Once Upon a Time 4x09
November 30, 2014
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"Fall" is the 75th episode of Once Upon a Time.


As the spell of Shattered Sight approaches Storybrooke, Mary Margaret and David rally the residents to prepare for the curse while Belle and the fairies work together on an antidote. Gold, with Hook as his reluctant servant, sets about an exit strategy of his own. Regina and Robin Hood ready themselves for the worst while, with the help of a locator spell, Emma and Elsa search desperately for Anna. In Arendelle, Anna and Kristoff awaken to find that their kingdom is once again in danger.


Previously on Once Upon a Time...

Ingrid decides to embrace being a monster and so freezes Anna and Kristoff where they stand, as well as the entirety of Arendelle. ("Smash the Mirror") Elsa and Emma realize that Ingrid wants to make it so that just the three of them are left alive: her perfect family. ("Family Business") As their ship sinks, the Queen of Arendelle, whilst writing a letter, tells the King of Arendelle that their daughters, Anna and Elsa, must know the truth. She realizes that they might not make it home, but this note could, and so it's rolled up, put into a bottle and hurled into the raging sea. ("A Tale of Two Sisters") The Snow Queen tells Mr. Gold in his shop that she's figured out his plan - he wants to cleave himself from the dagger. ("The Snow Queen") In her ice lair, the Snow Queen tells Mr. Gold that her mirror is complete, and she can finally cast a spell over all of Storybrooke; she is then seen using Emma and Elsa's magic, harnessed through her yellow ribbons, to smash the mirror and cause a storm cloud to burst forth, ready to consume the town and shatter everyone's sight. ("Smash the Mirror")


409 01
A new deal is made.

The magic storm cloud that is the Spell of Shattered Sight can be seen drifting its way across the sky as Ingrid stands watching from the forest, smiling to herself. Mr. Gold can then be seen approaching, standing beside his old acquaintance and commending her on a job well done, then pointing out that it appears she's won. Ingrid comments how big of him it was to admit that, but also says that it's a welcome change, for the Dark One is usually so confrontational. He prefers the term "reasonable", and tells the Snow Queen that he'd like to make a deal. She assures him that he has nothing that she wants, but he argues otherwise, saying; "This spell of yours, when it hits, a few hours from now?" "Sundown." "Sundown, yes... it'll bring out the darkness of everyone in this town." Ingrid is amused by this, revealing to her enemy that it will do more than that: they will tear themselves apart until everyone is dead. Now Gold is amused, telling her that not everyone will die, before going on to explain what she stands to gain from this deal: "You'll have what you want - you alone with your 'sisters' Elsa and Emma, doing who knows what, and I'll be here too, spending every waking moment of my immortal life trying to rip your heart out." It is now that Ingrid realizes the Dark One really does have something to offer, wondering what he wants, and he says that he wants to leave. The Snow Queen is confused, thinking that they already made this deal, which Gold confirms, appending that he has an eye for a loophole and he thinks he's spotted hers: his wife and grandson will be destroyed by this spell, so he wants her to allow them to leave with him; she spares the two of them, and he spares her misery - "Do we have a deal?" The Snow Queen considers this, then turning to him and telling him to enjoy his trip. Satisfied, he turns his attention to the storm cloud above, prompting Ingrid to return to doing the same.

409 02
Dun dun dun...

Through binoculars, the storm cloud is also monitored by Elsa, who's standing in the open-windowed clock tower along with Emma, Regina, Mary Margaret, David, Hook, Henry and Grumpy. She hands the binoculars to Mary Margaret as she comes to terms with the fact that her aunt is actually doing this; "The Spell of Shattered Sight..." Mary Margaret utters as David takes control of the binoculars, saying that they should head to the mines and the vault and take shelter there. Regina reminds the prince that this is magic they're dealing with, and it cares not for ceilings; it's started. Hook wonders how long they have until it takes effect, and Regina looks through the binoculars, studying the cloud momentarily, before estimating that it should be complete by sundown - "By sundown everyone in this town will start tearing each other apart." "Okay," says Emma, "The answer is simple... let's not be in town."

409 03
Brute force? More like #BruteFail.

We are shown the large ice wall which stands tall at the town line, surrounding Storybrooke's whole perimeter, as everyone who was in the clock tower now stands before it. Regina comments that the savior's idea is hardly an elegant solution, but Emma argues that there's nothing wrong with brute force if it works. Grumpy theorizes that, if they can get over, they can build a frame and get people out one at a time, and as David loads his arm with rope in preparation to climb, his wife warns him to be careful. He strokes her arm in reassurance, taking out a pickaxe and approaching the giant barrier; he proceeds to take one good hack at the thing, but this causes a spire of ice to rise from the ground, knocking him down as the whole thing rumbles and shakes violently, not wanting people to be able to get past it. David's loved ones look worried for him and quickly run to help, asking if he's okay, but he appears fine, getting to his feet. Regina remarks that it looks like that wall doesn't care much for their brute force and, as Elsa approaches, she notices a crack in the surface of the base forming; the ice then splits apart, and inside we see Anna's necklace lying there.

409 04
Anna's necklace is found.

Astounded, Elsa reaches down and picks it up, leading Emma to warn her to stay back for the wall could "go off" again. As she steps away, Elsa reveals that she's found her sister's necklace; she thought it was gone... it's like a miracle. Emma says she's glad the Ice Queen found it but points out that sentimentality is not worth risking one's life over. However, Elsa is adamant that it's a sign - a sign that they're going to win - and Regina sarcastically asks if everyone is into this "hope thing" now. Emma tells the group that if they are going to win then they need to stop wasting time, instructing her mother, father and Leroy to go and tell everyone what's going on because, when this goes down, everyone needs to be separated from their loved ones if they don't want to hurt each other. She then turns to Killian and tells him to head to the docks, for they could use boats to get people out, and Regina says that she's going to go warn Robin Hood, as his camp isn't far from where they are.

409 05
Sh*t be gettin' real.

Emma tells her that that's a good idea, before stating that she and Elsa are going to go talk to Gold and see if he can help. She tells Henry to come with them, but Regina refuses to let him go, saying that he is to stay with her for she's his best chance. Elsa points out that that may not be true, believing that she and Emma are immune, and Regina grows confused, wanting to know how. Elsa explains that she thinks the yellow ribbons that have been forced onto their wrists protect them; if the Snow Queen wants them to be her sisters then the curse won't affect them. Emma adds that she should definitely watch Henry, but again Regina refuses, pointing out that Emma is part of this nutjob's plan and she wants Henry near her for as long as it's safe for him. Henry assures his biological mother that he'll be fine with his adoptive one, and Emma gives him a smile before hugging him, telling him to be careful. "We gotta go," Regina says, looking up, "This is happening now." The spell continues to swarm its way across the sky.


Act I

409 06
Belle does exposition now.

Over at Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer, Emma asks Belle, who's reading up on the Spell of Shattered Sight, if she's having any luck; however, Belle answers negatively, regretfully informing she and Elsa that this curse appears to be pretty much unstoppable, but the one thing she did find is that there may be a way to undo the effects from anyone it touches. Elsa says that that's wonderful, and Belle explains that it seems that when somebody's been touched by the spell you can use them to undo it. With a strand of their hair, you can make some sort of counter-spell, like a vaccine. "My sister..." Elsa realizes, to Emma's confusion, and the Ice Queen continues in recalling that her aunt said Anna put her in that urn; she didn't believe her because Anna would never do such a thing... unless she was under that spell. She says that they have to go to her, but Belle points out that she still doesn't know where she is. Elsa knows this, but remembers Belle saying that if she had something of Anna's then they could use a locator spell to find her; well, now she has something of hers.

409 07
Hope is instilled within Elsa.

She takes out a small, blue, drawstring pouch and pours the contents into her hand: Anna's necklace. She hands it to Belle ("Sometimes sentimentality pays off." "Point: Elsa," Emma concedes) who inspects it under some sort of magnifying glass, seeing that there's mirror dust in it, actually embedded in the metal, and Elsa concludes that she was right, Anna was under that spell. So, if they find Anna... she can save everyone. Belle offers to round up the fairies so that they can set up shop somewhere close and figure out how to make the counter-spell, and Elsa thanks her, tears of joy welling up in her eyes. She then says that they should go, but Emma, ever the pessimist, makes sure that her friend realizes that this is a long shot, pointing out that she was time traveling when she brought her to this realm and when Anna disappeared it was... "Thirty years ago, I know," Elsa finishes for her, "But she's okay, she has to be. And I don't care how old she is, she can save us." "Okay then," Emma says, "We're relying on mirror dust and fairies, but now we have a plan, which is progress. Let's go find your sister."

409 08
The Snow Queen's spell wears off. Never mind why.

In Arendelle, the ice encasing Anna and Elsa's palace begins to melt away, along with the rest of the kingdom; the Snow Queen's spell is finally wearing off. Inside, Anna herself, as well as Kristoff, also unfreeze, with the former shaking with coldness and exclaiming, "Holy cats that is cold!" Kristoff folds his arms, aching terribly, and responds that ice is like that, or so he's noticed. Anna then notices that the urn, having been right there, is now gone, and so is Elsa and her aunt. Kristoff recalls seeing Anna with it, but Anna retorts that now it's missing and Elsa is in it; she just needs to find her and let her out and let her know she didn't mean it. "What's that?" Kristoff asks, looking down at his fiancée's feet, and Anna bends down to pick up... straw. A strand of golden straw. This leads her to realize that Rumplestiltskin has been there, and she concludes that her aunt doesn't have the urn... he does. Kristoff points out that she is literally hanging a big assumption on a really tiny piece of straw, but Anna argues that it makes sense, for the Dark One would never let someone walk off with something he values; she should have known he'd follow her. Kristoff wonders if this is good news or not, and Anna tells him not to worry because she knows how to get to him - they can handle him, in fact - and, even if they can't, they can figure out a way how to.

409 09
The new King of Arendelle (lol?).

"Elsa is the only one who can rule Arendelle!" "I beg to differ," says Hans, also unfrozen, as he enters the dining room along with three of his twelve brothers, including Franz and Jurgen. Anna asks her ex-fiancé what he's doing there, and he replies that he's hearing her confess that she attacked the reigning queen and then lost her to another land; "That... sounds like treason to me, doesn't it guys?" he asks, and his brothers nod. "And I sang with you!" Anna yells in annoyance, causing Kristoff to grow confused and Hans' brothers to start laughing at him. Ignoring her, Hans tells she and Kristoff that they're both under arrest under his order as the new King of Arendelle. Anna is confused, and he explains that they were all frozen but now that her sister's spell has worn off no one will argue with a new, benevolent leader such as himself. Anna assures him that it wasn't Elsa who cast the spell, but he steps in close, pointing out that nobody's going to believe that. She looks deeply hateful, and Kristoff suddenly outstretches his hands, telling Hans that he's got them.

409 10
Anna and Kristoff manage to escape.

Anna looks to him, outstretching her hands also, as one of Hans' brothers approaches with rope to bind their wrists. However, the next look the engaged couple shares is a signal and, quickly, they begin to attack. Kristoff grabs his pickaxe from the table and rams it into the rope-bearing brother's leg, causing him to crumple to the ground in pain. Anna grabs another brother by the arms and uses the rope that he himself bears to bind his wrists before leading him downwards with it, throwing him to the floor as well. She then takes the sword out of the third brother's sheath and wields it against him, holding it to his throat as Hans reaches for his own weapon. He stops when his sword is halfway out, seeing that this brief battle is over, and allows Anna and Kristoff to go, warning his other brothers not to try and get up and re-attack. Slowly, the royal redhead turns, and she and her fiancé soon start running from the room. A brother yells for them to stop and the other two try to give chase, however, the princess and the ice man shut the door before the brothers can pass, slotting the sword in between the handles so that it can't be opened. They proceed to hastily exit the palace together.

409 11
No fleeing by boat...

Back in Storybrooke, Hook can be seen pointing his telescope out at sea, watching as more of the ice wall starts to rise from the water, leading him to say to himself that there will be no fleeing by boat then. "This Snow Queen is good, isn't she?" asks Mr. Gold, who's sitting on a bench at the docks next to the pirate, who briefly looks towards the Dark One hatefully. Gold tells Hook to sit, and Hook is compelled to do so; Gold taps the satchel by his foot, advising the pirate not to forget where his heart lies (implicating that Hook's actual heart is inside said satchel) before revealing that he has a job for him to do. "You remember how this works," Rumple says, using magic to make the sorcerer's hat appear on the bench next to him in box form. "That... Not Emma!" Hook begs, but his master tells him that he's not after the savior this time, for he has a better plan. He goes on to explain that Granny's Diner has been converted into a temporary hive for the vilest of creatures; pious little fleas. Hook realizes that he's talking about the fairies, and Gold continues in saying that, just like any flying pests, if you want to eliminate the infestation, it's important to get them all. Doing so will infuse the hat with enough power to allow him to cleave himself from the dagger and then leave this town with his own powers in tact; "A suddenly urgent undertaking, now, will you assist me?"

409 12
Hook is forced to do as the Dark One wishes.

"You have my heart, you know I can't refuse," Hook says angrily, and Rumple confirms this, amused, telling the pirate that there's a more difficult part to the plan: his wife his just called him to inform him that she intends to spend the day sequestered amongst said fleas so he needs Hook to stand by while he gets her out of the way. "But the fairies are working to stop the spell," says Hook, then realizing that Gold plans on killing the cure. He tells the Dark One that if he goes through with this then he's condemning the whole town, as well as his own grandson, to whatever happens. It is then that Gold explains that he's not leaving Henry; he will take him and he will take Belle and he will leave this town to its fate. "But Emma and everyone else..." utters Hook, leading Gold to say that he doesn't have time for everyone else, and if he has to choose between everyone else and himself, then himself wins every time. "You can clench your jaw and flash your eyes all you wish, because it doesn't change the fact," he takes his dagger out of his coat and waves it over the hat box, causing it to unlock, "We're in this together." The hat stands fully-formed on the bench, and Hook stares at the Dark One with pure hatred in his eyes.

Act II

409 13
Hi Will.

Robin Hood can be seen embracing his son, Roland, beside a campfire centered in the Merry Men's camp in the woods. The other Merry Men are around, going about their day, as Regina watches her true love from nearby, Henry at her side. With a heavy heart, she approaches, and her adoptive son follows. Robin is now quizzing Roland on the different parts of an arrow, such as the light, but when the famed thief spots the former Evil Queen he tells his son to stay where he is as he gets up to talk to her, wondering the circumstances surrounding this visit. Regina quickly reveals that "it's happening", referring to the Spell of Shattered Sight, and warns him that he and his men need to scatter; all together like this with all these weapons would mean that they'd kill each other once the spell hits. "Will!" Robin calls, "Will Scarlet!" And, with that, Will Scarlet pokes his head from out of the closest tent, telling Robin that there's no need to yell because he's right there.

409 14
Bye Will.

Robin informs him that there's an emergency and that he is to break camp, and Will stands to attention, ready to organize this, deciding to take Roland with him as he heads off. Regina suggests that Henry goes and helps as the men all prepare to leave, and he walks away from his mom, giving she and her lover a chance to talk. She stares at him, and he wonders what's wrong, asking if there's something else that they need to be afraid of, but Regina shakes her head, finally adopting a smile, and reveals that she's just trying to memorize him like this. "Like what? Nervous and alarmed?" he questions. "No," she says, beginning to tear up slightly, "With love in your eyes. I told you what this spell is going to do..." He assures her that it won't, but she assures him otherwise, going on to say that the only people in this town who believe in her are Henry and him, and the thought of him looking at her like everyone else does, with hatred... it just might kill her. Robin strokes her cheek comfortingly, running his hand through her hair, and advises her to stop thinking, for they're there now, and this is true. She nods, and the two of them share a kiss, then exchanging a heartfelt hug.

409 15
Pretty sure this spell changes every time it's used.

Elsa exits Gold's shop with Anna's necklace in tow, and Emma, who's following the Ice Queen, instructs her to lay the necklace out on her palm as she pours on the locator spell. The center of the necklace begins to glow, and Elsa asks if it's supposed to do that; Emma answers positively, knowing this spell, and explains that it gets brighter as you get closer to your goal - it's how her parents found each other (see "A Land Without Magic"). Elsa holds the necklace out in front of her and begins pointing it in all different directions. At one point it glows brighter and the Ice Queen gets excited, taking this to mean that it's found her and that she's out there. Emma now looks optimistic, and tells her friend not to just stand there and keep going. The two blondes start moving down the street, following the glow of the necklace in Elsa's hand, and quickly find that it's wanting for them to go into the library. Elsa recalls that she's been inside before (see "Family Business") and Anna wasn't there, at which Emma reveals that the library is a funny place because there are all these tunnels underneath. Elsa asks if the savior thinks her sister could be down there, and Emma responds that Regina kept a whole dragon under there for twenty-eight years, so she's sure that one could fit a small princess too. "Yes... frozen by the Snow Queen," Elsa concludes, "That's why we never found Anna," they enter the library as the necklace continues to glow brighter, "But now we will."

409 16
Anna formulates a plan.

It's night time in Arendelle as Anna and Kristoff are running through the woods in fear of Hans' pursuit. They soon stop, however, for they have experienced what Anna decides is too much running, and they need to catch their breath. Kristoff says that he doesn't hear eight enormous feet, so he thinks they lost them, and Anna tells him that that's great, so now they just need to get the urn back. "Call me crazy, but I really don't wanna face an evil wizard," Kristoff states. "I never said evil!" Anna exclaims, "I mean, he is, but, oh! I have a plan! Right before I left I read mother's diary - the one Elsa found looking for clues -, there was something they were looking for called a 'wishing star'." Kristoff wonders what that is, and Anna reveals that she has no idea, but the important thing is that you can wish on it. She's sure that her parents were going to use it to take Elsa's powers away, but the two of them can use it to wish her sister back to them. The ice man deduces that the Queen and King never got it because, obviously, Elsa still has her powers, and Anna continues in saying that they tracked it to a pirate named Black Beard; there's no record that they ever met with him, but she and Kristoff can. Kristoff is sarcastically enthusiastic about his only options being evil wizard and pirate, but Anna argues that pirates are better than wizards. "Says who?" he asks, and she points out pirates can be paid off, adding that the two of them are rich in many ways but the thing they're richest in is riches, so they should go and take the power of the royal treasury and buy themselves a "wishing thing". She finishes by saying that they can use it to rescue Elsa and she can save Arendelle.

409 17
So close, and yet so far...

Elsa is making her way through the town mines which, partially, run beneath the library. She's following the glow of Anna's necklace whilst Emma is walking beside her, bearing a torch and using it to light their way through the dark tunnels. They soon turn a corner, with the Ice Queen saying that the necklace is brighter, and she soon cries, "There," pointing to a certain spot and running towards it. The savior runs after her and they come to a dead end; just a wall of solid rock - but the necklace is glowing like crazy. Anna must be near. Elsa is deeply disheartened by the barrier, pointing out how bright the glow is, and says that her sister must be practically right on the other side. Emma points out all the dust in the area, saying that it just recently fell, and guesses that all the ice-spiking and earth-shaking must have caused it. Elsa decides that she's able to break through, taking a step back so that she may use her ice powers to destroy the barrier, but Emma quickly tells her to stop; as much as she enjoyed their last cave-in (see "White Out"), she doesn't want to do it again. "But she's right there!" Elsa exclaims, to which Emma says that they'll find another way. The Ice Queen clenches her fist in frustration.


409 18
Negotiations are had.

At some Enchanted Forest docks in the morning, Anna and Kristoff can be seen stretching their limbs as the former comments that they just endured the slowest boat ride ever. She then sees the Jolly Roger ported beside them and realizes that it must be Black Beard's ship, going on to say that now they need a crewman to tell them where to meet with Black Beard himself because he has something they're willing to pay anything for. "Ah, someone is playing my song," says Black Beard as he emerges from the ship, snickering at the princess and the ice man who look at him in fear as he introduces himself. He invites them on board and they smile, thinking the interaction to be going well, and as they make their way onto the boat Anna explains that she's trying to find her sister and that Black Beard has a certain sculpture that will help her do that. "And we wanna buy it," Kristoff adds. "Sculpture?" Black Beard questions, at which the royal redhead reveals that she's talking about the wishing star. Black Beard is familiar with it, and tells the engaged couple that it's theirs for the right price. Kristoff asks what the right price is, and the notorious pirate captain replies that he wants his weight in gold. Anna tries being delicate when she asks how much he weighs, but he gives her a blank stare in response, leading her to say that it matters not; "Sold! I mean, bought." She then turns to Kristoff and whispers to him about how nicely everything's going, reminding him of how she said that if they keep face then everything will work out. Kristoff then reminds her in turn how he said that pirates are easier to deal with than wizards. She says she told him that, not the other way around, and Kristoff looks confused, right before... "And no one asked me at all," says Hans, stepping onto the boat along with his brothers. "He did it again..." Anna utters.

409 19
A decision is in need of making.

In the library, Grumpy is staring down at a map of the mines as everyone else is gathered around him. He says that he and the guys can surely clear the tunnel; they'd have to work careful, but they can do it. "Let's go now!" Elsa exclaims as David walks away in order to answer his ringing cell phone. Looking at the map, Regina calls the mines a mess, remarking that a good Mayor makes sure these things are kept up to code. Mary Margaret retorts that if the Mayor only has to worry about one villain and it's herself, then that frees up a lot of time for infrastructure and other issues. Regina makes surprised eyes at the princess whilst Emma asks Leroy how long it would take to clear the passage. He tells her that it would take a couple of hours, maybe, if they get right on it, and Elsa says that's wonderful, however, Regina reminds them they they don't have a couple of hours, wondering if anyone's been watching the clock for it'll be sundown by the time "you munchkins" finish. "Dwarfs, sister," Grumpy argues, to which the former Evil Queen says, "Like I care. Let's just blast through and take the risk." David then returns, revealing that his phone call was from Belle over at the diner and she says that it's possible to make the counter-spell even if Anna isn't found - they can pull the mirror dust out of the necklace and try to use that. "Exactly the same?" Mary Margaret asks, and her husband says, "Almost. It will take a little longer; the process is difficult and... it will destroy the necklace." Elsa looks devastated as Emma iterates that the necklace can either save all of them or Anna, and David nods, however, the Ice Queen argues that it can do both, for they have time. Regina assures her that they don't, adding that exploring these tunnels could take days, and Grumpy asks everyone, "So what'll it be, folks? Save the town, or... find the sister?"

409 20
Naht happy.

Mr. Gold and Hook are making their way down Main Street and into Granny's Diner. Before they enter, the Dark One tells his new minion to go round the back and wait, and Hook, who's wielding the sorcerer's hat, does as he's told after his master adds that he'll know when he's needed. The fairies/nuns - who have set up a sort of magical laboratory - are all shocked when Rumplestiltskin intrudes upon their temporary hive; as does Belle, who's at the counter with Mother Superior. Mother Superior then asks what Gold wants, and he says that he'd like to borrow his wife, approaching her. Belle appears confused.
Hook, meanwhile, enters Granny's Diner via the back door, hugging the hat close to him as he listens to Rumple and Belle talk, waiting reluctantly for his moment to strike.
Belle is in the middle of telling her husband that Mother Superior's right - what she's doing right now is too important to abandon, for they're really close to cracking the counter-spell. She begs him to be patient, and he obliges, deciding to keep her company until she can go. Mother Superior looks weary of this, stepping out from behind the counter as Rumple suggests that perhaps he'll be helpful. "This is light magic, Dark One," the Blue Fairy tells him, to which he replies, "Well then maybe I'll learn something." She looks uncomfortable with this, trying to force a smile as he himself smiles eerily back at her.

409 21
Conceal, don't feel. Don't let them know.

Elsa cries as she stares at the glowing necklace while, in the background of the library, Regina is angrily telling the others that this shouldn't even be a conversation because if they don't get that necklace to the fairies right now then they and all their loved ones will be hit by this vicious spell; it's one woman's life versus a whole town. Emma suggests that there could be a third option, not wanting to lose anyone, and Mary Margaret, who's looking frustrated, commends her daughter on thinking like a hero. "Yes, like all you Charmings always do," says Regina, "But right now that's not your job. You're more than heroes - you're leaders, which means making the tough choice where someone has to lose and you have to say who." After a pause, Mary Margaret says that she agrees with Regina, and Regina looks shocked, turning to Emma who says that she indeed heard it too. Snow continues in saying that they need to do what's best for the most people; they need to give this town its best chance. "I'm so sorry, but we have to let the fairies destroy that necklace," David agrees, and Emma hesitates before approaching Elsa in order to break the news. Her parents and Regina watch as this occurs, and David comments that this can't be easy. Elsa begins to cry some more as she hands over the blue pouch containing the necklace, and Emma proceeds to hand it to her father. The Ice Queen walks away, into the elevator, and opens her hand, revealing that she's still in fact holding the necklace in her palm. She stares down at it as it glows, having betrayed her friend, and uses her magic to close the elevator doors. It locks and descends.

Act IV

409 22

One of the fairies can be seen dropping an ingredient into a steaming beaker as the others rush around Granny's Diner, tending to the vast magical chemistry set that's been set up in an attempt to stop the pending spell. Emma then walks in, with the pouch that's supposed to be containing Anna's necklace in tow, followed by her mother, Regina, and her father. Belle and Mother Superior are both happy to see them, and the former rushes to greet the quartet, urgently asking whether or not they brought the necklace. Emma says that it's "right here", handing Belle the pouch as Mr. Gold watches from his seat, curious.
Meanwhile, Hook waits in the back room, still listening in. He hears that Emma has entered the diner and closes his eyes in worry, hoping he won't be made to hurt her.

409 23
Elsa's trickery is realized.

Mother Superior takes the pouch excitedly and everyone awaits as she loosens the drawstring and empties the contents out onto her hand... but the pouch contains nothing but pebbles from the mine. Emma is shocked, and Mary Margaret asks where the necklace is. Regina concludes that Elsa tricked them so that she could use it to continue tracking down her "damn" sister, adding to herself that she should know better than to trust blondes by now. Emma says she should go back and get it, but Belle tells her that it's too late. "'Too late'?!" Mary Margaret takes issue with, "Already?!" Belle answers positively, for they wouldn't be able to make it back fast enough; without Anna there physically, there's no way to make a counter-spell in time. "Time for a hope speech?" Regina asks, turning to Snow White, "Virtues of blind faith?" "Well it seems Elsa's blind faith is exactly what's screwing us right now!" the princess exclaims, leading Regina to comment that, coming from her, that's just terrifying. Emma, meanwhile, refuses to give up, for she knows that Elsa is down in the mines looking for Anna; she's going to go help find her. David encourages her to do so because, right now, it's their only shot, and his daughter proceeds to leave. Everyone appears frustrated, while Mr. Gold just continues to watch, running out of patience.

409 24
The barrier is removed, but Anna is nowhere to be seen.

Elsa rushes through the mines clutching Anna's necklace, which glows insanely as she approaches the barrier from earlier. Emma, meanwhile, can be seen descending the elevator down from the library and ends up in the tunnels herself, calling out the Ice Queen's name and running towards her. Elsa, seeing the savior, says that she's sorry, but she has to try this. With that, she aims her arms at the barrier and shoots a huge blast of her ice magic at it. Emma stands beside her, watching as the rock is eaten through, and, soon enough, there's nothing but a huge hole in the wall. The two blondes walk through it and end up on a beach situated at the bottom of a cliff, leading Emma to comment that the map they read couldn't have been any more wrong. Elsa doesn't understand, for Anna should be there, and runs across the sand, followed by her friend. Emma offers her condolences, saying that magic isn't always perfect. "So, even though it's still glowing, because she's not here it means..." "The search is over," the savior confirms, adding that thirty years is a long time. Elsa asks if Emma thinks something's happened to Anna, and that this has all been a mistake, but Emma replies that she thinks they need to deal with the problem in front of them right now, again offering her condolences. Elsa appears despondent.

409 25
Black Beard reveals some family ties.

Still standing aboard the Jolly Roger, Anna asks Hans how he keeps doing that as he and his brothers close in on she and Kristoff. He responds that they didn't exactly leave inconspicuously, explaining that a vague informant on the docks of Arendelle and a ship from the navy is what got them there, just in time. He walks to be beside Black Beard just as Anna realizes that this was all a trap. She and her fiancé are seized by Franz and Jurgen, who proceed to bind their wrists behind their backs, and Anna tries reaching out to Black Beard, reminding him that they have a deal ("Something about, what, well over 200 lbs in gold?"), but this just causes the pirate captain to burst out laughing before approaching her and commenting that she looks so much like her mother when she's angry. "Wait... you met my mother?" the princess questions, and Black Beard adds that he met her "dear papa" as well - a very regal couple; the fact they thought he wouldn't recognize them as royalty was charmingly naive of them. He adds that he honestly liked them and sold them the wishing star at cost, leading the engaged couple to become incredibly confused, not able to make sense of this, for if the former King and Queen had it then they would have used it to take away Elsa's magic.

409 26
This place is death.

Black Beard suggests that perhaps they didn't know that the wishing star can only be used by those with pure hearts, and Anna says that they're still interested if there's another one, adding that she can pay just as much as Hans can. "Can you?" asks Hans, "Because my brothers and I spent Wednesday rolling around in the money of the royal treasury." "You rolled around in gold bars?" Anna questions, "Weird. And ouch." Her ex-fiancé tells her that it's a figure-of-speech, explaining that they reveled in it, but the point is that it's now in his control, not hers. She's what they call penniless (he takes a bag of coins from his inside pocket as he says this, tossing it to Black Beard), but that doesn't matter, because she won't need money where she's going. "Where's that?" Anna wonders, at which Hans leans in close and tells her, "Death." She looks worried, while Kristoff points out that that's not a place. Annoyed, Hans turns to him and says that the two of them are about to find out; swords are then drawn by his brothers and aimed at the royals' throats.

Act V

409 27
Some canon gets rewritten.

Anna and Kristoff continue to be held by Hans' brothers as Hans himself stands before them, far out at sea on the Jolly Roger, informing his two captives that they're currently situated in an area known as Poseidon's Boneyard - the exact spot where Anna's parents' ship went down (see "A Tale of Two Sisters"). Hans figured that mother and daughter should have their last regrets in the same place, wondering if they'll both die wishing they never tried to help her freak sister before suggesting that perhaps Anna's bones will mingle with her mother's in the bottom of the sea. Black Beard calls for the trunk to be brought forward, and his crewmen place it at the deck's edge, before opening it. Hans is confused, not knowing how Anna's bones will mingle if she's in a trunk, and Black Beard explains that he once had a rival who made him walk the plank and, much to his surprise, he was saved by a mermaid (see "The Jolly Roger"). He applied the lesson, and this trunk will make sure they die without "finterference". The pirate crew laugh along with their captain as Anna exclaims to Hans that Elsa's going to get out of that urn and when she does she's going to take back the kingdom and kick he and his brothers back to the Southern Isles which sounds much lovelier than she's sure it actually is.

409 28

As she exclaims this, she's forced into the trunk along with Kristoff, and Hans tells her that he doubts her predictions will come to pass, pointing out that he controls the royal navy, the vast armies and even this enchanted ship she's about to be thrown off - the Jolly Roger - and if Elsa hasn't found a way to escape an urn in the last thirty years, he doubts she ever will. "What?!" Anna yells in shock, "Thirty years?!" "The spell that frozen Arendelle, it had us all frozen for thirty years..." he says as though it's obvious. Anna comes to realize that her aunt kept them like that for decades and that her poor sister has been stuck in an urn all that time. Kristoff wonders why Ingrid would unfreeze them all now, and Anna deduces that it's because she wants to do something worse, adding that they have to get to Elsa and stop whatever it is— Suddenly, the trunk is closed by Hans, who comments on how "talk-y" his ex is. Black Beard orders for the trunk to be thrown overboard, and so his men pick it up and do so. Hans watches joyously as it sinks into the depths of the ocean.

409 29
The necklace stops glowing.

Elsa continues to stare down at Anna's necklace in her hands as she and Emma make their way across the newly discovered beach; it's still glowing, but not nearly as bright as before. The Ice Queen apologizes to her friend, adding that she still has faith and still believes she's... She stops talking suddenly, and Emma turns to her, wondering what it is that's the matter. Elsa reveals that the necklace stopped glowing, and Emma appears sad for her, taking this to mean that something terrible has happened to Anna, saying she's sorry. "She's really gone..." Elsa utters, devastated. She looks to her friend in need to deep consoling.

409 30
Things sure ain't lookin' up.

The wreck of the ship on which Queen Gerda and her husband died can be seen sitting at the bottom of the ocean as the trunk containing Anna and Kristoff reaches the same depths nearby; bubbles float from it as, inside, the engaged couple continue to cry out. Near the trunk, meanwhile, is the message in the bottle that Anna and Elsa's parents tried getting home to them before they died - it has been sitting there for decades, and is now ridden with barnacles. We are then treated to a view of inside the trunk as Anna and Kristoff try to wriggle free, their hands still tied behind their backs, as water continues to pour inside (the trunk is mostly full by this point, with water coming up to chest-level). "Wait a minute, wait a minute..." Kristoff utters, discovering a nail in the wood of the trunk and using it to start getting through his ropes, explaining this to Anna. She screams for help. And again.

409 31
Elsa loses hope.

Elsa looks down delicately at the no-longer-glowing necklace in her hand, stroking it with the other as she desolately explains that this was her present for Anna for her wedding; it was among their mother's things, but to them it was new. She then inadvertently turned it into the last gift she ever gave her sister. Emma watches as her friend starts to break down, yet again iterating how sorry she is, but points out that it's almost sundown, looking to the horizon and seeing the massive storm cloud that is the Spell of Shattered Sight as it broadens and spreads, ready to rain down over all of Storybrooke. She says that it could hit at any time and that they need to go before everyone starts turning on each other because she has a feeling that the two of them being immune isn't going to stop everyone else from attacking them. Elsa utters that she failed and so deserves to be attacked, and Emma doesn't know what to say. Crying, the Ice Queen moans that this necklace is all she has left of Anna, and now she'll never know what happened to her. Emma looks genuinely disheartened for her friend.

409 32
Anna tries marrying Kristoff before they both die.

Anna cries within the trunk as Kristoff continues trying to unbind his wrists via an out-of-place nail. The water is now up to their necks and continues pouring in. Soon enough, Kristoff is able to shed the ropes and free his hands - he looks happy, but Anna just continues to cry. He shows her his hands and says that he's going to untie her now, which he proceeds to do, turning her around and managing to remove her ropes as well after holding his breath and diving into the water in order to do so. She seems to barely notice it's happening; she can't speak for fear, and her fiancé turns her back around. Finally, she responds by touching his face with her now-free hands, uttering, "I, Anna of Arendelle, promise to love and cherish you..." He is confused, wondering what she's doing, and she exclaims that she's marrying him before they die. Kristoff refuses to do this, telling her that she doesn't get to marry him unless they get out of this. He advises her to keep her chin up, and the engaged couple embrace, scared out of their minds.

409 33
A wish is made... and granted.

Back on the beach situated at the bottom of a cliff in Storybrooke, Elsa clutches Anna's necklace with both hands and holds it close to her heart as she stares out at sea, uttering with tears in her eyes, "Wherever you are, whatever happened to you all those years ago, I'm so sorry I didn't find you, but I still have faith... I know you're out there somewhere!" Emma turns to her friend, hearing as she proclaims this and taking pity on her; the Ice Queen continues in saying, "I won't give up hope, I just wish... I wish you were with me now!" A mysterious noise is suddenly emanated, but Emma approaches Arendelle's queen and advises her to leave with her. However, Elsa opens up her hand to reveal that the necklace has once again started glowing... and then it lets forth a giant burst of blue magic. Both of them begin looking around in confusion, and Emma realizes that something's happening. Elsa asks if it's her aunt's spell, but the savior has no idea.

409 34
The engaged couple is saved just in the nick of time.

The water has nearly filled the trunk entirely and Anna and Kristoff are forced to swim to the very top if they are to avoid drowning for however long they're able. Thinking that they're both about to die, Kristoff assures Anna that he loves her, and she assures him in turn that she loves him too. We see their hands entwine within the water, which continues to rise; soon it will envelop them wholly. However, it suddenly begins rushing and bubbling and swirling all around them and they become deeply confused as to what's happening - but, more so, frightened. They let out screams of horror as they begin spinning around one another, and then a bright glow is emitted within. A golden light takes them in and...

409 35
Anna and Elsa finally find each other.

The sea of Storybrooke writhes similarly as Emma and Elsa watch from the beach, deeply curious. A portal begins to open within the water, and Elsa wonders what it is, confused... and then a bright flash is emanated, and the burst of magic that comes with it is enough to knock both Emma and Elsa off their feet. They manage to sit up and see that a trunk has washed ashore. Suddenly, it opens, and Anna and Kristoff sit up from inside, coughing up any seawater they swallowed. They manage to get out, taking foot to the beach, and Elsa, getting to her own feet, is shocked beyond belief - but even more happy. "Anna?" she utters, causing her sister to look up and realize who's approaching. "Anna!" Elsa then exclaims, sure that it's her, and she runs to her. "Elsa!" Anna exclaims in turn, her own levels of happiness going through the roof, and it isn't long before the two sisters are together. Elsa talks about how she couldn't find her and how young she is while Anna talks about how she was looking for her and lots of screaming and squealing and smiling and jumping up and down is involved as they reunite after all this time.

409 36
Something slips through the cracks...

"It's like you wished it..." Emma realizes, holding Anna's necklace. Anna turns to the savior and recognizes her necklace, before realizing that it was the wishing star. Kristoff comments that this is an amazing miracle, but adds that it's a cold miracle and they're all wet, so... "Yes!" Emma exclaims, "If we can get Anna back to the fairies right away, she might be able to stop the spell!" Anna is confused by this, and the Spell of Shattered Sight can be heard approaching, thundering madly. "Wait," says Elsa, "There's something I have to do first." And then she hugs her sister for the first time in thirty years, and Anna hugs her back, both of them joyous to have found each other. Kristoff continues shaking, cold, and Emma looks happy for them; still the sisters hug... and then we see the barnacle-covered message in a bottle float up from out of the water, having come through the portal along with Anna and Kristoff. No one notices it, however, and it continues to sit there.

Act VI

409 37
Belle is gotten out of the way.

Mother Superior pours some blue liquid into a funnel at Granny's Diner, tracking it as it moves through the magic set; the other fairies continue working around her, while Belle, holding her cell phone, approaches her husband to say that Anna's on her way. She asks if he really thinks they can stop the spell, and Gold says perhaps, but if there's one thing he's learned, it's never trust a fairy. He then suggests getting her someplace safe, watching the back room as he does so and giving a gentle nod before leaving the premises along with Belle. Hook, to whom the nod was aimed at, stands in the back still clutching the sorcerer's hat, knowing what he must now do and hating that he has to do it.

409 38
Catching up.

The storm cloud continues spreading over Storybrooke's sky, now massive as it nears completion, as Emma, Elsa, Anna and Kristoff make their way through Main Street, heading to Granny's Diner. Kristoff clarifies that this spell can't affect Anna because it already got her once, and Anna asks what will happen to the two blondes. Emma explains that they're immune, which is a long story (she clutches her ribbon); she says that they just need to hurry. The sounds of the storm cloud grow more aggressive as Emma speeds up. Behind her, after looking around a little, Anna whispers to her sister, "What a funny looking world..." "Right?!" Elsa exclaims in reply, smiling. They continue making their way to the diner.

409 39
Blue meets her doom... again.

A bottle sits in a glass beaker of some kind as Mother Superior adds a pinch of a magical substance to the mix. She then takes the blue liquid from earlier and begins pouring it in, trying to be very exact with the process. Suddenly, however, screams are heard and bright flashes are seen as Blue's fellow fairies begin running around the place in a panic. She is confused as to what's happening, ducking behind a counter and poking her head over the top in order to watch - there are no fairies left now, except one, and it isn't long until she's absorbed wholly by the strange light as well: the sorcerer's hat is in motion. Scared and confused, Blue drops to her knees and begins to crawl, quickly making her way behind the diner's main counter. She knocks something off the shelf but ignores it, frightened, still hearing the hum of magic in the air. Soon though, that hum stops and Mother Superior comes to a stop herself, sitting and breathing heavily at the counter's end. Thinking the culprit is perhaps gone, she decides to make a dash for it on her hands and knees; however, Hook immediately steps into view, still with the hat in tow. "I'm sorry," he utters, "I truly am..." And, with that, he aims it at her. Mother Superior screams as she's sucked into the hat's magical vortex.

409 40
The fairies are gone.

The cloud whistles in the background as Emma rushes into Granny's Diner, closely follow by Elsa, Anna and Kristoff. However, all four of them are shocked upon entry as they see the vast chemistry set destroyed and not a single fairy in sight. Elsa asks what happened there, to which Emma asks her what she thinks, deducing that it was the Snow Queen's doing. Anna wonders what this means, and Emma replies that even with the royal redhead there they can't protect anyone. "So what do we do now?" Elsa inquires, and Emma says that they are to prepare for the worst. The storm cloud is heard rumbling as the shot takes us behind the counter where Hook is sitting, crying to himself due to what he's done while the others leave the diner. The hat box remains in his hand.

409 41
Rumple taunts his slave.

The Spell of Shattered Sight thunders and lightnings as Belle and Gold make their way to the latter's shop. She asks if he can keep the spell out, and he answers negatively, explaining that they must be separated; he may be immune to the spell as the Dark One, but she can still hurt him. He tells her to go inside and stay in the backroom, for he is going to seal it with a protection spell so no one can get to her. She nods, understanding, and he promises her that he'll be back soon and then they're going to be together and everything's going to be fine; "I promise." The married couple exchange a hug, and Belle proceeds to head inside the pawnshop, closing the door behind her. Rumple then waves his hand, emanating light from his palm, and a protection spell is enacted over the building. Hook then approaches with the hat box in tow and his master asks him if it's done. The pirate ignores the question and says that if Belle truly loves him then he could have her forever, or all the power in the world - it's his choice. Snatching the box, Rumple assures him that he doesn't need to choose: he can and will have both. Hook asks if they're done now that it's settled, but Rumple answers negatively, not wanting to give up control of him just yet, not until he has everything he needs. Hook wonders what's left, but Gold says that that's his concern, not the pirate's. "But by morning, all shall be complete, including your life. Now run along, dearie, and enjoy your last day in this or any land." He heads around the corner while Hook just stands there, fearful.

409 42
Reunions are had.

"Mom, Dad, we're running out of time, you said you had a plan?" Emma says nervously as she heads into the sheriff's station, backed by the Arendelle royals. David sees Kristoff and immediately recognizes him, and vice versa, and each of them comment that the other has had a haircut, before exchanging a hug. David sees that his old friend brought his lovely fiancée, addressing her as "Joan"; Kristoff questions this name, and Anna explains that it was a code name (see "White Out"). The princess then tells David that she likes his short hair ("not that I didn't like it long or that I thought it was w...") before simply saying that it's good to see him, and he expresses a likewise sentiment, sharing a hug with her as well. He then introduces them to his wife, Snow, their son, Neal, and their daughter, Emma. Seeing that Emma, Snow and Charming are all the same age, Anna grows confused, asking how the blonde could be their daughter, but Emma says that it's a long story and once they survive this curse she'll be happy to tell her all about it. She then frantically asks her parents what their plan is and the two of them proceed to walk across the station, heading into separate prison cells. Mary Margaret grabs the set of keys off the desk as she does so, saying that this is the plan, and Emma grows confused.

409 43
Emma isn't a fan of the new plan.

Her mother continues in saying that she and Anna and Elsa are the only ones immune so the rest of them need the protect themselves; she holds out the keys for Emma to take as David tells Kristoff that he might want to chain himself to the desk, for it's stable and sturdy, adding that the cuff keys are in the top drawer. Elsa goes to get them as Emma stares at her mother, tears in her eyes, and declaims that she's not locking her in there. Mary Margaret says that she has to, and David points out that they won't be able to hurt anyone from in there. "Take the keys, Emma," Snow urges as Elsa successfully handcuffs her future brother-in-law to the desk. Panicking, Emma says that she doesn't know what's going to happen, she doesn't know how long it's going to last, she doesn't know what's going to happen to her, she wonders if they might starve to death when locked away. "No, Emma," Mary Margaret assures her daughter, "You're gonna fix this thing and then you're gonna come back and save us." "You think?" Emma asks, at which her father tells her, "We believe in you." Mary Margaret again begs her daughter to take the keys, and Emma finally does so.

409 44
Hook comes to say goodbye.

She locks her father in his cell as her mother tells her that she knows Henry is in a safe place and Regina and the others can take care of themselves. "What about the baby?" Emma realizes, but David tells her not to worry, for Neal won't be with the two of them. She asks who's going to take him, and Mary Margaret, crying heavily, says, "You are," and hands her baby over. Emma takes her brother as her mother shuts her cell door, allowing it to be locked also. Snow assures the savior that her magic is going to allow her to take on the Snow Queen and win, and David adds that, when she does, she's going to be right back there unlocking the doors. "We trust you," Mary Margaret weeps, "And Henry's right, you are special. And you are going to use that specialness... and save us. Both of you." Elsa smiles through her own tears and tells Emma that she has wonderful parents, at which Emma turns to her and grows confused. "Swan," says a familiar voice, and everyone turns to see that Hook has entered the sheriff's station. Emma asks Elsa if she can hold her brother, and Elsa obliges, taking the baby in her arms and approaching Snow's cell with it, allowing her to touch her child's head. She cries profusely while Emma approaches Killian, asking him what he's doing there for he knows what's about to happen.

409 45
The worst is prepared for.

"Aye," he says, "I know, I just needed to see you. Before I chain myself to the dock for the protection of all... I needed to see you one more time." She cries, still in a panic, and tells her boyfriend that she's not a terrible goodbye kiss person... but maybe just this once. With that, she kisses him passionately and sorrowfully, taking brief comfort in him as the storm cloud can still be heard raging outside. He tells her goodbye and proceeds to leave, and Emma, touching her lips, begins to notice something strange about the way Hook kissed her. However, due to the circumstances, she ignores this minor infraction (brought on by him not having a heart) and heads back over to the cells. She takes Neal back from Elsa while Kristoff looks towards the window, asking how long they have now. Anna approaches said window and sees the magnitude of the spell heading their way, turning to her comrades and saying, "Looks like one more adventure together." Elsa sees the cloud too, looking worried, and Emma turns to her mother, who turns to her as well and nods. "Here it comes," Snow White says with a heavy heart; she and Prince Charming join hands through the bars of their cells.

409 46
Henry and Regina part ways.

Regina rushes into her Mayoral office with Henry at her side, turning to him and saying that she is so sorry for not staying focused on Operation Mongoose, explaining that she let her heart pull her elsewhere. Henry assures his mother that Operation Mongoose is not over, adding that they're going to find the Author and she will be happy. Regina nods, saying that first they have to survive and instructing her son to listen to her carefully: she's going to seal this place; he's going to be locked in, but, more importantly, everyone else will be locked out. The young man understands, and Regina urges him not to be scared. He promises her that he's not, having faith that Emma and Elsa will be able to fix this, and Regina hugs him, saying that she wishes she were as brave as him. "Now go," he tells her, "I'll be okay." She stands there, staring at him with tears in her eyes as the Spell of Shattered Sight whistles and rumbles. He again tells her to go and she quickly assures him that she loves him; he assures her of the same thing, and she finally leaves, casting a protection spell over the office once she's done so.

409 47
Regina fears the emergence of the Evil Queen.

She walks away just as Robin Hood approaches, wondering where his true love is headed now. She informs him that she's going to be in her vault, before warning him that he needs to be as far away from it as possible, for it's dangerous even now for the two of them to be around one another. The lights around them flicker, and the former Evil Queen deduces that they're moments away. Robin assures her that it's okay, explaining that Roland and Marian are locked away somewhere even he doesn't know and Henry is safe in her office; he'll go and chain himself to a tree in a minute, unless she wants him to come with her. She tells him no, multiple times, saying that she needs to seal herself in that vault. He asks if it's to keep people out, but she answers negatively, revealing that it's to keep her in. "Regina, I'm not afraid of you," Robin professes, and Regina appears disheartened, telling him, "But you really, really should be..." She runs from the Mayoral building as Robin looks around, agitated.

409 48
Where's the invisible chalk?

Regina is next seen rushing down the stairs, situated beneath her father's tomb in the Mills family mausoleum, and into her underground vault, where all of her magical artifacts from the Enchanted Forest are kept hidden. Even down here, the Spell of Shattered Sight can be heard nearing completion, and so the former Evil Queen acts fast, waving her hands through the air and creating an invisible, rippling wall in front of her, which then extends all around - a containment spell, to make sure she can't escape once the curse hits. When it's done, she just stands there, looking deeply worried.

409 49
Here it comes...

Mary Margaret and David continue to hold hands through the bars of their cells, and the former begs her husband to never let go. "Hey," he says, looking at her, before telling his wife not to be afraid. He reminds her that the two of them share a heart (see "A Curious Thing") and nothing can come between two halves of one heart. He refers to the prison cells they're in as precautions, not believing that any spell is strong enough to get between the strong love that they harbor for one another. She is comforted by this, but not for long, because the curse soon creates a strong breeze within the sheriff's station and the Charmings look up apprehensively.

409 50

The same breeze emanates through Regina's office as Henry sits at the center of it in one of her nice chairs, looking up at the chandelier as it rattles.
Belle waits similarly in the back room of Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer, a feeling of intense dread portrayed on her face.
Out in the woods, Robin Hood is staring up at the sky in anticipation as Merry Men can be seen rushing around in the background in a last-ditch effort to protect themselves from one another.
Hook too looks up at the sky as he stands in the docks; upon seeing what's coming he looks terribly frightened, not having chained himself anywhere as he said he would.
Mr. Gold looks bored as he stands in the middle of the street, waiting for the Spell of Shattered Sight to finally arrive and further his plans.
Regina's worry is amplified as the strong breeze runs through her underground vault; her hands are still flared from having so recently cast the containment spell.
Still standing atop the same hill from earlier, Ingrid raises her hands to the sky as her spell finally comes to fruition; she is proud of herself.
We are then shown Storybrooke's iconic clock tower and the storm cloud that now covers the entirety of the town's sky. It is purple and blue and thundering and flashing and, finally, it begins to rain. Small, glimmering shards of mirror begin to fall down on Main Street, as well as all over town. The Spell of Shattered Sight is complete.

409 51
Snow White's sight is shattered.

Back inside the sheriff's station, Kristoff, Anna and Elsa all appear worried, but not more than Emma, who's still holding her sleeping baby brother tight in her arms. The small shards of mirror soon begin making their way through the ceiling vent and fill the station quickly. Emma gets down to the ground, shielding Neal from danger as best she can while Kristoff winces and Anna and Elsa exchange a hug, the latter shielding her eyes with her hand. Anna looks towards her fiancé as the mirror begins to fill his eyes. The same thing is happening to the Charmings as they stand in their respective cells, still holding hands and looking upwards, wincing as the mirror shards obscure their vision. And then they stare at one another. The bits of mirror go directly into their eyes and form a casing. We see the reflection of David in Mary Margaret's pupil... and then the casing shatters around it. David is experiencing the same thing. With their sight shattered, their hands drift apart, but still they stare at one another. Snow White looks at Prince Charming with nothing but utter contempt.


409 Title Card
  • The title card of this episode features Elsa and Anna's parents' shipwreck in the background, with their barnacle-covered message in a bottle in the foreground, amidst a snowstorm.
  • This episode is set entirely in the present.
    • The only other episode set entirely in the present is "Into the Deep".




This episode received 6.43 million viewers.


The episode received mixed to positive reviews.

  • Christine Orlando of TV Fanatic gave the episode a positive review, rating it 4.8 out of 5, saying "It was quite a relief to see Anna and Elsa finally reunited and the necklace being the wishing star was a fun twist. Unfortunately, getting Anna to Storybrooke proved to be too little too late."[2]
  • Amy Ratcliffe of IGN gave the episode a moderate review, saying the episode "delivered on the Frozen storyline front and brought the reunion we've been dying to see, but some scenes seemed created to fill time. They stretched to make connections with Blackbeard and spent too much energy trying to make Hans seem dangerous. However, characters such as Regina and Snow White had some nice dialogue and development. It would be a pleasant change to see the story turns back towards them instead of the villain of the moment."[3] Ratcliffe gave the episode a 6.7 rating out of 10.


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