It's Not Easy Being Green
Once Upon a Time 3x16
April 6, 2014
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"It's Not Easy Being Green" is the 60th episode of Once Upon a Time.


With Rumplestiltskin as her slave, Zelena challenges Regina to a fight to the death and shocks the Evil Queen with the reveal of their familial connection, and the town lays Neal to rest. Meanwhile, back in the past in the land of Oz, a jealous Zelena asks the Wizard to send her to the Enchanted Forest after discovering that she has a sister, and that Rumplestiltskin is training her to become a powerful force to be reckoned with.



316 01
Baby Zelena finds a new home.

Years ago, in the land of Oz, a cyclone appears. As it blows numerous objects through the sky, a baby's cry is heard. The cyclone comes to a stop, and a woman exclaims, “Did you hear that?” A couple are seen walking in the nighttime – a woodcutter and his wife. The man tells his wife that it's nothing and to stick to the road, but the woman is unable to avoid the sound. She looks around and finds none other than a newborn baby sitting in a basket, crying. The woodcutter's wife wonders where it came from; the woodcutter says that a cyclone must have come through. The woman starts untying the tie on the baby, and removes the little girl from the basket. The woodcutter wonders what his wife is doing. “Well what do you expect me to do? Leave the poor thing for the wolves?” the woman replies as she lifts up the baby. The woodcutter and his wife stare at the child, the woman comments that she is beautiful. However, a tree branch starts to break, coming down on the woodcutter and his wife, but the baby girl saves them by waving her hand, using magic to make the tree fall in the other direction. This horrifies the woodcutter. “She did that,” he exclaims, but his wife brushes this off, saying it was just the wind and that she is only a baby who needs help. She then proceeds to ask her husband if they can keep her. The woodcutter does not think this is a good idea, clearly scared of the baby after seeing what she is capable of. He tells his wife that she is not like them. The wife agrees, saying that she is not like them because she is all alone, but now they are going to take care of her. She then tells her husband to start walking or else they'll never get to the Emerald City before dawn. As the couple start walking, the wife carrying the baby with them, the woodcutter wonders what they should call her. “Zelena,” the wife exclaims, “She is going to be the happiest baby in all of Oz.” As the couple continue walking, the camera pans out, revealing that they are going down the yellow brick road, and we are shown a far away view of what is known as the Emerald City.


Act I

316 02

In present day Storybrooke, the residents of the seaside town have gathered together to mourn the loss of Neal Cassidy. The camera pans over, showing some of the notable residents - Emma, Mary Margaret, David, Henry, Regina, Belle, Hook, Tinker Bell, Granny, the Blue Fairy, Robin Hood, the dwarfs, and a lost boy - as they grieve. The camera then pans over to Neal's coffin as it's lowered into the ground. Everyone looks down at it, heartbroken. Henry looks up at his mother and sees the sadness in her eyes. The camera then pans over to Hook, who is also deeply saddened by this loss. We're shown some of the other residents of Storybrooke and the look of despair. Hook makes his way through the crowd, and is the first to use the shovel to scoop up a pile of dirt and dump it over the coffin.
We're then shown Rumplestiltskin, who is back to being imprisoned in Zelena's basement. He falls to the ground and inhales in and out. The Wicked Witch just watches him with a grin on her face.
The scene changes back to the funeral; David is the next to use the shovel to throw some dirt over Neal's coffin; next is Regina. Then we're shown Belle who uses the shovel to throw in some dirt. When finished, she plunges the shovel head into the ground. Next is Henry, and lastly Emma.
We're then shown Rumple who cries over the loss of his son. Zelena approaches the cage, commenting that the Dark One spent so long trying to get to this land to find his son, all that time to get Regina to cast the curse, and wait 28 years for the savior to break it, all so he could be with his son, but now he's gone. “Tell me, Rumple, was he really worth all that trouble?” Zelena asks. “Every bit of it,” Rumple replies, “he was family. Something you know nothing about.” This angers the Wicked Witch.

316 03
Zelena throws a bitch fit.

Back in Oz of the past, we're shown a closeup of a man's face. He is clearly being shaved. The camera pans out, revealing it to be the woodcutter being shaved by a much older Zelena. “How's that, father?” she asks. The woodcutter picks up a mirror to look at his newly groomed face. “You missed a spot,” he rudely comments. Zelena goes back to shave the spot she missed as her father states that no matter what you feel on the inside to always put on a good face. “I know father,” Zelena says before accidentally cutting him. The woodcutter jumps in pain, “Careless child!” he shouts. Zelena uses her magic to poof up a rag to wipe away the blood, but this results in her father jumping up in horror. “Don't touch me!” This saddens Zelena; she apologizes, stating that she can't help it. The woodcutter corrects her, saying that she can't control it. Zelena says that maybe if he would let her learn how to. Her father won't hear of it, however, because then everyone will know what she really is – wicked. Zelena wonders how the woodcutter could say something like that to his own daughter. “Because you're not my daughter!” the woodcutter shouts. He goes on to say that after all these years his wife has been gone, he can finally come out and say it. Zelena is confused, so the woodcutter explains how they found Zelena as baby in a basket, having been dropped out of a tornado. His wife wanted to take her in, having been taken by her beauty, but the man always knew the child was filled with wickedness. Zelena starts to cry, and tells her father that she'd rather be wicked than a drunk. “You drove me to drink, child! Now wipe away those tears and put on a good face,” the woodcutter says as he sits down. He then tells her to make him breakfast. Zelena tells him no, that if she's caused him this much trouble then she'll spare him anymore. She grabs her coat and heads for the door; the woodcutter wonders where she is going. Zelena tells him that she's going to the one person who can help her find a family that wants her – the Wizard of Oz, and with that she closes the door behind her, leaving the woodcutter forever.

316 04
Captain Swan.

At Granny's Diner, Emma is seen throwing darts at the dart board. She is clearly angry. Hook approaches her, commenting that he should paint a bullseye on the Wicked Witch's back. "She'll get more than a dart when I find her," Emma exclaims. Hook tells her that he knows she's upset, but there are better ways to grieve Baelfire's death than letting anger overcome her. Emma wonders if Hook is meaning rum; the pirate states that it always worked for him, but Emma says she'll stick with anger at least until she finds Zelena. Hook warns Emma that vengeance is not the way to go, but Emma states that it'll make the town much safer, and she already promised Henry that she'd find the person who killed his father, seeing as how that's really all she can do for him right now. Hook wonders if she's talked to the boy yet, but Emma reminds him that all Henry knows is she hasn't seen Neal since going to jail, so anything she tells him about his dad being a hero will seem made up to make him feel better. Hook suggests he talk to the boy; Emma asks about what, sarcastically wondering eyeliner. Hook reminds Emma that he knew Bae as a boy, so maybe Henry would like to know what his father was like when he was his age. "You'd really do that?" Emma wonders. Hook nods, stating that it may help Henry make make peace with his father's passing, and him. The blonde warns Hook to be careful since Zelena is still out there. Hook promises that nothing will happen to Henry under his supervision. Emma nods, and she and Hook head over to a booth where Henry sits with David and Mary Margaret. "Henry, you remember Killian," Emma is heard saying as the camera pans away.

316 05
Regina introduces Robin and Tink.

We're next shown Regina, who sits at the diner's bar. She looks over and sees Robin Hood sitting a few seats away from her. He has just paid Granny for a drink. Tinker Bell enters the diner and approaches Regina; she looks over at Robin and notices the lion tattoo on his arm. She mentions this to Regina, but the Queen tells the fairy that she already knows this, having discovered it the previous day. Tink wonders why Regina didn't tell her; the Queen states that she has more important things to do nowadays than gossip about boys. Robin approaches the two gals, offering them each a drink; Tink takes hers. Robin tells Regina that he hopes he didn't upset her the day before. The Queen introduces Robin and Tink; the latter telling the ex-thief that she has been wanting to meet him for a very long time. "And no, you didn't upset me," Regina states, "I just found a clue trail that needed to be followed... one that didn't lead anywhere," she lies. She then states that she doesn't daytime drink. "Perhaps some evening then," Robin says before walking away. Tink then turns to Regina, wondering what all that was about. She asks if Regina has learned anything from the last time she screwed things up. (see "Quite a Common Fairy") If she had opened up to the possibility of love, then maybe her life wouldn't have turned out so- but Regina cuts her off, offended by what the fairy is saying. "Why am I even bothering?" Tink wonders before walking away.

316 06
Duh witch is in the house.

Meanwhile, still at the diner, Emma is approached by Mary Margaret and David. "How are you holding up?" David asks his daughter. "How do you think?" Emma sarcastically asks. Mary Margaret and David hug her, but this is interrupted by the diner's door swinging open, and the Wicked Witch, Zelena entering. "My condolences," the Witch states. Everyone in the diner stands to their feet, terrified. Zelena sarcastically apologizes for not making it to the funeral, but she could never pass up a wake. She asks if she missed any speeches, or should she make up one. "I am, after all, responsible," the Witch says with a grin. Emma tries to approach the witch, but Mary Margaret grabs her arm, stating that too many people will get hurt if she does anything. "Listen to your mother," Zelena warns, "anyone who tries to interfere with my plans will take it up with the Dark One." Zelena takes a step closer to the Charming family, but David puts his hand over his wife's belly, telling the witch not to take a step closer. "Don't worry, I'm not here for your baby," Zelena states, "Not today, anyway." Regina then wonders why she really is there. "Now that my cover's blown, I can finally pay a visit to my little sister," Zelena explains. Regina is confused, wondering who she's talking about. Zelena reveals that she is talking about her. Everyone is shocked, including Regina, who states she is an only child. "Cora lied to you, Regina," the witch states, also including that they're half-sisters, if she wants to get technical. Regina wonders why she should believe anything Zelena says. The Wicked Witch admits that she shouldn't, it's a lot to swallow, which is why she brought a little gift to help. Regina chuckles, commenting that she wants nothing from her. Zelena tells the Evil Queen that she doesn't have a choice; her gift to her sister is this sad day - she should use it to dig into their past, as Regina needs to learn the truth, and she must believe it. Afterwards, Zelena wants Regina to meet her on Main Street at sundown. "And then what?" Regina asks. "I'll destroy you," Zelena states. "This isn't the Wild West." "No dear, it's the Wicked West." Zelena then turns to the crowd at Granny's Diner and tells them that she wants them all to be there to see the Evil Queen lose. Regina points out that she doesn't lose; Zelena chuckles, stating that neither does she. "One of us is about to make history," Zelena comments, "See you tonight, sis," she chuckles as she leaves the diner. Everyone is scared, except for Regina who is just angry.

Act II

316 07

"There, that one will do," Hook says, referring to a boat. The camera pans down, revealing the pirate and Henry walking along a boat dock. Henry sarcastically comments that it's unusual for his mom to "pawn him off" on one her friends who has boats, whilst working on a case. Hook tells the young boy that Emma didn't "pawn him off" on the pirate, he wanted to bring him there. Henry wonders why, resulting in Hook revealing that he and Neal were friends long before meeting Emma. Henry seems surprised by this; he asks what his father was like. "Come aboard and you'll find out," Hook responds before the two get on the ship.

316 08
Peeps question what Regina did to poor ole sista Zelena.

At Granny's Diner, Granny is seen pouring a glass of whiskey. Regina, Belle, Emma, Mary Margaret, and Tinker Bell are sat at the bar as David walks back and forth, asking Regina if she is sure Cora never said anything about Zelena. "I think I would remember if my mother told me she had a love child with a scarecrow," Regina sarcastically replies. Emma wonders if the Queen knows why Zelena would want her dead, frustrating Regina, who has never once met her half-sister until that day. Emma and Tink point out that Regina has done a lot of misdeeds in the past, so maybe something she did affected Zelena. Granny also reminds everyone about the missing year, but Regina tells the old lady to stay out of the situation. She then turns to the others and comments that it's starting to sound like they're all on Zelena's side. The Evil Queen stands up; Emma asks where she is going, and Regina replies that she going to find out what exactly the witch thinks she did to her.

316 09
Zelena meets the Wizard of Oz.

In the land of Oz, via flashbacks, Zelena makes her way down the yellow brick road and into the Emerald City. A set of doors swing open and the young witch walks past two guards and beyond, amazed at the site she sees. Upon entering, she walks up a few stairs where she is met by four vertical blasts of fire, startling her. A voice is then heard, stating it has been expecting her. A shadow image appears on the curtains which hung behind the blasts of fire, and Zelena asks, surprised, how he knew she was coming. The figure states that he sees all, as he is Oz, the Great and Terrible. The four vertical blasts of fire make themselves known once again, and the wizard states Zelena has come because she wishes to find her family. The witch asks if he will help her, to which Oz replies he will help her seek what she wishes to know, but warns it won't be easy for her. Below Zelena's feet appears what seems to be a portal looking into the distant past. A woman is shown carrying a basket containing a new born baby. "Is that my mother?" Zelena asks, to which the wizard replies her name was Cora. The portal shows Cora placing the newborn down; Oz states she gave birth to Zelena in another land, but a cyclone struck and carried her to Oz. Zelena asks why her mother would abandon her, to which Oz reveals because she couldn't give her mother what she truly wanted: the ability to become royalty. This leaves Zelena crushed; she continues watching the portal, and sees it now shows a young woman. The witch asks who this is, and soon learns it's her sister, Regina.

316 10
Zelena wants what she cannot have.

"Wait, I've got a sister?" Zelena asks surprised. The Wizard reveals Regina could do what Cora wished, revealing that she went on to become queen. Next shown is Rumplestiltskin, which Oz reveals is a very powerful wizard - the most powerful in all the realms. "Like you, Regina has the gift of magic, but she has been unable to develop it." "Magic is a gift? Zelena questions, to which the wizard confirms, adding that Rumple is trying to teach Regina that. "He should be teaching me," Zelena exclaims, appearing jealous, "not her." Zelena states she needs to meet this wizard, and she'll pay him whatever he desires so long as he helps her. The shadowy figure of the wizard waves his hand and then tells the witch to look down. A pair of silver slippers have appeared on Zelena's feet. The wizard reveals that when she clicks her heels together three times, the slippers will take her wherever she desires. Zelena asks what he wishes in return, to which Oz replies he simply wants something of Rumplestiltskin's; he adds for her to be careful, as it's one thing to wonder about her past, but another to become envious of things she cannot have. Zelena takes this into account before looking down, and clicking her heels together. She poofs away in a green puff of smoke.

316 11
A revelation...

Zelena is next seen reappearing in Regina's bedroom at her palace. She looks around, amazed, and quickly opens the Queen's chest, containing many dresses. She then checks out the setup of beauty products Regina has. Once smelling one of her perfumes, she slams it down, clearly jealous. Rumplestiltskin is seen peering into the room. Zelena uses magic and poofs up an object. "Well this is a day of surprises," Rumple says, making himself known, going on to say he thought it'd take the Queen longer to perform such a task with magic, but is startled by the sight. "You're not Regina," he states, to which Zelena replies, "No, I'm Cora's other daughter." Rumple states that that's not possible, to which Zelena tells the Dark One her name, and revealing to be Cora's first born. "We'll see about that," Rumple replies before plucking a hair from the witch's head. He then poofs up a small bottle which he pulls the top off of. When dropping the hair inside, he shakes it, causing it to magically glow green. This shocks Rumple, as it confirms Zelena was telling the truth. " Well hello, dearie," the Dark One comments, "A day of surprises indeed."

316 12
...and another revelation

Back in present day Storybrooke, Regina and Mary Margaret are seen searching the formerly Evil Queen's vault. Mary Margaret asks her stepmother if Zelena was telling the truth, but Regina doesn't know, as she hasn't found anything yet. While Regina looks through a trunk, Mary Margaret asks if Regina is sure Cora didn't boobytrap her stuff, commenting that she doesn't think a sleeping curse would be good for the baby. Regina doesn't reply, but instead pulls out a note which she proceeds to read. Emma soon arrives, carrying with her a flashlight; she states that David, Belle, and Tink are locking down Main Street in case this fight actually happens. Mary Margaret notices Regina's current state as she reads the letter; she asks her stepmother if she found something, to which she states "a letter." Emma asks what it says, and after reading a bit more, Regina looks up, annoyed, and states that Zelena is her sister. Mary Margaret tries asking what the letter says, but Regina states that it's nothing before folding it up and putting it away, telling them not to worry about it. "It's my fight; I got it handled," and with that the formerly Evil Queen exits the vault. "What the hell was in that letter?" Emma asks her mother, a little nervous.


316 13
Belle has an idea.

Along the streets which are placed next to the Storybrooke clock tower, walks David, Belle, and Tink; the former states if they position someone there, there, and there, he says, pointing in three different directions, that they'll have the whole street covered. Tink states that she'll talk to Blue about this, but the three are joined by Emma and Mary Margaret; Emma tells Tink "no," and that they heard Zelena, and she said no interference. Emma adds that the Wicked Witch would probably have Gold level half the block if they try something before she gets a crack at her sister. "So they really are sisters?" Tink asks, to which Mary Margaret replies Regina found a letter in her vault confirming it. David asks where the formerly Evil Queen is, but Mary Margaret is only able to reply that she disappeared, as something in the letter must have upset her. Tink asks if they should try to find her; Emma states Regina made it clear she didn't want any help with this one. David asks if they're just going to let her walk into this fight alone, to which Emma replies "no," saying she's going to get help if she likes it or not. "But you just said we can't interfere," Belle speaks up. "Because Zelena has Gold on her side; we need to remove him from the equation," Emma replies, adding that it's the only way Regina has a fighting chance, they just need to get the Dark One's dagger. "You saw Zelena, she practically had it glued to her hand," Mary Margaret exclaims. Belle then speaks up once again, asking what if she could get through to Rumple without the dagger. "It's worth a try," Mary Margaret says before turning to Emma, stating Regina can't do this alone.

316 14
Outlaw Queen. #ShippinIt.

Meanwhile, deep in the forest of Storybrooke, Regina sits alone, reading over the note she found in her vault. She's startled by Robin Hood, who peers in at her from the other side of a tree. "We're gonna have to stop meeting like this," the thief says. As Regina pockets the note, she asks Robin if the Charmings sent him to give her a pep talk, "because I don't do well with pep talks." Robin states otherwise, claiming that after Zelena's threat, he decided to patrol the woods, in case she decided to build the ranks of her simian army. He then sits down next to the formerly Evil Queen, and asks how she's holding up. "I'm not a flying monkey, if that's what you mean," she replies, causing Robin to chuckle. He then asks if she's going to tell him what's in that letter she's been staring at. "What letter?" Regina asks, trying to cover it up. However, Robin raises his hand, holding the folded up letter, "This one," he replies. This shocks Regina, and the thief states he's a pickpocket by training, as he has spent many years running from magicians. "You're lucky I'm saving my strength for that witch," Regina replies, unnerved. Robin replies that he thinks deep down Regina wants to talk about what's in the letter, to which the formerly Evil Queen replies, asking what makes him think he knows her so well. "Well for one thing I'd be charred to a crisp by now if you didn't." Regina tries to keep a straight face, but ends up cracking a smile, commenting "True." "So can I read it?" Robin asks, to which Regina replies she's not stopping him. The thief opens up the letter and begins reading.

Cora dear, I finally got my hands on your first born; never thought I'd find her, did you? Now I know why: she's the most powerful sorceress I've ever encountered, even more powerful than you. Stunning, in every way.
316 15
Like...really #ShippinIt.

Robin states that letter seems rather complimentary, so he asks why this troubles Regina. She replies that she's seen that letter a hundred times before, and she'd always look back at it for comfort, or solace, or a boost if she needed it, but only because she thought it was about her. Robin sighs, realizing it's about Zelena. "Rumplestiltskin thinks she's more powerful than I am." Robin asks why she care what he thinks, to which Regina replies if the man who taught her everything she knows about magic thinks Zelena is stronger than her then there's no way she can win this fight.

316 16
Ben's new DP.

In the Enchanted Forest of the past, Rumplestiltskin and Zelena walk through the forest; the former holds a torch, wielding light for the two. "So Cora never mentioned me?" the witch asks, to which Rumple replies he thinks he'd remember the mention of her firstborn daughter. The Dark One then goes to detail that he's been working on a curse, one that he foresaw could only be cast by Cora's daughter. Zelena realizes that that's why Rumple's been training Regina - he thought she'd cast the curse. "Till today," the Dark One exclaims, "Shall we see what you can do?" He goes to explain that magic isn't about what you see, but what you feel inside. Rumple proceeds to blindfold the witch, and tells her she'll have to dig deep if she wants to pass that night's test. "What am I meant to do?" Zelena asks, and Rumple replies, "Simple: find me." With that, the Dark One disappears, and poofs up a little ways away. "Over here, dearie," he exclaims, and Zelena turns, still unable to see. Rumple poofs away again, back to where he was before, and exclaims that she was close, but not close enough. He goes on to say that magic comes from emotion, and for her to just think of a moment that makes her angry. "And use it to fuel that magic, yes," Zelena understands, stating she learned that a long time ago. She adds that it's hard to pick one: finding out her mother abandoned her, or learning her father never wanted her. "Getting warmer," Rumple interrupts, poofing in the spot the witch turns to. Zelena begins having a breakdown, exclaiming that her sister got everything she ever wanted and she didn't even have to try, but it was just handed to her, and she doesn't even know what she has.

316 17
She's a little unstable TBH.

With that, Zelena grabs the Dark One's arm, who exclaims, "Ding dong." Zelena then removes her blindfold, and Rumple states, "There it is; I can feel it in your nails." Zelena lets go and apologizes, stating she lost control. Rumple replies that now she needs to think of a moment of happiness to reign in some of that anger. Zelena asks what the Dark One thinks about, but he replies he's the teacher, so he asks the questions. "But if you don't tell me then how will I learn?" Zelena asks, which Rumple realizes is a good point. He goes to tell that like her, he was abandoned as a child, so some spinsters took him in. They didn't make much, but it was enough to get by. Whenever they finished a job, the spinsters made meat pie, and the entire hovel would be filled with the most wonderful smell. "And after they cooled, they'd always let me take the first bite," Rumple adds, reminiscing, then going to say that that was the only time he was able to forget who he really was - a boy who wasn't wanted by his papa. Zelena is touched by this, and states she now knows her moment. "What's that, dearie?" Rumple asks, to which Zelena replies it's the moment she stopped feeling like someone who wasn't wanted - the moment Rumple agreed to train her. Rumple lets out an eerie laugh, though he is obviously growing uncomfortable.

316 18
Belle still has faith in Rumbelle.

Back in present day Storybrooke, Belle stands outside Zelena's farmhouse, waiting. "We're clear," Emma yells as she, David, and Tink run out of the Wicked Witch's home. The Savior exclaims that there's no sign of Zelena, and she appears to still be keeping Rumple locked in the cellar. Belle runs and pulls open the door to the storm cellar and proceeds to go down the steps. Once inside, she calls out for her true love, who is sat in his cage, alone. "Belle," he exclaims. The brunette beauty states she has come to free him, but the enslaved Dark One tells her to leave, as she has no idea what the witch will make him do to her if she catches them together. "I'm not afraid, you could never hurt me," Belle replies, reassuringly, as she opens the cage door. But Rumple states that's futile, as so long as Zelena has the dagger he cannot leave. Belle refuses to leave without him, however, but Rumple says it's not worth the risk. The brunette beauty reaches her hand into the cage and begs her true love to just try. Rumple finally reaches out to take her hand, and Belle exclaims he just has to believe in them. Rumple stands up and gets close to her, as if he's about to kiss her, but instead whispers, "Run." Belle is confused, so Rumple begins shouting for her to go. A cackle is then heard, and Zelena emerges from the shadows. "Oh, don't mind me," she comments, "Carry on, I was just enjoying the show." A scared Belle begins running back up the steps, and out of the cellar. "Belle?" Emma exclaims, as the brunette beauty screams in tears that it was a trick and that Zelena was toying with her and Rumple. She runs into Tink's arms for comfort. Emma and David aim their guns at the cellar just as Rumple exits, exclaiming that Zelena sends a message: she will face Regina without interference, and the next time they try something, he will kill them.

Act IV

316 19
Henry learns a little about his father... I guess.

It's nighttime in Storybrooke, and Henry is seen by the beach, tying up rope. The boy exclaims he thinks he's tied every knot listed in the book he has, before asking when do they get to the part about his dad. Hook tells him just a few moments longer, and right when it's time, the pirate calls for him. He hands him a device, which Henry questions what it is. Hook reveals that it's a sextant, a tool used by sailors to navigate. "Like a GPS?" Henry asks, leaving Hook utterly confused. He doesn't answer the question, and instead states it measures distance using stars. Henry replies that he doesn't think that's how a GPS works, but asks what this all has to do with his dad. Hook reveals he taught him how to navigate one which is what he'll do with Henry. The boy asks if they were both in the Navy, to which Hook states "no," but that Neal was just a boy when he taught him. "Wait, aren't you the same age?" Henry asks, confused, going on to say that the more people tell him about his father the less things make sense. Henry says he doesn't want to learn how to navigate, he just wants to learn something about him that doesn't make him sound made up just so he'd like him. Hook tries to explain Emma isn't keeping things from him because she doesn't want him to know the truth, but Henry interrupts, stating he knows this, but because she wants to protect him. However, he questions how he's suppose to feel anything about Neal being gone if he doesn't know what he was like when he was alive. "Fair enough, mate," Hook says, finally giving in. He states that the reason he taught his father to sail was because Neal had just lost his own father, so he thought the sea would help ease his sorrow. "Wait, he lost his dad too?" Henry asks. Hook confirms this, stating to something dark and evil, when he wasn't even much older than Henry. He goes to say Henry may not know much about his father, but they have more in common than he realizes. Henry smiles, accepting this, and goes back to looking up at the stars.

Meanwhile, back at the farmhouse, Zelena is seen preparing for her upcoming witch fight. She opens up a chest in which she pulls out a sparkling jacket. Next she is seen pulling on a pair of green gloves and buckling up a pair of shoes, followed by strapping on her emerald pendant. Lastly she pulls a hat out of a box and removes a sheet which covers a mirror. She puts the hat on her head and admires herself in the mirror, putting on a wicked grin.

316 20
Are we sure that's not just some funky skin disease?

In the Enchanted Forest of the past, Zelena walks through the Dark Castle, carrying with her a freshly baked pie. She places it down on a table which contains other foods and is decorated with flowers and candles. Rumplestiltskin enters, exclaiming that he doesn't remember giving permission for guests. "It's for you," Zelena reveals, stating that it's meat pie like the spinsters use to make him when he was a boy. "Can't stay," Rumple replies, coldly, adding that he has a lesson to teach. Zelena's confused, however, as they've already finished their lesson for that day. Rumple clears things up that it's not with her, but with Regina. "You're still training her?" Zelena asks, disgusted. "Did you think I was going to stop?" Rumple prepares to leave, but is stopped by the witch, who exclaims he doesn't need Regina since she'll cast the curse. She then starts crying, and screams that she's more powerful than her sister, and that she doesn't deserve to have Rumple as a teacher, but the Dark One cuts her off, asking what is it her father always use to tell her. Zelena thinks for a moment, and finally speaks that no matter what you feel on the inside to always put on a good face. "You might want to take his advice. Your insides are starting to show." Zelena is confused, but goes to feel her neck. She quickly runs to a mirror and pulls the cloth off. Rumple exclaims that she's turning green, "Envy will do that." Zelena looks in the mirror and sees the color green spreading from her neck. "Oh and don't wait up, this could take a while," Rumple says before poofing away. Zelena is left in tears.

316 21
Zelena makes threats but who really cares?

Back in present day Storybrooke, townspeople are all gathered together on Main Street, ready for the witch fight. "Have you seen Regina?" Emma asks Mary Margaret as the two of them, along with David, Belle, and Tink make their way through the crowd. "Not since the vault," Mary Margaret replies. Tink speaks up that if Regina doesn't get there soon then Zelena could take it out on all of them. David decides that they better get everyone out before that happens, so he gathers the townspeople's attention, telling them to listen up and that they need to get back to their homes. However, it's too late as Zelena has arrived, followed by the enslaved Rumplestiltskin, and states no one is going anywhere, as the show needs an audience. The townspeople all step aside for the witch to walk through, all but Sneezy who isn't fast enough. "Out of my way, munchkin," Zelena rudely demands, only for him to correct that he's a dwarf. "That's even worse," she replies. As she and Rumple walk around the now silent crowd, Rumple exchanges a sad look with Belle. Zelena then asks where Regina is, and once not receiving a reply, asks if she's a coward. When still not receiving a reply, she comments that this isn't good, because if Regina doesn't show up in the next five minutes then she's going to let the Dark One off his leash. Rumple appears humiliated by the sound of this, and Belle is seen giving the witch an angry glare. The rest of the townspeople appear terrified, and Zelena rather angry.

Act V

316 22
Black is my color, bitch.

Five minutes have passed, according to the Storybrooke clock tower, and Regina has still yet to arrive. "Time's up," the Wicked Witch exclaims, before asking Rumplestiltskin who he wishes to kill first. However, Emma steps up to Zelena, stating Rumple isn't killing anyone and if the Witch wants to fight anyone then to fight her. Zelena sarcastically apologizes, stating she doesn't deal with amateurs, but Emma corrects her that she's not an amateur, but that she's the Savior. "Hm, it appears someone has an inflated sense of self-worth," Zelena comments for motioning the Dark One, who proceeds to use magic to throw Emma back into David and Tinker Bell. "Does anyone else wanna give it a go?" Zelena asks the crowd, to which a voice calls out, "I do." Everyone gasps as Regina makes herself known; this sparks a smile on the Wicked Witch's face. "Didn't anyone tell you? Black is my color," the formerly Evil Queen exclaims, to which the Zelena replies "but it looks so much better on me," she then states she was beginning to think Regina wouldn't show up. "I couldn't let my sister off that easily," to which Zelena exclaims, questioning Regina has finally accepted her into the family. Regina states she's accepted they share a mother, but she still has one question, "What the hell did I ever do to you?" "Isn't it obvious? You were born." An angered Regina responds to that by slapping her sister across the face, causing the audience to gasp, and giving Zelena a bloody lip. "I've been waiting to do that all day," Regina states, to which Zelena replies Rumplestiltskin can't save her this time.

316 23
Yeh no.

In the Enchanted Forest of the past, a young Queen Regina is sat brushing her hair in her chambers at the Dark Palace. Zelena soon appears behind her; the green on her neck is spreading. In her hand she holds a knife, and she quickly grabs the Queen, and holds the knife to her throat. The Witch tells Regina not to make a sound, and that Rumplestiltskin is wasting his time with her; she goes to say the Queen doesn't deserve him, or any of this. She states that their mother couldn't see it and neither could he (Rumple), but she'll show them their wrong. Zelena plunges the knife into Regina's neck, but the Queen poofs in a puff of green smoke into a giggling Rumplestiltskin, who proceeds to pull the knife from his neck. "Surprise, dearie," he exclaims, going on to say he told he: jealousy drives people to do crazy things. Zelena is hurt by this, stating he tricked her. Rumple tells her to consider it a test, however; one she failed. Zelena states she was just trying to make his decision easier and show she's more powerful, and that she's the one who's going to cast his curse. Rumple responds that he appreciates her efforts, but he's afraid she just disqualified herself. "What? Why?" she asks. Rumple reveals that casting the curse requires a steep price: the caster must give up the thing they love most. Zelena states she can do that, but Rumple reveals that's the problem, as the thing she loves most is him. "What? You think I love you?" "Well I'm a perceptive sort." "You're insane." Rumple states that that's besides the point, and that it's okay she loves him because he does have that affect on women, however, it makes her too dangerous.

316 24
Mad or nah?

"So Regina?" she questions, "has the job," Rumple answers. Zelena appears extremely hurt by this, as the green keeps spreading. Rumple giggles, stating she might want to get that checked out. Zelena, annoyed, tells Rumple to forget the curse and that she'll find another way to get him what he wants. Rumple states that unless she can find away to get him to the Land Without Magic then he's afraid that's not possible. However, Zelena can; she could've taken him there this whole time. Rumple questions how, so Zelena lifts her dress high enough to reveal the silver slippers. She states that the Wizard of Oz gave them to her, but that now it's too late. Rumple, desperate to get those slippers, asks why it's too late. Zelena is crushed by him choosing Regina, but Rumple states it may have been a hasty decision. Zelena states she's not naive, and that now there's only one way he'll get the slippers from her: he'll have to kill her. "Well if I must," Rumple replies, raising his hand, but Zelena poofs away, and higher up in the chambers. "You shouldn't have taught me all your tricks," she exclaims, before stating she'll see him again, and that next time he will chose her. With that, she clicks her heals together three times, and is off back to Oz.

316 25
Zelena chokes her sister.

Back in present day Storybrooke, Rumplestiltskin watches as Zelena and Regina argue. "He should've chosen me," the Wicked Witch states. "Who?" asks the formerly Evil Queen. "Rumplestiltskin." "That's what this is about? You're jealous?" Regina asks with a smirk on her face. Zelena appears enraged; this scares the citizens of Storybrooke. Regina then uses magic to bring down a traffic light which she intends to hit Zelena with, but the Wicked Witch uses her own magic to throw it, nearly hitting two random citizens. "You still don't realize what you have; you never did. You got everything I ever wanted and you didn't even deserve it, but I'm going to take it all from you," Zelena screams at her sister before using magic to throw the formerly Evil Queen onto Doc's car. Regina gets up and dusts herself off before making her way back to her sister, and forming a fireball which she plans to throw. However, before she can, Zelena simply uses her own magic to put it out, and then uses magic to lift Regina off the ground, choking her. "You can't beat me, little sis," she exclaims, "Everything Rumplestiltskin taught you, he taught me too, but I was the better student," and with that, Zelena uses her magic to throw Regina right into the clock tower. As Regina goes to get up, Zelena poofs herself before the former Queen. Regina then asks if Zelena is going to kill her, to which the Wicked Witch replies she never said she was going to kill her, but that she was going to destroy her, and to do that she needs her heart. With that, Zelena reaches into Regina's chest, but finds there to be nothing there.

316 26
Zelena screams; what else is new?

"Where is it?!" she demands to know, to which Regina replies, "Our mother taught me one thing: never bring your heart to a witch fight. Something you would've known if she hadn't abandoned you." With that, Regina pushes her sister away, who states that the formerly Evil Queen has not won, and that she will get her heart, along with everything she ever had. "Not today," Regina replies, just as Zelena angrily uses magic to pull up a flying broom which she proceeds to fly away on. The door then opens, and Emma calls out "Are you alright?" "I'm still alive, aren't I?" Emma, Mary Margaret, and David make their way up the stairs to the formerly Evil Queen's aid. David speaks up that "Gold disappeared so we thought that-" "she defeated me? Hardly," Regina interrupts, as David helps her up. "You won?" Mary Margaret asks, to which Regina replies sarcastically for her to not act so surprised, adding that it turns out Zelena wanted her heart, which is a good thing she wasn't stupid enough to bring it with her. David asks if she knows why the Wicked Witch would want it, to which Regina replies she wants her heart and got the Prince's courage (See: 3.14); those are ingredients. "For what, a curse?" Emma asks, to which Mary Margaret replies that they're already in Storybrooke, and have lost their memories, so what else could Zelena do to them.

Act VI

316 27
Regina gives Robin her heart.

Regina is seen running through the woods of Storybrooke, carrying with her a flashlight and looking around. "Did the plan work?" calls out Robin Hood, who is seen guarding a tree. "It depends, is it still here?" Regina asks her true love. Robin exclaims that it's right where she left it, and he goes to the tree which has an opening in the bottom and proceeds to grab Regina's heart. "Then it worked," exclaims the formerly Evil Queen, who states she needed to find the one thing she had that Zelena didn't. As Robin hands Regina the heart, he asks what exactly that was. At that moment, Regina notices the lion tattoo once again, but tries to ignore it, and exclaims, "My heartless mother," and then goes to say Zelena was right about something: Regina doesn't always notice what she has right in front of her. "And what's that?" Robin asks, to which Regina replies just that she didn't always appreciate things. She then places her heart (now in a bag) back into her true love's hands' and asks if he'd mind holding onto it a while longer. Robin questions if she's really going to entrust him with something of that much value to a common thief, to which Regina replies "you can't steal something that's been given to you." As she proceeds to walk away, Robin exclaims she still owes him a drink. A smile comes across Regina face and she replies, "Yes I suppose I do."

316 28
Captain Swan.

Meanwhile, at Granny's Bed & Breakfast, Henry thanks Killian, and states maybe they can go out on his boat again sometime. "Anytime, lad," the pirate replies, and Henry heads back into the room. With Emma and Hook now left alone, the pirate asks how Regina did against Zelena. Emma states she survived, but the rest is definitely more than a doorway conversation. She then thanks Hook for taking Henry out, who replies that there's more of him in his father than she realizes, and that Emma really needs to tell him about him, and can't just take him back to New York when all of this is over and pretend like it was never real. Emma thinks about this for a moment before replying, "Thanks, again," and with that she heads back into her room, leaving Hook alone in the hall.

316 29
Zelena is rude to her prisoner.

In the storm cellar of the farmhouse, Rumplestiltskin is once again locked up in his cage by Zelena, who sarcastically asks, "What, no meat pie?" An angered Zelena uses the dagger to force the Dark One onto his knees. "She's clever, Rumple, but so am I. Regina's heart is in this town and it's only a matter of time before I find it." Rumple states that whatever curse the Witch is planning, if he has to do it all again, he'd still chose Regina. "Well I suppose we'll just have to wait and see." Rumple states he's afraid he doesn't understand, to which Zelena replies, "We are doing it all over again. What I'm casting isn't a curse, it's a second chance." Zelena then leaves.

316 30
Ohai Walsh.

In Oz of the past, Zelena is seen, once again, walking along the yellow brick road and through the Emerald City. She uses her magic to throw the two guards who stand watching over, and makes her way to the room of the Wizard. "I learned some tricks while I was on," she reveals, going to say he showed her her past, and now she wants to be taken there, to the moment her mother abandoned her, as that is where it all went wrong, "I want to change it." "You want to travel back in time to change the past?" the Wizard asks before chuckling. "What's so funny?" Zelena asks, clearly insulted and already upset. The Wizard states he's afraid that's impossible, despite Zelena thinking he was the "Great and Terrible Oz." The Wizard states even his power has its limits, which does not please the Witch. Zelena then uses her magic to pull down the curtain that displays Oz's shadow, and to her surprise reveals but a simple man. "You're telling me," she comments before using her magic to drag the man across the floor and to her. "No, don't hurt me, please," he begs, to which Zelena asks who he is. He reveals himself as Walsh, a simple circus huckster, a showman; he comes from a distant land known as Kansas. "You're not even a wizard," Zelena exclaims, to which Walsh replies it was all part of the act, but what he peddles is real. He goes to say what she saw in the crystal ball is real; the slippers that took her to the Enchanted Forest are real. He may not have magic, but the things he collects does.

316 31
It's not easy being green.

Zelena realizes that's why he wanted her to bring him back something of Rumplestiltskin's, so he could carry on the charade. Walsh promises he wasn't trying to harm her, but simply help them both. "What you seek doesn't exist; no magic is that strong," he states. Zelena then deems him useless, well, in the form he's currently in. Walsh is confused, so Zelena explains what she needs is someone who's willing to do whatever she demands with no questions asked. She then looks up on the wall and sees a poster of a flying monkey. "Like a trained circus animal." Walsh looks up at the poster and realizes what's going on. "You are evil," he exclaims, to which Zelena replies, "Not evil dear, wicked." A look of fear comes across Walsh's face and he starts to run, but is unable to escape as Zelena turns him into a flying monkey. She chuckles, exclaiming "much better." She states that if she's to change the past then she's got work to do. Zelena then uses magic to poof up the crystal ball which shows Regina who is able to now poof up an object. "Well done, Regina," exclaims Rumplestiltskin, "you've been practicing. You're shaping up to be the best pupil I've ever had." An evil grin comes across the Queen's face, while a look of jealousy comes across Zelena's. The green starts growing across her whole body and she exclaims, "We'll see about that. When I'm done, Regina, you'll have never been born."

Deleted Scenes

"Force Fed"

316 DS 01
Zelena torments her prisoner.

A meat pie on a tray is kicked by Zelena underneath the cage in her storm cellar; Mr. Gold, who sits within, says that he isn't hungry, at which Zelena waves the Dark One's dagger and forces him down to the floor. "Eat up," she says as she enters the cage, "You're going to need your strength today." She then crouches down, and he begins to eat with the spoon provided, realizing it's meat pie. She recalls it being his favorite, while he points out how much she must be enjoying this. She admits that having him obey her every whim does have its perks... but soon she's not going to need the dagger; she won't have to force him to do anything because, soon, he's going to do whatever she asks - because he wants to. She giggles as he continues to eat.


316 DS 02
Emma tells Henry about his father.

Emma returns to her and Henry's room in the B&B where the latter is staring at the hat rack, looking sullen. She asks him what's wrong, having thought he had a good time with Killian, and he says that he did; "It's just... being on the boat was the first time I ever felt connected to my dad and now that I'm back here..." "You're not feeling so connected," Emma realizes, the both of them taking a seat on the bed. The blonde removes her swan necklace and shows it to him, revealing, when he asks, that it's something his father gave her a very long time ago (see "Tallahassee")... "You wanna hear about it?" He smiles, ready to hear the story.


316 Title Card




The episode garnered 7.24 million viewers.


The episode was met with positive reviews.

  • Hillary Busis of Entertainment Weekly gave it a good review: "'Once's' version of the Man Behind the Curtain emerged for the first time tonight. When he did, we learned that the guy in question is none other than... Benjamin Linus. Just kidding! It's Walsh, a.k.a. Christopher Gorham, a.k.a. the dude who would become Emma's flying monkey beau. This week's episode gave his truncated origin story -- but more than that, it delved into Zelena's past to shed a glowing green light on how she became such a cold-hearted witch in the first place. (Given how literal Once can be, I wouldn't be surprised to learn Zelena's ticker is literally encased in a layer of ice.)[2]
  • Christine Orlado of TV Fanatic gave the episode 4.4 out of 5 stars.[3]
  • Amy Ratcliffe of IGN gave the episode a 7.2 out of 10, saying that "This week's Once had too many over-the-top scenes, but Regina had some fantastic moments."[4]
  • Gwen Ihnat of The A.V Club gave the episode a B+, noting that "In OUAT’s current Oz journey, Rebecca Mader has been killing it every week as Zelena, our latest villain. It takes a special kind of screen chomping to effectively follow up a line like “This isn’t the wild west” from Regina with “No, dear…It’s the Wicked West.” The fairyback stories we’ve seen on this show can be hit or miss, but thanks to Mader and some effective CGI for once and even a nice ending twist, this Wicked-focused episode is the best OUAT outing we’ve seen in a while."[5]


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