Shattered Sight
Once Upon a Time 4x10
December 7, 2014
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"Shattered Sight" is the 76th episode of Once Upon a Time.


Storybrooke is in a state of chaos with all the residents under Ingrid's spell of Shattered Sight at each other's throats. Emma and Elsa race against the clock to free themselves of the ribbons and take down the Snow Queen and her curse. David can only watch when Regina clashes with Mary Margaret in an epic battle. Meanwhile, Gold gathers Belle and Henry as he prepares to leave town forever, Will Scarlet looks to square his tab with Hook, and Kristoff's thick-headedness leads Anna to a heartwarming discovery.


Previously on Once Upon a Time...

Young Gerda and Helga are being kidnapped by a shady man who kicks Ingrid backwards, causing her to unleash her unbeknownst ice powers in order to protect her younger sisters. After this has taken place, the three girls are seen handing out yellow ribbons from a kite they were playing with, and promise that they will be there for each other so long as they each have one. ("The Snow Queen") Years later, Ingrid goes to attack the Duke of Weselton with her ice magic only to accidentally hit Helga square in the heart, killing her momentarily. Soon, she is seen professing to Gerda that it was an accident, but Gerda can't accept this, exclaiming that Ingrid killed their sister and that she's a monster; she then traps her in a magic urn. ("The Snow Queen") Emma and Hook are seen watching a recording from the former's stolen video camera which she has no memory of, and they soon discover, to their shock, that the Snow Queen was once her foster mother. ("Breaking Glass") Gold meets Ingrid on a cliff and asks her about this spell of hers, knowing that it will bring out the darkness of everyone in this town, but she assures him that it will do more than that: they will tear themselves apart until everyone is dead. ("Fall") Ingrid casts the spell of Shattered Sight over Storybrooke. ("Smash the Mirror") The spell of Shattered Sight rains down on the town; Emma tries to conceal her baby brother as the falling glass finds its way into the sheriff's station through a vent, whilst David and Mary Margaret receive full blasts to the eyes. Their sight, like the rest of Storybrooke, becomes metaphorically shattered as they stare at one another in utter contempt. ("Fall")


Act I

Boston, 1982

410 01
Meet Madame Faustina.

Ingrid, who's just arrived in our world and is still dressed in her extravagant Snow Queen gown, is seen calmly making her way through the busy streets of Boston, confused only slightly by what she sees around her, as some of the residents stare in disbelief. She soon arrives at a window bearing a glowing sign which reads "PSYCHIC", and her attention is caught. It isn't long before she enters the establishment, at the center of which is a small, circular table with a crystal ball resting on top, and a woman's voice is immediately heard saying, "You have traveled a great distance, but I can help you!" Said woman then emerges from behind a curtain, dressed in colorful swathes and jewelry, and introduces herself as Madame Faustina. Ingrid greets her respectfully as "sorceress" and asks if she is able to use her powers of crystal-gazing to show her a girl not yet born. Madame Faustina deduces that this girl is special to Ingrid, and Ingrid confirms this, explaining that this girl will arrive in a town called Storybrooke at the age of twenty-eight.

410 02
The spirits of the ball do lie.

The psychic raises a hand, assuring her customer that Madame Faustina knows all. She then invites her to sit at the table, where the crystal ball awaits, and the two of them are soon seated opposite one another. Extending her arms in an excessive manner, Madame Faustina wonders how Ingrid shall be expressing her gratitude, at which the Snow Queens smiles, nods and says, "Thank you." The psychic grows confused and iterates that she was referring to payment, wanting to know how Ingrid will pay her, and Ingrid proceeds to remove her fine necklace, handing it to the woman before her and asking if it will do. Madame Faustina accepts it with a smile, before contorting her hands around the crystal ball and commanding its "spirits" to hear her and obey. She then professes to see a child, much to Ingrid's excitement, and elaborates that this child is a girl who is special. Ingrid confirms she has many gifts and asks to be told more, at which Madame Faustina reveals that the child's name is... Susan. The Snow Queen does not look impressed.

410 03
Ingrid tries to punish the charlatan.

"Liar!" Ingrid exclaims as she bursts out of Madame Faustina's store, going on to say that the child's name will be Emma Swan, for the apprentice's scroll promises this. Madame Faustina, now wielding a baseball bat and adopting her natural city accent, argues that she's doesn't know anything about any scroll, before advising Ingrid to get out of there or she's going to get a "wicked beating". The Snow Queen tells her that, where she's from, charlatans such as herself are severely punished; she then raises an arm towards the faux psychic, hoping to blast her with ice magic, only to discover that her magic doesn't work in this land. She is shocked, and Madame Faustina raises her baseball bat, addressing Ingrid as "fruitcake" and telling her that this is her last warning. "Your trickery changes nothing," says Ingrid, turning her back on the charlatan and walking away, continuing to mutter to herself, "I will find Emma. She is coming and I will find her and I will wait for her as long as I must. And then I will have what I deserve."

Present Day

410 04
The spell is successful.

The last of the glass from the spell of Shattered Sight settles down on Storybrooke as Ingrid victoriously makes her way through town, happy to hear the sounds of intense arguing from nearby and afar. Suddenly, an arrow fires at the wooden pole beside her head and sticks there, just missing her, and she looks across the street at Granny's Diner to see that Grumpy is running away from Happy, who's wielding a crossbow. Grumpy is exclaiming that "he's coming" while Happy exclaims that he isn't happy, and Granny herself soon emerges along with the other five dwarfs, none of which appear particularly elated. Ingrid's smile grows wider as she witnesses this, and the final shards of mirror behind her begin swirling into a small vortex behind her and glow brightly before disappearing. The Snow Queen continues her with her stroll.

410 05
Snow White gets a little Snow Dark.

"Prince Charming," Snow White says with sarcasm biting her voice as she and her husband, who are in separate cells of the sheriff's station, sit across from one another and stare scornfully. She adds that, finally, she's seeing him clearly, and David wonders what it is she sees. Mary Margaret then calls him a fraud; a shepherd who has no business being royalty. He retorts that he sees a spoiled little princess who ran away from her troubles; who always runs away. The two of them stand up in anger and get very close to the bars keeping them apart, with Mary Margaret saying that she can't believe she had a child with him, and him firing back that maybe she didn't, for it could be Whale's. They then return to the opposite sides of the cells as Kristoff, who's shackled to the desk and observing the two of them along with Anna, comments that if this is what marriage is like then he's glad she keeps postponing theirs. Anna, who's immune to the Snow Queen's curse, assures her fiancé that he doesn't mean that and is just under the effects of the spell, but he disagrees, proclaiming that he's seeing clearly now too and is beginning to think that this haircut wasn't his only bad idea. Anna knows that this isn't really him talking but still finds it upsetting, so she decides to go and see her sister while he just stays there handcuffed where he can't hurt anybody, but her, with his words.

410 06
Anna reveals that the Snow Queen might have to die.

She walks away and he tries to get free of the cuffs, but can't, while Emma stands in the back room with Elsa, cradling her sleeping baby brother in her arms. She guarantees the Ice Queen that that isn't what her parents are like, and Elsa recapitulates that they're their worst selves, like when Anna put her in the urn; she didn't mean what she said either, or so Elsa hopes. "I didn't," Anna assures her, showing up from behind, but she adds that that doesn't make any of this less horrible. Elsa hugs her sister comfortingly and tells her it's okay, reminding the princess that she's immune; all three of them are, and they're together. Emma reiterates that it's all alright, for she's the savior, and Anna asks if that's like a real job there, to which Emma says, apparently, it is, and she promised all these people that she'd give them their happy endings and she will, she's just not sure how at this moment. Suddenly, Anna gets an idea, asking if they know how the Snow Queen got the idea for the curse. They don't, and so she tells them that it's from a legend called The Trolden Glass. Emma has never heard of this, but Anna says that its origin isn't important and what matters is how they broke the curse. Elsa wonders what was done, and Anna struggles to remember for a second, before coming out with, "...They had to kill the king. So, in this case, that would mean Ingrid."

410 07
Emma and Elsa prepare to do what must be done.

Elsa doesn't believe that killing is ever the answer, suggesting that they simply reason with her instead, but Emma points out that she's beyond that, adding that they all want another way but if it comes between Ingrid and the town then she's going to do what has to be done because they're out of options. She then asks Anna how she is with kids, and Anna says she loves kids, so Emma hands her little Neal. Anna takes the child but isn't happy about being the babysitter, wanting to be by her sister's side if this has to happen because the Snow Queen is her aunt too. Emma apologizes, but explains that someone has to stay there with everyone else, and Elsa agrees, urging her sister to stay with Kristoff. Anna reminds them that this was her plan, and Elsa knows this; as Emma kisses her brother on the forehead and walks away in preparation to leave, the Ice Queen assures Anna that she's the smartest person she knows and she's her sister which means she needs to stay safe. She adds that Ingrid is a problem she and Emma have to solve, at which Anna asks if she trusts Emma. Elsa answers positively, saying that Emma is her friend, and Anna accepts this, reluctantly telling her to go. Elsa leaves as, in the background, Mary Margaret and David can be seen continuing to argue as Kristoff joins in on the yelling as well.

410 08
The Evil Queen returns.

Over at the Mills family mausoleum, Regina can be found trying to escape, but she's unable to break through the containment spell that she herself put in place. She tries multiple times before simply banging on the doors in anger, lamenting the fact that she's sealed in her own vault. "This is... this is... this is the savior's doing," she eventually concludes, her anger worsening as she makes her way down the stairs beneath her father's tomb. She comments to herself that she should have incinerated Emma years ago, exclaiming that this is what she gets for being subtle before turning to a nearby mirror on the wall and wondering what the hell it is she's wearing. In a quick flurry of purple smoke, Regina becomes clothed in one of her old Evil Queen ensembles, staring at her new reflection with a loving expression before whispering, "I've missed you..."

410 09
The Dark One packs his bags.

Mr. Gold is sorting through a few items in his shop as Hook enters, wondering where Belle is and if she's turned homicidal on her husband yet. Gold tells the pirate that it's none of his business and asks what kept him, to which Hook replies that it's like swimming with sharks outside and the minute one of the townspeople tastes blood they'll tear each other apart. Gold tells him to count his blessings he's not one of them, and Hook wonders why it is he was spared cloud's curse. The Dark One explains that it's because his heart wasn't in his chest, but there in the shop under protective custody, so to speak. Hook asks what it is the "crocodile" needs and he explains that, once he's finished packing, he's going to take Belle to the town line; he needs Hook to find Henry and do the same thing. "So, you still think you're leaving?" the pirate questions as Gold retrieves the sorcerer's hat from his wall safe, as well as the dagger, and calls Hook "he of little faith", before explaining that, tomorrow night, when the stars in the sky align with the stars in the hat, he shall finally cleave himself of the dagger and be on the other side of that ice wall before dawn.

410 10
Hook sets off to collect Henry.

Hook asks if this means there's a way out of Storybrooke, to which Gold simply says that one always finds a way, leading Hook to ask further if the Dark One is so powerful why he doesn't just magic his grandson to his side. Gold explains that that would entail him knowing where Henry's mothers have locked him away for safekeeping, so, unless Hook really, really has no use for that tongue of his, Rumple suggests he slithers back outside into the hostile current and find the boy. He then lifts a small glass vial containing some sort of red substance and says he'll be needing this; the pirate takes it and tells the Dark One that he won't win, for villains never do, but Gold tells him not to be ridiculous: "When Belle and Henry wake up tomorrow morning in New York City, they won't remember a thing about tonight. I will tell them the Snow Queen destroyed Storybrooke whilst I saved everyone I could. I won't be a villain, I'll be a hero." Per his master's request, Hook begrudgingly sets off outside while Mr. Gold shuts his suitcase.

410 11
Ingrid is protected by her sisterly love.

Over at her old ice cream parlor, Any Given Sundae, Ingrid is seen waving her hand over the carrot sherbet ice cream and making it disappear with her magic, revealing two purple rocks to be hidden underneath: memories harvested with the magic of the rock trolls. The Snow Queen scoops them out with her hand but soon holds one in each, displaying them both out in front of her and smiling, knowing that her master plan is all coming together at long last. She then exits the store and finds that Elsa and Emma are waiting for her, the latter of which tells her to stop. The Ice Queen adds that this must end, and Emma assures Ingrid that their magic is a part of them now; they control it and they control it really well. Ingrid is proud of them both for having finally embraced who they truly are, and the two young blondes attempt to throw their magic at the villainous ice witch. However, nothing happens, much to their shock, and the savior suggests that they do it again. Again, nothing happens, and the two of them begin to notice that the yellow ribbons tied around their wrists have begun to glow. The Snow Queen explains to them both that the love that flows through their ribbons is without equal, and its strength protects the life force that they all now share. Elsa realizes that her aunt has made it impossible for them to hurt her, and Emma says that they have to get the ribbons off, however, Ingrid tells them that there's no need; "Soon, you won't wanna hurt me. Soon, you will love me... for real." She walks away, beaming with joy.

Act II

Richfield, Minnesota

410 12
A familiar scene.

"Hey, look what the new girl brought with her!" a young boy, Kevin, is heard exclaiming as he records footage using a young Emma's stolen video camera, which she is desperately trying to get back (see "Breaking Glass"). "Give it back, Kevin!" Ingrid - the group foster mother - soon shouts from out in the hallway, entering the room and telling the obnoxious child that the camera is Emma's, not his, and that they respect property in this household. She approaches him and takes the camera back as he reluctantly adheres to her rules. She then gestures for him to leave and he does so, leaving Ingrid and Emma alone in the room together. The latter is handed her video camera and told that everything's okay; Ingrid assures her that, despite being new there, she's going to be just fine, before leaving the room and alerting the rest of the children that it's lights out in fifteen, reminding them to brush their teeth. Emma, looking unsure of herself, goes to leave the room as well when the doorway is suddenly blocked by Kevin, who tells her that it's her choice: she can either give him that camera tomorrow or he can make her life a living hell. He smiles wickedly before heading off, and Emma appears indignant.

410 13
Emma is caught trying to run away.

That night, Emma is seen sneaking down the stairs of the foster home in an attempt at running away, but as she makes it towards the exit, the lights are suddenly flicked on and the young blonde is shocked to see Ingrid waiting for her on the couch. Her group mother, clutching a mug, tells her that she's making cocoa and wonders if she'd like to join, but Emma, pausing awkwardly, eventually denies the offer. "Suit yourself," says Ingrid, going on to explain that, by her count, there are fifteen separate subconscious signs or tells that a new foster child displays when they're going to run away on his or her first night; in the brief time they were together, Emma showed seven... not that Ingrid blames her, because she did the same thing when she was younger. "You ran away?" Emma asks in disbelief, to which Ingrid replies that she tried to, but the people in her life intervened. She asks the young girl if she wants to know why, but she asks in turn if it matters; Ingrid says that it did to her, recounting for the child that those people stopped her because they cared about her.

410 14
Ingrid convinces her foster daughter to stay.

"Lucky you," Emma says, somewhat jealously, but Ingrid soon retorts, "No, lucky you. Because now that you're living under my roof, I'm gonna care for you. The way they cared for me." Emma advises her not to waste her time, for she isn't interested, and Ingrid nods, again telling her to suit herself and saying that she won't stop her if she decides to leave. This surprises Emma, who is told that this simply means more cocoa for Ingrid, and as she goes to leave, Ingrid adds, "I understand how hard it must be to live under the same roof as someone like Kevin, who's deathly afraid of spiders. Any spiders, really. Small spiders, big spiders, even the rubber ones I keep in my desk. In the drawer. On the right. Behind the box of staples. Poor Kevin. It's a shame you can't stay, Emma." But Emma finds herself stepping back from the door and, considering Ingrid's words, she smiles as she arrives at the decision to "hang around for one more day". Ingrid smiles also, saying that that works for her, and the two blondes exchange grins.

410 15
Do it yourself ribbon-removal.

In the present, Emma hastily enters Gold's shop, followed by Elsa, and calls out for the proprietor of the establishment, needing his help. When she hears no reply, she tries calling out for Belle, but again, no one answers. She soon comes to the conclusion that they're gone, and Elsa wonders what the two of them are to do now. Thinking for a moment, Emma says, "We do it ourselves." This confuses the Ice Queen, who watches as her friend makes her way behind one of the display cases and takes out an antique knife. She then places the blade under her ribbon in an attempt to slice it off.

410 16
A town in distress.

Outside, the townspeople are seen brawling with one another on the streets as Hook walks past them, with Doc ordering a mute Dopey to speak for once in his life before he pushes his fellow dwarf over, causing him to roll onto his back in a ball-like fetal position before springing back up into a sitting stance. Hook ignores such things, being aggressively told to "move it" by an angry Granny as she makes her way past him with a crossbow in tow, and stepping on by Will Scarlet as he's seen removing the wallet from the pocket of the Storybrooke citizen who's lying on the ground, unconscious. The pirate continues his search for Henry.

410 17
Anna tries reminding the Charmings of who they really are.

Anna looks out the window at such occurrences as Mary Margaret and David continue arguing in their cells. The latter tells his wife that what she just said is ridiculous, to which she fires back that at least she knows how to swaddle a child correctly. David exclaims that he swaddles their son just fine, but she exclaims in turn that he's a baby, not a breakfast burrito. Anna, making sure the baby is still sleeping in his stroller, approaches the couple and begs them to stop it, adding that she expected more from the two of them. She requests that they use their heads and think back to what it was like before the spell changed them; sure they had issues with each other, but they were minor. "Minor? Minor?!" yells David, "When I first met her, she hit me in the face! If that wasn't a sign, I don't know what is!" "Yes, you responded by hanging me in a net from a tree," Mary Margaret retaliates, "You're a real Prince Charming!" Anna points out that he is Prince Charming, and that she's Snow White, and while the events they mentioned sound terrible, they also sound romantic. She begs them to be able to see that, because if they can then maybe they can defeat this dark spell.

410 18
Snow White confesses to murder.

Snow asks for someone to slip her a poison apple and put her out of her misery, at which Kristoff, who's still chained to the desk, pipes up and beseeches her to pick him for the job. This causes David to tell him to "shut it", referring to him as "ice man", but Kristoff asks who David is calling "ice man", referring to him in turn as "stable boy". David exclaims that he's calling him ice man, wondering what he's doing selling ice in Arendelle anyway since the whole place is frozen. Kristoff argues that ice is a very important commodity, but Anna shushes them, before being called "Swiss Miss" by Mary Margaret, who says that the princess does know her: "I pick flowers, I talk to birds, I do all kinds of warm, fuzzy things. You know what else? I kill. Yeah, that's right, Snow White's a murderer! I killed the Evil Queen's mommy, and I said I was sorry, and I didn't mean it." Anna tells her that that's horrible, and Mary Margaret asks if she still wants to hold hands and sing "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah", but Anna simply groans, walking away hopelessly.

410 19
Emma has a plan.

Back in Gold's shop, Emma is now seen trying to cut her ribbon off using some sort of sharp horn, but the tip of her instrument quickly snaps off and she sighs in annoyance, giving up and conceding that the magic protecting their ribbons is just too powerful. Elsa supposes that the Snow Queen meant what she said about her love, to which Emma apologizes, saying that she was too busy trying to think of ways to punch her to retain that. The Ice Queen, gently taking Emma's ribbon-bearing wrist in her hand, recalls that Ingrid explained how the love flowing through the ribbons is without equal. Emma stares at her wrist, getting an idea: the love might be without equal, but not without an opposite that's equally strong. Elsa doesn't understand what she means, and Emma theorizes that if Ingrid's amplified love put these ribbons on their wrists, then maybe what they need is someone's equally amplified hatred to get them off. Elsa says that Emma's a bit prickly, but certainly not hatable, while Emma tells the Ice Queen to tell that to Regina, before taking offense to having been called "prickly". Elsa points out that if Emma frees Regina while she's under the influence of the Snow Queen's curse, she'll kill her. Emma confirms that she'll try, but right now it's the best chance they have - "If Storybrooke wants to survive, Regina needs to hate me like she's never hated me before."

410 20
Regina's excited to come out to play.

Emma and Elsa are next seen walking through Storybrooke's local graveyard, approaching the Mills family mausoleum wherein Regina has decided to contain herself during the length she's under the Snow Queen's spell of Shattered Sight.
Meanwhile, inside the vault beneath the mausoleum, Regina - still kitted out as the Evil Queen - is seen reading one of her spell books before sensing the presence of one of her worst enemies. Her head turns toward the entrance and she smiles excitedly, knowing that she might have a chance to kill the savior once and for all.


410 21
Ingrid works some magic.

In the Snow Queen's ice lair out in the woods of Storybrooke, she is seen with the two purple rocks containing the stolen memories of Emma and Elsa resting in one of her hands, whilst the other hand hovers over them and, with her magic, causes the rocks to start glowing. She then begins pulling her second hand away and, as she does so, she extracts certain memories from the rocks, which come out in the form of tiny ice crystals, forming a stream. They form a small ring in mid air, at the center of which is a particularly large crystal which Ingrid taps with her index finger, causing it to glow brighter and begin swirling. She smiles at the sight, and soon the white glow overwhelms the screen.

410 22
Emma's concentration pays off.

In flashback, the claw of a claw machine is seen attempting to grab a stuffed dalmatian and failing, much to the chagrin of Emma, who's controlling the machine beside Ingrid as the two of them enjoy a day out together at a theme park. The young blonde tries again to grab the plush toy but fails, laughing as she says that she can't do it. Ingrid advises her to concentrate, and Emma heeds her foster mother's words, going in for another go. Ingrid tells her to trust her instincts and "let 'er rip" and, as Emma pours all of her concentration into this single task, moving the claw intricately and carefully, some of the lights begin blinking, and some of the machinery begins sparking. Emma is shocked by a sudden spark and backs away quickly, but Ingrid instructs her not to let go and win. Emma retakes control of the claw and works it downwards, finally getting a grip on the dalmatian and lifting it from its position. The two blondes celebrate as the plush toy is automatically carried over to the collection chute, and Ingrid picks it up and hands it to the young girl beside her, who unties some string from the dog's neck to retrieve a plastic ring that comes with it. She puts it on her finger, claiming to love it, and Ingrid points out what a great lesson this is: "If you push yourself and you ignore the flickering lights and the distractions of this world, you can accomplish anything."

410 23
Love is shared between two prophesied sisters.

Emma points out in turn that it's merely a plastic ring, not a scholarship to Yale, and Ingrid knows this, but assures Emma that she's a special girl who, someday, is going to surprise everybody with her extraordinary gifts. Emma tells her that she's going overboard, but Ingrid says she's serious, hugging her foster daughter tearfully as she adds that she's glad she got to know her. Emma then notices the tears, asking Ingrid if she's crying, but Ingrid denies this, saying she's just a little emotional... but the next thing Emma notices is the envelope from Twin Cities in Ingrid's purse, and she deduces that she's being sent away again. Ingrid grows confused, whilst Emma deduces further that that's why they spent the day together, and why she's crying. Ingrid denies this, grabbing her purse and removing the envelope, assuring Emma that she couldn't be more wrong. "Then what is it?" she asks, and Ingrid eventually explains that she's filling out the paperwork to adopt her... they're going to be a family. Emma grows moved and excited, and Ingrid, whose tears have flared up again, says that she knows it's a bit late and that Emma may not look at her has a mother - she knows how hard that is - but she promises that she will be the best big sister that she could ever hope for. Emma smiles, the envelope in her hand, and she hugs Ingrid, telling her that she loves her. Now Ingrid is moved, and as they continue to hug, she tells her future daughter that she loves her too.

410 24
The containment spell is broken.

Emma and Elsa continue making their way towards the Mills family mausoleum when the former tells the latter to stand back as she picks up a rock from the ground and throws it at the doors. This causes a containment spell to become visible, which Emma recognizes, and she proceeds to raise both hands whilst closing her eyes in order to focus her magic in an attempt to undo it. Nothing happens, to her annoyance, but Elsa steps up closer to her friend and assures her that she can do it. Emma flexes a little before trying again, refocusing everything and soon causing the containment spell to vanish in a bright flash, resonating with the light which briefly emanates from her palms. Elsa appears impressed while Emma comments that she's still getting a hang of the controlling the magic thing but, lucky for them, the next part should be easy for her. "What's that?" Elsa asks as they head inside, to which Emma replies, "Being prickly." She opens the doors and enters along with the Ice Queen whilst, down in the vault below, Regina awaits the savior's arrival. Emma becomes shocked upon entry due to the Evil Queen's royal costume, remarking that it's a little late for Halloween, but Regina merely appears murderously excited, getting to her feet. Emma asks Regina how she's able to walk in that thing, to which she replies, "With the poise of composure of a Queen."

410 25
Regina inadvertently destroys the Snow Queen's ribbons.

She adds that Miss Swan has perfect timing, for she was just reading up on how to turn her into a garden topiary; she then asks what Elsa's doing there. Elsa replies that she wanted to see Regina's face when she learned the truth, leading Regina to wonder to what truth she is referring. It is at this point that Emma admits that she lied to her, for she knew all along who Marian was and she brought her back on purpose. "Tell me something I don't know!" the Evil Queen requests, and Emma tells her that what she doesn't know is why she did this: not only did the savior want to break her heart, she wanted her to see her and Hook together; see the happiness she could never have, and then ruin it again, just like her mother did. In response, Regina says that she's been waiting a long time for this and throws a fireball at the two women. However, Emma and Elsa both raise their ribbon-bound wrists and make it so that the fireball burns the ribbons only, which disappear in a burst of sparks. Regina appears shocked and becomes more-so when Emma flings some defensive magic at her, causing her to fly backwards into the wall and fall down. The two blondes quickly exit the vault as the Evil Queen gets to her feet and starts to give chase. Emma and Elsa can be seen running quickly away, back through the graveyard, as Regina's voice can be heard from down below, angrily yelling, "Swan!"

Act IV

410 26
Hook falls for a classic.

Hook attempts to open the door to Regina's office, only to discover that it's locked. Instead, he calls out for Henry, who's sat inside, for he knows he's in there and needs him to come with him now. Henry exclaims that there's no way he's going anywhere with a dirty pirate, and Hook takes offense to the word "dirty", retorting that he bathes quite frequently. Henry then declares that he never liked Hook and likes him even less now that he and his mother are together. "Emma used that word? 'Together'?" he asks excitedly, but Henry simply orders him to go. Hook sighs, saying that he needs to bring the boy somewhere safe, but when Henry doesn't budge, Hook resorts to retrieving the red substance earlier given to him by Gold. He uncorks the lid of the vial and throws the contents at the door, thus breaking Regina's containment spell, and he proceeds to announce that he's coming in. He opens the office door, which has now become unlocked, but immediately trips over on a patch of marbles that Henry has put in place. With the pirate taken down, Henry excitedly makes a run for the door, right past Hook and out of mayoral building altogether. As he gets to his feet, Hook exclaims that he's just trying to do what's best for Henry, but it's too late; the kid is gone. When Hook tries to give chase, he is stopped by Will Scarlet, who tells the pirate that he's been looking for him, and is there to pay him back for that shiner he gave him (see "The Apprentice"). Hook says that now isn't the time, but Will disagrees, curling his hands into fists and proposing that they see how hard Hook is without his girlfriend around to protect him. He goes for the punch, but Hook simply moves out of the way and pushes Will in the back, causing him to smack into the wall and pass out. The pirate then calls out for Henry and exits the area in pursuit of him.

410 27
The Snow Queen sees all.

Emma and Elsa enter Ingrid's ice lair, which is located out in the woods of Storybrooke, but they are unaware of where the Snow Queen herself is actually lurking, for the lair appears empty, and so they act cautiously as a result. Elsa soon notices the mirror which was used to cast the spell of Shattered Sight and the fact that there's no longer any glass left in it, and the Ice Queen draws Emma's attention to this fact. The two of them stare at the empty mirror as Ingrid peers her head out from behind a pillar of ice, watching her two "sisters" with an expression of glee upon her face as they remain completely oblivious to her presence.

410 28
Ingrid tries to unleash Emma's magical potential.

Ingrid and a young Emma almost get splashed as a car drives past them, leading the latter to express that it's nights such as these that she wishes she had the power to "poof" home like Harry Potter; if she was like him she could be standing there in the cold one minute and home soaking in the tub in the next. Ingrid comments that that would be something, and the two of them smile at one another, before the elder of the pair asks her soon-to-be adoptive daughter if she remembers how much fun they had at the arcade the previous week. Emma answers positively, denoting it as the best day she's had in a long time, and Ingrid continues in asking if she remembers how the lights in the game flickered right before she won. "Yeah... weird," Emma replies, but Ingrid asks if it was more than just "weird" and if it meant that she was in fact on the cusp of a great self-revelation. Emma looks confused while, nearby, a car can be heard gearing up. Ingrid sees it heading their way and announces that she thinks it's time; she proceeds to take Emma's hand and drag her off of the sidewalk, pulling her in front of the oncoming car and telling her to stop it. Emma is deeply confused and scared. She tries to walk away, but can't escape Ingrid's grip on her hand.

410 29
Emma rejects Ingrid's love.

Ingrid meanwhile encourages her to trust her instincts, again instructing her to stop the car, but the frightened Emma orders her to let go of her and finally manages to get out of the way as the car swerves to avoid them both. Ingrid approaches Emma once the car's gone by, apologizing for what she just did, but Emma, completely disgusted, asks her foster mother if she's crazy, pointing out that she almost killed her. Ingrid simply says that she made a mistake, explaining that she had a traumatic experience when she was younger that unleashed a power that she didn't even know that she had. Emma asks what she's talking about, reproached by her, and Ingrid explains further that she thought what happened at the arcade was a sign that Emma was coming into her own. Emma is shocked that Ingrid thinks she has powers like Harry Potter, but Ingrid assures the girl that that's fiction, whereas what she has is more real and more powerful than she could possibly imagine. "Great, I should've known the only person willing to adopt me would turn out to be a nutjob!" Emma yells, greatly hurting Ingrid, who tries to calm her. However, Emma orders the woman not to touch her, beginning to say something but finding it too painful. Instead, she just runs away. Ingrid tries chasing after her, but she is too slow, and it isn't long before Emma disappears from sight. Ingrid eventually gives up, resorting to simply calling Emma's name and fearing deeply that she has lost her "sister".

410 30
The Charmings are wanted by Regina.

Regina runs into the sheriff's station in search of Emma, but instead she finds Snow and Charming locked in cells while Kristoff remains handcuffed to a desk and Anna tends to baby Neal. "Well, well, well," says the Evil Queen as those within the station become privy to her arrival, "Isn't this my lucky day? I had come here to kill Emma, but now I get to kill the two idiots who started it all!" David, aggravated, points out that it wasn't he who told Cora about the Queen's secret boyfriend, which leads Snow to ask her husband if he's selling her out. Annoyed, Regina orders them both to shut up, saying that they both deserve to die: Snow, for what she did, and Charming, for his whining. He appears offended by this, and Regina goes on to declaim that one's punishment should fit their crime. Deciding to punish Mary Margaret first, she recalls how the supposed hero took her first true love from her, so now she's going to return the favor by taking her baby. Mary Margaret becomes deeply worried, as does David, and the two of them beg the Evil Queen not to do it. Anna stands between Regina and little Neal and requests that her majesty be reasonable, pointing out that she's under the Snow Queen's spell and doesn't actually hate Mary Margaret and David.

410 31
"I wanna watch you bleed."

"It does sound like she has her reasons," Kristoff identifies, to his fiancée's annoyance, and Regina soon declares that she doesn't know who either of them are but suggests that they go back to where they came from. With that, she raises both hands and causes both Anna and Kristoff to disappear in a large flurry of purple smoke. "Where was I?" she asks once they've gone, proceeding to extend her magic into opening Snow's cell door. This leads Mary Margaret to ask if Regina's going to use her magic to kill her too, wondering if she's afraid to get her hands dirty, but the Evil Queen assures the princess that she doesn't need magic to kill her. She then waves her hand and, suddenly, Snow finds herself holding a sword, before looking up to see that Regina is now holding one as well, finishing her sentence as she adds that magic is too good for the likes of her. Mary Margaret steps forward, sword at the ready, while Regina caresses her blade, looking towards the princess and announcing, "I wanna watch you bleed." With that, she aims her sword.

Act V

Maine, 2001

410 32
Ingrid arrives in Storybrooke.

Back in time, over in some far off mountain trail, Ingrid is seen wandering the road with her prophecy scroll in tow. It isn't long before she comes to a halt and unravels the scroll, hearing the apprentice's words echo through her head.
Flashing back, we see the apprentice handing Ingrid the scroll and explaining to her that, when the time comes, it will lead her to her third sister. He opens the portal door as he does this which allows the Snow Queen access to our world (see "Smash the Mirror").
Ingrid continues to stand there on the mountain trail with the scroll in tow as the shot pans around her, and it isn't long before it zooms back out to reveal that she's now standing in Storybrooke, with the scroll literally having transported her there. She looks around, excited, before saying, "Hello, Storybrooke."

410 33
The Snow Queen offers her "sisters" their memories.

Emma and Elsa continue making their way through the Snow Queen's ice lair when the Snow Queen herself emerges from behind them, exclaiming to the two of them that they have no idea how long she's waited for this moment. They turn to her, startled, and she soon notices that they're no longer wearing their ribbons, much to her disappointment. She asks what it is they've done, to which Emma replies that she's not much for accessories. Ingrid sorrowfully explains that those ribbons joined them together, but Emma tells the villainous ice witch to get it through her head that they're not her sisters and they're never going to love her. The Snow Queen sighs before sitting down, knowing that Emma actually believes that and admitting that it makes her sad, but she knows that that sadness won't last because, soon, she'll see that she's wrong. Ingrid goes to grab something but Emma orders her not to do it, her and Elsa both raising their arms in defense. The Snow Queen then reveals that what she was retrieving were the two purple rocks; Emma asks what the hell they are, and Ingrid tells her that they're the memories she took from the two of them, and now it's time to give them back.

410 34
Elsa and Emma are hesitant to kill.

The savior wonders why, asking if it's so that they can remember just how badly she treated them, but Ingrid ignores her, instead explaining that the funny thing about time is that we romanticize the good and forget the bad, which is exactly what's in the rocks - they are the good memories, and nothing else; lovely moments the two of them shared with her that she'll cherish forever and, now, so will they. Emma informs her that magic can't make someone love you, and Ingrid tells her that she's right: magic can't create love, but, if someone loved you in the past, it can make them love you again, and she knows they've forgotten, but they both did love her, which is why, right now, they're not doing anything. She stands up and walks in between them as she says that they all know the only way to stop her is to kill her, and they're both hesitating. She turns to face them, now at the other side of the lair, with a smile on her face, and she finishes in saying that they don't have it in them. Both Elsa and Emma appear anxious.

November, 2011

410 35
Emma is shocked to see Ingrid after all these years.

As a group of people leave Any Given Sundae, Emma is seen entering, wondering if the ice cream parlor is still open because she needs a couple pints for her son, who loves this place. However, she soon sees that the owner is Ingrid, and she becomes shocked while Ingrid grows excited. Emma asks her what the hell she's doing there and Ingrid, while stepping out from behind the counter, explains that ever since Emma arrived in Storybrooke she's been waiting for her to come into her shop because she wanted top give her her space by letting her come to her. Emma asks if she's out of her mind, frightened at the thought that she's been following her, and Ingrid, becoming emotional, says that there are so many things she wanted to tell her; so many things she wanted to say; "And look at you, you're all grown up!" She goes to touch Emma who springs backwards, ordering her not to do so before pointing out that this makes no sense, for Ingrid doesn't look a day older than she did over ten years ago. Ingrid explains further that, after Emma ran away, she came to Storybrooke to wait for her and people don't age there the way they do in a world without magic. The apprentice was right; he said that she would be there on her twenty-eighth birthday and here she is. Emma looks supremely freaked out by references to "the apprentice" and "magic", accusing Ingrid of being even loonier than when she ran away. Ingrid assures her that she's not, telling her that she knows that this place is special, as is she, and everything that Henry's been telling her is true.

410 36
Ingrid takes Emma's memories.

"No!" Emma rejects, "I know you screwed up my life, you're crazy! Crazy then, crazy now! You tried to kill me!" She then orders the ice cream lady to get out of her way, reaching for her cell phone in an attempt to call Sheriff Graham, but Ingrid takes out a purple rock as she tells the blonde that she's not going anywhere. "What's that? Your pet rock?" Emma asks, freaked out further, but Ingrid denies this, telling her that it's magic from her world. She proceeds to make a pulling motion with her hand and cause a purple stream of memories to flow from Emma's head into the rock, making it so that she forgets every encounter she's ever had with Ingrid in the past. When the process is complete, Ingrid prevents a now woozy Emma from collapsing, asking her if she's okay. Emma wonders what happened and Ingrid tells her that she slipped and almost fell, wondering if she still wants that ice cream. She makes her way behind the counter as Emma orders two pints of cherry vanilla, and Ingrid offers her some rocky road on the house for she looks like she could use it. She requests that she have a taste, offering her a spoonful of the ice cream which Emma then takes and consumes. "Now that is rocky road," she says, telling her that it's delicious, and Ingrid asks if she'd like to know her secret: "A lot of patience, a lot of love." Emma smiles, taking the three pints of ice cream and exiting the store as Ingrid watches on, feeling bittersweet.

410 37
Snow White and the Evil Queen do battle.

David watches from his cell as Mary Margaret and Regina engage in an epic sword fight, with the Evil Queen soon bending her arch-nemesis over the nearby desk; their blades press hard against one another and Snow struggles to keep the tyrant at bay. Charming tells them to be careful, for the stroller is not under warranty anymore, which causes Mary Margaret to recall, while trying to push her stepmother away from her, that he said he bought it new. He assures her that it was gently used, and his wife then manages to propel Regina off of her while she herself gets back to her feet. She swipes at the Evil Queen, who dodges quickly, asking the princess if she's tired of missing yet. Snow points out that she only has to hit her once and she tries slicing at her with the sword, however, Regina simply inches to the side and causes her adversary to whack her blade against the bars of Charming's cell, which makes him step back in fear. Regina then pushes Mary Margaret down to the ground and David regains his maximum viewership position. Snow gets up, grabs a bunch of papers and throws them at the Queen in an attempt to obscure her vision, but it isn't long before their blades are clashing once more. In a quick move, Mary Margaret finally manages to gain some leverage by positioning herself behind Regina and grasping her in a tight hold, pushing herself back against Charming's cell as she does so.

410 38
It escalates.

He again steps back but is soon able to grab Regina's wrist through the bars, making it so that she drops her sword on the floor. Regina thrusts herself backwards, thus slamming Mary Margaret into the cell and walks away as her fighting component once again gets up from the floor and onto her feet. The Evil Queen approaches baby Neal, who's still asleep in his stroller, and she comments on what a good sleeper he is. "You think this spell has made me angry? DO NOT WAKE MY BABY!" Mary Margaret yells before charging at her stepmother with her sword. Regina makes some sort of grabbing move and makes it so that both of them are flung over the desk together in a brawl, with neither of them any longer retaining a weapon. Mary Margaret quickly throws Regina over a separate desk, much to David's satisfaction, before grabbing the Evil Queen and flinging her towards the glass door of the office which smashes as she falls through it. Severely angered, Regina turns to Snow and extends her arm outwards, causing the princess to go flying backwards with magic. Mary Margaret, now on the floor at the other side of the station, reminds Regina that she said no magic. However, Regina, who angrily emerges from the office, reminds Mary Margaret that she said she could keep a secret. Grabbing a sword from the floor and getting up yet again, Snow White exclaims, "I... WAS... TEN!" as she once again charges at the Evil Queen. Blades are heard clashing once more and Charming appears deeply worried as the fight continues.

410 39
Kristoff's thick-headedness leads Anna to a heartwarming discovery.

Over at the beach whereupon Kristoff and Anna washed up in a crate, Kristoff is seen wondering where the Evil Queen sent them. Anna, who's chasing after him, points out that she tried to send them back to where they came from and this is the closest spot. As he heads towards the sea, Anna asks him where he's going and he replies that he's going back to Arendelle, even if he has to swim there. Anna tells him that she doesn't think that's how portals work; granted, she's only been through one, but it seemed pretty one way. Kristoff then turns to her and exclaims that he's tired of this - his life used to be simple; just he and Sven with no sister-in-law who sets of eternal winters, no crazy aunt who wants to kill everyone he knows and no fiancée who delays his wedding for thirty years. Anna defends herself in saying that that wasn't her fault, then conceding that the first few weeks were but they were frozen for the rest of it. Suddenly, she trips over on a glass bottle embedded in the sand, while Kristoff attempts to remove his shoes as he says that he's tired of listening to Anna and is tired of listening to reason; he's going back and nothing she does will stop him. Grabbing the bottle, Anna apologizes to her fiancé as she gets up and assures him that he'll thank her later, promising to make it up to him as she smashes the bottle over his head, causing him to pass out and allowing her access to the message hidden inside. She picks it up and begins to read it, soon realizing that it was written by her mother right before she died. "Kristoff, Kristoff! Do you have any idea what this is?!" she exclaims, "Oh, right, I knocked you out. Wake up, we have to take this to Elsa! Oh, I love you, you're amazing!... You're unconscious. I'll be right back, stay here. I mean, I know you'll stay here, but, I'll be right back anyway!" With that, she sets off to find her sister, leaving Kristoff unconscious on the beach.

Act VI

410 40
The final stage in the plan.

Still in her lair, Elsa and Emma are cautious of Ingrid, who tells them that it's okay and invites them to come and be her sisters whilst holding the rocks containing their memories in either hand. Elsa, who's aiming her hands at her aunt, laments to Emma that she can't do it; she can't hurt her, but Emma claims that she can and goes to throw her magic at the ice witch. However, a familiar voice tells them to wait, and the three blondes turn to see Anna rushing into the ice lair with her mother's note in tow. Elsa tells her sister to leave, for it's too dangerous to be there right now, and Ingrid advises the redhead to listen to "my sister" and go. "Your sister? She's mine and whatever you're gonna do, well... don't!" Anna exclaims, turning to Elsa and telling her that she found this note on the beach, and it's from their mother. This invokes a reaction within Ingrid, who watches as Anna continues in explaining that Gerda must have thrown it into the ocean when her ship sank but it came over in the portal with her.

410 41
Anna delivers a crucial message.

Emma warns her to be careful but Anna refuses, saying that Ingrid needs to hear this; they all do. She begins to read the note aloud: "'Elsa, Anna, I don't know if your father and I will ever get back to you, but I need you to know we were wrong to tell Elsa to conceal her powers." Ingrid comments on how fitting it is that Anna, who is so much like her mother, should share her last words. She then raises a hand, intending to work some magic, but Anna stops her by hastily continuing: "'I feel terrible but it happened before and I can't let it happen again." Ingrid is shocked by this, and Anna goes on: "'My sister, Ingrid, like you, also had ice powers. I never told you about her or my other sister, Helga, but I should have. They were beautiful and kind and wonderful and I was fearful, and I let that fear guide me. I let Ingrid hide when I should have celebrated her for the person she was. I loved her so much." Ingrid insists that Anna is lying, exclaiming that her sister hated her and called her a monster; she put her in the urn like Anna did Elsa.

410 42
But it only provokes Aunt Ingrid (at first).

"'In this crystal," Anna continues anyway, "'Are the memories of my sister which I stole from the people of Arendelle. Please return them, my sisters deserve to be known. In a cave in the North Valley, you'll find an urn that contains Ingrid, please do what I should have done long ago and release her. When you see her, please tell her I love her and I'm sorry. I'd give anything to take back what I did. To hold her hands one more time.'" Ingrid has been reduced to tears, and she looks desolately at Anna, who smiles hopefully for a response. Suddenly, the Snow Queen gives a response by raising a hand and causing Anna to choke. Emma and Elsa try to rush to her defense, but Ingrid waves her other hand and sends the women flying and pass out on the floor. Through her compressed throat, a helpless Anna says she understands why her aunt cast this curse, but maintains that she can still come back from it. Raising her voice, Ingrid asks her niece how could she. She rants Anna is nothing like her - she understands nothing.

410 43
Old memories are uncovered.

Anna is now forced to her knees and continues to choke, but manages to tell Ingrid that she's right, she's not like her, and her mother wasn't like her. But if she was able to love her for who she is then so can she because Ingrid is part of their family no matter what and family doesn't give up on each other. Overwhelmed with emotion, Ingrid yells "You lie!" and uses her magic to slap Anna to the ground. The princess becomes released from the choke hold as Emma and Elsa come to. Quickly, they approach Anna while Ingrid takes Gerda's note and begins to read it. Then she taps the crystal embedded in the wax seal, thus unleashing the memories stored within.

Ingrid flashes to her as a child with Helga and Gerda as they decide on a new use for the ribbons from the destroyed kite they were playing with. She then flashes to her two sister as adults, looking at themselves in the mirror as they laugh whilst trying on jewelry for the upcoming ball. Helga and Gerda then play at dancing with one another as Ingrid watches from the bed, joyously. The three of them are having fun together (see "The Snow Queen").

410 44
The Snow Queen's cold heart is warmed with the realization of her true sisters' love that still stands.

With those good memories filling her head, Ingrid falls to her knees, still grasping the note, as she comes to the realization that her sisters really did love her. She clutches the note tightly to her chest as she utters, "Oh, Gerda..." Tears continue to flow from her eyes as she spouts a bittersweet smile. She looks at Anna, Elsa and Emma and suddenly appears horrified, asking herself what she's done, remembering her actions. She proceeds to stand up and make her way over to the empty mirror on the wall, saying to herself that she needs to reverse this. Anna, who's gotten up along with Elsa and Emma, tells her aunt that she can't, explaining the only one way to do so.Knowing it, Ingrid finishes the statement with she must destroy herself, and she begins to summon the needed magical aid for the job. Emma begs her to wait, but Ingrid states them that there's no other way, admitting that she is a monster; not because of her powers, but because of what she let them turn her into. Meanwhile, streams of glass begin to flow down from the ceiling towards the remorseful Snow Queen, who says that she has to undo this. Elsa tells her aunt not to, for she'll perish, but Ingrid knows this, and she assures them that it's okay. As the glass begins to swirl around her, slowly consuming her, she turns her attention to Elsa and Anna, commending her nieces on having found each other; she then looks towards Emma and congratulates her on having found her family... even if it wasn't with her.

410 45
And it leads her redemption as she sacrifices herself to save everyone.

All those witness appear saddened, and Ingrid tells the two girls she tried manipulating that they deserve their memories. With that, she extends the arm containing the two purple rocks and she uses her magic to unleash their contents. Purple streams begin to flow from the rocks and into the minds of Emma and Elsa, who soon remember all that the Snow Queen took from them. Their sadness deepens, and Ingrid gives a blessing that three of them that they are so special, telling that they never forget that. The glass consuming her, from which a bright light glows, soon causes her to stumble in pain, signaling her death is nearer. Emma laments that there has to be another way since Ingrid deserves her happy ending. Ingrid explains to her that, long ago, a prophecy told her that Emma would guide her to just that and it's finally happened - for all she truly wanted was to have her sisters' love and now she has it, along with a chance to be with them again. With those last words, the glass finally ends its consumption and the content woman disperses as a large white flash is given off.

410 46
The three sisters are at peace and finally reunited in death.

This flash takes us to the afterlife with Ingrid was a child. Helga and Gerda are running through a field together, hand-in-hand, as Ingrid runs slightly behind them. However, she soon manages to catch up and takes Gerda's hand in hers, the three of them laughing all the while.
The white flash ends and Ingrid is gone; dead. Emma, Elsa and Anna stand there as the Snow Queen's remains fall down on them in the form of snow, and the former comments that she sacrificed herself for them; for all of them. Anna and Elsa share a comforting hug as they mourn the loss of their aunt, and the Ice Queen proceeds to pick her mother's note up off the ground. She says that they must follow through on their mother's last wish and bring back the memory of Ingrid and Helga to the people of Arendelle. Anna agrees, saying that they will, and the two sisters then turn to Emma, who smiles sadly in acknowledgement of the Snow Queen.

410 47
The spell is broken.

Out in the streets of Storybrooke, Grumpy and Sneezy are fighting in the middle of the road - with the former telling the latter to get off of him and not to dare sneezing on him - as the town continues to tear itself apart due to the spell of Shattered Sight. However, the snow resultant from Ingrid's reformation and death soon washes over them and causes the spell to break. Everyone rejoices in this, with Dopey trying to eat the snow, and Doc can be seen hugging Granny as the rest of the townspeople begin making amends for what they've just gone through together.

410 48

David continues to watch from his cell as Regina and Mary Margaret fight. Both women have regained their swords now, and are engaging in in some sort of struggle which ends abruptly when the magic held in the snow washes over them as well. The swords drop to the floor, and they become privy as to who they truly are. Regina looks down at herself, seeing that she's dressed as the Evil Queen, and asks herself what the hell she's wearing. Seeing her stepmother in this getup once more causes Mary Margaret to laugh, and then Regina begins laughing as well, finding it just as ridiculous. It isn't long before David joins in from within his cell, and the three of them continue laughing for a good, long while. The spell is definitely no more.

410 49
There's a lot of love in the air.

Back out in the streets, Happy apologizes to Grumpy for having tried to kill him. Grumpy adds that he tried to kill him with a crossbow, and finds this fact hilarious, laughing heartily as Anna, Elsa and Emma make their way through the town, their arms linked, and enjoy the falling snow. "Emma!" Mary Margaret is soon heard exclaiming as she pushes Neal's stroller through the street with Regina - who's returned to her normal clothes - and David either side of her. Emma runs towards her family, hugging her father first and then her mother. Meanwhile, Henry emerges from behind a building and yells, "Mom!" He hugs Regina, who's thrilled to see him. "And mom," he says before subsequently hugging Emma. A cry can soon be heard, made by Neal, and David points out that he's finally woken up. "Look, I know that we were under the Snow Queen's curse, but..." Snow tries, however, Charming stops her in saying, "We were under a curse. It's okay." The two of them then share a deep and passionate kiss in the snowfall as the shot pans out to reveal multiple townspeople crowding around the area, with many of them hugging and laughing as many renew their happy relationships.

410 50
Look out, world... Rumplestiltskin is coming.

Belle sleeps in the back room of Gold's shop as Gold himself watches over her. Hook soon enters and tells the Dark One that Henry got away, leading Rumple to berate the pirate over having failed at kidnapping a child. Hook comments that his heart wasn't in it, and Gold comments in turn that the Snow Queen's plan also failed - but his won't. He then encourages Hook to enjoy this snowfall, for it shall be his last, and Hook begs his nemesis to grant him one dying wish. Gold says that he's not in the business of making deals with him anymore, but Hook simply requests that he leave Emma and the rest of Storybrooke be, pointing out that there is no need to harm them. Gold explains that when he steps over that town line with his magic intact, Emma and Storybrooke will have nothing to fear from him as long as they don't get in his way... but he can't make that same promise for the rest of the world. Hook gives Rumple a worried glance before the latter exits his shop and walks out into the snow, putting on his coat as he does so. Rumplestiltskin continues on, up to no good.

Deleted Scenes

"The Ice Cream Lady"

"Hello, Storybrooke," Ingrid utters after having just arrived using the scroll, standing in the middle of Main Street when seconds earlier she was on a mountain trail. She smiles wide, her plan coming together.

Storybrooke, 1999
during the Curse

410 DS 01
Regina comes across something strange.

Regina is seen walking down Main Street, looking across the road to see Mr. Gold walking by and Marco fixing a sign, as is the daily norm of the curse. She then comes across Archie, who walks Pongo as he states what a beautiful day it is (see "Welcome to Storybrooke"), but she tells him to save it... and then she comes across Any Given Sundae, and looks rather suspicious when she looks through the window, seeing Ingrid through it and not recognizing the lady. Ingrid then looks back, noticing Regina, who turns away.
Regina is next seen entering Any Given Sundae in flashback, bluntly asking the proprietor just who the hell she is. Ingrid nervously replies that she's the ice cream lady, then asking the Mayor if she'd like to try some chunky monkey. "Do you see this figure?" Regina replies (referring to her toned bod), "Do I look like I eat 'chunky monkey'?" She then approaches the counter and asks why she's never seen her before and Ingrid replies that she doesn't know, but she's worked there since... "Forever?" Regina finishes for her, and Ingrid confirms it, going on to state that she hates the cold and that she doesn't even know why she has this job; it's like she pissed someone off in a past life and they cursed her.

410 DS 02
Ingrid silences a dwarf.

She laughs at the notion but Regina looks dead serious, leading Ingrid to apologize and ask the Mayor if she's sure she doesn't want something. Regina is sure, and tells the ice cream lady to have a lovely day. She takes one last suspicious look at the place before she finally exits and Ingrid looks relieved that the Evil Queen bought her story and brushed off suspicions. She then steps back and addresses someone behind the counter, and we see as the kneels down to look them in the eye that it's Dopey, the actual owner of the store, who's been bound and gagged. After conferring that he is indeed the mute one, she removes his gag and explains that she needs him to not only stay silent, but to forget; there may not be magic in this world but, luckily, she brought some from hers. With that, she removes one of the rock troll's stones from her rucksack, explaining further that the Evil Queen needs to stay blissfully unaware. She proceeds to use the stone to pull memories from the poor dwarf's head.


410 Title Card
  • The title card of this episode features the main logo amidst a particularly powerful blizzard, interspersed with shards of mirror.
  • The clock at the sheriff's station reads 8:15, a recurring time throughout the series and also a nod to the flight number from Lost.
  • The scene where Ingrid takes Emma's video camera away from Kevin differs from what we've seen on the recording of that moment in "Breaking Glass" and "Family Business".
  • Mary Margaret refers to Anna as "Swiss Miss", which is a name brand for cocoa powder and pudding products sold by American food company ConAgra Foods. She also makes reference to the song "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" from the Disney movie Song of the South.
  • At the arcade, the young Emma wins a stuffed dalmatian toy, which could be a nod to the novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians. Furthermore, it could also be foreshadowing the introduction of major arc villain Cruella De Vil, who makes her debut in the following episode.
  • The plastic ring Emma wins with the stuffed dog can be seen in her box of memories in the present day segment of her prior centric, "Breaking Glass".
  • Also at the arcade, Emma makes reference to the ivy-league American college Yale.
  • In a later flashback, Emma mentions Harry Potter, the titular character of the famous Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling.
    • However, Emma talks about the character's ability to "poof" home, despite the fact that the flashback takes place in 1999 and such a power - called "Apparition" in the series - while having been first introduced in the second book (1998),.was not experienced by Harry himself until the sixth book (2005).
    • This is the second episode this season in which Harry Potter has been referred to; the other instance, in "Breaking Glass", also took place in an Emma-centric.




The episode garnered 6.2 million viewers.


The episode received positive reviews from critics.

  • Hilary Busis of Entertainment Weekly gave a positive review: "Phew! Season 4A's penultimate episode veered from campy fun to big-hearted earnestness and back again so quickly that I'm still feeling the aftereffects of whiplash."[2]
  • Christine Orlando of TV Fanatic gave the episode a positive review, rating it 4.5 out of 5.[3]
  • Amy Ratcliffe of IGN gave the episode a great review: "After moving slowly for the last couple of episodes, the Snow Queen's reign ended tonight. Her story ended beautifully, and it was a nice – if sad - turn for her to sacrifice herself rather than having Elsa and Emma take her down. Love once again conquered all, and Once works well when it hearkens back to that fairy tale truth."[4] Ratcliffe gave the episode a 8.7 rating out of 10.


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