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Safe Haven
Safe Haven
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The Safe Haven is a community built in a corner of land in the Enchanted Forest after many inhabitants in the area are unaffected by the curse sweeping the realm.


Before the Curse

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Cora enacts her bubble. ("Queen of Hearts")

The Dark Curse in all its glory makes its way over the Enchanted Forest, Cora and Hook watch it as it nears, the former holds a wooden staff in her hand and stomps it on the floor. An immediate burst of magic is released and the shot moves out to view them from afar as a huge, magical bubble forms around a segment of the land, preserving it, defending it from the curse which passes over. Hook asks if it would have been easier to reconcile with Regina before her curse destroys the land, Cora states that Regina doesn't need her, not when she still has a place in her heart. She goes on to say that the curse won't last forever, it will end, and in twenty eight years time, the savior will come along and she'll break it. Hook is shocked at how long it will take but Cora assures him that he won't even notice the time pass as he'll be frozen, like all of those in that corner of the land. She assures the Captain that, when the curse ends, their quest will resume, and, when it does, Regina will truly have lost everything. "And then she'll need me," Cora states. She tells Hook that that's when they'll go to the new land and Hook will get his revenge whereas she will "help pick up the pieces". ("Queen of Hearts")

After the Curse

Season 2

TBA ("We Are Both") TBA ("Lady of the Lake") TBA ("The Crocodile") TBA ("The Doctor") TBA ("Into the Deep") TBA ("And Straight on 'Til Morning")