Good Form
Once Upon a Time 3x05
October 27, 2013
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"Good Form" is the 49th episode of Once Upon a Time.


With the deadly Dreamshade coursing through David's body and him being close to death, Hook takes him on one last journey to find a sextant that could help them decipher a map that would lead them off Neverland. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Killian Jones - aka Hook - and his brother, Captain Liam, sail off under orders of the King to find a powerful indigenous plant on an uncharted land that could help heal any injury.



305 01
Brb, acting lessons.

It's nighttime, still, on Neverland, an amidst the fog that devours the island, multiple Lost Boys are seen to be running through the jungle, carrying flaming torches and other weapons, clearly in a hurry to someplace. We see a makeshift wooden cage up ahead before the shot reveals two of the Lost Boys to be dragging a prisoner along the ground: Neal Cassidy. The door to the primitive cage is then opened and an unconscious Neal is carelessly thrown in. "You heard Pan," Felix reminds his comrades, "You know what to do with him."

305 02

Meanwhile, in Pan's camp, Henry Mills is seen to be lonesomely sitting atop a log, lazily watching as some Lost Boys cheer at a couple of teenagers climbing some ropes attached to a tree; it is apparently some sort of race to the top. Someone then quietly approaches Henry from behind and pokes the young man's shoulder with the tip of his spear to catch his attention. Henry, who's slightly hurt by this, turns to the Lost Boy, Devin, who just poked him, and Devin continues to aim his spear at the lad. "So you're the one Pan has been looking for all this time?" Devin asks, almost mockingly, as he continues to poke Henry with his spear. Henry suggests that the boy ask Pan, but instead, the Lost Boy lashes out and attempts to full-on strike Henry with his spear. Henry steps back and demands that Devin stop what he's doing, which causes others at the camp to turn their attention to their supposed savior. Devin then points out that, if Henry can't take this, then how is he going to handle what Pan has in store for him? Henry then picks up a stick from the ground next to him and holds it like a sword, ready to defend against a laughing Devin's next attack. Devin then continues to hit at Henry with his spear, but the young boy is able to defend every offense with his stick. Pan, who materializes up against a tree, comments that Henry's "not bad", adding that it would be more fun if they had real swords. Devin appears confused and Pan approaches Henry, who tells his captor that he's never used a real sword.

305 03
Henry continues to warm up to his captors.

"This is Neverland," Pan reminds him, "And you have the heart of the truest believer. You can use whatever you want; you just need to believe, Henry." Pan then makes Henry lift his stick and instructs him to close his eyes and believe he's holding a real sword. Henry's eyes close as he obliges to Pan's command, and before him, the stick he is carrying transforms magically into an actual sword. As the other Lost Boys appear impressed, Henry's eyes open and he beholds the sword in his hand. Pan asks the awestruck child what he's waiting for, and Henry proceeds to attack Devin with his sword, who is only able to defend with a primitive spear. Pan and the others cheer Henry on, and eventually, he is able to completely chop the spear in two, leaving Devin to carry nothing but a handle. Henry continues to slice at what's left of the spear and ends up hitting Devin in the cheek with his blade. Henry tells Devin, who now has a gash on his face, that he's sorry, and professes that what just happened was an accident, to which Pan asks Henry if he doesn't know the best thing about being a Lost Boy: they never need to apologize. As he says this, Pan picks up Henry's dropped sword and hands it to him, inviting the other Lost Boys to cheer for the child. They do so as Henry mightily lifts his sword into the air, happily accepting the praise.


Act I

305 04
Hook makes a funny.

David lights up a torch in Baelfire's old cave as his daughter Emma inspects the chalk drawings on the walls. Suddenly, she pulls some blankets away from some markings they're covering on the walls, to which Hook asks, "D'you need a hand, love?" Emma wonders if that's supposed to be a joke, referring to his hook, and the pirate assures her that he's being quite serious before moving the last of Bae's supplies out of the way. This then reveals dozens and dozens of tallies marked in chalk on the cave wall, and David, who, like everyone else, is searching the cave, asks what they've found; Hook tells them that it appears Baelfire was counting the days he spent trapped on the island. Emma hops atop a shelf in the rock in order to closely inspect the tallies, and Mary Margaret, who approaches, wonders what's wrong. Emma points out an unfinished tally, meaning that Neal stopped counting, and Mary Margaret takes this to mean that it's because he got off the island, before her daughter points out that he was there for longer. David then asks why he would stop counting, and Emma says that it's because he lost hope. "You got that from scribbles?" asks a disbelieving Regina, and Emma hops off the shelf to explain that she got that because it's what she did every time she went to a new foster home: she counted days until counting seemed pointless. David realizes that she's worried the same thing's happening to Henry, and Emma reminds him that Pan said it would. He assures her that they're going to rescue him but Emma points out that, where she knows that and they know that, Henry doesn't.

305 05
David decides to be a father.

"So, what? You wanna send him a message? Because I haven't seen a Neverland post office," Regina says snidely, wondering what it is that Emma's suggesting. The blonde says that they need to start being clever in order to send a simple sign to her son that they're coming to get him. Regina reminds them of the Lost Boys running around trying to kill them all and Mary Margaret suggests that they use that to their advantage. The former Queen wonders how, and Snow tells Regina to follow her as she can show her. The two of them then exit the cave, soon followed by David, and as Emma is about to leave with them, she is stopped by Hook. She tells him that they're wasting time and Hook moves in close to her, saying that he just wanted to let her know that he does know what it feels like to lose hope. Emma realizes that this is Hook trying to bond with her and tells him to save his breath as she's not in the mood. She then exits the cave, and as Hook begins to follow, he's approached by David, who saw the whole thing. "Let me give you a bit of advice, Hook: she's never gonna like you," David tells the captain, but Hook appears resilient, replying with, "Is that so?" "How could she?" David points out, "You're nothing but a pirate." This statement causes Hook's wide smile to falter.

305 06
Meet Lieutenant Jones.

In the fairytale land that was, a former version of the Jolly Roger is seen being tended to by multiple naval soldiers. "All hands on deck!" shouts the two-handed Killian Jones, who's overseeing his seaman, dressed in full navy uniform. As he steps onto his ship, all of his men become at arms and he inspects them, pointing out an undone button on a sailor's shirt. The sailor, who addresses Killian as "lieutenant", apologizes as he fixes the problem, and Lieutenant Jones fixes up another sailor before announcing that the captain of the ship has received orders from the king himself and that before its arrival the ship shall be swapped from stem to sternum. He then spots something in a sailor's pocket - a bottle of rum - and takes it out. He holds up the bottle and asks his men if any of them know what happens to sailors who drink rum, before answering the question himself: "They get drunk. And drunkenness leads to bad form. If there's one thing that won't be tolerated aboard this ship, it's bad form!" He throws the bottle of rum into the sea. Captain Liam Jones, who's standing on the docks, comments that his ship has never been in finer hands, and the seamen salute as the captain walks aboard the ship.

305 07
Something something something brother.

Killian tells him that they stand ready to receive the king's orders, and Liam tells his men to get to their stations. They disperse and the captain shakes hands with his lieutenant, telling him that when the king summoned him he knew there was only one person he could trust to navigate this difficult journey: "My little brother." Killian suggests that perhaps the term "younger brother" would be more appropriate, and Liam, who steps up onto the ship's platform, opens up his satchel and hands Killian a golden sextant; a gift to commemorate the voyage. Killian sarcastically states how his brother always was the sentimental type, but Liam tells him to look closer, causing Killian to notice the winged horse emblazoned upon the sextant. Never having seen markings like these before, Lieutenant Jones asks to which strange land they are headed, and Liam tells him that he's under orders not to say until they arrive. The captain then takes his place behind the wheel of the ship and tells his lieutenant that this is the mission of their dreams; a mission that shall bring peace to the kingdom and glory to the Jones brothers. "A hero's journey," Hook commends, "That is indeed good form, brother." He then turns to the crew and makes sure that all hands are prepared to set sail. "Make speed!" he exclaims.

305 08
Makin' traps.

Back on Neverland, Hook takes a drink of rum as he watches Emma sort through materials in order to make a net with Mary Margaret. "A trap? That's your plan?" Regina asks snidely, even though she appears to be helping them make it. Mary Margaret points out, "The Lost Boys wanna come after us, we gotta go after them." Hook asks if they really think any Lost Boy is going to betray Pan, but Mary Margaret ignores this negative attitude, instead telling her husband that they need more vines. David, who appears weak, tells her that he's on it and orders Hook to come with him. Hook wonders why, and Emma firmly tells him that they need more rope. "If the lady insists," he says with a mock bow, before following on from a disgusted Charming. Mary Margaret watches her daughter who watches Hook, but the pirate and the prince soon make it away from the camp. David snatches up some vines and Hook asks what he'd like to yell at him about now, to which Charming orders the pirate to stay away from his daughter. Hook says that Emma can take care of herself and doesn't need his parenting, which is a good thing. David wonders that that means and Hook reminds him that he's going to die in a day or so.

305 09
Dying hurts.

The prince then says that he can't help that, but if he does die (Hook corrects him to "when"), it'll be helping his family, which is something someone like Hook can't understand. He continues to walk into the jungle and the pirate asks what he'd do if he told him there was a way to save him. David tells him that he'd say "no" as anything that takes them off course from saving Henry is selfish. "But of course you would think that was the way to go," the prince comments, and Hook is surprised to hear that David thinks he's being selfish, reminding him that he's risking his life for all of them and every moment he's there allying against Pan. David argues that Hook isn't there out of any nobility, he's there for Emma, but assures the pirate he'll see to the two of them never getting together. "It's a good thing you're gonna die then," Hook says with a smile, and David grabs his throat and attempts to punch him. However, David becomes faint, and Hook lowers him gently to the ground, commenting that he doesn't fight invalids. "Mate?" he utters, noticing David's unconscious state. He continues to try and wake the poisoned prince, grabbing his face and exclaiming, "Mate?!"

Act II

305 10
A spot o' rum.

David starts to wake up, lying on the jungle ground, and immediately has a rum bottle shoved in his mouth by Hook, who makes him drink it. The prince spits it out in disgust and coughs as Hook helps him to his feet. The pirate advises him to have another drink but David refuses, still struggling to stand up and still coughing, assuring Hook that he's okay. Hook insists that he isn't and leans him up against a tree, demanding that he lift his shirt so that he can inspect the Dreamshade wound. Charming does so and we see that his blackened veins have spread far across his right side, and are nearly at his chest. Hook points out that the Dreamshade has almost reached his heart, meaning that he has mere hours left to live and he must tell his family. David refuses, professing that he can still help them rescue Henry, and tries to move, but Hook pushes him back up against the tree and advises him to catch his breath or else the little time he has shall be lessened. When the pirate takes a few steps backwards, a heavily weakened David notices something on the jungle floor and goes to pick it up - it is part of Hook's brother Liam's satchel. Charming, who's now holding it, brushes the dirt off and says that the symbol on it is some sort of military insignia. He then turns it around to see a name emblazoned on the back: Jones. He tosses it to Hook who catches it, and asks if he knows the guy, and the pirate replies that Jones was his captain... and his brother.

305 11
Big mountain.

He explains that the two of them voyaged Neverland a fair while ago and that the insignia is on a strap from his satchel which he lost during a duel with Pan. Looking up, Hook comments that it must have fallen with the rain of the storm that destroyed the Jolly Roger (see "The Heart of the Truest Believer"), and Charming wonders from where he is referring. "There," Hook says, looking up again, and Charming approaches the pirate to look at what he is - a very vast mountain apparently named Dead Man's Peak. Hook says that he "thought it was gone forever". "Thought what was gone?" David wonders, but Hook says that it would be too dangerous. Charming continues to wonder what would be too dangerous, and tells Hook not to hold back if he knows something that can help them. The pirate then proceeds to explain that, if the insignia survived all these years, then perhaps his brother's satchel did as well, and inside that satchel is a sextant that could help them decode Neal's star map and get them off of the island. Charming then declares that he knows how he's going to spend his last hours: finding the sextant, but Hook points out that, while David may reach the top, he'll die before he returns. David instructs the pirate to get him to the top and make sure the sextant makes it back to Emma, and as Hook contemplates this, he rubs his brother's insignia with his thumb.

305 12
Killian has trouble mapping out a route.

The insignia, shiny and new as it once was, is now seen attached to Captain Liam's satchel as the man himself takes out a book and hands it to his brother aboard their naval ship in the fairytale land that was. Killian flicks the book open and begins to read. Looking through, he realizes that the pages are full of star charts, but comments that he doesn't recognize any of the constellations. Liam assures him that no one has and explains that they're going to a new land; a sailor then alerts his captain and lieutenant of the enemy sailors up ahead. Killian quickly grabs his extendable telescope and takes a look, as does Liam, and we see three enemy ships sailing their way and gaining fast. He tells the gunner to roll out the port cannon, and gives various strategic demands to various other sailors, and Liam simply and calmly takes out the sextant and tells his crew to delay the order. A cannonball is fired at the ship and nearly hits it, instead causing water to splash on board, and Liam comments that that was close, telling his confused brother to have faith.

305 13
The ship can fly!

The captain then decrees, "Deploy the Pegasus!" and his order is echoed through the ship as it's carried out by the crew. A bell is rung and many sailors are seen quickly wielding rope through a pulley system, eventually causing a large feather-covered sail to drop from the mast's top. As the sail is secured, Killian asks what it is, and his brother explains that it's a sail woven from the feathers of the great creature Pegasus. "Legend has it that horse could fly," Killian recalls as the new sail picks up some wind, and Liam responds with, "Indeed. So can we." He advises his brother to hang on and Killian clings to the boat's edge as the feather-woven sail begins to lift the entire ship from the waters and into the air. More cannons are fired by enemy ships at the now airborne boat, but all miss as the sailors aboard cheer. The ship continues to fly skyward and soon emerges through the clouds, soaring above them. Liam places his arm around his brother's shoulder and tells him to set a course as he hands him the golden sextant: "Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning," he tells him, and Killian puts the sextant to his eye.

305 14
Prolonged goodbyes.

"A sextant? And you're telling us about this now?!" Emma asks Hook back at their Neverland camp. Regina asks how they know he's not lying and Hook says that they don't but he's not and that it's the best chance they've got at an exit plan, which they're going to need. Emma wonders what he's waiting for but Hook merely approaches her, telling her that she was right and she has to get that message to Henry because everyday without hope is another day closer to him becoming a Lost Boy. He then adds that her father and him should go, and David, who's packing a few supplies into a satchel he's wearing, agrees with Hook. Mary Margaret seems unhappy with the idea of splitting up and her husband assures her that it's the last thing he wants to do, but if it's the only way to get them home, then he has to. Snow, who's still gathering vines for a net, submits, and David then turns to his daughter, telling her to be careful. Emma assures him that she always is and David goes on to requests that, when she sends that message to Henry, she add something from him; "Tell him... tell him grandpa loves him." He then hugs a very uncomfortable Emma, who ends up smiling and wishing him good luck. He savors the hug and wishes her a likewise exchange, before turning to his confused wife. She asks if he's alright and he answers positively, hugging her as well and saying that it's just that he's got to go. As they embrace, Snow tells him that she'll see him soon, but David reminds her that Neverland's a dangerous place and one never knows what might happen there. Mary Margaret pulls out of the hug in order to tell her beloved that he's going to be fine, and Charming nods in submission before gently kissing her on the forehead. He then goes for her lips and takes a while staring into her eyes; he utters, "I love you..." and she continues to smile as he vacates the camp along with Hook.


305 15
Would you like a Lost reference?

A small pig is seen quietly roaming the Neverland jungle as Emma and Regina hide behind trees. Mary Margaret has her bow and arrow aimed, and it's not long before a Lost Boy wielding a spear emerges, hunting the pig. We see that it's Devin, the boy who earlier bullied Henry, and as he makes his way towards the pig, Mary Margaret aims suddenly upwards and fires the arrow. The arrow springs a trap and causes a net to fall on top of Devin, giving the archer, along with Emma and Regina, enough time to approach him. Snow keeps him at arrow-point, having drawn another from her quiver. An aggravated Devin asks the three women what they're doing, wondering if they're trying to start a war with Pan, but Emma points out that Pan started the war when he kidnapped her son. Regina calmly tells the struggling boy that that doesn't make him their enemy, and uses magic to make an Apollo bar materialize in her hand. Devin, who gets to his feet, asks the former Queen what it is, and she tells him it's chocolate and that she thought he might like the taste of something sweet. Emma assures the boy that they don't want to hurt him and that they merely want a message delivered to Henry, but Devin wonders why he should help them. "Because you had a home and a family once and you stopped believing you could get back to them. Now that we're here, we can help. Not just Henry, all of you. We can get you home," Emma offers, and Regina continues to offer him the Apollo bar. The young boy takes the candy and smells it fondly... before angrily throwing it into the jungle. He asks if they don't get it, explaining that he's there because he doesn't want to go home, and none of the other Lost Boys do either. Emma reminds him that Pan is a monster and points out what he did to the boy, referring to the cut on his cheek, but Devin assures them that Pan didn't do that - Henry did. Emma and Regina both appeared shocked at this news.

305 16
Talkin' 'bout bros.

Elsewhere on Neverland, Hook and David are seen trekking through the jungle, with the latter lagging behind by a fair amount. When the pirate asks the prince how he's holding up, David tells him not to worry about him and to focus on getting them to the sextant. Hook explains that he was referring to the goodbyes, as things appeared quite "stormy back there", but David states that he did what had to be done and he did it out of love; Emma and Mary Margaret will understand that. Hook stops, asking if Charming plans on telling them that from beyond the grave, but the price replies with, "No, you are. You're gonna tell them that I died a hero fighting for a way home, what you're not gonna tell them is that I left already a dead man." Hook suggests that he simply tell the truth, but Charming refuses to have his family's last memories of him being him as a liar. The pirate wonders why he should help him and David points out that if Hook hadn't stolen that bean then Greg and Tamara wouldn't have been able to take Henry, none of them would be on the island and he wouldn't be dying of Dreamshade. Hook commends this as being a fair point, but notes that at least Charming got to say goodbye where most people don't get such an opportunity. Reading between the lines, David asks if Hook lost someone, but the pirate ignores him, coming to a stop in the jungle and saying that this is where the ascend the mountain; he'll climb ahead and throw down the rope. After looking up at the oh so tall Dead Man's Peak, David pieces together that the person Hook lost was his brother, and attempts to relate to him by saying that he had a brother once too. "He died before I ever met him," he adds, and Hook comments that he can barely stomach one prince, let alone two. "You would've liked him," Charming continues, "He was a thief and a liar." Hook replies by saying that David would have liked his brother too as he could be a "stubborn arse". As they arrive at the foot of the mountain, Hook approached it and tells David to wait where he is. The pirate starts to climb.

305 17
The brothers meet Peter Pan.

Killian Jones steps off a paddle boat and onto the shores of Neverland - in daytime - with his brother Liam in his wake. Liam grabs an envelope from the paddle boat and we see that their naval ship isn't too far from the beach. Killian wonders what exactly the king hopes to find on the island, and at this, Liam opens the envelope in his hands and pulls out a sheet of paper containing a picture. Looking at the picture, Killian comments, "Flowers? We journeyed halfway across the realms for a plant?" but Liam explains that his sources say it's magical: potent enough to heal any injury. Killian points out that that would mean never having to bury another sailor at sea again, and Liam wonders if he now sees the importance of their mission. "Are you two lost?" asks Peter Pan, who's materialized behind them. The startled sailors turn to him, immediately drawing their swords, and Pan adds that they look lost to him. Liam orders that the young boy identify himself, and he says he's Peter Pan and that he lives on the island; he then asks who they are, and, as they put away their swords, they introduce themselves as Captain and Lieutenant Jones. "We're here by order of the king," Liam adds, but Pan seems less than impressed, saying that they don't have any kings in Neverland; "Just me."

305 18

Liam tells him that that's funny, which confuses the boy, and the captain proceeds to hand him the sheet of paper with the plant diagram printed on it, telling him that that's what they seek; he asks where it can be found. Pan, who takes the paper, seems surprised that the king sent them for this plant as it's Dreamshade, which is the deadliest plant on the island, meaning that their king must be really ruthless. The brothers take this to be nonsense, but Pan assures them that it's doomed, saying that one might as well not fight any battles when you can wipe out an entire army with the sap of one plant. Killian then leans in to whisper to his brother, and asks him if it's possible that the king sent them to collect poison to use against their enemies, but Liam tells the lieutenant not to be so gullible. He then turns to Pan and accuses him of playing games with them, snatching the paper from the boy's hands as he announced that he's quickly tiring of them. He then walks away from the demon child, telling his brother that they should keep moving, and a reluctant Killian follows on as Pan watches, waving. "Don't say I didn't warn you," he says as they continue to walk away.

305 19
Be my hook... er?

Hook, having made it to a high peak of Neverland's main mountain, heads to the edge in order to toss a rope down to Charming, who's still waiting at the bottom. "Don't pull him up yet," says Peter Pan from behind the pirate, halting Hook from doing so. The boy proceeds to say that he'd like to talk alone, and Hook drops the rope, approaching him and asking what he wants. Pan says that he'd like to offer him a deal and tells Hook to come back and work for him like the old days, but the pirate tells him that he doesn't miss the old days. Pan, who disappears from where he is and reappears so that he's now face to face with Hook, assures him that he can offer him something very hard to come by: passage off the island. "Still not interested," says Hook, and Pan offers to sweeten the deal by saying that he could take someone with him, such as Emma. Hook knows that Emma would never leave her son, but Pan points out that she did once before, and that Hook can be there to pick up the pieces. "We've known each other a very long time, Killian. We've done business before. And I think this is the perfect time to restart that relationship," Pan goes on, but Hook continues to profess that he isn't interested, much to Pan's disbelief, and the boy continues in saying that that's what he's always liked about Hook: he's good as surviving. The pirate asks what Pan would like him to do, and the demon child requests that Hook be at his employ and do his dirty work.

305 20
Hook's feeling a little murderous.

Hook wonders to what dirty work he is referring, and Pan says that, when the time comes, he'll let him know. But first, he needs a signal that Hook's taken the deal. "So my word alone wouldn't be good enough?" Hook asks, and Pan, who disappears briefly, reappearing behind Hook, reminds the pirate that he likes action; "I'll know you've taken my deal when I see the prince's dead body up on that peak." Hook points out that Pan shall see that anyway as David's on his last leg thanks the Dreamshade, but the boy adds that he wants to see Hook kill Charming before the poison does. He wants to see a hook inside the prince's body. The pirate asks what will happen if he refuses the offer, to which Pan leans in and asks if Hook remembers the last time he didn't listen to him. He then takes the rum bottle from Hook's pocket and hands it to him, advising him to have a drink as he knows it always helps him think, and as David is seen emerging on the peak, having climbed the mountain, Pan disappears. Hook reminds Charming that he was told to wait, but the prince, who heard voices, ignores the captain and asks if he was talking to someone. Hook lies in saying that he was just talking to himself, which is an old habit from his many nights on the lonely seas, and Charming, who notices the rum in Hook's hand, comments that he's glad to see he's enjoying the refreshments whilst he's there. "Apologies, mate, it isn't much further now," Hook assures the prince who continues to trek up the mountain. Hook runs his hook under his nose, contemplating Pan's deal.

305 21
Bad idea.

In flashback, Liam and Killian are seen to be trekking up the very same mountain, and soon approach a Dreamshade plant which is dripping with black poison. Liam compares it to the diagram in his hands, and Killian points out that it certainly doesn't look too menacing. Liam, who further approaches the plant, asks his brother if he chooses to believe some boy over their king, but Killian notes that the boy showed them the path to the Dreamshade and wonders why he would lie about its nature. "To keep it all to himself," says Liam, who refuses to believe that their king would send them to retrieve something so dangerous. Killian says that this isn't what he signed up for, to which Liam reminds him that he signed up to listen to his king, but Killian adds that he thought the king was a man of honor, and Liam exclaims that he is. "If this is poison, it won't just end the war, it will obliterate an entire race," says the lieutenant, but Liam asks his brother what he knows of any of this; "I'm your brother and your captain. You will listen to me." Killian shakes his head and utters "no", declaring that he'll fight his enemies, but he'll fight fair. Liam rolls his eyes and shakes his head, drawing his sword and offering to disabuse his brother of that notion. He approaches the plant and cuts off a branch, putting away his sword and carrying the thorn-riddled twig. Despite Killian's protests, Liam proceeds to dig the thorns into his forearm and rake the black sap through his blood and flesh, leaving a rather nasty scar. When nothing happens, Liam gloats about being right, tossing away the twig and again professing that their king would never lie to them. However, when he turns around to start collecting the Dreamshade, he becomes petrified with pain and looks as black veins begin to spread from the cut on his forearm. He breathes heavily and Killian runs to his aid, setting a weakened Liam down to the ground. "I'm sorry, brother..." he utters as the poison continues to spread, and Liam passes out from the pain. Hook continually cries "no", in hopes someone will come and help them.

305 22
Emma is forced to restrain Mary Margaret whilst Regina gets down to business.

Back at camp, Emma still has Devin pinned up against a tree as the young man professes that it's too late for them to prevent Henry from becoming a Lost Boy. He adds that her son is one of the most vicious new recruits that they have had in ages, and Emma, who's growing increasingly angry, gets Devin in a choke hold and squeezes his throat. Mary Margaret pulls the blonde away from their captive, telling her not to let him get to her, and Regina tells the other two ladies to move aside. Snow wonders why and Regina exclaims that she'd like to rip his heart out as that way he'll do whatever they want him to. She gives the frightened little boy and evil smile as Mary Margaret tells her that that's not the way they do things, saying they can find another way to get to Henry. Regina, annoyed, asks for Emma's opinion on the matter, and the blonde, despite her mother's moral code, tells the Queen that she thinks they need to talk to their son. Mary Margaret is utterly stunned but Regina cracks another smile. Emma is then forced to restrain her mother in a wrestling hold as she begins to become hysterical; she tells Regina to do it and Regina pulls back her sleeves in order to do the deed. Snow, who's locked in her daughter's arms, screams and wells up with tears, and Emma, who too is tearing up, apologizes to Mary Margaret as she settles down. Regina proceeds to plunge her hand into Devin's chest and rip out his glowing red heart, which only makes Mary Margaret cry even harder, unable to move thanks to Emma.

Act IV

305 23
Mirror mirror in my hand, something something Neverland.

Mary Margaret stands sternly, arms folded, as her daughter Emma, who's sitting atop a log, apologizes to her mother for events that have just transpired (allowing Regina to rip out a teenager's heart). Snow assures the blonde that she doesn't have to apologize to her as it's Henry she's worried about; Emma agrees, saying that that's why she's willing to let Regina do whatever it takes to rescue him. Mary Margaret then requests that, when they finally get to him, the line is still there, and Emma wonders to what line her mother is referring. As we see Regina untie Devin and vaguely wave her hand in the direction she's going in to make him follow her, Mary Margaret replies, explaining that she's talking about the line between what Regina is willing to do and what Emma is. Emma argues that she's willing to do whatever it takes to get Henry home, but Mary Margaret states that the cost can't be their family, and Emma continues to assure her that it won't be. When Regina and Devin approach them, the blonde gets to her feet, and the former Queen wonders if she's having second thoughts. "Let's get him that message," Emma declares, but an excited Regina says that they're going to do more than that, and she proceeds to take a compact mirror from out of her jacket pocket. She breaks it in two, giving one half to Devin and keeping the other for herself. "We're gonna see him," she tells them.

305 24
Charming loses his temper.

Hook approaches the same Dreamshade plant that we earlier saw he and his brother near in flashback. Charming isn't far behind the pirate, and Hook says that, since David is already dying from the stuff, he shouldn't mind if he stands back whilst the prince cuts through it. David agrees, drawing his sword, but instead of hacking away at the Dreamshade, he aims it for Hook's throat. David says that he knows about Hook's deal with Pan, having heard their earlier conversation, which leads Hook to point out that he didn't take the demon child's offer. However, David continues to back Hook up against the Dreamshade, despite the pirate professing that this is what Pan wants: them turned against one another. David presses the blade right against Hook's throat and Hook, worried that he could nick himself on a close-by Dreamshade thorn, warns Charming that he's making the poison spread quicker. "I don't care," he says, "I just have to last long enough to get the sextant back to my family. Now take me to it!" Hook then admits that his brother didn't lose his satchel up the mountain where they are; he made that up. A confused Charming asks about the insignia that he found, and Hook reveals that he dropped it on the path so the prince would discover it. David, who's lowered his sword, wonders why, and Hook says that he knew Charming would never make the journey there if he knew the truth. "The truth? The truth you brought me here to die?!" David questions, but Hook argues that he brought him there to save his life. David accuses Hook of being a liar and attempts to punch him, however, the pirate easily dodges and is now able to punch Charming in turn, knocking the prince out and causing him to drop to the floor.

305 25
Pan steals Rumple's catchphrase... before Rumple even says it.

Liam, who's lying in the same position as Charming in the exact same place, is asked to get up by his worried brother, who's crouched over him, crying and trying to wake him. "I tried to warn you," Pan reminds Killian, who's now attempting to physically lift his brother. The demon child continues to approach the sailors, telling Killian that Liam shall die as soon as the poison reaches his heart. Killian begs for Pan to help him, saying that Liam is his brother and all he has left, but Pan merely tells the lieutenant that he shouldn't have goaded his captain into poisoning himself. "He's so stubborn! I didn't mean to..." Killian tries, continually attempting to revive Liam, who won't budge. He again looks up at Pan, and, after hesitation, begs for his help. Pan, who says he might not feel like it, tells Killian that today's his lucky day as there is a way to stop his brother from dying. The lieutenant stands up and pleads for the information, and Pan proceeds to wave his hand, forcing the Dreamshade bush to part and revealing a cave behind it where a waterfall dwells. Pan explains that these waters are rich with the power of Neverland and are what keeps the land and all on it so... young. If one was to drink directly from it, its powers can cure any ill. Killian thanks the boy and begins to approach the spring, but Pan stops him from doing so, warning him that all magic comes with a price and that the spring is no exception; "Don't leave the island unless you're willing to pay it." Killian promises Pan whatever he wants and proceeds into the cave, canteen at the ready. He fills the canteen with magical water and makes his way back out again, propping his brother's head up and forcing the water down his throat. The black veins on Liam's arm are seen disappearing and the captain comes to, much to his brother's delight. Liam asks what happened but Killian tells him that it doesn't matter, saying that they should just pay the boy and go, referring to Pan. Killian then calls out for Pan, but the boy is nowhere to be seen, having disappeared.

305 26
Henry draws himself a home.

In Neverland of the present-day, Henry is seen to be drawing in the earth with his sword: the drawing is of a house. The drawing is complete when he finishes the roof, and the young man goes on to stare at it fondly as Devin approaches him from behind, gently tapping him with the end of his new spear. Henry, startled, assures Devin that he doesn't want to fight again, but the Lost Boy sticks his spear in the ground and makes clear that he didn't come to fight - he came to deliver a message. He then pushes Henry backwards, forcing him out of earshot from the other Lost Boys and inadvertently ruining Henry's house drawing by making him step on it. Devin goes on to say that Henry's family is there, on the island, trying to find him. As he says this, we cut to Regina, who's holding Devin's heart and speaking into it, making him say whatever it is he's saying to Henry. Henry refuses to believe this, accusing Devin of making this up because he cut his cheek, but Regina, through Devin, assures her adopted child that she's not making it up.

305 27
Emma, Regina and Mary Margaret are all thrilled to be able to see Henry again.

Devin then takes one half of the Mayor's compact mirror from his pocket and hands it to Henry, instructing him to look. The kid does so, and, much to his surprise, through it he is able to view Emma, Regina and Mary Margaret, all of which call out his name and ask if he's okay. They're all very happy to see each other, but Henry seems dead-set on the idea of this being a trick. Emma assures him that it's real and that they're carrying out Operation Cobra Rescue. "You're here?" he asks, surprised, and the blonde, overwhelmed with joy, exclaims that they're coming to get him. Despite being happy, Henry appears worried, and tells his mothers and grandmother that someone's coming: Pan. The three ladies' smiles begin to falter as the boy they all love tells them that he has to go. They all exclaim his name in worry, and he again says he's got to go, leading Regina to quickly declare, "We love you!" He is happy to hear this, but as he ditches the mirror, he accidentally smashes it, and it is seen lying on the ground as the kid walks away, useless. Emma, who can no longer see her child, continues to hold her half of the mirror in her hand. She, Regina and Mary Margaret all seem happy that Henry is safe, and now has hope again.

Act V

305 28
The price for magic goes unpaid.

Captain Liam's naval ship, with the Pegasus sail having been deployed, is seen to be flying atop the clouds, on its way out of Neverland. Inside, Liam is seen to be adjusting his collar, and Killian asks his brother how he's feeling. Liam assures him that he's in "ship shape", but soon sighs, turning to Killian and apologizing for not listening to him about the Dreamshade, saying that he should have. The lieutenant shrugs this off, commenting that he's merely glad Liam survived, and he goes on to ask him what they are to do now. As he retrieves his naval jacket, Liam announces that they are to reveal their king's cowardice, and Killian expresses his worry that other people shan't side with them. Liam assures him that they will, because to fight battles with unholy weapons is, as Killian says, "bad form". Smiling, Killian gently places his hands on his brother's shoulders, helping him to adjust his jacket, and tells him that he would follow him to the ends of the earth. "All hands brace for landing!" someone aboard is heard yelling, and we see that the ship is declining in altitude, eventually landing back in the ocean of the fairytale land that was. Once the ship is steady, Killian looks out the window at the familiar waters outside of them, proceeding to ask Liam if he'd like some company when he reports to the admiralty. However, when Killian turns around, he sees that his brother is stumbling, apparently weak and gasping for air. He falls to the ground as black veins begin to cover his face - Dreamshade's doing - and Killian quickly runs to his aid. He calls out his dying brother's name but to no avail, and eventually starts screaming for help, but it's no use. Liam dies in the arms of his crying brother.

305 29
David gets cured.

In the present, David is lying unconscious on the ground as Hook stands over him, drawing a canteen over himself and having it ready. "Bloody hell..." he utters, annoyed, as he pulls a scarf up over his mouth. He takes out his sword and turns to face the Dreamshade bush before him, proceeding to hack at it viciously with his blade. He soon makes it through the cave the bush guards and to the magic waterfall inside it. He fills the canteen with the sacred liquid and hurries it back to David, taking the scarf off of his mouth and checking himself for Dreamshade nicks. He has none, and sighs with relief, going on to crouch beside David and prompt him to wake up by tapping his face. Charming angrily awakens and orders Hook not to touch him, but the pirate steadies the prince, whose face is beginning to bear black veins. He explains that in the canteen is water that will stop the Dreamshade and will save his life, and a coughing David realizes that that's why Hook brought him up the mountain. The pirate confirms this, leading David to further realize that Hook knew he wouldn't come on his own and leave his family. "That you were stubborn?" says Hook, "Yes, I gathered that rather quickly." After a pause, Charming requests that Hook give him the water, but the pirate refuses for a moment, explaining to the prince that because the water's power comes from the island, drinking it means you can never leave Neverland. Charming nods, but comes to to conclusion that it's a small price to pay for what he gets in return: a chance to save his grandson and help his family get home. Having been handed the canteen by Hook, Charming raises it before taking a big gulp of the water, presumably emptying the canteen. Immediately, the blackened veins on David's face and hands begin to vanish, and he laughs in delight, knowing that now he shall live. Hook smiles too and helps the prince to his feet, and David wonders why the pirate would risk his life for him when he gets nothing in return. At this, Hook leans in and reveals, "I didn't do it for you, mate."

305 30
On the defense.

Emma is wandering through the jungle, with Mary Margaret and Regina not far behind; all are still happy to have seen Henry, but Snow wonders if he's okay. Emma assures her that he is, and Regina wonders how she knows this, to which the blonde replies that he's their son and he's a survivor and now he has something to survive for. He knows they're coming and they're not going to let him down. After hesitation, Mary Margaret apologizes to her daughter for doubting her, commenting that she knows how easy it is to give in to the darkness (referring to when she murdered Cora); "I didn't want you to..." "She didn't," Regina interrupts, "I did. That's what I'm here for... One happy family." Rustling is heard in the bushes nearby and immediately Emma draws her sword, Mary Margaret loads her bow with an arrow, and Regina summons a fireball in her hand. The women are relieved, however, to see that it's merely Hook and Charming, having returned from their journey. Not wasting any time, David walks up to Snow and kisses her passionately, causing Regina to turn away in disgust and asks Hook where the sextant is. Hook, lying, reveals that Pan got to it first, and it's a while before Mary Margaret and David quit making out.

305 31
"To Hook!"

When they pull out of it, Snow says that she's not complaining but asks what it was for, and Charming, not answering, kisses her yet again. Emma, uncomfortable, comments that she is complaining, and Regina adds, "What I wouldn't give for another sleeping curse..." When he pulls out of kissing his wife again, David reveals that Hook saved his life, but lies in saying that, on their trek, they were ambushed by Lost Boys that Hook risked his life to defeat, this stopping Charming from being hit by a poisoned arrow. He approaches the pirate, saying that if it wasn't for him, he wouldn't be alive, and he requests his flask. Hook hands over his bottle of rum and Charming makes a toast to the pirate, saying that he thought he deserved a little credit. Hook thanks him, and David drinks, handing the bottle to his wife. "To Hook," she says happily, taking a sip herself. She goes to hand the flask to Regina, who states firmly that she doesn't "do rum", and so Snow hands it to Emma, who commemorates Hook with a sip of her own. As David, Mary Margaret and Regina head back to camp, Emma hesitates for a long while before asking Hook if he really saved her father's life. He wonders if that surprises her, and as she hands him back his flask, she notes that he and David aren't exactly "mates".

305 32
Kill it with fire.

Hook nods, commenting that that doesn't mean he'd allow her father to perish on the island, and she thanks him. Hook coyly suggests that perhaps gratitude is in order, and Emma tells him that that's what the "thank you" is for. Leaning in, Hook asks if that's all her father's life is worth to her, to which Emma says, "Please... you couldn't handle it." Hook suggests that perhaps she's the one who couldn't handle "it", and with that, Emma grabs the pirate by his collar and pulls him in close to her, kissing him full on the mouth. The two of them continue to make out passionately, each one running their hands through the other's hair. The kiss lasts a long while, but eventually, their lips part, and both are left breathing heavily, their noses still pressed together. Hook begins to whisper, "That was, er..." he tries, but Emma finishes before him, stating, "A one-time thing." She then lightly pushes the pirate away from her and turns around, ordering him not to follow her, but to wait five minutes and go get some firewood or something. "As you wish," he replies, causing Emma to smile as the two of them part ways. Hook, who's standing still, puts his hand on his lips as though savoring a moment that's already passed, and then lets out a large sigh.

Act VI

305 33
Killian becomes a pirate.

The Jolly Roger, which is still a naval ship bearing a Pegasus sail, is seen drifting through the ocean as Liam's body, which has been wrapped up in a white sheet, is embalmed by a couple of sailors as Killian watches; burning torches on either side of the body commemorate him, and the naval captain is buried at sea. A sailor hands Killian Liam's satchel, telling him that it belongs to him now and addressing him as "captain", and Killian takes the satchel, polishing the insignia with his hand as he utters that his brother shall never leave his side. Handing the satchel to a sailor, Killian grabs one of the flaming torches as he states that they are sworn to serve the king and the realm, but they sent them to retrieve an unthinkable poison that killed their dear captain. Killian makes his way to the mast and all sailors stare at him attentively as he proceeds: "Never again shall anyone set sail to that cursed land!" - he raises the torch and uses it to burn the sail woven from Pegasus feathers, thus robbing the ship of its ability to fly, before he throws the torch into the sea - "And never again shall we take such orders! Serving the king, fighting his wars, that is the way of dishonor! And all you who disagree, flee now or walk the bloody plank! And those who stay will be free men... and I will be your captain. We'll sail under the crimson flag, and we'll give our enemies no quarter; we'll take what we want when we please, and we will live by our own rules, as that is the best form of all!" The sailors cheer in general agreement as their captain continues, "Our kingdom is corrupt and immoral, they took my brother from me, and now I'm gonna take everything they've got, starting with this ship!" They continue to cheer as Killian makes his way to the center of the vessel, saying that it's time they rename it: "We no longer sail as the jewel of the realm, we now sail as the Jolly Roger! And when they come for us, I want them to know exactly what we are: pirates!" As he exclaims this, he removes his naval jacket and throws it into the ocean, prompting the other men to do the same. He adds that at least among thieves, there is honor, and more naval attire is thrown into the sea as the crew around him chant "Captain Jones" repeatedly.

305 34
Hook learns that Baelfire's still alive.

In Neverland, Captain Hook is drinking rum on a log when someone nearby clears their throat to make themselves know: Peter Pan, who's leaning up against a tree. He tells Hook that he really should have taken his deal, but the pirate says it looks like he didn't need Pan's help with Emma after all. Pan dismisses this, assuring Hook that the kiss he shared with her meant nothing, but the pirate argues that she's finally starting to see him for the man he is. "What? A one-handed pirate with a drinking problem? I'm no grown-up, but I'm pretty sure that's less than appealing," Pan says, but Hook says in turn that he's a "man of honor". Pan, who crouches down before Hook, asks what a man of honor such as himself would do with a big, fat secret. Hook tells him that that depends on what the secret is, and Pan mentions Baelfire's name as he stands up ("...Neal, whatever name he goes by these days. The guy Emma loves, Henry's father..."). Hook, who stands up also, wonders what Pan has to say of him, and the demon child proceeds to reveal that, not only is Bae still alive, but he's there on the island, in Neverland. "He's here?" Hook breathes, and Pan confirms it, saying that he's sure Emma would love to know that Henry's father is still alive, but that he'd hate for that to get in the way of a budding romance; "So I'll leave it up to you... to tell her and all. Let's see what kind of man you really are..." And with that, Pan wanders off into the jungle, before disappearing. Hook is left to contemplate the situation.

305 35
Who could it be?

Elsewhere on the island, Neal Cassidy, still locked unconscious in a crudely put-together wooden crate, is seen being carried along by a group of Lost Boys. They eventually set him down, where he begins to wake up, which is when Pan emerges from some bushes, having just spoken with Hook. He approaches Felix, who's standing before the crate, and asks how their "guest" is, referring to Neal. Felix replies that they drugged him and that he'll be asleep for a while, and asks his master where he wants him. "Hang him up," says Pan, "Over there," he looks to one side, "Next to the other one." He laughs and walks away as the ropes that have been attached to Neal's cage are pulled and the crate he's in is hung next to another one identical to it. But who's inside?

Deleted Scenes

"A Helping Hook"

Dead Man's Peak

305 DS 01
David wants to die with honor.

Hook and David continue to trek through Neverland, having to hike up a steep and rocky hill. The latter finds himself struggling, falling drastically behind the pirate, and when said pirate notices this, he stares menacingly at his hook (having just been invited into a deal with Pan that involves killing David). The prince's feet slip on some rocks, and Hook slowly begins to outstretch his namesake extension. David is confused, and the pirate finally says, "Need some help?" David refuses, but Hook orders him to take the hook, for he'd hate to see him expire before he reaches the top of Dead Man's Peak. David, clearly overexerted, assures that he can take care of himself, and manages to get to his feet. He crouches down and breathes heavily beside Hook, who comments that he just shaved hours off of his life. Charming suggests that they move quickly as such, adding that if he has to die then he's going to die with honor. Hook wonders why it's so important to him, and, trekking onward, David says that honor transcends death. "Actually," says the pirate from behind, "In my experience, honor causes death."


305 Title Card


  • The title of this episode was revealed by executive producer/co-creator Adam Horowitz, via his Twitter account, on August 19, 2013, along with a photograph of the script's cover.[1]



After a four-week decline in the ratings, the episode saw a increase, scoring a 2.2/6 among 18-49s with 7.23 million viewers tuning, up 5% from the previous airing, despite having intense competition from NBC's Sunday Night Football and Fox's airing of Game 4 of the 2013 World Series.[2]


  • "Good Form" received positive reviews from critics. In a review from Entertainment Weekly, Hillary Busis quotes, "First, let's get one thing out of the way: It happened. Emma and Hook finally engaged in The Smooch That Broke the Internet, generating enough electricity to power an entire CGI castle. Their wuv may or may not be twue. It may actually be closer to wust than wuv. Either way, one thing's for sure: It is hot. Hot enough to make a fire-breathing Maleficent blush. Hell, even hot enough to make me a lot less grumpy about an episode that indulged in one of TV's most annoying habits: A plot centered on one character not telling another character crucial information, for absolutely no reason beyond artificially ratcheting up dramatic tension. Bad form, Hook!"[3]
  • Amy Ratcliffe of IGN called the episode "Great," adding that "With Charming and Hook spending so much time together, this episode easily could have devolved into hero and pirate jokes, but instead their relationship developed more. It was a refreshing change. Colin O'Donoghue does conflicted oh so perfectly, and he even had me fooled with his lies (and I know he's a liar). It turns out he and Josh Dallas do have an interesting dynamic when they're given decent dialogue. Go figure.."[4]
  • Amy Scales of Entertainment Outlook gave it 4.5 stars: "Once Upon a Time fans were given a great treat with the story of how Killian Jones became a pirate and with another stellar performance by Robbie Kay as the manipulative Peter Pan. Good Form, quite literally!"[5]
  • Gwen Ihnat of The A.V. Club gave the episode a B rating, saying that "Colin O’Donoghue does a commendable job of showing the procession from Killian Jones to Captain (almost) Hook: Betrayed by his king to retrieve a poison that kills his brother instead of a life-altering medicine, the rule-following Killian quickly transforms from a naval man into a rules-avoiding pirate. I get that the tossing of the rum into the water was the embracing of order, and throwing the coat into the water symbolized the absence of order, but man was slow-mo a cheesy way to pull that off."[6]
  • Lily Sparks of started by complimenting OUaT's ensemble cast, saying "I just want to take moment to say that this show has one of the greatest casts ever. It’s easy to get an audience engaged in a hospital drama, but these actors get material every week that is just genuinely a hard sell (“You’re in Neverland holding a fireball. GO!”) and they often have to perform entire scenes opposite CGI, without the mental scaffolding of actual sets. And yet every week I am like tearing up and getting reeled in by their drama and loving every minute." She ends by expressing her joy over Josh Dallas having received some much-needed screentime, as she feels he was overlooked for most of Season 2, and proceeds to ask a series of questions about upcoming/current plotlines concerning the show: "(...)the obvious question is, who did they hang Neal up next to? And will Hook tell Emma that Neal is on the island? And OMG is Emma in love with Hook now?" She maintained a reasonably positive outlet throughout the review.[7]


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