Second Star to the Right
Once Upon a Time 2x21
May 5, 2013
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"Second Star to the Right" is the 43rd episode of Once Upon a Time, as well as the first part of its second season's finale.


Emma, Mary Margaret and David go in search of Regina when they discover that she - along with some magic beans - have gone missing. But against Neal's protests, Emma still believes that Tamara had something to do with Regina's disappearance. Mr. Gold contemplates telling Lacey the truth about his ability to conjure magic. Meanwhile, after Rumplestiltskin abandons his son and lets him travel alone through a portal, young Bae finds himself back in 19th century London and is taken in by the Darling family - befriending their daughter Wendy.


Previously on Once Upon a Time...

As Greg and Tamara hold Hook hostage, the former tells the pirate that he needs help finding his father, asking him if they have a deal. ("The Evil Queen") David, Mary Margaret and Leroy discover that the magic beans they had been growing are all gone. ("The Evil Queen") Regina, who has magic beans in her office, explains to Hook that it's how they're going to escape the total destruction of Storybrooke. ("The Evil Queen") Regina explains to Henry that there's a fail-safe built into the curse; a trigger. ("The Evil Queen") Regina recovers a black diamond (the fail-safe) from a pouch in the under-library. ("The Evil Queen") Emma professes to Neal that Tamara's the "she" that August warned them about. ("The Evil Queen") Regina sees a cuff on Hook's wrist that belonged to her mother, and demands it back, placing it onto her own wrist. ("The Evil Queen") Regina is later faced with a vengeful Captain Hook alongside Greg and Tamara. Hook explains that they rigged the cuff with something which blocks Regina's magic. Greg then tells Tamara to "bag her" and Tamara places a bag over Regina's head, kidnapping her. ("The Evil Queen") The Blue Fairy tells Baelfire that there's a darkness in his life, and he states that it's his father. Blue states that she can send him somewhere he won't be able to use his powers; a land without magic. She hands Bae a magic bean. ("The Return") Rumplestiltskin asks Bae what kind of world is without magic, to which his son replies, "A better one." ("The Return") At the portal, Bae is falling in as Rumple is grasping the boy's hand. Bae exclaims that his papa has to go through but Rumple exclaims that he can't. Bae then accuses his father of being a coward and of breaking their deal, before Rumple lets go of his son's hand and Bae falls through the portal, which closes. ("The Return")


221 01
It's an all new world, kid.

Green light is seen flashing on a stormy night as Baelfire drops onto the floor, having just come out of the other end of the portal. The young boy stirs, lifting his head and seeing that he's alright, before standing up and calling out for his papa. He walks onto a road and is startled when a horse and carriage come speeding towards him. He quickly steps out of the way, narrowly avoiding them after being told to get out of the road, and looks on at the new world with a tear running down his cheek. He sees a sign reading "Kensington Gardens" and asks himself what this place is. The boy looks on street lamps lighting the further road as well as silhouettes of people walking by and conversing. Bae hears the chiming of a large clock behind him and turns to see the landscape of...

London, England

He looks at the many towers and lights and civilization with confusion and intrigue.


Act I

Six months later

221 02
Bae sees opportunity on the streets.

Bae is seen in the streets of 19th century London, looking tattered and filthy, rifling through garbage cans looking for something to eat, clearly homeless and poor. He picks up an apple core in disappointment before throwing it back in with the trash, turning around to a horse and carriage going down the road before he spots a man stepping down a ladder which is leaning up against a large house, the residents clearly being rich. As the man does so, Bae sees that a window leading into the house is still open. He quickly looks around to make sure no one is watching him before moving in.

221 03
Twas the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

Baelfire climbs through the window of the rich family's house and begins looking around, moving cautiously through all the antiques and expensive furniture. He soon spots three loaves of bread on the table and a huge grin appears upon his face, before he runs over to them and begins tearing one up, eating it as fast as he can. As Bae begins stuffing bread into his pockets, a dog is heard barking near him and he moves back, startled, spotting the St. Bernard beneath the table. It growls at him and a girl is seen entering the room as the dog begins to bark wildly. The girl quickly grabs an ornament and demands Bae to stop, wondering who he is and what he wants, all the while keeping him under the threat of a small, weaponized statue. Bae hurriedly tells the girl that he doesn't mean any harm, trying to state something whilst gesturing the loaves of bread, causing some food residue to fall from his pocket. The girl grows a face of realization before uttering, "You're hungry..." Bae nods in embarrassment as the girl slowly places the statue onto a nearby table before picking up the tray of bread loaves and handing it to Bae, telling him to have as much as he wants. He is confused as to why she's being so nice to him and the girl laughs, saying that she's hardly going to let him starve to death, and asking his name. He tells her he's called Bae and she comments on how unusual the name is, before introducing herself as Wendy Darling. Baelfire lets out a grin.

221 04
Neal wakes up with a case of derp face.

In Granny's Bed & Breakfast, Neal is seen waking up alone, tiredly looking over to Tamara whose out of bed and dressed in a tracksuit, tying the laces of her sneakers. He looks over to the clock, seeing that it's 6:00 A.M. and asks her if they can't sleep in just this once. Tamara states that her marathon's in just three weeks and she has to train, but Neal tells her to come back to bed, saying that he'll give her a workout. She smiles at him, walking over to the bed and giving him a kiss on the forehead, stating that she'll see him later before leaving. He says goodbye to his fiancée before trying to get back to sleep, however, his rest is quickly interrupted by the sound of smashing outside, followed by that of a struggle, involving Neal's father.

221 05
Gold demands that Whale kiss his boot.

Outside, Mr. Gold, who has Lacey by his side, is hovering his foot over Dr. Whale's face, demanding that he kiss it. Whale protests that he didn't do anything, but Gold states that he stared at Lacey, and he knows how he thinks - "So kiss my boot," he says, about to stomp on the doctor's face. At this, Neal grabs Gold from behind and restrains him, asking him what the hell he's doing. Gold demands that Neal stand aside as this doesn't concern him, whilst Dr. Whale stands up and walks away without a second word. Mr. Gold demands yet again that his son unhand him and Neal now obliges, Dr. Whale having fled the scene. Neal jokingly says that he's surprised Rumple didn't turn him into a snail, (See "The Return") but Lacey giggles at this, asking Neal what he's talking about. Gold hands Lacey the keys to his pawn shop, telling her to go and wait there, and that he'll be there shortly, and Lacey takes the keys and leaves, before Neal begins to walk away. He quickly turns back to his father and tells him that he's "unreal", as after years of looking for him, he finally comes to town, but then Gold disappears, not even bothering to meet Tamara. Rumple wonders why he should concern himself with her and Neal turns to him and exclaims that they're getting married. Gold makes it explicit that it's never going to last; not while Neal carries a torch for Emma. Bae hesitates before telling his father that he hasn't changed one bit, saying that for a second he thought he might have, and that he thought that maybe he was worth his time, but he was wrong. As Neal walks away, Gold points out that he's still in town, and Neal stops, turning back around and nodding, stating that he's there for Henry, and not his father. "As far as I'm concerned, you can stay the hell away from both of us," he states before turning around and leaving finally.

221 06
The world's most terrible secret agents.

David and Emma burst into Regina's mayoral office, both with handguns in tow, as they discover that the place is empty. Emma states that it's okay, as Regina isn't there, and Mary Margaret soon walks in, Henry by her side. David and Emma put their guns away as Henry asks what will happen when Regina is found, wondering if they will hurt her, but Emma states that this shan't be the case as all they want is the magic beans that she stole from them. As Emma investigates Regina's alarm system, Mary Margaret states that she doesn't understand why Regina would leave her office unlocked, and David finds this matter even odder when he sees an incubator with a plant within it, one that grew magic beans. He and Henry inspect it as Mary Margaret walks over and points out that there are no beans left on the plant. Emma says that something's not right as Regina would never leave such solid evidence behind. David suggests that maybe she's already used them to portal out of Storybrooke but Emma says that Regina wouldn't leave without Henry. She continues to check out the alarm and Henry asks if something bad might have happened to her. Emma, reading off of the security system, says that it says that the last time someone was in the office was at 6:00 A.M. that morning. She presses a button, causing something to flash on the small screen, and Emma tells her parents that an overwrite code was used to get in.

221 07
Emma learns that someone broke into the office.

David asks why Regina would need to use an overwrite code on her own alarm, and Emma says that she wouldn't, leading Mary Margaret to suggest that someone else broke in and took the beans. Emma points out that they haven't seen Regina anywhere and haven't heard from her, leading Henry to think again that something bad happened to her, but Emma assures her son that Regina shall be found. Mary Margaret says that there's only one person who could overpower Regina, and David suggests Gold, however, Emma reminds them that he's too wrapped up in his new/old girlfriend. "No, this wasn't Gold. This was Tamara," Emma assures them. Mary Margaret points out that Emma's already gone down that road but Emma suggests that she perhaps hasn't gone far enough, despite her mother telling her that maybe it's time for her to let it go. Emma reminds her parents that August was attacked the very day that Tamara came to town (See "Selfless, Brave and True") and that she doesn't think that's a coincidence. David questions what would happen if Emma was wrong, saying that if Regina's in danger, they can't just drop everything because of a hunch. The blonde protests that they're not dropping anything, telling the two of them to go to Gold anyway as she's sure he has some magic that could help them. Snow asks Emma where she's going, to which Emma replies, "Back to Tamara's room."

221 08
Tamara gathers the data.

Over at theStorybrooke Cannery Co., we see Tamara approach a window which shows view into a room in which Regina is strapped down, with Hook standing over her. Greg approaches Tamara and asks her if she was able to break into Regina's office, and Tamara points out that she's never let Greg down, implying that she did so before showing him that pea-pod in her hand filled with sparkling seeds - magic beans. Greg asks if they're what he thinks they are, and Tamara confirms it, picking one up. She says that Neal told her all about them and that they open portals. "I bet he told you a lot, huh?" Greg says, seeming annoyed. Tamara tells him not to be jealous, saying that as soon as they're done, she will be removing her engagement ring. He pulls up a pouch and hands it to her, stating that she can have that one instead. Tamara opens up the pouch and stares at the contents, wondering what the hell it is, and Greg states that he doesn't know, but that Regina had it on her. Tamara stares at the black diamond in her hand, unaware that it's the curse's fail-safe, and shuts the stone back into the pouch, saying that she'll send it back with the rest of the data. She says that she thinks the "Home Office" are going to have a field day when they see what the two of them have collected. Greg says that he still has one last thing that he has to do and Tamara tells him to make it quick as they're going to be getting their instructions soon, but Greg, who begins wheeling in some complicated equipment, promises that it shan't take long.

221 09
Greg prepares Regina for torture.

Through the window, we see Regina strapped down to a surgical table where she tells Hook, who hovers his hook over her, that whatever Greg and Tamara are offering him, it's not worth it. Hook says that considering they're planning to help him kill Rumplestiltskin, he'd say it is. Regina asks the pirate if he actually trusts them, before smirking and stating that he doesn't even know who he's working for. Greg walks in, wheeling with him the electrical equipment, and wishes Regina a good morning. She begrudgingly asks him if this is part of his "mission", but Greg answers negatively, stating that this is personal. He attaches something to her hand before placing an electrode on Regina's forehead, telling her that this is about his father. Regina rolls her eyes, reminding Greg that Kurt left town, but he finds it odd that he would never come to find his only son. He attaches another electrode to the other side of her head and asks Hook if h would mind lending a hand - preferably his good one. However, Hook refuses, telling Greg to find him when he's interested in killing Rumplestiltskin and not torturing the Queen. The pirate leaves and Greg says to Regina that he guesses it's just the two of them, walking over to his equipment and turning a few dials, causing bits to move and lights to flash. He plugs something in, flicking some switches, and power is heard flowing through the thing. Regina smirks, asking if that thing is supposed to frighten her, but Greg merely turns to her and says that it should. As he places metal clips onto Regina's hand and arm, he explains that "this" is how they deal with her kind - "And yes, it's going to be unpleasant," he tells her as he places a crocodile clip onto her right-hand electrode. He does the same to Regina's other side, telling her that the level of unpleasantness that his machine can bestow all depends on her. He finishes attaching the wires to the Queen before heading back to his machine and setting it up properly. He turns to Regina and asks her where his father is, she does not answer and so Greg turns something which causes a flood of electricity to go through Regina, causing her to writhe in pain.

Act II

221 10
Bae is found by the Darling parents.

We again see the 19th century streets of London where inside the Darling residence we are shown Wendy, with a something concealed within a napkin, kneel down in front of her wall and knock on it. A secret hatch within the wall soon opens and Baelfire is revealed to be inside. Wendy hands him some food, which was wrapped up, and tells him that she brought as much as she could. Bae takes it gratefully and takes time to sniff the food as Wendy smiles at him, he then looks at her and asks her if her parents suspect anything, and she sighs, saying that they're grown-ups and therefore can't see what's not right in front of them. "We can't, can we?" a booming voice is heard from behind Wendy who suddenly turns around, shocked, to see her parents, George and Mary Darling, standing there, seeing Bae. Wendy begs her father to let her explain but Bae stands up out of the hatch before she can, and George asks the boy how long he's been hiding in his house. Wendy replies that it's only been a few weeks and that Bae was hungry on the streets, but her father makes it clear that he was talking to him, asking Bae where his family is. He quickly answers that his mother died, and after hesitation, he lies and tells them that his father is dead, too. George and Mary look to one another as Bae begins frantically apologizing, handing his food back to Wendy and stating that he'll leave right away. George heads to the door in order to see Baelfire off but Mary stands in the boy's path and assures him that he's not going anywhere as the streets are no place for a boy. He begs not to be taken to the workhouses and Mary promises him that they shall be doing nothing of the sort, telling Bae that he'll stay right there. George seems less than thrilled with the idea but Baelfire grows a huge grin as Mary welcomes him to their home.

221 11
Emma investigates Tamara some more.

Emma bursts into Neal's room at Granny's Bed & Breakfast and tells him that she needs to search it, for real this time. Neal asks her if she'd like to tell him what this is about and Emma asks him where Tamara is. He replies that she's on a run, asking Emma what she think she did this time, and the blonde replies that Regina's gone missing. Emma begins to search the closet as Neal becomes appalled that Emma's still onto Tamara, professing that she's in town to support him and isn't a kidnapper. Emma asks where Tamara went running and Neal said that it was the same place that she goes every morning: the woods. She then wonders how long she's been gone and Neal tells her that it's been a couple of hours as the blonde kneels down to inspect something on the closet floor and Neal asks if it matters, saying that Tamara's training for a marathon. Emma feels the sand on the floor and asks Neal why, if she runs in the woods, she tracks sand in with her. Neal suggests that perhaps she likes to run across the beach instead, wondering how that's proof. Emma explains that it's proof that Tamara lied to him, and if she's lied about this, then he can bet she's lied about other things, too. Neal shrugs, suggesting once more that maybe Tamara just like to run on the beach, and nothing more, and Emma tells him that there's only one way to find out.

221 12
Wendy tells Baelfire of "the shadow".

Back in time, Wendy is seen staring out of her bedroom window, before turning around and whispering to Bae, beckoning him to wake up. The boy does so, seeming confused, and Wendy tells him to come to the window. He obliges and asks her what's wrong just as her two brothers join them and John asks if "the shadow" is to be returning that night, at which Wendy states that she hopes so. Bae, confused, asks her what she's talking about, and Wendy explains that a few weeks ago, right about the time he got there, this shadow came to the window, only it's not attached to a body, and it can do so many "wonderful" things such as changing it shape and flying and traveling between worlds. She asks Bae if he knows why and he looks at her with intrigue, at which point she happily exclaims that it's because it has magic. Bae suddenly appears worried and makes Wendy promise that no matter what she does, she never opens that window again and never talks to the shadow. She tells him not to be silly but he warns her that magic is dangerous - "It always comes with a price." John tells Bae that he's just saying that because he doesn't believe, but Bae protests that he does, which is the point. He's seen magic as he comes from another land where it's everywhere. Wendy smiles gleefully, asking Bae if that's really true as it sounds wonderful, but he assures her that it isn't what she thinks, stating that magic is the reason he left. Her smile fades as Baelfire goes on to say that he lost everything because of magic, and Wendy takes this to mean his mother and father. "Magic destroyed my family," Bae tells her, "I don't want it to do the same to yours." The three siblings then appear glum and Bae again makes Wendy promise that if the shadow comes back, she won't go anywhere near it. Wendy obliges to this, telling Bae that she promises.

221 13
Mary Margaret offers up a tear.

At Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer, Gold is busy drinking with Lacey when Mary Margaret and David walk in, catching the pawnbroker's attention. David says that he's sorry to interrupt the party and Gold comes back with that he certainly doesn't remember inviting them two, telling them that he's closed. Mary Margaret states that he's not closed to them, explaining that Regina's missing and they think she might be in danger. Gold states that that's "just the way I like her", asking them again to leave, however, David points out that despite Gold's feelings on Regina, he still owes him a favor. (See "Lacey") Lacey looks to Gold, confused, before he tells her to give him a minute as he has some business to attend to, and she tells him to make it quick before vacating the room and taking her glass with her. Gold heads to his cabinets and says that he's sure he can whip up something to help find Regina but wonders why the Charmings want to help the Evil Queen. Mary Margaret states that it's because she owes her after what she did to Cora and Gold smiles as he places a tiny wooden container on the desk, saying that one can never underestimate the power of a guilty conscience. He opens the lid of the wooden box and takes out a small glass vial containing a transparent liquid. Mary Margaret wonders what it is and Gold tells her that it's one of Regina's tears. They wonder why he would have one to which he ambiguously replies, "Because I do." He approaches them with the vial and tells them that the spell he's trying to cast, however, requires two tears. David and Mary Margaret look to one another until the latter realizes that he wants one from her. He advises her to think of a dark moment; something bleak and hopeless, saying that he knows she has a few. The vial is placed at her eye as Mary Margaret's face grows saddened and her eyes begin to water, producing a single tear which flows into the vial, creating a sparkle with Regina's as Gold charms them.

221 14
Lacey sees herself some magic.

He gives it a swirl and places a small pipette into the vial, explaining that when it's dropped into Snow's eye, she will be connected with Regina, wherever she is, whatever she sees, Mary Margaret will see. Whatever Regina feels, Snow feels. David asks how long the spell lasts and Gold hands them the vial, saying that it'll be long enough to lead them to her. David accepts the potion and Gold states that with that, he's fulfilled his end of the bargain, and he bids the two of them a farewell. David sarcastically states that it's always a pleasure before he and his wife leave the shop. Gold places the small wooden box back into his cabinets as Lacey emerges from the other room, now knowing that "it's" true as she heard everything, learning that Mr. Gold really can do magic. He looks at Lacey and tells her that she might want to pour herself another drink.

221 15
Snow White and the Exorcism.

Over at Mary Margaret's apartment, David is seen holding the vial containing the pipette with his wife's and Regina's tears. He tells the former that she doesn't have to do this as she's been through enough already, but Mary Margaret argues that that's why she does have to do it, as her heart is dark because of what she did to Regina and so if she could help find her and save her, maybe it will help let some of the light back in. David looks into his wife's face and smiles, removing the liquid-filled pipette from the vial and approaching Mary Margret's eyes with it. She tilts her head back as he stands over her and he drips the tears into her eye, causing her to take a large blink. David steps back as Mary Margaret adjusts, nothing seeming to have happened. She shakes her head, and David restores the pipette in disappointment. Suddenly, Mary Margaret is overcome by something. She gasps and leans forward, feeling exactly what Regina feels as we flash to the straps on the bed, the electrodes on her head and her hands and Greg turning up the machine which is currently sending massive, painful surges of electricity through the Evil Queen, and by extension, Mary Margaret. Snow White leans back in her chair as she writhes in unbearable pain, still flashing to what Regina is also going through. As Mary Margaret's severe electrocution worsens, David continues to call out her name in panic.


221 16
Bae and the shadow play tug-of-war.

Mary Darling turns the lights out in the children's bedroom before leaving and closing the door behind her. Bae is seen sleeping peacefully as Big Ben is heard chiming until the noise of a window opening awakens the young boy. He sees Wendy at the window sill telling Bae that the shadow has arrived, but he steps out of bed and begs Wendy to get away from it. We see the flying silhouette and its glowing eyes fly closer as Wendy tells Bae that he doesn't have to be afraid as the shadow doesn't want to hurt them, he's from another land, a land with magic, but one that's different from where Bae came from. He begs her not to listen to the shadow but Wendy ignores him, grabbing the shadow's hand and telling him that she's going to Neverland, a place where there are no grown-ups and children never grow old, and they can do anything they want, even fly. As she says this, the shadow begins to fly away, and Wendy with it, but Bae grabs her other hand, halting flight, and begs her not to go, saying that she doesn't need magic as she has a family right there, which is the only thing that matters. Wendy exclaims that this is what she's always dreamed of, letting go of Bae's hand and letting the shadow fly her away. As she flies away, she tells Baelfire that he just doesn't believe. Bae calls out for Wendy but to no avail, she's gone. He sits on the window sill, depressed, thinking his best friend may never return.

221 17
Damn, she's good.

Emma and Neal are seen walking across the beach of Storybrooke when the latter asks Emma where she thinks Tamara's hiding Regina, jokingly suggesting a sandcastle. Emma, who's a lot more determined, states that they have to be somewhere, but Neal tells her that she's letting her emotions cloud her judgement. The blonde stops and turns to him, asking him what he'd like to hear, "That it killed me you never came looking for me once I was locked up? That it didn't hurt? That you found Tallahassee with someone else?" she asks. (See "Tallahassee") Before Neal can reply, his name is heard being called by Tamara, who's jogging along the beach and approaches the two of them. She asks what they're doing down there but Neal asks why she's not running in the woods. Tamara explains that she runs through the woods but then she runs along the beach. Emma smiles, clearly viewing this as convenient, and Tamara asks if everything's alright, to which Emma replies that Regina's missing. Tamara fakes a reaction, deeming this as terrible, and Emma goes on to say that she thought maybe she was down there, but she was wrong. Tamara assures the blonde that Regina will turn up somewhere and requests to be told if she can help at all. Emma smiles again as Tamara kisses Neal on the cheek, before running along down the beach away from the two of them. Emma begins to walk away despite Neal calling after her, she continues walking until he eventually exclaims that he wanted to go to jail for her. Emma turns around as he approaches her, telling her that it kills him that he let August talk him into letting her go. She tells him that she doesn't want to hear it but he tells her that he has to say it: "I wanted to love you... It's just, I - I was too afraid," he starts. Emma asks him of what, and Bae continues, "That you would never forgive me. Because I never forgave myself... There hasn't been a day that's gone by that I don't regret having left you... I'm sorry, Emma... for everything." Emma lets out a slightly-teary smile, saying, "Me too." The two of them continue to stare at each other for an awkward while before leaving the beach.

221 18
Regina has an owie.

Inside the cannery, a tortured and weak Regina is still strapped down as Tamara approaches Greg and tells him that everything's taken care of. He is surprised to hear that Emma and Neal bought her story, but she says that as far as they are concerned, she was just running on the beach. She asks how everything is going with the Queen and as Greg fiddles with knobs and dials on his machine, he states that she's not exactly co-operative, but that that's all about to change. He stands up, having just turned up the power on his torturing device. He hits the "Activate" button and an electrical surge runs through Regina, causing her to cringe in awful pain yet again, vibrating with harmful impulses that eventually stop when Greg hits the other switch. Through a very weak voice, Regina tells Greg and Tamara that they have no idea who they're dealing with, however, Greg turns it around to tell her that she has no idea who she's dealing with.

221 19
The villains explain themselves.

She smiles, calling them a couple of fools in over their heads who go around stealing magic. Tamara laughs at the notion of 'stealing magic' and Greg corrects Regina in saying that they don't want to steal it, they want to destroy it. Regina appears confused as Tamara goes on to say that magic does not belong in their world as it's unholy, "We're here to cleanse this land of it." Regina laughs at the fact that they think they can destroy magic, just the two of them, but Greg asks who said that there's only two of them. "We're everywhere, Regina. You see? After I left Storybrooke, as a boy, I was babbling about magic and what I had seen and what had happened to my father. Now, most folks, they wrote me off. But some... didn't. And they found me," Greg explains. Regina wonders who 'they' are, and he tells her he's referring to "believers", people who know that magic is real. Tamara adds that they know it doesn't belong in their world and are willing to do something about it. Regina tells them that this little quest of theirs to cleanse the world of magic is not going to work, but Greg says that of course it will as they've done it before and they'll do it again. He asks her if she thinks that Storybrooke is the first time that magic has crossed over, but Tamara says that magic has been doing its damage for a long time. "And people like us?" Greg says, "We're here to stop it." He approaches his machine once more, pressing the button and sending more terrible pain Regina's way.

221 20
Hmm... maybe the sardines hold relevance! But probably not.

Back at the Charmings' apartment, Mary Margaret is seen unconscious after having suffered another one of Regina's brutal torturings as David strokes her face and she comes to. She whispers weakly, telling David that it was awful; the worst pain she's ever felt. Wherever Regina is, she's powerless. She can't fight back. David asks his wife if she could see where she was or who was keeping her there, but Mary Margaret states that she just remembers pain and screaming. David relaxes her, telling her to concentrate as the smallest detail might lead them to Regina. Mary Margaret takes some heavy breaths before saying that her hands were tied down and her legs and it was cold and it smelled weird like sardines. She exclaims that she doesn't know, putting her hands over her face and being cuddle by David, wishing she could remember more.
Soon, Emma is on the phone with David, hearing that Mary Margaret couldn't take away anything. David says not much, besides the fact that she was strapped down, it was cold and it smelled of sardines. Emma, who is at the docks, looks over to the Storybrooke Cannery Co. and tells her father to get down to the docks right away, before hanging up. "I was right, Tamara was not down here for a run. She's in there, with Regina," Emma says before running to the cannery, Neal running not far behind.

Act IV

221 21
Wendy tells Bae of Neverland.

We are shown Bae asleep in the Darlings' house as dawn comes around when he is suddenly awoken by large gusts of wind and a shadow passing over his face. He looks up and is startled to see Wendy, but she assures him that it's alright as it's just her. As she steps off of the window sill and onto the floor, Bae comments that he thought he'd never see her again, leading her to ask how long she's been gone. He says that it was just the night, standing up, and Wendy says that it feels like so much longer, thinking that time works differently in Neverland. She sits down on her bed and Bae sits beside her, asking what it was like over there. Wendy says that it's an island where there are no grown-ups to tell you what to do, but there are mermaids and fairies and all sorts of mystical creatures. Confused, Bae wonders why she returned, and Wendy sadly explains that when night fell, all of the children started to miss their parents, and they cried through the night. Bae asks why the don't just go home, and Wendy tells him that the shadow won't let them. "There's a reason it's called Neverland," Wendy says, "Because once you set foot on its soil... the shadow never lets you leave." Bae thinks this over before asking her how she escaped, and Wendy says that it let her go as it didn't want her; it wanted a boy. She looks at her two younger brothers, sleeping in their beds, and becomes worried about them, saying that the shadow's returning that night to take one of them in her place. "You said magic was bad, and you're right, Bae," she says through tears, "It's going to destroy my family." However, Bae refuses this, promising that he won't let anything bad happen to her or her family. He extends his hand, comfortingly, and Wendy takes it.

221 22
Lacey reminds Gold of the man she thought he was.

In his pawn shop, Mr. Gold is seen taking a small bottle of clear liquid and waving his hand, turning it green and sparkling. Lacey, who's just witnessed this, wonders why he didn't tell her sooner, taking the potion for herself and inspecting it. Gold tells her that it's because magic always comes with a price and tends to drive away the people he cares about most. Lacey sets down the potion before telling Gold that he's been caring about all the wrong people. She then excitedly asks what else he can do and Gold smiles, holding out his hand and causing a beautiful necklace to appear in it out of thin air. Lacey looks at it and smiles, before walking around the counter to Gold so he can apply the necklace around her neck. As he does so, he states that there are many perks to being the Dark One, and Lacey asks him if immortality is one of them. He nods and she turns to him, asking if he could keep her young, and Gold confirms this. She places her arms around Gold's neck and tells him that then they'll be able to be together forever, and nothing can keep them apart. Gold doesn't say anything which leads Lacey to wonder what's wrong, and he tells her that there's one catch. She separates from him, asking what it is, and he explains that immortal means to live forever but does not mean that one cannot be killed. Lacey is confused by this and he goes on to explain that there's a prophecy that someone might be his undoing. (See "Manhattan") She asks if he knows who this "someone" is and Gold nods, at which Lacey tells him to simply get rid of them; stop them. He tells her it's complicated as something's standing in his way. She says she thought he was the kind of man who never let anything get in his way and he grabs Lacey's waste and pulls her towards him, much to her delight, telling her that he is.

221 23
The world's most terrible secret agents find a way to be even worse.

Emma and Neal, the former carrying a handgun, walk cautiously into the dark Storybrooke Cannery Co. and approach a doorway that leads to more heavy machinery. They walk through mounds of steam and between large pipes and Emma asks Neal if he's sure he wants to be there. He tells her that he can't leave her alone in that place and she says that if something does go down with Tamara, she needs to know he has her back. Neal states that if Tamara really is hiding Regina there in her evil lair beneath the docks, then yes, he absolutely has her back. Emma keeps her gun aimed forward and hears a noise, she reacts quickly, running to the nearest pipe and leaning against it, quietly. She hears the sound of a door opening and runs into the other room, gun toting, and ends up aiming a gun at David, who's also aiming one at her, Mary Margaret being behind him. They sigh in relief and Emma asks her parents what they're doing there. David hands his daughter a walkie-talkie so that that doesn't happen again and Emma says that he and Mary Margaret should take the basement whilst she and Neal search the main floor, stating that Regina's got to be there somewhere. Mary Margaret and David leave as Emma aims her gun forward again and begins walking with Neal in tow.

221 24
You know she's loving it.

On a laptop screen showing security footage, Tamara sees Emma, Neal, Mary Margaret and David inside the cannery, hurriedly packing away some things. She knocks on the window which leads to the room where Greg is torturing Regina and the two of them meet at the doorway. Tamara says that Emma and Neal have found them, which a very weak Regina overhears, and Greg says that he thought they were taken care of. Tamara says that she did too but that she was wrong and the two of them have to get out of there now. Greg refuses, saying that he needs more time with Regina, but Tamara tells him that if he gets caught, the entire operation is blown. He reminds her that they wouldn't even know about the town if it wasn't for his dad and states that he's not leaving until he finds out where he is. He heads back to his torture machine and Tamara begrudgingly accepts this, telling him to meet her where they agreed when he's done, before walking away. Greg turns up a dial on the machine as Regina watches and he tells her that he's going to give her one last chance to tell him where his father is. Regina remains silent and Greg soon tells her that time's up, turning back to his machine and preparing to kill her, however, she tells him to wait. Greg hurriedly asks her where Kurt is and Regina gives a sick little smile before replying, "Dead." Greg's face turns utterly glum as Regina goes on to explain that she killed him the minute Owen ran away. Greg insists that she's lying to him but she says that if he doesn't believe her, then he can go and see for himself as she buried his body at their campsite. (See "Welcome to Storybrooke") "Now go ahead and kill me," she decrees, "I just wanted to see the look on your face when I-" she is cut off when Greg violently hits his machine and the full charge of energy surges through her, causing her to scream out in absolute pain.

Act V

221 25
The shadow returns.

We see the outside of the Darling house before inside we see Mary Darling wishing her children goodnight before turning out the light and leaving the room. Bae suddenly gets up out of bed and tells Wendy, Michael and John that they have work to do. Thus begins to montage of the many things the four children do in order to keep the shadow out including lighting candles, placing metal objects on the window sill and sealing the window shut. Armed with everyday objects, Bae tells the Darling children not to worry, saying that the shadow's not taking anyone that night. Wendy thanks him, giving him a hug, but he says that she can thank him in the morning, before telling everyone to get back into bed. They do so but all are suddenly startled when a candle is blown out. The other three candles in the room, and the fireplace, all extinguish automatically as Michael calls out for Bae. He tells the child not to be frightened as Nana, who's wearing a hat, begins to bark loudly as the window rumbles. Bae exclaims that it's the shadow and the window is suddenly sprung open by magic. Bae orders the children to get into the crawl space and Wendy and John get into the hatch in the wall where Bae was originally kept. The eerie shadow flies in through the window as Wendy asks Bae where Michael is, and they see the youngest Darling in the middle of the room as the shadow looms over him. Nana barks as Wendy exclaims for Michael not to go with the shadow, which extends an arm, and Bae runs to the rescue, standing between the shadow and Michael. He orders the shadow to take him instead, but Wendy runs out to him, telling him not to go.

221 26
A little nighttime flying...

He continues to negotiate, making the shadow promise never to bother the family ever again. He reaches out an arm but Wendy retracts it, telling him that he can't, but he states that he won't let magic destroy the family and this is the only way. He tells Wendy to let him go, extending his arm once more and holding the hand of the shadow which begins to fly away, taking Bae with it. Wendy grabs his arm too and Bae thanks her for making him part of her family, however, Wendy's hand slips out of Bae's and he is flown out of the window by the shadow. Wendy calls out for him as he is flown across the skyline of London city, intertwining with and dodging several ceilings and chimneys. He is rushed down an alleyway and across a set of roofs before coming up at the Big Ben clock tower, before flying past it and up to the second star to the right, which twinkles as he and the shadow approach it.

221 27
Regina is freed by the Charmings.

Greg is seen holding down the button on his torture machine as Regina writhes in electrical pain. He relinquishes the button and the surge stops, causing a barely alive Regina's head to drop, still conscious. Greg asks her if she feels that, exclaiming that it's the end of her. He slams his hand on the button again and Regina's electrocution continues as her tearful eyes glisten and her body begins to give up, falling back down on the table before the surge is over again. As she lies still, Greg tells her that she's never going to hurt anyone ever again. He goes to push his button once more, however, his machine is shot and busted by an array of bullets fired by David, who enters the room alongside Mary Margaret. Greg runs away and David begins to chase after him, however, Mary Margaret calls his attention, saying that they can't leave Regina as she'll die if they don't get her help. The princess frantically undoes Regina's many straps and David puts his gun away, coming over to help and saying that they've got to get her to Mother Superior.

221 28
Tamara reveals herself to be evil.

Via his walkie-talkie, he tells Emma that she's got to block the exits. Emma tells her father on the other end of the walkie-talkie that she's already on it, closing a blast door and asking where he is. David states that he's with Regina but that Mendell is coming her way. Emma hangs up the walkie and looks at Neal, shocked. "Greg Mendell..." she utters, at which Neal says that he was right, it wasn't Tamara. Suddenly, Emma is hit on the back of the head by a large metal pole and falls to the floor. Tamara, the one who hit her, tells Neal that actually, it was, as she picks up Emma's gun from the floor and aims it at him, saying that she just had some help. Neal raises his hands into the air and asks Tamara what she's doing, to which she replies that she's got to keep magic out of this world as it doesn't belong there, and he more than anyone should understand that - it's a poison. Neal comes to grips with the fact that Tamara's been lying to her and asks her how long she's been doing so. She begins to babble about how important her work is but he exclaims again, "How long?!" "Since the beginning," she tells him, "Since I 'spilled' coffee on you." (See "Selfless, Brave and True")

221 29
Tamara prepares to execute Neal.

He realizes that it wasn't an accident and Tamara merely stares at him, keeping her gun fixed as he states that none of what they had was real. She tells Neal that she knows he's a good man and begs him to understand that she had an important job to do that she thinks he can agree with. He ignores her, saying that she never loved him, and she confirms this. He tells Tamara that he can't let her leave, before approaching her, but the gun-toting woman tells him not to, before pulling the trigger and shooting Neal in the side, causing him to stumble backwards and fall to the floor. Tamara approaches him as he sees the blood of his new wound and aims the gun at his face, ready to execute him, she, emotionless, tells him that she's sorry, and Emma, who's now awake, comes charging towards her and tells her that she should be, before kicking the gun out of her hand. She punches Tamara in the face and throws another fist which is blocked by Tamara's arm. The blonde has her head hit against the wall before she turns around and grabs Tamara's hair, pushing her to the wall and slamming her face into it as she gives a cry of pain.

221 30
Emma gains control.

As the two girls battle, Neal begins to keel over with the pain of his bullet wound and Tamara throws several kicks Emma's way which the blonde keeps attempting to block. Tamara sticks her arm out and grabs Emma's neck, putting her into a headlock and kneeing her in the stomach. Emma cries out in pain now, too, as she notices the gun still on the floor. She decides to use her vantage point and lifts Tamara over her shoulder before slamming her down onto the floor as the black woman screeches. Emma quickly runs to the gun and picks it up, aiming it for the floored Tamara who sits up, the former saying that it's over. Quickly, Tamara grabs something from her pocket, saying it's not, and she throws down a magic bean which rolls under Emma's feet, having now been activated and glowing with magic. A portal begins to open and the entire floor is torn away. Neal steps to crawl away from it as Emma uses the equipment on the wall to climb up it, however, the pipe she is hanging from begins to bend, meaning Emma is close to falling in. Tamara stands up and watches this, saying goodbye before walking away and leaving them.

221 31
Emma tries to pull Neal out of neon-green hell.

Neal, who's still clutching his bullet wound, crawls towards the portal with the hopes of helping Emma, whose feet are dangling over the top. He calls out for her as she squeals and she eventually lets go of the pipe, being caught by Neal who pulls her away from the edge, assuring her that he's got her. She looks at his gunshot and states that they've got to get him to a hospital, however, the floorboards soon snap over the power of the portal and Neal begins to fall in as Emma sits on the edge, grabbing her ex's arm and keeping him from dropping into a mysterious land. She calls out his name as he hangs inside the portal and he tells her that she has to go, but she protests, refusing to let go of him. She attempts to move backwards in order to pull him back up, but she's unable to, and he tells her that he has to. She reminds him that he's shot which means if he goes through that portal, he'll die no matter what land he comes out in. As the green light keeps on swirling, Emma continues to try and heave Neal up as he reminds her that Henry needs her and can't lose both of them, begging her not to let him grow up like they did.

221 32
A devastated Emma cries over the loss of Neal.

A crying Emma begs him also, not to let go, "I need you!" she exclaims, "I love you..." Neal looks up at Emma and utters, "I love you, too." They smile at each other through tears as his hand slips out of hers and Neal falls into the swirling green portal leading to a land that neither of them may know. She screams out for him as the portal's magic is used up and it dissipates, taking Neal and leaving nothing behind except a large hole in the floor. Emma lays on the floorboard hanging over the hole and looks down it, seeing and hearing no sign of Neal. She then closes her eyes, allowing more tears to fall down her cheek, as she lays down her head, devastated.

Act VI

A shovel is seen digging into the dirt of Storybrooke's forest and Greg Mendell heaves leaves and soil out of the ground with it, wielding the shovel many times at his old campsite. Eventually, the spade hits something hard within the ground and Greg's face grows worried as he begins to rifle through the dirt with his hands. He eventually finds a piece of clothing and digs further before discovering Kurt Flynn's skull buried in the woods. Greg stands up, appalled to see his father's corpse in such a state.

221 33
Emma tells her parents that Neal is gone.

Over at Mary Margaret's apartment, she and David watch as Mother Superior waves her wand over Regina's unconscious self as the latter lies down in bed, weak. The Blue Fairy finishes wielding her magic and tells the Charmings that now Regina's cuff is off, she should be okay given time and rest, and her magic will return. The door is heard opening and a totally shaken Emma walks through, her hair a mess and her face blank. Her parents approach her, asking what happened, but Emma remains silent. Mary Margaret wonders where Neal is and Emma pauses before telling them in a saddened tone, "He's gone. She killed him." Mary Margaret and David look shocked and at the same time sympathetic for their daughter.

221 34
Bae is welcomed aboard the Jolly Roger.

In the past, Bae is seen being carried across the ocean by the shadow at night time as they approach an island covered by fog: Neverland. He hears the cries of the children missing their parents and refuses to be taken, struggling under the shadow's grip and begging not to be taken there. He quickly retrieves the box of matches that he placed earlier in his dressing gown pocket and lights one, holding it up to the shadow which flinches, backing off. It soon drops Bae and the young boy falls many feet into the ocean as the shadow flies down for him. Bae lands with a splash as the shadow whizzes down and begins hovering over the sea, scanning for Baelfire. Unable to find him, it soon gives up in anger and flies to the island. An unconscious Bae floats to the surface as a light is seen dawning on him from above. A rope drops on him and Bae is next seen being lifted onto the contents of a pirate ship. He comes to and looks up after coughing up sea water and the captain tells him that he's a good lad, and to get the sea out of his lungs. "Who are you?" Bae wonders and the camera changes to reveal Killian Jones standing beside is right-hand man, William Smee, who's bearing a lantern. "The name's Hook," the pirate says, "Captain Hook. Welcome aboard the Jolly Roger, my boy."

221 35
Emma is comforted by her father.

In the present, Emma is seen depressed on the stairs as David puts his arm around her, telling his daughter how sorry he is. Emma begins to utter something and asks how she's going to tell Henry of Neal's fate, and David says nothing, merely kissing her on the head. Over at the bed, Mary Margaret places a towel upon Regina's forehead as the Queen wakes up and David approaches. Regina realizes that Snow White saved her and she confirms it before David asks if she really thinks they would let her die. Her face doesn't know how to react as the prince tells her that, despite their differences, they're family. Regina takes a deep breath, still very weak, and asks the whereabouts of Greg and Tamara, at which David tells her that they got away. "Oh, so they still have it..." Regina utters, worried. Mary Margaret asks her what she's referring to.

Tamara is seen walking through the woods with the black diamond fail-safe in her hand. She arrives at Greg, who's reburying Kurt, and tells him that she's sorry about his father. He says that he is too and she hands over the black diamond, at which he asks her if the folks back at the home office know anything about it. "Yeah," Tamara says, "They did. And you're never gonna believe what it does..."

221 36
"I no longer control the trigger."

"A trigger?" David asks Regina in the apartment as she explains the fail-safe to them. "That will destroy Storybrooke," the mayor finishes. She says that she had a fail-safe built into the curse and Mary Margaret asks her why exactly was she carrying around in an accusatory tone. David states that Regina was planning on destroying them and she casually says that she was going to use the beans to take Henry back to the Enchanted Forest. "And in the process... kill all of us..." Mary Margaret says, horrified. Regina asks them if they really want to discuss justification, reminding them that they were planning on abandoning her before suggesting that they discuss a more pressing issue - she no longer controls the trigger.

Greg is seen holding the black diamond and asks Tamara what they're supposed to do with it. She tells him that "they" want them to move to the next phase, which causes Greg's eyes to widen, surprised at how fast things have moved along. "There's only one way to get what we all want," Tamara tells him, taking the diamond from Greg's hand and holding it with her own, "We have to blow Storybrooke off the map."

Deleted Scenes


Nana the dog is lying on the floor of the Darling house beside Wendy's chair as the family eats dinner. Mary Darling walks in and serves some food, and George Darling asks Wendy, who's currently reading a book, to put it away as it's impolite to read at the table. Wendy argues that she just got to the part where the apprentice is about to cast a magic spell, but her mother comments that she's getting a little old for those kinds of stories; "We all have to grow up sometime." Wendy stares coldly at her mother, before continuing with her book, and her father tells her to put it away again. Wendy does nothing. Her parents look to one another before her father announces that that's it - he orders her to hand the book over and go straight to her room. Wendy shuts the book and closes some food in a napkin in her hand. She hands the book over to her father and hides the food behind her back as she makes her way silently up the stairs.


221 Title Card


The title of this episode was revealed by executive producer/co-creator Adam Horowitz, during the Paley Fest, on March 3, 2013, along with the title to episode 2.22.[1]



The episode saw an improvement in the series' ratings, placing a 2.2/6 among 18-49s with 7.50 million viewers tuning in.


The episode received mostly good reviews from critics.

  • Hilary Busis from Entertainment Weekly gave the episode a positive review, noting how the producers put a new twist on the Peter Pan tale, "I dig how Kitsis and Horowitz are twisting this particular story, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it continues to play out in the finale (and season 3) - especially since we haven't even met Peter himself yet."[2]
  • Amy Ratcliffe of IGN gave the episode a 7.2 out of 10.[3]


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