Dirty Little Secrets
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1x10
March 13, 2014
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"Dirty Little Secrets" is the 10th episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.


In flashback, Cyrus' actions lead to a fateful day that leaves his mother near death, resulting in a decision that comes with a binding price he and his brothers have to pay. Meanwhile, after banding together, Alice, Cyrus, Will and Anastasia split up into two groups, which leaves the Knave and the Red Queen face to face with the fearful Jabberwocky, and Cyrus' guilt about his past tests his relationship with Alice.


Previously in Wonderland...

Will, who is inside the genies' bottle, is sent down a river. Later, he's found by Liz, who becomes his new master. ("Nothing to Fear") Cyrus explains to Alice that the wish she gave Will was used to end her suffering, which granted him his freedom. ("Nothing to Fear") Will uses his magic to give beers to everyone in a village. ("Nothing to Fear") Anastasia is taken by peasants, who no longer see her as their queen. ("Nothing to Fear") Anastasia finds the bottle with a dead Liz. Once Will is freed, Anastasia reveals she's his new master. ("Nothing to Fear") Jafar releases the Jabberwocky. ("Nothing to Fear") Ana tells Alice that they need to leave Wonderland before Jafar gets them, for if Jafar gets Will he'll have all three genies. Cyrus reveals that the other genies are his brothers. ("Nothing to Fear")


Many Years Ago in Agrabah

OW110 01
Cyrus plays a dangerous card game...

In Agrabah, Cyrus is sat at a table in a tavern with a group of men playing a card game. He passes on his turn, signalling the turn of the other men. When it gets back to his turn he places his compass among the betting coins. The men are insulted that he'd add it, but he explains its a golden compass with magical properties that will point them to anything you've lost and wish to find again. He jokes that in one of the men's cases it might be soap, this causes Rafi, his younger brother to smirk. Taj, Cyrus' older brother, warns him to quit while he's ahead, but the genie-to-be decides to go on. One of the men decides to go in on the round, and after a moment of hesitation, Cyrus reveals a winning hand. He cheerfully goes to grab his winnings, but the man angrily punches the table, accusing him of cheating. Cyrus points out that it'd be hard to prove he cheated since he just ruined the game. He wishes the man better luck for next time before kneeling down to pick up his money, but the man stands on his foot. Cyrus pushes him off, causing the man to attack him in return. Other men intercept and kick the aggressive man out, but before he leaves, he tells the brothers that they'll pay for this. "Not as much as you did" Cyrus mocks him before turning to everyone in the tavern and offering drinks for everyone.

OW110 02
...And ends up paying the price.

Later that night, Cyrus and his brothers, Rafi and Taj are walking home from the tavern, laughing about their day. Rafi comments on Cyrus' luck, telling him that only he could have that many lucky hands. Taj reveals to the youngest brother that he cheated, but Cyrus drunkenly points out that it's only cheating if he's caught. Taj tells Cyrus that one day his luck will run out and he'll have to play the hand he's dealt. However, before he can reply, they're shocked to see the angry man from the tavern outside their house. Cyrus tells Rafi to give him his knife, but the man and his accomplice quickly get onto their horses and ride away. Suddenly, their house lights up in flames, shocking all three brothers. Rafi points out that their mother is inside, causing Cyrus to run desperately to the house.


Act I

Present Day

OW110 03
The group debate over what to do next.

In Cyrus and Alice's hideout, Cyrus is pacing in front of his fiancée, Will and Anastasia, asking how he didn't notice his brothers were right next to him the whole time Jafar had him captive. Ana tells him not to punish himself, pointing out that even Jafar didn't know about their relations because he'd have used it against him. Alice assures him that they'll do whatever it takes to free them, causing Will to lazily say "and me", pointing out that Cyrus is now holding his home. After Will complains about the small amount of room inside it, Alice states they must first find the bottles. She asks Ana if Jafar would have moved the bottles with him since moving into her castle, Ana confirms he would. Alice tells her fiancé that they simply need to break into the castle and take them, but Ana mocks that it's not that simple as the four of them are no match to Jafar's magic. She mentions that the only thing that will protect them is her army, but Cyrus reminds her that her army has deserted her and her former subjects are willing to let her be eaten by Mome Raths. The former queen says she aware of peoples feelings towards her, but adds that she'll have to prove them wrong.

OW110 04
Will suggests splitting up.

Anastasia snatches the bottle from Cyrus and as she puts it in her bag, the former genie questions why they need to fight Jafar when they can disarm him. He explains that he and his brothers weren't born genies, but cursed, so if they can break the curse they can be freed. He supposes that if he can get back to the place where the curse was made then there's maybe a way for it to be undone. Alice asks who cursed him, so he explains it was the guardian of the Well of Wonders in Agrabah. Will asks how they'd get back to Agrabah, but Ana reveals Wonderland has its own Well of Wonders. She explains that magical waters run under all of the lands, so if they seek the guardian all they have to do is summon her. A determined Cyrus readies to leave, but Ana asks him if he's considered what will happen if he fails because every moment wasted is another chance for Jafar to get his hands on the last genie. She reiterates that the only thing that can save Will is an army, but Cyrus again points out that if they free his brothers then Jafar won't need Will. Will suggests splitting up, so Cyrus and Ana both agree simultaneously to do just that.

OW110 05
Play time.

Meanwhile, over at the village that Will and Liz celebrated at, all of the villagers are sleeping out in the streets after the partying. The noise of snoring, animals chattering and chimes clanking in the wind can be heard. Suddenly, all goes silent and the only sound is that of footsteps coming from the Jabberwocky as she walks past all of the villagers. She approaches one snoring man and blows into his ear, jolting him awake in fear. "Did I wake you?" she asks before disappearing and reappearing behind him, grabbing his hat. She asks if he's going somewhere, adding "not so fast" before asking about the genie. The scared man just looks at the Jabberwocky as she wraps her arm around his shoulder, leaning in close. She asks if he'd rather talk about his two children, who are being bathed in the river by their mother as they speak. She begins reading the man's fears, asking how quick she can get there, how she'll kill them and if she'll have mercy on the baby.

OW110 06
The Jabberwocky gets an idea.

She tells him that the answers to those are very fast, very slowly and no, because she doesn't care much for babies. The man tries to plead with her, but she hushes him, "Jabber, jabber jabber. All you people do is jabber" she whispers. She asks again where the genie is, so the man tells her he was here but he doesn't know where he went. She asks whom he was with, but when he doesn't reply, she whispers some words into his ear. The man points in the direction of a house and tells her "she" lives there. He begs for her not to kill him, but the Jabberwocky tells him he misunderstands, for she doesn't need to kill him...he's already scared to death. As she lets go of his body, he drops to the floor, dying instantly. She walks away from his corpse, approaching the house. She kicks in the door and enters, finding Liz's corpse on the ground. "Pity" she sighs before searching around the house for the bottle. After realizing she won't find it, she gets an idea. She turns to Liz and watches her corpse before pulling out a dagger and approaching it.

OW110 07
Jafar finds out who has the bottle.

A while later, Jafar, in the Red Queen's Castle, is holding two eyeballs in his hands. He asks the Jabberwocky what she brought him. The Jabber, who is playfully sat on the throne answers that it's a "parting glance". She explains that they belonged to the genie's previous master, whom was a pretty girl in a pretty dress. Jafar asks if she couldn't just ask her where the bottle was, so she tells him that she died before she had the opportunity. As she gets up off the throne, she tells him she assumed a sorcerer as powerful as himself could find a way to make them useful. Jafar places the eyes into a bowl, telling Jabber he likes a girl who thinks on her feet. She sits down on a comfy chair and watches as he pours a magical liquid into the bowl. He then grabs his serpent staff and holds it as he speaks magical words. The bowl begins glowing blue and a dusty cloud takes form in the air, revealing the face of Anastasia. With recognition, Jafar points out that she has the bottle. Jabber asks him if that's good or bad news. Jafar turns to his partner and demands she bring him the queen; she smiles.

Act II

OW110 08
Cyrus and his brothers decide to search for the Well of Wonders.

In Agrabah of the past, Cyrus, Rafi and Taj are stood in their house, watching as a healer attends to their mother, whom is laid in bed with bandages over her badly burned face. Rafi asks if the supposed Well of Wonders could save their mother, so Cyrus tells him he hasn't seen it himself, but he's heard stories that the waters inside contain magical properties. Rafi wonders what he means by that, so Cyrus explains that legends says it can make a cowardly man brave, a greedy man generous and a sick man healthy. When he points out that it may be the only way to save their mother, Rafi asks if its close. He tells them its a days journey away, but Taj reminds him that the healer said their mother might not last another day. Cyrus asks if he'd rather watch their mother die than fight to save her, so Taj insists he wouldn't, but he also doesn't want her to die alone. Cyrus yells that they have to do something, leading Taj to tell him it's not his fault. Cyrus quickly moves on from this, pointing out that the Well of Wonders may be dangerous and three men will stand a better chance than one, but he offers to go alone if his brothers aren't willing to go. Taj points out that he's the first born son, so if anyone has a duty, it's him. Cyrus then decides that they'll share the burden together, telling them to move fast and let nothing stand in their way.

OW110 09
Alice tries asking Cyrus about his past.

Back in Wonderland, as Alice and Cyrus make their way to the Well of Wonders, the former asks the latter if he's looking forward to seeing his brothers again. "Of course" he replies bluntly, leading onto Alice asking how he was cursed in the first place, since he never told her. "Didn't I?" he asks, seeming distant, before pointing out that there isn't much to tell as they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Finding this hard to believe, Alice asks if he's sure he didn't do anything, but he cuts her off, explaining that it was so long ago he can barely remember. He tells her there's no point in dwelling over it now since it's all in the past before stating they can make it to the Well within the hour if they pick up their pace. The two speed up walking and Alice drags behind a little, giving Cyrus a concerned look.

OW110 10
Will and Ana pay the White Rabbit a visit.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Will knocks on the door to the White Rabbit's house, but the rabbit calls out that nobody's home. Will begs him not to be that way, but the rabbit keeps up the act, claiming that there's no rabbits there, just a happy family enjoying time together. Will points out that it won't take more than a minute, but the rabbit tells him time is a precious commodity, and one minute is sixty seconds, which is equal to sixty-thousand milliseconds. As he continues his rant, Ana gives Will a nudge, signalling him to hurry it up. Will tells the rabbit he wouldn't be having any milliseconds if he hasn't of found his family. He demands again that the White Rabbit open the door, which he reluctantly does so. He asks the knave what he wants, but he says it's not about what "he" wants, but about what "she" wants. With that, Ana pokes her head into the rabbit's sight, startling him and causing him to run inside in fear. Will and Ana enter the house and the queen kneels to the ground, begging the rabbit not to be afraid as she won't hurt him. The rabbit reminds her that she took his family and honor from him before asking what more she could possibly want. "Your forgiveness", she tells him sincerely, surprising him. He pokes out from his hiding hole and listens as she tells him that what she took from him she can never give back and there's nothing she can give him, except saying that she's sorry. The rabbit tells her what's done is done before asking why she'd care if he forgives her.

OW110 11
Ana asks the White Rabbit for his assistance.

Ana reveals that she needs his help, and when he asks what with, she tells him she wants to become the queen everyone deserves. She explains that she wants to defeat and Jafar and reclaim Wonderland, but for the people, not herself. She tells the rabbit she needs him to tell them they can trust her, causing him to ask Will if she's lost her mind. Will tells his friend she wants to change, but whether or not she's capable of it, only time will tell. The White Rabbit tells the pair that defeating Jafar has become the least of their worries because he's released the Jabberwocky. Will is confused, while Ana is horrified. She asks who told him about her, but the rabbit tells them the only thing he knows is that she's out. Will asks if that's bad, but the rabbit ignores this and asks Ana that she now probably wants him to take them out of Wonderland before she finds them. Will sounds happy with this idea, but Ana demands they won't leave. She tells the rabbit that she intends to save Wonderland and if the Jabberwocky has been released then it's just one more reason to stay and fight. She assures the rabbit that she won't force him to do anything, but tells him that if he cares about what Wonderland once was and can be again, then he'll have to help her. He seems nervous as she asks him to portal to every corner of the realm and tell people the battle to save Wonderland is about to begin. The rabbit gives nervous glances as he thinks of his decision.

OW110 12
Will and Ana discuss the scary Jabberwocky.

A while later, Ana and Will are walking through the woods as the former states they need to find Alice and Cyrus to warn them. Will tries to bring up the "Jabber person", which causes Ana to worriedly tell him if she's been released then none of them are safe out in the open. Will points out that they are in the open, so Ana tells him to stop being so scared. He tells her to stop scaring him, which angers her as she's being serious, explaining that the Jabberwocky feeds of fear and can smell it. Will asks why they didn't take the White Rabbit's offer to leave Wonderland, so Ana says it's because Jafar is going to destroy Wonderland. Will asks for the real reason, pointing out that Ana would never do something unless it makes life more comfortable for her. He asks what her angle is, but she promises she hasn't got one, admitting she made a mistake and now she's trying to make up for it. She insists that it's not about making life more comfortable for herself because she'll never be comfortable without him in it. She then goes on to state that she can make everyone else's lives more comfortable by getting rid of Jafar.

OW110 13
The Jabberwocky finds Ana.

Will asks if she really thinks she can do that, but suddenly, all in the woods goes silent. Ana freezes in her spot and stops Will, who asks if she can hear something. She nervously points out that she hears nothing before telling Will to get back in his bottle. He is reluctant to go back inside, but the queen demands for her genie to get inside it. Will turns into a cloud of smoke and enters his bottle, which she then hides behind a bush before walking further through the woods away from it. "Come on then! Show your face" she bravely yells at the Jabberwocky, sensing her presence. As she looks out into the woods, the Jabberwocky creeps out from behind a tree that's behind the queen. Ana quickly turns around in fear, but the Jabber disappears. As her heart beats fast, she tries to hold back her tears of fear before angrily yelling "Where are you?" to the beast. Suddenly, Ana freezes, sensing the Jabberwocky is right behind her. The jabber creepily stands up from behind her and softly says "Good afternoon, your majesty". Ana is terrified.


OW110 14
Ana attempts to slay the Jabberwocky.

Anastasia suddenly flips around, ready to use her magic on the Jabberwocky, who was stood behind her, but she discovers she's disappeared. "You'll have to do better than that" the Jabber's voice echoes out, scaring Ana, who begins running through the woods to look for the beast. Attempting to hide her own fear, the queen asks Jabber if she's afraid because she won't show herself. The Jabber laughs at this and points out that she's not the one trembling before telling the queen she can smell feel her nightmares. As the Jabber taunts her, Ana grabs a branch and snaps it in half before using her magic to turn it into a sword. "I can taste your dread" the Jabber says, continuing to taunt her victim. Ana holds out the sword defensively as the Jabber reveals she knows that she fears she'll find the bottle. "But I know something you don't know" she playfully sings before finally appearing behind the queen, "I've already found it" she finishes. With that, Ana flips around and drives the sword into the stomach of the Jabberwocky, pinning her against a tree. The Jabber gasps in pain as Ana breathes with relief, but all of a sudden the look of pain vanishes from the beasts face and she lets out echoing laughs. Ana watches, stunned, as the Jabber effortlessly pulls her body from the sword, and then she begins to breathe quickly with fear, which Jabber mocks. She explains to the queen that there's only one blade that can do her harm. As she says this, Ana swings forward to punch her, but the beast simply grabs her arm and finishes off by stating that wasn't the blade. She then headbutts the queen, knocking her out, before heading straight to the bush were the bottle was hidden and picking it up. "Come now, genie, the fun's just beginning".

OW110 15
Alice and Cyrus come across an obstacle.

As Alice and Cyrus walk through the woods following a map, the former points out that according to the map, the Well of Wonders should be straight ahead. However, with that, they suddenly come across two red doors which are guarded by a White Knight. A confused Alice approaches the knight, who seemingly automatically tells her "Two doors appear along a stony path and travelers always wonder which door will lead them to the Well, and which will drag them under. Choose poorly and meet certain doom, there is no room for blunder". Cyrus asks if that's some kind of a riddle, but when he doesn't reply, Alice tells the knight they have somewhere important to be, so if he could tell them the correct door they'd greatly appreciate it. The knight doesn't reply again, so Alice tells him it's not polite to ignore people and he should respond when someone talks to him. A frustrated Alice turns to Cyrus and tells him he's not responding, so the former genie tells her they don't have time for games. He suggests walking around, but when he attempts to, he discovers a magical shield blocking the way. Alice assures him that it'll be okay as they just need to figure out which door to use. Cyrus wonders how, so Alice asks the knight for a hint. The knight doesn't respond, once again, so Cyrus yells at him, demanding to be answered. Alice uncomfortably points out that yelling won't help, so Cyrus says he's tired of his fate being decided by others and people telling him what he can and can't do, pointing out that he thought after getting out the bottle it'd be different. Realizing he's out of character, he apologizes to his fiancée and then points out that this cannot be the only way. He takes the map to examine it, but Alice tells him sometimes you just have to play the hand you've been dealt. These words speak to Cyrus, as they were once said to him by his brother, long ago.

OW110 16
The guardian of the Well sends out a warning.

"This must be the place" Cyrus calls out to his brothers in a flashback as they approach a Well of Wonders in the middle of the desert. Cyrus begins filling up his canteen with the water, and when one of his brothers asks how much they should take, he tells them to get as much as they can. As the three fill their canteens, an arm suddenly reaches out from the water and grabs at Cyrus. Startled, they all jump back and watch in shock as a disgusting looking person raises magically from the water. She introduces herself as Nyx, the guardian of the Well of Wonders, before asking who disturbs her slumber. Cyrus introduces himself and his brothers, claiming to have come on behalf of their mother. She looks at the three men and then closes her eyes, revealing that she knows their mother is badly burned and in pain. Cyrus tells her that's why they've come for they've been told her water contains magic that can heal her. Nyx glares at Cyrus and explains that her waters are only for those whose destinies are yet to be written. She then coldly tells the brothers that their mother's fate has already been sealed; she will die.

OW110 17
Cyrus chooses to ignore the warning.

Cyrus insists there must be a mistake, but Nyx apologizes, repeating the water isn't for him. Cyrus demands Nyx answer why his mother should pay the price for a mistake he made, but the guardian simply tells him to return the water...or pay the price. She then looks at each of the brothers before sinking back down into the water. The brothers are left conflicted, and as Taj and Rafi are about to empty their canteens, Cyrus begins walking back to his horse, causing the former to ask where he's going. Cyrus states he's going home, but Taj says he heard what Nyx said. "I heard a warning" he shrugs off, causing Taj to tell him it's one thing to cheat at cards, but another thing to cheat the fates. Cyrus says there's no choice as they either fight or lay down and he knows which he chooses. He tells his brothers he can't let their mother die for a mistake he made, stating that's his fault, not fate. He points out that the water is the only thing that will let him atone for that mistake. He asks his brothers if they'd take that from him, leading Taj to ask if he wants them to steal the water for him or their mother. "For mama, of course" he tells them, making them all decide to steal the water for their mother.

OW110 18
Alice solves the riddle and finds the Well of Wonders.

Back in Wonderland, Cyrus is stood thinking as Alice thinks of a way to get to the Well of Wonders. As she recites the White Knight's riddle, she questions what they'll be dragged under, however he doesn't respond. She asks if he's not going to answer any of her questions, but he replies with "yes". Delighted, she asks if he will, so he answers with "no". Confused, she realizes he just did, and so asks if he can only answer with a "yes" or "no". He replies to this with a "no", causing Alice to smile as she asks if he just said "no". He replies with "no", but Cyrus becomes frustrated and insists there must be another way. Alice asks the knight if there's another way, so he replies with "yes". Cyrus is pleased and asks her to ask him what it is, but Alice points out they already tried going around and it didn't work. She points out that he's a liar, having worked out the riddle. She asks the knight if he's a liar, so he replies with "no". She tells Cyrus that means "yes" before heading to one of the doors, asking if it will lead to the Well of Wonders. He tells her "yes", so she moves to the other door, thanking him. When she opens the door, she sees the Well of Wonders at the end of a stony path. With the riddle solved, the White Knight vanishes. "You did it" Cyrus says, pleased, so Alice points out that she's good at riddles; he tells her she's good at everything. She goes to take his hand to go through the door with him, but he just gives her a conflicted look. Concerned, Alice asks what's wrong, revealing she's sensed something all day. He struggles to tell her, but she assures him that he can tell her anything. He tells her he doesn't want to come any further as he needs to do it alone as it's his curse to break. A confused Alice tries to argue against it, but Cyrus angrily asks why she must be so stubborn. He instantly apologizes for snapping, but Alice assures him it's fine and tells him to go. He does just that and as he walks through the door to the Well, Alice is left behind watching him.

Act IV

OW110 19
Jafar torments his new prisoners.

Anastasia slowly awakens in the dungeon of her castle when she sees Will in front of her. She quietly whispers his name, but this only attracts the attention of Jafar, who is right beside her, glad she's awake. This startles her and she tries to move away, but she discovers she's tied to a chair. Jafar grabs the bottle and comments that Anastasia and Will are reunited at last, asking if its everything she'd imagined. She tells him to quit the small talk, asking if that's his idea of torture. He places the bottle down and holds out his staff before telling Ana that unfortunately for her, he has something else in mind. She reminds Jafar that they've been down this road before and they both know how it'll end as she's the master of the genie, and in order for his spell to work she has to make three wishes. Jafar tells her he could've have said it better himself, leading her to explain he's got nothing to threaten her with as he cannot kill her or Will; he simply says she's right. She points out that he's out of moves before asking to be untied so maybe they can come to some sort of an agreement, asking if their partnership meant nothing to him. Jafar reveals that he had a partner a long time ago, Amara, a lovely woman who believed firmly in cooperation.

OW110 20
The Jabberwocky is brought in to help.

Jafar continues to explain that unfortunately they didn't see eye-to-eye on the best way to achieve their goals, so he found another use for her. He holds out his serpent staff, revealing he turned her into it. Jafar's tone then turns angry as he states he always gets what he wants and she will make those wishes, so whatever happens next can be painful or severely painful. "Choose wisely. As Amara well knows, there are fates far worse than death" he threatens Ana, leaving her to decide. Will tells Ana to make her wish, but she says she can't. He tells her to wish him out of Wonderland, angering Jafar, who uses his magic to slam him against the cage. Ana then attempts to make this wish, but he stops her with his magic. Jafar grabs a now silent Ana and yells that it would have never worked out between them, but he tells her not to feel bad as he found someone more promising...someone he believes she's met. With that, the Jabberwocky enters the dungeons. Ana is terrified as she watches the Jabber slowly walking outside the cage, peering in with her eyes. Jafar heads over to his new partner and tells her they need the wishes so she can't stop until they've got them. Ana stares bravely at the Jabber as she approaches her.

OW110 21
Nyx isn't happy to see Cyrus again.

Back in Wonderland, after Cyrus cuts his way through some long grass, he makes his way towards the Well of Wonders. He gets slower and slower as he gets closer to it, and then once at the water, he reaches his hands in to grab the water, summoning Nyx. "You again, have you come to steal more water?" she asks, unamused. He insists he doesn't want any of her water, so she asks him what it is he wants. He asks for her mercy, but she tells him he should know better than anyone that she doesn't dispense mercy to those who don't deserve it. Cyrus begs the guardian, but she tells him all things happen for a reason, and only with time will he understand what that reason is. Cyrus looks at Nyx, confused.

OW110 22
Cyrus' mother is revealed to be Amara!

Back in Agrabah of the past, Cyrus and his brothers rush into their home, having returned with the water. The healer who was watching over their mother stands up and states that they made it. Cyrus goes to his mothers side and begins pouring the water from his canteen into her mouth, through her face bandages, happily telling her "that's it". Everyone then watches the mother lying in her bed, but nothing happens. Cyrus tells his brother's to give their bottles as she needs more, and so they give them to him. He desperately pours the rest of the water over their mother's body, but nothing seems to happen again. As they all begin to lose hope, the healer supposes that this was her fate all along. Everyone begins to mourn for their loss, when all of a sudden the mother awakens, gasping for air. The healer tells her to take deep breaths, so she does just that. As the healer removes the bandages from her body, the burn makes magically fade away, causing her to say it's a miracle. They then lift the bandages from their mother up into a sitting position, revealing her to be Amara, Jafar's old partner. The healer tells Amara that she's alive and her son's saved her. She looks at Cyrus and they both share a smile.

Act V

OW110 23
Cyrus learns that his mother is alive.

At the Well of Wonders in Wonderland, Cyrus tells Nyx that a wish released him from the bottle and her curse, so now he begs mercy, but not for himself, but for his brothers. As he tells her this, Alice is seen creeping in the bushes nearby, eavesdropping. Cyrus insists that his brothers are innocent, but Nyx reminds him that they took from her. Cyrus explains that they only did what he demanded of them. Alice watches as Cyrus accepts fault, admitting to being foolish and arrogant. He goes on to tell Nyx that after lifetimes of granting wishes of other arrogant fools he finally understands that there are no short cuts and sometimes life is as it should be. He promises that he's learned his lesson before asking Nyx not to punish his brothers for his arrogance. He gets onto his knees and begs her to release them from their curse, but Nyx tells him that only when the water is returned can the curse be lifted. He explains that he can't return the water as he gave it to his mother over one hundred years ago...and she's long dead. "No. Your mother lives" Nyx reveals, shocking Cyrus, who says it's not possible. The guardian repeats to return the water and the curse shall be lifted, and after Cyrus asks where his mother can be found, she begins to descend back into the waters of the Well. As she disappears, Cyrus begs for her to come back and tell him, but his pleas are ignored. He's simply left alone with the information that his mother is still alive.

OW110 24
The family celebrates their fortune.

Back in Agrabah of the past, Cyrus and his brothers stand near their mother as the former tells her they thought she was lost to them forever. Taj asks how she's feeling, so she tells him she feels like she's slept for hundred years. Cyrus asks what she needs and if there's anything they can do, but she tells them there's only one thing they can do. She tells them to "come here" so she can look at her three brave and beautiful sons. The healer returns and tells Amara that they moved heaven and earth to bring her back, leading her to ask where she was. As Taj explains that she was badly burned and they didn't think she'd make it, the healer picks up the canteens used to collect the water from the Well and water drips from them onto the floor. Amara states that she did make it, but she doesn't understand how. Rafi excitedly reveals it was magic that saved her, but this only earns him glares from his older brothers. Amara wonders where the magic was from, so he explains it was from the Well of Wonders. Cyrus intervenes, claiming they didn't have a choice. Amara asks exactly what they did, so Cyrus reveals that they stole the water.

OW110 25
Nyx comes to punish the brothers.

Amara sighs with worry, but Cyrus tries to shrug it off because the waters worked. She asks the two brothers if all three of them took the water, and when they nod, she orders them to leave immediately. As she tries to hurry them out, she tells them there isn't much time for them to get to safety. Cyrus asks what they'll be safe from, so she warns them they she's coming for them. As she instructs them on what to do, Nyx begins to emerge from the water that dripped from the canteens. Soon enough Amara spots her and she begins begging for mercy for her sons, but Nyx walks right past her. Wind and lightning begin to surround the house and Nyx tells the brothers that they let their desires override the now it'll be their fates to serve the desires of others. Everyone watches with horror as an orange cloud surrounds Rafi and Taj, eventually sucking them into two nearby bottles. The same cloud then begins surrounding Cyrus, who apologizes to his mother before also being sucked into a bottle. Amara then screams in horror as the bottles containing her sons vanish...forever.

OW110 26
Jabber compares Ana to a bottle.

Back in Wonderland, in the dungeons of Ana's old castle, the Jabberwocky is crouched near the floor playing with the bottle. She comments that the concept of a genie's bottle is fascinating, for on the outside it's nothing special, but the inside is a prize more valuable than gold. She tells Ana it's the same as her head, because if she were to dig deep enough into her mind there's no telling what treasures she's been hiding. She approaches Will and leans close to him, telling Ana they should find out. She begins taunting Ana, calling her "little pig" and asking her to let her in. Sensing the fear in Ana's eyes, Will reminds her that the Jabber can't hurt her. The beast assures Ana that she doesn't want to hurt her, but help her instead because she's suffered so much and lived a life of fear.

OW110 27
The mental torture begins.

After reading her fears, she stands up and tells Ana that she believes if the prince had chosen her instead of her step-sister, then her mother would have loved her. Ana simply stares as the Jabber tells her she fears love is now forever out of reach and the hole in her heart will remain empty. Ana begins to cry as Jabber tells her its a hollow reminder of the life she could have had. The beast bursts out with laughter before putting her face right in front of Ana's, before asking if she can feel her inside of her head, drifting from room to room. Ana becomes terrified and starts trembling as Jabber tells her she can see everything and that there's a darkness inside of her; she tells Ana it's like a disease that's rotting her from the inside. She reveals that Ana ran away from the only love she ever had and now she fears she'll never get it back.

OW110 28
Jabber urges Ana to make her wishes.

As she says this, she begins leaning near Will. As Ana attempts to hold back her tears, Jabber turns to Jafar, who nods, signally it's time. Jabber lunges forward and grabs Ana by the head, telling her they have something in common now that they both know exactly who she is. She continues to tells Ana that she's terrified that it's only a matter of time before he knows too. After glancing at Will, she tells Ana that she can't ever get his love back, but points out that's not what she really wants, or else she would've never taken the crown all those years ago. She assures the queen that she made the right choice...urging her to do it again. She tells Ana to wish for her precious crown, but the queen simply sits in emotional trauma. Jabber tells her to wish for her crown and all her suffering will go away, but Will tells her not to.

OW110 29
Jafar finally gets himself a bottle.

An angry Jafar uses his magic to inflict pain on Will, leading Jabber to tell Ana to wish for her crown so Will's pain will go away. A distraught Ana fights through her tears and wishes for her crown, causing it to magically appear atop of her head. As the Jabber strokes her hands over Will's head, she asks the queen to wish for her jewels. Ana looks at her with rage, but ends up wishing for her jewels, making them magically appear on her fingers. "Doesn't she look pretty?" Jabber whispers into Will's ear, before moving over to Ana to finish the job. She kneels beside the queen and asks her to wish for her to stop. Will tells her not to, but Jabber, inside her mind, continues to torture her mentally. She puts her ear near Ana's mouth and the queen quietly whispers her last wish...for Jabber to stop. With all three wishes made, a cloud surrounds Will and he's sucked back into his bottle, "wish granted" Jafar states, delighted. The sorcerer then grabs the bottle and looks at Ana, reminding her that he always gets what he wants.

Act VI

OW110 30
Tweedledum attempts to rescue Ana.

Ana is stood in a cell to herself in the dungeons of her castle and she trembles as she hears footsteps approaching her. "Your majesty" a voice whispers, causing her to turn around and see it's Tweedledum. He apologizes, explaining he was in hiding and keeping to the tunnels to avoid Jafar. He then hands her some food he brought, confessing it isn't much, but it's all he could manage given the circumstances. Ana simply stares silently at the Tweedle, so he places it on the floor in her cell. He tells the queen that now she's here they can leave together as there must be a way he can open her cell. A defeated Ana asks why he's doing this, so he tells her that she's his queen. She points out that she isn't any more before instructing him to warn Alice and Cyrus to tell them "it's over". She reveals that Jafar has released the Jabberwocky, he has Will and all three bottles, so Wonderland is doomed...thanks to her. She tells the Tweedle to instruct Alice and Cyrus to leave Wonderland as fast as they can without looking back. Tweedle then asks what will happen with her, so she tells him to forget about her.

OW110 31
Alice and Cyrus have an honest talk.

Meanwhile, Cyrus is knelt looking into his reflection in the water of the Well of Wonders. Alice makes herself known from behind him, revealing she thought he'd need some help. He points out that she followed him, asking how much she saw. When she doesn't respond, he turns away, angry, but Alice simply asks why he didn't tell her what happened. He tells her he was afraid of losing her because everything that has happened is his fault. Alice tells her fiancé that everyone has regrets and everyone makes mistakes. Cyrus points out that she doesn't, so she reveals that she gave up on them before Will and the Rabbit brought her back to Wonderland and told her he was alive. She reveals that she was in an asylum and she agreed to a procedure that would erase her memory of Wonderland and him forever. She adds that she wanted to forget all about him and their adventures as it hurt too much to remember, so he embraces her in a hug. He tells Alice that she fell in love with a genie, and it was the bottle that made him a better man, so he worries he'll lose that now that he's out. Alice offers to be his bottle instead, telling him if they live their lives looking into the past then they'll never be able to move forward to their futures together. Cyrus gives an odd look at this comment, so she asks what's wrong. He tells her that someone once told him all things happen for a reason...and he's now starting to believe it. Alice smiles and then hurries Cyrus along, telling him that if his mother is alive then they need to find her, adding it's time they met. The couple then hold hands and head off to find Amara.

OW110 32
Jafar gets ready to begin.

In the Red Queen's Castle, Jafar holds out his serpent staff and tells Amara that she was wrong to think he couldn't "do this" alone. The Jabberwocky questions if she was wrong, pointing out that he came to her for some much needed reinforcement. An irritated Jafar reminds Jabber that he seems to remember removing the Vorpal Blade from her gut, an action he can just as easily reverse. The two share glances and then as Jafar goes to collect his genies' bottles, Jabber strokes the staff. He announces that he'll soon have everything he ever wanted and nobody in the world, or any other, will be able to stop him. He then places all three bottles together on a table with a large spell book. The ground starts shaking as something has clearly been activated by this. "So," he says as he opens the spell book, "let's begin" he finishes, ready to finally start his plan.


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This episode garnered 3.22 million views, marking yet another minute decrease in the spin-off's ratings.


This episode received positive reviews from critics.

  • Gislef, a non-staff user of, begrudgingly admitted that the episode was good, giving credit to co-writer Adam Nussdorf whose previous writing credits include Tron Uprising. He gave praise to Peta Sergeant and her portrayal of the Jabberwocky, stating that, "[She] gets to shine in three creepy scenes. First, she terrorizes some poor schmuck villager, wrapping it up with scaring him to death. Then we confirm that Lizard is dead (sorry, Lauren McKnight fans). Then the Jabberwocky returns to Jafar with her new acquisitions and he confirms that the Red Queen was the last face that Lizard saw." He ended by saying, "So overall I thought this episode was an improvement. They made a little effort to give us a bit more of Wonderland, the reason for Cyrus' geniehood was cloaked in some ominous foreshadowing, and Peta Sergeant and Leah Gibson brought their A game."[1]
  • Panda, a user at Doux Reviews, began their review by stating, "Wonderland is going hard and fast since it’s returned from the winter hiatus, but what it needs to do now, more than anything else, is to better define the characters that are driving it" and ended by saying, "I could be wrong about the motivations driving people like Ana. Maybe they need time to take root. But I don’t think that time is really there right now. I honestly did enjoy this episode. It was punchy, fun and exciting, but the flaws with regards to the characters is something that needs to be addressed before the show bows out, or else this journey wasn’t really worth much at all." Overall, they gave the episode 3.5 out of 5 wishing wells.[2]

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