Family Business
Once Upon a Time 4x06
November 2, 2014
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"Family Business" is the 72nd episode of Once Upon a Time.


The race is on to track down the elusive Snow Queen, once a foster mother to a young Emma, whose memories of this event have been erased, in order to discover what her ultimate end game is for Elsa and the residents of Storybrooke. Unaware that she does not possess the real blade that controls the Dark One, Belle attempts to use it to get her reluctant husband to show her where the Snow Queen is hiding. Meanwhile, back in the past, Belle travels to Arendelle, and, with Anna's help, seeks out Grand Pabbie to help her regain her lost memories in order to discover the fate of her mother.


Previously on Once Upon a Time...

Marian collapses as the ice spell starts freezing her from the inside. ("Rocky Road") Henry wonders how they'll break the spell. ("Rocky Road") Robin Hood tries saving Marian with true loves kiss, but fails due to him being in love with Regina. ("Rocky Road") The Snow Queen fills in her enchanted mirror with a broken piece of glass, announcing that soon she will have what she wants - a family that loves her. ("Breaking Glass")


406 01
They can run...

In the Enchanted Forest of the past, we're shown the outside view of a castle that sits atop a hill. From the inside, a woman - Colette - is seen gathering books in a rather hurriedly manner. Three guards enter her personal library, one of which alerts her that the wall has fallen and that they must leave now, for the town will soon be overrun. "These books are too valuable to leave to these monsters," Colette argues, as she continues packing. The guard pleads for her to come, but the woman does not listen. Instead she orders that they take the trunks containing books to the carriage and she will be right behind them. The lead guard motions for the other two to do as the lady says. He then asks what about her daughter. "I will find her, now go!" Colette orders as she continues to pack up books. The palace guard is reluctant, but does as he's told. Colette calls out for her daughter, telling her that they must leave, quickly, and asks where she is. Belle rushes into the library, exclaiming that she is right here. "I'm sorry, but I couldn't leave without this," the girl says, holding up a book, the first story her mother ever read to her, it's what made her fall in love with books. Colette is touched by this, but tells her that they must flee, quickly. However, before they can, they hear loud stomps as the castle shakes. This scares the mother and daughter, who both realize what it is. "They're here," Belle exclaims. Colette tells her daughter they'll have to hide.

406 02
...but they can't hide.

Sometime later, Belle and Colette are seen hiding in the library, underneath a table, hoping that they will not be found by what is roaming the castle. The two gals are scared for their lives, and it doesn't help when the library door is kicked in by a vicious ogre. Belle is horrified, but Colette motions for her to keep quiet. Belle nods, trying to stay calm. The mother and daughter watch as the ogre roams around the library. As it appears to be walking away, Colette whispers to Belle that everything will be alright. However, this proves to not be so, as the ogre lifts up the table and screams into the girls' faces, horrifying them.

406 03
Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey.

Suddenly, Belle wakes up in her bed. She immediately sits up, calling out, "Mother?" She's startled, not knowing what to make of anything.
Belle is next seen making her way through the castle, still dressed in her night gown and having not fixed up her hair. She is confused to see a group of people gathered around something, discussing amongst themselves. Belle's father, Sir Maurice makes his way through the crowd once noticing his daughter. He asks why she is not in bed, but is not answered. The young lady asks what has happened, "Where's mother?" "You mean you don't remember?" Maurice asks. Belle is confused; she looks past him and sees that everyone was gathered around a coffin - Colette's coffin. Belle cannot believe what she sees. She hugs her father tightly, and looks as if she is about to break down into tears.


Act I

406 04
Rumbelle has been summoned to the sheriff's station.

In present day Storybrooke, Rumplestiltskin opens his safe where he is seen placing the container which contains the Sorcerer's hat. In the back of the safe, the real dagger is seen. "Rumple?" Belle calls. The Dark One quickly closes the safe and puts the wall painting back over it. He greets his beloved wife, who finds him in the back of the shop. She exclaims that she was looking all over the house for him, didn't even hear him leave. "Well I didn't wanna wake you," the Dark One exclaims, "Just a few things to take care of before we open," he says, pointing to the back of the shop. Belle takes Rumple's hands and tells her husband that whatever it is will have to wait, Emma called and she needs to see them right away.

406 05
Henry notices ice cream trucks.

At the Storybrooke sheriff's station, the video footage of Emma's foster home, featuring Kevin and the surprised reveal of the Snow Queen is shown. (See: "Breaking Glass") "Emma, that's you," Mary Margaret exclaims, "You must be-" "13, maybe 14," Emma says, cutting her mother off. Regina asks her stepdaughter if she's missing the part where Emma is with the Snow Queen, before asking Emma if she knew her before coming to Storybrooke. "Apparently my run-in with her in town wasn't the only memory she erased. All this time in that foster home or whatever that place was, it's gone." Belle speaks up, saying that she just doesn't understand how the Snow Queen ended up in this world. "We're hoping Gold could help us with that," Emma says, looking up at the Dark One, "You spent more time trying to get here than anyone. How the hell did she do it?" Rumple replies that considering having spent all that time on the same task, he'd like to know. David speaks up, making the point that they shouldn't be wondering how the Snow Queen got to Emma, but why. "Obviously she needed her for something," Regina replies, "but what? That's our next problem." David reminds them they know she's hiding somewhere in the north woods, they searched every inch of her shop, they tore apart her house, so she must have cleared everything out days before which means "she must be hiding something," Hook exclaims. "But where?" Emma asks. "What about her ice cream truck?" Henry wonders. Everyone is surprised; "Whoa, Snow Queen has an ice cream truck?" Emma asks. Henry points out that he's a kid, he notices these kind of things. "We split up into groups," David declares, "We search the town, the woods. Hook, Regina, and Emma, you take the west. Gold, you're with me for the east." Rumple reminds him that they all know he works best alone. David decides that there's no time to argue that, before turning to Belle, asking how well she is at tracking. "Uh, actually, I, uh, think I'll be more helpful at the library. Maybe I can dig something up on the Snow Queen." Elsa stands up, telling Belle that she'd like to go with her if that is okay, as maybe there will be something there about Anna too. Belle tells the Ice Queen that she'd love the company, and the two gals leave.

406 06
Belle argues with her father.

In the fairytale land that was, Belle sits in her candlelit chambers, reading. Maurice enters, telling his daughter that it's late and that she should go to bed. "How can I possibly sleep when I can't even remember what happened to mother?" "Perhaps that's for the best," Maurice replies. "No," Belle exclaims, going on about how she needs to know what happened to Colette after she blacked out. "You won't find the answers you seek in the pages of a book." Belle tells her father that she already has, however, as according to this book, there are creatures who can restore memories that were lost, "If we journey to them, maybe they can help me remember what happened to mother." Maurice tells Belle that he can't allow her to do that. Belle asks why not, to which her father replies that there is something this book doesn't tell her - magic always comes with a price, "And whatever that price is, I don't want you to have to pay it." Belle does not seem pleased. Maurice apologizes, but says he already lost Colette to this infernal ogres war and he cannot lose her too. "But father-" "You heard me!" Maurice shouts, slamming her book shut. He tells her to forget this nonsense, and that she is not to leave this chamber until the doctor says she's better. He then storms out, closing the door behind him. Belle sits silently for a moment, but finally removes a map of Arendelle from underneath her book. She says to herself, aloud, "I'm sorry, father, but I need to know what happened, and this is the only place where I'll find the answer - Arendelle."

Act II

406 07

Present day Storybrooke, within the town's library, Belle looks over the map of Arendelle of which she had in the flashbacks. Elsa examines of shelf full of books; she declares that there doesn't seem to be anything about Arendelle here, "Do you know where to look?" Belle slips the map onto the shelf of books she was looking at, before going on to lie that she doesn't, as she is not that familiar with Arendelle, or her sister. Elsa smiles at the mention of her sister, however, a guilty expression appears on Belle's face.

406 08
Sisterly reunions.

In Arendelle of the past, Elsa is seen magically poofing up a snowflake; she appears to be trying to control her powers. "Elsa?" a voice calls, and Anna enters the room. A joyful smile appears on the Ice Queen's face as she exclaims her sister's name, before making the snowflake disappear so the two sisters can embrace in a hug. "I was worried I would never see you again," Elsa says. Anna comments that she's afraid her sister is stuck with her, before apologizing for leaving without telling her. Elsa apologizes for making her feel like she had to, "I know you did it for me to try to make me feel better." The Ice Queen then asks Anna what she learned, wondering if she found out why their parents went to the Enchanted Forest. A look of sadness comes across Anna's face, something Elsa notices, "What is it, Anna?" she asks, "What did you find?" Anna fakes a smile, lying to her sister saying she has found nothing, that she is still waiting for some answers from a few people she met, but she wouldn't expect anything anytime soon because they have to find it out, and get on a ship and come to this land, "It could take a while, a long while," Anna then notices something, "Wait, no flurries?" she asks, surprised, "No frost on the windows? Usually a conversation about our parents ends with a chill in the air." Elsa reveals that she's been learning to control her powers when she's upset; Anna asks how. "By training with me," a voice calls out. Anna turns around, and in walks the Snow Queen. "Who is that?" Anna asks, "I mean, who are you? Hi," she says. "She's our aunt," Elsa reveals. Anna is surprised and confused. The Snow Queen introduces herself as Ingrid, telling Anna that she and her mother are sisters, "You look exactly like her," the woman exclaims. "But our mother doesn't have a sister," Anna says, "at least she never told us about one." Ingrid replies that she's sure it was too painful for the former Queen of Arendelle to talk about. She tells Anna that many years ago she was trapped in a magical urn by people who didn't understand her. "Didn't understand you?" Anna asks, confused. Ingrid shows what she means by poofing up a snowflake, letting it spin, and then making it disappear, "Our gift runs in the family," the Snow Queen says, with a smile on her face.

406 09
An [insert ship name here] kiss.

"I'm telling you, that woman is up to something," Anna says to her true love, as Sven's antlers get in the way. "Wait, you mean your aunt? What makes you think that?" Kristoff asks as he feeds his reindeer. Anna says that it's weird and strange, her being here, and because she's a good judge of character. Kristoff reminds her that she agreed to marry Hans ten minutes after talking to him, to which Anna argues she was young and naive. "You met me the next day," Kristoff also reminds her. "Younger. Anyway, I just want to make sure we're asking all the right questions," Anna replies, trying to look at her true love, but Sven's antlers keep getting in the way. Kristoff asks what. Anna says they need to wonder, is Ingrid really her aunt, or is she some impostor trying to warm her way into her family? "Anna, look at her. You can't see the resemblance? Oh yes, the ice power thing, there's that," Kristoff says. Anna asks if she's really her aunt then why isn't she in the family portrait or the royal records, there's no trace of her, "It's like she never even existed. There has to be an explanation for all of this." Kristoff asks how she thinks she's going to find it, to which Anna replies his family. "Careful, Grand Pabbie is still a little miffed you postponed the wedding." Anna assures her fiancé that she can handle the rock troll king, "Will you go back to the castle and cover for me? And watch Elsa while I'm gone?" "If it'll put your mind at ease, then of course." Anna warns him to be careful what he says around the Ice Queen, however, for she has yet to tell her sister what she discovered in the Enchanted Forest. "You lied to her?" Kristoff asks. Anna claims she didn't lie, but withheld the truth. She says that telling her their parents wanted to take away her magic, she just needed to find the right moment. Kristoff is able to agree, and tells his true love he'll support her no matter what, so long as it isn't dumb, then he'll tell her. "Thank goodness I haven't hit really dumb yet," Anna jokes. Kristoff asks if he can at least get her supplies for her journey, but the princess says no, saying she'll stop by Oaken's on the way, "You'll see me as soon as I return," she assures. Kristoff smiles, and the couple kiss; Anna then leaves him alone. As Kristoff watches her leave, however, it's revealed that Ingrid has been hiding there, listening to their conversation, and she is not happy.

406 10
What's this bitch up to now?

In present day Storybrooke, the Snow Queen is seen in the forest where her ice cream truck is kept. She appears to be walking away from it with a devious expression on her face. Meanwhile, on the other side of the vehicle, Merry Men stand from a distance, aiming their bow and arrows at it. Emma, followed by Hook and Regina, join them. The blonde speaks into her phone, telling David to call off the search party as they found the ice cream truck near the Merry Men's camp. She then thanks Robin Hood for keeping an eye out for it, to which he replies "Gladly," and that she is the first sheriff he doesn't mind assisting. As Emma, Hook, and Regina head for the truck, Robin Hood stops the latter, hoping that he and his true love could talk. Regina comments that in case he hadn't noticed, she's about to storm an evil ice cream truck; she them walks further ahead, next to Emma, who says she could've just said "maybe later." Regina tells the blonde that she knows she's just trying to make everything better, but staying out of it is her best bet, as it is already bad enough she catches the Savior and 'Captain Guy-Liner' making eyes at each other. Emma argues that they don't make eyes at each other, but the formerly Evil Queen ignores the girl. Hook then joins her, asking if she's ready, before heading to the truck.

406 11
Emma learns the Snow Queen has been stalking her since she landed in this world.

From the inside view of the ice cream truck, the doors are opened by Hook and Emma, and the couple, plus Regina, enter. Hook exclaims that it appears the Snow Queen beat them to the truck, as she has cleared it out. Regina asks what happens now, sarcastically wondering if they should question the cow she gets her milk from, or maybe search the waffle cone factory. Emma notices something, however, a locked freezer. She jokingly asks if the Snow Queen thought someone would steal the Rocky Road ice cream. Hook tells his new girlfriend to stand back, before using his hook to break the lock. Emma then pulls out the iron rod that keeps the freezer shut, and proceeds to open it. Inside is a folder, which Emma picks up. She pulls out a news article reading "7 Year Old Boy Finds Baby On Side of Road," the article about Emma and August, "Looks like the Dairy Queen's been following me for a long time," Emma exclaims. Regina wonders since before foster care, to which Emma replies since she landed in this word, handing her the news article. Regina and Hook look at it, before looking back at Emma, all three of which have shocked expressions on their face.

406 12
Belle realizes she must make up for her sins.

"Are you okay?" Belle asks, back at the library when she sees snowflakes falling over Elsa as she closes a book. The Ice Queen makes the snowflakes disappear, telling Belle that this is pointless, and that she doesn't know why she thought she'd find anything about Anna in these books. "You know she's alive, you heard her heartbeat with Bo Peep's staff, right?" Elsa replies that if what the Snow Queen said is true and Anna really did put her in that urn, then maybe she doesn't want her to find her. Belle assures the Ice Queen that that is not true, but Elsa says Belle is only saying that to make her feel better. "No, I'm promising you I'm not," Belle argues. "But how would you know what my sister thinks? You've never even met her," Elsa exclaims. Belle doesn't know how to respond at first, but finally claims that from what the Ice Queen has been saying, she feels like she knows her, "You two were very close. Something must have pulled you apart, something beyond your control." Elsa reminds Belle that her memories are gone, and no one in this town has even been to Arendelle. This causes a guilty expression to come across Belle's face. Elsa goes on about how she needs to face the truth: no one here can help her and she may never see Anna again. The guilt is really getting to Belle, but she promises Elsa that she will see her sister again one day, and tells her to just keep looking. She tells the Ice Queen that she will be back later, to which Elsa asks where she's going. "There's something I need to take care of," Belle replies, "We will find Anna," and with that, Belle takes off.

406 13
Oaken, just as useless as always.

In Arendelle of the past, Belle is seen making her way towards a log cabin building. Once inside, she has placed a map of Arendelle on the front desk for the shopkeeper - Oaken - to look at. Having learned Belle wishes to search for trolls, Oaken warns the girl that they're dangerous. Belle clears it up, stating that she meant rock trolls, not bridge trolls. "Oh, yeah, their harmless," Oaken replies. As Anna enters the shop, Belle asks the man if he can direct her to them. Oaken bluntly tells her no, having not ever met them. He then calls out to Anna, waving. Belle is confused, replying that Oaken just said they were nice. "I've heard." Belle sighs, asking him to please help her, as she just lost her mother. Oaken apologizes, but states that trolls can't bring life. Meanwhile, Anna, who is picking up supplies for her journey notices Belle. Oaken tells the girl he can help soothe her, however, asking if she's tried the sauna yet. Belle says no thank you, and prepares to leave. Anna, having witnessed her conversation with Oaken, asks her if she needs any help. Belle confesses that she was trying to find her way to the rock trolls, but the map she has is not being too helpful. Anna assures Belle that Oaken means well, but she doesn't need him or a map, as she can help her, "I'm on my way to see them, come with me." Belle is surprised, and thanks the redheaded girl. The two gals then introduce themselves, shaking hands. "Friend of Anna's, half-price on the sauna," Oaken speaks up. The two gals look back at Oaken and awkwardly smile.


406 14
Regina tells Robin to fuck off and love his wife.

In the Storybrooke woods, outside the ice cream truck, Regina stands alone. Robin Hood soon approaches, commenting that he cannot help but feel she's avoiding him. The formerly Evil Queen sighs, starting to walk away from the thief, telling him that she isn't doing it well, it seems. Robin follows her, "You're upset by what I said, that I'm still in love with you," adding on that he supposes he never should have told her, especially after asking her to find a way to save Marian. Regina states that that is not why she's avoiding him, to which Robin steps in front of his true love, grabs her hands, and asks why she can't even look him in the eye. "Because I don't know how to tell you the truth," to which Robin replies Regina can tell him anything. "I've read every spell book in my possession, experimented with every potion in my vault, even tried to defeat the Snow Queen so I can force her to reverse the spell, but... nothing I do seems good enough." "It will be, Regina," the thief assures, "I have faith in you. You will figure out a way eventually." But the formerly Evil Queen tells her true love that that is what she's trying to tell him - she's not sure she can figure it out. Robin appears heartbroken; Regina apologizes, but tells him if he truly wants to save Marian, then he's going to have to forget about her, and find a way to fall in love with his wife again. The expression on Robin's face is of a broken heart; Regina walks away from him, heartbroken as well.

406 15
Rumple and the Snow Queen for OTP.

"You can show yourself, dearie," Rumplestiltskin calls from a different part of the Storybrooke woods, adding that he's not the one who she's hiding from. The Snow Queen makes herself visible, leaning against a tree, replying to Rumple that he is indeed not. Mr. Gold turns to Ingrid with a devious smile on his face, to which the Snow Queen wonders, "To what do I owe this intrusion?" "A warning," Rumple replies, adding on that Emma is on to the snow magician, knowing their history began long before she came to Storybrooke. Ingrid states that she's aware, asking the Dark One if he really thinks she would have found out if she didn't want her to, "It's all part of my plan, a plan you thankfully know little about." Rumple comments that she's awfully secretive, to which Ingrid replies the Dark One didn't come to warn her, but to instead find out her secrets. "Or to offer up a deal," Rumple corrects, "whatever suits you best." The Snow Queen turns with a smile on her face. The Dark One adds on that if she declines, however, she should be careful. Ingrid begins circling the sorcerer, "There it is, there's the warning. You want something out of me? Why don't you just ask for it?" "If I wanted something out of you, dearie, believe me, I'd take it," the Dark One makes clear. Ingrid tells him that he can't, however, otherwise he would, "You and I both know, to get what you want, you need one thing that I have, and you're sorely lacking - leverage." Rumple turns to the Snow Queen, clearly unamused. Ingrid continues, stating that until he gets leverage, she has a warning for him too - stay out of her way.

Back at the pawn shop, Belle quickly opens up a bureau, pulling out a coat and tossing it onto the table; she also grabs a pair of boots. She looks around, clearly out of breath, and notices something - a pickax. She grabs it, looks down at it, and says to herself, "Don't worry, Anna, I will find you!"

406 16

In Arendelle of the past, Belle and Anna trek through a mountain scenery, in Belle's bag she carries the same pickax as seen in the present day. To break the silence, the redheaded princess brings up overhearing that Belle lost her mother. Belle confirms this, "in the ogres war." Anna gives her condolences, before adding that she lost her's too, saying that there are no words. "No there are not," Belle agrees, adding that especially when you don't know what happened, "I was hoping the rock trolls could restore my memories, so then I can finally be at peace." Anna warns her new friend that sometimes the answer isn't what you want. "Which is what?" Belle asks, to which Anna replies, "The one that makes you feel better," but also adding if Grand Pabbie can get her what she needs, she'll make sure he does. Belle thanks the ginger, as the two come to stand before a large mountain. They look up; Belle asking what happens now, to which Anna replies that they now have to climb. Belle appears to not believe this, but chooses to go along with it. Anna removes the pickax from Belle's bag, and uses it to try and pull herself up onto a rock. She slips, however, falling down, letting out a scream as she does so. Belle helps her get herself together, asking if she's okay. "Kristoff makes this look easy," the ginger exclaims. Belle notices a round container that rolls from Anna's possession. She picks it up, but Anna sees this and cautions her to be careful, taking it from the brunette. Belle wonders what's in it, and Anna reveals that it's a hat which can strip the magic of the most powerful sorcerers. Belle asks why she'd have such a thing, to which Anna confesses she stole it from an evil sorcerer back in the Enchanted Forest, "I went to him for help with my sister, but things didn't go exactly according to plan." Anna says, getting up; Belle hands her her bag, and then asks what happened, and who is this person. Anna states that she'd rather not get into it, cautioning Belle that the less she know, the better, "I just pray you never cross paths with that twisted man," the ginger princess says as she starts hiking up the mountain.

406 17
Belle commands her husband.

Back in present day Storybrooke, Rumplestiltskin enters his shop. "Belle," he exclaims, seeing his wife all dressed up, holding her pickax, "where are you headed?" he asks. Belle reveals she is on her way to the North Woods where the Snow Queen is hiding. Gold wonders what business she has with her, to which Belle also reveals she has to fix a mistake she made a long time ago. Rumple wonders what she's talking about, but Belle tells her husband she is unable to tell him, as he wouldn't understand. "Whether or not that's true, the fact remains that she defeated both Emma and Regina, she is far more dangerous than you realize," Rumple makes clear. Belle states that she knows this, which is why she was hoping Gold would come with her. Rumple apologizes, but tells Belle that that is out of the question, for he won't let her anywhere near Ingrid. Belle puts the pickax down, exclaiming that she was worried Rumple would say that, because she really didn't want to do this, and with that, she removes the fake dagger from her bag, which she still believes to be real. Rumple turns around and sees this, "Belle, I gave you that dagger because I trusted you, because I thought you would never want to control me." Belle says she knows, and she is sorry, but if he wouldn't come with her willingly, then there was no other choice. She then approaches him, holding up the dagger and says, "Take me to the Snow Queen."

Act IV

406 18
Voodoo witchcraft nonsense.

Back at the ice cream truck in the woods of Storybrooke, Emma is still searching through the file Ingrid kept on the Savior. She reveals to Hook that it appears the Snow Queen was her foster mother for six months, the longest time she's ever stayed in one place, and she has absolutely no memory of it. The pirate asks his girlfriend if she's alright, to which she replies she is, as it was all just a long time ago. Hook suggests maybe the wounds from when she was young cared to linger; the Savior asks how would he know. "Believe it or not, I was once a child," Hook replies, to which Emma jokes that it was like a million years ago, but Hook corrects it was about two hundred. Emma opens up a folder where she finds a painting with her name signed at the bottom. Hook asks what it is, thus leading Emma to explain. He wonders why she finds it so surprising, to which the Savior reveals it's not the only one - the Snow Queen has a whole file of her old art projects and essays, just like the one she has for Henry. "You don't keep stuff like this unless you care about someone," Emma says, pulling out a birthday card from the file. Hooks suggests maybe the Snow Queen wasn't simply using her, but grew fond of her over time. Emma states that the feeling must have been mutual, reading the card aloud: "Thank you for being the family I never had. Love, Emma." The Savior is confused, having no memory of writing such card; Hook comments that it appears they were close once. Emma is still confused though, as Ingrid did erase all of her memories so something must have happened that ruined their close relationship, and there must be a clue as to why. "Perhaps there is," Hook states, picking up the scroll, "if you can read hieroglyphs." Emma looks over the scroll, finally concluding that this isn't from their world, thus wondering what the Snow Queen was doing with her.

406 19
Belle commands Rumple to wait outside.

Somewhere else in the woods of Storybrooke, Rumple and Belle approach the Snow Lair. When seeing the iced cave, Belle asks her husband if this is it, if this is where Ingrid is hiding. Rumple confirms this, but adds that she is not home, for he does not sense her magic. "Good," Belle tells her husband before telling him to stay as lookout while she goes in. Rumple tries to stop her, stating that she's not going in there alone. The beautiful brunette assures the Dark One that she won't be in there long, she just needs to find something. She starts entering the cave, but Rumple continues questioning her motives, wondering what she could possibly want from the Snow Queen's lair. "A hat," Belle reveals, "one that can strip a magical being of their powers." Rumple comments that it "sounds like a remarkable object, almost too good to be true, which it probably is", all the well knowing that it is true. Belle assures the Dark One that it isn't, and she knows Ingrid has it, which is why she needs to get it from her, "It's the only way to force her to tell us where Anna is." Rumple wonders why Belle is so invested in a girl she's never even met, to which his wife replies "because a hero always helps strangers," she then holds up the dagger, commanding him to keep watch, stating that she will call out for him if she needs any help, and with that she enters the Snow Queen's cave.

406 20
Memories in a rock.

In Arendelle of the past, Belle and Anna make their way to the Valley of the Living Rock, home of all the rock-trolls. The ginger princess calls out for Grand Pabbie, the leader of the species. The rock-troll, in a round rock formation, rolls over to his soon to be in-law of sorts and greets her, wondering if she has come to tell them the new wedding date, as he has been working on his speech. In the background, Belle appears a bit startled by the creature. Anna tells him not yet, but they can get into that later. Instead, she wants to first of all introduce the rock-troll to her friend, Belle, who has come a long way to see him. Belle approaches Pabbie, kneeling down, exclaiming that it's an honor to meet him, before shaking his hand. She tries to explain her reasons for coming, but Pabbie, already knowing, tells her that he can help her regain the memories of her mother. He then waves his hand turning the memories of Colette into the form of a stone. The troll tells Belle to take the stone to the place she lost her memories and brew a tea with the stone in the kettle; when she drinks it, her memories will return. Belle thanks Grand Pabbie, standing up and rejoining Anna, whom she also thanks, stating that she owes her as well, then asking how she can repay her. Anna assures the brunette beauty that she doesn't have to, as having a friend was payment enough, but she just needs a moment alone with Pabbie; she assures she'll be quick. Belle understands and steps off to the side.

406 21
Annabelle must warn Elsa of Ingrid's secrets.

"What can I help you with, dear?" Grand Pabbie asks. Anna reveals that some woman is claiming to be her aunt, but she just doesn't believe her, as her mother would've told her if she had a sister. Pabbie hesitantly reveals that the former Queen of Arendelle actually had two sisters. The revelation of having two unmentioned aunts shocks the ginger, who begins asking many questions, all of which Grand Pabbie answers he was sworn to secrecy. Anna begs her future in-law that she's in much need of answers. Pabbie sighs, revealing that her mother Gerda was the youngest, then the middle was Helga, and Ingrid was the oldest. As children, the three girls were quite close, often seeing playing in the royal gardens, but then one day Helga and Ingrid vanished, and no one ever knew what happened to them. It was a tragedy the royal family wanted to forget - and they did - with Pabbie's help. "You took the memories of everyone in Arendelle?" Anna asked, shocked. Pabbie confirms this, also adding that the royal family erased mention of Helga and Ingrid from every book and record they could find in their realm. Anna then wonders why Ingrid didn't tell her what happened, or that she had another sister, as she stands up. Pabbie states that those are questions she would have to ask her aunt. "Like she would tell me," Anna exclaims, "if she's keeping these secrets then who knows what else she's hiding?" she asks, before realizing that she has to warn Elsa. The royal ginger then calls out to Belle, telling her that they have to go. The brunette beauty asks if everything's okay, to which Anna replies she doesn't think, it's her aunt and she's up to something, and with that the women take off.

406 22
Mirror, mirror on thy wall, who the creepiest of them all.

Back in present day Storybrooke, Belle is seen making her way through the Snow Lair, wrapping her arms around herself in an attempt to stay warm. "The hat must be in here somewhere," she says to herself, walking around the icy cave. Suddenly she hears a voice call out "Belle." The brunette beauty looks around, only to hear it again, and again, and again. The voice starts calling out "over here, Belle." She begins looking around in a circle until something catches her sight - something mysteriously hidden under a sheet. The voice calls her towards it, and once close enough, Belle removes the sheet, revealing a mirror. "Hello, Belle," her own reflection calls out to her, startling the brunette beauty who jumps back in fear. "I was hoping you'd find me," the reflection says with an evil smile on its face. Belle just looks at her evil talking reflection in horror.

Act V

406 23
Belle fails to save Anna.

Back in Arendelle of the past, Belle and Anna walk on the steep and narrow hill. Belle exclaims that she wishes she didn't have to wait to use this, referring to the stone, but Anna assures the brunette beauty that she'll be home before she knows it, as once they get to town she'll have her on the first ship back to the Enchanted Forest. However, the two gals are soon hit by a gust of wind. "If ships are even setting sail," Belle exclaims, pointing out that it looks like a storm is moving in. A worried Anna reveals she doesn't think it's a storm, to which Belle asks what else she thinks it could be. "My aunt," exclaims the royal ginger, "I don't think my aunt wants me to tell my sister what I found out." Belle then questions if Ingrid has all this magic and all Anna has is good intentions then what are they going to do. Anna reveals that she has more than good intentions, but that she has this, referring to the round container containing that Sorcerer's hat which she pulls from her bag. The royal ginger exclaims that the Snow Queen can't hurt them if she doesn't have magic. However, Ingrid begs to differ, as she uses her magic, causing a gust of wind, throwing Anna to the ground. Belle is thrown as well, and the stone is released from her possession, landing on the edge of a rock. As she tries to reach for it, Anna calls out to her, barely hanging on to the edge of a rock; she screams that she can't hold on much longer. Belle, determined to get that stone, tells the royal ginger to hold on, as she'll be right there, but continues to try to grab the stone. Anna screams for her to hurry, but Belle goes for the stone, however, she misses and it rolls off the rock, falling down the hill and breaks into a bunch of pieces. This saddens the brunette beauty, but she goes back for Anna, reaching out her hand for the royal ginger to grab. There is not enough time, however, as Anna slips and falls to the ground unconscious. Belle watches nervously as Ingrid comes out of hiding and approaches the knocked out girl, removing the round container which holds the hat from her niece's bag. Belle screams for the Snow Queen to leave her friend alone, but Ingrid merely replies, "You'll have to excuse us, but this is family business," and with that, she uses her magic, poofing herself and Anna away, leaving Belle to watch.

406 24
Deep down, Belle knows the beast she's dealing with.

In the woods of present day Storybrooke, inside the Snow Lair, Belle looks at her talking reflection in the magic mirror, in absolute horror. The reflection exclaims that she's surprised that Belle was brave enough to come in here. The brunette beauty replies, in a scared tone, that she had to find a way to help Anna. The reflection wonders why, pointing out that Belle never seemed to care much for the girl before. Belle argues that that is not true, but the reflection begs to differ, reminding her that she chose that rock over her because she just had to remember what happened to her mother, no matter what the cost. Belle says she made a mistake, but she didn't mean to "ruin someone's life?" the reflection interrupts, commenting that it certainly wasn't her most heroic moment, not that she's ever really been hero material. Belle begs the reflection to stop, but it goes on, stating that everyone sees her for what she really is - a pathetic coward. The reflection then asks why she thinks the Dark One married her, if she thought it was for love. The reflection states that Rumple needed someone weak, someone he could manipulate. Belle refuses to believe this, however, holding up the dagger, stating that he gave her this. The reflection can't help but laugh, asking if she truly thinks that is real, adding that, "Deep down, you know the beast you're dealing with." Belle doesn't know how else to respond. Rumple then enters the lair in search of his wife, alerting her that the Snow Queen is returning to her cave. When he notices Belle staring into the possessed mirror, he steps in front of her, trying to gain her attention. His wife does not appear happy as she raises the dagger. Rumple tells Belle to look at him and not into the mirror, and that they have to leave. However, Belle doesn't listen to a word that comes out of his mouth, instead she shanks him in the neck with the dagger, seemingly having gone out of control. Rumple manages to grab a hold of his wife, who screams for him to let her go. He assures her that she doesn't know what she is doing, and then uses his magic to quickly poof the two of them out of the Snow Lair and back into the pawn shop.

406 25
Belle apologizes for wronging Rumple, not knowing she's not the only one who needs to.

Belle continues screaming for the Dark One to let her go, and he exclaims that everything's alright at they're back in the shop. "No," Belle exclaims, realizing that she commanded Rumple to stay outside the cave and he didn't listen, thus meaning the dagger really is a fake. However, Rumple lies in attempt to keep this ruse going by saying Belle told him to keep watch, which he did because he came to get her as Ingrid was nearing the cave. The brunette beauty believes this, and then realizes what she has done when she sees the cut on Rumple's neck. Shocked by this, she drops the dagger, prepared to break down at the thought of harming her true love. She drops to the ground in tears, apologizing to Rumple, who assures her it's okay. Belle reveals all that happened with the mirror, and that the reflection told her the dagger he gave her is a fake. Rumple assures the brunette beauty that everything that mirror said was a lie, as it is embedded with the darkest of magic and he knows Belle would never wrong him. However, Belle reveals she has wronged him, as she has been keeping a terrible secret from him. She comes clean to Rumple that she's the reason Anna is missing, and that she didn't want to tell anyone until she could make things right. However, she failed and all she managed to do was abuse the dagger and take advantage of Rumple, her true love. The brunette beauty then states she doesn't even know if she deserves to be with him anymore. Rumple assures her, however, that she was only doing what she thought was right. "You forgive me?" Belle asks, surprised. "Of course I do," her husband replies as the two embrace in a hug. Rumple thanks her for telling him everything, and Belle thanks him for understanding, adding that she never should have kept a secret from him, especially when she knows he'd never keep one from her. Belle tells the Dark One that she loves him, and he does the same.

Act VI

406 26
Having learned the truth about her mother's passing, Belle decides she wants to be a hero.

In the fairytale land that was, Belle arrives back at her castle, entering her chambers, only to see her father, Maurice, standing next to the burning fire in the fireplace. As she puts her belongings down, Belle exclaims that she thought he would be asleep. Maurice reveals he hasn't slept in days, wondering how could he, when she hadn't left with so much as a goodbye. He then asks if his daughter found what she was looking for, to which she reveals she didn't, accepting that she should have just left things alone, as the trip was a huge mistake. Maurice finally admits, however, that it was him who had made the huge mistake, for he knows what happened during the ogre attack. This shocks Belle; Maurice states he didn't want to add to her grief, but that when the ogres stormed the library where she and her mother had been working, the guards heard the commotion and rushed in, saw the ogres were about to attack, but Colette stood between the ogres and Belle, giving the guards enough time to pull Belle away, but when they returned for Colette, she was already dead. Belle realizes her mother sacrificed her life for her; Maurice states she loved her so much, as does he, and he doesn't know what he would do if she was eaten by an ogre on the road. Belle is shocked to hear the ogres have reached the roads; she hurries to her window to look out and see if any destruction has been caused. Maurice tells her not to fret, as they have soldiers who will fight them, but Belle fears they will just slow the creatures down. She then states they need someone who can stop them once and for all. Maurice wonders who such person could be, thus leading Belle to reveal that on her journey, she did some reading and came to learn of a powerful wizard who may just help them. “His name is-,” but Maurice cuts her off, already knowing who she is speaking of and he dare not speak the name. Belle states that she knows magic always comes with a price, but if her mother's death taught her anything, it's that sometimes heroes must sacrifice everything, and she will do whatever she can to save their land and if that means summoning Rumplestiltskin, then so be it.

406 27
Rumple has found his leverage.

Back in present day Storybrooke, Rumplestiltskin arrives back at the Snow Lair where the Snow Queen is sat. The Dark One exclaims that they have a problem, as he caught a glimpse of her mirror today. Ingrid comments that it's rather impressive, and that she had no idea Rumple's bride would be so easy to turn. "Watch yourself," the Dark One orders, defending his wife. He then adds that he doesn't know when she plans on using this mirror, but he will not let her use it to harm those he cares about, to which Ingrid argues back that she won't let him derail her plan since he suddenly became sentimental. Rumple reminds her that she only gets one warning, but Ingrid states it's one more than he gets, as she cannot promise who will and will not survive. The Dark One then tells the Snow Queen that she was wrong before. "That you needed leverage to get what you want?" "No, that I didn't have it," and with that, Rumple snaps his fingers, poofing up the Sorcerer's hat, much to Ingrid's surprise. She asks where he got that, but the Dark One brushes it off as irrelevant, but now that he has it, they can have a real talk. He warns her that she may want to reconsider her position because he doubts she'd like to end up as just another embroidery on the hat, "Looks like you just lost your leverage, dearie."

406 28
So yeah, she's dead scary...

In Arendelle of the past, Ingrid stands in the dungeons of the royal castle. "Anna, it's time to wake up, dear," she exclaims, awakening the royal ginger who was asleep in a cell. The princess slowly sits up, still a bit groggy. She wonders where she is, to which the Snow Queen replies "exactly where you belong." Anna finally realizes what's going on and jumps up, ratting the cell doors. She tells her aunt that she can't just keep her locked in here, as Elsa won't stand for it. "Even when she finds out what you were planning to do to her?" Ingrid asks. Anna's confused, so Ingrid continues, coming up with a lie that Anna planned on using the Sorcerer's hat to strip Elsa of her magic. Anna argues that that's not why she had it, but Ingrid wonders why she didn't tell Elsa about it. Anna reveals she didn't know how to tell her sister the truth, that she found it with a man her parents sought out to help strip Elsa of her powers. "And you're following in their footsteps," Ingrid replies. Anna claims she wasn't going to use it on Elsa or anyone until Ingrid attacked her. The royal ginger reveals that the rock trolls told her about what she's been hiding, that she and her mother have another sister. "The rock trolls shouldn't talk about things they don't understand," Ingrid replies. "So it's true, what happened to her?" But Ingrid won't say, stating that some secrets are better left buried. Anna doesn't understand though, wandering what it is what Ingrid wants. The Snow Queen reveals that it's what she always wanted, a family that would embrace her for who she was - and for a brief moment, she thought the three of them (he, Anna, and Elsa) could be that family, but Anna proved that wrong, as she has nothing in common with her and Elsa - she's the odd one out. She then states she'll have to find someone else to take Anna's place.

406 29
Belle explains Ingrid wants to kill everyone with the Spell of Shattered Sight; except Emma and Elsa, who will make up her perfect family.

In the sheriff's station in present day Storybrooke, Emma learns from the Ice Queen that, according to a heredity book from the library, Ingrid is her aunt. Elsa shows the family tree to Emma, revealing that the Snow Queen's name is Ingrid and she is as surprised as the savior is because she didn't know her mother had any sisters. Hook makes a comment that once you spend quite a bit of time in this town, you learn that just about everyone is related. The two blondes smile at the remark, and Elsa goes on to show Emma the images of her mother, her other maternal aunt, Helga, and then Ingrid. This shocks Hook, who states the middle princess looks just like Emma, then wondering if maybe that's why the Snow Queen was so obsessed with her, and why she kept all those relics from her childhood. Elsa begins to unroll the scroll they found, as Emma states there's more blondes than just her, to which Hook makes a comment that he sure knows that. Elsa then reveals, having read the scroll, that Ingrid wasn't looking for a blonde, but the savior. The scroll states Emma's name as the savior, thus surprising Emma that the Snow Queen knew all of this. Elsa then continues reading the scroll and learning that it states the savior shall become Ingrid's third sister. Emma wonders what that means, to which Elsa replies that since Gerda and Helga died, the Snow Queen is looking to replace them with Elsa and Emma. Before Emma can reply, Belle enters the station, looking for Elsa. She apologizes to her, and finally confesses that she's been keeping a secret from her, that she knew Anna and that the royal ginger helped her once, but when she had a chance to help her in return, she let her down, and because she did, she was captured by the Snow Queen. This shocks Elsa, who asks when and where this happened. Belle tells her it was a very long time ago in Arendelle, but she's afraid they have a more pressing concern. Belle goes on to tell of the Snow Queen's magical mirror that is embedded with the most terrible of magic. Hook wonders why they can't just smash it, but Belle states it's not that simple, as Rumple told her it was part of an awful spell - the Spell of Shattered Sight, "If she casts it, it's magic will make everyone in Storybrooke turn on one another," Belle reveals. Hook realizes the whole town would destroy itself; Belle adds there'd be no one left; and Emma adds except her, Ingrid, and Elsa. Belle wonders why she'd spare them, to which Emma shows Belle the prophecy, Elsa stating the Snow Queen just wants it to be the three of them, Emma adding that it'd be her perfect family.


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The episode saw a 4% increase from the previous outing, posting 2.6/7 among 18-49s, with 7.54 million viewers tuning. It was also the evening's top rated scripted program.[2]


  • In a review from Entertainment Weekly, Hilary Busis notes that "OUAT has a fondness for refrains and recurring motifs: "magic always comes with a price," magically-inflicted memory loss, "evil isn't born, it's made," quests to obtain Very Important Objects that come up once and are never spoken of again, "I will always find you," serious mommy issues. It shouldn't come as much of a shock, then, to find out that, like many an antagonist before her, Frostine—sorry, Ingrid—is nothing more than a disgruntled outcast looking for a place to belong. It is, however, a little bit of a letdown to learn that her motivation is so similar to Zelena's; it would've been nice for the show to give us at least another half-season before mining this same material once more."[3]
  • Amy Ratcliffe of IGN rated the episode 6.0 out of 10, saying "While tonight's Once happily made forward progress with the Snow Queen's story (and it was fascinating), it didn't resonate in other areas. The dialogue between Belle and Elsa and Belle and Anna was weak, and Belle's development seems to be taking steps backwards.[4]
  • TV Fanatic gave the episode 4.6 out of 5 stars.[5]


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