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Cyclones are a means of magical transportation, with the ability to cross realms. In some instances, they can be summoned by the Apprentice's wand.


Before the Curse

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Dorothy Gale is brought to Oz by a cyclone. ("Kansas")

In the Enchanted Forest, upon giving birth to a baby girl, Cora brings the child, in a basket, out to the woods where she abandons her so she may give herself her best chance at life. Once doing so, a cyclone swoops in and carries the baby girl away to a new realm. ("Bleeding Through")

The baby is brought to the realm of Oz where she is found by a couple who name her Zelena. Her adoptive father, however, is uneased when seeing his new daughter display magical powers. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Zelena grows up and, due to her magical abilities, becomes apart of the sisterhood of witches of Oz, and starts to rule over the West. However, a cyclone swoops in and drops off Dorothy Gale, who turns out to be Zelena's potential undoing. ("Kansas")

After the Second Curse

Season 5

S5E01 Cyclone
Everyone goes through the cyclone.

Needing to find Emma after she'd become the Dark One, Regina enlists Zelena's help to create a cyclone which could take them to the Enchanted Forest. By using the Apprentice's Wand, Zelena is successful in opening a portal to Oz, with intentions of leaving Storybrooke forever, but Regina manages to cuff her, removing her magic. Later in the diner, Regina harnesses the wand, redirecting the cyclone to take them to whichever realm that Emma is in. ("The Dark Swan")

After the Third Curse

Season 5

Regina send Zelena back to Oz
Regina send Zelena back to the Oz.

Not wanting to risk Zelena taking Robin, Regina uses the wand to conjure a cyclone, which whisks Zelena back to Oz. ("Swan Song")

When the same cyclone manifests in Oz, Ruby, Mulan and Dorothy go to investigate and come across Zelena. ("Ruby Slippers")

Much later, Ruby arrives from Oz to the Underworld by cyclone, in search of Dorothy, whose disappearance she suspects Zelena is responsible for. ("Her Handsome Hero")


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