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May 4, 2014
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"Kansas" is the 64th episode of Once Upon a Time.


With Mary Margaret in labor and due to give birth at any moment, the residents of Storybrooke go on high alert in an attempt to ensure that Zelena doesn't try to steal her newborn baby for use in her ultimate game plan to turn back time and change her destiny, while obliterating Regina's existence. Meanwhile, in the land of Oz of the past, Glinda tries to convince Zelena to fight her evil tendencies and join her and her sister witches as a protector of Oz. But the appearance of a young girl from Kansas could turn out to be her undoing.


Previously on Once Upon a Time...

Snow and Charming stand within the small, snowy realm of exile where Glinda is confided to, face-to-face with the Good Witch of the South. ("A Curious Thing") Reaching through the bars of his cage, Belle asks Rumple how Zelena can be stopped, and he replies that they need Glinda, the Good Witch. ("A Curious Thing") We are shown Glinda as she surveys Snow and Charming. ("A Curious Thing") Zelena, disguised as Ariel, uses her magic to curse Hook's lips, going on to explain in her proper form that the next time his lips touch Emma Swan's, all her magic will be taken. ("The Jolly Roger") Hook and Emma stand face-to-face in the woods of Storybrooke. ("The Tower") Over at the local graveyard, Mary Margaret clutches her pregnant belly as Emma and Henry come running towards her. She tells them, and her husband, that the baby is coming. ("A Curious Thing")


320 01
Spinning, spinning, spinning...

David's jeep is seen hurriedly driving towards the local hospital of Storybrooke, pulling up outside whilst Mary Margaret, still in labor, moans in pain within. Her husband steps out to open the door for her, assuring her that they've reached their destination, and Mary Margaret takes steady breaths as David helps her out of the car and into the wheelchair that an orderly brings over. Emma is seen running towards her parents, having just exited her own car.
Meanwhile, inside the cage in Zelena's storm cellar, Mr. Gold is seen rapidly spinning at the wheel, magically transforming straw into gold.

320 02
Mary Margaret continues the process of labor.

Mary Margaret makes it onto the wheelchair, still squirming with heavy blasts of pain, before being pushed into the hospital by an orderly, accompanied by her husband, daughter and grandson.
The turning wheel of Mary Margaret's wheelchair becomes Rumplestiltskin's spinning wheel as we're taken back into the Dark One's cage, where he's spinning out copious amounts of golden thread. Zelena is seen making her way down the cellar stairs and she looks at the pile her prisoner has created. She smiles wickedly.
Back in hospital, Mary Margaret lets out another scream as the process of labor continues, being hurried through the maternity ward. David has a comforting hand placed on her arm, which is placed on her belly; her other hand clutches the armrest of the wheelchair. Finally, she is met by Dr. Whale, who ushers her into her own room, asking a nearby nurse for assistance; the nurse opens the door, allowing the mother-to-be to pass through. More cries of pain.

320 03
A golden brain.

"There. That'll do," Zelena states as Gold continues to spin. At her command, he stops engaging in this task and the Wicked Witch bends down to pick up the tray of gold thread he's produced. "As you've said, spinning clears your mind. Or should I say, your brain," she says as she waves her hand over the pile, magically transforming the golden thread into a golden brain, which she then adds to her nearby chest of ingredients (which also contains David's courage and Regina's heart). She adds that she has but one more ingredient to collect, clearly referring to Snow White's baby.
Emma and Henry wait outside whilst Mary Margaret is wheeled into her room. David and Dr. Whale proceed to help her onto the bed, but as she stands up, another contraction ensues. The baby is most certainly coming.


Act I

320 04
Regina fails to make fire.

In the Enchanted Forest of the past, Rumplestiltskin conjures a fireball in his hand, telling his student, Regina, that it's her turn. The young Queen tries her best to do the same, and actually manages to hold a ball of fire in her hand for a brief moment, but her happy surprise soon fades away when the flames quickly extinguish. Annoyed, she continues to try and copy her magic tutor, not being able to produce more than a lick of a flame. It is then revealed that Regina is in fact being watched by her half-sister, Zelena, who stands in the land of Oz looking through a sort of portal on the ground, through which she is able to witness events happening across realms. She is completely green and seething with anger, commenting to herself that "it's not that difficult" and proceeding to conjure a fireball in her own hand with ease. She then blows it out before hearing the screech of her flying monkey up above, circling around what used to be his place of work back when he was the Wizard of Oz. He lands on a pile of his old possessions, but Zelena orders her pet to be quiet, saying that she can't concentrate with all the noise he produces. "It's probably me," comments Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, as she enters, "He was never much of a fan."

320 05
Zelena is offered a second chance.

Zelena wonders who she is and so Glinda introduces herself by name; when Zelena hears that she's a witch, she immediately casts a defensive fireball, but Glinda tells her to relax, assuring her that she's not there to fight her, but thank her, for showing Oz the true nature of the "Wizard" and for standing up to him. The monkey continues his flight, annoyed, and Zelena, still clutching a ball of fire, seems confused that Glinda is glad about Walsh having been turned into a circus creature. The Good Witch says that a little time as a pet will do him good, adding that he was a trickster who offered people hope that he could never deliver, before commenting that Zelena is quite powerful. Zelena, finally having extinguished her fireball, says that she knows, and so Glinda asks her why she's wasting all her energy on foolish pursuits. Zelena asks what Glinda knows about what she wants, and the latter witch states that Zelena wants to change her destiny, but she can't go back in time; no one can. "Why don't you come with me?" Glinda offers after a lull, but Zelena asks why on earth she would do that. Glinda replies that she can offer the green sorceress something that she's really looking for, and says that she has some people she'd like for her to meet. Zelena wonders who, and Glinda tells her to come and meet her real sisters. A hint of a smile flashes upon Zelena's ruby lips.

320 06
The spell is prepared for.

"There," Zelena says in the present day, "Dig." Rumple proceeds to drag a rake through the soil in his jailer's barn, grunting as he does so. Zelena realizes that the Dark One thinks she will fail, but he merely states that he thinks destiny is destiny, making her laugh as she retrieves his golden brain from her chest of ingredients. She tells him that he's wrong and that she can change it as she places the brain down on a dish, explaining that, once she fixes the past, her mother will have kept her, Regina will never have been born, and she'll get everything her half-sister ever had. She proceeds to take out Regina's heart and place it on another dish on the other side of the barn, saying that, with the right ingredients, she can do anything. She goes back to retrieve David's courage, which is symbolized by the hilt of his sword, as Gold says that it's irrelevant whether or not her plan actually works, because no matter what she changes of her past, who she is will always remain the same, and that is a fate she can never escape. With all her current ingredients in position, Zelena says that they shall see, looking out was what Rumple's created once he's finished digging. She holds out a compass, checking its accuracy, as the shot moves out to reveal a large, compass-like, geometric rune inscribed into the earth.

320 07
A protection spell is cast.

In the hospital, Mary Margaret is lying in bed, clutching her pregnant belly and crying in pain whilst David assures her that their baby is going to be fine, promising that it will never leave her arms no matter who's out there. She points out that that's what they thought last time, but her prince points out in turn that, this time, they have someone else on their side, going on to look out into the hall at Emma, who's currently casting a protection spell. She asks Regina, who's doing the same, if she really thinks it will be strong enough to hold Zelena off, and the Queen says that it depends whether or not Emma's magic is stronger than the witch's, but if it is, then no one wielding dark magic will be able to pass through. Emma thanks Regina for the vote of confidence, but Regina denies this, simply stating that they're out of options. "Swan," a familiar voice says, and Emma turns to be met by Hook, who says he heard the baby's on its way. She tells the pirate that she doesn't think he should be there, but he argues that he wants to help. She says that, if he really wanted to help, he should have told her when Zelena cursed his lips, but he states that he had no choice, reminding the blonde that the Wicked Witch threatened her and her family and that he was only trying to help.

320 08
David decides to trust Hook.

Emma believes that telling her the truth would have been help, but he retorts that it also would have meant a death sentence for Henry. "Henry's safety is my concern, not yours, which is why I'm taking this fight to Zelena," Emma tells him, stating that "this ends today", and David watches from within the hospital room as Hook tries to follow her. The prince then emerges from a nearby door, telling his daughter to wait, and he assures her that she doesn't have to do this alone. She argues otherwise, telling her father that he needs to stay with Mary Margaret, but he reveals that he wasn't referring to himself and that she should take Hook. She asks him if he's insane, but Charming tells her that the pirate is going with her, before turning around to the pirate himself and telling him the same thing. Hook acquiesces, but wonders why David's decided to trust him all of a sudden, and he replies that Zelena backed him into a corner and he did the best he could. "See? Even your father gets it," says Hook, but Emma points out that David knows all about keeping secrets from loved ones (clearly referencing his Dreamshade poisoning back in Neverland), which hurts him.

320 09
Regina and Henry watch as Emma and Hook go off to kill the witch.

She apologizes, but states firmly that she's doing this alone, and David disagrees, saying that this is about all of them, not just her. She asks what Hook can even do, pointing out that she has magic whereas he only has one hand (Hook chimes in that he's good in a fight) and David tells her that the pirate can, at the very least, draw fire. Hook seems unhappy at the idea of being cannon fodder, but this makes Emma agree to her father's demand, saying that Hook can come. "Fair enough. Shall we?" the pirate asks once David's returned to Mary Margaret's room, but Emma requests a moment, seeing Henry arrive with Grumpy. She greets her son who greets her back, asking if the baby's arrived, and Emma tells him that it hasn't yet, but it will soon, apologizing before she says that she has to go and take care of the witch, assuring him that she's going to be alright and that she'll be back before he knows it. Henry seems okay with the matter, assuring his mother that he's not worried because defeating bad guys is what she does, and she smiles before embracing him. Regina then approaches, telling Emma to go and that she'll keep Henry safe, and Emma thanks the Queen before being asked by an impatient Hook if she's ready yet. "Yeah," she says, "Let's end this." She proceeds to leave with the pirate as Henry and Regina watch.

Act II

320 10
Henry and Archie have a catch-up session.

In the waiting room, Henry is reading the newspaper which leads Archie, who's sitting beside him, to jokingly ask if he's keeping up with current events, but the young man replies that he's looking at the classifieds. Archie points out that Henry's a little young for a job, but he says that he's actually looking at apartments, commenting that Mary Margaret's place will be crowded after the baby is born and he'll be back and forth from Regina's, but Emma can't sleep in her car. "No, not comfortably," Archie agrees, putting a smile on his face and telling his former patient that it's really good to see him as he missed him, and Henry tells his old therapist that he missed him too. The young man returns to his newspaper, suggesting a place by the water with a view, and Archie wonders if he's spoken to Emma about staying in Storybrooke. Henry answers negatively, not knowing what there is to talk about; "We're... home."

320 11
New York is discussed... again.

"I never should've brought Henry back to Storybrooke," Emma is saying whilst she and Hook make their way to Zelena's farmhouse, and the pirate assures her that she did what she felt was right, however, she argues that she did what he manipulated her into, leading him to remind the blonde that her parents, as well as the whole town, needed her. She points out that Henry needed her also, saying that they were happy in New York and, after she's finished melting this witch, she'd like for them to be happy again. Hook tries to explain that, content as she was in that city, none of it was real, but Emma argues that it was real for her and Henry because everything that happened still happened; "Minus all the things you forgot," Hook says, reminding her further that part of her wasn't the real her and, whether she likes it or not, the big part of her, and Henry, belongs in this town. She points out that that's the part of her which is always in danger, stating that she's going to leave, and Hook wonders what her son thinks to that. Angered, Emma says that Henry is a kid and "wants chocolate milk in his cereal" whereas she is his mother, so she knows what's best for him. "What's best for him... or for you?" Hook questions, but Emma appears insulted. The pirate goes on to point out that she's taken care of her son quite well in Storybrooke, so she can talk about danger all she likes but that's not the reason why she wants to leave; he requests that he tell her the real reason why she's so afraid of staying, suggesting that it's maybe because she can see a future there - a happy one - and Emma, even more annoyed, adds, "Let me guess, with you?"

320 12
Emma tries her best to save Hook.

Suddenly, however, their moment is interrupted by Zelena, who's appeared outside her house with Rumplestiltskin at her side. She mockingly comments that the two of them are adorable, but as she approaches, she says that they perhaps should have been more focused on her than on each other, adding that, without magic, that's going to be a bit of a challenge. Emma tells the Wicked Witch that she should try enchanting the lips of someone she'll actually kiss next time she wants to steal her powers, but Zelena tells the blonde that she has a decision to make: she can keep her magic, which makes her oh, so sad, or she can save the man that she can't wait to run away from. The witch then turns to Rumple, requiring his assistance, and the Dark One waves a hand, causing Hook to fly through the air and into the large tub of water on the lawn. His head is held beneath the surface, making the pirate unable to breathe, and Emma calls his name, worried. She runs over to him, trying to heave him out of the water, as Zelena tells her to choose wisely. She continues trying to stop him from drowning, but Rumple's magic is keeping him in position, and Zelena tells the blonde to try all she likes, but she can't free him. Emma angrily looks at the witch, who vanishes in a flurry of green smoke.

320 13
Zelena is introduced to her sister witches.

In the land of Oz of the past, Glinda and Zelena approach a table which resembles a large compass, at which two women are sitting, taking up the spots of East and North. Zelena wonders what this place is, and Glinda tells her that it's the heart of Oz, introducing the Witch of the North and the Witch of the East as her sisters. Each location represents a special part of magic. The South, love, the North, wisdom, and the East, courage; together, their abilities are far more powerful than they could ever be on their own, and they can do things that no one else can. This excites Zelena, who asks if they're capable of time travel, but Glinda, knowing what the green witch is hoping to achieve, tells her new sister that that's not why she brought her there. Zelena recalls Glinda saying that she wanted to help her, but if she can't change the past, then she can't exactly do that. However, Glinda argues that she brought Zelena there to change her future, explaining that the seat on the West point of the compass-like table has been empty for some time and they'd like for her to fill it. Zelena is taken aback, wondering what the West represents, and Glinda replies that it's the most elusive of elements: innocence. This disappoints Zelena, thinking this makes her the last person these witches should consider; "Look at me... I'm wicked."

320 14
A prophecy is revealed.

But Glinda tells her that she doesn't have to be, saying that innocence claimed can be just as powerful as innocence born if one simply chooses to be good. Zelena points out that that's easy for the Good Witch to say, "good" being part of her name, and the Witch of the North asks Glinda if she isn't going to tell Zelena the news. Zelena wonders what news the Witch of the North is referring to, and Glinda sighs, telling her new sister that she didn't want to say anything unless she had to because she wanted to let Zelena shape her own destiny. "What could you possibly know about my destiny?" Zelena asks, curious, and the Witch of the East explains that Glinda is the keeper of the book of records, which chronicles the past, present and future of Oz. Glinda explains further that the book foretells of a powerful sorceress who will join their sisterhood as a protector of Oz, but Zelena appears confused that they think this sorceress to be her. Glinda adds that the book says the sorceress from the West will enter the land by cyclone, and Zelena recalls being brought to Oz in a cyclone when she was a baby. "That's right," says Glinda, "We've been looking for you for a long time, Zelena. You've always been meant for more. I know you don't think so, but you can do this. You just have to let go of your past." Being told these things about herself makes Zelena smile, but the last instruction makes her appear worrisome.

320 15
Emma's magic is drained.

Hook remains underwater, now unconscious, and Emma finally manages to drag him out, Rumplestiltskin and the Wicked Witch now being gone. The pirate lays on the floor and Emma shakes him, begging him to wake up, but he doesn't stir. She addresses him as "Killian", ordering him to come back to her, but he remains unconscious. Emma knowing what she must do, utters, "Son of a bitch," before holding Hook's nose and opening his mouth, planting her lips on his. In an act of CPR, she blows into his mouth, but as she does so, his lips glow green and a sort of large magical vacuum is created around Emma, causing the blonde's magic to be drained completely. She continues to stare down at Hook, again begging him to come back to her, and before long, he coughs up water and regains consciousness. Coughing profusely, he looks up at the relieved Emma, knowing what she must have done, and worriedly asks her, "Swan... what did you do? What did you do?!"


320 16
Zelena is over her sister...

Zelena walks through the main hall of the Emerald City, using the magic of the floor to view Regina, over in the Enchanted Forest, during another one of her lessons with Rumplestiltskin, who's just immobilized a unicorn. Zelena seethes with anger as she watches her half-sister, reluctant to kill the innocent beast, whilst Rumple holds its enchanted heart in his hand (see "The Doctor"). After a few more grunts of rage, the Wicked Witch closes her eyes and accomplishes some deep breaths, managing to calm herself down. She smiles and says, "Sorry, sis. But I'm over you," and with that, she waves her hand, causing the magic mirror in the floor to cease transmission and close up. In a flurry of white smoke, Glinda appears behind her, telling her new sister of the West that that was lovely and that she's impressed, having known she'd make the right choice. The Good Witch then holds out a magical pendant with a large white gem at its center, and Zelena looks at it curiously, wondering what it is.

320 17
...which allows her to let go of her envy.

Glinda explains that it's a very special pendant which each of the witches in the sisterhood wears, and as she fastens it around Zelena's neck, she tells her to guard it with her life because, in many ways, it now is her life. "You were born with great power, Zelena. And now... now this pendant will harness, protect and grow that power. All of it." Zelena asks if it will make her stronger, and Glinda answers positively, however, she adds that there's a price: without the pendant, she will become powerless. But so long as she does continue to wear it, she will be able to accomplish untold miracles. Zelena smiles and asks if this means... "You're one of us," Glinda finishes for her, confirming the query; she addresses Zelena as her sister. The green witch smiles, and as she does so, Glinda holds up a hand-mirror, telling the former to take a look. Zelena takes the hand-mirror and holds it up to her face, watching in astonishment as her green skin fades away, back to normal. Utterly thrilled, she thanks her new sister, but Glinda tells Zelena that she should be thanking herself because she did it all: she let go of her envy and took control of her destiny. Zelena's genuine smile of appreciation grows all the wider.

320 18
Whoa-oh here she comes.

In the present day, Zelena, dagger in tow, is striding determinedly towards Storybrooke's local hospital, with Rumplestiltskin not far behind. Grumpy and Sneezy, who are standing by the entrance, suddenly run inside, having seen the Wicked Witch approaching. "Incoming!" Leroy yells loudly to those inside, but Zelena remains unfazed, continuing in her stride with a smile on her face.
Meanwhile, in the delivery room, Mary Margaret is breathing heavily. She is now in a patient's gown with Charming at her side; Dr. Whale is delivering the baby. Her pain continues and she begins to panic when the room's lights and electrical devices begin to flicker on and off. David asks what the hell that was, but Whale replies that it doesn't matter because this baby is coming. Mary Margaret begins to push.

320 19
Belle stands up to the Wicked Witch.

Grumpy runs into the hospital with Sneezy not far behind. He signals to Robin Hood and the Merry Men that the Wicked Witch is just outside, before running elsewhere to hide. Robin, who wields a crossbow, kneels down and tells his band of thieves - who all have a bow and arrow each - to be ready. Zelena and Gold then enter and Robin exclaims, "Aim true! For Little John!" However, Zelena simply waves her arm before any arrows are actually fired and all of the Merry Men simply collapse to the floor, useless. The Wicked Witch and the Dark One continue their way to Mary Margaret, but Belle comes across them in the hall. Zelena asks the girl if she didn't learn her lesson the last time, saying that the dagger is more powerful than her true love, but Belle refuses to believe this. Rumple begs his girlfriend to leave and Zelena suggests that she listens, however, Belle stands up to the witch and outright refuses. She says that Rumple's been put through enough pain by her, but Zelena says that she's not nearly done, again raising an arm and causing Belle to collapse. Rumple catches her before she hits the floor, lowering her slowly to the ground, as Zelena comments that his taste in women really has gone downhill. He stares sadly at his true love, wanting to help her, but Zelena orders him to leave her, and he's forced to do so.

320 20

Elsewhere in the building's halls, Regina tells Henry to go with Dr. Hopper, find a closet and lock themselves inside, commenting that they won't want to see this as it won't be pretty. She stands to face her half-sister, who soon comes striding through the hallway with Mr. Gold, whilst Henry and Archie leave to find a hiding place. Regina warns Zelena against taking another step, threatening to roast her, but the Wicked Witch simply pushes the Evil Queen into her own protection spell, breaking it, when she tries to defend herself, causing Regina to go hurtling to the floor, unconscious. Zelena stares at this sight, satisfied.

320 21
A cyclone strikes down in the West.

Back in time, in the land of Oz, the now white Zelena is staring down the yellow brick road and all the land that surrounds it, asking if all of it's really for her. Glinda confirms this, revealing this area to be the West, and says that its future and potential are as limitless as... Suddenly, however, Glinda is cut off by the sound of loud and violent thunder. In the West of Oz, a large, green cyclone touches down to the ground from the clouds, and Zelena recognizes what it is. "There's something inside it..." Glinda senses, watching it in worry as it tears its way through the land.

320 22
Meet Dorothy Gale.

Glinda and Zelena are soon seen making their way through the wreckage left behind by the cyclone, and the latter soon hears someone coughing. They follow the noise and soon hear a cry for help, coming from a young girl who's trapped beneath the roof of her house. The two witches begin moving debris out of the way and Glinda soon pulls the young lady to safety, asking her if she's alright. The girl replies positively, explaining that she tried to run to the storm cellar but wasn't fast enough, and Zelena asks her what world she's from. "What world?" the girl repeats, confused, "You mean... this isn't Kansas?" Glinda confirms that it is not, welcoming the child to Oz, and she asks the girl's name. She introduces herself as Dorothy Gale, and Glinda tells her that few are strong enough to survive such a powerful storm, meaning Dorothy must be a very special girl. Immediately, Zelena appears slightly worried, and Glinda proceeds to invite Oz's new arrival to their home, adding that their sisters will be very excited to meet her; "Won't they, Zelena?" "Yes," Zelena responds, masking her anger as she watches Dorothy be led away by the Good Witch, "I'm sure they will."

320 23
Mary Margaret gives birth.

Mary Margaret's cries of pain continue as she keeps pushing, still lying in her delivery bed. When she hears loud noises outside, she worriedly says her husband's name, but David assures her that he's there and that he'll protect her, telling his wife to focus on their baby. Dr. Whale tells his patient that she only needs one more push, and with a great amount of agony, Mary Margaret forces her child out of her; the lights flicker on and off again as this occurs. David looks towards the door, worried, whilst his wife gives her final push.
Outside, Zelena stands over her half-sister, who remains unconscious on the hospital floor, before turning to Mr. Gold and smiling. She steps over the Queen's body as she proceeds to the delivery room.

320 24
Zelena claims the Charming baby for her own.

We are met again by Mary Margaret's pain, but soon enough, it is replaced by the sound of a baby crying. Charming looks excitedly at his newborn child and announces that it's a boy whilst Dr. Whale cuts the umbilical cord. Mary Margaret appears gladdened by this news, and David kisses his exhausted wife on the forehead. The little, nude baby is then lifted by Dr. Whale and handed to its father, who holds it joyously in his hands. He smiles down at his young son's face before handing him to Mary Margaret, who's instantly in love. She wraps her baby up in a blanket and carries it in her arms. Another kiss is shared between the royal couple amidst this glorious occasion, however, Zelena then bursts in and immediately knocks out Dr. Whale with her magic. He flops uselessly onto the couch as the Wicked Witch comments that it's a shame she has to break up such a charming family. Instinctively, David reaches for his sword and begins to draw it from his scabbard, however, he is frozen by Zelena's magic before he is able to complete the motion. The baby squeals in horror and Zelena sets her sights on Snow's brand new son. In an instant, the baby is transported from Mary Margaret's arms to Zelena's, and the former begins begging to be reunited with her child. Her frantic manner is met with magic, and Snow also becomes immobilized by the Wicked Witch. She smiles down at the baby, taking note of how pure and innocent he is; "And now... mine." The two of them disappear in a flurry of green smoke, causing Zelena's magic to wear off, and the Charmings are once again mobile. David stumbles before turning to his wife, who looks down at her empty hands as she cries in absolute devastation.

Act IV

320 25
Zelena spies on her sisters...

At the compass-like table in Oz, Glinda and the witches of the North and East are laughing with Dorothy, who's sitting in Zelena's seat, over food and drink. Glinda comments how lovely it is to have her with them, and the Witch of the North assures the young lady that their home is her home, saying that she should have come sooner. Dorothy thanks the witches for their kind words, adding that they've all been so kind and have treated her like family, which they find sweet. It is then revealed that Zelena is watching the scene from behind some plants, not looking happy at the fact that Dorothy is in her chair. When she walks away, Glinda catches sight of her, contemplating whether or not to go after her sister.

320 26
...and slips into some old habits.

Zelena is seen standing sullenly by a well with the book of records on the edge; Glinda approaches her, having left the table, and tells her fellow witch that they were starting to worry. She asks if she's feeling alright, however, much to her shock, Zelena tells her to go away, and Glinda wonders what's gotten into her. Zelena then turns around and reveals that one side of her neck and face have begun to turn green again: she has been feeling envious. Glinda asks if she's been spying on Regina again, but Zelena answers negatively, explaining that she's been watching the Good Witch faun over her latest protégée. Glinda realizes that her sister is referring to Dorothy, surprised that that's who she's jealous of, and wonders why, commenting that the two of them are so alike. "Except she's spunkier, fresher-faced and certainly more innocent than me. The perfect candidate to take the empty seat at the table," Zelena retorts, but Glinda assures her that no one is taking her seat. "Really? That's not what this says," states Zelena, who returns to the book of records and opens it. Not having seen it until now, Glinda asks her sister what she's doing with the book, but Zelena simply goes on to say that she wasn't told everything about the prophecy, which states that the sorceress from another land will make Oz her home until she fulfills her destiny and unseats the greatest evil the realm has ever seen. She slams the book shut, asking Glinda if she does not see. The Good Witch shakes her head and Zelena reiterates that Dorothy is meant to take her seat, making her, Zelena, the greatest evil. Glinda says that fate's a funny thing, telling Zelena that she doesn't know that that's what the prophecy actually means. She then tries to remind the Witch of the West of what she said earlier: only she can shape her own destiny. However, if she believes she is evil, then that is what she will become. The greening Zelena begins to cry.

Back in the present, Zelena is walking solemnly with the Charming baby in her arms, humming as she goes, with Rumplestiltskin obediently following. She assures the baby that he's almost home, referring to her farm house, which she proceeds to climb the porch of, continuing her humming. The baby is carried inside by the Wicked Witch.

320 27
David is determined to get back his son.

In hospital, an absolutely devastated Mary Margaret is lying exhausted in her birthing bed, breathing slowly that her son is gone; it happened again. Charming quickly removes his sterile gown and grabs his sheathed sword, exiting the room at a fast pace. Outside, Regina is hugging Henry, but she stops when she sees David, asking him where he's going. He replies determinedly that he's going to get his son back, but Regina warns him that he's going to get himself killed, grabbing his arm and begging him to think about this rationally. He asks what there is to think about and Henry tells his adoptive mother not to let his grandfather get hurt. Emma, who's just returned, asks what's going on, and Charming wonders if she found Zelena. Emma says that she did, but that she couldn't stop her, and David tells his daughter that her brother has been taken by the Wicked Witch. The blonde becomes distraught, realizing that it's because she failed, but Hook, who's returned also, assures her that she hasn't failed just yet. David says that Hook's right, beckoning his daughter to come with him, but Emma stops her father in his tracks, admitting to him that Zelena took her magic. Regina demands to know how the hell that happened and Emma says that it doesn't matter, but now they need to find another way to stop her.

320 28
Regina is convinced that she can purvey light magic.

"There is no other way," Regina reveals, however, Henry tells her that that's not true, saying that she can do it. The Queen says that she doesn't think she can survive round three with her sister, and David recalls Glinda's specificity: only the purveyor of the strongest of light magic can defeat Zelena. Henry points out that the Wicked Witch only beat Regina because she was using dark magic against her, but Regina tells him that that's all she has. "No, it's not," Emma chimes in, reminding the Mayor that she gave Henry true love's kiss, which is a form of light magic. Henry assures her that she can do it, despite her pointing out that she doesn't even have her heart right now, and he points out in turn that she broke the curse without it, adding that he knows she still loves him and he knows there's good in her. "He's right," says Robin Hood, who approaches with his crossbow at his side, "I know you can beat that witch." Regina tries to argue against them, but Emma tells her that this is something she has to do. "Once upon a time, you were a villain, mom," Henry continues, "But you've changed. You're a hero now, and defeating bad guys is what heroes do. I believe in you. Now you need to believe too." Regina begins to tear up, worried about the forthcoming confrontation.

Act V

320 29
Dorothy causes a splash.

"Hello, Dorothy," Zelena is heard saying whilst the young lady she's addressing is collecting water from the well with a bucket. Dorothy gasps at Zelena's presence, startled to see that the Witch of the West is, once again, entirely green. Once she realizes who to is, she tells Zelena that she didn't recognize her, wondering if she's okay, and Zelena merely states that she's decided to stop hiding her true colors; she then squares up to Dorothy and tells her that, according to the prophecy, she's the only one who can defeat her. "Defeat you?" Dorothy questions, confused, not knowing what she's talking about, before adding that she doesn't wish to hurt her. "Good," Zelena says, "Because I'm going to make sure you can't!" And with that, she summons a ball of fire in her hand and prepares to throw it at the young girl, who, in a defensive action, takes the bucket of water she collected and throws the contents all over the Wicked Witch. The fire is extinguished, but Zelena stumbles over in pain, screeching and smoking, demanding to know what Dorothy has done.

320 30
The Wicked Witch melts... or does she?

The young girl appears worried and Zelena looks at her hands, seeing that parts of her are beginning to drip away into liquid. "I'm... I'm..." "Melting!" Dorothy finishes for her, utterly frightened by the sight, "You're melting!" Zelena's face then begins to slide away and Dorothy apologizes frantically, saying that she was only trying to put out the fire. The melting continues, and the young girl from Kansas repeats that it was just water. "NO!" Zelena screeches as the melting process completes; she is reduced to a mere green puddle on the floor, atop which lies her hat and robes. Staring at this steaming pile of remains, Dorothy worriedly calls out for Glinda, in need of assistance. In a flurry of white smoke, Glinda appears, wondering what's wrong with her new protégée, and Dorothy explains that she was attacked by Zelena, who came at her with a ball of fire, so she threw water to put it out. She then points to the puddle by the well, and Glinda realizes that the prophecy has come to pass; "And you, Dorothy... you defeated her."

320 31
Follow the yellow brick road...

Dorothy seems surprised that she accomplished this with water, but Glinda states that it was her destiny to stop Zelena and so destiny gave her the tool to do so. The girl apologizes, but Glinda tells her not to, assuring her that Zelena didn't leave her a choice. She then offers Dorothy Zelena's place in the sisterhood of witches, but Dorothy, while she finds Oz wonderful, declines, saying that she wants to go home. Glinda says that she understands, but unfortunately, she does not possess the power to cross realms; only the wizard has done that. The Good Witch then suggests that perhaps he could help, but Dorothy recalls him being turned into a monkey by Zelena, however, Glinda explains that, with Zelena gone, her magic will be undone, so the wizard should be back to his human form. Dorothy asks if her mentor will take her to him, and Glinda instructs the girl to follow her. "Where?" Dorothy wonders, and Glinda replies, "Why, down the yellow brick road, of course." The two of them proceed together down said road, but when they leave, green smoke emanates from Zelena's remains, and before long, she is standing where the puddle once was, alive and well, having faked the entire event.

320 32
The spell begins...

In her barn, back in the present, Zelena continues to hold Snow and Charming's son in her arms, commenting that there's nothing more innocent than a newborn babe. She then adds that the one she's holding is the most innocent of all, being the product of the truest love. She places it down in a basket, which is atop a dish as part of the large geometric symbol she earlier carved, housing all her other ingredients. She approaches Rumple and tells him that, once she changes the past, the two of them shall meet under different circumstances, and this time he will choose her, and she will be enough. "No, you won't," he assures her, adding that, not matter where she goes in time, he will find a way to kill her. She laughs, before raising her hands in the air to summon all of her magical power. Blue light begins to emanate from the baby, gold light emanates from the brain, another gold light emanates from the sword hilt, and a red light emanates from the heart. These magical colors swirl round the compass-like symbol until they reach the central point, flowing into a twirling circle; the time travel portal, beginning to open. Zelena looks at it victoriously but tells the Dark One not to worry, for when all this is over, he won't remember a thing.

320 33 does the battle.

"It isn't over yet!" David calls out as he enters the barn along with Emma, Regina, Hook and Robin Hood. Zelena, mildly surprised, asks who's going to stop her, commenting that it certainly shan't be the savior. David then spots his baby, from which magic is pouring into the spell, and Emma, who's armed with a gun, tells her father to go, assuring him that she's got his back. "And I've got your heart," Robin adds to Regina before he and Charming begin cautiously circling round the spell, armed with a crossbow and sword respectively. Regina tells her half-sister to stop what she's doing right now, stating that she won't succeed. Emma and Hook begin circling round the other side of the spell, cautious of Rumplestiltskin, but Zelena soon commands the Dark One to rid her of these pests. When she spots Charming going for the baby, she outstretches a hand and causes he and Robin to be flung against the wall with magic. As Hook and Emma face Gold, the former comments that there's no more water around, but Rumple ignores him, instructing the two of them to retrieve his dagger so that he may fight for their side.

320 34
The monkey descends.

Still under Zelena's control, however, he waves a hand and causes Emma's gun to come flying out of her grip. The blonde points out that that's easier said than done, but Rumple orders them to do as he says, or else he will destroy them both, for he has no choice. He pushes at the air with the same hand and Emma and Hook are flung backwards, causing the pirate to drop his sword as the two of them hit the hay bales up against the wall, crumpling to the floor. Zelena asks her sister if she's come for another beating, but Regina replies negatively, saying that she came for some jewelry. She makes a grab for the Wicked Witch's pendant, but without so much as a movement, the Evil Queen is immediately sent backwards by magic, not able to land on her feet. Charming and Robin continue to try and retrieve the baby and heart respectively, however, seeing this, Zelena calls upon her "beautiful one" to come and deal with them. With that, a flying monkey soars through a gap in the ceiling and begins physically harming the prince and the thief.

320 35
Zelena gets mad.

The latter tells David to be careful, reminding him that some of these creatures are their friends, but as he swirls his sword, Charming tells him not to worry, assuring him that he's got a gentle touch. "Unfortunately, that's not an option for me," Rumple comments from across the active spell, using his magic to send David and Robin flying into the pile of hay bales on the other side of the barn's entrance. In the meantime, Regina has stood back up, but Zelena quickly reaches out and lifts her sister into the air, strangling her with magic. "Only light magic can harm me," the Wicked Witch says, "And you're as dark as they come! It's your destiny to be this way, and it will also be your undoing!" With a compressed throat, Regina commands her sister not to tell her what she can and can't be, but Zelena merely laughs, recounting to the Queen that she tried to be good once, but it wasn't who she is, nor is it who Regina is. As this is going on, Emma, Hook, David and Robin all manage to get back to their feet, and Robin picks up his true love's heart, disconnecting it from the time travel spell.

320 36
Regina accomplishes light magic.

"You're wrong, sis," Regina struggles to say through the strangulation she's currently subject to, and she manages to summon glowing white light in each hand: light magic. Zelena asks what her sister is doing, and Regina happily replies, "Changing." She then fires two powerful beams of light magic at the Wicked Witch, who tumbles backwards, heavily weakened by this, dropping the Dark One's dagger in the process. Regina lands on the ground, no longer subjected to her half-sister's dark magic, and she walks towards Zelena, who demands to know how the supposedly Evil Queen accomplished such a feat. "I make my own destiny," Regina replies before ripping the pendant from around Zelena's neck; green light is vacuumed from the Wicked Witch, flowing into the pendant in Regina's hand, rendering Zelena utterly powerless. Regina looks to the time travel portal, but without the witch's magic to fuel it, it shuts down entirely. Charming goes to retrieve his unharmed baby, but the flying monkey from earlier soon flies down to attack him.

320 37

Annoyed, David swings his sword at the beast, ready to behead it, but in a flurry of green smoke, it transforms back into Little John. David stops mid-swing, having just nearly decapitated a comrade, and Robin is delighted to be reunited with his old friend. With that sorted, David hands his sword to Little John and approaches his crying son to pick him up, staring gloriously into his face. Emma asks if the baby is okay and her father replies positively, commenting that he can handle anything, just like his big sister. Emma smiles, and she, Charming, John, Hook and Rumple walk towards the barn's exit, with Robin keeping his crossbow firmly aimed at the witch in case she makes a move. As they're doing so, however, Regina turns to her half-sister - pendant in hand - and tells her that she failed. "You're not going anywhere," the Queen adds, but Rumple chimes in with, "I beg to differ." He then uses his magic - which is once again his - to make the Wicked Witch come sliding along the floor towards him.

320 38
The Evil Queen decides to play the part of a hero.

He says that he's going to make her pay for everything she's done to him, and Zelena asks him what he's waiting for, telling him to just do it. However, Regina picks up the dagger from the ground and orders Rumple to stop what he's doing, forcing him not to kill the witch. She says that this ends now, and Gold is surprised that Regina is protecting Zelena after everything she's done. Regina points out that good magic stopped her, and good magic doesn't exact vengeance, but Rumple exclaims that she killed his son. Regina asks how many lives he and she have taken trying to get what they want, and he says that she can't be serious. "I am," she states, "Heroes don't kill." "So now you're a hero?" Zelena skeptically asks from the floor, and Regina tells her half-sister with a smile, "Today I am."

Act VI

320 39
The "wizard" sends Dorothy home.

Dorothy and Glinda are seen walking through the main hall of the Emerald City, having reached the end of the yellow brick road. They ascend the central dais together, and Glinda encourages her protégée to summon the wizard. "Hello? Your excellency?" Dorothy tries, and suddenly, four vertical blasts of fire shoot up from the ground, preceding the curtain on which the giant shadow of Oz, the Great and Terrible, takes shape. "I've been expecting you," says the wizard's voice from behind the curtain, and Dorothy appears surprised by this. He assures her that he sees all, being who he is, and the young girl introduces herself by name, recalling that Glinda said he might be able to help her get home to Kansas. The wizard replies that he knows who she is and expresses gratitude because she freed him from the Wicked Witch's magic, therefore, sending her home is the least he could do to reward her. Dorothy appears overjoyed, but asks how she is to get back, and the wizard tells her to look down. She obliges, and sees that a pair of silver slippers have appeared on her feet. He instructs her to click her heels together three times and think of where she wants to be, and the slippers will take her there. Dorothy thanks the wizard, who wishes her safe travels and hopes that she will never find herself far from home again, before grasping Glinda's hand as a sign of goodbye.

320 40
Zelena is behind the curtain.

Soon, she closes her eyes and clicks her heels together three times, being teleported back home in a flurry of silver smoke. Glinda then approaches the wizard's curtain, stepping onto the dais, and thanks him for his help, however, she orders him to show his true self now. "With pleasure," the wizard's voice replies, but when the curtain falls, it is revealed that Zelena is in fact operating the equipment. She greets her "sister" sarcastically, and Glinda doesn't understand, having been under the impression that the Wicked Witch was destroyed by water. Zelena laughs, denoting Dorothy as a foolish and gullible child to believe that, and Glinda wonders why Zelena pulled off such a ruse. "Because, now that she's gone, no one can stop me from changing my past," she replies, but Glinda says that she will find someone else to fulfill the prophecy, promising that, so long as she's in Oz, she will not stop searching until she discovers the person to defeat Zelena. However, Zelena takes this to mean that the Good Witch needs to leave Oz, suggesting that she'll find the Enchanted Forest more to her liking. Glinda begs for mercy, assuring her former sister that it's not too late to change, but Zelena simply bids her goodbye before waving a hand and sending her to another land in a flurry of green smoke. Once she does this, however, the white stone of her pendant turns a dark shade of green, signifying her transition from light magic to dark. She clutches it and smiles.

320 41

In the sheriff's station of Storybrooke, a powerless Zelena is seen sitting on the bed of a locked cell, wrapped up in a blanket. She asks Regina, who's standing outside, why she doesn't just kill her and put her out of her misery, and Regina replies that she knows why Zelena did what she did. She adds that they're much alike, for their mother ruined the both of them, going on to say that she knows what it's like to not have the life you wanted; the life you feel you deserve. "Boohoo," says Zelena sarcastically, "You had to be Queen. You know nothing. I saw it all. You had everything." Regina questions this, assuming her half-sister missed the part where she lost the love of her life. Zelena says that their mother did all that for her to achieve greatness, but Regina disagrees. She tells the Wicked Witch that, not long ago, she was a lot like her: she wanted to kill someone who wronged her, and she failed. However, had she succeeded in killing Snow White then she wouldn't be in this world, she wouldn't be with these people, and she wouldn't have her son, Henry; "So no, Zelena, I won't kill you. Instead I'm gonna kill you what I got: I'm gonna give you a second chance." Zelena, teary-eyed, asks what is to happen if she doesn't want it, and Regina tells her that that would be a mistake, encouraging her to take it and use it, for evil isn't born, it's made, and so is good. Approaching the cell, the formerly Evil Queen continues in saying, "And, if I were you, I'd consider creating a new destiny. Because, if you don't, I'll be right there to take your heart, and crush it." Zelena looks angrily at her half-sister, who reveals that she still has the pendant in her hand. She then excuses herself, saying she should go put it somewhere safe, and the prisoner seethes with rage.

320 42
Regina finally wins.

Over at the Mills family mausoleum in the forest-bound graveyard on the outskirts of Storybrooke, Regina is seen down in her secret vault, located beneath her father's tomb, placing the pendant, which houses all of the Wicked Witch of the West's magical power, into one of the empty chests usually used to contain a heart. Taking a moment to look at it, she smirks, before proceeding to close it in the chest and slide said chest back into the empty slot of its cabinet. She savors the moment and smiles even more widely, having finally won for the first time, before leaving with a happy expression and a more positive outlook.

320 43
Rumbelle reunites.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gold is seen looking at the items available in his pawn shop, which have extended to include his golden brain, before approaching a mirror behind the counter and looking into it. Through the reflection, he sees the door open behind him, and Belle walks in, happy to see her true love a free man once more. He appears relieved that she's safe and the two of them approach each other, sharing a heartfelt hug. She strokes his hair and says she knew he'd be back, and he tells her that her undying faith constantly astounds him, for it still exists even after everything he's done. She points out that that wasn't him, but Zelena, however, he reveals that it wasn't always Zelena. Belle appears slightly confused, and Rumple tells her that he will never comprehend why she continues to stand by his side. She assures him that she loves him and always has, and he nods, before she goes to take something out of her purse: his dagger. Gold asks how she got it, and she explains that Regina gave it to her to make amends, and because she knew she was the only one to be trusted not to abuse its power.

320 44
Belle accepts Rumple's marriage proposal.

She hands it to him, saying that she wants him to have it, and Gold wonders why. Belle tells him that it's because she believes in him, adding that it's his and he's a free man, however, she requests that he promise her something; "Promise me you won't go after Zelena. I know you're better than that." With the dagger still held out in front of him, Rumplestiltskin utters his true love's name before taking it, adding that what she's giving him is more than he could ever give her... but he will try. He then holds out the dagger himself and states that it now represents trust, and means that she trusts him with all her heart. She smiles, saying that she does, and he promises to trust her with his in turn. He tells her to take the dagger, much to her confusion, before declaring that he is now, and for all the future, hers. Smiling more widely, she wonders what he's saying, and Rumple finally asks: "Will you marry me?" Almost immediately, Belle nods and says "yes", taking the dagger and placing it on the counter beside her so that she may grab him and kiss him. He reciprocates, and the tender moment goes on.

320 45
The happy family, happy once more.

Prince Charming walks into his wife's hospital room with their newborn son in his arms. Still drowsy from the exhaustion of birth, it takes a while for Mary Margaret to turn and notice them, but when she does, she immediately sits up in pure relief. Her husband smiles as he approaches, with Emma standing at the door, and Snow White holds out her arms to receive her baby. With him safely in her arms, she begins to cry tears of joy, and David kisses his true love on the forehead. They smile down at their baby, and Emma continues to watch from the doorway as Hook approaches from behind. He says that he never thought he'd see one of those, and Emma tells him it's called a baby, however, he reveals that he was actually referring to her smile. "We won," she reminds him happily, and he tells her that, in all the chaos, he never got a chance to thank her for saving his life. She asks if he really thinks she'd like him drown and he asks in turn if she can really blame him for being uncertain, given their history. He then goes on to wonder if her magic returned when the Wicked Witch was defeated, but she answers negatively. He apologizes, but she says it's okay, adding that she won't be needing it in New York. This surprises Hook, but before he can react, Emma calls upon Henry, who's by the vending machine. She asks her son if he'd like to meet his new uncle, and Henry happily runs into the delivery room along with his mother. Charming hugs his daughter and grandson as they join to faun over the baby, who rests peacefully in his mother's arms. Hook watches the scene sadly, failing to produce a smile, whilst his true love remains preoccupied by her new little brother.

320 46

Still locked away in her small cell in sheriff's station, Zelena sits sulkily, staring into space, soon hearing the sound of footsteps approaching; she rolls her eyes, telling Regina that she didn't expect her back so soon. However, it is not Regina who answers. "I don't imagine you expected me at all, dearie," says Mr. Gold, the actual purveyor of the footsteps, and Zelena is surprised to be met by him. She asks what he's doing there, and he asks in turn what she thinks the answer is. She says that he can't kill her, having seen Regina take his dagger, but he reveals that she gave it to Belle. The witch asks if Belle wants her dead, but Rumple answers negatively, and so Zelena says that he has to do what his true love wishes, for if she has the dagger then he has no choice. "Yes, if she has the dagger... but she doesn't," Rumple states, taking the dagger out from behind his back. Zelena is startled, immediately standing up in fear, and the Dark One continues in saying that Belle only thinks she has it.

320 47
Zelena is killed by Rumplestiltskin.

He goes on to explain that his father taught him something - the only useful thing he passed on - a bit of slight-of-hand called "Follow the Lady", thus revealing that the dagger Belle possesses is a fake; the one he holds, however, is quite real. In an eye blink, Rumple is standing within Zelena's cell, and she begs him to wait, reminding him that she's powerless and that Regina's got her pendant; her magic is gone, so she can't hurt anyone. Backed against the wall and knowing her death is imminent, she simply asks her old teacher, "Why?" "Because I promised my son his death would be avenged. And Rumplestiltskin never breaks a deal," the Dark One replies, before ramming his dagger into the Wicked Witch's gut. She wretches in pain, and suddenly, Rumple uses his magic to transform her into a porcelain statue of herself. When he withdraws the dagger, she smashes into a million pieces, crumbling into a pile on the floor. He then waves his dagger-bearing hand, opening the cell door, and he shuts it behind him as he leaves. Once he's gone, the pile of shards that was Zelena been reduced to a cloud of dust.

320 48
The time portal opens...

Down in Regina's vault, the chest containing Zelena's pendant glows green before opening, and a stream of green smoke seeps out like a tendril, working its way across the floor and streaming out of the Mills family mausoleum. This long line of magic wisps its way through the town, whooshing past the clock tower and through Main Street, until it eventually makes it into the woods. The green smoke continues to travel until it reaches Zelena's house, proceeding to enter her barn where the compass-like symbol used to enact the failed time travel spell remains carved into the soil. The green magic whirls around the central point, and suddenly, it glows a fiery orange. From this, a portal to the past opens and continues to violently spin. The Wicked Witch's spell has succeeded.


320 Title Card




Although it won its timeslot for the fourth week in a row, the episode placed a 2.1/6 among 18-49 year-old adults, with only 6.86 million viewers tuning in, a one-point drop from the previous outing.[2]


The episode was met with mixed to positive reviews:

  • Hillary Busis of Entertainment Weekly gave it a great review: "Around 8:55 P.M. tonight, it seemed that every conflict at the center of season 3B had finally been resolved. Zelena was roundly defeated -- not by a bucket of water, but by The Force/Old Magic/The Power of Love. Regina had completed her journey from villain to anti-hero to full-blown heroine, gaining a strapping new soulmate in the process. Rumple had regained control of his dagger and formally proposed to Belle. (He's a powerful, enigmatic, once-married longtime bachelor finally re-committing after a lengthy stretch of solitude; just think of Rump as the Enchanted Forest's answer to George Clooney.) And to top it all off, Snow and Charming's royal bundle of joy had finally been born, kidnapped, and returned to his loving parents -- all before the couple even had a chance to give the baby a name. (Who wants to bet they'll go with "Baelfire"?) And that, of course, is when Rumple threw a wrench into the works of this particular happy ending. Actually, make that a dagger."[3]
  • Christine Orlado of TV Fanatic gave the episode 4.6 out of 5 stars.[4]
  • Amy Ratcliffe of IGN gave it a 8.3, saying that "This week's Once took an underwhelming detour to Oz but delivered with some intense action."[5]
  • Gwen Ihnat of The A.V Club gave the episode a C, also criticizing the flashback story, and also how easily Zelena was defeated; saying that: "Unfortunately, this fate/destiny exploration lands in an episode that is maddening even by OUAT standards. It may rank the highest this season for SMH (Shake My Head) moments, which is really saying something."[6]


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