Briar Rose
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Briar Rose
Sleeping Beauty
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King Stefan - Husband
Aurora - Daughter
Phillip Jr. - Grandson
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Briar Rose is an unseen character on Once Upon a Time.


Before the Curse

At some point, Maleficent puts the Queen Briar Rose under a sleeping curse for unknown reasons, but once she is awaken by true loves kiss, via King Stefan, Maleficent falls into a depression, and even loses her ability to turn into a dragon. Stefan and Briar Rose have a daughter together, which they name Aurora, and she grows up, soon falling in love with a prince by the name of Phillip; their wedding is eventually announced. Maleficent eventually returns for revenge, but instead of killing Briar Rose and Stefan like she originally intended to, she instead puts Aurora under the same sleeping curse her mother was put under, devastating them. ("Enter the Dragon")

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