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I'm changing back because... I haven't exactly been a good boy.

Pinocchio is one of the main characters of Once Upon a Time. He is the son of Geppetto, and started out his life as an enchanted wooden puppet. He was turned into a real human boy by the Blue Fairy, and then helped his father create the magical wardrobe which protected Emma Swan from the Dark Curse and he himself was transported into the real world. Twenty-eight years later, he came into Storybrooke, in a rather shady fashion, as August W. Booth, an intriguing author, with the intention of making Emma open her eyes to the truth around her.


Before the Curse

There will be many temptations in this new world, Pinocchio. But as long as you remain brave, truthful and unselfish, you will not fail.
Jiminy Cricket
Pinocchio 612
Pinocchio's nose betrays him. ("Murder Most Foul")

After having been carved by Geppetto and magically given life, Pinocchio the miraculous puppet becomes a naughty boy and ends up running away to Pleasure Island, a child's paradise which emulates a fairground... and which is difficult to escape, especially for one so predisposed to giving into temptation. One eventful evening, Pinocchio is sat next to by a man named Robert, and is taken by the coin attached to his wrist, wanting to know if it's valuable. Robert explains that it's only valuable to him because his son, David, gave it to him, and Pinocchio figures that he's come to Pleasure Island to retrieve said son. Robert then reveals that he's in fact there to collect his other boy, James, and questions if Pinocchio has seen him. Pinocchio says that he hasn't, which causes his nose to grow, and Robert comes to figure out that this happens every time the young puppet boy tells a lie. As such, Pinocchio is forced to rat out James' location, and he ushers Robert to hurry up when he tries to leave with his son because he has the place's guards on his tail. ("Murder Most Foul")

120 05
A real boy at last. ("The Stranger")

Sometime after returning home, Pinocchio rides through the sea with his creator, Geppetto, attempting to escape the whale, Monstro, that is after them. However, when insisting Geppetto take their only life vest, Pinocchio is lost to the waves. After washing up on the beach, Geppetto tries desperately to find his son, but only discovers his wooden corpse lying in the sand. He cries profusely over the artificial body, but then the Blue Fairy arrives and makes it no longer artificial. Having deemed that Pinocchio acted selflessly, bravely and truly, she is able to use her fairy magic to not only restore his life - but turn him into a real boy. Pinocchio is absolutely overjoyed to have this happen to him, exclaiming over and over that he's a real boy, but the Blue Fairy warns him that he must remain brave, truthful and unselfish if he is to remain this way. ("The Stranger")

Pinocchio 620
The Queen gives young Pinocchio a fright with her song. ("The Song in Your Heart")

Wanting to keep her unborn child, Emma, safe, Snow White makes a wish upon a star that she and Prince Charming will have what they need to help her, and to give her a chance at a happy ending. The wish ends up granted, and this means that the entirety of the kingdom ends up bursting into song and dance. Geppetto works with Pinocchio in his workshop and sings about how he's real and not a toy, and now there's a lifetime to enjoy the happy things, for he's got no strings, and he's his real boy. Jiminy Cricket even flies in and complete this verse with a series of chirps. The Evil Queen isn't happy when she sees this through one of her mirrors, unable to deal with such a happy kingdom, and goes on a rampage while singing about how love doesn't stand a chance against her curse. One of the places she visits is Geppetto's workshop where she causes young Pinocchio to hide in fear behind his father while she stabs the table before getting up on it, singing about how the kingdom's happy feelings will soon become the reverse thanks to her. They are most dismayed, but later forget all about the singing thanks to the Blue Fairy, who reveals that the songs were never intended for the whole kingdom to defeat the Queen but for Emma herself to defeat a more powerful evil later on. ("The Song in Your Heart")

120 15
Geppetto wants to protect his boy. ("The Stranger")

Pinocchio acts as a somewhat unruly child, playing pranks on his father's friend and conscience Jiminy Cricket by tying him up and stuffing him in a cuckoo clock. His father warns him against such behavior, and he promises to be better in the future. The Blue Fairy soon pays them all another visit, revealing that the Evil Queen plans to enact a Dark Curse which will rip them all away to a land without magic. This frightens Geppetto, naturally, but Blue assures that Snow White's unborn child Emma is prophesied to save them all in her twenty-eighth year, and she can be protected from the curse is Geppetto is willing to carve an enchanted tree into a magic wardrobe which should act as a vessel, taking her to this new land without being cursed. However, Geppetto fears that his son won't survive the curse, for he may be turned back into wood with no magic to enchant his life force, or worse. The Blue Fairy can't make any promises, and so Geppetto only agrees to build this wardrobe if Pinocchio is allowed to be protected by it too. ("The Stranger")

120 16
A royal council meeting. ("The Stranger")

Snow White and Prince Charming hold a royal council meeting in order to discuss what to do about the Evil Queen's upcoming Dark Curse. Attended by Pinocchio, Geppetto, Red Riding Hood, Granny and some knights, it is soon joined by the Blue Fairy, who reveals of one last enchanted tree left in the realm that can be carved into a magical wardrobe. She turns to Geppetto, asking if he is capable of carving it into the needed vessel, which he promptly confirms, assuring that he and Pinocchio will be on it. Pinocchio is reassured of his safety. The Blue Fairy continues that it can then be used to send Snow White and her unborn child - the prophesied Savior - to safety. However, the Blue Fairy doesn't state the entire truth. Keeping up her deal with Geppetto, she lies to the council, stating that the vessel will only take one person through, thus setting aside Pinocchio's spot. Though disheartened, Snow and Charming know that it is what they must do to ensure the safety of their child. From there, Pinocchio and Geppetto get started on the wardrobe. ("Pilot"/"The Stranger")

120 21
Pinocchio is sent through the wardrobe. ("The Stranger")

Queen Regina's Dark Curse has been cast, and is on its way to engulfing the castle just as Pinocchio and Geppetto finish crafting the wardrobe. Snow White, meanwhile, has gone into early labor, thus meaning that she will not be able to go through the wardrobe with his newborn daughter. The Blue Fairy finds Pinocchio and Geppetto and tries backing out of their deal, insisting that Snow be with her daughter. Geppetto won't hear of this though, and going up against Blue's pleas and Jiminy Cricket's advice, he decides to see to it that Pinocchio ends up in the wardrobe before the curse has hit. He makes Pinocchio promise to look after the royal's daughter once getting to this new realm, and once being sent through, Emma follows shortly after, for Prince Charming had just enough time to get her through, but from there the curse hits the castle and everyone else left in the Enchanted Forest is ripped away and taken to a town called Storybrooke. ("The Stranger")

After the Curse

Early Life

I'm sorry, Emma.
Emma EL 120
Pinocchio holds baby Emma in his arms. ("The Stranger")

Pinocchio finds baby Emma in the tree that brought him into the real world, and holds her in his arms. ("The Stranger") Eventually he brings her to the side of a road, where they are found. They are both placed in foster care, and Pinocchio helps to look after the baby, but he is talked down upon and mistreated by Mr. Raskind, who works at the home. Then, Gordie, a fellow orphan, shows young Pinocchio that he stole money from a sock drawer, which is enough to buy everyone bus tickets out of there. Gordie tells him they're leaving now, and asks if he wants to come, but the young man tells him that he promised his father he'd take care of Emma. Pinocchio asks if they can take Emma, but his friend replies that they can't take care of a baby. Gordie then walks away, but Pinocchio begs him to wait. He then gives Emma a kiss goodbye and apologizes for leaving her, feeling genuine sorrow. He then leaves with his fellow orphans. ("The Stranger")

August EL 611
Emma is inspired to be a Swan. ("Tougher Than the Rest")

Pinocchio keeps tabs on Emma for a while and, as a teenager, he approaches her - at a time when she's just a homeless little girl who's run away from a home, burning a book of fairytales in order to stay warm. He wants to convince her to go to a police station so that she can be safe, but first convinces her not to keep burning the stories, especially when he sees her about to throw the tale of the ugly duckling into her trash fire. He notes what an inspiring story it is, about how a strong enough belief can cause one to transform into what they want to be, but Emma points out that that's not how the story goes. In the story, the ugly duckling was always a swan, and simply didn't know it. Pinocchio sees it differently, though. The way he sees it, the ugly duckling believed so hard that she could be a swan, that that's what she became, and he thinks the same thing could happen for Emma if she just believes in herself. She can become the person she wants to be. Somewhat affected by his words, Emma decides to go to the police station after all, giving her surname as "Swan". Learning of this makes Pinocchio happy. ("Tougher Than the Rest") In the years that followed, Pinocchio, as August W. Booth, travels around the world, getting to know it better, appreciating it for its beauty. His favorite place to be is Nepal. ("Red-Handed")

Pinocchio 206
August shows something to Neal... ("Tallahassee")

At age 17, Emma becomes a robber and associates herself with a fellow robber, Neal Cassidy, with whom she plans on settling down. Once August finds out about this somehow, after looking for her for 2 years, he tracks them down and follows after Neal one night. Neal mistakes him for a police officer and tries to make a run for it, but August is able to grab a hold of him and makes it clear to the robber that he knows Emma, and says that if Neal wants to protect her, they need to have a talk. When August claims to be Emma's "guardian angel", her protector, Neal wonders where he's been all her life, and he tells him that he is not perfect: this world is full of temptations, and he is not too good at saying "no" to them. Neal asks him who he is, and August explains to him that he and Emma were in the same home as children, and back then he promised he would take care of her. Neal responds that they promised to take care of each other, he and Emma, and August realizes that he loves her, which is good, because it means he has to do right by her. August goes on to explain that Emma has a destiny to fulfill, and the lifestyle they currently have is deviating her from it. Neal isn't too convinced, until August asks him if he believes in magic. Neal can tell that he does, and August tells him so will he, and then shows him something he brings with him on his motorbike. Whatever it is, it's enough to convince Neal. August explains to him that there's a curse, Emma is the key to breaking it, and he was tasked with making sure that she can do it, and Neal was caught in the crossfire. August then tells him a story, at the end of which Neal is forced to decide what he's going to do about Emma. Eventually, he tips her off to the police and she's arrested. Later, Neal meets with August, feeling remorse over what he did, but the author reassures him that it was the best they could've done, and agrees to make sure Emma gets some money from him when she gets out of jail, as well as the car they shared. He also agrees to send Neal a postcard once the curse is lifted. ("Tallahassee")

Season 1

If you need evidence for everything, Emma, you're going to find yourself stuck in one place for a long time.
August 218
August is left in a Hong Kong gutter by Tamara. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

August awakes at 8:15 A.M. in Phuket with a shooting pain in his leg, when he looks at it, he discovers that he's in fact turning back into wood. He visits a doctor who sees a normal leg, as he is not a believer in magic, so August stabs it with a knife, which causes no wound. The doctor, freaked out, calls in orderlies to restrain August, however, the writer runs away and is eventually found by a man who tells him that he should go and see the Dragon. August is later seen in the Dragon's waiting room when another client drops her phone, August sees this and hands it back to her and we are shown that the woman is in fact Tamara. When it's August's turn to see the Dragon, he is made to give up his whale-necklace in order to receive the treatment, as well as a large sum of money. Not being able to afford this, August mopes at a bar where he is approached by Tamara, who claims she has cancer and had to give up a photo of her and her grandmother in order to receive treatment. When she leaves to take a phone call, August sees the money in her purse and steals it, quickly running to the Dragon and being given a potion that is to absolve his problem. When he leaves, he is seen by Tamara and chased into a gutter where he falls due to his leg. Tamara takes the potion from him and leaves. August goes back later to beg the Dragon for another chance, however, he discovers that he has been murdered. August then goes to New York City to visit Neal, telling him that he's going to Storybrooke, Maine in order to aid Emma in believing so that she may break the curse. He leaves on his motorcycle. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

August 109
There's a new kid in town. ("True North")

One night, in the town of Storybrooke, Henry Mills, the adopted son of Mayor Regina Mills (the Evil Queen), brings his birth mother, Emma Swan, some pumpkin pie. He tells her that the fact that she saved Ava and Nicholas Zimmer from being sent to foster care is another sign that she is changing things for the better. This said, a stranger arrives in the town, on his motorcycle. The stranger parks his bike across the road from the mother and child, and then comes up to them. He smiles to Emma, as though he recognizes her, and greets her. He then asks if this is Storybrooke, and Emma says that it is. He asks if there is any place around to get a room; Henry asks him if he's staying, and the stranger - Pinocchio, all grown up - says that's the plan, he's just looking for a bed. Emma gives him directions to Granny's Bed and Breakfast, and he thanks her, and then walks back to his bike. The blonde tells him she didn't catch his name, to which the stranger retorts that he didn't give it. He then drives away. Emma reminds Henry that he'd told her that no one new ever comes to town, and Henry says "They don't." ("True North")

Emma 110
Emma meets the stranger... ("7:15 A.M.")

When the stranger has some problems with his motorcycle, next to the house of the Mayor, Henry comes up to him and asks some questions. Regina notices this and, failing to recognize the man and unable to get to him, for he drives away, grows concerned. This prompts her to come to Emma for help, to find out what she can about the man. Emma encounters the man at Granny's Diner, and Emma tells him they need to talk because he is suspicious. The man tells her that his bike broke down by Regina's house and Henry came up to him asking questions. Emma is curious about the box he carries around. The man taunts her by saying that he is going to make her wait a long time to find out what is in the box, and in the meantime she will have to watch him carry it around. Or, he says, she can let him buy her a drink sometime and he'll tell her right then. She agrees, and he opens the box before her, to reveal an old typewriter inside: he's a writer. He's there because that place provides inspiration. She asks if he's been there before, and he neither denies nor confirms this, he just leaves. She asks him about the drink, and he reminds her that he said 'sometime'. ("7:15 A.M.")

August 111
The stranger shows interest in Henry. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

After the big storm that engulfed the town of Storybrooke, Henry's castle, his favorite playground by the beach and the spot where he hangs out with his birth mother regularly, is partially wrecked. He checks to see if his storybook is still buried in the sand under the castle, and learns that it is. Later, Regina orders that the castle be completely torn down, much to Henry and Emma's disappointment, but worse of all, the young child realizes that his book has gone missing. Thinking that Regina took the book, Emma sets out to retrieve it. The stranger then finds Henry at Granny's Diner, trying to write down and draw the stories of the book before he forgets them. When August shows interest in him and the book - Henry says the book is merely about "stuff", Henry asks what he is really doing in Storybrooke, since he can write anywhere, but the stranger merely tells him "stuff". It is later revealed to us that the stranger has the book... ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

Emma 113
August takes Emma to a watering hole. ("What Happened to Frederick")

Some time later, Emma arrives at Granny's Diner to find the stranger, who tells her he'd like to take her out for that drink he promised her once. She teases him about not going out with men who refuse to tell her their names, and he reveals himself to be August W. Booth (the 'W' standing for 'Wayne'). We then see that August is apparently adding new pages to the compilation of fairytales... Later, August shows up on his motorcycle, outside the diner, and asks Emma to hop on, because he knows a good 'watering hole' where they can go. She does so, reluctantly, and he takes her to an actual watering hole: a well in the middle of nowhere. He starts telling her that there is a legend around that well, which claims that the water from the well originates from an underground lake that has magical properties. If someone drinks the water from the well, something lost will return to them. Emma comments that he knows a lot about the town for being a stranger, and he fires back that she knows very little for being the sheriff. Emma asks if he's been there before to know all of this, and he replies that he simply read the well's plaque. He tells her that water spreads throughout the entire world, connecting everything, so if something were to have mystical properties, it'd be water. They then drink up. Later, Emma notices a familiar red box next to her parked car, inside a small puddle near the sidewalk, and she opens it to find Henry's book inside. Unbeknownst to her, August is watching from a distance. She then returns it to her son. The kid takes this as a sign that their luck is changing. ("What Happened to Frederick")

August 115
Ruby flirts with August. ("Red-Handed")

Ruby, a sexy waitress working at Granny's Diner, flirts with August one time, expressing interest in his tales about the adventures he's had traveling around the world. August tells her that his favorite place to be was Nepal, and comments that its temples were infested with lemurs. Ruby inquires him further, but Granny - her grandmother, the owner of the diner - scolds her for this, because she is flirting rather than tending to her job. This causes Ruby to have a fight with her grandmother - a discussion August is somewhat amused by - and ultimately Ruby quits her job. August feels awkward over all of this. ("Red-Handed")

August 116
August tries to cheer Henry up. ("Heart of Darkness")

Henry feels a little blue after his teacher, Miss Blanchard, is framed for murder, and also because his mother, Emma, is still skeptical about the curse. He goes to Granny's Diner to get a hot chocolate, and August finds him there and starts talking to the kid. August tells him that some people can't see what's right in front of them, and tells him that he should start looking for answers elsewhere... like the book in his bag. August comments that he is a writer so he is partial to finding his answers in the literary form. Henry says that it's just a book, to which the man replies, "Is it?". He then says that he thinks they both know that that's not the case, and Henry is intrigued. The young man asks his companion what he knows about the book, and August says that he knows it's a book about stories that really happened. Henry asks how he knows this, and the writer tells him that he's a believer, and that is why he's there, in Storybrooke. Henry says that he already believes, and August says that he's there for Emma, not him. Henry asks why he doesn't just tell Emma the truth, and he tells the child in response that some people, like the two of them, can go on faith, but others, like Emma, need proof. Henry recounts that the last time he tried to find proof he found himself stuck in a sinkhole, and August says that there are less dangerous ways to find it, hinting at the book. ("Heart of Darkness")

Emma 118
Thanks to August's suggestion, Emma finally finds something of use. ("The Stable Boy")

August encounters a beaten-down Emma reading Henry's book, and advises her to go about her investigation of Kathryn's apparent murder from the beginning, which is a technique he uses when he has writer's block. Emma takes his advice and goes back to the place where Ruby found the box with the heart. There, she notices that August seems to have a limp. Also, she finds a broken piece of a shovel. That night, she enters the garage of the Mayor, and finds a shovel with a piece missing... a perfect match. Emma is confident that she finally caught the Mayor, but the following morning, when she shows up with a warrant, the shovel has apparently been replaced. She blames August for telling the Mayor, and later she confronts Mr. Gold, reminding him that she came to him for help but he wasn't any. Mr. Gold says the case isn't over, and that there's still time for him to work his magic. Then, an angry Emma smashes the vase with the flowers Sidney brought and finds a bug in them. She apologizes to August, who accepts her apology, and shortly afterwards they hear a scream. It's Ruby, who has just stumbled upon none other than an alive and disoriented Kathryn Nolan. ("The Stable Boy")

August 119
August irritates Rumplestiltskin. ("The Return")

August requires Henry's assistance with a small plan. While the young man distracts Mr. Gold in his pawn shop, under the pretense of getting a gift for his teacher, Miss Blanchard, August roams around the office of the owner of the town, looking for something. However, August is found by Gold. Gold asks Emma if she trusts August, and she says that she trusts him more than she does Gold. Gold then spots August chatting with the Mother Superior outside the local convent, and once he's gone the elderly man asks the head nun what they talked about. She tells him that August wanted advice and council as he has just come to town after being separated from his father for a long time and he has just now found him. Gold asks if they have reunited yet, but Superior explains they haven't even spoken yet. Gold asks why, so she explains they had a difficult parting. This then all leads Mr. Gold into believing August is actually his son, Baelfire. Later, in the woods, Mr. Gold confronts August who admits to being his son; Gold is overjoyed and apologizes. The two of them go to dig up the Dark One's dagger, which holds Rumple's power. However, soon after they retrieve it, August tries to control Gold with it, proving to Gold that August lied about being his son. Gold pins August up to a tree, holding the knife to his neck. August admits that he's dying and was sent to make the savior believe in the curse but failed. Gold lets him go and tells him to try again. ("The Return")

Emma 120
August offers to help Emma fight Regina. ("The Stranger")

August comes over to Emma and Mary Margaret's apartment to install a new lock on their door, one that should keep Regina and her skeleton keys out. Emma asks where he learned to do all this, and August lies and says it was in school. Since Emma threatened to go up against Regina and take Henry from her, August offers his help to get her to see the big picture on how to defeat the Mayor. However, Emma, who has been called to meet Henry because of a new "Operation Cobra" development. At Granny's Diner, Henry tells Emma that someone added a new story to his book, to tell them something they need to know about the curse - the story of Pinocchio. A story that isn't finished. A blue August is then seen in his room, tinkering with the small red hat that he wore as a child. He then gives Mr. Gold a call, saying they need to meet and discuss Emma. It is then revealed that his limp is merely the result of his leg reverting to its original wooden state. At the pawn shop, August runs into his father, whom Gold had asked to fix a wall clock for him. Gold makes a comment about how August can't bring himself to say 'hello' to his father, and they then discuss the situation with Emma. Gold tells him that he'll give Emma a nudge in his direction. When the blonde comes to Gold for help with her possible case against Regina, Gold refuses to help her, which drives her in August's direction, hoping that he does indeed get her to see the big picture like he had promised. August then drives her out of Storybrooke, to the place where he, as young Pinocchio, found her when she came into that world, protected by the magical wardrobe. He tells her the truth, but she doesn't believe a word he says, and refuses to listen to him anymore. He then goes on about the curse and Emma's role in it, and says that it is all true. He says that the both of them came into that world through a tree they're standing by. He is still unable to get through to her, no matter how hard he tries, and when he is unable to chase after her because something is wrong with his leg, he tells her that he failed his mission, getting her to believe. He then shows her his wooden leg, to make her understand that he is Pinocchio... but all Emma sees is a normal human leg, because her denial is even worse than he thought. He tells her that it is her job to save everyone, and she gets emotional and says she doesn't want that burden, and that everyone is therefore screwed. This leads August to realize that his goal to get Emma to believe might never be accomplished, which leads him to try and spend what little time he might have left in the company of his father, Geppetto, who doesn't remember him at all. August therefore offers himself to work on the elderly man's workshop. Geppetto accepts his help. ("The Stranger")

August 121
August proves Henry right. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

Young Henry is alarmed when he learns that his birth mother wants to leave Storybrooke, so he comes to August's room for help. Henry tells the author that he has to make Emma believe, and he acknowledges this, but claims to have failed at his mission, and apologizes for it. He explains to the young man that he tried to show Emma what is happening with him. It started with his legs, and now, as he can show Henry, it's spreading to his arms. Henry is surprised to see August's wooden arm. Henry is therefore finally convinced that he was right all along about the curse. August points out that Henry is a smart kid. Henry points out that his friend is Pinocchio. August says, jokingly, "What gave it away?". Henry then asks him why he's turning back to wood, because according to the story he should be real. August explains that he's changing back because he hasn't exactly been a good boy, and if the curse doesn't break, his transformation doesn't stop. Henry tells him to show this to Emma and then she'll have to believe, but August says that he tried that already, and Emma doesn't want to see it, so she doesn't, and there is nothing he can do. August says that he is getting tired, so Henry tries to rush him into doing something fast, but Pinocchio has apparently given up, and he says that he wants to spend the time he has left with his father. Henry knows that his father is Marco, to which August says, again, that he's a smart kid. Henry is a bit frustrated that everyone is giving up, and August tells him he's out of "Operation Cobra", so now it's now up to the kid. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

August 122
Emma's eyes are finally opened to the truth about August. ("A Land Without Magic")

After her son Henry is poisoned by an apple turnover with a bit of the sleeping curse left in it, which had been given to her by Regina, Emma comes to August's room for help. She now believes in the curse, for her son fell victim to magic trying to prove to her that magic is real. She tells him to open the door, and hears him saying that he can't. She kicks the door open and finds August lying on the bed, reverting back to his wooden state, with his limbs having now turned back into those of a puppet. A horrified Emma asks what is happening to him, and August realizes that she can see it now, she believes. She asks how to stop this, and he begs her to break the curse. She promises him that she'll try, but she then goes on to say that she has to save Henry first and she needs his help. August tells her that she doesn't, but she denies that, saying that this is all too much. She tells him that no normal person can do this, and he says that, luckily for them, she's not normal. "You can save Henry.", he says, as his face slowly starts turning into wood. "You... can save... all of..." He is unfortunately unable to end his sentence, for his entire body is now made of wood. Emma breaks down next to the lifeless puppet, but not for long, for she now realizes she can't back down from her mission to save everyone. And thus Pinocchio's work is done, even if later than he expected. ("A Land Without Magic")

Season 2

My boy... my poor boy.
202 02
Pinocchio still has life left in him... ("We Are Both")

Following the breaking of the Dark Curse, a wooden-state Pinocchio is left lying on his room's bed, motionless, unattended... and then his blue eyes blink, indicating he has life left in him. Meanwhile, Geppetto, his disheveled elderly father, searches for his son, even putting up signs to draw attention to his missing boy. Later, Henry encounters him at Granny's Diner and whispers something to his hear. This leads Geppetto to come to August's motel room, only to find an empty bed. The only familiar thing he comes across is the small red hat Pinocchio wore as a child, an item that reignites his hope. ("We Are Both") When Emma finds Neal in New York, he explains to her that he set her up because her friend, August, told her to. He then flashes back to August showing him a box sitting on the seat of his motorcycle, telling Neal that once he sees the contents, he will listen to every word that he says. It is then revealed that the box contained a type writer with a sheet of paper sticking out of the top reading, "I know you're Baelfire". ("Manhattan")

Pinocchio 218
Pinocchio is a real boy once more. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

When Mary Margaret goes to the woods to do a little target practice, one of her arrows hits something nearby and she soon discovers a trailer. She goes inside, wondering if anyone's in there, and she is approached by August, who is now completely made of wood. She is taken aback and tries to convince August to come back into the town as Emma misses him, however, August views his seclusion as the punishment he deserves and refuses to go back with Snow. Mary Margaret goes to Granny's Diner where she tells Marco and Emma of August's whereabouts, however, Tamara is sitting at the bar and overhears. She goes into the woods alone and knocks on August's door, the man-puppet is utterly shocked to see her. She tells August that she still has some of the Dragon's potion in her apartment in New York, but that to get it, August will have to leave town forever. Wanting to be a man again, August takes the keys to Tamara's car and begins to leave town, but upon seeing the photograph of Tamara and her grandmother, it occurs to August that she is the one who murdered the Dragon back in Hong Kong. He turns the car around and quickly makes it to the sheriff's station in search of Emma. He calls her cell and tells her to meet him, but Tamara disconnects the call before he can explain the reason. When August vows to warn the town of what she's really there for, Tamara takes out her special taser and electrocutes him. He stumbles out of the station as Emma, his father, and others arrive on the scene. He apologizes for Marco for not being the good boy he should have been and tries to warn Emma of something, however, he dies before he can do so. Henry points out that August's final act was honest, brave and unselfish, therefore, he can be saved. Mother Superior approaches them and agrees with Henry, using her magic to turn August into little boy Pinocchio once more. Emma asks him if he remembers what he was trying to warn her of, but he says that he does not, as if he did, he would be truthful about it. Pinocchio then leaves the sheriff's station, a real boy once more, happy with his father. ("Selfless, Brave and True") Some time later, Neal comments to Emma that August/Pinocchio showed up at the playground to play with Henry, and the blonde tells her former lover that that's gonna be hard to get used to. ("Lacey")

After the Second Curse

Season 3

Please, your majesty... we are a peaceful village. What do you want from us?
Pinocchio 321
Pinocchio hides from the Evil Queen. ("Snow Drifts")

When Emma and Hook inadvertently fall through Zelena's time portal, they end up in the Enchanted Forest of the past, where they soon witness the Evil Queen stop at a nearby village to torment the community, who have been hauled out of their homes by Black Knights. Geppetto is amongst them, and he steps out with his wooden son, Pinocchio, at his side, telling the Queen that they are a peaceful village and demanding to know what she wants. She replies that she wants justice, in that she wants Snow White captured, and she makes an example of one of her prisoners to show everyone what helping Snow looks like. Emma wants to step in and help, but Hook stops her from doing so, pointing out that anything they do to alter the past could mean drastic changes in the future. ("Snow Drifts")

Season 4

Just because the boy doesn't remember being me doesn't mean I don't remember being the boy.
Pinocchio 413
Pinocchio struggles to remember his adult life. ("Unforgiven")

Regina and Henry embark on a search for the Author of the latter's storybook, and it is soon remembered that August was able to take the book apart and add his own story in, and so they believe that he could have known something about who wrote it originally back before he was regressed to a child. As it is, they call in the young Pinocchio along with his father, Marco, and show him the book, hoping that it will spark his memory. Emma tries talking to him, hoping to use their old friendship to amplify the spark, but nothing works, and he apologizes for letting everybody down. However, this isn't good enough for Regina, and she believes that Pinocchio simply isn't trying hard enough. She yells at him, wanting him to remember, but he can't, and Marco is quick to defend his son from the Evil Queen. Pinocchio is ushered away while Marco berates Regina for the way she's acting, concluding that she doesn't even deserve this happy ending she's striving to hard to have written. Later, she visits Marco in his workshop and apologizes for the way she acted, knowing full well that if she wants to deserve this happy ending then she cannot revert to her old ways. Marco accepts this apology and gives Regina something that might help her - August's things from when he came to town. Inside, Henry is able to find a clue as to who the Author may be - a picture of a mysterious door. ("Unforgiven")

August 414
Re August. ("Enter the Dragon")

When Regina goes undercover to learn more about the plans of the Queens of Darkness, she soon finds out that they have they're own ongoing investigation as to who the Author is, wanting to use him in order to shift the balance of who does or doesn't get a happy ending. They think that Pinocchio is a good lead, despite Regina assuring them that it led her nowhere, and the former Evil Queen is forced to enter Marco's workshop when he and his son are sanding a wooden rocking horse together and knock them both out with her magic. She then kidnaps Pinocchio for Maleficent and the others, much to Emma's protest, and it's soon revealed that Rumplestiltskin is back in Storybrooke after having been banished, also wanting to find this Author and have him rewrite the ending to his story. He tells the others that it won't matter how much they torture Pinocchio, he won't be able to remember anything so long as he's a child... so they just have to make him not be a child anymore. With that, he uses his magic to reverse what the Blue Fairy did, and Pinocchio is once again turned into the man he used to be: August W. Booth. ("Enter the Dragon")

August 415
The truth must be told. ("Poor Unfortunate Soul")

August remains tied to a chair as threats are made with knives and fireballs, and he ends up admitting to the Queens of Darkness, and Rumplestiltskin, that he stole some research about this Author they're all so desperate to know about from a now-dead mystic called The Dragon. However, his information remains superfluous, and Mr. Gold soon returns with a potion stolen from the fairies, one which will temporarily reverse any spell they've done. It is forced down August's throat and he momentarily reverts to his wood form, with his "built-in lie detector" now activated. Now, whenever he makes a false claim, his nose will grow. Rumple grabs him and holds him in front of a fire, forcing him to talk without lying, and August goes on to explain how the Author was trapped behind a door by the Sorcerer, and an illustration of said door was amidst the things given to Regina by Marco. All he knows about it is that it's in Storybrooke, and so Rumple and Maleficent search the Sorcerer's mansion for the door while Regina is sent to retrieve the illustration from Henry. August is left with Cruella De Vil, who is quickly knocked out by Mary Margaret as she, David and Emma all free him. He recuperates back at Mary Margaret's apartment where he reveals to those there that the illustration of the door and the door itself are one in the same... the Author is trapped inside the book. ("Poor Unfortunate Soul")

August 416
August gives some exposition about Authors. ("Best Laid Plans")

August falls into poor condition and is taken to the Storybrooke nunnery as a result, where Mother Superior explains that the constant changing of his form has weakened him, and he needs rest. Hook grows slightly jealous of August, seeing how much Emma cares for him, but she assures her boyfriend that August is just a friend. She's never been able to make friends easily, and August was a rare exception, hence why he's so important to her. Later, the former puppet is visited by Emma and her parents, the former of which, thanks to Henry, now has the key to the door that the Author is trapped behind. August proceeds to explain to her that the Author isn't a person, but a profession, and one that stretches back centuries. The one that's trapped in the book isn't the only one, just the last, and the reason for his imprisonment was that he had begun to manipulate events, instead of just record them. Emma has a lot of questions for this man, and so she sets him free. As it turns out, Snow and Charming know him, having met him as a peddler many years before. Emma demands answers from him, but he soon causes a distraction and runs away. ("Best Laid Plans")

August 421
August gives some more exposition, this time about the Apprentice. ("Operation Mongoose, Part 1")

Isaac, the Author, finally gains the power to change the fates of people in this realm, thanks to the blood of Emma's childhood friend Lily acting as the magic ink to go with his enchanted quill. He begins rewriting everyone's story, and, as he does so, Emma and the others head to the Sorcerer's mansion to see if any of the empty books are being filled in. They find nothing, and August soon arrives to help, having been called in by the savior. He reveals that the Apprentice is the only one who knows how to deal with the Author, having been the one who originally approached August and told him about Storybrooke, before showing everybody a sketch of him. Hook recognizes this man, having trapped him in the Sorcerer's hat, and everyone heads to his house along with the Blue Fairy to free him. They are too late to stop Isaac, however, and everyone in Storybrooke becomes trapped (temporarily, thanks to Henry) inside a new book. ("Operation Mongoose, Part 1")

After the Third Curse

Season 6

August 611
August once again sets Emma on a path of belief. ("Tougher Than the Rest")

After spending some time in a wish realm - an alternate reality in which she was never the savior - Emma comes to learn that it was August who approached her as a child and prevented her from burning her ugly duckling story, thanks to interacting with the other Pinocchio. Upon returning home and finding the courage to change her fate, as he implied she could, she decides to pay him a visit. August is busy typing out a story in Marco's workshop when Emma stops by, proceeding to ask her friend if he knew it was her back when she was a kid and he told her to go to the police station. He reveals that of course he knew, for he kept tabs on her for a while; he knew she didn't belong on the streets, and just had to make sure that she knew it too. Emma thanks him for this, then taking out the pages from the ugly duckling story which she kept all these years, which he finds rather impressive. He notes how happy it made him when he learned that she picked "Swan" as a surname, because he figured it meant that she got it - that she was on her way to becoming the person that she wanted to be. However, Emma isn't sure that she totally got it back then, nor is she sure that she even does now, but, she does think that she's on her way to believing she can make her own destiny. Liking this, August reaffirms a lesson that he instilled within the savior a long time ago - that belief is the first step. And, re-familiarizing herself with her and Pinocchio's favorite story, Emma takes this lesson on board once more. ("Tougher Than the Rest")

August 612
Special delivery: August hands over some missing pages. ("Murder Most Foul")

David takes to cracking the case behind the mysterious murder of his father, Robert. When he comes to learn, via a magic spell, that Robert visited Pleasure Island shortly before his death, he and Hook - who's helping out - go to visit August, to see if he has any memories of meeting him. Indeed, upon seeing the lucky coin that Robert was toting around, August comes to remember, explaining how Robert was there in search of his other son, James, and that he was stone-cold sober. The former puppet honestly never connected this event back to David, who is relieved to hear that his father wasn't a drunken scoundrel after all, and in the end set out to do the right thing. Wanting to further aid the investigation, August explains how, a few years back, he tore some of his story out of Henry's book and never put it back in - pages depicting his time spent on Pleasure Island, which he isn't exactly proud of. He offers to dig them up and give them to David if it might help, and the prince is grateful. Later, after the case has been semi-solved and King George has been confronted for ordering Robert's death, August rocks up at Emma's house on his motorcycle anyway to deliver those pages, able to catch Hook. He gives the pages to Hook under the pretense that Hook will pass them onto David, only for Hook to then see an illustration of Robert, after August is gone, and realize that he was in fact the one who murdered him. ("Murder Most Foul")


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