Strange Case
Once Upon a Time 6x04
October 16, 2016
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"Strange Case" is the 115th episode of Once Upon a Time.


Hyde and the Evil Queen continue on their quest to steal Dr. Jekyll's serum, while Snow looks forward to her first day back as a school teacher and Emma looks forward to Hook moving in with her. Hook, however, finds himself trying to protect Belle from Mr. Gold, who has made sure his wife can't leave the confines of the Jolly Roger. Back in the past, Rumplestiltskin helps Jekyll complete his formula to separate a man's personality into two halves - good and evil - but his help comes with a hefty price.


Previously on Once Upon a Time...

Jekyll dabbles with formulas outside the crashed dirigible, trying to replicate his infamous serum, while Regina clarifies if his little science experiment can really tell them how the Evil Queen is still alive, and how to destroy her. ("The Other Shoe") Snow moans to David that she just wants things to be normal again, then delving into how she liked teaching. ("The Other Shoe") In his cell, Hyde tells the Queen that information is a tall order to fill from in there, and so she vanishes his cuffs and takes a walk with him outside. The two are then seen escaping, arm-in-arm. ("The Other Shoe") Rumple makes a portal back to Storybrooke for he and Belle, only for her to tell him that, while she will go back, she's not making a home with him. ("The Savior")


604 01
The Dark One tires of the man in the mirror.

Rumple's eyes are shown, greatly enlarged, as he stares through a magnifying glass down at a pocket watch he's repairing at the counter of his shop. A pair of pliers rest in one hand, to keep the object steady, while a pair of tweezers are worked in the other, with the Dark One trying his best to tinker with the device in front of him. However, it soon drops from his grip, and in his frustration he's just left staring at his own reflection in the nearby mirror. After taking a brief look at himself, he turns away as though disappointed, and then his hands reach for a pair of scissors that are also resting on the counter. He picks them up and inspects them, as though contemplating something, and then back at the mirror. Whatever his decision, it seems this makes up his mind. He proceeds to charge, scissors in tow, into the backroom of his shop, leaving his menial repair task behind.

604 02
The Queen approves of Rumple's new look.

When he emerges, his hair is noticeably shorter, cropped close to his scalp as opposed to hanging down in curtains like before. "Well," comes a familiar voice, and Rumple turns to see the Evil Queen fondling a crystal apple on display, "Look who cleans up nice." She seems to approve of his new look, flirtatiously stating that it highlights his eyes, but he is only indignant towards her, approaching the wicked monarch and taking the crystal apple out of her grip as he makes clear that he's closed. The Queen believes that, for her, he can make an exception, and then she steps closer so as to caress Gold's face with her hand, questioning his reasons behind the change in hairstyle. Gold grabs her by the wrist to cease this uncomfortable physical contact and tells her that his reasons are his business, at which yet another familiar voice comments, "Changing your appearance can't help you." Rumple turns again, this time to see Mr. Hyde; he emerges from the shadowy corner of the shop as he continues in saying that the Dark One can change the outside, but what's inside is still there.

604 03
Seems Hyde can't be killed.

The proprietor orders these two serum-based intruders to get out, only for Hyde to say that he will in due time, for right now he's looking for something he believes Mr. Gold to have there - an old cameo necklace. Rumple knows the one he means, and so Hyde tells him to give it to him. "And what would you be giving me in return?" Rumple wants to know, but Hyde, stepping closer, makes clear that he'd be offering him nothing. He seems very self-assured in the audacity of this, even preparing to add on to his reply, but he's soon unable to do so because a very fed up Rumple simply outstretches his arm and starts to strangle the villainous warden with his magic. Hyde is forced to his knees, choking all the while, but through his strains he suddenly starts to laugh, and the Evil Queen cackles alongside him while Rumple just looks confused. The latter demands to know why Hyde won't die, and the Queen joyfully states that he can't be killed, just like Regina couldn't kill her. So, unless Rumple would like to spend the rest of his days choking him...

604 04
Trouble awaits Belle.

Finally, the Dark One relents, and Hyde is able to breathe again. He coughs profusely as he gets to his feet, then regaining his composure and placing a hand on Gold's shoulder. Again, he mentions the necklace, but then he turns around and sees it on display not far away, and so he goes to retrieve it. With it now in tow, he comments that it has great meaning to him, only for the pawnbroker to say that it now belongs to him. "Not anymore," Hyde assures, "I'm taking it. And you're letting me because that's how our deal works. You won't stop me. These stories, they're going to play themselves out, whether you like it or not. Oh, and I sense you may not." Hyde prepares to leave upon stating all of this, but Rumple demands to know what he's talking about, saying that if it's Belle then the Queen promised not to touch her. The Queen recalls this, turning to Hyde and telling him that she won't hurt the bookworm because she and Rumple have a deal. "But we don't," Hyde points out, in reference to himself and Gold, and the Queen looks excited as she exits the shop hand-in-hand with her fellow doppelganger. Rumple, on the other hand, looks entirely livid, and worried for his wife's safety.


Act I

604 05
A Charming family breakfast.

An array of pancakes are seen having been lain out on Emma's kitchen table while David, who's apparently cooked all of these, slides some more onto his daughter's plate. Snow is nearby, holding Neal, while the blonde says that she's usually only lucky enough to get a lukewarm cup of coffee on her way to work. David asks if a father can't cook for his daughter, proceeding to move the pots and pans over to the sink, and Emma responds that sure he can, it's just that she's the savior and not a Romanian power lifter - and so she doesn't need the sheer amount of food that he's prepared for her. He just tells her to enjoy the breakfast, giving her a kiss on the forehead, and eventually she comments that this is about Hook. "No," her father responds, at which his wife says, "David..." and he feels forced to admit the truth: with Hook moving in, things are going to be different and Emma's parents aren't going to see her as much. Emma promises that Killian being there is not going to change anything and that David can come cooking breakfast for her whenever she wants, though these leftovers she has here will probably last the next month or so. As this is said, Henry can be seen hightailing his way down the stairs in his school uniform, and Snow approaches her husband to tell him that all's good because things are getting back to normal. Henry asks his grandmother if she's ready for her first day back at school and, indeed, she is.

604 06
Hyde's escape is made known.

She hands Neal over to his father, preparing to walk out the door, but before she has a chance to do so the house is entered by both Regina and Jekyll. Snow comments that this can't be good and Regina tells her fellow heroes that they need to talk. David, emerging from the kitchen, promises his wife that, whatever this is, he and Emma will take care of it, and he encourages Snow to get to school along with Henry. "Remember: back to normal." With this in mind, Snow and Henry decide to ignore the drama and just leave, while Emma asks Regina and the doctor what's wrong, wondering if the latter shouldn't be in the lab working on the potion. First off, Jekyll comments that it's technically a serum, and then he reveals that there's been a complication. "It's Hyde. He's escaped," Regina finally lets loose, with Jekyll explaining that he was in the lab until early morning and when he returned to his room at Granny's Bed & Breakfast he found this... He holds up the same cameo necklace stolen from Gold's shop by Hyde, and he tells the heroes that it belonged to a woman he cared deeply for. Hyde knew, and he's trying to taunt him with it. Emma says that they need to get him back to the lab, for now not only do they need the serum to defeat the Evil Queen, but they also need it to finish Hyde. Jekyll takes this declaration on board.

604 07
Jekyll is introduced to the prestigious father of his beloved Mary.

Jekyll, in flashback, turns to stare out the window at Victorian England - apparently the realm in which he used to live. Buildings such as the Big Ben clock tower establish this as being London, but Jekyll soon grows distracted from the view when an even better one comes strolling into his laboratory: the lovely Mary, who's sporting the very same cameo necklace currently in the doctor's possession in the present. As she fixes his bow tie, which juxtaposes nicely against his lab coat, he tells her that he can't thank her enough for arranging this, and that he can't even begin to tell her how much it means to him. Sensing that he's nervous, though, Mary assures that he needn't be, for her father is going to love his work, and Jekyll tries to bear this in mind as said father also enters the laboratory. "Mary, there you are," says the familiar Dr. Lydgate, happy to see his daughter, and the two of them greet one another. Lydgate then acknowledges Dr. Jekyll and asks what it is that's so important that he had to be pulled away from scotch and cards at the academy, and Jekyll requests to be allowed to show him.

604 08
Dr. Lydgate refuses to involve Henry with the academy.

He leads his fellow doctor over to his lab equipment nearby, which contain a confusing myriad of substances, and then he holds up a vial of blue liquid. The serum. He explains that, once perfected, it should be capable of separating a man's personality in two, and dividing the higher more noble aspects of his nature from the primitive beast of which every man is born. Lydgate comments that this is intriguing, while Jekyll implores him to imagine what it would be like if man were in control of the beast within, rather than slave to it. His superior asks him how he can be certain his serum wouldn't make things worse, only for Mary to assure that it can't get any worse for Henry's patients - for that is Dr. Jekyll's name: Henry - who are no hope at all. "Dr. Lydgate, if I had the scientific academy behind my back..." Jekyll starts, only for Lydgate to cut him off, realizing that that's what this is about - he wants him to grant him membership to the academy. Unfortunately, he can't offer it, for Jekyll's work is dangerous. Both Jekyll and Mary seem disappointed by this, and then the latter's father bids the doctor a good evening, before beckoning his daughter to come with him.

604 09
Rumplestiltskin comes to help.

"I'm sorry, Henry," is all Mary can say before going after her father, and then Jekyll is left alone with nothing but his frustration. As such, he takes a glass beaker from the equipment and throws it into the fireplace, where it smashes violently. He then heads on over to the window, wanting to calm himself down, and yet another familiar voice comments, "Looks like someone's lost control of his inner beast." It is none other than Rumplestiltskin, who has appeared within the lab, and Jekyll demands to know who he is and how he got in there. The Dark One gives one of his old signature giggles as he assures it doesn't matter, then saying that what does matter is, unlike that blowhard Lydgate, he is there to help them. He straightens the doctor's bow tie as he says this, to the latter's surprise, and then he demands to know why this disturbing stranger would want to help him. Rumple only gives a half explanation, saying that he has invested interest in Jekyll's work, and he asks him if he wants to get into that club or not. Jekyll, seeing as the Dark One begins inspecting his lab, wonders how he's supposed to do this, and Rumple, clutching a magnifying glass, asks the doctor if he ever stopped to consider that what he thinks of as weakness is really strength.

604 10
With his serum now complete, Jekyll is convinced to try some.

Perhaps using that serum to get in touch with his deepest desires is exactly what he needs. Jekyll seems doubtful of this, saying that even if Rumple is right, the serum isn't finished because he can't get the active particles to suspend correctly. Suddenly, however, Rumple waves his hand and makes the active particles suspend correctly, and Jekyll is utterly mesmerized by his now complete serum. "All science needs is a little magic," the Dark One states, then maniacally exclaiming, "Congratulations, dearie, you're a genius!" Another giggle later, Rumple comments that all that's left to do is to get that pretty friend of Jekyll's to finally notice him, and Jekyll, still marveling at the serum, asks if Rumple means Mary. "Ooh, she's right within your grasp. The question is: how far are you willing to go to get what you want?" With this in mind, Jekyll finally uncorks the serum and downs a large swig, and Rumple appears utterly delighted as the doctor starts to scream and keel over in pain as his "worse half" starts to come out.

604 11
Hook gifts Belle with a convenient artifact.

In the present, Hook is showing Belle a chest he has packed aboard the Jolly Roger, saying that that's everything, and she supposes that, given how little he's taking with him, there won't be any fights over closet space with Emma. Hook explains that a sea-faring life doesn't call much for possessions which, speaking of, he has something to give her because he's leaving; he opens up the chest and Belle grows curious as to what it is, and soon she is handed a large conch shell which Hook assures is a bit of mermaid magic. It's how they stay in touch beneath the sea, and if Belle's in trouble all she has to do is call into it and Hook will hear her using the smaller shell on his necklace, for the two are connected. Belle sees this as clever, thanking Killian, while Mr. Gold comments that he always thought the captain went down with the ship as he steps onto the deck. Hook greets the Dark One as "crocodile", moving to shield Belle, but the beauty assures her pirate protector that it's okay, and she asks Rumple why he's there. He claims to be there to protect her - and their unborn son - but she fires back that the only one they need protection from is him. "Well I'm afraid that's not the case," her husband makes clear, "Hyde has escaped, and since he wants to use you as leverage against me, I have to make sure he can't do that again."

604 12
For her protection, Rumple takes to entrapping Mrs. Gold.

Belle wonders why Hyde would care anything about her, wanting to know what it is that Rumplestiltskin did to him, but Gold can't bring himself to say. "Of course, why would you tell me?" his wife nods, "You know what? I don't care. I've got friends who can protect me, you... can just go." "You heard the lass," Hook chimes in, and Rumple says that if she wants him to go then fine, but first... He proceeds to wave his hand and cause a force field to materialize around the circumference of the ship. Hook asks what the devil he just did and Rumple explains that he cast a protection spell on this barnacle-encrusted heap, one which will prevent Hyde coming aboard to hurt Belle - and also make it impossible for Belle to leave. Belle is naturally displeased by this, attempting to chase after her husband when he vacates the ship, but she is blocked by the magical barrier he just put in place, and she grows distraught because of it. She begins to rage, screaming that he can't just lock her in a case like one of his objects, but he points out that apparently he can, assuring that one day she'll thank him for it as he just leaves to go about his business. Belle remains both trapped and enraged.

Act II

604 13
Snow is back, but things have changed.

With Henry at her side, Snow can be seen reentering the busy halls of Storybrooke's local public school, with the former commenting to his grandma how nice it is to have her back. She says it's like she never left, apparently viewing everything as the same, and then Violet emerges from a nearby classroom - decked out in a school uniform of her own - and bids Henry good morning. As he is apparently her boyfriend, she greets him properly with a kiss on the cheek, and Snow awkwardly realizes, "That's different." Amused, Henry tells her that he hopes she has a good day, and she extends the same sentiment to him before he heads on into the classroom with his lady friend. Continuing down the halls, Snow then accidentally bumps into a woman passing her by, who apologizes profusely. The princess assures her that it's fine while the woman says that she thinks she's lost; she asks Snow if she knows where Room 20 is and Snow reveals that that's in fact her classroom. Upon hearing this, the woman realizes that she's Snow's new teacher's aid, and as such she introduces herself as Shirin. Shaking Shirin's hand, Snow recalls that she's from the Land of Untold Stories like the students, and then she adds how nice it is to meet her and introduces herself in turn.

604 14
Meet Shirin, the new teacher's aid.

Shirin is taken aback to be in the presence of Snow White, asking what a princess like her is doing working there as a teacher, and Snow tells her that it's complicated. She asks the new arrival how much she knows about the curse that created Storybrooke but Shirin knows very little, and so Snow gives her the "short" version: she didn't always know she was a princess; well, she did, and then she didn't, and then she did again, but when she didn't, she was a teacher, and, even though she curse is long gone, she realized she loved teaching. Shirin views this as very admirable but supposes that she shouldn't be surprised. After all, this is Snow White she's talking to, and her reputation precedes her. "Oh, yes it does," Snow chuckles, then walking with her teacher's aid as the bell rings and she announces that they should get started. As they begin to stroll the halls together, she casually asks if Shirin has ever built a birdhouse, in-keeping with the lessons we've seen her teach in the past.

604 15
Emma gets the lowdown.

In the garage of Dr. Whale, or rather, the makeshift laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein, the heroes can be seen congregating around a surface - apparently deep in discussion - while Emma stands with her phone nearby. She tells the person on the other end that she'll be in contact as soon as they get to Hyde, then hanging up and alerting her comrades that that was Hook, who just informed her that Gold trapped Belle on the Jolly Roger with some kind of protection spell because he thinks Hyde's coming after her. Jekyll expresses confusion at something going on with the Dark One's wife, for he thought she was under a sleeping curse, at which Regina comments that it's always out of one prison and into another with her. David doesn't get why Hyde would go after her and Emma says that they need to speed this up, asking Jekyll if he's close with the serum. Jekyll is afraid to admit he's hit a bit of an impasse, and David asks about Gold, with Jekyll asking in turn if the heroes really think he'd be willing to help them.

604 16
Grumpy ain't no errand boy.

Emma recalls how Jekyll told them Rumple helped him finish the original serum, plus he wants Hyde gone as much as they do, and then she asks if Regina thinks she could talk to him. She agrees to do so, while Emma says that she and her dad with track down the Evil Queen and Hyde; as she says this, she picks up the electronic weapon fashioned to subdue him the first time round, and she tells Jekyll to call them when the serum's ready before heading out of the garage. David tells Leroy and Doc, who've been there the entire time, to keep an eye on things at the lab, at which Leroy assures that they've been keeping an eye on things since the day they hatched. "Wonderful," Jekyll exclaims as the others begin filing out, "I was hoping someone would make a run to Granny's for a mutton sandwich. And, uh, extra pickles." Leroy turns to him at this, enraged, and yells that dwarfs aren't errand boys. Jekyll assures that it helps him think, and so Leroy angrily states, "It better. Or you're gonna see my dark side!" And then he heads on out, to Jekyll's bemusement.

604 17
Mr. Hyde makes his debut.

Back in time, a horse-drawn carriage can be seen going past a rather extravagant mansion, and then we're taken inside where a doorman greets Rumplestiltskin and his friend - the man whom, in the present, we know as Mr. Hyde. Right now, though, he is simply the unnamed dark side of Dr. Jekyll, and, as they step into the mansion's foyer, Rumple asks him if he's ready for his debut. He says he doesn't feel like the same man, and then he catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror, adding that he doesn't look like him either. The Dark One comments that that's because he's not the same man; in fact, he's not a man at all. He's part of a man. The parts, scars and all that Jekyll wanted to hide from the world. "As a matter of fact, maybe that's what you should call yourself. Mr. Hyde." And with that, Jekyll's serum-self has a name, and before long the grand double doors to the mansion's main space are being opened so that he may enter the party there beyond. It certainly seems to be an exquisite affair, with a multitude of high-end Victorian guests speaking with those of a similar standing, and then Hyde spots Dr. Lydgate conversing with his daughter Mary across the room. He approaches them slowly, nervously looking around as he does so, and then he addresses Dr. Lydgate directly, at which Lydgate asks if they've met.

604 18
Hyde blackmails a membership out of Lydgate.

Mary, meanwhile, seems immediately rather taken with Hyde, who informs the doctor that he's there on the behalf of a mutual friend: Dr. Jekyll. He introduces himself as Mr. Hyde, and Mary, intrigued, says she doesn't believe Henry's ever mentioned him. "Hasn't he? He certainly mentioned you, and for good reason. You must be Mary," Hyde responds flatteringly, and Mary hardly seems to mind extending her arm for him to kiss her hand. Lydgate then suggests that his daughter leave to go get their uninvited guest a drink, and Mary agrees to do so, eyeing Hyde up as she goes. Hyde and Lydgate are then left alone, and the latter says that if this is about Dr. Jekyll's membership to the academy then he's already told him "no". And, if he thinks sending some ruffian will change his mind... At this, Hyde reveals that that's exactly what Jekyll thinks, then adding that he told him the story of Lydgate and his new lab assistant. He then points her out across the room and comments on her beauty, as well as the fact that she's young enough to be his daughter. "Now that's a story I imagine you would like to keep hidden, but I'm sure Mrs. Lydgate would be very interested in hearing it. Or Mary, for that matter. Look, here comes Mary now." As his daughter approaches, Lydgate starts to accept that he's going to have to give in to Hyde's blackmail.

604 19
Two halves, together again.

Jekyll, in the present, is hard at work in the lab when Leroy approaches with a bagged lunch from Granny's Diner, grumpily dropping it onto the counter at which the doctor snidely comments, "Excellent." The dwarf then says that, unless Jekyll needs a back rub or a foot massage, he'd like to get back to doing what dwarfs do best. Jekyll wonders what this even is and Leroy valiantly explains that they're the kingdom's guards. Its protectors. The mighty wall between chaos and calm. "Excellent," another person comments, "Because chaos is here." As Doc so rightfully exclaims, it's the Queen, and she's there with Hyde. The Queen asks the dwarfs if they missed her, only for Grumpy to grab his pickax and scream, "Let's dance!" However, a mere flick of her wrist sends the two height-impaired individuals tumbling unconscious to the floor, and a terrified Jekyll demands to know how Hyde found him. Hyde then approaches the doctor, saying that he led them right to him, and he pulls the cameo necklace from his pocket, explaining that his new friend cast a beckoning spell on it. "So now, my lesser half, shall we see what I - the monster you made - can really do?"


604 20
Snow struggles to engage her class.

Back at the school, Snow can be seen standing up at the blackboard where she's drawn up a few mathematical diagrams in chalk. She tells her class that, for their first lesson, she thought they would jump right in. As Shirin hands out class assignments, Snow explains to the children that Newton's law of motion states that for every action there is an opposite but equal reaction; she then asks who would like to come up to the front and solve for X in the equation on the board, but nobody raises their hand. Instead they are encompassed by an awkward silence, so Snow says that there must be one of them brave enough to give this a try. Tom Sawyer and the rest of the kids from the Land of Untold Stories just stare at her bewildered though, and Snow starts to grow a little disappointed.

604 21
Regina also approves of Gold's new look.

Gold is flicking through a book from behind his counter when Regina enters his shop in a huff. Upon turning around, she is taken aback by his change in hairstyle, before commenting that she likes it because, as the Queen noted earlier, it highlights his eyes. Rumple thanks her, somewhat icily, and asks if she's decided to do a spot of shopping now that she's lobbed off her dark side, and Regina takes this to mean that he's seen her other half. "And, luckily for you, I wasn't interested in what she was offering," the Dark One makes clear, and Regina commends him on resisting the darkness, pointing out that this really is a new him. Wanting to get back to whatever it is he's reading, he asks if there's something she wants, and so she explains that Jekyll has a head start on him with a new serum: one that can destroy Hyde for good this time. He just needs Rumple's help. Rumple, apparently interested, takes a moment to consider this.

604 22
Jekyll wakes up with a Hyde-over.

Jekyll is sleeping in the past when Rumplestiltskin suddenly appears to screech, "Rise and shine!" and startle the good doctor awake. It seems he had quite the night, as well as quite the headache, and Rumple comments upon the former as Jekyll finally manages to sit up. He grows confused by this, asking what happened, and Rumple tells him to check his pockets. When he does, standing up to do so, he is thrilled to discover an academy pin, meaning he succeeded in getting in. "But how?!" he finds himself asking joyously, and Rumple, snooping through the lab equipment, comments that it seems his other half can be quite persuasive. Jekyll is ecstatic that it really worked and asks Rumple if he knows what this means, saying that things are going to be different now; his ideas, his work... But Rumple says that there's just one thing missing, and Jekyll realizes that he means Mary. Rumple informs him that the party last night was filled with suitors and warns that he wouldn't want any of them scooping her up before he had the chance, now, would he?

604 23
Rumple needs that serum for something...

Jekyll frets that she doesn't even know how he feels and so Rumple suggests telling her, at which the doctor admits that he wouldn't know how. Rumple tells him to just swig some more of that serum and let Mr. Hyde do the talking for him. "Mr. Hyde? My other half has a name?" Jekyll inquires, shocked, so Rumple points out that he couldn't very well wander around calling himself Dr. Jekyll. Confused, Jekyll asks why the Dark One cares if he ends up with Mary, for he still hasn't explained what it is he wants. Rumple asks if it isn't obvious, saying that he's interested in the serum, and when Jekyll asks why the Dark One grabs him by the throat and yells, "Because I need it!" He soon relents though, straightening the doctor's coat, and says that one success proves nothing; two, however, would allow them to know the serum really is something special. "So what do you say, Dr. Jekyll? Ready to let Mr. Hyde back out to play?" While the doctor considers this, Rumple strolls away from him, back toward the lab equipment, maintaining a close eye on that serum.

604 24
Jekyll has a little extra stashed away.

The lab equipment in the present has been smashed and destroyed as Jekyll manages to get up following his rough encounter with Hyde. Regina then enters with Gold in tow and notices two unconscious dwarfs amid all the mess that's been made, and she asks the doctor what the hell happened there. Jekyll explains that they came for the serum and smashed everything, and the Dark One comments that he can't say he's surprised that Jekyll's stronger half got the better of him once again, adding that it's pretty much how it goes with those two. The doctor appears indignant at this, going on to exclaim that Gold didn't care about him or his work and that he should look at what he's unleashed. Gold defends that he didn't unleash anything - Jekyll did. "That man out there? It's not some monster from the deep. It's you. Except... stronger. And smarter." Jekyll refutes this, saying that Hyde isn't those things this time. Because he had a feeling Hyde would find them, so he hid a little extra, just in case. At this, he takes a test tube from his inside pocket, containing some of the red fluid that is the serum. Regina sees this as great, taking the test tube from him, and says, "Let's do this." She then turns to Gold, wanting him to magic it into completion, and he tells her to hand it over for it will only take a moment.

604 25
Gold uses foul leverage to get what he wants.

However, Regina doesn't think she'll be handing over their only weapon, saying that Gold can work his magic from right where he is, and Gold tells her, "Very well." With that, he raises a hand... and lunges it into Dr. Jekyll's chest, ripping his heart out. Jekyll is shocked and distraught while Regina demands to know what it is that Rumple's doing. He says that the Evil Queen may not care about innocent bloodshed, but they both know she does. Regina realizes that he did make a deal with her, and Rumple explains that she promised to leave Belle and his unborn child alone, which means the only person this serum is going to be used on is Hyde. Rumple proceeds to take out the Dark One's dagger and holds it out for Regina to do the honors. With Jekyll's heart in play, Regina reluctantly uncorks the test tube and pours the serum over the dagger's blade, making it glow red for a spell. As he prepares to leave, Gold assures that Regina will thank him for this, for one day she'll finally realize that she can no more rid herself of her darkness than he can. "Catch," he adds, nonchalantly tossing Jekyll's heart in Regina's general direction, and she barely manages to do as instructed before the Dark One poofs away. Jekyll and Regina both appear upset.

Act IV

604 26
Shirin inspires Snow with the story of a princess.

Out in the schoolyard, Snow is flicking through the class assignments, all of which are laden with crosses to mark wrong answers, with 'F's and 'D-'s strewn across them as grades. Clearly her new class didn't take to well to the test she put out, and she is less than thrilled that they don't seem to have remembered anything she taught them. She doesn't understand why, considering she's doing everything exactly the way she used to, but Shirin, who's sitting opposite her, says that perhaps that's the problem. From what she's heard, Snow's no longer the same person anymore. Snow appears confused though, and so Shirin searches for a way to explain; she ends up informing the teacher that, many years ago, the kingdom she comes from came under attack by a powerful menace and the only one in any position to save them was the princess. Unfortunately, she never fully embraced who she was and what a hero she could be, and as a result their kingdom was lost. Snow is very sorry to hear this, offering her condolences and asking what kingdom it was, but Shirin says it's in the past and that it's no longer important - except for what can be learned from it. If she wants these children to reach their potential then she needs to lead by example, and that means asserting her strength and embracing who she really is: Snow White. Snow seems reasonably inspired by this, then looking back to the assignments and beginning to formulate an idea.

604 27
Jekyll stops by the Jolly Roger.

Belle is going through the shelves in the hold of the Jolly Roger, and Hook asks if she's sure he can't get her anything, adding that they could always crack open a barrel of rum if she thinks it'd help. At this, the beauty simply reminds the pirate that she's pregnant, and he appears disappointed as he comes to remember this little fact. She goes on to say that she's fine anyway, and then the two are suddenly greeted by a familiar voice coming down from the deck and asking if anyone's there. It's Dr. Jekyll, who seems relieved to see them, while they are both surprised, not understanding why he's there. Hook wonders why he isn't in the lab completing his serum and Jekyll explains that he did, and then Hyde found him and destroyed the lab. Belle wants to know what happened to the serum and the doctor reveals that the Dark One took it, to her anger, and then Jekyll adds that apparently Rumple has some sort of arrangement with the Evil Queen. Neither Hook nor Belle are happy to hear this, with Hook recalling that Emma's looking for the Evil Queen and therefore might be in danger, so Belle tells him to go. Emma needs him and they've got Rumple's spell to protect them in the meantime. Hook thanks the beauty before leaving her with the doctor, who puts his bag down nearby as he awkwardly says, "So... you're Belle... The, uh, Dark One's wife..." He sits down as he says it, and Belle feels obligated to apologize for any harm her husband may have caused him. Jekyll appreciates the sentiment, but points out that sentiment won't bring back Mary. Belle asks if Mary was someone he loved and Jekyll confirms it, with all his heart; until Hyde apparently destroyed that love...

604 28
Mary is approached by Mr. Hyde.

In the past, Mary can be seen walking home at night when suddenly she hears her name being called out. She stops, startled, while halfway over a small bridge, and then Mr. Hyde emerges from the fog before her, looking very smart indeed in his top hat and tails. It takes Mary a moment to recognize him and he apologizes, for he didn't mean to scare her, at which she feels the need to ask him what he's doing there. He removes his hat, so as to appear humble, and requests to talk to her for a bit, garnering a small smile from her as she grants him permission. As he then begins to approach, she says she must confess that he left her quite curious the other night, and she approaches him in turn as she wonders aloud why Henry's never mentioned him. She asks if they've known each other long, and Hyde replies that it feels like a lifetime; but, he didn't come there to go on about himself, and says he's actually there on Jekyll's behalf. This confuses Mary, who is then told that the doctor has great feelings for her. She doesn't know how to respond to this, eventually stating that she cares very much for Henry, but she doesn't think she could ever be with him in that way.

604 29
And she takes quite the shine to him.

"Why not?" Hyde would like to know, and Mary tells him to take a look at Jekyll's work, for it seems things like passion and desire are little more than contaminants to be eliminated. "I need someone who wants to bathe in passion, and give in to desire. I have a feeling you understand me. Don't you, Mr. Hyde?" With the end of her declaration, she steps in closer, wanting to be nearer this intriguing man. Hyde asks what makes her think that and she smiles, recalling how when he walked into that parlor the other night she saw the way the others looked at him. They were afraid, but she wasn't. She saw a man unencumbered by fear or by social obligation, and she wants desperately to know how he does that. "How are you so free of it all?" Hyde pauses at this, eventually saying that he doesn't know and that perhaps he was simply made that way. Mary is in very intimate quarters with him now, more intrigued than ever, and it isn't long before she leans in for a kiss. Hyde is taken aback at first, but then he goes to kiss her back, and before long they are each enveloped by the other's passion.

604 30
Gold tries ending Hyde's story.

"Do you know what my secret for the pancakes is?" David asks while he and Emma are scouring the woods for Hyde and the Queen, "Nutmeg. Now you can make them for Hook." Emma asks her father if he's sure he's okay with her and Hook, and he replies that even as much as he hated that pirate when he first met him, if she's happy then so is he. However, Emma stops suddenly, electronic baton in tow, and David wonders what's up. The savior replies that someone's there, and then they're met by the exclamation of, "Indeed! You found me." They turn around, startled to be faced with Hyde, and Emma readies the baton while David makes a grab for his gun. Hyde asks the savior if she really thinks he'd let her defeat him with that again, at which she fires a hefty blast of lightning his way. Hyde simply ducks though, meaning the lightning hits nothing but tree, and so David runs at him with the gun. Unfortunately, Hyde is able to grab the gun and throw it to one side, then doing the same with David; literally, he picks up the prince and sends him flying across the woods, meaning a very panicked Emma then has to rush to his aid. She asks her pained father if he's okay, while Hyde simply smiles victoriously before heading off. Emma watches as he makes his getaway, sprinting very fast through the woods, but then he's suddenly met by Mr. Gold who plunges the Dark One's dagger into his chest.

604 31
But the drama is only just beginning.

Hyde gasps, the serum-infested blade now lodged inside him, and Rumple would like to know if this is how he imagined his story playing out. However, Hyde then stops acting as though he's in pain and takes a step back, replying that, actually, it is. "Quite a," he dislodges the dagger from his wound, "twist, don't you think?" He sleekly pulls the dagger out, now holding it in his possession, and a stunned Gold demands to know how. Hyde explains that Jekyll always tries to get the better of him but he never can; "Do you know why? It's because he's all mind, no heart, which makes him a very dull and predictable boy indeed." With this, Hyde takes out the real test tube of serum, leading Gold to realize that he switched the vials. Hyde points out that he couldn't very well let the Dark One have it, and then he throws it against a rock so that it smashes and the genuine serum becomes wasted. Rumple asks him what it is that he wants and Hyde says that he thinks he knows the answer to that: "I want to show you the end of our story, and I want to watch you suffer. Now," he holds the dagger out in front of himself, about to give a command, "take us to Belle." Rumple does his best to fight it, but the control the dagger has over him is just too strong, and before long he's forced to wave his hand and magic himself and Mr. Hyde out of the woods.

Act V

604 32
Snow finally engages with her class, by embracing who she really is.

The next we see Snow's class, they are all assembled out in the schoolyard while Snow herself comments that they're probably all wondering what they're doing outside, then taking out a stack of papers and revealing them to be the kids' assignments from earlier. She proceeds to hang them by the binder clip to a pin she's wedged into the tree trunk beside her, and then she walks forward and tells the students to follow her. They do as told, and we soon see that they're approaching a smiling Shirin as she totes around a bow in one hand and an arrow in the other. Snow, making sure that all the kids are gathered either side of her a safe distance away, takes these items from her teacher's aid as she reminds everybody of Newton's third law: that every action has a reaction. As such, she nocks the arrow and aims for the assignments, pulling back the string and stating, "This is the action." As she steadies her aim, she adds, "This..." And then she lets go, allowing the arrow to fire and plunge itself directly into the assignments' center. "Is the equal and opposite reaction," she finishes, while the students stand there amazed at what their teacher has just done. She then turns to them and asks who would like to give it a try, and everyone raises their hands in an incredibly eager fashion. Snow then smiles, happy to have re-engaged with her students, and gives a nod to Shirin. Shirin smiles back at her, happy to have inspired the teacher to success.

604 33
Hyde proposes one final twist.

Rumple and Hyde appear at the docks in the former's flurry of red smoke, while the latter continues to maintain a tight grip on the dagger and comments, "Here we are," as the two of them approach the Jolly Roger. Belle can be seen on board, heading down into the hold where Jekyll is presumably waiting, and the Dark One tells Hyde that, whatever he's planning, he should stop. After all, he might hold that dagger now but he won't always, and Rumple is prepared to make a very violent promise should he hurt Belle. Hyde, however, assures him that he needn't worry, for he won't harm Belle. "You see, there's one final twist," he goes on to say, "I'm not the monster you need to worry about." Gold, while confused, indeed looks a little worried of the implications of this.

604 34
Jekyll is distraught to discover that Mary slept with Hyde.

Going back in time, we are taken to the sleeping face of Dr. Jekyll, right before he wakes up in an unfamiliar bed. As such, he appears confused, and then he turns around to discover that Mary is slumbering next to him. She then wakes up also, immediately taken aback to see Henry in bed with her, while Jekyll just utters her name as an inquisition, still not fully understanding what's gone on. Mary exclaims his name in turn, and then the both of them rush out of bed, staring at one another in shock from either side. She demands to know how Jekyll got in there, then asking about the whereabouts of Hyde and what's going on; Jekyll recalls that he sent Hyde last night to talk to her, but apparently she brought him into her bed. Mary makes clear that that is none of his business, then reminding him that she asked him a question and once again demanding to know where Hyde is. She momentarily considers that perhaps Henry has hurt him, frightened by the thought, but he yells, "Have I hurt him? I am him!" clearly very distraught. It is then that it finally dawns on Mary that Jekyll took the serum, and he begins to babble about how this wasn't supposed to happen, for she was supposed to love him and not his other half.

604 35
And, in his rage, he kills her.

Through the tears that have begun to form in her eyes, Mary discovers a stern inner nature as she states that she could never love him, for he is not only weak but completely mad. This last part she yells in turn, trying to leave the room in her anguish, but Jekyll dashes over to stop her, calling out her name once more and beginning to wrestle with her. A struggle ensues as she tries her best to force him off of her, screaming for him to let her go, but he refuses to, trying to frantically explain that he did this for her. The struggle continues as both her weeps and his yelling intensify, and soon they're near enough the window that one mistaken push from Jekyll sends his supposed love flying out of it. She screams as the glass smashes and she tumbles to the ground, and Jekyll appears shocked and dazed by his own actions as he just stands there, arms out, not quite believing what he's just done. He looks down to see if Mary's okay, but she's not; she lies there, dead on the pavement, blood accompanying her fresh corpse along with shattered glass and bits of window frame. A woman soon discovers her and begins to exclaim that it's the doctor's daughter, thus raising alarm, and we see that Jekyll is still clutching the poor girl's cameo necklace as a voice from below arrives at the conclusion that someone must have pushed her.

604 36
Hyde is framed for Mary's murder.

"Up there!" someone says, and Jekyll turns around in a panic. Not knowing what else to do, he takes out the vial full of serum and quickly drinks from it, then being encompassed by pain as he drops to his knees and his physical features begin to change. The transformation is rather quick though, and soon Hyde is kneeling there, staring at the empty serum vial in one hand and Mary's necklace in the other. He doesn't quite know what the make of it all, until he stands to see several people outside now congregated around Mary's dead body. One of the people looks up and spots him, while from behind there is a banging on the door. Dr. Lydgate's voice comes with it as he calls out for Mary, asking if everything's okay, and Hyde grows unsure of what to do. Lydgate then announces that they're coming in, bursting into the room with the aid of a staff member, and so Hyde simply decides to barge past them both; he flings the butler to one side with his mighty strength while he stares Lydgate full in the face before finally managing to flee.

604 37
Belle notices something off about Jekyll.

The Jolly Roger's kettle whistles as Belle goes to take it off the stove, apparently preparing some tea for herself and Dr. Jekyll as the latter continues to sit there in the hold, looking pensive. As the beauty approaches, she tells him that whatever happened - whatever Hyde did to Mary - she's sorry, and then she begins to pour the boiling water into the teapot that's been lain out with the rest of the set on the small dining table. Jekyll, seemingly not taking her condolences too well, comments that if only Mary had been strong enough to resist Hyde, then she would be his. Belle stops pouring at this, instead just staring at the doctor. Clearly something he said struck a negative cord with her, and so she questions, "Yours?" After all, this is a woman who right now is more sick than ever of being treated like another's object. As such, Jekyll nervously amends himself to say that he and Mary would be together, and Belle senses something very off about him. Needing an excuse to get away, she offers to go get some sugar for the tea, carrying the kettle back over to the stove and staring intently at the conch shell which rests next to the sugar bowl.

604 38
So she stabs him with a freakin' conch shell.

Trying to make it look as though she's reaching for the latter, her arm in fact drifts toward the shell, for she'd like to call Hook and alert him that she's in danger, but suddenly her arm is grabbed by Jekyll and she turns around in shock as he scolds, "Whoops! You weren't getting sugar." He then violently sends the shell flying from the beauty's hand, and she only just manages to cry out Killian's name and beg for help before it hits the floor and shatters. She's then left standing there, confronted with a seemingly murderous Jekyll, and, as he goes to pull another of the electronic batons from the bag he brought with him, she uses the distraction to her advantage and plucks the sharp end of the broken conch shell from the floor. With it, she is able to stab Jekyll deep in the shoulder, making him cry out in pain as she runs up to the deck. Not wanting her to get away, Jekyll twists the shell and pulls it from the wound it's created, which is now bleeding profusely, but this won't stop him; he grabs the baton and follows his prey out of the hold, leaving the bloody shard of shell behind.

604 39
Could this be the end for Belle?

Belle, meanwhile, is only just climbing into the daylight, and Gold sees this as he continues to stand by with Mr. Hyde on the docks. He calls out his wife's name, scared for her, as she attempts to dash for the ship's exit. Sadly for her, the protection spell Rumple earlier established prevents her from doing so, and she begs her husband to lift the enchantment so that she can escape. Rumple tells her that he can't, however, and so she's trapped there. The Dark One demands to know what's going on, asking Hyde who's on board with her, and the warden says, "The real villain, of course." Jekyll then finally emerges from the hold, his arm hanging strangely thanks to his impounded shoulder, but still he clutches his weapon of choice, and Gold appears deeply worried as all he can do is watch. Belle orders the doctor to get away from her, backing off from him, but he just aims the baton at her and hisses that he didn't come all this way to stop now. After all, when he heard she was trapped aboard this ship he couldn't believe his good luck: finally, the chance he needed to make the Dark One pay.

604 40
No, but it is for Dr. Jekyll.

Belle just cries as she begins to fear that this is the end to her story, and Rumple begs Hyde to let him put a stop to this, exclaiming that she's got nothing to do with this. "Neither did Mary," is all Hyde has to say to that, and Belle both clutches the rope behind her and her pregnant belly as she pleads for Jekyll not to do this. This doesn't stop him from firing up the baton though, ready to fire, but, right as he's about to deliver the fatal shot, a certain pirate bashes into him from behind. Killian sends the attempted murderer tumbling onto the deck, then drawing his cutlass and declaring, "Quite enough of that." Despite this, Jekyll is not done. He sees his dropped baton lying next to him and he grabs it as he returns to his feet, firing a jet of lightning in Hook's direction. However, Hook is able to dodge its trajectory, and so he and the doctor engage in a struggle. Since Jekyll isn't particularly adverse in physical combat, it's a reasonably short one; Hook grabs the doctor's wrist to prevent him from using his weapon in any capacity again, and then he gives him a good kick which sends him hurtling backwards into a large arrow-headed spike which protrudes from the mast.

604 41
And for Mr. Hyde.

Well, now it protrudes from Jekyll also, for him falling into it has caused him to become impaled. Belle gasps, and even Hyde appears surprised, but none are more shocked than Jekyll when he looks down to see a large metal rod having run him through from behind. Annoyed, Hyde makes clear that this story isn't over yet; he raises the dagger and begins to command the Dark One to do something, at the same time that Hook approaches the dying Jekyll and grows sure that this is the end for him. Jekyll clutches the spike, but it's no use, and then Hyde stops mid-sentence as he feels a twinge of pain in his torso. He clutches the same spot that, on Dr. Jekyll, now has a large, gory hole in it, and then the warden drops to his knees. Jekyll then gurgles, apparently choking on his own blood, and we see a trickle of the red fluid begin to leak from the corner of his mouth. Indeed, the same happens to Hyde. Jekyll's head then falls back, his body going slack, as finally death takes him, while Hyde just keels over at the same time. Both are dead.

604 42
Rumple shares the only surefire way of killing one's other half.

Taking full advantage of this, Rumple steps forward and picks his dagger up off the ground, thereby regaining control over his actions. As he crouches there, over the corpse of his enemy, he states, "It appears there was one final twist." Regina then emerges onto the docks, happy to have found Gold, and upon seeing Hyde's body she comments that it appears as though the Dark One got we he wanted. She's glad to know that the serum works; however, Rumple informs her that it wasn't the serum, revealing that Hyde destroyed it. Regina therefore wants to know how the hell the warden died, and Rumple makes clear, "I think we've just discovered the only foolproof way to destroy one's doppelganger... by killing the original." The Mayor comes to notice Jekyll impaled on the ship nearby as Hook and Belle crowd round him, and then she has the out-loud realization of what Gold is saying, that the way to take out the Evil Queen... "Is to kill you," Rumple finishes for her, now back on his feet, and Regina looks more than a little perturbed by this conclusion.

Act VI

604 43
Regina has Emma make a promise.

The dead bodies of Jekyll and Hyde, each still with twin streams of blood trickling from the corners of their mouths, have been moved to the dock to lie beside one another, and David proceeds to cover them both with a tarp. Regina, who's standing nearby and looking out at the ocean, appears desolate after the news she's just received, and Emma soon comes to stand opposite her and ask if she's okay. "I have to die," Regina then states, to the savior's confusion, and she elaborates that she has to die to stop the Evil Queen. That's how it works. It's not the only bad news she got today, though, for they all thought Jekyll was the good one - but, even though he separated himself from the darkness, the capacity for evil remained. Emma realizes that the Mayor is worried that the same capacity remains in her, and Regina confirms that it can grow back at any time. The blonde tries assuring her that she's stronger than Jekyll, and Regina acknowledges that maybe she is, but if she's not... "Back in Camelot when you were the Dark One, you said you trusted me to do what it took to keep your family safe. I need you to promise me you'll do the same thing if it comes to that." "I won't let it come to that," Emma responds, but Regina implores her to promise. Emma stares at her a while, and then nods reluctantly.

604 44
Belle demands some answers.

Also at the docks, Gold approaches Belle after having finally freed her from the ship, and she looks far less than pleased to be faced with him. In fact, she's seething, but all she says upon his entrance into her proximity is, "You cut your hair." Rumple seems pleased that she noticed, and she comments that she would have earlier were he not too busy trapping her. He apologizes, then claiming that he just wanted to make a fresh start, but Belle doesn't want to hear it. She goes on to point out that he destroyed two lives where there used to only be one, saying how he just keeps finding new ways to increase the suffering around him. Gold assures that that was never his intention, and so she asks what his intention actually was, wanting to know why he went to Jekyll in the first place and what could possibly be worth all this death and destruction. Pondering an answer, Rumple begins to think back...

604 45
Hyde is condemned to life with his weaker half.

Hyde barges into Jekyll's lab following the death of Mary, taking out a small chest and beginning to pack some belongings inside. Rumple's voice then arrives from nowhere, asking the doctor's dark half if he's going somewhere, and Hyde turns to see the Dark One himself standing there. The latter comments that things have only just gotten interesting, for news of what Hyde did to that poor girl has spread like wildfire throughout the city; "We really let the animal out the cage with you, didn't we?" Hyde then rages that he didn't kill Mary, at which Rumple jokes that he's going to have to do better than that. Clearly anguished, Hyde begs the Dark One to believe him, yelling that it was Jekyll. Rumple giggles at the passionate defense, but Hyde begins to weep that he could never hurt Mary. The Dark One pauses now, believing him, and comes to realize that Hyde loved this girl. "Very much," Hyde confirms, and this makes Rumple angry. Enraged, he asks how Hyde can be so weak, and he extends his arm so as to strangle him with his magic. "Now all of this is failure! Complete and utter failure!" the Dark One barks as Hyde drops to his knees, choking. "My experiment has been a waste! I should end your miserable life right now! But..." With the last word, he ceases his magical grip, causing Hyde to fall entirely and gasp for air. "Your fate is worse than death," Rumple adds, "You shall have to share a life with the weakness inside you." Hyde continues to groan from the ground, eventually asking what all of this is about as Rumple walks away. Trying to get to his feet, he wants to know why the Dark One did this, only for the response to be that Rumple's reasons are just that: his.

604 46
Rumple believes Belle will have to love him again.

Belle continues to demand an answer, needing to know why Rumple did this, and finally he reveals, "You. It was all about you." She is confused, and her husband explains fully that he sought Jekyll out when she became the maid in his castle all those years ago, because he had begun to have feelings for her and he thought they would make him weak. Belle questions if he thought Jekyll's serum would rid him of those feelings, and Rumple confirms that that's what he'd hoped, but the experiment was a failure. In anger, Rumple took Hyde's precious necklace and sent him to the Land of Untold Stories, but it didn't solve anything, and he's glad that it didn't because he would never want to lose the love he has for Belle. She, however, points out that he locked her on that ship like a prisoner and asks if he even thought about what would have happened had Jekyll succeeded, to their son. Gold claims that he was only trying to protect her, at which she rages that she doesn't need his protection. Not at the cost she keeps paying with him. "You didn't cut your hair for me, you cut it for you, because you are sick and tired of looking at the man in the mirror. But you forget..." Belle proclaims, "I always see you for who you are." Rumple nods at this, and begins to walk away; however, he soon changes his mind and turns back around, telling Belle that while she may not think that she needs him, she will. "You forget whose child it is you're carrying. He will have a mark on his head by virtue of who he is and if you want what's best for him, you will come back to me." Belle makes clear that threats won't make her love him again, only for Rumple fire back that necessity will. The two of them stare at each other for a moment, each indignant, and then the beast finally leaves the pregnant beauty.

604 47
Snow finds a way to thank her teacher's aide.

A bowl of shiny red apples are seen resting on the desk of Snow White as, finally, she finishes up for the day, placing wha ever work she has into a drawer to be dealt with tomorrow. Shirin then enters the classroom to say goodnight, at which Snow tells her to wait because she has something for her. She then gets up while Shirin approaches, intrigued, and Snow proceeds to hand her one of the apples from her desk. Happily accepting it, Shirin asks what it's for, and Snow explains that it's a tradition in this world that, for personal reasons, she just can't get behind. "But they're delicious. Enjoy," she encourages. Shirin thanks her, saying that she'll see her tomorrow, but Snow stops her before she leaves, wanting to inquire about the princess from Shirin's kingdom. She asks if she ever fixed things there, but Shirin points out that she left for the Land of Untold Stories and thus doesn't know... but she doesn't think so. Snow optimistically suggests that maybe someday she will, and Shirin utters, "Maybe," before once again bidding the teacher goodnight. The new teacher's aid then leaves, apple in tow, while Snow remains behind, unsuspecting.

604 48
Something something something Jasmine.

Shirin is next seen wandering the woods at night, coming up to the town well where she eventually declares, "You can come out now." The person she's supposed to be meeting with then emerges, and we see that it is the oracle who showed Emma her future, red bird staff and all. The oracle asks Shirin where she's been and the teacher's aid explains that she had to wait until dark to make sure it was safe. "Then they still don't know who you really are?" the oracle makes sure, and Shirin - which it seems is not her real name - promises that they have no idea. She then asks about the oracle's mission, wondering if she's found any evidence that "he's" there, but the oracle shakes her head woefully. However, she assures that he is, for she has foreseen it, and "Shirin" proclaims that she did not come this far and sacrifice so much only to give up on finding Aladdin. "I know," the oracle nods, "And I won't leave your side until we do. I promise you. We will find him, Jasmine." And Jasmine, the lost princess of Agrabah, seems reassured by this.


604 Title Card
  • The title card of this episode features the Big Ben clock tower.
    • The same title card was featured in "Second Star to the Right".
    • The time on the clock face is 8:15, a recurring time throughout the series and also a reference to two of "the numbers" from Lost.
  • Although credited, Rebecca Mader (Zelena/Wicked Witch) is absent from this episode.
  • The title of this episode is derived from the title of the book from which the characters of Jekyll and Hyde originate, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
  • This episode features Rumple cutting his hair to coincide with Robert Carlyle's actual haircut for the filming of Trainspotting 2. This is thus the final episode to feature his present day persona in a wig.
  • The design of Dr. Lydgate's home is a recycled CGI model used for the Frankenstein house in "In the Name of the Brother".
  • Snow brings up the tradition of teachers receiving apples as one which she can't get behind for personal reasons - these reasons being that she famously ate the Queen's poisoned apple. Her dislike of this tradition actually has roots in the pilot episode, where we see a student has put a pear on Miss Blanchard's desk instead of an apple.




The episode saw a drop from the previous outing, posting a 1.1/4 rating among 18-49s with 3.48 million tuning in.[2]


  • Justin Kirkland of Entertainment Weekly gave the episode a good review, rating it a B+ overall.[3]
  • Gwen Ihnat of The A.V. Club gave out pointers on the episode, giving positive points on Jekyll and Hyde's backstory and the twist, but was mixed on the premise and scenes.[4]
  • Christine Laskodi of TV Fanatic gave the episode a good review: 4.0 out of 5.0.[5]
  • Lily Sparks of was enthusiastic about the episode, stating that it was "by far the most entertaining" and "not just because Robert Carlyle got a makeover". She ended her review on the topic of makeovers also, "So, yes. Makeover madness this episode, literally: Rumple lost his jaw-length surfer cut, and figuratively, Jekyll's makeover into Hyde won him the girl but cost him his self-worth and also, it turns out your darkness is inextricably bound to you no matter what. But we already knew that, didn't we?"[6]


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