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Mills Mausoleum
Mills Mausoleum
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The Mills Mausoleum is where Cora and Regina each kept the hearts they collected, or any other certain magical items they possessed back in the Enchanted Forest and in Storybrooke, Maine.


Before the Curse

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Regina tells the doctor to take his pick at a heart. ("The Doctor")

When moving into Leopold's palace to get married, Regina's mother, Cora, comes along with her, bringing with them her vault of hearts. Once banishing Cora to Wonderland, Regina is left with her mother's vault of enchanted hearts, and when meeting Viktor Frankenstein, she learns that he may be able to resurrect Daniel, her deceased true love, with one of the enchanted hearts Cora has collected. Regina takes him to the vault to take his pick, and once he does, he gets to work. He lies to Regina though, stating that the operation was a failure, all as a part of Rumplestiltskin's plan. This leaves Regina heartbroken, but helps her move forward with her life, now being able to accept there's no bringing Daniel back. ("The Doctor"/"In the Name of the Brother") Following Leopold's death, Regina decides it's time to kill her stepdaughter, Snow White, as well. She hires a Huntsman to do the job, and orders he cut out her heart once finishing the job, and to bring it back in a box. The Huntsman finds himself unable to kill the innocent princess, so he instead kills a stag, and brings back its heart for the Queen. Regina takes the heart to her vault, but discovers it's not Snow's when the spell on the box won't go into its slot. As punishment, Regina takes the Huntsman's heart and turns him into her sex slave; she has her guards take him to her bed chambers. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")

After the Curse

Early History

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In her vault, Regina drinks a potion that makes her forget the identity of her son's birth mother. ("Save Henry")

Once the Dark Curse is cast, Regina has her vault of hearts taken with her Storybrooke where they are hidden underneath her father's tomb in the local cemetery. Years pass, and Regina starts to feel an emptiness in her life, so she goes to Mr. Gold in hopes he can help her adopt a child. He succeeds, and she is now the mother of a boy she names Henry Mills. However, when he refuses to stop crying, she worries there may be something wrong with the boy, so she does some digging into his records and learns that his birth mother is none other than Emma Swan, who happens to be the Savior that is suppose to break the curse. She originally plans to return Henry, but finds herself unable to see it through. She ends up going to her vault where she puts together a potion that'll make her forget about the Savior being Henry's birth mother, thus letting her move on, and raise Henry happily. ("Save Henry")

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