Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1x08
December 12, 2013
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"Home" is the 8th episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.


In flashbacks, we learn about Cyrus' origin story while Alice seeks out the White Rabbit for answers involving his actions in Wonderland. Meanwhile, the Red Queen and Jafar's disdain for one another comes to a head, followed by a series of chaotic events. The insurmountable consequence caused by their showdown will put everyone in danger and lead to a drastic change.


Previously in Wonderland...

The citizens of Wonderland watch as their King announces the identity of their Queen: Anastasia. ("Heart of Stone") The Red Queen tells Alice that everything she has, she had to take. Alice then asks her about everything she's lost. ("Heart of Stone") Will rides home to be with his true love, Anastasia, who hugs him joyously. ("Forget Me Not") In Jafar's dungeon, the Red Queen tells the evil magician to stop underestimating her, later reminding him that she possesses Cyrus' bottle. She is then seen locking it away in a checkered chest in her palace. ("Trust Me") Jafar orders his guards to find Cyrus, who has escaped. ("Bad Blood") Cyrus runs through the woodland atop the floating island containing Jafar's tower. ("Who's Alice?") Alice, having just revealed to herself Jafar's tower's location using magic dust, assures Cyrus that she's coming for him. ("Heart of Stone") Alice and Will use the Forget-Me-Knot to see that the White Rabbit handed the bottle to the Red Queen; Alice wonders how he could just betray her like that. ("Forget Me Not") The White Rabbit points out to the Red Queen that he's fulfilled his obligation to her, but she sternly tells him that promises were made to be broken. ("Trust Me")


OW108 01
It's a wonderful night...

In Wonderland of the past, Alice and Cyrus are seen sitting beside each other in front of a fire, looking up at the beautiful night sky. Alice remarks that she was promised "falling stars", and yet, all she sees is stars. Cyrus tells her to be patient, as it's almost time, and soon enough, the stars in the sky begin to precipitate, falling to the ground like snow. Alice comments on the scene's incredibility, and Cyrus, smiling, tells his true love that a kiss beneath the falling stars is said to bring good fortune. She says that if he wants to kiss her, he doesn't have to make up a story, and Cyrus assures her that it wasn't a story; the two of them laugh, looking into each others eyes. She then leans over and kisses him, and the passionate exchange occurs for a while. It is ended when Alice discovers a haywire little compass in the genie's pocket, and she wonders what it is. He says that it's just a trinket; it's nothing, but Alice tells him it's "a very nice nothing". She wonders if it's from another girl, and Cyrus reveals that it is "in a way", telling her that his mother gave it to him. Shocked, Alice says she didn't know genies had mothers, and asks if she was a genie too, but Cyrus answers negatively, saying that she was quite human; "As was I, when I was born." Alice is further shocked by the fact that her boyfriend hasn't always been a genie, and wonders why he didn't tell her. Cyrus points out that he's a genie now, and fears he may be one for the rest of his days; his life as a human was a very ling time ago. "And your mother, is she still...?" Alice starts, but Cyrus tells her that he doesn't know, explaining that his compass has great magic and always pointed him towards his mother, the only thing he kept in his bottle with him for all those years he was a prisoner, it provided him comfort as he knew she was out there, but some years ago, it just stopped pointing. The compass needle continues to aimlessly spin around, and Alice appears saddened by the story; she gently caresses Cyrus' hair with her hand and offers her condolences, but suddenly, a blade is pressed against the genie's throat.

OW108 02
Or not.

Alice gasps, looking up to see a Genie Hunter, holding a sword, ordering Cyrus to stand up. As Cyrus obliges, more genie hunters emerge, and the initial one tells the genie to stay away from the girl. The head hunter then tells his men that it took them along time, but they finally found themselves a genie, and more men with swords advance. "Looks like wishes do come true," he comments, still holding his blade to Cyrus' throat, and the latter says that he'll give the men whatever they desire so long as they do not harm Alice. The lead hunter, amused, asks what he would want with her, as once he gets his wishes he could have a hundred like her. He then grabs Cyrus' ear and forcefully throws him to the ground as Alice continues to worry for her love. Cyrus sits up with multiple swords being pointed at him, and the lead hunter asks him where his bottle is. The genie says that it's far away, but that he can take them to it, and as the hunter tells Cyrus that he better be telling the truth as he is "not to be trifled with", Alice is seen, unnoticed by the men, to be quietly grabbing her own sword, ready for a fight. Looking over to his true love, Cyrus tells the men, "Fortunately, neither's she." And with that, Alice gets up and quickly rams her sword into one of the men's legs, causing him to trip. She then clashes blades with their leader and ends up cutting him, leaving him to stumble away in pain. She then steps on the leader's head and leaps off of it, pouncing onto a third adversary and knocking him off his feet. She hits him in the face with the handle of her sword, but there are still more men to face. Cyrus, now on his feet and carrying a sword of his own, stands back to back with Alice as men run at them. All are batted away with the couple's deft swordplay, but another two remain. Alice and Cyrus battle one each, switching part way through. Eventually, the men give up and retreat into the woods, fearing for their lives; the leader leaves last after having rejoined the battle and have Cyrus' blade pressed against his own throat. Alice then turns to her true love once the battle is over and comments that the stars did bring them luck after all, saying that she was barely even scratched in the fight, however, her hand is clutching her midsection which is leaking blood. Seeing this, Cyrus quickly catches her as she collapses, and continues to cry over his girlfriend who doesn't stop bleeding from her sword wound, losing consciousness and in great pain.


Act I

OW108 03
We see you!

In the forests of Wonderland, present day Alice is seen hiding behind a tree, watching quietly as the Red Queen's guards search for something up ahead. Hearing someone approaching, Alice quickly draws her sword but is relieved to see it's only Will, who she says gave her a fright. She asks where he was, and as he crouches behind the tree alongside her, he tells her that "nature was calling". "Really? What did it say?" she asks excitedly, but Will looks at his friend blandly and tells her, "Nothing you want to hear, trust me." He then asks if the guards up ahead are looking for them, but Alice tells him they're looking for someone's who's escaped: Cyrus. Will takes this as positive news, and Alice wonders how he can do so, leading him to explain that, if they're still looking, it means they haven't found him yet; but it's only a matter of time, so he suggests that they start looking too. Alice tells the Knave that they don't have to, as she knows where Cyrus is going, and Will wonders where that would be. "The only place he knows he'll be safe," she tells him, but Will doubts such a place exists in Wonderland, what with Jafar and the Red Queen after him. Alice assures her comrade otherwise, and says that Cyrus just needs to get there before the guards get him.

OW108 04
Someone has been trapped...

Elsewhere in Wonderland's forestry, Cyrus is seen to be speedily running through the woods, occasionally checking behind himself to make sure he's not being followed or about to be apprehended. He continues to do this, dodging trees and moving plants out his way, but is eventually caught in a grapevine, which latches on to his ankle and hangs him upside down from a tree by one leg. Swinging helplessly backwards and forwards, Cyrus attempts to remove the plant, not knowing what it is, but it's no use. He continues to simply hang there.

OW108 05
And someone has been discovered...

Tweedledum is wandering the garden mazes of the Red Queen's palace when he hears Cyrus' struggling cries coming from a nearby plant. He stops and looks at the plant, putting a branch to his ear and realizing what this means: the genie is in the trap. Excited to tell his mistress, Tweedledum thanks the grapevine, and proceeds to make his way back to the palace. As he does so, however, he notices Tweedledee shiftily making his way elsewhere. Confused, Tweedledum follows his brother but is shocked to see him approaching Jafar, quickly hiding behind a hedge. Tweedledee hands Jafar a bag, as he requested, and the dark magician asks his secret minion if he was able to retrieve "it" with no incident. Happily, Tweedledee tells his master that the Queen has no idea, and asks if Jafar will protect him from her should she find out that he's a spy; Jafar tells the tweedle that soon, the Queen shall no longer matter, and thanks him for his sacrifice before leaving. Tweedledum, absolutely shocked by his brother's treacherous behavior, hides to avoid being seen by him.

OW108 06
And something is missing!

Inside her palace, the Red Queen is seen trimming red roses as she carefully places them into a vase; soon, Tweedledum approaches, and tells her that he heard something through the grapevine. The Queen seems happy with this news, and asks what her tweedle heard, and he tells her that the genie has been captured in the forest and is hers now. "Spectacular!" she exclaims with a smile, saying that they should go and retrieve him, but as she walks past Tweedledum, she senses that he doesn't share her enthusiasm. He tells her that there's a problem concerning his brother, but the Queen tells him that their sibling rivalry simply does not interest her. "I fear he may have done a bad thing," the tweedle continues, but the Queen takes their mental limitations into account and decides that it's not something she needs to worry about. Tweedledum then exclaims that he saw Tweedledee giving something to Jafar - a bag, that he handed to the dark magician in secret. The Queen is stunned by the news, and asks what was in it, but the tweedle doesn't know, saying that he's sorry. She assures him that there's no need for apologies but orders him to leave before she decides to kill the messenger, and Tweedledum obliges. Thinking she knows what might have been taken, the Queen approaches a metal cabinet and opens the double doors. She then takes a checkered box from the red chest of drawers within and unlocks it with a key she keeps on her person before opening it. Her suspicions are confirmed - the bottle is missing. She slams the box's lid shut in anger and turns around, furious at this betrayal.

Act II

OW108 07
"We need to leave, today. And the Rabbit's the only one that can take us away."

Back in Wonderland's woods, Will wonders where he and Alice are headed, asking his comrade where this safe place of hers is. She tells him that it's in the Outlands, and the Knave seems shocked by the prospect of walking all the way there, asking if she couldn't have picked someplace closer like... "Anywhere else?" Alice explains that, back when she and Cyrus were together, they made a deal that they'd always meet back there should they ever get separated. Will asks if there's any chance she left any food there as he's feeling rather hungry, but Alice ignores his question, telling him that they need to make a stop before they arrive. Annoyed, Will wonders where they're going now, and Alice tells him that they're headed for the White Rabbit's house. The Knave stops, refuting this, saying that he knows Alice is ticked off that the Rabbit betrayed them, but this is no time to settle a score. She assures him that she doesn't want revenge, but help, and Will is further angered that she wants help from a traitor. Alice points out that he's their only way out of Wonderland, reminding the Knave that they'll never be safe there with Jafar and the Red Queen lurking about; "You, me and Cyrus. We need to leave, today. And the Rabbit's the only one that can take us away." Will says that they can't trust him after what he's done, but Alice reminds him that she and the White Rabbit were friends once - good friends - and his betrayal doesn't make sense. The Knave suggests that maybe he got a better offer, saying that sometimes people turn on you, and you never understand why, but Alice still believes that there's a justifiable reason for the Rabbit's treachery. The two of them continue in their journey.

OW108 08
Er... Help?

In flashback, Cyrus is carrying a dying Alice in his arms as he rushes through the woods, eventually arriving at a particularly large tree with a door and demanding that whoever's inside opens up. The White Rabbit, whose house this is, soon opens the door as he tells Cyrus to quieten down, not wanting to wake the whole family up. But once he applies his glasses, he sees that Alice is unconscious and bleeding, and worriedly exclaims her name, wondering what happened. Cyrus explains that they were attacked and need help, and asks for whatever help the Rabbit can provide.

OW108 09
Meet Mrs. Rabbit, the forest's healer.

Inside, water is poured into a tiny, wooden teacup containing herbs, and the White Rabbit's wife, a black rabbit dressed in various scarfs a flowy fabrics, heaves the kettle she used to pour the water onto a surface, telling Cyrus and her husband to move away as she tends to the wounded Alice. She again asks Cyrus to move when he crouches in front of her willow root, and as the genie steps backwards, he asks if his true love is going to be alright. Mrs. Rabbit, who grabs a motor and pestle and begins grinding, says that she will help the girl, but Cyrus' fretting won't, and he asks if she expects him to do nothing. The White Rabbit then shushes the genie, telling him he'll wake the children, and Cyrus looks over to see two little rabbits, asleep in their beds. "Sorry. Forgive me, I burst into your home," he acknowledges, but Mrs. Rabbit tells him that it was a good thing he did, or else Alice wouldn't have survived the night; "But the best way to help her now is to let me do my work." Cyrus proceeds to watch helplessly as Mrs. Rabbit gently strokes Alice's hair, working as best she can to heal the girl.

OW108 10
I wanna travel the world with you!

As Cyrus continues to hang upside down from the grapevine trap he's caught in, he sees the Red Queen's horses and cart approach, which her majesty sitting up front. He asks if she's come to finish the job, but she answers negatively and uses her magic to sever the vine, causing the genie to drop into the back section of her cart. She then suggests they go for a ride, and Cyrus, who manages to stand up, asks where they're going. "Where you belong, darling," she says, "Back to your bottle." She then whips the horses reigns and the cart goes onward.

OW108 11
Do you have a problem Jafar?

In Jafar's tower, the dark magician opens the bag given to him by Tweedledee to reveal Cyrus' bottle. He sighs with relief, having waited for this for so long, and takes the bottle out to admire it. "At last," he says thankfully, opening a case and placing the bottle alongside the homes of two other genies. When nothing happens, Jafar looks confused, and so takes out another bottle and compares the two. Knowing something isn't right, he puts the other bottle back and runs his thumbnail over Cyrus', causing the paint to chip off - it's a fake. Once Jafar's realizes this, he takes the bottle and angrily smashes it against a wooden surface, causing it to shatter into many pieces. He slams the bottle down many times, and when there's nothing left to smash, he bangs down his fist a few times before wiping the surface clean with his rage. Knowing he's been bamboozled but not knowing what to do about it, Jafar simply paces, breathing heavily, before whacking the surface again with his fists.


OW108 12
The traitor is sorry.

Alice and Will approach the White Rabbit's house, which appears much more unkempt than it was in the flashback. The Knave comments on it being a nice spot and that there's something wrong in the world when a Rabbit has a nicer flat than you do. Alice says that the rodents' house looks different, pointing out the overgrown grass and moldy carrots, and Will suggests that he abandoned the place. "Or maybe that's just what he wants people to think he did," Alice counter-suggests, proceeding to politely knock on the large tree's little door and call out for the Rabbit. When there's no reply, she knocks again, before eventually kicking the door in, assuring a skeptical Knave that the Rabbit's definitely inside. The two of them head on inside and Alice again calls out for the Rabbit, who soon emerges. As he makes his way to a little chair, he tells the girl he betrayed to do what she wants with him, as everyone else has. Alice then crouches down and asks what happened to the saddened rodent, and the droopy-eared Rabbit admits to betraying her, and Cyrus. "And me," Will adds angrily, and the Rabbit agrees; Alice tells him that she already knows, and has for quite some time, and so he asks her why she's there. She says that she needs his help, one last time, informing him that Cyrus is free and the two of them are going to be reunited, and when they are, she needs the Rabbit to be there so they can go home and leave Wonderland behind for good. The Rabbit apologizes, but says that he can't, at which Will intervenes, sternly telling him he can and will as, after everything he's done, he owes Alice that much. "I owe her more!" the Rabbit exclaims, standing up, "But there's a difference between what I should to do and what I'm able to do. The Queen... she has my family. My wife, my children... everything I've done, I've done to keep them alive! I'm sorry you had to suffer because of it, but you know better than anyone, when someone you love is in danger, you do anything to save them." This proclamation shocks Alice, and forces her to sympathize with the Rabbit; she stands up and tells him that she understands, hitting a silent Will who reluctantly states that he also apparently understands. She points out that no one has to know that the Rabbit helped them, but the white rodent protests that the Red Queen would know, and even if they found another way out of Wonderland, he'd be blamed as it was his job to stay with Alice, be the Queen's ears and tell her everything the girl was up to. "What if... we rescued them?" Alice suggests, referring to the Rabbit's family, saying that they can all leave together, but the rodent points out that they'd have to find them first, and he's already looked in every place he can think of where the Queen would hide them and failed miserably. At this, Will says that maybe he could help, telling them that he might not know where the Queen would stash something important, but he knows where Anastasia might. The Rabbit, confused, asks, "Who's Anastasia?"

OW108 13
The Red Queen's secret place.

The Red Queen rides her horse-drawn cart through the woods of Wonderland with Cyrus at her side, eventually coming to a stop at the old, run-down wagon she used to share with Will Scarlet in her days before royalty. As the girl formally known as Anastasia hops off the carriage, Cyrus, who's hands have been bound by grapevine, wonders where they are, demanding to know what they're doing there. When he tries to stand, the Queen simply uses her magic to make him sit again and makes her way into the wagon, again using her magic to force open the door. Once inside, she closes the door behind her, clearly finding the place very emotional. She looks to see her old pink dress and clutches it for a moment, before regaining her head and opening the chest that's beside her. Inside is Cyrus' bottle, which she exits the wagon with, approaching the genie and telling him that he has a very big decision to make.

OW108 14
Alice is safe... "for now".

Back in time, Cyrus is standing outside the White Rabbit's house, pacing in wait of news of Alice's states. The Rabbit himself soon exits and tells Cyrus that she's going to be fine, much to the genie's relief, but the rodent adds, "For now." Cyrus wonders what that's supposed to mean, and the Rabbit tells him it was a damn good thing that he and his family were there to help, but what if they hadn't been home? What about next time? Cyrus assures the woodland creature that next time he'll be more careful, but the Rabbit continues to question, wondering what will happen the time after that. Not giving the genie enough time to answer, he goes on to ask what kind of life this is for Alice; always hunted, sleeping under trees and the like, but Cyrus points out that it's the life they chose together. "Just because you chose it doesn't make it right for you, or her!" the Rabbit warns him, reminding him that he's known Alice since she was a little girl and she's always wanted a place to call "home". Cyrus says that he's her home now, and she is his, and the frustrated bunny asks why he must always speak in metaphor. The genie assures him it's the truth, knowing that they may not have a warm hearth or a roof to sleep under, but their life together is better than they could have ever imagined. "As I said, for now," the Rabbit reminds him, telling Cyrus that this can't go on forever. The genie says that he spent years alone in his bottle and asks if the rodent is telling him he should be alone once more, and the Rabbit says that, if his family were in danger, he would do whatever it took to protect them - perhaps the way to truly protect Alice is to let her go. Cyrus thinks deeply about this.

OW108 15
"I think she's on to us!"

A panoramic view of the Red Queen's castle in present day; inside, Jafar is seen striding through the place as two tweedles run past him. He angrily calls out for the Red Queen, but receives no reply, walking past a red box on a pedestal as he goes on. When the Queen does not show herself, Jafar begins to wonder where everyone is and soon notices the raised red box, on top of which is a label reading his name. The dark magician then rips it off and opens the lid to discover Tweedledee's severed head; he opens his eyes and exclaims, "I think she's on to us!" Jafar angrily places the lid back on top, shutting the dead tweedle away, an expression of deep rage on his face.

OW108 16
Jafar wants revenge...

Jafar is soon seen striding through another part of the Red Queen's castle, approaching a dressing table and looking through her possessions. He waves his magical hand over it and soon sets his sights on her used hairbrush. He picks it up and takes one of her thick, blonde hairs from it, wrapping it round his fingers and knowing he can use it for his revenge. He then exits the castle via his magic carpet and shoots a hand backwards as he flies away, causing the palace to magically explode in several places, wrecking the place.

Act IV

OW108 17
The Queen is homeless.

The Red Queen's horses make their way back to her royal palace, still pulling her and Cyrus along in a cart. Her majesty is shocked to see her wrecked castle, with smoke rising from several areas, and knows who's behind it. Cyrus comments that Jafar's on her side of the board and that it looks like she's running out of moves, but she assures the genie that, where Jafar may have destroyed a few pieces, in the game of chess, there's only one Queen, and she's more important than them all put together. "Perhaps, but it doesn't look like Jafar's playing games," he points out, and the Queen states that she isn't either, demanding to know where Alice is. Smiling, Cyrus wonders why he'd ever tell her that, and the Queen states that she's going to be found; "The only question is whether it's by him... or us. The choice is yours." Cyrus thinks about this as the Queen's cart continues past the palace, riding on.

OW108 18
The Caterpillar accepts Cyrus' offer.

Cyrus makes his way down some steps and into the Underland of Wonderland, in flashback. As he does so, he walks past the bodies of many unconscious people, eventually approaching the Caterpillar, who tells the genie, "We're closed. Party's over." Cyrus, stepping over a woman, assures the large insect that he's not there for that, but for his help. The Caterpillar states that he's been called many things, but helpful isn't one of them, and two armed guards emerge from the bushes behind the insect's platform. Cyrus, ignoring the guards, says he's heard the Caterpillar can make people disappear, people who never want to be found again, and the insect says that he can - but the cost for such a thing is highly significant. The genie says that he has only one thing of any value, and if the Caterpillar helps him, then it shall be his. He presents the insect with the compass given to him by his mother, explaining that it's called a Lost and Found; it will point you to anything you've lost in your life that you wish to find again. Cyrus steps forward and finds two swords aimed at his throat by the guards, stopping him from getting any closer to their boss, and the Caterpillar comments that Cyrus must really want to disappear to give up something so valuable. "It's the only way to keep someone safe," he explains, "Someone I care about very much." The Caterpillar laughs, and tells Cyrus that he may be able to help him.

OW108 19
The secret place is discovered!

Back in the present, Alice, Will and the White Rabbit make their way to the same old wagon the Red Queen was previously seen retrieving the bottle from. The Rabbit seems surprised that the Queen and the Knave used to live in such a place together, but Will says this to be false, telling the rodent than the Queen wouldn't be caught dead in a place like this... but a girl named Anastasia and he, they had a few laughs there. Alice asks her comrade what makes him think this is where she'd be keeping the Rabbit's family, and Will explains that every now and then, he and Ana would acquire something of value that they wanted to keep hidden, and their wagon turned out to be a lovely little hiding place as if it looks so shabby on the outside then no one ever bothers to check out the inside. He tells the others to wait where they are and enters the wagon, immediately notices Anastasia's old pink dress and grasping it nostalgically. He then opens a chest that's beside him onto to see a hole in the shape of Cyrus' bottle, meaning the Red Queen's already retrieved it. He comments to himself that she's always one step ahead, and then hears some noise coming from a cage beneath a covering. Curious as to what's under it, he lifts the covering and is surprised by what he sees.

OW108 20
The Rabbit family is reunited.

Outside, Alice and the White Rabbit are still waiting, and the rodent tells the girl that it's no use, speculating that the Queen's already slaughtered his family. However, Will soon emerges from the wagon, and with him are Mrs. Rabbit and her two children, who call out for their father and run to him. The White Rabbit joyously hugs his children and kisses his wife, who says she thought she'd never see him again, proceeding to thank Alice for whatever it is she did to bring them back together. The Rabbit asks his two children if they remember what he taught them about always keeping their promises, and they do, leading him to explain that he has to keep one of his own now. He tells Mrs. Rabbit to take the kids to her mother's, saying that he'll meet her there tonight, and she tells him to be careful. "Aren't I always?" he asks, to which Mrs. Rabbit sternly replies, "Do you really want me to answer that?" He promises to be careful, and his wife heads off with their children; the Rabbit then asks Alice where they're headed, and she tells him that they're going where Cyrus is going: the Outlands. They begin trekking.

OW108 21
What is your secret wish Anastasia?

The Red Queen and Cyrus are, still, being pulled along in a horse-drawn cart. The former asks her passenger why he's so sure Alice will be in the Outlands, and the genie says that she's sure he'll be there in turn. The Queen points out that the two of them have quite a lot of faith in each other, and Cyrus asks what one can believe in if they can't believe in love. The Queen states that what she believes in is none of his concern, but Cyrus immediately deduces that she has a secret. She tells him not to pretend to know her, but Cyrus says he doesn't have to, as being a genie for so long as taught him how to read people, to know what they're going to wish for even before they ask. "I wish for you to shut up!" the Queen exclaims, and after a brief period of silence, Cyrus realizes that her wishes are very deep. The Queen tells him not to fret over it as he won't have to worry much longer - he's about to find out. She asks to know how much further until they're there, and he assures her that it'll be very soon.

OW108 22
Jafar's new weapon.

In his tower, Jafar is inspecting the hair of the Red Queen he collected under a magnifying glass, before he gently adds it to a golden container which rests on a dish. He then adds a few more magical essences from what he has at his disposal, and when he's done, having activated the potion with his own magic, he grabs a bell jar and puts it on the dish. A miniature storm cloud rises from the golden container and Jafar picks up the dish and carries it to the window sill, where he lifts the bell jar and allows the storm cloud to escape. As soon as it does so, it begins growing, with deadly lightning thrashing around inside. Jafar then orders the storm cloud to find the Red Queen... and kill her.

Act V

OW108 23

In flashback, Alice and Cyrus are seen strolling together through the Outlands at nighttime, approaching a large rock. Alice is telling her love that she's heard stories of a mountain top where one can actually stand atop the clouds, and, in a bored tone, he tells her that that sounds nice. She says she thinks they should try it when she's better, referring to the bandage around her midsection, but Cyrus remains highly unenthusiastic. Alice wonders what's wrong, and he points out that's she's still healing, and the fact is, wherever they go, whatever adventure they pursue, she'll never be safe with him. She reminds him that she knows of all these dangers, but she still chooses him, leading him to point out what happened to her and suggest that they were perhaps lost in a fantasy. He thought that he could protect her, but clearly he can't. She utters his name, and he assures her that he'd do anything to protect her - even if he had to suffer for it. Alice asks if he's trying to run away from her, and Cyrus says that it might be the only way to keep her safe. "Did you ever think that maybe I'm the one keeping you safe?" she wonders, but Cyrus simply looks confused and laughs. She assures her love that she's not afraid of the life they lead and that the only thing that could hurt her is being apart from him. "I thought you might say that... which is why I've got something for you. For us," he reveals, and an excited Alice wonders what this surprise could be. He smiles and points out the rock they've been approaching, telling her to look at what's next to it, but Alice says that she can't see anything. "Exactly," says Cyrus, linking arms with his girlfriend and telling her to follow him. She giggles and obliges, and the two of them stroll into the area beside the rock, disappearing into an invisible doorway. They find themselves coming out through a curtain, now within a beautifully decorated tent-like area, which many wall hangings, candles and plants, a comfy double bed and even a bathtub. Looking around and smiling more greatly, Alice asks what this place is, and Cyrus says that it's somewhere they can disappear. He explains that it's invisible on the outside, but on the inside, it's quite cozy; it's not a perfect solution, but it's a start. Now they can go on any adventure they desire and they'll always have a place they can return to. "A home," Alice says gladly, and Cyrus confirms this, leading his love to comment that it's perfect before the two of them kiss. She then asks how he got this place, wondering why he waited until now if his magic could create it, but he reveals that it wasn't his magic. She wonders what he gave up for this, but he claims this doesn't matter, saying that what he gave up is nothing compared to what he gained; "You know they say that sacrifice is the measure of true love... and I would sacrifice anything for you." "And I for you," she states in turn, and they kiss again with passion.

OW108 24
True Love.

In the present day, Alice, Will and the White Rabbit are seen in the Outlands approaching the same rock in daytime. Will asks if this is where Cyrus is supposed to meet Alice, and she answers positively, calling out for her love. The Knave, not wishing to burst Alice's bubble, points out that her safe place isn't all too safe as they can be seen for miles, and the White Rabbit suggests that maybe he's hiding. "Or maybe he's just inside," states Alice, who walks through the invisible doorway by the large rock. This elicits a "bloody hell" from Will, who goes to follow her but notices the shifty looking Rabbit. He asks the bunny if he's coming, but the Rabbit says that it's better if he keep watch out there in case anyone comes looking for them. Will tells him not to try anything funny, saying that he doesn't want to make rabbit stew, but he will, and the Rabbit agrees that he wouldn't want that. The Knave then heads through the invisible doorway and finds himself in the home Alice and Cyrus shared when together in Wonderland all that time ago. "All that time we've been using rocks as pillows when we could have been sleeping here..." he says upon entering, but Alice points out that they were on the move. He sits down on the bed and comments that it wouldn't have been an awful place to rest his weary feet, proceeding to spot the bathtub. Alice, ignoring her comrade, says that this doesn't make sense as Cyrus should be there, and the Knave wonders if there's anywhere else he might have gone. "No," Alice states, and Will further suggests that maybe he left a note. "What do you think I'm looking for?!" Alice yells, "There's nothing here!" She starts pacing and tells Will that she knows what he's thinking, despite him saying that he's not thinking anything. She asks if he thinks Cyrus has been captured, that he was killed trying to escape, or that he never escaped in the first place, but Will simply says that the genie isn't there, meaning they're running out of time, and options. He goes on to say that the Rabbit's outside if they want to leave Wonderland but Alice refuses to leave without Cyrus, approaching the concealed curtain door and peaking through it. "Cyrus..." she utters, seeing him approaching. She then exclaims his name and exits her former home, running towards the love of her life who runs toward her in turn. Soon enough, the two reunite with a hug, spinning around on the spot in utter joy. She tells her genie that she thought she'd never see him again and that even in her dreams she was scared to imagine this moment in fear that it would never come true, but it's here... he's here. "I'm here, it's over," he assures her, and the two of them kiss passionately. "Well, I wouldn't quite say 'over'," says the Red Queen from behind Alice, and the girl turns around, shocked by the tyrant's presence. Will, who's exited the tent, asks what the bloody hell the Queen is doing there, and Cyrus explains that she's there to help them. Alice is further shocked by this, and simply stares at the woman she considers to be her sworn adversary.

Act VI

OW108 25
Anastasia reveals her secret wish.

Still in the Outlands, Alice seems shocked by the prospect of the Red Queen helping them and insists that Cyrus is joking, but the Queen states that there's no time for joking. She points out the large storm clouds approaching the five of them and states that it was caused by Jafar, who's after the lot of them. Cyrus assures his love that the Queen is telling the truth, but Alice still has a hard time believing her. She asks the royal adversary why Jafar would try to kill her, since the two of them are partners, but the Queen tells the girl that they were partners; it's true they used to work together, but they are nothing alike. Will orders his friends not to believe a word, knowing all too well that the Queen knows how to lie, but the girl formerly known as Anastasia orders the White Rabbit to dig his hole, wanting to get out of Wonderland and away from Jafar as quickly as possible. Will refuses to go anywhere with his former love, but Cyrus, looking up at the deadly storm approaching, comments that they may not have a choice. Alice wonders if Will's right, suggesting that this is all an elaborate ruse, and the Red Queen asks the girl what more she would like her to do, exclaiming that she brought her genie back to her. Alice points out that she took him from her too, and the Queen says that the girl needs to trust her, something Alice says she will never do. Cyrus holds on to his love's hand, stopping her from approaching the Queen, and utters her name; Alice then stops and requests that the monarch tell her why; why she did all of this; why she made an alliance with a madman; then they can leave. But she needs a reason - she needs something. With tears beginning to well up in her eyes, the Queen admits that she thought Jafar could get her what she wanted, and Alice wonders what that would be. Will interrupts, reminding the Queen that she's got everything and wondering what more she could need, and she tells him, "You. Will... I wanted you." She approaches him, telling him that she wants him back, but he insists that she's lying. Re-adopting her native accent, Anastasia assures him that she's telling the truth now. Will reminds her that she had him - all of him: his heart, his soul, his life - and she tossed him aside like a piece of rubbish, all for a little red crown. Ana says that she made a mistake, but she sees that now, and that's why she's done all this: so Jafar can change the laws of magic and undo the mistake; change the past. Will walks away, wanting to reject her, but Anastasia follows, telling the man she loves that she would give up her crown, she would give up anything and everything just to go back to a time when he loved her. She tearfully begs him to answer, saying again that she wants him back, but Will simply stares at her blankly and tells her that he'll never be hers again. He tries to walk away again but sees the approaching storm clouds, noticing that they are much closer now, with deadly lightning still thrashing around inside.

OW108 26
"There you are... darling."

In his tower, Jafar looks out the window to see the deadly storm cloud he created approaching its target. "There you are... darling," he says in homage to his victim, soon adding, "See you soon." He walks away from the window.

OW108 27
Anastasia deflects Jafar's attack... On Will!

Back in the Outlands, Will looks worriedly up at the storm cloud ahead, and an even more worried Anastasia tells Alice, Cyrus and the White Rabbit that they don't have to accept her apologies, but they do have to accept her warning; "The genie's here, the bottle's here, the wish is here. What do you think Jafar's gonna do when he arrives, eh?" Alice tells the Queen that she'll have to answer to the dark magician, but Ana tells the girl that she's forgetting who has the bottle: Ana herself, who holds it up. Alice says she'll gladly relieve her of it, drawing her sword and approaching the Queen, but Ana holds up her hand and uses her magic to immobilize the girl, telling her there's no time to fight, there's only time to die, so they have to leave now. She begs them to believe her, insisting tearfully that she's telling the truth, but Alice tells the tyrant that she could never trust her. "Neither will I," Will adds, but Cyrus says that he does. He tells Ana that he knew she had a secret wish, and assures his love that she's telling the truth. The Queen demobilizes Alice, moving her hand away, and further begs for them to leave, turning around and seeing the storm fast approaching still. Alice looks from the Queen to the Rabbit, and tells the latter to dig his hole. He wonders where to, but she says it doesn't matter, as long as it's anywhere but where they are. The rodent begins to open a portal in the ground, much to the Red Queen's delight, but when Cyrus sees a particularly violent bolt of lightning building up in the cloud, he tells Anastasia to look out. The bolt strikes down, but Ana deflects it using Cyrus' bottle, accidentally knocking it into Will, who goes flying backwards in great pain. As he writhes on the ground, the bottle is seen flying from the Queen's hands and rolling into some bushes, and Anastasia runs to comfort her true love, the storm cloud now depleting. She props up his head, assuring him that she's there, but as Alice asks what happened, she glows brightly before collapsing to the ground herself. Cyrus catches her, not knowing what's happening, and Ana reminds him of the first wish Alice made to protect Will from Jafar. "If then Knave dies then I die too," Cyrus remembers, now knowing that his love is dying from the same lightning bolt that struck Will.

OW108 28
The Knave uses his wish.

The White Rabbit continues to watch, helpless, as Ana and Cyrus attempt in vain to revive their respective true loves. The genie begs Alice, who's life is quickly slipping away, to use her final wish to save herself, but the girl refuses, saying that she's not going to put Cyrus back in the bottle and make him a prisoner again. He assures her that he would gladly spend an eternity in this state if it meant she could live, but Alice says nothing, merely continues to die. Eventually, she manages to force the words "I love you", and her eyes close; Cyrus begs her not to leave him, saying that he only just found her and isn't going to lose her again. The Knave, who's remained conscious, calls the genie's name and tells him he can save Alice. Cyrus wonders how, and Will reveals that Alice's final wish is in fact his own because she promised it to him on the grounds that he help her find Cyrus. The genie says that that's good enough for him and tells Will to be very careful what he wishes for, making a wish jewel appear in the Knave's hand. Anastasia smiles at the sight of it, and her true love states clearly, "I wish... to end Alice's suffering." And with that, a small burst of magic is released, and Alice regains consciousness in Cyrus' arms. She utters his name and the two of them hug joyously, happy to have finally found each other. She begins to wonder how she lived, and Cyrus explains that the Knave used his wish; knowing that this was her final wish, Alice wonders further why her true love has not returned to his bottle, and Cyrus looks at his wrists to discover that his binds are gone: he's free. Alice is overjoyed, but still doesn't understand, leading the White Rabbit to explain that Will wished to end her suffering, and part of her pain was not being able to be with the one she loved. "Will, you're a genius!" Cyrus exclaims, turning around, but all he sees is the Red Queen sitting alone. He asks where the Knave is, and Anastasia simply says he's gone; "He was here and now he's gone." Worried as to what this means, Alice stands up with the help of Cyrus, and questions what happened to Will. "Oh, no..." Cyrus utters, and a tearful Ana demands to know where her true love is. The former genie then asks where the bottle is, but Anastasia can't answer, and she, the Rabbit, Cyrus and Alice remain in the Outlands without the Knave of Hearts for company.

OW108 29
"Bloody hell..."

Will's eye opens are the camera zooms out to reveal that he's lying down in Cyrus' old bottle. Regaining his head, he quickly tries to get to his feet, but whilst he's crouching, he notices something on both of his wrists: Cyrus' old binds. Will is now a genie. "Ah, bloody hell..." he utters as he realizes what's gone on, and the bottle continues to drift from side to side as the camera again zooms out to reveal that it's floating down a river in Wonderland, about to head down a rather large waterfall.


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Ratings continued to decline this week with just 3.30 million viewers garnered by the episode, despite it being the climactic mid-season finale.


This episode received mixed to positive reviews from critics.

  • With Lily Sparks having abandoned reviewing the series for, generic user Gislef took it upon himself to criticize the episode, citing the series' main problem as being the characters, who he apparently fails to care about. He notes that the flashbacks "didn't even try" for "the rich tapestry of OUaT and Lost", which he says "just isn't there" with the spin-off series. However, he did give credit to the episode for "moving things along" and ended his review by saying, "So that leaves the future. The Knave is the new genie, and maybe it's late, but I can't think what that means. Do Alice and Cyrus get hold of him eventually and let him out, but don't make any wishes on him? Does he drift from person to person, granting wishes to different people each week (a magical The Millionaire)? None of it sounds that interesting, but at least I'll have something to look forward to when the show returns March 6."[1]
  • Amy Ratcliffe of IGN gave her final verdict on the mid-season finale as follows: "Overall, the winter finale hit some high notes but also managed to disappoint in a few areas, too. The Alice and Cyrus reunion deserved more pomp and circumstance, but the final twist with the Knave was surprising and sets up a fun arc for the back half of the season."[2]


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