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Granny's Diner is a pivotal location in Storybrooke, where a lot of residents go to eat and socialize. Granny owns and runs the diner along with Ruby, her granddaughter.


After the Curse

Early History

Ruby EL 217
Granny and Ruby live out their unhappy ending. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

Granny's Diner comes into being along with the rest of Storybrooke, Maine when the Evil Queen, Regina, enacts the Dark Curse which rips everyone from the Enchanted Forest and sends them to a land without magic. She enjoys her first day in town as Mayor Mills, although when she enters Granny's she is annoyed to discover a little boy taking up her seat. She later forms a bond with this boy, not wanting he and his father to leave, and it all ends in disaster. Every morning that she walks by she sees Granny and Ruby arguing about one thing or another, be it the latter's hours or the scantily-clad nature of her wardrobe. ("Welcome to Storybrooke") Years later, when Regina adopts Henry Mills, she takes him to the diner but he won't stop crying. Granny suggests a trick that she used to do with Ruby, but Regina refuses the help. ("Save Henry")

Season 1

102 08
Emma has cocoa at Granny's for the very first time. ("The Thing You Love Most")

Whilst staying at the B&B, Emma reads her newspaper in the diner and is soon served a cocoa by Ruby, who says that the blonde has an admirer. Thinking it's from Sheriff Graham, Emma confronts him; however, it's actually from Henry. ("The Thing You Love Most") Mary Margaret has a bad date with Dr. Whale where he stares at Ruby the entire time. She meets Emma and Henry there two days later to fill them in on a plan they devised together. ("Snow Falls") Emma is confronted by Regina about her past and, afterward, spills cocoa all down herself. When she takes her shirt to the laundry room, she meets a pregnant young waitress called Ashley, who she helps prevent having her baby sold to Mr. Gold. ("The Price of Gold") When David leaves his wife, Mary Margaret hears about it from Regina at the diner, and gets blamed. She returns there later after David breaks her heart and ends up entering into a one-night-stand with Dr. Whale. ("The Shepherd") Graham plays darts in the diner when Emma walks in and immediately leaves, not wanting to talk to him after learning about his affair with Regina. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")

110 03
Mary Margaret "accidentally" runs into David. ("7:15 A.M.")

After Graham dies, Emma and Sidney compete to be the new sheriff, and the blonde is in the diner with Henry when her competitor releases a paper about her shady past. She is in the diner again when she learns that she in fact won the election and is the new sheriff of Storybrooke. ("Desperate Souls") Mary Margaret goes to Granny's Diner every morning at 7:15 A.M. so that she can see David as he buys coffee for himself and his wife. During a storm, while those two are working out there issues, Emma is in the diner with a stranger named August who reveals to her that he's a writer. When Mary Margaret goes in the next day, late on purpose so as to avoid David, she in fact runs into him because he had the exact same idea. This leads to the two of them starting up an affair. ("7:15 A.M.") Emma vents to Mary Margaret about Regina but Mary Margaret soon leaves for a rendezvous with David; Emma is then approached by Sidney, who talks to her about teaming up to take Regina down. It is at the diner that August and Henry discuss the latter's storybook, and later where Emma and Sidney commiserate their failure. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

115 05
Ruby quits... for a bit. ("Red-Handed")

Mary Margaret and David hang out subtly at Granny's before Emma shows up to gab with her friend. When Ashley arrives with the baby, Ruby suggests having a girls' night out, which Mary Margaret is unwittingly roped into. ("Skin Deep") Emma learns August's full name as she heads into the diner to meet with Mary Margaret, who reveals her affair and the fact that David said he would leave Kathryn. Emma is skeptical though, and later on when she's leaving she's asked out for a drink by August and ends up heading off on his motorcycle. ("What Happened to Frederick") Leroy is asked to move from his seat just as Mary Margaret comes in attempting to get people to sign up for selling candles; with her affair having been outed, no one wants anything to do with her, and when she and Leroy fail to sell any candles they mope at the diner. Leroy then heads up to the roof and takes an axe to the power supply so people will be forced to buy them. ("Dreamy") Ruby is flirting with August but Granny interrupts and she and her granddaughter end up getting into a heated argument, leading to Ruby's resignation. She returns there after getting a job at the sheriff's station to pick up lunch as she gloats, but Granny just makes her feel bad about it. Finally, she returns for good, having had all the excitement she could handle for one day. She and Granny admit their love for one another and each apologize, with the old woman explaining how she wants Ruby to take on some extra responsibility because she believes she could be owner one day. ("Red-Handed")

Ruby 122
The curse is broken. Granny's is there. ("A Land Without Magic")

Henry has another talk with August about his book in the diner. ("Heart of Darkness") Emma is exiting Granny's Diner when David approaches her and questions her on Mary Margaret. Later, outside the diner, Ruby is heard screaming because she's discovered Kathryn Nolan, who was thought to be dead up until now. ("The Stable Boy") When Emma learns that Sidney was spying on her for Regina, she confronts him about it in Granny's Diner. ("The Return") Henry summons Emma to the diner to show her that the story of Pinocchio has been mysteriously added to his book. ("The Stranger") Wanting to gain sole custody of Henry, Emma meets Archie at the diner to discuss whether that's possible, but Archie doubts it because of what a bad influence Emma has been on the boy since entering his life. ("An Apple Red as Blood") Granny and Ruby are exiting the diner as the Dark Curse is finally broken by Emma and their fairytale identities are returned to them. ("A Land Without Magic")

Season 2

204 12
Belle tries people food. ("The Crocodile")

Snow White (Mary Margaret) and some others are outside Granny's Diner as various reunions are had following the breaking of the Dark Curse. ("Broken") Will goes to the diner just as Ashley and Leroy are leaving and ends up being whisked away by the White Rabbit, taking the stolen key with him. ("Down the Rabbit Hole") Following the chaos brought on by the Wraith, Ruby puts up a sign announcing that the diner is officially closed. It opens up later, however, after David delivers a speech to the whole town, and he and Henry later share a cup of cocoa there as he assures his grandson that Mary Margaret and Emma are okay - for they've been sucked down a portal to the Enchanted Forest. ("We Are Both") Henry agrees to have lunch with Regina at the diner, but he stands her up. ("Lady of the Lake") Belle goes to Granny's Diner for the first time and finds a friend in Ruby, who later plays dumb when Gold and David come looking for her. Belle later thanks Ruby for being a good friend, and Ruby gives her a key to the library, from Gold. ("The Crocodile") Whale meets David outside the diner and receives a punch on the face for sleeping with the prince's wife; David is trying to plot a way back to the Enchanted Forest. ("The Doctor") When fairy dust is found in the town mines, everyone celebrates at the diner, where Granny is preparing to lock up Ruby for the night. However, in her wolf form, Ruby escapes, thankfully causing no damage. ("Child of the Moon")

Belle 208
Ketchup finds its way into Belle's heart. ("Into the Deep")

Regina interrupts a date between Belle and Gold, warning that latter that Cora might be coming through to Storybrooke. ("Into the Deep") Mary Margaret and Emma finally return home to Storybrooke, and everyone heads to Granny's to celebrate. ("Queen of Hearts") Formal celebrations are had the next night, and everyone is shocked when Regina is invited. She ends up leaving due to awkwardness, and as Ruby is packing up that night she sees Regina heading to Archie's office. Regina is a major suspect in his murder, but as it turns out, Cora is the real culprit, and Archie isn't even dead. ("The Cricket Game") Mary Margaret, David and Leroy decipher some fishy goings on regarding a giant that's entered Storybrooke. They end up befriending him and it's in Granny's that he reveals that he has some magic bean crop. ("Tiny") Regina and Mary Margaret discuss the growing tensions between their families. Mary Margaret tries reaching out to Regina, but Regina refuses to listen. ("The Queen Is Dead") Henry has lunch with his birth father Neal Cassidy at Granny's Diner, but ends up sneaking away in a vain attempt to go blow up magic. Greg Mendell, the town's outsider, helps locate the boy. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

219 26
Belle turns into racy Lacey - and Lacey ain't much of a burger girl. ("Lacey")

Regina meets with Greg, who is actually Owen Flynn, the young boy she knew years ago. Meanwhile, Mary Margaret reveals that she found August out in the woods, to the eerie interest of Neal's fiancée Tamara. Turns out she and Greg are both plotting to destroy magic. ("Selfless, Brave and True") When Belle receives the new alter-ego of Lacey, courtesy of Regina, Gold goes to the diner to ask David for some dating advice. He later returns with Lacey on a formal date, but she ditches him to go make out with Keith in a back alley. Gold beats him to a pulp, and Lacey finds this ever so hot. The dwarfs and Anton later go there to take a break from farming beans. ("Lacey") Emma runs into Tamara in Granny's Diner and both of them drop their things, and Emma discovers a list of names belonging to her ex's fiancée. This makes her suspicious and she later goes on a stakeout with Henry outside the diner. ("The Evil Queen") When Greg and Tamara doom the town, everyone goes to Granny's Diner to escape using the very last magic bean. However, they decide to use it another way, and when the town is saved by a differing method the last bean is used to chase a kidnapped Henry to Neverland. ("And Straight on 'Til Morning")

Season 3

307 09
Belle turns down a burger. The end is nigh. ("Dark Hollow")

Five days after everyone has left for Neverland to save Henry, Belle - who is very much herself again - is moping in Granny's Diner, even going as far as to turn down a burger. Archie wonders what's wrong and she explains how she doesn't feel like a hero, since Rumple didn't even need her to come with him on his adventure. Archie points out that she protected the town from people like Greg and Tamara, but she thinks no one is coming. She is proven wrong, however, with the arrival of Ariel the mermaid. Granny isn't happy with the mermaid's attire, at which Leroy points out all the skimpy outfits Ruby has sported over the years. Together, Belle and Ariel defend the town from those who seek to do it harm - and they contribute significantly to Rumple's heroic plan of action. ("Dark Hollow") When everyone returns from Neverland, some light celebrating is done at Granny's; Henry is given his book back, Hook and Neal bury the hatchet, and Tinker Bell is chided by Blue. Neal arranges a date with Emma, but he's later stood up due to her fear of pursuing a normal life. Hook also tries hitting on Tink while drunk on rum, and Gold delivers an elixir that cures David from a poison that affected him on the island. ("The New Neverland") Granny's Diner disappears along with the rest of Storybrooke when the curse is undone completely and everyone goes home to the Enchanted Forest. ("Going Home")

After the Second Curse

Season 3

316 06
Zelena crashes Neal's wake. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

When a new Dark Curse is cast, Granny's Diner returns along with the rest of Storybrooke - and its people. ("New York City Serenade") With a whole year having gone by, the diner is now back up and running, and Ruby serves Henry the kind of cocoa she knows he likes. A heavily pregnant Mary Margaret also meets her new midwife Zelena who, unbeknownst to her, is in fact the villainous Wicked Witch of the West. She is startled when Leroy bursts in with big news, that Emma and Regina are close to finding out who cast the new curse, but this is false information. ("Witch Hunt") Emma and the others meet at the diner to discuss the goings on in the town, including the fact that Gold is back from the dead and the unknown whereabouts of Neal, who ends up losing his life to expose Zelena. ("Quiet Minds") Neal's wake is had at the diner and Zelena - who's responsible for his passing - crashes it, revealing herself to be Regina's half-sister and inviting her into a fight on Main Street the following night. The fight commences, but ends in stalemate. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

319 04
Busted. ("A Curious Thing")

When Ariel washes ashore looking for her Prince Eric, Mary Margaret and David take her to Granny's to talk to Captain Hook, who has full memories of the year that's gone by. As it turns out though, he betrayed Ariel in the missing year... not that this is even Ariel, for it's actually Zelena in disguise. Later, Emma and her family are eating in Granny's and Hook, who is in love with the savior, spies on her. ("The Jolly Roger") With Hook's lips having been cursed by Zelena to take away Emma's magic, he is acting off with her when the two of them spend time together at the diner. She is practicing her magic, and the two are soon interrupted by Belle, who's figured out the Wicked Witch's sinister plan. ("Bleeding Through") Regina is making out with her new boyfriend Robin Hood, and Henry sees. She proceeds to meet with the others and they decide that the only way to get Henry believing in magic again is if they find his book. However, he soon disappears, but all's well that ends well because the new curse is eventually broken by Regina. ("A Curious Thing")

Ruby 509
At Prince Neal's coronation, Ruby quits... this time for real. ("The Bear King")

After Snow and Charming's baby is born, and the Wicked Witch has been defeated, they hold a coronation ceremony at Granny's Diner to officially mark the occasion of announcing his name to the public. Whilst there, they go through the story of how they met, and Emma ends up running away when Hook reveals that she plans on returning to New York City with Henry. Henry then notices that Zelena's time travel portal is open, and Hook and Emma end up falling down it. ("Snow Drifts") Emma and Hook return from the past and Emma is finally able to call Storybrooke her home - and call Mary Margaret and David her mom and dad. They announce their baby's name to be Prince Neal. ("There's No Place Like Home") Mary Margaret finds Ruby not enjoying the party, and it turns out it's because she's thinking of using a magic bean to return to the Enchanted Forest and find other werewolves such as herself. The two best friends tearfully bid each other goodbye. ("The Bear King") Outside Granny's, Emma and Hook finally get together, while Regina and Robin's budding romance hits the rocks because Emma brought Robin's dead wife Marian back with her from the past. ("There's No Place Like Home")

Season 4

403 08
Operation Mongoose is initiated. ("Rocky Road")

Regina storms out of the diner, followed by an apologetic Emma. Robin tries getting Marian to meet the former Evil Queen, but Marian refuses, believing her to still be vile. ("A Tale of Two Sisters") Henry mopes at Granny's when Regina refuses to talk to him, and Emma fails to cheer him up. When Elsa the Ice Queen puts up an ice wall around Storybrooke, it causes a town-wide blackout and the diner temporarily loses power. ("White Out") Henry is reading comic books at Granny's when Regina approaches him, telling him about her plan to find the Author of his storybook so that he can write her a happier story. They dub this mission Operation Mongoose. It is outside the diner that a mob is formed against Elsa, though it soon dies down, and Emma and Hook share a kiss as they come to terms with their relationship. ("Rocky Road") Hook heads into Granny's Diner to ask Emma on an official date, and she accepts. ("The Apprentice") With Marian frozen and Regina not speaking to him, Robin gets drunk at the diner and confronts Will Scarlet, proceeding to recount how he and Marian met and take a lesson from Will that if you love someone - in this case, Regina - enough to ruin your entire life for them then it's always worth it. ("The Snow Queen")

409 40
The diner has seen better days. ("Fall")

Robin again meets Will at the diner, wanting help finding the Author for Regina. ("Smash the Mirror") Ingrid the Snow Queen casts the Spell of Shattered Sight over the town and the fairies set up shop in the diner to try and find a way to counteract it. Gold doesn't want this and, since he has Hook's heart, orders the pirate to put a stop to it. Hook is compelled to go in with the Sorcerer's hat and absorb each and every last fairy into it. The heroes are shocked when they discover the scene of the crime. ("Fall") With the spell in effect, Granny and the dwarfs start going haywire outside the diner. But then the spell is broken, and everyone rejoices. ("Shattered Sight") When Marian is up and about, Regina mopes at the diner, but the maid soon tells her that she will step aside should Robin end up choosing her. Robin does choose Regina... but he soon has to leave town because Marian falls ill again, and Regina is back to moping. Emma, who earlier had an awkward interaction with Hook about getting Elsa, Anna and Kristoff home, returns his heart to him and proceeds to comfort Regina. They order a couple of shots but get interrupted by Henry. ("Heroes and Villains")

Granny 413
Granny don't serve no bitches. ("Unforgiven")

Six weeks later, with Gold out of town, after breakfast at Granny's, Regina sends her son to school. The fairies later celebrate there after being freed from the hat, and Blue answers some questions about both the Author and the Sorcerer. She says that the Author leaves hidden clues in his work, so later Henry is seen going over the book with a magnifying glass. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town") Will picks up two cups of coffee for he and his girlfriend Belle while Granny chastises Cruella De Vil and Ursula, refusing to serve them on the grounds that they're villains. Gold, who's returned to town in secret, is standing outside the diner when he discovers Belle and Will's relationship. ("Unforgiven") The Queens of Darkness - Cruella, Ursula and the resurrected Maleficent - are hitting up Granny's Diner when Regina approaches undercover wanting to be a part of their crew. The next night, Belle and Will are on a date when Hook interrupts (actually Gold in disguise), telling Belle that they have to re-hide the Dark One's dagger. ("Enter the Dragon")

Lily 422
Lily introduces a brand new arc. ("Operation Mongoose, Part 2")

Maleficent casts a sleeping spell over the entire town and David and Mary Margaret are shocked when they enter the diner to find everyone asleep. ("Best Laid Plans") After learning about her daughter, Lily, Maleficent approaches Emma and the others in the diner and begs her to track Lily down. Emma agrees to do so. ("Lily") Gold and Isaac, the Author, are at the diner when Hook enters to gloat that Emma didn't go dark during her confrontation with Lily as Gold had planned. The two villains then leave while Maleficent and her daughter do some catching up... which ends in Lily storming out. They make up later though, while the town is about to be rocked by Isaac. ("Mother") When everyone returns from Isaac's alternate universe, celebrations are once again had at Granny's Diner. Lily expresses interest in finding her father, and eventually Belle bursts in to warn everyone that Gold is in trouble. ("Operation Mongoose, Part 2")

Season 5

501 32
The diner is whisked away. ("The Dark Swan")

After the darkness was sucked out of Mr. Gold, Emma took it upon herself to tether her soul to the Dark One's dagger and become the new Dark One; however, this came with more severe drawbacks than she could have realized, for it caused her to disappear to an unknown realm. The Sorcerer's Apprentice provides the heroes with a magic wand capable of summoning a portal, and Zelena, being the only one dark enough to balance out its level of light magic, has to be the one to do. She does so, as part of an evil plot to return to Oz, but Regina soon tricks her and takes the wand back. Everyone files into Granny's Diner - Granny herself, along with Regina, Snow, Charming, Prince Neal, Belle, Henry, Zelena, Robin, Roland, Hook and even Leroy, Doc and Happy who complain about being underused on adventures - and Regina uses Emma's baby blanket to redirect the portal, which arrives to town in the form of a cyclone. Granny's Diner itself is lifted off its very foundation and carried to the Enchanted Forest, mere walking distance from Emma the Dark One. She is surprised to see this little piece of home has managed to follow her across realms, but relieved all the same, though she doesn't have much time to take it in as King Arthur and his knights soon show up to whisk everyone away to Camelot. ("The Dark Swan")

Before the Third Curse

505 19
Henry's first date ends in heartbreak. ("Dreamcatcher")

When Lancelot warns Snow about Arthur, she hides him away in the diner until further notice. She then goes there so that the two of them can go hiding the Dark One's dagger together, but it turns out it's a ploy by both she and Charming to discern which one out of Arthur and Lancelot is the liar. As it turns out, it's Arthur, and they have him cuffed in the diner until his knights show up and drag Lancelot away. Snow and Charming then have the Sands of Avalon used on them by Guinevere. ("The Broken Kingdom") Henry has his first date in Granny's Diner alone with Violet, who marvels at all the modern things he shows her. However, as things progress, she reveals that she doesn't feel about him the way he feels about her, and he is heartbroken. Later, after Merlin's been freed, he undoes the effects of the sand on Snow and Charming in the diner, and he questions Emma on whether or not she's truly ready to give up the darkness. ("Dreamcatcher") In the diner, Emma and Merlin have another discussion where she realizes that he was the usher who spoke to her as a little girl. He warns her once again never to pull Excalibur from its stone. ("The Bear and the Bow")

510 37
Emma prepares for the new curse. ("Broken Heart")

The heroes are now in open warfare with Arthur and his knights, and plot their course of action within the diner. Zelena offers some of her own ideas, which are actually helpful... until she screws them all over. ("Nimue") Emma, after successfully refuting the darkness, returns to the diner to find very little people. Granny and Henry are soon frozen by Merlin, who is under the control of Arthur and explains to her that her family and friends are being held hostage. She manages to free them and proceeds to prepare to un-tether herself from the darkness inside the diner - but then Hook falls, dying, and Emma is forced to succumb to the darkness in order to save his life. ("Birth") The others go looking for Hook and Emma after they disappear, but the two of them soon return to the diner, now both Dark Ones. They lock themselves inside and Hook kills Merlin to enact a new Dark Curse. Emma tries to resolve this by wiping his mind, as well as the minds of everyone else who knows she turned Hook into a Dark One. Everyone is teleported into the diner, unconscious, as the curse takes effect. As their memories of the last six weeks spent around Camelot are purged, they are all transported back to Storybrooke - the diner itself included. ("Broken Heart")

After the Third Curse

Season 5

Granny 503
Belle smashes a plate. ("Siege Perilous")

Granny's is returned to where it once was in Storybrooke, along with everyone inside it. They are shocked, though, to learn that they were gone for six entire weeks, and even more shocked when they see that Emma has succumbed entirely to the darkness. She turns Sneezy to stone before revealing that she has the dagger, and then she exits. ("The Dark Swan") After a tough day, a number of citizens unwind at the diner. Granny serves drinks while Mary Margaret grows despondent regarding the situation with Emma, and Henry starts re-smitten with Violet. Regina, as the new savior, is also able to free Sneezy from his trapped form. ("The Price") Robin stares at Zelena's sonogram, feeling mixed emotions, when Granny delivers lunch to Hook, who Emma wants to meet aboard the Jolly Roger. Later, Hook returns and has another discussion with Robin, while Belle smashes a plate upon learning that Mr. Gold is waking up from his coma. ("Siege Perilous") When Zelena grows sick of the pregnancy diet Regina has her on, Emma proposes a deal by delivering bags of greasy onion rings from Granny's Diner. ("The Bear and the Bow") After Hook remembers he became a Dark One, he brings all the other past Dark Ones back from the Underworld, and they mark living victims in order to trade places with them. Not wanting to spend her final hours with her nose in a book, Mary Margaret suggests that her family all go have dinner at Granny's, and so that's exactly what she, David, Henry and the baby do. Emma leaves a note explaining how she's going to sacrifice herself, but by the time they find it it's too late - they are taken to the Underworld portal. ("Swan Song")

512 11
The diner's new owner... ("Souls of the Departed")

Emma and the others do go to the Underworld - but not in the stead of any past Dark Ones. They go there to rescue Hook, who sacrificed himself to save them, and are shocked to discover that the Underworld looks just like a demented version of Storybrooke. It even has its own version of Granny's Diner, run by the Blind Witch. She is happy to have Mary Margaret as a customer, and Mary Margaret is then kissed by her brother-in-law Prince James. Discussions are had here regarding the fate of Neal, Regina's father and the Ale of Sinead. ("Souls of the Departed") Regina goes to the Blind Witch so that she can tell them where Hercules is, and she reveals that he comes into the diner every day on his lunch break from working at the docks. It is at the diner later that Mary Margaret decides she doesn't want to be Mary Margaret anymore - she wants to be Snow White again. ("Labor of Love") Gold sees through to the actual Granny's Diner when he uses a crystal ball. Regina again goes to the Underbrooke diner looking for the Blind Witch, but instead she finds Cruella De Vil, who tells her about the logistics of the "Underbrooke" cemetery. ("Devil's Due") Regina and Emma have a discussion at the bar regarding Hook's brother Liam, who apparently doesn't think Emma is good enough for his little brother. Regina assures Emma that it's really the other way around. ("The Brothers Jones") The Blind Witch serves Snow and David's breakfasts before they even order, explaining that she knows all the orders of all her regulars. They are unsettled that they have become "regulars" and become obsessed with getting a message to their son; the Blind Witch explains how they can haunt him. ("Our Decay")

Cruella 521
Cruella cba no more. ("Last Rites")

Zelena mopes at the diner while Regina approaches her, wanting to learn about Hades' weaknesses. She is dismissed, and later the waitress delivers a dead flower to Zelena - a romantic gift from Hades. ("Her Handsome Hero") Ruby goes to the Blind Witch wanting to know where Auntie Em is and the Witch reveals that she despises that Auntie Em because she's the competition, owning another diner across town. ("Ruby Slippers") Hades arranges a date with Zelena at the diner, but she ends up kidnapped by Gold and Pan before she's able to attend. ("Sisters") Zelena is given back to Hades in exchange for the latter tearing up the contract giving him access to Belle's child. Rumple, having what he wants, then abandons his father, while Hades and Zelena share true love's kiss right there in the diner. ("Firebird") Arthur goes to Granny's Diner in the Underworld after dying, and finds out from Hook what's happened to him before being invited on a quest. The two of them return there later to get information from Cruella. Up above, a wake is held at Granny's following the funeral of Robin Hood. ("Last Rites") Robin's Hood wake is held at Granny's Diner, where everyone learns that Hook has returned to life. ("Only You") When Dr. Jekyll is invited to town, the Charmings decide to give him a tour, starting with Granny's. ("An Untold Story")

Season 6

The people from the Land of Untold Stories are told to go to Granny's Diner for food and shelter, and eventually they show up and receive a warm welcome, after Emma and Hook resolve their current issues. ("The Savior") Regina gives a speech to the new arrivals at Granny's, to her credit, and Belle proceeds to arrive to let people know she's now awake. The Count of Monte Cristo shows up also, dropping off a letter to the Charmings, and later, after Regina is forced to kill him, she and the other heroes talk at the diner about the Evil Queen's next plan of action. ("A Bitter Draught") Ashley shows up in Granny's to advertise her daycare to new arrivals with kids, and whilst there Emma sees how good Hook is with Ashley's child, and she begins to grow jealous of the other girl's happiness because she knows her own might soon be over. ("The Other Shoe") Aladdin, after he's found, catches up with Jasmine at the diner, later learning from her that apparently Agrabah has disappeared. ("Dark Waters") The heroes discuss the contents of a bottle that the Evil Queen is threatening to use on the whole town while outside the diner, and soon discover it to be water from the River of Lost Souls - as is proven when Regina tests it on a potted tree and it perishes in seconds. ("Heartless") While trapped in the mirror world, Emma sees through to Granny in the diner via her mirror but can't make contact, later trying again when Henry is there to meet Violet for the school dance. This is after Belle and Zelena meet with Jasmine and Aladdin to discuss the latter helping them steal something from the Dark One. Later, after rescuing his mothers, Henry shares a nice romantic moment with Violet when the diner is empty. ("I'll Be Your Mirror") Snow meets Jasmine in the diner where they talk about a genie lamp that Aladdin procured. Later, Belle arrives to calm down after a confrontation with Rumple, and Granny serves her some chamomile to calm her nerves. However, the Evil Queen has dosed it with an ageing potion, and so Belle is sent into an early labor. ("Changelings")

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