Smash the Mirror
Once Upon a Time 4x08
November 16, 2014
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Eagle Egilsson (part 1)
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"Smash the Mirror" is the 74th episode of Once Upon a Time.


In Arendelle, when the Snow Queen tries to pit Elsa and Anna against each other and it proves more difficult than she anticipates, she takes drastic measures. Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, Emma's powers are out of control and her fear of hurting loved ones pushes her away from everyone she cares about. In her confusion, Emma turns to Gold for help getting her powers under control, and he tells her about a way to get rid of her powers altogether, which Hook tries to put a stop to. Regina struggles with her plan to find the author of the storybook until her quest takes an unexpected turn, and Robin Hood recruits Will Scarlet to assist him on a mission, while Mary Margaret and David search for their daughter.

Plot (Part I)

Previously on Once Upon a Time...

The Snow Queen adds the final shard to her mirror, thus completing it, and says to herself that soon she will have what she wants: a family that loves her. ("Breaking Glass") As Rumplestiltskin takes away the sisterly ribbons of Ingrid, Helga and Gerda as part of his deal with them, he explains that, sometimes, ordinary objects can come to possess their own special kind of magic. ("The Snow Queen") In the present day, Ingrid tells Mr. Gold that she's ready to make a deal with him and wants her ribbons back; he keeps them in a box in his shop, but is no longer convinced that she has anything he wants. As she freezes a snow globe, she points out that he wants what every villain wants: everything. ("The Snow Queen") Rumplestiltskin waves his dagger over a cylindrical box, consequently unleashing the magic hat from within. The apprentice to the sorcerer explains that every Dark One has tried to steal the hat, but every Dark One has failed. As he's tied to a chair under the watch of a blackmailed Hook, he tells Mr. Gold that he'll never collect enough magic to do what he wants. Gold disagrees, sarcastically lamenting that the apprentice won't be there to see it, and proceeds to absorb him entirely with the hat. ("The Apprentice") Regina tells Robin Hood that, if he truly wants to save Marian, he has to forget about her. ("Family Business") Robin later visits Regina in her vault and the two begin kissing passionately. ("The Snow Queen") Having taken the hatbox from Anna's possessions, Ingrid concludes that the now locked-up princess that was planning to use it to strip away Elsa's magic, but Anna protests that this isn't true. ("Family Business") Whilst being interrogated at the sheriff's station, the Snow Queen tells Emma that the family she thinks she has may love her, but they also fear her. Relatively soon, Emma is seen to have blown a hole through the station wall with her magic and warns everyone else to keep their distance, for she doesn't know how to control it. Hook tries approaching, but Emma exclaims for him to let her go and accidentally uses her powers to make a lamppost fall over, injuring her father. Mary Margaret yells at her daughter with fear in her eyes, and Emma looks crushed. ("The Snow Queen") Later, at the apartment, Mary Margaret asks David and Hook if they were successful in finding Emma, but they weren't, having looked everywhere, which can only mean that she doesn't want to be found. ("The Snow Queen") Emma sits sadly in her car in the woods, isolating herself from the ones she cares about. ("The Snow Queen")


Act I

A long time ago in Arendelle....

408 01
The magic hat is hidden.

A horse is heard galloping along a thin road overlooking a lake at night time, soon emerging from the thick mist to reveal that its rider is Ingrid the Snow Queen, in her usual white formal attire with the addition of riding boots, and she looks determined. It isn't too long before she begins slowing down her white steed, shortly stopping and dismounting outside the entrance to cave. Being cautious of witnesses and being able to confirm to herself that there are none, she slowly makes her way inside, coming into the moonlight and allowing us to see that she carries with her the cylindrical hatbox, inside of which is the sorcerer's hat. She places the box down beside some rocks and moves a large one out of the way, revealing a small, readily dug hole. She places the hatbox inside and freezes it over with her magic, repositions the rock back on top so that the hat shall remain hidden.

The Enchanted Forest

408 02
Ingrid wishes to make a deal with the sorcerer.

Barefoot on the woodland floor, but still dressed in extravagant white, Ingrid is seen approaching the home of the sorcerer's apprentice, who is outside sweeping. He senses her arrival and turns, telling her once she's in proximity that he knows who she is and can be of no help to her. Ingrid knows this, pointing out that he's an errand boy long past his prime, and wishes to speak to the one he works for. He tells her that there are many who desire an audience with the sorcerer, but he speaks only through his apprentice. As such, Ingrid tells the apprentice to relay the message that she wants to make a deal, but he informs her that the sorcerer does not make petty deals, especially to those who have succumbed to their darkness, like her. The Snow Queen thinks that, in this case, he may be willing to make a small exception, going on to reveal that she has the hat. The apprentice is stunned, telling Ingrid that she has no idea the forces she's dealing with, and leans his broom up against a nearby fence, grabbing a sword instead.

408 03
And his apprentice is made to adhere to these wishes.

He aims it at her, pressuring her throat slightly with the tip, but she appears unphased, simply answering negatively when ordered to give him the hat. She asks if he thinks her foolish enough to have brought it with her and explains to the old man that the hat is hidden far away; if the sorcerer is to have any chance of seeing it again, then he'll have to adhere to the terms of her deal. His sword is moved away by her hand and the begrudged apprentice asks what it is she so desires, to which Ingrid replies, "Happiness. The kind I haven't known in a long time. Not since I was a little girl, running in a field with my sisters, chasing a kite. Our love made us strong... until it didn't. My sisters could never accept who I was because they were... ordinary. I want two new sisters, born with magic like me. My niece, Elsa, will be joining me; we need a third magical sister. A perfect match." The apprentice warns her that a match like that will be extremely hard to come by and could take time, but Ingrid says that he should tell the sorcerer she's a very patient woman and is willing to wait as long as it takes to find a perfect sister.

Present Day

408 04
A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like she's the queen.

Emma's sleeping face is seen reflected in the wing-mirror of her yellow car, which is parked remotely out in the woods. However, the sound of crackling is soon heard and the blonde soon wakes herself up accidentally due to the magic sparking from her hands. She is initially startled but soon starts telling herself and her powers to calm down, exiting the car and leaning up against it with her hands in the hopes it will help. She closes her eyes, focusing hard on dimming her magic, but the moment is soon interrupted by a familiar voice exclaiming, "Mom?!" Emma turns, shocked, to see Henry standing nearby, looking relieved to have found her. She asks what he's doing there and he explains that he's been out all night looking for her - as has everyone - which only makes Emma panic because it means they all ignored her warning to stay away, made necessary thanks to her currently uncontrollable powers. Henry approaches nonetheless and his biological mother tells him to listen, assuring him that he doesn't have to worry about her because she's going to find a way to fix this, but until she does, he has to go.

408 05
Emma hurts her son accidentally.

However, he refuses, calling attention to the fact that she always thinks pushing people away will solve her problems but it never does; he claims that he can help her. She begs her son to wait, but he doesn't stop approaching. She looks down at her hands, which are glowing brighter than before, and Henry reaches out and touches one... which causes her to panic and for an extreme burst of magic to blast him backwards, sending him hurtling a fair distance back. She rushes over to make sure he's okay but stops short of kneeling at his side, instead clenching her fists and keeping her dangerous hands to herself. She asks if he's okay and Henry, sitting up, is seen touching his finger to the underside of his ear, seeing blood. He promises his mother that he's fine, but Emma is horrified to have cut her son, not knowing what she's done. Henry stands up and again promises that everything's fine and that he's okay whilst she continues to frantically apologize.

408 06
The Snow Queen comes to chat; she does that.

He tries approaching her once more but she warns him not to come any closer, for his own protection, and says that, while she loves him, he has to go; "Go!" she yells, sending another unintentional yet powerful blast of magic from her hands. This one is harmless, but still frightens Henry into running away, and as her power continues to spark, even she looks scared of herself. "I know exactly how you feel," says the Snow Queen, having suddenly appeared behind her, "Seeing the fear in his eyes." Emma turns around suddenly and yet another magic burst is emanated, missing Ingrid completely but impressing her greatly. She points out that, despite Emma being out of control, she isn't going to hurt her, and she shouldn't want to, since she's on her side. Re-approaching her car, Emma says that she just wants to be left the hell alone, prompting Ingrid to tell her that she can run, but it won't help, and the only way this can end is by Emma embracing who she is. The angered savior opens her door and says that she wants no part in that if it means hurting people she loves, then getting into her vehicle and driving away from the deranged ice witch. The Snow Queen simply stands there and watches her.

Act II

408 07
The morning after.

Over at the Mills family mausoleum, Regina sits on the steps of the vault beneath as she fastens her shoe, soon noticing the buzzing phone next to her and picking it up. She ignores the call however, and Robin Hood is soon heard making his way towards her. When he emerges, he is dressed in a white vest top and wishes Regina a good morning. She comments on how long it took him to wake up and he apologizes, saying that that was the best "sleep" he's had in a long time. She smiles and he asks her how she'd like to come back to his camp and let him cook her breakfast, and she says that that sounds lovely but they both know they can't. He concedes that she's probably right, joking that Little John is a bit of a gossip, and they both chuckle, leading him to point out her elusive yet satisfying smile which he thinks about every time he closes his eyes. They soon find themselves kissing, with passion, and as their arms wrap round one another Regina pulls away from said kiss in order to wonder aloud why they didn't do this a few decades ago. Robin reminds her that she was suffering from a bit of heartbreak and a touch of self-loathing and he was just some drunk in a bar with a tattoo who, as Regina finds herself adding, Tinker Bell said she was destined to be with (see "Quite a Common Fairy").

408 08
Robin is shown Henry's storybook.

She says that she should have listened to that stupid fairy, for things might have turned out differently had she chosen him over, or instead of, evil. He says in turn that she's made a lot of mistakes, but now she's making up for them, however, Regina theorizes that she might simply be digging herself deeper. She begins backing away, reminding the both of them that he's married, and he tells her that he knows. She goes on to say that, even if there wasn't a Marian, she's certain this would end badly, and Robin asks if she's really that much of a pessimist. She tells him that he would be too if he knew everything she did, and so she proceeds to grab Henry's storybook from a nearby surface, wondering if Robin has seen it before. He hasn't, and she explains to him that it's a magical storybook which they're all written into, opening it up to a page depicting her as she walks away from the tavern wherein she was supposed to meet Robin Hood, all that time ago. Astounded, the thief asks where this came from, but Regina doesn't know, telling him that it just appeared when Henry needed it most. She adds that it's full of stories about heroes and villains and sadly asks him to guess which column she's in.

408 09
This show is gettin' sexy.

Robin closes it and assures her that this book is about the past and, like she said, she's not the Evil Queen anymore. He puts it down on another surface and Regina laughs, telling her true love to tell that to the author because he seems to have made it a rule that villains don't get happy endings, even if they change and try to be good. Robin suggests that she point him to this author, for he'd be happy to have more than a conversation, but Regina explains that it's not that simple because she doesn't know where the he is, or who he is, or if it's a he or a she or an it; she's searched everywhere and she's been failing. He begs her to let him help, but despite her smile she tells him he can't, taking his hands - which have made their way back to her hips - away and adding that this cannot happen a second time. He understands and agrees... before pointing out that if they don't leave this room then he thinks that it still counts as the first time. The two of them continue to make out, during which time he lifts her into the air and carries her down to a comfortable area of floor, much to her delight.

408 10
Henry arrives home, injured.

Mary Margaret, David, Elsa and Hook all enter the former's apartment as the Ice Queen points out that one would think a big yellow driving machine would be easier to find. Hook suggests that, perhaps, she doesn't want to be found, since that's what she "bloody" told them. David tries injecting some good news, saying that Emma can't leave town so long as the ice wall is in place, but Elsa brings the mood back down by explaining that, the longer Emma isolates herself, it will only get worse because her magic will just keep spiraling. A particularly worried Mary Margaret soon chimes in by saying that Elsa's right and that it was a bad idea coming home; they should still be out searching. David settles his wife by assuring her that this isn't her fault, but she finds herself silently disagreeing, and he goes on to guarantee her that they'll find their daughter, however, they've been searching all night and they're all exhausted - including her - so they'll rest and recuperate and they'll go out searching again and then Emma can and will be found. This comes as little comfort to Snow who, along with everyone else, is shocked to see Henry enter the apartment, announcing to everyone that they don't have to look anymore. Mary Margaret says how they thought he was asleep upstairs, having told him to stay there, whilst David asks what happened to his grandson, who continues to bleed from the cut sustained on the back of his neck.

408 11
Elsa sets up a flashback.

The young man apologizes for sneaking out but justifies himself in saying that he found Emma, leading his grandmother to ask immediately how her daughter is. David asks concurrently if she's okay or if she's hurt, and Henry explains that she's out in the woods; he thought he could help calm her down, but him showing up just made things worse. Mary Margaret approaches, having noticed his gash, and urges him to come with her to the bathroom so that she can clean it up. He obliges, and David assesses the situation as bad, not knowing who can calm Emma down if even Henry failed. Elsa explains to the prince that everything's upside-down when your powers are out of control and you don't want to be anywhere near the people you care about. "Wonderful!" Hook exclaims sarcastically, suggesting that they send Sneezy after her, or Happy, not able to remember which dwarf it is that she despises. Elsa continues in explaining how scared she was that she would hurt Anna until she finally realized that you can't run away from the people that love you because, in the end, they're the only people who can help you.

408 12
Ingrid tells a lie.

In flashback, a series of confectionery treats have been prepared to welcome Anna home from her journey and Elsa tells her royal servant to hurry because she wants everything to be perfect for when her sister arrives. She runs through the foodstuffs on offer, stopping when she gets to ice cream, thinking maybe it's too obvious and they should lose it. The Queen then hears someone coming and so she calls for Anna not to come in yet because she hasn't got everything ready, however, it is Ingrid who enters, and she regretfully informs her niece that Anna won't be attending dinner tonight due to something quite terrible that's happened. She requests that the servant leave and a confused Elsa tells him that it's alright and they'll finish later. He leaves as requested, and Elsa demands that her aunt reveals what has happened. Ingrid tells her that this will be hard to understand but Anna hasn't been entirely honest with her; she didn't come back from Mist Haven empty-handed but in fact found the thing her and Elsa's parents were looking for. Elsa wishes to know what this was, and Ingrid continues in saying that Anna came to possess a magical hat with the power to take away her sister's powers and thus cure her of the very thing that makes her special. A tear comes to Elsa's eye as she realizes that that's why her parents left on that boat, but she doesn't understand why Anna would hide that from her, at which Ingrid points out that Anna planned to use it on the Ice Queen, which Elsa refuses to believe.

408 13
The Ice Queen wishes to be left alone.

Ingrid assures her niece that Anna tried it on her first; fortunately, she stopped her and she's now in the dungeon awaiting royal judgment. Elsa exclaims that there must be some misunderstanding, at which the Snow Queen proclaims that Anna called her a monster and was subsequently very clear on her feelings about their powers. "She's my sister, she's always supported me..." utters Elsa, and Ingrid says that she too has felt that way about her sister, Elsa's mother, before she trapped her in the urn (see "The Snow Queen"). Elsa is shocked to learn of her mother's actions and angrily asks why her aunt never told her this, at which Ingrid explains that Elsa had such beautiful memories she didn't want to destroy and she was hoping that Anna would be different; but she is exactly like her mother and will never accept her sister. Elsa looks deeply upset and Ingrid approaches in an apologetic manner, offering her condolences over the matter and placing a comforting hand on the shoulder of her niece, adding that she deserved to hear the truth. Elsa doesn't look towards Ingrid, who asks if she's okay, and the Queen of Arendelle requests to be left alone. Ingrid obliges, saying that she'll be near if needed, and proceeds to leave the room with a victorious smile on her face. Elsa continues to shed tears.

408 14
Emma wants to be rid of her magic.

Mr. Gold enters his pawn shop and subsequently walks through it to find everything in an erratic state: the sewing machine is running rampant, movable mechanisms are spinning wildly, light bulbs are glowing and frizzling out, a clapping toy monkey is clapping nonstop, the old-fashioned tape recorder suddenly turns itself on and liquids in jars are boiling to the point of bubbles. "If you're trying to hide from me, Miss Swan... you're doing a poor job," Gold exclaims, at which Emma emerges from the back room proclaiming that she isn't hiding from him, but from everyone else. Gold is aware of this thanks to Belle, who was apparently watching Neal all night, and Emma too is aware that her entire family was out searching for her. She adds that her magic is hurting people, people she loves, and she needs him to help her control out. He wonders what makes her think he's her best option, and she slowly, painfully reveals that she hurt Henry. Gold himself seems surprised and a tad worried, and Emma soon assures him that his grandson is safe but that it's just down to luck; he, Rumplestiltskin, is probably the only one who's safe around her right now and she needs him to help before she hurts anybody else. Getting behind his counter, Mr. Gold tells the frightened savior that there's only one way to cure this affliction, and so she tells him to do it. He points out that she hasn't heard what he has to say, but she doesn't care, pointing out in turn that her son is in pain because of her and begging the Dark One to just fix it.

408 15
Mr. Gold plays things to his own agenda.

He begins flicking through a book and takes out a slip of folded-up parchment, unfolding it and telling his customer of sorts that it's an ancient spell designed to take away light magic from those who choose to part with it, but the effect would be permanent. "So I'd lose all my magic, I'd be... " "Ordinary," Gold finishes for her, going on to say as she places her hand on a nearby box that she wouldn't be a danger to her loved ones and would be able to embrace her son. He and she then realize that her hand is beginning to singe the wood, and so she quickly removes it, leaving behind a blackened hand print. "Do it," she orders him, convinced, and Gold explains to her that savior magic doesn't go quietly; though the spell won't hurt her, it will destroy everything else within the city block, which would make for quite the odd sight at Granny's Diner. Emma suggests doing it somewhere else, such as the woods, and Rumple adheres to her demand, taking out a map of Storybrooke from nearby as he tells her that he thinks he knows just the spot. He lays it out on the counter and uses a pen to circle the abandoned manor he spent his honeymoon with Belle (see "A Tale of Two Sisters"). He requests that she meet him there at sundown, where he'll have everything prepared, and Emma thanks him, asking that he not tell anyone she was there. Rumple tells her not to worry, for it'll be their little secret, and after the blonde has left through the side door, the Dark One takes the "spell" he earlier presented her with, crumples it up in his hand and throws it into the trash can, having his own agenda in mind.


408 16
Elsa puts on a show.

In the kingdom of Arendelle, we are treated to a panoramic view of the royal palace before being taken down into the dungeons, which Elsa is currently making her way through, followed by two guards. She passes a jailer and says that she needs to see her sister Anna immediately, before stopping outside her cell. Anna, who's sitting down and moping, suddenly looks up to see her big sister on the other side of the bars and looks relieved, exclaiming her name and that she thought she'd never find her as she stands up. She then warns her that their aunt, Ingrid, locked her in there, and Elsa angrily exclaims that it was because Anna tried to attack her. Anna refutes this, saying that Elsa can't believe anything the Snow Queen says because she lied about her past and now she's lying about her. "Is she?" Elsa questions, "Did you learn what our parents were after and then hide it?!" Anna explains that she was waiting for the right moment, and so Elsa concludes that she did in fact lie and keep a magic hat which could strip her of her powers. Her sister confesses to this, but promises that she would never hurt Elsa; however, Elsa has heard enough, and she tells the guards present that they are to leave her alone to speak with her sister, now. They oblige, proceeding to make their way out of the dungeon, while Anna begs for her sister to believe her from within her cell. When the doors are closed and Elsa is sure that the guards are gone, she tells Anna that of course she believes her, apologizing for all she just said.

408 17
Anna is delighted at the revelation of a ruse.

Anna comes to realize that the entire thing was a ruse and Elsa confirms it by taking out a key, proceeding to unlock the door to her sister's cell with it, thus freeing her. The two of them hug as Elsa explains that she needed the guards to think she sided with Ingrid, apologizing yet again. Anna assures her that it's okay, commending her sister on a fantastic performance and adding that she really believed every word and was absolutely crushed. It is then seen that Elsa is also carrying Anna's necklace with her, and she reveals that she stole it back for her, to Anna's happiness. As it's placed back around her neck, she explains sadly that when it was taken away from her she felt like they were taking Elsa from her too. Elsa looks sorry for her sister, who vows never to remove the necklace again. The Ice Queen simply hopes that Anna doesn't end up in prison again, and Anna goes on to worry about Ingrid, who she finds scary and powerful and smart and scary. "You already said 'scary'," Elsa points out, at which Anna really hopes her sister has a plan. She says that she does have a plan (well, half a plan), and goes on to say that they are going to break her out of the dungeon, steal back the urn and then trap Ingrid inside it. Anna likes this plan, but Elsa feels uneasy, pointing out further that she doesn't know where their aunt hides this urn and they live in a very large castle. Anna tells her not to worry about that part, pointing out in turn that she grew up running around the place and consequently knows every nook and cranny. Elsa smiles and nods.

408 18
Wardrobe malfunction.

Back in Mary Margaret's apartment, Hook is pondering a map of Storybrooke whilst David and his wife sit at the table, watching as Elsa descends the stairs. Mary Margaret asks how Henry is and the Ice Queen replies that she gave him enough ice for the week, which should help with the swelling. Mary Margaret then amends herself to ask, "How is he?" and Elsa tells her that the young man is upset; she just wanted him to understand that, like her, Emma's magic is tied to her emotions, and the only reason she hurt him is because she was trying so hard not to hurt him. She realizes how convoluted that sounds, but Mary Margaret understands, standing up just as Regina makes a frantic entrance, demanding to know where Henry is and whether or not he's okay. David assures her that he's fine upstairs, wondering where the former Mayor was since they've been trying to call her all night. Regina, whose blouse is misbuttoned, revealing a fair portion of her undergarments, sarcastically apologizes for not responding to the Charmings' every summons. She then places a bottle of blue liquid on the table, saying it's the locator spell they wanted, and suggests that they next time try leading with "thank you". She then turns to Snow and asks to see her son, but Snow whispers that her stepmother might want to finish buttoning her shirt first.

408 19
Mary Margaret learns what her daughter plans on doing.

Regina then notices that her bra is showing and quickly covers up, explaining it away by saying that she was in a rush to be there. She then heads upstairs as Elsa curiously picks up the locator potion, wanting to know how it works. David, standing up, explains that they simply have to pour it over anything that belongs to Emma; "Something... something like this," he says, seeing her red scarf on the same table Hook's working at and grabbing it. The pirate takes little notice, and Mary Margaret's cell phone proceeds to ring. From the caller ID, she knows that it's Emma, and so she answers immediately. Hook seems interested now, finally getting up, while Emma greets her mother over the phone, asking if Henry came home. Mary Margaret confirms that he did, assuring her daughter that he's fine before tearfully apologizing about what happened the previous day because she doesn't want her to ever think that they're afraid of her. Emma tells her not to worry, for it doesn't matter, but Snow insists that it does. The blonde, whose standing beside her car, overlooking a lake, informs her mother that this is all going to be over soon but she just needed to tell them that she's okay; she found a way to fix everything. Mary Margaret proceeds to listen to what her daughter has to say, seeming shocked by it, and tries to reason with Emma before being hung up on.

408 20
Hook tries his best to warn Emma of the treacherous crocodile.

David asks what she said and Mary Margaret reveals that their child plans to get rid of her magic... forever. David too seems shocked, as does Hook, and Elsa asks how that's even possible. Mary Margaret adds that Emma said it would all be over soon and that she can't wait to be back home for some hot cocoa and cinnamon. David sits down, not knowing how to process this, and Hook goes on to wonder about the method, asking Snow if Emma mentioned a spell or a magic object of some kind. Charming doesn't care how she's doing it, pointing out that that's not what matters here, and Hook says he's absolutely right before checking his pocket for his cell and theorizing that she may have tried to call him too. When he can't find it, he deduces that he left his "talking phone" in the back of David's truck, and David tells the pirate that it's just called a phone as he makes his way out of the apartment, commenting on what an impractical name that is as he does so. The Charmings continue to look at one another in disbelief while, outside, Hook takes his phone from his pocket - revealing he was lying - and speed dials Emma. As he makes his way down the stairs, he is taken to voicemail, saying, "Emma, it's Killian. Call me right away, or you may never make it home for cinnamon and cocoa... ever." He then hangs up and, with a worried face, he says to himself, "Dammit, Swan. Don't tell me you trusted the crocodile."

Act IV

408 21
The search begins.

Anna is seen cautiously entering an empty room of the castle wherein everything is covered up (having once been the bedroom occupied by Ingrid, Helga and Gerda when growing up), followed by Elsa and Kristoff, who coughs, commenting that it's dusty in there. Elsa is surprised that it bothers him, at which Kristoff points out that while he may have slept in a barn, it was a spotless barn. The Ice Queen is amused, before commenting that she's never been in this part of the palace and asking her sister what makes her think that this is where Ingrid hid the urn, and Anna explains that their mother and father told her never to go into the East Wing because it was crumbling and dangerous - so, of course, she had to. "Naturally," Elsa says with a smile as the two of them search, and Anna continues in saying that it never seemed dangerous to her, just forgotten. Elsa theorizes that their mother wanted to forget the painful memories of her sister, and Kristoff points out what exhaustive lengths royals seem to go to in order to ignore their issues.

408 22

Anna is shocked that her fiancé is still there, telling him that he's supposed to be outdoors keeping watch and that he should use the signal if he sees Ingrid. She then asks if they even have a secret signal, and Kristoff replies that he thinks "run!" will work just fine. He proceeds to leave the room as Elsa comes across a smashed dressing mirror and stares at her reflection through the cracks, looking solemn. Seeing this, Anna wonders what's wrong with her sister, wanting to know if everything's alright, and Elsa says that she was was just thinking about what it must have been like when their mother and Ingrid were younger; she wonders what happened that made them turn against each other. "Knowing Ingrid, I'm not surprised things got ugly," says Anna, and Elsa smiles slightly before her sister comes and stands beside her, telling her that she doesn't need to worry because what happened is in the past, and the two of them both know that that could never happen to them. They then stare into the mirror together and a significant crack bisects their reflections, contrasting with their loving smiles.

408 23
The urn is found, as is Hans.

Anna then says that they need to get searching and walks away in order to do so, but Elsa remains by the mirror and puts her gloved hand towards the smashed center. Just as Anna is saying that they need to find that urn, she opens a nearby wardrobe and screams, discovering the frozen body of Prince Hans inside (see "Rocky Road"). Frightened, she grabs a candlestick from atop a table in order to defend herself, before coming to realize that he's frozen, and therefore harmless. Elsa takes the candlestick from her sister and points out that she forgot to tell her everything that happened while she was away. Anna asks if Ingrid did this, which Elsa confirms, adding that, to be fair, it's the one good thing that their aunt has done since getting out of that urn. She then spots said urn sitting beside Hans, and picks it up, leading Anna to say that it's smaller than she imagined and must not have been very comfortable. Elsa responds that the Snow Queen shall have to make do, because she's going right back inside it.

408 24
Gold pays Ingrid a visit.

In the present, Ingrid is seen standing within the confines of her ice lair, staring into her mirror. Mr. Gold soon appears in the reflection, meaning that he's standing behind her, and the Snow Queen asks if he came for a reason because, as she recalls, she already told him what he needs to do if he's to free himself from that dagger. Gold smiles, and Ingrid finally turns around, telling the Dark One that she has nothing more to give him, unless he simply likes watching her. She begins approaching him, thus moving into the central zone of her hideout, and Rumplestiltskin responds that he never does anything without a good reason, and watching Ingrid's twisted mind at work does not qualify. He begins walking around her, while she merely turns slightly, taking offense to the word "twisted" and pointing out that he betrayed everyone in Storybrooke. Gold, continuing to make his way around her, argues that he hasn't betrayed a single person... not yet, anyway. Pointing towards the ribbons nearby, the Snow Queen asks if Rumple forgot that he gave them to her, or if he forgot what they can do; Rumple, who finishes walking his little circle around Ingrid, tells her that he doesn't forget much, addressing her as "dearie" before going on to say that, if she plans on putting one of those ribbons on Emma Swan, she's about to be disappointed because, with the savior's powers out of control, he's now found his own place for her.

408 25
The Snow Queen is trapped.

"You think you can take her away from me now?!" the Snow Queen exclaims, raising her hand to attack the Dark One with her magic but finding herself trapped by an invisible barrier. She tries breaking through it but can't, shocked and panicked, and demands to know what it is Rumple did. He tells her to look down, and a ring of glowing dust becomes visible, encircling Ingrid, having been dropped subtly by Gold when he walked around her. He then asks if she remembers the urn her sister placed her in, reminding her that it had the power to limit her magic. Confused, the Snow Queen recalls that Elsa destroyed that urn, at which Gold explains that that's the funny thing about magic: it can never be destroyed completely, but simply lives on in other forms; magic survives. He continues to explain that he visited the barn where the urn was destroyed and collected its remnants grain by grain, and he lifts up a small glass flask wherein some of these remnants remain. He adds that it was a painstaking process but, he must say, the effort paid off. As the Dark One makes his way towards the exit, Ingrid exclaims that, when she escapes, there will be a terrible price to pay. Gold smiles, turning back to her, and tells the Snow Queen not to worry, for the dust won't last long; just long enough for him to get what he wants. He then adds that he doesn't have to betray everyone in Storybrooke, "...just you. And, I'm afraid... Emma Swan." Ingrid appears dire, and Rumplestiltskin finally vacates her lair, leaving her trapped and completely helpless within what remains of the urn.

Act V

408 26
The notorious book thief.

After being shown an external shot of Granny's Diner, Will is seen sitting inside, looking conspicuously from side to side before taking a flask of alcohol from his inside pocket. He proceeds to unscrew the top and begin pouring it into the teacup that sits in front of him. He pours for a long while, making sure no one's looking as he does so, and then he stops and re-screws the cap... before unscrewing it again and pouring in some more. The flask is soon empty, but Will's teacup is quickly moved away by Robin Hood, who is now sitting opposite him. "Hands off, that's me lunch and dinner," says Will, concealing his flask, and Robin apologizes, saying that he needs to pick the brain of his old Merry Man and he needs him to be as sober as Friar Tuck on a Sunday when he does it. Will isn't sure that Sunday has ever made any difference for that man, his eyes following a fresh pot of coffee. He soon turns his full attention to Robin, however, and asks him what's happening. Robin explains that Regina needs their help and goes on to take Henry's storybook from out of his satchel, displaying it on the table. Will says that that's funny, not recollecting Robin as the reading sort, but the thief soon reveals that it's not his; he stole it.

408 27
Will has a surprisingly good idea.

Will points out that that sounds more like him, and wonders what's so important about the book, leading Robin to inform him that whoever wrote it imbued it with magical powers that are capable of changing Regina's future for the better - they need to figure out who did this. "Information about the writer of a magical book..." ponders Will, "I might just have an idea." Robin is somewhat surprised, stating this as excellent, but Will says that he's going to need his lunch and dinner back. Robin passes over the alcoholic teacup, and Will goes on to explain that his former leader hasn't been in this town as long as he, and that there wasn't always magic in Storybrooke; however, when it came, it started at one place, and that place is the clock tower. For twenty-eight years, its hands didn't move because time stood still, until one day "tick tock it bloody did". He sips his lunch and dinner, and Robin becomes lost, understanding the significance of a magical clock but not knowing what it has to do with the book or its author. Will then asks if Robin knows what's beneath that magical clock tower, and Robin admits that he doesn't, at which Will reveals, "A library." His eyes again follow a fresh pot of coffee, but soon turn back to Robin, who appears intrigued.

408 28
Happy days!

Mary Margaret is seen sitting on her bed as she stares sadly down at a framed photo of she and Emma at the celebration they held on the night that they returned to Storybrooke after a long tenure of being trapped in the Enchanted Forest (see "The Cricket Game"). David soon approaches and pulls up a chair, smiling when he sees the picture and saying that he always liked it. He adds that Emma has her mother's eyes, and Mary Margaret says in turn that she has her father's smile. She then asks if he remembers taking it, and David says that of course he does, recalling that it was at that party they had at Granny's Diner after Emma helped them go up against, "...Pan? Or... Anton the giant?" "Try Cora," Mary Margaret reminds him, and David begins to remember, looking at the photo again and noticing Happy in the background, surprised to see that they invited that particular dwarf. Going back to her husband's previous point, Mary Margaret says that it's hard to keep track because Emma has saved Storybrooke a lot, and David tells his wife that he too is worried about their daughter. However, he points out that Emma is tough and will be fine.

408 29
Emma draws closer to her doom.

We are shown Emma driving her car in the direction of the town's outskirts, where Gold will be waiting for her at the abandoned mansion.
Back at the apartment, Mary Margaret wonders whether Emma is making a mistake because of them, and begins to think that they should be out there trying to convince her not to give up her magic.
Again, we are shown Emma's car. But, this time, we see it from behind, and watch as it gets further and further away from the shot.
David says that the choice is Emma's and not theirs, adding that they should support her no matter what and if losing her magic is what she wants then maybe it isn't such a bad thing. "But it's part of who she is," Mary Margaret responds, clutching the photograph, "The savior. She was born this way. A hero. So isn't embracing it the right thing?"
The shot is close up on Emma's face as she goes forth with her decision to entirely rid herself of her magical powers.

408 30
The Charmings are conflicted.

David points out that the Snow Queen is doing what she's doing because of Emma's power, so maybe getting rid of it is the right thing to do. Mary Margaret ponders this, and David goes on to ask if she remembers the night Emma was born, before they put her in the wardrobe, Snow said that they have to give her her best chance (see "Pilot").
Just outside the bedroom area, Elsa is seen beginning to eavesdrop on the conversation, hearing what the Charmings are saying. David continues his sentence, saying that maybe Emma's best chance is for her to be... normal. The married couple continue to stare at one another, unsure. Elsa overhears this, and doesn't look the slightest bit pleased with what Emma's parents are saying, appearing somewhat hurt.

408 31
Anna comforts her sister in a time of need.

Elsa, carrying a lantern, sneaks into a more commonly used room of the palace whilst Anna follows, urn in tow, saying that they have to be careful because Ingrid could have eyes and ears everywhere; of course, not literally, which would be gross. She laughs, but Elsa shushes her, and they continue to tiptoe around. Anna approaches her sister, however, and whispers that the Snow Queen literally does have skeletons in her closet because they just found Hans in her closet and his body does contain a skeleton. Elsa laughs, but the two of them are shocked when two guards enter from a separate doorway, quickly running for cover behind some large pillars before they're noticed. They wait patiently for the guards to leave and appear relieved when they do, with Anna pointing out what a close one that was, exclaiming that they should go. However, Elsa has stopped cold in her tracks, and Anna soon realizes that her sister is staring at the portrait of their mother and father hanging on the wall opposite. The Ice Queen goes on to wonder if what Ingrid said is true, that their parents went to Mist Haven to find something to take away her magic. Anna reluctantly confirms this, apologizing and saying that she should have told her the second she arrived home, but she didn't know how. Elsa doesn't blame her, turning her attention back to the painting, and Anna says that when people look at it they see a king and a queen... but the only thing she sees is mama and papa; they were only human, and so they made mistakes, and if they could see Elsa today, Anna bets that they would never ask her to give up that part of herself. "But they're not here," Elsa points out, turning to her sister tearfully, "And we'll never know." "What matters," says Anna, "Is that your powers make you special... and I wouldn't want you any other way."

408 32
Elsa has her own idea.

Elsa stares at Snow and Charming, who continue to talk, in order to make sure that they're not watching her. She then proceeds to grab Emma's scarf from the table nearby, as well as the small bottle of locator potion that Regina earlier brought over. The Ice Queen sneakily picks these items up and makes her way, as silently as she can, over to the door, which she then opens quietly before exiting the apartment altogether, looking back once more to ensure there's no witnesses, determined to stop her friend from making a huge mistake. The door closes behind her.

Act VI

408 33
The direct approach is lost on Will.

Over at the Storybrooke clock tower, Will and Robin are standing outside the door to the library beneath and the former is saying that he did this once before and that it will probably be easier when he's not drunk and getting punched (see "The Apprentice"). He then takes a pair of lock picks from his pocket and kneels down, sticking them into the door's keyhole and diagnosing that it's a pin tumbler with six pins, which isn't the easiest, but with a bit of luck and a light touch, the old Will Scarlet... Suddenly, the door opens, thanks to Robin having simply pushed it. Will is confused, kneeling there with his lock picks in mid-air, and his former leader steps past him, into the library itself, and points out the sign on the door, which says that opening hours are until ten at night. "Very generous..." Will notes. "Indeed," says Robin, heading inside. Will follows, closing the door behind him, and the shot remains on the sign bearing the opening hours.

408 34
Regina heals her son, physically and emotionally.

Regina and Henry are seen reading comic books together in the latter's bedroom when the former lets out a sigh and says that she can either keep sitting there pretending to read about Wolverine or listen to him talk about what happened with Emma. Henry, who's holding an ice pack to his cut, assures his adoptive mother that there's nothing to talk about, but the fact that he refuses to make eye contact tells a different story. She asks if she can at least look at the wound, not that she doesn't trust the ice doctor's diagnosis, and her antsy son agrees, allowing her to move the ice pack and look at the gash. She gently goes to touch it but he flinches with pain, and Regina becomes worried and asks if it hurts. He confirms that it does a little, and so she makes it so her hand glows purple and she waves it over the wound, causing it to heal instantly. "Not anymore," she says, "All better." Henry feels that the area has healed, no longer in pain, and finally turns to his mom, commenting that it must be nice to have magic and be useful. She doesn't understand what that's supposed to mean, and Henry explains that he went out there to help Emma, but he couldn't do anything because he's just... ordinary. Regina is remiss to hear her son say such a thing and closes the comic book on his lap to make sure she's garnering his full attention; she proceeds to tell him that they are each given their own gifts and reminds him that he has the heart of the truest believer and that he brought them all together, so he should never think he's ordinary just because he doesn't have magic (she gestures her issue of Wolverine) or claws (she gestures his issue of The Incredible Hulk) or purple shorts. She then advises him not to worry about Emma because she's a hero and, as they both know: "Heroes always win," the two of them say simultaneously, causing Henry to finally smile. Regina smiles also and lovingly touches her forehead to his.

408 35
Hook leaves an urgent message.

"Crocodile!" Hook yells as he bursts into Gold's shop, demanding to know the whereabouts of the Dark One. He soon sees the blackened hand print earlier left by Emma on the wooden box on the counter and hovers his own hand over it, now knowing that she was definitely there. He refuses to let her be sucked into a magic hat, and so he quickly takes his cell phone from his pocket and dials frantically, soon able to leave yet another message on Emma's voicemail: "Swan, it's Killian again, you have to listen to me! I know that you've been to see Gold, I saw what you did, and if he's promised to get rid of your powers, don't listen to him! He doesn't want to help you, he wants... he wants to collect your powers in a bloody magic hat and, when he does, you'll be sucked in too! I... I don't know what he's planning, but I know that he's been lying to Belle. The dagger he gave her is a fake... I only know all this because... because I'm afraid I've been lying to you too. Gold blackmailed me into helping him; he knew... he knew I'd do whatever it takes to be with you and he used it against me. I just wanted to be a better man for you, Swan... but I failed. And now, because of it, I might lose you... And I'm sorry, but I hope you never forgive me because that means that you will get this in time to save yourself... Goodbye." With that, he tearfully hangs up, before noticing something else on the counter - the map of Storybrooke Gold earlier took out, with a penned circle around the abandoned mansion on the outskirts of town. Knowing where his beloved is headed, Hook rushes out of the shop in the hopes of being able to catch up to her before it's too late.

408 36
Ingrid is capable of intervention.

The Snow Queen remains trapped in the circle of glowing dust, the remnants of the urn, and repeatedly presses her hands against the invisible barrier at all angles, unable to find a way to free herself. She begins panicking, but then she turns to her mirror and gets an idea. She soon waves her hand and, with her magic, makes it so the mirror's reflection shows the whereabouts of Emma. Through it, she sees the savior's famed yellow car as it makes its way down the woodland roads of Storybrooke where it'll eventually reach the mansion. Ingrid smiles, knowing that Emma has not yet met her doom and getting another idea.

408 37
A mediocre cliffhanger.

Emma continues driving when, suddenly, her hands begin to fizzle with magic, sending the electrics in her car, such as her radio, out of control. The music she's listening to stops and when she tries to rework it, sparks just keep flying. She eventually gives up but worries when the lights in the ceiling begin sparking too. Again, she tries fiddling with some knobs and dials, but to no avail, while her car appears to speed up. As she turns a corner, she is shocked beyond belief to see an apparition of the Snow Queen standing in the middle of the road and quickly swerves to avoid her, making it so her car stops abruptly as it crashes into the forestry at the roadside. Emma becomes unconscious as a result, but her still active magic makes it so the horn won't stop sounding, signalling emergency.

Deleted Scenes

"Just Like Everyone Else"

408 DS 01
Elsa sad.

Elsa is sitting at the counter of Mary Margaret's apartment with ice crystals forming around her, signifying her sad mood. She is clutching her old gloves, inattentive of her surroundings until Snow points out the ice crystals, knowing that they mean she's upset. She takes a seat next to the Ice Queen and asks if she's worried about Emma, to which Elsa say that she didn't realize, referring to the crystals, and makes them go away with a contortion of her hand. She apologizes for getting the apartment floor all wet but Mary Margaret points out that the floor is the least of their worries, then pointing out that Elsa seems very focused on her gloves. Elsa explains that her parents gave them to her because they thought they would help conceal her magic so that she wouldn't... "You know..." "Get the floor wet?" Snow questions, and Elsa tells her, "Something like that."

408 DS 02
Snow and the Ice Queen have a chat.

Mary Margaret takes it that they didn't work and Elsa says that her parents thought they would, but they didn't; in the end it was Anna's love that got her to be able to control her powers. But, she made a lot of mistakes along the way. Mary Margaret wonders if she ever tried doing what Emma's doing - taking it all away - and the Ice Queen replies that that was never an option, but growing up she wanted that more than anything. Or at least she thought she did; she's unsure now; "Maybe that was just my parents talking." She folds her gloves in her hands and tells Snow how lucky Emma is that she has a mother like her, to which Snow says that she doesn't know what Elsa's parents did or didn't do but... "We really are just like everyone else. We want what's best for our children but we make mistakes too. You more than anyone know what Emma's going through; what would you tell her to do?" "The terrible thing is," Elsa reveals, "If I was with her right now, I don't know if I'd stop her... or join her." The air is rife with hesitation as the shot pans back down to her neatly folded gloves.

Plot (Part II)

Previously on Once Upon a Time...

Regina shows Robin the magical storybook that they're all written into, which he then steals and shows to Will Scarlet, knowing that it can change Regina's future for the better. ("Smash the Mirror") Ingrid locks Anna away in the Arendelle dungeon. ("Family Business") Anna explains this to Elsa, who then says that they are going to sneak her out of there, steal back the urn and then trap Ingrid inside. ("Smash the Mirror") Henry assures that he can help his mother but just ends up getting blasted back and injured by her magic; this leads her to go to Gold and beg him to help her control her magic. He tells her to meet him at the mansion at sundown, where he'll have everything prepared. ("Smash the Mirror") Gold, not wanting Ingrid to interfere with his plans, traps her using the dust from the urn. She vows that he will pay a terrible price when she escapes, later managing to use the Trolden Glass to appear as a hologram to Emma... but this causes Emma's car to crash at the side of the road. ("Smash the Mirror")


Act I

408 38
The two sisters hatch a plan.

Another panoramic view of the Arendelle palace is shown before we're taken back down to the dungeons, where Elsa, still wielding a lantern, and Anna, still wielding the magic urn, make their way heedfully down the narrow hallways. As they turn a corner, they come across one of the guards sitting down and sleeping with his head leaning against the wall. Anna comments on how peaceful he looks, before suggesting that her sister look into hiring some new guards when all this is over, and Elsa agrees, continuing to lead Anna back to her cell. She asks if she's sure she's going to be okay down there, and Anna assures her that she will be, adding that it's not as bad as it looks besides the dankness and the darkness and the mice - who are cute when they're not scurrying over your toes, but she has shoes - so she'll be fine. Elsa promises that she won't be long and tells her sister that as soon as she returns to the palace she'll tell Ingrid that Anna is to be banished and that she is to see to her punishment personally. Anna finishes running through the plan for her, adding that, when she comes down there, she'll surprise Ingrid with the urn; "Not like party 'surprise!', something more dour to match the occasion like... surprise."

408 39

Elsa ignores this, asking what will happen if something goes wrong; she suggests going down there too with Ingrid just in case, but Anna refutes this idea, saying that they need her to be as far away as possible in case she gets trapped in the urn by mistake. She adds that her sister shouldn't worry, promising that everything is going to be fine, and Elsa puts on a smile, nodding. Anna proceeds to step inside her old cell, urn at the ready, and Elsa locks her in. The Ice Queen then steps back and the two sisters exchange a comforting nod, before Elsa begins to exit the dungeons, looking back only once as she does so. Anna simply looks sullen within her confines, still clutching the urn... that is, until white smoke suddenly seizes both her hands, causing her to drop it before relocating the pair of manacles earlier seen on the floor onto her wrists, keeping her chained to the ground. Anna struggles, but it's to no avail. "Surprise!" Ingrid suddenly exclaims, emerging from the shadows, "How was that?" "I'd have done it different..." Anna says, frightened, but the Snow Queen says that she won't get the chance, going on to explain that she was hoping Elsa would believe the lies she told her but knew she had to be ready in case she didn't. Anna wonders what it matters, claiming that their aunt will never be able to turn them against each other, but Ingrid points out that "never" is a strong word.

408 40
Cliffhanger resolution: Emma's alive, what a shocker.

Emma wakes up groggily in her crashed car, soon gaining her bearings and exiting immediately. She heads out into the road, having seen the Snow Queen there moments earlier, but finds nothing. She looks around cautiously, her magic lighting up a streetlamp nearby, but still there is no one to be seen. "Emma," says Ingrid suddenly, and the savior spins around in shock, causing her hands to flare up with sparks. She warns the Snow Queen to stay back, and the latter tells her former foster daughter that, wherever she's headed, she has to turn around and go home now as she is in great danger. Emma refuses to listen to a villain about danger, demanding that she get out of her way, but Ingrid goes on to explain that she isn't the one Emma should fear, Rumplestiltskin is; whatever he's promised her is a lie. Emma asks how she knows her promised her anything, which only proves that Ingrid is right. She begins walking around her and says that she mustn't trust him because he doesn't do anything unless it benefits himself and doesn't care about her, for he would kill her to get what he desires. Emma is having none of it, telling the Snow Queen that the fact she doesn't want her to go means something: it means she's going.

408 41
Emma pokes some boob.

"I won't let you," Ingrid says, squaring up close, but Emma points out that she isn't going to hurt her because she needs her. The blonde then turns around, but Ingrid is immediately standing opposite her yet again, shocking Emma into realizing that the ice witch isn't really there. She then reaches out to touch her, causing the Snow Queen to briefly turn into a mass of ice crystals and white smoke before reforming her manifestation, telling the savior that she would be there if she could. She adds that she's trying to protect Emma and that is the truth, but Emma doesn't care what she says, and that is the truth. She proceeds to walk right through her and re-enter her car.
In her lair, the trapped Ingrid keeps her hands raised at her mirror in order to keep the apparition in place, but she is deeply hurt to have been ignored by Emma, and now watches as the savior drives away. She waves her hand angrily, making the image go away.
Emma continues to drive towards her doom.

Act II

408 42
Let's talk about sex, baby.

Mary Margaret grabs the now boiling kettle from the stove and brings it over to the nearby counter as Regina descends the stairs of the apartment, being asked by her stepdaughter how Henry is. Regina replies that he's reading comic books and refusing to sleep, so she thinks he's okay, or at least putting on his version of a brave face. Mary Margaret pours the contents of the kettle into mugs and Regina goes on to thank her about earlier, regarding the bra mishap, pointing out that her son has enough problems without bringing her own mess of a life into it. By mess, Mary Margaret realizes that she means Robin Hood, subtly wondering if the two of them had sex. Regina is shocked and Snow lowers her voice, assuring the old Queen that she doesn't need to be ashamed. Regina knows she doesn't have to be, but she is, and David soon approaches, asking if everything's okay. Confused, Regina wonders what he's doing there, and he himself becomes confused in turn. She asks if someone shouldn't be out looking for Emma, and David realizes that Mary Margaret has yet to reveal that Emma in fact called already with the news that she found a way to get rid of her magic. Regina is shocked and appalled, especially by the fact that the Charmings seem to be okay with it, at which David explains that they support their daughter. Regina points out that they're not talking about an old pair of Jimmy Choos here, much to Snow's confusion, and begs the married couple to tell her they're joking.

408 43
The Charmings get a good telling off.

Mary Margaret admits that it seems drastic, but also that it's the only way to be sure that Emma will never hurt anyone again, leading Regina to exclaim that this may be the worst idea they've ever had, and they hired the Wicked Witch to be their nanny (see "Witch Hunt", "The Tower" and "Quiet Minds"). Snow appears slightly pained by this reference while her husband argues back that this process could be good for their daughter because she can be normal, and Regina asks them if they know what she regrets most. "The countless innocent lives you destroyed?" Charming guesses spitefully, but Regina looks annoyed and moves on, turning to Snow instead and saying, "That I didn't support Henry when he realized he was special. You of all people should remember; you started it all when you gave him that storybook. It opened up a whole world for him... but I was so scared of losing him that I tried convincing him he was crazy, and that being normal would make things better... Thankfully, he had the good sense not to listen to me." Mary Margaret realizes that Regina's right, telling her husband that the two of them have been rationalizing and they both know it - they cannot let Emma take away what's special about her. David knows, and his wife concludes that they should go get her, moving out from behind the counter but stopping suddenly when she realizes that both the locator potion and Emma's scarf are missing. She asks where they are and the others become aware of the fact that they're gone. "Where's Elsa?" David then ponders.

408 44
Elsa follows a thingy.

Elsa, having stolen both the locator spell and Emma's scarf and sneaked out of the Charmings' apartment with them, is seen following the red muffler as it floats ominously through Storybrooke due to the blue magical potion that's been poured on it. The Ice Queen has a determined look on her face as she makes her way slowly but surely towards the endangered savior, and the scarf whips its way between the branches of trees, wistfully swimming amidst the air as it leads her there, needing to find its owner. She is soon led across a small wooden bridge over a pond in some sort of park area and towards a waterfall. The scarf continues to fly onward as Elsa continues to follow.

408 45
Anna is threatened into telling a story.

Anna remains shackled to the floor of her cell thanks to Ingrid, who stands before her niece and witnesses her pointless struggle, apologizing insincerely before saying that Elsa won't save her. Anna points out that Ingrid knows neither she nor Elsa, but Ingrid insists that she does, saying that she and Anna are actually a lot alike: they had families, but they both grew up in this palace isolated and alone. She personally liked to go to the library and bury herself in a good book, her favorite of which was an ancient Norse legend, The Trolden Glass, and she wonders if Anna read it. Anna replies that of course she did, for she read every book in that library, and Ingrid smiles, requesting that her niece tell her what she remembers. The redheaded princess points out that giving a book report would be much easier if she were let go, but Ingrid says that the other option is Anna's death, raising a hand threateningly and thus launching the girl into immediate story: "It's about a Norse king who had a beautiful daughter he loved dearly." She stalls, and so Ingrid tells her to go on, and she does, "He wanted his daughter to be able to see the beauty he saw in her so he had a mirror made for her birthday, but, the day before it, she died so, instead of reflecting her beauty, it reflected... the... ugliness of his pain and sorrow."

408 46
Ingrid casts the spell of Shattered Sight... in miniature.

Ingrid commends the tale so far, asking what happened next, but Anna points out that it's been a while and she doesn't remember every detail. Ingrid then says that she does, and finishes for her, "He was so devastated, he decided his kingdom should share his pain. So he spent years harnessing dark magic, used it on the mirror and cast a spell over his entire kingdom. It made his subjects see only the worst in the ones they loved, and they turned on each other, destroying themselves." Anna wonders what that story has to do with anything, and the Snow Queen recalls that Anna was in her room, so she's sure she's seen the mirror; as she says this, she is seen taking a shard of glass from her pocket, adding that it's just a small piece of it. She explains that she spent years gazing into that mirror, but all she saw reflected back at her was pain. Just like the Nordic king. Anna realizes that her aunt plans on casting that spell, and Ingrid informs her that it's known as the spell of Shattered Sight, going on to iterate that it would take an entire lifetime to cultivate enough power to cast such a spell on an entire kingdom... luckily, she only needs to cast it over Anna. The Snow Queen then waves her hand over the mirror shard and it breaks up into hundreds upon thousands of tiny little pieces, all floating above the palm of her hand. She then blows on them, and they begin heading for Anna's eyes, eventually forming magical shattered glass layers over them.

408 47
Hook's warning arrives too late.

It's nighttime now in Storybrooke and Emma is seen finally pulling up outside the abandoned mansion on the outskirts of town. She soon shuts down the engine and exits her car, slamming the door behind her and beginning to make her way towards the entrance gate. She stops before she does so, noticing a powerful light beginning to emanate from one of the rooms, and knows that this is the spell being prepared for her by Gold. With relatively little hesitation, she begins running up the steps of the manor so that she may enter through its door, but as she does so, the shot travels back down to her car's passenger seat, on which her cell phone is resting. Hook's warning message finally comes through, but it's too late.


408 48
The Scooby Gang tracks Emma.

"You sure these are from her bug?" Henry asks his grandmother as he, she, Regina and David stand on the same woodland road where Emma earlier crashed, staring down at the skid marks from her car. Mary Margaret confirms that Emma definitely spun off there before getting out of the car and getting back in. David wonders if there's anyone else around here, but his wife says no, pointing out that their daughter's is the only set of footprints. She adds that the trail's still fresh and that they can carry on on foot, for Emma can't have gone far, and Snow and Regina begin walking ahead of the others as David goes to shut off his jeep's engine and Henry remains with his grandpa. "So, before we were interrupted, you were telling me about Robin Hood," Mary Margaret recalls, but Regina says that there's not much to tell: it's not going to work out, which is the story of her life. She goes on to say that whatever's working against her happiness is more powerful than she is, leading Mary Margaret to ask why it has to work against her. The princess uses she and David as an example, pointing out that the two of them have faced impossible odds - often because of Regina - and yet they've always worked out; "You know why? Because we have hope." "Ugh, you get a quarter from the hope commission every time you say that word. Admit it," an annoyed Regina retorts, but Mary Margaret makes clear that she's serious.

408 49
Mary Margaret gives out some advice.

Regina discerns that that's easy for her old stepdaughter to say because she's a hero so whenever she needs help it just magically shows up, like Henry's storybook. Mary Margaret simply believes that when you do good, the universe takes care of you, which is why the book showed up. However, Regina says that it doesn't really matter why since the fact of the matter is: Snow's dreams are rewarded, whereas hers are crushed. Snow refuses to believe that happiness is impossible for her stepmother to achieve, thinking her to have come too far. "And yes, you may be sleeping with a married man, but guess what?" she drops her voice, "So have I." Regina remembers the said affair (see "7:15 A.M.", "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree", "Skin Deep" and "What Happened to Frederick"), but points out that she's done far worse than that, which, as Mary Margaret now iterates, doesn't mean that she can't earn forgiveness; a chance at grace; she has to believe that. "If you do good hoping to be redeemed, is it really good?" Regina ponders, and Mary Margaret cannot provide an answer, allowing the former Queen to continue in saying, "Maybe evil is born. And that's just who I am."

408 50
Which is taken to heart.

The two women come to a stop, allowing David and Henry to surpass them, and Mary Margaret recounts that Regina saw her grow up and, thusly, saw how selfish and shallow she could be as a child; she's also seen what she's done since and has literally seen her heart (see "Welcome to Storybrooke" and "A Curious Thing"), and knows it's not untouched - her point being, Regina is not all evil, and she herself is not all good, for things are not that simple. "Well, whoever's guiding all this seems to think it is. You're the hero and I'm the villain. Free will be damned. It's all in the book... and we both know how it plays out," Regina states, but Mary Margaret disagrees still, saying that Regina's story ended poorly because she made bad choices, however, now she's making good ones; it may not happen as quickly as she wants but, if she stays the course, her happiness will come. Regina asks if her old nemesis honestly believes that, but Snow White replies that it doesn't matter what she believes; what matters is that Regina does. She continues walking, and the formerly Evil Queen is left to contemplate this.

408 51
Classic literature.

The Evil Queen, as she's depicted in Henry's storybook on Snow and Charming's wedding day, is zoomed in upon as Will, who's looking at the book as it rests on the table in the library, comments that she's really something, if Evil Queens are one's type, which he gets (a clear reference to Anastasia). He approaches the same bookshelf Robin is searching and asks the thief if he and Regina are still together, causing him to look up in mild shock before answering that that is not relevant. Will assures him that he won't judge, for he was the one who advised Robin to follow his heart (see "The Snow Queen"). Robin says that he just wants her to be happy, even if she thinks that's impossible, before discovering a book on the shelf that looks very similar to Henry's. He takes it out excitedly whilst Will takes out another; Will opens his to realize it's just a children's pop-up book, and Robin's is simply a car repair manual. As he places it back on the shelf, he begins to think Will's "magic library theory" might be a tad off since any book they want is hardly going to be stacked beside - he removes a book from the shelf at random - The Cat in the Hat. He wonders why a cat would want a hat, but Will, from behind him, mentions that he's seen stranger.

408 52
Robin discovers something incredible.

The kids' book is ditched and Robin closes Henry's collection of fairytales on the table, finding this to be a hopeless endeavor. He goes to open his satchel so that he can put the book inside, but he discovers something else in it, pulling out a folded-up piece of paper. He says that it wasn't there before, and Will, who's still looking at bookshelves, wonders what he's talking about. Robin unfolds the paper and is shocked by what he sees, commenting, "Incredible..." Will wonders what it is, but all Robin tells him is that he needs to reach Regina.
Out on the road, Regina's cell phone is heard ringing and she answers it to Robin, who tells her he's just found something that she has to see right now. Regina questions its urgency, being in the middle of something, but Mary Margaret encourages her to go, assuring her stepmother that "we got this". Regina tells her that Robin's found something, and Mary Margaret suggests that maybe hope worked, at which Regina retorts, "Well, if it did, then I owe you a quarter." She then tells Robin that she'll be right there.

408 53
And so it begins...

Mr. Gold dramatically approaches a large room within the abandoned manor, closing the door slowly behind him.
Meanwhile, Emma enters the building and begins to wonder where Gold is, but soon becomes distracted when her hands light up with magic. She clenches her fists and it dissipates, but still she is lost and searching for the Dark One.
Gold approaches the cylindrical hatbox on the table and turns around briefly, making sure that he cannot be seen.
Emma's magic is causing the bulbs in the sconces around her to begin flashing and buzzing as their electricity is surged and then retracted unintentionally. Again, the savior calls out for Gold, looking up at the extravagant chandelier hanging from the ceiling as that too is affected by her powers. She begins making her way towards the room Gold is in.

408 54
The hat is set in position.

Gold turns back to the hatbox and waves the Dark One's dagger over it, causing it to make the flashy transition into the sorcerer's hat, which is soon fully formed and sitting upon the table.
Emma approaches the double doors, feeling a rather deep amount of nervousness. The dim chandelier lights up, before surely dimming down again.
Rumple takes the hat and lays it sideways down on the floor next to him, causing a golden, portal-like swirl of light to begin emanating from within. He walks past it, going to exit the room, as the hat's draw grows stronger and stronger. The shot zooms in on its deep and powerful swirl.

408 55
Emma is in need of guidance.

"Gold, are you in there?!" Emma exclaims from outside, seeing the glow of the sorcerer's hat light up loudly and brightly between the gap in the double doors. The savior's magic grows heightened as her fear intensifies, making the blinking of the chandelier and the sconces become more frequent. From behind her, Rumple says that there's no need to shout for he's right there, startling the blonde before she turns to see him. She goes to approach but Gold, asking for forgiveness as he does so, requests that she keep her distance, for it appears - as is evident by the wacky electrics - that her powers are growing increasingly out of control. Emma concedes that she's had a rough night, and asks the Dark One what it is she needs to do. Gold explains that he's already cast the spell in the now lit-up room behind her, so all she has to do is step through the door, but Emma simply stands there and stares at him. He asks if something's wrong, and she reveals that she ran into the Snow Queen, or rather, a projection or hologram, and she said she shouldn't do this; that Gold was trying to hurt her.

408 56
Rumplestiltskin talks about the nature of himself.

"Alright, so, now we know who doesn't want you to do this: the villain," he points out, "Sounds like an argument for it, or maybe that's just me." Emma tells him that that's what she said, but Gold realizes that she still has doubts, leading her to ask if he blames her. He does not, and Emma wonders if it's safe and if she'll be okay. Rumple informs her that no magic is without risk, even magic used to take away magic. He assures her that it's all very much her choice, reminding her that it was her idea, and Emma assures herself that it's going to stop her from hurting people, which Gold promises. She turns to the flashing room, and back to Gold, staring down at her palms before looking up at him and asking, "What would you do?" "I wouldn't go in there for anything," he reveals, surprising her, and she wonders why. He explains that he's not like her; he's a man who makes wrong and selfish decisions. She points out that he spent all that time looking for Neal, sacrificed himself to save the town and married Belle, but he points out in turn that, each time, he meticulously undid all the good, going on to say that Neal is still gone, the town is still in danger, and Belle, for better or worse, knows who he is, and that's a man who always chooses power.

408 57
A choice is left to make.

"She believes you can change..." Emma utters, and Rumple says that he loves her for that, but he fears she's quite likely wrong. Emma, however, doesn't need to change because she does the right thing, always. The savior looks heavyhearted as she once again turns to face the room, and she begins to step towards it as Gold begins to walk away. However, after a single step, she turns back around and calls out for the pawnbroker, causing him to turn back around also. She walks towards him a little and says, "Thank you," to which he smiles genuinely and replies, "Of course... we have no choice." He then walks away, intent on exiting the manor, and Emma, yet again, turns to the glowing doors.
On the other side of them, the swirling light of the sorcerer's hat has grown massive, ready to suck in anything magical that comes within proximity.
Back outside, Emma stares at the doors hesitantly, unaware that all which lies beyond them is her imminent doom.

Act IV

408 58
Hook is held back by the Dark One.

Emma's car remains parked outside the abandoned mansion as Hook comes running towards it, calling out for the savior. Gold, walking in front of the captain, tells him to watch his step, for the terrain's a little rough round here. Hook demands that the "crocodile" get out of his way, promising to die fighting before he'll let him use that "bloody" hat on Emma. However, Rumple simply waves a hand and causes Hook to be flung against the gate. The Dark One's magic then has Hook tied up to said gate round both wrists and his midsection with hose piping. Hook struggles to break free, but its useless; even his namesake hook has been tied down. Rumple then says that Emma can wait, suggesting that, before the pirate departs, he treat him to a front row seat and they can watch her use that hat on herself. Hook continues to struggle, again to no avail, as Gold reveals that, in case he was counting on Emma getting his message, he stole Emma's phone. He holds it up to the pirate and comments that he's not one for lose ends, slipping the phone back into his pocket. He then approaches his squirming adversary and tells him not to worry, for he'll get over her, just like he got over Milah; "How many centuries did that take? It matters not. This might even add a little fuel to your fire. Don't tell me you haven't missed the taste of vengeance." Hook screams that Emma is mother to Gold's grandson, begging him not to do this, and Gold says that he wishes he didn't have to, but he needs Miss Swan, and surely Hook understands that.

408 59
Open sesame, bitch!

Under the effects of the locator spell, the red scarf belonging to Emma continues floating towards the mansion, which is glowing viciously due to both the sorcerer's hat and the current electrical thunder storm. Elsa is following it, running as fast as she can through the rain and frantically calling out for Emma. The scarf turns a corner and drops to the floor outside one of the manor's doorways and the Ice Queen picks it up before trying to enter; she goes to open the door, but it's locked. As such, she extends her arm and uses her powerful ice magic to freeze the doorway, thus breaking the lock and allowing her to get inside. She now has a hope of saving her friend.

408 60
Anna, under the spell of Shattered Sight.

Elsa, in flashback, sits anxiously at the luxuriant table of desserts she earlier prepared for Anna, waiting for news on either her sister or her aunt. When Anna walks into the room with the urn in tow, Elsa is relieved, quickly running towards her and explaining that she couldn't find Ingrid and then became worried sick. Spitefully, Anna replies that she supposes she should be grateful, leading Elsa to ask if everything went alright for she seems upset, unaware that her sister is under the spell of Shattered Sight. Anna takes a look at the desserts and contemptuously asks what it's all for, and so Elsa explains that she wanted to surprise her with something special, adding that it's all chocolate but the ice cream's long melted by now; however, she offers to make some more. Anna says that that's just like her sister, thinking some food and fancy jewelry can make up for everything she did to her, but Elsa doesn't know what she's talking about. She explains that it all came back to her when she was in the East Wing of the palace; how Elsa ignored her for all those years and left her to wander this place like a ghost.

408 61
The snowflake necklace is thrown to the flames.

"Is this a joke because of the ruse? Because if you're trying to get back at me, Anna, it isn't funny..." Elsa tells her, but Anna ignores this, instead asking the Ice Queen if she wants to know the worst part: "You let me believe that it was all my fault. That I had done something wrong." Elsa asks how she can say these things, for they promised they'd never be like this, and wants to know what happened. Anna simply explains that she's come to her senses, tearing the snowflake necklace from around her neck and throwing it into the roaring fireplace. Her sister is shocked, insisting that this isn't Anna; it can't be. "I'm afraid it is," Ingrid announces as she too enters the room, much to her blonde niece's surprise. The Snow Queen confirms the fact that she's not trapped in the urn and that, fortunately, she has the chance to show Elsa that she is the only one who will ever understand her and Anna never will. Elsa soon realizes that Anna's sudden change in behavior is because of their aunt, who's clearly used her magic to cast a spell on her, and Ingrid admits this, explaining that the spell she used merely reveals Anna's true feelings, even if she wasn't able to admit them before; her deepest, darkest emotions now brought into the light.

408 62
Elsa is trapped in the urn.

"You wouldn't even talk to me!" the redhead roars, "'Go away, Anna! Go away, Anna!' You were supposed to be my sister!" Elsa insists that she is her sister, begging her to put down the urn, but Ingrid tells her that she won't listen, just like Gerda didn't to her. The only way for Elsa to stop Anna is to accept who she truly is and use her powers on her, but the former refuses, despite her aunt's passionate insistence. Soon enough, the Ice Queen folds her arm and tells her sister to do what she will, but, no matter what, she loves her. It's too late, however, for Anna has already removed the urn's top, and Elsa is reduced to a shining blue liquid as she's trapped inside. Ingrid appears horrified as the lid seals her niece within, while her other niece, still holding the urn, suddenly comes to her senses as the spell loses effect. "No!" Ingrid exclaims, and Anna, in a deep state of confusion, calls out for her sister. She then spots the Snow Queen and demands to know what she made her do, however, Ingrid simply calls her a foolish girl and violently grabs the urn from her, slating this as all her fault.

408 63
Ingrid decides to embrace being a monster.

She goes to attack, but Kristoff suddenly tells the ice witch to stay away from his fiancée, having walked into the room with his ice axe in tow. "Ah, here comes the 'noble hero'," Ingrid says sarcastically, taking a step back from Anna and telling she and Kristoff that she recognizes that look in their eyes - eventually, everyone sees her as a monster, so maybe it's time to embrace that and be one. She then mightily waves her whole arm and causes Anna, Kristoff, as well as every inch of the room and everything in it, to become frozen; covered in layers of ice. She approaches the balcony door and causes it to swing open with her magic, looking outside to reveal that the whole palace has in fact been affected by her snowy vengeance. She then turns back and takes a look at what she's just done, before turning her attention to the urn in her arms and assuring the person inside it that she will accept who she is one day too... and they will find their third sister... no matter how long it takes.

408 64
Elsa refuses to give up on her friend.

The shot zooms in on the bright light emanating from the sorcerer's hat as it bursts through both the small gap between the double doors Emma is standing before and the one between them and the floor. The savior appears nervous and teary-eyed as she approaches, her magic still having an effect on the electronics, but suddenly, a familiar voice from behind her is heard telling her to stop. Emma turns, shocked, to see Elsa standing there, and asks the Ice Queen what she's doing there, telling her that she has to leave now. Her fear causes sparks to fall from the chandelier, as well as some of the nearby lamps, and Elsa apologizes, however, she refuses to let her friend do this. Emma meekly points out that her powers are out of control and there's no other way, begging Elsa to go, but Elsa won't, reminding the savior that she didn't give up on her even when she nearly froze to death in that ice cave (see "White Out"), so she's not giving up on her now. The Ice Queen goes on to explain that she knows how scary it is hurting someone you love, having lived in fear of that her entire life, but giving up on one's magic is not the answer, for there is another way; as she talks, more electrical items produce sparks, becoming more and more dangerous.

408 65
Emma almost makes a huge mistake.

Emma recalls how Elsa told her that Anna's love saved her, and that's great, but her version of that with Henry didn't work, so this is all she has left. She turns back to the glowing room and approaches, allowing her hand to reach out for the door handle, ready to enter. Whole jets of sparks spew from various places as her nerves skyrocket, but her hand retracts suddenly when Elsa exclaims from behind that she was wrong: it wasn't just Anna's love that saved her. Emma looks back at her, wondering what she's talking about, and Elsa explains that when she landed in this strange town she was certain that, without Anna, she was doomed, but she got control over her powers again without her. "How?" the savior wonders, scared of the effects of her own magic when her face is briefly lit up by electricity. Elsa continues to explain that she didn't really know until today, until the same thing happened to Emma, and then it finally hit her that it's not only Anna's love, or Henry's that can save them. She now begins to approach Emma, and keeps on saying how their loved ones accept them for who they are and that's important... but it's not enough.

408 66
The savior embraces her powers.

"It's on us too," she adds, "You have to love yourself, Emma. The good, and the bad. The only way to ever truly be in control of your powers is to embrace them. Because this..." she gestures around the room at all of the disturbances Emma is causing with her magic, "...this is who you are." The Ice Queen then outstretches her hand, ready for it to be held, and a confused Emma asks what she's doing. Elsa tells her that it's time to stop being afraid, and the savior points out that this could kill her, leading her friend to say that she'll take that risk if Emma will. Slowly and with much caution, Emma unclenches her balled-up hands and reaches one of them out, flinching when a spark flies by. Soon enough, her palm begins glowing with dangerous magic, but Elsa allows her to place it down on hers nevertheless. The moment their hands embrace one another, a big burst of light magic emanates outwards, expanding beyond the manor walls. All of the disturbances caused by Emma's magic have now stopped, and the two blondes smile joyously, continuing to hold hands, as the savior's magic remains back under her control.

Act V

408 67
Rumple removes Hook's heart.

Outside the mansion, Mr. Gold is seen anxiously watching the glowing room while Hook remains tied to the gate by a hosepipe. When the flash of the sorcerer's hat dissipates, Rumple looks utterly disappointed, and Hook smiles, knowing that Emma is safe and vocalizing that he guesses she didn't go through with it. He adds that he's "so sorry", but also that he loves the look of loss on the Dark One's face. He cackles, leading Gold to tell the pirate that he may not have the savior, but today shall not be a complete loss. He needs to fill that hat with power, yes, but that was only part of the equation, because he needs something else; a secret ingredient that he didn't know about until an associate clued him in: "A heart." Hook says that, if Rumple needs any help procuring it, the only help he'll give him is with his demise. However, the Dark One insists that the pirate will help him, explaining that this spell is going to finally separate him from the dagger, so it no longer holds power over him, but to cast it he needs the heart of someone special; someone who knew him before the dagger; before he was the Dark One. Unfortunately, everyone who fits that description is already dead, but one still lives. Knowing what's coming, Hook struggles to break free as he exclaims "no", but still he cannot. "Yes," says Rumple in reply, "Luck would have it, dearie... you're my oldest friend." And, with that, he plunges his hand into Hook's chest and rips out his heart. The pirate screams with pain as this occurs, but once it's happened he encourages the evil man before him to just crush it and get it over with, but Mr. Gold refuses, reminding Hook that he promised they'd have some fun first. He then tells his hostage that he's going to do everything he says, because he's his puppet now; he's going to find another way to fill that hat with the power it needs, and then... "Then I'll kill you."

408 68
Elsa has her memories stolen.

With a rock in one hand and the urn containing Elsa in the other, Ingrid is seen extracting a purple flow of memories from her niece, harnessing them into the stone. "I see someone's been practicing the rock troll memory magic," says Rumplestiltskin from behind her, causing the Snow Queen to turn around to him in a startled manner. He then tells her that it's quite impressive, before turning to the frozen Anna nearby and commenting that he prefers her better this way; more cooperative, less mouthy. The Dark One becomes interested when he spots something in the now icy fireplace, reaching down and pulling out Anna's necklace, saying that it was much lovelier when it was round her neck... back when she was breathing. Ingrid asks Rumple what he wants, and he explains that he's after an "old trinket" that her frozen niece stole from him: a hat. Ingrid tells him that she hasn't seen it, causing him to laugh maniacally and point out that lies are so unqueenly.

408 69
He's a poet and he didn't know it.

A moment later, the urn in her arms vanishes into thin air, and an extremely angered Snow Queen marches towards the Dark One and demands to know where Elsa is, commanding that he give her back. Rumple puts a hand up, keeping her at bay, and tells her to be careful, for she isn't the only one who knows how to hide something of value and they wouldn't want the urn to be lost forever. Although he's curious as to why she took memories from the poor girl trapped inside, since one would think being trapped inside was punishment enough in itself, and Ingrid explains that she learned more than she was meant to and she wanted them to have a fresh start. "Don't we all, dearie? Don't we all..." he utters, before offering to make her a deal; "An urn for a hat, as simple as that. And, just to make it easy for you, when you 'find' the object of my desire, just say my name three times and I shall come to you. See you soon!" He gives her another of his crazed giggles before disappearing in a flurry of red-purple smoke, and the Snow Queen looks around at her frozen surroundings, feeling at a loss.

408 70
Hook takes the hat.

Hook - under the remote control of Rumplestiltskin - is later seen entering the mansion and running towards Emma upon seeing her, asking if she's alright. They hug, and Elsa assures the pirate that the savior didn't go through with taking away her magic, leading Emma to point out that she's never seen so many people happy to see her not doing something. Hook assures her that they'll find another way to defeat the Snow Queen, together, and kisses her over-passionately. Elsa turns away and Emma tells Hook to take it easy, for they have company, adding that she didn't know he was such a fan of her magic. Hook smiles and asks why she'd say that, as he's a fan of every part of her, but Emma finds this statement odd, wondering if the pirate's alright. He assures her that he is, not knowing why she'd ask, and she explains that if he looks at her any harder then he's going to drill a hole in her head. He pauses before saying that he's just relieved, suggesting that they head outside for he imagines that there are a lot of worried people who wish to see her. Emma smiles at him before going to exit the mansion with Elsa, but a smiling Hook stays behind, losing his smile as soon as the two ladies are gone. He then turns to the doors and opens them, revealing the hatbox containing the sorcerer's hat to be sitting there on its side. He approaches it slowly and picks it up, hiding it under his jacket so that no one will see. He proceeds to exit the room.

Act VI

408 71
A new page is discovered.

Back at the library, Robin is seen intently looking through Henry's storybook, an expression of deep puzzlement on his face. Regina soon enters, assuring the thief that she got there as fast as she could, and wonders aloud what's so important that he couldn't say over the phone. He says that he'll tell her in a second, but first, he gestures the book and asks if she remembers it. "Uh, the book you apparently stole from me? Yes, I remember it quite well..." she assures him, leading him to point out that she knew he was a thief when she met him. He goes on to explain that, earlier that night, he came here looking for clues towards that author, and subsequently to Regina's happy ending. She is surprised that he'd do this in the public library, for her happy ending isn't a Stephen King book on tape, but he tells her to hang on, continuing to explain that the strangest thing happened; with that, he takes the folded up piece of paper from earlier out of his pocket and tells the former Queen and Mayor that he found something. He hands it to her, and she appears more confused now, taking the paper and decreasing it. She too is shocked by what she sees: it's a page from the book, depicting she and Robin on the night Tinker Bell showed him to her; only, instead of Regina walking away from him, the two of them are kissing, having met as they were supposed to. "Is this... us?" she utters, and Robin confirms it, pointing out that they're inside the pub.

408 72
Regina finally has hope.

Regina doesn't understand, saying that this isn't what happened, and asks if it's from the book. She then reads that the page in her hand is page XXIII, thinking it might be missing from the book, but Robin turns to the page XXIII that's already there to reveal that it depicts what it always did: her leaving him. He places the new page down on the old one and explains that it goes in the same place; it's the meeting that they never had. Regina stares down at the matching page numbers, not knowing what this means, and Robin tells her that it means her fate could have gone many different ways and that she's not doomed to suffer; there's a bright future for her around every turn, even if she misses one. Regina picks the page up again and asks her true love where he found it, intrigued, and wonders if there might be another book, asking which shelf, however, Robin tells her that it was in his satchel. Again, she grows confused, and he iterates that it wasn't there when he packed it - it appeared. "Like magic..." Regina finally realizes, and Robin says that it's a sign, adding that she can take it however she wants but, to him, it means possibility. Hope. And that's something that could never happen for a villain. Regina shakes her head, tears in her eyes, and he wonders what's wrong. At that point, she tells him, "I owe someone a quarter." He's the one who now appears confused, but it matters not, for the two of them proceed to kiss romantically.

408 73
It's ribbon time.

The Snow Queen remains standing within the circle of dust Rumple trapped her in. Soon, however, the invisible barrier is seen dissipating and, noticing this, Ingrid reaches her arm outside, making sure it's definitely gone. It is, and so she steps outside towards her three yellow kite ribbons, tied up in little bows. She sits beside the box containing them and waves her hand over it; suddenly, the ribbons are gone. Raising her left forearm to eye-level, she allows her sleeve to drop and reveal that one of the ribbons is now tied around her wrist. Ingrid smiles, admiring it, and places it to her cheek, feeling comforted. She then simply proceeds to stroke the ribbon delicately, her plan now set in motion.


408 74
The apprentice stops Ingrid from summoning the Dark One.

In a flashback, Ingrid is seen walking barefoot through a now completely snow-covered Arendelle, into the cave in which we earlier saw her hiding the sorcerer's hat. Again, making sure no one's watching, she removes the large rock to reveal the frozen hatbox, which she promptly unfreezes with another wave of her hand. She then picks it up and utters, "Rumplestiltskin, Rumplestiltskin, Rumplest—" "Stop!" the sorcerer's apprentice suddenly yells, having appeared within the cave. The Snow Queen is shocked, and he explains that he has traveled far to find her. She then gets to her feet as he asks her why she's conjuring the Dark One when she has a deal with the sorcerer, wondering if she perhaps doubts that he can find the sister she seeks. Ingrid does not doubt him, but explains that she lost the sister that she already had. The apprentice recalls that Ingrid told him she was a patient woman, proceeding to say that happy endings can take a long time, but they do happen. She asks if that means he found a match, and the apprentice confirms that the sorcerer did locate a third magical sister, and she will be a perfect match. "What do you mean 'will be'?" she questions, and the apprentice reveals that therein lies the catch: she has not been born yet.

408 75
The Snow Queen makes her way into our world.

Ingrid wonders how the sorcerer can know something that hasn't happened yet, and the apprentice tells her that he knows many things; for example, he knows that if she delivers that hat to the Dark One then she will never find her happy ending. This leads her to ask if she will if she gives it to him, and he assures her that she will find this third sister as well as be reunited with the one she just lost. She still appears hesitant to give up the hatbox clutched tightly in her arms, and watches as the apprentice turns around and waves his arms, creating an extravagant door out of thin air. He explains that this door will lead her to a new land, where her happy ending awaits; she simply has to hand over the box, and he will open it for her. "You said that the sorcerer doesn't make deals, especially with people like me," she remembers, wanting to know why he's doing this now. "The hat is important to him. And, sometimes, people surprise you." With that, she cautiously approaches and hands over the hatbox, much to his relief. He then produces a scroll from his robes and tells her to take it; when the time comes, it will lead her to her third sister. He then opens the door with his magic and Ingrid willingly steps through the swirling mass of portal...

Our World, 1982

408 76
Ingrid, in a land without magic.

...And into our world, the land without magic. She appears at first in blackness, but then a car's horn is heard beeping before driving past her. The Snow Queen is standing in the middle of a very busy city, looking rather out of place in her outdated royal white ensemble. She turns to see multiple busy people rushing about, as well as things such as a telephone box and a Tron poster on the side of a bus stop. There's lots of noise and chatter and hustle and bustle, and Ingrid absorbs her surroundings, taking in the flashing lights and the moving vehicles and sirens and general loudness of it all. Now all she has to do is wait.

408 77
'Cause baby, you're a firework!

Emma and Elsa are seen finally exiting the mansion just as Henry, David and Mary Margaret approach. The latter calls out her daughter's name, asking if she did it, and Emma hugs her mother as she reveals that she did not, thanks to Elsa. Mary Margaret reveals that she's so, so glad, begging her daughter never to change, and Emma assures her that she doesn't want to. David places an arm around his wife as she breaks off the hug and assures Emma that they love her no matter what, which she knows. She then turns her attention to Henry and hugs him too, asking how he is, and he says that he's just glad she's okay. Snow asks if Emma is in control of her magic again, and the savior confirms that she absolutely is, taking her son by the hand and leading him to the edge of the steps that head towards the manor's gate. Elsa stands beside Henry, and Mary Margaret and David stand beside her, all of them watching Emma as she upturns both her palms and causes a big burst of light to emanate from them up into the sky. The result is a beautiful, swirling, blue-green light, causing everybody in attendance to become awestruck, before it transforms into sets of fireworks. Everyone watches them happily as they continuously go off, and Emma looks rather proud of herself as she too enjoys them.

408 78
And so something else begins...

Everyone is smiling, and Henry goes on to comment, "Cool." He then looks at his mom's wrist and notices one of the Snow Queen's ribbons tied around it, unaware of what it is and wondering where she got it. Emma is unsure, and Elsa soon notices that she is wearing one too. Neither of them are able to remove the yellow ribbons, and the Ice Queen asks her friend what's happening. They try hard to take them off, but it's to no avail, and the fireworks in the sky stop as the ribbons start to glow. Emma clutches her stomach in some kind of pain, and Elsa reveals that she feels it too; it's like it's funneling all her magic away, or harnessing it somehow. David asks if they have any idea what this is, to which Emma replies, "No. But I have a pretty good idea of where it came from."

408 79
Ingrid harnesses her sisters' magic.

In her lair, Ingrid is seen standing elegantly as she stares down at the ribbon on her wrist, which begins to glow too, before turning to see that Rumplestiltskin has entered and, unafraid, commenting that he looks disappointed. He explains that Miss Swan did not behave as he had hoped, and asks if the Snow Queen had a hand in it. She says that of course she didn't, for her hands were trapped here the entire time, although, as he said, the urn's dust didn't last long at all. Gold advises her to keep her distance as she takes a step forward, and she realizes that he doesn't understand what's happening, explaining that she wasn't the one to save Emma, Elsa was, which just goes to show that they really are quite wonderful together, like sisters. He has little interest in her strange fixation, to which she says that he should, and will. She then gestures to the ribbon on her wrist and explains that it and the other two were of no use to her until this moment; they can bond three magical sisters together, but only if all of them are a perfect match.

408 80
The spell of Shattered Sight is cast over Storybrooke.

Gold asks what makes for this perfect match, and Ingrid says that all three have to have embraced their powers, which they now have, thanks to him. The ribbon on her wrist now glows more brightly and she smiles broadly, telling Rumplestiltskin that she now wields the magic of her sisters, which means her mirror is complete. And, with this power, she can finally cast a spell over all of Storybrooke and probably even defeat him and decorate this place with his bones; "Shall I try?" "Dearie, I warn you... do not overestimate your power." "And I warn you," she retorts as he exits her hideout, "Don't underestimate it!" She looks back at her utterly effulgent ribbon, before turning her attention to her mirror, the Trolden Glass. She extends her ribbon-clad hand and causes it to smash with her magic, smiling as her reflection becomes splintered by the fractured glass. The entire thing then explodes outwards and a large cloud of grey smoke pours out, enveloping Ingrid and ready to cover the entirety of the town. The spell of Shattered Sight has been cast.


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  • The title card of the first part of this episode features Emma's car driving through the woods, amidst a snowstorm.
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  • The title of this episode was revealed by executive producer/co-creator Adam Horowitz, via his Twitter account, on September 24, 2014.[1]
    • The title of this episode is named after a homonymous song by The Who.



The two-hour outing posted a 2.4/6 rating among 18-49s, with 6.8 million viewers tuning in, down a tenth from the previous airing.[2]


The episode received positive reviews from critics, mostly due to the fast-paced storyline.

  • In a review from Entertainment Weekly, Hilary Busis asks a "Serious question: Is a Storybrooke in which everyone's suspicious, caustic, and attacking the people around them really going to be that different from the town's general status quo? (At least, as long as Grumpy is around?) We'll have to wait two long weeks for the answer to that burning (freezing?) question, thanks to the American Music Awards. At least Once prepared for its off week by giving us both halves of a two-parter—a story that, when all is said and done, maybe didn't need to be told over the course of two hours, though it was nice to see the show take some time to privilege character over plot tonight. The hour also revealed the answers to a few of the season's long-simmering unsolved mysteries—including how Elsa ended up trapped within the anti-magic urn. Could this indicate the end of the Arendelle fairybacks, considering that backstory seems to be fairly complete at this point? If it does, will you miss them—or are you looking forward to the show not spending quite so much time on the Frozen crew?"[3]
  • Amy Ratcliffe of IGN rated the episode 8.6 out of 10, saying "Overall, tonight's super serving of Once Upon a Time covered a lot of ground with forward plot movement and character development. It stands as a good example of how to structure a two hour episode except for the fact that the primary plot could have been stronger. The Snow Queen's backstory was filled out even more, and it's easy to trace the path from point A to point villain. Mitchell was particularly excellent in Ingrid's lack of shoes tonight, and I hope the story can overcome the fact that someone is casting the bajillionth spell on Storybrooke."[4]
  • TV Fanatic gave the episode 4.6 out of 5 stars.[5]


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