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Nothing more innocent than a newborn babe. And you, my sweet, are the most innocent of all. The product of the truest love.

Prince Neal is a minor supporting character on Once Upon a Time. He is the newborn son of Snow White and Prince Charming. Being the product of the truest love, this child and the innocence he represents was sought after long before he was even born by the Wicked Witch of the West, who planned to use him as an ingredient in her spell to go back in time. The attempt ultimately failed, however, and the little prince was reunited with his parents. They then went on to name him Neal, after a beloved hero who had recently sacrificed himself for the sake of the town and its people.


Before the Second Curse

We're pregnant.
Snow White
Snow 314 01
Snow White announces her pregnancy. ("The Tower")

Following a bad dream about Emma being snatched away from him, Charming wakes up feeling like a failure as a parent. It is then that he discovers Snow isn't in bed with him, for she is basking over by the balcony with wonderful news: she's pregnant. While she is ecstatic, however, Charming appears less than thrilled, apparently fearful that he will fail this child like he failed the last one. ("The Tower") With the kingdom all in fear of the Wicked Witch, the Charmings decide to announce their pregnancy because they think it would be a nice distraction. Regina thinks this is a bad idea though, and she is proven right when the Wicked Witch - Zelena - flies in and makes clear that she intends on stealing the royal couple's baby for her plans. ("A Curious Thing") Still fearing fatherhood, Charming journeys to Sherwood Forest to find Night Root, which should be able to quell his negative emotions. While questing, he meets and rescues Rapunzel, eventually foregoing the Night Root and admitting how he feels to Snow. She assures him that everything is going to be fine because they'll be facing parenthood the way they face everything else: together. ("The Tower") Snow reaches her third trimester and the threat of Zelena is ever-present. They come to realize that the only way to defeat her is by getting back to Emma, who is a powerful purveyor of light magic, and the only way to do that is by enacting the Dark Curse. As such, to ensure the safety of their child, Charming has Snow crush his heart. With the curse enacted, however, Zelena flies in and puts a forgetting spell in it, meaning anyone it afflicts won't remember the past year spent in the Enchanted Forest. Ever-faithful, the pregnant Snow is able to bring her husband back to life by having Regina split her heart and giving him half. The two then await being reunited with their unborn child's sister. ("A Curious Thing")

After the Second Curse

Season 3

People of Storybrooke, it is our great joy to introduce you to our son... Prince Neal.
Mary Margaret Blanchard
MM 319
The baby is coming... ("A Curious Thing")

Emma returns to Storybrooke following the enactment of a new curse, surprised to learn that nobody can remember the past year. She wonders how they even know it's been a year if they can't remember, at which point she is greeted by her mother, Mary Margaret, who comes running down the stairs heavily pregnant. ("New York City Serenade") Mary Margaret begins to worry about her pregnancy, reading about such things as cradle cap, but Zelena - whom she doesn't remember is the Wicked Witch - poses as a midwife and assures the princess that all is going to be fine. ("Witch Hunt") David is introduced to Zelena, who puts a plan in motion involving Night Root and his continued fear of fatherhood, ultimately allowing her to steal his courage. ("The Tower") When Snow can't feel the baby move, she starts to panic, only for Zelena to rush on over and provide her with some orange juice which gets the baby moving again. Mary Margaret is thrilled, though less so when she later discovers that Zelena is the Wicked Witch who's been plaguing the town. ("Quiet Minds") After killing Neal, Zelena is outed and reveals herself as Regina's half-sister, and it is now clear that she planned on stealing Snow and Charming's baby for some sort of dastardly plot. ("It's Not Easy Being Green") The Charmings and Emma construct a crib for the forthcoming baby, with the former pair then wanting to prove how fun they are when spending time with Henry. ("The Jolly Roger") Belle does some research and comes to realize that Zelena is planning on going back in time; she already has Regina's heart and Charming's courage, both of which are ingredients, and Snow's baby is another, being a symbol of innocence. The Charmings begin to fret that they don't have a lot of time to stop her before the baby arrives. ("Bleeding Through") After the second curse is broken and Henry's and everyone else's memories are returned, in spite of the Wicked Witch all seems almost happy... until Mary Margaret suddenly goes into labor at the graveyard, announcing that the baby is coming. ("A Curious Thing")

320 24
The royal baby is kidnapped by Zelena, soon after being born. ("Kansas")

Snow White is driven to the hospital as she goes into labor with her second child and soon gives birth to a son (Neal) in a delivery room. However, as soon as the baby's born, Zelena bursts in and uses her magic to steal the baby, taking him back to her barn to be used as an ingredient in her time travel spell. He is placed in a basket which is then placed on a dish symbolizing the West, for he is a product of the truest of love and therefore extremely representative of innocence. Meanwhile, Prince Charming vows to get back his son, and so he, his daughter Emma, the formerly Evil Queen Regina, Captain Hook and Robin Hood show up at the barn just as the spell begins to enact. A blue light emanates from the baby, swirling with the light from the other ingredients to form a time portal in the center of the compass-like symbol they've been placed around. Soon enough, Regina is able to use light magic to defeat Zelena, who is then locked up and later killed. When the battle is done, David approaches his newborn son and carries him out of the basket; Emma asks if the baby's okay, and David replies that he's fine, commenting that his son is resilient, just like his big sister. The baby is then brought back to its mother in the hospital who is overjoyed to be reunited with her child. The child itself becomes the center of a tender moment shared between Mary Margaret, David, Emma and Henry, his nephew. ("Kansas")

Prince Neal 321
Snow and Charming's newborn son is told the story of how his parents first met. ("Snow Drifts")

David and Mary Margaret's baby is brought home to the latter's loft and his sister, Emma, wonders what her parents are going to name their baby because she keeps just calling him "Hey There". They tell her that, in the Enchanted Forest, there's a royal tradition that a new baby is announced at a coronation before the entire kingdom, and so they decide to hold a similar event at Granny's Diner. When Henry brings up an unrelated and uncomfortable subject for Emma, she dodges it by joking that his grandparents don't know what to call their child and are using a fairytale tradition as an excuse to by themselves some time. The baby is soon brought to Granny's Diner where he's read the story of how his parents met out of Henry's book of fairytales. Emma is annoyed to be hearing this story again when she can't even hear her own brother's name, but David replies that he wants his son to know where he comes from. After Emma is provoked into storming out, everyone at the coronation becomes distracted by Zelena's time portal, which was opened at the time of her death. Emma and Hook inadvertently fall through it, accidentally altering the past. ("Snow Drifts")

MM 322
The name of Mary Margaret and David's baby is finally announced: Prince Neal. ("There's No Place Like Home")

After getting time back on track, Emma and Hook return to the future by replicating the magic that took them back in the first place through means of a powerful fairy's wand. She returns to the coronation at Granny's Diner where she's finally able to call her parents "mom" and "dad", going on to explain to them her escapades in the Enchanted Forest of the past. Now that she's made it into Henry's book of fairytales, Snow and Charming point out that she's a proper princess now, and so she requests for her first "princess-ly" act that she be told her little brother's name. Mary Margaret agrees to her daughter's terms and an announcement is then made. The royal couple explain that they have decided to name their newborn son after a hero who recently sacrificed himself to save the town and everyone in it; someone who loved them and who they loved back; thus, the child's name is revealed to be Prince Neal. Emma is touched to hear that her brother is named after her lost love, Henry's father, and Neal remains in his mother's arms as she and David share a tender moment late into the night. ("There's No Place Like Home")

Season 4

They say that they grow up so fast, and I don't want to miss a second.
Mary Margaret Blanchard
401 18
A charming family stroll. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

Commotion breaks out at the little prince's coronation ceremony when Regina storms out due to her boyfriend's wife having returned from the grave. Neal's parents storm out in order to see what the ruckus is all about, but they're too late to help stop the former Queen from walking away in a huff. The next day, Neal sleeps in his stroller as mother, father, sister and nephew walk with him. Henry and David lag behind so that the former can attempt to phone Regina and find out where she is, whilst Mary Margaret and Emma talk about the latter's relationship with Hook. Hook soon arrives with some news, but everyone becomes distracted when a giant snow monster attacks the town. However, Regina defeats it with ease, leaving soon after. It is now evident that someone with the magical powers to control ice and snow is loose in the town. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

Prince Neal 402
Neal gives his mother an idea. ("White Out")

Elsa, the Ice Queen, decides that no one is leaving town until she finds her sister, Anna, and so she erects an ice wall around the perimeter of Storybrooke and unintentionally cuts off all the electricity as she does so. With David and Emma off dealing with the ice threat, Grumpy, Granny and Happy head over to Mary Margaret's place under the guise of visiting Neal but really in order to goad her into getting the power back on, pointing out that they helped her take back the kingdom and she cast the new curse, so Storybrooke is her kingdom now and she has to rule it. At the local power station, Snow struggles to accomplish anything and yells at her apparent royal subjects when they complain at her, causing them to storm off and leave. When Neal needs feeding, Mary Margaret gets the idea that the reason the power isn't turning back on is because fuel is needed, and so she follows the fuel pipe and manages to turn it on, thus restoring electricity to the town. She and Neal then return home where Charming helps Elsa discover the fact that her missing sister is alive, although they're still unaware of her whereabouts. Meanwhile, it becomes apparent that someone with similar powers to Elsa is preventing her from being able to thaw the ice wall. ("White Out")

MM 403
Snow receives some free therapy, regarding her baby. ("Rocky Road")

As Mayor, Mary Margaret hosts her very first fireside chat in what used to be Regina's office, deciding to multitask by bringing baby Neal with her as well. As the meeting goes on, however, all anyone seems interested in is the ice wall surrounding the town... and then Marian collapses thanks to an ice curse. Everyone is quick to blame Elsa, but Emma defends her new friend and works with Charming to prove her innocence, eventually finding out that the real culprit is, in actuality, the mysterious Snow Queen. Meanwhile, Mary Margaret is struggling to both hold her baby and assemble his stroller when Archie approaches, noticing her dilemma and realizing that the reason she's spending so much time with her newborn son is because she missed Emma's childhood completely and wants to soak up every second of his. She doesn't appreciate the impromptu therapy session, but the conscience continues in assuring her that she and her son will be much happier if she lets him go once in a while. Mary Margaret ponders this whilst Regina, who doesn't appreciate the slight tweaks made to the decor of the office, finds a way to stall Marian's affliction. ("Rocky Road")

Prince Neal 404
Neal naps. ("The Apprentice")

When Emma asks Hook out on a date and dresses to impress, baby Neal is present whilst Mary Margaret is happy to see her daughter being courted and takes a picture of her before she leaves, she and David thinking that this makes up for them never getting to take her to a ball when she was growing up. Hook arrives and the Charmings are all shocked to see that he has two hands, at which he explains that he made a deal with the Dark One to make it so (which he later goes back on, due to extenuating circumstances). Later that night, following the goodnight kiss, Emma arrives home to find her two parents waiting on the couch. Mary Margaret is excited and wants to know everything whereas David is more relaxed and would rather not hear about what the pirate's been getting up to with his daughter. Feeling swamped, Emma continuously comments that she needs to get her own place, and as she heads to bed, Mary Margaret takes note of how happy she seems which leads David to comment that it seems Hook really has changed. Emma exclaims that she can hear them. ("The Apprentice")

405 06
Rockabye Belle. ("Breaking Glass")

Mary Margaret has reservations about leaving Neal behind with Belle so that she can go on a hike with David, not wanting to be separated from her child, but he assures her that everything's going to be okay and manages to convince her to come. First, however, they make a quick stop at the Sheriff's Station where they soon realize that the thief, Will Scarlet, has escaped. David suggests tracking and capturing him, to his wife's confusion, but he points out that it will be like the old days: Snow White and Prince Charming on an adventure but without the Evil Queen on their backs. The two of them then head off in search of the thief, but Mary Margaret wants to go home whilst David continues to search. He goes on, but she almost immediately spots Will digging something up nearby. She approaches to find that he's searching for his travel bag, which is buried along with the map he needs to find his travel bag. Not believing anyone could be that stupid, Mary Margaret deduces that David actually set this man free so that she could feel good about capturing him. She gets Will to admit all of this in exchange for a pardon, and he walks away a free man. Back at the apartment, David returns home and his wife, who's lying in bed with baby Neal, who's survived the hour with Belle, reveals that she "caught" the thief, going on to explain that she knows all about his plan. However, David reveals that Will really did escape and really is that stupid and lied to her to get a pardon. This stuns Mary Margaret, but David urges that maybe Will earned his pardon if it means it's helped her find that part of herself again. ("Breaking Glass")

Prince Neal 407
Another day with mommy and me. ("The Snow Queen")

Along with the likes of Ashley and Aurora and their respective babies, Neal and his mother attend a "Mommy and me" class over at Granny's Bed & Breakfast, after which Emma shows up in order to take Neal for babysitting. She takes note of how much stuff the baby has and Mary Margaret replies that she just wants to make sure he has everything, to her daughter's slight dismay. When the blonde takes a bottle of milk, it begins to boil in her hand due to the magic still resonating within her, causing all the princesses in sight to begin looking at her fearfully. However, Emma is forced to take a rain check on babysitting when the Snow Queen is located in the town clock tower and goes on to capture her, however, it is soon revealed that the Snow Queen wanted to be trapped, as it's all a part of her plan, and she soon uses her ice magic to seal herself in the sheriff's station with Emma, where she causes the latter's magic to go out of control. Mary Margaret fears her daughter's temperamental powers, causing the blonde to run away; she cannot be found, even hours later, and Mary Margaret laments yelling at her daughter over at the apartment, claiming to have failed as a parent whilst she handles the baby, and regrets heavily that Emma was forced to see fear in the eyes of her own family. ("The Snow Queen")

Prince Neal 409
Emma protects her brother. ("Fall")

With the Snow Queen having successfully cast her spell of Shattered Sight, Storybrooke has until sundown until all of its residents begin tearing each other apart due to the spell making it so that they can only see the worst in one another. When the spell seems imminent, Mary Margaret and David decide to lock themselves in the cells at the sheriff's station for the safety of both themselves and others. Emma wonders where Neal will be, and Mary Margaret says that Emma must take him and protect him until she manages to defeat the Snow Queen, with she and Elsa being immune to the spell due to the yellow ribbons fastened to their wrists. The savior tearfully takes her brother into her arms and, as the spell completes and shards of mirror begin filling the air, she tries shielding him from damage as everyone else, starting with Neal's mother, has their darkest personality traits brought to the surface. Through the bars, Snow White stares at Prince Charming with utter contempt. ("Fall")

Prince Neal 410
Neal sleeps through the big fight. ("Shattered Sight")

With the spell of Shattered Sight complete, Mary Margaret and her husband begin arguing uncontrollably, while Emma and Elsa leave baby Neal wit Anna so that they can leave to fight the Snow Queen. Anna tries reminding Snow White and Prince Charming that they're supposed to love each other, but they disagree, and Mary Margaret goes on to tell Anna that she isn't as warm and fuzzy as one might think, for she killed the Evil Queen's mother and said she was sorry, but she didn't mean it. It's not long before Regina herself, dressed in the kind of royal attire she would normally be seen sporting back in the Enchanted Forest, arrives in the sheriff's station and sends Anna and Kristoff elsewhere with her magic, wanting to face Snow and ultimately kill her baby in revenge for what happened to Daniel. She opens the cell with her magic and plans to fight the princess in the same way, however, Mary Margaret goads Regina into fighting physically, at which she provides the two of them with swords and they begin brawling with one another. Their fight lasts a long while and escalates to extremely aggressive levels, that is, until the Snow Queen sacrifices herself to undo the spell and everyone's personalities are put right. Snow, Charming and Regina simply begin to laugh, before heading outside with Neal to discover that it's snowing and reunite with Emma. The Charmings apologize for all they said to one another, chalking it up to a mere spell and kissing to show that they hold no hard feelings. ("Shattered Sight")

Granny 412
Granny babysits the little prince. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")

After it's unveiled that Rumplestiltskin has been formulating his own evil plot to leave Storybrooke with his magical powers in tact with his dagger's control over him cleaved, Belle, his wife, uses the dagger to banish him from the town, and, six weeks later, all the residents appear to have moved on. Regina takes Henry to school, where Mary Margaret has resumed teaching; meanwhile, Emma - whose relationship with Hook has moved forward as he works alongside Belle to try and free the town's fairies from the Sorcerer's hat, which Rumple would have used to aid his empowered departure - has too resumed her career: that of sheriff. As she retrieves her sheriff's badge from the closet, she looks down and sees her brother, Prince Neal, being cradled by Granny, who's been hired to babysit as opposed to the currently occupied Belle. However, the town's newfound sense of peace is soon disrupted by a demon named Chernabog, as well as two villainesses by the names of Cruella and Ursula who help defeat said demon in exchange for safe passage into the now closed-off Storybrooke. Neal's mother and father meet with these two "Queens of Darkness" (after, unbeknownst to everyone else, they help sneak Rumple back into town) and threaten to kill them should they reveal to anyone what took place between them all those years ago. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")

413 01
Neal is threatened in Mary Margaret's nightmare. ("Unforgiven")

Mary Margaret wakes up in the middle of the night to find her husband missing from their bed. She soon gets up to investigate and makes sure that Neal is safe in his crib, however, it isn't long before the supposedly deceased Maleficent emerges, backed by Ursula and Cruella De Vil. Neal is magicked out of his mother's arms by the powerful sorceress, and she tearfully begs for Maleficent not to hurt her family. However, Maleficent assures the former princess that when she's done... she won't have a family left to hurt. And then Snow wakes up, this entire experience having been a nightmare, but David is still absent from their bed. She goes out to investigate, yet again, and finds Neal safe in his crib. When she calls out for David, he is there, and the two of them grow even more cautious about the secret they've been keeping for all these years about how they caused the loss of Maleficent's baby to ensure Emma's purity. Later they mention having hired Ashley to watch Neal while they set off to deal with the Queens of Darkness. ("Unforgiven")

Prince Neal 422
Rumbelle baby. ("Operation Mongoose, Part 2")

When the Author gains the power to change the fates of the people of this land, he rewrites everybody's story, trapping them in a new book entitled "Heroes and Villains". Prince Neal is re-appropriated as the son of Rumplestiltskin - the brave and noble knight, known both as the Ogre Slayer and the Light One - and Belle - his loving wife who, along with Neal, makes up a perfect family to go alongside his forged happy ending. Isaac approaches the Light One and convinces him to kill Henry and Regina, who threaten everything, but he seems conflicted, approaching Belle as she's tending to the baby in the hopes of some indirect advice. However, everything is soon written back into its proper place when Henry becomes the new Author, and Neal is once again the baby son of Mary Margaret and David. ("Operation Mongoose, Part 2")

Season 5

Prince Neal 501
Neal is off to a new realm. ("The Dark Swan")

When the dagger is unable to summon Emma home, it is deduced that she's been transported to another realm, and so David and the others go to the Sorcerer's Apprentice for help. Before dying, he passes on his wand, but only Zelena is dark enough to use it since the light magic inside needs to be balanced it. She uses it to summon a magical cyclone to take her back to Oz, only for Regina to manipulate her and get the anti-magic cuff back on her wrist, then able to direct the portal as she sees fit. Over in Granny's Diner, Mary Margaret is happy to see Emma's baby blanket, a personal item of Emma's that Regina needs if she's going to be able to lock onto her location with the wand. Before the cyclone can carry them away, Grumpy, Happy and Doc barge into the diner, wanting to go with Snow White so as to not be left out of yet another adventure. Snow is grateful for their help, clutching her baby as the cyclone finally arrives and carries the entirety of Granny's Diner, Granny included, to the Enchanted Forest. When they arrive, Emma is about to crush the heart of the warrior princess Merida because it's the only way she can find Merlin and have him remove the darkness from her. Mary Margaret, now in possession of the dagger, wants to use it to stop her, but Hook says that it has to be Emma's choice whether or not she succumbs. Ultimately, she returns Merida's heart and her mother and father give her the dagger, which Emma then gives to Regina for safekeeping. As they head back to Granny's in the woods, King Arthur and his knights arrive to welcome them all into Camelot, having been told by a prophecy that they'd be arriving. ("The Dark Swan")

Before the Third Curse

Prince Neal 502
Neal is babysat while the ball goes on. ("The Price")

Mary Margaret and the others are welcomed into Camelot, with the former holding Neal in her arms, where it is revealed by King Arthur that a royal ball has been prepared in their honor. They wonder when the quest to find Merlin will begin, but they soon find out that it's not a matter of finding him - it's a matter of getting him out of the magic tree he's trapped in. Regina pretends to be the savior prophesied to save him so that Emma doesn't have to use dark magic. That night, Doc is looking after baby Neal and Mary Margaret and David wonder if that's okay; he assures them that it is, because if he himself went to the ball with them then he'd just end up being Grumpy's wing man. However, Regina then shows up and says that she'll watch the baby, since she's not going. The Charmings are shocked to hear this and she reveals that she's worried she'll be unable to keep her cover as the savior if the people find out that she doesn't know how to dance. David teaches her how and all of them proceed to have a great time, until Robin is injured and Emma has to use her dark magic to heal him, setting her on a dangerous path. ("The Price")

Prince Neal 503
Snow tries to quiet her son. ("Siege Perilous")

When King Arthur and Neal's father quest for the Crimson Crown, they unfortunately return empty-handed; however, due to the valor shown by David during the quest, he is officially knighted into the Knights of the Round Table and is told to fill the Siege Perilous, which is a seat reserved only for he with the purest of hearts. Mary Margaret (holding her baby in her arms), and the rest of David's family, is extremely proud of him, and when baby Neal starts to cry, she decides to remove him from the room - where someone mysterious is skulking about. As it turns out, it's her old friend Lancelot, whom she thought to be dead. He explains that it's a long story which he has no time to tell, because first he must warn her that there's a villain in Camelot greater than even the Dark One: Arthur. Snow then grows suspicious of the King who, as it turns out, recovered the Crimson Crown after all and lied about it. ("Siege Perilous")

Snow 510
Emma prepares to wipe everyone's memories of the last six weeks, including baby Neal's. ("Broken Heart")

Hook rises from the Vault of the Dark One, having now gone through the full transformation from the man he once was into a second Dark One, thanks to something Emma did to save his life. With the voice of Rumplestiltskin now in his head, guiding him to the darkness, he soon reunites with Emma who tries her best to keep him near the light long enough for Merlin to cure them both. However, Hook loses all trust for her when she withholds Excalibur from him, thus driving him to full-on embracing his dark side, leading him to plot recasting the Dark Curse so he can get back to Rumple and finally have his revenge. He has Excalibur implanted back into stone, and with Nimue living on inside of him, he is able to crush Merlin's heart to enact the curse. However, Emma is able to wipe his memory of all that has happened, and before the curse is fully cast she is able to make everyone else who journeyed to Camelot appear unconscious in the diner, baby Neal included, in his mother's arms, and uses dreamcatchers to wipe all of their memories too. From there, they are all sent back to Storybrooke. ("Broken Heart")

After the Third Curse

Season 5

Belle 501 02
Dark Swan terrorizes the heroes upon their return from Camelot. ("The Dark Swan")

After spending a total of six weeks away in Camelot, David and the others who were sent to said realm in Granny's Diner are abruptly returned to Storybrooke. Sleepy and Sneezy, the latter of which has been working as the town's sheriff, even having gone as far as to start sporting Emma's signature red leather jacket, overhear the diner's crash landing and so go to check it out. They're shocked to discover everyone has returned, but David and the others have zero memory of anything that has happened since entering into Camelot for the first time. The two dwarfs reveal they've all been gone a total of six weeks, and Emma's parents wonder where she is. She soon makes herself known, appearing to be responsible for their return, as well as everyone's loss of memories. She now looks how a Dark One would be expected to look, and Mary Margaret, who clutches her baby, and David wonder what happened to her. Emma, who proceeds to turn Sneezy to stone for wearing her jacket, wonders in turn if it's not obvious, recalling that they all came to remove the darkness from her... and they failed. Now they have to pay. When asked why, Emma simply states that it's because she is the Dark One, before disappearing. ("The Dark Swan")

MM 502
Neal rests in the arms of his worried mother. ("The Price")

The dwarfs decides to abandon town now that Emma is the Dark One, but first they decide to send Dopey over the line as a test. Mary Margaret, David and Regina show up in the sheriff's car to stop them, but they're too late; Dopey crosses the line and is turned into a tree. It is then discovered that King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table - as well as various Camelot citizens - are also in Storybrooke, and Regina becomes weary of what else awaits them in town since Emma warned her that there's a problem coming to Storybrooke that only a savior can solve. As it turns out, this problem is a Fury, and it kidnaps Robin Hood from the new town campsite. Regina is later able to defeat it, with the help of Neal's parents, and is accepted at the savior. At Granny's, Neal rests in his mother's arms, Mary Margaret is unable to celebrate what they've accomplished today on the grounds that if they win in their current fight against evil, then Emma loses. ("The Price")

Prince Neal 511
The Charmings have some family time before death. ("Swan Song")

Emma decides that she has to put a stop to Hook... permanently. However, as she and the others split up to search for the now villainous pirate, each of them is marked by one of the resurrected Dark Ones, and Gold, marked himself, explains that they are to be dragged to the Underworld so that the Dark Ones may return properly to the land of the living. Instead of trying to avoid her and her family's fate, Mary Margaret, with Neal in tow, decides that she doesn't want to spend her final moments with her nose in a book doing research. The Charmings decide to have dinner at Granny's Diner one last time as a family, sans Emma who managed to escape getting marked, and later discover a letter left behind by their daughter which claims that she plans on absorbing all of the darkness and then killing herself with Excalibur in order to get rid of it for good. Just as Charming and the others are about to go and stop her, Nimue the first Dark One teleports them all to the town pond, where the Charon waits to carry them over to the Hell. Mary Margaret worries because Neal is still at the diner, but Robin assures that his own children are with the fairies and that they'll collect Neal too, putting her mind at ease. Neal's mother later goes to the Underworld, albeit by choice, to save Hook after he sacrificed himself. ("Swan Song")

Prince Neal 516
Belle comes to feed her the kids. ("Our Decay")

Prince Neal remains with the fairies while his parents remain in the Underworld, and one morning when Belle comes to feed him she, along with Zelena and Baby Hood, end up sucked down a portal. When Snow and David realize they've become regulars in hell's diner, they decide they want to get a message to their son. The Blind Witch reveals that they can actually do that via one of the haunting booths, and she explains how they work in exchange for one of David's breaths, for the breath of the living is worth a lot on the black market down there. Snow and David then cue up outside one of the Underworld phone booths, not knowing what to say to their son, and begin to wonder what it will appear like to him. They ask someone in line but he tells them that he doesn't even know if the messages go through, though he hopes they do. This unnerves the Charming couple but they go on to send their message anyway, singing Neal a lullaby in the hopes that he hears. Back at the apartment, they are skeptical, pointing out that this lack of contact from parents is the same thing Emma must have gone through her entire life. However, Henry soon descends the stairs having authored a story without even knowing it - one about his uncle Neal, sleeping as soundly as though he was in his parents' arms as he's able to hear them singing to him. Snow and David are relieved that he heard them, and the former decides that it's time to defeat Hades once and for all and leave, because she's ready to get home to her family. ("Our Decay") Neal's mother uses the silver slippers to return to Storybrooke and reunite with him. ("Ruby Slippers")

521 05
The Charming family reunites. ("Last Rites")

Snow is holding onto Neal at her apartment when Merida and Sleepy arrive to report that King Arthur escaped from his jail cell, thanks to Sleepy falling asleep on guard duty. Blame is exchanged from Merida to Sleepy and finally to Snow for leaving so long and therefore leaving the town un-managed, and she decides that they can blame each other later, after a search party has been formed and Arthur has been found. When Merida and Sleepy leave to carry out this task, Snow talks to her baby, saying that they really need their family back and soon. It's then that David walks through the door, asking if this is soon enough, and Neal's parents reunite with a passionate kiss. Neal is then handed to his father, who is happy to be back with his son, as Henry and Emma also come in, having returned from their quest to the Underworld. ("Last Rites")

Season 6

Prince Neal 604
Neal is present for a Charming family breakfast. ("Strange Case")

When David discovers his father was murdered, Snow begs him not to go on some great revenge quest because it means he wouldn't be there for her, for Emma, or for Neal - who really needs him. He ends up assuring that caring for his family is plenty epic for him, and Snow goes to tend to their son, only for him to not burn the info on his father's murder like he promised. ("The Other Shoe") On Snow's first day back as a teacher, she and David head over to Emma's house to cook breakfast for Neal's sister, with Neal himself also being there in his mother's arms. It seems David is fearful of the fact that Emma is moving in with Hook, knowing that it means they aren't going to see her as much, and so he's trying to squeeze in some quality family time while he still can. When it becomes time for Snow and Henry to leave, with the former deadset on life returning to normal, Neal is handed over to his father, who continues to cradle him with Jekyll and Regina arrive to reveal that Mr. Hyde has escaped his cell. The heroes then go off to deal with all of this. ("Strange Case")

Prince Neal 608
Neal's parents deal with a two-way sleeping curse. ("I'll Be Your Mirror")

Neal's parents become inflicted with a new kind of sleeping curse which means that while one is awake, the other will be asleep, so they can never be together while conscious. They make the best of their situation though, spending the next few days clocking in and out with kisses of true love and tending to their son separately, even recording videos with him for their other half to watch and enjoy. It all soon starts to take its toll on them, with Snow one night preparing to write a note for David, as always, only to crumple up the paper and say that she can't do this anymore, telling him she misses him. She then kisses him awake and he comes to happy to see Neal, but then finds his wife's crumpled up paper and knows exactly what it means. He tells the sleeping Snow that he misses her too, before going about his night sadly. ("I'll Be Your Mirror")

Granny 620
Neal watches his sister get married. ("The Song in Your Heart")

It looks as though Emma and Hook's wedding day might not go as planned when the Black Fairy resurfaces; however, Emma is able to temporarily defeat her thanks to the song of her parents and their kingdom which was placed inside her heart years earlier, and her grand marriage to the pirate proceeds. During the ceremony, Prince Neal is sat on the lap of Granny, who is attending along with the rest of the townspeople; this is so that Snow can aid Charming in giving their daughter away. They then watch joyously as the vows are given, and the first dance begins. As it does, more singing overcomes the guests as they begin to harmonize about the chance at a "happy beginning" which now is theirs. However, the song ends in devastation when the clock tower strikes a certain time, and everyone knows what that means. Grumpy is the one to yell it aloud for all to hear - the Black Fairy's curse is here. Black smoke then smashes through the clock's face and begins to envelop the townspeople, with Snow and David trying their best to shield their son as it does. ("The Song in Your Heart")

After The Fifth Curse

Season 7

In the Season Seven Finale (“Leaving Storybrooke”) Neal is seen to make a small breif apperence in the end where Snow, Charming and gang are back at Snow and Charming’s Castle in the “Wish Realm”. He is seen standing by his two parents Snow and Charming Just as Regina is arriving to get crowned. He looks to be about 10 in age.


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