Only You
Once Upon a Time 5x22
May 15, 2016
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"Only You" is the 110th episode of Once Upon a Time, as well as the first part of its fifth season's finale.


Regina is left reeling after the death of Robin Hood and everyone tries to give her room to grieve, but when the heroes discover that Gold has stolen Hades' Olympian Crystal and tethered all of Storybrooke's magic to it, they set out to stop him. Henry decides that he can no longer stand all the pain magic has caused his family, so he goes rogue. With Violet in tow, he quests to destroy magic once and for all. Meanwhile, Zelena, Hook and the Charmings attempt to open a portal that will return Merida and the Camelot folk home, but things go awry and the group winds up in a strange new world.


Previously on Once Upon a Time...

Violet walks into Granny's Diner for her date with Henry and he greets her nervously. ("Dreamcatcher") Rumple uses the Underworld's version of Pandora's Box to contain a pregnant Belle while she's under a sleeping curse. ("Firebird") Emma stands at Killian's grave and tells him that she misses him, but later she is hit by a burst of magic as her true love is resurrected; she turns around to see him and they happily reunite, with him figuring that Zeus must have sent him back. ("Last Rites") Hades explains that the Olympian Crystal doesn't just kill a person - it ends them - and he proceeds to use it on Robin Hood, to Regina's devastation. ("Last Rites") Gold plucks a piece of the Olympian Crystal from Hades' ashes, making clear that this is his kingdom. ("Last Rites")


Act I

522 01
Robin's death takes its toll on Regina.

Regina stares blankly into space as she sits in one of the booths at Granny's Diner, looking highly dispirited. She is dressed all in black, as are the people around her, and she remains frozen in place as everyone else goes on by. She is in no mood for others, only misery, which is perfectly conveyed by her devastatingly empty expression. As it turns out, she's at the wake of Robin Hood, as is signified by the framed portrait of him which has been set up near the counter along with his bow and a quiver of arrows. The Merry Men are nearby, with Little John, Friar Tuck and even Roland toasting with Granny in order to commemorate their fallen friend, and some others share in the toast as well while Snow and David approach the poor solitary Regina. Snow places her hand on her shoulder; she knows that there's nothing either of them can really say, merely wanting the bereaved to know that she doesn't have to go through this alone, but Zelena, who takes a seat opposite her sister, points out that she won't have to.

522 02
Violet offers Henry her condolences.

She is holding baby Robin, and she tells the Charmings that she thinks what Regina needs is a little time with someone who understands what she's going through. David apologizes to the formerly Wicked Witch, acknowledging that what happened with Hades can't have been easy, and Zelena thanks him with a small, brief smile. Snow's hand remains on her stepmother's shoulder from when she attempted to comfort her, but she soon let's go when David announces that they'll be leaving the two sisters alone now; they make their way past the dwarfs, holding hands as we're taken over to Henry at the far counter. He too is looking dispirited, and the person who comes to comfort him is his friend Violet, who tells him how sorry she is about Robin. He thanks her for her condolences and, slowly, she places her hand on his, saying that when she heard he went to the Underworld she was afraid she was never going to see him again. "You were?" Henry asks, somewhat flattered by this sentiment, and she nods. It is then that he goes on to say how he was afraid of the same thing.

522 03
Emma wants to be delicate.

Out in Main Street, Emma is holding hands with the recently resurrected Captain Hook as the two of them approach the diner, where she promised she'd meet her mother for Robin's wake. She tells the pirate that, when they arrive, she thinks it would be best if he waited outside, and he agrees, knowing that Robin's death can't have been easy on Regina. Emma points out that seeing Hook back when that's not possible for Robin could just be too much for the former Evil Queen to handle - it could even push her over the edge. "She cursed an entire kingdom when she lost her first love," the savior recalls, but Hook argues that she's changed much since then. While Emma knows this, she still thinks she needs to break the news about her now-living boyfriend carefully, believing it to be the right thing to do. The two of them stand there in the nighttime of Storybrooke, taking in one another's presence while preparing for what's to come.

522 04
Gold tethers Storybrooke's magic to the Olympian Crystal.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gold has Pandora's Box in his clutches as he ascends the inside of the clock tower, then setting the box - which still contains his pregnant wife - down on a surface so that he may speak. Despite Belle not being able to hear him, he tells her that since her father refuses to wake her he's going to have to find another way, and he will. He points out that it's not just her he has to worry about now, but their family; their unborn child. "There's only one way I can free you both," he declares, proceeding to take the small shard of the Olympian Crystal from out of his pocket and stare at it, finishing his sentence by adding, "I need more power." With that, he channels his magic into the crystal and it remains floating in mid-air, glowing with power all the while. Clearly, a very pivotal process is taking place, and, based on the minor earth tremors that go with it, it's no easy task. Gold stands back as he continues to focus his magic, the glow of the crystal getting more potent as he does so, and when everything is at maximum intensity he further declares, "I need all of it."

522 05
Rudeness strikes again.

Merida is sat with Snow and David as Emma walks into Robin's wake, seeing Violet at the counter of the diner but wanting to find Regina, who is still with Zelena and now Henry over in the same booth as before, now appearing slightly annoyed upon the blonde's entrance. When Emma approaches, clearly wanting to talk, Regina begs that she stop because she's already had enough people feeling sorry for her today. Emma realizes this and wants nothing less than to add to Regina's levels of upset, but still she wants to talk somewhere in private, adding that the subject matter of her proposed conversation is kind of delicate. Regina looks up at the savior, her eyes glassy with tears, not knowing what news could make a day like this any worse than it is already.
Suddenly, a giant beam of blue light emanates from the roof of the clock tower, and Hook watches as several of these beams strike down all over the town.

522 06
Hook comes bursting in, to the shock of all.

A large quake is felt by the guests in the diner as the beams touch down, and everyone gets up as they wonder what the hell that was. And then... "Swan! Is everything okay?" Hook exclaims as he comes bursting in; everyone's shock is quite audible as a man they all thought to be permanently deceased stands before them, and Regina utters his name in disbelief. Zelena, wanting to calm her baby, asks what the bloody hell the pirate's doing there, and David says how they thought they left him in the Underworld. Regina looks even more upset than she did earlier as Hook explains that they indeed did, but now he's back, and Emma finds herself incapable of not smiling. "Delicate as always," Regina seethes in response, and, while David hugs Hook so as to welcome him back to the land of the living, Regina tells Emma that she's used to suffering and she's used to others getting their way. Right now though, neither one of their feelings matter, given that blast of magic; there's only one person present now who's powerful enough for something like that...

522 07
Zelena does exposition now.

"Gold," Zelena deduces after she and the other heroes have made their way over to the clock tower; there is a hole in the floor and the Wicked Witch, who's underneath it, further deducts that the Dark One has the Olympian Crystal - or part of it anyway, meaning some of it must have survived - which she knows because she can still feel the aura from it. Regina, who's on the level above along with Emma, tells her sister that she's not the only one, going on to sense that Gold used to crystal to cast a tethering spell. This surprises Emma, who wants to know what Gold was attaching the crystal to, and Regina soon realizes the answer: "Storybrooke's magic. That's why he cast the spell here." Zelena says that with the crystal he can harness all the town's magic for his own purpose, but David points out that Gold already has the power of all the Dark Ones, not understanding why he needs more. Emma infers that he needs it to wake Belle, with true love's kiss having not worked since she doesn't want to be with him, but Hook asks if any of them think the crocodile will stop at merely waking Belle, for he's highly unlikely to just turn the crystal and all its power over to them. Emma agrees, saying that they should go and take it from him, and Regina is eager to do so; however, while the others all leave, Emma stops the former Evil Queen and suggests that she sit this one out.

522 08
Swan Queen has a falling out.

Henry hears this, eavesdropping from the tower's lower level, and Regina realizes that this is why the savior was trying to be delicate with her: she's worried the Evil Queen is about to come out to play. Emma denies this, assuring that she just wants what's best for her friend, but Regina denies her denial, pointing out that when Emma's upset they follow her to hell but when she's upset she gets a time out. Growing flustered, Emma argues that Regina isn't in any state to think straight, and Henry continues to listen in as she slowly ascends the stairs, out of his mothers' eyes. "And you don't get to tell me what to do!" is the last thing Regina yells before Henry can take no more and interrupts the argument. Emma tells him that now's not the time, advising Regina to take a minute to cool off and think about things, and Regina says that if Emma doesn't want her help then fine - she can fix it on her own. With that, she teleports out in a flurry of purple smoke, leaving Emma alone with Henry. She orders him to go to her place and stay there, for he'll be safe, saying that they got this, and Henry just stares at her before turning around and leaving. Emma watches him as she assures that she means it; "Go right home!"

522 09
Henry invites Violet on a quest.

Henry doesn't listen to his mother though; instead of going straight home, he is at Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer, stealing some money from his grandfather's wall safe. He closes and locks it once he's got what he needs, placing the portrait back over it, and then Violet walks in, having received Henry's text and now being curious as to what's going on. He explains that his grandpa is trying to steal Storybrooke's magic, which made him realize how bad it is. "It's always magic. Always. Magic turned my mom into a Dark One. It took away the man my other mom loved. And now... now I think it's gonna tear my parents apart. I used to think there was light and dark magic, but it's all bad. Look around this shop..." he proceeds to make his way over the the puppets Donna and Stephen, revealing that they were once Geppetto's parents; he then picks up a needle and says that it's put dozens of people under a curse they can't wake from; and finally he picks up a small snow globe, telling Violet that an entire village is frozen inside. "It's hurt so many people," he finishes. It is then that Violet reveals that her mother is one of those people, for magic is how she died, and Henry then invites his young lady friend to come with him on a road trip.

522 10
Storybrooke's magic is stolen, and Henry plans to destroy it.

He explains that it's like a quest, but on a bus, which is like a horse, but with wheels and seats; "Just... just come with me." Violet finds this amusing, but also exciting, and he adds that he really thinks he can fix all of this. She says that her father would probably kill her, but yes, of course she'll come. Henry is ecstatic, deciding to call it "Operation Mixtape", and she laughs before he heads back behind the counter and says that there's just one more thing they're going to need. He takes his magic quill and he dips it into the magic ink, explaining before he does so that he promised never to use this pen to do anything besides record what happens - but what they're about to do is for the greater good, so he sees it as okay. With that, he writes "The Olympian Crystal appeared in the Author's hand" onto a piece of paper, then holding out his palm and having the crystal materialize in it. Violet is amazed, asking what it is, and Henry informs her that it's what his grandpa tethered Storybrooke's magic to. He places it, the quill, the page and the ink into his backpack while Violet says that she doesn't understand. Henry said that magic was bad, so she wonders why they're going to take it out of Storybrooke, and Henry replies, "To destroy it. Once and for all."

Act II

522 11
Another problem has arisen.

We are treated to a quiet shot of Main Street at dawn before being taken into Mary Margaret's apartment where Emma is staring down at a map of the town, saying that so far there's been no sign of Gold and that they need to expand their search perimeters to include the woods. Hook, her parents and Zelena - with the baby - are all crowded round, then stopping and turning when Regina enters the loft, demanding to know where "he" is. Emma reminds the Mayor that they've got this and that they'll find Gold without her, but Regina soon reveals that she's talking about Henry; she takes out her phone and reads the text he left her before he ran away, telling her that there's only one way to fix everything that's tearing them apart and that's to destroy the source of all of their problems. Emma, upon checking her phone, realizes that she got the same text, and Snow wonders what her grandson means by the source of all of their problems. It is then that Rumple walks in, telling the heroes that he thinks he can answer that.

522 12
Rumple threatens his grandson.

They are shocked to see him, not saying a word, and he informs them that Henry wants to destroy the Olympian Crystal and all the magic tethered to it, adding that he outsmarted them all by using his Authorial power to steal the crystal from right under his nose. Snow asks if Henry would even go as far as to destroy magic and Gold replies that they'd better hope he doesn't. Regina asks further what would happen if Henry were to succeed, and Gold asks in turn what she thinks will happen, considering Storybrooke was built with magic. Emma is certain that her son would never destroy magic if he knew it could hurt them, and Gold sarcastically espouses that he'll make sure to tell him that right before he takes the crystal back. "Don't you dare go near my son," Regina threatens, at which the Dark One apologizes, addressing her as "dearie" before pointing out, "He's threatening me now." And then he disappears in a flurry of red smoke, causing Regina to storm out of the building in a furious yet determined manner. Emma quickly grabs her red leather jacket and goes after her.

522 13
A Swan Queen road trip is elicited.

Outside, Emma is trying her best to keep up with Regina as she asks her what she's doing and the former Evil Queen replies that she just lost Robin - she's not about to lose Henry too. Emma realizes this, but says that they have to be smart, pointing out that Gold doesn't know where Henry is "any more than we do". Regina stops, turning to the savior and questioning her use of the word "we", saying that she doesn't remember inviting her to come along. "You benched me, now I bench you," she makes clear, attempting to go on without the blonde. It is them that Emma claims to have a way to find Henry, and Regina stops yet again; she turns back around, addressing Emma as "Sheriff Swan", and asks where their son is, at which Emma asks if after all the times he ran away Regina didn't think she'd put a GPS app on his phone. Taking out her own phone, Emma says that they need to get to the bug to catch up to him, leading Regina to wonder where he's headed. "To Boston," his other mother reveals.

522 14
Time to go home.

Emma and Regina are next seen speeding out of town in the former's yellow car, and then we're shown a shot of the clock tower before being taken down to Main Street where Storybrooke's otherworldly visitors are congregating around the leftover heroes. Merida asks the Charmings if it's true that magic is about to disappear, and Snow says that it only will if Henry destroys the crystal, which David is sure that he won't with Emma and Regina searching for him. In a panic, Merida points out that they could not find him in time, demanding to know how they're supposed to make it back home without magic, but Snow declares that it won't be a problem "if we send you home now". "We?" Zelena questions, taking out the Apprentice's wand, "I think you mean me, dear." At this, Snow requests that she summon the portal without the twister, and Zelena pouts as she proclaims that heroes ruin all the fun. Still, she adheres to Snow's request and uses the wand to create a door in the middle of the street, which then opens to reveal a mystical gateway back to the Enchanted Forest. Merida is the first to head towards it, eager to get back to her people in DunBroch.


522 15
Magic starts working outside of Storybrooke.

After a panoramic view of the city, we see Regina holding out her cell phone with a photograph of Henry on the screen, demanding to know from a bus driver whether or not this young man was on the bus they're standing beside. The bus driver doesn't know what to tell the worried mother because everyone got off, at which Regina asks why Emma's GPS tracker says he's still on it. Emma herself then emerges from inside the bus, having searched it and discovered Henry's phone hidden under one of the seats, meaning he wanted them to think he came to Boston. The bus driver tells the two ladies that, if they don't mind, it's her lunch break, proceeding to vacate the area and leave them to it. Regina asks the savior if she has any more bright ideas, snatching Henry's phone away and chucking it into the nearby trashcan; suddenly, a fire starts within the trashcan, caused by Regina's magic. "Well, that's new..." the fire-starter states, and Emma asks how that's possible because they're in the land without magic. "And so is Henry," Regina begins to deduce, "With the crystal." "And all the magic from Storybrooke," Emma realizes, using her own powers to put the fire out. It's then that it occurs to her that if their magic works out there then so does Gold's, meaning they've got to find Henry before his grandfather does. However, Regina asks where he is if not Boston.

522 16
Welcome back to New York.

It is then that we are shown another bus, stopping in a completely separate city than the one Emma and Regina are currently in. Its doors open, and various passengers are seen getting off before two familiar runaway children are seen following on from them - Henry and Violet, stepping off of the bus that they actually got onto in the first place, their cunning plan to fool Henry's two mothers and throw them off the trail having succeeded. It is then that we are shown a wide shot of this very familiar city, and Violet is immediately taken aback by it all, wowing at all the skyscrapers that fill the horizon as she exclaims that she thought the spires of Camelot were tall. "Welcome to New York City," Henry tells her joyously, knowing the place reasonably well after all his time spent there, and she laughs with excitement before the two of them join hands and proceed to venture through the Big Apple in continuation of their very important quest to, as Henry put it in his texts, destroy the source of all his family's problems.

522 17
Some last-minute goodbyes are had.

The rest of his family, meanwhile, are back in Storybrooke, helping make sure all the Camelot folk make it through the portal door and back to their home realm. Little John asks Zelena if she thinks Regina would mind them leaving without a goodbye, and the formerly Wicked Witch looks down to Robin Hood's young son, Roland, before replying that she's sure her sister will understand, for Robin would want the boy to grow up in Sherwood Forest. She then crouches down to talk to him, face-to-face, and she promises to visit him soon, saying that they'll even bring his baby sister. We see that Granny is holding little Robin, and Roland nods before kissing the baby girl on the forehead, then taking something from out of his sleeve. It's the vane of an arrow, which Roland says is for Regina - from one of his papa's arrows. Zelena takes the gift, commenting on the sweetness of it, and promises the little boy that his father's true love shall cherish it; she then gives him a big hug, at the same time that David can be seen hugging Guinevere before sending her through the portal.

522 18
The portal throws a fit.

The prince then helps all the Merry Men make it back home while Zelena stores the arrow vane somewhere safe on her person, so that she may pass it on to her sister later. Little John is the last of Storybrooke's visitors to leave, and David announces that that's everyone, wanting Zelena to close it up. Using the wand, she attempts to do just this. However, it doesn't work. Instead, her spell has some weird adverse effect on the portal, and the mystical barrier between worlds begins swirling outwards like a projectile whirlpool. Zelena appears confused, continuing to try and close it, and Granny asks what's happening as a mighty wind sweeps over the street. Zelena orders her to stand back, wanting her child to remain safe, but no matter what she does with the wand the portal won't close. She exclaims that it must have something to do with magic being tied to that "bloody" crystal, and then the portal seeps its way out in a mighty splash and consumes she, Snow, David and Hook, forcing them through the door in one big gulp as all of the power is sucked back in and the doorway vanishes from existence completely.

522 19
A whole new world.

Upon the disappearance of the portal, Snow, David, Hook and Zelena find themselves landing in an entirely different realm - one undiscovered by any of them in the past, though for now it merely looks like a slightly surreal set of woodland. As everyone finds the strength to begin making it to their feet, David asks if they're okay, but only Hook replies, saying that he is for now. He then tells the prince, and the others, to look, and they all do. When they turn, they see a somewhat gaping chasm in the earth, accompanied by bounds of mountainous rock and grassland, as well as some light amounts of fog. This is the first major clue that they're in somewhere entirely new, but then at the end of it all there's an extravagant yet entirely mysterious mansion. Zelena is the first one to say it, of course... "Well, we're certainly not in Storybrooke anymore."


522 20
Regina locates the blood of Emma's blood.

Emma's yellow bug is parked by the Boston bus station as she and Regina are sat inside, rummaging. The savior is saying that there has to be something in there which belongs to Henry, apparently wanting to do a locator spell, but all she finds is fast food packaging, leading Regina to exclaim that surely Emma must have a map somewhere in this pigsty of hers. Emma tells her that there's one in the glove box, then pointing out that it was her idea to go to Hardee's, and finally Regina finds what she's looking for. Toting a needle, she orders Emma to give her her hand but the blonde seems reluctant, wondering why. Offended, Regina asks if Emma really thinks she's about to make her take an eternal nap on a bus bench, but she gets no reply. "If you wanna help Henry, you're just gonna have to trust me," she finally makes clear, and eventually Emma removes her glove and provides Regina with her finger. The former Queen uses the needle to prick the tip, to the blonde's pain, and she says that now that there's magic in the world this just might work - and if it does then Emma's going to lead them right to Henry. She takes Emma's bleeding finger and squeezes a few drops onto the map in her other hand; she then works her magic over it and the blood forms a trail on the paper, making its way from Boston to New York. Emma doesn't seem too surprised that that's where Henry is, merely hoping that Gold doesn't yet know, and soon puts her car in motion.

522 21
Belle's man treats her so fine.

Meanwhile, a familiar and very expensive-looking black car is seen coming to a halt when it reaches a turnstile, and it is only when we see Pandora's Box - which still contains a sleeping Belle and her unborn child - sitting on a cushion in the passenger seat that we realize this vehicle belongs to Mr. Gold. The toll operator who's working the booth welcomes the Dark One to New York, then telling him that he has to pay fifteen dollars in order to get past the turnstile and proceed into the city. In response, Gold just makes a choking motion with his hand, and since the Olympian Crystal is out of Storybrooke he's able to use his magic to strangle the poor operator. Wanting the pain to cease, the latter hits some buttons within his booth which make it so that the turnstile lifts; to "thank" him, Gold relinquishes his grip and allows the civil servant to breathe once again. Rumplestiltskin then drives his fancy car into New York City. The turnstile drops behind him as he continues into the very same locale where his runaway grandson is currently trying to destroy magic.

522 22
Henry shares a secret with Violet.

After an establishing shot of the city, we are shown Henry and Violet making their way through the streets as the latter says that she can't imagine living there due to how overwhelming it all is. The two of them are snacking on slices of pizza that they've apparently bought, while Henry replies that he thought the same thing when he first came to Camelot until she showed him around. She smiles, telling him that she wants to see this place - truly - but she doesn't understand what it has to do with destroying magic. At this, Henry reveals that it has something to do with his father, for magic tore apart his family too when his own father became the Dark One (see "Desperate Souls"). Violet asks if Henry's dad wanted to destroy magic too, and Henry says, "The truth is, for a really long time. No one else knows this, not even my moms; he made me promise not to tell anyone." Violet promises him that his secret is safe with her, and Henry explains that the reason his father was in New York is because he was trying to find a way to protect himself in case his dad found him. Violet realizes that he thought the best way of doing that was by destroying magic, asking if he ever figured it out, but Henry tells her that he died before he could. However, he knows he got close; he kept everything he found in a journal which Henry suspects is in his apartment. "Come on!" he exclaims as the two of them head there.

522 23
The wand is broken.

"If this isn't Storybrooke or the Enchanted Forest then where are we?" Snow asks over in the new realm she, David, Hook and Zelena have suddenly found themselves in. Her husband replies that, wherever they are, he'd rather not stick around long enough to find out, then asking the Wicked Witch if she can use the Apprentice's wand to get them back to Storybrooke. However, Zelena is holding the wand in her hands... in two halves; it seems it snapped as she came through the portal, and she replies, "Not quite," to the prince's request. Hook bemoans that they're trapped in whatever place they are in, while David asks Zelena if she's capable of fixing the wand. "Of course! Do you happen to have any duct tape?" she asks sarcastically, then saying that they're not fixing the bumper of that god-awful truck of his - this requires the proper potions, none of which she has with her. Snow exclaims that they're just going to have to go find them, to which Zelena says that they'll have to move quickly because if they don't find Regina and Emma before Henry destroys magic then fixing the wand won't matter; they'll be cut off from Storybrooke for good. A horrible silence ensues over them as the reality of their bleak situation starts to set in, and David tells the others to hold on because he hears something. He begins moving around the woodland, followed by the others.

522 24
Uh oh.

We're then taken to the garden of the mansion where a frail and bespectacled groundsman is trimming some purple flowers with a pair of scissors. He is then approached by the four new arrivals to the realm, being asked by David if he can tell them what land they're in, but he panics in response and tries to run away, dropping his scissors in the process. Hook grabs him to make sure he stays put and the groundsman begs the group not to hurt him, at which David assures that they just want to know where they are. "I'm not supposed to talk to strangers," the nervous man replies, but Snow tells him that it's okay and that he doesn't need to be afraid of them. He says that they don't understand; they shouldn't be there and they have to go, and Snow retorts that that's what they want to do. She reveals that they're trying to get home to their families in a town called Storybrooke, which the groundsman comments is a strange name as he adjusts his glasses. Snow adds that they need magic to get back there, wanting to know if he can help them, but he refuses, fumbling over his words as he warns them that magic is dangerous and that if he helps them he'll be punished. "Punished? By who?" David asks curiously, and his question is soon answered by someone else. "By me," replies an imposing orderly who's suddenly arrived on the scene. He is toting some kind of long, cattle prod-esque device which he then uses to electrocute our heroes into unconsciousness.

Act IV

522 25

David is the first to wake up after having been stunned by that orderly, and as he and the others all come to they realize that they've been trapped in a large cage, presumably on the inside of the mansion. They get to their feet, with David commenting that now they know what that groundsman was so afraid of, and Snow comments also that this isn't like any dungeon she's ever seen. Zelena runs her hand along the bars and discovers that they're enchanted, meaning magic won't get them out of there, and Hook asks about the wand, wanting to know if the witch still has it. "Should I be offended that he didn't frisk me?" Zelena asks as she takes the wand in its two halves from out of her inside pocket, "Not that this is any use to us in here." Hearing a noise, Snow quickly tells her to hide it because someone's coming, and Zelena obliges, turning along with the others to see the silhouette of a man behind the door to the room where the cage is kept. "There you are," announces a mysterious warden as finally he gets the double doors unlocked and manages to swing them open, addressing our heroes as the prisoners who attacked his grounds.

522 26
Meet the warden.

David assures that they didn't attack anyone and that this is just a big misunderstanding, for they simply want to know where they are. As he steps further toward the light, the warden replies that all they need to know is that they don't want to be there, and that they are the ones who are going to be answering his questions. "Like why are you really here?" We see his face now, with a scar running down the right-hand side - the same side containing a red and vividly bloodshot eye. Like the others we've seen so far in this new realm, his dress is Victorian in style. Snow is the first to answer his question, telling him that they just want to go home, at which the warden says that they must think him so naive. He adds that he knows they're lying as he ascends the platform atop which the cage rests, and that he knows who really sent them: "So tell me, what does the Dark One want?" They seem surprised that he knows Rumplestiltskin, with Hook referring to him as "the bloody crocodile", and then the pirate steps forward and demands to know who the warden is and what he wants. Before he can quite finish asking his questions, however, the warden reaches through the bars and grabs his prisoner's throat.

522 27
Snow stops the violence. Shame.

David tries to pull Hook out of the one-handed strangle he's found himself trapped in, but the warden is too strong, leading Snow to come out and say that they get it - he's powerful, but killing Hook isn't going to change the truth which is that they don't work for Rumplestiltskin; he's their enemy; he's the whole reason they're there since he tried to steal magic from their town to wake the woman he loves, who's pregnant. Hook is getting light-headed from the assault by now, but the warden suddenly stops due to something Snow said; the pirate collapses to the floor while his attacker asks the woman formerly known as Mary Margaret if she expects him to believe that the Dark One has found love. David affirms this, tending to Hook all the while, and exclaims that they have nothing to do with whatever grudge the warden has against him. He begs for the four of them to be let go, promising that he won't have to worry about them ever again, but the warden simply replies, "In my experience, if you really don't want to worry about something you lock it in a cage. A strong cage, like this one. It's when you unlock the cage... that's when the trouble starts." With that, he turns around and walks away, leaving his prisoners exactly where they are.

522 28
Emma uses one of her old tricks.

At Neal Cassidy's apartment, Emma can be seen lifting a record sleeve off the ground: an album entitled Upstairs at Eric's by Yazoo, which she knows features the song "Only You". This is how she knows Henry was there, though she doesn't think he was alone because it seems he was playing his and Violet's song. Regina seems surprised that they have a song, to which Emma replies that he really likes the girl. She adds that she's nice, but Regina growls that she's just saying that because she feels bad about ripping her heart out in Camelot (see "Dreamcatcher"). Emma can't reply to that, feeling too awkward, while Regina amends that she'll like Violet a lot better when she knows where she's taken her son. The savior, walking over to the laptop on the nearby desk, replies that she might be able to figure that out, and she drops the record in favor of a USB. Upon interfacing with the laptop, she confirms that Henry has definitely been there because he tried to wipe the search history clean; luckily, with her USB, she can get it back. She inserts it into the laptop and Regina skeptically says that she won't hold her breath, to Emma's annoyance. The former Queen wonders if there's something else in this place which can tell them where Henry and Violet have gone, and as she walks into the other room her gaze is immediately drawn to a large red book on the bookshelf.

522 29
Robin has an annoying appearance.

Judging from the title, it is a collection of myths and legends that our world has about Robin Hood, and Emma asks her friend if she's found something. "One of Robin's books," she reveals, staring down at it; Emma looks sorry for Regina as she re-enters the room, book in tow and saying that he must have brought it with him from Storybrooke when he came to the apartment (see "Heart of Gold"). She knows because she gave it to him, explaining that it contains legends about Robin Hood and reminiscing about how he'd laugh at everything they got wrong. Upon opening the front cover, she discovers a sealed envelope to have been shut inside - and it's addressed to her. Emma asks what it is and Regina reveals that it's a letter from Robin to her, which the savior deduces he must have written when he was trying to make things work with Marian, or rather, Zelena. Regina asks what she's supposed to do and Emma tells her that she has to read it, and so, placing down the book on the same chair that she herself then sits down on, Regina proceeds to tear open the envelope and remove the letter hidden inside. Upon unfurling it, she reads:

My dear Regina, I know I shouldn't be writing this, but I had to let you know how proud I am of you. You opened your heart to love and let it change you. And no matter what separates us, I know you'll always be the heroine woman I fell in love with.
Robin Hood
522 30
Regina has the urge to rip Hook's throat out.

Regina now has tears in her eyes, having to get up and carry the letter to the other room while Emma is left asking what it said. Sliding it back in the envelope, the former Queen begs the savior not to try and make her feel better, but the latter knows already that she can't, and she won't. "I'm... sorry about earlier," she says finally, "I was so wrapped up worrying about how you'd react to Hook, I... I wasn't there for you about Robin." Regina turns to her, asking if she'd like to know why she got so angry, and then reveals as she walks back into the main room that it's because Emma's right: the Evil Queen is inside her, always trying to get out. She can't expect Emma to get it, but the savior reminds her that she too fought the darkness, meaning she does understand. However, this gets refuted by Regina, who tells the blonde that she went up to the precipice and got pulled back before it consumed her; she, on the other hand, was consumed... and she has to live with it everyday. Emma can't imagine how that feels and gets informed that it's exhausting, for Regina is constantly at war with her instincts. "Like with Hook. My first impulse was to rip his throat out, because it's not fair that he survives and Robin doesn't! But I didn't. Because now, I know that's wrong. As much as I wanna give into evil, I don't. So I do good, and I hate every moment of it."

522 31
The former Evil Queen comes to grips with the nature of herself.

She continues to fiddle with the letter in her hands, then sitting back down on the seat with the book still resting on it. Emma asks if Regina really hates doing good and the latter confirms it, to Emma's worry, saying that it's complicated. She knows it's right, but it always leads to loss for her, yet she keeps doing it now and she keeps suffering; she knows the Evil Queen can't return though, so that's how it has to be, with her never really at peace with herself. Her tears have gotten worse and then better in the time it's taken her to say all this, and as she gets back to her feet Emma tells her that that's not true, reminding her that she fell in love with Robin and she was happy. Regina tells her in turn to look what happened, then declaring that she is who she is and she did what she did; many years ago, she had a choice. Snow White told a secret (see "The Stable Boy") and she could have chosen to forgive her, but instead she did terrible things. Unspeakable things that will always hang over her. Again, her tears are getting worse, and she travels over to the nearby couch, sitting on the arm and wiping her eyes while saying that she tried to be a hero. Emma then gets up from behind the laptop and assures her friend that she has been, grabbing the letter which was earlier set down. Regina retorts that it doesn't matter because there's no redemption for her. There's only suffering.

522 32
The Dark One comes a-creepin'.

Because now she has a curse: the curse of knowing the difference between good and evil and she's caught between them. If she reverts, she loses everyone she loves. Henry, her friends... Everyone. And if she goes forward trying to be good, she has to live with her past darkness, and all its well-deserved consequences. "I don't believe that," Emma tells her, "I believe in you." Regina smiles at her for this, getting up and saying that that's because she, Emma, is good, but for her, it's a simple choice really, and she'd rather suffer than see that pain on the people she cares about. "This is my fate. I'm trapped." Suddenly, the laptop begins beeping as Emma's USB succeeds in retrieving the internet search history. This pulls the two mothers out of their intense conversation and Emma hands Robin's letter back to Regina, thinking she should have it, before she goes to review the data she's managed to collect. She soon reveals that Henry's at the Midtown library, and Regina wonders what he's doing there. As she asks this, we are taken outside of the apartment, and we see that Mr. Gold is eavesdropping on the two women's every word. He now knows where Henry is with the crystal, meaning it's only a matter of getting there before the boy's mothers beat him to it.

Act V

522 33
Henry and Violet have their work cut out for them.

Over at the Midtown library, a librarian is questioning Henry's insistence that he and Violet want to go into the rare reading room, opening the doors for them and saying that "here we are". She says that no one's been back there in ages, as is evident from the old and dusty feel of the room, and adds that most folks just come for the YA stuff. Before leaving, she wishes Henry luck on his turn paper, with him apparently having lied his way to where he wanted to be; he tells Violet, once they're alone, that his dad's journal said he had an appointment there which means that whatever he was looking for that had the ability to destroy magic must be in this room. While he sets down his backpack and grabs a bunch of old books, Violet takes note of the amount of dust covering the shelves, then being told by Henry to read every page of the books he's just gotten and then reread them because whatever his dad was looking for he never found it. She questions his belief that they can, to which he just says that they have to. She nods, taking the first book and beginning to go through it, and Henry goes to browse some more shelves to see what else might be useful.

522 34
All new storybooks are discovered.

Whatever he sees, it shocks him deeply because the next words out of his mouth are, "That's impossible." He then takes out another stack of books, all entitled Once Upon a Time. They are all identical to his storybook, some of them being numbered volumes, and he asks what they're doing out of Storybrooke. He begins to flick through one - Once Upon a Time: Volume II - and sees that it contains a whole bunch of stories that he's never seen before. He mentions how these characters aren't in his own storybook and comments on how many there are; on the pages we see a man being tied down by tiny people, a captain looking out to sea, a man on a horse fighting windmills, a giant sitting with a big blue ox... Violet recalls Henry saying that all the stories in his book are real, suggesting that maybe these are all real too. The final page Henry turns to depicts the mansion that, unbeknownst to him, several of his family members are currently being held prisoner inside. He marvels at the implications of what he's discovered as he stares down at all the newness.

522 35
David fashions a weapon.

David is trying to break the padlock which is keeping him, Snow, Hook and Zelena trapped in a cage, but to no avail. After deciding that it's no use, he asks Hook, who's still pawing at his throat following the brief strangulation he endured, if he's alright. The pirate replies affirmatively, sarcastically stating that he's "bloody fantastic", then adding that even in this hellish land the "bloody crocodile" managed to get in his way. He asks what they think the Dark One did to that warden and Snow replies that with him it could be anything. Suddenly, David kicks the bench that Snow was sleeping on when she was passed out, meaning he's able to pluck a sharp shard of wood from the ruins - an ideal weapon for a sneak attack the next time someone pays them a visit. Snow then tells her husband to get ready because someone's coming, and he hides the shard of wood behind his back as the four of them eagerly await this new visitor. He remains in shadow for the longest time, therefore keeping his identity secret, and David keeps a tight hold of his sharp implement just in case it's someone just as diabolical as the warden seems to be.

522 36
The groundsman wishes to come to Storybrooke.

They realize after he steps into the light, however, that it's the groundsman from earlier, and Snow asks him what he's doing there. As he quickly ascends the steps that lead to the cage entrance, he insists that he's there to help them; David, whose hand remains firmly behind his back, questions this, pointing out that the last time they met he wouldn't even talk to them, and the groundsman says that that's because the warden was watching him and he had no choice. Hook tells him that if he really wants to help them then he can prove it by opening the "bloody bars", but the groundsman reveals that he can't because the warden's orderly, Poole, keeps the keys with him at all times, though he might be able to get the magic they need... if they'll make a promise to him first. Snow encourages him to share his request, assuring that they'll do anything, and he meekly asks that when they leave this place they promise they'll take him with them back to their home. "To Storybrooke? Why?" David queries, and the groundsman informs him that he wasn't always the gardener of this place; in fact, he used to be a doctor before the warden took control and ruined everything, making him a prisoner.

522 37
The wand changes hands.

Zelena makes clear that she needs magic so that she can fix the Apprentice's wand, which she shows to him in its two broken pieces. He tells her that he knows exactly where to go - the hospital lab - but he can't take anything without the warden knowing that it's missing. As such, she'll have to give the pieces to him so that he can fix them there, then he can bring it back whole. He reaches his hand through the bars so as to take the snapped wand, but Zelena recoils; David pushes the doctor's hand away, finally taking out his wooden shard and aiming it at him, while Snow implores him to understand that the wand is their only way home. "So why should we trust you?" she wonders. "You've met the warden. Trust me, I want to get away from him as much as you do," the doctor assures, and David states that this is a bad plan. Snow acknowledges this, but says that it's the only one they've got, thereby giving her permission for the doctor to take the wand. Zelena hands it over, if begrudgingly, and then the doctor leaves with our heroes' only chance of escape.

522 38
Violet discovers the Dark Grail.

Back at the library, Henry and Violet are going through stacks upon stacks of these new storybooks, and the former exclaims that now he sees why his dad gave up - there's nothing in any of these about destroying magic. Violet looks sad as he laments that they came all this way for nothing, and she tries to comfort him by once again placing her hand on his. She says that it wasn't for nothing because she has faith that he'll figure it out; he smiles at this, and then we see her face reflected in a glass case as she turns to see something inside it which shocks her. A black metal cup which looks eerily familiar. Excited, she leads Henry over to it, exclaiming that she knows why his dad never finished his quest: it's because he never visited Camelot. He is perplexed and she explains that, back in Camelot, her tutor used to show her paintings of the Holy Grail, which he said was the source of all magic. "And it looked just like that." Indeed, this cup does resemble a black version of the Grail, but, as Henry points out, the Grail turned to Excalibur (see "Nimue"), so this couldn't be it. Violet knows this because the Grail was always silver, but this new one looks kind of like its twin, and if the Grail really was the beginning of all magic... "This might be the end of it," Henry concludes, then telling his companion to stand back. She does, and then he uses one of the storybooks the smash the glass which stands between he and the Dark Grail.

522 39
Gold couldn't have any less f*cks to give.

He then plucks it from its shelf and places it on the table he and Violet were working at, taking the Olympian Crystal from his backpack and placing it beside this new artifact in order to see what happens. There's certainly a reaction, for the crystal glows and the two powerful magical items seem magnetized to one another. This leads Henry to conclude that Violet's right and that the Dark Grail will destroy magic. He grabs it, putting it in his backpack along with his other things, and Violet asks what they do now, wondering what the next stage is in Operation Mixtape. Henry says that, whatever they need to do, it's not safe to do it where they are; as such, he applies his backpack, grabs the crystal and begins rushing out of the rare reading room along with his friend. However, before they even make it to the door, it opens, and Mr. Gold is standing on the other side. He solemnly greets his grandson, who tells his friend to get behind him, then assuring his grandfather that he's not getting his hands on the crystal. "Not without a fight." "Too bad you're gonna lose," the Dark One replies, then waving his hand and using his magic to make it so that the two teenagers fall asleep. As they collapse, he casually plucks the Olympian Crystal from Henry's grip, happy to finally have his hands on what he's been chasing after as he stands before the two minors he's just knocked out.

Act VI

522 40
The doctor repairs the wand.

It's nighttime over in the mystery realm, but the mansion is still aglow; inside, we see the demoted doctor enter the medical lab with the Apprentice's wand as promised, now dressed in an era-appropriate long coat. Upon approaching the vast chemistry sets and magical ingredients which fill the laboratory, he removes the wand in its two halves from inside his sleeve, placing them down on the table before turning on a bright desk lamp. He then takes out some test tubes filled with colorful substances, filling a small copper pot with the one containing a bright yellow powder. He then pours in some white powder from a square glass vial and begins to crush it all up with a pestle. Once the powders are ground together very finely, they are moved into a new container which the doctor proceeds to set up some complex-looking equipment around. It's all rusted metal with springs and stands, but the tube-like structure in the middle seems ideal for holding the wand. He very carefully places each half on either side of the carrier, then opening a wooden box which contains a number of buttons and dials.

522 41
Poole wants to see the warden.

When he turns one of the dials, a powerful electronic noise starts revving up, and the doctor applies some black leather gloves as he sparks together two wire-ends; he's then seen in a pair of old-fashioned goggles as he flicks a big switch on a machine in the background that he's just set up, which causes the magical substance he prepared to shoot a jet up at the tube-like carrier containing the wand. He then un-flicks the switch and removes his goggles, approaching his smoking equipment and slowly removing the wand from the carrier. Thankfully, the process was a success and the wand is once again in one piece. He holds it out in front of himself and begins to inspect it, ensuring that it's in good shape, but suddenly Poole bursts into the lab, and he looks far from happy. He demands to know what the doctor is doing there and he stammers in response that the warden wanted him to fix the wand, which he says is a surgical instrument. Poole says that if that's true then the doctor won't mind him asking the warden himself, but the doctor begs him not to, trying to remind the orderly that the warden doesn't like to be disturbed.

522 42
Goodbye Jekyll, hello Hyde.

He is clearly very frightened as he tries to step back and ends up knocking several things over, but Poole soon grabs him by the collar of his lab coat and beats him around the head, causing him to drop the wand. The doctor's cheek is bleeding now as he's dragged in a choke-hold back over to the table; Poole takes a bottle filled with a luminous blue liquid from his pocket as he does this, popping the cork as he states, "Like I said, it's time to see the warden." He then forces the blue liquid down the doctor's throat before throwing him forward, and the reaction he has to it is quite severe to say the least. He begins writhing and screaming in pain, knocking more things over and smashing lab equipment as he tries and fails to regain his bearings. His hands and face then begin to glow red and blue as he begins... mutating. His features change drastically, and even his physical stature, as is evident from the back of his coat tearing. When the process is complete, the doctor is no more; only the warden stands in his place. They are one in the same, despite being entirely different. The warden breathes heavily as he leans down on a lab table, retaining the same cut to his cheek that the doctor bore prior to his transformation.

522 43
Hyde sees an opportunity.

"Why am I here?" is the first thing he growls, and Poole apologizes for disturbing him. He then reveals that the doctor was in the lab fixing a wand he can only imagine he got from the prisoners and, upon touching his wounded cheek, the warden asks if Poole was the one to harm him. The orderly insists that he had no choice because the doctor was running away, but the warden reminds him as he approaches that he knows the rules. He then places his hand on Poole's chest... and then violently lifts him up by the throat, exclaiming, "No one hurts Dr. Jekyll!" He then quite literally throws the orderly to the ground as he adds, "Except me." And so it's apparent who these people are - if the doctor was Jekyll, then the warden must be Mr. Hyde. Hyde takes a heavy intake of breath before looking around at the lab and commenting on all the mess; he says that the doctor hasn't come down there for quite some time, which must mean he thinks the prisoners can help him. As Poole gets to his feet, he asks if they should kill the prisoners just to be safe, stating that he would be happy to do it.

522 44

However, while Hyde acknowledges that he's sure he would be, he lifts the Apprentice's wand up off the floor and says that the fact is if the doctor is up to something then this place that they told him about - this Storybrooke - could be the answer they're looking for. "You mean... you think this could be the place?" Poole asks as his master carries the wand elsewhere, saying as he does so that he thinks they've been trapped in this land far too long and it's time they found themselves a home. And so, he shall allow the doctor to go through with his plan but he's going to make one small alteration. "The doctor isn't the only one who will be going to this Storybrooke," Hyde declares, "We all will." He stares out the window, out at the land he lives in, and finally we get a good look at it. A dirigible flies past the mansion, both of which are one of many in this realm, with its industrial funnels and vast rivers and mountainous villages and a whole host more all lit up by the dawn. It truly is a sight to behold.

522 45
Henry's mothers finally find him.

We zoom across the table at the rare reading room of the Midtown library where all the extra storybooks are still stacked, and we see that one of them has been left open on a title page which reads, "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", thus confirming what we already know. The doctor and the warden of this new realm are indeed Jekyll and Hyde, not that this revelation matters much to Henry and Violet at this particular moment in time, for they're both still unconscious on the floor after their run-in with Mr. Gold. Emma then bursts into the room and exclaims her son's name upon seeing him in such a condition; she crouches down to make sure he's okay, as does Regina when she too enters the room, but all the young man wants to know when he finally wakes up is where Violet is. "I'm right here," the girl assures as she also comes to, and, once they've stood up, Emma asks the two teens what happened to them. Henry explains that his grandpa happened, and he has the crystal now, and Regina asks him what he was thinking. "Why would you try to destroy magic?" she wants to know. Henry wonders if she really has to ask him that, to her confusion, and he proceeds to point out that she finally had a chance to be happy and then magic took it away from her, just like with Daniel (see "The Stable Boy").

522 46
And then he bitches the two of them out.

Regina assures her son that the Evil Queen is never coming back and that he doesn't have to worry about her, which he knows he doesn't, because his other mom is doing that for him. He then turns to Emma and begins to lay into her for thinking that Regina was going to go evil again. Emma apologizes, knowing that she should have trusted her friend, but, as Henry exclaims, she didn't, because she knows how it goes for them - "Every time it looks like we could be happy, magic just comes in and wrecks it." Regina asks him if that's what he really thinks and he confirms that it is, saying that, in case they both forgot, magic took away his dad (see "Quiet Minds"), and it took away Violet's mom. Violet places a comforting hand on his arm as he says this and Regina and Emma both look very displeased with themselves, especially when their son adds that he doesn't know what he would do if magic took away one of them as well. They try to rush in to comfort him but he orders them not to. It is then that Regina asks him what he was doing down in this room, and he reveals that he was following his dad's trail to try and figure out how to destroy magic, which Emma seems surprised by. He then lies that they didn't find anything and that it was just a waste of time, and Violet, not correcting him, asks what they do now that Henry's grandpa has the crystal.
We are shown a shot of Mr. Gold walking amid the mass rabble of New York City with the Olympian Crystal concealed somewhere on his person, as well as his wife in a box.

522 47
Regina's magic won't work.

Back at the library, Regina says that they have to find him, proceeding to take out a map and lay it out on the empty table. She requests that Henry give her his hand and he asks if this is really going to help find his grandpa; Regina assures that it will tell them if he's still in New York, then pricking her son's finger with the needle from earlier. She squeezes a drop of his blood onto the part of the map which shows Midtown, and she waves her hand over it so as to perform the same tracking spell as earlier. However, nothing happens. "My magic," the former Queen then realizes, "It's gone." Emma deduces that Gold must have done something with the crystal.
When we next see Gold, he is entering a fancy hotel with a small travel bag in tow, making his way through the lobby and to the elevator.
Regina wonders what the hell he's doing, and Emma arrives at the conclusion that he's not going to give that magic back to anyone; he's going to keep it all for himself.

522 48
A portal is opened using the repaired Apprentice's wand - but what could Mr. Hyde be after?

Gold steps off the elevator and makes his way down the hotel corridor, all the way to his room at the very end.
Emma says that they're going to have to find him the old-fashioned way. She then begins staring very intently down at the map on the table, wondering where the Dark One could be.
Using a hotel key-card, Rumple enters his room, seemingly having something very important that he wants to do...
Meanwhile, back in the mystery realm, Mr. Hyde his waving the Apprentice's wand around above his head. He is using its magic to create a portal, apparently reading how to do so from the book which rests open in his other hand. Poole asks if he's making a portal, but his question is soon answered when one appears in the place of the circular skylight in the ceiling. The orderly then asks if this is how they're going to get to this Storybrooke, but Hyde answers negatively, saying that for what they're after they need to think bigger. Poole asks further what they are doing, and his master replies, "Taking something that will give us the power we need."

522 49
Rumple makes the wrong choice.

Gold sets the Olympian Crystal down on the hotel room desk - could this by what Hyde is after? He then removes Pandora's Box from his bag and assures the woman inside that, when he wakes her, he thinks she's finally going to understand that everything he's done he's done for her, and their child. He then sets the box down on the bed and adds that he's then going to give Belle what she's always wanted - he's going to show her the world. He goes to wave his hand over the box so that he can open it and set his sleeping wife free, but suddenly the room is rocked by an earth tremor, and Rumple knows exactly what this means. A portal is about to open. But where? He looks between the box and the crystal and eventually he makes the logical decision to grab the latter, assuming that that's what whoever's behind this is after. However, he's wrong, and as soon as he makes the decision to abandon the bed, the portal opens right there and Pandora's Box is sucked inside. The portal closes before Rumple can get to it and he is left shocked and wifeless, calling Belle's name in a very frantic and panicked manner. He is devastated, unsure of what to do.

522 50
Hyde gets his mitts on Belle.

Pandora's Box, with Belle and her unborn child resting inside, falls from the portal conveniently into the hand of Mr. Hyde. The portal then closes, and Hyde is left with the Dark One's true love in his possession. Poole doesn't understand, wondering how this box is going to help them find a home, but Hyde assures the orderly that it's not about the box; it's what's inside it. "Or rather, who. If the Dark One ever wishes to see his wife again, he'll have to do exactly as I say." And just like that, Hyde has the leverage he needs to carry out his devious plot.


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This episode, along with "An Untold Story", garnered 4.07 million viewers - the highest amount since episode 13, "Labor of Love".


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