And Straight on 'Til Morning
Once Upon a Time 2x22
May 12, 2013
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"And Straight on 'Til Morning" is the 44th episode of Once Upon a Time, as well as the second part of its second season's finale.


The inhabitants of Storybrooke brace themselves for the end when Greg and Tamara detonate the trigger Regina had placed within the curse, with the annihilation of the town and its residents imminent, and Mr. Gold mourns the loss of his son, Bae/Neal. Meanwhile, back in Neverland of the past, Hook discovers his connection to a young Bae after he rescues him from the sea and soon realizes that the Lost Boys are in hot pursuit of the boy.



222 01
The Jolly Roger sails over the ocean of Neverland.

We see the Jolly Roger sailing along the oceans of Neverland at nighttime, where on board, little crew members are doing much work. Captain Hook is standing on the ship's platform staring at a drawing of Milah, his deceased true love. He is approached by Smee, who states that Milah was quite beautiful, encouraging Hook to fold up the drawing and place it into his pocket. Smee tells the captain not to worry, promising him that he'll avenge her, no matter what he takes, he knows Hook will find a way to kill Rumplestiltskin. The captain ignores what Smee is saying and merely asks him if there's any news on "today's catch", meaning Bae, referring to him as the boy they yanked from the sea. Smee tells Hook that the boy's still asleep, he's waterlogged and smells like catfish, but he'll live. Hook wonders where the boy came from, making his way off of the boat's platform and commenting that there aren't many more ships in the area and his clothes are certainly not of "this land". Smee suggests that perhaps the boy belongs to "him", the ones "he" kidnaps from the other world, saying that he'd bet his rations on it. "Indeed," Hook says, before asking who would be so lucky. "Lucky?" Smee wonders, pointing out to the captain that "he'll" be looking for them and that "he" knows the land better than they do. Hook places his hand on Mr. Smee's shoulder and asks him if he's not a finder of rare and magical objects, at which Smee nods, and Hook explains that if they return the boy to "him", it could be the key to their very survival in Neverland. Smee contemplates this.

222 02
A pirate's life for Bae.

Soon, Hook and Smee are seen walking into a room in which Baelfire, whose wrapped up in a blanket, is sitting up on a bed, staring into space and seeming sad. "Ahoy there," the captain greets him as Smee stands back, causing Bae to turn around. The former states that Bae is very lucky to be alive but he doesn't quite see it the same way, stating that he's the prisoner of pirates in a land cursed with magic. Hook says that most children think they've found paradise when they lay their eyes on Neverland's magic, wondering why Bae came there in the first place. The boy states that he came there so that a family he loved could live, and Hook leans into him and says, "Well, aren't you quite the hero?" He retracts and Bae asks him what a pirate knows of heroics, at which Hook reminds him that a pirate saved his bones from the curse of the mermaids, but Bae comes back with that a pirate killed his mother and tore apart his family. Hook wonders about the boy's father and Bae says that he left him, calling him a coward. Hook soon realizes something and asks the boy his name, but Bae refuses to answer to him. The captain tells the boy that he can make him, but to prove that not all pirates are as he fears, he'll simply ask again - "What's your name?" Hook leans into Bae and gives an intimidating grimace as the boy turns to him and states, "Baelfire." Hook retracts his head once more and turns to Smee as the two of them realize that the boy is the son of Milah and Rumplestiltskin. He hands Bae another blanket and welcomes him aboard, telling him with a large grin on his face, "It's a pirate's life for you."


Act I

222 03
The Charmings become the bearers of bad news.

In Storybrooke, Henry is seen joyously going back and forth on a swing at the local park as Granny sits on a bench nearby, bearing a crossbow in her arms. As Henry continues to swing, she stands up and begins to wander around, as further away we see Mr. Gold stomp his cane on the ground, watching Henry from afar. The swing Henry is on is seen to be cradled by large, sharp rocks and Mr. Gold stares at the boy as he goes back and forth between them. He looks from the rock to the rope the swing attaches to the frame at and begins to turn his frame, tearing the rope a little with magic. Henry swings higher and faster between the sharp rocks and Gold gives another twist of his cane, making the rope tear more. The rope becomes more frayed and weak as Mr. Gold continues to make it so and Henry continues to swing. A final twist of the cane is given and the rope is seen about to snap, which would cause Henry to go flying into the rocks, however, Gold is distracted and halts himself, hearing the sound of a car door slam shut and turning to see Emma, David and Mary Margaret arrive at the park. David sees Gold and wonders what he's doing there, at which he tells them that his son made it clear that he had to stay away from him, so he's spending some time with his grandson instead. He gestures Henry, who's getting off the swing, and Mary Margaret tells her daughter to go talk to him, saying that she and David will handle "this". Gold watches as Emma approaches Henry and Mary Margaret says that they have some news they need to share with him and it's not good.

222 04
Gold refuses to help save the town.

Gold raises his hand to them, telling them that he's not interested, but David says that it's about his son. The pawnbroker wonders what about him and sees Henry be sat down on a park bench by Emma as she begins to tell him some bad news. "Tamara shot him," David says quickly, causing Mr. Gold to turn to him and his wife in shock. "What? He's dead?" he asks slowly, looking sad and shocked. David explains that a bean was used to open a portal and Neal was hurt so badly that he fell through - he's gone. Gold takes deep breaths, stumbling backwards as he's hit by a block of emotion. Henry is seen hugging Emma sadly, having just been told the same piece of news, and Gold utters that Bae wasn't supposed to die. "Greg and Tamara," David continues, "They took something from Regina. A magical trigger. A fail-safe in the curse that could destroy Storybrooke." Gold, who's still grief-stricken, takes another deep breath as Mary Margaret adds that if they activate it, it's a self-destruct, everyone not born in the world they're in will die. David says that he knows this is hard, but they need his help, however, Gold refuses to give it, walking away. The prince reminds him that they killed his son in cold blood and wonders why he doesn't want to stop them, but Gold states that they didn't kill his son - "I did." He goes on to remind them, through tears, that he brought magic to this world to find Bae, and now he's dead. Magic always has a price, and this is it. But he's prepared to pay it. Mary Margaret exclaims that they'll all die, including him, but Gold tells the princess that he's already made his peace with that, and the Charmings stare at him with horror as he walks away.

222 05
The villains of Storybrooke plan to activate the diamond.

Down in the town mines, Tamara is guiding her, Greg and Hook as the former, whose carrying a phone, tells her that "it's" just ahead. Hook asks the pair of them if they're sure that the guy who's in charge of them doesn't want them to die in a mine collapse, but Tamara tells him to just keep moving. He wonders just who is telling them what to do but Greg says that that's not his concern, and it's not theirs either. The pirate takes this to mean that they don't know who commands them, but Tamara explains that unlike him, they believe in something and have faith in the sacredness of their cause. "We're here," Greg says as he approaches the dwarfs' pick axes and takes Happy's from its stand. Hook sarcastically asks if their sacred cause is "pilfering a dwarf's pick axe", but Tamara pulls something from her pocket - the black diamond - and says that Regina had it in her pocket when they kidnapped her. Greg, who's still carrying the axe, says that it's a trigger, and the axe, according to their people, is what activates it. "You're going to destroy an entire town, and kill everyone in it..." Hook says as Greg takes a slab of rock from the base of the mine wall and places it in the center of the track, telling Hook that they'll also be killing his enemy.

222 06
The apocalypse begins...

Hook asks if Rumplestiltskin won't be immune to this, and Tamara assures him that none of his kind will be. Once the diamond gets activated, nothing can shut it off. "This whole town will revert to the forest it was. So tell us, Hook. We're willing to die for our cause, are you willing to die for yours?" The pirate gives a blank stare before eventually smiling and answering Greg's question positively. He and Tamara turn to one another and smile before she places the diamond down gently on the rock on the track and Greg lifts the pick axe, quickly bringing it down and stabbing the diamond in one swing. The diamond itself glows blue and begins to hover above the rock until it's about hip-level, at which it lets out a burst of blue energy and Greg, Tamara and Hook evacuate from the mines. The camera moves in on the diamond as it continues to hover and glow with destructive magic.
Across town, we are shown the Storybrooke clock tower rumbling and glowing with bright blue light as vines extend from the building and wrap themselves around it.

Act II

222 07
Regina states that the diamond's been activated.

Regina, who's sitting on the bed at Mary Margaret's apartment, zips up her boot and stands up, fully dressed, her bed rest now being over. She rubs her aching neck as she approaches the door which Emma, David and Mary Margaret soon come barging through, Henry with them, who happily runs towards Regina and the two embrace. There is sudden earth tremor, causing the things in the apartment to shake and a plate to fall from the counter and smash, and when it ends, Emma asks Regina if that was the thing she was talking about, and Regina answers positively, stating that the diamond has been activated. Henry asks if they're all going to die, but Regina explains that he was born there, so he'll live, and the kid doesn't seem to relish in the thought of being alone. Regina tells her son that she's very sorry, but Emma tells her that that's not going to happen as she's not going to let it, telling Regina that she did this so she can stop it. The mayor states that she can't and that there's no way and so Emma demands her to figure it out as it's her fault. "Stop! I already lost my dad. I don't wanna lose anyone else; we have to work together," Henry interjects.

222 08
A not-so-charming punch in the face.

Hook is seen entering the apartment and says that from the mouths of babes, he thinks "the lad" has a point. Suddenly, David punches him square in the face, saying that it's for the last time they met, (See "The Queen is Dead") and Hook tends to his face as David retrieves his gun, demanding to know why the pirate is there before he uses something else other than his fist. Hook says he thinks threatening to kill him seems a bit redundant seeing that they're all about to die anyway, but Emma says that it's no thanks to him, explaining that Regina just told them that he was working with Tamara and Greg to get his revenge. He tells them that that was before they told him he had to die to get it, and Emma states that they don't have time for this as they've got a real problem. "Which is why I'm here. Staring death in the face has made me realize that if there's one thing I want more than my revenge, it's my life," Hook explains, requesting that they stop the diamond now and then resume bickering. Regina tells them that there is no stopping it and that the best thing she can do is slow it down, but that will only delay the inevitable. David then suggests that perhaps it will buy them the time they need, and Mary Margaret wonders what he's talking about. The prince goes on to say that they could steal back the beans and use them to get everyone back into the Enchanted Forest before Storybrooke is gone.

222 09
Regina says goodbye to Henry.

Emma wonders how they are to accomplish this, pointing out that they don't even know where Greg and Tamara are, but Hook says that he does and that he can help. "Yourself," Emma adds, believing that he will take them and leave them all behind, wondering why they should trust him. "We won't have to," David assures her, "I'll go with him and if he tries anything, I'll shoot him in the face." Hook points out that Charming's quite hostile but David states that he's just being clear. Emma says that she'll take Regina to slow down the diamond and give those guys time and tells Mary Margaret to take Henry and gather everyone to make sure they're ready to go when they have those beans. As they all begin to disperse, Regina pulls Henry aside and tells him that before he goes, she's sorry for what's happened; she tried to be the person that he wanted her to be and she failed, but she won't let him be alone. "Just know that I love you," she assures him. Henry stares back at her and replies, "I love you, too." Regina hugs Henry tightly as a look of despair grows across her face before he leaves with Mary Margaret and Regina follows on from her and Emma. "The things we do for our children..." Hook says as David ushers him out the door.

222 10
The Lost Boys come aboard Hook's ship.

A canoe filled with hooded figures is seen sailing over to the Jolly Roger as Mr. Smee tells his captain that he has to give "them" the boy, reminding him that they've killed for less. Hook puts away his telescope as Smee says that the sooner they get what they want, the sooner they'll leave them alone, but Hook refuses, saying that he cannot part with Bae now that he knows he's the Dark One's son. As he steps down from the ship's platform, he states that it can't be chance the brought him here and provenience must be at work. "He is the key to my revenge, I won't lose him," Hook states as a pair of feet is seen jumping aboard his ship, belonging to a hooded teenager, Felix, as the rest of the Lost Boys hop aboard too. Felix asks Hook if he knows who they are, and Hook replies that they're the Lost Ones and work for "him". As they begin to move around the ship, Felix says that they're looking for a boy who was seen adrift nearby, one that "he" has a particular interest in. Hook tells the boy that he has to send him away disappointed, as he can see, they're only men. Felix takes this to mean that Hook won't mind if they search his ship, and the pirate tells him to be his guest. The Lost Boys begin to disperse, undergoing a proper search for Baelfire.

222 11
Baelfire becomes Neverland's hide-and-seek champion.

Below, Felix is seen bursting into a room under the decks with some of his crew and hitting all objects with a mace, checking to see if anyone's hiding within. Hook and Smee walk in and the former tells Felix that he told him; no one there but his crew. Felix tells Hook that he's knew to this land, which means he should warn him (meanwhile, in a room below this one, a lost boy is seen searching as we are shown that Bae is in fact on the ceiling), asking if he knows what "he" does to those who lie to him. Hook answers negatively, saying that he gathers it hurts, and Felix assures him of such (we see the Lost Boy in the other room, still searching for Baelfire), explaining that "he" rips your shadow from your body. As he says this, he makes a ripping gesture with his arms. Felix turns around when he hears his fellow Lost Boy climbing out of the other room containing Bae on the ceiling and the Lost Boy in question shakes his head as to say that no one's under there. As the Lost Ones leave, Felix tells Hook that if he finds the boy, he knows who he belongs to, before bidding the captain goodbye and leaving. Hook lets out a smile as Felix and his boys exit the ship before walking over to the hatch leading to the other room and opening it to see Bae who looks up at the captain happily, "I thought pirates only cared about themselves," he says, but Hook tells him that he has a lot to learn.

222 12
The dwarfs search for Sneezy's stein.

At Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer, Rumple is seen emerging from the back room to see the Seven Dwarfs ransacking his shop. He states that it's a sure sign of impending doom: looters, but Leroy places a cup down on the counter and tells him that it's not looting if the stuff you find's already yours, saying that they need Sneezy's drinking stein so that they can can his memories back. Mr. Gold appears skeptical at this but Leroy explains that Mother Superior finally figured it out - he takes a test tube of shiny, blue liquid from his pocket - he needs to drink this out of his old stein (something important to him). Leroy pours the potion into the stein as he talks and Mr. Gold points out how convenient it is that Mother Superior found a solution to the memory problem today, in the nick of time before they all die. Mr. Clark becomes confused, wondering who's dying, but he goes ignored as Leroy tells Gold that Blue's been working on it all along, then when she had to transform August back to Pinocchio, (See "Selfless, Brave and True") she found the ingredient she needed: a hair from Pinocchio's head. Someone who returned to who he should be; someone who wasn't cursed.

222 13
Gold decides not to return Belle to the world.

"So you're gonna wake your friend up... to tell him he's about to die?" Gold asks, pointing out the absurdity of it all, and Mr. Clark states that he doesn't want that, but Leroy tells him to shut it, explaining the Gold that Sneezy wants to know who he is and be with his family no matter how much time he'd got left. "Not if I'm gonna die..." Mr. Clark interjects, but Leroy tells the other dwarfs to stick him back at Granny's Diner and they'll do it there. One of the other takes the stein full of potion and they all escort Sneezy out of the shop. Leroy approaches Mr. Gold with another test tube of the potion and says that he asked Mother Superior to make another dose, handing it over and declaring it Gold's. Rumple wonders what he's supposed to do with it and Leroy says that Belle once helped remind himself of who he was and he's never forgotten, (see "Dreamy") he wants to return the favor. "Don't let her die as Lacey," Leroy begs as he hands Gold the potion, and the pawnbroker accepts. Leroy runs out of the store as Lacey emerges from the back room, wondering what that was all about. However, Gold tells her that it was nothing, walking past her and into the other room.

Over at the town cannery, Greg is seen standing outside pouring files from a binder into a trash fire, burning them, before throwing the binder itself into the back of a truck. He heads on inside as David's animal rescue van is seen pulling up and he and Hook step out of it. The pirate states that they're in there and that they should hurry, and as he walks round the van, another earth tremor ensues. Hook states that time's running out before rushing into the cannery, and David, who follows at a slower pace, sarcastically retorts, "Oh, is that what that means?"


222 14
Hook teaches Bae how to sail a ship.

In Neverland of the past, the crew is seen working hard on Hook's ship as the captain himself is seen behind the wheel, steering the vehicle itself. Baelfire approaches him and Hook tells him that his sea legs aren't bad for a land lover, at which Bae says that he still gets queasy. Hook assures him that it'll pass and tells him to think of himself as an extension of the ship, wondering if he'd care to try his hand at the helm. Bae seems reluctant, knowing nothing of sailing, but Hook promises that once he gets his bearings, it'll be easy as pie, grabbing the boy's neckline with his hook and pulling him in front of the wheel. The captain carves a "P" into the counter with his hook, saying that the left side's called "port", he then carves an "S" and says that the right side's called "starboard". He looks ahead of the ship before telling Bae to go two notches port, and the boy turns the wheel a little to the left, at which Hook ruffles his hair and tells him well done, saying that he was born with the sea in his blood. Bae thanks him and Hook goes on to mention that he spoke of his mother's fate, but wonders what became of his father.

222 15
Bae and Hook bond over daddy issues.

He turns to the pirate and says that it's a long story and Hook says that it's one that he knows well, explaining that when he was a boy, his father and he boarded a ship with plans to travel the realms, but one morning, he awoke and his father was gone. It turned out Hook's father was a fugitive and fled in the middle of the night to avoid capture, and Bae realizes that Hook was abandoned. The pirate confirms this and Bae requests that if he tells Hook something that he not tell the rest of the crew, as it may frighten them. He promises as Bae explains that his father is the Dark One, he once was a man, but when he (Bae) got drafted to the Ogre Wars, he (Rumple) wanted to protect him, and so went in search of the Dark One's dagger, and once he got it, he grew obsessed with the power it gave him. (See "Desperate Souls") "He draws his power from a dagger?" Hook states, interested, and Bae goes on to say that it's the only weapon that can kill him, and the only thing he truly cares about anymore, "He chose it over me. My papa abandoned me, too." The two of them stare at each other with a mutual understanding as Hook gestures Bae to retake the wheel and the lad happily does so, whilst the pirate fixates on the dagger detail.

222 16
Greg and Hook brawl over the bean.

Inside the cannery, David and Hook walk amongst the extensive machinery in search of Greg and Tamara, and Charming asks the pirate why it's suddenly so important to him that he survives when all this time it's been about revenge for him. Hook doesn't answer and David says that he knows what he's fighting for - his family - and asks Hook what he's fighting for. "Myself," he replies, assuring David that that's plenty of motivation. The two of them hear something around an upcoming corner and Hook tells the prince to remain quiet as they enter a corridor. David draws his pistol and speedily begins to walk, hiding behind a metal barrel when he sees Greg. They soon emerge and David aims his gun for the man, demanding to know where the beans are, but Greg casually sets his suitcases down and asks him if he "means these", pulling a tiny jar of magic beans from his pocket. Tamara soon emerges from round a corner with a gun and fires, hitting a barrel beside David and causing him to stumble backwards into them. With this distraction in place, Hook tackles Greg which causes the jar of beans to be dropped and smash against the floor. David runs out of the room to catch Tamara as Greg and Hook wrestle on the floor. The pirate punches Greg in the face and he screams in agony as elsewhere we see Tamara running through the cannery. Hook attempts to reach one of the beans with his Hook but Greg is determined to stop him, grabbing onto the captain and pulling him backwards.

222 17
David catches up to Tamara.

David is seen running through the same machinery as Tamara as he tries to catch up to her as Greg and Hook each try and reach a bean and each stop the other one from accomplishing such. David manages to catch up to Tamara as she approaches another doorway, however, when she runs through it, she trips over, dropping her gun, and David walks towards her with his. She stands up but the prince keeps his gun firmly aimed, meaning Tamara appears hopeless. As she becomes out of ideas, Greg suddenly runs out of no where, apparently having overpowered Hook, and tackles David to the ground, allowing Tamara to grab Charming's gun, but Greg stops her from doing so, saying that they got what they were looking for. The two of them run out of the cannery as Hook approaches David and helps him to his feet. He restrains the prince who wonders what he's doing, reminding the pirate that Greg and Tamara have got the beans, but Hook states that they haven't got all of them as he was able to snag one. The pirate shows David the magic bean in his hand and puts it in his pocket, Charming wonders where the rest are but Hook doesn't care, saying that all they need is one as he shuts it into the pouch on his belt. David goes to run after the villains but Hook grabs his arm, advising him to live to fight another day, "mate". David shakes Hook's hand off of his arm, telling him that he's not his mate, taking the bean from the pouch and running back through the cannery with it; Hook follows.

222 18
Regina uses all the strength she has to hold off the total destruction of Storybrooke.

Emma is leading her and Regina through the town mines via torchlight and tells the mayor that it feels like the oxygen's being sucked out of the air, however, Regina tells her that it's not the oxygen, but the magic. The two of them turn a corner to discover the blue-glowing black diamond hovering above the ground. As they approach it, Regina explains that once it stops glowing, its destruction is achieved, and then the real carnage begins. The two girls maneuver to be either side of it and Regina says that she'll try to contain its energy for as long as she can, but Emma points out that she won't have to do it for that long because they'll have the bean by then and then they'll be out of there, however, Regina shakes her head and explains further that slowing the device is going to require all the strength she has. Emma takes a pause before realizing that Regina's not going with them and that before, when she said goodbye to Henry, she was saying goodbye. "He knows I love him, doesn't he?" she asks, but Emma doesn't answer, stating that there's got to be another way. Regina tells the blonde that she's right, everything that's happening, it's her fault, she created this device, it's only fitting that it takes her life. Emma wonders what she is supposed to tell Henry and Regina requests she say that in the end it wasn't too late for her to do the right thing. "Regina, please..." Emma begs, but Regina cuts in, saying, "You all still see me as the Evil Queen, including my son... Let me die as Regina." Emma says nothing, merely stares at Regina before turning around to leave, but as she walks away, she stops and turns to Regina, uttering her name, however, at that moment, the queen produces magical energy from her hands which flows into the diamond. The blonde sees that it already appears to be taking a toll on the tearful Regina and quickly runs out of the mines as the camera moves to the diamond which is being slowed down by Regina's magic.

Act IV

222 19
Gold repairs his chipped cup.

We are shown the exterior of Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer as forest and greenery begins to grow all over the town around it. Soon, leaves sprout on the roof of the shop and around the shop's sign, before a wooden vine bursts through it and villagers' screams are heard far away. Inside, Mr. Gold himself is pouring a drink. "To the end of the world," he says, handing it to Lacey who appears confused. She doesn't accept the drink but Gold says that it will help numb it and she shrugs, saying that she'll drink to that. However, when she reaches for her glass, she knocks it over, and spills scotch all over the counter. Lacey frantically apologizes before grabbing Baelfire's shawl from Gold's shelf and attempting to wipe the scotch with it, but Gold begs her to stop and to put the shawl down. She states that it's just some old rags but Mr. Gold snatches it from her, exclaiming that it belonged to someone very important and she wouldn't understand. Seeming genuine, she reminds him that she said she's sorry, and Gold pauses before carefully placing the shawl back onto his shelf. He looks to Lacey with eyes sparkling with a hint of tears before opening up his cabinets and pulling out a small, blue pouch. Gold pours the contents onto the counter and it is seen to be the remains of his beloved chipped cup; he waves his hand and in a flurry of purple smoke, the cup is repaired, besides the chip on its rim.

222 20
Belle returns to the world.

Lacey nods, recognizing it, and regards it as, "That cup again..." (See "Skin Deep" and "In the Name of the Brother") before asking what it is. Gold tells her that it's something from his past - from their past - before apologizing to her, not wanting to fight. Next, he pours the shiny, blue liquid given to him earlier by Leroy into the teacup, and then into his own glass. He hands Lacey the cup and the two of them clink glasses before he goes to drink and she takes a large gulp, swallowing the potion. The girl then glows blue for a moment as Lacey fades away, and Belle returns to the world, her memories flooding back into her. She slowly looks up at Rumplestiltskin who bursts into tears and says, "Belle..." She begins to cry as well, uttering, "Rumple..." before kissing him passionately. As they pull out of it, he tells her that he's so sorry as he didn't want to wake her up to die, but he needed her. Belle doesn't seem to care and merely brushes the hair out of Rumple's eyes, saying that he lost his son and that she's sorry. The two of them begin to share a tear-filled hug, "I've failed..." Gold states, "I've failed..." the hug continues.

222 21
Henry is told of Regina's sacrifice.

David and Hook walk into Granny's Diner, the former carrying the latter's satchel, and announce that they have a magic bean. The people in the shop cheer as Emma walks over to his father, congratulating him on managing to procure it. She notices the cut on his arm and asks him if he's okay, but David assures her that it's just a graze and that it's fine. Emma decides to get going and approaches Henry, who's with Mary Margaret, but he asks where his mom is. Emma explains that Regina can hold off the self-destruct device long enough for all of them to escape, but she won't survive. Everyone in the diner is stunned, especially Henry, who refuses to accept it. The blonde apologizes, saying that she promised Regina she'd get him to safety, but he exclaims that they can't do this as she's family and they don't leave family behind. This appears to trigger something in Mary Margaret, who stays silent as Emma says that this is what Regina wanted; she gave them a way out and now they have to take it. Henry reminds her that they saved the mayor from being killed by the wraith (See "Broken") and asks how this should be any different. "The wraith..." Mary Margaret starts, and Emma wonders what she's getting at.

222 22
Archie gives his verdict.

Mary Margaret reminds her daughter that they sent the wraith through a portal and asks why they can't do the same thing with the self-destruct. Emma says that they don't know whether or not it will work but Snow exclaims that it could, and David agrees, walking over to his wife. The blonde fears that it's too risky and no one will go along with it, but Archie steps out from within the townspeople and says that they will because it's the right thing to do. "Look, Snow White and the prince have always led us before, and we've always won. So, who's willing to let them lead us again?" he asks, raising his own hand before everyone else in the diner does the same. Mary Margaret thanks Archie before telling Emma that this is what they should do, and David adds that it's what they will do. As Henry hugs Emma, Snow says she knows they haven't had a lot of chances to be parents, but requests that the blonde gives them this one and lets them do the right thing. Emma tells them that she just doesn't want Henry to be alone and grow up the way she did, and before her parents can answer, there is another sudden earth tremor and the entire diner rumbles. As the citizens quickly recuperate, Emma states that this plan could fail and that they could use the bean now and get away for sure and survive, but Mary Margaret exclaims that it's wrong, reminding her daughter that she killed Regina's mother. (See "The Miller's Daughter") Emma reminds her mother that she did that to Cora because she had to but Snow confesses, "I did it because it was easy. It was a mistake. There were other paths, harder paths, and I wish I had taken them. So please, Emma, honey... let's take the hard path. Because if we don't... we will be building a future on Regina's blood."

222 23
Hook learns the identity of Henry's father.

Emma takes a while to contemplate this as the rest of the Charmings stare at her expectantly, at which she eventually caves. David throws Emma the satchel containing the bean, however, Hook grabs catches it instead, and accuses them of being mad. Emma demands that he give it back but the pirate states that he can live with himself and if Regina is willing to die for them, he says they let her. "You and I," Emma begins, "We understand each other. Look out for yourself and you'll never get hurt, right?" Hook says that it's seemed to work for him so far and Emma agrees, "until the day that it doesn't". She tells him that they're saving Regina; it might be stupid, it might be crazy, but they're doing it. So he can join them and be a part of something or he can do what he does best and be alone. She holds out her hand, wanting the bean back, and Hook hands over the satchel, noting that she's quite passionate. As the rest of the townspeople begin to disperse, Hook asks her in a hushed tone why she's really doing this, and Emma replies that Henry just lost his father that day and that she's not letting him lose a mother, too. Hook wonders just who Henry's father is, and Emma replies that it's Neal. "Baelfire..." Hook utters, and Emma confirms this before leaving the diner.

222 24
Bae confronts Hook about Milah.

Back in time, Hook is standing aboard his ship as Mr. Smee approaches him and asks why Baelfire is still on the Jolly Roger, saying that the boy has given him a path to revenge but he can't walk that path if he's dead. Hook tells Smee to be careful but Smee goes on to say that the captain knows quite well that "he" is after the boy, and that if he doesn't surrender Baelfire to "him", the Lost Ones will take him anyway, and kill Hook. The pirate exclaims that he's the captain and that he gives the orders, and anyone that complains can walk the plank and pray the mermaids take pity on his soul. "Face me, villain!" Baelfire yells as he emerges from the hatch leading below decks with a sword, swinging it in Hook's direction. The other members of the crew step in to help Hook, but he commands them not to, and they step back. The pirate asks Bae what this is about and the boy pulls out the drawing inf Milah, saying that he found it on Hook's desk, wondering how he got it and accusing him of being the pirate that killed her. Bae takes another swipe at Hook with his sword, and another, but the pirate dodges them, knocking the sword out of the boy's hand with his hook.

222 25
Hook offers himself as Bae's new family.

He professes that he didn't kill Bae's mother and states that they fell in love and ran off together, (See "The Crocodile") "Your father lied to you, he was too much of a coward to tell you the truth, he tore her heart out and crushed it in front of me and I've spent every moment since then wanting revenge!" Bae realizes that that means his mother abandoned him, but Hook assures the boy that not a single day went past that she didn't regret leaving him and that they talked about going back for him when he was old enough, and perhaps fate brought the two of them (Hook and Bae) together so that he could make good on those plans. "We can live the life that Milah wanted for us, as a family!" Hook tries, approaching Bae, but the boy refuses, demanding that Hook stay back as he used him and wanted to kill his father. Hook confirms this and Bae, tears in his eyes, tells the pirate that he tore apart his family as sure as if he ripped Milah's heart out himself. "Bae, don't..." Hook tries, but Bae requests to be taken back to his real family: the Darlings, and the captain states that he can't as it's impossible to leave Neverland, but Bae could stay there under Hook's protection, however, the boy says that he'd rather fend for himself than be with Hook - "I want off this ship... pirate." A tearful Baelfire walks away as Hook watches sadly.

222 26
Emma realizes that Hook stole the bean...

Down in the mines of Storybrooke, Regina is still sending her magic into the brightly glowing black diamond as she sees Henry, Emma, David and Mary Margaret rush in. Shocked, she asks them what they're doing there, and Henry explains that she was willing to die to save them and that makes her a hero, and now they're going to be heroes. David goes on to say that they're going to open a portal and throw the diamond into a void, but Regina refuses this, saying that they don't know that it'll work. Mary Margaret states that they have to try, and David tells everybody to step aside as Emma takes the bean from the satchel, however, as her parents and son move out of the way, Emma realizes that the satchel is empty, and turns around to tell them this. The four of them appear shocked, and Emma calmly states, "Hook..."
Hook is seen standing on his ship out at sea, just outside Storybrooke, with the magic bean that he and David earlier stole resting in his one good hand. The shot then shows the Jolly Roger sailing further away from town.

Act V

222 27
After having been sold out by Hook, Baelfire is kidnapped by the Lost Ones.

We are treated to a view of Neverland at nighttime where out in the ocean we see the Jolly Roger sailing slowly as Baelfire stares longingly at the shore, seeming sad, with a sack of his belongings slung over his shoulder. He's soon approached by Captain Hook, who sees that he's eager to go, and Bae tells him to just drop him off anywhere. Hook asks the boy if he really thinks he can survive on his own, and Bae replies that he's never been given the choice. The pirate points out that he has one now but Bae merely tells him again that anywhere will do. "I get you're angry..." Hook says, "But it doesn't have to end like this. This ship can be your home. Your family. Just say the word. It's not too late to start over; I can change, Bae... for you." Bae points out that Hook may say that, but he knows he'll never change, because all he cares about is himself. Bae walks away from Hook to the other side of the ship and the pirate simply stands there sadly, before thanking Bae. The two of them turn to face each other, and Hook continues, "For reminding me of what I'm all about... killing your father." Soon, Felix and some of the other Lost Ones climb up the side of the ship and jump aboard. Two of them get their hands on Bae's arms as he realizes that Hook's not letting him go, and the pirate retorts that that wouldn't help him. "You hated my father so much, you didn't even realize that you were just like him!" Bae exclaims as the Lost Ones restrain him and push him down into their smaller boat beside the Jolly Roger. As they climb back in, Hook tells Felix that he has the boy and asks if "he" will be pleased. Felix does not answer, and merely climbs back into his boat with Bae. Hook remains silent and walks to the ship's edge where he sees the boy sitting in the boat, and the two of them stare at one another, before a bag is placed over Baelfire's head. Hook looks to Smee, who's beside him, before walking up to the ship's platform where he approaches the steering wheel and sees the "P" and "S" he carved when he taught Bae how to sail. He then scratches them out with his hook.

In the present day, we see the same scratched-out carvings on Hook's ship as he continues to sail away from Storybrooke. He stares at the bean in his good hand before grasping it tightly.
In the town, we see the citizens running and screaming as leaves and vines and trees and other mounds of forestry rapidly spreads through the streets as the diamond does its work. Vines are seen wrapping themselves around buildings as leaves grow and trees start to randomly sprout out of the ground.

222 28
The Charmings exchange a heartfelt hug.

Down in the mines, Regina is still sending her own lightning-like magic into the brightly glowing black diamond and begins shaking, seeming weak, "I can't contain this much longer..." she tells the Charmings who are beside her. Emma looks at her sadly, still carrying the empty satchel, as Mary Margaret, David and Henry continue to hold on to each other. Realizing that this is the end, Emma throws the satchel to one side and approaches her parents, "Mom..." she says, tears in her eyes, before adding, "Dad..." She hugs the two of them, Henry being in between, and the family hold each other in their final moments as tears come to each of their eyes. Henry looks at Regina who's on her own, still containing the diamond, and she looks back at him before turning away, sadly. Soon, Henry walks out of the hug and approaches his adoptive mother, who tells him that she loves him and that she only wishes she was strong enough to stop all of this, but she's just not. A tearful Henry hugs a tearful Regina as the other three Charmings continue to embrace.

222 29
Emma and Regina use their combined magic to save Storybrooke.

Suddenly, Emma's eyes open and she steps out of the hug, realizing something. She looks at the diamond as Regina's magic floods into it, and she approaches the mayor, standing the opposite side of the diamond as Henry backs away, going back to his grandparents. "You may not be strong enough..." Emma says, "But maybe we are." At this, Mary Margaret, David and Henry all get well away from the diamond and take cover around the corner as Emma raises both hands to the self-destruct and her own magic begins to pour into the thing. As Emma and Regina's power combines, the diamond begins to rapidly vibrate, and before long, a large burst of energy is released from the device which sends Emma and Regina flying in opposite directions. The diamond itself lands on the rock beneath it, still glowing a little, but its power soon short circuits, and it dies down.
And with that, we are shown images from across town of the sign outside Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer as the leaves vanish from it, and soon enough, Mr. Gold steps out of his shop to see the vines and leaves and other forestry retracting from places and buildings as the diamond's effects are reversed and Storybrooke is safe once more.

222 30
"They took him..."

We again see the dead self-destruct device settled on a rock in the mines as David and Mary Margaret awake and stand up, having too been hit by the energy blast, and Regina does the same. "We're alive!" Charming exclaims as he clutches his wife, and the two of them run over to an awakening Emma to help the blonde to her feet. They make sure she is okay as Regina picks up the black diamond, and Emma comments that they did it, and Regina confirms that yes, they did. David says that he's got to hand it to Henry as the kid's right about a lot of things, and Emma agrees that yes, he is. "Isn't that right, kid?" she asks, turning around, but soon sees that there's no Henry to reply. She calls out for him as she wanders around the corner of the mine tunnel, and the Charmings and Regina begin to follow. Soon, the four of them are running through the mines, a torch in Emma's hand, as she continues to call out for her son. The blonde sees something on the track and Mary Margaret asks her what it is. Emma picks up the bag from the floor and states, "They took him..."

222 31
Greg and Tamara kidnap Henry.

Up on the surface, we see Henry in the clutches of Greg, the kid's hands being tied, as Tamara tells him to relax, assuring him that they're not going to hurt him. "Just everyone I love," he adds, "You tried to blow up Storybrooke!" He attempts to struggle out of Greg's grip as they walk him across the docks, but it's futile, and Tamara tells the kid that that was never the point. Henry seems confused, and Greg explains that they came to town to destroy magic, but then they found something more important that changed everything - he stops walking and looks at the kid - "You," he states, and the kid appears even more confused as they begin to drag him further along with them.

Act VI

222 32
Henry is taken down a portal by Greg and Tamara before his family is able to rescue him.

Greg and Tamara continue to hastily march Henry to the docks where round a corner we see Emma, Regina, David and Mary Margaret emerge, as the latter tells the former that she doesn't even know where she's going. As the four of them run, Emma says that it doesn't matter as she's finding Henry and will track Greg and Tamara down in hell if she has to. They soon run around another corner and stop when they see Greg and Tamara standing with Henry, and Greg throws a magic bean into the sea. "The last bean... They've opened a portal..." Regina says as a portal opens in the ocean next to the docks. Emma, David, Regina and Mary Margaret run towards them and the blonde exclaims Henry's name. Greg and Tamara see them coming and so quickly jump, with Henry, off the edge of the docks and into the small portal in the sea, going through it and causing it to close. Emma and the rest catch up as this happens and the devastated blonde exclaims that they have to follow them and that there has to be another way. Regina points out that not only do they not know where they went, but Hook stole the last bean. However, Emma, who's being restrained by David, states that she doesn't care but Regina argues that without it, there's no way to follow them. "There has to be..." Emma says, "We can't let them just take Henry!" "They've taken Henry?" asks a voice from behind them, and the four of them turn to see Mr. Gold strolling the docks with Belle. David confirms it, saying that Gold's the Dark One and requests that he do something. Emma begs him to help them but Gold tells them that there's no way, reminding them that he spent a lifetime trying to cross worlds to find is son and that there's no way in this world without a portal. Regina asks if that's it, that Henry's gone forever, and Gold remains silent, but Regina states that she refuses to believe that. Belle soon approaches the edge of the docks, having seen something out at sea, and asks what it is. The other five of them turn to face where she's looking to see Captain Hook's pirate ship on the horizon, sailing towards the shore. "Hook..." Emma says.

222 33
Hook hands over the final bean...

Soon, once the ship has docked, Hook walks off of it and Emma asks him what the hell he's doing there. "Helping," he says simply, but Emma tells him that he's too late, saying that she thought he didn't care about anyone but himself. Hook takes a satchel from his pocket and hands it to Emma, telling her that maybe he just needed reminding that he could. The blonde pours the contents of the satchel out onto her hand and soon holds a magic bean in her palm, and stares at it in amazement. Regina tells them that they should stop waiting around and just go, but Hook asks her where, saying that he thought they were saving the town. David tells the pirate that they already did and Emma adds that they need to get Henry, explaining that Greg and Tamara took him through a portal. Hook nods, offering his ship and his services to help follow them, and Regina says that that's great but asks how they will track them. "Leave that to me," Gold assures them, saying that he can get them where they need to go. "Well, let's do it," Mary Margaret says, and Hook followed by Regina followed by Emma followed by Mary Margaret followed by David board the ship.

222 34
Belle and Rumple say goodbye to one another.

As Gold and Belle prepare to do the same, the former says that he has to go, and she has to stay there. "No... why? I want to help," Belle says, confused, but Gold tells her that the town is no longer safe. David, who's on his way up to the ship, asks Gold what he means, and Rumple tells the two of them that Greg and Tamara weren't working alone and others will follow, and David states that they can't leave people in danger. Gold pulls a tiny scroll from out of his pocket and presents it to Belle, saying that after they've gone, she has to follow the instructions contained on the scroll. Belle takes it, and Rumple explains that it's a cloaking spell that will shield the town and make it impossible for anyone to find. Belle nods, but asks how Gold will find his way back to her, and the pawnbroker remains silent as David walks aboard the ship. She soon realizes that Gold isn't coming back and he says that the prophecy said that the boy is his undoing, (See "Manhattan") but he's also his grandson, and he must save him to honor Baelfire as he's gone and he (Gold) didn't even get the chance to say goodbye. Belle begins to tear, placing her hand on Rumple's shoulder and telling him that she understands, "But I also know..." she says, "That the future isn't always what it seems... I will see you again." The two of them exchange a passionate kiss, and when Belle tearfully pulls away, she looks at her love before telling him that Baelfire would be very proud of him, and she proceeds to walk away from the docks. Gold looks at her longingly, his eyes sparkling with tears.

222 35
Have you brought us a storyline?!

We are shown the crashing waves of the beach in the fairytale land that is, and washed up on the damp sand, we see Neal Cassidy lying there, unconscious, still weak after having been shot by Tamara. After falling through the portal, he presumably landed in the ocean and was carried to shore by the waves, and as he lies there, someone is seen approaching. We are shown that it's Prince Phillip, who asks who it is, before flipping it over so that the audience can view Neal's face. Aurora, who's standing near her prince, crouches down beside him and states that she doesn't know. As Mulan crouches down also, but remaining silent, Phillip asks if Neal's alive, and Aurora places her hands on his neck and face, feeling for a pulse. "Barely," she declares, "We have to get him help." As Mulan stands up, Phillip grabs onto the unconscious Neal's neckline and requests that Aurora help him, and the two of them proceed to carry him to safety so that they can help him.

222 36
Gold gets them to where they need to go.

Back on the Jolly Roger, Mr. Gold approaches Hook and asks him if he's done trying to kill him. Hook replies that he believes so, and Gold declares this excellent as it means the pirate can live. Rumple waves his hand, and in a puff of purple smoke, the magic, white globe given to him by Cora (See "In the Name of the Brother") appears on top of a wooden barrel. The Charmings and Regina watch expectantly as Gold pricks his finger on the tip of the globe's axis and presses his blood to the white surface. Soon, his blood spreads like a cloud through the globe and a red map appears upon it. Regina looks at it and asks where it is, where they took Henry, and Emma and the other Charmings wait for Hook to tell them, "Neverland..."

222 37
Baelfire's "lucky day".

In Neverland of the past, the small ship that Baelfire was taken on by the Lost Boys comes ashore and they take the kidnapped boy, a bag still over his head, off of it, and throw him into the sand in front of an inland fire. Felix pulls Bae to his feet and removes the bag from his head, asking the two other Lost Boys in front of him if Bae's is the boy that "he" wants. The two Lost Ones stare at a drawing of the boy they're looking for, and compare it to Bae, before shaking their heads, telling Felix that it's not. "It's your lucky day, boy," Felix says eerily in Bae's ear, telling him that he gets to live. "Put him with the rest," he says, throwing Bae over to another one of the Lost Boys who walks away with him.

222 38
Going, going...

Emma places the last magic bean in Hook's hand and the pirate walks to the edge of his ship before throwing it into the water. In the ocean, a large portal begins to form as the water around it twirls and swirls and the Jolly Roger begins to sail towards it. Hook stirs his ship as everyone on board grabs onto something. David, who's grasping a rope and holding Mary Margaret to her feet, asks what they're up against, wondering who Greg and Tamara are. Gold, who's grabbing a rope of his own, states that they were merely pawns manipulated by forces far greater than they can conceive, with no idea who they're truly working for. Emma, who's clutching a sail, asks just who that is, and Gold tells her that it's someone they all should fear.

Back in Neverland, a Lost One asks Felix, if Bae's not the boy "he's" looking for, if he thinks they'll be able to find him, Felix takes the drawing of the boy from the other Lost One and tells him that of course they will - "It may take time, but... Peter Pan never fails." He then looks down at the drawing of the boy and we are shown that the boy Peter is in fact looking for is Henry Mills.

222 39

As the Jolly Roger sails over to the portal out at sea, Emma, Regina, Mary Margaret, David and Mr. Gold are still grasping rope and other objects to stabilize themselves as Hook steers them closer and closer across the bumpy sea. The ship is seen soaring across the water, and soon enough, it sails on the rim of the portal before being carried down the thing by a large wave and falling through it. Another final wave crashes and a small burst of magic spreads across the now completely still and calm ocean. The portal is now gone, as are our heroes, and it's off to Neverland.

Deleted Scenes

"Aligned Interests"

Captain Hook is seen making his way through Storybrooke Cannery Co. and into the room where Regina was previously being tortured. The straps on the table are vacant and the electrocution machine is on the ground, bust. Suddenly, a gun is pointed to the back of Hook's head, and Greg Mendell asks him what the hell he thinks he's doing there. Hook turns around as Tamara enters and the pirate reminds the two of them that they promised to kill Rumplestiltskin and he's there to collect his payment. Tamara tells him that he's either very brave or very stupid, and Hook says that, like them, he's got nothing to lose. He comments that it's quite a mess they made there, and asks where Regina is, at which Greg explains that they were found out and a group of them came and took her back. He clicks the hammer of the gun and lowers it, saying that they got what they needed, and Hook asks about their deal, wondering when they're going to kill Rumplestiltskin. Tamara says that he's in luck as the people that they work for have a plan that aligns with his interests nicely. "They plan to kill the Dark One?" Hook asks, wondering how, and Greg says that he has an idea, suggesting that Hook go with them so they can show him. He exits the room and Hook begins to follow, but stops at Tamara, saying that he hopes there wasn't too much trouble in paradise when her fiancé found out the truth. Tamara assures the pirate that there was no trouble as Neal's gone. "Back into the arms of Emma?" Hook taunts, but Tamara denies this, saying that she killed him. Hook is stunned but Tamara tells him that she had to as he gave her no choice. The pirate asks how Neal died, and Tamara asks in turn why Hook cares. "I don't," Hook says before following on from Greg.


222 Title Card


The title of this episode was revealed by executive producer/co-creator Adam Horowitz, during the Paley Fest, on March 3, 2013, along with the title to episode 2.21.[1]



The outing held steady from the previous episode, placing a 2.2/7 among 18-49s with 7.33 million viewers tuning in, down from the 9.66 million it had from the first season finale.[2]


The finale received positive reviews from critics.

  • Hilary Busis from Entertainment Weekly gave the episode a positive, yet somewhat mild review: "So, was Once’s second season finale as momentous as its first? The short answer: Not really. The long answer: Last year’s juiciest finale developments -- Emma breaking the Dark Curse and Rumpelstiltskin bringing magic back to Storybrooke -- changed the show’s status quo for good, setting up a world of new and exciting possibilities. By contrast, Henry’s kidnapping and his dysfunctional family’s subsequent journey to Neverland aren’t really game-changers. In the short term, at least, they’re simply setting up a season 3 that's much like season 2: a sprawling exercise in world-jumping and cross-cutting that trades one big goal (break the curse!) for several smaller, slightly less pressing goals (find Henry! Protect Storybrooke from outsiders! Figure out what Red’s been up to for the past six months!)."[3]
  • Amy Ratcliffe of IGN gave the finale a 9 out of 10. [4]


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