Quite a Common Fairy
Once Upon a Time 3x03
October 13, 2013
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"Quite a Common Fairy" is the 47th episode of Once Upon a Time.


In their continuing quest to find Peter Pan's hideout and save Henry, Hook suggests tracking down Tinker Bell in the hope that she will lead them straight to his camp. Pan reveals to Henry why he has brought him to Neverland and, in the Enchanted Forest, Neal has a plan that could transport him to Emma, but it would involve using one of Robin Hood's most precious possessions. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Tinker Bell offers to help Regina improve her life.


Previously on Once Upon a Time...

Emma thinks she finds Henry, but it just turns out to be Peter Pan in his clothes, playing games with her. ("Lost Girl") Emma unlocks the map that Pan gave her, after she finally admits who she really is; an orphan. ("Lost Girl") Hook warns the group that although Pan looks like a boy, he's a "bloody demon". ("Lost Girl") Pan tells Henry that he is the lucky owner of the heart of the truest believer. ("The Heart of the Truest Believer") Mulan and Neal meet Robin Hood in Rumplestiltskin's Castle and Neal uses a crystal ball to discover Emma is in Neverland. ("The Heart of the Truest Believer") Before a fight, Hook warns the group of the Lost Boys' arrows as they're laced with poison. During the fight, an arrow grazes Charming, who later discovers it's infected. ("Lost Girl") Hook asks Emma "who she is", and Emma taunts him by saying "wouldn't you like to know?". Hook agrees to this. ("Lost Girl")


303 01
Emma is worried that with Pan's camp moving, they won't find Henry.

Snow, Charming, Regina, Emma and Hook are walking through the jungle, following the directions of their newly unlocked map. At the front of the group, Charming asks Snow if she needs a break, but she assures him that she's good. Seeming uncomfortable, Charming tells her in this heat she shouldn't overtax herself; his wife mocks that he's the one who needs the break, but he assures her that he's good. Snow teases him that David Nolan let himself go, so he asks if it looks like he let himself go. A bit further back in the group, a frustrated Regina asks how much further they have. The group stops as Emma assures them they should nearly be there. She takes out the map to check, but is shocked to see the camp is now behind them. Emma asks Hook how that happened and Regina angrily states that she got them lost, however, Hook points out that Pan moved camp. Charming says that Pan is playing tricks on them and then a horrified Emma asks how they'll find Henry is Pan's camp keeps moving.

303 02
Target practice.

Meanwhile, at another part of the island, Henry is sleeping on the ground beneath a large tree. He is rudely woken up by Peter Pan who caws at him and tells him to wake up. He tells the young boy to "catch" and then immediately throws him a red apple. Henry watches it hit the ground and then tells Pan that he doesn't like apples. "Who doesn't like apples?" Pan asks, so Henry tells him that it's a family thing. Pan assures the boy that it's not for eating anyway, but it's for a kind of game, a really fun game. He then points a crossbow he's holding at Henry and tells him he calls it target practice. A terrified Henry stares straight at the crossbow being pointed at his face.


Act I

303 03
Neal looks for a way to get to Neverland.

At the Dark Castle in the present day Enchanted Forest, Mulan and Robin Hood watch as Neal searches through the hidden cupboard. Mulan points out that he found the crystal ball, so asks what else he's looking for. He tells her that he needs a way to get to Emma now. Robin comments that he won't find a horse in the cupboard, but Neal explains that he needs a portal. Robin asks Neal to calm down and tell him the problem as maybe he can help. Neal explains that Henry is in Neverland with Peter Pan, the nastiest man he's ever met. A confused Mulan tells Neal that she saw Emma in the ball, not Henry, but Neal explains that Pan has been looking for a specific boy, who he called the truest believer. Mulan asks if he thinks this is Henry, so he tells her it has to be as it's the only reason Emma would be in Neverland. He then asks for them to help look for something to make a portal with, such as beans, magic mirrors, ruby slippers or some ashes. As he continues searching himself, he knocks something to the floor, smashing it. Alarmed, a man waiting outside the room barges in, asking what it was. Robin tells the man, who is Little John, to stand down as they're fine. Suddenly, a young boy who was with Little John runs towards Robin, who picks him up in his arms. Neal smiles and asks who it is, so Hood explains that it's his son, Roland. "I know how to get to Neverland...I know how to get to Henry" Neal says curiously.

303 04
Hook suggests getting help from a fairy, Tinker Bell.

Back in Neverland, the group are all stood around the map, disappointed that their whole trek has been for nothing. An angry Regina tells the group that walking is idiotic, stating they should use magic to materialize into the camp and grab Henry. Snow tells her they don't even know where the camp is any more and then Hook points out that Pan will have shields against magic that could result in their deaths. Regina asks what Hook's idea to find the camp is, so he tells her they'll use someone he trusts, a fairy on the island who knows everything about Pan. He adds that she might even have pixie dust so they can fly in, Emma corrects him by saying fairy dust, but Charming explains that they're different and pixie dust is much stronger. Emma suddenly realizes who the fairy may be, so she asks if it's Tinker Bell. Upon hearing this name, Regina becomes highly distressed. Hook asks if Emma knows Tinker Bell, so Emma tells him that every kid in the world knows her. Regina yells out that it's a bad idea, telling them to mark her words, adding that Tinker Bell is not going to save them.

303 05
Rumple tells Regina the darkness likes the taste of her.

In the fairytale land that was, a not-so-evil looking Regina is dining alone on a feast in her palace. When she pours herself a drink, Rumplestiltskin suddenly appears at the far end of the table, saying he thought she was dead. Regina is startled, but then composes herself and tells Rumple to go away. Ignoring this, he adds that when she didn't turn up for her lesson today, he thought she'd died. "Roast swan" he says, giggling, pointing to a swan that is part of the feast. Regina glares at him, so he tells her she'll get it later, referring to Emma. Regina begins to reconsider her lessons, stating she doesn't want a future that looks like him. Insulted, Rumple asks if she's feeling a bit persecuted. She asks why she shouldn't be and goes onto explain that she's practically a prisoner married to a king who still loves his dead wife and his insipid daughter. She sighs, telling him there's nothing to do and nowhere to go, adding she wants freedom and needs options. Rumple tells her it cannot be done and explains the situation. He tells Regina that she thinks she is the diner at the feast, tasting the options, a bit of love and darkness. When in reality, she is the feast and the darkness has tasted her. Regina tells Rumple that he's vile and demands he leave her home. He continues, saying the darkness likes how she tastes and it doesn't mind the bitter. He tells Regina that she cannot fly away from her fate, just like the roast swan can't. Regina appears saddened. Rumple then says he'll see her tomorrow, asking her to bring her simmering rage as it's all she has. With that, Rumple vanishes, and Regina heads up to her bedroom.

303 06
Regina meets Tinker Bell.

A short while later, Regina enters her bedroom and walks straight to the balcony, gripping onto the railing as she looks down at the palace grounds below her. Frustrated, she lets out a sigh and then slams her hands onto the balcony railing. She slams her hands on the railing again, hitting it harder and making the metal creak. She then slams down one third and final time, however, the railing collapses and falls towards the ground. Regina loses her balance and also begins to fall to the ground from her balcony. As she falls to an almost certain death, Regina lets out a howling scream. However, as she gets near the floor, a sparkling green glow appears around her and causes her to float in the air, saving her life. She looks over to the side to see a little green fairy flying towards her. She demands to be put down and then asks what the fairy is doing. "Giving you a second chance" she replies. The fairy uses her wand to fly Regina back up to her bedroom and then she follows her up. Once the queen is back to safety, the fairy turns into human size and stands in front of Regina. "Who are you?" the queen asks, so the green fairy smile and introduces herself as Tinker Bell.

Act II

303 07
Tinker Bell tells Regina she can make her happy.

In the fairytale land that was, a man is seen riding a horse towards a tavern, where folk music is playing and Tinker Bell and Regina are sat, having a drink and food together. After being told about Snow White, Tink comments that her name sounds precious, which is something coming from her. Regina calls Snow a monster who is indulged and adored, she then tells the fairy that she had her fiancé killed, shocking her. Regina adds that the only way she can get through it is when she and the king are gone. A shocked Tink asks if Regina is glad when her husband is gone, causing the queen to laugh, stating it isn't a marriage, but a farce. Regina tells Tink quietly that she may be the queen, but in that palace, she feels like the queen of nothing. Tink says it's no wonder she jumped from her balcony, but Regina tells her she fell. The fairy doesn't seem convinced so Regina repeats that she did fall. "But if I had, here's to good reasons" she says with a smile. Tink tells the queen she has an idea, stating she can help people find what they need. Regina asks what she needs, so Tink comments that it's sad that she doesn't even know, telling her it's love. Regina asks if the fairy will help her find another soul mate and Tink tells her it is possible, stating she's never seen pixie dust fail. Tink tells Regina that if she lets it, it can find her happy ending, but the queen says her happy ending looks like Snow's head on a plate. Annoyed, Tink asks if Regina isn't even curious to see if she can do what she says. Regina tells her that'd be real magic, so Tink replies by reminding her she's fairy, so she might want to try believing in her.

303 08
Regina wants to combine her magic with Emma's.

Back in Neverland, Regina is seen trekking through the jungle just a short distance behind everyone else. She appears distressed about having to visit Tinker Bell and she wipes sweat off her head with a handkerchief, however, she drops it when she tries to put it away. After she walks on a bit, a woman emerges from the bushes in dark clothing and picks up the handkerchief and watches Regina from afar. It's revealed to be Tinker Bell. Meanwhile, Hook is leading the group through the jungle. Regina catches up to them and pulls Emma aside. Appearing nervous, she tells Emma there's another way; magic. Emma reminds her that they just talked about that, but Regina says she's talking about their magic together. Emma tells her she's not interesting as she's learned it always comes with a price. Regina says that sometimes not using it comes with a price and then she tells Emma that combined, they would probably be able to overpower Pan. However, Emma isn't willing to take that risk as they may not be. Emma understands Regina doesn't like the plan but asks her to at least see if they can find Tinker Bell. Regina mocks Emma, saying she thinks it's the best plan because her "boyfriend" thought of it. Confused, Emma wonders who she means, but then understands she was talking about Hook, so asks what her problem is. Snow, who joined them a few seconds before, reminds Regina that Emma just lost Neal. Regina immediately apologizes, adding that she's just worried about Henry.

303 09
Henry learns the hard way that killing Pan isn't as easy as he thought.

Meanwhile, at Pan's camp, Henry approaches his captor, who is dipping an arrow into something and he asks what it is. Pan explains that it's dreamshade, a nasty poison. As he loads the arrow into his crossbow, he tells Henry that he heard a story of a man who shot an apple off his son's head, adding he wants to see if it's possible. Henry asks if they're shooting at an apple, then what is the poison for. Pan tells him it's motivation not to miss before he calls over Felix. A scared Henry asks if Felix's aim is good, but Pan tells him it doesn't matter, as he'll be the one shooting, before handing the young boy the cross bow. Henry says he doesn't want to shoot as Pan gives Felix the apple. He puts the apple on his head and the Lost Boys begin to chant together, urging Henry to shoot. As Henry aims at Felix, Pan tells him to shoot and trust himself, stating it's exhilarating. The boys continue to chant, including Pan and Felix, and when they stop, Henry is ready to shoot. However, he suddenly turns his aim and shoots the arrow at Pan. To his surprise, Pan catches the arrow in his hand, and the Lost Boys all cheer. Pan tells Henry that he told him it was exhilarating and then takes him to the side to show him something.

303 10
Charming shares his secret.

In another part of Neverland, Hook, who is leading the group, stops to let everyone pass him. When Charming walks past him, clutching his wound, the pirate asks if he's going to tell "her". Charming asks what he's talking about, but Hook reveals he saw what happened and then asks to see his wound. They both stop walking and wait till the girls are out of sight. He lifts up his shirt to reveal his infected wound, stating the arrow barely nipped him. Hook apologizes to the prince, who then bravely asks how long he has. Hook tells him he has days, or weeks at most, stating that he won't see summer. He then suggests telling Snow, but Charming refuses, so Hook tells him he has to. Charming supposes that he won't have to, so Hook asks why. "Pixie dust" he replies. He then asks Hook if he believes in Tinker Bell's power, which the pirate says he does. "Then let's get her and that dust" he says, determined.

303 11
Blue scolds Tinker Bell for breaking the rules.

Back in the fairytale land that was, Regina and Tink walk away from their tavern arm-in-arm and then the former asks if she thinks their plan will make her happy. Tink says she knows it will when a bell starts to ring. She tells the queen she's late and suddenly sprouts her wings and says she'll see her soon. She then shrinks herself and flies away into the sky, Regina watching as she goes. A short while later, Tink arrives in a large room full of flower pods. She looks around cautiously before heading towards a green pod, but she's met by the Blue Fairy, who's waiting inside. "Good evening, Green" Blue says looking disappointed. Tink awkwardly tries to flatter Blue by complimenting her appearance. However, Blue coldly says she's late and tells her she's broken every rule in the book. Tink tries to explain herself by saying she was helping a queen named Regina, but Blue, knowing who this is, explains that she's the daughter of Cora, who ripped out hearts, and her teacher is the Dark One. She tells Tink to consider herself lucky to be alive and then she calmly explains that Regina is a woman who cannot be helped as she's surrounded by darkness. However, Tink points out that it sounds exactly like she needs help. She then asks for some pixie dust, but Blue immediately says no, demanding Tink "fly away from this one". Tink tells Blue that leaving someone who needs help isn't very fairy-like, but Blue, who is offended at this, says that she shall be the judge of what is fairy-like. Blue then tells Tink to stay where she is and remain training under her direct supervision. She asks Tink if she understands, which she says she does. Blue sighs and then flies away, leaving Tink alone. Once she's gone, Tink looks around the area to make sure she's alone before she sprouts her wings and flies back down to the mainland.


303 12
Neal asks Robin for a favor.

It's night time in the Enchanted Forest when Robin Hood and Neal enter the dining room of the Dark Castle. After having just been told of Neal's plan, Hood angrily asks if he's out of his mind, stating that his son is four years old. Neal assures Robin that the shadow won't touch him, saying he's dealt with it before as it's what took him to Neverland as a kid. Neal explains that Roland simply has to summon it, and he'll take it from there. Robin tells him if something goes wrong, a demonic shadow will take his son through a portal to the nastiest man he's apparently ever met. Neal pleads with Robin, saying he has to get there. The thief sighs and explains that he lost his wife a while back and because of that they never even had Roland as she was so ill. He adds that now that she's gone, Roland is all he has, so he can't lose him. Neal says he feels the same as Emma and Henry are all he has. Robin angrily asks why he should risk his family just because he understands the value of it. Neal sighs and then asks how Robin's wife lived so she can have Roland. Robin tells Neal he knows how, so Neal points out this his father saved her and his son. Feeling he owes a debt, a frustrated Robin agrees, but tells Neal that his son will only try once and there's no second chances. Neal tells Hood that this is his second chance.

303 13
Regina and Emma have a non-hostile conversation.

In Neverland, as the group continue to trek to Tinker Bell's house, Regina stops for a moment to stretch her legs. Emma notices this and tells her she's falling behind, so tells her to keep up as they're nearly there. A scared looking Regina adds only if she still lives there, so tells Emma to waste her time searching while she waits. She then deeps a breath to compose herself. Emma notices the queen's odd behavior, so asks what she did to Tink, assuming she met her in the Enchanted Forest. Regina explains that they have a complicated history but states that she doesn't need to know the details. She adds that if Tink sees her, she won't help and if she's the way in, then her being out of Tink's sight is best for "Operation: Henry". "Operation: Henry?" Emma asks, so Regina explains that it's what she's been calling the mission in her head because he'd call it that. Emma seems touched. "He'd have a better name" Regina smiles. Emma then says they'll get Tink and return for her, but Regina tells her not to bother as it's best they don't see each other. "And if you don't find her, just keep going. Just get Henry...don't worry about Tinker Bell" Regina begs Emma. Emma asks what the hell she did to Tink, so the queen laughs sadly and tells her what she always does to people. Emma walks away, leaving Regina sat alone.

303 14
Tinker Bell takes Regina to her true love.

In the fairytale land that was, Regina is sitting in her bedroom writing a note on her dresser as Tinker Bell flies into the room. The fairy asks the queen if she wants to fly and a pleased Regina asks if she got it. The fairy tells Regina that saving her and helping her find her true love is what's going to save her. A curious Regina realizes the pixie dust isn't hers, so Tink points out that you can't really own pixie dust. Regina awkwardly laughs and tells her that fairies are quiet proprietary when it comes to their dust and then she expressed concern for Tink. However, the fairy tells her not to worry about her as it's not about her. She then sprinkles pixie dust on Regina and then the queen begins to fly. "Come on" Tink smiles as they two of them begin to fly high above the Enchanted Forest. The fairy throws more pixie dust into the sky and tells Regina to watch. They both watch as the dust makes its way to a small town. Regina asks what it is, so Tink explains that it's her happy ending. "He's down there" the fairy smiles before the two proceed to fly towards the town.

303 15
Regina gets cold feet.

A short while later, Regina and Tinker Bell have arrived in the small town in which the pixie dust directed them. They approach a small tavern, and Tink explains that inside lies the begging of Regina's happiness. She adds that all the pain in her past will become just that; the past. They look through the dark window of the tavern, and a nervous Regina asks for a moment as she tries to compose herself. Tink understands that she's nervous and then points out her soul mate, who's sat inside. Regina looks into the window too and the fairy describes his as the man with the lion tattoo. "That's him" Regina asks softly, so Tink tells her pixie dust doesn't lie. The fairy tells the queen that this is her chance for love and happiness, a fresh start with no baggage and she can let go of all the anger that weighs her down. "Go get him" she smiles. Regina agrees, stating she can do this. "I can be happy" she smiles, and Tink agrees. Tinker Bell then walks away, leaving the queen to it. She composes herself and then swings the door wide open. However, as she watches the man from the door, however, she soon becomes full of fear and slams the door shut before running away.

303 16
Tinker Bell takes Regina hostage.

Back in Neverland, Regina is sitting alone in the middle of the jungle when she suddenly hears numerous creaking sounds coming from around her. She calmly stands up and then yells out to get this over with. With that, Tinker Bell emerges from the bushes and stands in front of Regina. "A complicated history? That's quite a diplomatic way of describing it" she angrily tells Regina. Regina notices Tink's dull and raggedy clothing, so points out that she looks terrible. The fairy asks if she's trying to provoke her, to which the queen replies "Come and get me, Tinker Bell". The fairy begins to walk towards Regina and tells her she think she's so smart, but explains that they're all going to fail. With that, she blows a red dust at Regina's face. The queen instantly inhales it and then drops to the floor unconscious. Tink looks around darkly as the queen lies on the floor.

Act IV

303 17
Snow and Emma bond over being tramps.

Over at Tinker Bell's tree house, Hook pokes his head in and sees nobody is home, so he and the other's enter. Charming asks where the dust would be as he begins to search, but Hook explains that she wouldn't just leave it lying around. Hook tells him it's not here and then apologizes. Emma comments that the tree house seems pretty bare, claiming it reminds her of some place. Snow comments that you'd think a tree house would be more cheery and then Emma realizes it reminds her of where she used to live. Snow tells her it's because it's just a place to sleep, so Emma asks her what she'd know about that. Her mother explains that she didn't always have a canopy bed in a palace, claiming that she used to have a place like this. Emma seems shocked by this, so Snow tells her it was a tree stump when she was on the run from Regina. Snow then comments that she understands this Tinker Bell, but then wonders why she has a ladder as fairies have wings. However, Charming suddenly finds something of interest, a handkerchief. Snow immediately recognizes it as Regina's and then wonders how it got here. Emma says that Tink was tracking them and watching Regina. The gang then realize if she was watching Regina, then they're in the wrong place. Knowing Regina is in trouble, they hurry to go and find her.

303 18
Threats are made.

Meanwhile, in a hidden cave, Regina slowly wakes up, disorientated and with her hands bound by rope. Tinker Bell is sitting beside Regina and she comments that it's about time she woke up, adding she's been looking forward to this chat for a long time. Regina sighs and tells the fairy she doesn't know why she's in Neverland, but Tink reveals she does and claims she won't help after what she did. Regina points out that Tink is the one who interfered in her life, but Tink says she threw away her own in the process. Regina asks if Tink wants to kill her, saying it won't be easy because she knows she doesn't have magic. Regina reveals however that she herself has magic and she immediately breaks her binds. With this, Tink suddenly grabs an arrow and points it against Regina's neck. The fairy says she knows, but adds that even her magic can't stop "this". She then asks if Regina has ever heard of dreamshade, which she has. "Good" Tink smiles. A shocked Regina asks how Tink got like this, the fairy explains that she met her.

303 19
Tinker Bell is hurt by Regina's sudden behavior change.

In the fairytale land that was, Tinker Bell flies into Regina's bedroom, to find the queen sat in bed. She asks how the meeting went, a guilty Regina tries to explain. Confused, Tink turns into human size and sits on the edge of the bed, asking what happened, stating she should be glowing with new love. Regina snarls and tells the fairy that it didn't work, claiming the man was awful. Tink asks if she's sure she went to the right man and Regina confirms she went to the one with the lion tattoo. However, she says that wasn't the problem, so Tink asks what what. "You. Yes, you. You're a terrible fairy" Regina snaps. Tink realizes that Regina didn't go in, a comment that deeply offends Regina. She then assures Regina that it's okay as she was simply afraid, however, Regina tells her she isn't afraid of anything. She then tells Tink she can't believe she let her distract her, but Tink begs Regina not to do it, saying she needs love. "I had love and he's dead! And I suffered" Regina yells. She adds that what Tink sent her towards wasn't going to change that and then says goodbye. A hurt Tink asks "What about me?", reminding the queen she stole for her, saying it was for nothing and now she's in big trouble. Regina repeats that she's a terrible fairy, hurting Tink, who says she thought they were friends. "I don't have friends. Fly away moth, don't let the doors catch your wings on the way out" Regina says coldly with a hint of an evil smile.

303 20
Regina makes things easy.

Back in Neverland, Tinker Bell is still holding the poison arrow against Regina's neck. Regina tells Tink that if she wants to kill her, she can make it easier. She then thrusts her hand into her own chest, confusing Tink, and then pulls out her heart, which is dark. She offers Tink the heart, saying if she wants to kill her she should do it by hand and not let the poison do it. "Crush it!" she yells at the fairy. Tink asks if Regina thinks she won't take it, to which the queen replies that she's counting on it. She tells Tinker Bell to show her who she is and the fairy says she gladly will.

Act V

303 21
Tinker Bell loses her wings.

In the fairytale land that was, Tinker Bell is seen flying away from Regina's palace. She is stopped by the Blue Fairy, who tells her she stole the dust. A guilty Tink confirms and says she thought she needed it to prove she's a good fairy. Blue tells Tink she could've proven that by being a good fairy and listening to her. Tink explains that she was only following her instincts, but Blue tells her they're far from being correct. Blue sadly tells Tink that this can't be forgiven, so the green fairy begins to beg for a second chance, saying that's what they always tell people. However, Blue coldly states that this was her second chance. Tink begins to cry and promises that she's sorry. Blue angrily tells Tink that she betrayed her trust, so Tink offers to regain it, asking for a chance, however, Blue tells her that she can't, for one simple and tragic reason; she no longer believes in her. With this being said, Tinker Bell's wings vanish and she falls to the ground, returning to human size. Tink sadly looks up at the Blue Fairy as she flies away. She then looks down the ground, upset.

303 22
Tinker Bell is given a choice...

In Neverland, Tinker Bell is now in possession of Regina's heart and she crushes it slightly, causing the queen pain. She asks Regina if she knows what she cost her, shaking her shoulders slightly. Regina realizes she doesn't have her wings. An upset Tink asks "why", confusing Regina, who asks if she means why she handed over her heart. Tinker Bell angrily asks why she lied, saying she's been over it a million times and claims the spell did work, she tells Regina the only explanation is that she didn't go in. The fairy asks why she couldn't just go in and meet her soul mate and asks if being happy was such a terrible fate. "Yes. Yes it was" Regina replies. She finally admits to not going in and says she was afraid because she felt without her anger she'd have nothing. She asks what she'd be without it, so Tink tells her she'd be happy, but Regina corrects her and tells her she'd be weak.

303 23
...and she makes the right choice.

The fairy mockingly points out the strength she gained, pointing out she'd holding her heart and isn't hearing a good reason not to crush it. Regina then gives her a reason and points out Tink is making the same mistake that she did, choosing revenge over hope. She tells Tink she's holding the result of revenge, a small, hard, dark heart, adding this will be her future if she chooses revenge. Regina then tells Tink that she won't tell her what to do as the choice is hers; kill her or act like the fairy she is. "You said I was a terrible fairy" Tink growls, so Regina tells her to prove her wrong and pick hope over anger, choose love and help her get her son back. After a slight pause, Tink asks if Regina loves her son, to which she replies she does very much, adding that with Henry she finally got something right. She asks if Tink wants to be able to say the same thing, but the fairy says its too late for her, however, Regina adds only if she kills her will it be. Tink walks to Regina and tells her she won't kill her, but adds that she won't help her either, adding that it's probably too late as Henry has been with Pan too long. She then hands a saddened Regina her heart back before walking away.

303 24
Peter Pan tells Henry why he is the savior.

Meanwhile, at Peter Pan's camp, Peter and Henry are watching some Lost Boys play with knives and the former comments on the fun they're having, adding that in Neverland, nobody tells you "no" and you can do what you want. Henry asks if they ever hurt themselves, to which Pan comments that they always do, explaining he used to have four boys with missing fingers. Henry states he doesn't belong here, but Pan tells him he does, explaining that they've been waiting for him a very long time, long before he was even born. Pan tells him he should, explaining that Neverland runs on imagination and belief. He tells the boy that his world stopped believing and magic is dying in every world. He tells Henry that he needs to bring it back, claiming his destiny is to return the magic and be the savior. Henry points out this his mother, Emma is the savior, which Pan scoffs at because she broke "some curse". He then tells Henry that maybe breaking the curse wasn't what made her the savior, but having him was. Pan then points out that Henry is a descendant from both light and dark, asking if its a coincidence that the Dark One's son met his mother. Pan explains that Henry was made for a reason, and he can help him find it. Henry confirms with Pan that he thinks he's supposed to return magic, but Pan tells him he doesn't think; he believes. He pulls out a piece of paper and tells Henry that he's had it for a long time, long before he was even thought of. He tells him to look and he'll be sure why Pan thinks he's the hero magic has been waiting for. Henry takes the paper and then Pan walks away. However, the young boy throws the paper to the ground and tells his captor that he doesn't believe him. Pan smiles, stating Henry reminds him of his father.

303 25
Neal hopes for a second chance with Emma.

In the Enchanted Forest, Mulan tells every body their places for their plan and Robin compliments it. As Neal and Robin prepare themselves, the former thanks the latter, but Hood tells him to say thanks when his family is back together. Neal shrugs and says that he'll save them, but he's not so sure about being back together. Confused, Robin reminds Neal that he said he loved them. Neal confesses he does and then wonders if he can earn them back. Mulan asks why he wouldn't be able to, so Neal explains that he screwed up the first time and then he says he hopes he gets a second chance. He continues to say that when Emma first said she loved him, he waited too long to say it back, adding won't make that mistake again. Mulan assures Neal that Emma will forgive him, he tells her he hopes so, adding that he learned that the hard way. "When you love someone you don't keep it in, you say it" he tells the warrior. Mulan takes this in and thinks sadly to herself, knowing she must express her feelings.

303 26
The plan is successful.

Little John suddenly enters the room they're in, carrying Roland. He asks if they're ready and hands Roland to Robin, who says he supposes they are. Little John leaves the room and then Robin assures his son where he'll be standing. He adds that "it" may be loud, but promises that nothing will hurt him. He then asks if Roland remembers what to say, which he does, and as he's about to say it, everyone yells to stop him, saying not to do it yet. Mulan tells everyone to get into position, which they do. Nervous, Robin tells his son to "say it". Roland then looks at the window and then loudly states "I believe". Everyone watches the window for a few moments, but nothing happens, so Neal asks if he can say it once more. However, Robin apologizes and tells him that's it. All hope seems lost until suddenly, the windows burst open and loud wind is heard roaring. The shadow flies into the room and reaches for Roland, but Robin grabs his son as well, holding him back. Roland screams as the shadow attempts to take him away. Mulan suddenly jumps in and cuts Roland free and the frustrated shadow turns to leave. Mulan yells at Neal to "go", which he does. He runs and jumps out the window, grabs the shadow by the foot. Mulan, Robin and Roland then watch as Neal hitches a ride back to Neverland.

Act VI

303 27
Mulan is asked to join the Merry Men.

A while later in the Enchanted Forest, Mulan enters the dining room to find Robin Hood putting Roland to bed. She asks if Roland is okay and Robin assures her that he is, thanking her for saving him. She humbly tells him that's what she planned. He then asks the warrior what is next for her, but when she doesn't answer, he then offers a place for her skills among his Merry Men. He explains that she'd be the first woman, hoping it's no deterrent. She smiles and tells him she's been in that position before. Robin wonders if that's a yes, but Mulan explains although she's honored, she needs to talk to someone before it's too late. Robin asks if it's a loved one, to which Mulan replies "We shall see" with a hint of a smile.

303 28
Mulan hears heartbreaking news.

A long while later, it's daytime in the Enchanted Forest as Aurora tends to the flowers in the garden of her palace. She looks over to the side and is shocked to see Mulan standing there, watching. They're both pleased to see each other and the princess asks what Mulan is doing, who explains she's just gathering her courage. A confused Aurora asks what's going on, adding that she's glad she is back. Mulan smiles at this and then asks if Phillip is around. Aurora says he isn't but asks if she should get him, however, Mulan tells her that's unnecessary as it's her who she wanted to talk to. As Mulan begins to speak, Aurora smiles, so the warrior asks why she is smiling. Aurora understands that Mulan is bursting with news, but adds that she is too. She tells Mulan that she and Phillip are expecting a baby. Mulan appears heartbroken by this news, but puts on a smile and tells her it's excellent news. "It's like a dream come true" Aurora smiles as she hugs Mulan. She then asks her friend to share her news, but the heartbroken warrior decides not to share the truth, and instead tells her she's joining Robin Hood's band. A shocked Aurora asks if Mulan is leaving them, to which she sadly confirms. The two hug and say goodbye before Mulan walks away from Aurora, heartbroken and crying.

303 29
Tinker Bell makes some new friends.

In Neverland, Tinker Bell walks out of the cave she kept Regina in and is suddenly met by Emma, Snow, Charming and Hook, who aim their weapons at her. Emma demands to know where Regina is, but a confused Tink asks them who they are. Emma tells her she's a pissed off mother and then asks where Regina is again. Tink looks at them silently for a moment and then Regina suddenly emerges from the cave, assuring them she's fine. The fairy then asks the group to lower their weapons, threatening to take them down with her. Regina tells them that Tink won't hurt them, so asks them to stand down. Hook asks if she's going to help. Tink notices Hook and then says hi, recognizing him. Regina explains that Tink won't help them, so Emma asks why and Hook tries to charm the fairy into helping. However, Regina explains that she doesn't have magic. A shocked Charming asks if there's no pixie dust, which there isn't. Regina guiltily adds that she doesn't even have her wings, so Emma asks how, Tink tells her that people just stopped believing in her. Tink adds that even if she wanted to help, Pan is too powerful. Snow points out that Tink knows where Pan is, but the fairy says it won't do them any good. Snow says they'll be the judges of that and then they ask if Pan trusts her and if she can get them inside their compound. Tink says she maybe can, but asks why she should help them. Snow tells the fairy that she believes in her and then Emma asks Tink to get them into his camp. The fairy wonders what is in it for her once they've left with their boy other than a death sentence from Pan. Emma promises that she can come with them and Snow comments that she'll get a home, assuming that's what she wants. Tink tells the group that Pan trusts her so he'll let her in and then she explains that she'll maybe leave a way in for them. However, she tells them that they've got once chance, so hopes they have a good plan. Emma thanks the fairy, saying they will, and then Snow tells Tink to come back to their camp with them so they can figure it out.

303 30
Charming fears for his life.

The group proceed to make their way back to the camp with their newest addition, but Snow notices that Charming seems upset about something. She asks him if he's all right, pointing out that he seems upset. The prince assures her that he's fine, stating he just wants to get Henry back. Snow tells him that they're on the way to that. Quickly changing the subject, Charming asks how Snow knew offering Tinker Bell a home would work, so she explains that a home is all she wanted when she was living alone. She then thinks to herself for a moment and then explains that she never found it until he came along, claiming even now it's all she needs. He nods at his wife with an odd look on his face. She asks again if he's ok, so he tells her he loves her and then they kiss. Not wanting to get lost, Snow suggests get going. As she walks off, Charming has a scared look on his face.

Meanwhile, at the Lost Boys' camp, Henry is sitting on a log, watching some of the Lost Boys before he turns away from them to look at the ground behind him. He picks up the piece of paper that Peter Pan had given him in their previous conversation and then he carefully picks it up. He looks curiously at it and then proceeds to unroll it. When the picture is fully unrolled, a picture of Henry's face is seen. Henry is horrified and then looks up, confused.

High in the sky above Neverland, the shadow returns and flies to the island, bringing with it Neal, who is clutching onto the foot of the beast. When it gets lower and closer to the island, Neal lets go and falls through the trees, landing heavily on the floor. He groans with pain but then manages to sit himself up. As he does, he's met by Felix, who welcomes him home, using the name Baelfire. Neal turns around to see Felix holding his club and then walk towards him, towering over him. Felix tells Neal that Peter Pan will be so pleased to see him; Neal stares bravely at his enemy.

303 31
Tinker Bell calls Regina selfish.

Over at the groups camp, Hook and Emma are sat next to each other beside a fire as the former pokes a hole into a coconut with his hook before giving it to Emma. She thanks him and then he pokes a hole into another coconut for himself. Tink is sat nearby and she walks past them both, and Snow and Charming, who are resting together, as she heads towards to Regina, who is sat beside a tree on her own. As she sits beside the queen, she asks if Regina ever went back to find the man with the lion tattoo, but Regina explains that she didn't. Tink tells Regina she's unreal, asking if she knows how selfish she is. Regina tells the fairy that it's a lot of things, but wonders how its selfish. Tink explains that she didn't just ruin her own life, but she ruined his. Regina looks horrified and guilty at this comment.

303 32
The man with the lion tattoo.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, it's night time as Robin Hood, Little John and the rest of the Merry Men are gathered around a camp fire, eating their food. They're soon met by Mulan, who walks into the camp, accompanied by one of the Merry Men. Once she enters the camp, she looks around for Robin and once she sees him, she heads towards him. He stands up to greet her and then he offers her his hand. They both shake hands, being watched by Little John. Robin welcomes Mulan to their group and she smiles. We then see Robin Hood's arm, showing he has a lion tattoo on it, revealing that he is Regina's true love. He then goes back to sitting around the fire, eating, and Mulan joins her new group at last.


303 Title Card
  • The title card of this episode featured Tinker Bell lighting up the title with her magic
    • This is a reference to what the Disney animated version of the character does for the company's logo at the beginning of several of its motion pictures.
  • Although credited, Emilie de Ravin (Belle French/Belle) is absent from this episode.


  • The title of this episode was revealed by executive producer/co-creator Adam Horowitz, via his Twitter account, on August 7, 2013, along with a photograph of the script's cover.[1]



The episode posted a 2.3/6 among 18-49s with 7.36 million viewers tuning in, which was down 12 percent from the previous episode, in part due to the competition from NBC's Sunday Night Football and Fox's broadcast of the 2013 ALCS Baseball Playoffs.[2]


  • "Quite a Common Fairy" received mixed reviews from critics. In a review from Entertainment Weekly, Hillary Busis quotes, "I have to level with you guys: Until about 8:55 p.m., I wasn't really feeling this episode... but by the time 9 o'clock was nigh, I had begun to think "Quite a Common Fairy" might be this year's first dud. And that's when we learned that Mulan was in love with Princess Aurora."[3]
  • Amy Scales of Entertainment Outlook gave it 4.5 stars in its summary: "I think Once Upon a Time is ON FIRE this season and I hate the waiting, this episode continues to raise the bar on a stellar season that has me anxiously awaiting every Sunday."[4]
  • Gwen Ihnat of The A.V. Club gave the episode a C rating, saying that "This show’s third season has completely ditched Storybrooke to become a straight-up adventure series in Neverland, but with each new episode it becomes clear that the fairyback structure is preventing the series from reaching its potential. OUAT has always used Lost as a template, and now its becoming even more of a mimic with most of the plot unfolding in the jungle and increasingly pointless flashbacks."[5]


Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the episode.


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