Lost Girl
Once Upon a Time 3x02
October 6, 2013
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"Lost Girl" is the 46th episode of Once Upon a Time.


While Emma, Mary Margaret, David, Regina and Hook continue their search for Henry in Neverland, Peter Pan appears before a startled Emma and offers her a map that will reveal her son's whereabouts... but the only way to make the map appear is for Emma to stop denying who she really is and come to grips with her true feelings about her identity. In the meantime, Mr. Gold receives some unexpected advice from a friend that could lead him to understand his life's journey while in Neverland. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, when the Evil Queen presents Snow White with an offer to live her life with Charming in peace - with the caveat that she give up her claim to the throne - Charming makes it his mission to ensure that Snow doesn't take the offer.


Previously on Once Upon a Time...

The Jolly Roger sets sail for Neverland, approaching a magic bean portal in the sea beside Storybrooke. ("And Straight on 'Til Morning") On Neverland, Felix throws Rumple a straw doll and comments that it's funny how the things we haven't seen in years still have the ability to make us cry; Gold cries. Felix also tells the Dark One that if he's there for Henry, then he will not survive. Rumple replies by threatening Felix, stating that the real question is how many of Pan's followers he takes down with him. ("The Heart of the Truest Believer")


302 01
Rumple gives his shadow an instruction.

On the island of Neverland, Mr. Gold, still in his Dark One attire, conjures a fire ball in his hand and throws it at the compilation of logs and rocks at his feet; a campfire ensues. He stares through the flames at the blank wall of rock opposite him before approaching it properly, allowing his shadow to be fully cast upon it. With a few simple arm gestures and a flick of Rumple's wrist, the shadow freezes, and he draws his magical dagger from within his leather-clad robes. Looking down at his feet on the ground, Gold bends over and begins cutting around his feet with the dagger, causing a purple glow to emanate as he cuts. It's apparently a painful process, but Gold does the same to his other foot, and when he stands up straight again, his shadow on the rock flies upwards on its own accord. Rumple flips the dagger in his hand so that the handle is now facing his shadow and he tells his new creation that it knows what to do; "Hide it where no one can find it... not even me." And with that, Rumplestiltskin's shadow takes the magical dagger and flies away with it.


Act I

302 02
Mary Margaret doesn't like her name.

A sword chops down some leaves in Neverland's jungle and we see that David is cutting a path for himself with a lantern in his non-sword-wielding hand. Behind him is Hook, who merely uses his namesake feature to gently push aside the island's vegetation, and the pirate comments that the ridge is just fifty paces up ahead. As Regina and Emma (who's also carrying a lantern) emerge behind him, the latter asks if he really thinks they'll be able to see Pan's hideout, at which Hook replies that they should be able to see everything, including where Henry is currently being kept. Mary Margaret brings up the rear of the group, as Regina angrily points out that she could have just "poofed" them up there in an instant, meaning that there was no need for the long hike. The gang continues to walk and Hook asks the former Queen if she has any idea what's "up here", or anywhere for that matter. He explains that there are danger all about and that only he can guide them past said things. Emma agrees with Hook based on the fact that he's lived in Neverland before; if he says hiking's the best way, then they should all listen. Mary Margaret catches up with her daughter and offers her a canteen full of water, saying that she needs to stay hydrated, to which Emma replies, "Thanks, Mary Margaret," and drinks. Snow points out that "Mary Margaret" is a bit formal and suggests that Emma call her "mom" if she wants, reminding her that she's done it before.

302 03
Hook warns Charming against the Dreamshade poison.

The blonde, who appears practically taken aback, points out that that was when they were about to die (see "And Straight on 'Til Morning"), and a clearly saddened Mary Margaret assures Emma that she gets it. Emma continues forward, and after a pause, so does Snow. Meanwhile, back at the front of the group, Charming is still chopping down the plants in their path and moves forward to swipe at a thorn bush, at which Hook grabs the prince's arm and protests profusely. David, annoyed, assures the pirate that he can handle a couple of thorns, but Hook explains that the plant is Dreamshade; "It's not the thorns you need to worry about, it's the poison they inject you with." And with that, we see that the thorns are in fact dripping with a thick, black venom. The captain goes on to explain that this plant is the source of the toxins he used on the Dark One (see "The Queen is Dead"/"The Miller's Daughter"). When Emma asks, Hook confirms that it is indeed the poison that almost killed Gold but that that was a more concentrated version; in its natural form, the Dreamshade poison shall ensue a death that is much slower and far more painful. Hook suggests that they go in the direction right of the plant, but David, not liking to take orders from a pirate, states firmly that they'll be going in the opposite direction, before leading the way himself.

302 04
The Jolly Roger crew look out over Neverland.

Regina and Mary Margaret follow on from the prince, and Hook tells Emma that her father's a distrustful fellow, to which she replies that David's just not used to working with the bad guys. The pirate assures her that he is not a bad guy and Emma points out that Pan isn't supposed to be one either. As the two of them begin to follow on from the others, Hook asks the blonde what could have possibly given her that idea, and she replies with, "Every story I ever heard as a child." The two of them avoid the Dreamshade as they move past it whilst Hook assures Emma that the stories got it wrong and that Pan is the most treacherous villain he's ever faced. He then stops her and asks what he was like in these stories of hers; "Other than a villain. Handsome, I gather." "If wax mustaches and perms are your thing," Emma says jokingly, and as she goes forward, Hook judges from her tone that perms are bad. "Up here!" Charming yells, and we are shown he and Mary Margaret standing on a cliff edge beside Regina, looking out over the whole of Neverland. Emma and Hook join them, but the latter is unable to point out Pan's lair. Regina says that all she sees is jungle, at which Hook points out it's a dark jungle, using his mouth to extract his telescope as he does so.

302 05
Some motherly advice.

Through said telescope, Hook looks out over the vast jungle and comments that it's grown somewhat since he last step foot in it. "So this nature hike was for nothing..." Regina unhappily declares. David chimes in, saying that while Hook may have led them astray, they're in a good position to start combing the jungle. Hook then explains to the prince that a dark jungle is the last place they'll want to step foot - they'll need to go around it, and for that, they'll need their strength; he suggests that they set up camp. Regina is furious by the prospect of sleeping whilst her son is out there suffering, but Hook argues that they'll have to if they want to live long enough to actually save her son. The pirate and Queen then go set up camp, and David puts away his sword before joining them. Mary Margaret is then left with Emma and asks if she's okay; Emma says that Regina's right and Henry's out there somewhere, but Snow argues that Hook is right too and they have to survive if they're going to get him. "I know," Emma utters, "I just hope we're not too late..." "After everything your father and I have been through, if there's one thing we've learned: it is never too late."

302 06
Déjà vu.

In the fairytale land that was, Prince Charming is riding a horse along a lakeside, anxious to find his slumbering princess. The camera moves in on him, his cloak fluttering behind him, and we are then shown the seven dwarfs gathered around Snow White's glass coffin. They turn when they see Charming arrive, and the prince is devastated to see his true love in such a way, believing her to be dead. He approaches the coffin and stares at Snow's sleeping face through the glass layer, before ordering the dwarfs to open it. The dwarfs do as the prince commands and remove the coffin's lid, revealing the sleeping beauty inside, and Charming kneels down before Snow, kissing her on the mouth. As the kiss ensues, a burst of true love emanates from the couple, spreading out across the entire land, and Snow is brought to a conscious state (see "Pilot").

302 07
Oh no she didn't.

Inside the Evil Queen's Dark Palace, one of her knights is seen to be carrying the Magic Mirror in his arms, running to find Regina as the aforementioned mirror screams for the knight to be careful. "If you drop me," the Mirror exclaims, "I'll make sure you have fourteen years bad luck!" And the knight continues to run. Meanwhile, in her palace's garden, Queen Regina is seen to be picking a ripe, red apple from the tree in front of her, before being alerted by the voice of her Magic Mirror. He addresses her as "your majesty" and she turns to see him being carried by her knight, reminding him that she told him never to disturb her when she's out there. The Mirror assures his mistress that that he hasn't disturbed her yet; "Just wait until you see this." And with that, the former Genie's face vanishes from the glass and Regina is shown the scene of Prince Charming strolling alongside a lake with a conscious Snow White on his arm (see "A Land Without Magic"). The Queen is furious that the prince woke Snow, and as the Mirror shows her Charming proposing to the princess, he tells Regina that true love's kiss apparently can break any curse. When Snow accepts the proposal and kisses her prince, the Mirror comments that that will be one hell of a wedding and that there won't be a dry eye in the entire realm, but the Queen orders him to be quiet, intent on watching her nemesis' conversation. Snow tells Charming that they're going to take back the kingdom, but Regina leans in towards her mirror and states, "We'll see about that."

302 08
Snow says stuff.

Later and elsewhere in the Enchanted Forest, Snow White is standing atop a wagon in front of several gathered villagers; Charming and the dwarfs are at her side. She states that the Evil Queen murdered her father and put her under a sleeping curse, but she is not the only one Regina has made suffer. The villagers nod and speak in general agreement with their princess, and Snow goes on to exclaim that the Queen has terrorized them for far too long and that the kingdom doesn't belong to her, it belongs to them. The villagers cheer in agreement for these two statements, but when Snow asks who is willing to stand beside her and fight for what's rightfully theirs, all of them fall immediately silent. "Quite the courageous army you're building," Regina sarcastically notes from behind the crowd, causing the frightened villagers to disperse and hide behind whatever objects are near; this leaves the path clear between the Queen and Snow. The latter tells Regina that the villagers may be afraid of her, but "we" (referring to herself, Charming and the seven dwarfs) are not. The Queen wonders why, suggesting that it's because she and the shepherd broke her little sleeping curse. Charming and Snow both draw their swords, but Regina merely raises her hand and Charming is magically tied up in multiple ropes around his torso, causing him to drop his sword.

302 09
Charming gets a little tied-up.

Regina continues, telling Snow that, luckily for her, she didn't come there to fight, but to offer her a deal - "Consider it an engagement present." The prince struggles from within his bounds and orders Snow not to listen to the Queen, but Regina again merely raises her hand and a rope is shoved in Charming's mouth, preventing him from talking. She mockingly asks her stepdaughter if she's "really gonna marry that", but Snow merely asks Regina what she wants. Now able to continue, the Queen tells Snow that she wants her to give up her claim to the throne; "If you declare me the rightful ruler to this land, I will let you, the dwarfs and your so-called prince escape back to the sheep farm he once called home." Snow realizes that this would mean living in exile, at which Regina points out that she's tried to kill her and she's tried to curse her but none of it's worked, then she realized that she was going about it all wrong: Snow needs to be alive and awake so that she can spend all her days knowing that Regina has taken everything that was supposed to be hers.

302 10
You are a part of the rebel alliance and a traitor!

Charming struggles again from under the ropes binding him but the Queen ignores him, ordering Snow to get down on her knees and swear on her father's grave that this kingdom belongs to Regina. "And if I don't?" Snow wonders, to which Regina replies that someone will pay the price. She then extends her arm to the side and magically causes a female peasant to fly out of her hiding place and into the air, strangling her in the process. As the villager chokes at Regina's hand, her feet dangling above the ground, Snow decides to take a run at the Queen with her sword and swipes at her, ordering her to stop. However, the Queen vanishes in an array of purple smoke which causes both Snow to fall on her face and the strangled villager to fall to the ground, still alive. Charming's ropes drop from around his torso and he pulls the other from out of his mouth before rushing over to help the villager to her feet. His fiancée asks if she's okay and Charming answers positively. Suddenly, Regina returns, bringing more magical smoke with her, and assures Snow that next time she won't be. "You have until sundown tomorrow to give me the throne," Regina states to a shocked and mud-covered Snow, "And for everyday that you defy me, I will kill one of your loyal subjects. Stop denying who you are, Snow White. You may have been a princess, but you will never be a queen."

302 11
Emma meets Peter Pan.

Back in Neverland, Regina is sleeping on a camp bed set up on the jungle floor as Snow and Charming sleep a few feet away from her in the same conditions. Near to them is Emma, who is tossing and turning as the sounds of crying children is heard. She awakes with a start and removes her blanket, quickly taking Baelfire's sword from out of its sheath and getting to her feet. She looks over to her parents and tells them to wake up, however, the two of them remain asleep and Emma is forced to scout the jungle on her own, the crying still audible in the background. It gets louder the further she moves away from the campsite, and as she moves forward, a voice is heard behind her - "You hear that too?" Frightened, Emma quickly turns around to see Peter Pan casually leaning against a tree. He asks if she's Emma but doesn't wait for an answer, instead questioning why Mary Margaret, David and the others can't hear the crying. The blonde, not recognizing the boy, asks who he is, at which is nonchalantly introduces himself as Peter Pan. At this, Emma immediately runs at the boy, pinning him up against a tree with her sword at his throat. She asks where Henry is but Pan merely happily comments that she's got "fire", which he likes, and Emma repeats the question. Pan assures her that Henry's still alive if that's what she's worried about, and she asks where the hell he took him. The boy tells Emma that her son is a very special boy and Emma says she knows, but that that doesn't answer her question: "What do you want with him?"

302 12
Pan gives Emma some bogus map.

Pan replies that he appeared before Emma to see who he's up against and admits that he's not disappointed, the blonde asks if this is the part where he says she'll never see Henry again, but Pan answers negatively, saying that he's going to help her find him. Emma is suspicious and doesn't say anything in response, leading Pan to continue by explaining he'll give her a map. Contemplating this, Emma takes a step back and allows Pan to retrieve a piece of parchment from an inside pocket which he assures her is a map that will lead her straight to her son. Emma, who's still got her sword pointed at the boy, asks if this is some sort of trap, but Peter merely laughs, saying that he may not be the most well-behaved boy on the island but he always keeps his promises. After he again assures her that the path to finding Henry is on the parchment, Emma lowers her sword and questions why he's giving it to her. Pan explains that it's not about finding Henry, but how she finds him; "And, Emma, you're the only one who can." After pause, the blonde takes the map from Pan and looks at it, annoyed to see that it's blank. This leads Pan to tell her that she will only be able to read that map once she stops denying who she really is, and the sound of children crying gets louder as Emma focuses her attention on the blank parchment. When she looks up again, Pan is gone, and Emma is left standing alone in the jungle, confused.

Act II

302 13
Emma tries to figure out the map.

Back at the campsite, Emma is seen sitting opposite a rock on top of which the blank map that Pan gave her is resting. As she contemplates it, Regina paces and Hook, who's sitting atop another rock, comments that Pan so likes his games. Regina asks the pirate to what game he's referring, insisting that there's nothing on the map, however, Hook assures her that if Pan said there's a map on the parchment then there is. Emma skeptically says that they'll be able to read it when she stops denying who she really is, whatever that means, and Regina asks how they know Pan won't just use it to lead them straight into a trap. "Because he doesn't need to," says Hook, "This whole island's his bloody trap!" As the pirate stands up, Mary Margaret and David are seen returning together; they tell Emma that there's no sign of Pan anywhere and ask if there's been any luck with the map. Regina tells the couple not to hold their breath and Emma wonders what that's supposed to mean, at which the former Queen explains that Pan is tricking them as every second spent looking at the parchment is another second that they're not looking for Henry.

302 14
Snow won't shut up this episode.

Emma asks if Regina has a better idea and she replies with, "Magic." This appears to worry Snow and Charming, and Regina approaches the map saying that if there's a lock on there she'll find it. Emma quickly moves the map away from her and states that Pan said it had to be her; Hook agrees with the blonde as he believes that breaking Pan's rules would be unwise. David says that, sadly, he agrees with the pirate, and Hook comments that he's winning the prince over, he can feel it. Mary Margaret adds that Regina's magic doesn't exactly have a gentle touch and David adds further that using it on the map might blow up in all their faces. "That's a risk I'm willing to take," Regina says with hostility, but Emma disagrees, standing up and clutching the map. She says that if she's the one who has to figure out this thing then she needs to do what Pan said, but Regina appears skeptical. Snow assures her stepmother that Emma shall achieve this feat before approaching her saddened daughter and telling her not to give up as if Pan's playing a game, she can win.

302 15
What's with the deer?

"We can't win, we have to leave the kingdom!" Snow White tells the seven dwarfs at their campsite in the Enchanted Forest of long ago. Charming, who's sat around a circular table with Snow and the dwarfs, asks his fiancée how she can even be considering giving into Regina, pointing out that the Queen will continue terrorizing the land with or without Snow gone. He asks who will protect the people then, but Snow points out that she wasn't able to protect them earlier that day; she couldn't even help that poor girl. She then tells Charming not to kid himself as she knows Regina won't stop with the peasants and will soon start to come after the people who are closest to her. Grumpy assures the princess that he and the dwarfs will stand by her side no matter what, and Happy adds even if it means their deaths. "Which it probably will..." Sneezy adds in a worried tone, causing the other dwarfs to stare at him. Charming begs Snow not to let the Queen get into her head but Snow says that Regina has a point, that she is no queen and no leader, but a mere girl who lost her parents, ran away into the woods and became abandoned.

302 16
You a gold-digger.

"You're Snow White!" Charming reminds her, but Snow admits that the truth is she doesn't even who that is, and she knows what she doesn't want to be: alone. Her fiancé assures her that that's never going to happen and Snow says he's right, taking a look around the table and stating that if she takes the Queen's offer they can all live together, in exile, but at least they'll be alive. She says that they should leave tomorrow before vacating the table, and as Charming tries to go after her, he is stopped by Grumpy, who asks why the prince suddenly cares so much about saving Snow's kingdom. Charming wonders what the dwarf means and Grumpy replies that if he has true love then it shouldn't matter whether they live in a castle or on a farm. Realizing what he means, the prince asks the dwarfs if they think he's in this for Snow's crown, and Grumpy points out that he's the one who said it. Charming assures them that he understands but begs for their trust that he wants what's best for Snow; Grumpy says that Snow may love the prince but that his chiseled chin isn't fooling them - "We got our eyes on you." "Are you dwarfs with me or against me?" Charming asks, and Sneezy states that Grumpy was pretty clear. They then apologize to the prince, telling him that Snow's already made up her mind so if he's looking to change it he's going to have to do it without their help. The dwarfs disperse and leave Charming alone to think, during which time he utters that he'll find another way.
In the library of the Dark Castle, Rumplestiltskin is seen to be spinning at the wheel, turning straw into gold with magic. "You again?! Didn't I just help you wake your princess?" he asks, in address to Prince Charming, who says he needs his help once more. He reminds Rumple that, long ago, he made Snow remember who she was when a spell blinded her (see "Heart of Darkness") and he needs him to do it again. Rumple appears confused.

302 17
Claire finds herself back on the Island.

Present-day Rumplestiltskin is seen to be sitting on a rock in front of a campfire in Neverland, staring down at the straw doll in his hands. He hears a noise in the nearby bushes and stands up cautiously, setting the doll down on the adjacent rock as he does so. The noise is heard again and so Rumple approaches the bushes, asking who's there. The noise is then heard behind him and he turns, demanding that, whoever it is, this person show themselves. As he inspects the rock where his shadow was earlier formed, a hand is seen to be suddenly grabbing the straw doll from the rock before running through the jungle with it. "That doesn't belong to you, dearie," Rumple utters, before chasing the cloaked thief. It doesn't take him long to catch up to the thief, and when he does, he turns them around and pulls down their hood, revealing that it is in fact his true love Belle. He utters her name, but Belle merely smiles.


302 18
He so abusive, he abuses his dreams.

Looking at Belle in her famed blue dress and added brown traveling cloak, Rumple tells his true love that he doesn't understand, and asks her how she got there. Belle, who's still holding Rumple's straw doll, takes note of Gold's outfit and tells him that she thought he didn't dress like that anymore and that that was his past. He replies that it's now his future: becoming the Dark One, as it's the only way he'll save his grandson. She smiles and strokes the side of Rumple's face with her hand, commenting that he hasn't completely submitted to his past self and that there's still hope. With a smile on her face, Belle leans in closer in order to kiss Gold, but before their lips have a chance to meet, Rumple quickly pulls away, telling Belle that she's not really there. She laughs, stating that he is correct and that she's still in Storybrooke, right where he left her. He asks if she's okay and if the protection spell worked, and she assures him that it did, that they're all fine and Storybrooke's safe. Suddenly, Gold advances on Belle and grabs her face violently, asking how he's meant to know that these aren't just lies meant to lead him astray and that she's a vision conjured up by Pan. Despite the position she's in, Belle continues to smile. She assures Rumple that Pan didn't conjure her, but he did. At this, Gold lets go of her face and takes a step back, and Belle says that the question is "why?".

302 19
Rumplestiltskin has nothing to offer the prince.

In flashback, Charming says that Rumple must have some way of changing Snow's mind, but the Dark One says that if she doesn't want to fight the Queen there's nothing he can do about it. Charming adds that he just needs a way to make her believe in something that he already knows: that she can face Regina and win. Rumple stands up and steps away from his spinning wheel, explaining to Charming that magic can't make people believe and it works the other way around. "Belief must come from within," he adds, going on to say that the Queen's offer was a fair one and that the prince ought to do himself a favor and take it as ruling the kingdom isn't all it's cracked up to be; "Just ask your dear old brother. Oh, wait. He died. You see my point?" After a giggle, Rumple sits back at his wheel but Charming halts the straw, preventing Rumple from being able to spin. He tells the Dark One that he came to him for an answer and that he must have something. "Now name your price."

302 20
Charming helps Snow find her aim.

Elsewhere, in a wooded area, Snow fires an arrow at a sandbag with a target drawn on it using her bow, however, she misses. Judging by the amount of arrows stabbing the floor, this is the latest in a long line of failed shots. Soon enough, Charming approaches her on horseback and advises his fiancée that she should save her arrows for the Queen. Snow reminds him that she already made up her mind and they're leaving, but Charming says that she'll want to hear what Rumplestiltskin had to say as he dismounts his steed. The princess points out that Charming, more than anyone, should know that Rumple's deals always come with a price, but he argues that sometimes the price is worth paying as without him, she'd still be in that glass coffin. After a pause, Snow asks what the Dark One said this time, and the prince recounts being told of a legend: a magical weapon that can help her reclaim her kingdom. Snow shakes her head, saying that she's not interested unless it can guarantee no more lives will be lost. Charming tells her that the weapon is only a half-day's ride from where they are, meaning that they can be there before sundown. Snow draws another arrow from her quiver and loads her bow with it, asking Charming how this weapon will be able to defeat Regina. Before the prince answers, he helps Snow align herself so that she can improve her aim with the bow. "By showing her who you really are," he says, and Snow fires the arrow, hitting the target at its center.

302 21
Emma's still having trouble with the map.

Emma continues to hold the blank map out in front of her as she spouts off facts about herself, trying to get it to understand that she doesn't deny who she really is. She tells it that her name is Emma Swan, and Hook wagers that the answer to Pan's riddle's a bit more complicated than that. Mary Margaret, who's sitting opposite her daughter alongside David, tells Emma not to hold anything back, and the blonde tells the map that she's Henry's mother, she used to live in Boston as a bail bonds person and is now the sheriff of Storybrooke. Regina, who's bored and leaning up against a tree, reminds Emma that that election was a sham (see "Desperate Souls"), before asking if they're really doing what they're doing. Mary Margaret asks if there's anything Emma needs to get out there, and after hesitation, Emma informs the map that she's the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, which apparently makes her the product of true love. "I was born in the Enchanted Forest and I was sent through a portal in a tree so that I could break a curse," she continues. Charming spurs her on, standing up and asking her how she was able to break the curse, "Because... you're the..." Emma looks at her father with derision but Mary Margaret, who's also stood up, assures the blonde that she doesn't have to be embarrassed to say it. Hook wonders to what they're referring to and Regina tells him that it's the "S" word. Emma straightens herself up as she stares down at the map and tells it very clearly, and after another hesitation, that she's the savior.

302 22
Regina uses magic.

Despite everyone's anticipation, nothing happens. The parchment remains blank and Emma doesn't understand as she said that she's the savior and there's nothing she's denied more than that. Mary Margaret says that it's okay as she'll figure it out, but Regina is less optimistic, simply snatching the map out of Emma's hands and saying that she can. She says that she's beginning to believe there's no map on the parchment but that that doesn't mean it can't lead them to Henry. As Regina waves her hand over the supposed map, David reminds her that they decided using magic was a bad idea. For once, Hook says that he agrees with the prince, and after an awkward stare from David the pirate reminds him that he said they were getting along. Regina continues to enchant the parchment to the point that it glows, and Emma asks her what the hell she's doing. The former Queen explains that it's a locator spell; "This parchment belonged to Pan and it will lead us to him." It glows brighter ad brighter and soon hovers off of Regina's palm, floating gently forwards. As the map slowly flies away, finding Pan, Hook comments that they will be venturing into the dark jungle after all. "You mean the place you told us never to step foot?" Emma asks, and Hook confirms that that's the one. Regina reminds Emma that she said she wanted to be the leader and that she should start leading, and the camera moves in on the blonde's face as she begins to follow the map.

Act IV

302 23
Belle gives Rumple some advice.

Belle is seen to be leading Rumple through Neverland's jungle and, after the two of them move through a short tunnel, they arrive at a cliff edge overlooking a river. Belle, who's still carrying Rumple's straw doll, asks him if he knows why he brought her to the island, and he replies that he thought she was going to give him the answer. She tells him that only he knows that, but he professes that he's already told her. Belle insists that he hasn't, and Rumple states he has no idea, to which she assures him he does and that he's holding back, despite his protests. She asks him what it is he's not saying, and after hesitation, Rumple admits that he's a coward, just like his father. "You feel better now, don't you? You know why I'm here?" she asks, and Rumple approaches his true love, grabbing her hand and commenting that she always saw the good in him. Belle assures him that she still does and that, as much as he denies it, she thinks he sees it too. After a pause, she asks why she's there and what he's wrestling with. Rumple explains that Pan offered him a deal: if Rumple lets Pan keep Henry, then he lives and the boy needn't be his undoing. Belle realizes that her love is afraid of making the selfish choice and Gold points out that he generally does. "You abandoned your son, Baelfire, and regretted it your whole life!" Belle reminds him, "You don't need to do the same to Henry... Letting go of the past, that's the first step." As she says this, she gestures the straw doll which is still in her hands and Rumple stares at it intently before gently taking it away from her. He tells her that it's the last thing his father gave to him, and Belle wonders what happened to him, to which Rumple replies that he left him. "If you don't want to repeat the mistakes he made... you need to let go," she tells him, running her hand along his forearm, and then his hand, as she backs away from him, letting go completely. She then turns around and walks off into the jungle, leaving Rumple alone with the doll, and the Dark One decides to follow Belle's advice and let it go, dropping it off the cliff and allowing it to fall into the river below.

302 24
Pan is found.

The enchanted parchment continues to fly forward, leading the Jolly Roger gang straight to Peter Pan, and as they follow it, Regina asks Emma if she's ready to thank her. The blonde admits that she is and Regina comments that if she'd been allowed to do it sooner, they probably would have found him by now. She then holds up a hand, using her magic to halt the map, and tells the others to wait; "He's there. Pan. I can feel his smugness." David steps out in front of Regina and draws his sword, suggesting that they attack now whilst they still have the element of surprise on their side. He then takes the lead and walks on, followed by Regina. Hook, who's following also, warns Emma to be careful as Pan may look like a boy, but he's a demon. When Hook follows on from the mayor, Mary Margaret assures her daughter that they can do this, and Emma nods unconvinced.

302 25
Snow White discusses the seven dwarfs.

Back in time, Prince Charming and Snow White, each on horseback, are riding through the Enchanted Forest, slowing down to go across a bridge. On the other side, Charming halts and says they're nearly there, suggesting that they go the rest of the way on foot. Snow, who halts in her fiance's tracks, dismounts her horse as he does. As they move the reigns to the front of their respective horses, each of them stops. Snow points out that this is the first time they've been alone together since he proposed and Charming comments that privacy's hard to come by when you have seven "big brothers" keeping an eye over you. She argues that they're merely protective, and Charming, who's fastening their horses' reigns to the tree beside him, says that that's one word for it. Snow, amused, realizes that the dwarfs have been giving him a hard time, and Charming denies this besides the fact that they accused him of being a gold-digging, social-climbing shepherd. She says she has faith that he'll charm them, just as he charmed her ("...eventually"). The two of them walk on.

302 26
The sword is pulled from the stone.

As the royal couple continues trekking, Charming says that, according to Rumplestiltskin, the weapon that will defeat Regina lies at the top of the hill they're currently on. Snow asks what Rumple says of the weapon's power and whether or not it's made with dark magic, but the prince assures her it isn't, explaining that it was forged by a benevolent mage named Merlin in a realm called Camelot. The two of them soon emerge through some forestry and Charming tells his fiancée that "there it is", as the two of them stare in awe at a silver sword with a shining blue gem in its hilt, stabbing into a large boulder in the ground. "Excalibur," Charming declares, and Snow comments that it's beautiful. The prince laughs, letting go of Snow's hand to approach the sword, however, when he grasps the hilt with both hands and pulls with all his might, he is seemingly unable to remove it from the stone in which it is carved. He says it's stuck and asks if Snow would like to try, but Snow doubts she'd be able to if he couldn't. Charming explains that the legend states only the kingdom's true ruler possesses the strength to free the blade, and Snow points out that she's never ruled anything. Her future husband assures her that she will and urges her to try, and when Snow White approaches the sword and grasps the hilt with her two hands, she is able to pull it from the stone with relative ease. She stares at the weapon in amazement and Charming comments that she really is the kingdom's true ruler. Snow continues to gaze at the blade in her hands, now fueled on self-belief.

302 27
So... what's Henry wearing right now?

David followed by Emma followed by Hook followed by Regina followed by Mary Margaret continue to walk where the map as led them, and it is the latter who points out that no one's there, suggesting that maybe Regina's spell was wrong. They continue to wander around the area, Regina holding Snow in contempt for blaming her yet again, and Charming, sword-drawn, leads them into a camp area. Emma tells them to hold on and walks down a minor slope, seeing a boy with his back to them a short distance away. She recognizes the outfit he's wearing, and, believing it to be Henry, Emma approaches him. But the boy turns around and reveals himself to be Peter Pan in Henry's clothes. "Hi, Emma," he says casually, at which the camera dramatically moves in on the blonde who asks where the hell Henry is. Pan, now wandering to one side, tells Emma that she broke the rules and that's not fair. "Bad form," he goes as far as to say, telling Hook that he expects better of him. Hook tells Pan that he'll get it, and Emma orders the boy to give Henry to her. Pan apologizes, saying that he can't, and asks Emma if she doesn't know: "Cheaters never win." At this, a horde of Lost Boys surrounds the Jolly Roger crew, each of them wielding maces, swords, torches, bows and arrows and other deadly weapons. As more and more Lost Boys emerge, Pan watches with the hint of a smile on his face as Emma and company prepare to fight.

Act V

302 28
Preparing for battle.

As Lost Boys surround the Jolly Roger crew, Charming raises his sword in preparation for battle, and Snow draws an arrow from her quiver, loading up her bow, doing the same. Regina flexes her fingers, ready to use magic in combat, and Hook tells the rest of them to watch out for the Lost Boys' arrows as they're laced with Dreamshade poison. Suddenly, the Lost Boys fire multiple arrows at the heroes, most of which either miss or get deflected by the prince's sword. The rest of them disperse, off to fight some teenagers, and David continues to deflect arrows whilst Mary Margaret fires some of her own. Charming turns to his wife, who's aiming an arrow, in the heat of all this and calls her name. He quickly rams himself into her and knocks her out of the path of a poison arrow, causing himself to get scratched by it in the process. Mary Margaret asks if he's okay and David, checking the wound and presuming that only his clothes got torn, assures her that he's good. A Lost Boy prepares to fire an arrow at Snow and Charming warns her of this, springing her to turn around and load up her own bow, firing an arrow at the Lost Boy and causing his hood to be pinned to the tree behind him. A group of armed Lost Boys run at Regina with their weapons, however, she merely raises her hand to them and a ball of magical blue energy electrocutes and stuns them, making them fall over backwards.

302 29
Emma spares a Lost Boy.

Meanwhile, Felix's blade is caught by Hook's hook, and Felix comments that it's been a while. Hook says that it hasn't been long enough and Felix swipes his sword backwards before the two of them clash blades once more, swashbuckling on. The Lost Boy's blade is again caught by Hook's hook and the captain decides to taunt him, asking him if he remembered what he did to Rufio and assuring him that his fate shall be worse. They battle on. Elsewhere, Emma runs up to a Lost Boy and immediately brings her knee to his gut, causing him to crumple to the jungle ground. Another adversary runs at her and she merely pushes him away from her. The blonde runs up a hill, in pursuit of another enemy, when a hooded Lost Boy tackles her to the ground. They tumble down the hill together which leaves Emma on top of the teenager; she grabs Baelfire's sword and puts it to the Lost Boy's throat. "Where's Henry?! WHERE IS HE?!" she screams in his face, but after a while of looking into his eyes, Emma steps off of her enemy, seemingly disgusted with herself. Mary Margaret utters her daughter's name, having seen this, and asks if she's alright. The blonde looks up to her mother before her eyes drift down to the floored Lost Boy. Before she can respond, Pan whistles, and all of his followers cease attack, running into the jungle. Pan tells Emma to remember what he told her, and as he approaches her, he again assures her that the map will show her where Henry is only when she stops denying who she really is. Emma stands to face Pan with a determined look on her face, and Pan merely tells her that he'll make sure to send Henry her regards. Pan and his many, many followers then retreat as the Jolly Roger gang watches cautiously.

302 30
Darth Regina strikes again.

"She's coming!" a peasant man screams back in the fairytale land that was, referring to the Evil Queen's carriage which is currently approaching the place she made her deal with Snow the previous day. As the villagers disperse and hide away, Snow stands strong with Charming and the seven dwarfs by her side, as well as Excalibur in her hand, which her fiancée hands to her. Grumpy asks the two of them what exactly they're up to today, and Snow tells the dwarf that he shall see ("I hope"). The Queen's carriage soon comes to a stop and one of her dark knights opens the door, allowing her majesty to step out onto the humble peasant ground. Regina takes a few steps forward before addressing Snow, asking her if she's packed her bags. Snow, who looks down at the weapon in her hand, tells the Queen that she thought about her offer and that she could go off with Charming and the dwarfs and live a wonderful life, but she can't leave her people; "Not with you." "Well, in that case," Regina says simply, raising her arm in a choke hold and magically lifting Grumpy off his feet as he gasps for breath. The other dwarfs assemble to try and pull him down, but Regina merely nods, causing all of them to fall backwards as a blue energy painfully pulsates through them.

302 31
Snow cuts the Queen.

Grumpy continues to choke and Snow begins to panic, but Charming assures her that she can do this, reminding her that she pulled the sword out of the stone. Snow looks at the sword and then at Regina, who's having no trouble in killing the dwarf. The princess then runs at the Queen, telling her to leave Grumpy alone, but when she swipes with Excalibur, Regina disappears in a flurry of purple smoke. Snow immediately turns, swiping her sword as she does so, and manages to cut Regina's cheek, who's now standing behind her. Grumpy falls to the ground, the other dwarfs and Charming helping him to his feet, and Snow watches in awe as Regina touches the cut on her cheek, seeing blood on her hand when she pulls it away. "You told me to stop denying who I really am," Snow reminds her stepmother, "Well, that's exactly what I'm doing. This is my kingdom and I will fight for it!" Charming smiles at his now confident fiancée, and Regina states that she'll see Snow on the battlefield; the princess says that she'll be ready, and the Queen disappears in yet another flurry of purple smoke. The dwarfs at the villagers approach Snow and cheer for her, and Charming makes sure she's okay, which she is.

302 32
Mary Margaret decides to catch up on some parenting.

Back at their camp in Neverland, David is fixing up a bed when Mary Margaret clutches the scratch retained by the Lost Boys' poison arrow. She asks her husband if he's sure she doesn't want him to take a look at it, but he tells her that he was lucky, unlike his jacket. They walk a little together, during which time David says not to worry about it and that he thinks they have bigger issues, meaning Emma. The blonde is currently staring down at the map Pan gave her and looks up as her parents approach her. Mary Margaret tells her daughter not to let Pan shake her confidence, assuring her that everyone's had moments where they thought they couldn't prevail. Emma tells them "not now", referring to their infuriating optimism, and walks away. David tells her to wait and tries to follow her, but is stopped by Mary Margaret, who thinks it best she go herself. Snow then walks to sit beside her daughter on a large jungle log, and begs her to talk to her. The blonde assures Mary Margaret that there's nothing to talk about; "We had our chance and we lost. I lost." Snow tells her that she has to keep fighting but Emma reminds her mother of what Hook said: Pan is a demon.

302 33
Emma stops denying who she really is.

Mary Margaret, in response to this, tries to remind Emma that she's the savior, but Emma is having none of it, saying that if that were true then this map would already have shown them the way. Mary Margaret pauses, looking down at the map between her and her daughter and then upwards, telling Emma herself that maybe who she thinks she is isn't who she really is. Emma, not bothering to look at who she's talking to, asks her what she means, and Mary Margaret replies that sometimes people think they know themselves but they need a push to show them the reality. "That boy with the knife, you stopped fighting him. Why?" Snow asks, almost disappointed in tone, and Emma replies that he was just a boy. Mary Margaret insists that there's more to it than that, having seen it in her daughter's eyes; she asks again why she stopped but receives no reply. "Why?" she asks yet again, and Emma finally responds, explaining that when she looked into his face, she saw herself. Mary Margaret nods, encouraging her to expand, and Emma continues in saying that "that look in his eyes, the despair" was the same look that she used to bear back when she was in the foster system. As Emma talks of her past, she begins to sadden and tear slight. "Just a lost little girl who didn't matter and didn't think she ever would... a little girl who cried herself to sleep every night because she wanted her parents so bad... and could never understand... why they gave her up," she explains further, tears now dripping from her eyes and down her cheeks.

302 34
Mother and daughter.

Snow looks at Emma with guilt on her face, a tear dripping from her own eye, reminding the blonde that then she found her and David and it was too late. Emma, her sadness increasing, states that on Neverland in particularly, she doesn't feel like a hero or a savior; "I just feel like what I've always been... an orphan." Another tear falls down each woman's cheek as this realization is made, and Mary Margaret looks down, uttering her daughter's name. Emma asks what, not bothering to turn her head, and Snow tells her to look. Emma's gaze is then taken to the parchment sitting between her and her mother, and she gasps to realize that a map is now forming on it. She grasps it quickly and stares down at it, wondering what happened, to which Mary Margaret sadly replies that she accepted who she is. Emma holds the map close to her chest and pauses before telling her mother that she's sorry, but Snow assures her it's okay, saying that it's the truth. "You were an orphan," she says, "It's my job to change that." The two women stare at each other through tear-stained eyes as the camera pans out on a shot of mother and daughter sitting side by side, each saddened.

Act VI

302 35
Snow calls upon Rumplestiltskin.

In a clearing in the Enchanted Forest of long ago, Snow White, still holding Excalibur, comes to a stop and calls out for Rumplestiltskin. When nothing happens, she says his name louder, and from behind her, an aggravated Rumple demands to know what she wants. Snow turns to him and tells him that they need to discuss the deal he made with Charming, at which Rumple stands up from the log he was sitting on and tells the princess that she'll have to be a bit more specific. Snow reminds the Dark One that her fiancée came to him looking for something powerful enough to vanquish the Queen; "You told him of Excalibur." She goes on to say that whatever it is Charming promised in return, she is prepared to pay it but will not allow him to remain in debt. Rumple, who's approached Snow, comments on how nauseatingly romantic she's being, and a fed up Snow asks again what Charming promised Rumple. He merely stares at her, confused, and she recounts that with him, everything comes at a cost. Rumple then tells her that it's true that her prince came to ask him for aid fighting the Queen, but he told him in turn that he had nothing to give, which he didn't. At this, Snow smiles, and asks Rumple how Charming knew where to find Excalibur, but the Dark One merely leans into her and says that everyone knows it's in Camelot.

302 36

"But it's not," Snow says, confusing Rumple more; she then holds up her sword and announces, "I possess it now." Rumple tells her that if the sword in her hand were really Excalibur, then he wouldn't be able to do "this". And with that, he waves his hand and causes the sword's blade to turn to dust, leaving Snow to carry only an empty hilt. He announces that the sword's a fake and was shoddily crafted, too, asking what else one can expect from a shepherd and commenting that she's lucky it wasn't made out of wool. "I struck Regina! I drew blood!" Snow exclaims, but Rumple declares he's had enough of her ramblings and snatches the necklace from around Snow's neck, stepping back with it. Snow begs him to give it back, stating that it belonged to her mother, but Rumple points out that it now belongs to him. "You're right about one thing, dearie," he says, still clutching the necklace, "Everything comes with a cost. Including wasting my time." Snow looks down at the used-to-be sword in her hand and when she looks back up, Rumple has vanished, leaving the princess alone.

302 37
True love conquers all, or something to that extent.

Prince Charming is seen to be sitting on a bank overlooking a lake when he's approached by the dwarfs. Grumpy asks the prince if it's okay if they join him, and Charming, throwing a pebble into the lake, invites this. They surround him, and Grumpy says that they may owe him a slight apology. Charming questions the "slight", to which Grumpy tells him not to get greedy and take it; Charming does so, and Grumpy, who's holding a bottle, removes the lid and says that they never should have doubted the prince's intentions. He hands Charming a small cup, one like each of the dwarfs are carrying, and pours him a drink, and the prince stands up and commends the seven of them on looking out for Snow's best interests. "Here's to starting over," Charming says, raising the small cup as a toast. The dwarfs toast to this and clink cups, at which point Snow arrives and angrily tells her fiancée that they need to talk. The dwarfs look at Charming awkwardly and the prince follows the angered Snow down to the edge of the lake shore. She shoves what's left of "Excalibur" in his hand and tells him that she saw Rumplestiltskin. Charming assures her that he can explain, but Snow is too angered by the information that the prince planted the sword in the stone. He admits to it and Snow asks him why he took her on an adventure to find a "magical sword", to which he replies that she needed to believe in something he already knew. "So when I stood up to Regina..." Snow starts, and Charming assures her that she did that on her own; she had it inside her the entire time but needed some help realizing it. "But you didn't?" she asks, her tone lowering, and Charming shakes his head softly. Snow then grabs her prince and kisses him, and the royal couple continue to make out passionately beside the lake.

302 38
Captain Swan... ugh.

In Neverland, Emma hurriedly approaches the rest of the campers to alert them that the map is working and they know where Henry is. Regina, Hook, David and Mary Margaret gather round and Hook, who inspects the map, says that Henry is right at the southern tip of the isle, in the middle of the dark jungle, and Pan's camp lies due north. Emma realizes that this is where Henry is being kept, and Regina asks what they're waiting for. Hook says that the journey shan't be easy and that there will most likely be some nasty impediments along the way. David chimes in, saying that they need to prepare as they only survived their last encounter because Pan let them and they need a new plan. Emma adds that it's time they stop playing Pan's game and he starts playing theirs, at which Regina asks, "And if I disagree?" The rest of the campers turn to her and Emma tells her to go ahead, but points out that they both know their best chance is together. Regina tells the blonde that she better be right before walking away, and David and Mary Margaret walk away also. Hook folds up the map and hands it back to Emma, commending her on her excellent show of patience and stating that that's what defeats a nasty little boy. As Hook takes a flask of rum from his pocket, Emma replies that she hopes so, but upon seeing the bottle, she asks the pirate if rum's his solution to everything. He comments that it certainly doesn't hurt, taking a swig and offering it to Emma. Emma takes a drink also and Hook asks her just how she unlocked the map; she says that she did what Pan asked. "Just who are you, Swan?" Hook wonders. "Wouldn't you like to know?" Emma replies tauntingly, surprised to hear Hook say that perhaps he would as he takes back his rum. The blond then walks away from the pirate.

302 39
Rumple's got a stalker.

Elsewhere in Neverland's jungle, Rumple is seen wandering, resuming the search for Henry, when he suddenly hears a noise and stops in his tracks. He hears it again and turns around, wondering what it could be. Again. He continues to look around him. Cautiously, he decides to move on and walks forward, still checking behind him with a suspicious look on his face. Suddenly, he looks up where he sees the straw doll his father gave to him falling from the sky. It hits the floor and Rumple stares at it, shocked, before picking the thing up and inspecting it. Soon, he drops it to the ground and summons a ball of fire in his hand, throwing the flames at the doll. The doll sets alight but fails to burn. Rumple steps on the thing, which snuffs the flame out, and walks forward. However, when he moves some pants out of the way to clear a path, the same straw doll is seen, in tact, on the ground in front of him. The Dark One picks up the doll and has one last look around, before pocketing the thing and moving on.

302 40
Shouldn't she like attack him or something?

Back at the campsite, Emma is picking berries from a bush for the journey ahead when a sudden voice from behind tells her not to pick the blue ones. She turns around in shock to see Peter Pan standing there, and she continues to nonchalantly pick berries as he congratulates her on unlocking the map, calling her "orphan" as he does so. He asks her if she minds him calling her a Lost Girl, and Emma tells him to call her what he likes as it won't stop her from finding Henry. He smiles, saying that he's counting on that, before revealing that there's a reason he tested you. "Really?" Emma asks, apparently bored, and Pan stares at the blonde and says that she still hasn't forgiven her parents for abandoning her, which he finds good as it means that when she finds Henry, she'll understand him. Emma, confused, stands up and turns to face her enemy, asking him what that's supposed to mean. "He hasn't forgiven you, either," Pan tells Emma, referring to Henry, "By the time you get to him, he'll never want to leave this island." Emma says that they'll see and goes to pick up the berries she's collected. As she does so, Pan adds, "And as for you, Emma, when we're finished, you won't just feel like an orphan. You'll be one." Emma walks away and Pan watches as she tries her best to ignore this last sentence.

302 41
David has an ouchie.

David wanders through some leaves and trees, wanting to get out of the sight of the other campers, especially his family. Looking back to make sure no one's watching, he quickly unzips and removes his damaged jacket, letting it drop to the jungle floor. He then looks at the tear in his shirt, where the poisoned arrow scraped it, and sees that it scratched more than just his clothes: there is in fact a large cut to his side. As the wound starts turning from red to black, the black beginning to spread through the veins around the wound, David groans in pain and worry, knowing that he's been poisoned with Dreamshade and doesn't have long left to live.


302 Title Card


  • The title of this episode was revealed by executive producer/co-creator Adam Horowitz, via his Twitter account, on August 4, 2013, along with a photograph of the script's cover.[1]



The episode fared successfully in ratings, achieving 8.00 million viewers, down only 0.52 viewers from the premiere episode. It become the day's top drama in Adults 18-49 scoring a 2.6/7, retaining 100% of the premiere's adult rating. The episode also ranked as the top-rated entertainment program in its hour with key women, and was the most social broadcast telecast of the evening. A repeat of the episode an hour later posted a +317% increase in viewers.[2]


  • "Lost Girl" received mixed reviews from critics. In a review from Entertainment Weekly, Hillary Busis quotes, "Uh oh, dearies - we've reached the part in our story when everyone is being afflicted by crippling self-doubt. (Or, in Emma's case, the part where she... continues to be afflicted by crippling self-doubt.) It's a necessary step along any hero's journey. Unfortunately, it's not exactly the most scintillating subject in Once's repertoire. At least Rumbelle supporters and Captain Swan crew members each got a little something to snack on; the rest of us will just have to hope things get more exciting when Tinkerbell flits into our lives next week."[3]
  • Amy Ratcliffe of IGN gave the episode a score of 6.5 out of 10; saying that "Though this episode wasn't bad, it wasn't bold. It was sleepy and comfortable, and it's too early in the season to be pulling on the plot-Snuggie. Let's hope it takes an adventurous turn next week."[4]
  • Gwen Ihnat of The A.V. Club gave the episode a C- rating, saying that after seeing the storyline and pointing out that "It’s criminal that most of our valuable Robert Carlyle screen time this episode is wasted on a vision and a doll," Ihnat noted that "Actually, this whole episode is moot."[5]
  • Lily Sparks of commented on Emma's storyline, commending Jennifer Morrison on her acting, saying, "“Lost Girl” investigated Emma's emotional foundation, and thanks to Jennifer Morrison, it was grounded and compelling and worked. It’s not easy to inject realistic, relatable emotion into a scene that is just you talking to a magical map." She then ended with yet another compliment to Morrison: "Would any of these real-world parallels have occurred to me if it hadn’t been for the way JMo handled her orphan speech? Probably not. Girl killed it. It was the grittiest, most heart-wrenching speech ever delivered by someone seated on a hollow log. "Lost Girl" was a good reminder of what this show at its best can be: fantasy with real-world resonance, imaginative adventure with actual substance. I hope we get more like it."[6]


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