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This massive brawler encounters Captain Hook at a tavern in the Enchanted Forest, making his dislike for pirates known. Before Hook is able to go against him, however, Queen Regina snaps his neck. He appears in "Swan Song".


Before the Curse

Massive Brawler 511 01
Regina kills the massive brawler. ("Swan Song")

As the Evil Queen heads into a tavern in the fairytale land that was, Hook follows her inside, having been told that he's there to confront "a man" and wanting further description, but Regina is pretty sure he'll know which one she means. She tells him to face this man and then he'll prove he has what it takes to face her mother, but Hook, looking out at the tavern's customers, begins to say that he's not sure he sees who she's talking about. However, he is interrupted by a massive brawler who exclaims that "pirates ain't welcome here". Hook takes him to be the man Regina wants him to face, approaching the brawler who tells him to get out, but the pirate says it seems they are at an impasse, preparing to fight. Rolling her eyes, the Queen says, "Oh, for heaven sakes," before flaring her wrist and snapping the brawler's neck with her magic. He falls to the floor, dead, and Regina makes clear that Hook isn't there to face him - she turns him around so that he can see who she was really talking about - but him. Hook spots his father, Brennan Jones, serving drinks at the faraway bar. "Father..." he utters, stunned, as the Queen smiles. ("Swan Song")

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