In the Name of the Brother
Once Upon a Time 2x12
January 20, 2013
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"In the Name of the Brother" is the 34th episode of Once Upon a Time.


Dr. Whale is tasked with mending Hook's wounds and performing surgery on the stranger whose car crashed upon entering Storybrooke. However, some of the townspeople fear that the stranger may have seen magic - which could expose their true identities to the world - and think that leaving him to die would be the best solution. Meanwhile, as Mr. Gold tries to reunite with a despondent Belle, Cora attempts to reunite with daughter Regina. In the time that was, Viktor desperately wants to prove to his disapproving father that he can indeed bring back the dead.


Previously on Once Upon a Time...

At the hospital, Mr. Gold tells Emma that if she wants Ashley to keep her, baby, she'll owe him a favor. "Deal," Emma agrees. ("The Price of Gold") Leroy speaks on behalf of the dwarfs when telling Emma and Mary Margaret that there's a whole world full of people outside of Storybrooke that don't know who or what they are. Ruby asks what would happen if they were to see magic, giving the example of a girl turning into a wolf. ("The Outsider") Gold shows Belle a potion that when poured onto the object he holds most dear makes that object a talisman which then allows him to cross the town line and still remember who he is. ("The Outsider") Later, Gold is seen stepping over the town line, he kisses Belle who is happy that now he can find his son, however, a vengeful Hook shoots Belle from behind, causing her to fall over the town line. "Belle!" Gold exclaims. "Who's Belle?!" she asks, in pain. ("The Outsider") Gold summons fire with magic, ready to attack Hook, when a car is seen driving into town, Gold quickly dives to protect Belle as the car hits Hook before crashing. The shot moves in on his license plate. ("The Outsider")


212 01
Mr. Gold heals Belle with magic.

Still at the town line, the site of the crash, Mr. Gold kneels before Belle who keeps crawling backwards, asking him who he is and what he wants. Sirens are heard approaching as police cars arrive and we see an injured Hook lying in a puddle feet away, his face covered in blood. Belle tries to stand in order to escape but soon clutches her shoulder which is still in pain thanks to the bullet wound. Gold stills her and asks her to allow him before his hand glows blue with magic and he heals the wound in one fair swoop, telling Belle that it's all better. The scared woman asks him how he did that but he assures her that it's nothing to be afraid of. Belle exclaims for him to get away from her as the Charmings arrive on the scene and Emma, David and Mary Margaret step out of their sheriff's car. Gold tries to calm Belle down but she backs away from him, scared, demanding to know what he is. David runs over to the two of them, asking if everything's okay. Mary Margaret runs over to them from the car as Emma speaks on the phone, she tells whoever's on the other line that she's at the town line and that two, maybe three people are down, going on to say that there's a car that looks pretty banged up which has Pennsylvania plates.

212 02
Emma discovers an injured Hook.

As Mary Margaret crouches beside Belle to comfort her, David brings Gold to his feet and the pawn broker explains that she fell over the line and doesn't remember anything. Emma walks over to Hook who is lying on the ground in pain, still managing to greet her with a "Hey, beautiful," before she crouches down to inspect his injuries. Emma tells him that she thinks his ribs are broken and he says that that explains why it hurts when he laughs. He goes on to ask Emma if she saw Gold's face, exclaiming that his one true love was gone in an instant. "Just like me, you crocodile," Hook says, standing up in pain as Gold marches over to him, "When you took her from me!" he exclaims, referring to Milah. Gold points out that Hook took her first before kicking the pirate in the face, causing him to fall once more. Emma tries to stop him, asking him if he's insane. Gold answers positively before leaping onto Hook and compressing his throat with his cane. David runs over to the struggle and he and Emma attempt to lift Gold off of Hook. David tells him that he cannot do this, however, Gold points out that he can if he lets him go.

212 03
"Looks like the world just came to Storybrooke."

Emma reminds him that Belle can see this but he points out that he's a stranger to her, Emma tells him that murder is a bad first impression before David asks him what Belle would want him to do. More sirens are heard approaching the scene and Emma, David and Gold all look up to them. An ambulance arrives as Mary Margaret walks Belle over to them. Paramedics step out, ready to take care of Hook, however, Emma points them in the direction of the outsider, saying that the pirate can wait. Mary Margaret assures Belle that she'll be back before going to inspect the car with Emma. The paramedics begin to check him out, lifting his eyelids and shining a torch into his eyes. Mary Margaret asks her daughter if she knows this guy but Emma replies that she's never seen him before. David stands next to them and tells her that that's because he drove in to town. Mary Margaret realizes that this means he came from the outside and Emma comments, "Looks like the world just came to Storybrooke."


Act I

212 04
Naughty Whale...

Over at Storybrooke General Hospital, the announcer calls for Dr. Whale, asking him to please report to the ER. She repeats herself and we are shown Dr. Whale sitting in his cramped office with a glass of scotch in his hand. He proceeds to drink it, not responding to the announcer despite her continuous requests for him. She goes on to ask OR staff to stand by. Whale looks out of the window on his office door, hearing doctors and nurses ask of his whereabouts. He appears depressed as someone yells that they need him in the ER, however, he does nothing besides take another sip of scotch. He continues to just sit there.

212 05
To the Frankensteins!

In the land of black and white that was, Viktor Frankenstein is seen clinking glasses with his brother, Gerhardt, and father, Alphonse. Gerhardt comments that it's been a good year and his father thanks him before asking for a better look at his medal. Gerhardt tells his brother that it's embarrassing to have everyone make such a fuss over his silver cross and Viktor jokes that that's his "cross to bear". Alphonse approaches his sons, saying that he has something for each of them. Gerhardt begins to look at his and Alphonse explains that his mother gave that to him when they were married, saying that it belonged to his father. It is revealed to be a watch as Alphonse adds that their mother wanted it kept in the family. Viktor says that he remembers before his father tells him to open his gift. Viktor does so to reveal a commission, asking his father to tell him he's joking, saying that his work is far too important to leave now. Alphonse tells his son that he will join the mobile 34th as their camp physician, assuring him that it's an honor. Gerhardt agrees but argues that perhaps Alphonse doesn't realize the importance of the scientific research Viktor is achieving. Alphonse says that he does realize this but wonders how Viktor will continue his work without any financial support, which he previously provided. Viktor tells his father that he relies on that money but Alphonse points out that he's already allowed his son the use of his summer home for his foolish purposes, asking him if that's not enough. Viktor exclaims that he has made excellent progress and that the name Frankenstein will stand for life - life, everlasting there on Earth.

212 06
Gold is kept at bay.

The outsider is being rushed into hospital via gurney with Emma and the other Charmings by his side. Mary Margaret walks in with an amnesiac Belle who is still terribly confused, asking what's going on as Mary Margaret attempts to calm her down. Hook is wheeled in on another gurney and Emma orders a nurse to hide him, to find a room and hide him. Mr. Gold walks into the hospital, looking for Belle and wondering what's going on. David orders him to leave but Gold does not understand, trying to make it past David but being pushed by him. Anarchy ensues and Dr. Whale steps into the scene, demanding that everybody calm down. The doctor assures Mr. Gold that Belle is fine and is in good hands, promising him of this.

212 07
Gerhardt attempts to console his brother.

Back in the black and white land, Viktor shamefully walks out of his house as his brother Gerhardt runs after him. The latter tells his brother to wait, assuring him that their father will cool off. He takes out the watch his father gave to him and hands it to Viktor, stating that he is the eldest and that their mother wanted it for him. Viktor refuses Gerhardt's offer, telling him to keep it and not to worry, saying that he'll find another way. Viktor smiles at his brother before the two of them part ways and we are shown a brightly dressed Rumplestiltskin eavesdropping on the brothers from behind the shrubbery and smiling evilly to himself.

212 08
Turns out Belle's a screamer.

Mr. Gold is seen watching a sleeping Belle in her bed in the hospital. He walks to her bedside and stares at her longingly. The pawn broker proceeds to take Belle's hand and kiss her as she sleeps. As he pulls his head away, Belle's eyes are seen slowly opening and briefly, she is seen looking at Gold with a smile. However, she soon realizes what has just happened and a look of terror flashes across her face as she lets out a spine-chilling scream in fear of Gold. She pushes him away from her, continuing to scream, and Gold tries to calm her down to no avail. She gives a final scream of terror as Gold backs away from her, apologizing, and doctors rush in to check on her, lowering Belle back down to her bed as she stares at her true love as though he is a stranger. He repeatedly whispers that he is sorry before rushing out of the room.

212 09
Captain Hook makes a couple of clumsy metaphors for Emma.

Hook is seen lying in his own hospital bed, coming to to see that Emma is sitting by his legs. She asks him where Cora is and he attempts to sit up before realizing that he is handcuffed to his bed. "Again?" he asks, telling her that she's really into this. (see "Tallahassee") Emma smiles and Hook tries to move again, smirking and saying that it hurts. Emma stands up to be by his head, explaining that he cracked a few ribs before asking again the whereabouts of Cora. Hook comments that she looks good when she says "Where's Cora?" in a demanding voice, sarcastically saying that it gives him chills. Emma, annoyed, reminds Hook that he has all sorts of sore places that she can make him hurt. The pirate smiles and Emma proceeds to hit him in the ribs, causing him to writhe in pain. Emma smiles again as Hook calms down and tells the blonde that he has no idea where Cora is and that she has her own agenda. He goes on to say that he is interested in his hook, gesturing his empty stump of a hand, asking if he can have it back. Emma stares at him blankly before he asks if there is another attachment that she'd prefer but Emma merely points out that he's awfully chipper for a guy who just failed to kill his enemy... then got hit by a car. Hook tells Emma that his ribs may be broken, but eyes up his body saying that everything else is still in tact. He says that it's nothing compared to other bad days he's had, not to mention the considerable damage he did to his foe. Emma points out that he hurt Belle but Hook corrects her in saying that he hurt Rumple's heart and that Belle is just where he keeps it. The pirate reminds Emma that Gold killed his love, so he knows the feeling. The blonde moves in a little closer to Hook, telling him to keep smiling as he's chained down whereas Rumple is on his feet, immortal, has magic, and Hook hurt is girl - "If I had to pick a dead guy of the year... I'd pick you," she finishes. Hook gives Emma a painted smile and the blonde smiles sweetly in return before walking out of the room. Hook tries to move his shackled hand but is instead subjected to more pain.

212 10
Fairytales and technology don't mix.

Out in the hallway, Mary Margaret, David, Ruby and Leroy are gathered around the outsider's phone with the former holding it. David offers to guess another pass code so that they can get into it, however, Mary Margaret tells him that he can't guess as there are a million possible combinations. Ruby corrects her in saying that there are only ten thousand and Mary Margaret amends herself. David hands it to Leroy, asking him if he can get it open or hack it but the dwarf tells the prince that computer hacking and pickaxe hacking are two very different things. Emma walks up to them, asking David to let her try as she has "a thing" and that they do know something as there was stuff in his car (rental agreements, maps, receipts, etc). She places something into the phone which allows them to move past the pass code, revealing to everyone that the outsider's name is Greg Mendell. She begins to flick through his phone and merely sees multiple pictures of him in a bunch of Eastern Seaboard tourist locations and that fact that he tweets pictures of his food.

212 11
Greg is an average Joe.

Emma tells them that she'll keep looking but that it looks like what they have there is a real life, well documented, ordinary Joe (or Greg). Ruby realizes that whatever's been stopping random people from stumbling into Storybrooke for twenty-eight years is gone. David notes that anyone could drive in and asks why his instincts are telling him that that's a bad thing. Leroy points out that it's because he's seen E.T., Splash or any other film where people discover something magical and study it to death. He turns to Ruby and asks her to think what they would do to a werewolf and she looks at him angrily. Mary Margaret then adds that Greg's friends and family are sure to come looking for him soon. Emma asks them not to overreact but David tells his daughter that Leroy's right and that they don't need outsiders there. Emma tells the group that Hook said he has no idea where Cora is and God knows what she's going to do, she then says that random people driving into town shan't be good for any of them. Mary Margaret suddenly points out that they need to find Regina and tell her they know she was framed but Ruby says that she's been tracking her but with no luck. Mary Margaret asks what would happen if Cora found her first, saying that she doesn't want to think about the damage those two could do together and that this could not have come at a worse time.

212 12
Gold refuses to help the outsider.

Emma requests that her mother calm down, saying that Greg's being patched up right now and will probably be on his way home by morning. "Not quite," says Dr. Whale who interrupts the argument. They all turn to the doctor who explains that Greg is bleeding into his chest cavity, not a full flood but pretty soon he will be drowning in his own blood. Emma angrily orders him to make it stop, saying he's a doctor. Whale walks past them and over to Gold who has emerged from the stairs. He reminds the pawn broker that he fixed him (see "The Doctor") and tells him to go and fix Greg, saying that it will take him seconds and cost him nothing. "No," Gold answers bluntly. "'No,' just... 'No'?" Whale asks before Gold points out that he owes the doctor nothing nor does he owe any of them anything, saying also that some of them - meaning Emma - owe him. He goes on to say for "point of interest" that the driver saw him throwing some magic so they better be hoping he dies as if he doesn't he will be driving tour buses up and down Main Street. He tells them that he's so glad he doesn't give a damn before leaving the hospital. Dr. Whale turns to the group and admits that letting Greg die is easy - he can do that - if that's what they decide. Emma is taken aback and requests that they take this somewhere private.

212 13
Someone's looking for Greg...

As Dr. Whale leads the five of them into a supply room, he explains that it wouldn't be murder if they let him succumb to his injuries. Emma says that she's pretty sure it is and Mary Margaret adds that of course they are to save him. "Obviously," David says as he walks into the room. "Well..." Leroy hesitates, Mary Margaret is shocked at the dwarf and he tells her that they have to think it through, asking if it's better that they save him and kill the whole town. "So, we have to choose between our lives and his," Ruby contributes. David tells them that they can worry about the town later but Mary Margaret reminds him that this doesn't mean they should abandon it. David says he knows but that they should worry about Storybrooke after they save a life. Mary Margaret nods in agreement and David tells Dr. Whale to prep for surgery. Whale acknowledges this and leaves and Mary Margaret asks if anyone else noticed that he's drunk off his ass. They pause when suddenly the Star Wars theme music comes blasting out of Greg's phone. They all stare at it realizing that the outsider is being contacted and Emma tells them, "Someone's looking for Greg. How long before they come here?"

Act II

212 14
Rumple Von Stiltskin presents Dr. Frankenstein with a mountain of gold.

In Frankenstein's lab, Viktor and Igor are packing away the former's equipment. As Frankenstein is placing some items from his desk into a box, he is greeted by a familiar voice which startles him. He asks the red-dressed figure how he got in here and who he is. "Stiltskin," the man tells him, "Rumple Von Stiltskin." Viktor notices that Rumple is a foreigner and the Dark One asks what gave him away, wondering if it was his rosy complexion. He goes on to say that he's seen nothing of Viktor's drab little land yet but that he is interested in Frankenstein's work. The doctor tells him that he's a little late as he's been shut down and can't bring back dead loved ones anyway, if that's what Rumple's asking. Rumple laughs, telling Viktor that he thinks his deceased are best kept where they are, telling the doctor that his interest is in how he does what he does, saying that where he comes from, they do things differently. "Your land has witchcraft," Rumple starts, "But it's feeble, neglected stuff. Where I live, it's strong and hearty, but... it cannot restore life. If you can do this, well... I wanna know more and I'm willin' to pay." At this, Rumplestiltskin stands up, opening a pouch and pouring the contents onto the floor: a never-ending pile of gold. Frankenstein asks him how he did that but Rumple, who appears behind Viktor now, tells the doctor that he's missing the point, saying that the money on the floor is his. Viktor asks Rumple if he's a philanthropist and the villain in red tells the doctor that he's been called worse. He tells Viktor that there is a cost - knowledge. Frankenstein teaches Rumple to wield whatever it is he wields, that is the deal. Igor walks back into the lab and Frankenstein tells him that he has tremendous news, about to introduce Rumplestiltskin who has now disappeared. Igor, who inspects the large pile of golden coins, asks his master what happened and Frankenstein tells his assistant to bring back the equipment as they have work to do... and they're going to need a body.

212 15
Cora stops by to give Gold a present.

In his pawn shop, Mr. Gold lifts up his chipped cup and stares at it sadly, the bell rigged up to his door rings, signifying that someone has entered the shop, and Gold puts the cup back in its place within the counter. He steps out from behind said counter but no one else is int he shop, he walks over to the door and looks out of the window, but again, no one is there. Gold turns around to see a leather chest sitting upon his counter, confused, he cautiously makes his way over to inspect it. "Hello, Rumple," says Cora who has appeared behind Gold within the shop, startling the pawn broker when she speaks. Gold tells the witch that he was expecting this to happen sometime, saying that he had hoped that she was dead but that disappointment is a part of life and he's sure they ca agree on that. Cora compares him to a crocodile snapping at a little bird, pointing out that she left him a present, gesturing the chest on the counter. He quickly asks her if she brought the antidote, too but Cora assures the Dark One that it's a peace offering. He asks her what she wants for this "peace offering" and Cora replies that she wants her daughter. She comments that it was very clever of him to get Regina to lay the curse so that he could come there, saying that he doesn't need her any more. She requests that he let her get her back and let them live. Gold smiles, asking what he gets for his troubles, and Cora tells him that he gets his son. She nods towards the case on the counter and Gold looks to it before proceeding to open it. He removes the lid to reveal a plain, white globe.

212 16
Um, ew...

Cora tells him that he knows what it is, of course, and Gold voices that it'll find him (meaning Bae). He has hesitations that the object he is looking at "really is it" but Cora steps towards him, saying that she has no reason to cheat him. "Any more," Gold adds, backing away from her. Cora tells Rumple that she merely wants him to find the one person left in the universe who might still love him, after all, she's doing the same thing. Gold ignores this, asking the witch if she has any spells to return memories but Cora shakes her head, saying that she only knows what he taught her, "Master." She walks closer towards him and asks him if he will accept her offer of a truce. Gold looks to the globe and raises his fist, he contemplates something before extending his hand in order to makes the deal official. Cora shakes the hand of her former teacher and requests that they seal it "like we used to". She moves in closer to Rumple and the two of them share a kiss.

212 17
Whale holds hesitations.

Back at Storybrooke General Hospital, Dr. Whale is seen inspecting Gerhardt's watch when David approaches him, asking him what it is. Whale lies in saying that it's just one of Greg's personal items, saying that he gets the best watches his way. David looks at him funnily but Whale assures the prince that he's joking (for all he knows), saying that it's too bad it's cracked. David mentions that he thought Whale would be scrubbing in by now and Whale, seeming far away, tells David that he's going to do that. The prince asks the doctor if his arm's okay but Whale assures him that he's not drunk. David accepts this and just tells the doctor to save this guy as it doesn't matter what he saw, they don't let go of people. Whale nods as David walks away, he stares back down at Gerhardt's watch.

212 18
Gerhardt dies in the carriage soon after being shot.

In the land of black and white, Viktor is shown digging up a grave in a cemetery on a stormy night. He looks up to see if anyone is watching a takes a few more shovelfuls out of the grave. He continues to dig as Gerhardt walks up behind him. Viktor is surprised and climbs out of the grave as his brother explains that Igor told him he would find him there. Gerhardt says that he cannot believe what Viktor's doing as he thought he was merely at the stage of putting cells into petri dishes. Viktor explains that his work has progressed, saying that he thought Gerhardt supported him, but the latter says that he doesn't support what he's seeing. From across the graveyard, they are told to halt by a man with a gun, Viktor exclaims that Gerhardt's in uniform but the man shoots at them anyway, the brothers begin to run. They speed into the carriage to avoid more bullets and Viktor quickly tells his driver to go. As the carriage begins to move, Viktor looks to his brother and notices that he's unconscious. He looks more closely to see that Gerhardt has retained a bullet wound to the gut, near to where his watch is, and he's now dead.

212 19
Emma discovers that Dr. Whale has fled.

Emma continues to hold Greg's phone which continues to ring, none of them knowing what to do. Leroy notes that it's the same person calling him and Emma notes the person is named on the phone as "Her", saying that it's cute. David suggests that it's probably a girlfriend and Mary Margaret tells Emma to answer it and just let her know Greg's okay. Emma reminds her mother that he's not okay. Ruby points out that he's alive and that they could let her know that, however, David points out that the police could trace the call in a instant. Emma says that she could activate the "find your phone thing" without them picking it up at all. The ringing stops and Leroy says that that settles that before Mary Margaret exclaims that her nerves can't take it any more, asking if the surgery is almost over. David puts a comforting arm on her shoulder and Emma begins to estimate how long the surgery takes before seeing a member of medical staff step out of the hallway, David asks him if there's any news but the staff member tells them that they're just waiting for the doctor. Ruby is shocked that he isn't in the OR and the staff member says that he never came in. Emma orders him to page him and he obliges. David states that Whale was not looking so good earlier. His pager is heard bleeping and Mary Margaret says that he's here, however, Emma discovers the pager abandoned alongside Whale's white coat, "No, but his pager is," she tells them, "He's gone."


212 20
Ruby attempts to sniff out Whale

At the hospital, Ruby is sniffing Dr. Whale's lab coat in order to track him down as Mary Margaret, David, Emma and Leroy follow her. David asks her if she's got the scent and Ruby replies that it's "boozey". Emma tells Ruby to find Whale and bring him back whilst they watch Hook and figure out their options if the doctor does not return. Mary Margaret suggests that maybe Doc could do the surgery but Leroy merely laughs at this idea, saying that Doc doesn't do surgery. The princess points out that Whale may not even have run as Cora could have grabbed him for some reason. David says that he doesn't think so as he's been in a rough place ever since he brought Regina's fiancee back to life. (see "The Doctor") "Daniel?" Mary Margaret asks. "Back to life?" Emma adds. David explains that Whale had his arm ripped off and put back on, which Leroy comments on as "cool". Mary Margaret is confused as to how Daniel came back and Emma asks if it's like some kind of Frankenstein, however, to her surprise, David says that that's who Whale is. Mary Margaret asks what went on there whilst they were gone but David merely grunts and shakes his head. Emma tells Ruby to get going and bring back Dr. Frankenstein, Ruby takes the lab coat and Emma says that otherwise they'll be sending this guy home with bolts in his neck. Mary Margaret assures her daughter that Ruby will find him but Emma asks what sort of state he will be in.
In the streets of Storybrooke, we see Dr. Whale speedily running through the town. He whizzes past the clock tower and continues to run.

212 21
Frankenstein holds Gerhardt's burnt heart.

In Frankenstein's lab, Viktor tells his brother, who is lying dead on the bed that lay before them, that he will bring him back. A sheet is covering the body with a hole that reveals the torso, we can see that his chest has been stitched up. Frankenstein flicks a switch on a machine and a surge of electricity is suddenly sent through Gerhardt, flashy and dazzling. Viktor's brother jolts and the mad scientists looks at him disappointed alongside Igor, wondering why he is not alive. Frankenstein grabs a scalpel and tears through his brother's stitches, he proceeds to lift Gerhardt's heart from his body and it is shown to be burnt to a crisp. Igor describes it as being burned like coal and Viktor looks at his brother before telling his assistant to cover him, saying that his sheet will serve as his shroud. Igor obliges and Alphonse's voice is heard as Viktor's father walks into the lab. Alphonse says that Viktor was seen carrying a body into the house and demands that his son explain himself. He sees Gerhardt lying on the surgical bed and becomes stunned, stroking his deceased son's forehead and forcefully asking what Viktor did. He says that it was an accident whilst he was working but Alphonse exclaims that he caused this with the things he does. He lifts the sheet and sees that Viktor has cut into his brother, enraged. They get into a screaming match and Viktor yells that his procedure can work, telling his father that he did this for him as he wanted him to have two sons again, however, Alphonse tells Viktor that thanks to him, he has none. Viktor is saddened as his father leaves the lab.

212 22
Faux Henry reveals himself.

The lights turn on in Regina's house and inside we see Cora open some of Regina's cabinets, inspecting her daughter's possessions. She goes on to look through her shelves and even her wardrobe, smelling a shirt of hers. She lifts a photo of Regina and Henry before placing the photo back on its place on the shelf and proceeding to lift up a clay tile with Henry's hand print in it and the inscription "For Mommy". Cora takes the tile and smiles.
Henry Mills is seen walking through the Storybrooke cemetery at night, he soon arrives at a mausoleum and walks in. He pushes open the tomb for Regina's father to reveal Regina's underground vault. Henry walks down the stairs concealed by the tomb and is soon exploring the vault. He arrives at a mirror and calls out for his mother. We see Regina in a secret room, hearing Henry's voice. She is looking at a mirror and turns away from it, walking to a mirror on the other side of the room. She waves her hand and is able to view Henry through the mirror who is standing on the other side of the wall. Henry asks if he can come in, calling out for his mother before giving up and turning around. A lock is heard unlatching and the entire wall opens, Henry turns back and walks into the secret room via the wall-door, happy to see his mother. The two of them embrace. Regina tells Henry that she so glad he's there and that she missed him a lot. She assures him that she had nothing to do with Archie and Henry tells her that he knows - he always knew. "I was framed, I don't know how, it seems like everything... You knew? How did you know?" Regina wonders. At this, Henry becomes a purple column of smoke, revealing himself to be Cora in disguise. "Because I did it," Cora tells her. Regina is shocked to see her mother.

Act IV

212 23
"Her name is Regina..."

Gerhardt's body is seen resting in a pool of clear, bubbling liquid in the land of black and white that was as the shot moves over to Dr. Frankenstein working in his lab to generate this liquid whilst monitoring his brother. He moves over the a pair of eyepieces and looks through them, has he is doing so, a voice is heard behind him asking if it worked. It's Rumplestiltskin, still dressed red and detective-like, inspecting the lab with a small magnifying glass. Viktor lifts his head and tells the Dark One that there was a little problem with what the heart could withstand. Rumple jokes that problems of the heart is always the way and Viktor turns to face him, demanding that he step out of his light. Rumple giggles and paces around the lab, telling Frankenstein that where he comes from, there are hearts that can withstand anything because of magic. Frankenstein is surprised that Rumple has hearts and the man in red tells Viktor that he's going to introduce him to a friend, a master of the hat, that will take him to a young woman who has exactly what he needs, he says that if Viktor puts on a little show for her, he walks away with all of his prayers answered - a heart for his brother. Frankenstein seems pleased with this idea before proceeding to ask Rumple who this woman is. He places the magnifying glass up to his eye, making it appear huge, telling the doctor that her name is Regina.

212 24
Regina requests that Cora earn her forgiveness.

Down in her vault, in her secret room, Regina is still faced with her mother, saying that she thought they stopped her and asking her how she got through. Cora replies that it was "determination" as she had to see her daughter and needed to tell her that she knows why she sent her through the looking glass (see "We Are Both") and she knows why she tried to have her killed. (see "Queen of Hearts") "...and it's alright," Cora tells her. Regina argues that she thinks it's not alright but Cora tells her that she loves her, but just showed it in all the wrong ways. She adds that she never should have made Regina marry the King before apologizing and explaining that when she cried over her coffin, it all changed. Regina ignores this, though tearful, and is upset with her mother for framing her for what happened to Archie, but Cora assures her that this was temporary so that her daughter could see what the the townspeople really think of her. Regina points out that Cora made an airtight case and anyone would have believed it. Cora says that she didn't want Regina to reject her again but the mayor shakes her head, accusing her mother of wanting her "broken", but Cora corrects her in saying that she wanted her "receptive". Regina smirks, about to insult her mother but stopping herself, saying that she won't even argue and telling Cora to come with her as they're going to town, walking towards the wall-door. Cora reminds her daughter that it's the middle of the night but Regina exclaims that she doesn't care and that they'll wake them up. "Emma and Henry and the two idiots, and you can tell them how you lied. You owe me that..." Regina adds. Cora wonders if this will mean that they can start over, but Regina tells her mother that she doesn't see that happening, but that she was and is trying to be worthy of Henry and that she deserves that from Cora. The witch nods, telling her daughter that she's right, and that for her, she will do anything.

212 25
Ruby catches Whale.

Dr. Whale is seen standing on the edge of a bridge in Storybrooke, presumably ready to jump. He stares at Gerhardt's watch in his hand before looking to the water beneath him. Ruby is seen walking onto the opposite end of the bridge, seeing this, and calling out for Whale. The doctor exclaims for the girl not to come near him but Ruby begins to approach him anyway. Whale throws his brother's watch into the water, about to kill himself. He steps off the edge as Ruby is seen breaking into a run and the next thing we see is Dr. Whale dangling from the edge of the bridge with Ruby hanging onto his neckline, having just saved his life.

Lightning strikes outside of Frankenstein's laboratory as he and Igor stare at Gerhardt's covered body inside. Viktor's brother's stitched-up hand begins to move and the doctor mentions that Rumplestiltskin was right and the new heart worked. He takes gentle hold of Gerhardt's hand and welcomes his brother back to the world and back to life. "That's magic, Dr. Frankenstein!" an amazed Igor exclaims. However, Viktor corrects him in saying, "No, not magic... science." The doctor takes his grip away from his newly resurrected brother's hand. (see "The Doctor")

212 26
Gerhardt is reintroduced to his father.

Viktor is next seen with Alphonse in the house, assuring him that's true and that he's brought Gerhardt back to life. Alphonse stand up, thankful for his son if he has really given him this. Viktor tells his father that he's waited long enough before walking over to the room's door and walking back inside with a walking Gerhardt, however, he still portrays the traits of a corpse and walks slowly, clearly confused by his own existence. Viktor directs his brother towards Alphonse, telling his father that he's still recovering and that it is a slow process, asking him not to expect much. Alphonse halts Viktor, telling him that he did it, and Viktor repeats this to himself. Alphonse now addresses Gerhardt, asking if it's really him, but Gerhardt does not reply. His father wants a better look at him and so grabs a lit candle from the table and approaches his resurrected son. Gerhardt cowers due to the candle's flame and Alphonse wonders what's wrong, asking if he's alright and why he doesn't speak. His father walks closer to him as Gerhardt continues to cower from the flame until he can bear it no more and violently pushes his father away from him, before kneeling down to the floor.

212 27
Alphonse is killed by his son.

Viktor reminds his father that it's an adjustment and Alphonse tells his son that he believes him and that the terrible thing is, for a moment, he believed he did it, he believed he'd risen the dead and given him back his son. He points to Gerhardt and exclaims that he's a monster, calling himself a fool and saying that the monster is not his son. Alphonse proceeds to push Viktor, saying that he's not his son either but a ghoul and a grave robber, he pushes him again, calling him a witch doctor. This is all in Gerhardt's view and the monster looks at his father in anger. Alphonse finishes by calling Viktor a disgrace to the family until Gerhardt can no longer take it and runs across the room, tackling his father and proceeding to repeatedly beat him savagely in the face. Viktor does nothing, merely walks closer to the attack and soon tells his brother that that's enough, placing a hand upon his shoulder, making him stop. Viktor kneels down and takes the pulse of the bloody Alphonse but there is none, he tells Gerhardt that he just killed their father. Gerhardt looks at himself in fear before running past Viktor and out of the room.

212 28
Anyone else ship Frankenwolf?

Back on the bridge, Ruby and Dr. Whale are sitting side-by-side on the edge as the latter explains that he wanted his name to stand for life but that everybody just thinks of it as the name of a monster. He laughs and tells her that he supposes they're right about that. Whale adds that Rumplestiltskin says that magic has a price, but from where he's sitting, it appears science does too as every time he tries to save a life, someone else dies. Ruby points out that he may be Frankenstein but she's the werewolf, she ate her boyfriend. She goes on to say, "Regina thought she was punishing us by taking away who we were, but I think she underestimated how much crap we wanted to forget." Whale smiles in agreement as Ruby says that they cannot let it stop them as Regina also gave them a chance to start over and she wants to take it, telling Whale that she thinks he should too. Dr. Whale informs Ruby that he wasn't such a bad guy as he wanted to bring life back, saying that his father never got over the loss of their mother, the doctor admits to wanting to bring her back. Ruby tells him that that guy in the hospital, Greg, someone keeps calling for him, maybe a wife or mother, pointing out to Whale that there's still some stuff he can fix.

212 29
Mother and daughter make amends at last.

Regina is seen driving down the streets of Storybrooke with her mother sitting next to her in the passenger seat, she asks her if she's nervous. Cora assures Regina that she isn't but that "these carriages" (meaning cars) are strange and that's something's irritating her. She reaches behind her back and pulls out a clay tile with Henry's hand print sunk into it with the inscription of "For Mommy". Regina asks the witch when she was in her house but Cora tells her daughter that she hasn't had the pleasure. Regina assures her mother that that tile was in her house, asking her if she thinks she didn't know where it was as it's one of her most treasured possessions. Cora points out that taking her to be pilloried by the town may earn her some points but as long as Emma and her parents are in town, Henry will never truly be Regina's, not like he was when he made things for his one and only "mommy". She tells her daughter that she's been too bad for too long and that now they see her as a snake. "You don't want there love at all, what do you want?" Cora asks. Regina pauses before saying, "My son back." Regina pulls the car over outside The Rabbit Hole as Cora adds that she wants her daughter back, saying that she meant everything she said earlier and that she is so sorry. She promises to do better and to not push Regina away again, begging to be let into her heart as together they can get Henry back again. A tearful Regina hugs her mother and asks her how they're going to achieve this. "Oh," Cora tells her, "I have a few thoughts..."

Act V

Dr. Whale and Ruby walk back into Storybrooke General Hospital to the surprise of Mary Margaret, David and Emma, the latter of which comments with a, "Finally." Whale asks them why they were all so worried, assuring them that he was just stretching his legs and that now he's going to "go do this thing", meaning Greg's surgery. He walks through the hallway and looks back to Ruby for reassurance, she gives him a conformable nod and he continues down the hall.

212 30
Frankenstein is attacked by his monster.

In the previous land of black and white, it is once again a stormy night and Viktor is seen cautiously walking into a cell in a dungeon. Gerhardt is seen sitting in it and Viktor addresses him. He walks towards him as he assures him that he was trying to bring him back, asking him if he's there. Viktor addresses his brother more, crouching down to his unresponsive monster. Viktor extends an arm but Gerhardt suddenly grabs the scientist by his neck and throws him to the floor in a rage, proceeding to strangle him. Gerhardt looks into his brother's face and lets out a segmented, "Vic-tor." Viktor confirms this and Gerhardt retreats his hands, running back across the room and staring at them. He hangs his head and Viktor approaches him from behind, having just pulled a revolver from out of his inside pocket. He clicks back the hammer and tearfully begins to aim it at his brother's head. He pressures the barrel to Gerhardt's neck and the monster looks up to his brother, who moves the gun. Gerhardt quickly grabs Viktor's wrist and aims the revolver at his own head, wanting this. Viktor keeps the gun shakily aimed but eventually lowers it, unable to execute his own flesh and blood. Viktor tells Gerhardt that he can't do it as he believes he can still save him and that Alphonse was wrong, he will find a way. Gerhardt tries to make a grab for the gun but Viktor has already walked away from him. The doctor leaves the cell, condemning his monster to live in his own misery.

212 31
Whale tells Ruby that the surgery was a success.

Dr. Whale walks out of surgery to find a pacing Ruby, he asks her where the others are and she explains that they're getting coffee from the machine, she asks the verdict. Whale tells her that Greg will live and Ruby is happy that he did it, he then thanks her "from monster to monster." Ruby then takes Whale to the Charmings down the hall and David asks the doctor if the outsider is going to make it, Whale replies that he has some recuperating in him, maybe a week or two, but he shall live. Mary Margaret is happy but Leroy assures them that this will come in no good. Emma says that she would like to talk to him and Whale tells her that he's waking up now. Ruby is surprised that he's waking up so soon after surgery and Whale informs them that he waited to tell them in case he keeled over, but that nothing has happened yet. David and Mary Margaret decide to take Emma and go and talk to him but Emma tells her parents that they can't do it as a group. Mary Margaret reminds her that they've been doing this together but Emma points out that they're trying to convince this guy that this place is normal and in a normal town the sheriff goes in and asks some questions, she doesn't bring her parents in with her. David adds that that's probably true and so Mary Margaret tells her daughter with a smile that they'll be right there. Emma hands Leroy her coffee before going to talk to Greg and the dwarf takes a sip.

212 32
Belle refuses to accept Mr. Gold's beloved chipped cup.

In Belle's room in the hospital, Mr. Gold is seen presenting her with his chipped cup, saying that he knows she doesn't remember but to just indulge him. Belle takes the cup and Gold warns her to be careful with it. She states that it's a cup and it's damaged but Gold tells her to just look at it and focus. Belle obliges but becomes confused when Gold tells her that it's her talisman, not knowing what this means. She states again that it's a cup but he tries to remind her that she dropped it in his castle and was afraid that she had angered him. (see "Skin Deep") Belle hands it back to him, telling him that he needs to go and take his cup. Gold refuses this, handing it back to her and telling her that he charmed it and that if she focuses, it will work. He states it's magic. Belle pushes his cup-bearing hand away from her, begging him to just go away and stop talking about magic. She tells him to take his cup but he keeps pushing it on her, despite her pushing it back, refusing to accept it. He tells her to look at it and Belle finally takes the thing, frustrated, and throws it against the hospital wall, causing it to smash. Gold stares at the remains of his beloved cup, devastated, and then to Belle who is clearly frightened and asked him to go. He whispers an apology before walking away from Belle, who is left in the fetal position. Mr. Gold limps past the smashed cup on the floor and leaves the room.

Act VI

212 33
Emma and Greg have a little chat.

Emma walks into Greg's room in the hospital and he asks if she is a nurse, however, she introduces herself as Sheriff Swan. He clutches his stomach, clearly still uncomfortable after the surgery, and says that he's thirsty. Emma fetches his drink from his bedside table and hands it to him, Greg sips. She explains that she has some personal items of his and places them on the same table. Greg finishes his sip before being told by Emma that she wants to talk to him about the accident, he appears worried. He asks if he hit somebody and takes from Emma's silence that he did, asking if he's okay. Emma quickly tells him not to worry about him, realizing how what she just said sounded and amending herself to say that the victim's injuries are all minor. Greg is thankful before Emma moves back to the foot of his bed, telling him that she needs him to state what happened in his own words. What he did. What he saw. The outsider wonders why, saying that he didn't see anything but Emma points out that he was driving. At this, Greg tells her that he saw road, Emma says that she may be able to put his mind at ease as there may be an explanation if he saw anything. "I was texting," Greg admits, Emma is surprised and he recounts that he looked down, just for a second, and when he looked back up, he was right there and too close to avoid, he says that he knows that's illegal in Maine. Emma assures him that it's okay as she's just glad he was honest with her. This leads Greg to ask if there are any charges and Emma answers negatively, allowing to let him off with a warning. He thanks her before wondering when he can head home and Emma replies that it will be as soon as the doctor clears him, saying that they don't want to keep him, and smiling sweetly. The sheriff proceeds to leave the room.

Emma is next seen walking down the hospital stairs, presumably straight from Greg's room. Leroy asks if Greg saw anything and Emma assures them that they're clear. Mary Margaret sighs in relief and David suggests that now maybe things can calm down for ten minutes so that they can catch their breath.

212 34
Gold uses Cora's gift.

Over at his pawn shop, Mr. Gold is seen placing the white globe that he received from Cora onto his counter. He steadies it with his right hand before taking this same hand to the top of the globe, pricking his finger on the sharp point of the axis. He allows the blood from his finger to fall onto the globe and Mr. Gold looks at it as it is seen glowing with magic and blood-red clouds are seen floating around on the surface. A map of the world soon forms and a dark spot is seen among the red continents, apparently signifying Baelfire's location in the world. Gold stares at this spot and utters, "Bae."

212 35
Henry shares new theories on his book.

Back at the apartment, Henry is seen rushing down the stairs to Emma, David and Mary Margaret arriving home, stating that they were out all night, wondering where they were as Granny wouldn't tell him anything. He asks if he missed anything. David asks them if cereal's okay for breakfast and Emma confirms it before Mary Margaret explains to Henry that Rumplestiltskin and Captain Hook had a fight and someone got hurt. Emma adds that they weren't sure Dr. Frankenstein could fix him, but he did. Henry realizes that that's who Whale is and Emma confirms it, saying that he's missing the neck bolts. He corrects her in saying that the monster had the bolts, not the doctor. Emma says that that's why, some of them having known him, it's weird (referencing Mary Margaret's one-night stand with him (see "The Shepherd" and "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter")). Mary Margaret states that it's not weird, reminding her that they were cursed. Henry asks them what they're talking about but David tells him it's nothing, he inquires further but Mary Margaret weighs in, assuring the boy once more that it's nothing. Henry quickly runs away to collect his book and returns, saying that Frankenstein isn't in the book and that it's not even a fairytale, meaning that it comes from another land with different stories. He says that if the curse went to places with other stories, then who knows who else could be in this town.

212 36
Gold's deal is cashed in.

There is a knock on the door and Emma gets up to answer it, however, the knocker walks in upon his own accord - Mr. Gold. Emma reminds him that they've all had a long night but he ignores this, asking her if she remembers that favor she owes him. Emma answers positively before Gold tells her that he's cashing it in. David walks from behind the kitchen counter to stand beside Emma, who tries to say that it's not a good time. Gold stops her, wondering if she is a woman who honors her agreements. Henry joins her as well. Gold tells the blonde that he needs to find someone, so they're leaving today, suggesting she pack a bag. Mary Margaret is confused by this, joining the rest of her family, curious. Emma is confused by being told to "find someone", asking who it is, Gold replies that it's his son. He then explains that it has to be today as every minute he's there is a minute closer to him killing Hook, before saying that it's best for all concerned that he leaves, telling Emma that she's going to come with him. "Oh, and we have a long history, so know this, and know it to be true," he adds, "If any harm comes to Belle while I'm gone, I'm killing all of you." Emma hugs Henry before Gold says that he'll see her at noon, leaving. Mary Margaret and David draw in closer.

In his room, Greg Mendell discretely takes his phone from the rest of his personal items and dials, putting the device to his ear. "Honey... I know... just wait... just listen," he assures the woman on the other line. "I was in an accident... Honey, you're not gonna believe what I saw..."

Deleted Scenes


Leroy is seen sitting in the hospital waiting room with Ruby and Charming, checking over Greg's phone. He reminds them that if Greg dies, what he saw dies with him, but the two of them sigh, not liking the idea. By the stairs, Mary Margaret tells Emma that her father said something interesting the other day, and it takes the blonde a while to realize that her mother is referencing David. Mary Margaret asks Emma if she would come with them if they went back to the Enchanted Forest. Emma reminds her mother that that land's a ghost town, but before any further discussion can ensue, Hook asks, "What's this?" The two women turn to him and see that he's holding a plate of blue jello with a pair of cuffs dangling from his wrist. "Really?" Emma asks annoyed, and Hook raises the cuffs and reminds them all that he's a pirate. He wobbles the jello and asks again what the bloody hell it is, at which Mary Margaret snaps, "It's food. You eat it." He appears confused, saying that he believed it to be a hallucination, at which Ruby laughs. Hook sees her, "Oh, hello..." he utters flirtatiously, commenting that she's quite real. Ruby looks at him with contempt, and Emma tells Hook to go eat his jello, escorting him back to his room. Ruby shakes her head as she goes to sit back down and Leroy exclaims, "Guys! It's been like hours! How long's this supposed to take, what's Whale doing?"


212 Title Card
  • The title card features Rumplestiltskin standing in Frankenstein's land.
    • This is the second title card, like "The Doctor", not to feature a blue background.
    • This is the only title card to feature the subject (in this case, Rumple) in full color.
  • This is the first episode in which the Enchanted Forest does not appear in any way.
  • In Regina's hidden room within her vault, many of the Evil Queen's dresses (featured in previous episodes) can be seen on display inside.
  • Ruby's comparison of Dr. Frankenstein to "the werewolf" refers to Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man and the fact that both were part of the Universal Monsters franchise.
  • Regina's car pulls up outside an establishment named, "The Rabbit Hole", this is presumably a reference to the story of Alice in Wonderland.
  • The ringtone from Greg's cellphone is the theme from Star Wars, reflecting ABC's parent corporation The Walt Disney Company's recent acquisition of Lucasfilm in October 2012.[1]
  • Leroy/Grumpy mentions two films, 1982's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and 1983's Splash, as examples of how extraordinary things discovered in the real world are likely to be "studied to death".
  • The name of the character Greg Mendell is similar to that of Gregor Mendel, who is known as the father of modern genetics. It is not known if this reference is deliberate, or what its significance is.
  • Mendell acknowledges that it is against the law to text while driving in Maine, accurately reflecting a state law that went into effect on September 26, 2011.[2]


The title of this episode was confirmed by executive producer/co-creator Adam Horowitz, via his Twitter account, on December 15, 2012, along with the title for episode 2.13.[3]



  • This episode, at time of airing, was the lowest rated ever in the series' run, with a 2.4/6 among 18-49s and only 7.68 million viewers tuning in, although it was the third most watched program of the night. The low numbers can likely be attributed to CBS' prime time airing of the AFC playoff game.[4]


  • Entertainment Weekly critic Hilary Busis gave it a mixed review: "Unfortunately, "In the Name of the Brother" ended up being an exercise in wheel-spinning that seemed to exist only to set up the show's next hour.... Dangit, Kitsis and Horowitz! Quit playing games with our hearts!"[5]
  • Oliver Sava of The A.V. Club gave it a C+: "Just when it looked like Once Upon A Time was on the road to improvement, along comes “In The Name Of The Brother,” a nonsensical episode that forces events in motion without letting them progress naturally in the story. All the semi-villainous characters are returned to full-on bad guy mode by the end of the hour, and the fairyback feels especially tacked on to make actions that seem out of character slightly more plausible. Back in my review of “The Doctor,” I applauded the introduction of a black-and-white world where public domain horror characters could exist, but after this episode, it appears that the introduction of this new realm is a way for the writers to avoid telling meaningful stories with the main characters of this show. It’s a case of expansion pulling attention from what’s actually important in this show, and with Dr. Frankenstein’s story this week, the conflict just doesn’t make all that much sense."[6]


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