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Dark Waters
Once Upon a Time 6x06
October 30, 2016
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"Dark Waters" is the 117th episode of Once Upon a Time.


While Emma tries convincing Aladdin to work with Jasmine to help Agrabah, Regina teams up with Snow and David to free Archie from Zelena. The Evil Queen spends this time sowing suspicion between Henry and Hook, even as Mr. Gold reminds her of his most important lesson. In the past, Hook finds himself kidnapped by the mysterious Captain Nemo and held captive inside his legendary submarine, the Nautilus.


Previously on Once Upon a Time...

In the streets of Storybrooke, Emma battles a hooded figure, but loses when being stabbed in the chest. ("The Savior") When Hook finds out about Emma's visions, she confesses that she dies, just as all saviors do. ("Street Rats") Jafar tells Aladdin about a pair of shears that can sever one's ties to their destiny. ("Street Rats") Emma tells her family that Aladdin didn't trust the people he loved, which is why he failed. She then tells Hook to take the shears as they need to be sure to be rid of them. ("Street Rats")


The Time of the Dark Curse

606 01
Trouble comes for the Jolly Roger.

It's nighttime in the waters of the Enchanted Forest where a ship mate of the Jolly Roger can be heard ordering men around. He tells them to stay alive and pick up the pace, as Captain Hook walks around, inspecting. He finally exclaims that Mr. Smee wouldn't have stood for this, stating that the Jolly Roger is the fastest ship in the realm. "Hey!" he then shouts, asking why it has the slowest crew. "They're tired," a voice then calls out, and Hook wants to know who dares defy him. "I do," a man says, and Hook realizes that they have a stowaway. Ship mates grab the man, and Hook swings from a rope to confront him properly. "Who are you, and how did you get aboard my ship?" Hook asks of him, and the man replies that he is "no one". Hook starts to laugh at this, but the man states that he has just come to ask Hook one simple question. "Aye, well, you better make it a good one because it's going to be your last," Hook says, drawing his sword. The man proceeds to question if taking revenge against the Dark One worth all the time he's spent chasing it. Hook replies that he'll let the man know once he's skinned himself a crocodile, but first he'll just have to settle for him. Hook goes to kill the man, but someone else then calls out, alerting everyone's attention. The crew starts to panic, and Hook leaves the man to go look at the water where two green lights flash from beneath. "Sea monster!" Hook exclaims, calling for his crew to man the canons. He then runs to grab a harpoon and throw at said monster, but it fails to graze it. "That's impossible," Hook exclaims, but the stowaway man says that it is quite possible. It's no sea monster. Hook proceeds to wonder what that is and what the devil is going on, at which the man replies he is saving Hook's life. He then shoves Hook overboard and jumps behind him, into the water.

Cut to years later, in the present day of Storybrooke. Hook is in the shed of his new home, examining the Shears of Destiny that he failed to get rid of. He contemplates what to do with them for a minute, but finally decides on locking them away in a toolbox, which he proceeds to put on a shelf. With that, he starts to head for the door, but he does look back first, contemplating. Finally, he chooses to go.


Act I

606 02
Regina comes face-to-face with her evil and wicked sisters.

"I know you're in there, Your Majesty," Regina exclaims, approaching Zelena's farmhouse on the outskirts of town. She demands that the Evil Queen come out, for they need to have a little chat. Soon enough, the Queen emerges behind her better half, questioning what she'd do otherwise. "You'll huff... and you'll puff... and you'll blow the house down?" she laughs, mocking what Regina seems to call the entrance; however, she understands that it must have been her with all the flare. "To what do we owe the honor?" Zelena asks, exiting the farmhouse to join her two sisters, and Regina exclaims that it's true - Zelena is harboring the Evil Queen out here. However, the Wicked Witch points out that the Queen is her sister and that the Queen cares about her, whereas Zelena's willing to bet Regina isn't there to see how she's getting on.

606 03
Jiminy Cricket goes free.

Regina confirms Zelena to be right though, that instead she has a message. She diverts her attention back to the Evil Queen, stating that her little masquerade as the "cricket therapist" didn't work. David, meanwhile, is seen looking out the window of the farmhouse as Regina tells the Evil Queen that airing Emma's dirty laundry only made them stronger. The Queen wonders why Regina is out here airing this message all by her lonesome, and David turns to Snow, who is with him inside the farmhouse, and they get moving. In the farmhouse, Snow and David find the little cage that Jiminy Cricket is locked in, the former of which says they're right behind him, and opens up the age. The cricket tips his hat as a form of gratitude towards Snow and proceeds to fly away.

606 04
Zelena isn't taking any chances with her daughter.

Snow and David watch, happy to have prevailed, but they're then startled by the cry of baby Robin, who has awoken from her nap in her crib beneath the cage. Back outside, meanwhile, the Queen is suspecting that Regina hasn't just come to gloat, for that's her move. "You're up to something else," she realizes, and then the cries of Baby Hood are heard. Zelena's eyes widen in fear at what could be going on with her daughter, and she glares at Regina before heading back inside to check up on her. "Stay away from her!" she demands, entering the farmhouse to find Snow and David looking into the crib. David claims they've just come to free Archie and that they're not there to hurt her daughter, but Zelena removes Robin from the crib, sarcastically excusing herself for not taking any chances.

606 05
Regina prevents the Evil Queen from harming Snow and David.

She walks to the other side of the room where the Queen arrives to join her, thanking Zelena because now the real fun can begin. The Queen rubs her hands together while Zelena, meanwhile, leaves the room entirely, and soon enough a fireball is formed by Storybrooke's latest villain. As the Queen goes to take out Snow and David once and for all, however, Regina then poofs in between them, coming to the aide of her friends. "How's that for an entrance?" she asks her lesser half, who puts out her fireball in defeat. Snow tells the Queen to try all she wants, but nothing she does will tear their family apart. "Oh, is that so? Because exposing Emma's secret was just the beginning." "Bring it, Queenie," Regina exclaims, then poofing herself and the Charmings away. The Queen is left alone, but gives an evil smile for what is soon to come.

606 06
Aladdin isn't the guy that Jasmine is looking for.

Aladdin and Jasmine catch up in Granny's Diner, with the former stating that there's no flying carpets, but Storybrooke is not that bad. Jasmine smiles, glad that Aladdin has found a place, and Aladdin smiles in turn as he takes a sip of his drink. Jasmine decides to shift the conversation though, pointing out that they have yet to talk about what really matters: Agrabah. Aladdin sits up in his seat, and Jasmine states that it still needs his help. "I told you: I'm not a savior anymore. I cut my ties." "But you can still help your people," the princess points out, "You don't even know what happened." But Aladdin states that it does not matter. Jasmine is taken aback some by Aladdin's raise in voice, and he is quick to notice this. He admits that it was a bad idea, and that he's not the guy that Jasmine is looking for. He proceeds to get up from his seat and leave, despite Jasmine's pleas for him to stay.

606 07
The perfect family?

Hook enters the Swan house, where Emma and Henry currently sit at the kitchen table. Emma and Hook greet each other, the former of which comments that the latter was up awfully early this morning. "What were you doing out in the garage?" she wonders, and Hook quickly has to come up with the lie that he was just doing a little bit of gardening. "Really?" Emma questions, surprised by this; she states that she had no idea he had a "green hook". There's a moment of silence, and Henry looks up at his mother's boyfriend, seeming to notice that there's something off about him. Hook then asks Emma what's for breakfast, but before she can answer her phone vibrate. Taking it from her pocket, Emma sees that it's a text from Jasmine, stating that she's worried because Aladdin ran off and she doesn't know where he is. "Don't worry, Swan, I'll make sure the lad doesn't get into too much trouble," Hook exclaims.

606 08

He's offering to watch over Henry so that Emma can go help out Jasmine. Emma thanks her beau, giving him a kiss before grabbing her coat and setting off. Once Emma's gone though, Henry stands up, stating that Hook doesn't have to stay because he'll be fine on his own. Hook shakes his head though, stating that Henry can show him how to operate his "videobox". Henry's up for this, but would first like to take out the trash. Hook thinks this is a good idea, but tells the boy to start with this junk food that Henry calls breakfast. He proceeds to dump Henry's meal into the trash bag, commenting that Henry wouldn't really eat this rubbish. "My Pop-Tarts!" Henry exclaims, offended, but Hook ignores this. He tells Henry to hurry back and he'll make them a pirate's breakfast of grapefruit boiled mackerel. "There'll be no scurvy here today." Henry continues to be offended.

606 09
The Queen looks out for her son.

Henry is next seen making his way outside of the Swan house, with the bag of trash in tow. Before opening up one of the trashcans to put the bag in though, the boy simply stares, absolutely positively bitter over his thrown out Pop-Tart. The sound of a magical poof is then heard though, and a voice calls out: "I know what you're thinking: 'How long until that pirate ruins everything?'" Henry turns and sees that the Evil Queen is standing before him. She proceeds to take a bite out of an apple, and Henry asks what she's doing there. "Looking out for my son," she answers, as if it's obvious. She throws the apple behind herself, approaching Henry and asking him to tell her if his "new father" is bothering him. "He's not my father!" But the Queen points out that it's just a matter of time. Henry starts to run away, but the Queen then re-appears in front of him, stating that she's just trying to help. "Now I know how difficult it is when someone new joins the family."

606 10
Henry learns of Hook's treachery.

"How would you know?!" "Because I used to be that person." But Henry points out that Hook is not like the Evil Queen, that he would never hurt this family. "Is that so?" the Queen wonders, and Henry confirms that it is. Wanting to test her son's theory, however, the Queen uses her magic to open the garage door and to then magically pull out a toolbox. "Oops," she exclaims, and Henry approaches the box with the Queen behind him. He proceeds to open it, and there lies the Shears of Destiny. "He kept them," Henry realizes, and the Queen points out that it's the one thing that makes Emma special. "You're not taking these!" Henry says to his sort of mother, but she states that she doesn't want them. She just wants to make sure that he learns the truth about dear old "dad-to-be". She states that Hook doesn't care about Henry or Emma, so now Henry needs to ask himself one tiny question: "What are you going to do about it?" With that, the Queen poofs herself away, leaving Henry to contemplate this.

Act II

606 11
Emma wishes to have a chat with a common thief.

We are shown Aladdin as he roams the streets of Storybrooke, soon looking around to make sure the coast is clear, and removes a metal object from his coat which he proceeds to use to start forcing his way into someone's parked car. After a moment of initial struggling, he's able to get the car unlocked, and he opens the door to steal the person's wallet. He finds there to be a good bit of cash and is satisfied. "Really?" a voice then calls out, however, and he turns to find Emma Swan standing before him. "This is not what it looks like," he claims, stating that it's his new car. She sarcastically questions that he traded in his flying carpet for a Miata, which he states has great mileage. "Yeah, right," Emma exclaims, taking the wallet back from the common thief and pocketing it herself. She suggests they take a drive, needing to talk, but it doesn't take Aladdin long to realize that Jasmine sent her. "Sorry, I'm not in the mood," he says to the Savior, but Emma points out sternly that she wasn't asking. Aladdin realizes that he has no choice but to listen.

606 12
Hook realizes that Henry has figured him out.

"Henry?" Hook calls out for, back at the Swan house, holding a videogame controller, stating that they clearly didn't design them for people like him, referring to the fact that he only has one hand available for usage. However, as he descends the stairs outside of his new home, Hook finds the door to the garage left open. He looks around, calling out for Henry again, and receives no answer. He then finds that the trash he earlier requested the boy take out is left next to the can rather than inside. He looks back at the garage and proceeds inside. The pirate puts the videogame controller down on the table, making his way over to a certain discovery. On the ground lies the opened toolbox that he had been hiding the Shears of Destiny inside. He realizes that Henry has found them, taken them, and is uncertain of what Henry will do next. "Bloody hell," he utters.

606 13
The Nautilus.

Flash to the past where an unconscious and soaking wet Captain Hook lies, soon finding himself poked with a harpoon, awakening him in an instant. "Welcome aboard, mate," the first mate of this vessel exclaims. As Hook starts to fully come to, he blindsights all of the men by jumping up, knocking the first mate back and proceeding to fight his way through all of the other men who currently surround him. He proceeds to a button, hoping to open up a door, but it just reveals a window, showing him to be underwater. "Where the devil am I?" he utters aloud, "What kind of dark magic is this?" "Not magic," a voice then calls out, revealing that Hook is aboard his ship, many fathoms under the sea. The man welcomes Hook to the Nautilus, telling the pirate to call him Nemo. Hook asks what it is that Nemo wants, and so the Captain closes the opening to the water. He tells Hook that this ship is much more than the steel and rivets - it's a second chance. Hook informs Nemo that he's daft if he think he'll be spending any second longer on this "underwater coffin" than he has to. Nemo proceeds to spin a small object on a table, stating that he knows Hook's heart is filled with hatred seeking revenge

606 14
Captain Nemo informs Hook of what he is in need of: a family.

This harpoon is enchanted to help him find souls like Hook. "And then what, fill it with something else?" the pirate wonders, to which Nemo confirms - with the one thing missing from his life: family. However, Hook informs Nemo that no one will ever replace what the Dark One took from him. (see "The Crocodile") Nemo begins that he knows it feels that way for Hook right now, but the pirate doesn't let this captain continue, stating that Nemo has no idea how it feels. But Nemo tells Hook that that's where he's wrong, revealing that he lost a family once; they were brutally murdered while he was at sea. Nemo spent decades hunting down the men responsible for what happened, and even killed one of them with this very blade. "And when I was finished, all I was left with was an empty heart and a bloodstained harpoon." However, Hook doesn't think he needs a family. He demands that Nemo let him off now, but Nemo doesn't think Hook has a choice in this matter, for there's a mission he needs the pirate's help with. "It's an important one, and when it's done you will see that this ship is exactly where you belong."

606 15
Yet again, Hook's past comes back to haunt him.

Return to the present day where Henry is at the Storybrooke docks, untying a boat. He's soon joined by Hook who asks what he's doing, to which Henry reveals that the's doing what his mother asked Hook to do - get rid of the Shears of Destiny. Hook asks for a chance to explain, but Henry assures the pirate that he doesn't have to; he gets it. "No you don't. I kept them to protect Emma." "Even though she didn't want you to?" Hook begs that Henry listen to him, but the boy refuses, stating that Hook doesn't get to make decisions for him, and he certainly doesn't get to make decisions for his mother. Hook, however, is now startled by something, to Henry's oblivion. As Henry tries to descend into the boat, Hook grabs him by the arm. Henry demands that he let go of him, but Hook tells him to stop, for it's not about the bloody shears right now. Hook and Henry both look out at the water, the latter questioning what the hell is that. Rising from the water is none other than the Nautilus itself, and Hook tells the boy to run. However, as they turn around, they find themselves being blocked by two of the ship mates, one of which tells Hook to turn around, as the Captain wants to see him.


606 16
20,000 leagues under the sea.

The Nautilus continues to surface and Henry and Hook are dragged aboard, the latter of which pleads the younger lad be let go as he has nothing to do with any of this. Henry asks the pirate what the hell is going on, to which Hook rhetorically asks him what does it look like. Henry does so, scanning the vessel that they are aboard. "Are we...?" Henry wonders. "Underwater? Ay," Hook confirms, proceeding to welcome him to the Nautilus. He presses a button that causes a hatch to open up and reveal a window, showing that they are indeed under the sea. Hook and Henry both look out in awe, and the camera pans outward to show the Nautilus from the outside as a whole, revealing that they're deep underneath and there is no land for them in sight.

606 17
Snow and David theorize How to Get Away with Murder Season 3A.

Elsewhere in town, at the Storybrooke General Hospital, David accompanies some paramedics as a gurney is dragged in with an unknown patient on top of it. Snow, meanwhile, comes in from another entrance, approaching her husband and telling him that she got there as soon as she could. David reveals that he saw him on patrol out by the mines, stating that it's just been one crisis after another since the dirigible hit; he found him in the woods. Snow wonders who he is, but David is unsure, simply assuming that he's another refugee from the Land of Untold Stories. "He had serious injuries, heavy bleeding, in a few hours he would've been gone." All of this comes as a shock to Snow who realizes that the man must have been out there for days. She asks her husband if anyone recognized him, but David shakes his head, stating that they're asking around. However, he notes that he doesn't think he was ever at Granny's Diner (see "The Savior"/"A Bitter Draught"). Contemplating some more, David decides to return to the sheriff's station to see if anyone reported him missing. Snow agrees that that's a good idea, deciding to stay at the hospital and let him know how everything goes. David proceeds to kiss his loving wife and then sets out.

606 18
Belle finds a confidante in Snow as she frets over Gold and their son.

Snow is left standing there looking around when all of a sudden she notices Belle sat in the waiting area with a magazine. "Belle?" she then calls out, approaching the beauty, "What are you doing here?" Belle is a bit taken aback to see the princess, but finally admits that she's there for her first ultrasound. "Wow!" Snow exclaims, taking a seat next to Belle, commenting on how exciting that is. Belle appears far less enthused though, revealing that she didn't even tell Rumple she was coming. "Well given what he's put you through, I don't think anyone would blame you," Snow admits, hoping to comfort the beauty a bit. However, Belle points out that it's not just about today though. She points out to Snow that if she doesn't want Rumple to be apart of something as simple as this then what is she going to do when the baby gets here. "How am I ever going to let him be apart of our son's life?" Snow certainly feels for Belle, admitting that that's a good question. She contemplates this herself before finally pointing out to the beauty that it's a question she won't have to answer for at least two more trimesters. While Belle agrees with the princess, the thought continues to linger.

606 19
Henry continues to be annoying.

Return to the Nautilus where the window showing the water closes, and Henry asks Hook why the crewmen of the vessel grabbed them. Hook doesn't bother denying his history with Captain Nemo, but this comes as no surprise to Henry. He tells Hook that none of this would have happened if Hook had just done what Emma asked; however, Hook apologizes, stating that he wasn't going to give up the one thing that could save her. "When were you going to use them on her?" Henry questions, "Were you even going to ask her when you did?" Hook admits to not knowing, but Henry points out that being the Savior is who Emma is and that it's what brought them together. Hook assures that he wasn't trying to take that away from Henry, but the boy wonders why Hook even cares. "You're not even apart of this family," he says to the pirate. "Henry--" Hook tries, but Henry tells him it doesn't matter as they're just going to end up fishfood on the ocean floor soon anyways. Hook believes they've gotten out of tougher graves than this though, recalling the "walkie prisoner gag" (see "Operation Mongoose, Part 2"), which Henry then corrects to "Wookie". He specifies that it's the "Wookie prisoner gag", though Hook is confused as to what a "Wookie" is, stating that it makes no sense. Henry starts to explain it but decides to not even bother, resulting in Hook deciding they need to come up with a plan of their own. He tells Henry to trust him, that this Captain is one fellow he doesn't want to meet.

606 20

Flash to the past where three people are seen marching through what appears to be some underwater seacaves. Dressed in underwater gear, they hike across rocks but eventually come to a stop. They removes the packs on their backs and take off their helmets. First is Captain Nemo and then Captain Hook who lets out a "Bloody hell!" Nemo assures that these are dangerous waters so they need to stay close and not step off of the path. Hook wonders what exactly it is they're after, but Nemo assures that the pirate will see soon enough. "It's up ahead." Nemo continues moving, but Hook is starting to lag behind. "You heard the Captain," the first mate exclaims, "Stay close." The three men continue to trudge across the rocks. Hook asks the first mate if he really believes everything Nemo says, but the mate tells Hook he should listen to Nemo as he could learn something. Hook seems to think the pressure is getting to all of them though, but the first mate assures the pirate that he'd give his life for Nemo.

606 21
The first mate shares his tale.

Hook doesn't understand this though, wondering what Nemo's ever done for the first mate. The first mate decides to stop in his tracks and turn to Hook, revealing that when he was a child his family was taken from him. He grew up next to the docks fending for himself desperate to make the people who took them pay. "It was only a matter of time until I got myself killed." Hook wonders then what: Nemo kidnapped him? However, the first mate believes that Nemo saved his life. Hook isn't entirely buying this though, wanting to ask the first mate one question, that being if he ever found those who had wronged him during his quest for vengeance. The first mate says he didn't, and that he's glad he didn't. However, Hook tells him to talk to the pirate when vengeance is in his grasp, stating that it won't be so easy to give up then. The two men keep walking when Nemo then calls out that there it is. Looking ahead, the three men find a treasure chest waiting for them. "Bloody hell," Hook exclaims, "All this for hidden treasure?"

606 22
Choke me, daddy.

Nemo confirms this, but states that there is more than gold and jewels in that chest. Hook, however, is starting to not like the feeling of this, and so he starts to run. However, this doesn't go as planned when a tentacle reaches out and grabs his leg, tripping him. It's a kraken, which he screams out, and the first mate turns back and sees this. He tells Hook to hold on, proceeding to grab a knife from his pocket and run for the sea monster. The first mate stabs it in one of the tentacles while Hook struggles to hold on, and now Nemo comes to the rescue. One of the tentacles gets wrapped around Hook's neck through, beginning to strangle him, and Nemo then grabs a harpoon which he throws at the creature, stabbing and causing it to descend back into water. Nemo and the first mate grab Hook and manage to drag him away, with the first mate reminding Hook that he told him to stay close. "You could've been killed!" Hook exclaims, but Nemo argues that while the pirate may be stubborn he hasn't given up on him yet. Whether Hook believes it or not, he apart of this family.

606 23
Rumple makes a house call.

"To what do I owe the pleasure?" the Evil Queen exclaims in a southern accent, stating that it's not everyday Rumplestiltskin makes a house call. The two villains are gathered back at Zelena's farmhouse where the Dark One confirms that it's not, stating that he sees she's celebrating. The Queen confirms this, stating that she's in the midst of driving a pirate-shaped wedge into the middle of the Charming clan. She asks if Rumple would care to join her, but he instead asks the Queen if she remembers her old lessons. Her Majesty is clearly turned on by this, deciding to take a seat, asking, "What do you want to teach me now... teacher?" Rumple states that it seems the Queen has forgotten the most important lesson of all: never take what's his. The Queen senses the increase in tension as Rumple explains the Shears of Destiny - the pirate had them hidden - now they're gone. "And I can smell your magic all over it."

606 24
The Queen realizes that perhaps the Dark One is on to something.

The Queen is surprised that Rumple wants the shears, having thought the Dark One didn't care if the Savior met her fate. "You really think the Shears of Destiny work only on the Savior?" Rumple questions, and it's then that the Evil Queen realizes the Dark One's true intentions: he wants to use them on Belle and the baby she has brewing inside her so he can change the fate of his pathetic little family. "Well, I wish I could help, but like everyone you've ever loved those shears are long gone." However, the Dark One tells the Queen to be careful who she crosses as she's thin on allies. But Her Majesty laughs at this, telling Rumple that you don't need allies when you win, and that as the Dark One can see she's doing just fine without him. "We'll see about that, dearie," Rumple exclaims, "We shall see." And with that, the Dark One leaves the Wicked Witch's farmhouse. While the Queen maintains and evil grin, it drops the moment that he departs.

Act IV

606 25
Have a throwback?

Nearing the outskirts of Storybrooke, Emma's yellow bug approaches and the Savior herself steps out of the drivers' door. Aladdin, meanwhile, hops out of the passenger's seat and the two close the doors behind them. "If this is some kind of nature therapy then you should know woods aren't really my thing," the former Savior says to the current Savior, but Emma tells Aladdin to come on as he will see. The two make their way to the "Welcome to Storybrooke" sign which Aladdin reads aloud; however, Emma tells him to look closer, which Aladdin does. He kneels down and sees that the sign has been repaired; he assumes a drunk driver must have hit it. Emma speaks that despite how strongly Regina spiked her cider, she wasn't drunk. Aladdin realizes that Emma did this, which she confirms, stating that she hit the sign right after Henry tried to convince her that she was Storybrooke's Savior (see "Pilot"). "Hang on," Aladdin exclaims, asking for confirmation that Emma Swan ran. She then admits that it wasn't the only time though, and he asks when was the last.

606 26
Emma shares a lesson, current savior to former savior.

She reveals that it was the day prior when Aladdin gave her the Shears of Destiny (see "Street Rats"). Aladdin remembers that Emma got rid of them though, and the Savior explains that she told her family that she thought someone would use them as a weapon against her. "That's not true?" And Emma admits that she was worried she might use them. She states that every time she thinks about the vision of her future she thinks about her trembling hand and imagines her family having to watch her die; she wishes she had never been the Savior, so she knew she couldn't have the shears anywhere near her. Aladdin asks Emma to tell him what to do now, and Emma tells him to do what she did all the times that she ran: come back, face the people he disappointed and try to make up for his mistakes. "My mistakes..." Aladdin utters, admitting that whatever happened to Agrabah was all his fault. He doesn't even know where to start to fix it. But Emma points out that he doesn't even know what happened, which is perhaps where he should start. "You can't fix a problem until you know what it is." Aladdin contemplates this.

606 27
Hook feels the need to remind us that 5.11 is a thing that happened.

Back on the Nautilus, silence remains as Hook walks around trying to think of a way off of the vessel. However, he finally decides to break the ice with Henry and turns to the boy, revealing that he killed his own father (see "Swan Song"). "What?" Henry utters, and Hook states that Henry asked him why he cares so much about keeping the boy's family together and that's because he once had the chance at having his own. "With your dad?" Henry questions, stating that he knows because Hook told them. But Hook states that there's a part of the story he didn't share, that being that when he killed his father he didn't just destroy his life... he had a son. "So you had another brother?" Henry questions, to which Hook confirms, stating that his father named the boy "Liam" after his older brother. "And that was just too much for me," Hook states, continuing that he killed his father and he left an innocent boy an orphan.

606 28
A shocking revelation.

In the past, the Nautilus descends back into the sea, and Hook watches as Captain Nemo unlocks the chest of treasure they found earlier on. The pirate stands to see what is inside, but finds that there is but a mere key. "All this for a key?" the pirate questions, stating that Nemo is even madder than he thought. But Nemo starts to explain that the Nautilus has served as refuge for people to escape their past, but this is no place to build a new life. "All we do is sail and sail with no place to call home." Hook wonders how a key is going to change that, but Nemo reveals that this isn't just any key, it will open the gateway to a place called the Mysterious Island. Nemo explains that there is a place where they can start over and that is Hook's chance - he won't have to swim the dark waters any longer. However, Hook claims that he's spent too long chasing his crocodile to give up now, something that Nemo knows. He tells Hook that he's lost people he loves, which he knows is why Hook doesn't want to open up his heart again, but asks if what if he told Hook that the Mysterious Island is a place where he never has to lose anyone again. "No, that's... that's not possible," Hook claims, but Nemo states that it is. He asks Hook to join his crew and see for himself. Hook is beginning to contemplate this, but then he notices something on the table next to Nemo... a knife. He asks Nemo where he got it, and Nemo admits that it belongs to his first mate. Hook recalls that the first mate told him his family was taken from him; he proceeds to ask Nemo how. Nemo reveals that he was a young boy when his father was murdered while he slept in his bed. "His name..." Hook exclaims, "What's your first mate's name?" It's then that the truth comes out: "Liam," Nemo answers.

606 29
Henry's got an escape plan.

"You're trying to make up for what you did to Liam with me?" Henry questions of Hook, back in the present day. The pirate confirms this by telling the boy that he can't ruin another family. Henry assures that he's not going to, but Hook states that he already has. He tells Henry that they're trapped on this "iron tin" and he can't even pick the lock. "You can't..." Henry admits, but then a grin comes across his face, "but maybe I can." The boy then stands, taking the Shears of Destiny out of his coat pocket. He tells Hook the first rule of kidnapping: they never search the kid.
The two soon emerge from a Nautilus door where there's a hole in the center of the ground with water. "We're going through there?" Henry wonders, and Hook confirms that it's the only way off. He tells the boy to hurry as they don't have much time before the Captain realizes they've escaped. As he talks, the pirate grabs a pack to fasten to Henry's back.

606 30
Hook's brutha from anuva mutha.

The boy wonders what Hook did to him though; he asks Hook why Nemo's so angry. But Hook says he doesn't have enough time to explain as they need to get off this ship now. Henry wonders where Hook's suit is, but the pirate states he isn't suiting up as there's only one helmet. Henry wonders how Hook is getting out of here, and it's then that he reveals that he isn't. He tries to hand Henry his helmet, but the boy refuses. Hook tells Henry that he was right as what he and Emma has is special and he doesn't want him to lose it. Henry realizes that Hook knew there was only one helmet, and the pirate states if there's only one of them getting back to Emma it's going to be the boy. He then straps the helmet onto Henry's head and sends him into the water so that he can escape. Hook is relieved that Henry got off in time, but a voice then calls out: "I was hoping you'd stay." It's Liam, who proceeds to draw his knife. "Hello, brother," he properly greets, "I've been waiting a long time for this."

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606 Title Card
  • The title card of this episode features the kraken that attacked Hook.
  • The establishing shot of Granny's Diner is stock footage from "Smash the Mirror". This can be seen from the identical foliage on the trees and the climbing plants.
  • The segments with Belle and the two ultrasound pictures were inspired by Brigitte Hales' real life experience from when she was pregnant with her own daughter. When she got two ultrasound pictures, she asked why, and was told that it was standard procedure.[1][2]
  • The episode script features additional dialogue between Belle and Snow, in which Belle comments on the flowers at the hospital, and Snow tells her about how she used to deliver them, and that this was how she found David when he was in a coma.[3]




The episode posted its lowest numbers so far in the series, as it placed a 0.9/3 rating among 18-49s with 3.04 million viewers tuning in. The drop was due to the competition from both the 2016 World Series on FOX (the night's top rated program) and Sunday Night Football on NBC.[5]


The episode was met with mixed reviews.


Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the episode.

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