Devil's Due
Once Upon a Time 5x14
March 20, 2016
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"Devil's Due" is the 102nd episode of Once Upon a Time.


When Hook fails to choose which three of his rescuers will have to remain in the Underworld, his captivity takes a dark turn as Hades threatens to condemn him to the River of Lost Souls. Meanwhile, Gold is suddenly eager to help Emma and the others find the deceased pirate so that he can return home to Belle, but in order to do so he must first find his late wife Milah somewhere in the town and ask for her help. Concurrently, in the fairytale land that was, Rumple and Milah face a life-or-death crisis concerning their son Baelfire that forces the former to make a deal that will haunt him forever.


Previously on Once Upon a Time...

In the the Underworld's graveyard, Emma and the others stand before a holographic image of Hook, with the blonde exclaiming that they are there to find him; she proceeds to ask where he is. ("Souls of the Departed") Hook awakens in a troubling state, with Megara revealing they are trapped in an underground prison. ("Labor of Love") Belle is taken aback by the news of her husband heading for the Underworld, but he assures he'll only be gone for a day. The beauty kisses her true love, telling him to come back to her, and he replies that he always does. ("Souls of the Departed") Peter Pan comes across Rumple in the Underworld's version of the pawn shop, and fails to convince his son to help him swap places with one of the others who journeyed to the new realm so that he himself can return to the land of the living. ("Souls of the Departed") In order to punish Hook, Hades forces him to chisel the name of one of his friends into a gravestone so they cannot leave the Underworld, each time they help a soul move on. ("Labor of Love")


514 01
Hades makes preparations to punish Hook for his disobedience.

Down in Hades' lair, the beaten and bloody Captain Hook remains in silence, for he is refusing to cooperate with the Lord of the Underworld's wishes. "Oh come on," Hades exclaims, mockingly, "all you need to do is chose three of your friends." He simply wishes for the Pirate to carve their names. Hook looks up, not happy, and so Hades continues teasing even more, asking what's wrong. He wonders if it's the chisel and it being two unwieldy for the one-handed; or writer's block. The Pirate drops the chisel, showing he's not in the mood for Hades' games, and proceeds to exclaim he's not doing it. A look of frustration comes across Hades' face, and to which he replies to the Pirate, "I must say, I'm not angry. I'm disappointed," however, he approaches Hook's face and whispers in his ear, "And on second thought, I'm angry." With that, the Lord of the Underworld exclaims that it's off to solitary for the Pirate, and proceeds to grab a hand full of the beaten former Captain's hair, resulting in several yelps of pain. As Hades drags a hobbling Hook around, he is told to listen carefully, for they look down into a green river: the River of Lost Souls. "Touch it, and it will make you lost," Hades says, continuing that it will reduce one to a "mindless, tormented husk". With that, the Lord of the Underworld leaves the Pirate with one final request, that being, "So please, keep all arms and hand inside the boat." The two look out, with Hook fearing his fate, and Hades reveling in what that will be.


Act I

Viewed from the distorted, transparent sight of a crystal ball, the door to the Underworld's version of Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer is seen opening. Entering is none other than Rumplestiltskin himself, who calls out for his dear old father, Peter Pan. Having received no answer, and having come to realize the show is empty, Gold looks around till he comes across a note resting on the check-out desk. Picking it up to see what it says, Gold reads from it:

My son, this shop is yours to do of what you wish. And my offer still stands, use what's in the case when you want to accept it, and we can be a family again. Your father.
Peter Pan
514 02
The crystal ball shows Rumple what he seeks.

Placing the note back on the desk, Gold opens up the case containing his father's infamous pied piper pipe, which was once used to rally up Lost Boys to join him in Neverland. (See "Nasty Habits") However, despite taking everything Pan has said into account, the darkest of Dark Ones proceeds with his original plans for visiting the shop. He locks the door and passes a cauldron he has boiling. From there, he grabs a jar containing an eyeball mixed in a colored liquid; the liquid is poured into the cauldron while he holds the eyeball in his hand, examining it for a moment, along with another item. Both these items are soon dropped into a cauldron, and Gold turns to the crystal ball on the desk behind him. He gently picks it up and approaches the cauldron, holding the crystal ball over it, thus causing it to boil more. "Show me," Gold exclaims, "Show me who I seek." With that, the crystal ball follows through with the Dark One's request... and a vision of Belle is shown. A confused Gold watches his beloved wife, going about a regular day in Storybrooke, currently enjoying a breakfast with Leroy at the diner. Gold watches as Granny serves her a plate of pancakes, and still in shock, the Dark One takes a step back, shaking until he accidentally drops the crystal ball, shattering it to pieces. "No, no..." he whimpers, kneeling down to the remains on the pawn shop floor. Scraping the shards together, he exclaims, "No, Belle..."

514 03
Gold hatches a plan to save the Captain.

"Found more arrows," Regina exclaims, examining one from the Underworld's version of the Blanchard Loft, which is in ruins. Next, Robin Hood is seen coming down from the above bedroom, approaching his beloved and the others, exclaiming they do not want to see what Cerberus did upstairs. (See "Labor of Love") "So, you think we're ready?" Emma asks the gang. However, before there's time for a response, Gold enters the loft, asking what it is they're doing. David answers that they're going to get Hook, which Emma adds onto, stating they know Hades will have him in some sort of isolation, and Megara told them there's an entrance near by. (See "Labor of Love") "So all 45 of you are going to slip down into the deepest level of detention in the Underworld?" the Dark One questions, with much doubt. He explains that Hades knows they're here, so he'll have barriers put up to keep the living out of all the places he doesn't want them going, "You walk into his domain, you'll all be puffs of dust," he finishes. "So we get a new plan," Emma agrees, to which Gold points out is correct. He tells five of the group members to occupy themselves as they will, by perhaps cleaning. He then turns to Emma, stating that they'll sneak in with the assistance of a helpful dead person; Rumple will extend their aura so that two living souls can get through Hades' barrier. Emma cuts the Dark One off though, questioning his sudden urge to help given that he spent the entire previous day hidden away in his shop. Gold admits that he realized if he doesn't step in then they'll never get home, and he very much so wants to get back to Belle. "Okay, okay," Emma accepts, but she still wonders how they play to get a dead person to lend their aura so they can confront the God of the Underworld himself. Gold tells the Savior to leave that to him, for he has someone in mind, someone he has known for a long time...

514 04
Young Baelfire makes a fatal mistake.

In the Enchanted Forest of the past, Rumplestiltskin calls out for his wife, Milah, who is seen frustratedly moving piles of logs. As he hobbles towards her, leaning on his crutch, he tells her she doesn't have to be moving the logs herself, for he said he would help. "You said that, and somehow it still didn't get done," Milah spits back at her husband, while kicking the logs moved into a pile. Rumple argues that he was chasing dragonflies with Baelfire, who stands near by, watching his parents bicker. "Did he protect you from the big ones?" Milah retaliates, bitterly. Meanwhile, however, Bae has now moved on, wondering off on his own in the woods where he is approached by a slithering snake. Rumple admits to Milah that he knows his leg injury slows him down now (See "Manhattan"), but he can do better; he can change. Milah disagrees though, for she exclaims that he will never change. He's persistent though, believing that he can; he can be whatever she wants him to be. At this same moment, however, Bae is kneeling on the ground, getting up close to the snake. He sticks out his hand to touch the creature, which slithers as it approaches him. Milah tells her husband to simply play with their son, for it's one thing he can do, at least. A scream coming from Baelfire is then heard though, alerting the attentions of both Rumple and Milah. As both parents call out to their son, they find him on the ground and in pain. Rumple asks him what is wrong, and Milah looks to see the slithering snake, still near by. Quickly, she grabs hold of an object and promptly stabs the creature, killing it. Meanwhile, looking back at Baelfire, two snakebite marks are seen punctured into his hand. Rumple and Milah look at each other, worrying.

514 05
A deceased Milah is given the opportunity to rescue her former lover.

Back to the Underworld's present day, a vehicle drives past Main Street, then revealing a now-deceased Milah standing with a group of schoolkids. Working as a crossing guard in the topsy-turvy version of Storybrooke, Milah holds up her sign, blocking the children from crossing the street just yet. She then looks up, however, and is in shock upon seeing her old husband, Rumplestiltskin. With a wave, he calls out, "Morning, dearie." Not yet acknowledging her widower's presence, Milah continues with her job of standing in the middle of the road so that the students may cross. Rumple speaks out for her to not worry, for he is not dead, but just visiting. Milah finally approaches the Dark One, bitterly questioning how it was that he found her, to which Gold replies that she is standing in the middle of Main Street. However, he moves on from that, loving irony in her new job, protecting children and keeping them safe, clearly referencing how she failed to do just that whilst still alive. (See "The Crocodile") Frustrated, Milah wishes to know what it is Rumple wants, to which he replies that he has an opportunity for her, a romantic adventure to save the man she once loved. "You?" the deceased wife of the Dark One questions, but Rumple clarifies that he is talking about none other than Killian Jones. Milah is taken a back by this, surprised to learn that her old lover has joined them in the Underworld. Rumple explains that he is receiving some "special attention" from Hades, and that he needs to retrieve him, but Milah is unsure, for she is supposed to be watching the kids. "They're dead anyways," the Dark One points out, continuing that it's quite simple: can she help Rumple if he means she'll save Hook? Milah takes this all into consideration.

514 06
Hades likes 'em suspended in leather and chains.

Meanwhile, sailing across the River of Lost Souls, a ferry carries a beaten and bruised Captain Hook, who looks out across the waters at what the fate is Hades has in store for him. The Pirate is next seen being suspended by chains, hoisted up above the waters. The Lord of the Underworld now wishes for the Pirate to think about why he is in the position he is currently in. Hades reminds Hook of how he tried to escape, as well as help another prisoner and then refuse to do what he asked. (See "Labor of Love") The God of the Underworld proceeds to ask if Killian can predict the most important reason, something the former ship Captain sarcastically responds to, though uncomfortably, being that he could not begin to guess. "Hope," Hades reveals, going on to explain that Hook and his colleagues brought contraband into his world, something that is strictly forbidden, and despite some "creative beatings", he still sees some hope in the Pirate's eyes. As Hades pulls the lever that begins lowering Hook, he tells the Pirate that he would like for that to be gone before he reaches the water, continuing that he has interfered with his carefully cultivated existence. Getting up into Hook's face, Hades states carefully that because of this he is going to have to hurt him, as well as collect his friends and hurt them all as well, so there is no one left to save him. As Hook silently whimpers, Hades tells the Pirate to feel free to go mad. With that his hair lights up into the iconic blue flames he is most recognized as sporting, and proceeds to leave Hook alone.

Act II

514 07
Once Upon a Time's awkwardest scene in the history of the show.

Past the fallen clock tower, strutting down Main Street is none other than Emma Swan, there to join Rumple and Milah. "Her?" the first wife of the Dark One exclaims, eyes widened and jaw opened. "Yes, her," Gold says with a smile on his face, "Come, let me introduce you." As Emma makes her way to the two, Gold calls out to her, exclaiming that there's someone he would like her to meet. The Dark One introduces Milah to the Savior as his ex-wife, but doesn't give her time to react before reminding the blonde she is also Hook's ex. The Dark One isn't finished yet though, for he chooses not to forget that Milah is Baelfire's mother as well, thus leading him to explain to Milah that Emma knew him as Neal. He shares that Emma and Neal took part in a torrid affair, which resulted in a teenage pregnancy... in prison. (See "Tallahassee" & "The Heart of the Truest Believer") Rumple takes pleasure in the awkwardness he has caused, with Milah being taken a back by all this new information being thrown at her, and Emma remaining there, embarrassed. "Yeah, well-" she tries, but Milah interrupts, "So you've been with my former lover... and my son? Is that right?" Emma simply cannot respond to this, and while maintaining his smirk, the Dark One assures that they'll all laugh themselves sick about this one day. He proceeds to suggest they all follow him before things get more awkward, which they do, but when going first, Milah gives Emma a distasteful glare.

514 08
Cruella De Vil fails to go unnoticed by her dear ole friend, Regina.

Meanwhile, entering the Underworld's version of Granny's Diner, the former Evil Queen Regina makes her way to the bar. She approaches one of the waitresses, asking where her boss is; however, when she points to the roof, Regina is forced to clarify she doesn't mean some deity, but her boss in the Underworld: the Blind Witch. The waitress isn't given time to respond though, for Regina looks to the back of the diner where she sees Cruella De Vil tiptoeing, seeming to be trying her best to sneak out unnoticed. "Never mind," the ex-Evil Queen exclaims, turning her attention to the deceased Queen of Darkness. She goes after Cruella, calling out her name, and upon realizing she has been caught by her former foe, she slowly turns around, bitterly exclaiming, "Hello, darling." Regina says to Cruella that the deceased soul can help her, something that confuses her a bit at first, but realizing Regina going after her isn't what she had originally thought, she goes along with the former Evil Queen, exclaiming that she can indeed help. Regina requests to know about the Underworld's graveyard, for she is looking for someone. "Oh it's just a chat you want. Well if you're looking for someone, just use your magic." Regina goes silent by the sound of that, thus leading Cruella to discover that her old rival is having trouble with that at the moment. She comments that magic is a little tricky down in the Underworld, and so she suggests the two of them sit down and be civilized.

514 09
One step closer to Hell.

Approaching the Underworld's version of the Swan House, Emma is taken by surprise when coming to realize the entrance to Hades' domain rests inside. Gold adds on to this, reminding her the same went for the stone of Excalibur (See "The Price"), commenting that Hook has a knack for finding real estate with hidden value. The three proceed to enter the home, where Emma is soon met with the discovery of it being decorated similarly to that of her original nursery back in the Enchanted Forest, from the unicorn mobile to the stuffed animals and crib. Having taken in enough of the site, Emma looks to the basement door, assuming that to be where the secret entrance is. Once unlocking it, the Savior sticks out her hand to see if she can reach in, but a magical shield blocks her from getting through. The blonde points out that it's definitely a barrier put up by Hades, and proceeds to question what Milah is going to do. "Joining hands will be alright," Gold exclaims, taking that of his first wife. From there, Emma takes Gold's, and the three make their way through the door and down the stairs. "It worked," Emma exclaims, to which Rumple replies, "Indeed. One step closer to Hell." As they all continue, the door upstairs swings shut.

514 10
The Stiltskins will find another way to obtain the cure for their son.

In a flash to the Enchanted Forest of the past, Rumple and Milah come running towards a setup in the woods, the former of which calls out to a man,Fendrake the Healer. Rumple apologizes for her and his wife bothering him, but exclaim that it's about their son; he states that they left him at home thinking it may be too safe to move him. Milah reaches into her back where she pulls out the dead snake, telling the Healer that they need the antidote to it. "Atlantean Rat Snake," Fendrake exclaims upon examination, "that's 24 hour poison. Your boy will die tomorrow." Milah becomes in shock, and Rumple cries out; however, Fendrake finishes that it is only unless they are willing to use magic. Rumple now becomes anxious, agreeing to this, but simply wishes to know what magic the Healer is talking about. Next seen inside a tent, Fendrake looks through his herbs and remedies, coming across a vial containing a potion; he makes his way back to Rumple and Milah with it, stating that there is a cure for their child, and that it's very rare. Rumple asks how much it costs, to which Fendrake reveals it is 100 gold pieces. No answer is seen given to this offer though, for Milah slams the doors open and makes her way out in anger. Rumple hobbles behind, exclaiming that they won't see 100 gold pieces in their lives. Milah realizes this, but tells her husband they'll get their cure another way, something he questions. "We'll go back and take it," she exclaims, but Rumple is against this, believing the Healer will kill him for sure. "Now, now, there's a puzzle you'll have to figure out," Milah spits back, proceeding to point out that Fendrake can't kill him if Rumple gets him first. She then leaves her husband to think about this.

514 11
Emma puts unanswered questions about Neal to rest.

Back in the present day of the Underworld, hands have been let go of, and Rumple states the obvious being that the spell is gone now, and they will be able to go the rest of the way. He thanks Milah, ushering her off to go back and protect the dead children. However, Emma stops this; she thanks Milah for all she has done, but believes there is something she should know. The blonde explains that on their way down to the Underworld, she had a vision of Baelfire and he talked to her. (See "Souls of the Departed") This catches Gold's attention, and a teary-eyed Milah asks what it is he said, to which Emma reveals that Neal said he moved on and that he was happy; "Whatever he had to resolve, he did it." Milah is entirely grateful for this information, with some of her own thoughts being put to rest. Emma moves on from topic, stating that she hears water coming from the direction in which they look, and Milah reveals that that would be the River of Lost Souls; they can take it to where Hades would have Killian. "I'm sorry, we can take it?" Gold speaks up, asking for clarification; "If you think we can get the Pirate back, I doubt he's gonna swap the blonde for the dead one." Milah spits at her husband that he may be dark, but sometimes he is also dumb; she turns to Emma, explaining that she has her reasons. She wishes to accompany them, something Emma accepts. The two gals turn to Gold, letting the Dark One know he has no choice but to allow this.


514 12
The origin of Cruella's coat comes into question.

"I see you're admiring my fur. Doe skin of all things," Cruella De Vil exclaims, now sitting in a booth of the Underworld's diner. She adds that she's not saying what she sports is Bambi's iconic dead mother... but she also isn't saying that it's not. Regina, however, has grown bored of Cruella's jokes, and simply wishes to know what she has come there for: the headstones. She wants to know if she finds one in the nearby graveyard if it means they will be in what Regina has nicknamed "Underbrooke". Cruella gives this a chuckle commenting on Regina'c cleverness for such a name, but states that it doesn't mean they're there, just that they've simply passed through. She wishes to know who the ex-Evil Queen is looking for, but Regina brushes it off, saying that it doesn't matter; she just wants to know where they are. Cruella goes along with Regina's wishes, and lifts her equally furry bag and places it on the table. While reaching into it, she reveals that she has a map, one of which she has obtained since becoming Mayor.

514 13
The linguistics of the Underworld are gone into.

She comments that this is something she must thank Regina's recently departed mother for. (See "Souls of the Departed") Cruella furthers that the map has a list of cemetery plots, but that you have to know how to interpret the headstones; "You see, there's three, what do you call them? Settings," the fur lover reveals. If the stone is still upright then it means the person is still in town, and if it's tipped over then they have moved on to a better place. This leads Regina to wonder what the third stone would be, and this is when Cruella's expression turns more down; "If it's cracked," she reveals, "Well, that's bad." Regina realizes this means they were pulled under to whatever is worse than the Underworld; the opposite of moving on to a better place. "Yes, well," Cruella attempts at a laugh, "no one who's anyone goes there anymore." However, the two women both know that's exactly where the lover of fur is supposed to end up.

514 14
Milah does not trust her husband being left alone.

Else where in the Underworld, sailing along in a ferry are the three on their way to rescue Captain Hook. "I hope this boat you found doesn't spring a leak," Emma exclaims, looking down at those trapped beneath the water of the River of Lost Souls. Gold replies it's the best thing they could have hoped to find, for after they pick up the Pirate it'll take them on their way home. The boat then comes to a halt at the docks, and Emma senses Hook's presence. She makes this known as she is first to get off the ferry, but Gold then announces he's not going anywhere. He claims it to be too valuable to leave the boat alone. He believes Emma to be capable of rescuing Hook alone, but warns her to not even think about using magic, for Hades would notice anything this close to his home base. Milah then speaks up if Gold isn't moving then she isn't either, for she does not trust her husband to be left alone with the ship. She agrees to give a shout of the Dark One tries to steal the ferry and abandon them all, something Emma agrees to. With that, the Savior makes a run to rescue her boyfriend, and Rumple and Milah are left together on the boat, sitting in silence, face-to-face.

514 15
Rumple is gotten through to.

Rumple and Milah, in a flashback, are sat in a local tavern where they admire a dagger. Rumple is frightened by the tool that can be used to commit countless amounts of harm, but Milah brushes this off, pointing out the obvious to her cowardly husband that it is simply a knife, not a dragon. Rumple states this isn't why he is scared, though; he is scared because their son is dying, and that he should be spending the time he has left with his parents, not some village nursemaid. This doesn't settle well with Milah, however, who states that she did not just spend their last gold coin on a knife to slice the roast at Baelfire's wake. She furthers that since their son only has a couple hours left to live, they should being something to help him; something brave, for once. This doesn't seem to convince Rumple though, and so Milah gets up and plants a kiss on her husband's lips, passionately. This seems to be what it takes to get the coward going, and he nods. "Now go," Milah exclaims, and so Rumple gets to her feet, hobbling off on his crutch, with the knife in tow. Seeing her husband having left, Milah lets out a sigh of relief before having a sip of her beer. However, her time alone is interrupted by a drunken lout who bumps into her, making her spill the drink over herself. The drunken man realizes he did this, and without giving Milah a chance to speak, he grabs a rag to help her clean herself up. However, this turns into additional groping, which Milah pleads to be stopped.

514 16
Killian and Milah meet for the very first time.

A man comes to Milah's aid though, telling the lout to leave her alone. Shoving his opposer, the drunken man questions what he will do otherwise, to which the opposer promptly punches the drunken man in the face, knocking him out. This shocks Milah, and the man who has come to her rescue takes a drink from a tray that a bar wench had been carrying around. Sitting down and giving Milah the drink, he is thanked for his heroics. The man introduces himself as Captain Killian Jones, being at her service. Killian proceeds to kiss Milah's hand, but she doesn't recognize his uniform to be that of anyone from a navy. It's then that she realize Killian isn't just any captain, but that of a pirate. This is confirmed, with Killian stating that they sail where they wish and answer to no crown. "I've not seen the ocean much beyond our small port," Milah exclaims, fascinated, "Is it wonderful to travel so much?" Killian confirms this as well, sharing with Milah that there are cities where the air smells of spices and women are carried on jeweled chairs; he asks if she would like to see that. Milah is taken by this; she says that she would love to see this, but that she has responsibilities where she is at. Milah explains her sick son and her husband, that latter part of which catches Killian's attention most of all. He realizes this must mean there is a better man than he, but states he is in port often, should that change. Milah hesitates before making it clear to Killian that it won't, but still thanks him for the offer. Killian gets up to leave Milah alone now, going to the bar for a shot. Milah, meanwhile, remains seated, thinking about what the Pirate had said.

514 17
Emma is finally reunited with Hook.

Back in the Underworld, during the present day, Hook is still seen being dangled over the River of Lost Souls, with the chain ever-so-slowly lowering. Emma comes running out of a tunnel where she calls out for her boyfriend's name, hoping for him to hear her. She watches him hanging there helplessly, whereas he gives her no notice at all. This time the chain lowers Hook a much lengthier amount, startling the blonde, who realizes she is close to being out of time. She looks around for a way to get to him, and sees a narrow post that stretches out across the water to the platform which Hook is being kept on. Despite not knowing the stability of the post, she sees Hook be lowered further more, and so she takes her chances. Stepping out gently, Emma puts a foot onto the post and begins walking across. "Hold on," she claims, "I'm coming for you." Emma furthers walking across the post ever-so-steadily, trying to maintain balance. She nearly falls at one point, upon looking down at the river, but seeing Hook being lowered more makes her rush. She finally gets across as Hook is lowered once more, but this time she grabs him in time and pulls him over the platform to unchain him. Hook yelps a bit in pain, and Emma kneels down to be with him. "Killian..." the blonde exclaims, upon witnessing his bloodied bruises, to which Hook replies, "I told you to let me go." He tells is girlfriend that she shouldn't be there, none of them should, but Emma retaliates in a soft tone that she never listens. As Hook tells the Savior she is impossible, Emma in turn tells him that he loves her for it. The two proceed to hug, lovingly, having finally been reunited.

Act IV

514 18
Milah explains her unfinished business.

On the River of Lost Souls, parked by a dock, Rumple and Milah face each other as they sit waiting in a boat. "So, you're married now," Milah comments, referring to Belle, "That's real." The Dark One doesn't quite know how to respond to this, so he changes the subject to her the regards of his deceased wife's unfinished business in the Underworld; he states that if it's her love for Hook then that is off the table. "My unfinished business was never Killian!" Milah retorts, explaining that it's Baelfire. This shuts Rumple up rather quickly, as Milah continues admitting her regrets; she says that she should have been there for him instead of punishing him because she had grown to hate his father. She knows she was selfish, and she thought that if she could change that by doing something generous then maybe she could finish what she needs. "So you wanna move on?" "Yeah... so I can see him, and say to him... 'Son, I'm sorry for everything.'" Milah has begun choking up at this point, and is on the verge of tears. Rumple comforts her though, assuring that Bae will forgive her. He reveals that he betrayed their son as well, but as a grown man, Bae re-entered his life and forgave him. (See "The Return" & "Manhattan") The Dark One believes their son will do the same for her. "That's a nice thought," Milah replies, adding that she really just wants to see him again. "You will," Rumple says, "and when you do, tell him 'hello' from his papa." The couple give a slight smile at one another.

514 19
Rumple is caught red-handed.

Flash to the Enchanted Forest of the past, Fendrake sleeps in his tent as Rumplestiltskin creeps inside, prepared to steal the antidote he needs. He tiptoes to the potion vials, but the clinking sounds wake up the healer, who exclaims with the question, "Who's here?" He looks up, startling the caught coward. Fendrake sees that it's Rumple, and makes it known he can kill the villager with a simple spell; however, Rumple retaliates that he doesn't need a spell, not when he has a knife. From there, he pulls out a dagger and gets on top of Fendrake prepared to stab him. He shakes nervously though, in hesitation, while Fendrake ushers him on. After a few more moments of hanging over the healer, Rumple finally admits that he can't, thus confusing Fendrake. "I just can't," he says, practically in tears. The healer goes along with this, agreeing.

514 20
Fendrake wishes to make a deal.

Rumple is next seen waiting with Fendrake as he hands him a drink; the healer is thanked for this, which is followed by a moment of silence. Fendrake proceeds to ask Rumple how much his son means to him, to which he responds, "Everything." This prompts Fendrake to reveal a small vial, to which he exclaims that, because of this, Rumple can leave with the cure needed. He doesn't quite know how to respond to this, stating that he doesn't have any gold, just a knife; however, Fendrake reveals that while there will be a terrible price to pay, it wont be in gold, "If you're interested, we can make a deal." "I don't know much about deals," Rumple states, which is quite ironic given his future, "but if I can save my son's life I will trade anything." With that, Rumple and Fendrake get to discussing...

514 21
As does Hades.

Back in the present day, Rumple and Milah are no longer in the boat, but instead standing at the ledge of where it drops into the River of Lost Souls. As Milah is crouched, looking over the waters, Rumple stands watching. He exclaims that they should be back by now, but Milah isn't really thinking about that at the moment. She's busy feeling bad for the souls roaming the waters; "They all look so lost." Rumple approaches his deceased wife to look over at the waters; he agrees with her statement. Before anything else can be said, however, a poof of blue fire appears, forming the Lord of the Underworld himself: Hades. Milah gasps, but is promptly frozen in place. Rumple pulls out the Dark One's dagger as a way to defend himself, but Hades simply says, "Get your hand off that squiggly, little thing; I'm not here to fight." Rumple replies that perhaps he is himself, something that Hades laughs at, questioning if that's true even when he is there to offer the Dark One a deal. Rumple takes a moment to consider this; "A deal?" he asks, putting the dagger back into his his coat. "Let's chat," Hades suggests, leaving Rumple a bit intrigued.

Act V

514 22
Regina is able to say farewell to Daniel, once and for all.

"Thank you for coming," Regina says, walking through the Underworld's graveyard. Snow, who has accompanied her stepmother, states that she couldn't let her do this alone. As the two women step apart for a moment, looking around, Snow being the one to handle the gravestone map, what they are looking for is finally discovered. "I found him," Snow exclaims, but Regina stays frozen in her position, not knowing what to do. "It's okay, you can look," the Princess tells her formerly evil stepmother. Regina approaches the tombstone she has been looking for, revealing the name DANIEL COLTER printed across it. She is relieved by the sight, seeing the tombstone of her first love, Daniel, tipped over, meaning he has completed his unfinished business and moved on to Mount Olympus. The two women comment on this, with Snow adding that he is happy. She then pats her stepmother on the back and leaves her alone to say a few words. Regina lets out a sigh, before speaking to the tombstone that she is so glad he is in someplace better; "I'm also sorry I missed a chance to see you." She then kneels down and places a hand on the tipped over stone, exclaiming to it, "You were my first love, Daniel, and you will always live in my heart. I just needed to know you were okay."

514 23
Hades compliments the Dark One's work.

Meanwhile, in the depths of the Underworld, sitting in a chair is Rumplestiltskin, being handed an alcoholic beverage. "You knew we were there the whole time," he exclaims, resulting in a laugh from Hades. As he grabs a pool stick, he confirms this, but changes the subject. He reveals to the Dark One that he is quite the fan of his; "There are Dark Ones... and then there is you," he says, proceeding to use the stick to hit a ball, shooting it across the pool table and successfully knocking several other balls into respective holes. Rumple sits in silence, with his drink, watching the Lord of the Underworld, who comments that the Dark One is quite the worthy rival to his otherwise "hot" throne. He then shoots again. "So this is how you treat rivals?" "Did I say rival? I meant supplier," Hades corrects, adding that Rumple has sent so many "lovely" dead people his way. In addition to this, he gives Regina a notable mention, but is quick to add that Rumple has been at it longer and she has gone through a redemption process as of the late.

514 24
Rumple is left with a proposition to consider.

He moves on from the ex-Evil Queen though, cutting to the chase that he needs the Dark One back up in the land of the living doing his thing, while he wants Rumple's friends to stay in the Underworld not doing their thing, "Because frankly, they piss me off." As this is said, a smile comes across the Dark One's face; however, Hades then adds that he needs Rumple to sink the ship that was found to get them home. Rumple states that he was going to use that boat too, but Hades says this isn't a problem, for he can just wave his manicured hand and have Rumple back home and in bed with "Mrs. Dark One" by 10; "You in?" Rumple questions why Hades can't just sink the ship himself, but the God of Death clarifies he can, but that he simply wants Rumple to be the one to do it; "So are you a man I can do business with or do I simply have to kill all of you?" Rumple points out that Milah saw Hades just now, so he is sure she'll tell everyone. Hades, however, believes this to be a puzzle the Dark One can solve; "Now just how eager are you to get home?" Rumple is left to contemplate this.

514 25
Baelfire is cured of his ailments.

In the Enchanted Forest of the past, Baelfire rests on his soon-to-be quite literal death bed, clearly heating up from the poison he's been inflicted with. Milah sits at the foot of the bed, watching over him, but the door to the hovel soon swings open upon the return of Rumplestiltskin. Hobbling over, he reveals that he was given the cure for their son's ailment. Milah is thrilled by this news, and takes the vial to give to Bae; popping the tab, she holds the vial to his mouth and pours the liquid down his throat. The couple is ecstatic, with Milah exclaiming to her husband that he did it; however, she then remembers Fendrake, and ushers her husband to another room where Baelfire won't hear them. She questions if they need to go back and hide his body, as well as how he went about the killing. Rumple reveals that there is no body to hide though, for he didn't kill the healer. He says things worked out better than he thought; he didn't even have to steal the cure. "Tell me more?" Milah asks, now intrigued, and so he explains how Fendrake was half a sleep, and he was holding a knife to his throat... but then it came to him in a flash: if he kills to save his son then he will grow up with a murderer, a monster, as a father; "and I couldn't do that." Milah asks what Rumple is talking about, to which he explains that Fendrake gave him the cure because they made a deal; he wanted something else instead of gold.

514 26
But Milah doesn't take too well to how this cure was obtained.

Milah wonders what it is her husband gave the healer, and so she is told: "I signed a paper promising him my second born child." Milah cannot believe what she hears; she asks for clarification, wanting to know if what she heard is true; "You sold our child?!" Rumple brushes this off though, trying to make it clear that they don't have a second born child, and now they just have to make sure they never do. "Because you sold them!" Milah exclaims, "You sold our future!" Rumple tries to deny this, but it doesn't stop Milah from realizing that their family can never be expanded. However, before she can continue, Bae calls out, "Papa?" The couple directs their attention to their healed son and quickly rush to his side. Exclaiming his name, they embrace him, relieved that he is alright. Rumple orders than he go back to sleep now, which he does in almost an instant; however, this leaves the couple to resume to their prior conversation. "Oh Milah, Bae can be all the future we need," Rumple exclaims. She doesn't like the sound of this though; not at all. She simply thanks him, sarcastically, for deciding the rest of her narrow, little life for her. Rumple realizes the error he has made, but it matters not; Milah exclaims that she is going to the tavern, and with that, she exits their shared home.

514 27
Rumple becomes the man Milah always wanted him to be.

Back in the present day of the Underworld, left by the ledge that drops into the River of Lost Souls is Milah. Having been left there by Hades, she is finally unfrozen to find Rumplestiltskin standing before her. "What the hell?!" she exclaims, pointing out that Hades was just there; she demands to know what's going on. The Dark One doesn't answer her though, but instead he raises his hand and obliterates the boat that was going to be used to take everyone home. "Congratulations, dearie," he says, "I've finally become the man you've always wanted me to be," then adding that he's the one who takes what he needs. Milah realizes she is no longer safe, and so she cries out for Emma's help; however, Rumple then calls out Milah's own name in order to make all that is about to happen seem like it was out of his control. He raises his hand and magics his deceased wife into the air and promptly throws her into the River of Lost Souls, allowing her to be consumed by the waters. Rumple then takes a few steps closer to the water and kneels town, giving himself some time to accept what he has just done; for once, he feels a bit of guilt. He doesn't let this consume him for long though, for he lets out a breath of air and then puts on a show. He clutches the hand used to magic away his dead wife and calls out for Hades. At this moment Emma arrives with a rescued Hook, and Rumple frantically tells Emma that he tried to stop the Lord of the Underworld, but that his magic was blown right back at him. Emma realizes the boat is gone, as is Milah, the latter of which Hook mainly focuses on. Emma reveals that she helped get to him, to which Hook replies that Hades has much to answer for. "Indeed he does," agrees the Dark One.

Act VI

514 28
Regina's magic is back up and running.

Watching through the streets of the Underworld, a sound catches the attention of both Snow and Regina; the Princess questions what the sound was. "A horse? Here?" Regina asks, matching the sound to that of a horse neighing. The two women look around, but Regina finds what it is they are looking for; knocked over on the ground, an injured horse lies. Regina goes to approach the creature, followed by Snow, who asks what exactly is wrong with it. The Queen states that it's hurt and that it cannot stand; however, with the wave of her hand, she is able to heal the horse with her magic. In an instant, the creature stands to its feet and lets out a cheerful neighing sound. Regina smiles at her accomplishment, and she and the horse make eye contact. As she watches the horse gallop away though, she realizes what she just did; Snow points this out, being that he magic has returned. In the palm of her hand, Regina then lights up a fireball; Snow asks what it is she is doing, to which her stepmother replies that she is just checking. With a smile on her face she exclaims, "I'm back."

514 29
Hook confronts Rumple for taking away his sacrifice.

Inside the Swan House waits Emma and Hook, with Rumple, when the door soon swings open. In comes the other Underworld visitors, with Snow being the first to greet their deceased friend. "Good job, mom," Henry congratulates. Snow is shocked by the Pirate's current bloodied-up appearance, but Hook assures the mother of his girlfriend that he will be alright. David asks how they did it, to which Emma reveals that the Dark One got them in and out, as well as had a boat ready to get them all home; however, she is forced to add that the boat is now gone. Snow questions what happened, to which Hook reveals that Hades attacked and so they lost the boat... as well as a friend. He then turns to the Dark One though, confronting him for taking away his sacrifice. (See "Swan Song") He calls Rumple out over the fact that everything he did to save his friends all went away so that the Dark One could regain his powers; "I should kill you." "Acknowledged," the Dark One replies, simply.

514 30
Emma's heart is un-retractable.

Hook doesn't ignore what Rumple did to to help get him out of the prison though, and while the Dark One expects a thank you, Hook claims they're even... for now. "I just wanted to get home. But yes, you're welcome, Captain." Robin finally speaks up, speaking for all of them that they're sorry for Rumple's loss. "She made me who I am," the Dark One replies. There's a moment of silence before Regina changes the subject; she states that they don't have a way out of the Underworld, but they didn't have one to begin with anyway. She continues though that, on the bright side, her magic is working again, so she wants to do the heart split now so they can leave when they do find an exit. "Heart split?" Hook questions, to which Emma assures that it's a good plan and it will work; he just needs to trust her. From there, the Savior approaches the Queen; she preps herself before saying to Regina, "Do it." Regina goes to do as told, but when going to reach into Emma's chest, a magical blockade stops her from getting through. Regina's hand goes back, leaving Robin to question what that was, and the Dark One to comment that it's "interesting". Regina is confused herself, and Emma asks allowed what this is and why didn't it work.

514 31
Sigh, obstacles...

Snow, Emma, Regina, David, Hook, Henry, Robin and Rumple are next seen gathered in the Underworld's cemetery. In unison, the eight of them stare at three tombstones in particular, each propped up. Hook speaks that Hades told him to pick three names and chisel them onto the headstones; he said that whoever the Pirate picked would remain in the Underworld. Hook states that he refused, but Regina points out that it seems the God of Death did the picking himself. Printed across three tombstones are the names as following: REGINA MILLS, SNOW WHITE, and EMMA SWAN. Henry glances at his biological mother and her boyfriend, the blonde of which questions what does this mean. Regina replies that it means they are stuck there and now they can't use the Savior's heart to save Hook. "Well," the Dark One says, "I got the Pirate out in a day, but you lots managed to find a whole new way to fail." From there he states he'll be in his shop, and with that the Dark One walks away.

514 32
"I can't owe a debt to a dead man."

In the Enchanted Forest of the past, Fendrake the Healer, still living in his tent, is seen mixing together a potion. A knock at his door suddenly alerts his attention though, but when he goes to look outside, he sees no one there. "Peek-a-boo," calls out a familiar voice, however, and Fendrake turns back inside his tent to find the Dark One standing before him - the Dark One being that of Rumplestiltskin. "Some places never change," he exclaims, "even after all these years." Fendrake states that he knows who the Dark One is, to which the scale-covered beast replies that he would imagine so. The healer points out that Rumple wasn't like this before, something the Dark One confirms, stating that he was a mortal man then - a moral one - who the healer took advantage of when in a desperate situation. He doesn't deny admiring that a great deal, adding that he gets full points for that, but he also doesn't like carrying debts. "Unfortunately, Dark One, the contract is binding," Fendrake exclaims, "Even if I wanted to change it, I couldn't. You owe me." Rumple laughs this off though; he agrees with the healer, but points out a loophole he has found, that being he can't owe a debt to a dead man. From there the Dark One rips out the healer's heart, exclaiming, "Now I don't like debts, but I love a good loophole." With that, Fendrake's heart is crushed and he dies in an instant.

514 33
Rumple wishes for his deal to be fulfilled.

Back in the Underworld of the present day, Rumplestiltskin is escorted down into Hades' lair where the Lord of Death himself awaits. Hades greets the Dark One, but Rumple is more in a hurry; he tells Hades that he destroyed the boat and now he requests to be sent home. Hades thanks the Dark One, albeit more sarcastically, stating that it means a lot to him that he did that and that it shows passion. He then asks Rumple if it was terrible to do, himself believing that he quite enjoyed it. "Stop fishing," the Dark One demands, "I won't tell you that I liked it because I didn't." He adds that not in any way that matters and that he will never do anything like that again. Hades is quite impressed by the Dark One, for he seems to really mean that; "I'm blown away." He believes Rumple is now ready to go home, which is soon confirmed, and so the God of Death puts down his book and gets his hands ready to perform the spell... but then he stops. He tells Rumple that things have changed, but the Dark One denies this, stating that a gentleman always keeps his deal; he has to. Hades cuts the Dark One off mid-sentence though, stating that he never said he wouldn't send Rumple home, because he will, just not today. Hades stands to his feet, looking down at a petrified Rumple; "'Why?' you ask; because you tried to hide something from me."

514 34
But the revelation of Belle's pregnancy gets in the way.

The God of Death then magics the crystal ball Rumple had used earlier into his hand, causing a look of fear to come across the Dark One's face. He suggests they take a look at Belle, and with that, an image in the crystal ball reveals a sleeping Belle. "So pretty," Hades comments, adding that he's been watching her for hours and she is simply darling. He continues that Rumple put the crystal ball together so well, using the eyeball; "Inspired." As he circles the nervous Dark One, Hades then recaps how after all his hard work he dropped it, and it took the Lord forever to piece together why an image of Belle would affect him so strongly. Hades furthers this by revealing he did a little digging and a little thinking and he realized that Rumple wasn't trying to conjure an image of his her. He was trying to figure out where his son was; "You asked the crystal ball to show you your child," Hades exclaims, with the image of Belle re-appearing. "No, no..." Rumple exclaims, but Hades continues; "This is an image of your child... your next child." A look of fear comes across the Dark One's face, and Hades revels in the reveal that Belle doesn't know yet, but she's pregnant. He lets out a laugh as Rumple lowers his head; however, he's not done yet, for with the wave of his hand, a deceased Fendrake the Healer appears before them.

514 35
Hades comes into ownership of a particular contract...

"Remember him?" Hades asks, reminding the Dark One of the contract the two had that he tried to void by killing him during a certain potential baby-making liaison with his protege, the Evil Queen's mother: Cora. (See "The Miller's Daughter") "You rascal," he adds, "Which seems smart at the time, but as it turns out death doesn't actually nullify a contract, not down here, because here he is, and here's the contract." With a wave of his hand, Hades is able to poof up the binding contract, which has the Dark One's second born child signed away on it. Hades then reveals that Fendrake has just signed the contract over to the God of Death; he then poofs the contract away. Rumple's head is still lowered in shame as Hades wishes to make things super, extra clear with him; at any time he can cash in the debt and take the Dark One's baby. "All magic comes with a price... and now, Dark One, the price is you work for me." That look of fear is still plastered across Rumple's face, and Hades reveals that he now has something he needs the Dark One to do... something that only he can do. With that, his hair lights up, flaming blue, and he revels in Rumple's suffering.


514 Title Card


  • The title of this episode was officially confirmed by executive producer/co-creator Adam Horowitz, via his Twitter account, on November 26, 2015.[2]
  • This episode marks the twenty-first writing credit for Jane Espenson, as well as the third directing credit for Alrick Riley.



The episode garnered 3.54 million views, showing a decrease from the previous week. This was the lowest amount of viewers received by any episode in the entire series' history up to this point.[3]


The episode was met with positive reviews.

  • In a review from, Nick Roman said, "Once Upon a Time frequently asks viewers to sympathize with villains, predicated on the notion that every villain has some good in there somewhere. "Devil's Due" keeps with this tried and true formula, by showing us a dyed-in-the-wool villain who finds himself completely screwed over by a desperate act of love from his past. It results in an episode that is unmistakably compelling, even though we've been down the same road with this character about a thousand times now."[4]
  • Andrea Towers of Entertainment Weekly gave the episode a positive review.[5]
  • Gwen Ihnat of The A.V. Club gave the episode a excellent review, giving it a B+. In her recap, she points out: "Need any more proof that Rumplestiltskin is Once Upon A Time’s best character? The episodes focused on him just seem to fly by. A lot of this is due to Robert Carlyle’s baddassery, able to bring vulnerability to Rumple the coward, and ruthlessness to the Dark One, all in the same episode."[6]
  • Christine Orlando of TV Fanatic gave the episode a 4.9 out of 5.[7]


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