An Untold Story
Once Upon a Time 5x23
May 15, 2016
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"An Untold Story" is the 111th episode of Once Upon a Time, as well as the second part of its fifth season's finale.


With the possibility of magic being destroyed and the fate of Storybrooke hanging in the balance, it's a race for Henry's two mothers to track him down before his villainous grandfather can get to him first. Regina continues to struggle with her frustrations over her formerly evil self while, elsewhere, the other heroes are imprisoned and must contend with two very disturbed individuals who just might give Mr. Gold a run for his money.



Act I

It's now daytime in the mystery realm as we are once again shown an establishing shot of Hyde's mansion, before being taken into the medical laboratory where Dr. Jekyll can be seen waking up after having transformed back into himself. He has been strapped into a straight jacket which he proceeds to try and shake free of, before noticing the note on the table which has been left by his other half.

You almost got free. Sorry it didn't work out.
Mr. Hyde
523 01
Despite Hyde's efforts, Jekyll gets an idea.

Jekyll rolls his eyes at this, then turning to see Poole dozing in a nearby chair, having had too much to drink. He soon drops his flask full of alcohol onto the floor while Jekyll slowly rises to his feet, his hands still stuck in position. Upon spotting an array of surgical equipment, he begins creeping over to it; he stares at a scalpel as he quietly declares, "That's the thing about you, Hyde. You're not half as clever as you think." He begins to squirm, presumably about to use the surgical knife to cut himself free.
We are then taken to the room with the cage where Hook is currently trying to use his namesake attachment to pick the lock and set himself, Snow, David and Zelena free. However, he seems to be having very little luck, and the formerly Wicked Witch asks the pirate if he got into his own rum, wondering if he seriously thinks that what he's attempting is going to work when her magic can't. He replies that he supposes he could just do nothing, "But then again, that's your job!" Angry, Zelena exclaims that if he really wants to get out of there then she can arrange a one-way trip right back to the Underworld, but David comes between the two hotheads and tells them both to stop, reminding them that they need to be patient because the groundsman promised to fix the Apprentice's wand and bring it back to them.

523 02
The prisoners are set free.

"Unfortunately, I was only able to keep half of my promise," Jekyll announces as he enters the room, and Zelena asks him what he means before demanding to know the whereabouts of the wand. The doctor assures that he repaired it, but then the warden took it from him; however, he didn't come empty handed, for it seems the orderly drank a little too much whiskey today. With this announcement, he reveals that he has the key to the cage, and, as he starts to unlock it, Snow says that they need to get the wand back from that warden and asks the doctor if he knows where he is. Jekyll lies and tells her that he does not, then going on to say that, first thing's first, before they find him they need a way to defeat him because he's quite powerful. He might have a way, but it's dangerous. "Hasn't stopped us before," Snow assures as the cage door finally opens and she steps on out of it, followed by her three comrades. Hook is the last one to exit captivity and, before he descends the steps like the others, he grabs Jekyll threateningly and informs him that he just went to hell and back; as such, he's not afraid of his warden. In response, Jekyll simply tells the pirate to follow him.

523 03
The Land of Untold Stories.

Jekyll and the four ex-prisoners are next seen venturing out into this undiscovered land, making their way through a busy marketplace with all manner of people running it. "Bloody hell..." Hook says as he finally gets a good look at the place, and David asks where they are. Like Snow says, it's like all the realms at once, and we see citizens who are distinctly from the Enchanted Forest, Agrabah, Wonderland... everywhere. Jekyll tells her that she's closer than she thinks, for this land is a refuge, filled with outcasts from all over; each forced to flee their problems and each finding a safe haven there. Snow wonders just what exactly they were forced to flee from and Jekyll informs her that the reasons are as varied as the populace, but everyone has their own tale; that's way this place has come to be known as the Land of Untold Stories. Hook sees this as a tad ironic of a name, given that this land seems to be filled with stories, and Jekyll stipulates to this before pointing out that there's only one story they need to worry about now and that's their own. "Aye," Hook agrees, "And that story better end with us getting back to our world." The five of them proceed through the market place, though the four foreigners continue to marvel at this veritable melting pot of a world.

523 04
A magical storm is seen brewing.

Back in New York, Violet is chasing after Henry following him having presumably stormed out of the Midtown library. She calls out his name and begs him to stop as she finally catches up to him because his moms told them to wait where they were, but Henry points out that they could be in trouble, then asking Violet why all of a sudden she cares what they say since she already ran away with him and lied to them about the Dark Grail. Finally she gets him to stop by taking his hand, saying that she knows he's scared and that if he really thinks that this is the best thing to do then she'll help him. Henry thanks her, wanting to continue to wherever he was headed, and Violet follows, her hand still is his. "But," she adds, "I hope you have a good plan, because we don't have magic and we have no idea where your grandfather is." Henry then stops, telling her that, actually, he thinks he does. She then looks to where he's looking and sees a massive purple storm cloud hovering solitary above a nearby hotel building. It swirls around as it zaps lightning randomly, clearly magical in source, and Henry and Violet continue to stare at it as they come to the shared realization that the top of that hotel building is where they need to be.

523 05
What's Rumple up to?

Inside the hotel, one of the servers remains entirely oblivious to the nonsensical storm raging above his place of employment, thanks to his earphones blocking out the noise. Instead, all he hears is Rick Springfield's song "Jessie's Girl" as he pushes a trolley with a lidded meal on top of it out of the elevator and down the hall, all the way to the room at the end where a mysterious glow is emanating. This makes him somewhat apprehensive and he finally removes the earphones and hears the horribly shrill noise which accompanies the glow; intent on doing his job, however, he inches the trolley toward the room and eventually knocks on the door, which is then opened by Mr. Gold. The glow and the noise die down as soon as the server is able to see inside the room, and the guest he's serving tells him not to just stand there. As such, the server enters and is able to see the Olympian Crystal as it rests amid several runic carvings, surrounded by three lit candles which are obviously part of some sort of magical ritual. Trying his best to ignore this, the server simply announces the arrival of Gold's dinner, removing the lid from the tray as he says, "The spaghetti bolognese."

523 06
Gold is in need of silver.

However, what's on the plate is far from what Gold ordered, consisting of steak and vegetables, and the server does his best to apologize for what is apparently the kitchen's mistake, offering to get it fixed right away. Gold tells him that there's no need because the meal is irrelevant, and then he approaches the trolley and lifts up the tray which bears the plate, proceeding to tip the food off of it as he asks if this is sterling silver. The server confirms that it is, though he's confused as to why this very strange guest needs to know such a thing, and then Gold finally tells him that he can leave. The hotel employee tries to do just this, but before he's able to make it to the door the Dark One tells him that actually there's one more thing. The server turns slowly, clearly afraid, as Gold approaches; all he does, however, is provide him with a tip, stuffing it into the breast pocket of his vest as he warns that things might get messy there. Nodding, the server manages to leave the room with his tip in tow, and then Rumple promptly closes the door where we zoom in on the sign which reads "Do Not Disturb". Like Gold forewarned, things are about to get messy...

Act II

523 07
Granny drops Emma an important text.

The magical storm cloud continues to spew thunder and lightning as it grows in size above Gold's hotel building, swirling and writhing and clearly meaning nothing good for the citizens of the Big Apple. It's in the plain view of Emma and Regina on the street below, and the latter comments that Gold might have magic on his side but he sure isn't subtle. Emma, not liking this, says that if she knows Henry then he's already disobeyed them; she wants to call him so that she can tell he and Violet to stay put but, as she takes out her phone, Regina points out that that's not going to work since she torched his phone earlier in a rage. When Emma takes out her cell though, she sees something that confuses and concerns her greatly. Regina asks what's wrong and the blonde reveals that Granny sent her a text about something that's happened in Storybrooke - her parents, Hook and Regina's sister were pulled through some kind of portal. "Again?" Regina questions, finding this sort of thing to be kind of typical by now, and she proceeds to wonder where they've all ended up.

523 08
Regina is just so done with Gold.

However, Emma points out that Granny is an expert on lasagna, not magic, meaning all they know is that the four of them vanished with the Sorcerer's wand and then they never came back. Regina looks up at Rumple's magic cloud, clearly angry and now more determined than ever, and she proceeds to storm her way over to the hotel building. Emma follows her across the busy street, worried and trying to say that their loved ones might all be in danger and that they have to bring them home, but Regina asserts that the only way to do that is to get their magic back from Gold. The blonde stops her before she enters the hotel, saying that they need a plan, but Regina makes clear that she has one. "I still have a fist; Gold still has a nose! If you don't like it, I'll do this alone." Again, she tries to enter, but again, Emma stops her, proclaiming that she gets it, she wants to help her family too, but they have to be smart about this. Regina then stares the savior down, quickly formulating a new plan as to just how she's going to go about dealing with the deranged Dark One.

523 09
Rumple kinda cba rn.

Someone knocks on the door to Gold's hotel room and the Dark One opens it to see that that someone is Regina, and he asks her if she didn't see the sign on the door which requests that he not be disturbed. In response, she simply says that they need to talk - alone - before barging into the room as she assures that the savior doesn't even know she's there. Gold seems less than pleased to have an unwanted visitor, and even less so when she sees the ritual he has set up - though the Olympian Crystal is now absent from the center of it. He approaches it while asking what makes her think he has any interest in talking to her, and she states that the storm clouds outside tell her that he hasn't been able to wake Belle yet. "And apparently it's not from a lack of trying," she adds in reference to the candles and the runic carvings, then saying that it seems to her that he could use the help of his best student. However, Rumple laughs at this, telling her that they both know that's not her because his best student was a Queen; Regina has her buried under layers of tasteful cotton and good intentions, which he finds such a pity.

523 10
The Evil Queen is welcomed back.

"What if I told you I was ready to let her back out?" Regina challenges, "What if I told you I am sick of losing everyone I care about?" Gold replies that he'd say, "What's changed?", and she tells him that it's Zelena - she's in trouble, all because the heroes convinced her to use the Sorcerer's wand and now they're trapped in another realm. This gives Rumple an inkling, but he soon turns to Regina and asks her what makes her think he would ever help Zelena. At this, she points out that he needs her - the Evil Queen - and she doesn't want to lose one more person she loves. Not after what happened to Robin Hood. Gold eventually says that perhaps she's right; perhaps they can help one another. He moves around the table so as to approach his former pupil. "May I?" he asks in reference to her coat, a symbolic gesture meaning he wants her to stay and help him with the magic he's performing, and she emits a flicker of a smile as she turns around and removes it. As Gold takes the old Queen's garment, he says that they should talk about getting her sister back.

523 11
Zelena is salty about the lack of devious maids.

We are taken to an old-timey apartment block in the Land of Untold Stories and, on the inside, Jekyll is seen leading Zelena, Snow, David and Hook into his old apartment, explaining that this is where he lived when he was still a doctor at the hospital. "So, not many maids with untold stories then?" the Wicked Witch asks as she runs her finger along the mantle and accumulates a mound of dust on her black glove, then blowing it off in disgust. Jekyll approaches his desk with a vast chemistry set containing many colorful substances set up on it; he grabs a test tube filled with blue liquid and Snow asks him what it is, leading him to explain that it's a serum he created which is designed to separate the good from the evil in someone. He tells them that it's what they're going to use to defeat the warden, at which Hook points out that he didn't exactly see any good in him. However, as Jekyll sets up the test tube in relation to the rest of his apparatus, he assures that it's there and that the good has been fighting to get out for a long time but it never could. "Until now," he adds, taking some purple flowers from out of his pocket.

523 12
The serum is completed.

David recognizes them from the vine the doctor was trimming back in the garden and Jekyll confirms that that's where they're from, and that they're the final ingredient in his serum. He snips the end of the stalk and proceeds to squeeze the purple juices from within, into the test tube. Upon applying a cork, he lifts the tube up into the air and gives it a shake, watching as this new ingredient changes the color from blue to red. The serum is complete, and Jekyll says that the warden knew he was growing it right under his nose. "So he did," Poole exclaims as he comes barging into the apartment along with his zapping device which he earlier used to stun the heroes. He warns them to back off as he approaches the doctor, who doesn't understand; he recalls that Poole was passed out drunk, but the orderly, grabbing the doctor, reveals that he let him get away so that he could finish his serum - and now he's going to show the warden what he's done. With this declaration, Poole takes out the same bottle of blue fluid from before, hastily forcing it down Jekyll's throat. Jekyll warns the ex-prisoners to get away, but all they do is demand what the orderly did to their rescuer.

523 13
The heroes figure out what story the doctor is from.

Said rescuer wants them to run as once again he is overcome with red and blue light; the transformation has begun, and soon enough his clothes are seen tearing as his face and body morph and Mr. Hyde stands where Dr. Jekyll just was. As he slams his hands down on the table, smashing various pieces of equipment as he does so, Snow says to her husband that she thinks she knows which story their good doctor is from. "Dr. Jekyll," David realizes, "Which means he's..." "Mr. Hyde," Snow introduces as Hyde looks up at them all. Hook demands to know who Mr. Hyde even is, but Zelena, despite not knowing either, espouses that one should always shoot first and ask questions later. To demonstrate this principle, she summons a ball of green fire and throws it at the warden... but it has no effect on him. If anything, he appears to absorb it, meaning the Wicked Witch may have in fact just added to their adversary's strength. Snow sees now that Jekyll was right, before telling her comrades to run. They do just this, and Hyde smiles while Poole wants to go after them with his electronic weapon. Hyde gestures for the orderly not to bother though as he lifts up the completed serum and stares at it contently.

523 14
The savior sneaks.

Emma, meanwhile, can be seen frantically typing on her cell phone back in New York as she corresponds it to some sort of key card device which she then uses to unlock the door to Gold's hotel room. Once she gains access, we see that, inside, Gold has poured himself and Regina a drink. "To helping one another, once again," he toasts as Emma sneaks in behind him, and the former Evil Queen clinks glasses with the Dark One while the savior shimmies her way out of sight. She proceeds to ask where Belle is and Rumple reveals that she was taken, or rather, Pandora's Box was taken with her in it. As he says this, Emma is seen silently sneaking through the drawers and such in the bedroom, and Regina simply wonders how the taking of Belle came about. He says that he didn't know before she arrived - it was the Sorcerer's wand; Zelena must be trapped because someone's taken it from her, meaning she and Belle must be in the same realm. While Emma seems to be having little luck in finding what she's looking for, Gold tells Regina that she's going to help him find this mystery realm, addressing her as "your majesty" as he sips from his glass.

523 15
And gets caught out.

Finally, Emma discovers the Olympian Crystal in the Dark One's travel bag, but then Rumple simply holds out his hand and the crystal vanishes from her palm in a flurry of red smoke, reappearing in his. "Help yourself to a drink, Miss Swan," he calls out, and Emma tells him that she thinks she'll pass as she emerges from the bedroom. Regina seems annoyed that he knew the entire time that she was tricking him and he says that of course he knew, getting up to place the crystal back in the center of his ritualistic carvings as he proclaims that Regina's changed and that the loss of one man isn't going to push her back over the edge. Not anymore. Regina too gets to her feet and Gold informs her that, for better or worse, this is now who she is: guilt-ridden and weak. "I only let you in because I needed this," he clues her in, plucking a fallen strand of her hair from a piece of furniture, and she realizes that he needed something connected to Zelena so that he could find her and the others - and thus Belle. He confirms this, pointing out that, now that he has it, he has no need for Regina nor Emma.

523 16
Henry makes the stupid decision to destroy magic.

He proceeds to make a fireball in his hand, to the savior's fear, at which point Henry barges in and exclaims, "Stop!" Violet is with him, and Regina orders the two teens to get out of there because there's nothing they can do. However, Henry reveals that there is, and then he takes out the Dark Grail and uses it like a vacuum to suck up any magic he aims it at. First, it vanquishes Gold's fireball, but then Henry aims it at the Olympian Crystal on the table. All of Storybrooke's magic is then absorbed into the Grail, and we see Gold's purple storm clouds evaporate as the magic of our world is entirely eradicated. After a burst of power which knocks down everyone in the room, the crystal falls to the table... only that's all it is now. A crystal. It houses no magic; no power; no anything. And that's a big problem for the people trapped in the Land of Untold Stories. "Henry..." Emma utters as she and the others get to their feet, "What've you done?" But her son only appears proud of himself as he stands there with the Dark Grail, having accomplished what he set out to do. He then firmly replies, "I destroyed magic."


523 17
Jekyll and Hyde separate.

Mr. Hyde uses a syringe to extract some of the completed serum from the test tube, then telling Poole that, while he injects himself, he might want to go into the other room. The orderly abides by his master's wishes and makes himself scarce, and then the warden closes his eyes as, slowly, he prepares to plunge the needle of the syringe into his now exposed forearm. Once he does this, he pushes on the end with his thumb and allows for the red liquid inside to be transferred into his veins. There is an immediate reaction upon the withdrawal of the needle; he begins to jerk and hunch over, then dropping the syringe onto the table as he starts to scream in pain. He then contorts backwards, still screaming as the blue and red light associated with Dr. Jekyll's transformation returns. Dr. Jekyll is coming back... but Hyde isn't transforming. No, instead, the doctor is coming out of the warden. The serum has made it so that the bad and the good are now physically separating, to the pain of both of them. When the process is complete, Hyde remains standing while Jekyll drops to the floor, both of them breathing heavily.

523 18
Hyde is disappointed in himself.

Both of them then look at their other half with extreme fascination on their faces. "It's so nice to finally meet you, doctor," Hyde extends, clearly finding this odd. "Hyde," the doctor returns, clearly finding this odder. Hyde then adds that he's heard so much about him as he steps forward and holds out his hand for Jekyll to take; Jekyll, while cautious at first, soon uses it to help himself to his feet, and then the two of them are standing across from one another which does nothing if not add to the already heightened sense of surrealism of what this moment means for each of them. The friendliness comes to a halt when Hyde comments that Jekyll is even more disappointing in person, proceeding to walk around him and take note of how weak he is, as well as how pathetic. The doctor appears hurt by his other half's words, and then the warden tells him that he was actually impressed that he had the courage to try to finish that serum of his in secret. Jekyll replies that he had no choice, for being with Hyde was destroying him, and Hyde proceeds to explain the irony in that: "Being separate is what's going to destroy you."

523 19
No one mourns the wicked.

He places his hands either side of the doctor's head, clearly about to do some damage, and Jekyll appears very frightened right before Hyde clenches his throat, forcing him to his knees as he chokes the life out of him. It seems like he could be about to succeed... but then a very familiar hook rips through the already torn fabric of Hyde's coat, and Captain Hook is able to grab onto the evil warden and keep him restrained, thus stopping him from doing what he's doing, telling him, "I don't think so, mate!" before throwing him to one side, causing him to hit a table on his way down. Poole comes rushing in to see what all the ruckus is, but he is quickly blasted by one of Zelena's green fireballs. He drops to the floor, presumably dead, and lets go of his electronic zapping device in the process. The Wicked Witch takes great satisfaction in this, saying how she's been waiting to do that, as David and Snow enter the apartment along with her; the latter stares at the dead body, getting an idea.

523 20
Snow does a cute.

Hyde and Hook are engaging in a struggle all the while, and the former seems to have the upper-hand. The pirate is forced away from him while the doctor remains on the floor, clutching his throat, shocked to still be alive. David rushes over to help him to his feet while Snow is seen making her way over to the orderly's corpse. Jekyll reminds the heroes that he told them to run but, as David points out, he risked everything to save them, and that means they've got to do the same. "To be clear, I was fine running," Zelena comments, at which point Hyde says that he's now going to kill them all. However, Snow sneaks up behind him with Poole's weapon in tow, then using it to zap the big bad warden into unconsciousness. Jekyll tells her to leave it because it's of no use to them now; he grabs the syringe and the serum from the table, corking the test tube full of the red liquid as he adds that they don't want to still be there when Hyde wakes up. As such, the doctor begins to frantically rush out of his own apartment, and presumably his four rescuers proceed to do the same.

523 21
Henry acts annoyingly.

Back in Gold's hotel room, with Henry having just destroyed magic in our world, his grandfather asks him if he has any idea what he's just done. Henry replies that he just stopped him from hurting his moms, as well as anybody else, but the Dark One insists that he stopped him from rescuing Belle - not to mention his own family, who are now trapped in the same realm with her. This comes as quite a shock to Henry, who demands to know what Gold is talking about, and Emma appears disappointed as Regina turns to their son and explains to him that David, Snow, Hook and Zelena are in another realm right now. "And thanks to you, we have no way of helping them get back," Rumple adds angrily. Henry exclaims that he did what he had to, claiming that this isn't on him – "It's on you!" He then storms out of the room and Emma wants to stop him, but she can't. Violet promises to make sure he doesn't go far as she chases after him, while Regina has a sudden awful thought: Storybrooke. Henry rid it of its magic, and now she wants to know what happened to it. Gold, leaning over his now useless ritual, reminds the former Queen that Storybrooke survived for twenty-eight years without magic so he's sure it can last a few more.

523 22
A reluctant team is formed.

Emma recalls that he said it would be destroyed, but he admits that he was merely motivating them to find their wayward son. Emma wonders what they should do, suggesting that they call the police and see how Rumple does without his powers in a real prison, and Regina stipulates that that is an excellent idea. She turns to the Dark One, smiling at the thought, but then he turns right back at her, arguing that they might not want to do that when he can lead them to the one person in this land who might still have magic. Emma demands to know what he's talking about, since he said that this was a land without magic, and Gold confirms that it is... and it isn't. The savior declares an end to his riddles, wanting to know right now who it is that's got magic, but Gold says that for that answer it looks like they're just going to have to learn to work together. He goes to leave the hotel room and Regina, picking up the drained Olympian Crystal, offers to go with him so that she can make sure he keeps his hands off it. As she grabs her coat, she delegates the job of finding Henry to Emma, who proceeds to exit the hotel room to get to her once again runaway son.

523 23
Emma wants to chat.

We are shown a very sulky-looking Henry as he is silently sitting on the edge of a large fountain in some New York square along with Violet, who's sat just as silently after having succeeded in catching up to him when he left the hotel room. It is soon that Emma emerges from the city's rabble and greets her son and his friend by the fountain, proceeding to ask the latter if she wouldn't mind giving them a minute. Violet politely obliges, promptly getting up and leaving proximity so as to give the mother and son their requested privacy, and Emma sits down where the young lady just was as Henry asks her how she knew where to find him. She reminds him that when they lived in New York together - during the period known as the "missing year" for everyone else (see "Going Home" and "New York City Serenade") - this was where they came when he was upset, and then she'd give him a penny to throw into the fountain and she'd tell him to wish his problems away. She asks if he remembers before offering him a penny, wondering if he'd like to give it a try.

523 24
Make a wish?

He just apologizes though, saying that that's not going to make him feel better now, and she wonders why not. The young man points out that there wasn't any magic present back when they were living there; they didn't even know it existed and they were happy. "We were," Emma remembers fondly, having spent a large amount of time wanting to return to that life; she then assures her son that she wouldn't trade that time for anything, having loved it so much. However, she says that he's forgetting something: it was just the two of them back then, and that simply isn't the case now. "Yeah?" Henry cuts her off, "And that's why I thought if I destroyed magic in Storybrooke then we could all be happy. Like you and I were. But because of what I did, we'll never even see half of our family again." Emma reveals that that may not be true, saying that his mom is with Gold right now trying to find a way to bring everyone back, and once again she holds out the penny as she asks, "Should we see if they have any luck?" Henry stares at his mother, not quite knowing what to make of this.

523 25
Gold schools Regina about herself.

Over in a more oriental part of town, Regina can be seen walking with Gold as she asks him why he didn't believe her when she told him she wanted to help him. The Dark One asks if she's wondering if she's lost her edge, or hoping that she's finally managed to bury the Evil Queen deep enough inside that he wouldn't buy it. She requests that he not try to psychoanalyze her but he requests in turn to give her a friendly piece of advice, proceeding to tell her that partitioning the darkness inside will not help her become the woman she wants to be. The former Queen stops, pointing out that it's worked so far, but Rumple questions this, informing her that he once thought he could contain the darkness to one tiny corner of his soul - first with Baelfire and then for Belle - and he always failed. He asks if she'd like to know why, then finally admitting: "Because I like the darkness. It's as much who I am as the light. Why can't you seem to grasp it's not either/or?" Regina insists that it's because she's not like him - she doesn't like the darkness. Gold says that she can tell herself what she likes, but deep down the Evil Queen is who she is. And the more she keeps her locked inside, the more she's going to suffer.

523 26
Re Dragon.

Gold then continues walking, leaving Regina to dwell on his words, but she soon continues after him. The two of them are next seen entering a shop as oriental as the New York street that surrounds it, and Regina, confused as to why they're in such a non-extraordinary locale, finds herself asking what the hell this place is. Rumple doesn't answer, instead simply scanning the premises in search of a certain someone. Finally, that certain someone emerges - it's the Dragon, though the last time we saw him he was seemingly dead (see "Selfless, Brave and True"). He's perfectly alive now though, and he seems like such a kindly old man. He extends his greetings to the Dark One and the former Evil Queen, maintaining the outward appearance of someone who knows nothing of magic or its existence, and he goes on to ask them what brings them to his humble shop. Gold tells him that they were actually in the market for something a little more powerful than what he has on display.

523 27
Regina is offered help with her inner battle.

"If you mean narcotics, I'm just a simple herbalist," the Dragon replies, but Gold doesn't think so. He then introduces Regina to the old Asian man, telling her his preferred moniker, and then he comments that it's good to see him breathing again. He says he heard (see "Poor Unfortunate Soul") one of his father's minions paid him a visit, to which the Dragon says in turn that Peter Pan was powerful but he's resilient. He assumes the two of them are there because they want something, and then he addresses Rumplestiltskin by name despite not having been told it. However, he adds that he's afraid he's not in the business of helping hearts filled with such darkness. Regina chimes in that this is a waste of time, but the Dragon stops her when she tries to leave, saying that he'll help her. He sees a noble battle deep inside her soul, then addressing her too by name before stating that this battle is between light and dark. He knows this, and he will do his best to aid her because it is imperative she wins. "For all of us." Regina is more than a little taken aback by this.

Act IV

523 28
The Dragon works some magic.

Regina, Gold, Emma, Henry and Violet are next seen congregated in the backroom of the Dragon's oriental-style shop as he approaches a raised basin full of water with a bloomed pink lily pad in his hands. He places the lily pad delicately onto the water before standing back with his arms parted, then contorting them as though working some sort of magic spell - which, in fact, he is. Despite some weird glares from those gathered around him who don't quite understand the process he's undertaking, he continues to focus his energy onto the flower which steadily begins rotating on the surface of the water; eventually, the water ripples around it and it begins to rotate far more rapidly. Once it's increased to a sufficient enough speed, the others finally appear interested and move in as the Dragon reduces the flower to mere purple light, using it as an ingredient combined with the now quickly swirling water and making it so that the basin acts as a means of viewing the Land of Untold Stories, where Snow, David, Hook and Zelena are currently trapped.

523 29
The others are located.

It's like a magic mirror in the reflection of the water, and Regina spots the missing heroes heading back through the marketplace along with Dr. Jekyll, pointing them out and telling the others to look, before asking where the hell it is that they are. Emma replies that wherever it is they're in trouble, and Regina declares to the Dragon that they need to get there so that they can help them. The Dragon doesn't reply, merely focusing his magic even harder and making it so that the purple light of the flower emanates from the basin; the others step back again and Regina smiles, thinking that he's about to make a portal to the realm where her sister is trapped. However, the light ceases and the water stops swirling and the Dragon hunches over, clutching his stomach as though in pain, apparently having tapped out his supply of magical energies. He explains that opening a portal to that realm is beyond his power, but Henry tells him that he can't give up because his family is in trouble. "I've done all I can," the old Asian man assures, "But you... you haven't."

523 30
August gets a mention.

Henry appears confused, wondering what it is that he's supposed to do, but the Dragon reveals that it's all of them who should be doing something, for just because the boy destroyed Storybrooke's magic doesn't mean that there isn't any in this world. "Really? Because I think there's a reason they call this place the land without magic," Regina argues, leading the Dragon to reveal that it's only called that because that's how it appears; however, there's magic everywhere, if one is willing to see it. Emma says that that sounds an awful lot like something a friend told her a long time ago (see "The Stranger"), and the Dragon realizes she's talking about August. "Yes," he adds, "I know who you are, savior. If you want to find magic, remember what he told you." "'You have to believe,'" the savior recalls, at which Gold wonders what they do now since merely saying that you believe doesn't make it so. It is then that Henry pipes up again, signifying that he might just know a way to bring his family back home by claiming that he knows how to accomplish the usage of magic in the land that is supposedly without it.

523 31
The fountain is important somehow.

"How is that going to help us?" Regina asks in reference to the large fountain from earlier, and Henry explains to her that there's magic in it, every time someone makes a wish. As he takes a penny from his pocket, Gold tells him that he doesn't think throwing a coin into a fountain is what the Dragon was talking about, but Henry retorts that, "all due respect", he thinks that's exactly what he was talking about. Emma smiles at this, and her son proceeds to ask her if she remembers the last time she took him to this fountain when they were living in New York. She does, although she can't quite recall the specifics; knowing only that he was upset about something, she asks if it was to do with something going on at school, but he reveals that it was because of her. He could tell that she was lonely and so he made a wish that their family would be complete - "And do you know what happened a few days later?" he inquires. Emma then realizes that that's when Hook came to New York and brought them back to Storybrooke where they were reunited with their family (see "Going Home" and "New York City Serenade").

523 32
Magic starts to return...

Henry explains to her that there was magic, and it was right there, in the fountain; they just didn't know it. As such, they just need to wish for their missing family members to return to them, and to demonstrate, Henry approaches the fountain with his penny in tow and announces, "I wish we were reunited with our family!" With that, he tosses the coin into the water, and the Olympian Crystal in Regina's hand glows momentarily. Magic is returning... but it can't just be Henry. He beckons everybody else to do what he just did, handing out coins to Violet, his mothers and his grandfather as he promises them that this will work. "Okay, kid," Emma believes, and they all stand there, eyes closed, as they too make their wishes. Violet is the next to toss her coin in the fountain, followed by Regina, and then Emma. The crystal glows again, this time more substantially, and Regina asks Emma if she sees it. Somewhat taken aback by the proven effects of the others' wishes, Gold comments that sometimes his grandson surprises him, and he proceeds to finally throw his penny into the water too. This adds to the crystal's glow, though Henry deduces that they still need more. To accomplish this, he runs up the nearby stone steps, heading for the monumental lion statue.

523 33
Hyde corners our heroes.

Snow points out as Jekyll continues to lead she and the others through the Land of Untold Stories marketplace that they can blend in there, but so can Hyde; he can be anywhere. Jekyll confirms this, while David proceeds to ask the doctor if there's a reason his evil alter-ego doesn't look anything like him. "And he's ten times as strong," Zelena adds, as though mocking him for his measly nature. It is then that Jekyll explains to them that everyone sees their worst selves differently - some as a mirror image and others as a literal monster. However the mind conjures it. It would seem that his falls into the latter category, and as such Hook suggests that perhaps next time he might want to try an aggressive bunny rabbit. The five of them have been speeding through the market up until now, and so David frantically reminds them all that they've got to be looking for a way out; it's then that he spots a nice exit and files everyone on through to a back alley where Hook takes the lead and beckons for everyone to hurry after him. However, they look up at the tall Victorian-style buildings and realize that they've come to a dead-end, and Zelena finds herself sighing as she moans, "Seriously?" David then tries leading them back toward the marketplace, but they are cut off when Mr. Hyde suddenly emerges from the very same exit that they themselves just used. He appears less than pleased, as do they.

523 34
Henry gives his speech.

Henry is now standing on the lion statue, loudly addressing the people of New York City, to the embarrassment of his onlooking family. He introduces himself to those who fill the square, proceeding to exclaim that he needs their help. Finally he starts to gain some attention from the pedestrians, and so he lets them know that his family is in danger - but they can save them, with magic. The people laugh at this, clearly finding him crazy, and Emma and Regina both just look sorry for their son, who actually acknowledges just how crazy it sounds. "But magic is real," he assures, "It's all around us, you just have to be willing to see it; you have to be willing to believe! And I know how hard that is. I once let my own belief waiver. But I was wrong!" His mothers and Violet are all smiling now, proud of what the young man is trying to accomplish with his words, and he smiles too as he declares that everyone needs magic. "It can make the world a better place! I know it seems impossible, but think about it: at some point in your life, every one of you was once a believer, and at some point you left that part of you behind, but you can go back to it - if you believe. So what do you say?! Will you make a wish for us? Will you help us return magic to this world?"

523 35
The wishes are made.

Over the course of his speech, the New Yorkers really start to take on board what he's saying to them. And then he dismounts the lion statue and he comes running back down the stone steps, telling everyone that they just have to make a wish and encouraging them heavily to do so. Upon re-approaching the fountain, he drops in another coin, and to his family's great surprise, everyone else in the area begins to do the same. The large crowd is drawn to the fountain, all the members throwing in pennies and deciding to let their belief run wild - even if just for a moment. They make their wishes, which splash down by the bucket-load, and as this is going on we see Regina close her eyes to make a second wish, throwing another penny into the fountain. The crystal is glowing more brightly than ever before, leading Emma to conclude that what's happening is actually restoring magic, and Henry turns to his mothers with a smile on his face. "See, I told you," he says, and they smile in return as the Olympian Crystal gets even more brighter. More coins are thrown into the fountain as greater belief is spread.

523 36
A portal opens, just in time.

The pennies actually cross realms and begin to rain down on the cobbled street floor of the Land of Untold Stories, right where our heroes remain cornered by Mr. Hyde. They all appear confused, dodging the coins by all means, but David soon picks one up in confusion as to what they even are. "Pennies?" he questions, deeply dumbfounded.
A mound of water rises from the New York fountain as the citizens' wishes actually start to take effect. It swirls high into the air, to the amazement of all, and we see Mr. Gold start to approach as a portal begins to open.
Pennies still rain down in the other realm, and Snow is the first to turn around and notice the watery portal which opens up in the floor nearby. "Not pennies, David," she tells her husband, realizing what's going on: "Wishes." Zelena doesn't care who's making them, simply wanting to get out of this place, and she, Snow, David, Hook and Jekyll all rush toward the swirling hole in the floor. Hyde attempts to do the same as they all jump down it, back to our world, but he's too slow and it ends up closing before he's able to make the trip, meaning he goes nowhere except the ground as he slides across it.

523 37
The heroes return.

The mound of water soon breaks apart as the four heroes, plus Dr. Jekyll, all return to the realm from which they were snatched. They stand there in the fountain, looking incredibly confused, while the people all around them are astounded. They have no idea how what just happened, happened, but that doesn't matter right now; what matters is that a family is reunited, and Emma quickly rushes to her father and embraces him. She embraces her mother in turn, happy to have them both back, while Regina and Zelena share a sisterly hug. Hook tells his girlfriend that he knew she'd find them as he too embraces her, but she assures that it wasn't her this time - it was all Henry. Henry smiles at this, as does Violet, and the crowd who all wished for the boy's family to return all cheer for what they've just witnessed. Of course, as Henry sadly points out as Emma approaches him, they think it was all just an act and that none of this was real, but, as his mother points out in turn, this is the only way they can understand. The clapping and cheering continues, and then the savior assures her son that, for a moment, they believed. For a moment, Henry did the impossible and he made the world believe. The young man subsequently decides to take this as a win.

Act V

523 38
Mr. Hyde wants to strike a deal.

Mr. Hyde smashes up one of his laboratories back in the Land of Untold Stories, apparently distraught over the fact that he wasn't able to make it to what he decided was going to be his new home. He throws over tables and smashes glasses and chemistry apparatus, as well as an empty metal bird cage which gets thrown onto the floor; all the while he is screaming with rage, a noise matched only by the destructive racket he is creating around him. Finally he is left standing there, breathing heavily, and Mr. Gold comments from the doorway, "Still battling your better half, I see." Hyde is still for a moment, shocked by the Dark One's presence, which gives Gold time to add, "And failing," before he approaches what is apparently an old rival. Hyde concludes that Rumple made it through the portal from earlier, and the Dark One points out that he's never one to miss an opportunity. The evil warden recognizes this, then turning to Gold as he reaches a halt and basking in the fact that now he's finally here; he addresses him by his full name, "Rumplestiltskin", before declaring that he's going to help him win his aforementioned battle - because if he ever wishes to see his wife or his child-to-be again then he'll do as he asks.

523 39
And Mr. Gold is finally in the mood to listen.

At this, Gold simply outstretches his hand in anger and uses his magic to start lifting Hyde into the air as he chokes him. Hyde grabs onto his throat, frightened by what's being done to him, while Rumple states that the only deal he's going to make with the warden is the one where he returns Pandora's Box to him and then, he supposes, he gets to live. "I can help you," Hyde manages to spit out as he hovers there, choking, "Wake... Belle!" Gold doesn't loosen his magical grip on his adversary's throat... but he does appear intrigued. Finally though, he lets go, and Mr. Hyde drops to the floor, coughing profusely as he struggles to catch his breath. Looking down at the pathetic villain, Rumple asks him what it is he just said, and Hyde recoils, still on the floor, as he professes to know that Belle is under a sleeping curse and that he can provide the Dark One with the information to wake her. Gold thinks he's lying, thinking it will save his skin, but Hyde denies this as finally he gets back to his feet. Still breathing heavily, he informs Rumple that he's been the warden there to many from all distant lands, and he's learned much. As such, he knows that there is one place that has the answer Rumple seeks. "Where?" the Dark One demands, but Hyde, regaining his confidence, squares up to his enemy and says that he thinks it's time that they talk about a deal...

523 40
No sign of Rumple.

The face of Mr. Hyde is depicted in one of the new storybooks Henry found over at the Midtown library; Dr. Jekyll is the one who's looking at it, and as he closes the book he tells the heroes that he'll never be able to thank them enough for coming back to save him. He says that, now that he's separate from that monster, he'll be able to make a fresh start for himself in their Storybrooke, and he smiles at the thought. It is then that Hook enters Neal's apartment along with David and Zelena, announcing that there's still been no sign of the crocodile, and Emma seems surprised and worried that Gold wasn't at the park. David concludes that, in all the commotion, the Dark One must have slipped through the portal to find Belle, and Snow proceeds to ask about the whereabouts of Regina, wondering if she wasn't out with the others searching. Zelena reveals that her sister said she wanted to be alone for some reason, and Snow wonders if this moody behavior could be about the squabble her stepmother had with her daughter back in Storybrooke. Emma assures that that isn't the trouble, for she and Regina resolved that, and then she states that she knows what this is. "It's something bigger..." the blonde surmises.

523 41
An Irish cocoa.

We are treated to a view of the New York City skyline at night as Regina stands solitary on the roof of Neal's apartment building. Her expression is sad and contemplative, and her peace is soon disturbed when Snow emerges from the nearby door with two cups of hot cocoa in tow. She greets her old stepmother, saying that she thought she might need something to keep her warm, and she proceeds to place the cocoa onto the table for the both of them to drink. Regina reminds the fair princess that she doesn't exactly do hot cocoa with cinnamon, but Snow already knows this, hence she takes a flask from her inside pocket and pours the alcoholic substance - whatever it may be - into the former Queen's mug. She reveals that Emma told her what's going on with her, offering her the mug as she assures that she doesn't have to go through this alone; disagreeing, Regina takes the mug and states that she's afraid that she does, for if she wants to keep the Evil Queen at bay then she has to open herself up to a life of pain and suffering.

523 42
Snow has a risky idea.

"And if I don't keep her at bay... well, that's just not an option," she adds fearfully. Snow believes that there has to be something they can do, but Regina rejects the idea, sitting down at the table across from her friend as she reveals that she even made a second wish at the fountain: she wished the Evil Queen away so that she could be free of everything she did. "I did." But it seems it didn't work. After a pause, Snow makes sure Regina knows that they forgive her, but Regina points out that the problem is, as long as the Evil Queen is inside her, it doesn't matter. "Her baggage, her karma, call it what you want... will always be there. Just another useless wish." Finally, Regina takes the alcoholic cocoa and starts sipping from it, all the while Snow is getting what she clearly thinks, judging by her facial cues, is a tremendous idea. She nods as she sums up that Regina wants a fresh start, and, while she doesn't know for sure, she thinks she might know a way for that wish she made to come true after all. Regina appears taken aback and confused, wondering just how that's supposed to work.

523 43
Regina prepares to take drastic measures.

The next we see Snow and Regina atop Neal's roof, Emma is with them, and the former is holding the syringe filled with Jekyll's serum. She explains how Jekyll said he didn't know how to thank them, but they found a way; she adds that he grabbed this before they fled the lab, informing Regina that it's the serum that allowed him to split from Mr. Hyde. He said there's enough left for another dose, meaning the former Evil Queen can use it, and as Regina takes the syringe she asks if they really think it will work on her. Emma chimes in, saying that she believes this could be the end to the Evil Queen as long as that's what Regina wants, and Regina nods assuredly as she declares that she wants her gone. "Then let's get rid of her. Let's be the family we were always meant to be; all of us," Snow suggests, and Regina tells the two of them to go downstairs. Snow informs her stepmother that Jekyll said there will be a moment of disorientation when the Evil Queen won't have her magic - that will be Regina's chance, and she cannot hesitate.

523 44
The serum is injected.

She understands, again requesting that the two of them leave her, but Emma apologizes in response, making clear that she's staying. Snow decides that she's staying too, recalling that she was there when the Evil Queen was born and that she kind of helped bring her into the world (see "The Stable Boy"). "I wanna see you end her," she finishes as she takes the syringe back, wanting to be the one to inject the all-important serum into Regina's veins. Accepting this, Regina rolls up her left sleeve as she tells her two friends to get ready to stand back because she has a feeling they're about to meet a very angry Queen, and she didn't like Snow White on a good day. Snow knows this and, after making sure that Emma is ready, she proceeds to hold Regina's arm and nod at her before plunging the needle into her flesh. She bears her thumb down on the end of the syringe, thus forcing the red liquid into Regina's system, but due to the immediacy of her stepmother's reaction she's forced to retract the medical instrument very quickly and take a large step back. Regina hunches over in pain, the serum clearly having a very strong effect on her, and soon she begins writhing and moaning as her inner evil is separated from her outer good, and finally the red and blue light of Jekyll's transformations consumes her.

523 45
The strange case of Regina Mills and the Evil Queen.

Another Regina is seen emerging from within her - although it isn't quite Regina; not really. It's the Evil Queen, who continues to force herself out of her better half as the two of them remain strained by the physical endurance of the serum's process. They both appear very hateful toward one another, with the Queen using Regina's shoulder as a point of leverage to push herself away from her, and then eventually they are two separate beings. The Evil Queen, in one of her traditionally extravagant black ensembles, turns slowly to face Regina Mills, who appears disgusted by her former self. The two of them stand there for a moment, the feeling being mutual, and finally the Evil Queen disapprovingly comments, "Look at what you've become." The moment of disorientation comes to an end and the Queen tries to use magic against her mayoral counterpart; however, Emma acts quickly and uses her own magic to conjure a set of shackles. They latch themselves to the Queen's wrists and keep her locked in position, presumably prohibiting any spells she might be thinking about casting as well.

523 46
Regina finally comes face to face with her past self.

The Queen tries shaking free, at which point Emma uses her magic again to freeze the famed villainess' arms by her sides. She doesn't like this one bit, wanting to move forward and attack the good Regina, at which Emma tells the latter that now's her chance. "Destroy her!" Regina just remains shocked as she stares at the mirror image of her self-destructive past, and the Evil Queen finds this highly amusing. She half-cackles at the idea of the new her destroying the old her, for she no longer has what it takes, and this evaluation makes Regina increasingly more angry. Emma wants to rush in to help, but Snow stops her from getting involved; after all, this needs to be something that Regina does herself. "You're weak," the Evil Queen continues to jibe, seeming to have total power over this interaction despite the fact that she's the one in shackles. Slowly, Regina starts to approach, listening but not caring when the Queen tells her that no matter what she does she'll never be able to escape their past darkness. "Deep down inside, you know the truth," she proclaims, "You need me."

523 47
And destroys her.

The tension is heavy, particularly among those in attendance, but as Regina looks at her past identity for what she really is, she decides, "No. I don't." And with that, she plunges her hand into the Evil Queen's chest and rips out her dark, dark heart. The Evil Queen appears shocked by this, not having thought that Regina would ever be able to do it - and then Regina one-ups this act of self-empowerment. She takes the Evil Queen's manifested heart and she apologizes before crushing it into dust. As this happens, not only is the heart slowly reduced to a fine powder, but the Evil Queen is as well. She turns to nothing more than gray smoke and she drifts away with the breeze, leaving nothing but Emma's magic shackles behind. Emma and Snow appear shocked at what they've just witnessed, watching as the dust continues to fly over the spot where the Evil Queen just stood. But now she's gone; destroyed. Forever. Regina turns to her friends, quivering from the traumatic experience and yet amazed by her own accomplishment.

Act VI

523 48
Home, sweet home.

With a new day having arrived, the seaside town of Storybrooke appears ever-so-peaceful as Emma and the others return to it. The yellow bug can be seen pulling over on the side of Main Street, right outside Granny's Diner, and Emma, Regina, Henry and Violet proceed to step out of it. The savior comments on them all being "home sweet home", and Regina marvels at the fact that they all managed to make it back there in one piece. Henry and Violet separate themselves from the former's mothers, and Violet soon tells her friend that she has to go because she'll need to talk to her dad. Wishing her luck, Henry apologizes if he may have gotten her in trouble for missing everyone's trip back to Camelot, but she assures that it's okay. She goes on to reveal that there's something she hasn't told him, and this something is that her father didn't go back... because he isn't from Camelot; it's just a place he wound up in. Henry doesn't understand and Violet explains that he's originally from the land without magic, from a place called Connecticut, to her friend's great shock.

523 49
Henry has his first kiss with a Connecticut Yankette.

She adds that her father never felt at home in Camelot, having always said that he was glad that she was born there because "being a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court is no great shakes". She doesn't know what "great shakes" are, but she does know that she likes it there in Storybrooke. Henry smiles at this, and then he leans in to kiss her. His first kiss. Emma and Regina look very awkward as they stand there and watch it unfold, particularly the latter, but still they find it sweet, and once the two teens' lips part they smile at each other some more. Violet then walks away to go find her father, and Henry is approached by his two mothers. "Really?" he asks, turning to them, realizing that they just witnessed this grand pubescent milestone, to which Regina replies that it seems "Operation Mixtape" was a success. Henry begs her to just not, then telling her to come along because they still have to un-tether the magic from the Olympian Crystal. He has the crystal on him, taking it from out of his inside coat pocket, and Emma gives him a brief hug before he and Regina go off to do what they need to do.

523 50
Emma tells Hook that she loves him.

As this occurs, another car is seen pulling up on the sidewalk, and Hook, Snow, Jekyll, David and Zelena step out of it. Emma embraces her recently resurrected boyfriend while Jekyll takes a look at the town and comments that it's even lovelier than described. David tells the doctor to follow them so that they can show him around, deciding that the first stop will be Granny's, and soon enough Emma is left alone with Killian. She addresses him and he wonders what it is, asking if she still feels guilty about his return. He is glad to hear that she does not, and she proceeds to say as her hand remains in his that after everything they've been through - darkness, Hades, being separated by realms - she just wanted to say something when they weren't in the middle of a big battle or one of them was facing death or something; when things are just normal. He wonders what it is she'd like to say, and, soon enough, she finally tells the pirate, "I love you." He smiles, kissing her and lifting her into the air as they grow more passionate toward one another. The two of them finally have the opportunity to just be happy for a while.

523 51
Magic returns to town.

Across town, Henry commends his other mother on having destroyed the Evil Queen, and he asks her how she feels. Regina tells him that she feels free, to his joy, and then says that they should now make sure that no one can ever steal Storybrooke's magic again. She waves her hand over the Olympian Crystal as Henry sets it down gently on the pavement; she then concentrates her magic into un-tethering the weapon from all of Storybrooke's power. It glows brightly as the process occurs, and soon it releases a burst of magic that sweeps across the entirety of the town, signifying that it is no longer tethered to anything. The crystal melts into nothing once everything is back to the way it was, and Regina appears immensely satisfied by the state of new equilibrium she's just managed to achieve. "Thank you for that," says a familiar voice, and Regina and Henry turn to see Mr. Hyde approaching them. He says how he'd hate to be trapped in this town without magic - that would be truly barbaric. Henry knows who this evil man is and he demands to know how he got there, but Regina already knows that it was Gold, presuming that he made a deal with the warden.

523 52
A town that Hyde now owns.

Hyde confirms this, explaining that he provided the Dark One with some information in exchange for Storybrooke. "Excuse me?" Regina retorts, and Hyde tells her that Storybrooke is his now, and he brought some friends. He smiles, telling the mother and son that he's been looking for a place like this for quite some time: a land where all the world's lost and forgotten stories could play themselves out. And now that he's brought them there, that is exactly what they're going to do. Not liking this one bit, Regina approaches this new villain threateningly, wanting to tell him something, "Mr. Hyde." She claims to know how his story ends and reveals that he loses; however, his smile refuses to waiver as he tells her that he wouldn't bet on it, "Regina." He adds that, despite what she may think, darkness is not as easy to snuff out as she might believe. The Mayor finds this daunting, and Hyde shoots her one last cheeky look before heading off to explore the town that he now owns. Regina, meanwhile, is left to ponder the implications of what he's just said to her.

523 53
Oh dear...

Darkness. With flecks of a certain something else. It seems apparent that we're about to be shown exactly what Hyde was talking about when he told Regina darkness is not as easy to snuff out as she might believe. In the dank depths of someplace far away, this mysterious something looms in the shadows, accompanied by a windswept noise - as well as the familiar sound of a hustling, bustling city. As we zoom out, we see that the someplace is New York City, and the something... is dust. The very same dust that the Evil Queen was reduced to after Regina crushed her heart. At first, the wind begins to carry her away, but then it becomes clear that there is a degree of control at play. The dust forms a swirling steam capable of making its own way through the air, and soon the Queen's remains start to fly themselves through the streets of the busiest city on the planet. It seems she was not destroyed sufficiently, and now her ashes have got a mind of their own, headed somewhere specific by every indication of things...

523 54
The Queen is back.

We are then taken back to the backroom of Dragon's oriental-style shop as he is seen burning some incense. He then goes to exit the room, only to grow distracted by the jangling of the wind chimes he has hanging up around the place. Clearly a mysterious presence has entered his establishment, as is made clear when the mound of dust comes flying through his wooden bead curtains. He turns to see it start to reform itself, and soon enough the Evil Queen rises, standing strong once again. Regina thought she destroyed her, but she was wrong. The Dragon greets the infamous monarch by her even more infamous moniker, and she makes clear that Regina never should have let her out to play. He wonders what she's doing there and she tells him that she came to set the record straight, because he was right about one thing: there was a battle raging inside Regina, and she may have won the fight, but this... is a war. And it's just begun. With this declaration, she plunges her hand into the old man's chest and rips out his glowing heart. As she stands there, staring down at the still-beating organ, she announces, "The Queen is back." The smile that goes with this is well and truly evil.


523 Title Card
  • The title card of this episode has no subject, bearing only the logo as it assembles within the forest.
    • This could be representative of magic being destroyed.
    • This title card is only present in the version of the episode which also includes "Only You".
    • The same title card is featured in the non-syndicated version of "The Final Battle, Part 2".
    • This title card also lacks the usual musical accompaniment.
522 Title Card




This episode, along with "Only You", garnered 4.07 million viewers - the highest amount since episode 13, "Labor of Love".


This episode received generally positive reviews from critics.

  • Andrea Towers of Entertainment Weekly gave it a good review: "And if you thought we were done with surprises to set up next season, let me assure you we’re just getting started. Who shows up in Chinatown? None other than the Evil Queen, who claims “Regina never should have let me out to play.” And this is a war now. You thought the Big Bad for season 6 was Hyde? Try Dark Regina instead. And yes, I’m into it. Lana Parrilla is one of the best things about this show, and I’ll take anything that gives her a chance to flex her acting chops."[2]
  • In a review from, Nick Roman said, "Last week, I was pretty miffed about Once Upon A Time and its treatment of Regina (Lana Parrilla). While I ultimately liked the episode, it felt like the show was continuing to use her as a punching bag to move the plot forward. Need something bad to happen to one of our characters? Just take it out on Regina! Granted, it’s a formula that has served Once Upon A Time in the past, but at this point, it just felt repetitive. That’s why “Only You” and “An Untold Story” provided such a fresh change of pace for a season finale that not only sets up the next phase of the story, but also promises to put Regina in a more central role."[3]
  • Amy Ratcliffe of IGN said of the episode, "Once Upon a Time's trend of setting up the next season in the finale continued with the final installments of Season 5. Regina thankfully didn't go back to her Evil Queen ways and they, in fact, put a fresh spin on her turmoil and tied it nicely to the Jekyll/Hyde mythology. The only hiccup – and it was a big one – was Henry's all over the map behavior that caused all sorts of action. Two jam-packed episodes after a somewhat sleepy half season in the Underworld was jarring and made you realize how much story the show can churn through when it's not stretching out a "themed" plot." Ratcliffe gave the episode a 7.9 rating out of 10.[4]
  • Gwen Ihnat of The A.V. Club gave the episode a good review, giving it a B overall. In her recap: "There are two competing themes in this Once Upon A Time double-episode finale, and one is leagues more successful than the other. Just when you get the feeling that OUAT can do little else but beat a dead horse forever (Hades’ blue hair! The River Of Lost Souls!), it pulls out actual insight about the duplicitousness of personality, handily personified by Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, as well as the Evil Queen herself, Regina."[5]
  • Christine Orlando of TV Fanatic gave the episode a 4.8 out of 5.[6]


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