The Other Shoe
Once Upon a Time 6x03
October 9, 2016
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"The Other Shoe" is the 114th episode of Once Upon a Time.


As Storybrooke continues to welcome the new arrivals from the Land of Untold Stories, families, friends and even long-lost enemies are reunited once again. When Ashley searches for her step-family, intent on settling their unfinished business, Emma, Hook and Henry scramble to help her before it's too late. As this is going on, Regina attempts to bribe Mr. Hyde for information about how to defeat the Evil Queen, Snow helps Dr. Jekyll find a suitable laboratory for his work, and David makes a deal with Gold and delivers a message to Belle in exchange for new information about his father. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Cinderella attends a ball and meets her prince.


Previously on Once Upon a Time...

"I killed you," Regina says to the Evil Queen, who questions if she really thought it would be that easy. ("A Bitter Draught") Outside of Granny's Diner, David is examining a coin, and the Evil Queen calls out to him, asking how he likes his new gift. "Should've known it came from you," he is next seen saying. ("A Bitter Draught") "The tremors, they come with visions," Emma says as we are shown a shot of the Savior struggling to control her spasming hand. ("A Bitter Draught") "People are going to tell you who you are your whole life," Emma says to Ashley Boyd, "You just have to punch back because there are no fairy godmothers in this world." ("The Price of Gold") "Do we have a deal?" Rumplestiltskin asks, as he is next seen transforming Cinderella's rags into a beautiful ball gown. ("The Price of Gold") Mr. Hyde points out to Emma that she has to ask herself if helping them is what exactly makes her story end. ("The Savior")


603 01
The heroes plan to kiss up to Hyde for information.

Focus on a keypad in which the combination "2-0-7" is dialed in. A door handle is then turned, and three figures are seen entering, making their way down the hallway of what appears to be the asylum part of the Storybrooke General Hospital. The camera reveals the three figures to be Regina Mills, Snow White, and David Nolan, who walk past Chief mopping said hall. "Give it to me," Regina says to Nurse Ratched, who hands her a covered dish. David asks Regina if she's sure about this, and Snow adds on that Regina doesn't need Hyde's help because she has them, stating that fighting the Evil Queen is kind of what they do best. "No offense, but this is not the Evil Queen you remember," Regina says, turning around to her stepdaughter. She reminds Snow that she crushed the Queen's heart and somehow she's still alive. ("An Untold Story") "How is that possible?" Snow admits that she does not know, but Regina believes that Hyde does. "You think that's going to make him talk?" David wonders, and Regina compares it to the cup of noodles that Nurse Ratched serves. She removes the cover on the dish, exclaiming that her lasagna is fit for a King.

603 02
But the price has gone up, a bit.

The door to Hyde's cell is then opened, but the heroes are met with a surprise. Classical music plays as Hyde sits at a prepared table with a nice meal, as well as in a fully furnished cell. "What the hell is all that?" David exclaims, and Regina realizes that it was the Evil Queen. "Yes, and from the looks of that, great minds really do think alike," Hyde says, then adding that it's too bad she got there first and with a better menu. "What did she want?" Regina questions, and Hyde reveals that it's the same thing she wants: information. "I told her a great deal about my friends, but now I'm sated," he finishes, wiping his face with a cloth napkin and standing up. He states that the price for information has gone up, sticking out his hands, wanting Regina to remove the cuffs that block his power. She doesn't respond though, and so Hyde gives up, heading for a box of cigars. He states that it's hard to stay one step ahead of yourself. "Isn't it, Regina?" he asks, sniffing the cigar. Regina doesn't reply.


Act I

603 03
Re, Ashley.

Henry makes his way into Granny's Diner, looking around and eventually spotting Emma and Hook. He joins them in their booth, dropping a notebook down, revealing that he just finished signing in the remainder of the newcomers. He flips the book open, elaborating that he had everyone write down who they were traveling with so they can add up who's still out there. Emma's impressed, and Hook states that Henry's a clever boy. The three are not alone for long, however, as a voice calls out for Emma. They all turn and see that Ashley Boyd has come to join them, and Emma greets her old friend, as well as her daughter, Alexandra. Emma asks if they'd like to sit down and join them, but Ashley shakes her head, stating that Thomas is just getting them some food to go, and she doesn't want to take up their time because she must be so busy. As Thomas waves at everyone, Ashley states that she just thought with all these new people that she should come out and help somehow.

603 04
Another refugee from the Land of Untold Stories.

Since she runs the daycare, she thought she could offer free babysitting; she wanted to get a look at Emma's list to see who all brought kids with them. "Well if you can understand these scribbles then be our guest," Hook says, pushing the notebook over to Ashley. Henry looks up though, and sees an unknown woman making her way through the diner. Not recognizing her, he suggests that he and Emma go approach her, which they do, thus leaving Ashley alone with Hook. She asks that Hook look after Alexandra while she looks over the book, and doesn't really give Hook a chance to say no either. While Ashley takes a seat across from Hook, the pirate is left to care for the toddler, and so he asks for her to tell him about her dolly. Emma looks over from the diner bar seating and notices Hook and how well he is doing with the little girl.

603 05
Hook does a cute.

She smiles, as does Ashley, and Hook takes some whipped cream from a cup and puts it on his nose, proceeding to make an odd sound with his tongue to make the little girl laugh. Emma can't help but enjoy the sight, and Hook can't help but enjoy it as well. He comments to Ashley that she has quite the little charmer, wiping the cream from his nose and eating it, and Ashley states that it's all thanks to Emma. "If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have any of this." ("The Price of Gold") She proceeds to ask about the two of them and if there's any chance for a "fairytale ending". Hook admits that they're taking things slow - quite slow, actually - as he still sleep on a pirate ship near a pregnant woman who likes to snore. Ashley smirks at this, but states she has a good feeling about Hook and Emma. "If I can get a happy ending, anyone can."

603 06
Ella is belittled by her stepmother.

In a flash to the Enchanted Forest of the past, we see Ashley back in her days as Ella, sweeping the shreds of grass away from the estate's walkway. Her stepmother, Lady Tremaine, the approaches, asking the girl if she is done cleaning yet. Ella states that she isn't yet, though she is trying. "You're failing," Tremaine corrects, but Ella points out that she doesn't see either of her stepmother's biological daughters lifting a finger. Tremaine argues this though, stating that if Ella's father left her money for a proper staff then she wouldn't ask her stepdaughter to do such things. "But unfortunately for both of us, he only left me with you." Ella and Lady Tremaine's attention is then diverted though, for a man on a horse makes his way over. Tremaine's two daughters then come running out of the estate.

603 07
The Tremaines are invited to the royal ball...

The first one - Clorinda - tells Ella to get out of the way, despite not being in the way at all. She shoves her stepsister aside, stating that they have a guest, and the man dismounts from his horse. "Good afternoon," he greets, exclaiming that he comes with an invitation for the royal ball. "Who in the world are you?" Tremaine questions, stating that they were expecting the prince's butler. The man introduces himself as the prince's footman, but assures that the invitation is as good enough from his humble hands. "Humble is one word for it," Clorinda exclaims, doing the honors of accepting the invitations, "Filthy would be another." She hands the invitation to her mother, and the footman sets off. "Girls, I've scraped and fought your whole lives for this: an invitation to the royal ball... and a chance to dig your claws into a prince."

603 08
...but Ella's opportunity to go winds up in flames.

We next see the Tremaine women digging through a chest inside of the estate, but Lady Tremaine herself is unimpressed by any of the gowns they own. "I suppose I'll have to sell the porcelain and buy you something new for the ball." Ella, who has been standing several feet away from her stepfamily finally speaks up; she asks Lady Tremaine if she thinks that she could go. The three women turn to the maid. "You?" Clorinda questions, "And what would you wear? Your best rags?" The three women laugh, to Ella's dismay, but she continues to explain that she does have one dress. She kneels down and opens up a chest, pulling out a light pink dress, exclaiming that it was her mother's favorite gown. She holds it up to herself, flattered that she does own something nice, but Lady Tremaine asks to see it. Yanking the dress from her stepdaughter, she calls it wretched, proceeding to hand it to Clorinda, who marches over to the fireplace. "No!" Ella cries, but Tremaine's other daughter - Tisbe - holds Ella back. Clorinda throws the dress into the fire, causing flames to emanate from it.

603 09
"Cinders on Ella... Cinder-Ella!"

Tisbe lets her stepsister go, who rushes to the fireplace to retrieve her dress, but it's far too late. Ella fetches the burnt dress, her spirits having been completely crushed. "Oh, don't cry Ella," Tisbe exclaims, "They're just cinders." "Oh, cinders on Ella... Cinder-Ella," she realizes, proceeding to revel in cleverness, stating that it's perfect. "Cinderella." The three women all laugh while Ella fights back the urge to cry, and Tremaine tells her daughters to come, for they have a ball to attend to. Once the ladies are gone though, Ella no longer fights back the tears, and she sulks in her now destroyed dress. A mouse soon approaches her though, who Ella greets as "Gus", but when handling her dress, she notices a key fall from the pocket. Picking it up, Ella comments how it's funny because her mother used to tell her stories of a key exactly like this. She said it was magic and that it could take you to another world where you escape all your troubles: the Land of Untold Stories. "It's too bad there's no such thing as magic," Ella exclaims, putting the key in a drawer. She continues to mope about her ruined dress.

603 10
Dopey's fate is finally revealed.

Emma bursts through the doors of the Hopper Psychiatry Office, calling for Archie, only to see that he is currently in a session with Leroy. "Oh, I can come back later," she suggests, going to leave, but Archie tells her it's no need since they were just wrapping up. Leroy denies this though, stating that he paid for an hour and they haven't even gotten to the work stuff. He states that he's stuck toiling in the mines while Dopey goes off to get his Masters Degree. "Now I have to pick up his slack? He's flirting with coeds." But Emma chooses to interrupt, stating that she thought Dopey was a tree. However, Leroy reveals that they got him out weeks ago, to Emma's surprise; the dwarf states that they weren't just going to sit around and wait for the savior to do everything. With that, he proceeds to leave. Now alone, Archie asks if Emma would like to sit down, but she says no.

603 11
Archie tries to help Emma talk out her problems.

Accepting this, the therapist decides to get down the business, recalling that the last time Emma stopped by, she was worried about Regina. "I don't want to talk about Regina." "But you want to talk about something, okay, well that's good. That's progress." He tells Emma to go on, and so she tells Archie that he knows she's not a jealous person. "But?" And so Emma elaborates that seeing Ashley today with her perfectly happy family... "Made you jealous because you're not happy?" "No, because I am happy, and I know it's going away... that vision of my future. My number is up." She continues that every time she thinks about it her hand tremors, and she proceeds to fake the motion of when it does. "And my magic goes away." Archie states that the mind has a profound affect on the body; whenever he gets nervous he gets hives. "My magic doesn't have hives! My magic is failing!"

603 12
Emma is upset that she won't get her happy ending.

Emma proceeds to let herself fall backwards onto the office couch, and Archie decides to take the seat in the chair next to her. He decides to talk reason with her, to say that maybe her magic is failing: "Is that a reason to stop striving for what you want?" Emma doesn't answer, and so Archie continues that any day he could walk out that door and he could get hit by a bus, but that doesn't stop him from walking out the door. However, Emma argues that this is not about a bus, that it's very hard to keep this secret form her family. She states that she and Hook should be living together; she wants to, he wants to, and she knows that he's just waiting for her to ask. "So why don't you?" "Because he deserves a future, and I can't give that to him." She feels like a fraud because this happiness is an illusion. She went and fought for everyone else's happy endings, and she doesn't get her own. But Archie states that perhaps it's not about how Emma ends things, but how she lives them.

603 13
The hunt for Cinderella is on.

Emma is next seen exiting Archie's office, proceeding to walk across the street when she hears her name called out. She looks to see that it's Thomas, with Alexandra in tow. Emma asks if he's alright, but Thomas states that it's Ashley. He stopped to drop Alex off at home but she wasn't there, though she did leave a note. Emma takes the note, reading off that Clorinda was on the newcomer list and that she's in Storybrooke and she has to find her before it's too late. Emma's confused as to what this means, and so Thomas explains that Clorinda is what Emma would call the "evil stepsister". Emma questions if Thomas thinks she'll try to hurt Ashley, but he states that it's more the other way around. "My hunting rifle is missing," he reveals, but Emma wants clarification. She asks Thomas if he thinks Cinderella is going to kill her stepsister, and Thomas states that some scars don't heal. Emma starts to set off, and Thomas asks where she's going. She answers that she's going to find Ashley, and when Thomas asks how, she states that it'll be the way you find Cinderella. With that, she poofs one of Ashley's sneakers into her hand: "With her shoe."

Act II

603 14
Jekyll is unable to figure out how the Evil Queen survived.

Elsewhere in Storybrooke, at the crashed dirigible sight, Dr. Jekyll is seen fiddling with a blue liquid in a vial. While he examines it, Regina stands by, asking for confirmation that this little science experiment can really tell them why the Evil Queen is still alive and how to destroy her. Jekyll states that it's a possibility if he can re-create the serum that split her. He proceeds to use a set of prongs to drop a silver object into the vial he is currently tampering with. Nothing happens though, and so he apologizes. He needs his lab and equipment, all of which is a world away. However, David states that in this world they don't give up so easily. He tells Jekyll to come along, heading for the dirigible, believing that there must be something else they can use.

603 15
Regina realizes that a familial crack is her sisterly bond with Zelena.

As the two men leave, Regina comments to Snow that Jekyll is as useless as his other half. "Regina, he's trying to help," Snow argues, but Regina knows. She's just sick of always being one step behind her. "So get a step ahead," Snow suggests, stating that the Queen thinks like Regina, so Regina should try thinking like the Queen. "Fine," Regina accepts, "I used to be good at this." She starts to concentrate, stating that when you want to tear families apart... "You look for the cracks that are already there." It's then that Regina realizes that one of these cracks are herself and Zelena. "I have to talk to my sister," she exclaims, proceeding to leave Snow. It's then that David re-emerges from the dirigible, holding a box of items collected from inside. He sees Snow in what appears to be a frozen trance, and so he snaps her out of it, regaining her attention by stating that they will defeat the Evil Queen like they always do.

603 16
Snow's desire for things to go back to normal gives her an idea.

But Snow wonders if this is their life down: "Just defeat and repeat?" She states that she just wants things to be normal someday, but David wonders what normal even looks like. Snow admits that it might sound crazy but for 28 years things were normal. "When we were cursed?" "There was a down side." David laughs, but Snow states she did enjoy teaching. David thought that was Mary Margaret, but Snow wonders why a princess couldn't be a teacher. "What's more noble than that?" She'd like to teach again, and she wonders if her husband thinks that's crazy. David states that that's the most normal thing he's heard in a long time, and two embrace in a kiss. Once breaking up though, Snow glances at the scientific materials laid out before them. David wonders what's going on, and so Snow reveals that she thinks she's found a way to help Jekyll.

603 17
Henry bonds with his father's replacement.

Hook and Henry are seen pretend sword fighting with a pair of sticks outside, elsewhere in town, and Henry successfully dodges Hook's attempted blow at him. It's then that Emma approaches them, and Hook wonders if she saw that parry, stating that he thinks the boy is finally getting a hang of it. Emma's impressed, but wonders what Henry is doing there. He reveals that Hook told him they were going to find Ashley, and he thought he could help. "Was this your idea?" Emma asks of Hook, wanting to know if this was some kind of weird "pirate teaches him how to be a man" kind of thing. Hook exclaims that this was all Henry's idea, proceeding to wonder again what he called it, to which the boy refers to it as mother-son bonding. "Ah, yes," Hook recalls. Emma accepts this, stating that it's Operation Cobra, Part 2. She reveals Ashley's shoe, stating that every one belongs to a foot, and this one will take them right to her. She proceeds to magically throw it, turning it into a tracking device, and the three set off to find Cinderella.

603 18
Gus escorts Ella to the ball.

Flashback to the Enchanted Forest of years ago, Cinderella is escorted into the royal castle, dressed in her beautiful ball gown, all ready for a wonderful evening. By her side is Gus, her mouse friend who has been magically transformed into a footman for this evening alone. She tells him to look at this, asking him if it's not amazing. She states that whatever she owes Rumplestiltskin for it, it's worth it. (see "The Price of Gold") Gus hopes so, for he's heard from the other mice terrible tales about the Dark One. "Well, whatever else he might be, for tonight he's my fairy godmother. Father. Whatever." She states that because of Rumple she has her dress, glass slippers, and all of this. As Gus helps Ella down some stairs, a server passes them with a cheese platter. The former mouse gets a whiff of the smell and starts salivating. Upon Ella noting him that it is free, she ushers him to go have some. Gus kisses his friend on the hand and proceeds to run off, with Ella smirking and telling him to have fun. From there, she proceeds to explore the ball herself, though she ducts upon seeing Clorinda and Tisbe not too far away.

603 19
A run-in with Princess Snow.

Due to this, she doesn't realize someone else coming in her direction, and accidentally bumps into none other than Snow White. "I'm so sorry!" Ella promises, asking if she tore the princess's dress, promising to sew it up herself if she did. Snow assures that it's okay, proceeding to introduce herself. Ella does the same, and Snow states that it's nice to meet her. However, Ella still feels bad about her dress, though Snow tells her not to worry since she stopped worrying about dresses a long time ago. "I'm not your typical princess... and I get the feeling neither are you." But Ella is quick to admit she's not a princess at all, just an ordinary girl playing dress-up for the night. Snow doesn't think Ella is ordinary though, "and apparently neither does he." Snow points to behind Ella, and she turns, seeing Prince Thomas watching her. "Is that...?" Ella wonders, and Snow confirms that is indeed the prince, though she tells Ella that they're not all as stuffy as she might think. "You think he could be charming?" Ella wonders, but Snow states that that name is taken. Just then, Prince Charming himself joins the two ladies, and takes Snow to dance on the ballroom floor.

603 20
Ella dances with her prince...

Alone again, Ella decides to take the opportunity to approach Thomas. She curtsies for him, and Thomas states that it appears Princess Snow wants the two of them to converse. "Yeah, she thought you were--" "Staring? Was it that obvious?" And the two share a laugh. Thomas apologizes, but states he could tell there was something different about her, and that was before he saw those glass shoes of hers. "Wherever did you get them?" he wonders, but Ella states he wouldn't believe her if she told. Thomas comments that she's a girl with mystery, and that he likes that, but wonders if she can dance in them. Ella states that she can try, and so she takes Thomas' hand. The two then make their way to the center of the dance floor, proceeding to start. While doing so though, they continue to converse, and Thomas wonders if it would be too bold to ask for Ella's name. She thought he liked the mystery though, and so he decides to keep going with it being such. "The girl with the glass slippers." The two continue to glide across the floor, and Thomas questions if Ella isn't from this world. "Is that bad?" she asks, as the prince lowers her, but he states that it's wonderful.

603 21
...and leaves behind a memento when she flees.

The two do one more move, but then Thomas is forced to excuse himself as he has a quick piece of business to attend to. He asks that Ella not go anywhere, for he will return, and with that he leaves her. She stands there, smiling at herself for how wonderful this night is going, but she then notices something in particular... Clorinda approaches and begins speaking to Thomas, who hands her a rose. Ella is confused as to what this means, as Thomas whispers into her stepsister's ear, and Lady Tremaine then emerges from behind Ella. She asks her stepdaughter if she knows what Thomas and Clorinda are laughing at before confirming that they're laughing at her. "Do you really think he would choose you over her?" Tremaine wonders, and Ella turns back to a chatting Clorinda and Thomas. "But he danced with me," Ella argues, but Tremaine states he was making fun of her. "You're so obviously a serving girl. Look at that garish blue dress. He made you into a joke, and everyone here knew it... except you." Ella is hurt; she looks back at the prince and her stepsister again, and then decides to make a run for it. She heads for the ballroom doors and exits it, but drops a glass slipper behind her that she doesn't bother picking up.

603 22
David makes a deal with Rumple.

Return to the present day of Storybrooke, inside of Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer. We see Rumplestiltskin himself alone and playing a game of chess by himself when the door swings open. It's David, who the Dark One immediately greets, though he thought he'd be on patrol right about now. "Where did you get this?" the sheriff wonders, putting a coin down for Rumple to see. The Dark One smirks at this, and David explains that it was his father's coin, and he needs to know if his death was really an accident. "So, let's say we skip right to the part where you offer me a deal?" Rumple admits that he does like candor, almost as much as he likes deals. He admits that the coin was his for a time, proceeding over to a box of inventory where he tells David that, lucky for him, he's a stickler for records. He begins digging through a drawer where he pulls out a note card, and David tells him to name his price. "Now you're talking," the Dark One exclaims, but he must warn David that the more desperate the man, the higher the price, and David seems quite desperate. "So I have to ask you: how badly do you want to deal?"


603 23
Ella opens a portal to the Land of Untold Stories...

Ella is back in her old rags, sitting by the fireplace in the Tremaine estate, in the Enchanted Forest of the past. All that is left from her night at the ball is a single glass slipper; even Gus has been restored to his former self, which is evident when he squeaks to a depressed Ella. The maid asks what he's doing, and the little creature starts to open up a closed box. It's then that Ella remembers her mother's key, which she retrieves from the box. Her mother had said it was magic, and that maybe... And the maid stands up, approaching a chest with the key. She proceeds to insert it into the slot to unlock the door, and lo and behold a magical portal to the Land of Untold Stories has opened up. It's then that Clorinda enters the room, and Gus runs off in fear. The stepsister asks Ella what she's doing, to which she replies that she's leaving. As the maid heads for the door, Clorinda runs and jumps in the way, closing it and telling her stepsister she can't leave. "What do you care?" Ella wonders, stating that when Clorinda marries the prince she won't need her anymore. However, Clorinda points out that Ella has got this all wrong, as the prince loves her.

603 24
...but Clorinda doesn't let her go, clearing up a misunderstanding.

"You're the girl in the glass slippers," Clorinda points out, revealing that Thomas is out there right now searching the entire kingdom for her. "You're making fun of me again," Ella believes, stating that she saw Thomas give Clorinda that rose. "Because I'm getting married," Clorinda reveals, but that it's not to the prince, but instead to his footman, Jacob. She states that the prince was only passing along a message, but Ella is confused since Clorinda was so cruel to the footman. She states that mother would never let her marry a footman, and so she put on an act like she's done most of her life. She turns to Ella, apologizing to her for everything, but states that they have both been Lady Tremaine's prisoners. "And tonight I can finally escape." Ella wonders where Clorinda is going, to which she reveals that she is going to meet Jacob at the guard tower of the prince's castle where they will ride far away and start a little farm together. "And I am never coming back." However, Ella states that Tremaine will hunt Clorinda down wherever she goes, but then raises up the magic key, stating that she has an idea.

603 25
In the end, it was Cinderella who was the wicked stepsister.

We return to the present day of Storybrooke where we see Ashley marching around town, hunting rifle in tow. Suddenly, however, her enchanted shoe appears behind her, and the blonde points her gun at it. "Ashley, what are you doing?!" a voice calls out, and Emma emerges, along with Hook and Henry. "Go away," Ashley demands, but Emma states that they're her friends, so she wonders why the princess is threatening them. Ashley, unlocking the safety, states that she doesn't want to hurt them; however, there's something she must do as soon as she finds out where her sister is hidden herself. Emma argues that they can't let Ashley hurt her, but this is where the princess realizes that they have it all wrong. "Hurt her? I'm not trying to hurt Clorinda," she clarifies, "I'm trying to help her." But it's then that Henry speaks up, wondering why since she's her wicked stepsister. Ashley states that he doesn't know the real story. "In the end, Clorinda wasn't the wicked sister... I was."

603 26
Emma's tremors return, allowing Ashley to escape.

This comes as a surprise to everyone, but Emma states that while Ashley did something bad, they've all done bad things too. However, a long time ago she told Ashley that if people saw her a certain way then she had to punch back and show them who she really is. "If you see yourself a certain way then punch back and see yourself differently. You can change. You can fix this. Whatever it is, I will help you." But that's the thing, according to Ashley, Emma just said it: she has to throw the punch. That's why she came out here alone; Emma can't do it for her this time. She asks the savior if she knows how it feels to know all of her happiness is a lie, but Emma confirms that she does. It's then that her hand begins to tremor again, to everyone's surprise and confusion. "Swan?" Hook calls out, and this gives Ashley the perfect opportunity to run. Hook begs his girlfriend to use her magic to stop Ashley, but she can't. "I'm sorry," Emma exclaims, when Ashley is already long gone, and Hook pulls his girlfriend in for a hug. He tells her that it's okay, but Emma sure doesn't believe so.

603 27
Zelena tells her sister to check herself.

Elsewhere in town, Regina is over visiting the farmhouse. She's clearly frustrated with Zelena, who simply dines on some cherries, while Regina simply wishes to know if the Evil Queen has been there. However, Zelena shushes her sister, standing up, exclaiming that she's going to wake Robin. Zelena approaches her daughter's crib to see how she's doing, and Regina looks to and notices the new rattle she's obtained. As Robin coos, Regina realizes that the Queen was there, and so Zelena sighs. "Okay, fine, she was here," the Wicked Witch finally admits, and Regina insists Zelena give the rattle back. However, the Wicked Witch isn't too keen on that idea, due to the fact that it was their mother's, making it the only family heirloom she has. "There's strings attached," Regina argues, but Zelena states that she's a big girl. Finally, she tells her sister to stop judging her, but Regina states that she's not trying to judge her, but that she's trying to save her. "Save me?" Zelena questions, proceeding to remind Regina that she's the one who needed saving so badly that she ripped herself in half. (see "An Untold Story") "So if you're going to blame anyone here, blame yourself." Regina takes a moment to consider this.

603 28
The Evil Queen puts Henry in his place.

"It's still happening," Hook realized, having thought Archie was helping Emma. Emma, still on the ground and trying to magic the shoe to work, replies that she thought so too. "Having a little trouble with your magic?" a voice then calls out to them, and Emma quickly stands up when she sees that it's the Evil Queen, approaching them. Henry demands that the Queen stay away from Emma, but she questions if that's really any way for him to be speaking to his real mother. "You're not my mother," Henry exclaims, but the Queen thinks otherwise, pointing out that she raised him. She helped him with his homework, packed his lunches; she and Regina may have split, but she is just as much his mother as she is. "Now stop slouching. Posture is self-respect, and if you don't have it no one else will give it to you."

603 29
Emma listens as the Queen's plan unfolds.

Emma steps forward though, ushering Henry back and to not listen to the Queen. "Says the woman who was never around." Emma doesn't deny this though, stating that the Queen is right, but that she owned that. "You're just the worst part of Regina." "Am I? Or am I the part that's honest about myself?" The Queen elaborates that Regina never had her happy ending because she's never been strong enough to let her story run its course; however, the Queen won't make that mistake. "For myself, or our new arrivals." Emma wonders what the Queen wants from these people, only to be told to have patience. "You just wait for those untold stories to play out." However, she offers a little spoiler, that being that Cinderella's story won't end well. "Why would you want to hurt Ashley?" Emma wonders, but the Queen states that she doesn't; she just wants to hurt the savior.

603 30
The Savior is taken off the board.

She wants Emma to see how pointless she is, but Emma states she saved Ashley once and she'll save her again. "Oh, that's the tragic thing about being the savior," the Queen responds, stating that you have to keep saving people, but once you're off the chessboard everything falls apart. "All those happy endings turn to dust, and your entire life means nothing." She proceeds to show Emma what it feels like, and with a wave of her hands she poofs Emma, Hook, and Henry away, leaving nothing but Ashley's shoe. She twirls in circles, laughing at her accomplishment.
A poof of purple smoke forms out in the middle of no where, as Emma, Hook, and Henry re-appear. "Ah, where the hell are we?" Hook wants to know, as they all look around, completely lost. Emma exclaims that the Evil Queen took them off the chessboard.

Act IV

603 31
David stops by with a gift for Belle.

Over on the Jolly Roger, we see Belle deeply invested in her book - What to Expect When You're Expecting - when there's a knock at the cabin door. The beauty looks up and sees that it's David. She greets him, putting her book down and telling him to come in. Standing up, she asks if he'd like to sit down, but he states that he'd be alright standing. "What brings you here?" Belle wonders, and David states that it's not much, just that he's brought her something from her husband. Reaching into his coat, he pulls out a cassette tape and puts it down. "I have no idea what it says. I'm just the messenger," he assures, but Belle is a bit surprised by this. She realizes that David needed something from Rumple, and so she asks what it was.

603 32
Talk of fathers, and how their sons will always need them.

He admits that the Dark One has information about his father, about his death, and Belle concludes that David had to make a deal to get it. "Sounds like my husband." There's a moment of awkward silence before Belle picks up the tape. "There, you can say I took it," she says to the sheriff, then proceeding to apologize, stating that it must not have been easy growing up without his father. David confirms this, though he adds that it wasn't easy when he was there either, drunk and sad. "I guess it's hard to say which is worse for some fathers," Belle comments, and David thinks for a moment before concluding that it was definitely worse having him gone. "Fathers and sons... it's hard for you I think," Belle begins, "'Cause no matter what the damage is to the relationship, you need each other." David thinks about that, believing Belle to be onto something there.

603 33
Emma frets over what to do next.

Back in the middle of no where, Emma is sat criss-crossed on the ground, contemplating. She recalls that Ashley was her first save, so if you take that away, then what? "Everything I've done can be undone?" Hook questions if she means by the Evil Queen, because if so then no because his Emma is too strong for that. He tells his girlfriend that they can worry about the big picture later, but right now they need to worry about the little picture which is that they have to go, magic or no magic. "Go where?" Emma wonders, asking Hook if he means back where Ashley left them because she's no longer there; she's off charging into who knows what, and if the Evil Queen wants it to play out then it's not good. "Then figure out where she's headed next," Henry suggests, reminding Emma that she used to not have magic and she still found people. Hook states that the boy is right, proceeding to tell Emma to just imagine she's back in her old life as a bail bondsperson.

603 34
Henry comes up with some answers.

"How did you find people then?" "Try to think like the skip thinks and get inside their head. Why are they running? What is their story? Who do they love?" It's then that Henry remembers: their story. He puts his backpack down and fetches for his storybook. "Ashley said she was trying to help her stepsister, uh, Camilla?" "Calinda?" Emma thinks, and Hook ponders too. "Calinda?" Emma suggests, to which Hook thinks "Callista." "I thought it was Calinda," Emma argues, but Henry, upon digging through the book, learns that it's Clorinda. He states that Ashley blames herself for not getting her happy ending, continuing that if the book says what her ending was supposed to be then that's a clue they need. Flipping through some pages, Henry finds exactly what he was looking for. He hands the book to Emma, focusing on a picture of Cinderella, and Emma proceeds to learn the truth.

603 35
Lady Tremaine mocks Ella's beliefs of becoming a princess...

Flashback, yet again, to the Enchanted Forest of the past. Lady Tremaine calls out for Clorinda, wanting to know where she is, and Ella asks what's going on. Tremaine reveals that Clorinda has run off with a footman, proceeding to slam her cane down. Ella claims to not know where she has gone, but that maybe it doesn't matter, for the prince is looking for her. "He liked me, and maybe if I married well Clorinda could do whatever she wanted." However, Tremaine spits that the prince isn't going to marry Ella; he isn't even going to recognize her. "Of course he'll recognize me," Ella responds, but Tremaine wonders if he will officially. And if the people will, officially. "You look like a trash bin and have the education of my cat." This hurts Ella, who chooses to be silent, but Tremaine continues.

603 36
...and she shatters what she believes to be any possible chance.

If her stepdaughter did have proof then it would be hard to deny it. She notices Ella glancing over at her chest, and so Tremaine quickly pops it open with her cane. Indeed, right inside, is the other glass slipper. "Look what we have here," Tremaine exclaims, dangling the shoe from her cane. Fearing it will smash if it drops, Ella cries that she gets her stepmother wanting to know where Clorinda is, but the shoe isn't that important. "Oh yes it is," Tremaine argues, stating that it's Ella's proof; it's crucial. "Now where's my daughter?" Seeing that her stepmother is lowering the shoe to let it smash, Ella finally gives in and reveals that Clorinda is in the guard tower. Tremaine lets out an evil little laugh... and then lets the shoe fall and smash into pieces anyway. "No!" Ella cries, but it's too late. She kneels down, absolutely distraught, but Tremaine tells her to be careful. "Glass can cut."

603 37
Ashley's past finally catches up with her.

Back in the present, gun in tow, Ashley approaches the Storybrooke Pumpkin Farm. She looks around before hearing a voice call out to her: "It's been a long time." Looking down, Ashley sees that it's Clorinda, lying in a pile of hay. She states that she's been looking everywhere for her, then figuring that she might have come here. "You're hurt," Ashley then realizes, seeing what appears to be Clorinda's bleeding leg. She apologizes, putting her gun down to go aid her stepsister. She states that this is all her fault, but she will fix their story; she just hopes that some day Clorinda can forgive her. Ashley begins unwrapping Clorinda's bandaged wound... but then sees there isn't a wound at all. "I can't," Clorinda exclaims, "and neither can she." The two ladies turn their heads, and standing before them both is Lady Tremaine, who has gotten ahold of Ashley's gun. Removing the safety, Tremaine holds it, aiming it at her stepdaughter. "It's too late for that, Cinderella," she exclaims, to Ashley's shock and fear. Clorinda, meanwhile, turns to her stepsister, deviously grinning.

Act V

603 38
Ella becomes a damsel in distress.

"Let me out!" Ella cries, in flashback. She's now locked in the attic of the Tremaine estate with no one there to let her free. She tries the doorknob, but it's of no use; however, she then hears the neighing of a horse. Outside of the Tremaine estate, a carriage is pulling up with Prince Thomas and Snow White inside. Ella goes to her window and sees this, while the two royals approach the door, with Thomas twisting a ringer to let the owners of the home know someone is there. After a moment of no one answering the door, Thomas deducts that no one is there. However, Snow states that she may be a princess but she knows how to track; this is where she came. Meanwhile, Ella tries to call out from the attic window that she's up there, all the while Gus slips through underneath the door. Thomas figures that Ella must be gone, so he suggests they look elsewhere.

603 39
Snow White to the rescue.

Snow simply can't shake the feeling that something is wrong though, and soon enough she hears a squeaking sound from her feet. She looks down ands sees that it's Gus climbing up the carriage. Snow kneels down and is able to understand the mouse talking to her, and after a bit more time passes and Ella is sweeping up the shattered glass slipper, a key unlocks the door and in comes Thomas and Snow. "Told ya," the princess exclaims, and Thomas realizes that it is Ella. He asks her why she ran away, and the maid apologizes for that, and for everything, stating that she never even should've gone to the ball. "I didn't mean to mislead you," she promises then pointing down at the floor, revealing that her stepmother broke the glass slipper so there's no proof. She states that she'd totally understand if his people would want him to go with someone else, but Thomas questions why he would want to go with someone else.

603 40
And they all lived happily ever after...

Ella states that because she's no one; however, Thomas believes that's nonsense, stating that he knows she has a name. Taking her hand, Thomas helps the maid to her feet, and she reveals her name to be Ella. "Well if you'll allow me, I'd like to change that," Thomas exclaims, getting down on one knee, "to Princess Ella." The maid smiles, and Thomas asks if she will. Ella nods, laughing, confirming that of course she will. The prince then removes a ring from his pocket and proceeds to slide it onto Ella's finger. The two embrace in a kiss, and Snow smiles, happy with this arrangement. Ella then turns to her, thanking her, and Thomas suggests they leave for the palace. He'll awake the royal glass blower because Ella needs new shoes. Ella responds that that sounds lovely, but there's something she needs to fix first. With that, she sets off.

603 41
...well, not quite.

Out by the guard tower, Jacob has just been shown the key, which Clorinda exclaims is magic. She states that it makes any door lead to the Land of Untold Stories, and while it'd pause their lives, they could be together. "The Land of Untold Stories," Jacob exclaims, taking Clorinda, seeming to like the idea. However, before anything else can happen further, Jacob is hit over the back of the head by a cane. Clorinda sees that Lady Tremaine has found them, and she rushes to the aid of her lover. "No, no, no," she cries, to which Tremaine mockingly replies the same thing, raising her cane again. Clorinda jumps in the way, stating that her mother would kill Jacob with another blow. "Well darling that's the idea," Tremaine points out, then going in for it. But Ella calls out for her stepmother to stop and to get away from Clorinda. She comes running in their direction, and Clorinda utters, "Cinderella. You told her where we would be? You filthy little rat."

603 42
Lady Tremaine just cba anymore.

Ella apologizes, but quickly shares the news that Thomas found her and that they're engaged. This comes as a shock to Tremaine, while Clorinda is quite bitter. She wonders why Ella came, if to rub it in their faces. Ella denies this though, while Tremaine is busy uttering how unfair this is. She states that she pulled herself through life for fifty years now, and every year she keeps pulling. "And when it's finally my turn to rest, this girl who I've carried like a scab on my soul, she gets it all, and I get nothing?!" She then utters the word "no", picking up the key to the Land of Untold Stories and proceeds to insert it into a keyhole. "Mother, what are you doing?" Clorinda asks, to which Tremaine states she's pausing. "Perhaps when the world makes sense again I'll come back and get what's owed to me." She then reaches down and grabs Clorinda, stating that she'll be coming with her. She shoves her through the portal against Clorinda's will, stating that they'll let the footman find someone at his own level. With that, Tremaine enters too, and the door swings shut. Ella, meanwhile, rushes to Jacob's aid.

603 43
Clorinda and Jacob are reunited, under troubling circumstances.

We return to the present day, and Clorinda is now handling the hunting rifle. She aims it at Ashley, who begs that her stepsister listen to her. Clorinda simply tells her to quiet though, but Ashley doesn't listen. She states that she was just trying to help her and Jacob find their happiness in the Enchanted Forest, but perhaps they could get that here in Storybrooke. "Jacob..." Clorinda utters, "he's here?" It's then that Ashley reveals Jacob's been in Storybrooke the whole time; however, she's confused, asking if that's not why Clorinda is at his farm. "True enough," Lady Tremaine exclaims, emerging with a now captive Jacob. His hands tied, he is shoved to the ground by Tremaine, while Clorinda rushes to his aid. The wicked stepmother states that this "little patch of filth" is his. While Clorinda unties Jacob's hands so that they can embrace, Tremaine reveals that she discovered her own fairy godmother.

603 44
Could Once Upon a Time kill off Cinderella?

It's the Evil Queen, who is helping her find her own missing pieces of her betrayal. "Time to finish an old job," Tremaine exclaims, raising the gun, but Clorinda jumps in the way, demanding that her mother leave Jacob alone. She calls out to Ella, reminding her that she said she would fix it, and Ella asks that Tremaine please stop. Her stepmother refuses though, for she wanted to be the one taken care of for once. She raises the gun again, but Ashley speaks up that Tremaine is in pain, but she doesn't get to put that off on Clorinda or Jacob. "She's paid enough." Tremaine now raises the gun at her stepdaughter though, but Jacob jumps up, and Tremaine wonders if Ashley really thinks she won't shoot her. "I suppose you're right," she then exclaims, dropping the gun, "This is a coward's weapon anyway. Not nearly personal enough." She then grabs her cane, catching Ella off guard, and she stabs her in the stomach.

603 45
Apparently not, for the Savior has saved the day.

Bleeding, the former maid drops to the ground, and Clorinda and Jacob come to her aid. It's then that Emma arrives, along with Hook and Henry. "Ashley," she exclaims, rushing to an bleeding out Cinderella, "it's a good thing I found you." Tremaine goes for the gun, but Hook grabs it in time and is able to hold the wicked stepmother back. Emma kneels down by her friend, wanting to use magic to heal her, but her hand starts to tremor again. She looks up at Henry, who tells her she can do it, and after a few moments of failure as Ashley is lying there dying, magic finally emanates from Emma's hand and she is able to heal the princess right on up. Clorinda appears relieved, and Henry embraces his mother in a hug. "I am so sorry for what I did," Ashley says to her stepsister, but Clorinda assures that it's alright. Ashley proceeds to hug Emma while Clorinda is embracing Jacob. And Emma then gets up to join Hook. "You did it, Swan," he says, as the they watch Ashley go and hug her stepsister and Jacob.

Act VI

603 46
Dr. Whale throws some shade.

In another part of Storybrooke, a car pulls up to a never-before-seen location. Regina is the first seen stepping out, looking around, and Snow leads her and Jekyll to a door. "Here we are," she says, and she and Regina open the two doors, revealing an established lab. Jekyll looks in awe at the sight, while Snow says, "Told you I could help, Doctor." "Oh my, yes, this is exactly what I need," Jekyll responds positively, and Regina is left wonder whose garage they're in anyhow. "That'd be mine," Dr. Whale exclaims, entering from another door. He tells them all to help themselves to any of the equipment, but to stay clear of the refrigerator, for it's not food in there. Choosing not to ask any questions, Regina proceeds to introduce Jekyll to the fellow doctor as Whale. However, Whale points out that that's just his cursed name.

603 47
Snow is thinking science faculty.

"I did most of my best work as Frankenstein." That's a name that Jekyll recognizes, and he approaches Viktor, stating that it's an honor. This is clearly a big moment for Dr. Jekyll, and he exclaims, "We must begin at once." As the two doctors shake hands, going about fiddling around with all of these scientific materials that could be used for multiple uses, Snow turns to Regina, asking if she knows what "Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Frankenstein" sounds like. "The world's scariest-sounding pediatrician's office?" Regina questions, and the two laugh. Snow states that it's that, but also a really first-rate high school science faculty. Snow suggests that once they're done they have all this equipment moved to the classrooms and put these guys to work teaching. "It's all part of getting this town back to normal," Snow finishes, and Regina contemplates this.

603 48
Emma and Hook decide to move in together.

Lady Tremaine is now seen dressed in an orange jumpsuit, holding a garbage bag and picking up trash with a spiked stick. Leroy stands next to her, administrating her every move. "Put some back into it, sister," he demands, then turning to Emma for some gratification. She appears to approve, and Hook, sitting next to her, states that Ashley was really brave. "Putting love before life," Emma utters, to which Hook confirms exactly. There's a moment of silence between the two as Emma contemplates. She finally turns to Hook and asks the big question: "Move in with me?" He doesn't believe what he's hearing at first, and so Emma repeats herself. "I know everything in life is uncertain, but sometimes you have to walk out the door and hope there's not a bus." Hook laughs off this metaphor, and Emma continues that she has a closet of red jackets. "I feel like I could make some space for some black leather." Hook replies that when she puts it like that then he would love to move in with her. The two then embrace in a kiss.

603 49
David reveals a new piece to his past...

It's now nighttime, and David is set alone in the dark with nothing but a candle lit. "You're still up?" Snow exclaims, joining him, and David holds up a notecard, revealing that Gold gave it to him. "It's about the coin. A shepherd... found in the wreckage of the cart." Snow takes a seat next to David before uttering that must be a terrible reminder. She apologizes, but David states that there's even more to it. This man - his father - he'd been stabbed. He wasn't killed in accident; he wasn't drunk. "That's good news," Snow claims, pointing out that it means he didn't betray his son. He kept his word. However, David believes this to also mean that his father's killer could still be out there. "Don't do this," Snow begs, asking that he not think about who did it and just let it go. "Let us live our lives. I'll teach, you'll be sheriff..." David asks if this is not what a sheriff does.

603 50
...a piece that he can't quite let go of just yet.

However, Snow points out that what her husband is contemplating is vengeance, not justice, and they don't need vengeance. She reminds David that they have this town, their daughter, and their son who really needs him. "It may not be epic, but it's the most important thing we will ever do." She finishes that it won't happen if David is off seeking revenge for some decades-old crime. He decides to listen to Snow, stating that there's no way being there for Neal could not be epic. "Of course it's where I want to me." Snow is satisfied with this reply, and she asks her husband to now come to bed. David states that he'll just burn the card so that he doesn't even have to think about, and Snow smiles, kissing her husband and leaving him for sleep. David goes to put the card in the candle's fire, but he looks up at his wife who is telling their son goodnight one last time. He then blows out the candle, opting out of burning the card.

603 51
Belle gives her husband's mixtape a chance...

We now see Belle, over on the Jolly Roger. It's still nighttime, and though she should be sleeping right about now, she simply cannot bring herself to do so. She fiddles with the cassette tape that had been brought to her earlier. She can't help but wonder what's on it, what message Rumple had played on it. Could it have been good? Or bad? While she had earlier implied she wouldn't be hearing it, now she simply cannot help but wonder. Her husband went through quite the bit of trouble getting the tape to her, so it must have something important on it. Finally, Belle decides to pop the tape into the cassette player. She presses the button to start the recording, and sits back to hear what is played. She never could have imagined what Rumple had waiting for her, for it is quite the surprise...

This is for our child: a little verse I like. Sleep well, my bairnie, sleep.

As Belle listens to what is being played, at first she rolls her eyes, not really understanding the need to listen to it. But then as it starts, she sees the effort that her estranged husband is putting into it. She's rather surprised actually, for Rumple is showing off a side of him that she's not seen in quite some time.

The lang, lang shadows creep. The fairies play in the munelicht brae, an' the stars are on the deep. The bogie man's awa', the dancers rise an fa', an' the howlet's cry frae the bour-tree high comes through the mossy shaw.

Rumple, meanwhile, walks along the town's docks. We see him listening in to the Jolly Roger, hearing that Belle is in fact playing the lullaby that he had recorded for their unborn child. He decides to stop walking, right next to the ship, and listen in there.

Sleep well, my bairnie, sleep. The lang, lang shadows creep.

At this point, Belle now has her hand placed over her belly, feeling for her unborn child as she continues to listen to the lullaby. She's clearly feeling a different sort of emotion for Rumple right now than she has in a while.

The fairies play on the munelicht brae, an' the stars are on the deep.
603 52
...and Rumple is pleased with his wife's decision to do so.

Rumplestiltskin still stands outside of the Jolly Roger. He doesn't let Belle know that he is there, for he knows that she wants her space right now. He listens as the lullaby is coming to a close, meaning that Belle has listened to it in it's entirety... which also means that their unborn child has listening to it in its entirety. Rumple smiles, knowing that Belle has allowed this, and that this must be a good step in terms of how they have been with each other as of the late. He continues to stand by as the lullaby finally comes to a close, and Belle is presumably able to rest for the evening. As such, Rumple walks away from the Jolly Roger, from the docks, rather content with how this all played out.

603 53
The world ain't safe from the Evil Queen and Mr. Hyde.

Chief mops away down in the asylum of the hospital, listening as a record plays on the record player in Mr. Hyde's cell. The prisoner puts this to an end though, for he has company. The Evil Queen is pacing back and forth, uttering how it's not fair. She's discontent with the fact that even now the Savior still wins. Hyde admits that, while this may be true, she must think about how long that will last. "Don't tell me to be patient," the Queen exclaims, stating that right now his pathetic other half is working on a way to destroy her. "My sympathies," Hyde responds, but the Queen states that she's not asking for his sympathies. "No, you're asking for my help," Hyde clarifies, but points out that that's a tall order to fulfill from inside of his cell, "Milady." All the while, he is attempting to break off the set of shackles he's been locked into, and so the Queen decides in that case it best she help him out. Using her magic, she poof away Hyde's shackles. "Let's take a walk," she says, then magicking open the cell door. The villainous duo proceeds to exit, locking arms, with no one there to bother stopping them.


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The episode saw a ratings increase from the previous episode, posting a 1.3/4 among 18-49s with 4.56 million viewers tuning in.[7]


The episode was met with positive reviews.

  • Justin Kirkland of Entertainment Weekly gave the episode a B+.[8]
  • Christine Laskodi of TV Fantic gave the episode a postive review: 4.5 out of 5.0[9]


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