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Or what? You'll ruin my life? You'll do your worst? Because I will always do my best.

Jiminy Cricket is one of the main characters of Once Upon a Time. He was a poor robber whose wish to become as free as a cricket was granted by the Blue Fairy. After this, he became a friend and confident, as well as the "conscience", of Geppetto and his son, Pinocchio. Following the enactment of the Dark Curse, he became trapped in Storybrooke as Dr. Archibald "Archie" Hopper, a local psychiatrist.


Before the Curse

There will be many temptations in this new world, Pinocchio. But as long as you remain brave, truthful and unselfish, you will not fail.
Jiminy EL 3
The Blue Fairy turns Jiminy into a cricket. ("That Still Small Voice")

Jiminy grows up the son of thieves Martin and Myrna, but eventually grows tired of his thieving ways, especially after receiving the kindness of a young boy, Geppetto. After doing a favor for Rumplestiltskin, Jiminy is given a potion which is said to be able to take care of the problem he currently has with his parents, and free him from them once and for all. One night, during one of the family's cons, they fool a young couple, Donna and Stephen, into believing a plague has broken out, but that they have a potion known as "elf-tonic" that could protect them. Once giving Martin and Myrna everything they possess, they're given the false potion, but Jiminy soon realizes his parents switched the potion Rumplestiltskin gave him with what they originally intended for the couple. Jiminy hurries back to the hovel, only to discover the young couple having been turned into puppets... and soon after, their young son Geppetto discovers this as well, and is absolutely horrified. Some time later, a depressed Jiminy makes a wish upon a star, and the Blue Fairy makes herself known. She agrees to help Jiminy correct his errors, despite being unable to bring back Geppetto's parents; she transforms him into a cricket, allowing him to guide Geppetto through life, and live as long as it takes to do so. ("That Still Small Voice")

Jiminy 116
Jiminy Cricket comes to Charming's rescue. ("Heart of Darkness")

Many years later, Jiminy Cricket is called by the seven dwarfs to moderate an intervention hosted for their friend Snow White, who has lost all the love in her and thus become a bitter woman after drinking the potion given to her by Rumplestiltskin. Snow is grossed out by the presence of a cricket in the house and tries to flick Jiminy away, until the conscience opens the room for the dwarfs to read out their thoughts to Snow. However, she is uninterested, and shares with them that she is going to kill the Evil Queen. Jiminy tries to prevent her from doing this, but Snow encases him inside a glass dome and walks away. Later, after she's tied Prince Charming to a tree, it is Jiminy who finds the prince and sets him free, whilst trying to give him advice. Charming tells him that he tried to get Snow to remember him by kissing her, and Jiminy says that he's going about this the wrong way: how can she remember who he is, when she's lost sight of who she is? This leaves Charming thinking of how to solve everything. ("Heart of Darkness")

Jiminy 512
Jiminy becomes the life of the party. ("Souls of the Departed")

On the night of the Evil Queen's birthday, Snow White and Prince Charming, along with the seven dwarfs, go out for drinks where they toast in honor of Regina, who Snow mocks, hoping she spends the rest of her birthdays failing to find and kill her. Meanwhile, however, Regina believes to have come into possession of Snow's heart, with Cora's help, and so she watches from her Magic Mirror as she begins to crush it. As she watches, Snow jumps up, seemingly being affected by the Evil Queen's actions, but soon enough it turns out to be merely Jiminy Cricket, who for some reason was hiding inside Snow's clothes. Jiminy comes flying out, resulting in the laughter of Snow, Charming and the drunken dwarfs. While a tipsy Jiminy tries to stand up, only to start swaying dizzily, Regina is meanwhile confused, but upon crushing the heart she controls, it turns out to be simply the heart of one of her black knights, which Prince Henry had switched out with Snow's. ("Souls of the Departed")

Jiminy 210
The talking cricket wonders if Regina would like to share any last words. ("The Cricket Game")

After the Evil Queen is captured by the Charming couple, she is imprisoned in their newly-acquired castle. Jiminy Cricket tells his fellow attendees at a royal council that he fears the Queen may never change, and that they have to suspense justice in her case. Granny suggests that they banish her to another realm, to which Jiminy replies that it would be unconscionable to subject any other realm to the suffering that they've endured. Prince Charming suggests that they kill her, and adjourns the meeting. Jiminy and the rest leave the Charming couple to discuss the Queen's execution. Later, when the event transpires, Jiminy asks Regina if she'd like to share any final words with the attendants, and she claims that she does, and goes on to show absolutely no remorse over the horrible things she's done, only regret that she couldn't do worse. ("The Cricket Game")

Jiminy 620
Jiminy joins in on the singing. ("The Song in Your Heart")

Wanting to keep her unborn child, Emma, safe, Snow makes a wish upon a star that she and Charming will have what they need to help her, and to give her a chance at a happy ending. The wish ends up granted, and this means that the entirety of the kingdom ends up bursting into song and dance. Geppetto works with Pinocchio in his workshop and sings about how he's real and not a toy, and now there's a lifetime to enjoy the happy things, for he's got no strings, and he's his real boy. Jiminy Cricket even flies in and complete this verse with a series of chirps. The Evil Queen isn't happy when she sees this through one of her mirrors, unable to deal with such a happy kingdom, and goes on a rampage while singing about how love doesn't stand a chance against her curse. One of the places she visits is Geppetto's workshop where she causes young Pinocchio to hide in fear behind his father while she stabs the table before getting up on it, singing about how the kingdom's happy feelings will soon become the reverse thanks to her. They are most dismayed, but later forget all about the singing thanks to the Blue Fairy, who reveals that the songs were never intended for the whole kingdom to defeat the Queen but for Emma herself to defeat a more powerful evil later on. ("The Song in Your Heart")

Jiminy 120 1
Jiminy falls victim to a prank... ("The Stranger")

One time, when Geppetto is teaching Pinocchio to fix clocks, the elderly man learns that his son tied Jiminy Cricket to the bird of the clock. The Blue Fairy shows up to talk to Geppetto, and Jiminy and Pinocchio leave the office to give them some privacy. The fairy tells Geppetto to build a vessel for the unborn child of Snow White and Prince Charming from an enchanted tree, to protect the baby from the Dark Curse. The fairy then takes Geppetto, Pinocchio and Jiminy to the place where the last enchanted tree in all the realm rests, and Geppetto says he can make a nice wardrobe out of it. The fairy tells him that the tree has enough power to protect exactly two people, and so the royal couple will use it to transport themselves into the other world, where they'll give birth to their child and prepare her for the battle against the Evil Queen. Geppetto, however, learning that they're all going to a world without magic, is horrified with the idea that his son Pinocchio might go back to being made of wood. Jiminy warns him that he's scaring the child, and Geppetto tells the fairy that he'll build the wardrobe, but only if Pinocchio goes through it. Jiminy tells him that he can't bargain like this, not while the entire realm is in danger, but Geppetto replies that if he doesn't he will lose the boy. Jiminy asks him to think of the example he's setting for the boy, and Geppetto tells him that he might be a conscience, but he has no right to say what he should do about the child. Jiminy claims to only be trying to help, and Geppetto brings up that he didn't help his parents. A guilt-ridden Jiminy is thus silenced. Geppetto tells him that his debt to him can never be paid, but a start would be for him to stay out of this. Jiminy claims to understand. The Blue Fairy then has no choice but to tell the Prince and Snow White that the tree contains magic to protect only one. ("The Stranger")

Jiminy 101
"Fighting is a bad idea." ("Pilot")

The royal council meets, and when the idea of fighting is thrown around, Jiminy Cricket says, "Fighting is a bad idea. Giving in to one's dark side never accomplishes anything.", to an amplifier, and next to a magnifying glass. The Blue Fairy then comes in and tells everyone of the wardrobe. She asks Geppetto, pretending that it's the first time, to build it, and Geppetto says that he and his boy, Pinocchio, can do it. The fairy then tells Prince Charming and Snow White that the tree only has power in it to protect one person, abiding by Geppetto's terms of agreement. ("Pilot"/"The Stranger")

Jiminy 120 2
Geppetto and Jiminy look at the now empty wardrobe. ("The Stranger")

After the wardrobe has been built, the Blue Fairy tells Geppetto that the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming has arrived early, and since only two people can go through the portal, they should be mother and daughter, which means that Pinocchio can't go. The fairy begs Geppetto to tell the truth to the royal couple, as she must go and tend to her fellow fairies for their final preparations before the curse gets to them. She reminds the woodcarver that Emma, the child, is the key for their salvation, but Geppetto, concerned over losing his son, tells him that he will go into the wardrobe. Jiminy tells him he can't do this, because the circumstances have changed and the baby needs her mother, but Geppetto denies this, saying that the baby needs someone to tell her the truth about the curse and to get her to break it, and that someone will be Pinocchio. The child is reluctant to leave his father, but Geppetto makes him. Pinocchio promises to do the right thing and help Emma save everyone. Jiminy tells him "There will be many temptations in this new world, Pinocchio. But as long as you remain brave, truthful and unselfish, you will not fail." Afterwards, the child is placed in the wardrobe, and father and conscience watch as the child disappears after being transported to another world. ("The Stranger")

After the Curse

Early Life

Beautiful day, isn't it?
Archie 217
Every day is a beautiful day. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

After the Dark Curse hits, Jiminy Cricket becomes trapped in the town of Storybrooke, Maine with the new identity of Dr. Archibald "Archie" Hopper, the town's local shrink as well as a human. On the first day of the curse, Mayor Regina Mills, otherwise known as the Evil Queen, takes a stroll through the town happy to see that her plan worked. As she walks along the sidewalk, she sees Archie walking his dalmatian, Pongo, and the shrink tells her it's a beautiful day. She agrees with him, about to call him "Cricket", but soon amends herself by saying "Dr. Hopper" and walking on. The next day, Regina sees the same thing, Archie walking Pongo and stating that it's a beautiful day. The next day, the same thing ensues. Soon enough, Regina grows tired of this repetition and others within the town. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

Archie EL 617
Regina sets up Archie to be used as leverage. ("Awake")

A decade into the curse and Mary Margaret Blanchard - formerly Snow White - is making her usual walk to the hospital in order to tend to the comatose John Doe - formerly Prince Charming. On the way, she can't seem to do anything right, even walking past Archie as he walks Pongo like every other day and having Pongo go nuts. Archie excuses that his dog is off gluten currently, before hurrying off, and the introverted teacher proceeds to discover a mysterious flower which she brings to her unwitting true love's bedside. It contains pixie dust which wakes him up and returns his memories and, because it's capable of reuniting those who share true love, it returns Snow's memories as well. But, Mayor Mills believes the coma patient to be missing and gathers a search party to look for him out in the woods, where Mary Margaret pretends she saw him go. Archie joins the search party along with Pongo but they have no luck; but, Snow refuses to let them head back, at which Regina encourages Archie to go and check the mines. She then threatens to demolish the mines with Archie and Pongo inside, for the suspects that Snow White has resurfaced and wants her to admit it. However, the other townspeople accidentally intervene and, after Snow and Charming make the decision to stay cursed so that their daughter Emma can fulfill her destiny as the savior at the right time, the two are discovered by the search party in the woods with John Doe back in a coma. ("Awake")

Archie EL 309
So glad he could chirp. ("Save Henry")

18 years into the curse, Regina, still feeling an emptiness - a result of the void left in her heart due to killing her own father and enabling the curse -, calls Archie over to her office to confide in him that she feels "nothing". Archie comments that she is a driven woman, but there is more to life than work and life should be shared with someone. He asks when she last felt happy, and Regina is reminded of when Owen visited. Archie deduces that what she needs is a child in her life, for they bring such joy. This leads Regina to get Gold to find a baby for her, and it's how she comes to adopt Henry. Eventually, upon realizing who Henry's birth mother is, Regina almost gives the baby up, but is unable to part ways with the son she has come to love as her own. When Archie meets with her again, he shows relief and gladness that she decided to keep the baby after all, but Regina confides in him that she now worries that Henry's biological mother might return one day and ruin what they have. Archie tells her to live in the present rather than to be concerned with the future, and to revel in her child's love. Regina follows his advice in an extreme way: by preparing a forgetting potion, and drinking her worries away. ("Save Henry") Years later, when Henry starts to have issues and to believe that his mother is the Evil Queen, and that all the residents of Storybrooke are fairytale characters, Regina sends him to see Dr. Hopper, hoping the therapist will shake this belief from him. ("Pilot")

Season 1

Henry... what did I tell you about lying? Giving in to one's dark side never accomplishes anything.
Archie 101
Meet Archie. And Pongo. ("Pilot")

Dr. Archie Hopper, the real world counterpart of Jiminy Cricket, is first seen when Emma brings Henry back to Storybrooke. He is walking his dog Pongo when he comes across them, and brings with him a signature umbrella. Archie asks who Emma is, and she explains she's just someone trying to give Henry a ride home. Henry says "She's my mom, Archie", and the therapist is surprised. Emma asks him if he knows where Henry lives, and Archie points the way, indicating that he is the Mayor's son, a fact that surprises Emma. Archie asks the boy where he was that day, since he missed his session, and Henry says he went on a field trip and forgot to tell him. Archie sees through his response, crouches down and reminds him of what he said about lying. Emma interrupts their talk, telling the therapist that she really should be getting him home, and Archie tells them to have a good night, and tells Henry to behave, before parting ways with them, whistling as he goes. Emma, having been told about the curse, asks her birth son who Archie is supposed to be, and Henry tells her that Archie is Jiminy Cricket. Emma makes a joke about Henry's nose growing, and Henry tells her he is not Pinocchio. ("Pilot")

Archie 102
Emma comes to see Archie because of Henry. ("The Thing You Love Most")

Dr. Hopper is walking his dog one morning when he notices that the town's clock has started working. Later, Emma Swan stops by his office, hoping to get some information on her son, and his strange obsession with fairytales. She comments that it's a little crazy that he thinks everyone around him is a fairytale character, and the doctor tells her that he hopes she doesn't talk like that around Henry, because the word 'crazy' is quite damaging. He goes on to say that these stories are his language, because he has no idea how to express complex emotion. Emma tells him that Henry got the book only one month before, and asks if Henry's been seeing him for longer than that. Archie says that he has, and Emma concludes that the problem is Regina. Archie then reaches for his case and takes out a file, handing it to Emma and telling her to go over it, so that she'll see what he means. Emma is surprised and asks why he's doing this, and he says that she is important to Henry. Before she leaves, Archie advises her to not destroy Henry's imagination. Once she's gone, he gets on the phone with Regina, and we find out it was her plan all along that Emma take the files. Archie then reports it as a theft to Sheriff Graham, and the latter arrests Emma. Some time later, after Emma's been released, she shows up at Archie's office to apologize to Henry. Dr. Hopper tries to apologize to her in his place, but she isn't very much interested. Emma tells Henry, before his therapist, that she thinks the curse is crazy, but that doesn't mean it isn't true. Henry reminds her that she told his mother he was crazy, and Emma turns this around by explaining that she was throwing Regina off the trail, by having her think they're non-believers. Archie is relieved that Emma didn't shatter Henry's beliefs. ("The Thing You Love Most")

Archie 105
Archie manages to save himself. ("That Still Small Voice")

Archie asks Henry during one of his sessions with the child why he thinks the doctor is Jiminy Cricket, and Henry tells him it's because of what he is, a conscience, helping people to see right from wrong. Archie then inquires if he thinks all the crickets in town were people, and Henry points out that they have never had crickets. Henry says that this is proof that there's a curse, but he knows it isn't proof enough, so he's looking for more. Archie wonders why it is important to him that the curse is real, and Henry says it just is. Archie asks him to think about his answer, because he thinks there's more to it. When Emma is made deputy sheriff, there is an earthquake due to a mine collapsing. Regina wants to seal off the mine, and a suspicious Henry tells Emma and Archie, who is apparently also in on "Operation Cobra", that they have to investigate what is inside the mine that the Queen doesn't want anyone to know. Regina then bullies Archie into shattering Henry's belief, because she's grown tired of it. She threatens to take away everything Archie has should he fail to take Henry's delusion from him. Archie, preoccupied, tells Archie that his delusion might grow into a psychosis, which is why he must stop with this curse nonsense. Henry is hurt, but also more determined than ever to prove to everyone that he is right. When Henry doesn't come home to Regina, Archie realizes where he is: at the old mine. The entrance to the mine is sealed shut by an earthquake that occurs after Henry finds a peculiar piece of glass, and after Archie has made his way inside. The doctor finds Henry and they make their way to an elevator shaft, but as they try to get out through it the entrance is blown up with dynamite by the rescuers and the elevator thus stops working. A horrified Regina begs Emma to go into the mine and save their son, and inside, Archie tells Henry that he didn't mean the things he said to him at the office. Henry explains to an incredulous Archie that Jiminy Cricket, before being a guy, was a guy who took a long time to figure out who he wanted to be, much like Archie. Emma then makes her way down the elevator shaft and rescues Henry. The elevator starts to shake and give in, and Archie almost goes down with it, but fortunately he is able to use his umbrella to grab on to her harness before the elevator plunges down. After they've left the mine, Archie tells Regina that he is going to continue to treat Henry his way, and she's going to allow it because someday she might find herself in a custody battle, and in those cases the courts always consult an expert, particularly one who's treated the child. Regina therefore backs off, and Archie commemorates the rescue in the company of his best friend, Marco, whom Henry reveals to be Geppetto, in a conversation with his mother. They then hear the crickets singing for the first time, yet another sign that things are changing. It is then revealed to us that the piece of glass Henry found belonged to Snow White's glass coffin... ("That Still Small Voice")

Archie 108
Awkward... ("Desperate Souls")

Archie, along with several members of the town's community, is excited to see Emma Swan running for the position of Sheriff, and thus he starts rallying in her favor, particularly after she saves Mayor Mills from a fire. Archie then serves as the presenter of the debate between the candidates, and gives the opening speech, rather awkwardly. He tells the attendants that tragedy has brought them all there, but now they are faced with the decision of electing a new sheriff, so he asks only that they listen with an open mind and conscience - the last part annoying Regina. He then introduces both candidates, and tries to make a joke about their names, "Glass - Swan", saying it sounds like something a decorator would make him buy. The joke clunks. ("Desperate Souls")

Archie 116
Dr. Hopper helps David with his memory lapses. ("Heart of Darkness")

After Mary Margaret is arrested for her possible involvement in the alleged murder of Kathryn Nolan, David starts wondering if maybe he had some sort of involvement in the murder as well, for he seems to be suffering through memory lapses and confusion, so he theorizes that maybe he forgot about his part in the disappearance of his wife. This confusion brings him to the office of Dr. Hopper, where he claims to need help remembering what happened during the blackouts in his memory. Archie wonders why, and David tells him that he might know something that can help Mary Margaret. Shortly afterwards, during the consultation, David is lying down, eyes closed, and Archie tells him to go back to his last memory of the last time he and Kathryn spoke. He remembers the night she left, that he called her on his cell and she said she realized she needed to start a new life without him, and that he and Mary Margaret should be together. Archie asks how the conversation ended, and he claims that Kathryn said she was hurt, but that he should be happy. Archie asks if he remembers anything after that, and David says that he remembers seeing the teacher in the woods. Archie asks what she was doing there... and David suddenly has flashes to his previous life as Prince Charming, of the time he tried to stop Snow White from murdering the Evil Queen. Archie is forced to wake David up because he went too deep into hypnosis, and something was disturbing him. Archie asks his patient what he saw, and an alarmed David, now believing that his flashes were of Mary Margaret planning to kill Kathryn, rushes out of the office, despite the doctor's will to help him sort out what he remembered. ("Heart of Darkness")

Archie 119
Mr. Gold considers talking to Dr. Hopper. ("The Return")

Mr. Gold, conflicted over whether the new man in town might be his long-lost son, comes to Archie's building to maybe have a talk with him. He knocks on the psychiatrist's door, but then appears to have a change of heart and starts walking away. However, Dr. Hopper opens the door, and asks if Gold is there for the rent. When he realizes that he isn't, Archie asks him if he'd like to talk, and Gold replies that he doesn't know. Archie encourages him to come in if he'd like to get something off his chest. Gold does just this, and later, Archie is surprised to find out that he had a son. Gold tells him that there is someone acting the way he would expect his son to act, and Archie asks if this means that he recognizes him, but Gold replies that maybe he's just seeing what he wants to see. Archie asks if the son wouldn't recognize him, and Gold says that there was conflict, so the son might not be willing to reunite with him. Archie suggests that, if he has sought Gold and is yet holding back, maybe he's checking for a sign that all is forgiven, to which his patient replies that he is the one who needs to be forgiven. Gold thinks that the son might still be angry, and the doctor tells him that anger between a parent and a child is very natural. Gold then suggests that the man is there to try to kill him. A surprised Archie tells him that's not as natural. An emotional Gold says that he let his son go, and spent his entire life since trying to fix his error, but now he doesn't know what to do. Archie tells him to be honest, and tell him face-to-face what he just told his therapist, and Gold tells him that honesty was never his best color. But Archie says there is no other way. ("The Return")

Archie 121
Emma seeks Archie's advice. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

Mayor Mills has a horrible dream one night in which the population of Storybrooke is able to remember their true identities, and plan to punish her for what she did to them. In the dream, Regina is tied to her apple tree, in the middle of a road, by Ruby and Archie, the latter telling her that his conscience is clear. Emma then proceeds to presumably cut off her head with a sword before Archie and everyone else. Regina is awoken from her nightmare before the blade gets her. Some time after this, Emma meets with Archie at Granny's Diner to get his opinion on her wishes to adopt Henry, and the therapist tells her that she has no case for custody, because she can't prove the things that Regina has done. Archie asks her who she thinks will be getting hurt with this war raging on, and Emma acknowledges that Henry will. He then tells her that the courts would look into how Henry's been doing since Emma came into the picture, and it's not a clean record, for he has skipped school, stolen a credit card, endangered himself on multiple occasions... Emma asks him what he thinks, subjectively, of her influence on Henry, and Archie regrets asking her to engage in his fantasy life, because it has only helped him retreat further into it. Emma asks if he thinks that Henry's better off with Regina, and he denies saying this. She then asks him if Regina would ever hurt Henry, and he says she never would. Emma then asks him to say if Henry has been better off since she arrived, to which he replies that that is not the matter at hand, what she needs to do is come up with a way for her and Regina to both be in his life without anyone being harmed. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

Archie 122
Archie remembers everything. ("A Land Without Magic")

When the Dark Curse is finally lifted by Emma Swan's kiss of true love, planted on her beloved and presumably deceased biological son, Henry, waves of magic spread through Storybrooke, and its residents, hit by them, are finally able to remember their true identities and past. Dr. Archibald "Archie" Hopper is seen leaving his office, and he is hit by these waves as he stands on the steps. He is dazed for a short period of time, and then looks enlightened, because he can now remember everything. ("A Land Without Magic")

Season 2

No! No, we cannot stoop to her level. No matter who she is or what she's done, killing her is wrong.
201 07
Dr. Hopper urges his friends to come to Regina's aid. ("Broken")

After Emma Swan is able to break the curse, Archie is able to remember his past as Jiminy. However, he has no time to address this issue properly for he becomes far more concerned when Dr. Whale rallies a group of the town's people to attack Regina, who cursed them and changed their lives. Archie reaches out to Emma's group, which includes Prince Charming, Snow White and others, and urges them to detain the angry mob, because they mustn't stoop the Queen's level, and no matter what she did she doesn't deserve to be killed. Therefore, they all rush to the Mayor's house to rescue the evil witch. ("Broken")

Archie 202
Dr. Hopper offers his assistance to the wretched Mayor. ("We Are Both")

Dr. Archie Hopper starts providing counseling after the breaking of the curse and after the Wraith's attack, and Ruby warns the population of Storybrooke that the therapist has prepared a sign-up sheet. When everyone starts channeling their concerns towards Prince Charming, Archie notices Henry wondering if his mother knows that when people cross the border of the town they revert to their cursed selves, with no memory of their past identities. This prompts Archie to come see Regina, thinking that she might want to talk. He tells her it might prove to be helpful and might help her find out who she is, to which she tells him that she knows who she is, therefore foregoing any counseling. Archie then attends a meeting at the assembly hall that is to be presided by Charming, and Regina shows up to claim her son. Archie begs her to think about what she is doing - horrifying the populus - and Regina says the word "Bug" and hurls him away with magic. Henry then goes with his foster mother, to appease her. The scare that she gave everyone, however, leads them to try and leave the town, even if it means them losing their memories. However, Charming and Red get to them in time, and prevent them from leaving. Archie tells the prince that they have a right to leave, but Charming gives a speech that makes everyone change their mind and go back to their business. ("We Are Both")

205 03
Regina comes to Archie for help. ("The Doctor")

Regina comes to Archie for counseling, explaining that she's been trying to keep her promise to Henry, to abstain from using magic, but it's been hard. He then starts a therapy session with her, in which she explains to him that magic is the way she has always got everything, but the doctor points out it's also apparently the way she lost everything. Their session is interrupted by the appearance of the irate Dr. Whale, who demands that Regina get him back to his land so that he can be by his brother's side. She tells him she can't send anyone anywhere, and Archie is forced to stand up and step in, demanding that Dr. Whale leave his office. When Whale obliges, Archie turns his attention back to Regina and reminds her that what she told Whale, about the curse not bringing the dead with it, must be false, since her father's grave is in Storybrooke. Regina replies that she brought who she wanted, to which Archie asks if she brought anyone else. Regina tells Dr. Hopper about Daniel and explains that she preserved his body with an enchantment spell, and it's also there. Dr. Hopper realizes this is because she is unable to let go of him. He tells Regina that if she can't let go of the past, it is still going to haunt her. A conflicted Regina then leaves the office abruptly, unwilling to reach out to him anymore, despite his plea to let him help her. However, after Daniel is brought back to life by Dr. Whale and Regina is forced to let go of him yet again, she comes to Archie for help again, explaining that she used magic. ("The Doctor")

Archie 210
Archie is attacked. ("The Cricket Game")

Archie attends the homecoming party thrown at Granny's for the returning Emma and Mary Margaret, and even brings a cake he made for the occasion. When Regina decides to leave and Emma follows after her, a tense conversation ensues between them regarding Henry. It ends with Emma telling Regina that she spoke with Archie, who told her the former Mayor's trying to change and that she's been seeing him. Regina is displeased with this, and confronts Archie the following day, being spotted by Ruby in an argument with him. Regina is upset over the therapist telling someone of their sessions, and thus reminding them of her past. That night, Ruby spots Regina entering Archie's building. However, it is in fact Cora disguised as her daughter. The faux Regina enters the shrink's office and attacks him. The following morning, Emma and Ruby find Archie's lifeless body, and all evidence of the attack points to Regina, even though Emma believes her innocence. However, Mr. Gold helps her use magic to extract the memories of the attack from Pongo, using a dream catcher, and Emma witnesses Regina committing the attack. Believing Regina killed Archie, the Charmings confront her, and the witch vanishes. That night, however, Cora reveals to her companion, Hook, that Archie is still alive - she killed a random person and switched them, disguising the deceased as Archie. She then reveals that she chose him because he has insight on the people of Storybrooke, including Rumple... ("The Cricket Game")

Archie 211
Archie in Hook's care. ("The Outsider")

The people of Storybrooke hold a funeral for Archie, not knowing that he is alive in the clutches of Cora and Hook. Mary Margaret provides him with a beautiful eulogy and Marco places the conscience's umbrella on his grave, thankful that his friend is in a better place now. Ironically, we are next shown Archie tied up being handled roughly by Hook, who asks him where Rumplestiltskin's dagger is. Archie admits to knowing nothing of a dagger and Hook believes him. He asks him of any other weaknesses the Dark One holds and Archie falls silent, Hook is about to attack him but Archie halts him, telling him of Rumple's true love, Belle. Belle later finds her way onto Hook's ship and discover's Archie in the ship's hold, she cuts him free with a cutlass and she tells him to go and find Mr. Gold and tell him where she is, he obliges. Over at Emma and Henry's apartment, Pongo barks loudly at a knock on the door, Emma answers it and is stunned to see the supposedly dead Archie standing before her. Henry hugs his former therapist who assures him he is okay, and that Cora kidnapped him. Henry tells Emma that they have to find Regina and tell her that they know she is innocent, Emma agrees but worries that they will still have to pay a price of some sort. ("The Outsider")

222 22
Dr. Hopper's in the house. ("And Straight on 'Til Morning")

After Greg and Tamara activate a diamond that could destroy Storybrooke and kill all of its inhabitants, the Charmings reunite their loved ones with the intent of getting everyone to escape back into the Enchanted Forest through a magic portal. However, when Emma lets them know that Regina is sacrificing herself, Mary Margaret isn't willing to let that happen. The idea to get the diamond across a portal instead comes up, and Emma doesn't think anyone is gonna go for that because it's too risky, but Archie steps out from within the townspeople and says that they will because it's the right thing to do. "Look, Snow White and the prince have always lead us before, and we've always won. So, who's willing to let them lead us again?" he asks, raising his own hand before everyone else in the diner does the same. Mary Margaret thanks Archie before telling Emma that this is what they should do, and David adds that it's what they will do. ("And Straight on 'Til Morning")

Season 3

Hey, you wanted to be a hero; sounds like you were.
307 09
Archie comforts Belle in a moment of need. ("Dark Hollow")

Archie and some other members of the town are parading through the streets, happy that Storybrooke is once again safe, when they come across a crying Belle, and wonder what's wrong. She explains that Henry was kidnapped by Greg and Tamara and taken through a portal and everyone else went on Hook's ship to follow them. She then reveals that Rumple gave her a cloaking spell to hide the town from prying eyes because he believes that "others are coming". Archie and the others then follow Bell to the mines where the seven dwarfs grab their pickaxes and begin looking for a vein of magic diamonds for Belle to pour Rumple's potion over, as if she does so, the magic should be spread through the entire town. Diamonds are found within the rock, and Belle casts the spell, encasing Storybrooke under a magic, protective dome. Five days later, at Granny's Diner, Archie notices a despondent Belle turn down a burger and wonders what's the matter. She admits to feeling useless due to the fact that she can't do anything to help Rumple, but Archie reminds her that she protected Storybrooke, which is just as important. She recalls merely pouring a potion over some rocks whereas the dwarfs did all the hard work; she then speculates that it was all without reason as she no longer believes anyone as actually coming to town. Archie continues to try and comfort her, and is surprised when Leroy and the other dwarfs enter the diner in the company of a mermaid, Ariel, who's looking to receive help from Belle. The two of them manage to retrieve a magical item from Gold's shop and send it to him in Neverland, where he and the others currently are, which will help him in his mission to save Henry. ("Dark Hollow")

Archie 311
Archie, along with many other townspeople, watches as Emma and Henry leave Storybrooke forever. ("Going Home")

After everyone returns to Storybrooke from Neverland, Peter Pan steals the Dark Curse from Regina's vault and plans to enact it on the citizens of Storybrooke, taking them into a new version of Neverland that he himself shall design. The curse is soon enacted and green smoke begins pouring from the town well, ready to consume the town, but there is a way to stop it: if Regina - the original caster - were to tear the curse scroll, then the original curse would be undone and everyone would be sent back to their home in the Enchanted Forest. After Rumplestiltskin sacrifices himself to kill Pan, Regina gains the scroll, but in order to tear it, she first must sacrifice the thing she loves most, which is Henry. He is able to escape the curse because he wasn't born in the Enchanted Forest, but Emma is also capable of escaping because she's the savior; the two of them must leave town together. Everyone congregates at the town line to say their goodbyes - including Archie, who is presumably sad to see Emma and Henry leave - but whilst there, Regina breaks even more bad news to the blonde: when the curse washes over them, Storybrooke will cease to have ever existed, meaning it'll be vanquished from her and Henry's memories. To compensate, Regina offers to do what she did for everyone else in town and give them new ones; good ones. She makes it so Emma never gave Henry up for adoption and that the two of them have always been together, and as the two of them prepare to leave town, Regina tears the scroll and makes the oncoming curse safe, turning the green smoke purple, and Archie, along with everyone else, is taken back home. ("Going Home")

Before the Second Curse

According to Jiminy about fifty more Storybrooke folk landed not two miles from here.
Grumpy 312
Jiminy Cricket! Jiminy's... a cricket. ("New York City Serenade")

The residents of Storybrooke are all taken back to the Enchanted Forest, and Archie returns to his cricket form, flying over the land and looking out for more arrivals from town. He soon flies up on Grumpy's shoulder and chirps in the dwarf's ear, telling him that a group of townspeople landed about two miles from where they are. Grumpy is thrilled and relays this information to Prince Charming, who tells the dwarf to tell anyone and everyone he finds to start heading to Regina's palace, which will act as their new base of operations, for it remained untouched by the original curse. However, when they all arrive, they are surprised to learn that the entire castle has been encased by a protection spell - one that isn't the Queen's - meaning someone powerful has taken up residence inside. ("New York City Serenade")

After the Second Curse

Season 3

It's really good to see you, Henry. I missed you.
Archie 313
Archie preaches truth-telling. ("Witch Hunt")

After a new curse is cast and everyone is sent back to Storybrooke, Maine with no memory of the last year spent back in the Enchanted Forest, Jiminy Cricket again becomes Dr. Archie Hopper, and he is amongst those who gathers at the town hall when Emma Swan returns. Everyone begins blaming Regina for what's happened, but she remains adamant that she did nothing. Archie urges her to tell the truth, but she assures him that that's what she's doing. They continue to accuse her, and so she tells them that if they want the Evil Queen, than that's exactly what they'll get, before causing an earthquake with her magic and disappearing in a cloud of purple smoke. However, this was in fact a rouse perpetrated by Emma and Regina to buy them more time to find the real curse caster. Their methods fail, however, but they do find out that they're up against the Wicked Witch of the West. ("Witch Hunt") As Henry Mills' memories are restored, flashes run through his head which include the likes of Archie, soon before the curse is broken. ("A Curious Thing")

320 10
Henry and Archie catch up with one another. ("Kansas")

With Mary Margaret now in labor, multiple townspeople gather at the hospital in order to secure the premises against Zelena. When Emma leaves to deal with the Wicked Witch, Henry sits in the waiting room reading the newspaper which leads Archie, who's sitting beside him, to jokingly ask if he's keeping up with current events, but the young man replies that he's looking at the classifieds. Archie points out that Henry's a little young for a job, but he says that he's actually looking at apartments, commenting that Mary Margaret's place will be crowded after the baby is born and he'll be back and forth from Regina's, but Emma can't sleep in her car. "No, not comfortably," Archie agrees, putting a smile on his face and telling his former patient that it's really good to see him as he missed him, and Henry tells his old therapist that he missed him too. The young man returns to his newspaper, suggesting a place by the water with a view, and Archie wonders if he's spoken to Emma about staying in Storybrooke. Henry answers negatively, not knowing what there is to talk about; "We're... home." Later, when Zelena arrives at the hospital, Henry is told to hide alongside Dr. Hopper whilst Snow's newborn son is snatched away. Ultimately, however, Zelena is defeated and later killed, but this causes the magic from her pendant to leak away and activate her previously failed time travel spell, opening a portal to the past. ("Kansas")

Archie 322
Archie officiates Rumbelle's marriage. ("There's No Place Like Home")

Archie, apparently an ordained minister, waits in the woods with Rumplestiltskin, whose dressed in a fine suit, whilst Belle, dressed all in white, approaches alongside her father, Maurice. He gives his daughter away, and Archie officiates a marriage ceremony between the two of them. They make their vows to one another; Belle says that, where it may seem she's spent her life losing Rumple, she's actually spent her life finding him, whilst he says that, when they met, he was unloved and unloving, but she managed to change that. He wonders why she continues to love him, and she finishes by saying that, sometimes, the best books have the dustiest jackets, and sometimes, the best cups are chipped. The two of them kiss, thus officially making them husband and wife. ("There's No Place Like Home")

Season 4

If you let it go, for even a second, the baby will be just fine, and you'll be even better. I promise.
403 21
Archie gives out some free therapy. ("Rocky Road")

After hosting her first fireside chat, which Archie attended, Mary Margaret is seen opening the trunk to her car, holding baby Neal in her arms. She has trouble getting the stroller into the trunk, having to only use one hand, and Archie soon approaches, commenting on her predicament. She claims to be alright, just having a little trouble with the stroller, and finally gets it to collapse; Archie chuckles, commenting that he cannot believe how complicated things must be for her, with having taken over as mayor and raising a newborn, pointing out that it's just a lot to take on, even for Snow White. Mary Margaret states that she can handle it, as they say children grow up so fast, and she doesn't want to miss a second of it. He notes that this is probably because she missed it with Emma, and an offended Mary Margaret recalls that she doesn't remember scheduling a session. Archie apologizes, exclaiming that he can't help himself, but Mary Margaret does not need to spend all of her time with Neal. If she lets him go for even a second, the baby will be just fine, and he promises that she'll feel better. Archie walks away and Mary Margaret watches him, thinking about what he just said. ("Rocky Road")

After the Third Curse

Season 6

Archie 601
Emma hears some words from her conscience. ("The Savior")

With a dirigible having crashed into town filled with people who long to let their untold stories play out, Emma develops a mysterious side-effect which leads to her having more than a few off moments at crucial times, which doesn't go unnoticed by her parents. As such, they go to Archie and convince him to go and talk to her, with him taking Pongo and making the excuse that he just wanted to bring her some coffee to ease her work. She works out pretty fast that her parents sent him though and assures that she isn't in the mood therapy, but he points out that that's usually when people need it the most. He says how she's been fighting bad guys for years without a break and recalls how, when he met her, she had walls around her, protecting her, that have since vanished thanks to the presence of her family and loved ones. Emma wonders if this isn't a good thing and Archie believes that it is, but it also means that she's now letting in all the collateral damage of all the fighting that she does. Finally, she takes the coffee and asks how she's meant to fix this, and Archie encourages her to put in a lot of time and hard work. She'd prefer a quick fix, such as a pill, but the therapist maintains that there are no shortcuts when it comes to facing our biggest problems. This displeases the blonde somewhat. ("The Savior")

Archie 602
On with the therapy. ("A Bitter Draught")

Emma decides to tackle her issues by ensuing regular sessions with Archie, and he is the first to whom she admits what's been troubling her of late: visions of the future, accompanied by hand tremors, that depict her in battle with a hooded villain, ending with her being stabbed in the gut and dying as her loved ones watch. Archie believes that talking about it will make it haunt her less, and she takes this to mean that he thinks she should tell her family; however, he points out that the real question is why she hasn't told them already, and she explains that they would tell her to stop helping people to keep herself safe and she can't do that because if not then she wouldn't be the savior. Archie advises her through her denied identity crisis, believing that even the savior deserves a day off once in a while, and later hears from Bashful - who likes to go through current events in his sessions - that the Evil Queen has returned and is terrorizing the town, separate from Regina. Emma goes to Archie and tells him about what's now worrying her, for Regina was the only one not to be with her loved ones in the vision, and she finds that suspicious. As such, she wonders if she might be the villain in the hood. Archie asks the savior if she's worried about Regina or the Evil Queen, but Emma replies that she doesn't know. ("A Bitter Draught")

Archie 603
Archie uses a random bus analogy to push Captain Swan together. ("The Other Shoe")

Leroy attends one of his regular therapy sessions with Archie over at the latter's office, right in the middle of sitting down and talking when Emma barges in wanting to talk to the cricket about her own issues. Archie assures that it's okay, for he and Leroy are pretty much done, but Leroy points out that he paid for the whole hour and he hasn't even begun to sort through all his issues at work yet. He ends up leaving anyway though and, with that, Emma proceeds with her impromptu, and she begins to say how jealous she was of Ashley and her happy family. Archie wonders if she isn't happy herself but she says that she is and that that's the problem: she feels as though her happiness, with Hook and with her family, is all a lie because she knows she's dying soon and can't have a future. She's also worried that her magic is failing because of the visions, but Archie asks if all this is a reason to stop going for what she wants, such as moving in with Hook. He says that everyday when he walks out the door he could get hit by a bus, but that doesn't stop him from walking out the door. Emma feels like a fraud though, sad that she fought for everyone's happy endings but can't get one herself, but Archie says that it's not about how she ends things - it's about how she lives them. Emma later takes this advice and asks Hook to move in with her. ("The Other Shoe")

Archie 605
The Wicked Witch traps Archie in his old form. ("Street Rats")

Emma sees the red bird that showed her the full vision of the future out in the woods and decides to follow it with Archie in tow, while he believes the two of them should be engaging in a proper session. The savior wants answers though; but, all she's led to is the dead body of the Oracle to whom the bird belonged. As this is looked into, Archie returns to his office where the Evil Queen awaits, having heard about Emma's visions from Mr. Hyde prior to his death and now wanting to know what they're all about. Archie continually refuses to betray Emma's confidence and so the Evil Queen simply disguises herself as him so that she can ask Emma herself; the real Archie, meanwhile, becomes bound and gagged in a chair in Zelena's farmhouse. The Wicked Witch is less than happy to discover one of her sister's hostages there but figures that she probably has her reasons, then making Archie entertain baby Robin while she drinks tea. The Queen soon returns from having learned about Emma's visions and spilled the secret to her entire family, as Archie, and is happy to see that Zelena didn't turn her hostage over. She then invites her sister to the spa for a day of pampering, having her put a barrier spell around the house so that Archie doesn't escape. He is used as a babysitter while they're gone, with the Queen making it clear that if the baby dies then he dies too, and when they return he wonders if they're going to torture or kill him. Zelena replies that that would be too evil for her taste, and decides to do something wicked instead. She uses her magic to turn Archie back into a cricket, suspending him in a cage like a mobile for her daughter's amusement. ("Street Rats")

Archie 606
Snow and Charming free Jiminy. ("Dark Waters")

Regina arrives at Zelena's farmhouse to gloat to the Evil Queen, telling her that her little masquerade as the cricket therapist was a failure because her sharing Emma's secret only brought the family unit closer together. The Evil Queen is suspicious of why Regina is there, for gloating is more her own style than her "better" half's, and she starts to believe that she's up to something. Indeed, Regina is only striking up a distraction while Snow and David actually sneak into the farmhouse in search of Archie. They soon discover him, still trapped in a cage in his old cricket form, and they manage to unlock the cage and set him free. Remaining an insect, he flies away to freedom, while the Charmings narrowly avoid getting caught by Zelena and the Queen. Regina manages to protect them, with them assuring that nothing the Queen ever does could ever tear them apart as a family, and then they teleport out. ("Dark Waters")

Archie 612
Archie advises Hook on his pending proposal. ("Murder Most Foul")

Having been reverted to his human state, Archie is pleasantly surprised to be visited in his office by Captain Hook, who reveals that he's worried over the fact that he thinks David still views him as a pirate. Which, he is, but, the good kind. He goes on to take out an engagement ring that he intends to give to Emma, and explains how he doesn't feel right proposing without first gaining her father's blessing, which he isn't sure he'd be able to get. Archie believes that the mere event of Captain Hook buying a ring proves progress unto itself, assuring Killian that he's listening to his conscience now and that everyone sees that. Hook isn't so sure that David does, but Archie tells him that, if this is the only thing that's standing between him and Emma, then he shouldn't wait - life is too precious, and if he wants to know what David really thinks of him, then he should just go ahead and ask him. Hook decides to take this advice on board, but finds himself roped into the murder investigation of David's father instead. At the end of it all, though, he receives the blessing he so desperately wanted. ("Murder Most Foul")

Archie 613
Archie advises Hook some more. ("Ill-Boding Patterns")

Archie finds Hook drinking at Granny's Diner and points out that it's a little early for rum, at which the pirate explains that he tried booking an appointment with the former cricket but his office hours were all booked up; however, while Archie didn't have an opening, the bottle did, so there he sits. Archie comes to conclude that Hook asked David for his blessing to marry Emma, and Hook reveals that indeed he did... and it went splendid; David handed over his blessing, showed great enthusiasm, and stopped just short of practically asking Killian to be his son. As Archie points out, that's great, and so he has to wonder what the problem is. Hook explains that he recently learned something about his past which is making him question whether or not he can propose. It's a secret only he knows about, and so he could take it to his grave. Archie wonders why he doesn't, but Hook doesn't think he's able to do so on a conscious level, leading the conscience to point out the fact that Hook wanting to come clean to Emma even though he doesn't necessarily need to is further proof that he's changed. Hook, fearing that Emma won't want to marry him if she learns the truth, asks if Archie thinks Emma will see it that way, and he replies that he thinks Hook needs to find out. ("Ill-Boding Patterns")

Archie 617
The Charmings' curse is shared with the townspeople. ("Awake")

Snow and David remain affected by their shared sleeping curse, only now it's worse, because one of Regina's risky attempts to break it - and thus undo yet another mess left behind by the now redeemed and off-world Evil Queen - has resulted in the both of them slipping into a permanent slumber, as opposed to having merely one be asleep at the time. Later, she has another idea, but it too is risky. She gathers the townspeople - including Archie - at her mayoral office and presents a goblet filled with the curse that the Queen used on the Charmings. She explains how it was meant only for one heart, but, should they all share a part of it, she believes it might dilute its power and allow for the prince and princess to awake for good. Leroy draws attention to the word "might", but it's the only shot they've got, and Snow and David's loved ones soon start sipping from the goblet. Eventually, Leroy decides that he could do with a nap and sips from it too, and Archie is the next to grab it and make a potential sacrifice for his friends, as does everyone else. Soon, the Charmings awaken, but find everyone else asleep. As they panic, though, the now diluted curse wears off, and soon everyone is up and reunited. ("Awake")

Archie 620
Archie officiates a lesser wedding. ("The Song in Your Heart")

It looks as though Emma and Hook's wedding day might not go as planned when the Black Fairy resurfaces; however, Emma is able to temporarily defeat her thanks to the song of her parents and their kingdom which was placed inside her heart years earlier, and her grand marriage to the pirate proceeds. Archie once again acts as the minister, overseeing as the two of them declare their love for one another through their vows, and it is he who officially pronounces them man and wife right before they share a kiss and their first dance begins as a married couple. As it does, more singing overcomes the guests as they begin to harmonize about the chance at a "happy beginning" which now is theirs. However, the song ends in devastation when the clock tower strikes a certain time, and everyone knows what that means. Grumpy is the one to yell it aloud for all to hear - the Black Fairy's curse is here. Black smoke then smashes through the clock's face and begins to envelop the townspeople. ("The Song in Your Heart")


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