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Cyrus' talisman
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Tracks the true love of whoever wears it
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Cyrus' talisman is a magical necklace worn by Cyrus that glows a bright red whenever his true love, Alice, is close to him.


Before the Curse

After falling in love with Alice, Cyrus takes her to the Boiling Sea, where he decides to propose to her. Before he can give his speech, Alice accepts and they kiss romantically. Cyrus' talisman begins to glow a bright red, and he points out to Alice that their hearts are entwined, so from now on he'll know whenever she's near. However, Cyrus is pushed off the edge of the cliff by the Red Queen, where Jafar catches him and takes him prisoner. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

After the Curse

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Upon arriving to Wonderland to be reunited with Cyrus, Alice and Will learn that the White Rabbit's claims to have seen the genie alive are false, and instead the dormouse saw him. They make their way to the Mad Hatter's old house to find him, but they are disappointed to learn he isn't there. As Alice steps outside grieve, she notices something glowing in the grass; Cyrus' talisman. She shows it to Will and the White Rabbit, insisting that she can now feel Cyrus is alive, which it turns out he is, but at Jafar's prisoner. ("Down the Rabbit Hole") The talisman continues to glow red as Alice continues on her quest to save Cyrus. ("Trust Me")

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