That Still Small Voice
Once Upon a Time 1x05
November 27, 2011
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"That Still Small Voice" is the 5th episode of Once Upon a Time.


As Sheriff Graham deputizes Emma, the ground shakes and a giant sinkhole mysteriously appears at the edge of town. But a curious Henry's life is placed in danger when he decides to explore the innards of the sinkhole to see if its contents can link the inhabitants of Storybrooke to the fairytale world. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale world, Jiminy yearns to leave the family business and transform into the person he wants to be.


There is a town in Maine...

We see an overview of the streets of Storybrooke. ("Pilot") Emma enters Granny's Bed and Breakfast and requests a room for one, Granny welcomes her to Storybrooke. ("Pilot") Henry looks at his storybook at the page picturing the wedding of Snow White and Prince Charming. ("Pilot")

Where every storybook character you've ever known...

Prince Charming kisses Snow White, reviving her from her glass coffin. ("Pilot")

Is trapped between two worlds...

Mary Margaret Blanchard releases a blue bird out her classroom window, from her hand. ("Pilot") Snow White releases a blue bird from her castle's balcony, from her hand. ("Pilot") "The Evil Queen sent a bunch of fairytale characters here?" Emma asks her son. ("Pilot") The Evil Queen walks down the aisle at the royal wedding. ("Pilot") Regina Mills, the Evil Queen's counterpart, looks at Emma from her front door. ("Pilot") "And know they don't remember who they are," Henry says, in response to Emma's question. ("Pilot")

Victims of a powerful curse...

The Dark Curse envelops the castle. ("Pilot") The Evil Queen has crashed Snow White and Prince Charming's wedding and announces, "Everything you love, everything all of you love, will be taken from you." ("Pilot")

Only one knows the truth...

Regina stares down at Henry's storybook and then looks up at her reflection in the mirror. ("Pilot")

And only one can break her spell...

Emma talks to Regina from her front yard as the shot revolves around the blonde's head. ("Pilot") "It's your destiny, you're gonna bring back the happy endings," Henry tells Emma as they sit on his castle. ("Pilot") "Enjoy your stay," Mr. Gold tells Emma after she accepts a room at Granny's Bed & Breakfast. ("Pilot") The Storybrooke clock ticks. ("Pilot")


Act I

105 01
The show begins.

In the fairytale land that was, a small crowd of people are gathered around a puppet theater on a stage as one of the puppets, a damsel, walks on. She is cheered for and proceeds to exclaim in a high-pitched tone, "Oh, I wish, I wish, but nothing changes!" which incites laughter from the audience. "I wish I was better at wishing!" the puppet continues, inciting more laughter. As the damsel goes onto talk about a fearsome dragon, a small redheaded boy is seen within the crowd, moving through the audience members discretely. As the crowd enjoys the show, the boy kneels down and pick-pockets a woman, taking money from her pouch. A knight puppet joins the small theater and is greeted by applause as he talks about how he may slay the fearsome dragon of which the damsel spoke. The boy takes from another person's pocket, adding it to his satchel, and the damsel leaves the stage so that a dragon puppet may emerge; the crowd gasps as the dragon begins his dialogue with the knight. As this is going on, the boy retrieves a small knife and uses it to slice open someone's bag and take the contents for himself. The show continues and the boy walks away from the crowd, unnoticed, and heads into the carriage behind the stage.

105 02
Jiminy likes crickets.

Later, in a field, the boy sits on the back of the carriage and pours a pouch of money out before his parents; his father tells him to be careful as they might disappear, doing a magic trick with the coin as he does so, making the coin disappear and pulling it out from behind the mother's ear, but the boy seems unimpressed. His father places the coin back into the pile and the boy pulls from his satchel a small cage with a cricket in it. He happily exclaims that he loves crickets, but his mother tells him that crickets are trouble, being noisy bugs. The boy defends that they get to do whatever they want because they hop from place to place, being free, but his mother reminds him that he's free. His father weighs in, adding that the boy can do what he wants and be who he is. They finish together that he is who he is, but the boy suggests that maybe he wants to be something else and that maybe he doesn't want to steal; maybe he wants to be good. His father asks if he got all that from a cricket, and the mother re-reminds them that crickets are trouble. Her husband proceeds to iterate that "good" is another word for "weak" and his mother, putting her glasses on, tells the boy to let them do his thinking for him. "That's what parents are for," says the father. "To help you," the mother adds. "You are who you are, and there's no changing it, Jiminy," the father finishes, revealing the boy to be Jiminy, who seems disappointed with this but accepts it. Jiminy's father has the cricket in his hand and makes it disappear, similar to what he did with the coin, and announces that the problem is now solved.

105 03
Henry believes things to be changing.

In Henry's therapy session in Storybrooke, Archie - the grown up version of the boy in flashbacks - is taking some notes when Henry mentions that he wasn't always a cricket. This confuses the therapist at first, until he recalls that the boy thinks he's Jiminy Cricket, going on to ask the reason why he thinks that. Henry says it's just because of who Archie is, and the latter wonders, "And who am I?" The boy replies that he's a conscience; he helps people see right from wrong, and Archie asks if this means that all of the crickets in Storybrooke were once people too. Henry stands up and walks over to the therapist's window, pointing out that there aren't any crickets in Storybrooke; he tells Archie to listen and he obliges, hearing no chirps. However, he apparently chooses to ignore the coincidence, suggesting that maybe it isn't late enough, but Henry tells him that there have never been crickets there - he and the others have just never noticed. Archie asks if he thinks that's proof that there's a curse and Henry affirms this, but he knows that it's not enough, adding that he's looking for more. There is a pause which is broken by Archie, "So, Henry, I've asked you this before and you said you'd think about it, but... why do you think it's so important that this is real?" Rather redundantly, Henry reveals that it just is, and Archie tells his patient to keep thinking about that answer because he believes something to be buried there.

105 04
Emma isn't a fan of her new uniform.

At the sheriff's station, Emma lifts her new deputy's uniform over her chest to reveal that it's clearly not meant for a woman. She questions the inclusion of a tie, telling Graham that he doesn't have to dress a woman as a man just to give her authority, and he asks in reply if she thins she can get people to do what she wants in her red coat. She points out that she's getting him to do what she wants right now, proceeding to throw the uniform onto the desk, and Graham requests that she at least wear her badge, saying that if she really wants to become a part of the community then she has to make it official. Emma contemplates this and takes the deputy's badge from Graham's hand, sliding it onto her belt. As soon as she does so, there is a sudden earthquake and a shocked Emma grabs onto the desk as Graham too steadies himself. As the tremor slows down, things stop falling from shelves and barking dogs and car alarms can be heard from outside. The phones of the sheriff's office begin to manically ring as panicked citizens start to call about what just happened, and Emma becomes stunned as she looks at her new badge.

105 05
Regina holds off the townspeople.

In a crater on the outskirts of town, there has clearly been a collapse in a mine shaft and the citizens begin to gather around as the sheriff's car arrives. Regina exclaims for everyone to please step back as she steps out of her own car, trying to clear the crowd. Ruby is talking to Marco and asks him if that's a crater, and he tells her that something's collapsed; the Mayor clears them out of the way, trying to end the panic, and she tells Marco to help with the fire department so she may talk to Graham, who's standing with Emma. She tells "Miss Swan" that this is now official town business and that she's free to go, but Emma reveals that she's now a part of the town, to Regina's confusion. Graham tells her that Emma is now his deputy, and the Mayor seems annoyed that she's the last to know; he assures her that it's in his budget, but she remains indignant, merely telling Emma to make herself useful and help with crowd control. Emma looks to Graham, who nods, she then obliges to the Mayor's request. Regina looks angrily at Graham before going to give a speech to the crowd: "People of Storybrooke, don't be alarmed. We've always known this area was honeycombed with old mining tunnels, but fear not. I'm going to undertake a project to make this area safe..." Henry arrives on the scene with Archie while Regina continues with her speech, " rehabilitate it into city use. We will bulldoze it, collapse it, pave it." "Pave it?!" her son exclaims worriedly, emerging from the crowd, before pondering if something's down there. Regina is shocked to see him and asks him what he's doing there, but he merely persists to ask what's down in the mine. She assures him that there's nothing and tells him to step back, pushing him into doing so, and adds that all of the citizens currently around her should do the same. Once they do so, she leans down and picks up a shard of glass. She stares ominously at it before sliding it into her pocket.

105 06
What's she hiding?

Having seen this, Henry asks Emma what that was; however, his adoptive mother pulls him away from his biological one, iterating that where they are isn't safe and ordering that he go wait in the car. The Mayor then tells Emma and Graham to tape off the area and they go to do so; meanwhile, in the car, Henry looks to see if Regina is watching him before stepping out. He sees Dr. Hopper and beckons him, leading Archie to walk over to his patient, a little confused. Having heard this, Emma does the same, and Henry tells them that this requires all of Operation Cobra, therefore he needs both of them. Archie says that he didn't realize he was in Operation Cobra, but Henry tells him that of course he is, for he knows everything. The boy then turns to his two comrades - his birth mother and his therapist - and says that they can't let Regina do what she's doing for there might be something down in the mines. Emma assures that they're just some old tunnels, but Henry points out that they just so happened to collapse as soon as she got there. He tells her that she's changing things, weakening the curse, but she argues that that's not what's happening. He continues to insist otherwise, asking if she did anything different today to have made the collapse happen, and Emma clutches her badge. Regina then approaches, reminding her son that she told him to wait in the car. She walks up to the three of them and Henry leaves; she tells the Deputy to do her job, and Emma also walks away as the Mayor asks to have a word with Dr. Hopper.

105 07
Regina threatens Dr. Hopper

"Okay, we're done with this," Regina tells him, to his bewilderment, and she proceeds to make clear that she's talking about her son, saying that they need a new treatment plan because everything she does he thinks is part of some horrible plot. She points out that she can't cover up a safety hazard without making him think she's hiding something, asking how she could be hiding something in an old mine and how any of this could be logical to him. Archie replies that the boy as an imagination, and Regina blames the therapist for allowing it to run rapid; however, he believes it wrong to rip away what he's constructed, for he finds it better to use it to... He doesn't get to finish, because Regina interrupts him by exclaiming, "Sometimes I think you've forgotten! You work for me! You're an employee! And I can fire you... This is my town, and you will lose your office. Lose your house. I can cut you down until you're a tiny, shrunken, little creature; and this will be the only roof over your damn head!" She grabs his umbrella as this last part is threatened. Archie pauses, asking what the Mayor would like him to do, and she orders him to take the delusion out of her son's head and crush it. She violently hands him back his umbrella, leaving him morally conflicted.

Act II

105 08
Jiminy tries to convince his parents to be honest people.

In the fairytale land that was, villagers move around a small gypsy camp; Myrna, Jiminy's mother, steps out of their carriage and calls for her son who, now a fully grown man, steps out after her. She says that she remembers this place, commenting that it looks like it's been a good year, and Martin, Jiminy's father, adds that you can tell because of all the fat people, to his wife's amusement. As Myrna tries to reminisce about a past scheme, Jiminy asks his parents if they can just put on a show, telling them that they make enough as it is doing them and asks if they have to steal too. Martin says that they don't have to but it's nice; they steal from people and then those people steal from someone else. Myrna tells him that it's called an economy, and they're a vital part of it. Jiminy asks if he can leave and his parents seem fed up, this not being the first time he's asked, telling him that they're old and need him, before listing their several conditions. He is told to set up and he unhappily obliges.

105 09
Jiminy makes a new friend.

Later, it's raining heavily down on the gypsy village while Jiminy is setting up the show. "Puppets!" a young boy exclaims, telling Jiminy what a cool job he has. Jiminy doesn't reply, and the boy takes this to mean that he doesn't like it; he seems disappointed. Jiminy confirms that he does not, still setting up, and goes on to say that it's the same every year. The boy asks him why doesn't just do something else and Jiminy smirks, saying that this is just who he is. He asks if the boy came to watch them set up, but he reveals that he came to listen to the crickets. "Crickets?" Jiminy questions, then adding that he hasn't listened to the crickets in a while. Thunder is heard rumbling above, and he tells the child that he better head home or else catch a cold. "So will you," says the boy, "Here, have my umbrella. I don't live far." He hands his umbrella to Jiminy, who gratefully accepts it, and the boy soon runs away, covering his hat and promising he'll be back to see the show. Jiminy smiles.

105 10
Archie prepares to tell Henry what's what.

Archie sits in his office in Storybrooke, contemplating Regina's threat, when Marco walks in and greens his friend. He is asked by Archie what he's doing there and Marco reminds the therapist that they were supposed to meet for lunch. Archie apologizes, seeming rather panicked, and tells his friend that he's got another patient, suggesting that they meet another time. Marco accepts the offer before Henry rushes into the office; Marco tells him to have a good session before leaving, and once he does so the boy wonders if Archie is trying to recruit Geppetto for Operation Cobra. "You think Marco's Geppetto?" Archie questions, and Henry confirms it, pointing out that he's Jiminy Cricket's best friend just like Marco is his. Archie tells Henry that they really have to talk about all of that but Henry cuts him off, saying that he knows he doesn't believe him but he's aware of where he can get proof. The kid takes off his backpack and Archie looks through it, pulling out some candy bars and supplies and realizing where Henry is going: the mine. He warns him that he can't go down there, and Henry says that he realizes no one believes him but mentions that Emma's in town and stuff's happening - "I have to look at it." Archie grabs Henry's arms and lowers him down to the couch, telling him to stop. "There is no proof. Look, all of this, all of this is a delusion!" Archie exclaims, "Do you know what a delusion is?" he asks, and Henry says he thinks so; the therapist continues, "It's something that's not real, and not healthy. And I thought that you'd outgrow this but, Henry, you know, now it's turned into a psychosis, do you know what psychosis is? That's where you can no longer tell what's real! And if that continues, well... then they have to lock you away. Henry, look, this has to stop for your own good, you gotta wake up!... This nonsense must end." Once he's finished, Henry stares at his doctor with hurt in his eyes before getting up and storming out of the office, leaving Archie with tears of regret in his own eyes over what he has just said to his patient.

105 11
Mary Margaret doesn't know her own name.

Over at the hospital, Mary Margaret is holding a note pad with David's hangman word on it, trying to guess the letters. She guesses "M" and he tells her that there are two, adding them to the word with his pen. She laughs, and he asks her if she gets it yet; she affirms that she does and adds that she's completely mortified, for she almost got hanged on her own name, He tells her not to worry because he never would have let her hang; he would have added toes, a hate, maybe a horse, and Mary Margaret asks him if it's a game he played a lot before. He pauses before revealing that he does not know, but she assures him that it'll come back, reminding the patient that he's being sent him in a week which means that they have to think he's progressing. He points out that his progress is strictly physical, but she points out in turn that he's making new memories just fine. He wonders if he will like these ones better and Mary Margaret smiles, suggesting that they play again. "Can I guess too?" asks Kathryn, walking into the room; she is greeted awkwardly by Mary Margaret who says that it's noon already and she didn't realize. The teacher decides to leave and Kathryn wishes her a good day. Mary Margaret then leaves the room and David keeps one eye on her as Kathryn talks to him, opening a box of photographs and pulling one out to show David. She says that it's of their old dog, Ajax, and asks him if he remembers; David takes the photo and looks at it, saying, "Yeah... yeah, Ajax." Mary Margaret sees this response and grows disappointed, proceeding to sign out and leave the hospital.

105 12
Mary Margaret vents to Emma.

"I'm the worst person in the world!" Mary Margaret exclaims later in her apartment when making her and Emma a snack. "Really? In the whole world?" Emma questions, and her roommate comments that if Kathryn was horrible then it would be easier, but she's so nice. Emma asks what exactly would be easier, and the elementary school teacher realizes what her friend is catching onto, assuring her that it's nothing. "Nothing's a good idea. You're smart, you know it's not the best idea to get involved with a married man. It's not worth the heartache... trust me," Emma assures. Mary Margaret looks up at this, but there is a knock at the door and Emma gets up to answer it; it's Henry, and he's crying. "Kid, what happened?" Emma wonders, beckoning her son inside.

105 13
Emma learns from Regina that Henry is missing.

Archie is having a drink in his office, sat next to his dalmatian Pongo, when there is a sudden knock at his door. It's Emma. She calls for him but he doesn't answer and soon she merely walks in. She demands to know what he did, recalling that he told her not to take the fantasy away because it would devastate him, and he tells her that the therapy was not working. She asks if Regina was behind this, theorizing that she perhaps threatened the doctor, and Archie grows silent, thus confirming her query. Emma wonders what could be strong enough to drown one's own conscience, and he tells her that he doesn't have to confide his professional decisions to her. Emma's cell phone rings just as she is about to respond and she retrieves it from her pocket to answer. Emma greets Regina on the other line, sarcastically complimenting her on her nice work, and the Mayor asks the new Deputy if she's with "him". Emma confirms that she's with Dr. Hopper, adding that Regina left her finger prints all over him, but Regina reveals that she's talking about Henry, needing to know where he is. Emma reveals that she dropped Henry at Regina's office an hour ago, but Regina says that he's not there, to the blonde's worry. She admits that she doesn't know where he is before hanging up, and proceeds to notice Archie's guilt-ridden reaction. He admits that he knows where Henry will have gone.
Henry stands outside of the collapsed mine, determined. He soon walks forward and into one of the tunnels, ignoring all of the yellow tape telling him that he's in danger. He shines his flashlight into the tunnel and walks in further, determined to prove that the curse is real.


105 14
Rumplestiltskin gives Jiminy a potion that shall solve his problems.

In the fairytale land that was, Rumplestiltskin is spinning straw to gold at his wheel as he turns the material, Jiminy walks into the Dark Castle holding a bag of goods. Rumple giggles, thanking him very much as Jiminy displaces the goods upon the Dark One's table, to which he asks, "And the names?" Jiminy pulls some paper from his inside pocket, and Rumple eccentrically asks to whom these treasures belong. The paper is placed atop the goods and Rumple cuts a piece of gold thread, throwing it to Jiminy and telling him that it's a reward for his thievery. He then thanks him, telling him rather blatantly that he can go, and Jiminy begins to walk away... until Rumple has the out-loud realization that the thieves' son wants something else. Rumple places more golden thread into a dish, asking if he's correct and offering him something with magic. He pours some potion in with the gold thread, making it shine and fizz. Jiminy is hesitant, saying that every year he's stuck in that damn wagon, but he wants to be free and be someone else, and something keeps holding him back. Rumple asks if it's something or someone, hovering his hands over the potion, and Jiminy admits that it's his parents. Rumple turns the potion in the dish into a vial and hands it to Jiminy, telling him that it's exactly what he needs. Rumple explains that it will set him free and tells him to pour it; sprinkle it; put it in their drinks; anything will work. Jiminy goes to grab the potion but Rumple pulls it away from him, pointing out that he has nothing else to give him. "Tell you what, after the potion has... done its work, leave them where they are, and I'll come collect them. They'll be my fee," he offers. Jiminy asks what will become of them, but Rumple tells him to worry not because they'll be in safe hands, and he will be free. Jiminy accepts the potion after some initial hesitance and walks away with it.

105 15
Archie finds a clue (as well as yet another Lost reference).

At the entrance to the collapsed Storybrooke mine, Emma and Archie call out for Henry, in search of him. Pongo, Archie's dalmatian, runs across the crater and begins to sniff around the entrance, and his master asks him if he's found something. Emma says that she doesn't think he's there, but Archie assures that he is, picking something up from the entrance. "Candy bar," he says, showing Emma the wrapper and saying that Henry had them with him.
Within the abandoned mine, Henry is navigating it via torchlight. He makes his way down a tunnel along a mine cart track and turns a corner. Soon, Henry's walking through a further section of the mine, being cautious as he does so. He shines his torch upon a wall with a small crack in it; he walks closer to inspect the wall and pulls something from the dent - a shard of glass. He shines his torch upon the glass as he takes a closer look. There is soon a noise heard followed by large rumbling and the ground shakes, as does the whole mine. Henry begins to worry as small rocks begin to fall from the ceiling and he backs away. This then turns into a run when a whole segment of ceiling falls down and he begins to speed back through the tunnels.

105 16
Archie gets trapped in the mine.

Back up on the surface, Emma is attempting not to fall down the hill of the crater, thanks to the earth tremor, as Archie steadies himself on the fragments of the broken tunnel entrance. He calls out for Henry, worried, and begins to climb into the tunnel. Emma tries to warn him against it while still trying not to slide down the crater; however, she goes ignored and Archie walks into the mine anyway. Just as he does so, the entire entrance collapses and is blocked by rocks, emitting a large cloud of dust. This earth tremor stops and Emma runs to the entrance, calling out for Archie. Inside, Archie is okay; he grabs onto the edge of an old mine cart as the rubble settles. "Archie! Henry!" Emma exclaims, unable to get through. Inside again, Archie lights a match on the rim of the mine cart and uses it as a source of light. He picks his umbrella up and calls out for Henry, looking down the tunnel. His calls grow louder and, finally, he is reciprocated by Henry's own call of, "Archie?!" as he runs toward his therapist, startling him with the light of his torch. They're happy to see each other and Henry assumes that Archie's there to help him, but the doctor tells the boy that they need to vacate the place, leading him to believe that he's still agaisnt him. Archie assures him that there's no time for that, begging him to come with him, but Henry backs away from his former friend, assuring him that he'll soon believe him before running away. Archie begs him to return but he doesn't; he looks to the exit before deciding to chase his young patient through the tunnel.

Act IV

105 17
Jiminy prepares the "elf tonic".

In the fairytale land that was, Jiminy, Martin and Myrna step out of their wagon and approach a small cottage; the loud chirping of crickets is heard. As they approach the door, Jiminy turns to his parents in an attempt to reason with them, asking if they can't just skip this tonight because they don't need the money. His parents groan, and Myrna tells him that everything isn't about money, but rather, principle, and Martin adds that they have a commitment to excellence, with his wife adding further that their excellence is stealing money. His father then tells him to go ahead and take the "elf tonic" before laughing with his wife. Myrna knocks on the cottage's door and young a couple answer it, with Myrna, putting her act on, commenting that they're such beautiful old people. Jiminy reluctantly asks them if they have places in their hearts for an honest man and his elderly parents, and the man, Stephen, beckons them inside. His wife, Donna, then offers to heat up some broth, and Martin compliments their home. The door closes.
Soon, Jiminy and his parents are being served broth by the married couple and Jiminy thanks them, making Myrna scowl before returning to her act, saying that she just can't get "that family" out of her mind, and Martin adds that it was a terrible way to go. His wife shrieks and Donna asks what happened, at which Martin and Myrna look to one another and then back at her, saying the word "plague" simultaneously. The couple gasp and Myrna tells them that it's in the next town over and that they just passed through. Donna wonders if it's the plague and Myrna tells her that it's a plague certainly, with Martin warning that it could be crossing over to their hometown. Stephen asks if the elderly couple are okay and Martin reveals that they're immune because, as Myrna chimes in, they have elf tonic. "Made by elves, from elves," says Martin. "Four out of five court physicians recommend it," Myrna adds. "Fifth one died before he could try it," Martin finishes, and he and his wife laugh. Myrna asks Donna and Stephen if they have some, but the former worriedly reveals that they've never heard of it, to Myrna and Martin's pretend shock. Jiminy stoically adds, "Oh, no, you're going to die. You need elf tonic," and his parents lament not having extra; again, he adds monotonically that there is no extra, and Donna offers to pay for it. Martin says that they only have a tiny bottle that they need for themselves, and Stephen wonders what they could give them. Donna believes that surely there must be something they want, and Jiminy hangs his head. Myrna smiles, saying that she's sure they could come up with something as she and her husband look around the cottage's contents.

105 18
Pretty dollies.

Martin and Myrna are soon accepting a pile of gold coins from the couple before taking them and wrapping up a whole load of their goods in a blanket. Jiminy says nothing, while his mother says that they should be loading up; Martin slings the sack of goods over his shoulder and, as they leave, Jiminy approaches Donna and Stephen and hands them the bottle of "elf tonic". Stephen thanks him in all sincerity, accepting the vial, and Donna thanks him as well; Jiminy smiles before walking away, feeling guilty. He closes the door and, outside, his parents are loading up. He exclaims that those were good people who wold never hurt them like that, but Myrna points out that that's where they went wrong; Martin agrees that it's better to be the kind of people who take, and Myrna finishes, opposed to the people who are taken from. Jiminy contemplates something before retrieving a vial from his pocket: the one that Rumplestiltskin gave him. He holds the vial and stares at it as his parents continue to load up the wagon. "...I'm sorry..." he tells them. His mother looks at him in shock, and he says that they've given him no other choice. Clearly saddened by the situation, Jiminy throws the contents of the vial over his parents who scream in horror; however, nothing happens. Jiminy is surprised but his parents just smile. Myrna asks how frail their son thinks they are, and Martin points out that rain water won't hurt them. Jiminy is confused and his father tells him that he's pretty good at a switch of the hand, leading his son to realize that the vials were swapped. He turns to the house, "But this was the elf tonic..." he says. Martin, feigning worry, says that they must have given whatever Jiminy had to that family, and Myrna lies in saying that she hopes it wasn't dangerous. They giggle as Jiminy runs back to the cottage's door. He opens it and walks in, but there are no signs of people. He picks an opened bottle of potion from the floor before picking it up and realizing that it's all been drunk. He then turns to see to see two dolls, a man and a woman. Jiminy gasps, this having been what the potion did to them; he looks at their wooden faces and sees that they're holding hands; they appear to be screaming. Jiminy sits down in a panic and his parents walk in. His father appears amused while his mother points out that they'll make nice new puppets for the act. "Mama! Papa!" the young boy from earlier exclaims, running into the house with a pail of water in tow. He grows confused, wondering who's in his house, and then sees his parents in their horrific doll form. He grows distraught, turning to Jiminy and demanding to know what he did to them.

105 19
No. Way. Out.

Back in Storybrooke, in the mine, Archie walks around the corner cautiously, still calling out for Henry. He moves through the collapsed metal and shafts, umbrella in hand, and soon sees a the light of a torch. Realizing that it must be Henry, he runs toward it, saying that the kid has got to slow down. Henry is shining his flashlight down a small tunnel and comments that there's something shiny down there. Archie just warns him that where they are is seriously dangerous and that they have to get out, but Henry insists that the shiny object could be something and he wants to follow it. Archie exclaims that the boy look at him and the id obliges, hearing that his therapist is frightened for him. Henry asks if it's because he thinks his crazy, but Archie denies this; "It's because we are trapped underground in an abandoned mine... and there is no way out." Henry is stunned.

105 20
Another earth tremor ensues.

Up on the surface, Archie's dog Pongo barks next to Ruby, who's sitting on the hill of the crater among the townspeople who are all worried about the safety of Henry and his therapist. Regina looks annoyed at the dog and turns her attention back to what she was doing. Elsewhere in the crater, Emma is standing with Graham and Marco, who assures that Archie's smart and will keep the boy safe until they get to them. The three of them watch the rescue team slowly remove rocks and boulders which are blocking the entrance to the mine. There is suddenly another earth tremor and the three of them steady themselves; the rescue team retreat and Regina runs over, telling Emma that she's making it worse. The earth tremor ends. "I am trying to save him. You know he wouldn't have gone in the first place because of you because you made him feel like he had something to prove!" Emma exclaims. "Why does he think he has anything to prove? Who's encouraging him?!" Regina exclaims in turn, but Emma tells her not to assign the blame to her; Regina points out that the Deputy is lecturing her while their son's oxygen is running out, before walking away from her.

105 21
An elevator is discovered within the mines.

Down in the mine tunnels, Archie walks around a corner containing another old mine-cart and is soon followed by Henry, asking him if he hears something. Acknowledging the bark from above, Henry exclaims that it's Pongo, and the two of them begin to run along the tunnel.
On the surface again, Emma approaches Regina, saying that they have to stop this because arguing won't accomplish anything. The saddened Mayor turns to Emma and agrees with her. Emma asks Regina what she wants her to do, and Regina tells the Deputy to help her. Emma nods.
Down in the tunnels, Archie and Henry continue to venture and come across a sheet of metal blocking a doorway. Henry asks what it is and Archie removes the metal sheet, saying that it looks like an old elevator
Back up on the surface, Regina is still talking to Emma, "We need to find a way to... punch through the ground. We need something big." "Like what?" Emma asks. Marco suggests explosives.
In the tunnels, Archie and Henry inspect the elevator and the former says that it would have been used to get the mine workers in and out of the mines - "It goes all the way to the top, that's why we can hear Pongo." Henry asks Archie if it can be fixed and Archie steps out of the elevator, suggesting that they give it a shot.
On the surface, the townspeople have been held back by yellow tape as the rescue team sort out the explosives. "Okay," Emma declares, "We're all clear."
In the tunnels, Archie and Henry are in the elevator and the former is attempting to turn the wheel that moves them upwards. He isn't strong enough to do it alone as the elevator moves only a little, and so Henry runs over to help and the wheel begins to turn.

105 22
Mine go boom!

"Blow it," Regina orders up on the surface; the people kneel down, anticipating the explosion.
Underground, the elevator containing Archie and Henry is moving upwards at every turn of the wheel. They are slowly making their way to the top.
On the surface, a member of the rescue squad looks at the blocked entrance to the mine tunnels and holds a detonator, he soon presses it and the entrance blows open in a small, controlled explosion.
In the mine, the elevator stops as Archie and Henry are startled by the rumbling that comes along with the explosion above.
As the dust settles on the surface, the crowd stands up. Regina watches worriedly as Emma runs under the yellow tape and into the smoke. The town watches, waiting, and Regina asks if it worked. Emma reveals that it didn't work, to which Graham asks, "Then what did it do?" He turns to a panicked Regina.

Act V

105 23
Mary Margaret's done for the day.

Over at Storybrooke's hospital, Mary Margaret gathers her things before beginning to leave; however, she walks into David. He asks her where she's going, and she says she's going home because she's done for the day. She asks if he should be resting and he explains that as part of his physical therapy he's supposed to walk for thirty minutes a day on the treadmill. or outside with an escort. However, they're low on personnel due to what's happening at the mine. "Oh..." Mary Margaret says, vacantly, and he suggests that maybe there's a volunteer that's willing to help. She smiles in agreement.

105 24
David takes a romantic stroll with his volunteer.

Later, David and Mary Margaret are strolling together near a lake and the former tells his escort that he's trying to remember the place - "It's like I woke up in some strange land," he tells her. She wonders if anything's coming back but he shakes his head, leading her to ask if things are better when he's with Kathryn, recalling that he remembered his dog. David admits that he lied, surprising the teacher very much. He explains that Kathryn's so loving that he doesn't want to disappoint her, but not much of what she says feels right. He wonders who would even name a dog "Ajax" and Mary Margaret laughs. David continues in saying that none of it makes sense or feels real, and she comments that that sounds lonely. He amends himself to say that one thing does feel real: "You." She is taken aback, and he says that he knows it's crazy, but she's the one thing in this whole place that feels right. This makes her smile and she begins to lean in to him. "Kathryn," he says, to which Mary Margaret agrees, "Right." However, David was actually addressing Kathryn. He greets her as she arrives on the scene and she explains that she knows it's outside of visiting hours but she just wanted to see him. She hands him a basket and explains that she made some cranberry muffins, for they used to be his favorite, and he accepts it. Mary Margaret stands awkwardly by and says that she should leave the to of them. David makes sure to say that he'll see her tomorrow and she smiles before continuing to walk away.

105 25
A shaft is found.

At the recently exploded mine crater, Regina runs out from behind the yellow tape and asks the demolition team what happened. She begins to yell as Emma runs up to her, and adds that they could have killed her son. Emma says that she knows but that this isn't helping, and Marco points out that if they knew exactly where they were then they could drill down to them. Pongo barks from inside the nearby firetruck as Marco continues and Emma goes to let the dog out; the dalmatian begins to sniff the ground in search of his owner. He stops at a particular piece of ground, and Emma deduces that he's found something. Regina becomes hopeful and Emma says that that must be where Archie and Henry are. They wonder what it is and Graham and Marco move dirt and grass from a wooden square blocking something; they then remove the wood to reveal a grate in the ground. "What is that?" Emma wonders. "It's an air shaft," Graham reveals.

105 26
Archie and Henry are stuck.

Down in the tunnels, Henry shines his torch to the roof of the elevator before sitting down with Archie. He tells the teary-eyed therapist that he's really sorry, but Archie assures him that it's alright. Henry says he just wanted to find proof, but Archie continues to say that it really is alright, adding that he too is sorry. He then admits that he doesn't think the kid is crazy, it's just that he's got a very strong mother and she's got a very clear idea about the path he should be on and if he were to jump off that path then she'd get scared; and, as he knows, that's natural, but it's also natural for him to be free and think the things he wants to think. He apologizes for the things he said to him, and Henry wonders why he said them in the first place; Archie says that he's just not his own person; he's not the man he wants to be. Suddenly, the elevator rumbles and shakes madly due to yet another earth tremor.

105 27
The grate is lifted.

On the surface, a hook is placed onto a bar of the air shaft's grate as well as several tools being welded under it and shifting it out of the ground. They manage to get it out of the earth and pull it upwards with the hook, putting it to one side of the hole now in the ground. Regina, Emma and Graham look down into the air shaft and the Mayor asks what's next.
In the mine's elevator, Henry breaks the silence, telling his therapist that he thinks he can be a good person since his Jiminy Cricket. Archie points out that Jiminy Cricket as a cricket - a conscience - and he doesn't really think that's him. Henry reveals that before he was that he was a guy who took a long time to figure out the right thing to do. Archie agrees that that sounds like him, and Henry says that now it's harder for him because of the curse, telling him that he can be what he wants to be. There is another earth tremor and the stuck elevator rumbles and shakes again, shocking Archie and Henry. The tremor ends and Archie looks at patient.

105 28
"He's my son, too..."

Marco attaches the hook to a harness and says that it will be able to lower someone down the shaft. Regina orders them to lower her down, but Emma insists that it be her. "He's my son," says Regina, to which the Deputy replies, "He's my son, too..." Regina is speechless and Emma points out that, unlike her, the Mayor has been sitting behind a desk for ten years; "I can do this." Regina moves in closer to Emma, telling her to just bring Henry to her, and Emma smiles as she starts being prepared to be lowered down. A saddened Regina turns away.

Act VI

105 29
Saved by the umbrella.

Some pebbles fall onto the roof of the elevator containing Archie and Henry. Archie wonders if he can ask Henry something and Henry wonders in turn what it is, allowing his therapist to talk on: "Why do you think it's so important that your... your fairytale theory is true?" Henry shrugs, not knowing, and Archie tells him to have a try. Henry, after handing Archie a candy bar, explains that this can't be all there is, and Archie understands. Henry says that he wanted proof but didn't find anything; however, Archie assures him that that's not true, reminding the boy that he, Archie, was lost, and Henry found him. Henry wrongly interprets this to mean that he remembers, but Archie denies this, saying that he merely remembers what kind of person he wants to be. Henry smiles and there is suddenly lots of noise in the air shaft above the elevator. A light is shone through the roof, and Henry asks what it is as minor rocks fall. Archie says that it's rescue, the two of them standing up, and Emma, who's hanging above the elevator, suspended by a harness and carrying a torch, asks if the two of them are okay. Archie confirms that they are and the blonde steps onto the elevator's edge, lifting the grated roof from the top and placing it to one side. Archie lifts Henry out of the elevator and into Emma's arms; she grabs her son stably but there is another earth tremor, and Archie exclaims that the elevator isn't safe - "It's gonna fall!" he yells from within it. "Archie, I'm sorry!" Emma cries as rocks fall down, but he assures her that it's okay. Emma calls out for him as the lift drops back down the shaft. However, Archie is soon shown hanging onto Emma's harness by the hook of his umbrella handle, and she smiles at this, as does Henry. The three of them begin to be lifted to safety.

105 30
Henry and Archie make it to safety.

Thanks to the effort of the team above, Emma and Henry are safely pulled out of the air shaft. Marco pulls an umbrella from the shaft and after it - Archie - and the townspeople cheer for the rescue. Regina hugs Henry who seems to want to stay with Emma; however, he is pulled away. Emma is then helped to her feet by Graham and Archie is helped to his by Marco. The best friends hug as Emma runs over to Henry and asks him if he's okay. "Deputy, you can clear the crowd away," Regina tells her, rather bluntly, and Emma seems to hold back her anger at this. Regina walks over to Archie and thanks him, while he tells her that he has something to say. "I'm gonna continue to treat Henry, and I'm gonna do it my own way.", Regina is taken aback by this, saying that her relief at his safety doesn't change a thing; "You will do as I say or-" "Or what? You'll ruin my life? You'll do your worst? Because I will always do my best," Archie promises. The Mayor warns him not to test him, but he says that he doesn't need to because she'll leave him alone and let him do his work in peace. She wonders why that is, and Archie points out that, someday, she may find herself in a custody battle, and the way in which the court determines who is a fit parent is by consulting a professional - particularly one who has treated and child - and so he suggests that she think about that and allow him to do his work and let him do it the way his conscience tells him to. He walks away from a now angered Regina.

105 31
Meet Jiminy, the cricket.

In the fairytale land that was, Jiminy walks out among a field and his attention is caught by a blue star in the sky. "...I wish..." he utters, closing his eyes and turning around, "I wish..." Jiminy opens his eyes and next to him appears the Blue Fairy who flies toward him. She says that she hears his wish but that he doesn't need to wish it so loudly. He smiles in response, but the fairy tells him that his wish is not possible, for she cannot bring back the boy's parents. Jiminy seems disappointed and goes on to say that it's his fault and that he has to make it right and that he would give his life to make it happen. Blue tells him that what's done is done, but there may be another way; Jiminy is intrigued. He begs her to tell him, and the fairy explains that the little boy will grow up to face many challenges, asking if Jiminy wants to help him. He explains that he can't get away from his parents Martin and Myrna because they're a part of who he is, and the fairy asks him what he'd like to be if he didn't want to be like that anymore. Jiminy takes note of the chirping of the crickets and Blue assures him that she hears his wish, proceeding to close her eyes and work her magic. She waves her wand and in a flash of blue light, Jiminy becomes a cricket who flaps his wings and lands upon the fence post. The Blue Fairy asks him how he feels, the Jiminy Cricket chirps a chirp meaning, "Free." "Go find the boy, he will live as many years as you need to help him. Just find him." Jiminy Cricket chirps another chirp meaning, "How will I? I don't even know his name." The Blue Fairy reveals that his name is Geppetto, and Jiminy Cricket stomps his little umbrella.

105 32
Emma and Henry discuss Marco and Archie.

In Storybrooke, at the mine crater, Emma and Henry are looking at Archie and Marco who are happily socializing. Emma asks if that's Archie's father, but Henry says that they're just old friends. Emma places her hand on Henry's, telling her son that he really scared her, and he apologizes. Archie, Marco and Pongo then approach them, and Emma greets them as "gentlemen", before beckoning Henry to come along because his mother wants to take him home. "Hey, listen," says the boy, taking notice of the sound of all of the chirping crickets. "Crickets," Archie realizes, and Henry seems happy that they're back. He then turns to Emma and points out that things are changing.

105 33
Mr. Gold has obtained some familiar items.

Over at Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer, Mr. Gold is seen in the background before he walks through his shop whilst doing so, he walks past two wooden dolls - Donna and Stephen.

Mary Margaret is seen walking through a hospital hallway with papers in her hands. She walks over to a desk and takes a glance at the papers; it is revealed to be a letter of resignation. She stares at the letter and places it into a pigeon hole, this resigning as a hospital volunteer.

105 34
Snow White's glass coffin.

Back at the mine crater, Archie, Marco, Graham and Emma are celebrating together, as are the rest of the townspeople, while Regina is seen walking among them, alone. She stares at the grate covering the air shaft and makes sure no one is looking before taking the shard of glass from earlier from out of her pocket and inspecting it. She drops it and it falls down the grate, down the air shaft and is finally seen landing on top of Snow White's glass coffin, which has been hidden in the mine, broken.

Deleted Scenes

"Blood is Thick"

105 DS 01
Martin and Myrna blackmail Jiminy.

Martin and Myrna's carriage is seen trekking through the forest with the two parents steering it at the front. Jiminy walks along beside them, looking guilty. Suddenly, he turns around and yells at his parents that he quits because of what happened to the little boy. However, Martin states that the child will go to a lovely orphanage and he's be fine. Jiminy says the boy isn't fine and then tells his parents to go and drive away, before walking away himself. Myrna stops him by saying he doesn't understand, and Martin adds that they can have him locked up for what he did to the boy, "And what you tried to do to us" Myrna adds. She says that the potion can be traced back to Rumplestiltskin. Martin tells his son that he'll live his life in a cell, "Or in the woods on the run. No roof except that umbrella" Myrna snarls. Martin states that you can't quit a family, to which Myrna adds is why they forgive him. Martin tells his son that they're where he comes from, and where he'll end up. His mother tells him to get in the back and remember who he is, their son, just like them. The two cackle and continue to travel in their carriage. A sad Jiminy looks on as they move.


105 Title Card
  • The title card features Rumplestiltskin's spinning wheel.
  • Emma asks Henry if Marco is Archie's father; however, Emma had briefly met Marco in the pilot and learnt that he was a childless widower.
  • Henry carried in his backpack Apollo candy bars, the same brand of chocolate regularly seen in Lost, which was found in the basis headquarters for the DHARMA initiative.


This episode was written by consulting producer Jane Espenson and directed by Paul Edwards, marking the 1st said credits for both with the series.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actor Raphael Sbarge noted that they wanted to reveal the back story behind Jiminy Cricket's past and why he plays an important part in the series: "I guess this is similar to Lost in that they have a large ensemble and what they do is that they take a few characters and they kind of take them, effectively on a deep dive," and added that "That deep dive is able to really open up that whole world."[1] Sbarge also noted, "When the script arrived for the Jiminy Cricket episode, I read it and then I put it down and then I had a moment of panic, because you feel kind of like, 'Oh... ' You're treading into people's imaginations and stuff and that's powerful and potentially... I mean there's no place to hide. It's like, 'Here I am!'... [but] they cast me for a reason because there are some qualities in me that they obviously recognize for the story they want to tell."[2]



The ratings for this episode were down a bit when compared to the previous airings, possibly due to the 2-week break between airings, due to it being the Thanksgiving episode, which came with an NFL Football game overrun that resulted in CBS pushing 60 Minutes back in the eastern and the central time zones and the American Music Awards that aired the previous week. The episode's ratings slipped 11% to place a 3.4/8 among 18-49s and a score of 5.9/8 overall, with 10.7 million viewers tuning in. It ranked third in its timeslot, behind Football Night in America and 60 Minutes on CBS, but ahead of The Simpsons on FOX.[3][4]


  • Amy Ratcliffe of rated this episode an 8/10, commenting: "Jiminy Cricket wins the prize for the most touching backstory so far on Once Upon a Time. The transformation of Dr. Hopper was moving, and this episode maybe felt the most like a fairytale of the stories we've seen so far. I'd even use the word magical. It was a delight to watch him find his feet." [5] In addition to this, Christine Orlando of gave this episode a 4.3/5, which was the same average rating of the site's community. [6]
  • Barbara Barnett of was also positively critical of this episode, commenting: "I really enjoyed this week's episode. Jane Espenson’s quick-paced script lends a slightly surreal tone to Jiminy’s story, with its rapid-fire dialogue zapping quickly between the characters. It grants the story within the story a larger-than-life feel, perfect for its fairy tale context". [7]
  • Oliver Sava of offered more negative criticism to the episode, particularly the performance of actor Jared S. Gilmore as Henry Mills: "There's a giant hole in the middle of Once Upon A Time this week, a huge, sinking crater that holds the keys to the show's secrets but also threatens to collapse the series. You've probably already figured out that I'm talking about Henry, because he's really awful, yet somehow hugely important to the plot of this show. "That Still Small Voice" puts all of Jared S. Gilmore's flaws on displays, and while there’s a still, small voice in me that says it's not right to shit on a kid's performance on a TV series, I can't deny that there’s an intense urge to fast-forward all his scenes." However, Sava was delighted that former Buffy the Vampire Slayer executive producer/writer Jane Espenson penned the episode. The community grade for this chapter of the series, however, was a "C". [8]


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