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Mirror of Souls
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Reveals the evil of one's soul
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The Mirror of Souls.


The mirror of souls was recognized after Belle and Gaston, who were arranged to meet, went on a walk together in the woods. As they were walking, Gaston heard something in the woods. They came across a child Ogar, in which Gaston wanted to bring to Belle's father the king to be killed. Belle refused, begging that it not be killed because it was only a child. Belle convinced him, so they look through a book of the Kingdom's magical items, and finding the mirror of souls. Belle showed him that it was only an hour's ride away, and will show demonic fire in any living creature's eyes if they are of evil intentions. Belle finds it, leaving Gaston to guard the Ogar. Belle returned with her father, and she explained what they planned to do. However, when they came to Gaston, he explained that had it escaped the hunter's hole it was trapped in, and attacked him. The king decided to go on a hunt to catch and slay it, and Gaston stepped up to lead. Belle begged them to allow her to come and use the mirror, because it may have been defending itself, and meant no harm. Her father refused, but she followed secretly. When the hunting party came to the Ogar, and Gaston was ready to shoot, Belle jumped in front of the arrow holding the mirror. It was smashed, but one piece remained, in which Belle saw Gaston's eyes glowing. She figured out that Gaston had tortured it while they were gone.

Before the Curse

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