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Once Upon a Time 1x14
March 4, 2012
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"Dreamy" is the 14th episode of Once Upon a Time.


Unlikely allies Mary Margaret and Leroy team together for a good cause to help the Storybrooke nuns sell their candles during the town's Miner's Day festival. But Leroy makes a promise to a nun, Astrid, that he may not be able to keep, and Emma looks into the mysterious disappearance of David's wife, Kathryn. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Grumpy finds forbidden love with the beautiful but clumsy fairy Nova.



Act I

114 01
The Blue Fairy lectures Nova.

We are treated to a shot moving through the clouds of the fairytale land that was, the Blue Fairy is seen sitting amongst them, staying still yet flapping her wings. A woman's cry is heard as a fairy dressed all in pink clumsily flies towards Blue. She attempts a landing but keeps on stumbling, the Blue Fairy tells her to take is easy and the fairy, Nova, picks herself up before retrieving a bag of fairy dust that she's delivering. She apologizes and the Blue Fairy reminds her to be careful, saying that fairy dust is the most precious substance in all the land and its magic is what powers the world. She gestures to the bag of dust that the fairy delivered, telling her that it's their year's supply. Blue tells Nova that she must master this as next year, she shall be doing it alone. Nova is confused as to why she will still be picking up dust, as she thought she'd be a fairy godmother by then. The Blue Fairy laughs at this, telling Nova that she really is a dreamer, she says that her story is only just beginning and asks her if she can make it from where they are to the mines, safe. Nova nods and the Blue Fairy flaps her wings and takes flight, leaving Nova on the cloud. The latter soon realizes that she's meant to be following before grabbing the dust and flying after Blue. In doing this, some fairy dust drops from the sack Nova is carrying and the sparkling, pink magic is seen falling down from the sky. It is carried by the wind and goes through a tunnel, finding its way into a room filled with giant eggs, settling upon one in particular. The egg begins to stir and a dwarf, Watchy, steps out from behind an adjacent egg, saying that the stirring one is "ready". Another dwarf, Bossy, tells Watchy that it's too early as the egg is not scheduled to hatch until sundown. Watchy, who is inspecting the egg with his stethoscope, says that someone's eager to get out before the rest of his brothers. This being said, the egg begins to creek, the two dwarfs step back and a fist punches through the eggshell, cracking it. He breaks the shell some more and the dwarf we know as Grumpy pokes his head out, amazed by the freedom. "Welcome to the world, dwarf," Bossy tells him. The newly hatched dwarf smiles.

114 02
Leroy is bugged by Walter and Tom.

At the bar of Granny's Diner, Leroy cracks the shell of a boiled egg with his knife before sticking a fork into the yolk and tucking in. Sneezing is heard as Tom Clark and Walter walk over to the janitor. Mr. Clark asks Leroy if he would mind moving over a couple of seats so that he and Walter can sit together, however, Leroy grumpily replies that if he wanted to sit there, he would have sat there. He says that if they want the seat, they should have dragged their "sorry asses" out of bed a little earlier. Mr. Clark sarcastically begins, "You're a real ray of sunshine as u-" he sneezes again, wiping his nose with his hanky, and Leroy tells him that he just lost his appetite before paying and getting up, telling them that the seat's all theirs. The door to the diner opens as Mary Margaret walks in, clipboard in tow. She attempts to get everyone's attention, apologizing for interrupting their morning but reminding them that a very special occasion is upon them - Miners Day. She says that, as always, the nuns of Storybrooke are hoping that everyone will get involved to help sell their exquisite candles and all they need is a few volunteers. She asks who would like to join her, however, the diner remains silent. Whispers are heard, clearly gossiping, as everybody returns to their meals. Leroy approaches were Mary Margaret is standing and she asks him if he'd like to sign up. "I wanna leave, sister. You're blocking the door," he tells her. Mary Margaret seems disappointed, but politely steps aside. She says that if he ever wants to help, he knows where to find her. "Quite a team we'd make," he says. "Town harlot and town drunk. The only person this town hates more than me, is you. If you're coming to me, you're screwed," he tells her before leaving. A saddened Mary Margaret, hurt by Leroy's words, turns around and leaves the diner. At seeing this, Emma stands up from her table and follows her friend outside.

114 03
Emma attempts to comfort Mary Margaret.

Outside, Emma catches up with Mary Margaret, asking her what the hell Miners Day is and why she's beating herself up over it. Mary Margaret explains that it's an annual holiday celebrating an old tradition where the nuns used to make candles and trade them with miners for coal. Emma is confused as to why you would want coal in Maine, saying that she would understand if they were mining for lobster. Mary Margaret tells her that now they use it as a fundraiser, saying that it's an amazing party and everyone loves it. Emma points out that it doesn't seem like everyone loves it and Mary Margaret explains that it's not Miners Day, it's her, saying that last week, she had volunteers, and this week, they all dropped out. Emma asks her if she thinks this is because of what happened with David and Mary Margaret replies that she knows it and that several people actually told her as such. Mary Margaret says that she's never been a home-wrecker before but Emma assures her that it's going to blow over, saying that she doesn't have to do charity to win them over. Mary Margaret stresses that she has to do something and that Miner's Day is the best she can do - "I've ruined my life." Emma's cell phone is heard ringing and she answers it as Sheriff Swan, telling whoever's on the other line that she'll be right there. She tells Mary Margaret that duty calls before asking her to hang in there. Emma says that if there's anything she needs, she'll be there, Mary Margaret thanks her friend before she leaves.

114 04
Sister Astrid brushes Leroy down.

In the town center, Mother Superior is seen painting a banner which reads "MINERS DAY IS HERE!" as the town around her sets up stalls and decorations for the upcoming event. Leroy is seen cutting though the hussle and bustle of the townspeople when a handful of snow sprinkles onto his head. He looks up at the culprit and sees that it's a nun up on a ladder - the counterpart of Nova - who apologizes, saying that it slipped out of her hand. Leroy looks at her and smiles, assuring her that it's no problem at all. She climbs down from the ladder, apologizing some more, and Leroy removes his hat as the nun brushes the snow off of him, saying that she was so busy trying to get the lights to work that she didn't realize she was about to knock it off the ladder. He offers to take a look at the lights for her, climbing up the ladder himself and inspecting them. He tells her that her problem is that she's overloading the transformer, saying that if she had kept messing around with them, the whole thing could have blown up on her. The nun says that she supposes that makes Leroy her hero. "I'm nobody's hero, Sister," he tells her, however, the nun tells him that he can just call her "Astrid". Leroy says that he calls everybody "Sister", before introducing himself with his own name.

114 05
Leroy fixes the lights.

He flicks a switch and suddenly, all of the lights within the town center turn on and a gleeful Astrid asks him how he did that, suspecting him to be an electrician. Leory scoffs and climbs down the ladder, telling her that he's in the custodial services game. Astrid politely replies that that's wonderful, but he assures her that it isn't. Leroy admits that what he really wanted to do was sail, saying that he even bought a boat, a real clunker that he was going to fix up before sailing around the world and finally getting out of "this hellhole" (meaning Storybrooke). He apologizes, but she says that it's okay. "You know... someone once told me you can do anything as long as you can dream it," she tells him. He asks her if she really thinks so and she answers positively, reminding him how easily he fixed those lights, saying that she bets he could do anything. Leroy smiles before Astrid tells him that she should be getting back to the volunteer center, she tells him that it was nice to meet him before walking away through the crowd.

114 06
Emma and Sidney investigate Kathryn's abandoned car.

On a road leading out a Storybrooke, the sheriff's car is parked as Emma investigates the other, seemingly crashed car on the scene, the car owned by Kathryn Nolan. Sidney Glass steps out of his own car, camera in tow, and asks Emma if she minds him taking a look as well. Emma wonders what for and he replies that just because he got fired from the Storybrooke Daily Mirror doesn't mean that he can't still do a little freelance reporting. Sidney asks her what they're looking at and Emma explains that a gym teacher found the car on the side of the road, abandoned, engine running, no one around, the registry is Kathryn Nolan but she's nowhere to be found. As Emma skulks around the car with her own camera, taking pictures of the crime scene, Sidney says that Kathryn's husband very publicly left her and that the story practically writes itself, telling her that if he got a story like that, the Daily Mirror would have no choice but to hire him back. Emma tells him to hold off, reminding him that he doesn't work for Regina anymore. Emma steps into the car, saying that Kathryn was going to law school in Boston, suggesting that maybe after David left her, her car broke down and she hiked the rest of the way. Emma tells him that that's what she would do if she was running away from her problems. She moves around to the back of the car and lifts the trunk open, seeing that all of Kathryn's luggage remains inside, Sidney asks her if she would also leave her clothes in the car and Emma decides that it's time to pull Kathryn's phone records and find out who she talked to last. Sidney points out that if she goes through the sheriff's station, it could take her days to get those, telling her that he has a friend over at the phone companies who always used to get him records for the newspaper and that he can get the within a couple of hours. Emma tells Sidney to call her the minute he has those phone records. A truck pulls up behind Sidney's car and the two of them realize it's David, Emma says that it's time to break the news. He steps out of the truck as Sidney asks Emma if she really thinks David doesn't know. "We're about to find out..." Emma tells him before approaching David.

Act II

114 07
The hatchling is groomed.

In the fairytale land that was, multiple dwarfs are seen being groomed, cleaned and clothed and the hatchling from earlier pats his head and strokes his beard in curiosity. Bossy tells him to lifts his arms up and the dwarf obliges, Bossy proceeds to trim his beard and the dwarf asks what he is. Bossy explains that he's a dwarf and the former asks what he's doing. Bossy, who continues to trim the dwarf's beard, tells him that he's being cleaned. The dwarf then asks who the woman he saw was, Bossy asks him to whom he's referring and the dwarf explains that he saw a woman right before he hatched, describing her as beautiful and saying that he wants to see her again. Bossy, who puts down the scissors and begins to wipe the dwarf off with a brush, tells him that he must be dreaming as there are no female dwarfs. He goes on to say that dwarfs don't fall in love, dwarfs don't get married and dwarfs don't have children, asking him why he thinks he hatched from an egg. Looking around at some of his brethren, the curious dwarf asks what they do, Bossy explains that they work, the dwarf wonders if they like it and Bossy replies that they love it, and even whistle while they do it. As we are shown various dwarfs prepare for a day's work, Bossy tells the recent hatchling that they mine for magical diamonds that are crushed to make fairy dust.

114 08
Dreamy is named.

He tells the dwarf that he will be working with his seven brethren, introducing them as his team. The seven other dwarfs stand to attention and Bossy tells them to grab an axe. The first dwarf steps forward and grabs hold of his axe, the name "Stealthy" appears on it. The second dwarf is given and axe and named "Happy". The third does the same and the name "Doc" appears on his axe. The fourth dwarf steps forward and sneezes before being handed his axe and immediately named "Sneezy". Sleepy follows, and then Bashful. Dopey is the last to be handed his axe before it's the curious dwarf's turn. He is handed an axe, and upon it is seen the name "Dreamy". "The axe never lies, Dreamy," Bossy assures him before telling the eight dwarfs to grab a lantern and move out, saying that today is the first day of the rest of their lives. The dwarfs begin to whistle as they one by one go to work, Bossy welcomes them to the mines.

114 09
Leroy wants to sign up for Miners Day.

Back in Storybrooke, Leroy walks into the nunnery where organization for the Miners Day festival is happening. He approaches Mary Margaret and asks her where he can sign up, the teacher looks at him, surprised, before turning away from him. Leroy says that he wants to volunteer to sell candles but Mary Margaret says that he doesn't and that he made that abundantly clear that morning. Leroy looks over to Sister Astrid, who is talking to Mother Superior, and back to Mary Margaret, saying that he saw the light and that someone showed it to him. He asks her what difference it makes as it looks like she can get all the help she can get and Mary Margaret gives in, saying that she needs help manning the candle booth, warning Leroy that there is to be no swearing, no drinking, and that she gets to call all the shots. She hands him a clipboard and he signs his name. Over at Astrid's conversation, Mother Superior is heard asking, "You ordered how many tanks of helium?" Leroy is distracted by this as Astrid tells Mother that she meant to order twelve. Mother Superior looks at the bill, telling her that she ordered twelve dozen. She tells her to return them but Astrid, distressed, says that there are no refunds. Mother Superior scolds her, saying that they needed that money and that Astrid knew that, reminding her how "he" feels about them. Mother Superior hands her the bill, telling her to fix it and to fix it now, before walking away. Astrid sighs and sits down.

114 10
Astrid calls Leroy her hero.

Leroy approaches her and asks her what the problem is. Astrid explains that the problem is she's an idiot, saying that they get money every year for expenses and it's all carefully budgeted, except for the part where she spent it all on helium, and now they can't pay their rent. Leroy says that she can make it up when they next get money but Astrid tells him that that's not until next month and the rent is due next week, stating that the only income they have are the candles. Leroy asks her how many she will need to sell, she replies that it'd be about one thousand, Leroy then asks how many they sold last year and she tells him that it was forty-two. Leroy looks worried and suggest that she ask her landlord to cut her a break but Astrid explains that Mr. Gold isn't one for negotiation. Leroy is surprised that Mr. Gold is her landlord and Astrid exclaims that if they miss a payment, they're out, and then they'll be reassigned and have to leave Storybrooke. Leroy assures her that she won't, asking her if she knows why she only sold forty-two the previous year and telling her that it's because she didn't have him. He assures her that this year they're going to sell all of them, Mary Margaret overhears this and appears shocked, but Astrid merely smiles in gratitude, saying that Leroy really is her hero. Leroy smiles and Mary Margaret seems worried.

114 11
Emma sees what David has to say.

On the road out of Storybrooke, David takes a look at Kathryn's crashed car, Emma stood next to him, and slams the door shut. He seems surprised that she's gone and Emma uses her super power to identify that he really doesn't know anything. David says that he doesn't understand, asking what happened. Emma tells him that she doesn't know, but is trying to find out. She asks what he can tell her, wondering when the last time he spoke to Kathryn was. David tells her that it was yesterday afternoon and Emma says that she knows there has been lies and deceit, assuring him that she's not judging him, but asking him if that's the truth. He answers positively, explaining that he hasn't spoken to her since he ended things. He says that when he next came home, all of her things were gone and that he assumed she left for Boston, which is what she told him. He asks if he's a suspect and Emma replies that he is not, saying that she knows when people are telling the truth, and he is. "She's not even been gone twenty-four hours, she's not even technically missing. But if she is, trust me, I will find her," Emma assures him.

In her office, Regina is see printing off multiple phone records reading, "NOLAN, Kathryn". She takes out the records and looks at them, smirking. She proceeds to dial her cell phone and begins to talk to Sidney, telling him that she has the phone records that he wanted. She adds in a menacing tone that she thinks he will find them quite helpful.


114 12
Dreamy in the mines.

Down in the dwarf mines, a shovel is seen lifting a group of diamonds from a cart and lifting them onto a conveyor belt. The wielder of the shovel is shown to be Dreamy who shovels more diamonds onto the belt as they move on down it. They are seen falling down a hole where a large wooden gear turns at the top of it, the rod that goes through the cog is shown to be spinning as well, leading all the way down the hole. The shot moves down the hole and we are shown the diamonds dropping in from the conveyor belt. They land in a container and go through it, from the outside, we are taken down the machine and shown a large spinning mechanism filled with multiple gears and gizmos, all turning and grinding as the diamonds move through it. We arrive at two grinding cogs which go through another container which comes out at a small nozzle which dispenses fairy dust, made from the diamonds that went in. The dust falls into a bag that Nova the fairy is seen inspecting. Once she sees she has enough, she attempts to turn the lever, presumably to stop the fairy dust from falling, however, it becomes stuck. She grabs it with both hands and applies all of her strength, trying to shift it but it refuses to budge.

114 13
Nova has a little trouble.

As the fairy dust begins to overflow, she calls for help, and, suddenly, Dreamy runs in and turns to lever for her, stopping the dust. She thanks him and ties up her bag of dust. Dreamy looks at her and says, "It's you." Nova, confused, asks if they know each other. They step off of the platform with the nozzle as Dreamy explains that she's the one he saw right before he hatched a year previously. As Nova puts down her dust, she seems surprised that Dreamy is a mere one-year-old, he shrugs, telling her that he looks young for his age. Nova hears a mechanism starting and turns to see that her bag of fairy dust is traveling up a dumbwaiter. She tries to reach up for it, but to no avail. Soon, it is being tipped out of the dumbwaiter and onto the conveyor belt, moving along it as Nova stresses. It is seen heading for the flames of the mechanism and so Dreamy quickly scales up the frame of the belt and runs along side it, he extends his pickaxe and manages to lift the bag of dust with it just as it's about to fall, saving it.

114 14
Nova and Dreamy exchange a handshake.

Nova exclaims in glee and Dreamy slides down on a rope, handing her her dust. She is relieved for a moment before stomping and calling herself an idiot. She says that all she ever wanted was to be a Fairy Godmother as that was her dream, but that she can't even pick up a bag of fairy dust on her own she's so clumsy. Dreamy assures her otherwise, telling her that he thinks she would make a great Fairy Godmother. She asks him if he really thinks so. He tells her, "I believe you can do anything you want, as long as you can dream it." The fairy smiles before extending an arm, introducing herself as Nova, the dwarf takes her hand, telling her that his name is Dreamy. She tells Dreamy that as fairies, they get to spend very little time in his world and that she's thinking of making a stop on her way back, asking him if he's ever been to see the fireflies. He says that he barely ever gets out of the mines, Nova explains that she hears it's beautiful, saying that they come out just after sunset on Firefly Hill. She tells the dwarf that she was going to see them tonight on her way back (clearly implying an invitation) and he says that it sounds fun. A large grin spreads across her face and he tells her to have a good time before walking away, she seems disappointed, walking after him, addressing him. He turns to her, "Thanks," she tells him. "You're my hero." Nova walks away and Dreamy smiles, she turns back briefly and giggles before running out of the mines. Dreamy continues to smile but seems sad that she's gone.

114 15
Mary Margaret attempts to sell candles.

Back in Storybrooke, Mary Margaret and Leroy are manning the candle booth as the former works her hardest to try and attract some attention. No one appears interested in buying from her despite her enthusiasm, and she shakes her head, saying that this isn't working. Leroy tells her that she's right and that they should pack up, Mary Margaret is annoyed at him for quitting but he explains that if the customers don't come to them, they have to go to the customers door-to-door. Mary Margaret asks him what makes him think, if they hate us there, they would like them in their homes. Leroy points out that they will pay them just to leave. He grabs a box and Mary Margaret seems intrigued.

114 16
Emma defends Mary Margaret's innocence.

A couple of stalls away, Sidney is seen playing Ring-and-Toss as Emma approaches him, asking him what he's doing. He wonders what's happening and Emma explains that she just got off the phone with Kathryn's school in Boston, saying that registration was that morning and she never showed up. Sidney suggests that she's been abducted and Emma says that it sure looks that way. Suddenly, Mary Margaret runs up to Emma, Leroy behind her, asking her which scarf seems more sympathetic - scarf (she gestures the scarf she's wearing) - or no scarf (she unwraps her scarf, letting it hang from her neck). Emma suggests the former and Mary Margaret wraps her scarf back around her neck, thanking her friend. Leory says that they're still on schedule and Mary Margaret says that she has to leave, before dashing off. Sidney says that if Emma's looking for a suspect, someone with a motive, that Mary Margaret has one a mile high. Emma assures him that she had nothing to do with anything, telling him to trust her as she knows her. She tells him to get her the phone records before walking away.

114 17
Happy faces...

Mary Margaret and Leroy knock on the door of a Storybrooke townsperson, candles in tow, the door opens and a man with a carrot stares them down, Mary Margaret tells him that they're selling candles for Miners Day, however, he merely takes a bite from his carrot. The man's wife comes to the door, takes one look at the pair of them, and tells them that they're not interested, before slamming the door shut in their faces.
Mary Margaret and Leroy are seen standing hopeful at another door, which also slams in their faces, and another, and another, and yet another, all before they can fit a word in edgeways. At the final door, Leroy looks to Mary Margaret, seeming disappointed.

114 18
Belle appears to Dreamy.

Back in the land that was, Dreamy sits saddened at a bar where all the other dwarfs are drinking together and having a merry time. Bossy walks over and sits opposite him, wondering what's the matter, pointing out that he's barely touched his food. Dreamy says that he doesn't know, going on to say that he can't eat, can't sleep and doesn't feel at all like himself. Dreamy suggest that he get Doc to take a look at him and Bossy asks him if he's really going to trust a dwarf who got his medical degree from an pickaxe. He says that he wouldn't worry about it as dwarfs don't get sick, telling him that it must be in his head. "It's not in his head, it's in his heart... you're in love," says a voice from behind Dreamy, he turns around to see the beautiful Belle, sitting at a table alone, a tankard in front of her. Bossy tells Belle that that's impossible, stating that dwarfs can't fall in love. Belle asks Dreamy that he trust her, saying that she knows love, and he's in it. Bossy stands up and walks away whereas Dreamy turns around to talk properly to the princess, he asks her what love's like.

114 19
Belle gives her verdict on love.

Belle smiles, beginning her definition, "It's the most wonderful and amazing thing in the world. Love is hope, it fuels our dreams. And if you're in it, you need to enjoy it. Because... love doesn't always last forever." Dreamy wonders why, if love's so great, why he feels so bad right now. Belle tells him that he needs to be with the person he loves, and Dreamy says that they only met once and that he doesn't even know if she feels the same way, explaining that all she talked about was going to see some fireflies, not loving him. Belle seems curious, wondering what she told him about these fireflies. Dreamy recites that she's going to see them on the hilltop tonight and that they're the most beautiful sight in all the land. Belle laughs at this and Dreamy wonders what's so funny, the princess points out that she wasn't talking about the fireflies, but asking him to go and be with her. Dreamy smiles, asking her if she really thinks so, and Belle nods. "I've had my heart broken enough to know when someone is reaching out," she explains. Dreamy looks to the other dwarfs, still merry, and back to a saddened Belle who instructs him to go, go and find his love, find his hope - "Find your dreams."

114 20
Leroy receives an undeserved hug.

In Storybrooke's nunnery, Astrid is seen collecting dropped items from the floor and placing them back into a basket. Leroy approaches her but hesitates, looking to Mary Margaret who gestures him to continue. He does and Astrid greets him kindly. He says that he needs to talk to her and that he brings bad news. Astrid seems disappointed, asking him what it is. "The bad news is that... that... you nuns are gonna be real busy making candles, because me and Mary Margaret just sold them all! You're not losing the convent, you're not going anywhere!" he exclaims. Astrid giggles in glee before hugging him, happily, however, Mary Margaret appears shocked and Leroy appears worried.

Act IV

114 21
Mary Margaret scolds Leroy for lying.

Mary Margaret pulls Leroy towards her by his jacket, whispering angrily, asking how he could tell Astrid that they sold all of the candles, saying that she's expecting $5000 that they don't have. Leroy tells her not to worry about it as he has a plan, Mary Margaret asks if this plan will be like going door-to-door and having everyone slam their doors in their faces. Leroy requests until the end of the day, saying that he will figure something out. Mary Margaret asks him why this is so important to him, Leroy doesn't answer, merely turns his head to look at Astrid. He tells her that he doesn't want the nuns to leave and Mary Margaret suddenly realizes what is going on. "Oh, my God. You like her!" she exclaims in whisper, disgusted. She reminds him that Astrid is a nun, asking if he could possibly have picked anyone any less available. Leroy points out the irony of this coming from the girl who went after a married guy, saying that at the end of the day she's no better than he is, she's got her reasons for being there, and he has his. He promises her that when he says he's going to get that $5000, he's going to get that $5000.

114 22
Dreamy and Nova enjoy the view.

In the fairytale land that was, Dreamy is seen running up a hill in the forest before arriving at the hilltop, looking out at the view. Nova steps out from behind some trees, saying that she didn't think he was going to show up. He tells her that he was afraid that he was too late, and she tells him that he did cut it a little close. She pulls him over to the main view and he is amazed by all the lights, asking if they're fireflies. Nova giggles and answers negatively, saying that it's the village and, beyond that, the lights of the kingdom. He realizes that she's seen a lot of this world and Nova mentions that it's been from a distance, however, he wonders what's wrong with this, she explains that flying over the world and being a part of it aren't exactly the same thing. He says that at least she's seen the world, reminding her that he lives in the mines and all he ever sees is diamonds, dirt and dwarfs. She smiles and Dreamy suggest that they see the world together, saying that they could get a boat, set sail and explore all that the world has to offer. Before Nova can respond, tiny glittering lights are seen flying all around them, she tells him to look as the fireflies make them selves visible. Quickly, Nova grabs Dreamy's face and kisses him, saying that she wants to sail with him and telling him to meet her there the next day when she's dropped off the dust. "We'll run off together. We'll see the world," she says as Dreamy begins to hold her hand. "Sounds like a dream come true," he tells her. The two continue to enjoy the sparkling view.

114 23
Leroy attempts to haggle with Mr. Gold.

Over at the Storybrooke docks, Leroy is seen showing his sailboat to Mr. Gold. He says that he knows it's a bit of a fixer-upper and could do with a new coat of paint and a few spritzes of Febreeze here and there, but that Gold has to agree that $5000 is a reasonable price for it. Mr. Gold retorts that $3000 is more reasonable, but Leroy tells the pawnbroker that he needs five. Gold wonders to what they owe this specificity and Leroy says that he's helping out a friend. He goes on to tell him that he doesn't have to pay him anything, just so long as he forgives one month's rent for the nuns. Mr. Gold is surprised that this is for the nuns but Leroy says that he'll get the boat and next month's money, so really, he ends up winning all around. Gold does not like what Leroy is trying to do but the drunk points out that Gold's a rich guy and can easily be able to cover one month's rent. Gold tells Leroy that's he's right, but that he won't do it as he has a fairly specific rental agreement meaning that if they miss a payment, he is within his rights to evict. Leroy tries to sway him the other way before Gold says that, quite honestly, it shall be nice to get rid of such distasteful tenants. Leroy is shocked that Gold doesn't like nuns, asking who doesn't like nuns. The pawnbroker says that he has his reasons and that they are his. He explains that he has a long and complicated history with them, and leaves it at that before turning around and leaving the docks.

114 24
Astrid is disappointed in Leroy.

A disgruntled Leroy climbs into his boat, he picks up his kettle and realizes it's empty, he tries to open a cupboard but it's jammed, he hears Astrid's voice call from above before he pokes his head out to see her. He climbs out, surprised to see her and she says that Mary Margaret told her that she might find him out there, before presenting him with a pie that she baked for him. He takes it and she says that it's the least she could do after all his help, he is grateful. She exclaims in glee, telling him that his boat is great and that it will be amazing when he gets it out on the water. As she says this, Leroy covers the still full boxes of unsold candles with a covering. She begins to say something as she walks towards him but stops mid-sentence, noticing the boxes of candles under the covering. She asks what they are before lifting the covering and realizing, wondering why, if he sold all the candles, they're all still there. He admits that he didn't sell them all, that he tried to, but no one wanted to buy them from him. He says that he was going to tell her the truth but was afraid of letting her down. She is disappointed that he lied and Leroy pauses before apologizing, telling her that she believed in the wrong guy. Astrid doesn't say anything, merely walks away, leaving Leroy alone and ashamed.

Act V

114 25
Emma is stumped by the evidence at hand.

Over at the sheriff's station, Emma is staring up at the pictures she took earlier of Kathryn's crashed car. Sidney soon walks in and Emma asks him if he has anything, he hands her Kathryn's phone records which include every call she made on the day of the crash, including an eight minute call between her and David within an hour of the accident. Emma inspects the records herself, almost not believing it, saying that she spoke to him and he said he hadn't seen her all day. Sidney tells her that he miust be lying but Emma assures him that she knows when someone is lying. Sidney points out that she's holding the evidence in her hands, he tells her that phone records don't lie, people do, and that David does it better than most. He tells the blonde not to beat herself up over this, saying that she's not the only person that David fooled.

114 26
"Just dreaming..."

At the bar of Granny's Diner, Mary Margaret is served a drink and the teacher downs it. Leroy walks in and tells Ruby, who's working behind the bar, that he'll have what Mary Margaret's having. He sits next to her and she asks him if he got the money, he then asks her what she thinks, implying that he did not. Leroy is served his drink and Mary Margaret tells him that he was right and that she was dreaming if she thought that the town harlot and the town drunk could achieve anything. "Yeah," Leroy says, "Just dreaming..."

114 27
The dwarfs say goodbye.

It's late at night in the dwarfs' shared bedroom and seven of the eight of them are sleeping in their hammocks and beds. Dreamy, who's fully dressed and packed, sneaks past the rest of his brethren. He approaches the door, but Stealthy steps out from behind him, clearing his throat to make himself known. The other dwarfs soon wake up and Stealthy tells Dreamy that if he wanted to sneak out, he should have come to him. Doc is puzzled as to why Dreamy is leaving them without even saying "goodbye" and Sneezy asks him where he's going. Dreamy tells them that he's going to be with Nova, saying that they're in love and are going to see the world together. Stealthy doesn't understand, saying that he thought they were meant to spend their lives in the mines. Dreamy tells him that he thought so too, but that things change when you fall in love. Suddenly, anything seems possible. Sneezy, who, like the rest of the dwarfs, seems in awe of this, quickly runs to grab Dreamy's pickaxe, handing it to him, saying that it might come in handy. Dreamy smiles but doesn't accept it, telling Sneezy that he doesn't need it any more. Sneezy is stumped, placing the axe down before smiling and hugging his friend. The rest of the dwarfs, excluding Stealthy, do the same and it becomes a group hug, wishing Dreamy well.

114 28
Dreamy is given a choice.

Soon, Dreamy is running across the forest, excited to be with Nova again. He is suddenly stopped when Bossy walks up behind him, telling him that he can't do this, he can't go to her. Dreamy asks him why not and Bossy reminds him that he has a responsibility to mine the diamonds that they make into fairy dust. Dreamy argues that he loves Nova, but Bossy points out that he is a dwarf, ergo, he is not capable of love, it's not how they're made. "But what if I'm different?" Dreamy inquires, wondering what if Bossy's wrong. Suddenly, the Blue Fairy flies down onto the scene, assuring Leroy that Bossy is not wrong and that what he feels is just a dream. Dreamy asks the fairy who she is and she smiles, telling him that she's Nova's teacher and that if the two of them run away together, it will not end well as Nova will lose her wings. She tells him that if he returns to the mines and let Nova be the fairy that she was meant to be, then the two of them shall bring untold joy to the world. "Nova can be a great fairy... if you let her," Blue explains, before saying that the choice is his, Dreamy is now unsure of what to do.

114 29
Mary Margaret and Leroy drown their sorrows.

Back at Granny's Diner, Mary Margaret asks Leroy if he understands that a relationship between he and Sister Astrid can never happen. Leroy understands but tells Mary Margaret that his whole life, people have made it their business to tell him what he can and can't do and that Astrid was the first person who said he could do anything and who believed in him, he says that he didn't want to disappoint her. Mary Margaret says that she understands the consequences of following through when the world tells her not to, reminding him that she is a pariah in Storybrooke. At this, Leroy wonders about her good memories, and Mary Margaret asks him what he means. Leroy points out that she must have had moments with David that she loved, wondering if she regrets them. She whispers that of course she doesn't and Leroy asks her if that's not what life's about - holding on to your good memories. He says that all he wanted was a moment with Astrid, one moment to make him believe that anything's possible. He reminds Mary Margaret that she's had all that and tells her to stop feeling sorry for himself and enjoy it, because he hasn't. Mary Margaret is saddened by this, saying that if she had the dream, she's sorry to say that it wasn't worth it. Leroy reminds her that she's sitting there, drinking when in this pain. Mary Margaret wonders what else will get rid of it, and Leroy tells her that he can only think of one thing.

114 30
Leroy gets his moment.

Leroy looks down at people celebrating Miners Day as he steps on the edge of the roof of Granny's Diner. He is seen with an axe on his hand and he comments on his spot as perfect. Mary Margaret steps out onto the roof as well, exclaiming, "Leroy! What are you doing?! Please don't do it!" She runs over to him and a confused Leroy tells her that he's not going to jump, and Mary Margaret is confused. He asks her if she's crazy, saying that he could hit someone, wondering if she knows how much damage he could do as he's solidly built. Mary Margaret wonders, if he's not jumping, then what he's doing up there. He lifts the axe, telling the teacher that he's going to get his moment, Mary Margaret is confused and he warns her that she might want to duck. She obliges and Leroy takes a good wind of the axe and obliterates a power box, causing many sparks to fly and for the entire town center to be plunged into darkness. Mary Margaret stands up and wonders what he's doing, he looks to her and says, "I'm selling candles, sister."

Act VI

114 31
True love does not conquer all...

At the hilltop where they saw the fireflies, Nova is anxiously waiting for Dreamy to arrive. She sees him arrive and becomes excited, telling him that she has to show him something. He sadly tells her that they need to talk, but she stops him, saying that there's something he needs to see. She holds out her hand and, in a puff of fairy dust, a small telescope appears. Dreamy takes it and looks through it, seeing a small sailboat out in the waters. He tells her that it's amazing, but contains little enthusiasm compared to her. She explains that it has everything they need to travel the world: supplies, maps of all the kingdoms, a sturdy sail, etc. "Nova," Dreamy says, turning to her, she is hanging on his response - "I can't go with you." Nova is devastated, asking about their life together, their dream. He reminds the fairy that he's a dwarf, he belongs in the mines, she belongs with the other fairies and that's never going to change. Nova shakes her head and tells her dwarf lover that he controls the changes in his life and to never let himself forget that he's special. Dreamy wonders why, asking what makes them different from any other dwarf and fairy out there. Nova pauses, "Our love." Dreamy grumpily tells her that he doesn't think it's love, it's a dream that they need to put away. He tells her that he's not her dream, her dream is to be a Fairy Godmother and she can still be that. Nova realizes that he talked to the Blue Fairy, she asks him what she said but he replies that it doesn't matter. "What did she say?!" Nova demands, but Dreamy reminds her that what matters is he can't stand in the way of his happiness. "You are my happiness!" she exclaims as Dreamy sheds a tear, "I love you..." she tells him. She asks him if he loves her but he tells her, crying, that he's a dwarf, he can't love. Dreamy turns away from the tearful fairy and begins to walk back down the hill, leaving her. Both of them are devastated.

114 32
"It's Grumpy now."

Back at the mines, Bossy is yelling at Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy and Stealthy, telling them to pick up the pace as they're making magic. Dreamy walks in and asks them where his axe is, his seven brethren turn to him in shock. Sneezy happily exclaims that he's back (sneezing in the middle of doing so, as usual). Bossy hands Dreamy his pickaxe before telling the other dwarfs to "heigh ho", they all get back to work and Dreamy approaches the wall of the mine tunnel. Bossy comments that it's good to have him back and Dreamy assures him that there's no place he'd rather be. He takes one angry swing at the wall with his axe, and another, and another, and another, each time getting faster and harder, the other dwarfs begin to stare at him as he swings so hard his axe emblazoned "Dreamy" snaps in half. He tells Bossy to hand him another axe and the head dwarf does so. Dreamy receives it and sees that written on it, is "Grumpy", his new name. Grumpy tells them all this before taking another swing with his axe.

114 33
What a sell-out...

Over in Storybrooke, at the darkened Miners Day festival, everyone in attendance is seen with a nun-made candle in their hands. Mary Margaret and Leroy are seen with a huge crowd around them as they give away candles in exchange for the townspeople's money. Pretty soon, Leroy goes to find some more candles before Mary Margaret happily informs him that they sold out. Leroy laughs and hugs the teacher in glee before looking over to Sister Astrid who is standing with her nun friends, all of which are holding candles, including her. Mary Margaret notices this and encourages Leroy to give her the news and to have his moment. Leroy looks over to Astrid, contemplating this.

114 34
Leroy and Astrid enjoy the view.

We soon see Leroy making his way over to Astrid who sees him coming and excuses herself from the other nuns in order to talk to him. He presents her with a box, telling her that it contains $5000 from the candle sales. She is stunned that he sold them all but he assures her that he had a little help. She then realizes that he made it happen, but he tells her that she has no idea. The nun proceeds to hug Leroy, telling him that she doesn't know what to say. He hands her the box, telling her she's welcome before going on to say that he's going to fix up that boat of his and suggesting that maybe she be his first passenger. She tells him that she would like that and he replies with, "Then that's what we'll do, sister." Astrid smiles before looking out on the candlelit festival, describing it as beautiful, and the two of them look out at it together.

114 35
Regina pays Emma a little visit.

Over at the sheriff's station, Emma is shown staring at Kathryn's phone records, not knowing what to make of this evidence. Regina soon walks into the office and Emma tells her that if this is about the blackout, she has people out working on it. Regina steps into the office itself and tells the sheriff that that's not why she's here. She states that it's been twenty-four hours since Kathryn went missing, wondering if Emma's found anything. Emma tells the mayor that she's found something but doesn't know what to make of it, Regina then asks what it is and Emma says that at this point in the investigation, it's best she doesn't divulge that information. Regina assures Emma that if she's covering for someone and therefore not doing her job, that she will find someone who will. Regina walks out of the station as Emma continues to sip her coffee.

114 36
Mary Margaret is re-accepted.

Mary Margaret is seen writing "SOLD OUT!" on a placard of cardboard and placing it on the stall, happily. There is a candle beside this sign which she blows out. She carries it over to her truck where the word "TRAMP" can still be seen written in spray paint across the side. She goes to open the door but sees her own reflection and stares at it in the graffitied window. She then walks away from her truck and back through the town center, candle still in hand. She is stopped by Granny, whose candle is still lit, and the old woman kindly takes Mary Margaret's candle and lights it on her own before handing it back to her, smiling. Mary Margaret thanks her with a nod before walking away.

114 37
Emma has no choice but to arrest David.

Afar, David is seen watching Mary Margaret as she walks away, turning away from her sadly. Emma then approaches him and he is surprised to see her. The blonde tells him that they need to talk and David wonders if she got a hold of Kathryn. Emma tells him that she did not and so David asks her what she needs to say. "I need you to come to the sheriff's station with me and tell me everything," she says. David is confused, thinking he already did, however, Emma states that she did too. She walks back to the sheriff's car as David follows and people begin to stare. The back door opens and David steps in, catching Mary Margaret's attention. The teacher becomes more shocked as the door is closed and Emma walks around to the driver's seat, ready to arrest David.


114 Title Card




The episode first aired on March 4, 2012. The episode's ratings and viewership increased from the one that aired the previous week. It had an 18-49 rating of 3.4/9 and was watched by 10.67 million viewers. It was also first in its timeslot beating The Amazing Race on CBS, The Simpsons on Fox and a repeat of The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC.

In Canada, the episode finished in sixteenth place for the week with an estimated 1.44 million viewers, a slight decrease from the 1.497 million of the previous episode.


  • Lily Sparks of gave the episode a negative review and wrote, "Okay, I'm about to hit you with some truth: last night's episode of 'Once Upon a Time,' 'Dreamy,' was the worst this show had ever been. The opening was a siege of nightmarish information, including the revelations that there are no dwarf women and the permanently old dwarf men reproduce asexually by hatching out of eggs FULLY CLOTHED. And the horrible romance! Grumpy and Nova the 'clumsy fairy' were seriously bizarre characters, they both talked like six year olds and now I feel like I've condescended to six year olds, because even six year olds aren't this simplistic and idiotic.[1]
  • Hillary Busis of Entertainment Weekly complained, "I think the writers of 'Once' have seen Disney's version of Aida one too many times. On this show, every story's a love story ... 'Once' has dipped into the 'star-crossed lovers' well a few times too many."[2]
  • Oliver Sava of The A.V. Club gave the episode a "B" and said, "'Once Upon A Time' has gone from exceedingly mediocre to downright serviceable in the second half of the season, but it remains a problematic series, struggling to balance its two different worlds. Last episode heightened the emotional stakes in Storybrooke to contrast with the swashbuckling fairyback, but 'Dreamy' goes back to the more obvious storytelling of the season’s early episodes, hammering its theme like a high-budget children’s show. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and if this show wanted to be live-action Disney mash-up that would be fine, but unfortunately, it has this whole missing person/potential murder subplot that brings it into more mature territory."[3]


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