Bad Blood
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1x07
December 5, 2013
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"Bad Blood" is the 7th episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.


When Alice discovers that her father is in Wonderland, they begin healing their broken relationship, which leads to her having to make a difficult decision. In flashbacks, a young Jafar is emotionally distraught after his mother dies and we find out what drove him to become the unforgiving villain he is today.


Previously in Wonderland...

Cyrus kicks down the loosened bottom of the silver cage he'd been trapped in, and it falls into the depths beneath it. "Stay strong, Alice. I'm coming for you," he says. ("Heart of Stone") In the distance, Alice looks at Jafar's palace in the clouds and says that all she has to do is follow the sun West and she will find Cyrus. The latter looks at the glow of the necklace she's wearing from the floating island. Standing on an edge, over the sea below, Cyrus is told by the Red Queen that sometimes love is not enough, and he tells her, "I'm afraid you're wrong." This said, he jumps below, much to her surprise. "I know your daughter, and I know where she went," Jafar is heard saying to Edwin, Alice's father, who asks him if he's seen her, to which the villain replies that he can take him to her. ("Who's Alice?")


many years ago

OW107 01
Jafar is unconsolable before his dying mother.

We are shown a small habitation lost in the arid wilderness surrounding the core population of Agrabah, where the palace of the Sultan stands. Inside the small house in the distance, an infant Jafar is seen tending to his dying mother, Ulima, who is very ill. He rubs a wet cloth over her forehead and begs her not to leave her, as he holds her hand in his own. He starts to ask her what he can do, what herbs to use, but she tells him there's nothing left to do. He tells her not to say that and reminds her that she is a healer, she's cured many others, and the dying woman claims to fear she is beyond help, it's her time. "I'm sorry," she tells her worried son, who goes on to ask what he will do and where he will go, with teary eyes. She tells him not to worry, and kisses his hand, before saying he will be cared for. Jafar asks "By who?", to which she responds, "Your father." Tears streaming down his face, the young man says he doesn't understand, and starts to recount that his father died when he was younger, but is interrupted and unable to finish his sentence by his mother's claim that his real father still lives. Ulima tells him to go to his father, at the palace. The child says that only the Sultan lives there, and Ulima smiles and nods her head, saying, "That's right, Jafar." "He's my father?" the boy realizes, and his mother feels weaker. She hands him something and says that it belonged to the Sultan: a ring, which she slides into Jafar's finger, telling him to go and give it back, and the Sultan will remember. She touches her son's chin and tells him he is the ruler's blood, and the latter will not turn him away. This said, Ulima dies, and Jafar mourns her. The winds start to soar through the house and Ulima's visible life energy appears and disappears in the air. Jafar holds his deceased mother, crying.

OW107 02
Down the rabbit bag?

We see the ring still on Jafar's finger, in the present day, as he sits, now an adult man, in the living room of Edwin, Alice's father, and says to the man that he must be worried sick about Alice. He adds that he knows how protective fathers are when it comes to their children. "Yes," Edwin nods, "Of course." Jafar, pretending to be a doctor, feigns some reminiscing as he goes on about how he remembers when Alice first came to them at Bethlem, and states that he's seen many patients over the years, but she was special. He says she was obviously well cared for, so he knew she must have come from a loving home. Edwin tells the "doctor" that's very kind, but asks that he tell him exactly where Alice has gone to. Jafar says it's best if he just shows him. Edwin looks confused and Jafar moves in to open his briefcase. He calls for the Rabbit... and the latter emerges from the case and greets Edwin, who looks astonished. The Rabbit turns to Jafar after coming out of the case and tells him, "If you're just gonna show me off, was the bag really necessary?" Edwin asks if that's a "white rabbit" - seeing as how Alice had clearly mentioned one before - and the Rabbit says that "they're" always in shock. He then turns to the man and confirms this. The fascinating creature then asks the wizard if the man before them is Alice's father, and Jafar nods in response. The Rabbit examines the man and comments that he doesn't see the resemblance. "Come with me," Jafar tells Edwin. Both of them get up, and the Rabbit creates a magical vortex on the wall of the room. "Dear God," the flabbergasted Edwin says, before he asks what is happening and where they're taking him. The Rabbit jumps in, and Jafar says, to his shocked companion, "Some people call it Wonderland."


Act I

OW107 03
A stranger in a strange land.

The White Rabbit's vortex opens up in the sky of Wonderland, and he, Jafar and Edwin fall to the yellow road below, the latter screaming all the way down. He clunks upon his landing and the Rabbit comments that the first landing is always a rough one. Edwin gets back up on his feet. Jafar thanks the Rabbit for his service, but demands that he go now. The Rabbit starts to ask if he's sure he doesn't want him to just stay, but Jafar doesn't even let him finish, insisting that he leave. The Rabbit then acquiesces, saying that Jafar knows where to find him... unfortunately. The dark wizard then turns to Alice's father and says that he's sure he's got a lot of questions, and Edwin, looking around and looking at the sights, completely dumbstruck, says that it's not possible, that it might even be a hallucination or a dream, but Jafar confirms that it's quite real, as real as the bruises he feels from his fall, and as real as his daughter said it was: every bit as wondrous, and even more dangerous. "It's truly no place for a young girl," he adds, then saying that there are dark forces in Wonderland, creatures and villains, and that he tried to convince Alice to leave, but she associates him with the hospital and won't listen, which is why he came to fetch Edwin. "What child doesn't want to be rescued by their father?" Jafar pats Edwin on the shoulder and then starts walking forward, but the man doesn't move, claiming that he might be the last person Alice would listen to. As he says this, Edwin takes out a handkerchief and scrubs the lenses of his glasses. Jafar takes notice of his hand motions. Jafar claims to not understand, and Edwin says he and Alice always had a difficult relationship, and he never believed in her, so he doesn't see why she would ever believe in him. Jafar ponders about this and walks back up to the man, deeming that a shame and claiming to have hoped that there would be a bond between them. "In fact," he says, "I was counting on it." He looks menacing, and Edwin feels uneasy.

OW107 04
Alice and Will come across yet another impediment.

As Alice and Will trek through the woods, they can see Jafar's tower. Alice is hopeful that she can be with Cyrus by nightfall. Will isn't ecstatic over the fact that it's high up on a mountain, but Alice simply says that they'll hike. Will counter-argues that they should come up with some plan, for there will surely be guards. He also adds that if they do get inside, they have to find Cyrus, and if they do find Cyrus, they have to get out alive, which brings them back to the guards. Alice tells him finding Cyrus is 99% of the battle, and the rest will take care of itself. However, as soon as they get out of the woods and into the adjacent beach, they are overwhelming with the disheartening truth: Jafar's tower sits atop a floating island in the sky. "Oh, my..." Alice says, with shock. "You were sayin'?" Will tells her.

OW107 05

Tweedledum makes his way towards his Queen, telling her that they've searched the shores and there are no signs of Cyrus. She tries to maintain a certain composure as she tells her lackey to keep looking, for he couldn't have just vanished. Dum turns around and, with a provocative look, turns back to face her again and starts to ironically imply that vanishing is actually something genies can do. The Queen gets up and orders him to shut up, as she walks past him. The Tweedle theorizes that Cyrus could have simply not survived the fall, seeing as how he dove a thousand feet down into the water. She asks him if he's considered the possibility that he's a lazy imbecile; the Tweedle asks if it's a rhetorical question. The Queen starts to tell him that, with Jafar out of Wonderland, she has the opportunity to gain the upper hand. She says she already has the bottle, and wants the genie in her possession too. Unbeknownst to her, Jafar is standing right behind her. Noticing the Tweedle's reaction to his presence, she asks what it is, only to hear Jafar telling her to continue. The Queen plays it off, acting dumb, and telling him she had been worried sick. Jafar claims not to have time for her games, and asks to be told where he can find Alice. Ana tells him she'd be quite happy to tell him, saying Alice is easy to find, unlike that genie of hers. Jafar asks what she's talking about, and Ana explains that Cyrus got away while he was gone. Jafar, irate, immediately turns to the red army and orders them to find the genie immediately, but Anastasia reminds him that they listen to her and already have orders, and the genie will be back in their hands before the sun sets. She starts to walk back to her throne but Jafar stops her, grabbing her hand and her attention, and tells her not to forget that even if she holds the genie and the bottle, she can't live out her twisted dreams without someone changing the laws of magic, and he is the only one who will have that power. The Queen, amused, tells him, "Of course you are, darling." And heads back to her throne. Jafar isn't entertained.

OW107 06
Fe fi fo fum but there is no one.

Back in his dungeon, Jafar walks towards the cell that once contained Cyrus, and examines the hole. He then calls out to the old prisoner, sitting in his own cell, and asks him how the genie did it. The prisoner asks if it matters, for he's gone, and it's only a matter of time before he and the girl find each other. The irritated Jafar shouts for silence, and the old man tells him he's losing. Jafar says he's not the one in the cage. The old man asks him if he's certain of that. Jafar walks away, not knowing how to respond.

OW107 07
Jafar scares his captive.

Elsewhere, Edwin is seen strapped to a chair in one of Jafar's obscure rooms. The villain comes in and Edwin, regaining consciousness, asks where he is, as the dark wizard opens up a drawer and retrieves a syringe. Edwin notices that he is trapped, and Jafar apologizes for the restraints, telling him they'll make this part easier. Edwin asks what he means, and Jafar inserts the syringe into his captive's right arm, drawing out some of his blood. Jafar then moves to dispense of the blood into a container, as the man tells him he's insane. The wizard pours some powder into the blood and Edwin asks him what he's doing. Jafar stirs the mixture and a green smoke emanates from it, as he explains that he's giving Alice what she always wanted.

Act II

OW107 08
Birdbark Tree. Convenient.

Alice and Will continue to admire the tower far off in the distance and high up in the sky. The Knave wonders how they're supposed to get up there, and Alice, trying to remain optimistic, assures him that they'll figure out something. She unsheathes her sword from behind her back and plunges it into the sand and starts to empty her pockets. Will asks her what she's doing, to which she replies that she's taking inventory, before telling him to do the same, for they must have something in them that can help us. Alice takes out her items, and Will has a dice, a dollar bill and the keys to Granny's Diner that he stole from Ashley (see "Down the Rabbit Hole") - he comments that Granny is gonna be pissed about that. He also takes out lint and a peanut, which he instantly eats, but then spits out, for it's a stale peanut. Alice notes that she has a dagger, a handkerchief, a sword and her last two wishes. She comments that they just have to be creative and think. As they become silent, their attentions are caught by a strange chirping sound. Alice wonders what it is, and Will comments that, although he is no wildlife expert, his rough guess would be that it's a bird. Alice doesn't think so, and they both head in the direction of the source of the noise, only to see that it's a strange moving tree - a Bird Bark Tree. Alice points out to Will that its wood is amazing, and she takes out a branch and lets go of it. The tiny branch part starts soaring into the sky. She then says she knows how they're gonna do it, to which Will realizes that she plans on flying all the way up to her genie. "Something like that," Alice tells him, smiling.

OW107 09
Edwin can't move.

As Jafar pours the contents of his stirring bowl into a small vial, he asks Edwin if the man is right-handed or left-handed, to which his captive claims not to understand, and wants to know why the villain is asking him all these questions. He asks to know where Alice is, but Jafar repeats his question, stating that he couldn't tell. Edwin demands to know where his daughter is, and Jafar tells him they don't have time for him to win back Alice's love, obviously. With one move of his hand, Jafar makes the straps unwrap themselves from around his prisoner's hands, and then he bends over and tells Edwin he will steal Alice's love. The man gets up to punch him, but Jafar grabs his left arm mid-swing, and notices he is left-handed then. He then pushes Edwin back into the chair. The man tries to get back up again but Jafar moves his hand and a spell prevents him from doing so. Unable to move, Edwin despairs, and Jafar calls for his guards to find a cage for him. Jafar then puts the vial with the potion in his belt and leaves.

OW107 10
The young Jafar meets his royal father, the Sultan.

In a flashback, the young Jafar is escorted by royal guards to the presence of the Sultan of Agrabah, and announced as a young thief. The guard explains that Jafar stole a dagger right off his belt. The Sultan asks the young man if he thought it was a good idea to steal from a palace guard, and Jafar answers that he knew it wasn't. "Yet you did it anyway," the Sultan says, before reminding the young man that he is to lose the hand with which he stole as punishment by law. The child, a bit nervous, walks closer to his Majesty and kneels down, reaching out his hand, wearing the ring his mother gave him. "If you deem it best," he says. The Sultan's attention is caught, and he asks the boy where he got that. "My mother," he says. The Sultan asks what her name is, and Jafar simply tells him to look at his face and say the name. "Ulima," the Sultan says, not having to think about it for long, "Ulima is your mother." The Sultan asks him how she is, but Jafar answers that she is dead. The Sultan claims to be sorry to hear that. He then goes on to ask if Jafar knew what he was doing when he stole from his guards. The boy explains that he thought if His Majesty knew who he was, he'd take him in. Jafar starts to recount what his mother said, but the Sultan interrupts him, stating that he has a son, his heir, Mirza. Jafar interrupts him as well, claiming that he doesn't have to be a prince, just a son. The Sultan tells him he will be neither, and gives Jafar a gesture to get him to stand up, which the young man does. The royal then goes on to say it takes courage to do what the child did that day, and because of that, he can stay there. Jafar lets out a subtle smile... that fades when the Sultan makes it clear that he can stay as a serving boy to his family. "Thank you, father," Jafar says. This prompts the Sultan to stand up, walk up to him and forbid him from using that word. "I am not your father and you are not my son," he says, "You are but a poor orphan who is lucky to have gained my favor." He asks if that's clear, and Jafar confirms this, claiming to understand the rules. The Sultan orders that he remember them. He then gives the guard a look, and he takes the child away with him.

OW107 11
Alice is reunited with her "father".

Back in the present time, Jafar comes out of the woods, down below in Wonderland, to find Alice and Will by the shore, the latter throwing pebbles into the waters. He asks his companion if she will tell him what they're doing, and Alice asks him if he's ever been in a hot air balloon. Will asks if he can stay on the ground if he answers negatively, and Alice explains that they're going to build a basket big enough to hold them, and attach pieces of the bird bark that they found and float right up to Cyrus. Will tells her that's a nice plan, but that he can be counted out. She asks him if he has a fear of flying, and Will says that he as a fear of not flying, of being in her basket, a mile up in the air, and suddenly no longer flying. As he overhears them, Jafar takes out his vial. Alice tells Will to at least help her build the basket, even if he's not going up with her. Jafar drinks the potion. Will tells her that he can do that, and Jafar suddenly starts to transform, undergoing the effects of the mixture. Alice and Will hear a scream. She asks what it was. Will picks up a stick and Alice takes out her sword. Suddenly, Edwin comes out of the woods. Alice's eyes widen and her jaw drops as she sees her father standing before her. When she calls out to him, Will is confused. Edwin walks up to Alice, seeming delighted to see her. He tells her she was right about everything, about that place. He asks her if she can ever forgive him. Then he moves in to hug her, and Alice is still perplexed. Unbeknownst to her, her father is actually Jafar in disguise. The villain smirks...


OW107 12
Alice catches up with her "father".

Will sits on a rock gazing at the waters, as Alice and Edwin (Jafar in disguise) are near him. Alice asks her father how he got there, to which the man starts to explain that, after she escaped the asylum, the way she just vanished made no sense, but then he remembered something else that made no sense: her stories. So he decided to do what she asked, and he believed, so he did some research that led him on a path to an antiquities dealer, who sold him a full-length mirror, rumored to have special properties. The rumors were true, and he went through it. He could feel sunshine on the other side, and a breeze, which he thought was curious. "Indeed," Alice replies, whilst sitting on a rock, having listened to her father's expository tale. Will jumps in, recounting that that's how he and Anastasia came to Wonderland as well, through a looking glass. Edwin goes on to say that as soon as he arrived, he knew it was the Wonderland that she spoke of. Alice asks how he found her there, and he says he didn't, she found him. He adds that he's been wandering around for days until she stumbled upon him. Alice stands up and asks what happens now.

OW107 13
Alice doesn't want to forgive.

He uses a handkerchief to polish the lenses of his glasses as he tells her that he just wants to make it up to her for everything, a notion that doesn't sit well with Alice, who comments that he never treated her like a daughter, but rather like an obligation, a part of his life he had no choice but to tolerate. She compares herself to a creaky step in the hall of their old home that made noise and yet Edwin never bothered to fix it, always hoping it would just go away. This said, she asks how he plans on making it up to her, and Edwin steps closer and asks her to put herself in his shoes, claiming that the things she was saying were impossible to believe. "Impossible for you to believe," she says, to which he tells her that he believes her now. Alice acknowledges that he only believes her now because he could see it for himself, but she needed him to believe her because he believed in her, but he just left her in that mad house and ignored her like she didn't even exist. She asks how a father could treat a child like that. She then remembers that she said she didn't want to see him, but she wanted him to try. Edwin claims that this is him trying, to which she tells him, with spite, that it's too late. She walks past him, leaving Edwin not knowing what to say.

OW107 14
Jafar embarrasses the Sultan's son.

In Agrabah of the past, a young Jafar serves a group of men, who sit before the Sultan and his son, Mirza and they discuss fabrics for the prince. When one of the men suggests the removal of a blockade, the Sultan states they can't, and asks Mirza to explain why. The boy claims that it against policy, but when the man asks which policy that is, he is left with no response, for her doesn't know. When it becomes clear he can't answer, Jafar speaks out that it's the Farm Policy, shocking everyone in the room, for he is just a servant. As Jafar explains the rules of the policy, the Sultan and his son simply look at him with displeasure. "In Agrabah even our servants are educated" the Sultan says to shrug off the awkwardness of the situation, adding at the end that they're also not discreet. He dismisses the boy, so Jafar apologizes, almost calling him "father". He corrects himself, apologizes again, and leaves.

OW107 15
The Sultan makes Mirza punish Jafar.

A while later, Jafar is in a room alone, looking at the ring that his mother gave to him. He holds it close to his face and rests his chin on it, but when Mirza enters the room, he quickly rises to his feet and bows. "You're very smart, serving boy" the prince comments, asking for his name. He tells him it's Jafar, but the prince corrects him by saying it's "I am too lowly for my name to abuse the ears of the prince". He slaps Jafar, and then asks him again. As the servant recites what the prince told him, he ends up getting another slap anyway and is told to put his eyes down. The Sultan enters the room, curious to what is going on, and his royal son apologizes. He tells him there's no apologies needed before ordering him to give Jafar another slap. Mirza slaps Jafar again, frustrating the serving boy. He tells Mirza that if he is to be Sultan one day then the people must fear him, "You are blood of my blood and my only heir, Mirza" he tells his son before explaining that true power comes from fear. After Jafar is slapped by Mirza again, he and the Sultan lock eyes.

OW107 16
Will gives "Edwin" some advice.

"I was a terrible father, wasn't I?" Jafar, still in the disguise of Edwin, asks Will, who is preparing branches for his and Alice's plan. The thief states its not his place to say before handing the man a knife, asking him to cut up some branches. He asks what it's for, so Will explains that Alice has a plan to get into the castle he may have notices floating in the sky. Edwin wonders what is up there that's so important, so Will tells him there's a genie in a dungeon. He comments that it must be Cyrus, asking if that's where Alice believes he is. Trying to contain his smile, for he knows Cyrus isn't there, he moves on and asks Will if he and Alice are close. He confirms they are, so Edwin asks if he knows how she thinks and if he'll have any advice on how to heal the rift between them. Will supposes that it will probably take time, but Edwin says it'll take a great deal more than time when a parent treats a child poorly. As Alice watches from afar, Will assures him that she'll come around because she doesn't give up on people, not even if they deserve it. "Like yourself?" Edwin wonders, leading Will to explain that if Alice sees someone hurting then she can't help but get rid of that pain, for it's in her nature. "I guess it is, isn't it" Edwin supposes before thanking Will. Will lets him know that he didn't do it to help him, but he wants Alice to be happy and him stepping up to be a decent father might make her happy. He instructs Edwin that if he wants to make the first step with his daughter then he should help her look for her genie, because nothing means more to her than getting to him. Edwin nods.

Meanwhile, on a beach underneath the floating mountain, Cyrus is laid unconscious on the sand, having washed ashore.

OW107 17
A dragon attacks.

Back on the beach, Alice and Will are constructing the box for their plan when the former asks what the latter and her father were talking about. "What do you think?" he asks rhetorically, "you". She asks what about her, so he tells her it was about if she would ever forgive him. She asks if she should forgive him, so he tells her she shouldn't; but he thinks she will. She asks why that is, so he tells her its the right thing, and unlike him, she does the right thing. Meanwhile, from afar, Jafar, still disguised as Edwin, watches the duo. When they're not looking, he takes a branch and begins drawing into the sand, evilly stating some magical words. As he does this, Will asks Alice how she plans on getting down, as the basket will get her up, but there's no way down. She tells him she's made a calculation and with the weight of Cyrus in the basket, it will counter the upwards trajectory of the birdbark, causing a slow and steady decent into the water. Will comments that she's making this up, but she tells him it's physics. He tells her to look up at the mountain, commenting how high it is, reminding her that if she's wrong then they're dead. As Alice looks up at the mountain, something catches her eye, causing her to ask what it is. As they notice it, Jafar takes a deep breath, as he clearly summoned it. As they watch the creature flying towards them, it lets out a loud screech, hurting their ears. "What the bloody hell is that?!" Will asks, as the creature, now clearly a dragon, flies and dives towards them. They manage to dodge it, falling to the floor.

Act IV

OW107 18
The dragon tries to kill "Edwin".

After being dove at by the dragon, Alice and Will get up from the floor and pick up the walls of the basket they were building to deflect themselves from the next attack. The dragon turns around in the sky and breathes fire at them; the basket walls are destroyed, but the duo are kept safe. As the dragon circles above them, Will tells her they need to move and he begins running into the woods. Alice follows, but soon turns to her "father" and tells him to follow. A while later, the three are running through the woods, stopping when they come to an open area. Alice asks her father if he's all right, so he assures her he is. Will asks if they think they've lost it, but Alice tells him they're not even close. With that, the dragon's roar is heard and its seen flying above them. As it dives towards them, Alice and Will move out the way, but Edwin doesn't, and he ends up getting knocked to the floor. "Father, run!" Alice desperately yells as the dragon lands on the ground, roaring angrily. As the dragon slowly approaches him, she tells him to move, but he begs for help.

OW107 19
Alice decides to let go of her anger.

Alice then leaps forward and throws her sword into the dragon's chest, killing it. Once they're safe, Alice rushes to her father's aid and asks if he's all right. He assures her he is before thanking his daughter. She smiles and hugs him, telling him it's okay. He apologizes, explaining that after her mother died, everything fell apart, so she tells him she understands what it's like to lose someone you love. He says after the way he treated her, she must think him to be a horrible man, but she tells him that she knows what a horrible man is as she's face on here in Wonderland...and he's nothing like him. "You don't know how happy that makes me to hear" he tells her. Noticing a cut on his face, she says they need to get it cleaned up, and then tells him that before it gets dark they're going to try rescue Cyrus again. She asks if he'd like to come with them, so he tells her he would. She smiles and then watches him as he walks away. He approaches a small puddle in the ground and looks into his reflection, which shows his true form of Jafar. He puts his hand in and ruins the reflection with ripples in the water.

OW107 20
Jafar dies.

Back in Agrabah of the past, Jafar is in a small room washing his face when the Sultan approaches him from behind. "Your majesty" the child says, noticing his reflection in a mirror and turning around. He apologizes for his carelessness and assures him it won't happen again, so the Sultan tells him he knows and he's glad he now knows the importance of discretion. He apologizes about Mirza, explaining that you must sometimes do difficult things to make sure your children are raised properly. He smiles at Jafar, telling him to dry his face, so he does that. However, when he turns to grab a towel, the Sultan grabs him and shoves his head into the bucket of water. Jafar struggles for his life, but the Sultan is too strong...and soon the child stops moving. The sultan lays him on the floor and calls out that "it's done". Two guards enter the room and he orders them to put him outside. After he exits the room, the guards wrap up Jafar's body in the carpet he's laid on.

OW107 21
The two prisoners have a chat.

Back in Wonderland, Edwin is locked away in a cage along with the old prisoner. He says grace before eating his food, "I hope your Gods have better hearing than mine" the old man tells him. Edwin insists that his God hears every prayer, even in a place like this. The old man asks why he doesn't pray for freedom, or at least something better to eat, so Edwin explains that his prayers are all for his daughter whom is in grave danger because of him. The old man tells him not to shoulder all the blame, but Edwin explains that he sent her away when he should've believed in her; he calls his his great sin. "Then you have sinned very little, my friend" the old man tells him, assuring him there are far worse reasons to be in a cage. Edwin begs the man if he knows any way out of here as he must find his daughter. He tells Edwin that only man has escaped from this prison, and he expects to see Cyrus returned in chains any moment. "Cyrus? Alice's Cyrus?" Edwin asks, shocked, causing the old man to ask if he knows of Alice. Edwin reveals that she's his daughter and asks what he knows and what the man wants with her. "I know of only one thing that Jafar desires, and it's the one thing he shall never have" the old man tells Edwin. Edwin is confused.

OW107 22
Alice expresses her distrust over her "father".

Later that night, Alice, Will and "Edwin" are sat on the beach near a fire, where they're cooking the meat from the dragon Alice slew. Will asks Edwin if he's ever eaten something that's tried to kill him before, so he comments that he doesn't believe he has, "It's sort of a Wonderland right of passage" Will jokes as Alice hands her father some of the meat. He eats it immediately, commenting that it's not bad, but this attracts a suspicious look from Alice. She tells him it's not exactly a home cooked meal but it will do. Edwin asks what the plan is after she's reunited with Cyrus and if they have a plan to get out of Wonderland. She assures him she does, but tells him it's one step at a time. She then points out that the tide is coming in and asks Will for helping moving the wood away from the water. As the two walk away, Will says he doesn't think bringing her father with them is the best idea. She tells him that she couldn't agree more, stating he's a problem. "Because he'll get in the way?" Will asks, but Alice explains that it's because he's not who he seems. She explains that every meal she's ever had with her father couldn't begin without saying grace, and he's even say it before eating a piece of fruit from the garden. She points out that he didn't say it tonight, on a night he'd be more grateful than ever. The two look at him, and "Edwin" smiles in return, clearly smelling their suspicion. "I don't know who that man is, but he's not my father" she tells Will before asking him to follow her. As the two walk away into the woods, "Edwin" looks at them both suspiciously and decides to follow them. Once alone in the woods, he stops and begins waving his hand over the ground. His serpent staff begins magically rising from the ground, landing in his hand. The eyes of the staff glow and then "Edwin" magically turns back into his true form of Jafar. He stares angrily in Alice's direction.

Act V

OW107 23
Jafar is revived...and angry.

In Agrabah of the past, at night time, the young Jafar's dead body is laid on the floor, a long distance away from the city, near a dirty, desolate part of the desert. His body is covered by the blanket he was wrapped in when strong winds begin to blow, uncovering his face. A silver dust, the life energy that left his mother Ulima when she died makes its way towards Jafar and enters his body, and after a short while, the child's eyes slowly open; he's alive. Jafar begins to cough and then he sits up, disorientated. His attention goes straight to the city of Agrabah, and more importantly the Sultan's palace; he stares at it with anger.

OW107 24
Jafar collects his prisoner.

Back in the present, Jafar, back in his true form, angrily walks into his dungeon and uses his magic to bring Edwin's cage closer to him. Edwin looks at the sorcerer with fear as he magically opens the cage door. "You" he hisses, confusing Edwin, who asks what he's doing with him when Jafar grabs him. The sorcerer explains that he's seeing to it that he fulfills the purpose for which he was brought here. Edwin tells him he doesn't understand, so Jafar explains that his purpose is to die.

OW107 25
Alice apologises for letting her guard down.

A short while later, Alice and Will are walking along the edge of a cliff, making their way closer to their destination. Alice apologizes to Will for running, stating that if she didn't want "it" to be true so badly she wouldn't have believed. She stops and turns to her friend, stating she let her guard down, but it won't happen again. He tells her she's got nothing to apologize for, but suddenly the sound of screaming distracts both him and Alice. They turn to see Jafar and Edwin riding the magic carpet, approaching them at a rapid pace. Eventually the four meet at the edge of the cliff and Jafar orders Edwin to beg for his life, telling him that his daughter is the only one who can save it. The sorcerer uses his magic to lift Edwin over the edge of the cliff, leading Alice to tell him he needs a new trick. Jafar tells her he'll get a new trick when this one stops working. Edwin tells Alice not to do it, but Alice orders him to save his breath, not believing him to be her real father. Edwin says he doesn't know what deception Jafar pulled before, assuring her it's really him. He says he doesn't blame her for not knowing the difference between him and an imposter because he never treated her as a real father should because he blamed her for her mother's death and all his unhappiness.

OW107 26
Jafar forces Alice to wish to save her father's life.

Edwin reminds Alice that when she was finally able to find joy, he doubted her and doubted her ability to distinguish fantasy from reality and he doubted her love. As a tear falls down Alice's cheek, she finally recognizes the man as her father. She explains that the times she'd ran away she was trying to find proof so he could understand where she'd been, but Edwin admits that she shouldn't have had to prove it to him, so for those reasons he won't ask for her forgiveness, because he doesn't deserve it. He adds that he also won't ask for her mercy or compassion because it is better spent elsewhere. Alice begins to cry as her father tells her he doesn't want to take another thing from her, he just wants to give her something, the only thing he can; hope. "Cyrus has escaped!" he yells, angering Jafar, who tells him that's enough. "Cyrus?!" a shocked Alice gasps before her father tells her not to save him, but save Cyrus. Jafar yells for Edwin to stop and then releases him from his grip, letting him fall down to the rocks below. "I wish my father back home!" Alice instantly yells, making her father vanish before he hits the ground. "Two down and one to go" Jafar taunts her before saying it's no longer a matter of "if" he'll get her genie, but "when". He then flies back up to his floating mountain, leaving the duo behind.

Act VI

OW107 27
Alice finds the good out of the bad.

After the encounter with Jafar and her father, Alice is silently stood crying to herself before she turns around and walks away. Will sincerely apologizes to his friend, but she tells him she's not sorry because yesterday she had two hole in her lives; and now she knows her father understands and that Cyrus is out and they're going to find each other. "Wish or no wish, I count that a a victory" she finishes, smiling with tears in her eyes. Will points out that she used a big wish and those always come with a cost, asking if she's curious about what that cost is going to be. A curious Alice begins to ponder of the cost of the wish.


OW107 28
Was it all a dream?

Back in Victorian England, Edwin suddenly awakens with a gasp in his living room. His wife, Sarah, enters and she comes to his aid, noticing he seems like he's in distress. She asks him what's wrong, but he tells her he doesn't know because he thought he was with Alice in Wonderland, claiming he was about to die and then she saved him. Sarah tells him it sounds like he dozed off and had a very odd dream, so he nods, stating it must have been a dream. Sarah tells her husband to come up to bed before kissing him on his forehead, so he tells her he'll be right there. As she leaves, Edwin is left shocked and confused, questioning the reality of the experience he just had.

Back in Wonderland, Jafar enters his dungeon and approaches his old prisoner, bringing his hanging cage close to him. "Let's have a chat, shall we?" he asks the man, who doesn't seem at all interested in talking. The old man tells him that he's done talking through bars, so if he wants to chat then he should do it face-to-face, like a man.

OW107 29
Jafar confronts his beloved family after many years.

In Agrabah of the past, the screams of people can be heard as Jafar, now an adult, makes his way through the Sultan's palace with his serpent staff, magically shoving all the guards out of his way. He approaches his father, who is sat on his throne, and he tells him he's waited a long time to see him again. The sultan tells him he doesn't even know who he is, so Jafar tells him to look at his face and tell him. The sultan, revealed to be the same person as the old man in Jafar's prison, looks at Jafar's face and then rises to his feet. He approaches the man and then says "Jafar?" with a look of confusion. He says it's impossible, but Jafar explains his anger kept him alive. "I am not your father, and you are not my son" the Sultan tells him angrily, as Mirza enters the throne room. The two men turn to see him and the sorcerer asks him to stay a moment, pulling a dagger against the Sultan's throat. The sultan tells his royal son that he can save him, telling him not to be frightened. "He's right, save your father, Mirza, and fight me. No magic, just you and me and our bare hands" he taunts the prince, asking if he remembers what that's like. He tells the prince that if he wins he'll spare their father's life, asking what he says to that and if he's worth it. A scared Mirza begins to back away before finally running out of the throne room. However, Jafar stops him with his serpent staff, painfully killing him. The sultan calls out for his son and then angrily tells Jafar that he killed his son. "I am your son!" Jafar roars, pointing out that Mirza wouldn't even fight for him, "But I would have died for you, father. But you could not say the words" he adds. The sultan asks what words he wants, so Jafar takes the knife away from his throat and tells him to call him his "son". "You are a bastard, boy" the sultan says bravely, but Jafar simply tells him to say the words and he'll be spared unending pain. The sultan tells Jafar he'll never give him what he wants, but Jafar coldly tells him he will, someday.

OW107 30
Jafar stops his father from committing suicide.

Back in the present, the old man asks Jafar why he doesn't just kill him because he's never going to give him what he wants. Jafar explains that once he gets Alice's third wish he'll be able to change the laws of magic, which means he won't have to give him what he wants because he'll just take it; the old man asks what good love and respect is if it has to be stolen. "You honestly have no regrets about our relationship? About anything you've done to me" Jafar asks, leading his father to reveal his only regret is that he didn't hold him under the water longer. He says he can maybe make up for that now, so Jafar asks if he's going to try to kill him again. The man understands he can't take Jafar's life, but he can take away something that means even more to him. When Jafar asks what that is, the old man says "me". The old man then takes a few steps back and then falls off the platform he's stood on, hurtling towards his certain death. Jafar watches as his father drops, but then raises out his hand, catching him with his magic carpet. "Get back in your cage, father" he hisses, telling him the real fun is about to begin and he'd hate for him to miss it.

OW107 31
Cyrus wakes up.

Meanwhile, out on the shore of the beach underneath Jafar's floating mountain, Cyrus remains laid on the sand as a thick fog surrounds him. The unconscious genie simply lays there for a moment, not moving a muscle. However, he soon silently coughs as he regains his consciousness and then he slowly moves his head, looking up at the sky above him. When he opens his eyes, he takes a deep breath of the air and then suddenly he remembers what he must do. He quietly calls out for Alice before quickly getting to his feet and rushing to find his true love, ready to be reunited with her once and for all.


OW107 Title Card
  • The title card of this episode features the dragon summoned by Jafar, in the guise of Edwin.


This episode was written by Jane Espenson and directed by director Ciaran Donnelly.



This episode received 3.24 million viewers.


  • In her recap/review for SpoilerTV, Ashley B was positive of the episode, despite not being a fan of Jafar's backstories. The episode gave her a positive idea on the series and its themes: "I absolutely adore the fact that everyone's motivation on this show is love in some form or another. If you could only take one thing from this season so far it would be "love conquers all". This effects all the characters, whether it be the True Love of Alice and Cyrus, the lack of love due to missing heart for the Knave, the Red Queen yearning to rekindle her love, or Jafar striving for the love of his father. As I said in the past, I am not a fan of romance, but I feel now that this show is a story about love, not a love story."[1]


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  1. "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - Episode 1.07 - Bad Blood - Review", by Ashley B,, Deceber 6, 2013.
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