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Maurice's Castle is a large castle located in a mountainous landscape, and is the residence of Maurice and formerly Belle.


Before the Curse

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Belle and Colette try to hide from the ogres. ("Family Business")

When an ogre attack makes its way into his castle, Maurice, along with everyone inside evacuate. His wife and daughter, Colette and Belle become trapped in the castle's library, however, hiding underneath a table. Colette holds the ogres off whilst Belle is escorted to safety by guards, but Colette is killed before she can be saved as well. Grieving for his wife, Maurice prepares a funeral casket and holds a vigil for her. Belle eventually awakens, having passed out after the ogres attack, but has no memory of her mother's sacrifice. She asks Maurice about her mother's whereabouts, only to see the ongoing wake. Maurice later checks up on Belle, who is unable to sleep. She expresses interest in tracking down rock trolls, beings who can restore memories, thus allowing her to know what happened to her mother. Not wanting Belle to have to pay the price of magic, Maurice forbids her to go, even confining her to her room until the doctors say she is better. Belle disobeys her father, however, traveling to Arendelle, but returns home, empty-handed, having run into trouble along the way. Realizing he cannot hide the truth any longer, Maurice tells his daughter the nature of Colette's death. He also mentions that the ogres have gotten stronger, to which Belle tells him of a sorcerer, Rumplestiltskin, who can help them. Despite knowing magic always comes with a price, Belle assures Maurice that she is willing to pay it in order to be as brave as her mother once was. ("Family Business")

Maurice 112
Maurice tries to protect his daughter. ("Skin Deep")

Sir Maurice is leading a war and it seems like all hope is lost. His daughter, Belle, tries to reassure him that things could turn around but he refuses to believe so. A noise is heard at the door and the king and his men go to see what it was, the door is opened but no one is there, however, the king turns to see Rumplestiltskin sitting in his throne. Rumple offers to help put an end to the war, for a price. Maurice agrees, but the price is Belle. Maurice refuses to give up his daughter but Belle decides her own fate and says that she will give up her freedom in order to save the kingdom. Maurice's daughter goes to live with Rumplestiltskin. ("Skin Deep")

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