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The spaghetti woman is an unnamed woman who went on a date at the same restaurant as Emma and Captain Hook.


After the Second Curse

Season 4

404 10
Emma and Hook enjoy their date. ("The Apprentice")

Back in Storybrooke, in a restaurant, a happy couple are eating spaghetti together. They pick up the same strand and suck on each end until they both reach in for a kiss. Emma and Hook then enter the restaurant, the latter asking what she thinks. Emma says she's glad that it's not Granny's and then they sit down, Hook charmingly pulling out her chair. He goes on to say that he's only seen her on one date and it was with a flying monkey, so asks if he needs to top it. Emma jokingly comments that the bar was set high as he proposed, but Hook reminds her that he tried to kill her too. Once they're settled, Hook asks if he should order some drinks, but Emma seems hesitant. Hook wonders if this is because he might become even more irresistible, but Emma explains that she wants to stay sober in case the Snow Queen crashes their date. "You still think her being here has something to do with you" Hook points out, but Emma tells him she knows it because there was a puddle next to her car. Hook chuckles at this and tells her that she's come to have a good time and not worry. A smiling Hook then signals over to the bartender, who nods in return. ("The Apprentice")

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