Heart of Darkness
Once Upon a Time 1x16
March 18, 2012
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"Heart of Darkness" is the 16th episode of Once Upon a Time.


Mary Margaret hires Mr. Gold as her attorney when Emma is forced to arrest her for the suspected murder of David's wife, Kathryn. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale land that was, Prince Charming sets out to stop a determined and unhinged Snow White, whose memory is still clouded by Rumplestiltskin's potion, from assassinating the Evil Queen.


Once upon a time, an evil queen banished every storybook character you've ever known to our world.

Queen Regina enacts the Dark Curse. ("The Thing You Love Most") Hansel and Gretel walk through the Enchanted Forest. ("True North") Red emerges from some bushes. ("7:15 A.M.") Snow and Charming get married. ("Pilot") David and Mary Margaret take a romantic stroll. ("That Still Small Voice")

Who knows the truth?

Regina clutches Henry's book and stares menacingly into a mirror. ("Pilot") Mr. Gold crosses a street in Storybrooke. ("The Thing You Love Most")

And who can break the spell?

Emma glares at Mr. Gold. ("The Price of Gold") August shows Emma his typewriter. ("7:15 A.M.") Henry tells Emma that you don't play with the curse. ("Desperate Souls") Regina uses her magic to cast a fireball. ("The Thing You Love Most") Snow is forced to break Charming's heart. ("7:15 A.M.") Snow asks if a potion Rumplestiltskin has will stop her from loving Charming, but he says she won't even remember him. ("7:15 A.M.") Kathryn tells Regina that she told David he should be with Mary Margaret. ("What Happened to Frederick") David and Mary Margaret kiss, angering Regina. ("7:15 A.M.") King George and his man hunt down Charming, so the prince escapes from them on his horse with Red. ("What Happened to Frederick") Kathryn attempts to leave Storybrooke, but goes missing. ("What Happened to Frederick") Ruby finds a box containing a heart. ("Red-Handed") Emma tells David and Mary Margaret about the box and reveals that the latter's fingerprints are on it. ("Red-Handed")


Act I

116 01
Red attacks King George's men.

Night is dawning in the fairytale land that was. A flaming arrow flies through the air and then begins to lose its trajectory, dropping to the ground towards the make-shift camp Prince Charming and Red Riding Hood have set up. The arrow heads straight for Red, but the prince notices it so tell her to look out before deflecting it with his sword. King George's men soon arrive on their horses and with their bows. Charming says they need to move because they've been found. They run to the horse as the guards open fire. Charming jumps on and offers Red a hand, but she tells him to go, stating she'll take care of them. The prince refuses to leave her, but she tells him to find Snow because that's all that matters. As she steps away from him, he asks what she's going to do, so she looks up to the skies and at a full moon that is emerging from the clouds. "I'm giving you a head start" she says as she removes her magical red cloak. Realizing what she's doing, Charming quickly rides away with his horse. Red watches him ride off and her eyes glow with a golden shine. She then turns around to the guards who are approaching her and then she begins to also run at them in her human form. Suddenly, she transforms into her wolf form and pounces on the guards, who scream in fear as she viciously attacks them. As the prince rides away, he hears Red howl in her wolf form, taking his attention from a wanted sign for Snow White that's nailed to a tree.

116 02
Mary Margaret has her mugshot taken.

In Storybrooke, Mary Margaret Blanchard is stood in the Sheriff's Station having her mugshot taken by Emma Swan, much to both their displeasure. After being instructed to turn to the right, Mary Margaret says it's a mistake because she didn't kill Kathryn. Emma agrees, but explains that she's the sheriff, so she has to go with the evidence leads. Shocked, Mary Margaret asks if they point to her and then she points out that yesterday David was a suspect, so something isn't right. Emma frustratedly agrees but says Mary Margaret's fingerprints were on the box and his weren't, so they have to go with that. Mary Margaret says that evidence suggesting she cut out Kathryn's heart and buried it in the woods is insane. Emma explains that if she doesn't "book" Mary Margaret, it'll look like favoritism and then she can be fired, meaning someone new will be hired. She begs the teacher for her patience and trust, assuring her than nothing can happen until the DNA results return. Upset, Mary Margaret nods in agreement. Emma then tells Mary Margaret that in the meantime, she'll have to bear with her while she asks her a few questions. Mary Margaret walks to the questioning room, stating it's crazy as she'd never hurt anyone. Emma watches her friend walk away, upset that she's been put in this awkward position.

116 03
Snow White is angry.

It's a beautiful morning in the fairytale land that was. Snow White is in her small cottage which she shares with the seven dwarfs, and she's sweeping the floor whilst cheerfully humming "A Smile and a Song" to a bluebird that is sitting in the house. She gently holds her hand out for the bird and it flies onto it. She slowly places the bird onto a table and then her smiling and humming vanishes into an angry frown. She swings her broomstick to crush the bird, but it flies away. She then chases the bird around the room, swinging her brush at it. Suddenly, Grumpy enters, shocked by her behavior. He asks what she's doing, so she tells him she's getting rid of the vermin in the house. She then swings at the bird one more time, causing it to fly out of the window in fear. Snow rushes to the window and huffs, asking what Grumpy wants in an agitated tone. He tells her it's dinner time, but she says she isn't hungry. She closes the window as Grumpy approaches her, explaining they made something "extra special" tonight. He takes the broom off Snow and then grabs her hand. She rolls her eyes as she reluctantly agrees to go to dinner.

116 04
The dwarfs hold an intervention for Snow.

As they exit the room, they enter the main eating area of the house and all the other dwarves are gathered around a table, however, there is no food and they are discussing Snow's recent behavior. When they see her, they stop talking and look at her in silence. "Did somebody die?" she sarcastically asks. Suddenly, Jiminy Cricket flies in front of Snow and asks her to take a seat. She tries to shoo him, asking why there's a "dirty cricket" in their house. He introduces himself as Jiminy, she's shocked that he can talk. He explains that her friends asked him to come and talk to her, because they're concerned and have something to say. He asks Grumpy to start, so Grumpy pulls out a piece of paper he prepared and reads from it. He tells Snow that she's changed and she's become angry, irritable and mean. Frustrated, Snow asks who he is to tell her she's changed. Jiminy reminds Snow that they're all her friends and they're here because they care about her. He asks who wants to go next, so Sneezy reads from a piece of paper. He complains that Snow brought bales of straw into the house, knowing he's allergic. Snow angrily complains that he's allergic to everything. Happy then yells she she broke his mug, so Snow tells him he's lucky it wasn't that "mug he calls a face". An angered Happy calls Snow nasty words, but Grumpy stops him. "Look what you're doing to Happy" Grumpy tells Snow.

116 05
Snow White wants to kill the queen.

Grumpy tells Snow that the potion she took that made her forget the prince changed her. Snow explains it helped her forget what she needed to forget, so she's clearly better off for it. She then tells the dwarves that the potion was the solution, not the problem. She then adds that the problem is that she's living with dwarves instead of her palace as a princess with her father. She then yells that she can't do that anymore because her father was murdered by the same person who sent a huntsman to kill her. Jiminy assures Snow that her anger towards the queen is understandable, but begs her not to take it out on her friends. Snow realizes that he's right, but says she should be taking it out on "her". Jiminy says revenge isn't the answer and then tries to dissuade her, but she traps him in glass, making him inaudible. She announces that she's leaving as she has more important things to do. As she picks up a bag and pickaxe, Grumpy asks where she's going. "To kill the queen" she growls before exiting the small cottage.

Act II

116 06
Things just get worse for Mary Margaret...

Back in Storybrooke, Emma and Mary Margaret walk towards the questioning room. As they enter, the latter is shocked to see Regina Mills sat waiting at the desk. Regina says hello, but Mary Margaret asks her friend what she's doing here. Emma explains that she asked to be a third party to ensure she stayed impartial, she assures her that this can only help. After sitting down at the table, Mary Margaret says she has nothing to hide so tells them to ask her anything. Emma starts the recorder and begins the questioning. She explains that the heart was found buried near the Toll Bridge and it appeared to be cut out by a hunting knife. She asks the teacher if she's ever been to that bridge before. She admits she has many times because it's where she and David liked to meet. Emma asks if this is "Mr. Nolan", so she confirms. As she stands up to retrieve something from a locker, Emma asks Mary Margaret why they met at the Toll Bridge. She confesses to having an affair with him. She adds she isn't proud of what happened and apologizes, but she explains it doesn't change the fact that she did not kill Kathryn. Emma then places a box onto the table, asking if Mary Margaret has seen it before. Confused, she explains it's her jewelry box. Emma says it's what they found the heart in, everyone is shocked. Mary Margaret insists someone stole the box and put the heart in it because she didn't do anything. When she yells that she's innocent, Regina grabs her hand comfortingly and tells her it's okay. Feigning sympathy, she tells the suspect that she knows what she's going through and to lose someone you love, being publicly humiliated. "Put me in a very dark place, changed me" she says, bewildering Emma. Regina says she can only imagine what losing David did to her. Mary Margaret pulls her hand away and says she hasn't changed, claiming to be the same person she's always been, a good person. She reiterates that she did not kill Kathryn. Emma frustratedly asks to speak with Regina in the hallway, so the two step outside the room. "I told you to leave the questioning to me" Emma growls. Regina asks how Emma knows she didn't do it. She explains that if the box was stolen there'd be signs of a break-in, so asks Emma if there was a break-in. "She is a woman who has had her heart broken, and that...that can make you do unspeakable things" Regina says. Emma glances into the interrogation room at Mary Margaret.

116 07
Snow White attacks a Queen's guard.

It's night time in the fairytale land that was. Snow White is hiding behind a tree, peering out as one of the queen's guards rides around on his horse. Unaware of Snow's presence, he rides closer towards her. As he gets even closer, Snow pulls down on a rope, tightening it. The knight rides into it and is thrown off his horse, which stops running. Holding the pickaxe, Snow approaches the stunned knight who is lying on the floor. She smashes down the blunt end of the axe onto the knight's leg, hurting him so much he screams in agony. She then stares evilly down at the man and sarcastically assures him it'll heal...eventually. He asks what she wants, so she tells him she wants information. She asks where the queen is. He chuckles and asks why he'd tell her. Snow kneels closer to the man and asks him if he knows what a diamond is, she explains it's the strongest substance known to man and it's beautiful, precious and nearly impervious to destruction. She then shows him the pickaxe she's holding and explains it's from the dwarf mines and it has a special blade that can cut through diamond. She then smiles sinisterly and asks what it could do to human flesh which is soft, pliable and tender. As she readies to swing her axe, the knight stops her by saying the queen is at her castle...but not for long. He explains that in the morning, the queen will leave for the summer palace. Snow readies to strike him with her axe again, but he begs her not to as that's all he knows. "That summer palace was built for my mother!" Snow roars before heavily striking the knight's face with the blunt end of the axe. He is knocked out cold.

116 08
Grumpy offers to help Snow White.

After a short while, Snow has removed all of the knight's armor and taken his weapons, leaving him in the middle of the forest, naked. As she prepares to leave with his things, Grumpy arrives, asking what she thinks she's doing. "I already told you...I'm going to kill the queen" Snow says with a hint of joy in her voice. Grumpy is shocked that she'd steal the armor off a knight, but she tells him she'll do whatever it takes to get into that castle. She tells Grumpy to get out of her way so she can find the queen before she departs. When she begins to walk away, Grumpy stops her, asking if she's lost her mind and asks if she thinks the disguise will fool anybody. "I'm getting in there" she smiles, determined. As she heads for the knight's horse, Grumpy tells her to listen to herself because she can't see reality any more. Snow tells him she doesn't need to be lectured by a "dwarf with a bad attitude". He says he didn't come to lecture her, but to help her. She asks how, so he explains he'll take her back to Rumplestiltskin as he's the one who gave her the potion, so if anyone can give her memories back, it's him. She says she doesn't want her memories back, explaining that's why she took the potion. Grumpy tells her that it changed her so explains he might be able to bring her back to the person she used to be. He states that Rumple is the most powerful man in the world and he can do anything. "Anything?" Snow asks, intrigued.

116 09
...And worse.

Back in Storybrooke, at Emma and Mary Margaret's apartment, the former is examining the front door to see if there is any signs of a break-in, there doesn't seem to be, so she moved over to a window and begins to examine that. Suddenly, Henry walks into the apartment. She asks what he's doing here and why he isn't at school. "We have to help Miss Blanchard" he says. Emma tells him she knows and then explains she is helping, stating that's why she's searching the apartment. She tells the kid he has to go home, but he says that's "not gonna happen". She playfully tells him to stay out of the way as she continues her search. As she heads for Mary Margaret's bedroom, Henry asks what they're looking for, so she explains she's trying to see if someone broke in. She examines the window in the bedroom and lists the type of things she's looking out for. Henry asks if she thinks someone is setting her up, so she says it's the only thing that makes sense, but adds that nobody has a motive. "My mom does" Henry smiles. Emma acts shocked. "She hates Snow White" Henry explains. Emma gives him a doubtful look, so he tells her she wanted a motive. "Well I think 'she hates Snow White' will hold up in a court, Henry" Emma says. Henry looks around the room as Emma looks sadly at a picture of Mary Margaret and some of her students. She puts the picture down and then flops down on the bed, seeming defeated. Suddenly, a clunking sound is quietly heard coming from somewhere close, attracting both their attention to a vent in the floor. Emma takes off the cover of the vent and then reaches her arm inside, grabbing something. "Did you find something?" Henry asks. She pulls out a long thin object covered by a cloth, intriguing them both. She unwraps the cloth, revealing a long hunting knife. They both look at each other with horror.


116 10
August talks to Henry.

At Granny's Diner, Henry is sitting at the bar, depressed, with a hot chocolate. Ruby sprinkles some chocolate powder on it before going to find her granny. He sits and stares sadly at his drink, so August approaches him from behind and says it won't drink itself. Henry is silent, so August asks if he's upset about his teacher. Henry insists that she didn't "do it" and asks why nobody can see that. August explains that most people only see what's right in front of them and then tells the kid he won't find the answers to his problem at the bottom of the mug. After taking a sip of his drink, he asks where. August tells him in the book in his bag. He tells Henry he knows he's a writer, so explains he's impartial to finding his answers in the literary form. "It's just a book" Henry mumbles. August explains that they both know that isn't the case and then asks for a water, Henry is curious. He asks what August knows about the book. After Ruby gives him his water, he explains it's a book of stories. "Aren't all books?" Henry asks. "Stories that really happened" he adds, Henry is shocked and then asks if he thinks the book is real. "As real as I am" he says. The young boy asks how he knows, so August explains that he's a believer and he wants to help others see the light, which is why he's really in Storybrooke. Henry explains he already believes. "I'm not here for you, buddy. I'm here for Emma" he says. Henry wonders why he doesn't just tell Emma if he wants her to believe. August explains that some people, like the both of them, can go on faith, but others, like Emma, need proof. Henry explains that the last time he tried to find proof he got trapped in a sink hole, so August says there are less dangerous places to look. He then looks into Henry's bag at the book and stands up, leaving the diner. Henry takes out the book and opens it to a page showing a picture of Prince Charming sit ting on a horse. August pats Henry on the back and then walks away.

116 11
Charming refuses to believe that Snow is "bloodthirsty".

In the fairytale land that was, Prince Charming is sat on his horse. He gets off it to examine something in the ground, fresh footprints. He looks around cautiously and then draws his sword. He grabs his horse's reins and then walks with it. After finding the naked guard that Snow White attacked walking around, he follows him and points his sword from behind, telling him to put his hands where he can see them. The guard turns around, holding his helmet in front of his private area. Charming is disgusted and tells him not to. He throws the man a blanket to cover himself and then asks who did this. The knight, in a panic, states "she's crazy" and explains she had a pickaxe and threatened to skin him. Charming asks if he's talking about the evil queen, but the knight claims it was Snow White. Angered, Charming places the sword at the knight's throat, asking what he's talking about. He explains that Snow wanted to kill the queen and says he's never seen someone so bloodthirsty. Charming pushes the sword harder and insists Snow isn't bloodthirsty or a killer, claiming to know her. "Maybe you don't" the knight supposes. Charming is left doubtful and confused.

116 12
David defends Mary Margaret.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina is sat in her office, peeling a red apple with a knife when there is a knock at her door. She looks over to see David Nolan, who asks if he can talk to her. "Of course" she smiles. He enters the room and explains the accusations against Mary Margaret have been gnawing away at him, insisting she didn't do it. She offers David a seat and explains she knows what David is going through, stating it's painful when someone we love betrays us. David insists she's a good person, saying he knows her. "Maybe you don't, maybe you just want to" the mayor supposes. She tells David that everyone has a dark side, he agrees with this but says having a dark side and doing something so evil is different, stating that's not what Mary Margaret is. "Perhaps, but I always believe evil isn't's made" the mayor says. With all due respect, David tells Regina that he thinks she doesn't know much about evil. Regina tries to contain a smile as David walks away. "Well if she didn't do it then who did?" she asks. He says he doesn't know, stating he's been trying to figure it out. He explains the blackouts he's been having has made everything so hazy. Worried, Regina asks if he's accusing himself. He wonders if he could clear up his missing time he might be able to prove Mary Margaret's innocence. Regina tells David that he is sweet, but also wrong. "Evil doesn't always look evil, sometimes it's staring right at us, and we don't even realize it" Regina says, implying herself.

116 13
Mary Margaret is left in a sticky situation.

Meanwhile, at the sheriff's station, Emma has just told Mary Margaret the news of her discovery. Mary Margaret is very upset. "The heating vent? Emma, I don't even know where the heating vent in my bedroom is" she cries. Emma says that someone did and put a hunting knife in there, adding she checked for signs of a break-in, but there weren't any. Mary Margaret asks her friend if she doesn't believe her, but she is assured that she does. However, she says it doesn't matter what she thinks and explains the evidence is piling up. Confused, Mary Margaret asks what she's saying, so she's told she should get a lawyer. "An excellent idea" Mr. Gold says from the entrance of the station. Mary Margaret awkwardly acknowledges him and Emma asks what he's doing here. "Offering my legal services" he says. Shocked, Emma asks if he's a lawyer. He points out that it's why he's so adept at contracts. He explains to the suspect that he's been following the facts of her case and advises she hire him. She asks why, so he explains he can be very persuasive. Emma states his assertive influence isn't needed, as they need to find the truth. As they both debate, Mary Margaret asks Emma to leave. She explains that Gold is right about needing help and says Emma needs to do her job or else she's screwed. She then asks Emma to do her job the best she can and she'll prove her innocent, but for the meantime, she needs some practical help. Gold tells Emma to trust him as he's acting in Miss Blanchard's best interests. Emma wishes her luck and hopes her best interests are what he's looking out for. She then leaves the two alone. Mary Margaret tells Gold she cannot pay him, but he says he didn't ask for money. She asks why he's doing this, so he tells her he's invested in her future.

116 14
Snow and Grumpy visit Rumplestiltskin for two different reasons.

In the fairytale land that was, at Rumplestiltskin's castle, Rumple is spinning thread while Grumpy tells him the potion he gave Snow White changed her, stating she isn't the same. Rumple says that of course it changed her, because it took away her love, leaving her with a big hole in her heart. Meanwhile, Snow walks around the room, uninterested in the conversation. Rumple says there is no cure for what she has got and says there is no way to bring the person she was back. He then opens a cabinet full of potions, explaining that no potion can bring back true love, because true love is the most powerful magic of all, the only thing he hasn't been able to bottle. As he says this, he stares at the one empty space for a potion. He explains that if you bottle love, you can do anything. He then turns to Snow and playfully states that's not what she wants, he then asks what she really wants. "I want your help to kill the queen" she says. "Now we're talking, dearie" Rumple smiles. He moves towards a bow and readies it with the thread he just made. Grumpy tries to dissuade Snow, but she doesn't listen, and then asks Rumple what the bow is. He explains it's how she'll kill the queen. She asks how it will help her into the castle, but he claims that is impossible. He says she has to kill the queen when she's on the move to her summer palace. He then uses magic to create a map and then he points out the best location to shoot from. He then adds that an arrow fired from his bow will give her exactly what she needs because it always finds its target. Grumpy tells Snow that if she takes the weapon, she does it alone, but she tells him that was always the plan. She takes the bow and Rumple squeaks with excitement. She asks what she has to do in return, but he says she doesn't have to do anything. She reminds him that everything comes with a price for him, stating last time he took her hair, so she asks what is in it for him this time. "Let's just say, I'm invested in your future" Rumple smiles crazily.

Act IV

In Storybrooke, there is a knock at Archie's office door. The doctor opens it and cheerfully greets David. David insists that he needs Dr. Hopper's help before quickly entering the office. Archie asks what it is, so David explains that he's been having blackouts and he wants to remember what happened during them. Dr. Hopper asks why, so David claims to possibly knowing something that could help Mary Margaret. Dr. Hopper immediately closes the office door, ready to begin.

116 15
Prince Charming demands that Snow White be returned to her normal self.

Back in the fairytale land that was, Prince Charming storms into the main floor of Rumplestiltskin's castle, demanding for the man to show himself. After a moment of silence, Rumple suddenly appears behind Charming and comments that he's still dressing like a prince, despite running away from the life he gave him. "How's that for gratitude?" he smirks. Charming states that Rumple gave him a prison sentence, so Rumple says its one he's skirted. He then warns Charming that King George is a vengeful man. Charming explains that he has come for Snow after hearing rumors that she's after the queen and visited Rumple for help. "Yes indeed" Rumple grins, Charming draws his sword, demanding to know what he did to her. Rumple mocks the prince's choice of words and tells him it's what he, the prince, did to her. "You caused her pain, without that pain she would have never drank my potion to forget about you! That's what changed her!" Rumple yells as he walk right up to Charming's sword, pushing his body against it, showing no fear. Charming asks Rumple to undo the potion as all magic can be broken. Rumple confirms, saying true love is needed. Charming asks if true love will awaken her, so Rumple tells him "most certainly", but then adds that it'll be hard to kiss her when he doesn't know where she is. He then hits Charming's sword away from his body and he laughs. "Name your price" Charming says. After thinking for a moment, Rumple asks for the prince's cloak. Confused, Charming asks why he wants his cloak, so Rumple tells him it's drafty in here. He lets out a chuckle and then Charming cautiously removes his cloak and puts it on a table. He then asks where Snow is, so Rumple explains that she's on her way to the queen's highway. He uses magic to create a map and explains it's the route she's taking. He tells him to be quick, stating that if Snow kills Regina, she becomes as evil as the woman whose life she takes. Charming says she could never become that evil and then he runs out of the castle. Rumple yells to him that evil isn't born, it's made. When the prince is gone, Rumple picks up the cloak and smells it, pleasing him.

116 16
Prince Charming tries true love's kiss.

A while later, Snow White has arrived at the queen's highway, ready to kill Regina. She puts on a black cloak to disguise herself and then readies her bow and arrow. However, she is suddenly grabbed from behind and her mouth is covered to prevent her from screaming. Snow struggles to escape and manages to free her mouth, allowing her to yell at the man to get his hands off of her. However, the man, Prince Charming, tries to calm her down. She continues to wiggle from his grasp and she asks who he is and what he's doing. He tells her that he's helping her remember and then he kisses her. Snow is shocked at first and then she closes her eyes in disgust. When Charming pulls away, she stares silently at him, and he explains he said "I will always find you". Snow suddenly punches the prince, knocking him to the floor and onto the roots of a tree. As Charming begins to lose consciousness, he looks up at Snow, who glares down at him. The kiss did not work.

116 17
Emma and Henry make a shocking discovery.

Back in Storybrooke, Henry is sat outside Emma and Mary Margaret's apartment as Emma heads up the stairs to go inside. She comes across Henry, who is sat waiting for her, and he claims to have proof, showing her Regina's key collection. He explains it's how Regina could have got into the apartment and framed Miss Blanchard. Emma takes the keys off his and asks if he stole them from her office. He admits to stealing them, but adds they can fit open any door. Emma points out that they won't even fit in the lock. Henry takes them back and insists they have to try. They both move to the door and Henry tries a key, it doesn't work. As he tries another, Emma looks at him with sympathy. The second key doesn't work, so Emma tells him she was right. She understands he wants to think the answer to everything is in Operation Cobra, but points out that sometimes the real world needs to come first. Henry insists "it is" and as Emma proceeds to the door, he asks her to try one more. Emma agrees to one more, stating that they're done after that. Henry points out one key and then asks her to do it. She takes the key and then puts it in the lock. When she turns it, there's a click, so she pushes the door slightly, causing it to open. Henry and Emma are both shocked and then the former asks the latter if she believes him now. Emma is silent.

Act V

116 18
It didn't work...

It is now night in the fairytale land that was. Prince Charming awakens, tied to a tree with Snow White evilly watching him. He tries to move towards her, but realizes he is tied up. Snow guesses that he's the man who Rumplestiltskin helped her forget and then asks for his name. "It's me, Charming!" he says. Snow mocks the name "Charming" by saying she understands why she drunk the potion. As she packs her bag, Charming tells Snow it doesn't make sense because true love's kiss should have restored her memories. She points out that it isn't true love because she doesn't love him. Charming insists she does, she just doesn't remember. "You love me, and I love you!" he adds. "Words...words...words... That's all that love is, and unfortunately for you, words don't mean anything to me. You know what does mean something to me? Taking action, and that's exactly what I am going to go do!" Snow sighs. She then walks away to continue her quest. The prince stops her and says she cannot do it because it's not who she wants to be, "you can't kill her!" he begs. "Really? Watch me" she says before continuing to walk away, leaving Charming to call out for her.

116 19
David's hypnosis session begins.

Back in Storybrooke, David is lying on the sofa in Dr. Archie Hopper's office with his eyes closed. Dr. Hopper asks David if he can hear him as he needs him to listen carefully, David confirms that he can. Dr. Hopper asks David to go back into his memory, back to the last time he and Kathryn spoke and asks what the last thing he remembers is. After a moment of silence, Dr. Hopper asks where David is in his memory, so David says he's in his bedroom. "When?" Dr. Hopper asks, so David explains it is the night she left. He asks David what he was doing, so David explains he called her on her cellphone. Dr. Hopper asks what they talked about, so David explains she said she needed to start a new life without him and she thought he and Mary Margaret should be together. Dr. Hopper asks how the conversation ended, so David explains that Kathryn was hurt and she wanted him to be happy. When Archie asks if he remembers anything else, David remembers seeing Mary Margaret in the woods. Archie asks what she was doing there, so David suddenly sees some flashes of his memories of the prince begging Snow White not to kill "her". David is suddenly awakened by Dr. Hopper, who explains he went too deep into the hypnosis. Dr. Hopper asks what he saw, but David is reluctant to say, confusing his memories of Snow with Mary Margaret. Dr. Hopper offers to help if he says what he saw, but David rushes out of the office. Archie repeats that he can help him, but David tells him "no you can't", before rushing away. Dr. Hopper tries to stop him, but it's to no avail.

116 20
Jiminy helps Charming.

Back in the fairytale land that was, Prince Charming is still tied to the tree. He attempts to break free so he can save his beloved Snow White, but he cannot get out. Jiminy Cricket flies towards the prince. Charming tries to shoo him, thinking he's just an ordinary cricket, but Jiminy shocks the prince by asking "You must be James?". "You can talk?" Charming asks, shocked. "Yeah, and you can listen. Name's Jiminy" the cricket says. He lands on Charming's arm and explains that when Snow began acting differently, her friends, the dwarfs, asked him to intervene, but admits to not being much help. Charming sighs and says he didn't do any better. He then asks the cricket if he can help him get out because he has to stop her. He says he'll try and then he begins to gnaw at the rope. As he does so, he asks what the prince's plan is. He says he doesn't know, claiming to have done everything he can and nothing worked. With the rope now weakened, Jiminy tells him to give it another try. He pulls his arms forward and the rope snaps, he's free. Jiminy tells Charming he's approaching it the wrong way, asking how she can remember who he is, when she's lost sight of who she is.

116 21
Snow's curse is broken.

The next morning, on the queen's highway, Regina is riding on her horse with guards surrounding her. The guards tell people on the road to move aside and bow for their queen. As Regina rides past the terrified people, she smiles to see them bowing to her. Meanwhile, at the side of the road on a ridge, Snow White runs along the queen and her guards, trying to find the best place to shoot from. She hides behind a tree and observes the queen, she smiles, knowing she's none-the-wiser. After finding the perfect place to shoot from, Snow readies her bow and waits for the queen to be a clear target. When she comes into target, Snow releases the bow which flies straight towards her. However, the arrow comes to a stop when Charming jumps in front of it and is hit in the shoulder. He falls to the floor and groans in pain, an angry Snow rushes towards him. "What do you think you're doing?! Why would you do that?!" she yells. Charming reminds Snow she said she appreciates action more than words. Snow is shocked. Charming then tells her she's going to get "both", frustrating her. "I love you, Snow" he tells her. "But I don't love you" she moans. Charming groan with pain and Snow says she doesn't even remember him. He says he doesn't care and explains the only thing he cares about is Snow remembering who she really is. "I would rather die than let you fill your heart with darkness" he claims. Snow is shocked and touched. "You would really die for me?" she asks quietly. He jokingly asks if it looks like he's making it up. She points out that nobody has ever done something like this for her before and nobody has ever been willing to die for her. "No one you can remember" he adds. A tear falls down both there cheeks and then Snow slowly moves closer to Charming, eventually kissing him. After a few seconds of the kiss, Snow's eyes suddenly open wide, indicating the curse is broken. She then looks into the prince's eyes and smiles, joyfully saying "Charming", having remembered him. "Yes, it's me" he smiles before they kiss more.

116 22
Charming is captured by King George's men.

Suddenly, the sounds of horses are heard from the distance. They look over to see King George's men approaching them. Charming puts Snow's cloak hood over her head and then moves her aside, but she stands by in front of him. However, when the guards reach them, they grab and move Snow out of the way. Two other guards restrain Charming a the head guard walks towards him. The head guard has scratches on his face, implying that he was attacked by Red Riding Hood in her wolf form. The guard says "Prince James" before carelessly pulling out the arrow that's in his shoulder. Charming screams in pain and Snow yells, in pain to see her beloved being tortured. The head guard tells the men to leave "the girl" as they have who they came for. Snow is thrown to the floor and Charming yells "no!" as he is dragged away into a prison cell carriage. Snow attempts to run after the prince, but a guard slaps Snow across her face, knocking her to the floor. Charming is thrown into the carriage and watches helplessly as a guard prepares to kill Snow with his sword. However, he is stopped when the head guard tells him "enough". They all then ride away with Charming locked up, screaming. Snow watches helplessly as he is taken away and tells him "I will find you! I will always find you...".

116 23
David doubts his beloved Mary Margaret.

Back in Storybrooke, at the Sheriff's Station, Mary Margaret is lying silently on the bed in her cell. David enters and calls out her name, she looks over and is pleased to see him. She walks towards the bars of the cell and David explains that Emma allowed them a few minutes alone. He says that Dr. Hopper helped him remember what happened during some of his blackouts, but he goes quiet, so Mary Margaret asks him to continue. He awkwardly explains that he only got pieces of the memory. He explains that they were in the woods and he kept saying "don't do it". "Don't do what?" Mary Margaret asks. "Don't kill her" he answers. Mary Margaret is stunned when David explains that that's what he kept saying. She asks him if he thinks he remembers her wanting to kill Kathryn, so he asks her to explain why he has that memory. Sickened, Mary Margaret asks David if he thinks she had something to do with Kathryn's murder. David begins to list all the evidence against her, horrifying her and making her step away from David in the cell. "So yes, I'm asking" he says to a very upset Mary Margaret, who is trying to contain herself from crying. She reminds him that when evidence pointed to David and everyone thought he killed Kathryn, she stood by him and she never once doubted him. "And now that everything is pointing to me, you actually think I am capable of that kind of evil..." she says, heartbroken. David is silent and so is Mary Margaret until the latter darkly tells the former to "get out". She then turns around, preventing herself from looking at him. Crying, David nods in agreement and then leaves the station. Mary Margaret begins to cry.

Act VI

116 24
The seven dwarfs offer to help Snow White.

Back in the fairytale land that was, Snow sadly enters the small cottage in which she lived with the dwarfs. The seven dwarfs, who are sat at the table eating food, all stop to look at her. They then look away from her with disinterest and continue to eat their food. Snow slowly approaches them and then pulls a mug from her bag. She gives it to Happy and Grumpy asks what it is. She tells him it's an apology, making Happy smile, but Grumpy shakes his head at him. Grumpy tells her that they don't care about mugs. She explains that it was the only thing she broke that she could replace and then she apologizes. "All I can say is I'm sorry" she tells the dwarfs. Grumpy stands up and looks into Snow's eyes, he smiles, stating "it's you". "It's me" she smiles back. All the dwarfs stand up immediately, overjoyed and they all gather in a group hug. After being offered her old room back, she thanks them but explains she cannot stay. Grumpy asks where she's going, so Snow explains that King George took Charming, so says she has to get him back. Grumpy tells her she can't do it, but she explains she can't let the king just kill him as he came back for her. She explains it doesn't matter what happens to her, she just has to try. Grumpy points out that that isn't what he meant. He tells her that he meant she cannot do it alone. He turns back and looks at the dwarfs and tells Snow that luckily she won't have to. The dwarfs all grab their pickaxes as Grumpy yells, "Let's show that king what Snow White and the seven dwarfs can really do!". Snow is touched and then looks at all of the dwarfs, who nod at her, ready to go.

116 25
Emma comes, baring breakfast and bad news.

Back in Storybrooke, Mary Margaret is in her cell at the Sheriff's Station. She is changing the sheets on her bed when she lifts up the mattress and hears a metal object fall to the floor, underneath the bed. Confused, she reaches under the bed and pulls out the object; one of Regina's skeleton keys. She looks straight at the lock of the cell and then walks towards it. She curiously puts the key into the lock and turns it, the door unlocks, much to her surprise. She then anxiously opens the cell door, but suddenly hears someone coming towards her, so she quickly shuts the door and locks it. She manages to hide the key behind her back just in time before Emma enters the room, carrying breakfast. She gives it to Mary Margaret, who quietly takes it off her. She sits down on the bed and then Emma tells her that despite Mr. Gold not wanting them to talk, she has some news to share. She explains that the test results for the heart came back and it was a match with Kathryn, "she's dead", Emma adds. Mary Margaret sits in silence, stunned. Emma apologizes for a lot of things and then explains that now with the DNA results, they can move forward with the case. "You do know I believe you, right?" Emma asks, Mary Margaret slightly nods. Emma explains that all the evidence points to one thing, that she is being framed by Regina. Mary Margaret asks why she's still in the cell and why Emma hasn't confronted the mayor. She explains that she has to do things right or things will end up worse. "Every time I've gone up against Regina she's seen it coming and I've lost" Emma claims. Mary Margaret asks why this time is different, so Emma says that Regina doesn't know they're on to her. Curious, Mary Margaret asks why Regina would do this to her, Emma says she doesn't know but promises to find out. She also promises not to stop until she exposes what she's up to. Mary Margaret asks how she'll do that, so Emma assures her she's working on it. "I have faith in you, and now I need you to have faith in me. Can you do that?" Emma cries as she puts her hand on Mary Margaret's. After a slight pause, she replies "of course". Emma then leaves the station, leaving Mary Margaret, who looks at the key she found, conflicted over whether she should use it or not.

116 26
Emma seeks help from Mr. Gold.

A while later, at Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer, Mr. Gold is in the back of his shop, taking a golden lamp from a shelf. Emma walks in, wanting to speak with him. He explains he's just taking inventory and then asks the sheriff what she wants and if there are any developments in the case that he should be aware of. Emma bluntly states that Regina is setting Mary Margaret up. "And this surprises you?" Gold asks. He asks for her evidence and promises to get it over with immediately. She says that's "the thing" and confesses to not having any evidence that's court-worthy, but assures him she knows it now. Gold points out that she has become a woman of faith. He asks why she came to him, so she says she needs help. "From me?" he chuckles. Emma explains that every time she has gone up against Regina, she has lost, except for once, when Gold helped her in the elections for sheriff. Gold recalls that she doesn't approve of his methods, but she claims to approve of his results and this time she has something more important than a job; she needs to save a friend. Gold picks up a magnifying glass and asks if she's willing to go as far as it takes, but she tells him "further". "Now we're talking" he smiles. He then begins to examine the golden lamp and tells Emma to "fear not". He admits Regina is powerful, but assures Emma that he thinks she is more powerful than she knows. He then continues to examine the lamp.

116 27
Rumplestiltskin finally manages to bottle true love.

Back in the fairytale land that was, at Rumplestiltskin's castle, Rumplestiltskin is looking through a magnifying glass with a very concentrated look on his face. Prince Charming's cloak is laid in front of him on a desk and he examines it closely. He then uses some small tweezers to pull a hair off the cloak. He looks closely at the hair with his magnifying glass and then stares darkly at it. He proceeds to put the hair of the prince into a potion vial where another hair awaits. He watches the vial closely and then using his magical abilities, causes the two hairs to magically glow pink and yellow and then wrap around each other. Rumplestiltskin smiles and lets out a squeak of excitement. He picks up the vial with sparkling light inside it and then he moves over to his potions cabinet. He then places it in the empty space, the space he had left available for true love. He watches his complete collection and then lets out another squeak of pure evil joy.

Back in Storybrooke, at the sheriff's station, Mary Margaret's cell door is left wide open and there is no sign of Mary Margaret anywhere in the room. She uses the key that she found to escape.

Deleted Scenes

"Bull's Eye"

116 DS 01
August gives Emma some advice.

At Granny's Diner, Emma is sat at a table reading. She angrily glances over to Regina Mills, who is sat at another table, being served coffee by Ruby. August sits at the table with her and he says he has to be honest, admitting to wanting to ask her out again. However, he points out that since Mary Margaret is in jail and she's the lead investigator, he figured now isn't the best time. An agitated Emma says he has good instincts. August adds that it doesn't mean he can't buy her a drink and then gets Ruby's attention as she walks past. Emma tries to say she's working, but Ruby, with a smile, tells her a got cocoa with cinnamon is coming right up. August notices the angry look on Emma's face and says it looks like she wants to take someone's head off, "There's those instincts again" Emma grunts. He also notes that Emma keeps looking past him, at Regina, and he points this out and then turns around to see Regina. The sheriff explains she's trying to figure out what to do, so August asks what she normally does. She says that normally she'd go over to Regina and give her a piece of her mind, but that doesn't work out for her. August suggests a new approach, but Emma says she's a "go-over-there-and-give-her-a-piece-of-my-mind type of girl". August says there are other ways to get what she wants and then asks if she follows bullfighting. After she shakes her head, August tells a story of when he met a toreador Pamplona who never lost a fight. He says that he asked the man how he does it and the toreador says to not let them see you coming. Emma understands the meaning of the story and is very intrigued. August then leaves some money on the table for Emma's drink and then he leaves the diner. Soon after, Ruby arrives with Emma's cocoa and she leaves it on the table. As she thinks of a new way to defeat Regina, Emma drinks her cocoa with a look of content.


116 Title Card




The episode's ratings and viewership was down slightly, but remained steady from the previous week, scoring an 18-49 rating of 2.9/8 and was watched by 8.69 million viewers. Despite this setback, it placed first in its timeslot.

In Canada, the episode finished in fifteenth place for the week with an estimated 1.254 million viewers, a decrease from the 1.512 million of the previous episode.


  • Lily Sparks of lauded the episode, stating, "If there are going to be five "meh" episodes and every sixth one is like this, then I am happily on board."[1]
  • Hilary Busis of Entertainment Weekly also praised the episode, saying that it was "kind of awesome" and expressing hope that, with the turn of events in the present day storyline, events in Storybrooke would soon become as exciting as those set in the Enchanted Forest. She finished by saying, "Regina, of course, finds a way to weasel herself into the proceedings; as Emma says, she’s there to serve as an impartial third party. Right, Emma – no need to question Regina’s motives, or to ask literally any other person in town to be your witness."[2]


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