Heart of Stone
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1x05
November 14, 2013
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"Heart of Stone" is the 5th episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.


In flashbacks, Will and Anastasia jump through the looking glass to enter Wonderland, against her mother's wishes, since she disapproves of Will. They both soon realize that life in Wonderland isn't exactly what they had both imagined. After being humiliated while attending a ball at the palace, Ana convinces Will to steal the crown jewels in order to get them out of poverty, but in an instant, Ana is caught red-handed by the King, who makes her a proposition she can't refuse: to marry him and be his Queen to avoid prosecution. Meanwhile, in current Wonderland, the Red Queen convinces Alice to help her acquire magic dust in exchange for information about Cyrus, who in turn has managed to skillfully escape Jafar's castle, leaving the White Rabbit in a compromising situation.


No one believed Alice when she spoke of her adventures in Wonderland...

Alice, as a little girl, runs home to her father. We then see the Caterpillar, atop his giant magic mushroom and smoking from his hookah. Alice, after shrinking, gets flung into the base of the royal hedges when a guard runs by. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

So the Knave of Hearts and I brought her back to search for her true love...

We see Alice being moved through an asylum, her hands behind her back, being escorted by two orderlies. We then see her and Will Scarlet, otherwise known as the Knave of Hearts, jump through the White Rabbit's portal together, headed for Wonderland. Alice, having been shrunk, steps into Cyrus' bottle. We then see the two of them standing on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the boiling sea. They kiss. We are then shown Cyrus, sitting in a giant birdcage in Jafar's dungeon, and Alice tells the Knave, far away: "He's here! I can feel it..." ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

There are those that will try and stop her!

Jafar flies away from the Red Queen's palace on his magic carpet. We are then shown Alice being restrained by the Red Queen's guard, followed by a shot of the Queen, standing on her balcony. Jafar is then seen talking to her and stating that what they want cannot be accomplished until Alice makes all her wises. We again see Alice standing before the portal, followed by a close-up of her hands, holding three shiny red gems in them - her wishes. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

But Alice's greatest adventure had just begun...
White Rabbit

Alice, Will and the White Rabbit are seen trekking through Wonderland, on their way to find and rescue Cyrus. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

Previously in Wonderland...

The Red Queen stands opposite Will, who's in a cell in her palace dungeon. He tells her that, although she may have fooled all these people, he knows who she really is. The Queen soon tearfully tells him that people want him dead. ("The Serpent") Jafar uses his magic to engulf a confused Will in grey smoke, causing him to turn to stone (but remain alive). The Red Queen is shocked by this. ("The Serpent") In the Enchanted Forest of the past, Will Scarlet rides home to his true love, Anastasia. The two of them hug happily, him having retrieved a Looking Glass, and inside, they use said item to open a portal on the floor. They hold hands, ready to jump through and end up in Wonderland. ("Forget Me Not")


OW105 01
Anastasia's mother tries to convince her daughter not to run away with Will.

Will Scarlet and Anastasia are still holding hands, smiling, ready to jump through the portal that currently rests at their feet and end up in Wonderland. Suddenly, the door to the small house opens, and a surprised noblewoman enters. She looks at the two of them, and at the portal, and slowly closes the door, asking what they're doing. Anastasia, who recognizes this woman as her mother, addresses her with contempt, and Will asks his true love's parent if she followed them there. "Damn right I did," says Anastasia's mother, bitterly, who seems very unhappy that her daughter's about to run off with "this loser". Ana says that it's none of her mother's business, but the woman reminds her daughter that she birthed her, so it most certainly is her business if she's going to ruin her life. Anastasia argues that she's not ruining anything as she found Will, and her mother says she knows, declaring this a tragedy, which offends the former Merry Man. Ana's mother continues, saying that she wanted a queen for a daughter but instead she got a failure; her daughter then turns to her and exclaims that she's happy, finally.

OW105 02
Off to Wonderland.

"With him?!" her mother questions, turning to Will, "I did not spend my entire life working my fingers to the bone so that you could move up, only to have you toss it all away! Obviously you're not princess material, but I thought you could at least land a nobleman. Not him. Will Scarlet: the thief." Will argues that he's not a thief, not anymore, and Ana's mother asks what kind of life he's going to give her. Anastasia, annoyed, states that he doesn't need to give her anything as she loves him, but her mother tells her that she cannot live on love, and when she learns that the hard way she will be right back there where she started; "But when you come back, bring a bucket. Because the only way you'll be coming back inside my house is to empty my chamber pot." Anastasia is shocked, and her mother bids her farewell, saying that at least she has her sisters, and the young woman is tearful. Will tells his lover not to listen to her mother and assures her that he'll build them a life, brick by brick if he has to. "I love you for who you truly are, not for who I want you to be," he declares, and Anastasia says goodbye to her parent before taking Will's outstretched hand. The two of them then jump through the portal together.


Act I

OW105 03

In the present, the Red Queen is seen standing on the edge of a cliff, beneath which is a deep ravine. She continues to approach the gap in the earth, and looks out at the other side, which is a long way away. She places a decorated foot over the edge but nothing happens, and she stumbles, quickly taking a step backwards. Down below, we see that there are many sharp and upward-facing rocks, and the smoke stops us from being able to tell just how deep the pit is. The Queen stops looking down below and continues to stare at the other side of the great divide, a thoughtful expression on her face.

OW105 04
Alice takes care of Will.

Elsewhere, in the Queen's palace maze, Alice is seen draping a blanket over the head of Will, who is currently an immobile statue. She says that it's in case of rain or snow or anything else that might fall from Wonderland's sky. Looking at his stone face, she appears saddened, and apologizes for bribing him with the prospect of wishes as if she hadn't, he never would have ended up in his current state. She adds that Cyrus always said wishes had consequences, and now she understands; she promises to get him out of this, as if she can find Cyrus then together they can... "Who am I fooling?" she asks herself, "I don't even know where he is..." "Then it's a good thing I do, darling," says the Red Queen, who's suddenly appeared beside the girl, who is startled by her presence. The Queen approaches Alice and suggests that the two of them could help one another, but Alice suddenly draws her sword and points it at the Red-clad woman, asking why she would ever help her. The Queen tells the girl that she'd be surprised what some people are willing to do when the right circumstances present themselves, but Alice assures her that there's not a circumstance she could present that could ever persuade her to help. "Not even finding out where your precious genie is being held?" the Queen taunts, silencing Alice.

OW105 05
Imma cut you.

She goes on to order the girl to get down off her high horse so that they can make a deal, and Alice, sword still firmly aimed, asks what sort of a deal the Red Queen has in mind. She replies, saying that it's the sort of deal that takes care of the one problem they both share: Jafar. Alice is confused, saying that Jafar and the Queen are working together so he can't possibly be a problem for her. The Queen states that Jafar is simply a means to an end, but when that end comes, she needs to ensure that she has the power to protect herself. She adds that she wouldn't want to end up like Will, who's standing still next to her, still made of stone, and the Queen takes a step forward, causing Alice to take a step back. Alice reminds the Red Queen that Will was her friend once, and more than a friend, from what she gathers; "Or was he just a means to and end as well?" The Queen, now frowning, tells Alice that that's her problem: she's always dwelling on the past when really she should be thinking about the future. Alice asks what exactly it is that the Queen wants her to do, and the latter requests that the girl help her procure something: a little bit of magic in the form of dust.

OW105 06
Do we have a deal? Oh wait, wrong villain.

It's but a day's journey away and shall protect her against dark magic such as Jafar's. Alice tells the Queen to get it herself, if she wants it so badly, but the girl formerly known as Anastasia says that the would if there weren't a reason something so powerful sits untouched - retrieving it, for most, is a suicide mission. Alice asks the Queen if she really think she'll agree to risk her life, and she replies negatively, not believing the girl should do so unless she's properly compensated, which is why she proposes a trade: "You get me the dust, and I'll help you find your genie." Alice assures the Queen that she'll find him herself, and begins to walk away, but the royal woman reminds the young one that she doesn't know where she's looking as Jafar's palace is shrouded with all sorts of protective spells and enchantments meaning she could be standing right outside of it and not even know it's there, without the Queen's help. Alice turns around the Queen approaches her again, causing the girl to ready her sword; the Red vixen says that, if Alice wants to find Cyrus, then, she's her best bet. Her only bet, actually. Alice's eyes widen as she contemplates the offer with a great amount of thought.

OW105 07
"Today's the day we get out of here."

Cyrus is seen lying down on the floor of his cage as his old prisoner friend is carelessly thrown back into his own by Jafar's servant, Orang. The cell is then closed and locked, and the servant leaves the old man, who appears in a great deal of pain. Cyrus, stunned sits up and asks his friend what they do to him, and the old man says that today they made him lift giant rocks from the bottom of a stone staircase to the top, for no purpose. The genie asks his friend why Jafar keeps him there, and he says that, like Cyrus, he has something he wants. Cyrus wonders what that "something" is, but the old prisoner says that it doesn't matter, as Jafar is never going to get it, and so his punishment continues. "Not for long, old man," Cyrus says, lifting his overcoat from the floor of his cage and revealing the circle he's managed to sear into it using the wishbone, "Because today's the day we get out of here." Cyrus stands over the circle, smiling, and the old man appears shocked.

Act II

OW105 08
Will almost gets big.

In Wonderland of the past, Anastasia is seen walking through the woods, apparently looking for something, and Will is seen near by, overlooking a lake, asking his girlfriend if she's sure this is the spot. He approaches her as she continues to search, saying that he hasn't seen a single berry and he's starving. She assures him that there was a bunch there last week, and Will asks if they have any leftovers from the fish they caught the other day. She answers negatively, telling him that all they have left is the bones and joking that they could soak them in water long enough and call it soup. Will then sees something that shocks him - a giant mushroom, and approaches it. He comments that it'll make a right fine stew, but when he breaks off a piece, Anastasia hurriedly bats it out of his hand, reminding him that those are the mushrooms that make one grow big, and they can barely fit in the wagon as it is. Will, his ego slightly damaged by this declaration, asks if the wagon is too small for her, but Ana assures him it's not and that it's all they need. Will apologizes and assures her that he's doing the best he can, and Ana says that she knows, but that she thought things would be different there. When she first heard about Wonderland, she figured that the "Wonder" was short for "Wonderful" and not "Wonder how we're gonna make it".

OW105 09
Anastasia, you shall go to the ball.

"Well, I love you," he says, leaning in to kiss her, "And I promise you, we will make it." She smiles but is then shocked to see an extensive horse-drawn carriage ride past, full of freshly baked bread. The two thieves run after it and Ana comments that the bread smells heavenly. Will asks the drivers if they could spare a loaf, but the coachman tells the lowlife that the bread is for the palace; there is to be a ball and every crumb is spoken for. Sarcastically, Will thanks them as they drive away, and Anastasia suggests that the two of them go. Will points out that they haven't found any berries yet, but Ana says that she was talking about the ball, and that they should go. She adds that she's heard the palace is dazzling inside, but Will brings up the slight matter of the two of them not having been invited. She asks when that's ever stopped them, saying that they could both do with a change of scenery and, more importantly, some of that bread. Will then tells his true love that the dress she's wearing shan't suffice for the ball, and that they'll have to "borrow" her a new one. Anastasia smiles.

OW105 10
Alice is reluctant to make a new friend.

In the present, the Red Queen's own horse-drawn carriage is seen riding through Wonderland, as thou highness herself sits inside, opposite Alice, who asks the location of the magic dust she's supposed to be retrieving. The Queen tells her that it's on the other side of the great divide, and Alice's eyes widen; she says that she's heard of that place and that there's a darkness there, but the Queen cryptically tells her that there's a darkness everywhere when the sun goes down. Alice then makes something quite clear: she will retrieve the Red Queen's magic dust, but when this is all over, Jafar will be the least of her problems. The Queen, not scared even a little bit, asks Alice if she's going to make her suffer for what she did to Cyrus, but the girl merely stares at her. The Queen assures Alice that she's not the monster she takes her for, pointing out that she didn't kill Cyrus, but the girl says that being a prisoner again is the same as death to him. "But not to you... which is what got you back to Wonderland," the Queen says with a smile, and Alice asks the royal villain what exactly it is she hopes to gain from all of this, as she already has wealth and power. The Queen states that there are some things that power and wealth cannot get you, and Alice wonders what, to which the Red Queen says that they all come to Wonderland looking for something more and that she seems to recall a little girl in a blue dress wanting her father's love. "You and I are nothing alike!" Alice exclaims, but the Queen begs to differ, saying that they both want something they don't have and it's just a matter of what they're willing to do in order to get it. Alice stares at the Red Queen, saying nothing more.

OW105 11
Cyrus kicks a hole in his cage.

Meanwhile, in Jafar's dungeon, Cyrus is continuing to sear through the bottom of his cage using the wishbone he acquired. As he does so, he asks the old prisoner to tell him again what he saw, and the prisoner says that the hallway led to by the platform in the dungeon goes north, to a staircase that only leads down. Cyrus asks if there's any guards, and the old man says that there's only a few, which worries him. Cyrus wonders why and the prisoner says that Jafar is vigilant and always ahead of his enemies - if he only has a handful of guards inside, then he probably has a whole plethora of them stationed outside. The genie says that they should wait for nightfall and make their way out under cover of the dark. The old prisoner says that he's seen others try, but none succeeded, but he thinks none were as determined as Cyrus, who continues cutting his cage's floor, dead set on escaping. Cyrus says that the trick is not to see the bars but rather what lies beyond them; he asks if there's anyone out there which the prisoner loves. He tells the genie that he had a life once, but it is lost to him now, but Cyrus assures him that a new one awaits as after a lifetime in a bottle, if there's one thing he knows, it's that no one deserves to be another man's prisoner; "And if I'm to be free, then so with you." And with that, Cyrus kicks the circle he's cut in his cage's floor, and a large segment drops into the chasm that the prisoners are suspended over, leaving a big hole in its wake through which the genie should easily be able to fit through and make his escape.

OW105 12
The White Rabbit has a hobby of betrayal.

Elsewhere in Jafar's tower, Tweedledee is seen handling a large sack and presenting the dark wizard with the item he requested. He tips the contents of the large sack out onto a table, revealing it to be the White Rabbit, and Jafar gestures for his traitor servant to leave. He does so. The Rabbit dusts himself off, shocked to see Jafar and asking what he wants, and the evil Agrabahn tells the Rabbit he's intrigued by him. The Rabbit hopes that this isn't in a "main course kind of way", but Jafar assures the white little animal that he's far too valuable to cook. This relieves the Rabbit, who removes his hat and holds it in his hands, and Jafar says that he's interested to know why someone who's known Alice for so long would betray her so deeply. The Rabbit says that he hasn't known the girl that long and that the two of them are mere acquaintances, but Jafar appears angry and advances on the rodent, telling him that he has a problem and he himself is good at solutions. He offers to help the Rabbit, who reapplies his hat, with his debt to the Queen, and all that he requires in exchange is that the Rabbit help him. "With what?" the Rabbit asks, his white ears dropping, and Jafar exclaims Alice's name, saying that the Rabbit has known her since she was a girl and he needs to know everything about her, particularly everyone she's ever loved. The Jafar advances on the Rabbit, who appears frightened, and asks if they have a deal. The white rodent appears worried still.


OW105 13
Cyrus makes his escape.

Cyrus is seen sitting in his cage, apparently saddened, as the old prisoner sits in his cage near by, looking apprehensive. Orang, Jafar's servant, soon steps onto the dungeon platform containing the crank that controls the cages' positions, and looks at the two prisoners. Content that they're quiet and not making a fuss, the servant heads back through the hallway, and Cyrus and his old buddy stand up once they're sure he's gone. Cyrus stands over the hole in the floor of his cage, and the old prisoner addresses his friend, staring down into the bottomless pit over which the cages are situated and telling him not to look down. Cyrus then begins to slowly shift his weight back and forth, causing his cage to swing slightly. He begins swinging with greater force, as does his cage, and continues to go to and fro. When the cage is headed for the platform, Cyrus quickly re-maneuvers so that he's hanging from the hole in the bottom. When the cage swings, he leaps from it, but misses the platform with his feet, only being able to clutch the edge with his arms. He slips down, and the old prisoner appears worried. As Cyrus hangs from the edge of the platform, his body dangling over the chasm, Orang re-enters the dungeon, having heard the disturbance. In hopes of distracting him, the old prisoner tells the servant that he needs something, but Orang soon spots Cyrus' empty cage, which is still swinging back and forth at a speed. He looks over the edge of the platform and sees that the genie is no longer there, which worries him deeply, but suddenly, Cyrus appears behind him and runs. He punches the servant in the face, and Orang retaliates by headbutting the genie in the face, however, Cyrus is nimble, and when Orang swings his fist, the genie is able to duck under it quickly and throw a few punches himself, stealing the oaf's keys before kicking him in the chest, causing him to fall from the edge of the platform. Killing him. Orang soon hits the ground, his screams ceasing as he dies, and Cyrus, with the keys in his hands, looks up at his old friend in the cage and smiles.

OW105 14
The pure of heart shall make the leap.

The Red Queen and Alice soon arrive at the great divide, a large ravine at which the former was seen earlier visiting. Alice notes that she hasn't seen this place, and the Queen comments that few have and lived to tell the tale. "Comforting," Alice says sarcastically, before asking where exactly the magic dust is. The Red Queen says that it's "over there", referring to the cliff opposite them, across the ravine, and Alice is shocked as her and her new companion approach the edge. She asks if there's a bridge or anything that could help her get across, but the Queen denies this, leading Alice to ask if her magic could help. "Darling, if I could have gotten it myself, don't you think I would have by now?" Anastasia asks with a biting contempt. Alice, looking down, suggests that maybe the task is impossible, but the Queen assures her that it's not for everyone, and kicks some leaves out of the way that were previously covering a plaque carved in the ground. Alice, reading aloud, says, "'The pure of heart shall make the leap'." She looks to the Queen who comments that it appears to be some sort of test; Alice asks how she knows she'll pass, and the Queen says she doesn't, but that she likes Alice's chances better than her own. The Red Queen is many things, but pure of heart is not one of them. She smiles and looks out over the great divide.

OW105 15
Anastasia adopts a new voice.

In flashback, we are shown the the interior of Wonderland's palace during the extravagant ball, and Will and Anastasia, both in noble attire, are amidst it. The latter is stunned by the sight, commenting that it's even more beautiful than she imagined, but Will, who's fidgeting around in his uncomfortable trousers, says that he feels like they're on backwards. Embarrassed, she tells him to stop squirming, as people are looking, but Will tells her that that's because that don't belong there. Ana tells him to, just for a moment, imagine that they do; "If we believe it, so will they." Looking over at where the catering is, Will is astounded by the amount of food, which disappoints Ana, and he says that it'd be a shame to let it all go to waste. She tells him that she would like to look around, and he says he'll be back soon, wandering off into the crowd and towards the food. Anastasia looks over at some noblewomen, one of whom comments on the other one looking lovely, and, in a posh accent, the other woman replies, "Thank you. I was just admiring the crown jewels, darling. Simply to die for." Ana hears this and smiles, and, to herself, she attempts to mimic the higher-class accent, whispering "I was just admiring the crown jewels, darling" a few times over. In her newly adapted accent, she approaches a nobleman and says, "Hello, darling." "Most people go with 'your majesty'," says the King, whom she has just addressed, and Anastasia apologizes to the monarch, saying that she didn't mean to offend him.

OW105 16
The King likes his bad girls.

He simply laughs, accepting her sorrows, and telling her that there's no need to apologize; he then gestures a waiter to give him two glasses of champagne, and hands one to Ana, who appears delighted. The two of them clink glasses before each taking a sip, and she comments on how long it's been since she's been to a proper ball. The King jokingly asks if there are many improper ones, and Ana answers positively, making him smile before confessing how much such occasions bore him. He goes on to say that he's desperate for a change of scenery, and Anastasia, who can easily relate to this, tells him that she knows the feeling. As he advances on her, the King says that he knows every lady of his court, and asks why he hasn't ever seen her before; Ana suggests that either he hasn't been looking hard enough, or that she's no lady, and the King laughs. A commotion suddenly begins as one of the attendees repeatedly yells the word "thief" in regards to Will, who is being dragged through the ball by two royal guards. They stop by the king where one of the guards states that Will is an impostor, and before they know it, one of the female guests accuses Anastasia, upon seeing her, of stealing her dress from out of her carriage. The King gestures for his guards to take Will away, and as one begins to do the same to Ana, the monarch halts him, but the poor woman has nothing to say. She is soon escorted out of the area as well as those around her yell remarks such as "impostor" and "peasant". The King appears disappointed.

OW105 17
Ana sees something shiny.

Outside, Will is thrown to the ground by the palace guards whilst Anastasia is simply let go, albeit roughly. Will gets to his feet, breathing heavily, and the knights soon dismiss the two thieves, heading back inside. Ana appears angry, and Will tells her that they "did it". This confuses her, as, in her words, they "got pinched", but Will assures his true love that they're the ones who did the pinching, revealing that he managed to hide a few loaves of bread beneath his shirt and cape, saying that it should last them a week at least. Hiding the bread on his personal again, Will says that they won't have to deal with those "stuffed shirts, literally", and she agrees, clearly begrudged. She then smiles as Will suggests they go home, saying that the bread's still warm, and Anastasia follows him after hesitation, after looking up at the crown jewels in their casing up in a tower with an open balcony door.

OW105 18
Believe it or not, I'm walking on air...

Alice, who's still faced with a ravine to cross, asks the Red Queen how she's supposed to know this isn't a trick; that the Queen intends for her to fall so she'll have to use one of her wishes to save her life. "If I wanted you to fall of the cliff," the Queen points out, "I'd push you." Alice repeats "'the pure of heart shall make the leap'", but points out that no one could leap over a gap in the earth so big, no matter how pure their heart was. This then leads her to suggest that maybe the plaque refers to a figurative leap, such as a leap of faith, and the Queen asks, "Faith in what?" But Alice doesn't know. The Red Queen comments that she had such high hopes for the girl, before turning away and telling her to say goodbye to seeing her genie again. Upon contemplation, Alice begs the slow-moving Queen to wait, and, again repeating "'the pure of heart shall make the leap'", Alice suggests that she maybe needs to have faith in the purest thing in her heart: her love for Cyrus. Her faith in him shall carry her across. The Queen leans in and asks Alice if she's quite sure, and the girl replies by saying that when two people love each other, there's nothing they can't accomplish together. "If only that were true..." says the Queen, clearly alluding to her life with Will, and Alice clutches Cyrus' talisman and utters that their hearts are entwined. With that, Alice closes her eyes and thinks deeply, stepping over the edge of the cliff. The soul of her shoe glows blue slightly, as though she is walking along an invisible surface, and she takes another step forward. The Queen is astounded, as is Alice, who continues to clutch the talisman. But on the girl's sixth step, there is no longer anything to walk on, and she slips and falls into the ravine. The Queen's smile immediately drops as Alice plummets down below.

Act IV

OW105 19

A skeleton is seen lying atop many layers of ash at the bottom of the ravine. It's wearing old armor and covered in dust, clearly having been dead for a very long while. As the shot pans out, we see that Alice is lying beside it, unconscious. She suddenly wakes up, sees the skeleton, and moves away from it, freaked out. She stands up and looks around the dusty, bone-filled pit she's currently residing in, and looks up and calls out for the Red Queen, wondering if anyone's able to hear her.
On the cliff overlooking the ravine, the Red Queen is seen solemnly standing as Tweedledum approaches her. "She failed..." she utters to her servant, and so the tweedle suggests that she return to the palace. Angered, the Queen tells him that she shall be the one to decide when they are leaving. The tweedle then heads back to the carriage as his queen continues to stare out at the opposite cliff.

OW105 20
Anastasia has a plan...

In Wonderland of the past, Anastasia, who's sitting opposite Will with a campfire between them, declares that they have failed and that it's time to go home. Will asks if she just said she wanted to go... "Home," she finishes, saying she wants to go back to her mother. Will is very opposed to the idea, agreeing that things having been exactly like they imagined, but Ana retorts that they've been nothing like they imagined. Will makes clear that she's not going back to her mother's as she'll never let her live it down, but Anastasia smiles through her tears and points out that she didn't say they had to go back empty-handed. Her lover asks her what she means and Ana stands up, moving around the campfire to sit beside Will, telling him that the two of them are going to steal the crown jewels. She explains that she saw them in the palace in a case off the main hall, but Will appears reproachful. She continues to try and persuade him to do it, reminding him that he said it was okay to steal if it was for a good reason, such as his heists with the Merry Men when he robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. Anastasia then points out that they are poor, the only difference being that no one's giving anything to them. Not knowing what to say, Will simply utters her name, and Ana continues to plan the heist. She instructs Will to wait beneath the balcony on the East side of the palace and she'll sneak up, take the jewels and drop them down to him. Will reminds her that they were done with all that, referring to thieving and a life on the run, but Ana says that that's why it's perfect, because this will be their one last time. "Then we disappear through the Looking Glass and sell the riches when we're back home. Without any fear of being caught," she tells him, and Will notes that she's put a lot of thought into this. Anastasia confirms this, saying that it's their best chance of living the life they imagined, but Will was under the impression that he was her best chance for that. She assures him that her plan will work, takes his hand, and states that it has to work. Ana kisses her true love's hand and he silently agrees; she cries.

OW105 21
Bye bye, freedom...

In Jafar's dungeon, Cyrus is holding the keys to the old prisoner's cage, after having escaped and taken them from Orang before murdering him. Swinging them back and forth in his hand, Cyrus tells the old man that they only have one shot at this, and the prisoner reaches his hand through the bars of his cage. Cyrus throws the keys and the old man catches them, gladdening the genie, however, after a pause, the prisoner drops them into the pit that the cages are suspended over, meaning that there's no way of retrieving them. Cyrus, confused, asks his friend what he's doing, and the old prisoner says that he's making certain he won't slow the genie down. He tells Cyrus that he knows what he must do and wishes him luck, but the young man refuses to leave the old one. He points out that when Jafar learns the old man witnessed his escape without alerting the guards, he will kill him, but the prisoner assures Cyrus that Jafar would never do that. The genie wonders how he knows, and the prisoner tells him to trust him as he knows. Cyrus looks to the hallway leading out of the dungeon to his friend, who says that he's now as familiar as the guard schedule as anyone and if he doesn't leave now then he won't have a chance. Cyrus then bids the prisoner farewell and wishes him good luck, and the old man makes a likewise exchange. The genie takes a few slow steps backwards before hurriedly exiting the dungeon, heading for freedom.

OW105 22
Jafar gains a bit of luck.

"She enjoys tea parties? That's the insight you give me?" Jafar questions during his interrogation of the White Rabbit, wanting info on Alice and her weaknesses. The Rabbit assures the dark magician that it's the truth, but Jafar says that he already knew that, as well as everything that rodent has told him thus far. He orders him to stop stalling, going on to state that Alice has a weakness and that weakness is she cares about people; he needs to know who else in Wonderland matters to the girl, enough so that she might wish for their survival. The Rabbit says that he'd like to help the wizard, but that he really doesn't know anything; Jafar is not happy with this, and in a fit of rage, he grabs his serpent staff and violently swings it, using it to severe the rodent's right foot. The Rabbit howls with pain, clutching his ankle, and Jafar picks up his detached limb, saying that he wonders who coined the term "lucky rabbit's foot"; "Certainly wasn't the rabbit, was it?" he jokes. He puts the foot down on the table and tells the White Rabbit that it so happens that for the next minute, he is able to reverse his predicament. With this, he picks up a stopwatch which is marked with a serpentine "S" and twists the top. He opens the watch, which is now counting down a minute, and tells the Rabbit that he can make him whole again within the time limit. The rodent begs for mercy and Jafar demands to know who else in Wonderland Alice cares about. Thinking hard and scared by the clock, the Rabbit tells Jafar that there is someone, but they're not in Wonderland... The villain smiles.

OW105 23

In the ravine, a stranded Alice is still calling out for help, hoping that the Queen will be able to hear her, but she cannot. Alice then hears her own name echoed around the pit, and becomes frightened, looking around for the source. Seeing something move, she asks if someone's there, and her name is called out again. Alice asks to know who's there again, and after her name is echoed one more time, the young woman draws her sword and demands that the echoing fiend shows themselves. Soon, a little girl steps out from behind and jagged rock: the girl is Alice, when she was younger, complete with her blue dress and pinny, but she's heavily unkempt and her eyes are sunken with black bags surrounding them. "Hello, Alice," says little Alice, who casually strolls towards her older startled self. "It's lovely to see you again," she states, and the two Alices simply stare at one another.

Act V

OW105 24
The Queen loses her composure.

Still down in the ravine, Alice is shocked to be confronted with a younger version of herself, and asks little Alice just what she is. Young Alice assures her that she's there to help, and older Alice, pondering something, asks the little girl if she knows where the magic dust can be found. "Maybe," says little Alice, "I know a lot of things." Alice asks if her younger self will show her, but the little girl refuses, leading Alice to wonder why not. Young Alice says that she hasn't yet earned it, and Alice requests to know what it is she needs to do, but the child insists that her older self already knows. Alice argues against this, but the child persists, reminding the young woman of when she was locked away in the asylum and what she dreamt of; Alice recalls dreaming of Cyrus because she loved him and thought he was dead, however, suddenly gaining a darker voice, young Alice accuses the old one of wanting revenge on those who took Cyrus away from her and dreaming of what she'd do to them. Alice disputes this, but the little girl yells, "Alice! I'm you! You can't lie to me! You can't lie to yourself!" Little Alice then angrily stomps her foot, which causes the entire ravine and surrounding cliffs to quake vigorously. She stomps again, and the ground continues to shake. Up above, the Red Queen appears confused as another earth-tremor ensues. Down below, Alice asks the little girl what she's doing, and young Alice insists that she's helping the older one get what she wants: the chance to kill the Red Queen. She stomps a final time, and up on the cliff, the Queen stumbles due to the earth-tremor and falls over the edge, landing in the thick layer of ash at the bottom of the ravine.

OW105 25
It's decapitatin' time!

The Queen is shocked to see the two Alices and quickly gets to her feet after making sure that her crown is stable on her head. Young Alice tells her older self to go ahead, but Alice doesn't want to, telling the little girl that the Queen is going to tell her where Cyrus is. The girl in the blue dress points out that the Queen is not to be trusted, and the Red monarch asks what exactly is going on there. "Do it, Alice. I'm the one you can trust!" yells the child, but Alice insists that she's just a vision in her head. The supposed vision says that she's in the Queen's head too, she therefore knows what she knows, so if Alice kills her, she'll tell her where Cyrus is. The little girl moves behind a rock and the Red Queen flicks her wrist, in an attempt at telekinesis. Giggling, little Alice tells the Queen that magic doesn't work down in the ravine, meaning she's defenseless, just like Alice was when she took Cyrus away. "She's been bad her whole life, and we've been good. And where's that gotten us? She's a queen, and we're suffering!" Angry, Alice turns to the Queen and stares at her maliciously, sword in hand. The ruler begs the young woman to listen to reason, but little Alice again orders her older self to do it. "I'm sorry," Alice utters, "But someone needs to make you pay for what you've done..." With that, readies her sword in a position to decapitate the Queen... and she swings it. Little Alice smile profusely at the sight, but as we see, the Red Queen's head remains on her shoulders, and Alice has simply stabbed her sword into the ground.

OW105 26
MacGuffin for your troubles?

"...That's just not going to be me," Alice states, carrying on from her earlier sentence. Smiling, the Queen wipes the tears from her eyes, and little Alice emerges from behind a jagged rock. She utters her older self's name, and the young woman turns to see that the little girl is now clean, mild-mannered and wholesome. She no longer appears deranged. "Congratulations, you did it," says the young Alice, which confuses the older one, who points out that the Queen still lives. Little Alice confirms this, saying that that was the test: Alice truly is pure of heart. The child extends her arm in request for Alice to take it, and the young woman does so. Once she does, however, her younger self dissipates completely with a large flash, leaving nothing but a pile of sparkling dust in her wake. Alice realizes that it's the magic dust the Queen was after and the latter appears elated; as the girl puts handfuls of the dust into a pouch, the monarch formerly known as Anastasia says that she doesn't understand, and asks why Alice didn't kill her as it could have meant her having everything she wanted. Alice looks up at the vindictive ruler, and says that it's because she's not like her. "No..." the Red Queen says, "I suppose you're not."

OW105 27
The Red Queen is caught red-handed.

Anastasia, who's dressed in all-brown clothing with a french braid in her hair, is sneakily wandering through Wonderland's palace in flashback. Content that no one else is there, she approaches the crown jewels, all of which are locked away in a cabinet.
Beneath the tower's balcony, Will is seen pacing, waiting for Ana to drop the jewels down to him so that the two of them may run away with the riches.
Inside, Ana has drawn a knife from a small sheath and uses it to shimmy open the cabinet containing the jewels. It works, and the doors swing open, making all the riches visible to the dainty peasant. She smiles in awe of them as she readies the sack in her hand; she grabs random golden and ruby-encrusted items from the shelves of the case and shoves them in. Soon, the tiara on the very top shelf catches her eyes, and she drops the sack of valuables. She reaches up and carefully grabs the royal crown, completely amazed by its beauty. "Pretty, isn't it?" asks the King, who has appeared behind her, and Anastasia is startled, turning to him, having been caught red-handed.

OW105 28
Alice keeps a handful of dust for herself.

At the top of the cliff, Alice and the Red Queen somehow having escaped the ravine, the latter requests that the young woman hand over the magic dust. Alice, who's carrying a pouch full of the stuff, her other fist remaining clenched, demands to know where she can find Cyrus first. The Queen asks if being such a good person isn't reward enough, before raising her arm and uses her magic to make the pouch of magic dust fly from Alice's hand and into her own. She laughs vindictively and Alice realizes that the Queen lied, something which the ruler does not dispute with. "Lest we forget," she says, "One of us is pure of heart." Alice argues that she gave the Queen her life, which triggers a reaction: the Queen states that nobody ever gave her anything and that everyone she has, she had to take. Alice asks about everything she's lost, and the Queen doesn't dignify this with a response, merely telling the young lady to take care and that she's sure she'll see her again soon. She turns to Tweedledum and says, "Can't hold on to those wishes forever... or the hope of seeing Cyrus again." She smiles before heading back to her carriage, and the tweedle at her service follows on from his majesty, giving a stylish twirl as he turns away from Alice to do so. Making sure that the Queen can no longer see her, Alice raises her clenched fist and pours the contents into the palm of her free hand: magic dust. She smiles at the handful she kept for herself and states, "I will see him again."

OW105 29
He can run and hide.

Cyrus is seen walking through the halls of Jafar's tower, and when he hears some guards coming his way, he immediately ducks to the wall in order to remain unnoticed. One guard says that Jafar shall have their heads if the genie gets away, and so the two of them go down a subsequent hallway, wrongly deciding to search for Cyrus there. Making sure they're definitely gone, Cyrus continues running through the hallway. He stops when he's faced with two directions to go in. He looks from one way to the other, eventually picks a side, and continues his escape.

OW105 30
Run, rabbit - run, rabbit - run! Run! Run!

Elsewhere in the palace, the White Rabbit shakes his leg, his foot having been reattached, and Jafar thanks the rodent, saying that his information was actually helpful. The Rabbit asks if he can leave now, but the dark magician says he cannot, and the Rabbit argues that he's told him everything. Jafar says that there might not be more to say, but there's certainly more to do: he'd like to take a trip now. The Rabbit points out that Jafar has his magic carpet, but the wizard says that where he wants to go is a place that only the bunny can take him. He stands up and orders him to start digging, but the Rabbit says that he can't just leave as the Red Queen will know something is wrong. However, Jafar states that the rodent works for him now, going to grab his staff again, which launches the Rabbit into action. Suddenly, the creature leaps from the table and runs out the door, heading speedily through the halls of Jafar's tower. The villain calls out for the Rabbit and begins to chase him. Meanwhile, Cyrus is still running through the corridors. He sees the Rabbit running towards him and halts, as does the bunny. "Rabbit!" Jafar yells, and Cyrus begs for the rodent's silence. Jafar's voice sounds again, getting closer, and the Rabbit tells Cyrus to just go; go and find Alice. Thankful, Cyrus continues running and makes it out of sight, and the Rabbit remains still as Jafar approaches. To avoid admitting to his brief meeting with Cyrus, the Rabbit admits that it's futile to resist the dark magician, and acquiesces to any request that Jafar may have in store. Jafar tells his new recruit that he's made the right choice as even if he did find his way out of the tower, there's no escaping what's beyond it. The Rabbit asks what that means, and Jafar tells him to just be glad he isn't going to find out. "Now dig your hole," he commands, and the Rabbit wonders, "Where to?" Jafar assures him that he knows where, and the sacred animal uses its hand to draw a blue circle on the wall, which soon forms a swirling portal to another land. Basking in the portal, Jafar steps forward in order to go through it.

Act VI

OW105 31
The King is fascinated by Anastasia.

Will is still situated beneath the balcony of one of the palace's towers, waiting for Anastasia to throw down the crown jewels. Meanwhile, inside the tower, Ana is faced with Wonderland's King, having just been caught red-handed. He tells her that sneaking into his ball was one thing, as he rather admired the boldness of that, but he questions what possessed her to steal from him. She asks if it matters, and he says it might, to which to states that he has more wealth than anyone in the realm and shall hardly miss it. She then approaches him, professing that she needs it more than he does, and he asks what a peasant needs with jewels. In turn, she asks what a king needs with them, and he explains that that it the way it goes: with his world filled with wealth and hers filled with longing. Generally, their realms don't meet. Anastasia shrugs and hands over the ruby-encrusted golden tiara, telling the King that he caught her; she proceeds to ask what her fate shall be. He says that that depends on her, stating that there's something about her and the life she's in isn't the one she was meant for. Ana assures him that it's all she needs, which leads the King to question why she's stealing.

OW105 32
An offer that Ana cannot refuse...

He paces, and asks if, instead of stealing the jewels, they simply belonged to her, and she appears surprised that he'd be willing to give them to her. She requests that he names his price and the King says, "Your hand... in marriage." Anastasia is taken aback and the King continues in explaining that he has been searching for a queen and she fits the bill. She then smiles and the monarch gestures the mirror on the wall, which she gladly approaches, looking at her peasant-clad reflection in it. The King walks up behind her and places the tiara on her head, telling her that what she has goes far beyond her beauty; what she has is what is most elusive: the drive to be more than she is, which is how one rules, as well as what he desires by his side. Anastasia continues to admire the tiara on her head before turning to face the King, saying that she loves another. The King remembers the "fellow from the ball", referring to Will, and says that love is a noble thing, but it won't get her very far in life. He asks her how long it would take, say if she sold the tiara, for her to get right back where she started and for her to realize that that love she clings to simply isn't enough. And then it will be too late for her. Anastasia thinks deeply about what he is saying.

OW105 33
Wonderland's new Queen.

Presumably a fair while later, Will is seen beneath the tower's balcony, still waiting for Anastasia, and a fair amount of Wonderland's villagers are seen to have grouped outside. Soon enough, trumpets sound from the balcony and a royal flag is lowered by a couple of knights. The King then steps out, dressed in royal attire, and makes an announcement: "People of Wonderland... I give you your Queen!" At this, the villagers begin clapping and cheering, and Will joins in out of sheer awkwardness, wanting to blend in. He is then shocked when Anastasia, dressed in a lavish red gown with the tiara on her made-up hair, steps out onto the balcony and places her hand on the King's arm. The new Queen of Wonderland. She smiles and waves at her subjects, whereas Will appears utterly devastated.

OW105 34
Will is saved by his former lover.

In present-day Wonderland, the Red Queen removes the blanket from Will's head, who is still a stone statue within her palace's maze. She moves around him so that the two of them are face to face, and she reaches out to touch him. "I'm sorry..." she utters, clearly saddened by her own behavior, and she proceeds to take the drawstring pouch full of magic dust out from her pocket, opening it. She grabs a handful and throws it over Will; grey dust then start clouding around his head as the spell done by Jafar reverses. Will continues to be engulfed by smoke as stone returns to flesh and blood, and the Red Queen leaves, remaining unseen by her former lover. Now human again, Will takes a large intake of breath before collapsing. He continues to lay there, breathing heavily, before standing up and taking a look around, realizing that he's in the mazes of the Red Queen's palace. He begins to vacate the area.

OW105 35
The path is clear between two lovers.

Meanwhile, Alice steps up to the edge of another cliff, which miles of jungle and smoke standing between her and a mountain. With a handful of magic dust in her grasp, and says, "Alright, Cyrus... I know you're out there somewhere... now show me." And with that, she blows the dust out of her hand, and it makes its way through the smoke and trees, all the way to the wooded mountain on the other side of it all. Alice watches intently as the dust makes its way over, and is shocked when it undoes a powerful spell cast by Jafar: his extensive tower is suddenly visible atop the mountain. She smiles, and, speaking to Cyrus, she says, "I'm coming for you."
At the entrance to Jafar's tower, Cyrus is seen exiting, having successfully escaped. He uses his arm to shield his eyes from the sunlight, something which he is not yet used to after all his time in a cage, and he looks out at the miles of forestry he's now faced with. "Alice, I'm coming for you..." he declares, and amidst the greenery, he sees the talisman that is currently around his true love's neck glow brightly, knowing that she's there.


OW105 Title Card
  • The title card of this episode features the Red Queen's horse-drawn carriage riding along in the background.




This episode garnered 3.73 million viewers, marking a continued drop in ratings.


  • Zack Handlen of The A.V. Club noted a marked improvement in the performances of both Emma Rigby and Naveen Andrews, but ultimately said that the episode only saw "mild positive increases" from the previous outing. He ended his final review of the series by insulting the basic premise, stating, "You’re better off just reading the books, but that’s no surprise."[1]
  • Lily Sparks of continued to disapprove of the series, citing it as being less appealing than its parent show, although she did say in her final paragraph that she was "a lot less bored" by future prospects and this week's proceedings.[2]
  • Amy Ratcliffe of IGN was displeased with the flashback story of this episode, believing the relationship of Will and Anastasia to be too short-lived and going on to state that the latter's ultimate betrayal "fell flat". Her end verdict went as follows: "Tonight's installment of Wonderland had some fun moments but was mostly predictable. It wasn't horrible, but also not awesome. The story at least moved forward so Cyrus and Alice are closer to being together. Additionally, Sophie Lowe and Emma Rigby offered some good character moments. They weren't enough to carry the episode though."[3]


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