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Munchkin's Village
Munchkin's Village
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The Munchkin's Village is set in Oz, and home to the munchkins. When Dorothy Gale is put under a sleeping curse, she is brought to this village in order to be cared for until she wakes up.


Before the Curse

516 12
Zelena terrorizes the munchkins. ("Our Decay")

Zelena works to put together a time travel spell so that she can go back in time and change her fate. However, certain ingredients are needed for this spell, one of which is a brain. Zelena sets her sights on a certain scarecrow, but when she goes to take his brain, Dorothy Gale arrives to rescue him. As such, Zelena is defeated for the time being, but she refuses to give up on her search. She makes her way to the munchkins' village to question them on where Dorothy might be hiding. When they refuse to answer though, she kills one of them - Boq - but the rest flee when Hades of the Underworld arrives. With the munchkins gone, Zelena and Hades form an alliance. They go after Dorothy together, and soon enough Zelena is successfully able to get her hands on the scarecrow's brain. ("Our Decay")

After the Third Curse

Season 5

TBA ("Ruby Slippers")