Snow Drifts
Once Upon a Time 3x21
May 11, 2014
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"Snow Drifts" is the 65th episode of Once Upon a Time, as well as the first part of its third season's finale.


While Mary Margaret and David celebrate the naming of their son at a coronation in Granny's Diner, Emma and Hook are pulled into Zelena's time portal and find themselves in the Enchanted Forest of the past. But in their quest to discover a way back, they must be careful not to change anything or risk altering the lives of their friends and family... as well as their very own existence.


Previously on Once Upon a Time...

As Zelena's time travel portal takes form, Regina blasts her half-sister with beams of light magic which send her tumbling to the ground, incredibly weakened. The Queen then snatches Zelena's pendant, which houses all her magic, from around her neck, draining her of all her powers. Regina proceeds to close the portal as we hear Zelena later exclaim, "I'm powerless! Regina's got my pendant..." ("Kansas") In a hospital room, Mary Margaret cradles her newborn son in her arms as David stands beside her. Emma soon enters and introduces Henry to his new uncle; the Charming family appear happy. ("Kansas") Locked in a cell within the sheriff's station, Zelena is confronted by Mr. Gold, telling him that she saw Regina take his dagger. Gold then reveals that Regina gave it to Belle, and Zelena gloats that if she has the dagger then he's going to have to do what she wishes. However, he takes the real dagger out from behind his back, explaining that Belle has a fake, and Zelena looks frightened now, jumping to her feet. Soon enough, Rumplestiltskin stabs her in the gut and turns her to porcelain with his magic, making it so she smashes into hundreds upon thousands of tiny pieces when he withdraws the blade. ("Kansas") Soon after Zelena's death, a stream of green magic begins to pour from the chest wherein her pendant lies. This magic makes it across town and into the barn where the Wicked Witch failed to cast her spell. It swirls around the compass-like symbol she earlier carved into the soil and becomes fiery, going on to fulfill Zelena's last wish and successfully open a portal to the past. ("Kansas") Back in hospital, Hook asks Emma if her power has returned now that Zelena's been defeated, however, the blonde replies negatively, commenting that she won't be needing it in New York. ("Kansas")


Act I

Group Home, Boston
18 Years Ago

321 01
Emma has yet to find a home.

A stuffed toy version of Mickey Mouse is seen smiling broadly at the little girl to whom it's being presented by a couple looking to adopt a child. The girl smiles, happy with the gift, and accepts it before getting into the backseat of her new parents' car, presumably about to go home with them. Her new father places her small suitcase in the trunk, and the young girl waves a happy goodbye to the children she's leaving behind at the orphanage, all of which are lined up outside the home; some of them return half-hearted waves, but each one appears either bored or depressed. As the car doors are closed and the little girl readies herself for the journey to her new home, the group mother to the unwanted children begins beckoning them all inside, saying that it's almost dinner time. The little girl appears sad now, looking back at the home for the last time as the car finally drives away, and the shot settles on the only one of the orphanage's residents who has remained outside; tears well up in this blonde girl's eyes. It's not long before the group mother spots her, and she says, "Don't worry. You'll find a home too, Emma." But the young Emma Swan remains standing there in an almost catatonic state.

Present Day

321 02
And yet, in the present, she finds her family and tells them that she plans on leaving.

The adult Emma Swan stands leaning up against a beam in her parents' Storybrooke loft, watching as Mary Margaret and David tend to their newborn son. David soon asks his daughter if she's okay and, as returning from a state of deep thought, Emma answers positively, going on to ask the two of them if they're going to finally reveal the name of her little brother or if she should just keep calling him "hey there". David, who's carrying the baby in his arms, explains that there's a tradition back in the Enchanted Forest which entails, when a new royal is born, announcing the name at a coronation ceremony. Mary Margaret adds that they would have done it with Emma if they could and the latter worriedly asks if they're going to hold him out of the clock tower and present him like in The Lion King. They laugh, assuring her that that's not the case, and inform their daughter that they've decided to forgo all pomp and circumstance for a nice potluck at Granny's Diner. Mary Margaret says that the important thing is to mark the occasion and remind themselves that, after all they've been through, they're still together as a family. Emma, who has not yet told her parents that she plans on moving back to New York with Henry, appears taken aback by this comment, and it's not long before Henry himself walks in carrying a newspaper. He tells his mother that he thinks he's found them a place to live, but Emma is surprised to hear that her son is looking for apartments. He hands her the paper and asks her what she thinks, and as she worriedly ponders the question, Mary Margaret intensifies the situation by repeating said question. Emma replies by wrapping one arm around Henry and saying to him, "I think that your grandparents can't decide what to name your uncle and they are using a fairytale tradition to try and buy themselves some time." Henry smiles.

321 03
Regina bonds with her new boyfriend.

Across town, flames are seen roaring in Regina's rustic fireplace as she and Robin Hood share a romantic indoor picnic. They clink their wineglasses and toast to the return of the Queen's heart, before drinking, and Robin goes on to ask his girlfriend how it feels. "Stronger than ever," Regina replies joyously, and he proceeds to kiss her. She stares at him a while after, leading him to wonder what's on her mind, and Regina explains that she never thought she'd have "this". Robin nods and tells her that, after he lost his wife, he felt like that for a long time, and that her death was his fault. Regina offers her condolences, and Robin adds that he would've walked through hell to be with his Marian again, but when he finally admitted to himself that she was gone and never coming back, he had to let his guilt go. Regina then recalls her own first love, Daniel, and explains that he was killed because of her; because he loved her. This leads Robin to realize that that's why she never wanted to open herself up to someone again, and the Queen smiles, going on to admit that Tinker Bell once told her it was possible to love again; she led her to a tavern, to a man the fairy said she was destined to be with, but Regina never saw his face (see "Quite a Common Fairy"). However, she did see his tattoo, and she adds this as she rolls down Robin's sleeve to reveal the lion permanently marked there in ink. He realizes that he was the man, and Regina confirms it, telling him that she was just too scared to approach him. He smiles, suggesting that maybe things work out when they're supposed to and that perhaps it's all about timing, and the two of them continue to make out.

321 04
Rumple continues lying to Belle.

A close-up of the Dark One's dagger fills the screen as Mr. Gold puts it away in a case which he then seals with magic, proceeding to close and lock the cupboard inside which the case is contained. Belle then enters the shop and takes out the fake dagger from her purse, telling her new fiancé that it's too much power to keep with her. She tries to give it back, but Gold tells her that he doesn't want it, saying that the point of letting her have it was to show that he trusts her. She says she knows, but asks if there's someplace she can store it safely, recalling that, back at his Dark Castle in the Enchanted Forest, he had a vault with no doors. He points out that that was only for the most dangerous and unstable magic; that which even he couldn't comprehend, and Belle asks if the dagger doesn't qualify. He answers negatively, taking the dagger and explaining that he understands it all too well. He then tells her that he left that vault and all its dangers behind, but the dagger is not dangerous because, as he said, he trusts her. Gold proceeds to place the magical weapon back into his fiancée's purse and he repeats that he trusts her, suggesting that they move on to a more pleasant topic of conversation, such as their wedding. Belle smiles, excited, and informs Rumple that she told her father the good news and he gave them his blessing. "The man who kidnapped you in order to keep us apart?" Rumple questions, confused, and Belle reveals that she's forgiven him, just as he's forgiven Rumple, for he and everyone else knows that the Dark One is a changed man - especially her. Mr. Gold smiles, and the newly engaged couple share a tender kiss.

321 05
A familiar family story is read by Henry.

Over at Granny's Diner, the coronation has started and the proprietor of the establishment, Granny herself, is seen clinking a glass of beer with Leroy, who exclaims, "Ding dong!" Granny asks if Zelena is really defeated, and Leroy confirms it, saying that that witch is done, which is a good thing because if that Sleeping Beauty had been a monkey a day longer, she would've had a monkey baby; "Wouldn't wanna change those diapers!" Those around him laugh, and the shot carries us over to Henry as he reads to his newborn uncle the story of how Snow White and Prince Charming first met (see "Snow Falls"). Mary Margaret, David and Ruby are gathered round the booth and Emma soon approaches with Hook in tow, expressing annoyance that she doesn't get to hear her brother's name yet but she has to hear this story again. David says that his son should know where he comes from and Emma asks them if they really want the first thing for him to know to be that his parents fell in love during an armed robbery.

321 06
Kathryn reappears.

Mary Margaret exclaims that she wasn't armed, but Ruby points out that she used a rock as a weapon, leading David to point out that he still has the scar; "Which healed!" Snow exclaims, going on to tell the baby in her arms that that's just how his parents met, it's not how they fell in love. David says that that was a bit more complicated, turning to the page which depicts him saving Snow's life from a group of Black Knights, but Mary Margaret then turns to the page which depicts her saving his life during the troll attack. Charming turns the page again, and he explains that it wasn't before he saw his mother's ring on Snow's finger that he knew in his heart there was no other woman he would ever love. Emma appears moved by the sentiment, and Mary Margaret tells her husband that she wishes he'd admitted his feelings for her then, for it would have saved them so much time, but David points out that he had to get to his wedding. Hook is surprised to hear that David was previously betrothed to another, and Ruby explains that he was engaged to Kathryn, who's currently standing at the bar talking to Granny, although she was known as Princess Abigail in their land.

321 07
Emma is put in an awkward position.

Hook recognizes her as the daughter of King Midas, the man who could turn anything into gold with a touch of his hand, and wonders why David would want to leave that opportunity. This leads to a smack from Emma and a "Hey!" from an offended Snow, and David explains to the pirate that his heart was simply destined for another. "You just had to find her first..." Ruby points out, looking towards her best friend as she explains that Snow had run away and was living on a farm. Mary Margaret says that it seemed like such a peaceful life at the time, to leave everyone and everything behind, and Hook loosely comments, "Like mother, like daughter." This maddens Emma, and Henry wants to know what the pirate's talking about. David, feeling the awkwardness, suggests that they read more stories, but Regina, with Robin, soon approaches and repeats Henry's question. Emma assures everyone that it's nothing and Regina asks the blonde if she's planning on going back to New York. Henry then asks why they would do so, and Regina tells him that they wouldn't; "Right, Miss Swan?" Emma reveals that it's complicated, but Henry doesn't understand why they would leave, saying that Storybrooke is their home, leading Emma to tell her son that this is neither the time nor the place.

321 08
Zelena's time portal is open.

Regina disagrees, sternly saying that she thinks it is, but Emma refuses to discuss the matter any further, instead storming out of the diner. Hook puts his beer down and offers to talk to her, but before the pirate leaves, Henry shuts his book and hands it over, telling Hook to take it because it might help Emma remember where she really belongs. Hook does so, proceeding to leave, and David assures his grandson that it's going to be alright, about to say that Emma's just stubborn like her mother, getting a look from Snow, but quickly amending himself to say that she's stubborn like all their family. "Uh, grandpa..." Henry soon says, pointing out the window, "Look." Everyone does so, and it's soon seen that a powerful beam of light is emanating into the sky across town. Henry asks what it is, and Mr. Gold, who enters with Belle, tells his grandson that it's a problem, for the source of that light is Zelena's time portal... "It's open." A state of shock takes over the room.

Act II

321 09
An accusation is made against Gold.

Zelena's time portal continues to emit a fiery beam of magic into the sky as David arrives at the sheriff's station, followed closely by Regina, Robin Hood, Mr. Gold and Belle. Immediately, he sees that Zelena's cell is empty and announces that she's gone, but Regina insists that her half-sister was there when she left her. Belle points out that, if the Wicked Witch escaped, it would explain the time portal, but again, Regina insists otherwise, saying that Zelena is powerless without her pendant and there's no way she escaped, let alone opened a time portal, without magic. The Queen then spots Gold's quiet demeanor and grows suspicious, asking the Dark One if he had anything to do with the witch's disappearance. With all eyes on him, Rumple denies the accusation, reminding everyone that, even if he wanted to harm Zelena, Belle has his dagger and would certainly curb any homicidal tendencies. Belle confirms this, and David turns to the primitive television screen beside him, saying that, if Zelena escaped, they should be able to find out how. Gold realizes that there are security cameras around the entire station and begins to panic, knowing that his crime would have been caught on tape, and so when David gets the CCTV footage working and manages to view Zelena standing solemnly in her cell, Rumple waves his hand and emanates ripples of magic which then cause the screen to go fuzzy.

321 10
Zelena's death is falsified.

Regina demands to know what just happened but David puts it down to technical difficulties, cursing Betamax before the screen comes back into focus, now playing footage which, unbeknownst to everyone, has been tampered by Gold. They all witness Zelena raise her hand into the air and turn herself into porcelain, proceeding to smash into hundreds of tiny shards which then turn to smoke and wisp away. Regina appears shocked, and from across the room, Gold comments that Zelena's "great escape" seems to have been of a more permanent nature, adding afterwards that he won't ask for an apology. The Queen concludes that her half-sister must have had just enough residual magic left inside her to do herself in, and when she was gone, the magic in her pendant had no tether and was set free, able to fulfill her last wish and open the time portal. Robin asks how they are to "un-fulfill" said wish and Gold says that that's an excellent question, but until they figure it out, no one is to go near the active portal; "A trip to the past could have catastrophic repercussions."

321 11
Emma is unable to feel as though she belongs.

A phone is heard ringing and the caller ID on Emma's cell tells us that David is trying to contact her. However, she declines the call, continuing to sit sulkily on a park bench as Hook is seen approaching. He tells her that she's making a mistake, but Emma, who puts her phone away, tells the pirate that she doesn't want to talk to him about this. Hook advises her not to listen to him, but to her son, and proceeds to remove Henry's book from his satchel and hand it to her, explaining that the boy thought it might remind her of what she's leaving behind: her family. Emma argues that Henry is her family and she's taking him where he is safe, but Hook refutes this, saying that this "safety first" nonsense is just that and reminding the savior that she defeated the Wicked Witch and Pan, as well as broke the curse. He points out that she keeps running away and wonders what she's looking for, to which Emma replies, "Home." Hook asks if she hopes to find that in New York, reiterating that her experiences there weren't real, but she points out that the last year was. He says that they were false memories based on magical nonsense, but she says in turn that she and Henry have their memories back and so now they can make it real. The pirate wonders why she can't do that in Storybrooke with her entire family and Emma snatches the book from his hand, saying that it's because of "this"; she opens the book and explains that she doesn't see her family there, all she sees are fairytales and stories of princes and princesses, and that's not her for she wasn't part of any of it.

321 12
The portal is spotted yet again.

Hook asks the blonde what she is a part of, but Emma tells him that, besides being with Henry, she doesn't think she's ever felt like a part of anything. He points out that she could be and she shuts the book, informing the pirate that, when she was a kid, she ran away a lot - it was just what she did - and the first time she did it she had the same exact thought: she wondered if she was making a mistake and if she'd miss the place she was running away from, but she didn't - ever. "So you just keep running?" Hook asks, and Emma tells the pirate that she learned something a long time ago: "Home is the place that, when you leave... you just miss it. So yeah. I'm gonna keep running until I feel that." He then asks if she even cares about her parents, or anyone in this town, and she says that of course she does, but she just has to do what's right for her and Henry. Suddenly, Emma is distracted mid-sentence when she turns around and spots the beam of light being emanated from Zelena's time portal across town. Hook spots it too, and when the blonde asks what the hell it is, he tells her that he has no idea. She drops the book on the bench as she stands up and declares that she's going to go and check it out, but Hook, who picks up the book and places it back in his satchel, begs for her to wait and begins to follow.

321 13
Emma falls through time, soon followed by Hook.

We are treated to a close-up of Zelena's barn, now at night, and it becomes apparent that the ferocious time portal inside has torn a circular hole through the ceiling with the continuous beam it emits upwards; the windows glow with a fiery light and the noise of swirling becomes more rapid. Emma and Hook are seen hurriedly approaching and the latter says that, whatever's going on in that barn, it can't be good. Emma, who's just read a message on her phone from David, explains that the light is Zelena's time portal and that she somehow died and triggered it. She approaches the door, but Hook grabs her, suggesting that they leave. Emma refuses to do so until they find a way to close it, leading him to ask if she has her magic back; she answers negatively, and he exclaims, "Then we're not bloody-well messing with any of this; let's go!" Suddenly, however, the force from the portal causes the barn's double doors to swing open and Hook and Emma are swept off their feet. The two of them are dragged across the floor and the latter drops her cell phone in the process, just as David attempts to call her again. Just before they're about to fall into the past, Hook manages to stick his namesake hook into the soil and stabilize himself, with Emma grabbing his arm for support. He tells her to hold on, but she is unable to, and eventually, the cuff on Hook's sleeve tears away and Emma falls into the Wicked Witch's time portal. Hook, who's safe where he is, comments to himself, "One day I'll stop following this woman," before taking his hook out of the soil and allowing himself to fall through the portal after Emma. All light disappears as the portal promptly closes, and Emma's dropped cell phone ceases its ringing.

321 14
Hook and Emma realize when they are.

In the fairytale land that was, Emma and Hook drop to the ground, having just been spat out by the Wicked Witch's time portal. Emma gets up and realizes where she is, not wanting to believe it, and Hook comments that it appears they're back in the Enchanted Forest. She says that she got that, and the pirate raises the question of when they are. Suddenly, Emma spots something and gets to her feet, looking stunned. Hook wonders what's the matter, but the blonde continues to stare at something on a nearby tree, saying, in answer to his question, that she has a pretty good idea. Hook stands up beside her and sees what she sees: a WANTED poster with Snow White's name and picture on it (For crimes against the Queen: MURDER, TREASON, TREACHERY), thus revealing that Hook and Emma are currently at a point in time wherein the latter's mother was on the run from Regina.


321 15
Stuff gets figured out.

Still stranded in the Enchanted Forest of the past, Emma tips Henry's book of fairytales out of Hook's satchel whilst the pirate himself comments that events could be worse, for they could've appeared in the middle of the Ogre Wars, smack dab in the belly of a whale. As Emma flicks through the pages, Hook wonders why she's decided to read under such circumstances, and she explains that, as they were falling through the portal, she was thinking of Henry and the story they were all reading back at Granny's Diner. Hook asks if she thinks time portals work like any other in that they take you back to where you're thinking of, but she corrects him in saying, "Not where. When." He commends her "excellent deduction", but points out another trait time portals seem to share with regular ones: they don't stay open for the return trip. He puts his satchel back on and places the book within it, snatching it from Emma as she has the out-loud realization that they're trapped in the past. She then says that she and Henry should have left town the instant Zelena was defeated because this is the exact kind of thing which does not happen in New York, however, Hook tries to lighten the mood by pointing out that real estate is much more reasonable in the Enchanted Forest.

321 16
Emma tries explaining the plot of Back to the Future.

"Don't," she tells him simply, and he says that he understands her frustration but that they've been under dire situations before so there's no need to be antsy; they have their wits about them and just have to focus on being constructive. After a moment of silence wherein the two of them look around awkwardly, Hook asks Emma if she has any ideas on how to get back. Annoyed, she wonders how she would know how to get back to the future, sarcastically asking if she looks like Marty McFly to him, but Hook has no idea who this is. Emma says that he's "the kid... with the lightning and the DeLorean and they went back in time and they..."; all of which leads Hook to ask if he was some kind of wizard. As Emma tries explaining to the clueless pirate that Marty McFly is not a wizard, a sudden thought dawns on her: maybe a wizard is exactly what they need; Rumplestiltskin. However, Hook is forced to cut short the blonde's talking by pushing her up against a tree and hiding there with her due to the sudden presence of Black Knights on horses riding through the forest.

321 17
Out pops Regina.

In a nearby village, Black Knights are seen roughly grabbing people and dragging them from their homes, lining them up outside as a black carriage drawn by black horses ridden by even more Black Knights approaches. Soon enough, the carriage comes to a stop and none other than the Evil Queen - Regina, in all her royal and villainous glory - steps out with an angry expression on her face. She shuts the door and begins sternly walking towards the assembled line of frightened villagers, and as Hook and Emma station themselves behind some bushes in hiding, the tyrant begins to talk to her subjects in a rather domineering tone, "Listen to me very carefully. Whatever squalor and despair your pathetic little lives have been able to tolerate until this point, is nothing compared to the pain and misery I can inflict if I leave here unhappy." Emma is extremely surprised to see Regina act in such a dark way, but Hook assures her that the woman who stands before them is not the vindictive, underhanded, corrupt mayor she knows - it's rather the Evil Queen, a pitiless, wrathful, psychopathic monarch. The Queen then tells the villagers that they will help her, and Emma apprehensively comments that Regina's even worse without the "sensible pantsuits". Geppetto, whose amongst the village folk, soon steps out with his little wooden son, Pinocchio, worriedly cowering behind him; the woodcarver tells the Queen that they are a peaceful village and begs to know what she wants from them, and as he speaks, Emma comes to realize that the man who's talking is Marco, Storybrooke's local handyman.

321 18
A woman in peril.

The Queen replies by saying she wants "justice", going on to exclaims that if she finds out anyone before her has helped the bandit, Snow White, they will suffer dearly. She then gives them an example of what helping Snow White looks like, and at her cue, two Black Knights remove the sack from over a shackled woman's head. She begs the villagers for help, exclaiming that the Evil Queen's going to kill her, and nearby residents such as Geppetto and Granny look stunned, as does Emma. Regina asks who would like to be next, laughing maliciously as the female prisoner again screams for help, and this prompts Emma to step into action. However, Hook halts her before she's able to stand up and asks her what she's doing. The blonde explains that she's going to go help the woman, who's just an innocent victim, but Hook reminds her the dangers of changing the past, saying that messing with events of the past could mean untold repercussions for all of them in the future. Emma asks if she's supposed to just leave the woman at Regina's mercy and Hook tells her that, whatever that woman's fate, they have to leave things be if they are to have any chance at returning to the future they know. Emma says that they need to find Rumple, for the sooner they leave, the better. Although Hook agrees, he again stops her before she's able to stand up, informing the blonde that there's one thing they need to do first.

321 19
Emma gets a new look.

We are treated to a shot of Enchanted Forest-style clothing hanging on a washing line, and soon enough, Hook is beckoning for Emma to emerge from behind the tree trunk where she was getting changed so that he may get a look at her in her new getup. As she steps out - dressed in a gown of rags complete with corset, clearly stolen from the washing line we viewed earlier - she is attempting to fasten a cloak over herself before applying a pair of gloves. Hook tells her that she looks much better, but Emma wonders if the wardrobe change is entirely necessary. He asks what she would've done if Regina had seen her earlier, to which she says she'd have run away, but Hook points out that, had Regina caught a glimpse of her, she might remember her the first time they meet in Storybrooke (see "Pilot"). Emma is skeptical that Regina would remember seeing a face from thirty years ago in the future and Hook explains to her that the point is they need to minimize her making a lasting impression; "And, unfortunately, red leather jackets don't come into vogue here... ever." As she adjusts her clothing, she says that the only lasting impression she's worried about right now is what the corset's making on her spleen, but Hook, who finds this new look extremely attractive, assures the blonde that her discomfort is a cross he's willing to bear. She smiles, and he adds that it's nothing compared to what might happen if they distort the timeline, which means they must proceed with all caution. He draws the hood of her cloak over her head and reminds her that she's not from a world of magic, whereas he is, and even the smallest of changes can have catastrophic consequences; things must happen as they always did. Emma nods, understanding, and gives her outfit one final adjustment before following Hook on a trek through the woods.

321 20
The bandit's work begins.

Elsewhere in the vast forest, a familiar hooded figure is seen cautiously making her way towards a road when she spots another of Snow White's WANTED posters. The figure - Snow White herself - tears the poster down before drawing an axe from her belt and beginning to hack at the tree trunk.
A band of knights belonging to King George are seen making their way down the forest road on horses, pulling a white carriage in their wake. Inside, the man we know as Prince Charming asks his betrothed, Princess Abigail, what she thinks of the view. She woodenly replies that she's seen better, fanning herself with a handheld fan before reminding the prince that the troll road would have been quicker (they hit a bump) and far less bumpy. Charming doesn't respond, instead grabbing his pouch of jewels and inspecting it, which leads the princess to ask if he's even listening to her. "Yes, of course I am," he lies.

321 21
A carriage approaches.

Emma and Hook, the former of which is still in her fairytale-appropriate attire, are also making their way down the road on foot when they come across a fallen tree. Suddenly, however, they hear galloping hoofs and the neighing of horses coming up behind them, and Hook worriedly points out that it could be the queen again. To avoid the possibility of being faced with Regina's evil past self, the two of them quickly run to the side of the road and crouch down behind a large log, out of sight. Soon, the carriage draws to a halt due to the fallen tree on the road, and inside, Abigail exasperatedly asks, "Now what?" The prince steps out, leaving his pouch of jewels behind, as one of the armed escorts calls out for him. He tells the knights to worry not, for it is but a fallen tree, and Emma is taken aback to be suddenly faced with her father, having never before seen him as a prince. Hook says that they should go, but Emma is entranced by the sight, and it soon occurs to her that this is the moment where her parents first meet.

321 22
Snow White is spotted.

She looks to her right for confirmation, and to her joy, she spots Snow White perched on a high-up tree branch, ready to pounce atop the carriage and rob any riches within. Knowing what's going to happen, Emma watches with anticipation, however, as she tries to get a better look at her mother, she accidentally snaps a branch, thus creating a loud noise which startles Snow and causes her to lose her balance; the royal bandit instead falls from the tree. Meanwhile, Charming tells his men to look at the markings of the fallen tree, saying that it's been cut down purposefully which means they're in the middle of an ambush. The prince and his knights all draw their swords, and Snow White - who continues lying on the forest ground - watches annoyed as the carriage she planned to rob prepares to defend itself for an upcoming attack. Knowing she won't be able to steal any treasures, she quickly stands up and runs away into the woods, never having interacted with her future husband for the first time; Emma is extremely perturbed by this.

321 23
Emma laments over changing the past.

Charming returns to his carriage, where his pouch of jewels rests safely, and Abigail complains that he almost gave her a heart attack. As he puts away his sword, he explains that a tree was cut and that someone wanted to rob them, but the princess asks who would dare attack a royal carriage. The prince looks out into the empty woods, where Snow White should be, before declaring that he has no idea. He climbs back into the carriage and adds that they can relax now, for it appears the bandit had been scared off and they never have to see them again. Finally, with the fallen tree having been moved out the way, the carriage continues down the road, going past Hook and Emma, the latter of which remains in a worried state. The two of them step out onto the road as the carriage rides away, and Emma asks Hook if remembers the thing he said about small changes having consequences; he replies positively, and she goes on to ask what kind of consequences occur following big changes. Confused, Hook wonders what they did, and Emma explains that the bandit she foiled was Snow White; "This was the moment my parents first met." "And, because of us, now they didn't..." Hook realizes. Emma looks desolate.

Act IV

321 24
King Midas' golden castle.

The knights on horses pulling the carriage of "Prince James" (as is who he's currently masquerading as) and Princess Abigail continue down the road whilst the former, who sits uncomfortably within the carriage, looks rather unsettled. Soon enough, they come to a stop, and Abigail, who's still fanning herself, peers through the window to announce that they've reached their destination: the castle of King Midas, which is made entirely of solid gold. Charming takes note of this, but Abigail tells him that, after a time, he'll stop noticing. The prince continues to stare in awe at the castle.

321 25
Snow White meets with Black Beard.

Over in a local tavern, Snow White sits, with her hood up, opposite the notorious pirate Black Beard, who wonders what she wants. The bandit tells him that she needs to get as far away from where they are as soon as possible, and she needs her destination kept secret. As she says this, she takes a pouch of gold out from an inside pocket and places it on the table; Black Beard takes the pouch and weighs it with his hand to see how much is in there before telling the former princess that she's come to the right captain. However, he then reveals that turning a blind eye will cost double, and Snow appears rather disappointed.

321 26
The Dark One is less than welcoming.

Elsewhere in the Enchanted Forest, Hook and Emma look out over the vast woodlands at where the Dark Castle, home to Rumplestiltskin, resides beside the mountains in the distance. Emma comments that it's a little more imposing than the pawnshop and wonders what they are to do now, suggesting that they knock on the door and introduce themselves ("'Hey, we're from the future!'"). However, Hook suggests it'd be best he stays back until Rumple knows they're from the future, for they have an antagonistic history and wagers the Dark One won't hesitate to kill him at first sight. "Oh, I'll take that bet!" exclaims a familiar voice, and Hook and Emma are startled when they turn around to be faced with Rumplestiltskin himself. He laughs manically, but Emma simply remains in awe of him, never having seen Rumple (known as Mr. Gold to her at first) as he was before the Dark Curse, with scaly skin, a leather outfit, and a more outspoken demeanor. He says that he can't tell them how long he's been looking forward to this before realizing that he just did exactly that... and then he begins to strangle Hook with his magic.

321 27
Emma stops the violence.

Hook, now choking, tries to get Emma to step in, but when she attempts getting Rumplestiltskin to stop, he simply waves his free hand and causes her to fall over. He tells the blonde that he doesn't know who she is, but suggests that she run off and let him do his killing in peace. Emma, who's gotten back up on her feet, assures the Dark One that Hook isn't going to hurt him; she begs him to listen to her, but he wonders why he should, which then leads her to say, "Because, if you don't, then you'll never see your son again!" Rather taken aback, Rumple ceases his strangling of Hook, who falls to the floor in a weakened state, before asking Emma what she knows of his son. She says that his name is Baelfire and that Rumple is planning to enact a curse that will reunite the two of them, but Rumple simply wonders who told her this information, asking if she's some kind of witch. Emma denies the accusation, explaining that she's the one who breaks the curse, being the product of true love, and Rumple is stunned, saying that all this is part of his plans... but he hasn't done any of it yet. Emma tells him that he will, and that he will succeed, which leads the Dark One to realize...

321 28
Rumple asks a pressing question, regarding Bae.

"We're from the future, mate," Hook says, cutting the realization short, to which Rumple replies that time travel hasn't been done, "mate". Emma says that someone's cracked that code and informs the imp that they need his help. Rumple giggles at the idea, telling the blonde that if she wants his help then she's going to have to answer him one question: "Do I find my son?" Emma says nothing, clearly not knowing whether to reveal that Baelfire is dead, but when Rumple angrily demands that she answer him, she quickly says "yes". He smiles and utters his son's name, happy to know that he's going to find Bae at last, but he then asks how. Emma doesn't know what to say, but luckily for her, she doesn't have to say anything; Rumple stops her from answering in fear that further knowledge of finding his son being in his head may throw him off his eventual success. "It may already kinda be thrown off..." Emma reveals, and the Dark One realizes that they've changed something about the past, wanting to know what it is they've done. Emma looks over to Hook, and then back to Rumple, telling him that they interrupted her parents meeting. He appears quite concerned.

321 29
Belle interrupts.

Rumple leads Emma and Hook into the main hall of his Dark Castle. Emma thanks him for believing them, about to call him "Mr. Gold", but she quickly corrects herself and addresses him as Rumplestiltskin. She says she knows that time travel is hard to swallow, but he says that it's less difficult to comprehend than the other mystery they've presented him with: why hasn't he killed Hook in the future? Hook dryly tells his past nemesis that, if it makes him feel any better, it wasn't for lack of effort, going on to say that they simply buried the hatchet. "Yes, but why not in your skull?" Rumple then asks, doing a mime to go with it, and Hook looks rather uneasy. The conversation is interrupted, however, as Belle enters the room, surprised to see that her master has returned. Emma turns around and immediately recognizes the beauty, saying her name out-loud, but Belle is confused by this and asks the blonde if they know each other. Emma doesn't know how to respond, eventually making up that "Mr. G- Rumpl- The, uh, Dark One" told her about her.

321 30
Emma tries to tell her story...

"Did he?" Belle asks, delightfully surprised, but Rumple immediately denies this claim, telling his maid to go read a book, or whatever it is that she likes to do, and come back and clean later. Belle mutters to him that he could ask nicely, but he points out that he could also turn her into a toad, the barbs between them leading Emma to comment that it's a miracle the two of them fall in love with each other. Rumple gives a confused chuckle at this, and as Belle walks away, he vocalizes that he finds it rather hard to believe that he will both let his sworn enemy live and falls in love with his maid. Hook says that Emma has a strange sense of humor, suggesting that they get back to the matter of her parents, and Rumple agrees, asking who her parents are. "Snow White and Prince Charming," Emma says automatically, but the Dark One doesn't know who "Charming" is, and so the blonde tells him that her father's real name is Prince James. Rumple realizes that she's speaking of King George's son, whose wedding he's just arranged, and Emma explains that that wedding isn't meant to happen because the ring Charming was going to give to Abigail is supposed to have been stolen by Snow.

321 31
...and is surprised to find that it's missing.

Rumple says that it's quite a tale Emma's spinning and so she decides to show him, taking Henry's book out of Hook's satchel and presenting it to the Dark One. However, as she flicks through, she realizes that all the pages depicting events past the point where Snow and Charming were supposed to meet are now blank. She doesn't understand, and Rumple explains that it's a ripple effect; once you change something in the past, anything from that point forward becomes uncertain. The future, as they can see, is a blank page. Emma states that they need to get Snow to steal Charming's ring so that her parents' story can get back on track, and Rumple tells the blonde that she's in luck, for there is to be a ball that night at King Midas' castle - Prince James will be there, and so will his ring. Emma realizes that they just need to get Snow there, but Hook wonders how, pointing out that they don't even know the location of the bandit princess. Rumple coughs, indicating that the pirate is wrong, and tells the two time travelers to allow him.

321 32
Snow is located.

He then gets up and approaches a small crystal ball on a nearby table (the same one used by Neal to track Emma in Neverland (see "The Heart of the Truest Believer")), waving his hand over it and causing it to show the whereabouts of Snow White. Emma views her mother sitting in a tavern at a table across from someone, and Hook recognizes that she's with Black Beard, meaning Snow must be trying to secure safe passage on his ship. "And, it appears, failing," Rumple comments when he sees Black Beard get up and walk away. Emma realizes that Snow can't escape the Queen without the money she was supposed to get for the ring, and asks Rumple if he can help them. He says that he can aid them in getting their portal to the future open again, but as for getting Emma's parents back together, that's their mess; only they know what they did and now they must go undo it. The Dark One walks away, and Hook tells Emma that, if Snow's looking for passage out of town, he might know a ship's captain who can help them. "Who?" Emma wonders, to which he replies, "Me."

Act V

321 33
Emma whips out her money-makers.

Inside a tavern, Captain Hook is seen winning at a dice game whilst surrounded by wenches and members of his pirate crew. Meanwhile, across the room, Emma and the Hook who fell through the time portal with her are seen watching the latter's past self in discretion. Hook points out how dashing he looks, but Emma doubts whether his plan is a good idea, reminding him that they have to preserve the future. He assures her that it'll be fine because his past self is drinking, meaning he'll blame the rum if he remembers anything he shouldn't. Hook tells Emma to make sure that his past self remains occupied and doesn't return to the Jolly Roger, and so she removes her cloak and begins untying her corset. Hook wonders what she's doing, at which she replies that she's "making sure he stays occupied", adding that it shouldn't be difficult for, as they both know, she's his type. Cleavage at the ready, she stands up in an attempt to approach Hook of the past, but Hook of the present stands up also and blocks her path, warning the blonde that she doesn't know the man she's about to distract, thus she must be careful. Emma, amused, tells Hook that, if she didn't know any better, she'd say that he was jealous, but Hook says nothing, instead making his way out of the tavern without a word. Emma is then free to approach the other Hook, who's dressed in a red vest as opposed to present Hook's black one, and she asks him what game he's playing in a provocative manner. He stares at her with deep interest.

321 34
Smee tries to kill one of his brethren.

A rat is seen scampering along the deck of the Jolly Roger and Mr. Smee, who's busy cleaning the vessel, tries to whack it with his broom. However, the Captain Hook of the future catches the broom in his namesake hook, thus sparing the rodent's life. Smee is surprised that his captain has returned from the tavern so early, but he then spots the rat and begins approaching it, promising Hook that he'll "get the bugger". Hook stops him from doing so, telling his right-hand that he'll understand someday, and Smee goes on to ask if the captain is sporting a new vest. "Of course not," Hook sternly lies, and Smee asks if he's alright, pointing out that he seems different. Hook suggests that it's maybe because he's used to his first mate asking what his captain needs when he's on deck, and Smee apologizes, asking his superior if there's anything he can do for him. Suddenly, Hook spots the hooded figure of Snow White emerging from somewhere nearby and he draws Smee close, whispering to his first mate that he needs to speak to that woman, instructing him to get her on board and to do it quietly. Smee goes to do so, stepping off the ship in order to interact with the cautious Snow, whilst Hook makes his way down below deck.

321 35
Emma flirts.

Back in the tavern, Emma and the past version of Hook are doing shots together when the former says that she has a confession: she'd like to know how he got the hook, for she hears so many stories. He leans in slightly closer, pointing out that she clearly knows who he is whereas she hasn't even told him her name, but she wonders what's wrong with that as she pours out two more shots. He comments that they're just two ships passing in the night, and she says she hopes they're passing closely. Speaking of ships, he suggests that the two of them leave the tavern so that he may show her his, but when he tries to stand up, Emma places her hand on his thigh and tells him to wait in order to make him stay put. He does so, and she suggests in turn that they have a few drinks first, handing him another shot. He downs it.

321 36
Hook strikes a bargain with Snow.

Meanwhile, Snow White is seen making her way down below the decks of the Jolly Roger, where the future Hook is seen sitting behind his desk in the shadows (careful to not disrupt their true meeting in the future). She wonders who he is, but he says that it doesn't matter, pointing out that he's a captain and can help her. Snow sits opposite him and asks what he wants, but he says that this meeting isn't about what he wants; it's about what he can offer. He goes on to reveal that he hears she's seeking safe passage out of the Enchanted Forest and Snow confirms this, however, she hasn't got enough money. Hook cares not for money and says that it's treasure he wants, adding that he thinks she'll be able to help him. As he says this, he takes a copy of her WANTED poster out from his pocket and addresses her by her name, pointing out that she's a thief.

321 37
No rohypnol for me.

Emma pours out two more shots; Hook is seen downing his but Emma throws the contents of hers behind her back when his head is tilted back and she's out of sight. He tells her that, if he didn't know any better, he'd say she was trying to get him drunk, which is usually his tactic. She asks him what's wrong, playfully teasing him by saying that he can't hold his rum, but Hook assures her that he can both hold it and carry it right out the door. He stands up after saying it's time to set sail, requesting that Emma come back to the Jolly Roger for a nightcap. When she doesn't reply, he asks if he should ask someone else.
Snow continues to sit across from the other Hook and asks if he'll grant her safe passage on his ship if she procures this item for her. "To anywhere you wish," Hook promises, and so Snow wonders what it is she has to steal. "A wedding ring," Hook replies after a brief pause, and the bandit princess appears entertained by the idea; her eyebrows raise in a surprised yet interested manner.

321 38
Drunken romance.

Hook is drinking from his rum bottle when walking back to his ship with Emma. She pretends to stumble drunkenly but Hook manages to keep her on her feet, leading her to suggest that she rests for a moment. Hook throws his bottle into the ocean and tells her not to worry, saying that he's carried rum barrels heavier than her, and with that, he lifts her into his arms and begins carrying her over to his ship, where Smee is still sweeping. They step onto the ship just as Snow White leaves, and Hook tells his conquest to "behold the Rolly Joger". Smee is surprised to be met by his captain, not knowing how Hook's managed to be in two places at once, and says tat he thought he was still below deck; he asks why his vest keeps changing. Emma, who's been put back down, appears worried by this and tells Hook that she seems to remember a nightcap was promised; "Find one, and I'll be waiting," she says playfully. She makes her way down below deck, where future Hook is, whilst the past version of Hook is told by Smee that something is right here. Hook agrees with his first mate, asking why he's still there. "You know what a nightcap means. It means we want our privacy." Smee obliges and exits the ship whilst Hook makes his way after Emma.

321 39
Hook is knocked himself! Hah!

Emma, meanwhile, is met by the future version of Hook and asks what he's doing there. He asks her the same question, reminding her that she was meant to keep his past self occupied, but she argues that she is. "By taking him back to my ship?!" he asks, but she points out it's his past self's ship, much to Hook's dismay. He says that she knows what he means and she explains that she stalled as long as she could and thought that the Hook in front of her would be gone by now, but she'll distract the other Hook long enough for this one to get away. Suddenly, the past Hook begins making his way down to them and so his future self hides behind the nearby desk. The one in the red vest says he hopes Emma isn't having second thoughts, but she assures him that she was simply tired of waiting, before grabbing and kissing him. As they make out, she steers him away from the stairs in order to make room for Hook in the black vest, whose past counterpart stumbles and apologizes to the beautiful woman he's kissing, who he says deserves his full attention. As he goes to kiss her again, however, he is tapped on the shoulder by his future self and turns around, only to be punched in the face and knocked out. Emma is shocked, having just seen Hook attack himself, and asks how that's not going to have consequences, but Hook replies that his past self was asking for it, and, as he said, he'll blame the rum. He suggests that they get going and the two time travelers begin making their way off of the ship. The shot remains on the other Hook's unconscious face.

Act VI

321 40
You shall go to the ball!

Through Hook's telescope, we are able to view a close-up shot of King Midas' golden castle, where, as can be told by the fireworks and music, the ball is currently taking place. Hook, who's sitting on a hillside with Emma, says that, besides an excess of pomp and grandeur, Snow should have no trouble sneaking inside. He puts away his telescope, and as he does, Emma asks what the two of them are supposed to do, not wanting to just sit there and hope everything goes correctly for she doesn't like leaving things to chance. "I feel exactly the same way," announces Rumplestiltskin, having just appeared on a nearby rock, and Hook and Emma get to their feet, startled. "Which is why I never do," Rumple adds, going on to magic up an invitation to the ball and show it to them. Emma takes this to mean that the Dark One will be inside to watch out for Snow, but Rumple tells her otherwise, saying that he'll be far too busy working out a way to get them home. Hook asks who the invitation is for, and Rumple asks in turn if it isn't obvious: it's for the two of them. Hook wonders if the Dark One will be able to open their portal once they're done inside, and Rumple explains that there's a magic wand which he came to possess and legend says it can recreate any magic that's ever been wielded, so with a bit of work he should be able to recreate whatever portal brought them to the past.

321 41
The proper royal attire is issued.

Hook takes the invitation from the wizard's hand and Emma begs Rumple to accomplish this task quickly for she'd like to leave as soon as she can. Rumple relishes in her confidence, saying that he likes it, and Emma smiles before going to leave. However, Rumple halts them, much to their confusion, and tells them that they can't go in dressed like they are. He then waves his hand and, in a flurry of purple smoke, Emma and Hook find themselves dressed in appropriate ball attire; Hook's hook has been replaced by a fake hand whilst his outfit consists of a formal coat and vest, as well as a sword, meanwhile, Emma is sporting a rather conspicuous red gown. Rumple comments that the savior can't come this far and not play princess for a day, but Emma says that she's not supposed to stick out, asking what will happen if someone remembers her in the future. "Because what you had before was such an intricate disguise?" Rumple points out, "Speaking of which, I've returned those stolen rags. Luckily, before they were missed. It's a miracle the timeline hasn't imploded already - amateurs!" He then tells them to allow him and magics up a mirror in his hands, showing the pirate and the blonde that their faces have been changed and explaining that he's put a glamor spell on the pair of them, and what they see in the mirror is how they shall appear to one and all. The mirror then disappears, and Rumple instructs them to run along and make sure they do everything they can to ensure Snow White gets the prince's ring; once they're back on track, everything else will be too.

321 42
Meet Prince Charles and Princess Leia.

Inside the castle, the disguised Hook drops his and Emma's invitation on a server's tray whilst the blonde, looking around at all the attendees, comments that she thought the clothes in the Enchanted Forest couldn't get any worse. The pirate assures her that, where she might not be able to move, she cuts quite the figure in that dress, and she smiles before the two of them are greeted by King Midas himself. He introduces himself as such, adding that he's the father of the bride, and asks who he might be honored to welcome into his home. The two of them look stunned, not having worked out aliases for themselves beforehand, and all Hook is able to utter is "Prince..." "Charles. Prince Charles," Emma formulates, going on to say, "And I'm Princess... Leia." They bow, and Midas tells them that it's an honor to have them both, ordering one of his inferiors to announce Prince Charles and Princess Leia.

321 43
Hook leads.

Soon, Emma and Hook are making their way through the crowd as the former is saying that Mary Margaret and David are always going on about this ball and that ball but she wonders what the big deal is about these things. However, her attention is then caught by the elegant and beautiful dancing taking place on the dance floor and she remains utterly entranced. "You were saying?" Hook whispers, but Emma wonders what she's supposed to do. Hook tells her to allow him, taking her hand and leading her onto the dance floor, and Emma asks if he's saying he knows how to do whatever this is. He explains that it's called a waltz, and there's only one rule: pick a partner who knows what he's doing. With that, the two of them begin integrating themselves amongst the other dancers, gracefully dancing the night away.
Outside, Snow White fires up a grapple attached to a rope from her bow which then latches itself between two merlons of the golden castle. She pulls on the rope to make sure the grapple is stable and then begins to climb the wall, eventually making it over the crenelation and through a door which leads inside.

321 44
A joyous union...

Back in the ballroom, Hook and Emma continue to dance and the latter notes that she's actually starting to get the hang of it. The pirate asks her what she was saying back in Storybrooke about not being a princess and she wonders if he's being serious, pointing out that he gets her first dance at her first royal ball and all he can say is "I told you so". He tells her that what he's actually trying to say, "your highness", is that she's a natural, and Emma smiles before she spots Charming standing aside with Abigail. The prince asks his betrothed if she'd care to dance, but she simply replies that her feet are killing her, adding that she forgot to wear her comfortable shoes. Charming wonders if she'd like him to fetch them for her, to which she sarcastically says, "My hero." She walks away, looking bored, and Charming begins heading upstairs for his ungrateful fiancée's shoes.
Upstairs, meanwhile, Snow White is rummaging through the royals' possessions in search of the prince's ring, but she is unfortunately unable to find it. She abandons the chest she's searching and begins looking through jewelry boxes.

321 45
The Evil Queen makes a fashionable entrance.

Using her magic, Queen Regina causes the doors to the ballroom to come flying open before she graciously, yet abruptly walks in, sporting a sparkly black number. King Midas bows to her, saying that it's a pleasure to have her there and thanking her for honoring his daughter with her presence, and she thanks him in turn for his generous hospitality, going on to say that she brought a few friends and hopes he doesn't mind. A group of Black Knights then begin to enter, much to everyone's fear and astonishment, and only now do Emma and Hook notice that Regina has arrived. The blonde notes that the Queen's presence was not in the plan but Hook tells her to relax, assuring his partner-in -time travel that Regina is a guest and that the King's head would vanish into another realm if he didn't invite her. Emma accepts this as a good point, but goes on to ask where Charming is.

321 46
Snow White meets Prince Charming, at last.

Snow continues rummaging through items and eventually discovers a pouch concealed within a drawer, and in this pouch is the prince's wedding ring. "My ticket to freedom," she notes as she holds it out in front of herself, but suddenly, the door behind her opens and Charming enters the room. He asks who she is but Snow becomes startled, running to the window. The prince orders her to stop, denoting her as a thief and tackling her to the ground before she can escape. He gets her on her back and goes to punch her in the face, but only then does her hood come down and he sees... "You're a girl?" "Woman," she corrects him with a smile, grabbing a jewelry box she was earlier seen dropping from the ground and using it to whack him across the face. He falls off of her in pain and she is able to stand up and open the window. "James, what is taking you so l-" Abigail is heard saying as she enters the room, but she stops herself mid-sentence when she spots the thief climbing out the window. Abigail recognizes her as Snow White, but Snow merely smiles, continuing to exit via said window. The princess then runs downstairs to begins alerting everyone in the castle that Snow White is there.

321 47
Snow makes a getaway.

One of Midas' knights in the ballroom alerts the King that Snow White has been spotted, and Midas is furious about the fact that a bandit roams his castle, demanding that she be found. Emma and Hook, hearing this, look worried and begin to discreetly make their way out of the room and upstairs.
Snow safely makes her way out of the window and begins climbing back over the golden crenelation, just as Emma and Hook step out of a door in time to witness her begin to speedily abseil down the castle wall. Emma looks down to see her mother make it to the ground and run away and notes that she did it; she must have stolen the ring.

321 48
"Wherever you are, I will find you!"

Charming wakes up in his bedroom, now with a scar on his chin, and makes it to his feet. He looks out the window to see Snow White stealing the nearest horse and riding away on it. "You can't hide from me!" he yells down to her, "Wherever you are, I will find you!" Emma and Hook hear this from where they are and smile at one another, knowing that everything's back on track and the mission's been accomplished. However, before this fact can be fully vocalized, Emma is hit out of the way by one of the Evil Queen's Black Knights who wields a bow and arrow and begins aiming for Snow, commenting that the prince will be finding her sooner than he thinks. "No!" Emma yells, tackling him to the ground and making it so the arrow leaves the bow and misses Snow entirely, hitting a nearby tree instead whilst the bandit continues to ride to safety. Emma, now on the ground, then sees that Charming's ring lies in front of her, meaning that Snow must have dropped it. Quickly, the blonde grabs it and shows it to Hook, who realizes what this means. He tells her that she's got to get it to Snow and vouches to stay where he is in order to fend off the mass of Black Knights who are currently arriving. He draws his sword and begins fighting them whilst Emma runs back downstairs, but the archer she tackled begins running downstairs also via a different stairwell. Hook successfully defeats a significant amount of Black Knights.

321 49

The archer makes it into the ballroom and immediately spots Emma, alerting all those around him that she's the one who helped Snow White escape. Before she knows what's going on, Emma finds herself surrounded by Black Knights, unable to move. The Evil Queen then approaches and looks the blonde up and down before asking, "Going somewhere?"
Hook cuts down the last of the knights, having been attacked by a wave of King Midas' men also, before running back down to the ballroom.

321 50
Emma is arrested by Regina, still in possession of Charming's ring.

"Regina..." Emma utters, scared for her life, but the Queen points out that she's being a little informal. She demands that the blonde show some respect and address her as "your majesty", and Emma's arms are seized by two Black Knights just as Hook comes running into the ballroom, knowing immediately that he's too late to help Emma, who's told by the Queen that she's not going anywhere; "Snow White may have left the party early but... I suspect your night has just begun." Emma is stunned, and Regina laughs, ordering her knights to take the blonde away. They oblige, forcefully dragging Emma out of the ballroom as she looks down at the ring in her hand, which still isn't in Snow's possession as it should be. Regina follows on from her knights and Hook looks extremely worried about the fact that Emma's just been arrested.


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The episode, along with "There's No Place Like Home", pulled in respectable numbers, placing a 2.3/7 with 6.8 million viewers tuning in (as they were combined as a two-hour episode), winning in both the 8:00 P.M. and 9:00 P.M. timeslots.[2]


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