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Peter Peter likes his parties.
Emma Swan

Peter Peter is a man who opened up a pumpkin shop in Storybrooke after the first curse, but received noise complaints due to the parties he would throw.


After the Third Curse

Season 5

505 21
Emma and Henry pay Peter Peter's pumpkin stand a visit. ("Dreamcatcher")

Emma and Henry approach a pumpkin farm as Emma explains that after the first curse ended a guy named Peter Peter opened it, and she wouldn't have known about it if it wasn't for the noise complaints, "Because Peter Peter likes his parties". After claiming she hadn't thought of this place until he mentioned pumpkins, the sound of a horse is heard and soon Nicodemus gallops towards the mother and son. Emma approaches the horse, but it begins neighing and jumping on its hind legs in terror. She tells Henry to stay back, but when the horse continues to be frightened, Henry suggests she step back and let him handle it. Emma insists she didn't do anything, but Henry points out that she's the Dark One before telling her to get back. She reluctantly complies, but Henry assures her it's fine as he grabs a slice of pumpkin and approaches the horse. He slowly approaches the horse and successfully manages to calm it down with the pumpkin. He grabs it's reins and walks past his mother, smugly telling her he told her so. "Now you've got your girl's horse don't you have a dance to get to?" Emma smiles. ("Dreamcatcher")