enter the jail and realizes that it's Gold. He explains that Regina gave the dagger to Belle, and reveals that she only thinks he has it. Gold takes out the dagger and says that he switched daggers and teleports into Zelena's cell. He says that he promised that his son's death would be avenged and he never breaks a deal. He stabs her and she transforms into porcelain, and then shatters. However, as Gold walks out, the pieces fade away. In the mausoleum, green mist flows from the chest and makes its way to the barn. The mist enters the pattern and it glows with magical energy. ("Kansas")

Zelena 321
Zelena's "death" is obliterated. ("Snow Drifts")

Following Zelena's supposed death, the time portal is opened. Rumple stores away his dagger so that no one can find it, and he and Belle attend the coronation of the Charming baby at Granny's Diner. Everyone, however, is soon distracted when they see that Zelena's time portal has opened. They go down to the sheriff's station to investigate, but Rumple, knowing that the security cameras have recorded him turning the Wicked Witch to porcelain and smashing her, he uses magic to change the footage. When they all watch the video, they are shown Zelena using magic to kill herself, thus causing the magic in her pendant to open the portal. Emma and Hook later go down to the Witch's old barn, but while there, they are sucked into the portal and sent back in time to before Snow and Charming first meet. ("Snow Drifts"/"Heart of Gold")

Zelena 417 02
A new plan is instigated. ("Heart of Gold")

What Emma and Hook are unaware of, however, is that Zelena is not actually dead. A fail-safe had been worked out so that she survived being stabbed and went through the time portal with them, where she now watches as the two heroes have to set things right when disturbing Snow and Charming's first meeting. At one point Emma saves Robin Hood's wife, Marian, from being executed by the Evil Queen, and they decide to take her back to the present day to avoid effecting the timeline anymore than they already have. Marian is extremely reluctant and refuses to go at first, wanting to get home to her family, but Emma then knocks her out with a log and kidnaps her. Emma and Hook later converse briefly, and during that time the unconscious Marian is left unattended, Zelena uses this to her advantage and kills the girl, taking her place instead. ("Heart of Gold")

Robin 322
Zelena succeeds in ruining Regina's happiness. ("There's No Place Like Home")

Emma and Hook return to Rumplestiltskin with an unconscious "Marian" in tow, and after a few extra obstacles, they are finally able to go through a portal back to future Storybrooke. After Hook catches her up, he takes her to Granny's Diner where Regina is attending Mary Margaret and David's child's coronation with Robin Hood and Roland. Zelena at first acts frightened to see the Queen, who Emma promises has reformed, but she soon spots her husband and son and shares a joyous reunion with the both of them. Regina, however, is less than happy, having had her blossoming romance with Robin ruined by Emma's escapades in the past. ("There's No Place Like Home"/"Heart of Gold")

Season 4

All you need to know is that while your precious Robin thinks it's his wide-eyed wife cooking dinner for him every night, it's actually me.
Marian 401
"Marian" is saved by Regina. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

Robin tries to convince Marian - actually Zelena - that Regina isn't at all like the woman she used to be, but Marian insists that she's the Evil Queen and a monster, shocked and appalled to learn that she and Robin have been involved, and that she's been allowed near her son. Regina ends up storming off and Robin visits her the next day in order to break the news that he's to be staying with his wife because he made a vow to do so until death do they part. "Marian" resumes living in the town woods with her family and the Merry Men, but a giant snow monster soon attacks and knocks everyone out except for her. She attempts attacking it but that merely makes it mad, and just as it looks like she's about to die, Regina comes in from behind and melts the creature, thus saving the life of the woman who ruined hers. Marian is then forced to admit that maybe the Queen isn't a monster anymore, and Regina welcomes her to Storybrooke before leaving via magic. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

Marian 403
"Marian" becomes frozen. ("Rocky Road")

"Marian", Robin and Roland are out for a stroll when the latter decides he wants an ice cream, goading his mother into buying him one by telling her that Regina used to let him have it. Having never eaten ice cream before, Marian decides to try some, but the ice cream vendor - who's actually the Snow Queen - curses it and causes the amid to fall into a deep sleep during the fireside chat with the Mayor. It is explained that ice is slowly making its way to her heart (and when it finally reaches it, she will die) but that acts of true love are able to thaw such magic as this. Robin then kisses his wife, but she doesn't wake up, and Regina reveals that she might be able to stall the process with drastic measures. As they wait for Henry to retrieve a chest from Regina's vault, Robin admits to her that the reason his true love's kiss didn't work is because he's in love with someone else... Regina. Henry soon arrives and Regina rips out Marian's heart and places it in the chest, meaning that the ice is unable to reach it and they have time to find a cure for her affliction. ("Rocky Road")

Marian 411
"Marian" cures herself by leaving town forever. ("Heroes and Villains")

Following Ingrid's sacrifice, Elsa is finally able to use her powers to take down the ice wall surrounding Storybrooke; however, some of the Snow Queen's magic remains, and her desire to protect the town from intruders has made it so that anyone who leaves cannot return. But her death has also caused "Marian" to unfreeze, and so Regina places the maid's heart back in her chest and she revives, happy to be reunited with her husband. She later approaches Regina and thanks her for saving her life, offering to step out of the way and allow her to be with Robin, for she doesn't want him to be with her merely out of obligation. Robin makes clear that he chooses Regina, but it soon becomes apparent that some remnant of the Snow Queen's curse still exists within Marian, and she collapses to the ground and starts to freeze. Regina realizes that the only way to save her is the put her across the town line into a world without magic, but she'll need someone to go with her since returning is not an option. Marian leaves with Roland whilst Robin shares a tearful goodbye with Regina. He gives her one final kiss before stepping over the town line and leaving forever. ("Heroes and Villains")

Zelena 417
Zelena revels in destroying her sister's happiness. ("Heart of Gold")

Even in New York, Zelena keeps up the ruse of her being Marian, and once she, Robin, and Roland arrive in New York, they take up residence in Neal Cassidy's abandoned apartment. They are soon joined by none other than Rumplestiltskin, however, who has recently been banished from Storybrooke by Belle following the unveil of his evil schemes. Rumple tries to make Robin and his family leave, but soon has a heart attack due to the darkness that's built up in his heart and there being no magic to protect him. Robin agrees to steal a magic elixir to heal him, but wanting the Dark One to die, Zelena switches them out. As Rumple and Robin part ways, the Dark One agrees to let Robin and his family keep Neal's apartment, but once Rumple is left in the hospital room to take the elixir, he realizes it doesn't work. Marian arrives, finally revealing herself to have been Zelena all along, and once telling the story of how she survived, she makes a deal with Rumple to give him the real elixir in exchange for him stopping trying to kill her and for him to make the Author write her happy ending as well. Rumple agrees, and later on, Zelena disguised as Marian confronts Robin about still having Regina as a contact in his phone. She gives him an ultimatum to make a final choice between her or Regina, and Robin eventually chooses her, citing that they were once happy together and he wants to regain that happiness again. Nine weeks later, Rumple manages to get back into Storybrooke where, after a chain of events, Regina ends up his prisoner. Wanting her to play her part in turning Emma to darkness, he has her call Robin, only for Zelena to answer, revealing her true self. Before ending the conversation, Zelena vows to see her sister again soon, and once hanging up, Rumple gives Regina the choice of turning Emma dark or having her true love murdered by the Wicked Witch. ("Heart of Gold")

Zelena 419
The truth comes out. ("Lily")

Refusing to chose between Emma and Robin, Regina decides to go about getting what she wants a different way. In order to gain leverage again Rumple, Regina steals the heart of his true love, Belle, and threatens to crush it if he dare speak to Zelena about her traveling to New York to rescue her love. Before going, however, she is met by Maleficent, who asks for her and Emma to find her daughter, Lily. They agree to do so and proceed to set out on a road trip, bringing with them the Snow Queen's scroll so they are able to re-enter the town. After finding Lily and getting her to return to Storybrooke with them, they hurry over to Robin's New York apartment where they warn him about Zelena. Robin doesn't believe them at first, and continues not to when the alleged Marian returns from the store. It's not until Zelena transforms back into her true self that he believes, but he still refuses to leave with Regina and abandon her. Regina questions this, now extremely worried about Robin, but she is met with the cold, hard truth the Zelena is pregnant with his child. ("Lily")

Zelena 420
Zelena's fate is threatened by her sister. ("Mother")

After the truth regarding Zelena posing as Marian finally comes out, Regina and Robin go out and discuss their current predicament, while Emma and Lily are left to watch over the Wicked Witch. Regina comes to the conclusion to bring Zelena back with them to Storybrooke where she is immediately imprisoned in a cell at the hospital psychiatric ward. Zelena taunts Regina about how her sister can't kill her without making Robin's unborn child motherless, but Regina has some ideas of her own up her sleeve about how she can solve her problems with her sister. After obtaining blood from Lily, the formerly Evil Queen is able to mix it with a magic ink, giving the Author the ability to write her whatever she desires. The two go back to Zelena's cell so Regina can make her sister witness her receive her happy ending, but once learning what is in store for her, Zelena compares Regina to the same level of cruelty that Cora once showed her. As Regina takes in these words, Robin arrives, and the formerly Evil Queen has a change of plans; she instead decides to not have the Author write Zelena out of the picture in any way, but she will simply let Zelena remain in their lives while she still moves on with Robin herself. Simply not satisfied with how things are turning out, the Author returns to Rumple, and begins writing him a new story instead. ("Mother")

Zelena 421
Zelena lives her happy ending as Robin's doting bride. ("Operation Mongoose, Part 1")

Once completing his new story, Isaac has all those in Storybrooke, including Zelena, sent back to the Enchanted Forest to live out his new tale. In this new story, Zelena receives her happy ending by stealing Regina's, which involves being the future bride of Robin Hood. It's all up to Henry to save the day, and fearing his story will be ruined, Isaac alerts the Evil Queen, Snow White, of the boy, who he believes is heading for Regina, and all he requests is she have them both killed. Snow agrees to this, and goes after Regina, but once she is saved by Robin, the two head to a tavern to converse and so Robin can mend Regina's wound. There, the thief speaks about his fiancée, Zelena, and how the two are getting married later that day. Wanting to give up the life of thievery for Zelena, Robin offers to make Regina the new leader of the Merry Men, which she turns down, wanting to escape the forest before Snow captures her. Zelena then arrives, happy about her upcoming nuptials. She and Regina are introduced, and Zelena invites Regina to the wedding. She turns down the offer though, wanting to get a head start on running, and because, secretly, she is falling for Robin. This saddens Zelena, but she and Robin say their goodbyes to Regina, who proceeds to head off. ("Operation Mongoose, Part 1")

422 27
Zelena shows her true colors. ("Operation Mongoose, Part 2")

Regina ends up joining forces with Emma and Henry, and the three head for Zelena and Robin Hood's wedding to crash it before the bells ring, signalling the end of the book, and making this entire reality permanent. However, once arriving at the small chapel, they are stopped by Rumplestiltskin, who has been warned by Isaac that the three are a threat to his happy ending. Emma and Henry keep him distracted with sword fighting while Regina opens the door to the wedding and looks in. As Robin and Zelena speak their vows, Regina catches her true love's attention and smiles, but instead does not go inside. In the middle of all the fight, Rumple ends up stabbing Regina, wounding her badly. Seeing that his work is done, he disappears, and Emma and Henry go to tend to Regina. Robin and Zelena have been pronounced married, and as they exit the chapel, followed by all the attendants, they notice an injured Regina. Robin rushes to aid her, but when some of her blood gets on Zelena's dress, this causes an outburst from the bride, who believes her special day to have been ruined. Specks of green start to form on her neck, indicating her jealousy towards Regina, and she runs off, furious. Everything is soon reversed though, with a drop of Regina's blood to give the quill power, and Zelena is back locked away in a cell at the hospital. ("Operation Mongoose, Part 2")

Season 5

I am tired of losing to you. You continue to get everything. Now... Now I have someone to love me, and only me. See, this is my future and I'm not letting anyone take it from me or turn it against me, so I'm going as far away from you and Robin as possible: over the rainbow, where you can't follow.
Zelena 501
The heroes exploit Zelena's desire for happiness. ("The Dark Swan")

Since Rumple's ultimate defeat, Emma has gone on to become the Dark One, and vanished from Storybrooke. Needing a magician wielding enough dark and light magic to use a wand to take the heroes to Emma, they visit Zelena in her cell, and Robin tries convincing her to help for the sake of their child. Zelena snaps back though, claiming the child to only be hers, and that he was merely an unwilling pawn used in its conception, though she does help, revealing that they'll need an object of Emma's to guide the wand's direction. Regina is still unwilling to let Zelena free, however, so Hook and Henry return to break her out instead. This results in failure though, for Zelena is able to get out of the bracelet detaining her magic and escape. Going on to disguise herself as Regina, she goes to the Blanchard Loft where Robin is, and upon kissing her, the thief realizes that it's not his beloved, but the Wicked Witch. After mocking him for being able to tell when she glamored as Regina, but not Marian, she takes him hostage where she meets Regina and the others in the middle of town. She offers Robin's safety for the Apprentice's wand, and though the Charmings and Hook are against it, Regina makes the sacrifice. Zelena proceeds to use the wand to open a portal to Oz where she can be far away from them all and raise her child alone. Regina uses Zelena's pain to her advantage though, for once the wand is used, she is able to quickly re-detain her wicked sister, and use Emma's baby blanket to change the direction of the portal to the Enchanted Forest. Zelena, along with everyone else in Granny's Diner make it to the Enchanted Forest, and once reuniting with Emma, they are all approached by King Arthur and his men, and welcomed into Camelot, for their arrival had been prophesied long ago. ("The Dark Swan")

Before the Third Curse

You wouldn't attack a mother-to-be now, would you?
Zelena 502
Regina takes Zelena's voice. ("The Price")

Upon entering Camelot, Zelena and the other guests from Storybrooke are introduced to Arthur's wife, Queen Guinevere. As she welcomes them all, she alerts everyone of an upcoming ball that is to be held in their honor. As the group chat amongst themselves, Zelena questions Regina if it's really necessary she continue wearing the enchanted bracelet, to which the formerly Evil Queen replies she's lucky they didn't leave her locked in Granny's freezer. Zelena demands that the bracelet be taken off, threatening to go to Arthur about him unknowingly welcoming the Dark One into his kingdom. Regina cuts her off though, using magic to make it impossible for her to speak; she mocks her for her inability to talk any longer, and goes on that no one in Camelot knows who they are, so Zelena can either go on, acting as Regina's mute handmaiden, or she can go back to the diner and rely on Doc for medical care. ("The Price")

503 11
Wicked vs. Evil. ("Siege Perilous")

Under Regina's watch as she works to free Merlin from the tree in which he has become trapped in, the mute Zelena is finally confronted by her sister for trying to escape back to Oz. Regina states that the Wicked Witch can't just take the baby from Robin, but she defends herself, stating that's exactly what he and Regina planned to do to her, questioning that if the formerly Evil Queen got a second chance then why shouldn't she. This infuriates Regina though, who believes Zelena has already had two times to redeem herself, but she continues making the wrong choices. Zelena argues that Regina can believe all she wants, but from where she's at now, she still only sees one sister getting everything, while she gets nothing; upset, Regina takes Zelena's voice once more. She tells her wicked sister to listen for once in her life; she promises to make sure Zelena's baby grows up loved and safe, which she states will most certainly not be the same for her. ("Siege Perilous")

Zelena 507
Zelena makes cookies out of a shorter sword than Arty would like. ("Nimue")

Now at war against Arthur, the heroes plot at Granny's Diner a way to break into the castle to steal Excalibur, something Zelena is willing to help them with if it means the return of her voice and magic. She leads them through the back, revealing to have been plotting her escape while working as Regina's mute handmaiden, and while the other breaks in, Mary Margaret is left to watch the Wicked Witch. As they wait, Zelena bursts into tears over how unfair life is and how she's trying to do good but no one believes her. Mary Margaret goes to comfort her, but to her surprise, Zelena kicks her in the stomach, knocking her out, and revealing Zelena has found a way out of the cuff. Taking Mary Margaret hostage, she joins Arthur back in the castle, turning out to have formed an alliance with him, and is able to protect him while Arthur succeeds in summoning Merlin. Despite Merlin's pleads to do what's right, Arthur is now determined for revenge against the Sorcerer, and Zelena watches as the King orders Merlin to poof the heroes out, getting them out of the way so he may move forward with what he has planned next. ("Nimue")

Zelena 508 01
Arthur frees an enthralled Zelena. ("Birth")

Zelena continues working with King Arthur, who commands Merlin, via Excalibur, to visit Emma at the diner and deliver an ultimatum: hand over the Flame of Prometheus or her family will be killed. Arriving at the Caledonian Forest, Emma finds her family and friends being held hostage by Zelena and Arthur; she asks that they be released before handing over the flame, but Zelena threatens to start killing people instead. Emma gives in, but when Zelena checks to make sure the flame in the box is real, she discovers it to be a trap, for coils of dark magic shoot out and wrap around the Witch, pinning her against a tree. Despite this, Arthur continues to order Merlin to kill, but Hook eventually manages to break free, and promptly punches Arthur in the face, resulting in him receiving a cut in the neck from Excalibur. Arthur is disarmed by the Pirate, and so he makes a run for it, quickly freeing Zelena so she may teleport the two of the back to the castle. ("Birth")

Zelena 509
Zelena gathers what she needs to collect the helm. ("The Bear King")

Safely returning to the castle, Zelena is convinced that she and Arthur still need each other, and so the King directs the two on their new quest, that being of DunBroch where they need to collect an enchanted helm that will help convince the knights of Camelot to side with them in the battle against Emma and Merlin. Upon their arrival, Zelena and Arthur visit the Witch's cottage, where the King has a brief run in with Red Riding Hood, who is currently trapped in her wolf form. Once she's put to sleep by Zelena, the two speak with the Witch, who reveals she gave the helm to King Fergus in a deal. The two move forward by tracking down Merida and stealing her bow to use to locate the helm, but once doing so, Arthur is forced to battle the Princess while Zelena takes on Mulan. Both eventually lose, for Zelena is knocked out by Red's sleeping potion, while the clansmen surround Arthur. Coming to, Zelena has just enough stability to poof herself and Arthur back to Camelot, without the helm. ("The Bear King")

Zelena 510 01
Last minute plot cleanup. ("Broken Heart")

Hook rises from the Vault of the Dark One, having become Dark One, thanks to Emma tethering him to Excalibur in order to save his life. With the voice of Rumplestiltskin now in his head, guiding him to the darkness, he soon reunites with Emma who tries her best to keep him near the light long enough for Merlin to cure them both. However, Hook loses all trust for her when she withholds Excalibur from him, thus driving him to full-on embracing his dark side, leading him to plot recasting the Dark Curse so he can get back to Rumple and finally have his revenge. He has Excalibur implanted back into stone, and with Nimue living on inside of him, he is able to crush Merlin's heart to enact the curse. However, Emma is able to wipe his memory of all that has happened, and before the curse is fully cast she is able to make everyone else who journeyed to Camelot appear unconscious in the diner, Zelena included. Having transformed her back into the dress she wore as Regina's mute handmaiden, Emma also re-applies the cuff used to block out her magic. From there, dreamcatchers are used to wipe all of their memories, and soon enough they are all sent back to Storybrooke. ("Broken Heart")

After the Third Curse

Season 5

Take her. You can protect her, and I can't. My magic's unpredictable. I don't care if you never let me see her again! You have to save her. Regina, please! It's more important than what happens to me.
Belle 501 02
Zelena is present, this time not in green. ("The Dark Swan")

After spending a total of six weeks away in Camelot, Zelena and the others sent to said realm in Granny's Diner are abruptly returned to Storybrooke. The dwarf, Sneezy, who has been working as town sheriff (even wearing Emma's signature red leather jacket), and Sleepy overhear the diner's crash, and go to check out what has happened. They're shocked to discover everyone has returned, but Zelena and the others have zero memory of anything that has happened since entering into Camelot. The two dwarfs reveal they've all been gone a total of six weeks, and Emma soon makes herself known, appearing to be responsible for their return, as well as everyone's loss of memories. She is now dressed in the attire of which a Dark One would, and reveals to Zelena and the others that they've failed to remove the darkness from her, and now they must all pay. When questioned why, Emma simply states that it's because she is the Dark One. ("The Dark Swan") An ultrasound is later performed on Zelena, giving her and Robin an image of their unborn child. Robin later looks at this, still having mixed feelings for his upcoming offspring. ("Siege Perilous")

Zelena 506
The Dark Swan makes Zelena an offer. ("The Bear and the Bow")

Zelena, locked back in her cell, joyfully receives a kick from her unborn child, just as Nurse Ratched arrives with her meal. Though in the mood for onion rings, Zelena is only permitted a plate of broccoli and a green-substanced drink. Annoyed, she sends the nurse away, with the meal, for she is not in the mood for the food Regina permits her. Emma soon arrives though, wishing to have a word with the Wicked Witch, who has since learned quite a bit of the darkened savior's evil-doing. Emma poofs herself and Zelena back into her own home where she provides the pregnant witch with a meal from Granny's Diner - including the onion rings she wanted - and moves on with business. Revealing the Apprentice's wand, Emma states that if all goes to plan, she will soon be needing Zelena's help. The Wicked Witch is interested in what she'd be receiving in return, to which Emma reveals that she'd grant Zelena her freedom, as well as protect her from the other residents of the town. Zelena declines the offer though, for she's looking to turn over a new leaf, and with the baby on it's way she doesn't want to be around someone who could be a bad influence. Though warned that she'll soon need an ally in the town, Zelena requests to be returned to her cell, for unlike Emma, she doesn't mind being alone. With that, Emma magics the Wicked Witch back to her cell. ("The Bear and the Bow")

Zelena 508 02
Zelena's pregnancy, mysteriously accelerated to full term. ("Birth")

When reading the story of Hansel and Gretel to her unborn child, Zelena finds her pregnancy to suddenly accelerate, realizing it to be Emma's dark magic from the onion rings she was given earlier. Hearing the Witch's cries for help, Nurse Ratched calls for Regina and Robin, both of which find Zelena in her cell, and discover her pregnancy to have reached full term. They rush her to the hospital where Dr. Whale is to deliver the child, and Mary Margaret and Belle soon arrive, revealing that Emma's plan to snuff out the light involves the first cry of a newborn. Zelena eventually delivers a baby girl, but before having a chance to see her, Emma arrives, revealing to not be after the baby, but after Zelena, for she wants to transfer all her dark magic into the Witch and then kill her instead. Taking the Witch, the Dark Swan leaves, and Zelena finds herself locked up with Hook in the basement of Emma's home. They team up, and Hook uses his enchanted hook to rip off the cuff that controls Zelena's magic, allowing her to free the both of them. Though Zelena originally sneaks out, leaving Hook to roam Emma's house alone, she soon returns with one of Emma's dreamcatchers, having learned that Emma made Hook the Dark One as well, back in Camelot. Emma, who has been frozen by squid ink, watches as the secrets of the missing six weeks come out when Zelena stabs Hook, showing him to be immortal. She shows him the memories, and the two plot to find out what else happened in Camelot, but not without taking care of Emma first... ("Birth")

Zelena 510 02
The Wicked Witch meets her little "green bean". ("Broken Heart")

Hook takes away Emma's memories of what his ultimate goal is, and with her now weakened, Zelena uses this as her chance to detain the Dark Swan with the cuff, and from there, the Wicked Witch and the Pirate part ways, agreeing to stay out of each others ways from now on. Zelena eventually returns to the hospital where she knocks out Nurse Ratched to get to her daughter, but is furious to learn that Regina has already kept her safely away. The Witch cries foul over Regina taking the baby when she, for once, has something that her sister doesn't, but Regina is still disgusted by how Zelena got her daughter though. However, she still believes that the Wicked Witch's insanity needs to stop, and she ends up taking her back to the Blanchard Loft where Robin waits with his newborn daughter, and Regina explains how it was the maternal, unconditional love she had for Henry that sent her down the path of redemption, and she is hoping that Zelena's daughter can do the same for her. Robin makes it clear that they will never be a family together, but Zelena is still his baby girl's mother, and so he agrees to allow her to visit under the condition that either he or Regina is present. Robin then hands the child over, and Zelena immediately takes a gasp of air as the rush of unconditional love that Regina was talking about consumes her. ("Broken Heart")

Zelena 511
Regina does away with her wicked sister... for now. ("Swan Song")

Thanks to Hook, all of the long deceased Dark Ones are called from the Underworld and led by Nimue to wreak havoc in Storybrooke, thus leaving it up to the heroes to put a stop to it. As Regina and Robin work together, they're soon met by Zelena, who reveals her plans of making a change to their custody agreement, wishing to have full claim on her and Robin's shared child instead, thus allowing her to make the baby wicked like herself. They question how she plans to make this work, but the two are soon caught off guard when marked by passing Dark Ones, which Zelena points out means that they'll be dragged to the Underworld soon enough, leaving the Wicked Witch with her daughter. Regina sets another plan in action though, finding the Apprentice's wand and making her way with Robin to the mayoral office where she confronts Zelena in her office, who appears to be making preparations to take over as the town's mayor. The formerly Evil Queen poofs herself and her sister to the clock tower where, now believing in herself to wield the magic of the wand, Regina is able to form a twister, opening a portal to Oz. Zelena is promptly sucked in, last screaming that Regina has not seen the last of her, and that she will be back. The portal then closes, and Regina resumes dealing with the other problems the town is currently facing. ("Swan Song")

Zelena 518 01
Zelena puts Dorothy under a sleeping curse. ("Ruby Slippers")

The cyclone that ripped Zelena away from Storybrooke makes a fast return to Oz, dropping her to the realm she once called home. There, she comes across Dorothy Gale, who has met Mulan and Red Riding Hood, who are in search of the latter's wolf pack. Zelena shares the story to the girls of how she was banished from town, but now that she is a mother, she is determined to be reunited with her newborn daughter. Pointing at Dorothy, Zelena demands that the silver slippers she gave her years before are returned, threatening to harm Toto, who she found wandering the woods, otherwise. Giving the girls a day to comply to her terms, the Wicked Witch leaves them, but Dorothy, Mulan and Red decide to stop Zelena's new reign of terror. They work together to put together a sleeping curse to stop her, a task which is briefly interrupted by flying monkeys sent to attack. During this time, Red and Dorothy begin to develop romantic feelings for one another, feelings that lead to Dorothy setting out alone to defeat Zelena, in order to protect Red. Meeting the Wicked Witch in Emerald City, a fight ensues between the two women, and Zelena ends up getting a hold of the sleeping curse, thus allowing her to prick Dorothy's finger and put her in an everlasting rest, one that can only be undone by true love's kiss. She then presumebly takes the silver slippers to return to Storybrooke. ("Ruby Slippers")

Zelena 516
Zelena hands over her child, having failed to protect her. ("Our Decay")

Upon her quick return to Storybrooke, Zelena goes to steal back her child from Belle and Mother Superior, but a fight is put up until a portal to the Underworld opens beneath them, sucking in Belle, the baby and the Wicked Witch. Upon landing in this new realm, Zelena realizes her leg is injured and that her magic does not work the same, thus giving Belle the chance to flee to safety with Baby Hood. Zelena believes her baby to be in danger though, and so she heads for the Blanchard Loft where she is reunited with the heroes, and sets out with Regina and Robin to find her child before Hades does. She's disgusted to learn that the baby is still without a name, and at how Robin abandons her not even a few days old to venture to the Underworld. The baby is soon found with Belle, and believing Zelena to be powerless, Regina and Robin allow her to feed Baby Hood. This backfires though, for Zelena's magic returns in time, thus allowing her to escape to the Underworld's version of her farmhouse. She begins to panic when she sees her magic caused a scrape on her child's face, and ends up bursting into tears, being unable to help her. Regina, Belle and Robin continue to search for the Wicked Witch though, ultimately finding her, and Zelena tearfully hands back her child, believing she'll be safest with them. She reveals her history with Hades and that he must want the child for his own time travel spell. That evening, however, Zelena confronts Hades on Main Street where she learns that wasn't the case at all. After all these years he has still been in love with her, even going as far as to make the Underworld look like Storybrooke as a way of giving her what Regina had. He wishes to be with her, but now she is more focused on getting back the child she allowed the heroes to take from her, now knowing that it's safe. She tells Hades it's too much right now, and that she wishes to get her daughter back on her own, but he tells her he'll be there when she's ready. The two part ways. ("Our Decay")

Zelena 517
A sisterly chat is had by Regina and Zelena. ("Her Handsome Hero")

While being stalked by Hades, Zelena roams the streets of the Underworld, eventually making her way to the diner. There, she is joined by Regina who comforts her over the loss of her daughter, but assures she is safe in the woods with Robin Hood. Regina moves on from this though, instead wishing to know what Hades past with the Wicked Witch is. Zelena reveals the Lord of the Underworld to be in love with her... and that she reciprocates these feelings. Regina sympathizes with Zelena's dilemma, but addresses that a more pressing matter is the heroes learning Hades weakness so they can put a stop to him once and for all. Zelena is disgusted that Regina didn't just come for sisterly concern, but decides to share a bit of knowledge. While holding back on everything she knows about Hades, she reveals that one weakness of his is herself. Zelena states that besides this, she has nothing else to offer. Later on though, whilst still at the diner, Zelena receives a covered platter with a withered flower inside. She realizes the sender of this gift to be Hades, and so she smiles at the loving gesture of her admirer. ("Her Handsome Hero")

Zelena 518 02
Zelena decides to take a risk with Hades. ("Ruby Slippers")

Now after Zelena to find out what became of Dorothy, Red Riding Hood makes her way to the Underworld, news that soon gets to Hades, and is quickly delivered to the Wicked Witch. Zelena plans to flee, for she thinks that she'll have no chance of establishing a relationship with her daughter after Regina finds out what she did, but she winds up staying and faces the heroes. After they all learn Zelena put Dorothy under a sleeping curse, Regina talks to her sister in private, and while Zelena is initially hesitant to offer any assistance, she ends up doing the right thing and hands over the silver slippers so that they may return to the sleeping warrior. The Wicked Witch proceeds to have a drink, but is then visited at the farmhouse by Belle, who is in need of her assistance, for she is currently on bad terms with Rumple. Belle wishes for a way to stop Hades, but things take a turn for the worse when Belle is reminded of the time Emma sped up Zelena's pregnancy; she realizes this means Hades can take her own unborn child whenever he wishes. Zelena, however, reveals that this is not entirely true, and that she may be able to help. The Wicked Witch is later seen visiting Hades in his lair though, having heard of what became of Dorothy's aunt when she attempted to help the heroes. The two get to talking, and deciding to take a risk and give into love, Zelena decides to join Hades as they reveal in Dorothy's suffering. However, unbeknownst to them, Red has returned to wake her up with true love's kiss. Meanwhile, with Zelena's help, Belle was able to obtain a sleeping curse so she can put her pregnancy on pause to give Rumple time to save their child. ("Ruby Slippers")

Zelena 519
Amends are made between those of a broken family. ("Sisters")

Hades takes Zelena out on a date where he shares his intentions of trapping the heroes in the Underworld so that once Zelena restarts his heart with true love's kiss, they can return to Storybrooke where he can help her take over. Zelena is unsure about all of this, however, and is later confronted by Regina, who has been spying on her. The ex-Evil Queen forbids her sister from seeing Hades again, but once being told off, Regina decides to go to Cora for help. With Hook's assistance, they are able to break her out of her prison, and she reunites with Regina down at the Underworld's version of the vault to discuss the current matters at hand, regarding Zelena and Hades. Cora believes the only way to prevent this relationship from going any further is to make Zelena take a forgetting potion. Obtaining water from the River of Forgetfulness, Regina and Cora head for the farmhouse, while Regina waits outside, and Zelena finally has a proper introduction to her mother. Zelena initially wants nothing to do with Cora, but the latter forces her way in so that she and her daughter can talk. Cora believes that while Zelena's feelings for Hades may be true, she is also still trying to fill the void left when being abandoned. Cora admits that she regrets giving Zelena away, but things take a bad turn when the Wicked Witch catches on to Regina and Cora working together, planning to take her memories. A fight ensues between the two sisters, which Cora is forced to break apart, and she winds up revealing the past the two girls had with one another, the first time they had met. With the memories returned of Zelena and Regina's first ever encounter, the two sisters are able to make up, and Cora is able to complete her unfinished business. Zelena and Regina see her off as she moves on to Mount Olympus, and Regina winds up encouraging Zelena to go to Hades to see if she can change him. Zelena does just that, but before being able to join Hades, she is confronted by Rumplestiltskin for the sleeping curse given to Belle, and is promptly kidnapped by he and Peter Pan. ("Sisters")

Zelena 520
Zelena restarts Hades' heart with true love's kiss. ("Firebird")

Zelena is held for ransom by Rumple and Pan, who agree to return her to Hades if he agrees to tear up the contract stating his claim to the Dark One and Belle's unborn child. Upon her release, and after a few extra altercations including Pan trying to steal her heart, Zelena is able to rejoin Hades where the two share a kiss of true love, thus restarting his heart. Hades becomes an immediate ally of the heroes, revealing that a portal back to Storybrooke will be opening that evening so that he can finally leave the Underworld forever, and he tells Emma and Hook of a way to potentially resurrect the latter. Everyone meets down at the library, and Robin Hood is bitter about Regina's new sisterly bond with Zelena. While Emma and Hook go to the depths of the Underworld, Zelena takes her daughter and goes with Hades to wait at the portal for everyone else. The heroes soon face some trouble though, for Cruella and the Blind Witch throw new obstacles their way and Emma and Hook realize there is no ambrosia to revive Hook. They all come to realize this was set up by Hades, who never intended on letting the heroes join him and Zelena back in Storybrooke. At the portal, as everyone takes too long to join them, Hades ushers a reluctant Zelena through with her daughter, despite her wishes of waiting for Regina and the others. Emma gets back to the library though, and is able to get all the other heroes to freedom and through the portal... but Hook remains in the Underworld. ("Firebird")

Zelena 521
Hades is permanently demolished by the Wicked Witch. ("Last Rites")

As Zelena and Hades arrive back in Storybrooke, Zelena wishes to spread the news that they can now trust the Lord of the Underworld; however, as she goes out to do so, whilst leaving Baby Hood in his care, she remains oblivious to her true love's actual motives. Zelena finds Regina and Robin, who try to set the Wicked Witch straight, but she refuses to believe them and thus she rejoins her lover. Hades shares his wishes of using the Olympian Crystal to protect themselves against the heroes, but Zelena later learns that Hades wishes to use the tool to take over town. This isn't what Zelena had been wanting though, for she simply just wanted to live out her days with him and her daughter. They come to realize the mayoral office they've shielded themselves in is being infiltrated, and so they split up to stop the heroes after them. Zelena goes after Emma, and steals the storybook pages containing Hades' history, having realized they heroes plan to kill him. However, when she returns to the mayoral office she comes to find a dead Robin, with Regina mourning his loss. Hades has killed Regina's true love, and the ex-Evil Queen makes this known to Zelena. A brief fight ensues, between everyone, but Zelena winds up with control of the crystal. As Regina and Hades try to convince her to take their side, Zelena makes the ultimate decision to stab Hades, thus killing him, stating that all she wanted was love. The crystal thus obliterates Hades from existence, and Zelena and Regina are able to cry over their losses together. Robin's funeral is later had, where Zelena decides to name her daughter after him in his honor. ("Last Rites")

Zelena 522
Zelena and co. end up in a new land with no way home. ("Only You")

Zelena attends Robin's wake where his loss is further mourned, but things are forced to be put on told when it becomes apparent that Rumple has the Olympian Crystal, which he's begun tethering Storybrooke's magic to. Because of all the tragedy magic has brought to his family though, Henry steals the crystal and flees to New York City with his plans of destroying magic once and for all. While Emma and Regina go after him, Zelena stays in town where she uses the Apprentice's wand to open a portal for Merida, the Camelot folk and the Merry Men to go home. Zelena shares a heartfelt goodbye with Roland before he leaves, promising to visit with his baby sister soon. Things take an even bigger turn for the worse though, for once the miscellaneous townfolk leave, the portal remains open, but this time it sucks in Zelena, the Charmings and Hook, sending them to an unknown realm, breaking the wand in the process. They come across a hospital where they run into a groundsman, but this results in their imprisonment by an orderly. When met by the hospital's warden, they are believed to be employed by Rumplestiltskin, and despite their pleas that they are not, he decides to keep them locked up as a way of making sure he doesn't have to worry about them. The groundsman soon returns though, offering to fix the broken wand in the warden's office; Zelena is especially reluctant to trust him, but she and the others do so anyway. ("Only You")

Zelena 523
Sisters reunite in New York City. ("An Untold Story")

The groundsman returns to free Zelena and the others, but he is without the wand, revealing that the warden took it from him. He leads them all to the world outside, which is explained to be that of the Land of Untold Stories, where all sorts of people from all over the worlds wind up together. They go to the groundsman's home where he completes a serum he's been working on, but then he transforms into the warden, and it becomes apparent who exactly they are: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They all escape out into the unexplored realm, but not before Zelena takes the time to kill the orderly. They are chased by Hyde, and wind up back with Jekyll, despite Zelena having voted for abandoning him. Pennies begin falling from the sky though, being the wishes made back in the Land Without Magic. Henry, who has destroyed magic, is now making people believe in it so that it will return and he can get his family home. A portal soon opens, making Zelena, the Charmings, Hook and Jekyll appear in a New York City fountain. Zelena has a happy reunion with Regina, and everyone goes back to Neal's (and Robin's) old apartment. Regina goes with Snow and Emma alone, taking Jekyll's serum to separate herself from the Evil Queen, which she then supposedly kills once and for all. Zelena and everyone else then return home to Storybrooke, but it becomes known that Rumple has turned over ownership of it to Hyde as part of a deal. Meanwhile, the Evil Queen lives on... ("An Untold Story")

Season 6

I'm the sister you want, Zelena. I know this because... you're just like me. You would never settle for less, and Regina is quite literally the lesser of two evils.
Evil Queen
Zelena 601
Zelena's new sisterly bond with Regina is tarnished. ("The Savior")

Regina invites Zelena and her daughter to come and live with her, but while the Wicked Witch goes about unpacking, Regina deals with the new threat of Mr. Hyde and the folks from the Land of Untold Stories. Zelena offers to help out, but Regina begins to sideline her. Seeing that her sister isn't in the greatest of moods, Zelena recalls the feather that Roland had left with her to give to Regina, but the ex-Evil Queen is unnerved to find that Zelena has misplaced it. She leaves Zelena for the time being, who later rejoins her in the mayoral office after learning the heroes have managed to detain Hyde. Regina's upset though, as this is the first time being in her office since Robin's death, and the two sisters end up breaking down into a fight when Regina admits to blaming Zelena for his death. Zelena, meanwhile, is upset over Regina making the biggest decision of her live - splitting herself from the Evil Queen - and going to Snow White about it instead of her. When Regina questions why Zelena cares so much about this, the Wicked Witch admits that this was the part of Regina that is most like her. Ultimately, Zelena chooses to move out, and once leaving her sister and moving things back into her farmhouse she's met with a surprise: the Evil Queen herself, who is ready for some sisterly bonding. ("The Savior")

Zelena 602
The Evil Queen continues pulling Zelena to her side. ("A Bitter Draught")

Zelena follows the Evil Queen through the Storybrooke graveyard where she soon realizes that they're on their way to Regina's vault. Zelena is initially against the Evil Queen robbing her better half, but finds herself not really doing anything to prevent this. The Evil Queen remains coy about her plan, but assures she just wants to teach Regina a lesson and that Zelena will get a sister who appreciates all of her delightfully malevolent qualities. The following day, as the Evil Queen's plan has gone into motion, Zelena is called by Regina to the town line where it appears a new protection spell has been cast, keeping everyone trapped inside. Zelena realizes that Regina believes it was her, as the vault is protected by blood magic, still not knowing the Evil Queen has arrived into town. When questioned as to who else it could possibly be if not Zelena, the Wicked Witch poofs herself away, not wishing to explain all that she really knows. That evening, her daughter wakes up crying, and she goes to find her in the arms of the Evil Queen, who is calming her down with a rattle. As it turns out, Zelena has passed the Evil Queen's test of loyalty, and so the two ladies get back to that sisterly bond they've been working on. ("A Bitter Draught")

Zelena 603
"Stop judging me." ("The Other Shoe")

Regina now knows the Evil Queen is alive and in Storybrooke, and with her chances of a happy ending being threatened, she decides to go to Zelena. As her sister eats away at some cherries in the kitchen of her farmhouse, Regina grows frustrated, simply wanting to know if the Evil Queen was there. Zelena grows upset that Regina is about to wake Robin from her nap, but it's then that Regina notices the rattle in the baby's crib. She realizes that the Evil Queen was in fact there, which Zelena finally admits to; however, Regina insists that her sister give the rattle back. Zelena isn't up for this though, as it's the only family heirloom she has, despite Regina pointing out that there's strings attached to it. Zelena is growing fed up with her sister even more though, exclaiming that she is a big girl and asks that Regina stop judging her. Regina isn't trying to judge Zelena though; she just wishes to save her. Zelena takes the time to point out, however, that it's Regina who needed the saving, ripping herself in half. Zelena then tells Regina that if she's looking to blame anyone then to blame herself. ("The Other Shoe")

Zelena 605
A spa day helps Zelena re-embrace her wicked ways. ("Street Rats")

With the Evil Queen going about her new schemes, Archie Hopper becomes a prisoner of the farmhouse and thus under Zelena's supervision. Needing a break, Zelena has the doctor care for her daughter, noting that she enjoys the bouncing and suggests that he throw in some funny faces. Upon the Evil Queen's return though, Zelena confronts her for blind sighting her with this new prisoner, but the Evil Queen has an idea for what Zelena really needs. She instructs Archie to care for Robin while the two sisters go out, having Zelena put a barrier spell around the farmhouse. From there the women head for a local spa, the Evil Queen having her sister. The two briefly discuss Gold's new haircut, as well as their interest in getting with him, but move on to the topic of Zelena giving up her wicked ways to care for her daughter. The Evil Queen suggests that perhaps Zelena doesn't need to do that, given that their new sisterly bond is basically what she always wanted. The Evil Queen points out how Regina and the others merely tolerate her, whereas she chooses her because of her wickedness. Zelena is afraid that her daughter won't though, which the Evil Queen then makes the point that Robin will only be able to accept her mother when she is able to accept herself. Zelena contemplates this, and eventually decides to listen to the Evil Queen. They return to the farmhouse where Archie is still watching Robin, and the Wicked Witch turns him into a cricket in order to show her daughter her who her mother really is: wicked. ("Street Rats")

Zelena 606
Zelena protects Robin from the two babynappers. ("Dark Waters")

Regina arrives at the farmhouse to confront the Evil Queen for posing as Archie to expose Emma's secret, and Zelena steps outside to join them. Regina's disgusted to see her sister working with the Evil Queen, but Zelena points out that she cares about her, whereas Regina clearly does not. As the confrontation takes place though, Snow and David have sneaked inside to free the imprisoned cricket; however, once Archie gets away, Robin starts to cry, waking up from her nap. As this is happening, the Evil Queen begins to suspect Regina is up to more than just gloating, and Zelena starts to hear her daughter from the inside of the house. She leaves Regina and the Evil Queen, knowing that whatever Regina is up to isn't good, and she finds Snow and David with her baby, who promptly tells to stay away. They do as she tells them, but assure that they're only there to free Archie, not to hurt their daughter. Zelena picks up her baby and carries her away though, sarcastically excusing herself for not wanting to take any chances. The Evil Queen then arrives to kill Snow and David on the spot, but Regina poofs herself in the way in time, and is able to take the Charmings home to safety. ("Dark Waters")

Zelena 607
GoldenQueen makes Zelena just as sick as the rest of us. ("Heartless")

Zelena tends to Robin when the Evil Queen returns home, celebrating her perfect day, with having just set her new plan in motion to get revenge against Snow White. Zelena takes note of Rumple having stopped by earlier, showing signs of jealousy towards her evil sister working with Dark One, but the Queen merely brushes this off. Regina later uses this as a way of distracting the villains while Snow and David search for a way to defeat the Queen. Regina has a note delivered to Zelena to meet the Evil Queen at the pawn shop, where she walks in on Rumple and the Queen being rather intimate. Zelena storms away, starting to turn green out of jealousy, but Rumple finds the note Zelena received and realizes they're being played. Later on, the Evil Queen calls the town to the cemetery where Zelena goes to Belle revealing both Rumple's relations with the Queen and his plans of using the Shears of Destiny on his unborn son. When Belle later confronts Rumple over this, he is left angry with the Wicked Witch. ("Heartless")

Zelena 608
Zelena bullies Aladdin into helping Belle. ("I'll Be Your Mirror")

When Belle sees that the pawn shop has been shut down with Rumple having locked himself inside, she begins to suspect that he has evil plans for her unborn child. As such, she seeks out Zelena for help in opening a portal so that she can escape back to the Enchanted Forest before he can get to her. Zelena points out that she can only do so with the Apprentice's wand, which Rumple currently has under lock and key, and so the two ladies seek out Aladdin to retrieve it for them. Jasmine doesn't like this, wanting Aladdin to focus on saving Agrabah, but Zelena points out that Aladdin giving Emma the Shears of Destiny in the first place is what caused this. As such, Aladdin breaks into the shop and steals the wand, and Zelena later prepares to open a portal for Belle. However, Rumple arrives in time to steal the wand back and slap a tracking bracelet onto his wife. He later attempts to kill Zelena, only resulting in him having a heart attack because of it. Due to the deal they made back in New York City, if he kills her then he'll die too. He swears that this isn't over, and instead tries to make a deal with the Evil Queen to kill Zelena for him. ("I'll Be Your Mirror")

Zelena 609
The Evil Queen betrays Zelena for Rumple, thus tarnishing another sisterly bond. ("Changelings")

At first the Evil Queen is not all that up to killing Zelena, but this changes when Rumple makes it clear that it's either him or her. As such, the Queen returns to the farmhouse to do away with Zelena once and for all. The Wicked Witch realizes this, and so she puts Robin down to face the Queen outside; however, she proves to be no match for her evil sister, who throws her against the wall, scraping her. The Queen goes in for the final kill, but Regina arrives in time to put a stop to it. She threatens to kill herself, thus killing the Queen, if it means saving Zelena, and so the Evil Queen flees. Zelena is grateful for Regina coming to her aide and takes this opportunity to try and make amends with her once and for all. Regina isn't having this though, as she only stopped by to steal some magic Zelena might have had lying around. She's still not forgiven Zelena for what happened to Robin Hood; she tells her wicked sister that she can pity, hate, and spare her life, but she can never forgive her. With that, Regina leaves, and Zelena breaks down into tears. ("Changelings")

Zelena 612
Zelena threatens to make new Robin bleed if he comes near her daughter. ("Murder Most Foul")

Thanks to the Evil Queen, Emma winds up trapped in an alternate universe created from a wish that Regina is forced to go and rescue her from. Subsequently when returning to Storybrooke, Regina brings with her that realm's version of the long deceased Robin Hood. Zelena comes to learn of this and proceeds to confront Regina for having not been informed. She wishes to see Robin, but Regina doesn't let her through. Zelena fears that he is conspiring to take her daughter away from her, but Regina assures that this is not the case. The Wicked Witch comes to realize that her sister hasn't even told Robin he has a child yet, to which Regina admits that she plans to but that it's difficult. Zelena doesn't think that it's difficult though, informing Regina of just how easy it really is: she'll tell Robin that he has no rights to his daughter, and if he goes near her then Zelena will make him bleed. Not caring to listen to her wicked sister's threats, Regina orders Zelena to go home, to which the Wicked Witch complies, having gotten her point across. She poofs away in a puff of green smoke. ("Murder Most Foul")

Zelena 613
Regina gets in the way of Zelena and new Robin trying to skip town. ("Ill-Boding Patterns")

Zelena returns home to find the Wish Realm's version of Robin Hood waiting for her. The Wicked Witch threatens his life, thinking he's there for her daughter, but in reality he needs her help to use magic in order to break the spell on the town line. He suggests they flee Storybrooke together, knowing Zelena has quite a few enemies in town, and so Zelena packs up her things and later meets him. He notes that she brought a snake - the Evil Queen - to which she states is practically family. As the two are getting ready to go, however, Regina arrives to confront them. Robin tells her that he cannot stay some place where he's expected to live up the legacy of someone who sacrificed his life for her; however, Regina points out that the potion he and Zelena wish to use won't work. Zelena doesn't believe her sister, but it appears to be true. Regina promises to do everything she can though to get the spell on the town line removed, if that's what Robin really wants. Zelena later stops by Regina's vault there to return the Evil Queen before the Charmings notice that she's missing. She also apologizes for going behind Regina's back to help Robin escape, but Regina admits that this time it's her fault. Zelena chooses not to argue this, and Regina continues that she's just going to have to keep paying the price for what she's done in the past. However, when removing the cover on the cage, Zelena and Regina both discover that the Evil Queen is gone. ("Ill-Boding Patterns")

Zelena 614
Zelena watches as the Evil Queen gets her happy ending. ("Page 23")

Zelena and Regina are quick to inform Emma of the Evil Queen's escape, though the Wicked Witch then becomes distracted by the engagement ring that the Savior is now sporting, having accepted a marriage proposal from Hook. Once congratulations are given, focus shifts back to the Queen and the threat that she could become once again. This proves true when Regina is sent the alternate storybook page depicting a happy ending for her and Robin Hood, using it as a message that she's prepared for one last fight with her better half. Zelena realizes that this means the Queen has found another way to hurt Regina without hurting herself, and Regina tells her wicked sister, Snow, Emma, and Henry that she's going to face the Queen alone, for this is her battle to finish. While Regina does just that, it doesn't end the way in which everyone had initially thought, with one of the two coming out a true victor. Regina instead finds a way to balance out both of their hearts, allowing the Queen a chance of redemption. She talks this over with Zelena, Snow, and Henry, wanting the latter to write the Queen a chance at a fresh start. Zelena is the most reluctant in regards to giving her a second chance, but the Queen apologizes to them all and is written out of their lives forever to live out her own. ("Page 23")

Zelena 617
Zelena helps out. ("Awake")

Zelena works with Regina on a cure for Snow and David's sleeping curse, the four of them gathering down in the vault so that the procedure can be done. Despite the risk, the Charmings both agree that they need to do this now. Zelena and Regina proceed to remove David and Snow's hearts, respectively, and Regina explains that the curse's magic is split between both halves; it's what keeps them from both being awake at the same time. Zelena adds that the potion they made clears their hearts of the darkness and thus they'll be reunited in no time. The hearts are then dipped in the cauldron, but due to a failsafe built into the Evil Queen's curse, this weakens their hearts instead. By the end of the day both Snow and David will be asleep with no way of waking up. They all go to Emma about this, but when David notices pixie petals in a video message from Snow, he believes that pixie dust might be strong enough to wake them up. However, Zelena interprets this differently; she reveals that pixie flowers only grow in presence of great evil - whoever Emma's meant to face in the final battle is already here. Regina is later able to break the Charmings curse by convincing a group of townspeople to drink it in order to weaken its effects. ("Awake")

Zelena 618
Zelena sacrifices her magic, choosing friendship over power. ("Where Bluebirds Fly")

The Black Fairy approaches Zelena about forming an alliance but is turned down, and Zelena later goes to the heroes about this as she felt that her daughter was being threatened by the town's latest adversary. When they're more in favor of formulating a plan rather than facing the Black Fairy head-on, Zelena drops Robin off with Belle to go face the villain herself; however, Regina soon learns of this and goes after her wicked sister to berate her for it. Zelena finds it hypocritical that Regina is only now showing signs of caring for her, having spent her entire mourning period blaming her for Robin's death. The two ladies are then made by the Black Fairy and Gideon though, and Zelena is led to chase the Black Fairy through the dwarf mines until reaching an area with light fairy crystals. The Black Fairy manipulates Zelena into using her magic to try and attack her, and proceeds to have it channeled into turning the crystals dark as a way for the Black Fairy to kickstart the final battle. Seeing Zelena as having served her purpose, the Black Fairy rids herself of the Wicked Witch and her sister by returning them to above ground. Regina is upset with Zelena, believing that she continues to ruin everything, and hands her one of the crystals and suggest she use it to summon a portal and return to Oz where she'll no longer be a problem for them. Hurt, Zelena goes to do so, picking Robin back up from Belle and summoning a cyclone. It's later revealed she doesn't end up going though, instead using the cyclone to bring her the Crimson Heart. She decides to use it in order to sacrifice her magic in order to strip the darkness from the fairy crystals, a sacrifice which Regina has never been proud of. She finally apologizes to Zelena and the two bury the hatchet yet again. They then proceed to Gold's where the two of them and Emma are able to help Belle and Rumple restart Blue's heart so that she can tell them how to properly defeat the Black Fairy. ("Where Bluebirds Fly")

Zelena 619
The Black Fairy receives some comeuppance. ("The Black Fairy")

Zelena is back to living in the mayoral mansion and now working to put together a crib from IKEA; however, she finds that life without magic is a bigger burden than it had initially seemed. She refuses to let herself use Regina as a crutch though, understanding that she's going to have to learn to do things for herself. As such, Regina decides that it be best she teach Zelena how to finally drive as an escape so in case things go wrong she can get to New York City. Giving Zelena a green-painted stick-shift, the two sisters go out to practice where Zelena does a horrible job. She starts to give up, wanting to find another way to protect Robin, but Regina admits that it's also about Henry as she wants him to go to New York with Zelena should there be casualties or they lose the Final Battle. Zelena is touched that Regina trusts her to raise Henry, though Regina snidely comments that in reality she trusts Henry to raise her. Zelena decides to go again at driving, but Snow calls Regina needing her help finding this missing piece of a wand to defeat the Black Fairy. She decides to join Snow and the others at the diner, insisting Zelena sit this one out. However, Regina and the Black Fairy wind up partaking in a fight on Main Street, one that it appears Regina is about to lose, that is until Zelena comes speeding down the street, crashing into the Black Fairy with her car. As the villain speeds, Zelena steps out, commenting that it's much easier when actually trying to hit something. ("The Black Fairy")

Zelena 620
Sisters dance at Emma and Hook's wedding. ("The Song in Your Heart")

With Emma's wedding to Hook nearing, Zelena is among those celebrating with the upcoming bride, that is, until the Black Fairy comes to ruin the fun, wanting to kickoff the Final Battle with the Savior. The heroines are led to the clock tower which they find imbued with dark fairy dust, meaning that another Dark Curse is coming. As such, Zelena and Regina head for the latter's vault to work on a way to disable it. When Regina starts to lose hope, Zelena gives her a much needed pep-talk, exclaiming that because she cast the first curse she should know the Black Fairy's magic better than anyone; there must be something back then that she learned that they could use against the Black Fairy this time. It's the last word Regina latches onto though, that being "time"; she comes up with an idea to isolate the part of the curse that stops time from happening, meaning it will prevent the curse all together. While the two sisters succeed in putting this all together, Rumple shows up to put a stop to it, currently working with his mother against them. He instead uses what Zelena and Regina brewed up on them and the Charmings, and the four, as well as Hook, end up frozen in the mayoral office where Emma is meant to face off against the Black Fairy. However, because she had the power of song in her heart, one of those being Zelena's, Emma is able to fend off the Black Fairy, for now, and save her family. She proceeds to marry Hook, and Zelena and baby Robin are among the attendees. She and Regina proceed to share a dance, but all the fun is cut short when the Black Fairy's curse arrives. ("The Song in Your Heart")

Zelena 621
Zelena is reunited with the other heroes, with word of the Black Fairy's plan. ("The Final Battle, Part 1")

Thanks to the Black Fairy's curse, Zelena and her daughter are returned to Oz where they and several munchkins are forced to escape through one of the Mad Hatter's hats to the Enchanted Forest. Zelena reunites with the other heroes, and brings them into the Hall of Doors to show them what the Black Fairy's curse is causing, that being the eradication of all the realms of story due to Emma's lack of belief. As the hall starts to fill with people escaping numerous other realms, including Aladdin and Jasmine of Agrabah, Regina uses her magic to bring everyone back to her palace so that she and Zelena can get started on finding a way to travel to a land without magic. As the two sisters work to do so, they soon discover that all of Regina's previous ingredients are gone. Regina deduces that someone must have broken in and stolen from her, and as they start to decipher who it had to have been, they're startled by a noise at the door and go to investigate. As it turns out, the Evil Queen has been squatting there since escaping the wish realm with Robin, where everyone wanted her dead. Zelena and Regina convince the Queen to help them with their current situation, but it seems they're too late as the Enchanted Forest starts to fate away as Emma's lack of belief grows when she burns Henry's storybook. ("The Final Battle, Part 1")

Zelena 622
The Final Battle has been won, and happy beginnings are in order. ("The Final Battle, Part 2")

Though the Enchanted Forest is in the midst of being destroyed, Hook returns to the Dark Palace with a magic bean in tow; however, due to Emma's fading belief, there's not enough magic to make it work. Zelena believes that Regina and the Evil Queen could combine their powers to reinvigorate it, but the Queen points out that there simply is not enough time. Zelena joins the Charmings and Hook in rounding up everyone in the palace to get them to safety while Regina stays back with the Queen, who has decided to channel all her magic in holding off the eradication of the realm. As Regina parts ways with her evil self, she goes on to join Zelena, who now has her daughter, and the others in the center of the palace. Regina and Zelena cling onto one another as they believe this to be the end, but soon enough they're all saved when the Black Fairy's curse is finally broken, thanks to her death at the hands of Rumplestiltskin. Emma now believes again, and Zelena and the other heroes are returned to Storybrooke just in time for Emma to face off against Gideon, who she allows to kill her, only to be resurrected with a kiss of true love from Henry. Now, with the Final Battle over, Zelena and everyone else is allowed a happy beginning with one another. They're all seen, sometime later, enjoying a dinner together at Granny's Diner as a family. ("The Final Battle, Part 2")

Season 7

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