Who's Alice?
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1x06
November 21, 2013
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"Who's Alice?" is the 6th episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.


Jafar pays a visit to the asylum and Dr. Lydgate to uncover information about Alice, while in Wonderland, Alice heads to the Black Forest on her quest. Meanwhile, the Knave is awakened by magic with the help of an unlikely ally and he goes in search of Alice only to find her in terrible danger, and Cyrus does his best to evade the Red Queen. In flashbacks, Alice returns to Victorian England, and her father, after having lost Cyrus.


No one believed Alice when she spoke of her adventures in Wonderland...

Alice is crouching beneath a giant magic mushroom, on top of which is the Caterpillar, in Wonderland. Later, Alice uses said mushroom to shrink herself in the Queen of Hearts' mazes, causing her to get swept aside and a guard runs past. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

Of how she fell in love with a genie named Cyrus...

The shrunken Alice steps into a bottle where she meets the genie Cyrus. The two are next seen standing over the boiling sea, and kiss passionately after he proposes to her. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

How the Red Queen tore them apart...

The Red Queen and her soldiers approach Alice and Cyrus. The Queen waves her hand and uses her magic to push Cyrus off the edge of the cliff, causing him to fall into the boiling sea as Alice screams for him. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

She was locked away in an asylum...

Alice is seen being escorted by two doctors through Bethlem Asylum. Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, Maine, the White Rabbit tells Will Scarlet that Alice needs help. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

So the Knave of Hearts and I brought her back to Wonderland to search for her true love.

Alice, Will and the White Rabbit are seen running as they escape the asylum. After the rabbit digs a portal, Will and Alice jump through it, ending up in Wonderland. Alice is seen wandering along a tree branch, trying to see the Mad Hatter's house, meanwhile, Cyrus is locked in a giant birdcage in Jafar's dungeon. Alice later tells Will, regarding Cyrus, "He's here. I can feel it!" ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

There are those who would try and stop her!

Jafar flies away on his magic carpet. Alice is seen being restrained by the Red Queen's soldiers as her majesty approaches. At another time, Jafar tells the Queen that what they want can't be accomplished until Alice has made all her wishes. We see Alice staring down the portal to Wonderland, and she's later seen to be holding her three wishes in her hands, which take the form of red jewels. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

But Alice's greatest adventure has just begun...
White Rabbit

Alice, Will and the White Rabbit make their way through Wonderland with the aim of finding Cyrus. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

Previously in Wonderland...

A young Alice emerges from a rabbit hole and finds her father, stating he'll never believe where she's been. Alice's father is shocked to see her. ("Down the Rabbit Hole") The Red Queen promises to help Alice find Cyrus if she gets some dust. Alice is later seen using this dust to locate Cyrus. ("Heart of Stone") Cyrus breaks free from his cage and escapes the castle. ("Heart of Stone") The Red Queen uses some dust to turn Will back into a human. ("Heart of Stone") Jafar asks the White Rabbit to take him through a portal and the rabbit reluctantly digs his hole. ("Heart of Stone")


OW106 01
Jafar arrives in London.

We see an overview of Alice's Victorian London realm. A man is sat in a park painting a picture of Big Ben and the city around it. Suddenly an explosion comes from the ground behind him and dirt lands on his suit. He turns and is shocked to see Jafar stood near the blast. He stands up bravely, but then notices the White Rabbit emerging from the blast. Smiling, Jafar walks towards the man and asks if Bethlem Asylum is. Unable to finish his sentences, the man tries to ask who Jafar is and what the rabbit is. However, Jafar simply repeats his question. The painter gives the location and then Jafar intimidatingly says it wasn't so hard to do so. His smile suddenly fades and turns to a dark glare as he compliments the man on his very nice suit. He proceeds to walk towards the painter.

OW106 02
Dr. Jafar pays a visit to Dr. Lydgate.

A while later, at the Bethlem Asylum, someone is seen putting a small amount of Laudanum into a glass using a pipette. The person is Dr. Lydgate who then proceeds to drink the Laudanum. Suddenly, there is a knock at his office door, so Lydgate asks if he can help. Jafar, wearing the suit of the painter, opens the door and introduces himself as Dr. Sheffield, stating he's just arrived in London and he'd like to ask about a former patient. Lydgate is more than happy to help a fellow colleague so invites Jafar in, apologizing for the mess around him. Jafar tells him its all right and understands he probably doesn't get many visitors. Lydgate chuckles and points out that most people avoid asylums as they think there may be something contagious in the air. Jafar feigns a chuckle. Lydgate asks what patient he wanted to know about, so Jafar describes Alice before stating her name. Lydgate is clearly shaken at the mention of this name and then lies, stating he doesn't remember anyone named Alice. Jafar points out that the man does remember as how could he forget the patient who escaped with the help of a talking rabbit. Lydgate tells Jafar that he has no idea what he means, so Jafar questions this because he saw it with his own two eyes. Jafar reaches to the ground and picks up a large leather bag. Lydgate is startled by this and states that a talking rabbit is madness. Jafar tells the doctor that sometimes the maddest stories are the truest ones before opening the bag, revealing the White Rabbit. Lydgate is horrified and begs for him to put it away as he's tried so hard to forget. Jafar closes the bad and states he now needs the doctor to remember, asking to know everything about Alice.


Act I

OW106 03
The Red Queen interrogates Jafar's prisoner.

In Wonderland, at Jafar's castle, the Red Queen, followed by Tweedledee, enters the dungeon looking for the sorcerer. Tweedledee points out that Jafar isn't here, but the queen adds that nobody is here, noticing there are no guards and no Cyrus. She looks over to the Old Prisoner and asks where everyone went, but the old man stands up bravely and states she'll get no answers from him. She tells him there's no need to be rude as they don't even know each other. With the flick of her hand, she uses her magic to slam the old man into the roof of his cage adding that they do now. She threatens to keep doing that until he dies if he doesn't talk, so the old man states that Jafar left with Cyrus, but he doesn't know where. An angry queen slams the old man into the roof again, noting that Cyrus' cage has been cut open so if Jafar wanted to take him he'd have used the key. The old man tells the queen that she'll never find him because he carries the greatest power of all...true love.

OW106 04
Cyrus looks for Alice.

Meanwhile, Cyrus is climbing down a rocky cliff near Jafar's castle. As he slowly makes his way down, the shouts of guards nearby are heard as they look for the genie. Eventually Cyrus makes it close enough to the ground to jump. Once he's steadied his balance, he looks around himself to make sure it's clear. He then puts his hands together and closes his eyes before quietly asking where Alice is. He looks ahead of him and smiles as he sees the bright red glow of Alice's talisman in the distance. At the same time, Alice is stood staring in the direction of Cyrus and the castle. She says that all she has to do is follow the sun west and she'll find him. Cyrus smiles and tells his love to stay strong as he's coming for her. He then continues to run and escape.

OW106 05
Alice has to defend herself...again

A while later, Alice is walking through the forest when she comes across two men who are sat cooking a chicken. Once they see the girl they stand up to stop her, asking where she thinks she's going. She explains that she's heading west to find someone. The first man tells Alice that if she keeps heading west she'll end up in the Black Forest. The second man adds that it's apparently so dark that you can't find your own nose. She tells them she'll take her chances before attempting to continue, however, the men block her way, pointing out that it's dangerous for a little girl to travel alone. The first man tells Alice she's on a toll road so needs to pay the toll. The second man creepily tells her to give him her necklace. This sparks an anger in Alice, who draws her sword and threatens to take his hand if he touches it. The two men draw their weapons and the first man tells her to be careful who she threatens, as a necklace isn't worth losing her life. She tells him that this one is before twisting and punching the second man in the face. As he moves aside in pain, the other man comes in with his weapon, but she blocks it and kicks him away. The second man then charges at her, screaming, but Alice blocks his attack and then kicks him before shoving him into a tree. As he's down, the other man comes in for an attack, but Alice dodges his swipe and then grabs his arm. She begins to punch and attack him before flipping him over he shoulder. As he's on the ground, she puts her sword to his neck, telling him to be careful who he threatens. She grabs a torch used by the men and thanks him for the light before continuing her journey. As she walks away, she grabs her talisman and tells Cyrus she lost him once before so she won't lose him again.

Victorian England 1 year ago...

OW106 06
Alice mourns for Cyrus.

In a flashback, we see Alice's old tea party set that she had before her first journey to Wonderland. It's a lot more aged and weathered than before. Suddenly, there's an explosion in the ground and Alice emerges from it. Realizing what's happened, she turns back to the hole and begins to cry for Cyrus, whom she just saw die. She places her hand over her heart and begins to cry out in pain for her lost love. Suddenly a young girl runs up to Alice asking if she's okay. Alice composes herself and adds that she's a bit lost and she needs to find her way home. The girl asks if she lives nearby, so Alice confirms that she used to a long time ago. Suddenly, some people call out for "Millie". The young girl, who is clearly Millie, yells back and confirms her whereabouts. The girls mother tells her she shouldn't run off, but Millie explains that she was only trying to help the girl who can't find her way home. Alice glances at the girls parents and notices someone familiar...he father.

OW106 07
Happy little family.

She runs towards him and they hug, the latter shocked that she's alive. Alice begins to cry that "he's gone", so her father asks who she means. Alice explains that "she" killed him, but a puzzled father asks where she's been all these years and who Cyrus is. Alice states he's the man she was going to marry but the Red Queen killed him. She begins to cry, so her father tries to comfort her. Millie asks her father who this girl is, so he explains that its her sister. The mother adds that she's her half sister. Millie states that she was never told she had a sister...everyone is speechless. Edwin, Alice's father, explains to his eldest daughter that much has changed while she was gone. He gladly introduces Alice to her sister Millie and her new mother Sarah. Alice is shocked and overwhelmed with all this new information. Edwin smiles at Alice and states that this is her family now.

Act II

OW106 08
The Black Forest.

In Wonderland, we see a sign saying "Dead end of the queen's road". Alice walks straight past this sign and finds herself surrounded by several other signs, each one warning her to turn back as danger lies ahead. She comments on the apparent waste of wood as one sign would do. As she reads more warning sign, she nervously asks herself if it could really be that bad. She suddenly reaches the start of the Black Forest. She reaches her hand into the darkness and is horrified to see it acts as a sort of portal into the darkness. As she sticks her arm inside, it disappears completely. She waits a short moment and then composes herself before stating a bit of darkness won't hurt anybody. She then takes a deep breath before stepping forward and walking fully into the darkness.

OW106 09
Tough guys.

Meanwhile, Will is walking through the forest, holding his head as he complains about the pain he's feeling. He comes across an old man dragging a food cart with him and he asks for a sip of water. The old man asks Will if he's okay as he doesn't look too good. Will asks if the old man has ever been stoned, pointing out it feels like death when you "come out of it". The man chuckles and supposes Will has been messing with the wrong stuff. Will explains that he means being turned to stone, shocking the old man, who gives him his entire canteen full of water. Will begins to drink from it as the old man walks away with his cart. As he leaves, the two thieves that attacked Alice earlier walk down the road, recognizing Will, stating they have a message from her. The second man states she's mad as she attacked them for no reason while they slept. Will notices the uncomfortable looks the men give and realizes they're lying. The first man tells Will to tell Alice that if they meet again they won't go easy. Will says he will if they point him in the right direction. They seem reluctant to answer, so Will points out that she saved his life so he needs to find her. The second man wishes Will luck and tells him she's headed to the Back Forest. Will is concerned. The first man sarcastically wishes luck to Will and then they both continue walking. Will begins to walk to the Black Forest.

OW106 10
Are you scared yet?

Inside the Black Forest, Alice is walking through pitch black with only a small amount of light from her torch to guide her. Trying to ignore the scary and dangerous sounding noises around her, she tells herself to keep walking in a straight line. She slowly walks forward, watching her feet the entire time, but she cannot keep herself from becoming startled by the strange growls and grunts around her. After a short while of walking forward, she becomes horrified when she notices her torch is starting to fade. She crouches to the ground and blindly picks up another stick to keep the fire alight, but it doesn't work. The fire goes out and Alice is left in complete darkness. However, the darkness isn't around for long when a large bright light emits from ahead of her. She realizes she made it through, knowing she was close. She then runs towards the pure light and eventually makes her way through to the other side.

OW106 11
Alice finds herself at a loss for words.

She emerges into a beautiful wooded area, filled with large colorful flowers on the trees. She slowly walks around the area in awe, watching the flowers as they emit a soft and beautiful dust into the air. One of the flowers emits the dust straight into Alice's face and she inhales it joyfully. She seems much calmer and comments that it feels so wonderful. "Beautiful, isn't it?" a voice is heard saying. Alice immediately draws her sword and points it at a man holding a rusty knife. Alice asks who he is, so he tells her he's the Carpenter before asking who she is. Alice says she doesn't want to give her name and then asks where they are. The Carpenter explains that they're in the Boro Grove, "the most beautiful place in the world" he calls it. He suggests she put down her sword and stay a while, giving her a creepily calm smile. A slightly flustered Alice says she has more important things to do, such as saving someone's life. The Carpenter just looks at her and smiles. Now struggling to find her words, Alice tries to explain that she's been following the sun to save a genie who's in trouble...or at least she thinks he is. Alice states that she suddenly can't quite remember and the Carpenter smiles. "Then you must stay" he says. Alice looks at him and then smiles as more of the flowers dust blows into her face...essentially brainwashing her. She comments on how beautiful the place is and then drops her sword. "Maybe I will stay a while" she smiles.

OW106 12
Alice has a chat with her father...

In a flashback, we see Alice staring through a keyhole in her house as her father Edwin and new stepmother Sarah talk. The latter asks how long Alice is planning on staying, to which Edwin says he doesn't know. Sarah asks if he isn't concerned about her, but he asks to let him speak to her. As he heads to the door his daughter is spying through, Alice quickly runs to a sofa and grabs a book to pretend to read so she isn't caught. As Edwin enters the room he says he wishes he could give Alice a proper bedroom and clothes, adding that he can buy her new things, but he asks to know how long she'll be staying this time. Alice says she'll stay forever as there's nothing left for her in Wonderland. Edwin seems concerned by this comment. He sits beside his daughter, telling her there's something she must understand. He explains that he has a new family now and they'll love her just like he does but adds that Millie is young and impressionable.

OW106 13
...and finds out a heartbreaking truth.

Edwin tells Alice that if she wants to stay then she cannot mention Wonderland again or the genie. Alice angrily states he was called Cyrus. Edwin tells Alice that wherever she was and whatever happened is best forgotten. An emotionless Alice asks if she should just sweep him under the rug, like her father did with his late wife, Alice's mother, and herself. Edwin is left speechless for a moment, but then goes on to explain that he spent a long time clinging onto painful memories, but one day he realized he had to stop clinging in order to be happy. Alice, who is begging to tear up, says she doesn't think she'll be able to be happy again without Cyrus. Edwin tells her she will be if she wants to live with them and then asks if she can try to fit in and be happy in their home. An even more upset Alice says she has nowhere else to go, so she'll try. He asks if she'll forget about Wonderland and Cyrus, but she doesn't answer. She asks her father if he's glad that she's back, and when he doesn't respond she asks if he really wants her here. After a moment of hesitation, he says of course he does and slightly touches her hand with his own. Alice is left with a hurt look in her eyes.

OW106 14
Genie hunting.

Back in Wonderland, not far outside Jafar's castle, the Red Queen who is wearing more mobile clothing, is following Cyrus' tracks in the ground. She is followed by Tweedledee, who is holding her gown. She comments that all of Jafar's guards followed him so Tweedledee acts pleased, stating they'll have him apprehended in no time. The queen says that's exactly what they don't want, confusing the Tweedle. He tells her she cannot go after Cyrus alone as her outfit isn't befitting of a queen. An angered Red Queen slaps Tweedledee across the face and angrily tells him not to instruct her on what she can and can't do. She explains that everyone keeps underestimating her, adding that she wasn't always queen so she knows how to get her hands dirty. Tweedledee, who is in shock, agrees with his queen. The queen then explains that if she finds the genie then she alone will have him and his bottle; Jafar will have nothing and she will win the game.


OW106 15
Will finds an oddly behaving Alice.

Will enters the Boro Grove calling out for Alice when he's sprayed in the face by the dust of one of the beautiful flowers. Disgusted by the smell of it, he questions if he's in a perfume bottle. He groans with disgust, getting the attention of Alice, who joyfully runs towards him, delighted that he's here. The two hug as Will seems happy to have found her in one piece, adding that he was worried for a while. The seemingly hypnotized Alice tells him not to worry as everything is wonderful here. She suddenly drags him over to show him something; a picture made of flowers and her sword stabbed in the ground with her necklace around it. Confused, Will asks what it is, so Alice explains that she made it and asks if it's pretty. She continues to look at her creation as a confused Will wonders what's happening. As he looks around, he notices the creepy Carpenter, so asks who it is. Alice assures him it's just the Carpenter so he needn't worry. Will sarcastically says they shouldn't worry about the man with the saw and scary grin and Alice agrees, smelling a flower. Noticing something isn't right, Will asks how long she's been here. She is unsure, but knows its been a while. Will asks if she just took her necklace off and stopped everything to pick flowers, she confirms this. Will asks why she'd do that and she tells him it makes her happy.

OW106 16
Alice doesn't like what she's hearing.

In a flashback, Alice, who is wearing a new dress, tells her father that she really is happy to be back. The whole family are sat around the table eating dinner. She turns to Sarah and thanks her for the new dress. She then compliments the smell of the daisies on the table, but Sarah corrects her and says they're dahlias. Alice gives a fain smile and notes that she must remember that. Millie tells Alice that she looks beautiful in her dress and Sarah agrees, pointing out that they should discuss her "social obligations". Alice wonders what she means, so Sarah delicately explains that she isn't a little girl any more so she should think about her future. An uncomfortable Edwin comments that Alice has only just returned, but Sarah sees this as all the more reason to help. Alice wonders what she'll need help with, so Sarah tells her meeting a suitable new man. Sarah goes on to explain that she's been speaking with Mrs. Darcy down the road and her son seems like a suitable match and they've arranged to meet for tea. Edwin notices that his daughter is becoming upset. Struggling for words, Alice says she couldn't and then takes a drink of water from her glass. Sarah insists she has to as she's already made the arrangements. Edwin assures his daughter that its just tea and Sarah explains that Mr. Darcy will continue the conversation so all she has to do is smile. As the two parents speak to her, her grasp on the glass gets tighter and tighter. When Edwin suggests it could help Alice forget her troubles, the grip on the glass becomes so tight that it shatters in her hand. Everyone at the table is shocked. Alice apologizes and says that she's not ready to meet any young men at the moment. Sarah gives a frustrated look at Edwin as Alice says that some troubles maybe take longer to forget.

OW106 17
Cyrus gets an idea.

Back in Wonderland, Cyrus is running through the forest as Jafar's guards chase after him, screaming loudly. The genie eventually comes to a small river and stops when he gets an idea. He slowly steps forward, leaving footprints in the ground, and when he reaches the water, he steps back in the footprints he left behind to escape in a different direction. Meanwhile, the guards come to a halt and follow the footsteps to the river. The lead guard, Ghazi, points out that he's in the river so tells the rest of the guards to find Cyrus, reminding them that he killed one of their own, referring to Orang. As they talk, Cyrus watches the guards from the bushes. Ghazi tells the guards to make Cyrus bleed before splitting up in different directions. When he sees they've all gone, Cyrus turns and continues running through the forest.

OW106 18
Who's Alice?

"Come on, Alice, we've got to find Cyrus" Will pleads to his friend. Alice suggests maybe going in a little while and then gleefully asks if he's felt the bark on the trees as it's lovely. As she skips ahead, Will says he doesn't want to feel the bark, but he wants her to "snap out of it". Alice wonders what she has to snap out of. Will asks what's wrong with her, but she tells him nothing is...for the first time in her life she's happy. She points out that the Carpenter is happy too, so asks why he isn't. As she skips off, Will confronts the Carpenter and asks what he's done to Alice. The Carpenter just stands still, smiling eerily in front of him. Will threatens to hit the Carpenter for an answer, but when he goes to grab him, the sight of a small branch on the Carpenters back shocks Will. He goes to examine the branch and notices it goes into his shirt. He follows it down to the ground and notices that the Carpenters legs have turned into tree vines. Will is horrified and jumps back, hitting a tree. He turns and looks at the tree he hit and is even more shocked to see the shape of a screaming human face in it. He looks at the other trees in the area and notices they too have faces in them. Realizing that the people in the Boro Grove turn into trees, Will notes that this isn't good and goes to find Alice. As he steps away, the Carpenter, sounding as if he's in a painful happiness, says that "it" makes you want to stay. Will immediately turns and screams for Alice. He runs towards her and tells her they need to get out of here right now. When she doesn't reply, he calls out her name, but the very confused girl asks "Who's Alice?". Will is horrified.

Act IV

OW106 19
Millie comforts her sister

In a flashback, it's night time and Alice is asleep on a sofa in her living room. She is having a nightmare and quietly calls out for Cyrus, seeming to be in some discomfort. In her dreams, she pictures the moment Cyrus died before her, but she's suddenly awoken by Millie who heard her screaming. A upset Alice pretends that it was just a bad dream and tells Millie to go back to bed, however, the young girl assures Alice that she shouldn't be afraid of her dreams as they aren't real. She then asks if Alice's dreams are real, wondering if that's why she broke the glass at dinner. An uncomfortable Alice shrugs this off and tells Millie to go to bed, but the young girl asks who Cyrus is. A confused Alice asks what she said, so Millie explains that she kept shouting out for Cyrus. Alice explains that he's someone very special. Millie sits beside her sister as she continues speaking.

OW106 20

Alice says that he's someone impossible to forget no matter how hard she tries. Millie states she hopes to meet someone like that one day, so Alice assures her she will and says she'll never wish for anything else. They both smile at each other, but they're suddenly interrupted by Sarah and Edwin who enter the room. Sarah sends Millie to bed and Alice apologizes to the two adults. Edwin says she doesn't need to be sorry, but she needs to be better and forget the foolishness, but if she can't, keep it to herself. Alice admits she wants to be happy and she's trying, but Sarah comments that she isn't trying hard enough. Sarah admits that she and Edwin thought she could forget this nonsense, but it seems as though they were wrong. Edwin gives his daughter a sad look before leaving, soon followed by Sarah, who gives a cold look to Alice and she leaves and shuts the door behind her. A frustrated Alice is left alone.

OW106 21
Will resorts to force.

Back in Wonderland, Will tells Alice that they're leaving as she doesn't remember herself or Cyrus. As he grabs her by the arm to take her, so wonders where they're going, so Will explains that they're leaving because the trees in the area used to be people. Alice pulls her arm out of his grasp and refuses to leave. She grabs her sword, dropping the necklace that was around it, an begins swinging at her friend. Will dodges the attacks, trying to calm her down. He tells her she's not being herself, but she states that she's better and she's the person she's always wanted to be; happy. Will explains that the place is making her happy, so it isn't real, adding that he knows the difference. Alice angrily asks how, so he tells her about the time she helped get his heart back, filling a void he thought couldn't be filled. As he continues to talk, he suddenly grabs her sword and attempts to take it from her, however, she overpowers him and pushes him to the ground. He is then horrified to see Alice's legs become entangled with vines. He stands up and states that he cannot make her leave as the only way to leave this place is to want to go. He begs her to come with him, but when she doesn't reply, he tells her to look at herself. Alice looks down at the vines around her and begins to stroke them. He asks her to come with him, but she smiles and tells him no, stating she's not going anywhere as she's finally found a home.

OW106 22
The Red Queen is on the right track.

Elsewhere in Wonderland, the Red Queen is walking through the forest following Cyrus' tracks on the floor. She comes to the river where Cyrus tricked Jafar's guards and then comes to a halt. She examines the area and wonders which way she'd run if she were a frightened little genie. Something suddenly occurs to her and she turns around to his footprints. With a wave of her hand, the footprints begin to light up with a bright yellow light, showing his last steps. They lead back in their tracks and them come to a stop at a certain point, where they then lead off into the jungle at the side. She comments that he's clever, but not clever enough. She smiles and then begins to follow the actual tracks left by Cyrus.

Act V

OW106 23
This is the best you could find me?!

In a flashback, Alice is sat alone at the dining table, attending to her bandaged hand. She is startled when her father enters, seemingly have been looking for her. Sarah suddenly enters with a young man and introduces him as the man she talked about the other night; Mr. Darcy. As Edwin explains that he stopped by and can join them for breakfast, Alice gives them a look of disgust. Mr. Darcy says hello to Alice and says its nice to meet her. Alice thinks for a moment and then turns to her family, forcing a smile. She angrily points out that they brought him here and asks if they thought it'd make things better and help her forget. The three look uncomfortable. Alice stands up and angrily states that they don't know her before storming outside. Sarah gives Edwin a look, hinting that he should follow her. As Edwin follows his daughter, an uncomfortable Sarah is left with the disappointed Mr. Darcy.

OW106 24
Alice is given a choice.

Outside, Alice walks away from her house as her father follows, asking where she's going. She tells him she'll go anywhere else, but he points out that she has nowhere else to go. Alice stops walking and turns to her father, who instructs her to go back inside and apologize. She refuses, stating she won't marry someone she doesn't love just because he did. A shocked Edwin asks what she's talking about, so Alice points out that Sarah doesn't make him truly happy. He states she does, but Alice adds that she doesn't like her mother used to. Edwin is left speechless for a few moments before he explains that they can't spend their whole lives in mourning and they have to move forward. Alice points out that it took Edwin years to get over her mother's death, so asks why he expects her to be over Cyrus in a few days. Edwin angrily tells her Cyrus isn't real, but Alice remains adamant. Her father repeats that he isn't real and demands that she move on. Alice supposes that it may be impossible to forget her love, no matter how much easier it'd make things, so her father insists that she must. Alice cries that she can't, so her father tells her she cannot live under his roof. Alice asks if that's him talking or Sarah's words. Ignoring this, Edwin suggests another option; a doctor who runs a psychiatric hospital. Alice yells that she isn't mad and asks why he cannot just believe. An upset Edwin sarcastically asks what she wants him to believe; the genie or the talking rabbit. However, Alice cries that he should believe in her. He apologizes and says they can't go on like this before offering her a choice; let Sarah find her a husband or she can live in the hospital. As she holds back her tears and thinks about the decision, he points out the choice is entirely hers.

OW106 25
My name is Alice...and I remember everything.

Back in Wonderland, in the Boro Grove, Will cautiously tells Alice that they're running out of time and she has to make a choice. He slowly tiptoes towards her, but she warns him not to come any closer. He explains that this place can only make you stay if you want to and adds that he'll help her remember even if it kills him. He picks up Cyrus' talisman and holds it in front of him, asking if she remembers who gave her it. He points out that his name was Cyrus and then a vine entangling Alice snaps at him. He adds that she's been fighting like hell to be reunited with him when suddenly a vine wrap around his arms and drag him to the floor. Putting on a smile, Alice tells him to stop it as she's happy here. Will tells Alice that she can stay and become a tree, but points out that she won't be truly happy. The vine begin to pull on Will as he says the Alice he knows would never give up on that. She coldly tells him to stop it, but he says no and throws the necklace at her. She catches it in her hand and is suddenly reminded of everything. As the necklace glows, she has flashes of her time with Cyrus, and she calls out his name. The vines holding Will die and then Alice begins to chop off the vines around her legs. Will calls Alice brilliant and then Alice states that she needs to find Cyrus.

OW106 26
Nowhere to run.

Meanwhile, Cyrus is running through the forest, looking behind him on his way to make sure nobody is following him. As he comes to a clearing, he is forced to stop abruptly, almost falling off a cliff. He looks down and sees the ocean hundreds of feet below him. With nowhere to run, he gives up. Suddenly, the Red Queen approaches him from behind and tells him to watch his step. As he hears this voice he sighs with defeat. He turns around and angrily states "You". The queen smiles and says "Yes, me". Her smile drops and asks if she looks familiar. Cyrus turns back around and looks at the mainland...realizing that there' no escaping where he is. It is then revealed that Cyrus is trapped on a floating island hundreds of feet in the air.

Act VI

OW106 27
Alice chooses the asylum over "happiness".

In a flashback, Alice is stood quietly outside her house wearing a coat and holding a small luggage bag. The wind gently breezes through the air as a black carriage slowly makes its way down the road to the house. Inside the house, Edwin is watching his daughter sadly. Sarah approaches him and comforts him, assuring him it's best for Alice. Edwin wonders if Alice made the right choice so Sarah states she did and she was surprisingly wise. Sarah comforts him again, explaining that the doctor will take excellent care of her. Edwin says he hopes so and then they both look outside, watching the carriage come to a stop in front of Alice. Dr. Lydgate soon steps out of the carriage and takes Alice's bag as she gets inside. He follows her inside and then they begin to drive off. Back inside the house, an upset Edwin tells Sarah that Alice doesn't want him to visit the hospital, but Sarah comments that she's young and impetuous so the hospital will be good for her, helping her grow up. The two adults then look outside as the carriage drives away. As they do so, Millie runs up to them, and the family look happily at each other. From inside the carriage, Alice watches the happy family together and appears hurt.

OW106 28
Will tells Alice a secret.

Back in Wonderland, Alice and Will are walking through the forest as the former clutches her body and bows with pain. Alice thanks Will, but he adds that he owed her one. She comments that she's never felt anything like that...all her troubles lifting away, adding that it' now all coming back at once and it's pain in her heart. She asks if he feels it too, but with a cold expression, he says he doesn't. He tells her she'll be fine, explaining that he felt horrible when he came out of the statue but he's fine now. He thanks her for saving him, but Alice explains it wasn't her. Will wonders who it was, so Alice supposes that Anastasia used some magic dust. A frustrated Will says he wants nothing to do with Anastasia so Alice suggests that she's still in love with him. Will claims that despite not loving her back, he can't love her back and he made sure of that a long time ago. A confused Alice asks what that means and realizes it has something to do with his heart. Will says he realizes Alice went to a lot of trouble to return his heart, but adds the Boro Grove can't possibly affect it. Alice realizes he never put it back in and asks why. He explains that Anastasia broke his heart, so he wanted to avoid the pain of putting it back in, despite the emptiness he feels. Alice wonders where his heart is, but after noticing Cyrus' talisman glowing brighter than ever, he promises to tell her later. Alice puts her hand over the necklace and smiles.

OW106 29
Cyrus jumps.

Meanwhile, on the edge of the floating island, Cyrus is still stood with the Red Queen. She comments that the fantasy of escaping back to Alice was wonderful, but Cyrus states it was more than a fantasy because he will see her again. The queen reminds him that he's trapped on a floating island with nowhere to escape and sometimes love isn't enough. Cyrus appears panicked, but instantly becomes calm and smiles when he sees the glow of Alice's necklace. "I'm afraid you're wrong" Cyrus tells the queen before walking towards the edge and diving off of it. A shocked Red Queen rushes to the edge and watches as the genie falls into the ocean below them.

OW106 30
Jafar visits Edwin.

Back in the present day of Alice's London, England realm, a man with a gloved hand knocks on the door of Alice's old house. Edwin soon answers, and not recognizing the man on other side, asks if he can help him. The man, who turns out to be Jafar, still dressed in the suit, states that he can help Edwin instead. A confused Edwin asks if they know one another, but Jafar explains that he knows his daughter and where she went after escaping from the asylum. A shocked Edwin asks if he's seen Alice, so Jafar confirms this, adding that he can take him to her. He then gives Edwin a cold look.


OW106 Title Card
  • The title card of this episode features one of the flowers from the Boro Grove; it emits its magical dust.
  • The character of the White Rabbit is featured briefly in this episode, however, actor John Lithgow, despite being credited, does not voice it. Nevertheless, Lithgow's voice can be heard at the beginning of the episode, during the archive footage introduction segment.
  • This is the first episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland not to open with a flashback.




This episode garnered 3.53 million viewers, marking a continued, steady drop in the show's ratings.


This episode received mixed reviews from critics.

  • Lily Sparks of continued to criticize the show's use of CGI and costumes, both of which she cited as "weird", and began her review with a comment on the spin-off's declining ratings. She was unpleased with the episode as a whole, believing the story to be "MAJOR stalling" and having spotted multiple apparent references to drug-use. She ended by comparing it to the main series (which had most recently aired "Think Lovely Thoughts"), "OUAT this week was about druggie dads abandoning their kids, Wonderland was about kids escaping into drugs because of neglectful dads. Interesting, sure; entertaining? I don’t know. Go ask Alice."[1]
  • Amy Ratcliffe of IGN noted that this episode's teasers were a "fake out", having believed that Alice would return to Victorian England when this was merely the premise for the flashback story - her ensuing review was mixed. She complimented Sophie Lowe's portrayal of Alice, saying that she "probably brought tears to more than one person as she struggled to convince her father that Wonderland was real". The overall verdict of the episode went as follows: "The flashback to Alice’s past made her current situation make even more sense. She’s not solely driven by her love for Cyrus, she’s also driven by a need to prove herself to her father - to show Wonderland's real. Bringing him into the mix will hopefully give things a needed shot in the arm. While this episode was interesting, it wasn’t fun. Even the lighter moments with Alice were tainted with equal helpings of untrue and creepy. For a series that started out so strong, they’ve gotten a bit mired down. Bloody hell."[2]


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