The New Neverland
Once Upon a Time 3x10
December 7, 2013
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"The New Neverland" is the 54th episode of Once Upon a Time.


The residents of Storybrooke are overjoyed upon the return of Henry and our heroes from Neverland. But unbeknownst to them, a plan is secretly being put into place by a well-hidden Pan that will shake up the very lives of the townspeople. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Snow White and Prince Charming's honeymoon turns out to be anything but romantic when they go in search of a mythical being that could stop Regina cold in her tracks.


Previously on Once Upon a Time...

The Shadow is trapped inside of the coconut shell by Emma. Neal tells the gang that the Shadow is the only way they're ever going to get back to Storybrooke. ("Dark Hollow") The Shadow is fired from the Jolly Roger's cannon and Regina traps it in the sail of the ship with a spell, as Emma is heard saying, "Let's get the hell out of Neverland." Pan tries to rip out Henry's shadow, and then switches bodies with him, and Henry, in Peter Pan's body, is trapped inside Pandora's box. Henry/Pan then tells Felix that the only one who is in trouble is Henry. Felix recognizes his boss, and the fake Henry says, "Let's play." ("Save Henry")


310 01
Ariel and her beloved prince reunite.

Storybrooke harbor, a beautiful day. A pair of red shoes make their way across a platform. Wearing them is Ariel, the former mermaid, all dolled up, being accompanied by Belle, who tells her that if the name Rumple gave her is correct, he works there. They are clearly looking for the object of Ariel's affection. They spot a handsome fishmonger working on the docks and Ariel is thrilled, recognizing him. Belle asks if that's Eric, and Ariel confirms this, and once she sees him chopping the head off a fish she comments that he must really hate her. Belle encourages her to go talk to him, and pushes her in his direction. Ariel walks towards him, and as soon as their eyes meet, it is love at second sight. They call each other by their names. Then he takes off his apron and moves in to kiss her. Belle smiles with glee when the reunited lovers kiss, but then her look changes to one of longing. Until a strange whooshing sound is heard and she turns around to look up at the sky, only to be filled with excitement by the sight of the Jolly Roger descending from the clouds. Ariel and Eric look at the sky and ask what that is. The pirate ship makes its way through the cloaking barrier surrounding Storybrooke, and Belle rejoices as she says, "He's back." The ship, with the Shadow trapped in its main sail, continues to come down.


Act I

310 02
The Charming's return home.

A crowd is heard cheering as a wooden board is kicked down. Stepping over it is none other than Henry Mills on the Jolly Roger, having returned from Neverland. However, what the others do not know is that it is really Peter Pan in disguise. The boy smiles, looking out at the people of Storybrooke. He exits the ship, soon followed by Emma, Mary Margaret, and David, who all look out to crowd, smiling, glad to be home. Everyone cheers; once Henry is off the ship, he is immediately hugged by Granny, followed by the dwarfs; Emma then hugs the old lady. Regina exits the ship, but no one takes notice of her. Followed behind her is Rumplestiltskin, who looks down at his true love, Belle. They smile at one another before the Dark One exits the ship to join her. Mary Margaret is seen embracing in hug with her former friend, Ariel, having not seen each other in so long; Eric stands by his true love's side. Meanwhile, Regina stands alone, no one having missed her. Emma pulls Henry to the side, asking how it feels to finally be home. He looks around, exclaiming, "Better than I ever imagined." Emma smiles at her son.

310 03
Another darling reunion.

The Lost Boys begin exiting the ship, Felix first, looking miserable due to Pan's supposed defeat. Henry glances over at the angry Lost Boy, making eye-contact. Rumple and Belle embrace in a hug, that latter reminding her love that she told him she'd see him again. "That's the last time I don't listen to you," Rumple exclaims. They are soon joined by Neal, whom Belle welcomes back. Neal thanks her, and then turns to his father, holding up his cane. He reveals that he found it below deck and thought he may need it. "Thank you, Bae, I do," he says, adding on that it's a reminder of the man he was and should no longer be. The three hug. Regina continues to stand alone, having no one welcome her home. The Lost Boys finish exiting the ship. John and Michael Darling watch as they all exit, and are soon met by the sight of their sister, Wendy, exiting. The brothers call out for their sister, making their way through the crowd to be reunited. They all embrace in a hug. "Is it really you?" Wendy asks. "You have no idea how long we've been waiting to see you," Michael exclaims. Neal soon joins them, and Wendy asks if they remember Baelfire; the four hug. Neal asks what happens now, to which Michael says he thinks it's time for the Darling's to go home, all of them.

310 04
Regina, the loner.

Mary Margaret stands with David, who asks how she's doing. The Prince states that he's doing pretty good, actually, as the water must be working. Hook joins them, "Ah it is, the Dreamshade over took my brother moments after leaving Neverland." "Gold will find a cure," Mary Margaret says happily, "you'll be okay." Emma converses with a group of Storybrooke residents, admitting that for a moment, she was worried they wouldn't have gotten back. "Well, we did," David exclaims happily. Meanwhile, Regina still stands alone, but this time she is noticed by Mary Margaret, who shouts they they owe a lot of it to the formerly Evil Queen. "Regina helped save us all," Mary Margaret goes on. The residents of Storybrooke now look at the mayor, surprised.

310 05
Snow throws a bitch fit.

"I shall destroy your happiness, if it is the last thing I do." Regina then turns her back to them and walks away. The Prince calls out to her, and when she turns back to him he hurls the sword at her. The object flies towards her in a straight manner, but she dissipates in smoke just as it's about to hit her. Everyone in the audience gasps with surprise, and the Prince embraces his wife. They both look concerned. (see "Pilot")
Snow White exits the wedding hall, quickly followed by Charming who begs his wife to listen to him. Snow keeps walking, entering the grand council room, asking him what her new husband could possibly say to make her feel any better. "We just got married," Charming answers, "that should be enough." Snow tells him that Regina managed to ruin it, however, just as she always does, and now they need to do something. Charming asks what they should do, but Snow does not know, "Storm her castle? Steal her magic? There must be some way to fight back." Charming reminds his wife that the Evil Queen cannot hurt them, but Snow says that she knows her stepmother is determined, and so is she. Charming states that Regina wants to take away their happiness, but they cannot win that fight on a battlefield. "So how do you suggest we win it?" Snow asks. "By going on our honeymoon," Charming replies. "What?" Snow asks, not believing this. The prince assures his wife that it's the only way to let Regina know she can't destroy their happiness. "How can you even think of leaving the kingdom now after the kind of threats she made?" Snow asks. Charming says that all they were are threats. "She finds a way, she always finds a way!" Snow argues. Charming argues back that then they'll be ready, but today it's just a threat. Snow doesn't reply, trying to calm herself. Charming sighs, begging his new wife to not let this ruin their honeymoon, "We can go anywhere you wanna go." Snow thinks for a moment, "Anywhere?" "As long as it takes your mind off Regina for a few days." Snow smiles, turning back to her new husband, telling him she wishes to go to the summer palace, adding on that it's where her parents spent their honeymoon, "I always dreamt of going there with my husband." "Well now you can," Charming replies before moving in for a kiss. The prince adds that he'll make preparations for their journey, before kissing his wife, yet again. He laughs and runs off, leaving Snow alone.

310 06

Grumpy enters the council room, assuring Snow that the castle is secure and that the Evil Queen won't be getting past any dwarf. Snow thanks her short friend, who responds by saying he couldn't help but overhear her and Charming. He asks if Snow really plans on going on her honeymoon now, to which the princess responds her husband thinks it's the best way to send a message to Regina. "Yeah, I heard what he said, what do you think?" the dwarf asks. "I think that there's something at the summer palace that will help us defeat her once and for all," Snow says, smiling deviously.

310 07
Felix must be punished.

In present day Storybrooke, the Shadow remains trapped in one of the Jolly Roger's sails. David watches with Emma, Rumple and Belle, asking what they should do about it. Rumple tells the prince not to worry as it is trapped just as it was in the candle. "The only person who can free it is safely in here," adds the Dark One, holding up Pandora's Box. Pan, who is still disguised as Henry, leaves the group and approaches Felix. "What do you have in mind, Peter?" the lost boy asks, "What if someone decides to open that box and let the real boy out?" Pan assures his trusted henchman that that is not the problem. Felix asks what the next step is, to which Pan replies the lost boy needs to be punished. He then calls over his "parents", asking what about Felix, reminding them that he is still free. Felix asks what his boss is doing; Pan says that they need to trust him. Emma, Neal, David, and Regina approach the two, Regina stating that Henry's right, they can't just let Felix walk free. "Oh, no worry, we got plenty of cell space for this guy," David says, dragging the evil lost boy away. Emma assures her "son" that he is safe now.

310 08
Rumple uses magic to lock away Pandora's Box.

At the pawn shop, Rumple is seen placing Pandora's Box into a slot in the floor. The Dark One tells his company that once he seals the box in there, no one can break the spell but him. Emma, Regina, Belle, Neal, and Pan, disguised as Henry, watch as Gold uses his magic to lock the box in. The young boy asks if Rumple would ever break the spell, to which the Dark One says he won't, as he wants Pan trapped just as much as they do. Emma, Neal, and Regina assure "Henry" that the one in Pandora's Box will never get out and that nothing will happen to them again. Rumple adds that so long as he's alive, that boy will never see the light of day. "Henry" nods.

Act II

310 09
Rumple and Belle have their first cute moment since Season 2.

Belle tightens the tie that her true love wears around his neck, "There, perfect," she tells him. The Dark One smiles, thanking her. Belle asks what happens now, to which Rumple replies that is a question he has yet had a chance to ask himself, "I didn't think I had a future." "But you do. The boy wasn't your undoing, and neither was Pan, so now you can stop worrying about prophecies and start thinking about your future," Belle replies, adding on that there's endless possibilities, countless paths to take. "But there's only one of those paths I'm interested in," Gold says. Belle asks which one that is, to which Rumple replies the one where they are together. Belle is touched by this; Rumple moves his hand to her face. They move in closer and kiss.

310 10
Diner stuff.

At Granny's Diner, a celebration is held in honor of everyone's return from Neverland. Emma is seen approaching Henry (still Pan in disguise), who is sat in a booth. The savior drops her son's storybook on the table, however, the boy does seem to care. "Well don't seem too excited," she says sarcastically before adding on that Neal still had it in his room. Emma notices there is something off about the boy. Realizing this, Pan in disguise quickly puts on a smile and flips open the book. "Are you okay?" Emma asks. "Yeah, why?" he replies before looking down at the book, reading it. Emma appears confused.

310 11
Hook agrees to step aside and give Swanfire a chance.

Meanwhile, Hook sits at the bar, watching Emma. Neal joins him, commenting that he doesn't think they sell rum at the diner. "Don't worry, I'm not here to pursue the lady, Swan," Hook says, adding on that he's made a decision when it comes to Emma - he's gonna back off. Neal is surprised. "For the sake of the boy," Hook says, "Let his parents have a fair shot without a devilishly hansom pirate standing in the way." "You serious?" "Yeah, I am devilishly handsome." Neal thanks the pirate, but is told not to thank him yet, as he is in it for the long-haul. Neal already walked out on Emma once, and he's not sure she'd let him back in again, "Are you?" Neal doesn't respond, however, he simply gets up and walks away.

310 12
Tink is refused her wings by Mother Superior.

Grumpy and Happy converse with Mother Superior else where in the diner when they are approached by Regina and Tink. "Green," the Blue Fairy exclaims in shock. Regina corrects the leader of fairies, stating her name is Tinker Bell. Blue tries saying she knows, but didn't expect to ever see the fallen fairy again; at this point Tink jumps in, stating she felt likewise. The formerly Evil Queen demands Mother Superior give Tink her wings back, but the nun reminds Regina she doesn't take orders from her. Regina states Tink helped them in Neverland, deeming she's earned it, even getting pixie dust to work again. This surprises Blue, who asks to see. However, Tink fiddles around with the tube of dust dangling from her neck, stating she was only able to briefly, as it's not something she can do instantly. "Then there's your problem," Blue replies, stating Tink simply doesn't believe in herself anymore, then asking how she can believe in her if Tink can't even do that. The head fairy then walks away, leaving Tink annoyed, who tells Regina she is in need of a drink.

310 13
Neal asks out Emma.

Back in his booth, Pan continues flipping through pages of Henry's storybook. Neal watches from afar, turning to Emma, asking how their son is doing. "As good as can be expected," the blonde replies. Neal quickly moves on from that topic though, asking his former girlfriend if the two of them can make some time later on to talk. Emma awkwardly asks if that isn't what they're doing right now, but Neal says he meant just the two of them. Emma asks if he's trying to ask her out on a date; Neal says if she puts it like that then yes, but Emma is still unsure. Neal states they have Henry's back, he's safe, along with everyone else. Wanting to make it easier for the blonde, Neal says that the following day he's going to be hungry around lunch time, so he's going to come to the diner and sit in the booth Henry (Pan in disguise) is currently at; adding she's welcome to join him, but if she doesn't then he'll quit bugging her. Neal then leaves her to join "Henry".

310 14
Snowing ships Swanfire.

Once Neal has left, Emma is joined by Mary Margaret and David, who she immediately tells them to "don't say it." "Say what?" Mary Margaret asks, trying to act innocent. Emma replies for them not to say she owes it to Neal to go on a date with him. Mary Margaret says she doesn't, but that she owes it to herself. "I can't think about myself right now, not after what Henry just went through." The blonde then walks away, and as her parents watch, David turns to his wife, asking who she reminds him of. A smile appears on Mary Margaret's face.

310 15
Snow and Charming arrive at the summer palace for their honeymoon...

In the Enchanted Forest of the past, the doors to Snow White's summer palace burst open, and in comes the newly wed prince and princess; Charming carries Snow in his arms. They look around, amazed, which Charming comments. "Its been so long since I've been here... since anyone has," Snow states. As they walk around, looking at all the cloth covered furniture, Snow states she missed this place, and that she's so glad her new husband talked her into coming here. Charming approaches his wife and goes to undo her cloak, but Snow stops him, stating not yet. Charming states that between waking her from the sleeping curse, taking back the kingdom, and having seven dwarfs breathing down their necks, it's not like they've had a lot of time on their own. Snow says she knows, but that she has something special planned for tonight. Charming wonders what's wrong with now, but Snow tells her husband to trust her as what she has planned is worth the wait. The two chuckle, and Charming states he'll go stable the horses. Once seeing that he's gone, Snow undoes her cloak and removes a cloth which covered up a trunk. She opens it up, revealing a bag of arrows. She grabs it and throws it over her back, grabbing a sword and bow as well.

310 16
...and set off to hunt Medusa.

Outside of the palace, a window opens and out jumps Snow, throwing her equipment down beforehand. She is next seen running through the woods, continuing to look back to make sure Charming isn't watching her. However, when coming to an opening, she finds her prince standing before her, having known she was up to something. Snow stops in her tracks, but starts walking towards him. Charming asks what exactly is he waiting for, referring to what she said back at the palace. Snow ignores this question, and instead asks how he knew she'd flee the way she did. Charming states he knows the look on her face when she's up to something. Snow remains silent, and Charming then guesses that his wife's little excursion has to do with Regina's threat. Snow reveals that when she was a little girl, the palace servants would speak of stories about a fearsome creature who lived in a nearby cave. Charming doesn't like the sound of this, but reluctantly asks, "What kind of creature?" Snow answers that it's the kind that if you were to look into her eyes then she would turn you to stone, adding that they called her Medusa. Charming then questions how his new wife thought they could use the monster on Regina, as if she thought just capturing her would help, but Snow states she intended on cutting off her head. "And what, sending it to her in a box?" the prince asks, to which Snow admits she hadn't gotten that far yet, but if she has the head then she just needs to make Regina look into her eyes' for a moment to turn her into stone. Charming forbids this though, stating he's not gonna let his wife venture into the woods to chase a monster. Snow is not happy with this, but Charming finishes, "At least not alone." "You mean?" Charming confirms he's going with her, since she obviously won't rest till they find a way to stop Regina, but he makes her promise that if they do find a way to make this Medusa stop Regina, then she must try to enjoy the remainder of their honeymoon. "Good thing I brought this," Snow replies, pulling out a sword. Charming chuckles as he reaches for the sword.

310 17
Mary Margaret comforts a jealous Emma after Henry decides to go with Regina.

Back in present day Storybrooke the storybook appears open to the page of said event in the flashback. Still at the diner, Pan flips through the pages; the next being of Hansel and Gretel. Emma then approaches him at the booth, thinking it's her son and exclaims, "Sorry kid, it's time for something you didn't have in Neverland - bedtime." Pan, wanting to keep up the act, closes the book and gets up to head off with Emma. Regina walks by though, so Emma reminds him to say good night to her. Regina is surprised by this, having not realized it was already this late, she exclaims that it'll be hard letting him out of her sight. Pan then suggests maybe she doesn't have to, stating he could maybe stay with her tonight. Both women appear surprised by this, but Regina is thrilled saying "of course." Emma appears fine with this, stating to just call whenever she needs to pick him up. Standing with another crowd, Mary Margaret overhears this. Regina tells who she thinks is her son to come with her. Once they've left, Mary Margaret joins Emma, who still appears surprised; she states Henry probably just wants to spend his first night back in his old room. "Yeah, I'm sure that's it," Emma replies, still surprised. Mary Margaret pats her daughter on the back and walks away.

310 18
"It's time..."

In the bedroom of Henry Mills at the mayor's mansion, Pan in disguise sits in the bedroom of the boy who he is impersonating. He continues to look through the storybook, flipping through pages of around the time the Dark Curse was originally cast. The boy looks around the bedroom, briefly looking over one of Henry's comic books and a record player. "Lights out, young man," a voice calls - Regina - who has come to wish him a good night. Pan then asks the formerly Evil Queen if she brought her vault over to Storybrooke during the curse. "Yes Henry, you know that." Pan then wonders if it has all her magic, something Regina finds suspicious, "Why're you asking all these questions?" Pan (in the form of Henry) answers that he may need it to protect himself from Pan. Regina states he won't be able to hurt him, as he's locked up in Gold's shop. Pan then asks what if he gets out, or finds a way to come after him. Regina sits down on the bed and states that magic isn't the answer. As she closes the storybook, she adds that her vault is sealed shut for a reason, as it's dangerous, but she will protect him no matter what. Pan smiles at this, and Regina places the book on the dresser, stating that it's now time for him to go to bed. As she undoes the sheets for him, the boy gets in underneath. Regina then kisses her son on the cheek, tells him good night, and leaves. Once seeing she's gone, however, Pan hops out of bed and opens the curtains to his windows. Once opening up the window and looking out, he says to himself with a devious smile on his face, "She's wrong, magic is the answer. It's time..."

Over at the Storybrooke docks, the Shadow is seen still attached to one of the Jolly Roger's sails, but it is able to break free, and begins flying through the sky. It zips down a road, and past the clock tower, on its way to do Pan's bidding.


310 19
Charming questions if Snow really wants to go after Medusa.

In the Enchanted Forest of the past, Snow and Charming are seen walking through the woods; the latter hacks away at tree branches with his sword. The princess asks if he's mad, to which Charming replies he fell in love with his new wife on a troll bridge after she robbed him and hit him over the head with a rock (See: 1.03), adding he knew what he was getting himself into. As they continue walking, and Charming continues hacking, Snow states that according to the legend, Medusa's Cave shouldn't be much farther. Charming asks if Medusa can turn her victims into stone then is there any way to change them back. The princess replies that the only way to free Medusa's victims is to kill the monster herself. "And no one's figured out how to do that..." Charming comments. Snow states that she's immortal, adding that cutting off her head won't kill her, but just make it easier to turn Regina to stone. Charming stops and turns to his wife, questioning if she really wants to condemn the Evil Queen to a fate like that. "So you're on her side now?" Snow asks. Charming says "no", stating he's on his true love's side and she knows it. Snow argues that it doesn't sound like that, but Charming replies that when they imprisoned Regina, Snow stopped her execution saying that killing her wasn't the answer, so he wonders why turning her to stone is any different. Snow states that the last time she just threatened them, this time she's threatening the entire kingdom. Snow continues walking, and is quickly followed by her husband who states they've protected the kingdom from her before without a gorgon's head, but Snow ignores him. Charming realizes that there's more to it; he asks why she can't put Regina out of her mind for a single moment, to which Snow lashes out that she doesn't know; she just can't. They have reached the cave; Snow asks her true love if he's coming, and proceeds walking. "And miss all the honeymoon fun?" Charming jokes, to which Snow turns around and tells him to come on. Charming sighs, and follows his wife.

310 20
Rumple keeps his word and provides David an elixir.

At Granny's Diner, present day, Mary Margaret and David eat; the latter comments he never thought Granny's lasagna could taste so good, causing his wife to chuckle. "Perhaps you'd like to wash it down with this," a voice calls out - Rumplestiltskin - who places a small bottle down on the table. "Is that-," Snow starts, to which Mr. Gold confirms is an elixir, which will cure David's Dreamshade poisoning once and for all. "You really found a cure, already?" David questions, to which Rumple states he is a man of his word. David asks for sure if he owes Rumple nothing, to which the Dark One confirms it's on the house, but since they're family now, he points out that should he ever need a favor he's sure they'd be receptive. David nods, thanking Rumple, and the Dark One walks away. Mary Margaret turns to her husband and sees him simply staring at the potion that will save his life. She asks what he's waiting for, telling him to drink it. David pops the top off the bottle and guzzles it down. Snow asks how he feels, and David begins breathing heavily for a moment. He goes to feel his side and a smile comes across his face - he's cured. He leans across the table and passionately kisses his wife. Mary Margaret sees the smile on his face and asks what he's thinking, to which the prince replies he was thinking they could maybe get started on having another baby. Snow's smile instantly goes away, however, and she looks down. David states he didn't mean right now, but Mary Margaret states Emma didn't listen to them. David is confused for a moment, but turns around and sees Neal having lunch alone. David turns back to his wife and thinks for a moment. He finally gets up and says he's got this, and leaves.

310 21
Emma thinks there's something wrong with Henry.

Emma stands the Storybrooke boat docks, dialing her phone. "Isn't Granny's that way?" a voice calls out - it's David. Emma turns to see her father, asking if Neal sent him. As David approaches her, he states that he didn't, as he doesn't even know he's there, but when he saw him sitting at a table alone, he wanted to make sure Emma was okay. When the Savior doesn't reply, David asks if she. "Yeah, I'm fine," the blonde finally says. David realizes there's something wrong with his daughter, and when he tries to speak up, Emma cuts him off, stating that it's not Neal, it's Henry. She states that he doesn't seem like himself; he didn't even look like he recognized his storybook last night. David defends his grandson by saying he went through a lot in Neverland, but Emma states she knows this, but he also asked to stay with Regina the night before. David has a hard time defending that, but says she did help them save him, and she did raise him until Emma came into his life. David says he'll probably want to stay with his biological mother tonight so he wouldn't worry about it, adding that they're all recovering. Emma says she knows, but just can't shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen and she needs to do everything she can to stop it. David tells his daughter she can't keep thinking like that, but Emma wonders why not since bad things do keep happening. David states that good things do too, but if she thinks like that then she misses out, adding that there's more to life than looking for the next fight, saying she has to look for the moments. "Moments?" Emma asks with an unsure smile on her face. "Yes," David replies, "life is made up of moments; good ones, bad ones, but they're all worth living." Emma argues she seems to be a magnet for the bad ones, to which David replies that is all the more reason to look for all the good ones in between the bad. "And you think having lunch with Neal would be a good moment?" the blonde asks. David replies that he doesn't know, jokingly asking if he eats with his mouth open. Emma smiles at the remark, but says she isn't sure she's ready. David states that that is the hard part about finding out. He then stands up, telling Emma to come on and he'll give her a lift to the diner. As the two lock arms and start walking, Emma asks if he's sure he doesn't have other reasons to push her towards Neal. "Like what?" David asks, to which Emma replies that he could be keeping her away from Hook. "You think I'm interested in Hook?" David jokes, "Emma, I'm a married man." The two chuckle and continue walking.

310 22
Hooker Bell(?)

Back at Granny's Diner, Hook is seen exiting the restroom. As he walks, the door to the female restroom opens and out comes Tinker Bell. They accidentally bump into each other, and Tink asks the pirate if he's okay. Hook confirms he is, so Tink starts to walk away. Hook chases after her, however, stating that the question is if she's okay. "Why wouldn't I be?" the fairy asks, to which the pirate replies he knows Storybrooke can be a disorienting place if you're not use to it; he then suggests a drink to help her settle in. Tink states they both know Hook wants more than a drink - he wants the fairy to help take his mind off Emma. "Emma? Who's Emma?" the pirate asks, adding that he only sees Tink. The fairy states she may have lost her wings, but she hasn't lost her dignity; she makes it clear that nothing is ever going to happen between them. However, a scream is heard. Tink and Hook both turn their attention to where it's coming from and hurry out of the diner.

310 23
The Shadow murders the Blue

As Hook and Tink exit the diner, a truck pulls up, and out hops Emma and David. "What the hell is that?" Emma asks the pirate, to which he replies they had the same question. Emma looks at Hook, who looks at Tink. The Savior then exclaims, "Wait, were you two-," but is cut off by both the fairy and pirate; the fairy says "no", but the pirate says "perhaps". Another scream is heard, and David points to the direction it's coming from and starts running towards it, followed by Tink, then Emma, then Hook. Outside of the Storybrooke Convent, the Blue Fairy is seen running around, screaming, as she is chased by the Shadow. She is unable to get far, however, as the creature manages to catch up with her and promptly rips the fairy's own shadow right from her body and flies away. Blue then collapses to the ground, dead. David, Emma, Tink, and Hook show up just as the Shadow gets away; David checks for a pulse, but sees she is lifeless. Tink asks why the Shadow would kill her, to which Hook replies he has no idea, but knows the Shadow only takes orders from one person. "Pan," Emma exclaims.

At Regina's house, Pan, still in the body of Henry, is seen reading through the storybook. "Henry," Regina calls, quickly entering his bedroom, "Come with me, something's happened." Realizing what this means, an evil smile comes across Pan's face.

Act IV

310 24

In the Enchanted Forest of the past, Snow White and Prince Charming quietly walk through Medusa's Cave, making sure to watch out for the beast herself. "Keep your eyes down," Snow tells her husband, to which he replies, asking how they're suppose to find her. Suddenly, a loud shriek is heard, pretty much answering the prince's question. Charming grabs his wife and they hide behind a brick wall; Snow states she doesn't think that'll be a problem, referring to Charming's earlier question. The royal couple watch as they hear the beast walking around; the prince tells Snow to stay there and he'll draw her out. "When she passes by," but Charming is cut off by his wife who says she'll do the rest, but reminds her husband that whatever he does, to not look into her eyes. The prince nods and makes his way out from behind the wall, and leans against another that is more visible. He turns to his wife and they nod at one another. Charming then runs, screaming for the beast. Medusa turns, and sees him. She lets out a shriek while the prince starts running; she chases after him. As Charming runs past his wife, and around the wall Snow is hidden behind, the beast makes her way in that direction. Snow draws her sword, ready for Medusa; Charming looks back and yells "Now!" Snow goes to cut off Medusa's head, but instead the sword burns away upon contact, only knocking the creature back a bit. "Snow!" David screams, and the princess starts running in the direction of her true love. The two hide behind another wall, and Snow holds up nothing but the handle of the sword, stating that that wasn't apart of the legend.

310 25
Medusa turns Charming to stone.

"Fantastic development," Charming sarcastically remarks as Snow drops the handle. The princess asks how they're going to cut off Medusa's head now, to which Charming replies they're not. As Medusa continues searching for them, Snow admits Charming was right and that they should've stayed at the palace. The prince says it's fine, stating that they just need to find a way out of the cave. He then looks around, and notices a metal object on the ground. Charming picks it up and throws it across the room, causing it to make a noise as it hits the ground. Medusa sees this and heads for that direction. Seeing the coast is clear, Charming motions for Snow to go, and the two start running for the cave's exit. Medusa sees them, however, and uses magic to start dragging Snow back towards her. "Snow!" Charming yells, "Don't look back!" The princess screams, and Charming looks around for a solution. He notices a shield on the ground and runs towards it. Once grabbing it, he charges for Medusa and throws it at her, only for it to be immediately thrown out of the way. The beast lets Snow go, however, and she prepares to run, but grabs Charming instead. She turns the prince towards her, forcing him to look into her eyes, turning him to stone. Snow turns back and gasps at the site. She shields her eyes and yells "Charming!"

310 26
The Blue Fairy's lifeless body is

At the Storybrooke Covent in present day, Mary Margaret looks down in complete shock at the lifeless body that was Mother Superior. Emma and David cover the deceased Blue Fairy up with a tarp, just as Regina approaches holding the hand of Pan, who is still in the body of Henry. "What the hell happened?" asks the formerly Evil Queen, to which David replies the Shadow killed her. "Pan's shadow?" Regina asks, stating she trapped it on the sail of the Jolly Roger. Emma states that even though she did, it still got free. Neal, who has also joined them, turns to Hook and suggests they go back to the ship and get the candle, stating that if it strikes again then they need to be able to catch it. Neal leaves, followed by Hook, and also Tink. "Pan's behind it, I know it," Emma states, but Regina reminds the Savior he's trapped in a box under the floor of Gold's shop. Emma questions who else would be doing this, which Regina does not have an answer to. The body of Henry then speaks up, "So Pan can still hurt me?" he asks, wanting to keep up the ruse even though he is in fact Pan. Regina states that they don't know that for sure, but Mary Margaret states they have to assume he is still a threat, and Emma adds that he must still be after Henry. "Then what am I doing here?" Pan asks. David states that he's right; Henry's not safe out in the open. Pan immediately turns to Regina, asking if she'll protect him. "Yes, of course," she replies, hugging what she thinks is her son. Emma watches this, feeling something's off. However, she tells them to go, stating they'll take care of the Shadow.

310 27
The bickering of what is known as Swan Queen.

As Regina and Pan leave, however, Emma stops Regina, telling her to keep a close eye on the boy, who has already walked to the car. Regina states she already said she would, to which Emma replies saying she knows, but he just doesn't seem like himself. "Really, because he asked for me?" Regina asks, unnerved. Emma tries to say that's not what she meant, but Regina doesn't believe her, thinking Emma just can't get over the fact that she's Henry's mother too, and that maybe he just wants her when he's frightened. "You forget, I have ten years of soothing his nightmares under my belt; he's fine." Emma states that this is not about Regina, but that she just has a gut feeling. Regina replies that maybe she can use that guy feeling for find the Shadow instead of obsessing over who's comforting their son, and with that, Regina heads over towards who she thinks is her son. "So where are you taking me?" Pan asks, to which Regina replies the one place in Storybrooke the Shadow can never get to, the place where she keeps her magic.

At Regina's vault, the formerly Evil Queen takes the hand of the boy she thinks is her son and they approach the door. She takes out her skeleton keys and proceeds to unlock it, and they make their way inside. Regina pushes the coffin of her deceased father out of the way so she and Pan may walk down the steps to where she stores all of her magical possessions. "Promise you won't touch anything?" Regina asks. "I promise," Pan replies with an evil grin on his face.

Act V

310 28
Regina torments her stepdaughter.

In the Enchanted Forest of the past, Snow is still stuck in Medusa's Cave, now wondering what to do since her husband has been turned to stone. "I won't leave you," the princess says to her prince, then telling herself she won't let Medusa scare her away either. As she draws her arrow, a voice is heard exclaiming "You're going to have to do better than that," - it's Regina. "No..." Snow says to herself, withdrawing her bow and begins looking around. She then sees the shield Charming used to throw at Medusa earlier, and sees Regina communicating through it. The Evil Queen asks if her stepdaughter is enjoying her honeymoon, to which Snow replies, annoyed, that she doesn't remember inviting her. Regina asks the princess what's wrong, if she's cranky that her prince is now a statue; she then comments she can hardly tell the difference. Snow replies that the Queen must be enjoying this, to which Regina replies she is immensely. Snow states that this is all Regina's fault, but the Queen says it's Snow's; she then thanks her for saving her the trouble, as she didn't realize she could sit back and watch her stepdaughter destroy her own happiness. With that, Regina disappears from the shield. Snow then realizes that the Evil Queen is right; she defeated herself.

310 29
Reunited and it feels so good.

However, Snow then comes up with an idea. She puts her bow and arrows down and picks up the shield; she starts ripping away the fabric covering the metal which reflects one's reflection. Just at that moment, Medusa finds Snow White, but as she goes to attack, Snow holds up the shield and tells her to come and get her. However, just as the creature goes to do so, she looks into the shield at her own reflection and immediately turns herself to stone. Snow lowers the shield, relieved, and at that moment Charming is restored to his original self. "Snow," he calls out, and the two embrace in a passionate kiss. "Are you okay?" the princess asks, to which Charming comments he now knows what Frederick felt like. (See: 1.13) Snow exclaims that she thought she lost her true love forever, to which Charming asks how she managed to defeat Medusa. Snow states that she didn't, but that she let her defeat herself. She then apologizes, stating she was so focused on finding a way to defeat Regina that she almost lost the thing she couldn't live without - Charming. Charming states she almost did, but only almost. Snow asks how she could make it up to him, to which Charming replies that now that she mentions it, he has a few ideas. He then takes her hand and they exit the cave.

310 30
Emma wishes to take care of Pan once and for all.

In present day Storybrooke, Emma, Mary Margaret, and David run towards Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer, where Rumple and Belle are seen exiting. The Dark One tries to push them away, stating the shop is closed, so whatever crisis their dealing with, he's done for the day. "Rumple," Belle says, nudging her true love, meaning she wants him to be a better person and help out. Emma demands Pandora's Box, to which Rumple asks why he would do that. The Savior states they need to open it, to which Rumple replies, "And let Pan escape? What are you, crazy?" Mary Margaret speaks up, stating somehow he's controlling the Shadow from inside the box and that Henry's life is in danger. "And you think letting Pan out will change that?" Rumple asks, to which Emma exclaims "yes," adding that now they can finally stop him forever. Rumple states that with all due respect, they barely succeeded in apprehending him the first time, adding that if he's learned one thing it's not to tempt things. Emma states that she's not looking to apprehend him, but asks wouldn't the Dark One rather be sure he's gone. Rumple asks the Savior what she has in mind.

310 31

At the town line, two vehicles pull up; one which Emma, Mary Margaret, and David hop out of, and the other Rumple and Belle hop out of. The five approach the line where Rumple explains that since there's no magic across the town line, if they release Pan outside of Storybrooke he'll be powerless to fight back. Emma stops the Dark One from crossing, however, stating she's going to do it. Rumple states he can cross the line and retain his memories, but Emma thinks it's best she do it since the Land Without Magic is her expertise. Emma steps over the line and pulls out her gun, stating she'll deal with Pan on her terms. Rumple argues that it's his father, but Emma retaliates that it's her hunch, adding that if she fails then the Dark One is more than welcome to pick up the pieces. Mary Margaret then speaks up, stating for her daughter to be careful. Emma then looks at Rumple, signing for him to wave his hand over Pandora's Box, causing a red smoke-like substance to come out from it. The Dark One places the box on the ground right across the line, and Emma holds up her gun, ready to shoot. The red smoke-like substance soon turns into the body of Pan, lying on the ground. The boy stands up, looking around, and at the body he is currently in. Everyone behind the town line takes a step back, and the body of Pan turns around to see Emma pointing her gun at him. "Mom?" he exclaims. "What?" Emma asks, confused. Rumple wonders what she's waiting for; telling her to shoot him. The body of Pan begs for the Savior not to, revealing himself to be Henry. The boy states that Pan switched their bodies, but Emma doesn't buy it. Rumple tells the blonde not to listen to him, stating it's one of his tricks. Henry swears that it's not, however, going on to say he did it right before Rumple trapped him in the box. Emma tells him not to take a step closer, while Rumple demands she shoot him.

310 32
Happy, happy reunions.

However, Emma thinks maybe he's telling the truth, explaining why she's been thinking there's something off about Henry. Rumple argues that maybe that's what the boy wants her to think, adding that if he steps over that line then they're all dead. Emma tells the boy if he really Henry then to prove it and tell her something only Henry would know. The boy replies that he got trapped in the mines (See: 1.05), he tried to blow up the well (See: 2.17), and he likes cinnamon in his coco. (See: 1.02) Rumple states that this proves nothing; Mary Margaret agrees, saying that Henry could have told Pan all that in Neverland. Emma states that Pan might know facts, but life is made up of moments and he can't possibly know all of them; she asks when they first connected, to which Henry replies it was at his castle when Emma first came to Storybrooke. The blonde asks the boy what he told her, and Henry replies that he knew why she gave him up - because she wanted to give him his best chance. Emma lowers her gun, exclaiming "Henry." The two embrace in a hug; Emma then asks the boy to promise not to incinerate them when they step over the line. Once crossing over, Henry hugs Mary Margaret and David while Emma hands Rumple Pandora's Box. Rumple apologizing for doubting Henry and putting him in the box in the first place. Henry states that it's okay, however, as he would've done the same thing. As Emma and Henry head back to the truck, David then realizes something - if Henry's all the way out here then where's Pan?

310 33
Bitch down.

Back at Regina's vault, the real Pan who is still trapped in Henry's body is seen looking around at all the magical items the formerly Evil Queen possesses. He then notices a certain bottle in particular and a smile comes across his face. "What is it?" Regina asks, to which Pan replies he was just thinking about how lucky he is to have Regina there to protect him. The formerly Evil Queen is touched by this; she takes the boy's hands and states that when all this is over, she's finally going to be the mother he's always wanted her to be. Henry continues smiling, and Regina stands up; the two hug, but Pan continues eying the bottle. He picks it up, and as Regina lets go of the boy, she tells him she loves him. However, Pan opens up the bottle, which shoots out a magical substance, knocking out the Queen. "I know," Pan says, "that's why this was so easy."

Act VI

310 34
Snow asks for a baby.

In the Enchanted Forest of the past, Snow rests back at the Summer Palace; Charming apologizes for them being unable to find a way to defeat Regina. Snow states that it's okay, but Charming disagrees, stating he knows how much she needed this, even if she didn't know why. "I did," Snow reveals, to which her husband replies asking why. Snow says when Charming asked her why she wanted to turn Regina to stone, she said she didn't know because she was afraid of admitting the truth - she wants to start a family. "So do I," Charming exclaims, before asking why is that to be feared. Snow states she couldn't imagine bringing a child into a world where Regina is always a threat, which is why she was so obsessed with finding a way to defeat the Queen. The Princess questions how she could bring good into the world when there's always something bad out there. Charming states they'll find another way to stop Regina, but Snow replies that she was wrong, that losing him showed her she can't wait anymore and that they have to start their family now. "I don't follow," Charming states, to which Snow replies Regina will always be a problem, and if not her then someone else, but they can't let it define them. She goes on to say they have to find all the good moments in between the bad ones and asks what better way could they do that than make a child. Charming passionately kisses his wife, "And a child we shall have."

310 35
The relevants gather.

Back in present day Storybrooke, Emma is on the phone, trying to get in touch with Regina, but is unanswered. Henry, who is still in the body of Pan, asks that when they find the evil Lost Boy, if they not be careful not to throw a fireball at his face or something seeing as how he's still in his body. Rumple says he'll try his best, and the group make their way to Regina's vault where Hook, Neal, and Tink already wait. "Is it really you?" Neal asks his son, to which Henry replies by running up and embracing him with a hug. David asks if they found the Shadow, to which Tink replies they haven't yet. Hook adds on, however, that they'll be ready for it when they do though; he holds up a coconut which he then hands to Neal. "It's Pan we should be concerned about now," Rumple reminds them, then asking why they have yet gone into the vault. Neal states it's locked up tight, but Rumple attempts using magic to open it anyway. He fails, however, so states that it'll take some time. Meanwhile, as he keeps trying, Mary Margaret comforts her daughter, stating that everything's going to be okay. David joins them; Emma states that it's not going to be okay though. She states that even if Pan is in the vault, she can't use her gun since he's in Henry's body. David is adamant that they'll get him out, however, that they'll save him. "Will we?" Emma questions, to which David replies with a "yes," adding that it's all because of Emma because she was right about Pan, just like Mary Margaret was right about Regina all those years ago. He tries to say they'll stop him, but is interrupted by Emma who asks, "And live my moment even though there's still terrible things out there?" "Exactly," Mary Margaret and David reply in unison.

310 36
Regina gets a happy scene... let's see how long that goes on.

Emma states that they're both good parents, but they're wrong. She goes on about how she's the Savior, so she doesn't have the luxury of having moments; it's just not her life. No matter how much she just wants to sit back and enjoy herself she can't; it's never going to stop. Mary Margaret states she use to think the same way, but Emma believes it's different; magic has a price and the price is being the Savior so she doesn't get a day off. Rumple finally manages to open the door the the vault. As they all make their way inside, they find a knocked out Regina who Mary Margaret quickly rushes over to aide. David states that Pan's gone, so Emma yells up the stairs that they're clear down there. Rumple uses magic to wake up Regina; the formerly Evil Queen looks around confused and asks what happened. "It's Henry; somehow Pan switched bodies with him," Emma replies. "And I felt for it," Regina realizes, ashamed, but Mary Margaret states that they all did. Regina goes on that she wanted to believe what he was saying so badly that she missed all the signs; she just wanted to believe he still needed her to be his mother. "I still do," calls out the body of Pan. "Henry?" Regina exclaims, and the two embrace in a hug. David then asks what exactly Pan came down to the vault to get. As Rumple looks around, he notices a small container open, and turns to Regina, "Please tell me you didn't keep 'it' down here." Regina then asks where else she'd keep it. A look of fear comes across Rumple's face, and Emma asks what it is the evil Lost Boy took.

310 37
Pan's next evil scheme.

Meanwhile at the town well, Pan, still trapped in the body of Henry, unrolls the scroll of none other than the Dark Curse. "A curse?" Felix asks, to which Pan corrects him, stating it's the curse - the one that tore everyone from the Enchanted Forest and dropped them here. (See: 1.01) "You broke me out of jail to tell me how everyone got to this town?" Felix asks, confused. Pan states that he broke Felix out of jail because this curse is going to give them everything they ever wanted.

"Why would Pan even want the curse?" Regina asks, back at the vault; she states she already cast it. "And I broke it," Emma adds. However, Rumple reveals that that doesn't mean he can't cast it again, and this time without the Savior's parent's true love woven in, even Emma would be powerless to stop it. "I don't understand; we're already in this land," David states. Mary Margaret adds on, asking what exactly the curse would do to them now.

310 38
The New Neverland.

"Everyone will forget who they are," Pan tells Felix, adding that time will stand still once again. He finally finishes by revealing that they'll be in charge. "Of this whole place?" Felix asks, to which Pan confirms, adding that, "And when were done with it, it's going to be the new Neverland." Felix and Pan turn to each other with wicked grins on their face, and then look out at the town which they soon plan to take control of.


310 Title Card
  • The title card of this episode features Medusa.




After two weeks of declining numbers from the previous outings, this installment posted an increase this time around, scoring a 2.1/5 among 18-49s with 6.94 million viewers tuning in. The show placed third in its timeslot and seventh for the night. This episode is the most-watched episode since the episode "Ariel," which delivered 7.55 million viewers.


The episode garnered mixed to positive reviews from most critics.

  • Liane Bonin Starr of HitFix gave the episode a mixed to positive review, focusing on the episode's pace and simplicity, saying
    This week's episode of "Once Upon A Time" isn't exactly twisty-turvy. We know Henry (well, Pan in Henry's body) is going to put some nefarious plan into action, and everyone will fall for it because their defenses are down, and the pieces will be put in place for a bang-up midseason finale next week. Still, there are a few surprises, like the appearance of a really cheesy-looking Medusa. The scope of the show is getting a little broad, in that Greek mythology (Pandora's box and Medusa), Arthurian legend and Mary Shelley's favorite monster all fall under the fairytale banner. But I guess as long as we don't see ewoks, hobbits or the cast of "Glee" in any future episodes, I guess it's all fine.[2]
  • Hillary Busis of Entertainment Weekly criticized the episode's (and show's) excessive use of the flashback, saying "Perhaps instead, the show could simply try cutting way back on glimpses into the pasts of Snow White, Prince Charming, Regina, and Rumpelstiltskin -- unless those glimpses convey crucial new information that's actually relevant to the show's main narrative arc. (Lil' Rumpel's trip to Never Land with his dad would count; Regina's brief encounter with Tinker Bell wouldn't.)"[3]
  • Kylie Peters of Den of Geek gave Jared Gilmore's portrayal of the body-switched Henry a positive review, saying "Most of the episode revolves around Pan’s machinations for Storybrooke domination in Henry’s body. Jared Gilmore does a good job as body-switched-Pan, which I take as proof of my theory that Gilmore is not a bad actor, Henry is just a poorly-written character. Robbie Kay, playing body-switched-Henry, is significantly less convincing this week. I rest my case;" she was, however, more critical of the episode's cliffhanger, saying "Apparently, amnesiacs accept teenage dictators as entirely legitimate. I thought we were done with the curse plotline? Does that really need to be resurrected?"[4]
  • Lily Sparks of gave the episode a negative review, noting the show's returning to old themes, saying "there was definitely a sense of “This again?” in "The New Neverland." Maybe it was just Ginnifer Goodwin’s wig that was giving me deja vu."[5]


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