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Anything's possible in Wonderland.

Alice is one of the main characters and the main protagonist of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. As a young girl, Alice was taken to Wonderland by the White Rabbit, and upon her return home she was met with disbelief by those around her, after telling them of her adventures there. As a young woman, Alice returned to Wonderland to gather evidence, and met a genie in a bottle named Cyrus, with whom she fell in love. However, Cyrus was taken from her by the villainous Red Queen, and the depressed Alice, after leaving the realm, was committed to an asylum under claims of being insane. However, the White Rabbit teams up with the Knave of Hearts to rescue her and bring her back to Wonderland, with the intent of saving Cyrus, who is allegedly alive. Getting back her courage and determination, Alice will stop at nothing in that most strange of lands until she is finally reunited with her one true love. Ultimately, she and Cyrus live happily ever after with one another, going on to have a daughter name Alexis.


Before the Curse

I'm not a liar. It was real. And I'm going to prove it.
Alice OW101 EL 1
Alice emerges from her first trip to Wonderland. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

A rabbit hole explodes in the ground in the middle of some woods, next to an abandoned child's tea party that appears to have been left for a very long time. A young Alice emerges from the hole, having just returned from her very first visit to Wonderland, and joyfully states that she's home. She then runs across a fallen tree trunk, acting as a bridge, and then she proceeds to speed through a vast open field. She eventually reaches a long road and begins to call out for her father as she gets closer to her home. She attempts to open the door, but it's locked, so she knocks heavily on it, calling out for her father. He eventually opens the door and is shocked to see his daughter, who tells him that he won't believe where she's been. As she begins to tell the story of where she went, her stunned father asks if its really her, stating that everybody thought she was dead because she was gone a very long time. Later on, Alice overhears as her father talks to a psychiatrist, Dr. Lydgate. Knowing they don't believe her, Alice vows to herself that she will prove that Wonderland is real. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

Alice EL OW112
Alice meets the Knave of Hearts. ("To Catch a Thief")

Upon returning to Wonderland, Alice tries stealing a weeping willow flower from the Queen of Hearts' garden, but instead incurs the royal's wraith. From then on, she gains reputation as a murderess, despite the false charges, and is actively hunted by the Queen of Hearts' soldiers. Meanwhile, with Cora having obtained Will's heart and locked it away in her vault, he becomes her Knave of Hearts and is helping her other soldiers as they track the supposed murderer. He soon finds her whilst hunting alone only to discover that it's a young woman by the name of Alice, who's entirely innocent. She manages to escape, but the Knave soon finds her as she sleeps and approaches, being caught in a net she earlier set up. She wonders why he wants to kill her, and he reveals his heart predicament, explaining that he has to do whatever the Queen of Hearts wants. Alice offers to get his heart back for him, but he doubts her abilities. Regardless, she leaves him in the net and sets off for the Queen's palace, returning with Will's heart in tow. She cuts him free and tells him to stop hunting her, realizing that she can make him do whatever she wants. She orders him to help her find proof of Wonderland's existence so that her father doesn't think she's crazy, and he is forced into submission; the two of them later find themselves at a bar, chugging drinks, and Will tells his new friend about his sister, Penelope, who died when he was young. Alice offers her condolences, knowing what it's like to lose someone, and ends up returning the Knave's heart to him, feeling too guilty about controlling him. He thanks her, but stays with her anyway, later helping her battle her way through the Queen's maze. She leaves with a piece of magic mushroom and the White Rabbit, who is to serve as her proof. Alice wonders what she'll do without Will, but he assures her that she'll soon find someone to keep her company. ("To Catch a Thief")

Alice OW101 EL 2
Alice meets Cyrus, her true love. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

Alice manages to steal a piece of magical mushroom from the Caterpillar and runs deep into Wonderland, despite his pleas to give it back. She finds herself back in the Queen of Heart's maze, being chased by the royal guards, so she and the rabbit eat the mushroom to shrink and avoid being captured. She hides beneath the hedges in the maze and comes across a golden bottle. She climbs inside to seek refuge, but discovers that a genie is living inside. Cautious at first, Alice threatens to grow herself and break the genie's house. She feels safer once the genie introduces himself as Cyrus and welcomes her kindly. The two begin talking and learn that they're both strangers to Wonderland, causing Cyrus to ask if she needs to go home soon. She explains that she has what she came for, proof that Wonderland is real, and she shows him the White Rabbit. Cyrus wonders if the proof is for a husband, but she tells him its for her father as he thinks she's insane. Cyrus is shocked that Alice is risking her life for somebody who doesn't believe in her, stating that when you love someone, you don't need proof because you can feel it. Alice isn't so sure, claiming that most things from Wonderland are impossible in her land, but he tells her that she found his bottle, so anything is possible. Cyrus then grants Alice three wishes. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

Alice OW102 EL
Alice falls in love with Cyrus. ("Trust Me")

After emerging from the bottle, she, the White Rabbit and Cyrus turn back to human size and then the genie tells Alice to open her hand after casting a small spell on it. Confused, she opens it to discover three ruby diamonds, which Cyrus explains are her wishes. Alice then releases the White Rabbit from the bag she had him kept in, asking if there’s any hard feelings. He assures her its fine, stating he shouldn’t have ever led her to Wonderland as it’s been nothing but trouble for her. However, she tells him that he didn’t lead her, as she followed. As he leaves, Alice asks Cyrus about wishes and he explains the rules of magic. Alice is unsure of what to wish for, so Cyrus offers to take her on a walk. They eventually find themselves at a small café, where Cyrus discusses his life, warning her of a man named Jafar. He continues talking about his adventures, prompting Alice to want to learn how to sword fight. He also shows her some of his magic but showing her magic paper, which can emit odors and change color. Cyrus later teaches Alice how to sword fight and she appears to be a natural at it. During the lesson, Alice kisses Cyrus, hoping that he likes her back, which he does. The next morning, Alice wakes up to a saddened Cyrus. He explains he’s falling in love with her, but can’t allow it as when she uses all her wishes, he’ll be gone. Alice then promises to never use her wishes and she and Cyrus then bury the bottle in a hole, unaware that the White Rabbit saw them. ("Trust Me")

Alice OW108 EL
Home, sweet home. ("Home")

Cyrus takes Alice to watch the falling stars with him and makes up a story that kissing under them will bring good fortune. After kissing, they discuss Cyrus' origin and Alice learns that he wasn't always a genie, but he was once a normal human. They're then interrupted by some genie hunters who they end up fighting. After fending them off, Alice collapses to an injury she obtained during the fight. Cyrus takes her to the White Rabbit and his wife in hopes of saving her. Desperate to save the young girl, Mrs. Rabbit uses her knowledge of healing to fix Alice's wounds. After successfully saving her life, the White Rabbit warns Cyrus that a life on the run with Alice isn't what she needs as it's too dangerous. However, Cyrus points out that it's the life they decided to have with each other, so refuses to part from her. Cyrus goes to the Caterpillar for help "disappearing" from the world and he ends up trading his mother's compass for a hidden haven for him and Alice. He later takes Alice to this hidden place and she is delighted that they can have somewhere to call home. ("Home")

Alice OW101 EL 3
Alice watches as Cyrus falls to his death. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

A long while later, Alice and Cyrus visit the Boiling Sea, where they watch it from a ledge on the rocky cliffs. Alice comments on how amazing it is in person, and Cyrus tells her she's the same. As the two look lovingly at each other, Cyrus apologizes and explains that he was always the one granting wishes, not making them. Alice asks what he's talking about, so he explains that throughout his time as a genie, all he wanted to be was free, but now he has another wish. He gets down on one knee, trying to mimic a proposal from Alice's land, but before he can give a speech, Alice agrees cheerfully. The two of them embrace in a kiss and then Cyrus shows Alice his necklace, which is glowing red, stating their hearts are entwined, so from now on he'll know when she is near. However, this moment is soon ruined when the Red Queen arrives with her armed guards. The Red Queen attempts to capture Cyrus, but he and Alice fight off the guards. When it seems like they've won, the Red Queen gives a flick of her hand, pushing Cyrus backwards and down into the Boiling Sea. Alice watches in horror, screaming his name as he falls to his apparent death. However, unbeknownst to her, Jafar is waiting on the cliffs with his magic carpet and he catches Cyrus, taking him prisoner. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

Alice OW106 EL
Alice is unable to move on from Cyrus. ("Who's Alice?")

Alice is sent back to her world and emerges from a hole in the ground at the same spot she did as a child. Having just lost her true love, she breaks down and begins to cry, however, she's found by a young girl named Millie. The girls parents arrive, searching for her, and Alice is shocked to discover that they both share a father. Alice and father reunite after many years and then he awkwardly introduces Alice to her new family. Once they return home, Edwin questions how long Alice will stay, to which she says forever, as there's nothing left for her in Wonderland. Concerned by this comment, Edwin asks Alice to not speak of Wonderland again for the sake of Millie. During a family dinner, Alice's new mother, Sarah, suggests that Alice meet a new man to begin her future, but the mention of this idea horrifies Alice, who refuses as she's still heartbroken. That night, during her sleep, Alice has nightmares about the death of Cyrus and she calls out for him. Millie hears this and asks her who he is, so Alice tells her the truth. However, Edwin and Sarah overhear this, frustrating them and they ask Alice not to mention it again. In the morning, Sarah introduces a young boy to Alice in hopes that they hit it off, however, Alice storms out, refusing to talk to him. Her father follows and she realizes that he doesn't believe her about Wonderland. Edwin gives his daughter a choice, marry the boy or go to an asylum. Alice chooses the asylum. She is later picked up by Dr. Lydgate in his carriage and they had to London. Alice refuses to let her father visit and then she leaves without saying goodbye. As the carriage drives off, she watches Edwin, Sarah and Millie together as a family, the family Alice never had herself. ("Who's Alice?")

After the Curse

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

When you really love someone, you don't need proof. You can feel it.
Alice OW101
Alice returns to Wonderland... again. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

After returning from Wonderland the second time, Alice is taken to the Bethlem Asylum, as people believe her to be insane. She is taken for an interview with Dr. Lydgate so he can examine her. During the interview, Dr. Lydgate questions Alice on many things to do with Wonderland, but she denies ever going and claims that everything was a lie. However, as the doctor begins to mention the genie she claimed to fall in love with, Alice becomes visibly upset to the point of crying. Lydgate offers a procedure to Alice that'll help her forget the painful memories. She accepts the offer, wanting to get rid of the pain. However, before the procedure can take place, Will, the Knave of Hearts, shows up and rescues Alice with hope of Cyrus being alive. She, Will and the White Rabbit then escape the facility and use portal to get back to Wonderland. Unfortunately for them, she and Will land in a mallowmarsh, getting themselves stuck. They also learn that the White Rabbit lied about seeing Cyrus, as the dormouse was the one who claimed to see him. After Alice roasts the mallow lake and escapes, she offers a wish she has to Will as payment for him helping her on the quest. She and Will make their way to Tulgey Woods to find the Mad Hatter's house, which is where the dormouse last saw Cyrus. Alice climbs a tree to get a better view on the house, but she's approached by the Cheshire Cat, who seems much less friendly. He attempts to eat Alice, but she's saved by Will, who shrinks him into the size of a normal cat. They finally reach the Hatter's house, but to their disappointment, Cyrus isn't there. The White Rabbit meets up with the duo before Alice finds Cyrus's necklace, which is glowing. She then convinces Will to help her find Cyrus, and the trio then continue on their quest. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

Alice OW102
Alice finds out who she is up against in her quest to save Cyrus. ("Trust Me")

Alice practices her sword fighting skills, waking Will up. She explains her plan on how they will get Cyrus back; involving his bottle, claiming it is hid in the Mimsy Meadows. Alice then decides to continue their quest without the White Rabbit as he’s been through enough. Alice and will make their way further to the Meadows, but the latter warns her about talking to loudly, as she never knows who is listening in Wonderland. Will puts the idea in Alice’s head that Cyrus has moved on from her, as he hasn’t contacted her, but she refuses to believe this. They soon come across a large lake in their way, so get help from a fairy named Silvermist, who apparently has a past with Will. As they fly across, Silvermist drops Will into the water, so Alice is forced to go in after him to rescue him. They find themselves stuck on a small island, where Alice talks about how her love life isn’t perfect, as Will claims. Frustrated about being stranded, Alice stomps her foot, causing the island to shake and they fall into the water. They climb back on and discover they’re on top of a large turtle, so Alice decides to ride it to the shore. When they arrive on the shore, they meet Silvermist again and Alice watches as he apologizes to the fairy. She also asks him about Anastasia, a girl the fairy mentioned, but he refuses to talk about her. When they arrive at the Meadows, Alice and Will watch as Jafar searches the Tum-Tum tree for the bottle. She then reveals that she lied about the location of the bottle to find out who she can trust. They go to the real location, but are shocked to see that the bottle is missing. With all hope of rescuing Cyrus seeming gone, and as Alice suspects him of abandoning her, she receives a message from Cyrus on magic paper, confirming he’s alive. She sends him back a note, assuring him that she’s coming. ("Trust Me")

Alice OW103
Alice makes a shocking discovery. ("Forget Me Not")

While removing wanted posters of Will, Alice wonders who it was that could have stolen the bottle, so Will suggests using a Forget-Me-Knot, which when looked through, shows what last happened in any place. However, the Forget-Me-Knot is possessed by the Caterpillar. The two make their way to the Underland part of Wonderland where they have a meeting with the Caterpillar. Alice soon realizes the Caterpillar doesn't have the knot and then it's revealed that the Grendel has it instead. A deal is made that if Will returns the knot to the Caterpillar, his debt will be paid. On their way to the Grendel's house, she and Will fall into one of his traps, knocking them unconscious. They awaken a while later, tied up, in the Grendel's kitchen, where the ugly beast is waiting to eat them. Whilst held prisoner by the beast, they locate the Forget-Me-Knot, but notice that the Grendel is using to look into his past, watching a beautiful woman. Will realizes it's the Grendel's lost love, so tries to relate to him and persuade him to move on, however, this only aggravates the beast more. Alice manages to cut herself loose and then she and Will make their exit, however, they soon find themselves trapped between a Bandersnatch outside and the Grendel inside. The Bandersnatch breaks inside and attacks the Grendel, but Alice and Will manage to kill it. A thankful Grednel hands over the Forget-Me-Knot to his saviors. She and Will then make their way to the Dandy Lion, where they discover that the White Rabbit is the one who stole the bottle. They later burn the knot, deciding not to return it to the Caterpillar. ("Forget Me Not")

Alice OW104
Alice is forced to wish the good old fashioned way. ("The Serpent")

Certain that the Red Queen has Cyrus prisoner, she decides to go pay her a visit, much to Will's disliking. However, on the way, they find themselves split up when Will is chased by the Caterpillar's collectors. When out of sight, Will is then taken prisoner by the Red Queen herself. Thinking he's been taken back to the Caterpillar, Alice goes to his lair, only to learn from the Lizard that he's been taken prisoner by the queen. The two then set off to save him. However, on the way they learn that he is to be executed in public for his crimes. Alice and the Lizard arrive at the execution grounds and the two manage to knock out the executioner and steal his clothing. Alice poses as him and when the time comes to execute Will, she sets him free instead. The two then escape the palace grounds by using a catapult. The trio then escape through the queen's maze, but find themselves cornered by Jafar and the Red Queen. Jafar begins choking Will in an attempt to make her wish. She then wishes that if Will dies, so shall she. Jafar then threatens to harm Alice in order to make another wish, but she refuses to leave Cyrus to his mercy. Realizing she won't wish, he lets her go and then threatens to harm everyone she loves. Before leaving, he turns Will into a statue (not killing him). Alice begs the Red Queen to save him, knowing she's Anastasia, but she refuses. ("The Serpent")

Alice OW105
Alice comes face-to-face with herself. ("Heart of Stone")

While Alice tries to comfort the stone form of Will, she's approached by the Red Queen, who offers her a deal; if she retrieve some magical dust that will help protect her against Jafar, then she will help her locate Cyrus. After much reluctance, Alice agrees. When they reach their destination, they find that the gap they must cross is too long, however, Alice is shown a riddle which states a person pure of heart can succeed. Believing her love with Cyrus is pure, she attempts to cross the gap. At first it works and Alice magically walks through the air, however, this suddenly comes to an end and she falls down into the pit beneath her. She is confronted with a vision of her child self, but she looks dirty and evil. The child uses its power to knock the Red Queen down into the pit with them and then the tries to persuade Alice into killing the defenseless queen. Alice tells a begging queen that she must pay for her crimes and then swings her sword at her, however, she misses on purpose, stating she won't be the one to make her. Alice's child vision suddenly becomes innocent and clean looking, stating she passed the test. When both Alice's touch hands, the child version dissipates into dust...the dust the Red Queen wanted. Alice collects it up and once they escape the pit, the Red Queen betrays Alice and takes the dust without revealing Cyrus' location. However, Alice uses some of the dust she managed to keep for herself to locate Cyrus. When she blows it into the wind, Jafar's palace becomes visible. ("Heart of Stone")

Alice OW106
Alice finds happiness in the Boro Grove. ("Who's Alice?")

Alice makes her way to Cyrus to rescue him, but on her way she runs into some thieves who warn her about the Black Forest ahead. After beating them up, she continues her journey, ignoring several signs demanding she turn around, and arrives at the magical Black Forest. She enters the utter darkness with her torch and makes her way through the terrifying forest. She begins to worry as her torch goes out, but is relieved to find she made it to the end just in time. When she exits, she arrives in a beautiful wooded area, filled with trees and flowers that emit beautiful smelling dust. As she's continuously sprayed by the dust, she comes across a carpenter who convinces her to stay a bit longer as she'll feel better for it. After spending lots of time around the dust, Alice becomes hypnotized and happy, wanting to stay forever. Will, who was set free by the Red Queen eventually finds her and tries to convince her to leave, however, she refuses. When he tries to force her to leave, Alice becomes entrapped by vines which begin to attack Will as he reminds her off Cyrus. When she touches her necklace, she's reminded of her love and snaps out of her charm. As she and Will continue their journey, Alice is reminded of all the pain she once felt that was lost during her time of happiness. She then discusses how Will was saved and realizes it was Anastasia. Will explains that he won't and can't love her, as he doesn't have his heart. When Alice asks where it is, he refuses to answer. ("Who's Alice?")

Alice OW107
Alice is forced to save her father. ("Bad Blood")

As Alice and Will make their way closer to Jafar's castle, they discover that it's actually atop a floating island. All hope seems lost until Alice comes up with an idea to use the branches of a magical tree to float up. As they begin building the box, a scream is heard coming from the woods...and Edwin, Alice's father emerges (although it's actually Jafar in disguise). After a quick reunion, Jafar, under the disguise of Edwin, attempts to mend his relationship with Alice. However, she becomes upset and angry and tells her father she'll never forgive him. After Will and Edwin have a talk about Alice and whether she should forgive him, Alice asks Will if she should forgive her father. Will tells her she shouldn't but he knows she will, because its the right thing to do. However, this conversation is cut short when a dragon summoned by Jafar flies down and attacks them. Instinctively, Alice protects her father and the three run through the forest. However, Edwin trips and the dragon proceeds to attack him. Alice protects her father by slaying the dragon and then father and daughter embrace. That night, as they feast on the dragon, Alice notes that her father didn't say grace before eating, something very out of character, especially since he should be more than grateful at this very moment. Realizing he's been found out, Jafar brings the real Edwin to Alice and threatens to kill him if she doesn't use a wish. Edwin tells his daughter not to save him because he doesn't deserve it and reveals that Cyrus has escaped. However, as he falls to his death, Alice's wishes that her father be returned home; Jafar is pleased. Will points out that this was a big wish so it'll come with a price...the price turns out to be that Edwin doesn't remember going to Wonderland. ("Bad Blood")

Alice OW108
Alice is reunited with her true love. ("Home")

Alice and Will see that the Red Queen's soldiers are still searching for Cyrus in the woods of Wonderland, meaning they haven't found him yet, and Alice knows the one place her genie would meet her - but first, they must stop at the White Rabbit's house for help. When they get there, the Rabbit apologizes for betraying Alice, explaining that he only did the Queen's bidding because his wife and children were being threatened, and Will believes he knows where she may have hidden them. Alice, the Knave and the Rabbit head to Anastasia's old wagon, and Will decides to enter the wagon. Outside, Alice and the White Rabbit are still waiting, and the rodent tells the girl that it's no use, speculating that the Queen's already slaughtered his family. However, they are alive and Mrs. Rabbit thanks the girl. Then, Alice and Will then go to the invisible home the former shared with her true love, which Cyrus soon approaches... with the Red Queen in tow. A deadly storm created by Jafar is fast approaching and they need to escape Wonderland, but Alice refuses to as she cannot trust the Queen's word. Anastasia soon reveals that the only reason she formed an alliance with Jafar was so he could change the laws of magic and she could change the past, going back to a time where Will loved her. Alice soon tells the White Rabbit to dig a portal, but a lightning strike from the storm soon zaps down, and the Queen deflects it with Cyrus' bottle. This, however, knocks it into Will, who collapses, and Alice collapses also, having tied her fate to the Knave's with her first wish. Cyrus begs her to save herself with her final wish, but Alice refuses to send her true love back into the bottle. However, Will reveals that the last wish is his, as Alice promised it to him should her help her reunite with Cyrus, and the Knave wishes to end Alice's suffering. Not only does this save her from the brink of death, but it frees Cyrus from his binds also, meaning he isn't a genie anymore... but Will has disappeared. He is now a genie, trapped in Cyrus' old bottle. ("Home")

Alice OW109
Cyrus proposes to Alice. ("Nothing to Fear")

Alice wakes up happy in Cyrus' arms but is soon aggravated by the Red Queen's presence, and even more so when she finds out that Will is the new genie of the bottle and so needs to be rescued. The three of them begin trekking through the forest of Wonderland but Anastasia is soon taken by a pack of angry villagers. To find her, Cyrus uses the in ingredients of his surroundings to cast a simple locator spell on a piece of her dress that has torn away, causing the little piece of fabric to float towards its owner, leading the happy couple straight to Anastasia. They eventually find her, tied up by her disloyal and angry subjects, and offer to pay for her life, Cyrus telling them that they become no better than she is if they kill her. However, when they find out they have no money, Alice and Cyrus are tied up with the Queen as well, with lanterns lit up all around them. The fire attracts some of Wonderland's wildest and deadliest beasts who set there sights on the trio, even after they manage to extinguish each fire. The thing that lures them now is the bright light from Alice's necklace, and so she is forced to part with it, throwing it away as a distraction as she slips out of her ropes and unties her friends. She is reluctant to leave the necklace behind with the beasts, but Cyrus convinces her to run, for it is too late. They continue to trek through the forest when they come across a village setting off fireworks; this means that someone must have wished for them for the people of Wonderland are too poor to afford food, let alone fireworks. Knowing Will must be in the village, they decide to go there, but on the way Cyrus gives Alice the engagement ring he never got to give her and proposes; she delightfully accepts. With Anastasia having run off, Alice and Cyrus have trouble finding Will, but the Queen soon emerges with the bottle in tow, accidentally on purpose rubbing it so that she receives the wishes three. The four of them decide to leave Wonderland as soon as possible for Jafar can become unstoppable with the power of three genies, but Cyrus realizes that the other two genies that Jafar has prisoner are his brothers, and so the four of them decide to embark on yet another rescue mission. ("Nothing to Fear")

Alice OW110
Alice and Cyrus forgive one another for their past mistakes. ("Dirty Little Secrets")

Alice and Cyrus decide that the best way to free Will would be to provide him water from Wonderland's well of wonders, which Anastasia tells them about. They begin trekking through the woods and soon come across a knight standing guard in front of two doors, one of which will lead them to the well, the other will lead them under it and drown them; they must choose wisely. Cyrus is incredibly angered by his riddles, but Alice remains calm and manages to crack it, realizing that the guard is a lair and can only answer with "yes" or "no", and so they must do the opposite of whatever he says. With this, she chooses the correct door, but Cyrus requests to approach the well alone, meaning he's again confronted with Nyx. She refuses to allow Cyrus any water unless he gives back what he stole, but he tells her that his mother is long dead and so cannot give back the water. Nyx then reveals that Cyrus' mother is still alive, but refuses to tell him anything more, sinking into the well. He is devastated and returns to Alice, who eavesdropped on the encounter, and she is finally able to admit to him that she spent time in an asylum after she thought he died and was going to undergo a procedure that would erase her memories of him. He forgives her, as she forgives him for stealing the water all those years ago, and Cyrus finally learns that all things happen for a reason, for him becoming a genie led to him meeting his one true love. ("Dirty Little Secrets")

Alice OW111
Alice arrives in Storybrooke to retrieve Will's heart. ("Heart of the Matter")

Alice and Cyrus succeed in robbing the Caterpillar of the Lost and Found and return to the Outlands, where Tweedledum shows up and warns them to leave Wonderland, for Jafar has all three genies and has released the Jabberwocky. Wanting to rescue Will, the two of them break into the castle via Tweedledum's extensive knowledge of it and find themselves in the dungeon, where Anastasia is locked up. They soon have to hide due to Jafar and the Jabberwocky's presence, and they reveal that, for some reason, the Knave is unable to undergo the spell. Managing to pick up on Alice's fears and read them, the Jabberwocky learns that Will hasn't got a heart, and so Cyrus leaves with his fiancee so that the two of them may find it before Jafar does. Alice reveals that it's not in Wonderland and the two of them elicit the help of the White Rabbit to take them to a town called Storybrooke, where Will lived before rescuing Alice from the asylum. They make their way into his apartment, fascinated by all the modern technology, and they manage to find his heart hidden in a chest behind a false wall, covered by a dart-riddled drawing of Anastasia. They happily return it to Wonderland, wanting to hide it again, but Jafar soon turns up and takes it from them. He decides to rid himself of their tomfoolery once and for all by slaughtering them with his magic, however, his staff appears to turn on him and aids Cyrus instead, leading Jafar to retreat with Will's heart in tow. When his magic compass persists in pointing towards the serpent staff, Cyrus realizes that it's in fact his mother, who always admired snakes, and that he needs to free her from whatever spell she's under. ("Heart of the Matter")

Alice OW112
Alice fights Jafar's guards. ("To Catch a Thief")

Alice and Cyrus return to the Outlands where they're met by Will, much to the former's delight, however, he brings news of Anastasia's death, revealing that he wants to bring Jafar's staff back to the man himself so that the spell can be completed and the Red Queen can be resurrected when the laws of magic are broken. Alice and Cyrus are heavily against this, knowing that multiple lives will be lost is Jafar wins, but they invite Will along on their trek to the Well of Wonders for old time's sake, where they hope to break the curse of being a genie. Whilst they're sleeping, Will tries to steal the staff, waking Cyrus up. The former genie tries to appeal to the current one's better nature, but he ends up getting punched in the face, losing the staff in the process. Cyrus tracks Will using his mother's Lost and Found, but it is Alice who finds him. She tries to convince the Knave to stop what he's doing, but he refuses, leaving her. However, when she falls into the nearby river, he jumps in and saves her. Cyrus gives Will his thanks, their friendship now patched up, and the three of them continue their trek, bumping into the Jabberwocky on their way. She offers them help in exchange for her freedom, but they refuse, saying that she's be unable to help them resurrect Anastasia. Jabber admits that she can't, but Amara, who's trapped in the staff, can. Amara is soon freed whilst Cyrus is taken "prisoner" by the Jabberwocky, who presents him to Jafar. He is then taken to the room containing his brothers, whilst Jafar faces off with Amara. During the battle, Jafar realizes that Amara is Cyrus' mother, and so forces her to help him complete the spell by stabbing Cyrus in the chest with a shard of the Red Queen's mirror. Cyrus dies and is found by a devastated Alice as the spell is being cast. It is soon complete. ("To Catch a Thief")

Alice OW113 01
Alice and Cyrus tie the knot. ("And They Lived...")

Cyrus' body is taken by Alice and Amara to the White Rabbit's house via Jafar's magic carpet, with Jafar himself now having superseded the laws of magic, as well as Amara. Due to this, she is able to use her new powers to bring Cyrus back from the dead, much to everyone's delight. Whilst Cyrus and his mother begin heading to the Well of Wonders, Alice and the White Rabbit start to wrangle up villagers to fight against Jafar and his armies. Alice has the Rabbit scout ahead, but while he's gone, Alice and her army are ambushed and taken prisoner by Jafar in the Red Queen's Castle. Jafar threatens to change the past and make it so she never met Cyrus, unless she tells him where Amara is headed. She refuses, remaining strong, but one of Jafar's guards soon mentions the two red doors Amara and Cyrus were seen going through, and Anastasia tells her new love that they lead to the Well of Wonders. Jafar leaves to deal with them, and the White Rabbit sneaks in to free Alice. However, he is soon seen by Anastasia, who tries to stop him. Will begs her to see the truth, assuring her that she doesn't love Jafar, despite her claims that she does. He tells her that real love is different to what she feels right now, before using all his strength to reach a hand through the force field, grab Anastasia and kiss her - a kiss of true love. This breaks Jafar's spell, and the former Red Queen frees Alice before telling her to hurry up and defeat the dark wizard who killed her in the first place. Alice does so, managing to eradicate Jafar's powers by returning the water Cyrus stole to the Well of Wonders, thus revoking the curse of the genie and freeing Will, along with Cyrus' brothers. Whilst Jafar is trapped in his own bottle to serve eternity as a genie himself, Alice returns to the castle, where Anastasia's dead body is lying on an open coffin. When Jafar's magic was stripped, the spell he used to resurrect Ana was undone also, meaning she died again. However, Alice and Cyrus reveal that Nyx - the well's guardian - gave them some magic water to use on her, for whereas the Red Queen was meant to die, Anastasia's story goes on. Will gives Ana's body some of the water, and she wakes up, much to his delight, whilst Alice and Cyrus decide that it's time to finally go home. They use the White Rabbit to go to Alice's homeworld where they get married soon after, living happily ever after. ("And They Lived...")

After the Third Curse

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

I think you should call it... Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
Alice's daughter
Alice OW113 02
Alice reads to her daughter, the story of her adventures in Wonderland. ("And They Lived...")

"'And the White Queen and the White King loved each other very much, and together, with their rabbit friends, they filled the land with wonder once again'," an older Alice reads to a little girl who sits atop her lap, both of them staring down at a book written by Alice, turned to a page containing a drawing of Will and Anastasia who rule benevolently as the White King and Queen. Alexis smiles at the ending to the story, and she asks her mother what she's going to call it. Closing the book, Alice admits that she doesn't know, having hoped that her daughter would help her choose, and then Alexis suggests, "I think you should call it... Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." Alice tells her that that's a splendid idea, and her young daughter goes on to ask if the story is true. "Every last word," Alice assures her, which confuses the little girl, because she knows that the things that happened are impossible. However, Alice instills within her daughter some iconic words of wisdom: "Anything's possible in Wonderland." Cyrus then approaches with a teapot and cake in tow, and the Alexis is excited to see her father, running towards him and taking the teapot in order to pour the tea herself. The happy family begin to have their outdoor dinner party together, and, as they do, the White Rabbit watches them from afar. ("And They Lived...")


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