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Captain Hook is a main character on Once Upon a Time.


Early Life

TBA ("Eloise Gardener") TBA ("Knightfall")

After the Third Curse

Season 6

Hook WR 611
In all realms, Hook ruins everything. ("Tougher Than the Rest")

When the Evil Queen wishes for Emma to have never been the savior, the latter finds herself transported to a wish realm where she grew up a proper princess, thanks to the Dark Curse never having been cast. In this version of events, Captain Hook grew old, and also rather fat, becoming a fumbling fiend as opposed to a suave pirate. When news of Emma's "kidnapping" spreads across the land, Hook comes to see her with Pinocchio - who's helping her find a way back home to Storybrooke - and assumes him to be her captor. As such, he takes out his sword and insists that the puppeteer step away from the lady, to whom he refers as "Princess Enya". Emma is taken aback by this version of Hook, who seems intent on dueling Pinocchio for Emma's "safety". Taking advantage of this Hook's clumsiness, Pinocchio trips him and takes his sword, meaning Hook is able to take his chisel and he tries to duel with that. He fails, of course, and Emma just blasts the pirate back with magic, knocking him out. She comments on how she needs to go home and get someone off the rum - and the dessert - before teleporting him back to his ship. ("Tougher Than the Rest")

Season 7

After the Fourth Curse

TBA ("A Pirate's Life") TBA ("The Garden of Forking Paths") TBA ("Pretty in Blue") TBA ("The Eighth Witch") TBA ("A Taste of the Heights") TBA ("Secret Garden") TBA ("The Girl in the Tower") TBA ("The Eighth Witch")

During the Fifth Curse

TBA ("Hyperion Heights")

TBA ("A Pirate's Life")


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