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Reul Ghorm is an ancient being that rules the night, the original power, bigger than anything.

Reul Ghorm, better known as the Blue Fairy, is a supporting character on Once Upon a Time. She is the leader of the fairies in the Fairy Tale World, and presumably the most powerful creature in all the land, capable of performing the most exquisite enchantments. She was responsible for indirectly instilling in Rumplestiltskin the idea of creating a curse that would transport everyone in her world to a different one, a curse that was later brought forth by the evil Queen Regina. In Storybrooke, the Blue Fairy's counterpart became the Mother Superior, the leader of the local nuns.


Before the Curse

There is a benevolent fairy who can grant a person's wish if their heart is true... Tonight, go into the woods where the sky is clearest, wish upon the blue star, and she will appear to you.
Blue 619
Blue sees fit to banish the Black Fairy. ("The Black Fairy")

A child destined to be the savior is born to Malcolm and Fiona, and so the Blue Fairy goes with this boy's fairy godmother - Tiger Lily - to the scene of the birth so that the two of them may deliver the prophecy to the parents together. However, Fiona reads the full prophecy, which states that her son will one day face a great evil and die as a result in a final battle, she grows terrified, and turns herself into a fairy to protect her son. She goes around with Tiger that winter checking on every baby born, for the one destined to be the great evil should bear a mark like a crescent moon. The child is not found, and so Fiona fashions a new spell from two ancient ones, one which shall rip every child from the land - to be sure - and deliver them to a land without magic where they will no longer be a threat. Tiger Lily is disgusted, naming this a Dark Curse, and cannot let Fiona enact it, and so Fiona takes Tiger's heart, and this dark act transforms her into the Black Fairy. She now bears a crescent moon scar, and Tiger points out that evil was not born this winter... it was made. Fiona and her son are one day destined to destroy each other. Blue shows up and restores Tiger's heart, and Tiger believes there to be a way to save Fiona from her fate. Using the Shears of Destiny, she can change the future by severing herself from her powers, but Fiona thinks she needs her powers to protect her son, and so she severs him from his power instead and makes him no longer the savior. Disgusted, Blue banishes her to the Dark Realm, and she and Tiger Lily deliver this now normal baby back to Malcolm. He blames the child for ruining his wife, and so gives him the "perfect" name out of spite: Rumplestiltskin. ("The Black Fairy")

Blue Fairy 119
The Blue Fairy helps Baelfire. ("The Return")

When Rumplestiltskin becomes corrupted by his newly gained magical abilities, his son, Baelfire, calls upon the Blue Fairy to help his father and the curse that has taken over him. Blue explains to the boy that his father can never return to his normal self, however, explains that they could go to a land without magic. She gives him a magical bean, which is apparently the last of its kind. After Rumple refuses to give up his power and leaves Baelfire to go to the new land alone, he angrily calls out for the Blue Fairy. She tells him that there's no way to get back with Baelfire without paying a great price, which is giving up this land in exchange for the next. She accidentally admits that there is a curse that can perform this act, but takes pleasure in the fact that she knows he will never be able to enact it. Rumplestiltskin vows to do whatever it takes to get Baelfire back. ("The Return")

Jiminy EL 3
The Blue Fairy turns Jiminy into a cricket. ("That Still Small Voice")

Many years later, a depressed Jiminy makes a wish upon a star, and the Blue Fairy shows up. She tells him that it's not possible to bring back the boy's parents. Jiminy says that he has to make it right, but she tells him that there might be another way. She suggests that he help the young boy, who will grow up to face many challenges. Jiminy wants to, but he can't escape his parents. The fairy asks him what he'd like to be if he could be something else. He doesn't reply, only thinks about it, bathed by the sounds of the crickets, but she hears him loud and clear. She then turns him into a talking cricket, complete with the top half of a suit and a top hat, as well as a tiny umbrella. She then tells him that he will live as many years as he needs to help the boy, and urges him to find Geppetto. ("That Still Small Voice")

Blue Fairy 215
Cora manipulates Snow under the guise of Blue. ("The Queen Is Dead")

When Snow White's mother, Queen Eva, becomes gravely ill, Johanna, one of the servants, tells Snow White of a secret that she isn't supposed to know. She tells the young girl that Eva has a secret connection with the Blue Fairy, and that she should go to her if she seeks a way to save her mother. Snow does this and goes out in the middle of the night, seeking the aid of the fairy. Despite having difficulty finding the correct star to wish upon, the Blue Fairy finds her. Snow tells the fairy of her problem, that her mother is dying and they cannot find a cure, but Blue explains that there is nothing she can do, as preventing an inevitable death is not pure magic. A desperate Snow begs Blue for anything to help, so she offers her a magic candle that will save her mother's life, but take the life of another. She promises Snow to never tell anyone of this offer and then Snow takes the candle, reluctant to use it as she wants her mother to see her as a good person. She decides to not use the candle, resulting in her mother dying. After the funeral, the Blue Fairy comes to see the corpse, but it turns out it was actually Cora in disguise, and she was the one who poisoned the queen. ("The Queen Is Dead")

Blue Fairy 303
The Blue Fairy strips Tinker Bell of her wings. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

When Tinker Bell is late returning to her home, she is confronted by the Blue Fairy, who is waiting for her inside one of the flower pods. She angrily tells Tink that she’s late, adding that she has already broke every rule in the book, such as curfew, dust discipline and getting big for no reason. Tink explains herself by telling Blue that she was helping Regina, however, Blue warns Tink that Regina is dark and she’s lucky to be alive. She tells Tink that Regina is not a woman who can be helped as she’s surrounded by darkness; however, the green fairy points out that its all the more reason to help her. She then asks blue for pixie dust, but she’s instantly denied of it and then asked to leave Regina alone. Blue then demands Tink stay where she is while under training before flying away. However, once she’s gone, Tink disobeys her and leaves to find Regina. Blue catches Tinker Bell leaving Regina’s palace and scolds her for stealing the pixie dust, telling her it cannot be forgiven. An upset Tinker Bell begs for a second chance, but Blue explains that this was her second chance. The green fairy begins crying and apologizes, asking for a chance to prove herself again, however, Blue states that she cannot for one tragic reason; she no longer believes in her. With this being said, Tinker Bell loses her wings and falls to the ground, becoming a normal human. A disappointed Blue flies away, leaving an upset Tink behind. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

607 08
Blue helps Snow fight off a bounty hunter. ("Heartless")

When Blue's friend, Snow White, is on the run from Regina, now better known as the Evil Queen, she is forced to sell her mother's brooch for three measly coppers as a corrupt nobleman starts to recognize her. Blue is sad to hear this, wondering if Snow thinks the nobleman could have sold her out, but Snow doubts it considering he got what he wanted: something of value for practically nothing. However, she is soon proven to be wrong when a bounty hunter known as the Woodcutter shows up and tries to kill her with his axes. Blue helps her friend fend him off, with each of them managing to recover an ax and wield them against him, and he ends up fleeing into the woods. This forces Snow to realize that she cannot stay in this kingdom, and she plans to use what little money she has to pay for passage out of there in the nearby port town of Longbourne. Blue begins to trek with her, trying to convince the princess to stay because this is her home, but Snow points out that home is where one's family is and for her that's pretty much just a woman who's trying to kill her. Blue assures that she has the love of the people though, with love being the most powerful magic in the world, but Snow no longer believes love to hold its value, for only riches can be of use to her now. The two of them sadly part ways, but Snow ends up staying behind after she donates her money to the shepherd who saves her life. ("Heartless")

Blue 609
Blue frees Belle from Rumple's tower. ("Changelings")

Blue senses an ancient fairy incantation being read and finds herself drawn to the tower of Rumplestiltskin, where his maid Belle has been locked away following her attempt to rescue an innocent baby from the Dark One's clutches. Along the way, she unwittingly translated the spell to summon the Black Fairy for him, with Blue explaining that he must be planning to use the child as bait to lure her due to the Black Fairy's proclivity for stealing babies. Belle wonders why he'd want to do that, but Blue only wishes she knew, and the maid also grows confused at the idea of there being an evil fairy, for she thought all fairies were good. Blue also explains how the Black Fairy used to be good until her heart blackened and the children she swore to protect became the children to captured instead. As such, Belle must hurry if she is going to save the child, for there isn't much time. Belle wonders if she's even capable, for she has no magic, but Blue tells her that that's exactly why it must be her, because even her magic can't help them at this point. Belle then runs along and, against the odds, succeeds and getting the baby back to his parents. ("Changelings")

Blue Fairy 114
The Blue Fairy and Nova. ("Dreamy")

Even more years later, Blue Fairy is sat in the clouds when Nova, a very clumsy fairy, flies up to sit beside her. She gives the Blue Fairy a large sack of fairy dust, but Blue scolds Nova on her clumsiness and explains that fairy dust is the most powerful substance in the world. Nova understands this and then goes on to complain that she thought she'd be a fairy godmother by now. The Blue Fairy laughs at this and tells Nova that she is a dreamer. Blue leaves Nova to take the fairy dust to the dwarf mines and then flies away. Many nights later, after Nova falls in love with a dwarf named Dreamy, the two arrange to meet up at Firefly Hill so they can run away together. The Blue Fairy and the head dwarf named Bossy intercept Dreamy and Blue tells him that the two don't belong together and speaks about Nova's dreams of becoming a fairy godmother. She adds that if they were alone then they could bring untold happiness to the world. Eventually, she and Bossy manage to convince Dreamy into breaking up with Nova. ("Dreamy")

Blue Fairy 121
The Blue Fairy leads the fairy attack. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

Snow White, along with Bashful, Dopey, Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sneezy, Granny and Red Riding Hood plan on making an attack on King George's castle to rescue Prince Charming, who has been taken prisoner. Things grow complicated when they realize that Regina is in the area, so they believe its a trap. Despite this, the group advances on the castle, with assistance from the Blue Fairy and her fellow fairies, and they manage to wipe out some of King George's guards. Blue and her allies swoop in when the guards outnumber the heroes and they use fairy dust to eliminate the enemies. When Snow finds Charming, she discovers that he has been kidnapped by Regina, and she's asked to meet up with the queen. Later on, Snow's friends find her lying on the floor, appearing dead as she is under a sleeping curse, but this is unknown to them. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

Blue Fairy 210
The Blue Fairy saves Regina during her execution. ("The Cricket Game")

When Regina receives word that Snow White and Prince Charming have defeated King George's army, she attempts to speak to Snow alone. Whilst running through the jungle, Snow falls and is approached by Regina, who mocks her for apparently leaving the battle. Snow explains that the battle is over, stating she's won. Regina smugly says that depends on her definition of victory. Snow offers Regina parley to negotiate the terms of Regina's surrender, but the evil queen isn't happy about this and states her terms would be Snow's death. With that, Regina attempts to cast deadly magic on Snow, however, she's stopped when Snow yells "now". She turns around to see the Blue Fairy dashing towards her. Before she can react, she is suddenly frozen by magic and taken prisoner by the royal couple. Later on, Blue attends the royal council meeting when Regina's fate is discussed. Blue points out that the magic they used to restrain her will only work for so long, so another solution is needed. It is then reluctantly decided that she is to be executed. On the day of the execution, as the guards shoot their arrows at Regina, Snow calls off the execution and Blue freezes the arrows with her magic, narrowly saving the evil queen's life. ("The Cricket Game")

Blue Fairy 120
The Blue Fairy turns Pinocchio into a real boy. ("The Stranger")

Geppetto and Pinocchio find themselves lost at sea on a wooden raft. Their ship crashes when Monstro the Whale breaks it. Some time later, Geppetto is seen stranded ashore, recuperating, and he is left broken-hearted by the sight of the lifeless Pinocchio, back to being a mere wooden puppet, face down on the beach. Geppetto takes his marionette in his arms and sobs over the loss of the only son he ever had, until the powerful and benevolent Blue Fairy appears and turns Pinocchio into a real, living boy. Geppetto is overwhelmed with joy, and the child is filled with excitement. Geppetto is very thankful towards the Blue Fairy, and the head fairy tells the child to be brave, truthful and unselfish, and as long as he does that he'll always remain a real boy. ("The Stranger")

Blue 620
The songs of the people are placed in Emma's heart. ("The Song in Your Heart")

After learning from Rumplestiltskin about the Dark Curse the Queen plans to enact, and that her and Charming's unborn daughter is the one who's destined to break it, Snow White makes a wish upon a star that she and her husband have what they need to help Emma - to give her a chance at a happy ending. As it turns out, that star is Blue, and she grants the princess' wish. This makes it so that the entirety of the kingdom starts bursting into song and dance, and the Charmings think that they can use this power to finally defeat Regina. However, they fail, and are teleported back to their castle with their songs stolen. Blue then appears and assures that no one can truly take their song away, but they were never meant to defeat the Queen. They were meant for Emma, to use against a greater evil at some point in the future, and so Blue places the songs of the people inside the fetus' heart. This means that she will never truly be alone, not even when facing the final battle. Blue then makes it so that everyone forgets the singing, so as to ensure the songs remain safe. ("The Song in Your Heart")

120 14
Blue shows Geppetto the tree. ("The Stranger")

Pinocchio acts as a somewhat unruly child, playing pranks on his father's friend and conscience Jiminy Cricket by tying him up and stuffing him in a cuckoo clock. His father warns him against such behavior, and he promises to be better in the future. The Blue Fairy soon pays them all another visit, revealing that the Evil Queen plans to enact a Dark Curse which will rip them all away to a land without magic. This frightens Geppetto, naturally, but Blue assures that Snow White's unborn child Emma is prophesied to save them all in her twenty-eighth year, and she can be protected from the curse is Geppetto is willing to carve an enchanted tree into a magic wardrobe which should act as a vessel, taking her to this new land without being cursed. However, Geppetto fears that his son won't survive the curse, for he may be turned back into wood with no magic to enchant his life force, or worse. The Blue Fairy can't make any promises, and so Geppetto only agrees to build this wardrobe if Pinocchio is allowed to be protected by it too. ("The Stranger")

Blue Fairy 101
The Blue Fairy suggests making the Enchanted Wardrobe. ("Pilot")

Prince Charming and Snow White discuss how to defeat the Evil Queen's Dark Curse with their allies. Just before everyone votes to going to war, the Blue Fairy flies in with an enchanted tree. She claims that the tree, if fashioned into a vessel, will take one person and whisk them away to another world, so that they could come back for everyone else and save them. The plan is for Snow White, whilst pregnant with Emma, to go through with her child in order for both of them to escape the curse, despite the fact that the wardrobe would actually be able to transport two people. Blue does not reveal this due to the deal she made with Geppetto; he will not build the wardrobe unless his son, Pinocchio, can go through it also, due to the fact that he's a real boy due to magic and the curse might send him back into his wooden state. ("Pilot"/"The Stranger")

Blue Fairy 311
Blue tries in vain to infuse Snow White with a little hope. ("Going Home")

Inside was is supposed to be Snow White's baby's nursery, a heavily pregnant Snow looks sadly at the not-yet-complete magical wardrobe she may have to use to transport herself and her baby away from her home in the Enchanted Forest. She then approaches the Blue Fairy, who's hovering within the nursery, and we see that her husband Prince Charming is in the room with her. Snow asks the fairy what is to happen should the plan fail, as they all know a magic wardrobe is a long-shot, and Blue tells the princess that they shall all be transported to the Queen's new land; they will lose their memories and become slaves to her darkest desires. Therefore, they have to have faith that Snow's child will find a way to save them, but Snow points out that if they don't know who they are and they can't tell their daughter that she's the savior, then she won't have any way of knowing what to do. Blue explains that, someday, when the time is right, their story shall reveal itself to her, and she tells the uneasy princess that she has to trust her. Snow wonders what the fairy means by their "story", and Blue admits to not yet knowing, but says she does know that it will happen. Snow wonders further how Blue can be so sure, and she says that she has the one thing that Snow needs now more than anything: hope. "Good luck, Snow. Have faith," she tells her before flying out the window. ("Going Home")

120 20
Blue gives Geppetto some futile instructions. ("The Stranger")

Unfortunately, things don't go according to plan when Snow White ends up going into labor with her child on the same day that the Evil Queen enacts the Dark Curse. Blue rushes to Geppetto's workshop to explain the situation to him, adamant that Snow must go through the wardrobe with her daughter so that the savior can be protected in the new land, for it is without magic; she needs someone to guide her and make her believe in her destiny, and Blue thinks only her mother can do that. With no time to waste, she ceases arguing and goes to make preparations with the other fairies, but tells Geppetto before she does that he needs to tell Snow what she just told him if the child is to stand a chance at saving them all. Geppetto doesn't though; instead he sends Pinocchio through the wardrobe as planned, but warns him that he is to protect and guide the savior and make her believe in her destiny like her mother would. Once the curse hits, Blue is transported along with everyone else to the town of Storybrooke, Maine, where she lives as Mother Superior, the leader of the local nuns/former fairies. ("Pilot"/"The Stranger")

After the Curse

Season 1

If I were you, your majesty, I'd find a place to hide.
Mother Superior 114
Mother Superior notices Astrid's mistake. ("Dreamy")

Leroy walks into the nunnery where organization for the Miners Day festival is happening. He approaches Mary Margaret and asks her where he can sign up, the teacher looks at him, surprised, before turning away from him. Leroy says that he wants to volunteer to sell candles but Mary Margaret says that he doesn't and that he made that abundantly clear that morning. He looks over to Sister Astrid, who is talking to Mother Superior, and back to Mary Margaret, saying that he saw the light and that someone showed it to him. He asks her what difference it makes as it looks like she can get all the help she can get and Mary Margaret gives in, saying that she needs help manning the candle booth, warning Leroy that there is to be no swearing, no drinking, and that she gets to call all the shots. She hands him a clipboard and he signs his name. Over at Astrid's conversation, Mother Superior is heard asking, "You ordered how many tanks of helium?" Leroy is distracted by this as Astrid tells Mother that she meant to order twelve. Mother Superior looks at the bill, telling her that she ordered twelve dozen. She tells her to return them but Astrid, distressed, says that there are no refunds. Mother Superior scolds her, saying that they needed that money and that Astrid knew that, reminding her how "he" feels about them. Mother Superior hands her the bill, telling her to fix it and to fix it now, before walking away. Astrid sighs and sits down. ("Dreamy")

Mother Superior 119
Mr. Gold confronts Mother Superior. ("The Return")

At the convent for the nuns, Mother Superior and August Booth meet up to have a secret discussion. Mr. Gold watches from afar, and when Mother Superior heads back inside the convent, he stops her to talk to her. Mother Superior, instinctively assuming he is there to collect the rent, explains it has already been paid. However, Gold explains that is not his reason for visiting her. He asks her who the man she was just talking to said he was and asks what he wanted. Mother Superior tries to keep the information confidential, but Gold blackmails her into revealing it. Superior explains that he wanted advice and council as he has just come to town after being separated from his father for a long time and he has just now found him. Gold asks if they have reunited yet, but Superior explains they haven't even spoken yet. Gold asks why, so she explains they had a difficult parting. This then all leads Mr. Gold into believing August is actually his son, Baelfire. ("The Return")

Mother Superior 122
Mother Superior warns Regina to hide. ("A Land Without Magic")

When Regina Mills creates an apple turnover containing the apple used to put Snow White to sleep, she intends on Emma Swan eating it, but Henry Mills eats it and is put under the curse. ("An Apple Red as Blood") He is thus taken to the hospital where numerous medical staff, including Dr. Whale take care of him and try to stabilize him. However, as Mary Margaret reads to him he takes a turn for the worse and his heart rate begins to drop. When Henry is announced dead, Mother Superior is called in. When Emma and Regina arrive at the hospital, she tells them that they're too late as Henry has died. Mother Superior and others mourn the death of the young boy shortly after the terrible news had been delivered. However, shortly after, Emma kisses Henry and unintentionally awakens him and breaks the Dark Curse with true love's kiss. Mother Superior points out that her kiss broke the curse, angering Regina. Mother Superior then warns Regina to find a place to hide as people will come looking for her. ("A Land Without Magic")

Season 2

Please, Mother Superior... You're our only hope.
Mary Margaret Blanchard
Blue Fairy 201
Blue announces the return of magic. ("Broken")

After Snow White and Prince Charming are happily reunited with their daughter, Emma Swan and her son Henry, the seven dwarfs begin to question why they weren't transported back to their world and what the purple smoke was. The Blue Fairy approaches them and explains that it magic has returned and backs up this statement by explaining that she can "feel it". Henry asks the Blue Fairy to do something magical, but she tells him it isn't that simple because she has no wand or fairy dust. The Blue Fairy joins a group to find Rumplestiltskin, but on their way they join an angry mob that is headed for Regina's house. They follow them in hopes of saving the evil queen; which they do successfully. ("Broken")

Blue Fairy 202
Blue doubts they'll be able to return home. ("We Are Both")

In the town center of Storybrooke, outside the town hall, a crisis center has been set up after the destructive events caused by the Wraith. The Blue Fairy is at the center, helping people in need. As Red makes announcements to people, Blue tells her that things are getting out of control as people are in a panic and they don’t know what to do. Red reassures Blue and tells her Prince Charming is most likely working on a plan. Later, Charming asks Blue if it is possible for there to be a tree in their world, like the one they used to send Emma as a baby. She tells him it is possible for there to be one, but hopeless without fairydust. When Blue attends the meeting at the town hall to hear Charming’s plan, she sees that Regina has regained her magic, so she, among others decide to leave town, but Charming convinces her otherwise. ("We Are Both")

Blue Fairy 207
Blue is happy with the discovery of diamonds. ("Child of the Moon")

When Grumpy accidentally finds diamonds in the mines, Prince Charming is called to the scene. He rushes to the mines in the sheriff’s car with the Blue Fairy by his side. They find the dwarves looking joyfully at the diamonds, so they join them. Blue is overjoyed to see that the diamonds are back, stating that magic brought them back. Henry asks if they are the kind that can be turned into Fairy Dust, so Blue confirms and tells everyone that they just need to refine them and grind them up. She asks Charming if he still has Jefferson’s hat, which he does. She tells him to lock it up and keep it safe because by tomorrow they’ll have enough magic to make it work again. Henry is pleased to hear that this means Emma and Snow White will be returning home. Later on at Granny’s Diner, Blue celebrates the dwarves discovery with a beer. ("Child of the Moon")

Mother Superior 210
Blue attempts to help capture Regina. ("The Cricket Game")

After Archie Hopper is murdered by Cora, under the disguise of Regina, Emma, Mary Margaret and David receive some solid evidence that Regina is responsible through extracting Pongo's memories. They decide to take the Evil Queen down. To do this, David suggests they use fairy dust, Emma asks him if that will work and he reminds her that it worked the last time. When the Charming's knock at the mayor's door for a confrontation, Emma signals Mother Superior and the nun fires a ball of magic at Regina in an attempt to ensnare her, the same way she did back in the fairytale land, however, Regina catches the magic in her hand. She asks Mary Margaret and David if they really thought that that would work twice. The confrontation soon ends with the Queen vanishing ("The Cricket Game")

Mother Superior 211
Blue at Archie's funeral. ("The Outsider")

It is the day of Archie Hopper's funeral and Mary Margaret gives the eulogy. The Blue Fairy and her fellow friends are present for the ceremony and she listens to the speech that is given. Mary Margaret gives a beautiful speech about how Archie will always be with them before the beloved conscience is buried. After the speech, everyone goes around giving their friends comforting hugs and the Blue Fairy engages in a hug with Belle. Later, the Blue Fairy is present at the wake where Emma is saddened that she cannot cheer Henry up. Mary Margaret comforts her, that is, until Grumpy steps out and says that he and the dwarfs would all like to go back to the Enchanted Forest, explaining that they're all homesick. ("The Outsider")

Blue 215
Blue helps search for the dagger. ("The Queen Is Dead")

After learning of Regina and Cora's plans to use Rumplestiltskin's dagger to kill anybody they wish, Snow White and Prince Charming set out to get help from the Blue Fairy. Upon arrival to the nun house, Blue meets Snow and Charming and states that she senses a great deal of dark magic has been expelled. Charming explains what's going on, concerning Blue. Snow then says that her magic is their only hope at stopping the evil duo. The three go to Gold's shop in an attempt to find the dagger first, but when the Blue Fairy attempts to get inside using her wand, she finds herself unable to as a protection spell has been put on the shop. Charming suggests dark magic, but Blue refuses. Snow points out that Cora cannot get the dagger, so they should use dark magic as an exception, like she did before. Blue is confused by this accusation, claiming to have never told Snow such a thing. Snow states she kept Blue's secret, confusing the fairy even more. However, before they can discuss this any further, Charming gets a call from Emma revealing the location of the dagger, which is in the clock tower. ("The Queen Is Dead")

Mother Superior 218
Mother Superior prepares to turn August into a real boy. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

Mother Superior is visited at the town nunnery by Emma, Marco and Mary Margaret. They tell her that August, otherwise known as Pinocchio, is living in a trailer in the forest and is completely made of wood. She tells them that she is well aware of August's predicament as he came to her shortly after the curse had broken to ask her to reverse the affliction, but she declined. The three of them are curious as to why and Mother Superior explains that when she turned Pinocchio into a real boy, it was on the condition that he remain truthful, brave and unselfish, something which August has not lived up to, therefore, he has earned his fate. Later, after August is tased by Tamara, he tries to warn Emma and the others that she is a danger to them, however, he dies before he can quite get the message out. Henry points out that August's final act was truthful, brave and unselfish, meaning that he can be saved, and Mother Superior arrives on the scene, telling the kid that he's right. The Blue Fairy waves her wand and in a glow of magic the dead wooden body of August W. Booth is turned into the living little boy Pinocchio once more. Blue tells Pinocchio to do better this time, and the boy goes home with Marco where he receives a fresh start, his memories as August now being gone. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

Mother Superior 221
Mother Superior heals Regina. ("Second Star to the Right")

When Regina is kidnapped by Greg and Tamara, she is strapped down and tortured at the town cannery, being unable to use magic due to a machine-rigged cuff attached to her wrist. It is not long before Mary Margaret and David find Regina in the state she's in, nearing death, and untie her, saying that they'll need to get her to the aid of Mother Superior. They take the mayor back to the apartment where she lies in bed as the Blue Fairy of Storybrooke waves her glowing wand up and down Regina's body. She becomes healed and Mother Superior tells the Charmings that now that the cuff is removed, Regina should return to full health with time and bed rest, as should her magic. ("Second Star to the Right")

Season 3

When you killed the Shadow, mine was returned, and I was revived.
Mother Superior 307
Blue recognizes the cloaking spell. ("Dark Hollow")

Belle sadly watches from the docks as the Jolly Roger crew set off to their destination, Neverland. As she stands crying, Blue, Archie and the dwarfs come running up to her, excitedly yelling that they've been saved. Noticing the sad look on Belle's face, they ask what's wrong, so she explains that Henry has been kidnapped and taken through a portal. Blue wonders where the portal is to, but Belle doesn't know. She then reveals that she stayed behind because she had to, showing a potion and enchantment. Blue recognizes this as a cloaking spell. The fairy asks why they need this, so Belle explains that other people are coming. They head down to the mines and Belle notes that they need fairy dust. Blue explains that it runs through the walls, stating they need to open a vein and it'll carry the magic through town. The dwarfs dig a hole into a rock, but Belle becomes reluctant and asks Blue to perform the spell. However, the fairy states that Belle must do it as Rumple instructed her to. Belle does so, and a spell fires out, casting a cloak around the town. However, just before it completely takes form, two men that the spell was supposed to keep out make their way into town. ("Dark Hollow")

Mother Superior 310
Blue is killed by the Shadow. ("The New Neverland")

When the Jolly Roger crew finally return after rescuing Henry, who is actually Pan in the body of the child, the boat flies down from the sky and lands successfully in Storybrooke. A group of people arrive to welcome everyone back and Blue is present, greeting everyone as they get off the boat. Later, as everyone celebrates at Granny's Diner, Blue is approached by Tinker Bell and Regina. Blue and Tink awkwardly reunite, since they haven't seen each other after the latter lost her wings. Regina tells Blue to give Tink her wings back, but Blue states she doesn't take orders from her. Regina points out that Tink was able to get fairy dust working, but the green fairy points out it was only for a short time. Blue asks Tink how she expects her to believe in her if she cannot even believe in herself. Later on, after Pan releases the Shadow from the Jolly Roger sail, he sends it after the Blue Fairy. In broad daylight, Blue is chased near the nunnery by the Shadow, screaming with fear. Emma, Charming, Hook and Tink arrive just in time to witness the powerful fairy have her shadow ripped from her body and taken away by The Shadow. After Charming checks her pulse and announces that she's gone they cover up her body with a blanket. ("The New Neverland")

Mother Superior 311
Mother Superior is revived. ("Going Home")

After Pan steals the Dark Curse and enacts it on Storybrooke, the heroes of the town hatch a plan in order to stop him. In order for this plan to be achieved, they need the Black Fairy's wand so that they can cast a spell that will put Henry and Pan, who's bodies have been switched, back into themselves. With the Black Fairy having been banished by Blue many years ago, she retains possession of the wand, and so Hook, David, Neal and Tinker Bell arrive at the local convent, where Mother Superior's funeral is taking place. They request the wand from the other fairies but are refused such power, however, when the Shadow attacks, Tinker Bell proves herself by making pixie dust work and flying up in order to trap it in Bae's magic coconut, the candle inside of which she was able to light with magic. She then throws the coconut into a bowl of fire, finally killing the dark being, and when the Shadow dies, Blue's shadow is returned and she is revived. She congratulates the Green Fairy on what she achieved and, for once, calls her by her name, telling Tinker Bell that she's earned back her wings and apologizing for being overly strict in the past. As a thank you, she hands over the Black Fairy's wand so that the plan to stop the curse may succeed. This leads to Pan's death and the undoing of the original curse, meaning that Blue, along with everyone else in town besides Emma and Henry, is transported back to her home in the Enchanted Forest. ("Going Home")

After the Second Curse

Season 3

Dark magic did this to her... light magic can undo it.
Neal 316
Mother Superior conducts Neal's funeral. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

A year after Emma leaves Storybrooke, she drinks a potion that returns her true memories. The flashes that run through her mind include Tink and everyone else standing at the town line as the curse approaches. ("New York City Serenade") After spending a year in the Enchanted Forest, the Blue Fairy and everyone else across the land is transported back to Storybrooke, Maine by a new Dark Curse, cast by the Wicked Witch of the West, with their former identities in tact and no memory of what they did during the past year. After Neal Cassidy returns and dies due to what he did to resurrect Rumplestiltskin a funeral is held in his honor, and the Blue Fairy - now known as Mother Superior again - conducts the service, watching as multiple townspeople shovel dirt onto his coffin until his grave is full. A wake is then held at Granny's Diner, which Zelena, the Wicked Witch, crashes, revealing herself as Regina's half-sister and challenging her to a fight. Emma hatches a plan to lure Rumplestiltskin away from Zelena's control in order to give Regina a fighting chance, and Tinker Bell offers to fetch Blue so that they have some magical backup, however, Emma tells her not to, wanting to do this with as little people as possible. Ultimately, the plan fails and the battle commences between the two witches. To everyone's surprise, Regina emerges relatively unscathed, but it's revealed that Zelena is gathering ingredients for something presumably awful. ("It's Not Easy Being Green") As Henry Mills' memories are restored, flashes run through his head which include the likes of Mother Superior, soon before the curse is broken. ("A Curious Thing")

Mother Superior 322
Blue arrives to help. ("There's No Place Like Home")

With Emma and Hook having fallen through the now defeated Zelena's time travel portal and ended up in the Enchanted Forest of the past, they witness Snow White get burned alive by the Evil Queen after they accidentally change things. However, it's soon revealed that Snow used the dark fairy dust at her disposal to turn herself into a ladybug at the last minute, thus making her able to fly away before Regina had the chance to kill her. As an insect, she summons the Blue Fairy, who flies down to be met by Emma and Hook. Emma introduces herself as her alias, Princess Leia, but Blue knows she's lying; however, she says that Emma's secrets can remain her own, for she feels that would be best. When she sees what has happened to Snow, she says that dark magic has done this, so light magic can undo it, before using her fairy wand to return the supposed bandit to her human form. She flies away, and later, Emma and Hook manage to return to the present day, where Mother Superior is attending the coronation at Granny's Diner, which is being held to announce the name of Snow and Charming's newborn baby. They reveal their son's name to be Prince Neal, after Neal Cassidy, and Blue stands witness and claps. The townspeople remain unaware that the Ice Queen walks free, having escaped when Emma and Hook returned. ("There's No Place Like Home")

Season 4

That is quite a perplexing question and I'm afraid I do not know... but I do know they are two very different people.
Mother Superior 409
Blue meets her doom... again. ("Fall")

The Snow Queen, Storybrooke's latest villain, succeeds in casting the notorious spell of Shattered Sight which, at sundown, will make it so that everyone in town will only see the worst in one another and thus start tearing themselves apart. Mother Superior and the other fairies set up shop in Granny's Diner along with Belle, where they work on a way to counteract the spell, but the Dark One soon enters in order to take his wife away. She refuses, however, wanting to help, and so Rumple simply sits down and waits until she decides to leave. Mother Superior points out that they're dealing with light magic here, so he can be of no help to them, but he merely states that he might learn something, allowing the fairies to get back to work. Due to the mirror dust embedded in Anna's necklace, it can be used to create a vaccine against the spell, and so the Charmings take the pouch containing the necklace over to the fairies. When Mother Superior opens it, however, only pebbles from the mines are inside, which is because Elsa - the Ice Queen - swiped the real necklace so that she can continue searching for Anna - her sister - via locator spell. Anna is soon found, but meanwhile, after Belle and Rumple leave, Hook attacks Granny's Diner with the sorcerer's hat, being under the Dark One's control due to his possession of his heart. The Blue Fairy tries hiding while her fellow fairies are absorbed into the hat, but Hook soon finds her, apologizes, and absorbs her as well, all in the progression of Rumplestiltskin's ultimate goal. With the fairies gone, the spell of Shattered Sight successfully rains down on Storybrooke. ("Fall")

Mother Superior 412
After being freed, Blue reveals all she knows about the Author. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")

Six weeks later, Hook and Belle rush into Regina's office and explain to she and Emma that they found an Oxford professor of linguistics online who could translate an ancient incantation for them. This spell is supposed to free the nuns, including Mother Superior, from the Sorcerer's hat. The group go into the woods to have Regina perform the spell over the hat using the Dark One's dagger. Once it's complete, a burst of energy shoots forth from the hat and the fairies emerge; everyone welcomes them back. As they hug, they're unaware of a creature made of black essence floating out of the hat and drifting off into the sky. At the diner, everyone is celebrating, and Regina and Henry approach Mother Superior, asking if she knows what the storybook is. Emma comes over and explains that they found it at the Sorcerer's mansion, and Mother Superior is surprised to learn that they're looking for him. Regina explains her plan to have the Author rewrite her story and Blue says that the magic of the book is very powerful. However, she warns them that the Sorcerer isn't the Author, and she doesn't know why the Sorcerer has the Author's books. She also doesn't know who the Author is, and warns them further that no one has seen him in many years. Emma wonders how he disappeared, and the fairy admits that she doesn't know, but there are rumors that he left hidden clues in his works. The diner suddenly shakes and a wave of darkness sweeps across the room. The group goes outside and finds the Chernabog perched atop the clock tower. However, it's soon defeated through Emma and Regina's ingenuity, and Storybrooke accepts two new residents - Ursula and Cruella De Vil - across its line. However, unbeknownst to everyone, they work to sneak Mr. Gold back in as well. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")

Mother Superior 416
Mother Superior gives her diagnosis. ("Best Laid Plans")

After having been turned back into a man by Mr. Gold, Pinocchio takes a turn for the worse and passes out, and so Emma, Regina and Henry rush him to the local nunnery for a magical diagnosis from Mother Superior. She informs them that the many transformations that August's body has withstood have taken their toll, and he is going to need lots of rest and lots of strength if he's going to make a full recovery. He later wakes up just fine, able to tell Emma the truth about the Author and how it's a profession as opposed to a single person. The one that's trapped inside the page she has isn't the only one, just the most recent, and he was entrapped in the first place because he had forsaken his holy duty and began to manipulate events instead of just record them. Emma sets him free, however, because she has a lot of questions for him, and he is sure that she does... proceeding to knock down a curtain rail in order to cause a distraction and run away, out into the streets. ("Best Laid Plans")

421 09
Blue frees the Apprentice from the hat. ("Operation Mongoose, Part 1")

With the Author now having the enchanted ink he needs in order to rewrite everyone's stories, Emma and the others head to the Sorcerer's mansion in order to search through all the blank books to see if any are being filled out. None are, and they almost declare their plunder pointless; that is, until August shows up and advises them to find the man who turned Isaac into the Author in the first place - the Apprentice. He shows them an illustration of the old wizard and Hook, having been blackmailed by Rumple to trap him in the hat, is able to recognize him, leading the group to his house. Mother Superior is implored to help free him, and she says that she might be able to succeed without the Dark One's dagger if she uses something which belonged to the Apprentice. Hook hands her the magic broom leaning up against the wall and Blue works her magic over both that and the hat box. Eventually, the Apprentice is set free in a bright flash of yellow light... but it's too late. Isaac finishes his writing and everyone is transported to an upside-down world where happy endings are misappropriated. ("Operation Mongoose, Part 1") In this new world, the Blue Fairy is an evil fairy who uses her dark fairy dust to paralyze the dwarfs' axes, to their chagrin. However, Henry becomes the new Author and is able to put things back on track. ("Operation Mongoose, Part 2")

Season 5

This rose is now linked to your beast, Belle. As long as it still has petals, he lives. Now go.
Mother Superior 501
Blue urges Belle to join the heroes' new adventure. ("The Dark Swan")

After Emma Swan becomes the new Dark One and vanishes to another realm, the Blue Fairy stays in Rumple's pawnshop to tend to a weak Apprentice, who has awoken after absorbing the darkness. Regina, Hook and their allies burst into the shop, wanting to know where Emma has gone, and he reveals that she's gone to the Enchanted Forest, which is the birthplace of all darkness. Before he passes a way, he provides them with his wand, which must be wielded by someone with both light and dark essence in order for it to work and cross realms. Later on, Blue notices Belle watching over a comatose Rumple, so she encourages her to join the others on their travel to the Enchanted Forest as she may be needed for her resourcefulness. Belle fears that Rumple will die soon so she wants to stay, but Blue gives her an enchanted rose in a glass jar that will be linked to Rumple's life force to give her reassurance. As long as petals remain on the flower, Belle will know he's still alive. ("The Dark Swan")

After the Third Curse

Season 5

Mother Superior 516
Blue confronts her impostor. ("Our Decay")

After the death of Captain Hook, the heroes follow him down to the Underworld so that they may bring him back to life. Doing this, however, means that Snow and David's son Prince Neal and Robin's daughter Baby Hood have to be left behind under the care of the town's fairies. One day, as Belle comes to feed the babies, Mother Superior approaches and wonders what she's doing there. She reveals that she's brought formula and Mother Superior proceeds to act very confused... because it's not Mother Superior at all. The real Blue Fairy soon walks onto the scene with her wand in tow, and Belle realizes that the impostor must be Zelena, who is the mother of Robin's child. She wants to take her baby back, and Belle and Blue want to stop her. She asks Belle what she's going to do, suggesting that the beauty might smite her with her book learning, but Blue assures that she has something much more powerful than books. She uses her wand to threaten the Wicked Witch but all is soon moot as a portal to the Underworld opens up in the floor and Belle, Baby Hood and Zelena are all sucked inside. ("Our Decay")

Season 6

607 21
The beacon is formed to track down the magical sapling. ("Heartless")

The heroes are now back from the Underworld, but there's a new threat in town: the Evil Queen, who's now a separate entity from Regina. Since Gold was with Emma and the others on their latest otherworldly voyage, he was able to snag some water from the River of Lost Souls, and now he's allied himself with the Queen which means she's able to threaten to use this water on all the citizens of Storybrooke lest Snow and David surrender their shared heart to her. Blue is called in for help, but alas she is forced to reveal that she knows of no way to counteract the river water. However, she does know of an incredibly rare sapling, created from the first spark of true love, which was previously assumed to have been lost in the curse; now, the fairies believe it to be somewhere in the town, and she should be able to create a magical beacon capable of finding it. Once it's found, its magic will be able to ensnare the Queen, but the beacon is far from covert and so any of the town's villains would be able to see it. As such, Regina sets up a distraction for them; at the docks, meanwhile, Blue uses her wand to make the beacon of light, which lands at the Toll Bridge. The sapling is recovered, but Regina's distraction wears thin and the Queen finds and destroys it, finally getting her hands on the Charmings' hearts. She doesn't crush them though, merely curses them: a new kind of sleeping curse which means that while one is awake the other will be sleeping. ("Heartless")

Mother Superior 609
Blue agrees to be Gideon's fairy godmother, and to keep him safe. ("Changelings")

Rumple decides to send the heroes a message via fairy, using magic to age up one of the town's nuns, to Mother Superior's great dismay. Emma surmises that it is the same magic she used to accelerate Zelena's pregnancy when she was the Dark One, and thus it is configured that Rumple plans on doing the same thing to Belle. Indeed, Belle is soon dosed with the very same magic and sent into an early labor, with Emma and Hook taking her to the convent so that the fairies can aid her through the process. Finally, she gives birth to a baby boy and names him Gideon, but fears that he isn't safe from his father. As such, she summons Blue, requesting that she be her son's fairy godmother. Blue is touched, but Belle has more to say: she also wants Blue to promise to take her baby far away, until such a time that he can return and be safe. Blue points out that Belle doesn't know if or when that will be, but Belle is more concerned with giving him his best chance, and so Blue carries out the new mother's wish and uses her magic to fly away with the baby in tow, taking him beyond the Dark One's reach. The aged nun has her youth reclaimed in the meantime, while Rumplestiltskin grows furious at the idea of a fairy parenting his child. ("Changelings")

610 51
An injured Mother Superior reveals that the Black Fairy kidnapped Gideon. ("Wish You Were Here")

Blue flies during the night to take Gideon far away, just as Belle had instructed; however, she finds herself ambushed by a threat which happens to be none other than the Black Fairy. Blue tries to fight the evil fairy off, but it's of no use, and the Black Fairy flees with Gideon, leaving an injured Mother Superior. Rumple, meanwhile, tries to track Gideon down, but sees that he has been taken from the Land Without Magic. He goes to Belle about this, who calls the convent and realizes something has happened. Granny takes Belle and Rumple to Blue, who had been found and brought back to the convent to be cared for. Belle approaches Blue to ask where her son is, and the poorly-conditioned Blue reveals that the Black Fairy has taken him. Belle and Rumple don't know what to make of this, but they are later joined at the pawn shop by Gideon, all grown up, and there as the fated killer of Emma Swan. ("Wish You Were Here")

Gideon 613
Blue's magic is drained. ("Ill-Boding Patterns")

Mother Superior aids the search for Gideon, who's not been seen since his failed attempt at killing Emma. No luck is had, and Gold begins blaming Blue for having lost him to the Black Fairy in the first place, before surmising that he's after the sword that Emma shattered in the fight. The sword Blue forged with light magic many years ago to ensure that whomever carried it into battle would be hailed a hero. Following an altercation between Rumple and his son, Gideon gets his hands on the Dark One's dagger, commanding that his father present him with the spell to repair the sword. Rumple does this, revealing that it requires the blood of the person who forged it, but he doesn't want his son spilling any innocent blood because he fears it may be enough to set him down that dark path he's been trying so desperately to steer him away from. Upon learning that it is the blood of his fairy godmother he'll be needing, Gideon grows hesitant, for there's still good in him, but ultimately he decides to go after her, ordering the Dark One not to stop him. He soon finds Blue, who apologizes for losing him, and he freezes her with his magic. At that point, Gold shows up - not to stop his son, but to do the dark deed for him. He slices into Blue's hand with the remnant of the sword and allows it to regrow by draining all of her magic into it, causing her to pass out. As such, he has darkened his soul, and his son hasn't. Gideon is grateful and returns his father's dagger, while Gold takes Blue back to his shop, where Belle grows shocked by her friend's condition. Gold intends to find a way to restore her magic though, and Belle comes to understand his reasons for doing what he did. ("Ill-Boding Patterns")

Mother Superior 618
A fairy crystal is used to try and wake Mother Superior. ("Where Bluebirds Fly")

With her heart having stopped thanks to her magic being gone, Blue remains comatose in the back of Gold's shop, and he has exhausted all of his supply of books in his still-unsuccessful attempts at waking her. He feels guilty because he now knows that the Black Fairy has been controlling Gideon via his heart this entire time, meaning he played right into her hands by taking out one of the only people to have known her before she was dark, and he decides to head to the Sorcerer's mansion to see if there's any useful research to be done there. This means that Belle is left alone with her unconscious friend when Zelena arrives to ask her to babysit Robin, finding it amusing that the bookworm is essentially keeping a body in the back of the shop and assuring that her secret's safe with her - after all, she never liked Blue anyway. However, when the heroes need Mother Superior to help them repair a fairy wand perhaps capable of defeating the Black Fairy, Zelena reveals to them where she is, and Rumple is eventually persuaded by Belle to allow them to attempt to wake her themselves so that she can help them. Emma crushes a light fairy crystal over the sleeping nun and it works - her heart is restarted, and it seems she's on the road to recovery. The Black Fairy bears witness to this and starts to panic, for Blue knows her darkest secret. ("Where Bluebirds Fly")

Mother Superior 619
Information is extracted from Blue's brain. ("The Black Fairy")

Gold cracks open an unhatched dragon egg to use its breath - potent medicine indeed - to wake the Blue Fairy once and for all. It seems not to work at first, to his frustration, but Blue soon actually regains consciousness and is comforted to be met first by her old friend Snow. She is asked by the heroes where the rest of the wand needed to banish the Black Fairy is hidden, and she reveals it to be in the center of Storybrooke. However, before she can reveal anything further, Snow clutches the fairy's throat and warns her not to go sharing all of her secrets. It's then revealed that "Snow" isn't Snow at all, but rather the Black Fairy in disguise, and she continues to strangle Blue as she vanishes with her and kidnaps her to the dwarf mines. Mother Superior is tied to a cart and refuses to ever reveal to Fiona where the wand is. But, Fiona has no interest in making Blue talk, for there are other, more fun ways to get information from out of her head - literally. A torturous tool is used to extract the info, and the wand is found... but not before the heroes get to it. Gold then goes to face his mother, having learned he used to be the savior, and claims to have banished her when he returns, and also that he freed Blue and returned her to her own kind. ("The Black Fairy")

Granny 620
Blue attends Emma's wedding. ("The Song in Your Heart")

It looks as though Emma and Hook's wedding day might not go as planned when the Black Fairy resurfaces; however, Emma is able to temporarily defeat her thanks to the song of her parents and their kingdom which was placed inside her heart years earlier, and her grand marriage to the pirate proceeds. Mother Superior and the rest of the townspeople are in attendance, joyously watching the ceremony as the two give their vows, and then the first dance begins. As it does, more singing overcomes the guests as they begin to harmonize about the chance at a "happy beginning" which now is theirs. However, the song ends in devastation when the clock tower strikes a certain time, and everyone knows what that means. Grumpy is the one to yell it aloud for all to hear - the Black Fairy's curse is here. Black smoke then smashes through the clock's face and begins to envelop the townspeople. ("The Song in Your Heart")


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