Once Upon a Time 2x13
February 10, 2013
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"Tiny" is the 35th episode of Once Upon a Time.


Kidnapped and brought to Storybrooke by Cora, Anton the Giant unleashes his vengeance on the town when a case of mistaken identity leads him to try and settle an old score with David. Mr. Gold, accompanied by Emma and Henry, attempts to depart Storybrooke - hoping to keep his memory intact when he crosses the town line - and heads to the airport in search of his son Bae, while Greg questions Belle as to what she saw on the night of his car accident. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, and against his brothers' wishes, Anton climbs down the beanstalk and attempts to befriend some humans - whose intentions may not be so noble.


Previously on Once Upon a Time...

Emma is in the giant's castle, aiming a sword at him, as he pulls a rock from out of the wall, revealing an exit. He tells her to go, and she wonders why, and he tells her that she could have killed him, and she didn't. ("Tallahassee") Mr. Gold shows Belle a potion and explains that when he pours it onto the object he holds most dear, that object becomes a talisman which then allows him to cross the town line and still remember who he is. ("The Outsider") Gold is seen pouring the same potion on Baelfire's shawl before Belle drapes it over his neck. He then crosses the town line and Belle tells him that he can now find his son, but as they lean in to kiss, Hook shoots Belle from behind, causing her to fall over the line and forget who she is. Hook exclaims that Gold finally knows how it feels before a car is seen crashing into town, hitting Hook in the process. ("The Outsider") Regina is seen watching a faux Henry from within a secret room in her vault. ("In the Name of the Brother") In Regina's car, Cora asks her what she really wants, and her daughter replies with, "My son back." As the mother and daughter hug, Cora requests that Regina let her back into her heart as together they can get Henry back again. ("In the Name of the Brother")


213 01
Mr. Gold arrives to invoke Emma's favor.

Mr. Gold's cane is seen knocking on the door of Mary Margaret's apartment and Emma soon answers to the pawnbroker, her mother being over in the kitchen. Gold asks her if she's ready to go and Emma tells him almost. Henry soon emerges, toting a suitcase and some clothes, asking his mother if she thinks it's going to be cold where they're going, or warm, and she replies that she thinks layers are always a good idea. Gold states that he thought the terms of their agreement were quite clear: she owes him a favor, and her alone. The blonde tells Gold that she's not leaving Henry in town with Cora lurking about so either they both go or they both stay. Gold pauses, turning to Henry, and tells them that they'll have to purchase another plane ticket. Emma seems surprised that they're going to be flying but Gold tells her not to worry as he's covering expenses, even the new ones. David emerges from the stairs, handing Emma a packed bag, and sarcastically names Gold a real gentleman. He then approaches the pawnbroker and starts, "Alright, Gold. You're going out there with my family. Just know, if anything happens to them-" "Then you'll what?" Gold wonders, "Cross the town line, and David Nolan will hunt me down in his animal rescue van?" "I'll be devastated," Charming finishes, telling Rumple that this isn't a threat, it's a request to take care of them. Gold assures the prince that no harm will come to his family as, after all, they have a deal.

213 02
"My name is Rumplestiltskin, and we're gonna find my son."

We are next shown Gold's care driving down the road that leads to the exit of Storybrooke, the pawnbroker is in the driving seat with Emma sitting next to him. Henry, who's in the back, asks where they're going, and Gold tells him that they're going to Logan International Airport. Emma says that she thinks her son meant after that, but Gold suggests that they just take things one step at a time. Emma looks at shawl draped around Gold's neck and asks him if he really thinks it will work. Gold says that if it doesn't, and he reverts to his cursed self, then they're all going to have some problems. He states that it will work, and the three remain in silence as they approach the town line. Soon enough, the car drives over it, and Mr. Gold glows blue as he continues to drive. "So?" Emma asks as she and Henry stare at the pawnbroker in anticipation. He finally states, "My name is Rumplestiltskin, and we're gonna find my son."


Act I

213 03
Regina comes a-knockin'.

Back in the apartment, David is seen placing his gun into his holster, and Mary Margaret, who's in the kitchen, points out that he likes wearing it. As he attaches the holster to his belt, he tells his wife that he misses wearing a sword, and she states that it looks good on him. He approaches the door in order to grab his jacket as he tells Mary Margaret that Leroy has the dwarfs on Cora-watch and that they have eyes everywhere but could still use their help. As Mary Margaret walks over to her husband, he applies her coat to her and she asks how hard it can be to find a powerful sorceress in a small town. She then opens the door and sees Regina standing there, having just been about to knock, and David answers his wife's question, saying that apparently it's not very hard. Regina starts by saying that he knows they think she's responsible for poor Dr. Hopper's death, but David tells the mayor that Archie's actually alive, and Regina fakes shock, having already known this. Mary Margaret tells her former stepmother that she was framed, and Regina wonders who would do that. "Your mother," Mary Margaret states, "She's here." Regina tells them that that's not possible, but Mary Margaret explains that when she and Emma found a way back to Storybrooke, so did Cora.

213 04
Mary Margaret and David set off to find Cora.

"We were wrong," Snow says, "And we're so sorry." Regina says she knows but that if Cora's there, then they're all in danger. She requests that they let her see Henry as she can protect him, but Mary Margaret tells her that he's not there. Regina appears confused and David explains that Mr. Gold asked Emma if she would help find his son and that they left town about an hour ago with Henry. The mayor angrily asks why no one told her and Mary Margaret reminds Regina that they didn't know where she was - "And, to be honest, Regina... I don't think Emma has to run anything by you." Regina appears insulted but soon shakes it off, saying that no, she supposes she doesn't. She soon turns and leaves and Mary Margaret closes the door, hanging her head and sarcastically telling her husband that that went well. David points out that, for Regina, it doesn't get much better. "Come on," he says, grabbing Snow's bow and quiver of arrows from the coat rack and handing them to her, "Let's go find Cora." As she applied the quiver and bow to her outfit, she asks where they're going to look, and David admits that he has no idea, but knows who to ask.

213 05
The wind's gusting towards the Charmings.

David, Mary Margaret, both of whom armed, and Leroy are next seen walking Hook, who's still limping and clutching his stomach due to the injuries he received when Greg hit him with his car, along the docks. Hook points out that none of them even asked about his recovery, and once they come to a stop, Mary Margaret asks the pirate how he's feeling. He requests that she come closer and fell for herself, but David lightly punches him in his wounded stomach, and asks him if he'd like to lose the other hand, before wondering where his ship is, saying that Archie told them it's shielded somehow. Hook confirms this, telling the three heroes to follow him and saying that he doesn't know what they expect to find as Cora won't be there. David suggests that maybe she left something behind, telling them where she went, before pushing Hook forward and telling him to continue leading them. Leroy tells the pirate not to try and pull any funny business as he's watching him, and Hook sarcastically tells the dwarf that that should deter him from any mouthy essence. Mary Margaret tells Leroy not to worry as Hook will help them, and the pirate asks what makes her so sure. "Because you're a pirate," Mary Margaret says, "You know which way the wind blows, and right now it is gusting towards us."

213 06
Hook reveals Cora's "weapon of choice".

Hook leans in seductively and tells Snow that he sees where her daughter got her gumption. Mary Margaret rolls her eyes before Hook again tells them to follow him, before walking onto his invisible pirate ship. Leroy, Mary Margaret and David are next seen stepping through the barrier and onto the wooden decks. The dwarf points out that Hook sailed the ship from their land and asks if he could sail it back. Hook explains that his ship is a marvel made from enchanted wood and that her and her have rode out many a storm together and seen many strange, glittering shores, but to travel between lands, she must go through a portal. As the four of them spread out across the ship's decks, Leroy remaining close to the pirate, David asks Hook what he knows of Cora's plans. He tells the prince that Cora isn't the most communicative of lasses but that he will tell them this: whatever matter she has in mind, her weapon of choice is "in here", he says whilst tapping a box concealed by a covering. David nods towards Leroy and the tow of them strip the covering to reveal a cage, and inside is the giant that Emma encountered at the top of the beanstalk in the fairytale land that is, except he's sleeping, and human-sized. Mary Margaret stares at him, as does everyone else, and asks who it is.

213 07
A giant's toast.

In the fairytale land that was, in the castle at the top of the beanstalk, a bell is heard ringing and the giant from the cage, still giant at this point, is seen running towards the dinner table full of giants. He takes his place at it and his brother ceases to ring the bell, as his other brother, Arlo, tells him that he's late, addressing him as "Tiny". Another brother, Abraham, says that he missed "Tiny" out in the fields. As they begin to fill their plates with food, "Tiny" reminds his brothers that his name is Anton, but Abraham exclaims that he's just so damn tiny, and calls him "Tiny" once again. Arlo tells them that that's enough squabbling as today they celebrate after a century of hard labor, the time of the bean harvest has finally arrived. The giants at the table, besides Anton, begin banging it with excitement, but Anton merely says a monotone "yay". "But," Arlo continues, "Is a blossom more than its root? Is a harvest more important than a hard day's work? No. Each has value, just as each of us has value." With this, he raises a glass, and the rest of the giants stand to clink their tankards and toast to this, besides Anton, who can barely reach due to his size. As he lifts his tankard arm, a golden harp is seen falling from his pocket and onto the table, making a large noise.

213 08
Anton defends his harp.

The rest of the giants stare at their brother as Arlo realizes that Anton's been spending time in the treasure room again. Anton lies and answers negatively, before caving and telling them, "Maybe." He sits back down and asks why it matters whether he was or not, and Arlo tells him that his fascination with the humans and their artifacts is misguided and no good can come of it. Abraham takes a moment to inspect the harp before setting it back down, and Anton asks his eldest brother how he can say that if he's never even been to their world and won't even let any of them go down there. Arlo asks Anton if he's forgotten what the humans did and why they no longer trade beans with them - they weren't content merely traveling between the realms, they had to conquer and pillage. Anton states that just because a few humans did some bad stuff, it doesn't make them all evil, but Arlo sits back down and tells his brother that humans don't abide by the same laws giants do. "We giants foster life," he says, "They destroy it. That is why they must never know that we still exist or that we still grow the beans."

213 09
Tiny climbs down the beanstalk.

Anton wonders why they keep growing them if no one ever uses them, and the entire table goes silent. Arlo angrily stares at Anton and states that it's "what we do", but the tiny giant exclaims that they don't do anything with them. Arlo explains that it's the labor that makes them who they are, not the fruit that it yields. Abraham grabs the golden harp again and Anton tries to grab it, but is unable to. Abraham asks what it is, suggesting that it might be a human toy. Anton tells his brother to put it down but Abraham crushes it in his hand and drops the remains on the table and floor, stating that it's not very fun. Arlo tells them that that is enough, but Anton angrily stands up and runs away from the dinner table. He runs out of the castle and into the entrance courtyard where a giant hole is seen in the ground, that the beanstalk has grown through. Anton looks down through the clouds hopefully, contemplating something.
We next seen Anton climbing down the beanstalk, on his way to the human world. He continues to go further and further down the giant tangle of vines.

213 10
Mary Margaret frees the shrunken giant.

Back aboard the Jolly Roger, Hook, David, Mary Margaret and Leroy are still seen staring at the sleeping giant as the latter realizes that Cora used magic to make him travel-size. Hook states that what she intends to do is important and David points out that Hook probably knows exactly what Cora "intends to do", and accuses the pirate of holding out on them. Hook suggests that David get his lovely wife to torture it out of him as it should be lovely for the both of them but David grabs Hook by the throat and pins him up against a ship ornament, suggesting that the two of them have a little fun. Hook tells the prince that he doesn't know what Cora's planning, taking the key to the cage from the pocket and telling them to wake the "bloody giant" and ask him themselves. Mary Margaret sets down her bow and takes the key from Hook, placing it into the cage's lock and placing the padlock on top, before and opening the door. Snow then gently taps Anton on the shoulder, causing him to wake up in shock, and assures him that it's alright as he's safe now. The giant then stands up and Mary Margaret helps him out of the cage, asking him what his name is. He tells her that it's Anton, looking around and wondering where "that witch" is, clearly referring to Cora.

213 11
Snow defends her man.

Mary Margaret tells him that she's gone and Anton asks what she did, taking one look at himself and realizing that she made him small. David turns Anton around and says that they should get him out of there, but Anton takes one look at David's face and says, "You..." "Me?" David asks. "You!" Anton exclaims, punching David in the face and causing him to be flipped over the ship's platform and land on some packages. Leroy attempts to wrestle the giant but is thrown down the stairs by him. Anton then approaches David who grabs his gun, but the giant kicks it from out of his hand before an arrow is seen flying past his face, hitting the rim of the ship behind him. Anton turns to the source of the arrow to see Mary Margaret, aiming her loaded bow at him. "Step away from my husband," she requests, and Anton exclaims that they may have him outnumbered but that this isn't over, looking and David and saying that he hasn't forgotten what he did and that he'll pay for his evil, before the giant runs off of the ship, exclaiming, "I promise! You'll pay!" Mary Margaret lowers her bow in confusion and David begins to stand up, also confused by the giant's words.

Act II

213 12
Belle watches a Lost reference in hospital.

In Storybrooke General Hospital, Belle is seen in her patient's gown sitting on the couch watching television. As the television announcer talks, he says to tune into Good Morning, Storybrooke everyday at 7:00 A.M., before stating, "And now, back to Exposé." As we hear "Previously on Exposé..." being said on the screen, Ruby enters with a large picnic basket and approaches Belle. As the show is heard starting, Belle turns to Ruby who asks if she remembers her. Belle shakes her head, apologizing and saying she doesn't, and Ruby sits down, placing the basket on the table and grabbing the remote, turning the TV off before talking to her friend. She introduces herself, saying that Belle used to come into her Granny's diner a lot before the accident. She goes on to say that she thought Belle could use some comforts from home and grabs a book from the basket, saying that Belle was always telling her about Jules Verne and so she brought her her favorite, The Mysterious Island. Belle accepts the book and stares at it for a moment, before thanking Ruby and asking if they were really friends. Ruby smiles and confirms this, and Belle turns to her and requests that she tell her the truth, explaining that before she was brought to the hospital she was hurt and bleeding, and then this man came and he healed her, and then she saw him hold a ball of fire in his hand.

213 13
Belle is restrained and sedated by a not-so-severe nurse.

She asks how that's possible and Ruby tells her friend that the nurse said the tranquilizers can give her wicked nightmares, but Belle refuses this, exclaiming that she knows what she saw and she doesn't need any more tranquilizers. As she says this, she stands up and backs away from Ruby who stands up also and approaches her, attempting to calm her down. "Belle..." Ruby tries, but Belle demands that Ruby not call her that, asking why everybody keeps calling her that. A nurse approaches Belle from behind and grabs her shoulders as Belle tries to struggle free. At this, Greg Mendell walks in with his wheel-along IV drip and witnesses Belle be sat down by the nurse, who tells her to take it easy, and have a tranquilizer needle stuck into her arm. Ruby asks if Belle has been like this the whole time and the nurse tells the waitress "more or less", saying that they've had to keep her heavily sedated. She then lifts the drowsy Belle up, saying that they should get her back to bed, and escorts her to her room as Ruby is approached by Greg. He asks her if everything's okay in there and Ruby tells him that everything's fine and that Belle's alright, before asking how he is. He tells her that he's much improved which causes Ruby to smile, telling him to rest up as the sooner he's better the sooner he can be out of their "quiet little town". She then exits the room, on her way out of the hospital, as Greg turns his head, intrigued.

In Granny's Diner, Mary Margaret and David are seen sitting opposite Leroy in a booth as Snow asks if husband if that giant just said he'll make David pay, wondering what he could be referring. David shrugs, saying that he has no idea as he's never seen Anton before. Leroy points out that Anton sure knows David, when something suddenly dawns on the prince. "No..." he says, "It's not about me. He just thinks it is."

213 14
How much do you bet he's paying her?

We are shown the interior of a royal castle bedroom as the shot shows various bits of clothing on the floor before moving up to reveal Charming's twin brother, Prince James, sitting on a chair and making out passionately with a girl in her nightie. He tells the girl that she is a true wonder and she smiles, telling him that she knows. He continues to kiss her before picking her up and carrying her over to the bed where he throws her down and climbs on top of her, making out with her some more. "I didn't know you had company, James," says King George as he enters the room. "Father..." James awkwardly says from on top of his girlfriend, going to introduce the two of them but being interrupted by George who says he doesn't care. "The kingdom is tethering bankruptcy, the name of your latest dalliance is of little concern to me." The girl replies that it's a "pleasure to meet you too, your majesty", and James kisses her before getting off of her. He walks over to his wine and asks his father if he'd care for a drink, but George says that there'll be time for that later as right now there's trouble afoot. The girl gets up out of bed as George relays that he just received word of a giant running amok in an outer village, but James, carrying a glass of wine, says he thought giants were extinct. As the girl grabs her clothes, she states that she'd love the chance to battle one, but George tells them "no killing", as the giant could be of use to them. James tells his father that he merely has to tell him what needs to be done, before sipping his wine.

Back in the diner, Mary Margaret realizes that Anton thinks David is his brother, and the prince replies that it's the only thing that makes sense. "Come on," David says, grabbing his coat and standing up, and Mary Margaret wonders where they're going. He replies that he knows just what kind of trouble his brother got himself into, and as Leroy returns from the restroom with a napkin to his head, David tells him to get it looked at and then gather the dwarfs as they need to keep an eye out for the giant.

213 15
Anton meets some new people.

Back in time, Anton's giant eye is seen staring through the window of a tavern as people clunk beer and laugh. James and his girlfriend are seen inside and Anton, seeming sad, stands up and walks away. "If you want some ale, you should ask!" exclaims James as he and his girlfriend approach Anton from the tavern, telling him that they'll serve anyone who can pay. As they approach the giant, James introduces himself as the prince of the realm and wanted to make sure he received a warm welcome. Anton introduces himself also as a giant, and James jokingly says that he can see that, before asking what brings him to their land. Anton explains that he's always been fascinated with their customs and just wanted to see it for himself. James looks to his girlfriend and back to Anton whilst he says that they'd be more than happy to show him around, but brings up the matter of his size. Anton says that he's too small for back home and too big for the human's world, but James' girlfriend tells him not to despair as she may have something that could help him.

213 16
Meet Jack.

As Anton crouches down, the girl takes something from her pocket and he asks what it is. She says that it's magic: a piece of mushroom from a far-off land that she once slayed a jabberwocky that was terrorizing a village and they couldn't pay her in gold so they paid her with the mushroom instead. She approaches him, extending her arm containing the mushroom, telling him that if he eats it then it will change his size. She explains that its effects are temporary but they have more. Anton extends his hand and the girl drops it into his giant palm, saying that she's pretty sure this one will make him smaller. Anton questions the "pretty sure" and James' girlfriend points out that she hasn't exactly had the occasion to try it, but the wise woman who gave it to her swore by its power. James tells the giant to give it a try but Anton says that he has no way to repay them for their kindness. The girl tells him that there's no need as if it makes him happy then that's all the payment that they desire. "Well then at least tell me your name," Anton requests, and the girl looks at him before replying with, "Jacqueline, but... most people call me Jack." The giant tells Jack that it's nice to meet her, and she nods with a slightly villainous smile.


213 17
"How terribly uncivilized."

Over at Logan International Airport, Emma, Gold and Henry are seen receiving their plane tickets before heading over to customs. In the queue, Henry asks Mr. Gold if he's ever been outside of Storybrooke before, and Gold replies that he hasn't, his tone making it clear that it's obvious. Henry then wonders if he's nervous and Gold again answers negatively. Henry then asks if Gold's worried about meeting his son but he exclaims that he's fine. Emma suggests that they talk about all of this later and ushers her kid up the queue, telling him that they're next, and as the kid moves forward, he notes that it must be really hard not to use magic and be like everyone else. He proceeds to place his coat and shoes in a basket ready to be carried away, and Emma begins to do the same, pulling out a basket for Gold and telling him that he's got to put his shoes in. He looks at her, confused, and states, "How terribly uncivilized." Henry walks through the security gate as Gold removes his shoes and places them in the basket. The TSA agent standing there tells him that his scarf and cane have to go in, too, and Gold appears confused once more. The security guard repeats himself and Gold turns to Emma, who sighs, telling her that he can't. The blonde says that he has to and the business man behind them tells Gold that it's not rocket science, asking him if he's ever been on a plane before.

213 18
Gold is parted from Bae's shawl.

Rumple grips his cane and asks the man, "Have you ever been impaled upon a cane before?" Emma restrains the pawnbroker and apologizes to the man, saying that her father (referring to Gold) is a little nervous as they're headed to a family reunion. Gold seems confused as to why she called him her father but Emma shushes him, telling him to put his shawl in the bin and that she'll help him get through it. Gold reminds her that if he lets it go, he could forget who he is, but Emma assures him that she's not going to let that happen. Gold takes deep breaths, agreeing, before removing Bae's shawl and placing it into the security bin. Once he removes it, Rumple becomes dazed and confused as his surroundings become blurry and unclear. He stumbles, disorientated, but Emma stabilizes him as they pass through the security gate. Once they do so, Emma grabs the basket which passes through via conveyor belt as fast as she can, taking the shawl from it and hurriedly drapes it around Gold's neck. The disorientation ends and Rumplestiltskin returns, nodding at Emma to assure her of this. The next thing heard is Henry exclaiming that there's a Cinnabons and running towards it, and Emma smiles as Mr. Gold adjusts to what he's just been through.

213 19
Regina has a plan...

Elsewhere, in Storybrooke, Hook is by the docks and places a Queen of Hearts playing card down on the ground, which is clearly a summoning call for Cora, but no one seems to appear. He then turns to see Regina, who asks him if he was expecting her mother, "the one you were supposed to kill". Hook says that he didn't want to deprive her of a happy reunion, and Regina tells him that it's his lucky day as she and her have made amends, and Hook wonders if she's there to thank him. Regina states that Cora wants to know of the Charmings found the ship, and Hook tells Regina to relay that Cora can ask him herself. The mayor tells Hook that Cora decided it wouldn't be prudent for her to be out and about and the pirate states that it's his lucky day, telling Regina to tell her mother that they found the ship. Regina wonders if he got Cora's things off of it, but Hook tells her that he's been tied up in bed (and not in the good way). "She needs her things," Regina tells him, and Hook says that he bets she does, before telling Regina the "good news" that a giant got loose from "the hole". Regina seems amused by the notion that Hook lost a giant, but he argues that it was a shrunken one, and Regina wonders how that is good news. "Well, because," Hook starts, "When he got free, he took one look at the prince and became extremely murderous." Regina takes a moment to contemplate this, before stating, "A giant in town who wants to kill the prince... This is just the distraction we need." Hook agrees, telling her that it is.

Across town, the shrunken Anton is seen walking in the middle of the road as cars speed past and he dodges them, appearing confused. He continues to walk as one drives in front of him and he steps back, being told to "watch it". Anton proceeds to walk further through the streets.

213 20
Anton and his "new family".

We are shown a cooked hog lying on a table in the tavern Anton was earlier looking at in the fairytale land that was as the shot moves to show James, Jack and Anton walking in together, the latter now being human-sized. James places his hand on Anton's shoulder and states that it's much better to be on the inside, and Anton nods. James then finds a table and turns a chair around dramatically for Anton to sit on, saying that he's their guest of honor. He sits down, now with a tankard in his hand, and notes how great it is not to have to fight for a seat at the table, wishing that his brothers could see him now. As Jack and James sit opposite him, the former says that she's not so sure about that family of his as it doesn't sound like they appreciate him. He takes a sip from his tankard before setting it down, telling his new "friends" that his family isn't so bad "except for the making fun of me, and then the pushing me around, and the harsh words", he then concedes that it's sort of bad. James places his hand on Jack's as he states to the two of them that sometimes you need to leave home in order to find the person you truly belong with. She smiles before James places his hand on Anton's shoulder, naming he and Jack his real family. "It's like you were always meant to be here, Anton," Jack adds, smiling, causing Anton to do the same before looking down, blushing. James gives him a pat on the back before telling his girlfriend to make sure their Anton has all that he needs, and standing up and walking over to the bar.

213 21
Jack thanks Anton for his kindness.

Anton looks over to the music being played and sees that a harp is involved. He notes that he once had one of those before his brothers broke it, having never known is made such beautiful music. He turns back to Jack and tells her that his brothers were so wrong about humans, before hearing yelling coming from James over by the bar. He turns to this and sees the prince arguing with a royal guard, wondering if there's a problem. "He didn't tell you, did he?" Jack asks, before explaining that James and his father are deeply in dept to a neighboring kingdom, but Anton tells her that he doesn't understand. Jack tells the shrunken giant that if James can't pay back what he owes, they'll plunder this world and burn it to the ground. Anton states that now he understands, before asking if the other kingdom will only accept gold coins. Jack says that it depends, saying that "a magic bean, for instance, is worth a thousand coins, but you don't have any of those back home". She asks him if he does, "No," he says, "No beans..." He then tells her that he does have tons of treasure, even to pay off their dept he'd bet. Jack smiles, asking Anton if he'd help them, and he says that he will without question, saying that if he's going to stay there for good, he might as well make sure it's a nice kingdom and not burned to the ground. Jack smiles, kissing Anton on the cheek, before telling him that he's their hero, causing Anton to give off a great grin.

213 22
Regina watches the giant grow giant.

By a Storybrooke lake in the town forest, Anton is seen sitting beside it on a log as footsteps are heard approaching, belonging to Regina. He sees her and immediately stands up, telling her to get away from him, but she professes that she's there to help him. He says that she's human, who he hates, and warns her not to come any closer when she takes a few further steps, or else he'll kill her. Regina merely laughs at this, saying that she hears he's in town because he wants to kill someone and she can help as she has no love for the prince either, and if Anton wants to destroy the town to get to him, then she's happy to do her part. She takes a white, blue-tipped bar from beneath the fur covering she's carrying and tells Anton that it will make it bigger, handing it to him and return him to his former glory. Anton looks at Regina before taking the mushroom from her. He looks from it to her and she nods, encouraging him to eat it, which he does. As soon as he takes a bite, we are shown the giant's vision as blue smoke surrounds him and he looks at Regina, who becomes further away as he grows larger. The mayor cackles, looking up at him, and tells him to get to work as the two of them both know that the mushroom won't last forever. He is heard loudly and powerfully stomping away, causing rumbles in the earth as he does so.

213 23
Gold is unable to use magic to heal himself.

Back in the airport, Emma and Henry are seen sitting down watching Gold pace in front of them. The blonde asks if he would like something to eat, but Gold declines, causing her to ask if something's wrong. He demands in exclamation that she stop asking him that, before telling the two of them that he'll be right back. He leaves Emma and Henry sitting on chairs and heads to the airport bathroom where a man is seen exiting, before Gold enters. He walks over to the sink and looks at himself in the mirror, breathing slowly and seeming off. Soon, he turns his head and makes his way into one of the cubicles where he opens the door, walks inside, and locks it behind him. Gold paces within the cubicle for a little while before suddenly snapping and repeatedly punching a napkin dispenser on the wall in utter frustration. After the thing has been severely dented, Gold leans back against the wall, breathing heavily, and looks down at his hand, which is now cut and bleeding due to the beating he gave the dispenser. He waves his other hand over it but nothing happens. He waves it again, clearly trying to heal it with magic, but is unable to, and his cuts remain still. Gold sighs and leans his head against the wall, annoyed, when his name is heard being called out by Henry, who has entered the restroom. The pawnbroker's eyes shoot open and we are shown Henry standing at the door, calling out for Mr. Gold, and alerting him that they're boarding soon. He asks if he's coming, but Gold remains silent, merely staring at the hand that he is unable to heal with magic.

Act IV

213 24
Humans are coming...

In the giants' castle's treasure room, a giant-once-again Anton is seen hastily shoving gold and treasure into a sack he's carrying, before Arlo soon approaches him, wondering where he's been as they were worried. Anton tells his brother that he needed to get away for a little while, so he went down below to see things for himself. Arlo realizes that this means Anton went down to the human world, and asks him if he has any idea how dangerous that could be, but Anton argues that he met friends there, ones that understand him and like him, and he plans to go back for good. Arlo acknowledges that he and the other brothers tease Anton, but assures him that they love him as he's their brother and he knows that. He asks if he expects the humans to welcome him with open arms when he could crush them, but Anton explains that there's magic that can change him into their size, and with the treasure, they can all be happy. Birds are heard flying and squawking outside the castle, which Arlo comments are sentry birds, and warns Anton that someone has trespassed on their land. Arlo grabs Anton's arm and asks him if he told the humans he was coming there, and showed them the beanstalk, and Anton appears worried.

213 25
Anton takes his anger out on Storybrooke.

Back in the streets of Storybrooke, Mary Margaret is seen cautiously emerging from behind a fence, David not far behind, to see Anton, now giant thanks to Regina's mushroom, terrorizing the town. He tells the citizens to run, lifting someone's car and throwing it towards Snow and Charming, causing them to duck as it crashes down on the ground just inches from them. Anton continues to stomp through the streets and David and Mary Margaret run after him, encountering scared villagers who David tells to get to the town hall and bring anyone they find on the way, and somebody get Leroy. As the slow down, Mary Margaret comments that she guesses they found their giant, saying that she didn't think he would be so... "Giant?" David asks, and Mary Margaret tells him that it was her mistake. David asks her if she's ever stopped one before and she answers negatively, causing him to say, "Well, here's to new firsts," and run towards Anton. The prince tells the giant to wait, saying that he doesn't have to do this, but Anton states that he does as David destroyed everything in his life and now he's going to know what that feels like.

213 26
Anton believes the humans to be liars.

David explains to Anton that the man who hurt him was his twin brother, James, who he was separated at birth from, causing him to be raised by a ruthless king. As David says this, Leroy is seen running towards the royal couple and joining Mary Margaret. "You're not James?" Anton asks, and David answers negatively, causing Anton to ask where James is. David explains that he paid the ultimate price for his arrogance - he's dead, and there is nothing more Anton can do to him. Mary Margaret runs closer to David and exclaims that they're on Anton's side and they're good. "We're here because of you! You know our daughter, Emma, you gave her the magic compass!" Mary Margaret reminds him, Anton remembers Emma and requests to talk to her, as if she says they're okay, then he'll stop. Mary Margaret pauses, having to say to Anton that Emma's "kind of out of town", but that when she gets back she knows she'll really want to talk to him. Anton denotes this as very convenient, saying that everyone he's looking for isn't around - "All you humans do is lie, and cheat, and kill, and I'm sick of it!" Anton begins running towards the Charmings and Leroy as the three of them run away in fear.

213 27
Jack and James are prepared to fight.

In the fairytale land that was, the sentry birds are seen flying over the giants' castle as in the entrance courtyard we see Jack and James having just climbed and jumped off of the beanstalk. They look around at the giant castle as rumbling footsteps are seen approaching them, and soon enough, they are met by Arlo, who wants to kill them. Anton, who's not far behind, attempts to stop his brother by telling him that they're his friends, James and Jack, and tells his "friends" that they didn't have to come up there as the treasures ready to go, gesturing the back of gold in his hand. James states that they're not there for the treasure; they're there for the beans - all of them. "But..." Anton starts, "You're my friends." However, Jack walks towards him and draws her sword, telling him that they're not, and if he and his people want to save their lives, then they'll take them to the beans. Arlo denies them this, saying that they may live in peace, but they will also fight to protect what is theirs. "Then a fight is what you shall have," James says, drawing his own sword and running towards the two giants.

213 28
David, Mary Margaret and Leroy are chased by a giant.

Mary Margaret, David and Leroy are still seen running through the streets of Storybrooke, being chased by the giant Anton, and Leroy wants to get something straight, bringing up Charming's twin brother, who's name is James. Charming confirms this and Leroy becomes confused as his name is James, but Charming reveals that it's not. As Anton gets stuck behind an electrical wire, Leroy asks if his name is Charming, but Mary Margaret says that that's a nickname she gave him, and Leroy asks what the hell his name is as they turn a corner and Anton frees himself from the wires. "David," the prince replies, and Leroy seems surprised to hear it's his cursed name. David says that it's his real name and Leroy says, "David, James and Charming," asking if David is a middle name or something, but Charming says that it's his name name. "You know what? I'm gonna call you whatever I damn well please!" the dwarf exclaims as the three of them continue to run towards the docks. Mary Margaret asks her husband what the plan is, and David says that they need to lead the giant away somewhere he can't hurt anyone, but Snow points out that if they keep heading in the direction they're going in, they're going to hit the town line. David tells them he has a "new plan" and stops running, turning around to see Anton duck under an electrical wire and approach them.

213 29
Anton hangs on by a thread.

As David steps towards the giant, Mary Margaret asks what he's doing, and he replies that he's "giving him what he wants". David suggests to Anton that the two of them make a deal, but the giant replies that he doesn't make deals with humans. The prince requests to be heard out, saying that he'll sacrifice himself to Anton if Anton will spare the lives of everyone in Storybrooke. Snow approaches her husband and tells him that he can't do this, but he tells his wife that if he doesn't, then the whole town will suffer, and he can't allow that. "Well, what do you say?!" he asks Anton, and the giant replies, "Deal," before running over to the Charmings and taking a dramatic leap, however, Mary Margaret pushes herself and David out of the way and when Anton lands, a large hole is left in the ground. As Charming, Snow and Grumpy get to their feet, Anton is seen inside the whole with the top half of his body poking out, before blue smoke is seen appearing all around him as the effects of the mushroom ware off, causing him to shrink within the hole. Mary Margaret asks where he went, but David tells her that he's not sure, and he, Snow and Leroy approach the hole in the concrete. Inside, they see Anton, hanging from a sewer pipe he's clutching, dangerously close to falling to his death.

Act V

213 30
Arlo tells Anton that he must destroy the beans.

Back in the giants' castle of the fairytale land that was, Anton is seen running through a doorway with a sword in his hand. He halts when he hears the sound of battle outside and giants falling, as well as fire flying across the sky. He continues running but is halted once more when he's met by Arlo, who tells him that the human armies are overrunning them and that Abraham and Andre have fallen. He places his weapon down on the table and tells Anton that the special swords the humans use are poisoned, and Anton states that this is all because of him and that he's ruined everything, feeling guilty. Arlo tells his brother and he still has a chance to save them - the beans - telling Anton that he must raid the fields, as if the humans get their hands on the beans, they will bring their violence to every realm. "It is your birthright to protect the beans," Arlo tells a reluctant Anton, placing a giant hand on his shoulder, before adding, "And right now, that means destroying them," and placing a weapon in Anton's hand. Anton contemplates this.

213 31
The town bands together to help Anton.

In present-day Storybrooke, the human-size Anton is still hanging from a sewer pipe within the hole he created in the ground. David steps out of his van as Leroy runs over to the hole with rope. The prince tells the dwarf that that better hold, and Leroy nods, assuring him that it will. Granny steps in, taking hold of the end of the rope and attaching it to the back of David's van, and as Mary Margaret, the dwarfs and some other townspeople grab on to the rope, Charming approaches the hole's edge. Leroy and Mary Margaret do the same, having walked the rope over there, before throwing it down near where the hanging Anton is. The dwarfs grip the rope tightly, and before David does what he's about to do, Mary Margaret kisses him passionately, telling him that most people would let that giant die after what he's done. "You wouldn't," he tells her, before wrapping the rope around his waist and gripping his hands firmly around it, telling Anton that he's coming down. Anton remains silent as David begins lowering himself down, scaling down the side of the hole as the townspeople continue to keep the rope stable.

213 32
David rescues Anton.

Soon enough, David makes it down to where Anton is and extends his arm, telling the giant to take his hand. Anton, still gripping the pipe, exclaims, "No!" and David questions this. Anton explains that he doesn't want to go back up there and that he should just let go. David exclaims that he'll die, but Anton says that maybe death hurts less than life. The prince shakes his head, saying that if Anton really wanted to die, he would have let go already, before again instructing him to take his hand. Anton makes a large contemplation before eventually gripping Charming's hand with his own, and the townspeople watch in hope as those working the rope begin to pull the two of them out of the hole. Soon enough, Anton's hand grips the edge of the hole and he's pulled to safety, before the same is done for David. Mary Margaret hugs her husband before the two of them approach Anton, acknowledging that they saved his life. "That's what we do," Snow tells him, happily, and Anton thanks them. "You're welcome," Leroy says, before David says that not everyone's the same, as whatever James did to him, that's not them. Anton begins to think back, telling David, "You have no idea..."

213 33
Jack is left for dead.

Back in time again, Jack stabs Arlo's leg in the treasure room with her poison-dipped sword, causing him to cry out in pain. As James picks up some ornaments from the room and shoves them into a swag-bag, Arlo picks Jack's sword from out of his ankle and reaches out for the running girl, picking her up and stabbing her through the chest, before letting her fall to the ground, followed by her sword. James watches in fear, and begins stealing the treasure more quickly as Arlo falls to the ground, now affected by Jack's poison. Anton runs to his brother's aid from another room and kneels at his side, as James wraps up his treasure bag and begins to run out of the castle. Jack, who's lying on the floor, calls out for her boyfriend and begs him to help her, however, James merely says, "I'm sorry, Jack, but I have a kingdom to run. I'm sure you understand." He then runs out of the castle, leaving Jack to die on the floor. Arlo reaches for Anton and tells him that the poison is in his blood, asking him if he- "I destroyed it. The fields and every last bean," Anton assures his brother. Arlo says that that's what's important, but Anton exclaims that everyone else is dead, begging his brother not to die too. Arlo tells his brother that he knows his path is hard, but someday, he will know which road to choose, and when he does - "You will need this," Arlo pulls a small glass jar from his pocket with a little green sprout inside it, explaining that it's a preserved cutting of beanstalk. He tells Anton to plant it as new beans will grow, but the tiny giant reminds his brother that he had him salt the land so that nothing can ever grow again, but Arlo says that maybe someday, Anton will find new land. Arlo's eyes close as his head leans back, dead, leaving his brother to ask, "How?" He continues to call out for his brother tearfully, realizing that he's no longer living.

213 34
Anton reveals that he might just have a way back home.

Mary Margaret, Granny, Ruby and Leroy enter Granny's Diner, and the latter tells Anton, who's behind them entering with David and the rest of the dwarfs, that this is Granny's, and she makes a mean lasagna and runs an inn, so they're sure they can set him up with a room until he finds a place. Anton thanks them, but says that he thinks he'll set up camp in the woods. Leroy appears confused by this and the former giant tells him that he's better off alone as he's not too good at fitting in. Grumpy says that he's in the right place as Storybrooke's got all kinds: "Dwarfs, fairies, werewolves, you name it," he then tells Ruby to serve beers all around, and as the young waitress begins to pour drinks, Mary Margaret tells Anton that they all miss their land, but that Storybrooke is their home now. Anton asks them if they'd ever think about going back, and Snow looks over to Charming, before replying that of course they do, but that it's just not possible, and David adds that they have no way to get there. Anton pauses, before asking how the farmland is in town, and David tells him that it's pretty good, wondering why he's asking. Anton proceeds to pull the small jar containing the cutting of beanstalk that Arlo gave him from his pocket, explaining what it is and saying that if he plants it, it should be able to grow some magic beans, and then they might just have a way home. David looks to Mary Margaret, who appears less than excited, before turning away from her husband.

Act VI

213 35
The axe never lies.

Anton is seen inspecting some soil in his hand from the Storybrooke farmland and David asks him what the "verdict" is, in which Anton describes the soil as having a nice "lonely" fell with a lot of minerals, meaning that the beans should grow well there. The seven dwarfs (excluding Sneezy) are seen approaching Anton, David and Mary Margaret with their pickaxes. The former giant says that there's only one problem, and Snow wonders what it is, in which he explains that this is the reason Cora brought him to town - to grow beans, so whatever she plans to do with them can't be good. Mary Margaret assures him that they won't let it get to them, and Leroy adds, "No one touches our crop." Anton seems confused, saying that he thought dwarfs were miners, but Leroy tells him that "work is work, it's what we do", before asking Anton if he's up for some help. Anton nods and Leroy calls Happy over, and the dwarf hands the giant a pickaxe. Leroy tells his new comrade that it's to help break up the earth, and as Anton takes the axe in his hands, the name "Tiny" appears upon it. Tiny voices this, saying that it's what his brothers used to call him, and Grumpy tells the new dwarf that the axe never lies. "Wait a second, I did my time in the mines, how come I didn't get one of those?" David wonders, at which Leroy replies, "Because you ain't a dwarf." He then pats Anton on the shoulder and tells him, "Welcome aboard brother," before the seven of them begin to whistle "Heigh-Ho" and swinging their pickaxes at the ground.

213 36
Belle is approached by Greg in hospital.

In the hospital, Belle is seen sitting in bed attempting to read the copy of "The Mysterious Island" that Ruby gave her, but eventually gives up and throws it onto her bedside table. She is soon approached by Greg Mendell, who's still toting an IV drip, who greets her. She appears startled at first, but he assures her that it's okay, and she asks who he is. He comes closer and explains that his name's Greg and he's a patient there, just like her. He tells her that he's really sorry for bothering her, but soon admits that he was the one driving the car in the accident, and Belle wonders if he's okay. Greg answers positively, smiling at Belle and assuring her that they patched him up pretty good. She smiles too before he sits on the end of her bed and tells her that he overheard her talking earlier about how she saw a guy with a ball of fire - "And you think I'm crazy, too," Belle assumes, trying to assure him that she did actually see it, but Greg assures her that he knows she's not crazy, and Belle appears intrigued. Greg then tells the girl, "Because I saw it too." Belle is speechless and the two patients are left staring at one another.

213 37
Mary Margaret expresses her worry for Emma, should they return home.

Mary Margaret is seen perched outside Granny's Diner when David walks out with two to-go cups of coffee, handing one of them to his wife and toasting to not getting squished by a giant. Snow smiles, clinking cups with Charming, and telling him that she'll drink to that, before taking a sip of her coffee and beginning to walk across the road with him. As they link arms, David admits that sometimes he wonders how things would have turned out if he had been the one raised by King George, instead of his brother, wondering if he would have been corrupt like him. "Never," Mary Margaret assures him, taking his hand as he looks both ways, but he argues that she same blood ran through their veins. She stipulates to this, but tells her husband that their hearts are different, saying that he may not believe it, but he has to trust her - "I know you, Charming." They approach David's truck on the other side of the road and Snow admits that she had a lot of fun today, and Charming seems surprised that she describes "almost getting killed" as fun. Mary Margaret answers positively before explaining that she's missed their adventures, and David says that he has too, walking his wife over to the passenger seat door of the van and admitting that it was kind of fun. Once Mary Margaret sits down within the vehicle, David tells her that they could do this all the time when the beans grow and go back home, but Mary Margaret pauses, saying that she doesn't know. David asks her what she doesn't know and Mary Margaret explains that home is where one's family is, and for them, that's Storybrooke. "I don't know if Emma would come with us, and I am not going to be separated from her again," Snow states. David realizes that she's worried about her, and Mary Margaret asks if David isn't too. He says that he is but that Emma can take care of herself and that wherever she and Henry are, he's sure they're safe. Mary Margaret stares at her husband, reflecting upon what he's just said.

213 38
Mr. Gold is nervous about finding his son.

A female flight attendant is seen walking down the aisle of an airplane where the shot moves to reveal Mr. Gold sitting next to Emma sitting next to Henry, the latter of which is enjoying a cinnamon roll purchased at the airport. Emma looks over to her son and asks him if he's "good", at which Henry asks if she's kidding. "A trip with you, first plane ride, and we're going on a quest like in the book. The only thing that could make this day better... is more frosting," he says, gesturing his bake good. Emma smiles and turns away, staring forward and looking calm as the camera rolls over her and focuses on Gold, who's silent and appears nervous, looking from side to side when he hears the sound of the engines. We are shown the bandage wrapped around the cuts on his knuckles as his fingers dig into his knee, and Emma sees this, assuring the pawnbroker that everything's going to be alright, and they're going to find his son. Gold gives a slight nod, saying that he knows, but does not look at Emma, merely staring forward. The in-flight voice-over welcomes the passengers aboard the pane to Ajira Airways, announcing that they're on flight 63 on a non-stop service to New York City, and that their flight time tonight is 42 minutes. As she talks, telling them to sit back and enjoy the flight, the camera moves in on Gold's face as he continues to look nervous about meeting his son whilst the plane prepares for take-off.

Deleted Scenes

"Wrong Brother"

A flash of torchlight and David and Mary Margaret are seen to be wandering through the town mines. Suddenly, David's torch goes out, and he starts tapping it to try and make it work again. He comments that he misses real torches as fire doesn't need batteries, and when he torchlight resumes, Mary Margaret changes the subject by saying that there must have been a better way of dealing with Spencer than to keep him down in the mines. David points out that he couldn't very well send him to the state pen for killing a mouse and trying to murder a werewolf (see "Child of the Moon"). Mary Margaret suggests that he be kept in the sheriff's station, but David points out that that entails having to look at him too long; "And trust me, I would kill him." The royal couple then turn a corner and we see that Albert Spencer, otherwise know as King George, has a shackle chained to his wrist, with the other end attached to the wall of the mine. He's hanging his head low but looks up when the torchlight flickers on him. He stands to see Charming and Snow approach him, and bitterly congratulates the two of them on their reunion. David tells his former adoptive father that there's someone in town who's trying to kill him, and Spencer appears pleased. The prince goes on to say that it's a giant named Anton; "I've never seen him before, but he sure knew me." Spencer says that he imagines he would think so, and David takes this as confirmation that George knows him, asking what happened. Spencer merely smiles, and an angering Charming asks why Anton wants him dead and what his brother did. When Spencer cackles, Mary Margaret concludes that he's not going to help, and David says that he'll just explain to Anton that he's got the wrong prince. "You're not a prince, you never were!" Spencer exclaims, adding that he loved and treasured his son and that he was a good man; "If this giant is mistaking you for him, then you're right. He clearly doesn't know you!" He goes on to offer David a deal, saying that he'll tell him everything he knows about the giant if David kills him. Snow and Charming are shocked, but George chokes that it's what a true prince would do: give him an honorable death. Charming makes clear that they're done here, and exits the mine tunnels alongside his wife as Spencer calls after him, "Oh, you think you're above all this?! You think you're better than James?! You have darkness in you too, Prince Charming." At this, David stops, and Mary Margaret tells him not to listen to Spencer, assuring him that they'll find Anton and tell him who Charming is, saying that he has to believe them. David asks what will happen if he doesn't, and Spencer adds that they'll both get what they want - "You'll be dead!" After a cold stare, David and Mary Margaret leave the mines together.


213 Title Card
  • The title card features Anton uprooting a tree in the forest.
  • There are several Lost references concealed within this episode.
    • In the hospital, Belle watches an episode of Exposé, a fictional show-within-a-show that existed on Lost as well.
    • In the hospital, Red gives Belle the book "The Mysterious Island", which is a nod to the Island from Lost, as well as a reference to Jules Verne.
    • The airline that Mr. Gold, Emma, and Henry are flying with is "Ajira Airways", one of the airline companies from the show.
    • The flight was also set to last 42 minutes, one of the Lost numbers.
  • When the dwarfs are planting the beanstalk, Leroy/Grumpy can be heard whistling "Heigh-Ho" from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, from which he is a character in.
  • Anton's desire to see what the humans look like and his brother's mannerisms by being concerned and warning him about the humans and what they would do if they discovered their world could be a reference to The Little Mermaid, a Disney film.


The title of this episode was revealed by executive producer/co-creator Adam Horowitz, via his Twitter account, on December 15, 2012, along with the title for episode 2.12.[1]

The cast and crew of the series was spotted shooting a scene (or several) for this episode on December 10, 2012, centered on a large hole dug in the ground. [2][3][4]



  • As expected, this episode would become the lowest rated ever in the series' run after the previous outing, as it was up against the 2013 Grammy Awards (who also saw a major drop in its numbers from its 2012 telecast but nevertheless won the night) and the return of The Walking Dead, enduring a 2.2/5 among 18-49s and only 7.02 million viewers tuning in, making it the third most watched program of the night for the second time this season.[5] Other factors to its drop could also be traced the Winter Storm that left portions of the eastern United States without power, which might have affected the ratings for the Sunday evening network schedules across the board.[6]


  • Entertainment Weekly critic Hilary Busis gave it a mildly good review, but added, "Like "In the Name of the Brother," it spent precious time giving backstory about a character who didn't really need more backstory; also like Once's previous episode, it did little to move season 2's master plot forward. But hey: At least we got more goofy-looking Giant Land CGI!"[7]
  • Amy Ratcliffe of IGN gave the episode a 6.3, stating that "'Once Upon a Time delivered a ho-hum giant story in this week's episode. Also, there were magic beans."[9]
  • Oliver Sava of The A.V. Club gave it a C and was not impressed with the outing: "Why does Once Upon A Time have to be so infuriating? The quality of the series varies wildly not just from episode-to-episode, but from scene-to-scene. Jack the Giant Slayer is about to open in theaters (referring to the ad for the film that ran during the commercial break), and this show taps into the fairy tale’s boost in popularity by spotlighting Anton the Giant for an entire episode... It seems like a lot of wheels are in motion, but the acting and writing are so inconsistent that it feels like not much is happening at all."[10]


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