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The Customer is an unnamed customer of a store that Emma and Neal stole from in "Tallahassee".


After the Curse

Early Life

Customer Cashier
A robbery is witnessed. ("Tallahassee")

Emma and Neal are rubbing her "pregnant" belly in a store, Neal says that he thinks the little guy's hungry and offers to buy him whatever he wants. Emma inspects a mini fridge and opens it as Neal goes over to the counter and unfolds a map, telling the shop owner that he and his "wife" are really lost. Emma takes some items and walks into the aisle. Neal asks some directions from the shop owner. "Do I look like a tour guide? Why don't you buy the map, and then I can help you.", the shop owner tells him, Neal agrees, taking some money from his pocket and placing it on the counter, the shop owner accepts it and now seems a lot more willing to help. As Neal is being told directions, he takes a key ring from the stand at the counter and slips it into his pocket right under the owner's nose. A guy enters the store behind Neal and sees him slip an Apollo bar into his pocket. Just as the guy is about to alert the owner, Emma stops him by grabbing her baby bump and screaming in pain, "I think... I think it's time!", she exclaims, running into the shop's main area, out of the aisle. As the guy continues to try and warn the shop owner about the robbery, Emma grabs him and yells that it hurts really bad and she's in a lot of pain. The shop owner offers services, such as calling an ambulance, and Neal soon grabs the screaming Emma before escorting her outside the store. "You know they were stealing?", the guy tells the shop owner. ("Tallahassee")